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Following yesterday’s sealed hearing, the “aggravation phase” of the trial was cancelled for unknown reasons. As of right now it’s been rescheduled for next Wednesday, 5/15 @ 10 am.

Server wise – and as you may have noticed over the past few days, we did have some overly intermittent downtime due to the massive amount of traffic hitting the site. We’ve since upgraded the server capacity and all is well again. Yesterday’s post (added just prior to the tech issues) has also been re-added here.

Moving on…

If you remember my thoughts on the haters & pedo-huggers from a few weeks back, I suggested there should really be a concerted effort to strictly prohibit any of them from reproducing. Based on their much publicized “performance” this week, that still stands. Even more so in fact. Not only will prohibiting their reproduction be doing society in general a huge favor, but it’ll also lighten the future welfare burden for the country to boot… rid the world of their potential garbage… and overall make the world a much safer and a much happier place.

Following on from that, it’ll not be long before HLN decide which side of the Zimmerman/Trayvon fence they’re on, then the haters will know who to hate. Let’s face facts, without the spiritual guidance from the radical clerics of the HLN mosque, they’d be clueless.

An finally…

Due to popular demand, I added a new VENT page yesterday where… yes you guessed it… you can go and vent if you feel the need… and with 700 comments posted over the past few hours, it looks like a lot of people need to right now. It’s a password protected page too. Remember though, it’s not a replacement for the regular pages in the site, so I don’t want anyone camping out there permanently :mrgreen:  If we need to make the entire site password protected at some point then we’ll do that.

So while we wait for the next installment in this judicial farce — and we continue on our quest of JUSTICE FOR JODI — a lot of people have been asking me about what happened to the infamous “TA in a body bag” picture I added last month. If you missed it, click here to see it again as it’s now been re-uploaded. Justice really is in the bag folks.

TA – “R.I.P”… Rest In PedoLand. And good riddance.

Let that picture be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.


Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi

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    • Wow Jeff, you will be having soooo many dinners with Kermit and Judge Pickles. Amazing! Congratulations, AGAIN!

      • I know. I don’t know how I am accomplishing this. I think I’ll give my free dinners to juror #8. Fu@*ing jerk! He all but said they made up their minds well before deliberations.
        And another thing; who gets a DUI while on the jury of a huge profile trial as this? Who does that?! I understand people make mistakes but, c’mon man!!! That was monumentally stupid! Are we expected to believe that while he was at this bar, or wherever the hell he was getting sloshed, that he just sat there and spoke to NO ONE? Bullshit! He came right out and told the cop he was a juror on the trial for Christ’s sake. I don’t know, I guess it just pisses me off that this f**king joker didn’t take his duty as juror that seriously; he couldn’t possibly have.

        • I thought that too Jeff, when I heard he wasn’t surprised at the verdict! BS
          They all had their minds already made up.
          That’s just wrong, isn’t it.

          I read where it took 15 minutes for a jury to convict someone. Can’t remember who.
          But does that mean they don’t have to deliberate at all?

          • It’s so wrong. They never treated her as INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. The state failed to prove her guilty. But that didn’t matter to them. Jodi is a smart pretty Mexican woman. TA a white MORMON in MORMON country. I had faith the jury would do the right thing. I was living in LA LA land.

            • So right Mary! I really believe race played a big factor in this jury’s verdict. I also believe that Jodi is especially hated by women because she’s pretty and smart. Starting with Nancy Grace !! I wonder if the outcome were reversed and Travis survived and Jodi had been killed…. would anybody really care?

              • Drew Peterson that lied about his wife or wives was found guilty and got 30 years!
                That’s the difference. Mary!
                What a damn shame!

              • I think Race, Religion and Republicans all took their place in the verdict, Mary. What I don’t understand is why take 3 days and keep Jodi and all of us waiting, giving us hope, when they had known how they were going to vote?

                • It seems that Juror #8 spilled the beans on the rest of them. I thought they were given instructions Not to discuss the case during the trial. but if he knew in advance what the verdict would be it makes one wonder what they all talked about. We can only pray they do not give her the death sentence. I believe she will be granted a new trial upon appeal.

            • jodi does not stand a chance in that court room.i do not think they it has been fair at all,and that they all want her to die,how can people not have a heart..i had to turn off HLN because they say so much that is not even true.they all follow each is ok to not be a part of all the others.i really hope she does not get death.hell if it were me i would be in the psyc ward also.who could go threw all that and be ok.i think none of them have the guts to stand up due to hln etc….

              • I agree anita,
                HOW can they all think that way? Ugly inside.
                They all have so much anger, especially Vinnie and Nancy.
                What is wrong with these people?
                I’m glad Joy Behar isn’t on there anymore.

                If I worked there and didn’t have the guts to stand up to these
                haters, I would be ashamed of myself and so would my family,
                I don’t want what they have, it’s ugly, mean and just damn COLD!
                They are so righteous??? Give me a break! They don’t have a soul,

        • Jeff

          Juror 8 was at a bar and did’t see anything on TV about this trial??? C’mon….No judge… we havn’t seen anything……BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I agree completely, Jeff. As shocked as I was about juror #8’s cheeky admission that they were using iPhones and other Internet compatible gadgets in the jury room, I was floored that he had the gall to refer to his participation on the jury as “an experience”. The way he said it reminded me of someone talking about skydiving or tasting exotic foods. This is a civil responsibility. This is a fellow citizen’s life and future. This is not an adventure vacation.

          It also really bugs me to consider the possibility that this jury considered the fallout of the Anthony jury in their own situation. If that is or were the case, they should have said no from the beginning of jury selection. I get a really strong sense that the jury did this for their own purposes and not out of civil duty. So shameful. ::shakes head with closed eyes::

          • I see it differently. Assuming Juror 8 is telling the truth and I think he is, I’m hoping this will be a major appellate issue and the verdict/trial will be overturned.

            Maybe Jodi might be able to plead to manslaughter with a low sentence. I think it’s great that the practice of smartphones in the jury room of a high-profile case has been exposed. It should never happen again in America, IMO.

            We’ll see

            • Well, they were porbably texting and phoning the detective during the trial too.
              That is not far fetched!!
              Skye Hughes got on the stand, not in front of the jury and actually said that she was wathing the trial on TV, so she could call juan about “the truth”
              The judge didn’t have her testify to that to the jury under oath!
              This is all crap!!

              • They weren’t supposed to discuss this case at all with each other, right?
                Not until deliberation.
                Hell if #8 was talking to the officer about it, you know he was talking to others and also others on the jury,
                He said they were like family and he wasn’t surprised at the verdict.

                The judge asked had they watched it ion TV, NOT if they had discussed it with each other,

                Someone with some fortitude should speak up.

            • Hi Gulliver,

              This was posted by Also Abused on the last page:

              Also Abused says:
              May 9, 2013 at 9:44 am

              If you really want to know why the verdict was the way it was, listen to this short video of what dismissed juror No. 8 had to say:


              I think this tells it all. The jurors passed the time in the jury room (and let’s face it, they were there a LOT during chamber conferences, various hearings, etc.) looking at their personal devices, their iPods, iPhones and tablets, he said. Plus, they chatted a lot with one another and became like “family”. And he wasn’t at all surprised, at all, by the verdict. It’s what he knew was coming. And why is that? Read between the lines.

              • I dont believe for one minute that this jury didnt see anything on this case.. I just do not believe it… curiousity killed the cat… i pods.. I phones etc… yea.. didnt see nothin.. bulls***

          • not meaning to correct you but he said once in a lifetime. which tells me he expected to have a great deal of media attention he just couldnt keep off the booz.

        • One more point for appeal. There are so many things about the way this trial was handle that an appeal is in no doubt coming. So don’t give up Jodi! Between the prosecutors, the jurors, the media this decision will get over turned.

          • I think we all knew that the jurors were looking things up. Let’s face it, it’s the luck of the draw. I would have never found her guilty of M1. But sadly, I was not on the jury. I don’t know though folks, where can she get a fair trial with all of the publicity from HLN. Those assholes have really done a number on our judicial system. And what for? Ratings. Very frustrating.

        • Jeff, you are so right! This jury had their minds made up back in January. With the way the Judge allowed JM to conduct himself was a travesty. His actions swayed this jury way to much. The truth was never going to be heard with this man in the court room. The ignorance of the jury when it comes to abuse definitely was shown by the verdict. The lies that the states witnesses (Horn & Flores) and by their hired gun shrink (DeMarte) was over whelming. If an appeal is not granted in this case it will be a real fallacy.

