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Following on from my post on May 16th – “It’s time to stand up & be counted. Here’s why…” – check out the following post, kindly written by an active & long-time Jodi supporter…

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At SJ’s kind invitation, here are my ideas on how to kick-start fundraising.  I hope they will stimulate others to share their own thoughts.

First, some background.  We heard from Jodi back in January why the appeals fund is so critically important to her future.  As a member of her team (not Jodi herself) then wrote in a text posted here:  Without private money, Jodi will be assigned counsel and again be subject to the luck of the draw.  She could get stuck with another Nurmi.  If she can afford her own attorney, then she has a better shot at getting the conviction overturned.

If the jury comes back with death, the taxpayers will be obligated to pick up the tab all the way up to the US Supreme Court.  But, again, Jodi will be subject to whatever attorney is assigned to her from the Federal Public Defender’s office.  There are probably some very good lawyers in that office, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get assigned to Jodi’s case.  By the luck of the draw, she could end up with someone who, like Nurmi, is uninterested in doing more than the absolute minimum required to draw his paycheck.

Do we want to leave Jodi’s life and future to chance?  Or do we want her to be able to retain a kick-ass attorney who is not going to stop until her wrongful conviction is overturned and she has the freedom back that she deserves?

The figure cited as a typical retainer was $250,000.

Unfortunately, it seems the situation is worse than we knew.  Referring to the $15,000 raised so far –  just 6% of what is needed – Jodi now writes to me:

“In other words, at this rate I will not be appealing if I get life.  And if I get death, I’ll have a public defender, an overworked, underpaid public defender with an already unmanageable case load.”

These are two prospects that should terrify all her friends.  Either she gets executed, after years of solitary confinement watching an overworked public defender file ineffectual motions, or she’s never even able to appeal her wrongful conviction in the first place.

Either of these disasters is unthinkable.  But we can easily block both of them, if we will just start taking action.

Survivor Day - Justice for Jodi 4-6-2013

As I said back in January, $250,000 is a very feasible sum.  Even Jodi’s public supporters number many hundreds.  Just one FB group, Free Jodi, has 325 members; two others have 139 and 144 respectively.  Anyone with a FB account can reach these people to urge their support.  Posts here on JAII automatically alert several thousand people.  And this is only people who have somehow identified themselves already as on Jodi’s side.

Do the arithmetic!  Suppose there are 500 supporters willing and able to donate.  If each, on average, gives $500, Jodi can hire the private lawyer she needs.  And, face it, an average adult American can find $500 for something he or she really wants.  Sure, some people are very poor and struggling just to survive, the unemployed, single mothers, people with huge medical bills, and so on.  But there are two answers to that point.  First, people who are wealthier than average can easily take up the slack by donating $1000 instead.   Second, there is something everyone can do, poor or not: write to people who do have money!

Simple example: Barry Gibb, last surviving BeeGee, said a while back that he was writing a song about Jodi.  Right now, he’s on another solo tour, but he’s already rich enough to own four beachfront properties in Miami Beach.  Anyone, no matter how poor, can write to him and ask him to help save Jodi’s life. Anyone can also write to the Dixie Chicks, whose song Goodbye Earl was a powerful statement about domestic violence.   And many on this site will be able to think of countless other celebrities who were themselves DV victims.

I already have a personal fundraising plan:  I’m well-placed to write a convincing letter to American criminal-law professors, suggesting they contribute to Jodi’s fund to fight the corruption of criminal justice by tabloid TV.  I’ll do that over the summer.  Others should be working out similar plans, on their own or together.  It would be great for someone to compose a brief but effective letter, suitable for people who don’t know Jodi’s case, that everyone could use, and post it here.  It would also be great to see a general JAII fundraising Task Force, as in the past.   I can’t organize anything myself, since my own mass mailing will take up my time.  But there are many people on this site who would do a great job.  Any volunteers?

In any case, hats off to SJ for his timely wake-up call.   Let’s all open our wallets, get out our stamps, envelopes, and email, and coordinate with others to be effective.  There’s still time to solve the problem, since the crunch won’t come for five or six months.  But then it will come, as deadly sure as winter.   I can’t even bear to imagine how Jodi will feel if she finds out near the end of the year that she can’t have any appeals, because her supporters let her down on the one thing that she needed most.  She would never herself say the things SJ and I are saying.  She hates to ask for anything from people, especially money.  But SJ and I are saying it, loud and clear: the appellate fund is a train wreck so far, and it’s time for us to fix it!

Let’s get going!

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Leave your comments below.

Team Jodi

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the official JAA APPELLATE FUND, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. You can also check out Jodi’s new Art Gallery website by clicking this linkThank you for your ongoing support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. I found the house number for Barry Gibb’s address which is:


    I will be one of the supporters to write Barry Gibbs and the Dixie Chicks a letter asking them to help save Jodi’s life! I have written letters to many other people too! Hopefully, we will get some positive responses very soon!!!

    Let’s Go Team Jodi!!! We will get it done!!! 🙂

  2. Hello, cyber family!

    Last night, R.Love had a FANTASTIC idea regarding fundraising. 🙂

    She found info on a wealthy person (not gonna mention names) who is a Domestic Violence crusader.
    I did the brainstorming on how to proceed to contact that person.

    Everything is on the VENT page!
    I’d suggest those who have the password to please go and check it out.

    (Especially JOURNEE, whose help we need ASAP! 😉 )

        • After reading your comments, I’m beginning to think that what we need is a High-Profile Criminal Defense Attorney who might take Jodi’s case for the $15,000 or so that we’ve already raised. Think someone like Jeff Feiger (hope I spelled that right). I will write a few letters immediately. I’ve been looking for a better way to help Jodi. I’m a Freelance Writer, so i know how to put the right words together. Lets hope he’s not on Team Travis lol. I was so proud to have contributed to Jodi’s Fund, and I’ll do so again in a couple days.
          Wish me luck.

