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Following on from my previous post – State Bar investigator urges disciplinary action against Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez over sex allegation.” >>>

Having brought a serious bar complaint against Juan Martinez, Jodi now has legal fees that are not covered by the Appellate fund.

The attorneys she retained are now in possession of still more information that warrants another bar complaint. Right now there are several pending bar complaints against Martinez, and this additional submission would help to strengthen the overall case against him.

Jodi has been paying what she could, when she could… but her attorneys now require that she pay off what she currently owes for the original complaint before they proceed further. The balance due now is approximately $12,800. Time is of the essence – so the sooner Jodi’s lawyers are able to act, the more weight the new complaint will carry collectively with the others.

Sandy (Jodi’s mom), has set up a special GoFundMe page for this purpose. Any assistance you can possibly provide will be greatly appreciated.

Click the pic below for further info:

GoFundMe 9-2018 Juan Martinez Bar Complaint. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. HELLO to TEAM JODI!!!! Still here fighting for JODI’S FREEDOM!!!!
    Please donate in any way you are able we can not stand by and let this corruption continue in our country! Self Defense is Not a Crime! ONWARD TEAM JODI!!!!!!

  2. Michael Keifer tweeted that the AZ attorney discipline committee on Oct. 31 asked the state bar to file a complaint against Juan Martinez for misrepresenting his relationships with a blogger and a discharged juror who sexted him and for sharing confidential info about another juror in the Arias trial

  3. What’s up JD/Justus,

    I will admit that I am a little confused. What complaint just recently got thrown out according to Alan? It would appear as JM has multiple complaints filed against him if I am reading this right which includes the one involving probable cause that was just filed on Halloween. What is the timeframe on a ruling for these?

    • Lance, I’m no lawyer (and don’t even play one on TV) but I think this is another step in a process that was already under way. This appears to be Jodi’s first bar complaint against Martinez filed by Karen Clark with the State Bar in March 2018, alleging sexual relations and information-sharing with two female media members covering Jodi’s case. Now, it appears, Jodi’s complaint has moved one step further in that the Arizona Supreme Court, in a 5-0 vote, has given the State Bar approval to file a formal complaint against Martinez. He has the right to appeal, which I’m sure he will, so I assume that will be the next step. I don’t know the time frame on that.

      • Correction: Clark filed the original bar complaint in early 2017. In January 2018 it was dismissed by the State Bar. In February Clark asked the State Bar to reinstate the complaint. In March the Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee ordered the State Bar to further investigate the allegations. And now the Supreme Court has approved the State Bar filing a formal complaint.

  4. Justus is right. What happened in October was that the Bar decided to prosecute Jodi’s first bar complaint. I haven’t heard of the second being filed yet. What happened in September was that the panel that originally threw out the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice bar complaint finally issued an explanation of its findings, which the bar prosecutor can now appeal. So all recent news has been good.

  5. it sounds like good news. I am still curious about the letter that was written by a female employee of Maricopa County who alleges that JM literally assaulted her when he was showing her clothing evidence from a murder trial that belonged to the victim and absolutely reeked of body decomposition. I am assuming this is included in one of these complaints. I also don’t believe he would have even tried that with a man.
    How is the GoFundMe page doing?

    • “Prosecutors said she did it because he wanted to see other people” This is simply amazing that this trash news is still being printed. Jodi Arias was fighting for her life. Self defense!!! She was caught in the web of a very deceitful and manipulative abuser. Shame on Arizona for allowing this miscarriage of justice to happen in their state. It appears there are many people walking the streets free in AZ that need to answer for this appalling spectacle. How long will the circus continue? When will Arizona correct their mistakes? Please help Jodi fight this injustice . . . GIVE TO HELP JODI!!!!!

  6. Not sure what the hold up is with people donating to help Jodi BUT I’m hoping people will START helping Jodi NOW!!! She needs our help and PLEASE let us begin to GIVE further help the cause!!!! Martinez needs his own personal cell in Perryville. Jodi has served more than enough time for a self defense case! This is ridiculous. Lady Justice needs help get this ball rolling so PLEASE GIVE EVERYONE AND ANYONE!!!! FREE JODI ARIAS NOW!!!!!!