        • Jeff no, number 8, is our new best friend

          if what number 8 said pans out as true, we praise him because, I believe THAT’S SUFFICIENT GROUNDS FOR A MISTRIAL !!!

            • ..and if that doesn’t work, and the lawyers truly have left the defense, then it may be a whole new ball game. I see a plea in Jodi’s future. AZ wants this to all go away, I think.

              • no that’s just one ground for an appeal
                there’s a cartload of other grounds
                the defense was racking them up during the entire trial

                i’m not clear what you mean by “and the lawyers truly have left the defense”

                • “i’m not clear what you mean by “and the lawyers truly have left the defense”

                  There are dozens of posts here and everywhere else referring to that being the cause of the trial delay. I am referring to that.

              • The jurors certainly can speak with each other about anything they like, except about this case. They are also forbidden from viewing info about the case from the media, web etc., but they were allowed smart phones, iPads, iPhones etc. into the jury room. It’s a farce.

        • I was very upset when i heard his interview. His admittance that he had already made up his mind and, lets be real, we know the other jurors had made up their minds also before the trial had ended. this guy the drunk is waiting to profit from his time on the jury. I think there should be a law stating that jurors CAN NOT PROFIT from their time at court and deliberation. these jurors are just waiting for money for interviews, books etc. If we are to be honest, everyone knows that travis family is going to get paid very big bucks for interviews, book, and a movie deal. as i said before you can bet his abusive actions, 12 year old girl pedophile fantasy, anal rape fantasy, phone calls, lying and living a double life will NOT be in the movie. can anyone say lifetime?

        • Don’t know why I got deleted…? I told you about BG making that comment, and he was a troll. but I got deleted… I thought I was helping get the trolls off here….

          Anyways, I tried to avoid this about my life, but after all that’s happened, I feel the need to explain why I’m so angry at HLN, JM, Nancy Disgrace, etc……..

          This is NOT for pity. You may believe, learn from me, and share, or dismiss my story. I 150% relate to Jodi, and have cried over her. Feeling sad is a mild understatement!

          At the age of 2, I was molested by my uncle. It lasted until I was 15. I had no one to turn
          to! My mom pushed me off on my aunt (her sister), b/c I was a thorn in her side! My aunts
          husband is who molested me. I had no way out! When I wasn’t with him (uncle), I would
          go to my grandpa’s house (my dads-dad). At the age of 7, my cousin started touching me!
          You can’t find a picture of me past 12yrs old, and in ALL my other pictures, I’m frowning!
          My family says I’m just a brat – unbeknownst to them, I’m being molested! Okay, lets move
          on to age 9…. NOW it’s my older brother doing it! I now have my uncle, cousin, and brother!

          If I’m home, I’m having tampons shoved in me by my brother, held me down trying to have
          sex with me. I try to get away, go to my grandpa’s, and my cousin is putting his hands down
          my pants, and trying to have sex with me. When all else fails, here I go again to my aunts!
          No matter where I turned, it kept happening!

          I finally went to my Pastor (15yrs old). He called my mom in. My mom called me a liar, and I was kicked
          out at 15 (emancipated). Now that being said, I only told on my brother. I recorded him doing
          it, took it to my pastor, he played it for my mom, and her exact words…. YOU SET HIM UP SLUT!
          GET OUT!! Well, I absolutely knew better than to tell on my uncle, and cousin! O the wrath!

          I gladly left, and at age 16 I got married. O MY! It started out mental abuse so bad! Such as; I’m
          ugly, no one wants me, I’m retarded, so hated my family can’t stand
          me! I believed it! Then, it turned violent! Had my finger broke (looks just like Jodi’s), got hit in my
          ear (now only 70% hearing – right ear), choked, shoved, just bullied to the max!

          Once my uncle had a granddaughter, I spoke out. Mind you, I was 30 then. At that time, I was
          told to shut up. It was spread throughout my family – Missy is just a LIAR! My entire family
          turned on me – every single one! I took a polygraph to prove I wasn’t a liar, and passed………….
          He took one, and failed, but I’m still a liar, and you can’t trust a polygraph! They took his
          computer, there was no child porn, no porn at all on it! He worked at Knights Town Children’s
          Home, and I wonder daily, were there anymore victims!

          TRUE STORY: My aunt lived in a house on Blvd Ave for 11 months. I was 3. I walked my mom
          through that house at age 34. The color of the furniture, where it sat, the bathroom, bedrooms,
          basement, etc… I have no pictures of that house – NONE, but I was 100% right! My mom said,
          “There’s NO WAY you could remember that”! But I do!! And, she couldn’t explain how I knew such
          detail about that, but lost my memory on other things….. I don’t even know…..

          I understand you don’t know me. But I do relate to Jodi… I didn’t tell one friend, or family about my
          abusive husband! Not ONE! They think I’m a liar! I had a bruise on my arm, and my grandma saw it…
          (My mom’s mom)… She said, O, I’m sure someone will get the blame for her running into a door!!
          My husband did it, but I never said a word! I didn’t talk, smile, or laugh as a child, and I’m still so sad!! At age 40 now, I still question WHY? Did I do something to deserve this?

          If I was 12 again, watched HLN, Nancy Disgrace, Vinnie, or Mike Brooks especially, I would be saying….. No one will believe me, they all say this is “normal”, so I’ll shut-up!

          HOW could that sex tape be okay with ALL these people? HOW?! Am I missing anything? Is this just normal? Maybe I wouldn’t have been
          kicked to the curb at 15! HLN just keeps calling Jodi a liar, but I heard it myself!! What in the world?!

          I really do see what’s wrong w/our society! There’s things I remember, Things I do NOT! I can’t explain it either! Doesn’t mean I’m a liar, or Jodi!
          Missy R

          • Missy R, I don’t know even if I’m on the right page or whether you’ll look back at answers to your post.

            How absolutely dreadful. Yours is a total horror story and I feel so sorry you suffered, How families differ.. I had no idea people like that existed when I was a child and I consider myself very lucky.

            So many people who had been abused as children, they should have been in the court. I bet you wanted to scream at the jury and shout, ”Open Your Eyes!”

            I’m pleased you found this site. Missy, where you can say how you feel, and people here will understand. I honestly don’t know how you’ve coped.

            I hope since then you have found peace and happiness, (((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))

          • Missy, I am so pissed after reading your post that a family / family members could treat the younger members of their family like that. Your Mom and Grandmom should have believed you and the male members should have had the Hell beat out of them by some other males who had some damn sense and decency. I hope you are able to forgive these retards and be happy with the rest of your life. And I hope life gives you reasons to smile.
            You and women like you will always have my support
            With Compassion, Edward

            • Thanks guys! Yes, it was very hard! Passing a polygraph, something they asked me to do, I pass, then it’s not trustworthy! I have my Masters in Criminal Justice, because I wanted to put guys like TA, my uncle, brother, cousin, etc… away FOR GOOD! I’m telling everyone now, if TA was alive, I would have him under that jail!!
              I’m use to having no family, and standing up for the abused! Jodi was abused in the worse way! I was screaming, and crying while the Talking Heads were dogging Jodi, especially after hearing it again….Brings back a lot of hurt for me! I know what Jodi’s going thru! I can’t believe this jury knew of no one in their life abused! OR……maybe their just like my family! Crooked – Twisted – Freaks! My uncle got away with it, so nothing shocks me anymore! Law Enforcement is a relief for me, and I would show NO mercy on people like that! You abuse, you lose with me!!!

              • Missy, I’hear’ you! I also feel the emotion behind your words. Yes, the deepest cut is really when your own flesh and blood choose, and I mean MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION to believe someone else, even one fly member over another! Above all else, that is the most damaging, even permanently, to one’s psyche. I think its possible to speed up the healing time and even become whole when you KNOW you have your fly’s backing – that is IF one has it to start with. I hope you will be granted the grace to heal despite your spineless flesh and blood. Yes, I question God (frequently) ‘where exactly are you when these atrocities take place? How do we then muster up any faith in You, when you know what’s going on and yet allow it to not just happen, but to continue on and on for so long! And, then we are expected to forgive on top of that?This is the equally tough part for me. Take good care of yourself, Missy! NOTHING is ugly about you rather when they look in the mirror I hope that THEY are haunted by the extent of their own UGLINESS!