          • Hi Eric!!! Glad to see one more person in Jodi’s corner! YAY! 🙂

            Great idea, do come back and tell us if you get a reply. However, I think $15,000 is nothing and no lawyer would take this particualr case for such a low amount of money, and that’s why we’re trying to make this work.

          • Hi Eric, I Googled: ((Jeff Feiger)) & Google referred me to the spelling: ((Jeff Fieger & Jeffrey Fieger & Geoffrey Fieger)). …I think that is all the same person. …I think the official name is ((Geoffrey Fieger)) …& that spelling is on Wikipedia, I remember seeing him on TV news in the past. …Wikipedia has listed several high profile cased he worked on. …And it says he (himself) was also indicted once & he was defended successfully by that “also famous defense attorney” ((Gerry Spence)). … … …Even if we (((all the Jodi supporters))) can just get some high profile defense attorneys talking about her innocence by self defense, that would be good, I think. … … … … I personally have my own theory about what happened.
            … … I believe that more things happened that Travis did to Jodi than just tying her hands in bed, & (the other thing). … …I believe that Travis ((IMHO)), used that rope not only to loosely tie her hands, ((that was not the purpose of the rope)), but the real purpose of the rope was ((IMHO)) was to perform ((((breath play)))) on her. …That means ((it is described on main stream TV)) to restrict a person’s breath to achieve a higher level of ((let me just say enjoyment)). … Remember Jodi said that he got a softer rope because the other rope (previously) was too irritating??? ….Well, she was not talking about it irritating her hands that were only loosely tied, …I believed it was ((breath play)) that he wanted to do to her & (((IMHO))) he did. …I think he wrapped part of the soft rope to encircle her neck. ….And this was probably agreeable with her, at first, ((IMHO)). …BUT, sometimes people become unconscious in ((breath play)) & sometimes die. …Sometimes ((they lose perception of time)), forget things, misremember things, …sometimes become super or hyperactive, even have a delayed hyperactive episode. ….I don’t have experience in this, it is online, everywhere. … …It is what happens in BDSM. …That is the real dirty secret that Jody did not want to tell the world about him (((IMHO))). ….She was a SLAVE TO HER DOMINATE MASTER (((IMHO))). … … … …And, the prosecutor was careful to make her ((sound stupid)) as she described the tying of her hands that were not really tied at all, it was too loose. …Of course it was loose, …(IMHO) the purpose of the rope was for ((((breath play)))) that means limiting oxygen to the brain. … ….Doesn’t anyone in the entire criminal justice system understand that the purpose of tying the hands was to make it difficult for her to quickly unwind the rope from her neck, for the full effect of the BDSM partial asphyxiation, & for his pleasure of his control over her. …This is my humble opinion. …(((Jodi Ann Arias is innocent because of her hyperactive reaction after he frightened her near the shower afterwards))) & she feared he would do it again to her, (IMHO). … …Thanks Eric, for suggesting a defense attorney. …. I hope I have opened the door for this BDSM realistic defense explanation & the only probably possibility. …. She was in the (((FUGUE STATE of awareness))). … …
            …………….(((Jodi is innocent)))….let us let the world know ! ! ! (((I am WLOPEZ4JAA)))

          • Hi Again, Folks
            I wanted to respond to my earlier post. Sure, I know that $15,000 may not be enough to spur the interest of a High Profile Attorney. I suppose that was wishful thinking on my part. But, I am going to send letters to virtually every law office in Arizona that I can find. The internet has a vast listing. There has to be someone who’ll take Jodi’s case for the amount of money we have. We need a Lawyer who’s career is hungry for the exposure such a case high profile case will bring. I may have to mail 100 letters, buy 100 stamps, but if it brings Jodi closer to freedom, it’ll all be worth it. I’m excited about getting started, and will keep you posted.

            I had another idea as well. How about a “Kickstarter” campaigne to raise more funds? I’m just a supporter, trying to do my part. Talk with ya soon.

            • Eric, you’re not looking for a criminal attorney. We need an EXPERIENCED APPELLATE ATTORNEY – preferably one with an impressive track record.

              Wonder what happened with that guy that sat behind DT during the first penalty phase. Farragut was his name, I think. Hot shot Phoenix area appellate lawyer known to work pro bono in high profile cases. Guess he said no to the pro bono.

  3. A piece of advice. If you do have any people in mind that would help, please do not mention their names on this main page. We wouldn’t want anyone getting harassed.

    Either do it in the vent page or send an e-mail to the admins.


  4. Re-posting from previous thread:

    Kellen, if you read this, please check your e-mail. I’ve sent you a very important message. Please contact me via e-mail.


    Danites Revenge, if you read this, please check your e-mail. SJ has sent you a very important message. Please contact him via e-mail.


  5. Doing a Happy Dance! I can tell we are on our way to Victory for Jodi!!! If we all do everything in our power to help it won’t take long at all! It is wonderful to be a part of such a loving, devoted and caring group of people!!! Beaming with pride for everyone!!!!! (((((((TEAM JODI & JODI))))))) 🙂

  6. The other day Corrine Steele mentioned that she had tried contacting the Innocence Project. I think she has a very good idea. They haven’t responded yet, but the case isn’t over with because they haven’t finished the penalty phase. When it’s over maybe they’ll be willing to take this case on. They work pro bono. It’s worth a try.

    • I had researched the Innocence Project last year. Apparently they deal more with DNA cases and with cases where defendants claim they are innocent of the crime, meaning they didn;t do it- a case like Darlie Routier’s for example.

      • Yes, that was my question. That takes care of it for me. Plus I only donate to animal rights organizations. Animals are executed all the time and they don’t even have to commit a crime. But best of luck to you all in reaching her monetary goal and your quest for freedom for Ms. Aria.