  7. Bar Complaint Score Card (a.k.a. “Who’s on first?”)

    There are two different complaints that have thus far been filed:

    Complaint #1: Filed by the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, listing allegations of unethical behavior from a 10-year span of Martinez’s 29-year career as a prosecutor.

    Complaint #2: Filed by Karen Clark, on behalf of Jodi, alleging sexual relations and information-sharing with two female media members covering the case.


    Complaint #1 History:

    12/2015 Filed

    9/2016 Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee of the Supreme Court of Arizona issued an admonition and recommended that Martinez be placed on probation for one year.

    10/2016 Martinez appealed.

    9/2017 In the subsequent hearing the only behavior testified to regarding Jodi’s case, by Jennifer Wilmott, was his insults directed at her during side bar. Complaint was summarily dismissed.

    12/2017 State Bar of Arizona filed an appeal with the Arizona Supreme Court to overturn the dismissal of the ethics complaint.

    Not sure of the current status of this complaint.

    Complaint #2 History:

    Early 2017 Filed

    1/2018 Complaint dismissed by the State Bar.

    2/2018 Clark asked the State Bar to reinstate the complaint.

    3/2018 Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee ordered the State Bar to further investigate the allegations.

    10/2018 Supreme Court has approved the State Bar filing a formal complaint.

    Now, after Jodi’s appellate brief (different from any bar complaint) has been submitted by her State-appointed appellate attorneys (covering 50 pages of prosecutorial misconduct), Clark wants to basically supplement the original (although it would be a separate brief) with this new information. But Jodi needs to at least continue making payments on her original bill. Some of it has been paid and if we can keep sending them payments they will continue working on this new complaint which is much more powerful than the first.

  8. Hi Anon,

    I need to say that this was not a ritual killing and had nothing to do with blood atonement. This was a self-defense killing that was complicated by bad judgment and a lack of video or eyewitness testimony as to Travis’s penchant for anger and rage. I can’t dispute the possibility that the Mormon church may have done some things to protect their image at large since Jodi did not reveal anything until trial. We all believe that Jodi knew a lot of private things about him that he was terrified about having revealed. However, with all of that said, this still comes down to a Mormon man with sexually deviant tendencies who was able to guilt a young woman who had appeared to have cut him loose and was on a personal road trip to visit another man. That is what this case has always been about and nothing else.

  9. Looks like there’s a new warden at Perryville or Lumley Unit. Do they still have that ridiculous prohibition on brown/khaki pants that they used to ustify preventing me from visiting?

    Anyway, although I’ve heard Jodi leans Republican (not sure about that though), the new Democratic Arizona Senator Sinema (with great support in Maricopa County) might be a harbinger of good things to come for Jodi’s case(s).

  10. Please EVERYONE give to the GOFUNDME page for Jodi’s fight against Martinez. The discussion may continue on and on. We all have had many ways of looking at this tragedy but the bottom line is Jodi NEEDS us to help now with giving NOT discussing. It has been apparent through out this whole nightmare that money talks, Let Us Make Money Talk to FREE Our Jodi!!!! If you truly care PLEASE GIVE ANY WAY YOU CAN!
    GIVE NOW TEAM JODI!!!!!! The Fight Continues be A Part of IT!!!!!

  11. Since these bar complaints, and especially any disciplinary actions against Martinez, are useable as evidence of a mistrial, Jodi should be able to use her appeal fund to finance these bar complaints.

    Either that or the public defenders office should be prosecuting them or another state office should be in charge of prosecuting these crimes by prosecutors against defendants.

    Some might say there is a conflict of interest since they both work for the state, but the same reasoning can be used to not have a public defenders office at all since they and the prosecutor are both paid by the state.

    I have contributed to Jodi’s appeal fund, but my resources are limited and I am tired of contributing and seeing no results. In my field, I never got paid for “trying” to do my job and “trying” to get results. I was paid for “doing” my job and “getting” results. I’ll start contributing when I start seeing results and not before, because this whole case is starting to look like one big money scam to me.