        • I cannot believe the jurors got to use their I phones and the like I ways said this jury was seeing the comments in the media I always said this jury should have been sequestered and they are tainted and Jodi will never get a fair trial. Can we start a petition. On her behalf I would like to see her get a new trial. It pisses me off that they could not see the truth she did not have a history of violence he did something to set this off. Arizona is full of conservatives so I knew thins verdict was coming it breaks my heart.

        • may I please also have the vent password SJ?

          I’m worried about Jodi. How is she holding up? I hope she doesn’t hurt herself. All the psych talk scares me for her. Anytime it comes on I flip the channel but with taking care of 3 little ones aged 2 and under, the remotes aren’t always where they should be lol. I wish I could give her a big hug. I know that won’t make anything go away but just to comfort, you know. She is going through so much. So so so much.

        • yes please i would like the password also. can anyone tell me how to get it? thank you. I am disgusted with hln and constantly getting attacked.

          • I also would like the password for VENT, I just didn’t think it would be that easy.
            what is the procedure?

    • Hey SJ.. Do you know what steps Miss Jennifer Willmott and Mr. Kim Nurmi are going to takle at this point? Can it be possible Nurmi can find evidence of jury tampering due to the media? Like Mr. Nurmi stated earlier in the trial that it is a fairy tale to believe the jury is not seeing and hearing media coverage of the trial after the proceedings are done for the day. To think that this jury would go home every night and not turn on their television is ludicrous and Sherry Stevens should be disbarred for not granting Nurmi’s motion to sequester the jury earlier in the trial… I think Nurmi should have filed this motion at the start of the trial instead of waiting 3 months in to it..

      Also, Jennifer Willmott is now receiving death threats… One word… “Typically” One threat came from out of state.. The threats case have been closed cause Jennifer didn’t pursue them.. It’s a shame shit like this comes out of the wood work.. I do wish Jennifer Willmott and Kim Nurmi the best of luck in regards to them trying to help Jodi out further..I do hope they don’t give up..

      • I was wondering that too, if the jury watched TV /news can this be over turned? Are they going to check their phones and computers to make sure they didn’t watch anything about the trial? What can they do from there if they did watch the news about it? It seems like something could be done.

        • Hi Dez,

          I read about another case in az where the jury admitted to posting during the trial on pro pros boards via the web and nothing happened!

          • Well , I still hold out hope that maybe something can be done. We all know they watched the BS on TV and now we are to think the jury won’t be talking, reading or watching anything until the 15th. I still think looking at their phones and computers could do something, but I don’t know the law. Hope will stay alive here in Phoenix !

          • That is beyond ridiculous. Say you followed the admonition enough times and you automatically believe that you did. Who would be responsible for bringing charges???

        • If lower courts do not overturn verdict, supreme court definitely should, if jurors admit or if evidence found that jurors were pro pros from day 1 and did not ever consider evidence.

          Personally, I think jury proceedings should be videotaped, so they can preserve an accurate record of what jurors said in deliberations.

      • I said that too. They want me to believe these jurors DID NOT watch hln, nancy disgrace and all the other shows that actually tried jodi as if they were a court of law. they want me to believe the didnt cruse the internet, or their phone, or watch any news. Disgustingly ABSURD. they should have been sequestered from the lynch mob media.

    • Here is a great exerpt from Occupy Hln which sure makes sense to me. What does everyone think.
      Kevin Horn found that the gunshot came first prior to the trial when conducting his examination. He informed Detective Flores of this. This part of the case was not in doubt; it was Dr. Kevin Horn’s professional judgement. But mysteriously, this all changed at trial. Why? There’s a plausible explanation for this.

      Once Jodi claimed she was acting in self-defense, I’m convinced that Juan Martinez brought Horn and Flores into the “smoke-room” somewhere in his office, and said something to the effect of, “listen, Horn. The shot came last, after she stabbed him. I don’t care how you do it, but make it happen. Got it?” This was an illegal, dirty, but brilliant ploy by Martinez. As he was told to do, Dr. Horn miraculously claimed he erred and that now, the gunshot came last.


  1. Something was bugging me about that post from Danite’s Revenge, the phrase “God will not be mocked.” A search turned up an interesting page from a 1974 LDS conference led by the then-President of the church:

    “May we repeat: Sex perversions of men and women can never replenish the earth and are definitely sin without excuse, and rationalizations are very weak; God will not tolerate it.”

    “Remember, God is in his heavens. He knew what he was doing when he organized the earth. He knows what he is doing now. Those of us who break his commandments will regret and suffer in remorse and pain. God will not be mocked. Man has his free agency, it is sure, but remember, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. (See D&C 63:58.)”

    To me, that sounds rather frightening in light of what Travis was doing.

    • Even more frightening, this article details what happened to famous people who “mocked” God:

      Although that site isn’t LDS, the entire concept of that phrase seems to be of high importance in the LDS church. The vast majority of links I found with that phrase discuss it as an ominous phrase repeated frequently by LDS bishops. Apparently, having a temple recommend and violating it, is a serious transgression. That is truly “mocking God” and God will take it up with a person committing such violations. Not being straight, married and having children early is cause enough for mocking God. Watching pornography is even worse. Sexual perversions, however, appear to be the worst transgression of all.

      The LDS D&C student manual states: “God will not be mocked. He will not permit the sins of sexual immorality, secret murderous combinations, the killing of the unborn, and disregard for all his holy commandments and the messages of his servants to go unheeded without grievous punishment for such wickedness. The nations of the world cannot endure in sin. The way of escape is clear. The immutable laws of God remain steadfastly in the heavens above. When men and nations refuse to abide by them, the penalty must follow. They will be wasted away. Sin demands punishment.”

      I mean no offense to Mormons, but wow. Now, I think I understand the severity of that phrase in regards to Travis.

          • moishe,

            that’s a keen observation, but now if only by DIVINE INTERVENTION, TA’s family would get a soul and while we’re at it be great if Travis’ meth addicted sister would miraculously get her teeth fixed.

            That would be awesome. =)

          • Well moishe,
            Aren’t you the smart (ass) one?

            Have you ever known some people do walk and also need wheelchairs.

            Did you in all of your wisdom realize how many stories that they had to go?

            Maybe by DIVINE INTERVENTION, you will get all of your brain cells.

            • Thank you Aly!

              I was defending Jodi’s family on a support Travis site on FB and I was so angry about the things they were saying about how her entire family lies because her grandmother can walk and doesn’t need a wheelchair. My grandfather can walk but he also needs a walker at times as well. I was telling them that hoping that they would support what I was saying but no they all flipped out at me! I left that page right away because I was not about to deal with those single minded people. I am just trying to stick up for her family. I hope none of them end up in a wheel chair.

              • my mother-in-law also used a wheelchair from her 70’s on even when she could walk but that was only sort distances, It is none of our business what her condition is and I believe in karma. Nobody has the right to go after Jodi’s family. I am amazed that they have kept silent during this trial and post verdict. Unlike TA’s family and friends. Glad you stuck up for them, but sad that they treated you like that.

                • these people are so mentally perverted they enjoy attacking an old lady that needed help with walking. her grandmother should have never been subjected to that.

                • Taylor,

                  I was actually thinking somebody on that page would agree with me and defend her family as well. They may not like Jodi and they can like or dislike whatever they want to and I will respect that but I had to put my foot down when it came to her family. I was very shocked by their response but I decided those people were not worth my time or energy. I said what I had to say and I am glad I did. I got my opinion out there and was shot down because of it but at least they read it. In my opinion you never should attack somebody’s family just because you don’t like the person. The family is going through a hard time as well and they do not need to be treated like crap.

      • Wow AA. and they still think of him as St. Travis. after now knowing about all of his sins. I can almost understand his family feeling this way but the members of the church not so much.

        • What realy amaze me is that TA family is very reliigios and they talk about the love of God, but they show no mercy. The whole family wants the death penalty. They all want to see her dye. So sad 🙁

        • Travis wasn’t a nice guy. Not surprising given his upbringing but it’s a shame that HLN never talked about his idiosyncrasies. Some of the things he said about 12 year old girls is frightening. If we look at him for how he lived, he wasn’t one to look up to.

          • I have a question and I am not trying to be a smart ass, but I thought pedophilia was interested in pre-pubescent children. Most 12-year-old girls have gone through puberty, so the looking at little boys in undies would be pedophilia, but would the 12-year-old girl qualify? I know I started my period at 10 and was fully developed by 12. Girls that age can have babies, and years ago it was uncommon to marry at that age. So I guess the 12-year-old comment makes me uncomfortable, but doesn’t make me think pedophilia. Rape, yes.