        • Then if that’s what you donate to why bring it up? Show me an appellate fund marked 501c3 anyhow. They dont exist. This isn’t the innocence project.

          • I know I haven’t commented here in a LONG LONG TIME…but let me chime in my two cents just on principle.

            By the way – Hi to those who know me.

            According to Section 201 of McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York (I do know Jodi is in Arizona and that state would have to be checked): “…Proposed not-for-profit corporation whose purpose was to pay for legal expenses incurred or to be incurred by three specifically named persons who stood convicted of crimes could not be characterized as “charitable” corporation for whose formation would accordingly be withheld without prejudice to resubmission of certificate of incorporation as different type of not-for-profit corporation who for whose formation judicial approval was not required; corporaton was intended for specific benefit of the named persons, and there was no provision for using any portion of funds for benefit of public or for any class of public, SO CORPORATE PURPOSES COULD NOT BE CHARACTERIZED AS CHARITABLE. Matter of Howard Beach Appeal Fund, Inc., 1988, 141 Misc.2d 735, 534 N.Y.S.2d 341.”

            I do believe Arizona would follow similar suit. Therefore, in my opinion and my interpretation of the above citation, it could not be incorporated as a charitable fund.

            Hope it helps. 🙂

            ♥ J

            • JANEEN!!!! I am going to shit myself from happiness!!!! I was thinking about you today!!! And telling our friend how much I miss you here !!!!

              You were and are our legal eagle and it’s so good to see you being able to help us out with legal stuff!

              For those who don’t know Janeen, I just want to tell you guys: she is an amazing fucking person, friend and Jodi supporter!!!!!

              Please don’t take sooooo long to pass by!

              Love you to pieces! You know you’re my hero! 😉

              ((((Janeen)))) ♥

            • ((((( Janeen )))))))

              WOW!Long time, no see gf!
              Thanks for the citation though I’m not sure I understood what it said LOL LOL LOL!

  7. I, for one, know that this would never be a charity or tax deduction. The people who will donate for Jodi’s Appeals Fund would be doing it to make sure that she gets the best representation that she is able. Jodi is a person who is in desperate need of help and I for one would be unable to sleep at night if I thought that there was just one little thing left undone. She has been abused enough and this nightmare must stop. I do not care that it is not tax deductible. Good grief this is a woman’s life. I’m all for giving to charities in need be it animals, veterans, feeding hungry children and the handicapped, and I have. But I would never just base my help on whether or not it would help me or not. I would never want to benefit from the misfortunes of another human being in desperate need. But that is only my way at looking at life. Let’s all do everything we can. If it is a small donation so be it. Everything and anything helps.

    • R. Love,

      I feel the same way as you do! I didn’t even think of any tax deduction or whatever! I give to help Jodi get free!!! I want ALL the money to go for Jodi’s Appellate Fund to get the BEST attorney that money can buy!!! Like you said, R. Love, I would never base ANY donation to help on whether it would help me or not! I think that would be defeating the whole purpose of giving!!!

    • You said it!
      I wouldn’t care if it was tax deductible either. My primary goal is to help Jodi, not get some deductions.
      But I live in Russia and we don’t even have such a thing as tax deduction 🙂

  8. Good Evening Everybody, Betsy here.
    Can I just say how proud I am to see all of Jodi’s friends who are here also donating not just there time and efforts to free our Jodi girl but also whatever money they have or can afford. I understand that not everyone can send her hundreds of dollars but even if you’ve only sent Jodi a dollar ( or 2 ) your helping the cause AND it shows the world of haters that we here by Jodi’s side are NOT all talk, we are DOING! And we will keep doing forever if we have to! Did I read right that we now even have celebrities fighting and talking out on Jodi’s railroading by Arizona?? Well that’s just terrific news, it warms my heart to see such sympathy coming from those people who really have more money then they could even begin to start spending , giving of their time and pocketbooks. Its just wonderful, Bless their hearts.
    And Barry Gibbs is writing a song just for our Jodi too? Thank you Mr Gibbs. Does anyone know the name of Barry’s Jodi song or when we’ll hear it on the radio because we should all buy it as soon as the day it comes out so it goes right up to #1 on the record charts. I think Jodi having a hit record will be great for our donations, yes? Although, and I don’t say this to be a busybody, maybe it’s not such a good idea for us to post publicly Mr Gibbs home address because we all know what the haters do with that kind of stuff, very bad things. Just a friendly words of advice from this old mother hen ladies he he 🙂
    Anyways I loved catching up with everyone today, I wish I had more time to write to y’all but Johnny and me have just been soo busy running about lately seeing friends and places and such that time just seems to get away from me. Can we post pictures here? Wouldn’t it be great to share all of our travels with each other, maybe someone who knows more about these things then me can send them along to Jodi so see can pretty up her cell walls just like we do with hers?? Now wouldn’t that be something, I just know Jodi would love that. I can just see her smiling now.
    Well that’s all from us for now, big hug to Our Girl Jodi 🙂

    Have A Blessed Day Everyone, Betsy

      • : ( OMG some poor soul is gonna be getting alot of mail from people they don’t know. Not a good way to start our Jodi fundraising lol, I hope we can get Mr Gibbs right address this time R Love. 🙂

  9. U all know ,I am in! I am doing a giant Tag sale. All antiques will be put up on E bay and ,supports are welcome to bid.
    I will be able to do the 500. !!!
    We have time!!!
    Lots of great ideas.
    My mom is making doggie clothes. =)
    Power = The ability to take action.
    All my love …

  10. Question: When a defendant does not have the money to hire a Johnny Cochran, how is the public defender chosen? Is it just the luck of the draw, whoever is next available? Or does someone in the Public Defenders Office make the assignment?