    If the bar complaint lawyers are confident enough to take our money, they can just run up the bill and I’ll pay for results. So far they have achieved nothing. If they can get Martinez disbarred as he should have been a long ago, then I’ll make sure their whole damn bill ($25) is paid.

    • If your first paragraph is correct, then any money given to GoFundMe is money that doesn’t have to come out of the appellate fund. So it’s not wasted.

      Regarding your other remarks: it is bar attorneys, not the complainants’ lawyers, who actually prosecute bar complaints, so in that sense the process is publicly funded in a way. You don’t need a lawyer to file a bar complaint. However, a complex complaint is much more likely to succeed if you do. I’m delighted that Jodi hired Adams and Clark to do this job, rather than relying on an amateur volunteer like me to do it.

      I’ve always been skeptical that any bar complaint against Martinez will succeed, but if it did I’d feel the same as you in your last sentence. I’d love to be able to say I got that lying, sadistic bastard disbarred!

      Also note that there is a current bar complaint against Martinez by Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, an organization of defense lawyers, covering about a decade of his cases. This complaint was dismissed by a panel, but the bar attorney handling it is currently appealing. Jodi paid nothing toward this complaint.

      Her private attorneys, Adams and Clark, did achieve one thing to date: they got Nurmi disbarred for his book. And for their first complaint against Martinez, they unearthed a huge pile of investigative data about his sexual misbehavior with journalists and a juror. That kind of thing may yet finally turn Arizona judges against him. We haven’t seen their second bar complaint yet. In any case, when you hire a lawyer to represent you in a controversy, results are never guaranteed. None of this is a scam.

  12. Hi Alan,

    Good to hear from you again!

    It seems that Michael is just voicing some frustration more than anything else. I was a bit confused in the beginning about why this complaint needed to be funded privately as I thought this was on the state’s bill as well before I figured out that this is a different matter than Jodi’s actual appeal fund which is solely devoted to paying Jodi’s future private attorney fees. The fact that this complaint is a very complex argument which requires all of the skills a private attorney can bring obviously means that these attorneys need to be paid for their time. It seems that many people are concerned about funding a complaint that many feel skeptical about it succeeding. The bar complaints seem to be forcing people to make a decision on how they want to support her financially. Does one send money to GoFundMe to assist in payment of the complaint fees or do they stay the course and donate to the appeal fund for the future payment of private defense fees? I agree with Mike that the new leadership in Arizona should really look at the totality of the charges and complaints against Martinez and remove him. If we knew which one of these complaints had the best chance to be heard and move forward, we might have some clarity which may free up more donations. I would imagine that Mike’s statement of having limited funds like many of us do is an example of this.

  13. FACT: Jodi Arias is an innocent woman. FACT: Self defense is not a crime anywhere.
    I promised her I would help whenever and however I could and I intend to honor my promise. Many people have come and gone through the past years and devoted hours and hours of their lives trying to help Jodi. Many supporters have passed away. Those of us who are still here in the FREE world need to stay and help fight for Jodi. Now is the time she needs our help the most, why wait? Jodi would never ask anyone for money but I have felt the need to ask for her. No apologies. Money talks people. Sad but true. If we want her represented by the best it will cost. I’m sure most of us have limited funds but together what we offer would help. If anyone ever deserved to be helped it is Jodi Arias. Society has dealt her a horrible hand. It’s a fact that it will be costly to fight for her freedom. We all knew that many years ago. We do not have the backing of the cult religion, or the scamming family and friends of the abuser, or exploitive hunger of the media or the previous manipulative & corrupt Justice system in AZ. . .What we have is determination and HOPE! HIGH HOPES. Please help Jodi now the best way you can. Jodi needs us NOW!

  14. Hey everybody,

    I found this article released yesterday. It appears that a judge in Maricopa has sealed JM’s conduct file after the County Attorney requested it be sealed. The article also states that Michael Kiefer has been filing records requests to prevent this.
    The article is below.

    • This is a long and interesting article on the various complaints against Martinez. Lying to investigators is a serious offense at the FBI. I wonder if it is at the Arizona Bar?

      • I just have a common sense question with this. Does anybody think that with 847 documents in this/these complaint(s), that JM didn’t do ANYTHING wrong at all?
        Especially to the point of being disbarred at the very least?

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