            The other thing is that I think fantasies are one thing and actions are another. Just as someone I may fantasize about punching the annoying mom at pick-up time at school, it isn’t a crime unless I do it.

            I think what people look up to about Travis is supposedly coming from nothing (which seems true as a young child) and making something of himself financially. Our culture in the U.S. values money over morals — look at people like Tiger Woods. He also clearly traveled a lot, had a lot of fun, and lots of friends. His personal life seems to be where the dark stuff took over. And some of the finance stuff sounds like it was false. And isn’t PPL a pyramid scheme?

      • DAMN!!
        That is so far out!!
        How in the hell can any kind of sex be a mockery to God.

        OK, now let me see, they think it’s only for reproduction? Why did God make it supposed to be enjoyable, fun and whatever 2 consenting adults do. I doubt seriously God really cares one thing about that.

        I know this sounds crazy, but if we believe about Adam eve Cain and Able, then where did their wives and kids come from?
        I’m just bewildered over what people get so caught up in, they can’t think for themselves and follow so many religions that are so hung up on sex.

        You know most cults have weird ideas about what sex is.

        It’s simple really! That’s why the religions mess up so many minds.
        It doesn’t have to be that way.
        Some take it more seriously and IF whatever they believe, they take it litterly.
        Like the 2 Mormons that were speaking on you tube, where the guys family wasn’t believing 100%
        in the Mormon rules, but the girl was.

        I think it depends on the family, but some take it to such extreme, they ruin lives instead of helping them.
        Thay’s my rant! : )
        But, seriously religion can split up families. That’s not a good thing.

        Jodi can’t even be a Mormon now, can she?
        That’s just not right?

        • You know, Aly, it happens in other religions too. Back in the early 80s, when I was still living in Ireland, Pope John Paul II (who everyone adored) made a comment about sex. It was something along the lines of any man who looks at his wife lustfully and has sex with her for pleasure is committing a sin. He went on to say that a man was committing adultery in his heart if he has sex with his wife to satisfy his sexual instincts. He used the example of a married couple having sex on days when a woman was not ovulating which meant the man was doing nothing other than satisfying those base instincts and committing the sin of lust while violating the law of marriage. A man should look at his wife with the thoughts of procreation only.

          I was only about 14 or 15 at the time, but I remember it because it was so bizarre. Here was a elderly man who had never had sex and never would have sex telling married couples that they couldn’t practice the ONLY method of contraception available to practicing Catholics, the rhythm method, without committing a sin, and they couldn’t enjoy sex, even though they were married, unless they were trying to make a baby. So then, what about infertile couples or couples where the wife was post-menopausal? But of course, a pope is infallible.

          No offense to the religious folks here, but religion is often very strange to me. Sex is as natural as hunger, eating, sleeping, breathing, blinking, etc.

          • It’s not perfect by any stretch, AA, but in America today, besides the use of “synthetic” birth control being the norm, albeit unendorsed by the Church, among practicing married Catholics (at least in our parish), the Church’s official teaching is the opposite, that sex is to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage and that the rhythm method is not only an acceptable birth control, but the church and the archdiocese give seminars on it. I say all of this, not as a Catholic apologist, as I’m neither qualified nor inclined to do so, but to point out that Catholic practice in Ireland is a lot different than in the US and that we’ve come a long way in a fairly short time.

            Abuses within the protection of religious practice know no stripe. I am of the mind that religion played no small part in this case. Like ALV, it seems obvious that that was ONE of the tools TA used to abuse Jodi, but it was by no means the only one.

            • AA
              That’s what I mean, it’s all religions.
              But you don’t know how some individuals take it too far
              that go to the same church, but aren’t as radical.

              Like I was at church, ONE I used to go to, but it’s my choice not to go
              Even though I believe stronger by not having to put a label on my faith.

              Anyway, the pastor who had a TV spoke against it and one of the members
              went home and threw his TV away.
              I have many stories like that from people who went to the same church.

              I don’t mean anything against anyone and what they believe, I’m just saying if they take it to extreme and believe it’s in God’s name, then IMO it is just wrong

              That’s what I’m talking about, not any ONE religion..
              One of those members decided to preach. Where he was assistant pastor.
              They decided that they needed to beat the devil out of this one guy. Talk about abuse.
              And in God’s name?

              I just think it’s crazy talking about sex and mockery to God and who decided that was right
              The mockery would be to do something wrong in God’s name.
              I guess if they feel like saying that it makes it right??
              Some of these you just step back and say wait a minute, then there are others that don’t step back and at least question the things that you know can’t possibly be right. : )

              But the religion part in this trial is only brought up because it was about
              sex and religion mostly,

            • Um joujoubaby, I was talking about something the Pope said in the 80s. He wasn’t just the Pope of Ireland, you know.

              • Right. I’m just saying that the Church is not totally homogenous. Specifically, Americans, and maybe especially Americans in communities where Catholics are in the minority (most), react differently than other Catholics to Papal pronouncements.

  2. Good to see you Jeff, AA and SJ! : )
    I guess the prize is being able to get on, right Jeff?
    I’ve really missed you.

    I just read this and thought it was very interesting.
    I think most of the people were thinking that it might have to do with Jodi,

    But I just read this,

    (Court proceedings are now scheduled to resume on Wednesday at 10 a.m. (1 p.m. ET). That’s because the prosecution’s witness, medical examiner Dr. Kevin Horn, is not available Monday or Tuesday, the source with knowledge of the proceedings said.)

    It’s because I believe this is the lying doctor will not be able to be there until Wednesday, the 15th.
    So he has to decide how Travis was killed.
    I guess he doesn’t know which story to tell. “lie”

    Anyway thought this was interesting and wanted to share it.
    They lied and one lie leads to as many as they need to convict Jodi.
    And they call her a liar?????

    • Hi Aly! Yes, they call her a liar. But you know who else lied? The jury did. Do you think ANY of them were honest when the said they had not tuned into any media about the trial? How about when they were driving themselves to court in the morning? Most cars have a radio, do they not? All they had to do was turn it on because this topic has been on every single radio station here at one point or another- AM and FM stations. They couldn’t possibly have avoided it.

      • Jeff, do you have a smartphone, ipod, or tablet? If you pull up a news page, any news page, on it, have you seen headlines about Jodi? I ask because we KNOW the jurors were using these devices in the jury room. That doesn’t mean they clicked the links, but the headlines were bad enough throughout this case.

        • No, I don’t have one of those, but my niece does. And I’ll tell you what she told me yesterday. She said, “those jurors are so full of shit.” And I loved when Judge Pickles would ask them if they’d spoken to anyone or seen anything about the trial. Really? What do you expect the answer will be? “Who, ME? Not me, no way! I would never do such a thing”. That’s one reason why I say the jurors are liars.

          • Oh, that is so funny.
            Your neice is very smarter than the judge! .

            I thought I would die when every time pickles said that, I knew what she was going to say.
            I see no hands! : ) oh really??

            If they find out that the jurors did watch most of it, could it be overturned?

            The jurors didn’t have to go to another county, they weren’t serquesterd, they just walked out with the rest of the group I doubt that they really even paid much attention to the testimonies.
            The media lied
            And they all want to call Jodi a liar?.
            She didn’t lie in her testimony and she did admit she lied before because she didn’t want to go into their secret lives.

            The prosecutor and family wanted death, so they got to hear stuff that they wouldn’t have had to, and they have to live with that.
            Travis was a liar too.

            • I was speaking to a friend of mine last night. Her husband served on a jury for a murder trial about 10 years ago in Missouri. It wasn’t a high profile case at all, but he was sequestered for the entire trial. They were put up in a hotel and the bailiffs instructed the hotel ahead of time to black out certain TV programmes such as Law & Order, Murder She Wrote reruns, etc. What a difference a state makes!

              If it can be proven that the jury did watch media coverage (although I’m not sure how that could ever be proven) while serving on the jury, I think (but would have to research) that would be sufficient grounds on appeal to overturn the conviction and remand the case back for re-trial.

              • I was sequestered on a capital murder case in Tennessee in 1981. We were in a hotel, and our rooms had the phones and TV removed. No newspaper, nothing. No contact with any other person, not even with our own families. We ate in the Jail where the inmates serve the guards and jail staff. Armed guards around us 24/7. The family of the perp had threatened to kill us on the local news.


                • @”Gulliver says:

                  “Do you suppose Juror 8 might be inclined to speak candidly about what he saw…with the right incentive?”