  11. I always want to do more for Jodi and the priority now is the appeals fund. So I shall start to donate as much as I can afford every month. Might not be a massive amount but every penny counts right now.
    Barry Gibb some time ago did say he was writing a song for his new album inspired by the trial. I haven’t heard whether he is a full on Jodi supporter. But I intend to find out. Best to wait til his tour finishes when he’s relaxing at home then I intend to write a letter to him if I can find an address which I will do.
    If we could get some one like him to speak out then this would be a huge bonus for Jodi and a nice donation would be good.

    • Richard hi!

      Thank you for your ongoing support to Jodi! And you’re right! Every penny DOES count!

      Hope to see you drop by more often! 🙂

  12. Argh.

    Couldn’t help myself. Had to address a couple of glaringly obvious stupidities. I’m not expecting backup, but a couple of faves would be nice. 🙂

    • Arizona Sky is just insane!
      I mean, he’s stark raving mad, I think arguing with him is a total waste of time.
      I gave you my props and thumbs-up! 🙂

        • Remember to let the little worms squirm away. . .they are enjoying themselves. When they hit the hot coals of hell won’t they have fun? Squirm little worms. 🙂

      • I’ve decided to put Arizona Sky on my prayer list!!!!! Maybe a good whammy from Heaven would help their stone cold heart! Other than that they are a big waste of our time! ((((TEAM JODI)))))

      • Isn’t it interesting that Arizona Sky spends 24/7 on that site spewing hate, cursing and name calling and then tells us to go get a job and to get a life. I hope that person (again using the term loosely) lives alone. Can you imagine ‘it’ being married, or even worse, having children?

        • I am guessing that all the anger and hatred of this person has to do with the fact that, as a child, this person didn’t get hugged or loved enough. It’s actually a shame if you think about it! Hugless and loveless children turn out to be bitter and angry adults. 🙁

          Come on you guys! … whatda you say? Should we give this Arizona Sky a group hug???!! Let her/him feel the love? I am going to make the first step:

          ((((Arizona Sky)))) you are loved! 🙂

            • Oh Justus she does need some love doesn’t she? How can one spend all the time spewing such filth all the while trying to sound logical. Hate always impedes logic.

              (((((((((hugs are in the house for Arizona Sky)))))))

          • ((((( Arizona Sky ))))))

            Let the boo-hoos out!
            And please don’t be mad at the world or to some people in particular just because they have a different opinion.

  13. I’d like to thank everyone for your b-day wishes!

    ((((((everyone)))))) ♥
    ((((cyber family)))) ♥
    ((((Jodi))) ♥

  14. Since we are from all around this big world of ours I wanted to share this with all. Many have gone before all of us seeking freedom for everyone and this just sums up what our Memorial Day is about.
    Although Jodi is fighting a totally different war it is one affected by our society today.((((((FREE JODI)))))

    • Another ‘denied motion’… what a shocker! (rolling eyes…. you know how)

      pickles sure does has a big collection of them! pffff! Seriously, I can’t remember if she has granted any motions that Jodi has made. Anyone???

      )))))no hugs for pickles(((((

    • “But we have the truth on our side!” Absolutely perfect song Marja! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 (((JODI)))

  15. Just as SJ asked us to ask ourselves if what we are doing is helping Jodi, I think that those people on that website who are attacking Jodi and all of us should ask themselves, “Does this help Travis Alexander and his family?” I don’t see how it does.

    • Raja,
      as SJ always says: ”Onwards!” Don’t waste another second of your time there….

      Now, GO to VENT please! I’ve thought of something and I need everyone’s feedback 😉

  16. To all visitors of this site:

    We would like to apologize for using the VENT PAGE so much. However, a ”Fundraising ideas” project is under way so we need to keep some information safe.


    • Thanks for explaining Rasna! I sure would not want to hurt any feeling!! Everyone is important to us!!! Unfortunately, it is just a sign of the times and we must protect Jodi’s future. But as always, we are working for Jodi’s freedom so we have to be careful. This way we won’t be messing up any information that will be given out. 🙂 ((((((((Love to All Team Jodi))))))))

  17. I received a “Thank You” card in the mail today. It was very much appreciated. We’re on the right track. Let’s get all of the supporters on board. As a group we can go accomplish more than we could individually.

    I’m wondering how many supporters haven’t been to the website in a long time and don’t know about the push to raise funds. Would emailing them from the website to let them know be an option?

    • Never mind, folks. I’m still working on it. I’ll let you know when I have it ready. I just got back from the Epoch site where they pointed out some things they took issue with (rightfully so) and then proceeded to insult me, call me a liar and claim I didn’t even follow the case (ha!). One said I left out the third gas purchase at the Tesoro in SLC. There was a third purchase there; it appears on the credit card statement but there is no evidence that it was gas. That, of course, makes no difference to them. The response I got was that I was caught lying and deliberately deceiving. I’m certainly open to correction but to be bullied and intimidated, called names and have my integrity demeaned. I can see why these folks love Juan Martinez so much. He must be their idol. You know, he who shouts the loudest and says the nastiest things is to be declared the winner. (I know you’ve heard this all before and I promise on my honor that I won’t visit that vile place again. I just needed to get this off my chest. Now I’ll go over to the Vent page and scream at the top of my lungs.)

      • Justus, I strongly believe that you’ve wasted too much time on those knucklehead pedo-huggers. Let’s retain from giving them anymore recognition.


        • I agree Rasna. I’m afraid I just got pulled in one more time as they egged me into a challenge. You would think I’d know better by now. I need to just not go there as it takes all I can do to maintain my sanity and keep from stooping to their low level. Yes, onward. You will hear no more from me about them.

        • Sorry to pop in your thread but ”IF” Justus watched the trial????
          Believe me, Justus DID watch the trial!