                  They could subpoena him to force him to testify, but my guess is he would lawyer up & take the fifth, since he, too, would be guilty of contempt of court and of causing a DEFINITE mistrial. Most likely they would give him immunity to testify against the other perps (jurors). In my non-lawyer opinion.

            • Yes! “I see no hands,” my ass! Did the judge really think that jurors were going to raise their hands in open court and say “Oh yes, I watched HLN last night! I need to be excused!”

      • You are quite right Jeff. It seems totally impossible for anyone on the jury have avoided any media commentary of this case. And that commentary has hardly been impartial. What is also disconcerting – given the comments of juror#8 – is that it looks like their minds were already made up. I notice now that many are now questioning the defence’s tactics, but given what juror # 8 said, it looks like Jodi/ the defence had very little chance if any, of ever getting a fair, objective hearing.

      • No way this trial was fair!! the deck was stacked! The jury did not consider the true evidence,they fell in love with Juan!

          • I don’t know how anyone could fall in love with him. The Juan groupies must be wearing beer goggles if they think that he has any sex appeal.


          You gotta be kidding me. That guy is a joke. How anybody could listen or stand near him w/o the smell making you heave! I don’t know. I laughed at him most of the time. “objection judge, non responsive Judge: sustained… Juan asks the same question 4-5 times. Nurmi: Objection, asked and answered, Judge: Overuled….

          Think Judge picklehead had a thing for martinez. You’d have to be one hard up woman to want the little weasel turding in your bed… sorry for being a bit rude. That guy pushes my buttons.

  3. oh WOW!!! So many truths in just one post,SJ!!!

    Good morning,friends!!I hope you all got a good night’s sleep.I want us to somehow be able to hear from Jodi,see if she’s doing ok in that psych ward.Cant stop thinking about her 🙁
    Gotta go to my cousin’s engagement party,talk to you in the late afternoon.MUUUAHH!!

    • maria,
      I know I felt very sad today, but for some reason I honestly belive there is going to be a change.
      Too many people have noticed and I don’t think they will get by with their corruption this time,
      Funny, you said good morning and I’m just going to bed,
      so good night all.

      I think we will find out better news, I don’t know why but I just feel that way so I’ll send my vibes to you.
      I hope they work and you have a great time at the party. Night!

    • Maria, just a heads up, but on yesterdays postings it looks like either someone copied your picture and posted under another name? Or for some reason you changed your name?? I think I might change my pic to something else since our pics can be copied!

        • Hey Maria, it was your pic under a different name..they didn’t say anything neg, but I took my personal pic off because they can be copied!!

  4. I came across an article about women who are on Arizona death row where a woman named Wendi Andriano was mentioned.

    The prosecutor was Juan Martinez and she was found her guilty of having killed her terminally ill husband after gotten a life insurance policy for her husband. I hope they were right in doing what they did to her but I have doubts.
    What if she got the life insurance in hope to get money after the natural death of her husband and later lost her nerves while having to take care of him. She also claimed that her husband was abusive. Sounds familiar for me.,%20WENDI%20E.

    • I watched a program on the ID network about that lady…and guess who was interviewed….you guessed it the little man himself. That case was pretty cut and dry she locked the paramedics out of the house when the neighbor called them to help her husband. The paramedics were in once I think and then they went to get something and she locked them out. It was a sad sad case. But I do not know what her story was just the one sided story that aired on the episode of Deadly Women. Which I heard was doing a segment on Jodi for there next season.

    • there are huge differences between jodi’s case and the one you are talking about.

      First off, Jodi defended herself against a man stronger than her who WAS NOT in a wheelchair like Andriano’s husband was.

      Jodi had nothing to gain from Travis’ death, NOTHING. She did not have any life insurance on him and the cancun trip is a made up bullshit reason from the lying prosecution and the friends that Travis lied to.

      The only similarity would be that both ended up with men in a body bag. I cannot attest to the abuse in andriano’s case, because while I believe Jodi was abused by Travis I do not know anything more about the case you are talking about.

      • I agree with what you say CEE BEE I was just posting what I saw because the case was listed above so I replied to it I didn’t follow the case or even think the lady should be free. I know there are huge differences I didn’t reply as a defender of the andriano case.
        I think she was a sad sad case because a HELPLESS man died not because she is locked up.

        • Sorry Jennifer..I should have made it more clear I was replying to the original poster ToniW…it is hard to tell sometimes by the way the replies show up.

          I need to remember to do that with all my posts.


    • That woman was guilty as sin. She tried to poison him, and then beat and stabbed him to death when that failed.

      They found the poison in the storage unit, and records showed she had ordered it and witnesses said she had picked it up from another location.

      It was a slam dunk case, unlike this one.

      • And you know what’s twisted? If you watch the video about Wendi Adriano’s case on Youtube, a bunch of Travisites have posted comments about how it sucks that Joe Adriano is dead, but he didn’t suffer as much as Travis did. Seriously????

    • Thanks for your responses!

      I just watched a documentary about the case and I see the differences between that and Jodi’s case.

      Of course poison in the saucepan does look suspicious.

  5. Good morning. all. Congratulations Jeff. Lucky boy. Dinner with JM..
    Jeff I wanted to thank you for being at the courthouse the otherday. It had to be difficult.

    AA thanks for what you said to Jean about Tonya’s post. I was so angry ..I hadn’t been able to vent about the verdict yet and sooo :’I guss I was out for blood..

  6. also abused how is the work situation going the other day found a like that could help you with the work situation but cant remember what day that was

    • Hi Tonya, I did see your link, thank you. I’m still off work. They gave me 2 weeks paid leave (starting Tuesday, I believe) while they conduct a discreet investigation. But I have to go there for a meeting, which I dread. I’m still struggling a lot with anxiety and being very upset about it all. My heart is still racing on and off. I wish you did readings for people. I could use one!

      • also abused will do a reading but will have to go to facebook tonya fererro texas send me a message to accept you and tell me who you are and we can go from their I have not done reading in a long time so I dont know who well i will do but will try for you. enjoy your time off from work and try to relax and not think about it to much spend you time using you mind on jodi i was so upset over the verdict of jodi my sister said go back to crocketting moma tola slippers or blanks

  7. I think with this jury or really any jury taken from the masses I have seen on tv, Jodi was doomed. When the prosecutor’s only line of questioning is to bully someone until he gets the answer he wants, who mocks serious testimony with stupid references to fairy tale creatures, dogs and gophers, when the lead detective and medical examiner both lie under oath repeatedly, I can’t imagine what the defence could have presented that JM and the jury would have taken seriously. I was wrong about KN and Jodi’s relationship. I thought they had a bond, but I must have been watching them on the 10th day.

      • It is in Jodi’s post verdict interview she mentions that they had disagreements about certain evidence and I think the difficulty grew over time.

        • Don’t read too much into that Canada Carol. They are human, and they have been working on this for how many years? They are bound to lock horns every so often.

    • To be honest I’m new to following this trial. I’ve seen some articles, seen some of the videos of the court room, and watched some CNN and HLN. What I will say is that I’ve seen BS.. When watching HLN (the media) they have gone in the direction of Travis because this will produce more viewer which would equal higher ratings which would equal more money which is why a broadcasting company is in business in the first place.. The media is very powerful and I believe ALL of these jurors at one point or another have seen news papers, seen TV, seen something on their computor.

      I do not believe for 1 second that any of these people have not seen or heard or spoke about any of this since January. We are being taken for fools by these people if they think we believe that. Jodi has not received a fair trial. If the news would broad cast what Jodi went through and what Travis is really about I don’t think you would have seen such a one sided turnout like we did.

      All you hear is Travis is full of life, Travis is this, Travis is that, blah blah blah. What about his faults?????? What about the mental abuse to Jodi. What about how much does a person take before they snap? Why doesn’t the media go into any of this???????? Because it may confuse people? No I don’ think so. I think they broadcast until ratings dip then try to pull viewers back by making newer statements like ..wait a minute it seems as if the abuse, the things Travis would say/do can put people over the edge… you would then see a line of speacialist talking in favor of Jodi…….where now the veiwer is going to sway to Jodi’s side. The media for the most part looks at the public as their toy..they can make us do whatever they want, make us feel the way they want to…the public is a puppet…to most of us not ALL of us.

      Did Jodi do this…YES…Did the REAL Jodi do this NO WAY. To me when I listen to her speak watch how she says things, this is not a person who would do something like this. To me there is alot of stuff from the middle that is missing to have her get to that point where she went blank.

      I’m sorry for going on and on but I do believe JODI didn’t have a fair trial. From day 1

      And how soon will Juan be writting a book, appear on TV, leave his job…..To me he is the new Marcia Clark..remember soon after the OJ case she wrote a book, a 4.2 million dollar book. I don’t think Juan is very good. The Jury wasn’t honest and Juan didn’t have to work hard to the ruling he wanted…like fishing in a barrell. He’s a joke.

      One day we will ALL meet our maker and when our makers speaks of this topic in our life will they be able to look their maker in the eye????????

      Every dog has its day……….Be safe be strong…BE JODI STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t feel Jodi said anything offensive in her interview. The Mormon blue ribbon wearing bullies are trying to make us think Travis was so wonderful and should be remembered as such. Apparently they missed a lot during the trial. You have the right to remember someone anyway you wish to. Their behavior has shown us all that they are scam artists just like Travis. FYI, after making a comment on a FB page one of those crazies posted hate message on my I will never believe the jury did not discuss this case or watch the news. Where did they tell their families, coworkers, and others they were at the past several months. So the subject never came up? I do think the detective and the medical examiner should be held in contempt for changing their stories to help JM with his case. As far as the Hughes, the Alexander family, and other Travis supporters: you are all a disgrace to any religion. They never acknowledged that Travis did anything wrong. That’s the hypocrisy of it all. Everyone knows prosecutors and networks will lie, cheat, bribe anyone they can if they think they can make a case for publicity. They have their blue ribbon websites demonizing Jodi so it should only be fair that the public or anyone can tweet whatever they want about Travis. Last I checked, no law against someone tweeting for you. Those jurors family members or friends had to tell them about all the media and yes they were afraid. Probably afraid Nancy Disgrace and Jane Sleeze Mitchell would start stalking them. Just sayin,

      • She didnt say anything bad. The media wants to paint a picture of a villain plotting to manipulate everyone. They are so sick! In the end the sick people are not jodi it’s the ones picking at her behavior and using her to gain notoriety and fame.

  8. .I’m praying the psych unit is Divine intervention 4 Jodi….The all mighty will send his angels 2 protect her…she has been so abused by hypocrites& this is how we r saved from harm in extreme cases..[.e. the salem witch hunts now present in media news & AZ

  9. Morning ALL
    I wanted to thank all the well wishes that I continue to get. I go bright and early Monday to see a specialist so I will know more then.
    I am still in SHOCK over the verdict and find myself sometimes just sitting there crying.
    I have cancer and I know that soon I may die and it is a scarey Freaken thought…I can only imagine what is going through Jodis mind. I have my family both you my cyber family and my family here with me to keep my mind off of stuff. But Jodi is stuck in a psych cell alone 24/7 and from what I read people on suicide watch get nothing in their cells. So she can’t even draw to keep her mind off of what is happening.
    I think that her first appeal MUST be the inadequate counsel. There are SO MANY witnesses they should of put on and never did. And to put Jodi on the stand is bad enough, we all know that Jodi was probably very clear that she wanted to go on the stand but it was her defenses place to tell her NO and why they did not advise her to go on. Then if she still wanted to fine but not for 18 DAYS!!! WTF!!!

    • Morning Jen. I respectively disagree with you. I think the defense did a great job. As for Jodi being on the stand..he had to. They could not bring in Dr. S or DLV. as it related to Jodi. Besides the longer she was on the stand the more human she became to the jury. OK KN needed to talk to her about how she went
      on and on..I think he did but Jodi fought him all the way. I understand her wanting to tell her story but…

      • Morning Cindy,
        That is what I love about this site is how we can disagree but still have the same wanted outcome and that is Jodi home with her family.
        I don’t think that the 18 days made her HUMAN to the jury if it did the verdict would of been much much different. They would of seen her fears and the ramblings on of a woman who was controlled by her boyfriend, (out of the mouth of TAs roommate,” Jody was anybody TRAVIS wanted her to BE.” Something that an abuser is guilty of doing.
        I think KN could of done a lot more. As a lay person I see that two people who should of been on the jury…a ballistics expert and an xray of her finger that the monster broke should of been done and an orthopedist to testify as to what the xray showed.

        • The problem with Jodi talking so much on the stand was because she gave too much detail. I understand that about her. I do the same thing. I can tell someone something and it can take forever to get to the point. I have to tell the whole story. So with so much detail given the jury could have been lead to believe she was being untruthful when in reality it is just her personality.
          That’s way JM was trying to get yes or no answer’s from her. He knew she couldn’t do that and it looked she was being flipped and that is how he made the jury think she was lying on the stand.

          Yes they could have had more experts but they didn’t have to prove anything…the state did. But how the hell the jury thought he did that is beyond me.
          But I still believe she has a good chance in her appeal case.
          I keep praying she just hangs in there.

          • ME too!! I looked at her eyes during the interview after the verdict and it looked like she was giving up. I wish that we could let her know that all of us are here for her because it didn’t seem like she knew by her answer in the interview.

    • Thank you elna. I do believe in the strength of prayer. A week or so ago I was feeling bad I have NHL type cancer and I had just got a phone call that it had spread to my female organs. And the wonderful people on this site began to pray for me and the next day…I felt so ggod, I did housework like I did before I was sick, sat out and talked to neighbors, and played games with my daughter.
      The people on this site are bashed in the media but all of the people on here are WONDERFUL KINDHEARTED LOVING People. Some of the most intelligent people I ever met I have met on this site…AL to name just one of the many. I have learned so much about the legal system from him and others on here.I thank GOD for bringing all of you INTO my life.

      • Praying of you. Lost my mom to cancer (different kind) 3 years ago. I hate this disease! Praying for strength and healing from head to toe!

        • Thank you Crystal. I too lost my Mom to cancer of the larynx from smoking for years. She was 48 years old. She died in 2007 and I don’t think I will ever be the person I was before she died. I hate CANCER to.

      • Jennifer, sending prayers your way. You can beat this!! I hope you are doing holistic things as well~Serious doses of Vit C, healthy diet along with traditional cancer treatments. Not all Physicians are into holistic treatments..My Mother-in-Law has Cronic Mylogenious Lukemia…she’s too old to do traditional chemo , so she takes a form of “chemo” by pill. Not once did her Dr. tell her to take x-tra does of Vitamin C, or any dietary changes. Studies show that high doses of Vit C fights cancer cells~Stay Strong, there is a lot of love being sent your way! <3

    • good morning Al we are awake waiting for brother to wake up so I can make some coffee I”m pissed at the media going on and on and on about Jodi and her being on suicide watch I was having problems with my 3rd husband and when to a doctor to tell them to give me something I was coming home from work and wanted to hit a car head on and end it next thing I know I’ve got a cop haling me to a hospital and stayed for 3 weeks so it was different for Jodi she just said its OK to give me the death penalty JM said she is not suicidal so what is the big deal either the talking jack asses believe him or they dont. and I like that she got it out that evidence was hidden

    • I’m still waiting for a post of wisdom from you, Al, that will make me feel that will all be okay in the end. 😀

      • Al, did you ever post an analysis of Jodi’s defense? I am looking forward to reading it and wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss it :).

      • AA,

        The best I can say right now, is that Jodi has an incredible argument for ineffective assistance of counsel. I also think that there is some fairly substantial evidence of perjury on the part of either the ME or Flores, and coming so close on the heels of Milke, AZ appeals courts, that were excoriated by the 9th Circuit may take that seriously.

        Also, lets hope there was some jury misconduct uncovered.

        But I’m pretty much grasping here.

        • I know the feeling, Al. But I do think the appellate court will not particularly care for some of the prosecutorial and juror misconduct. At least, I hope so!

  10. Has anyone found the full 45 min interview with that news station she did why the hell do they chop it up and let us just see bits and pieces of it hummmmmmm remarkable the talking heads are all over that one some one had a link and I tried to watch it but it just kept reloading the page on one 7 ??? skits I was really upset to here that Jodi is still into the Mormon faith cant get it in jail but she read her bible someone need to show her it was that religion that got here to were she is now thru Travis steering here away from a loving family she already had

  11. Two days later, and yes, I’m still pissed.

    The sentence as delivered on Wednesday, obviously stands, barring some jury misconduct that may have been uncovered during yesterdays interviews with the jury. I don’t think Pickles has the fortitude to overturn it. It only ends up in a direct appeal if a DP is imposed, may be, since I gather AZ does not have an automatic appeal, however there is a review of sentence proportionality. But assuming someone does appeal, then we have to have the appeals court find harmful error. So lets see where that ends up.