        • Dear Guest, I believe if you search the Internet you will find there are only two receipts for purchasing gas at Tesoro. There is a third purchase on the credit card statement but there is no receipt and no indication what that was for. I would like to know how that witness knew it was for gas if the only evidence is a credit card statement. Where is her proof? (I think Martinez did another slight of hand during that testimony, leaving the impression that there was a third receipt.)

          And as far as the Walmart lady goes, I will iterate: “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

        • Yes , they didn’t show that receipt, but if you choose not to believe the gas lady’s testimony, what can I say. It looks like the jury did get to see some evidence of that we didn’t get to see, and we did get to see those 3 credit card transactions from Jodi’s bank.

            • “It looks like the jury did get to see some evidence of that we didn’t get to see” Do you have a link for that? If we didn’t “see” it, how do you know about it?

              • Just saying, there were many time they threw something up on the screen that I would have liked to have seen or seen better, but had cameras on the audience instead, so we may have not seen everything the jury saw.

                • Just becasue we didn’t see Jodi’s privates splashed all over our screens (they had at least the courtesy), doesn’t mean they didn’t show evidence.

                • I think you are speculating. That entire trial was aired. We didn’t miss much in terms of evidence on a screen other than shots of her private area and even that was shown once.

                • For example there is Martinez holding a photo of the inside of a skull, the only image I’m able to find of that skull is a blurry picture of Martinez holding the picture. I’m sure the jury has a better view of that image.

      • Oops. Wrong again. It IS $19.65 on the credit card statement. I have not seen a receipt for that one. That’s the one Martinez says could split up into three 5.09 gallons for each can. I am surprised that Nurmi didn’t counter with the fact that the actual provable gas receipt for 9.583 gallons also splits nicely into TWO cans.

        • So Jodi didn’t have that one receipt, So the jury had to rely on the gas lady’s testimony, about that transaction, which she said was for 5.091 gallons gas swipe at the pump. I happen to believe her, but I don’t know if the jury did or not.

  18. I truly think Martinez pulled a fast one here.

    Witness: Chelsea Young from Tesoro

    Martinez: “In this case, how many transactions for gas was there?”

    Young: “Three.”

    Martinez: “And there was initially Exhibit 237.016, how many gallons of gas were purchased?”

    Young: “Ten gallons, 10.672 gallons.”

    Martinez: “And then the next one was five gallons correct?”

    Young: “Correct.”

    Martinez: “Or approximately. And the last one 237.017 was how many gallons?”

    Young: 9.583.


    Notice that there are only two admitted pieces of evidence. And Martinez kinda slides right past the “five gallon” one. He says “And then the next one was five gallons correct?” and she agrees. I’d like to know what she is looking at. Is she just calculating 5 gallons knowing that gas was $3.85 per gallon and $19.65 would indicate approximately 5 gallons? And then Martinez interjects “Or approximately.” Why would we have to approximate if we have a receipt? Very very fishy. (But then look who we’re talking about. Mr. Fishy himself.)

  19. Ok, I let you have at it, just wanted to point out to Justus, the video where the witness talks about the 3 gas transaction. I will leave you in peace. Thanks

      • Hi Pandora

        I have also done a lot of research on the gas cans , and have communicated with GB many many times in the last year, since the verdict. GB and I don’t agree on anything, but we do get along fine. I just stopped in to show Justus some info. I don’t hate Jodi or wish the DP on her, but I do believe the verdict was correct, and I’m sure I’m not welcome here because of that, so I will leave in peace.

    • What I don’t understand is: why does it matter how many gas cans she had? We already know she had two gas cans, and she’s not denying that, what does one more gas can prove?
      I haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer to this question yet. If you or anyone else could field this question please, I’d be much obliged.

      Because without an apparent motive to lie about returning it, I think this whole point about the gas cans is just moot. We don’t lie without a reason.

      I personally think Jodi had no reason to lie about returning the third gas can and I steadfastly maintain that she did return it and they just mishandled her return.

      • Agreed Alexey, Thank God “guest” stopped short, my emotion isn’t quite as controlled. I think if “guest” thinks GB is wrong and the jury was right, the “guest” might express it elsewhere. This area is for Jodi supporters. We’ve made our decisions. No gas can or license plate or lack of info is going to sway any of us. Free Jodi! She’s done too much time already!

      • One of the things that annoys me the most on that site is their constant implication that it was up to the defense to prove she’s innocent. For instance, in my gas can analysis I said that the prosecution used the absence of evidence (Walmart return receipt) as the evidence of absence. Those knuckleheads chuckled among themselves at my apparent stupidity for not knowing that it was up to the defense to produce the receipt. What country (nay, Universe) do they live in? I thought we were past the point of the defendant having to prove their innocence. And this isn’t the only example of this kind of skewed thinking. Their whole reasoning (as well as the jury’s) that runs through this whole case is that she didn’t prove her innocence.

      • From what I’ve read throughout this year, there seem to be 2 categories:

        1)haters who believe she used 3 gas cans in order to go undetected, so that she wouldn’t have to stop and fill her car with gas on the way to kill Travis- in and of itself ABSURD because she filled them on her way BACK from Utah. 🙄

        2)Haters who see how ridiculous this theory is and echoing their idol kermit, say that no, the fact taht she used gas cans is not suspicious BUT the fact that she lied about the 3d one on the stand means she’s crazy pathological liar and as their cutie patootie frog indicitated THIS is a reason to disregard Jodi’s entire testimony. Again… 🙄

        • Both are immensely irritating and ignorant but #2, especially so. There are a lot more productive things she could have lied about. For the prosecution to have to go to such lengths to use an unproven lie about something that didn’t need to be lied about as proof that she’s a pathological liar defies common sense and common decency. There is something amazingly circular about that kind of thought process and certainly goes to confirmation bias.

          • Accumulating and disseminating hatred is so masochistic.But they can live and learn, their own life lessons, the hard knock way. They boring me with their hatred.

        • Why would anyone, much less a great liar, tell a lie about something as insignificant as how many cans she had, but then not make up a lie about the most vital part of the case, what happened during those violent moments after the gun shot? Oh, they are going to say that the fact that she can’t remember is a lie. What kind of a friggin’ lie is that??? If she CAN remember, and has seen all the crime scene photos and other evidence against her, there’s no reason she couldn’t come up with a “lie” that helped her story. (I have a very plausible scenario that I came up with in 10 minutes.) And the prosecution would have had to prove her story wrong rather than just implying she does remember and therefore she’s a liar.

          She had more than four years to come up with a lie and that’s the best she could do? GMFB!!!

          • But we are dealing with a bunch of misogynists who I doubt would ever believe a man would come up with such a preposterous plan. I even had a friend say, “Yes, she’s intelligent but she’s also unsophisticated.” WTF? I doubt if the defendant were a 28-year-old man that the word “unsophisticated”, as a way to justify the absolute stupidity of the so-called “plan”, would have even crossed my friend’s mind. (And even an unsophisticated person could come up with a better plan than that one.)

            And then I also hear the one about how if Jodi were male she’d already be on death row. And this is where I always introduce this 1981 Maricopa County case:


            Apparently, in Maricopa County, it’s OK for man to stab his wife to death as long as he claims he was sleep walking at the time and his wife drove him to it because she was “a nag”. But a woman who stabs her attacker to death in a state of post traumatic stress disorder after accidentally shooting him isn’t to be believed. (After all, we know what nags and liars women can be.)

                • Double Standards are big in Arizona. If this had been Travis on trial for killing Jodi no one would have even heard of it! He would be out preaching his nonsense to anyone who would listen. IMO.

        • And here’s a good one I’ve heard recently about the third gas can. She needed it because she planned to burn his house down. (Where do these people come up with this crap?)

  20. “Killing you daily”: An abuse survivor who killed her abuser tells her story (
    by Jose Martinez

    It wasn’t the first time this had happened to Kelli, and she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

    When she was 17, her boyfriend pushed her down a flight of stairs, splitting her left eye “completely open.” Her abuser’s mother urged her to “cover up what actually happened,” so she decided not to let a doctor know who’d done it to her.

    By the time she was 19, she’d married her boyfriend. One day, he and Kelli got in a fight that resulted in second-degree burns all over her body, because he’d used an iron. She says she was “burnt completely on my chest, on my arm, on my face and on my neck.” She’d fought back, so they both went to jail. He was released before she was, and he was waiting for Kelli on the same street as the police station where she’d been held when she got out. They went home together.

    Seven months later, it was happening again. They’d gotten into what Kelli calls a “domestic violence fight” that started because her husband was “upset about some things that were laying around the house.” She escaped to a neighbor’s house and called the cops, who came and “made a joke like, ‘Dang, didn’t we come here before?'” Kelli pointed to the marks on her body-not yet fully healed-and said there was a reason she called the police so regularly. Sometimes they came and sometimes they didn’t, she told them.

    The police decided not to kick her husband out, and asked whether she had anywhere to go. She went to her mom’s, but “that day he kept calling my mom’s house, threatening to kill me,” she says. He threatened that “something was going to happen to me and my children because if we couldn’t stay together, we were going to die together.” Kelli had to return to her house to pick up more of her belongings.

    But before she did, she bought a gun.

    “When I went back over there, he was there,” Kelli says. “He kept taunting me, he kept telling me, ‘You think this is over?’

    “Finally, he threatened me somehow,” she says. “Whispered in my ear. And I just lost it. At that point, I pulled out he gun, he’s taunting me and then he charged at me.

    “And I shot him.”

    Kelli, now 36, spent 15 years in jail for manslaughter. She got out when she was 33 years old.

    “I have no faith in the judicial system,” Kelli said. “I know it’s there, it’s the system we have to use, it’s the system we have to go by. Because I’m a domestic violence advocate and case manager, I have to call law enforcement to talk to some of the officers about our clients’ cases. Nothing has really changed in the attitude of law enforcement about domestic violence and the victimizing of women.”

    Kelli, who declined to share her last name with OnCentral, grew up in Watts. Now she works in the heart of South Central L.A. as a violence intervention specialist for a large domestic violence program agency. About 95 percent of the population she serves, she said, are young, minority women who lead single-parent homes.

    Her story is one that sheds light on the legal system’s efforts to offer evenhanded and fair justice to abused women who fight back against their abusers. Sometimes the consequences are fatal.

    Adriana Molina is the co-chair of the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles. She connected OnCentral with Kelli and corroborated the primary details of her story.

    “She’s an amazing example of not just what can go wrong but also of resilience,” Molina says about Kelli.

    Molina made it clear in an earlier article that just because a victim kills an abuser “does not mean the history of abuse was mutual.”

    Oftentimes, she says, a killing like the one Kelli carried out is simply “the proverbial drop that overfilled the bucket.”

    That doesn’t mean that Molina and her coalition back up those who are abused and then become violent, she says. But she does want to make clear that when women lack hope and support, some of them see no choice other than to commit unthinkable acts.

    Stanley Goldman, who teaches law at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, also tells OnCentral that courts, instead of looking at whether violence was premeditated or carried out in the heat of the moment, perhaps ought to “give more consideration to the circumstances” and the people who are involved.

    “When they kill their abuser, should they be treated on a different standard than someone who’s cold-blooded, has no mercy, has no pity?” he says.

    In Kelli’s case, the officers who interrogated her told her that whatever he’d done to her, she’d “trumped it by killing him.” Prosecutors pursued first-degree murder charges against her, claiming that her violence was premeditated. They dismissed her claim of self-defense, arguing that she only thought she was in a life-and-death situation.

    After a mistrial and a second trial, the prosecution sat down with Kelli and offered her a deal.