    There are just so many prizes for stupidity to hand around I don’t know who to start with. But in this instance I’m going to start with Jodi. WTF young lady – you can’t seem to stop talking. She talked to Flores without an attorney, two TV shows, and now she’s rattling off again. And in the passing, she claims she thought she could be found guilty of felony murder, based on how the law is written?!? Watch that being thrown in her face, if there is ever any retrial.

    And then this jury – I don’t know what planet the’ve been on, or which trial they’ve been watching. Their verdict is incomprehensible.

    And then the defense team – about whom I still promise to put down my thoughts, though I need to calm down a bit for that. And yes 2 days later I still have to calm down.

    Lastly my beloved country. What the heck is wrong with you. It doesn’t matter whether a person is guilty or not. A guilty verdict is not something to be cheered and whooped about. Think about this – you are cheering because a person was found guilty of committing murder. This is something to cheer about? It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the verdict or not – this verdict says that one of your fellow citizens killed another – that is not something to be cheered. That is a somber moment, no matter which side you claim is right.

    • I wish one of those jurors would grow a spine and tell the truth that they did not abide by the admonitions. Juror 8 made that pretty clear almost sounded bitter that he didn’t get to vote. Who really believes that they did not have access to anything that would break that admonition for 4 months-NOBODY. Arizona needs to change that policy—it doesn’t fit the times and no one in a high profile case is going to get an impartial verdict until they change that.

        • I think that the judge should have asked
          HAVE any of you been talking on your iphones or anything about this case.
          She just said have you watched tv or read the news?

          It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them were texting the Travis family.

    • well said Al…

      I’m still in disbelief over the jury…I can’t believe they were all that stupid…they had to have been warned about the bloodthirsty haters just like that Danites poster…everyone too selfish to stand up for the truth.

    • Al, help me with this one please. Why would she say that she thought she could be found guilty of felony murder based on the way the law is written? Isn’t it the state’s claim that the predicate felony is burglary? They are saying she stole TA’s gun, a gun they say never existed, during the commission of or to commit the crime. Does not compute. Yet 7 jurors bought this hunk of shit that Juan sold them. How in the world can they say she stole a gun that they claim never existed?

    • As always, some very good points Al. The more I think about it though I tend to disagree with your point about the defence. I am not saying their tactics were right or wrong but given the speed which the verdict was delivered and the verdict itself, suggests to me any defence strategy or team was bound to fail. Can we believe now that this jury was ever willing to look at things objectively? And as far as the celebrations are concerned, that is indeed a sad and terrible indictment on American society.

    • Al, are you saying she couldn’t do a direct appeal without a death penalty sentence? Why not? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I would imagine it wouldn’t be an appeal to the supreme court of AZ automatically without the death penalty. But surely she could appeal to whatever is the district court of appeals?

      I have had my share of concerns about the defense team at certain points. There was so much they just didn’t get out. I always felt they got “this” close and stopped. Whenever I voiced my concerns here, people disagreed vehemently. Then again, if the jury had come back with manslaughter, I think we’d all be saying they did a fabulous job right now.

      As an immigrant to this country and someone who when she was asked at 5 years of age: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” answered proudly, “An American,” I first became discouraged in 1994 when John Wayne Gacy was executed. People in my office in Chicago gathered around a TV screen to watch people outside the prison hoot and holler that a man was put to death. I know he killed 33 young boys, but to see people rejoice at an execution made me sick. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. Another girl joined me. Everyone else was as overjoyed as the people on TV. The verdict in this case made me feel the same way.

      • AA,

        Sometimes my fingers get behind my mind and I mis words in my pursue and punch typing. What I meant was “automatic” direct appeal. Amazing how missing one little word makes all the difference.

        Of course she has a right to direct appeal, however, in a case where the state doesn’t pick up the cost she has to either rely on paying the cost herself, for some pro bono service or file the appeal pro se. I don’t know if she has the resources to pay for an appellant lawyer, so we are left with a pro bono or pro se option. And dumb as this young lady is she’ll probably try and do this darned thing pro se, resulting in it ending up in the dustbins of history as almost all other jailhouse appeals.

        And now I need to justify the ” dumb as this young lady is” comment. She is actually a mediocrily smart person. But like a lot of such people, with an IQ that is slightly above the norm (70th percentile types) she thinks she is smarter than she really is. I see this all the time with my engineers. The real smart ones are always the quiet efficient, and yes smart ones. The mediocre ones are always the ones who think they are smarter than anyone else. It is a oddity of intelligence, that it is really those with super high intelligence or low intelligence who have an actual idea of their own intelligence. That’s the only thing that can account for her behavior with the interviews (with the press, with Flores, etc). Either that, or she is incredibly narcissistic.

        In re your concern with the defense team, hey I too was always yelling about them, but more to follow there. In fact one of her best arguments at appeal may be based on inefficient counsel.

        • Kinda like not being able to find ones keys..LOL
          So in the long run you are better off being put to death..then the state picks up the tab.
          I think they will not give her death. I think they (jury) made a deal with the hold outs. Just IMO..

          • Still one keys, Cindy?

            BTW it also applies to wallets, tickets, passports and other such things.

            My Dad used to say that it was good that my head was attached to my shoulders, or I’d loose that too.

            • Yup I have brothers and one son like this. LOL. I have said that many times to my son. He still watch son and empties his cell phone wallet and keys on the table. He doesn’t even live here anymore. I guess it’s a guy thing. I choose my battles wisely,

        • Al, I would imagine that, as an indigent (which she had to be declared in order to be assigned a public defender), all the filing costs of an appeal (which are hefty) would be waived. However, I don’t know if it works the same way in Arizona, but in Florida and several other states, even as an indigent, one has to pay for the record to be certified and transmitted from the trial court to the appellate court. In my divorce case, where there was only one volume of the record, and another short volume of transcripts (4 short hearing and the default final hearing), the clerk invoiced me for over $1,000, and the court reporter invoiced me for another $700. I’ve heard other women discuss paying several thousands of dollars for a divorce appeal with a half day trial. Can you even imagine what the costs would be for a trial that lasted 4.5 months?

          I could not afford an appellate attorney. As specialists, their fees are significantly higher than regular practicing attorneys. For my little appeal, I was quoted retainers ranging from $8,000-$20,000, and that was just the retainer. There was no law school that served the areas I lived in. However, I suspect that Jodi could find a pro bono appellate attorney desiring publicity, or that a law school would take her case. There are also a few services online that will, for a fee, research and prepare briefs for pro se litigants. All one has to do is identify the issues and provide them with an outline of what they should research. Those fees range from $50-$200 per page. In Florida, initial briefs are limited to 50 pages. It was still more than I could afford, and since I wasn’t indigent, I also had to pay the filing costs, however, worst case scenario, that could be an option. Again though, I think an appellate lawyer will take her case on.

          She may also be able to find some support from organizations willing to move for amicus curiae relief. Although my amicus curiae (the state of Maryland) did not assist with my briefs, my understanding is that organizations willing to file as such, often do assist.

          I agree that she may be able to argue for ineffective assistance of counsel based especially on Nurmi’s “9 days out of 10” remark and her interview saying they did not agree as to the manner in which her case should be handled but “he was the boss”. If indeed she can show that Nurmi was not presenting her defense strategy as she directed him to, she may well have an issue the appellate court would review in earnest. Nurmi also opened the door when he filed one of his motions in regards to prosecutorial misconduct and witness tampering referencing ineffective assistance.

          • I am really confused about this whole appeal thing. While some documents claim that AZ does not have an automatic appeal the AZ supreme court addresses “automatic” direct appeal on capital sentences and also talks about state funding for indigent defendants and waiver of filing costs and transcript fees. I would go with the Supreme court. Of course this does not seem to apply for non-capital sentences.

            The Rule 32 post-conviction relief procedure is definitely covered for indigents, and is a necessary pre-requisite for an appeal based on ineffective assistance of counsel claims to the appellate courts. So at least that part is covered, though she does have to file an initial notice for PCR and the court only appoints an attorney after that initial filing.