    “They said, Listen, you have a dead body here,” Kelli recalls. “You’re not just going to get away scot-free. You’re going to do some time. We’re asking if you’d rather do this time, 15 years. Then you’ll at least have the ability to come home and life your life.”

    That’s how Kelli, who had no criminal history, no parking tickets and not even a driver’s license, found herself in prison for manslaughter.

    “I served time in prison for defending myself in a domestic violence case,” she says.

    A small, recent study suggested that judges’ legal decisions regarding abused women who become violent toward their abusers is tainted with sexism. Kelli says that’s been her experience.

    “During the whole two years [that I was in court] I’d be chained up with other man and going to the courtroom and listening to the cases,” she said-cases for drive-by shootings, robberies, carjackings, public shootings.

    “I watched these men get five years, seven years, 10 years, 12 years,” she says. “And I also listened to them read off their history of crime and violence…and I could not understand. Here I was, a woman sitting in the court with scars on my body and police reports as well as doctor reports from the abuse I experienced, and they were still trying to give me 35 years to life.”

    Kelli believes she was at a disadvantage for three reasons: She was a woman, she was low-income and she was black.

    It was “like a welcome home party” once she got prison, she said, because so many women were there for the same sort of crime. She says some had been responding as a man raped them. Some had their heads “busted wide open.” Listening to stories like this prompted her to lose faith in the U.S. judicial system and to believe that it “re-victimizes” abused women.

    She says she gets a lot of blame. “You’d be surprised by how society views battered women and the judgment they have for them,” she says. The first thing the prosecutors said to her was: “Why didn’t you call a hotline?” Kelli didn’t know about hotlines, and she’d tried to get help before, but she says that even if she had, prosecutors would have used that against her as evidence of her premeditating murder. Certain members of her family, too, say she caused her situation by staying with her abuser.

    But she didn’t feel she had a choice, as a psychologist testified on her behalf in court. She had “battered woman syndrome”, which means, in part, that she had a perceived inability to escape her situation. Kelli knows that, and her answer is strong when she’s asked if what she did was wrong.

    “I don’t feel like I did anything wrong for protecting our children and our lives,” she says. “I think people want to see a sense of remorse from the women who kill their abusers. But how can you have a sense of remorse for a person who is killing you daily?”

    But she does wish that no one had died.

    Her sons were four and two years old when she went to prison. When she got home, they were 17 and 16. Over her prison term, they’d visited her around eight times, and “only knew [her] as a voice over the phone.” Kelli and her boys aren’t close.

    “In the midst of my trying to protect my children, I end up losing them,” she says. “That was a hard thing to have to accept after fighting through this system to get home to two sons that I love very dearly.”

    People often use the word “survivor” to refer to women who’ve lived through domestic abuse. Kelli says the barely-made-it-tone of that word is apt.

    “There are different levels of survival,” she says. “Some people will have a happy ending and go on to thrive. Then you have the survivor who just made it out. And they are no longer the same, and will never be the same person again. They will not trust again, they don’t ever want to be in a relationship again.”

    Kelli says her happy ending is her job: Almost immediately upon her release from prison, she began working at the agency that still employs her today. She loves what she does, and says she doesn’t carry the “baggage of domestic violence.”

    “I’m still here; I’m still alive,” Kelli says. “I do feel like I’m a survivor. If anything, my heart survived the situation. In the midst of anything I experienced in three years of prison in my marriage and 15 years of prison, my heart still beats-and it still feels, still has compassion, still hopes, still loves.”

    • Oh, wow!!! I have nothing but admiration for that young woman. Her case resembles Jodi’s A LOT! They even pursued First degree charges against her. omg…. I wish we had a way to contact her.

      • Wow is right. I found this part interesting too. “I don’t feel like I did anything wrong for protecting our children and our lives,” she says. “I think people want to see a sense of remorse from the women who kill their abusers. But how can you have a sense of remorse for a person who is killing you daily?”
        But she does wish that no one had died.

        How many times have we all had to listen to the endless chatter about Jodi having no remorse??????? I’m sure when someone has been through what she has the tears are all dried up by now.

  21. Good evening Cyber family!!!

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I hope all our efforts at trying to raise awareness of all the corruption in Jodi’s past trial and the great need for donations to her Appellate Fund bring much success!!!

    With all of our combined efforts, I know justice for Jodi will be found and Jodi will be freed!!!

    God bless us all and our continued efforts to bring justice and freedom for our dear, sweet, innocent JODI, and may God be with, bless and keep our JODI safe until her freedom comes at last!!!

    We love you Jodi and we are hear for you and with you always!!!

    (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI!!!))))) (((((FREE JODI!!!)))))

  22. “The man who got these three off on murder charges.”

    New York Post article, May 31/14, about Richard Gabriel, top trial consultant, who works with defendants on the importance of picking the right people for the jury. He was instrumental in getting “Not Guilty” verdicts for O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony and Phil Spector. Someone like Grabriel might be the key to helping Jodi when she gets a retrial in a few years.

    Personally, I found several of the the jurors who convicted Jodi to be cold and unfeeling and seem to have little concern about sentencing her to death.

    • Unfortunately, most of the jurors at Jodi’s trial had already made up their mind about Jodi even before the trial started!

      You see, trial by media is very powerful and dangerous! The media provoked an atmosphere of public hysteria akin to a lynch mob, making a fair trial for Jodi nearly impossible.

      And let’s face it: an unsequestered jury panel, knowing the public opinion of Jodi, was not going to take the chance of becoming the new ‘Casey Anthony jurors’ that got attacked and threatened by the lynch mob! I’m sure that most of them thought: “F*ck that shit! I ain’t gonna put myself, my family and friends in jeopardy for this woman that everyone hates! I’ll just play along and give the people what they want!”.

      So it will be very interesting to see where shitzona is going to find unbiased jurors to give Jodi fair sentencing … 🙄

      • Someone put up a post/article on facebook about how jury selection played a role in the acquittal of Anthony. The article talked about attorney’s picking dumb jurors on purpose. What they didn’t mention is there were educated jurors on anthony’s jury and should they have they rendered a verdict of guilty, they would have been hailed as heroes. So what does this say about the Jodi jury? I found most of them to be quite uneducated so what happened there? ( rhetorical question).

    • I’ll make no comments on those 3 people getting acquitted. They were lucky to have Gabriel on their team. Unfortunately, after sentencing, the next time Jodi’s case will be heard before a Court of Law will be during her Appeals. I don’t know if that gentleman can help during appeals… Does someone know?

    • Of course, Jodi will not be fortunate enough to have someone like Gabriel on her side hand picking jurors. Unfortunately, it probably will be another wave of circus acts for the blood thirsty masses to view.! Maybe next time she will find justice, if we all keep working hard she will be free again.!(((JODI)))

  23. Thanks for posting that Pandora. It is about time the courts paid attention to jurors who misbehave via social media while on duty. More to come I am sure.

  24. I just want to thank you guys for supporting victims of domestic violence – including & especially Jodi

  25. So how does someone like me who has been a supporter of Jodi’s from day one get involved with the fundraising efforts and plan of action if it’s on a page they don’t have access to (vent page)???

    I check in here every so often looking to see if there have been any updates regarding Jodi but I don’t post here, I have a few times but am too busy to spend my time posting. I spent some time on twitter (went form no tweets to a little over 1000 in a month or twos time, mostly arguing with people about Jodi), I naively thought that I would be able to point out the obvious to people and change some minds about Jodi’s innocence. It”s amazing to me how many people there are who despite the truth being right there in front of them refuse to see it. They’ll believe scenarios that make no sense as they are parroting HLN about what a “evil” person Jodi is.

    Anyway, back to my question.. how does one get involved in the plan to help Jodi when they aren’t a regular poster here?’ Am I on my own when it comes to trying to come up with ideas I can do to help her? I don’t see how that would be of any help to her, I can’t be the only one who is in this same position?

    You can see my twitter activity by looking up CM @Starr_lala …

    • Starr,

      It’s great that you want to help! Here are three possibilities:

      1 Raise $500 of your own money in the next five months and donate it to JAA Appellate Fund. If you do that, you’ve already done your part and it’s up to other people to do the rest.

      2 One version of a fund-raising flyer is nearly done on another site. I assume it will be posted here very soon. You could hand it out in groups you belong to, or find a rich neighborhood and attach it to mailboxes.

      3 A fund-raising letter is being written here, and I expect it will be posted when it’s done, maybe with lists of people to send it to.

      Be patient. Things are finally moving and you can certainly be a part of them!

      • Thank you for your reply Alan. While I can certainly do my best to do #1 (seeing how I’m a single mom I don’t know if that will be possible but I already plan to donate whatever I can once I’m able to determine that the donation fund is legitimate) I think it would be much more potentially helpful to have some sort of fund raising flyer or letter stating Jodi’s cause available to distribute to people who have the ability to donate the needed funds. I’m not very good at putting my thoughts on paper so I fear anything I write would not have the effect needed to get people on the bandwagon to help Jodi. So if a flyer or letter does become available I hope that I can download it or whatever so that I can do whatever I’m able to do by myself to get Jodi the help she needs.

      • Not be to contrary, but, it’s illegal to affix anything without postage to a mailbox, or in a mailbox. There was a big hub-bub in my area with rashes of people papering mailboxes with their business fliers. The post office got involved with the city, and some heads rolled, so beware out there.

        • John’s right – missives without postage can’t be on or in mailboxes. Usually I find them curled into door handles or wedged into gates.

  26. Today I got a sweet letter from Jodi. Jodi is very thankful to all who are supporting her with their love, cards and positive thoughts. Jodi never has asked for anything more. She apologizes to all who she has not been able to write to but I’m sure in time she will do her best (after this next phase of the trial). We need to continue to send Jodi our thoughts, prayers and cards of encouragement. It will help her get through the rough road which lies ahead of her. Jodi is a woman is in desperate need of support and those of us who do care for her will continue to fight the good fight until we see Jodi free again! Jodi deserves to be free she has more than paid for her part in the death of Travis Alexander. I think of Jodi as my extended daughter whom I will probably never be able to give a hug to in person but I will continue to pray for her everyday as I do for my own children. I consider Jodi Arias part of my forever family! This is for Jodi Please continue to support her. . .she needs us!

    • R.Love!!! I am so happy you heard back from her! ♥
      And you are right, Jodi IS and will always be a part of our extended family. ♥

  27. 6/4…

    Today marks the 6th anniversary (for lack of a better word) of that fateful day.

    I can’t stress this point too strongly: EVERYONE here wishes TA were still alive, happy and having moved on with his life and that somehow he and Jodi would have managed to either maintain a healthy relationship or that they would have just distantiate themselves from each other.
    Unfortunately, this never happened. Instead, a tragic event took place. We, as Jodi Arias’ supporters, are not denying that we thank God that Jodi survived Travis’ attack.
    Let us pray today for both the Arias and the Alexander family.

  28. Hi, Folks
    I’ve donated to Jodi’s Appeal a couple of times, but I’ve been wondering if there was a better way I could be of assistance. On the site, several members came up with valuable ideas. Mine was to write a number Appellate Attorneys who work out of Phoenix, and ask whether they might be interested in representing Jodi for the $15,000 that we’ve already raised. I knew some Lawyers would say it wasn’t enough for their services, but others might just agree to the offer.
    I have sent a dozen letters so far, and am awaiting their replies. This brings me to my question. If I find someone who’ll accept our offer, do I send the information to the Funding Address?

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