            Apart from the points you raise, there are other substantative reasons for an appeal on the ineffective assistance grounds. There is obviously the failure to put up expert testimony in contradiction to the ME’s testimony, particularly given the apparent change in testimony and possible errors in the autopsy report and documented contradiction of his claims of immediate incapacitance due to the gunshot wound. Similarly there was no expert testimony to show that the bullet recovered from TA differed from those purportedly loaded in the grandfather’s gun, or in fact the impact of a 25 caliber weapon. Similarly, there was no expert testimony, or questioning of the blood spatter expert, given that the blood spatter testimony could have been crucial in determining the possible sequence of events. Similarly there was no effort to counter Flores’ testimony with regards to the shelf.

            So it seems the defense put up a case-in-chief based on self defense, did not bother to counter any of the state’s forensic evidence and then tried to argue manslaughter due to a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

            Also there is the rather strange issue of Nurmi and Samuels convincing Jodi to change her intruder story. For the sake of argument, purely from an academic point of view, hypothetically speaking, let us assume that the intruder story was in fact true. There is nothing in the evidence that says it can’t be true or is negated. Now when an attorney, along with a psychologist, works to convince a client to change their story, and uses that new story as the defense, it stinks horribly of the attorney providing the client with the defense. If the attorney did not believe the intruder story, he could just as well have left it alone, not put the client on the stand and worked instead to poke holes in the state’s case. Even though this is second guessing, it seems to me that the ineffective assistance of counsel claim is often decided on second guessing, as in an effective counsel would have known better and the better action could have had an impact on the outcome of the trial.

            I think a very good case can be made for the fact that putting Jodi on the stand actually hurt her case, and that an effective counsel, given the circumstances, should have known that it would.

            Add to this the fact that Nurmi, over several months, filed many motions to withdraw also shows a certain lack of interest on the part of the first chair. I don’t know if that is an appealable issue, but does raise some questions that could possibly bolster other arguments.

            I suspect that if a capital sentence is not handed down, she will have to find some pro bono representation for an appeal. I’m not sure that pro se appeals get very far. I would suspect that for an appeal to be successful one needs to find a few good points, backed by substantial precedent, and argued cogently is accepted legal argot. Pro se briefs probably fall apart on all counts.

            I would think, or hope, that a trial with this level of publicity, might bring out some big guns for an appeal. If they win it’s one hell of a feather in their caps. If the loose the appeal they really lose nothing. Hey they just lost an appeal.

            • AZ does have automatic appeal in capital cases ONLY. Otherwise, Jodi can still appeal. As I mentioned in more detail below, she can only file a PCR petition AFTER filing a motion with the trial court, and then, the appellate court. She can not file that until there are no other options available. PCR for ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) is extremely difficult to prove and Pickles may refuse to grant a hearing. She’s much better off with the appellate court first.

              I agree on the failure to bring an expert witness to counter the ME. The questions is, can they find one? Because to prove IAC, she would need to find one first.

              I’m honestly not sure if the sequence of wounds truly mattered. When she was pleading “not guilty”, she was still facing the same charges.

              In regards to the shelf issue, I don’t think the judge allowed them to counter that. I don’t think an appellate court would find that to be erroneous either because that’s basically everyday judgment.

              I mentioned in another post that the intruder story may well have been the way to go, per a criminal defense lawyer on another blog — most especially with the phone tip from Ashley Reed that her husband might have done it!

              I don’t believe Nurmi’s motions to withdraw would be a good issue for appeal. It’s not one I would choose with so many to choose from. On appeal, you truly have to pick your battles.

              I handled my appeal pro se and I sincerely hope it doesn’t fall apart, so I hope you’re wrong there. I will admit that it took quite the learning curve though and an amazing amount of research. I did go to law school and learned the basics of writing briefs there, but I had forgotten. My IQ is significantly higher than Jodi’s — if that matters. The issues I raised were significant enough for Maryland to step in as an amicus curiae in support. So, I hope I did a good enough job. We shall see!

              Really, appellate brief writing is more the art of storytelling and maintaining the judges’ interest than using boring archaic legaleze. Quite possibly, Jodi could research using other convicted felons’ briefs and then, studying the case law herself. There are many pro se appeals that are won!

              I’m not sure if there are big gun appellate lawyers in AZ who could represent Jodi in an appeal, but I would hope some would be interested in helping a girl who has never committed any crime before if she is sentenced to execution. Otherwise, I don’t know how many would step in.

    • I agree with what you are saying Al. But Jodi, God love her, will never shut up until she learns to trust somone. For now she is her own worst friend.

      OK keep breathing …and venting it helps.

    • I hear you, Al. I’m just going to toss in one little yeah but, not to stoke your anger but to quell it. Given the limited resources, the uncooperative nature of the client, the circumstances (throat slashing, previous media contact, etc.), and the way the deck was stacked against them procedurally, I still maintain that KN and JW did an admirable job. You can compare them unfavorably to Clarence Darrow, or Learned Hand, or whomever, but that’s like comparing your job performance to Michelangelo, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein. I’m not saying that you are not remarkably talented, nor that the defense team made absolutely no mistakes. I’m just saying that I would have been happy to have been represented by them myself, I think in retrospect it is obvious that under the circumstances this case was un-winnable at the trial phase, that they have made a very good record, and that unfortunately for all, it will have to be sorted out on appeal.

      • As much as I hate Martinez’ tactics in the courtroom, I now think that Jodi could have benefitted from a “tougher” defense lawyer who could go toe to toe with Kermit. I think that JW and KN did a good job considering that the odds were not in their favor from the start. But if Jodi had any chance of winning her case, she needed a “big gun” to defend her.

        • I honestly think that what Nurmi and Willmott were given to work with (Jodi’s 2 interrogations w/ no attorney, her tv interview, 3 different stories), they knew they were spitting in the wind, and that their best chance is to get this overturned on appeal. I don’t know what goes through Jodi’s head, but she can’t keep quiet, tweeting from jail, post conviction interview. She’s her own worst enemy.

      • joujoubaby,

        So we’ve been having this argument for what seems like months now. I know we can’t expect a Clarence Darrow or Gerry Spence, but heck these guys weren’t even a Kardashian. He at least had the where withall to put together the right team in a hurry.

        The point really is that they missed the crux of the issue. They relied on a subtle approach, and they presented self defense. Both of those were losers. Plus I just don’t thinks these two were quick enough on their feet to drive a truck through the gaping holes in the state’s case.

        • Kardashian had nearly unlimited resources. These guys didn’t. I think that this trial was lost before it was started. That is apparent to me now. They’ve been playing the long game- trying this case for the appellate court instead of the jury all along.

          • Maybe so, but even if overturned at appeals it just goes back to the trial court. So we do it all over again, with an even more tainted jury pool.

            This maybe unwarranted and unfair, but it begs the question – why the hell did they wait 4+ years to try this thing? To pad their own fees? Let’s assume they had a $2M budget. If they had taken this to trial a year earlier, they could have used some of that money for other resources. Instead, they kept getting continuances. Nurmi’s been on this darned thing for years. Even if they had to have a second chair because of the DP aspect, get someone and take it to court, and use the extra money for the stuff needed for an effective defense.

            I still believe they blew it.

              • I don’t know. So they replaced Karp with Samuels who did 44 hours of interviews and testing. OK, a month to find him and a month for the testing and interviews. Lets move it.

                • Well, one of the other huge delays was that the state would not turn over important evidence. As I understand it, the defense only received Travis’s computer in the fall of 2012. There were also numerous other delays while they fought and fought Kermit to turn over important evidence.

                  In addition, there was turnover of counsel. Nurmi was not originally death penalty qualified, therefore, he was second chair. Then, he tried to withdraw when he left the PD’s office. Meanwhile, Victoria Washington realized a conflict and withdrew. Then, Jennifer Willmott, who was death penalty qualified took over, but had to move for additional time in order to learn the case. Meanwhile, Nurmi became death penalty qualified and took over as first chair.

        • Al, I agree with you, the self defense defense was wrong. It was a crime of passion killing.
          The state effectively trivialized the sex tape. ( don t know what they would have done if
          one of their daughters were spoken to or texted the way travis spoke to Jodie, but that is
          beside the point).I think they used the wrong experts with the exception of Dr. Geffner.

          The right lawyer should have been able to drive a truck through the ME s testimony, it
          didn t happen. That was trivialized also.Here he is going to testify again next Wed. However,
          I think the train has left the station.

    • You said everything I was thinking but couldn’t put into words. I haven’t posted here in a while because this case became very draining.

      One of the worse things Jodi did was talk to the media before the trial and she continues to speak to them even after the way they treated her! Saying she would rather be put to death? Hmph! Don’t be surprised if AZ decides to give her LWOP just for that. Whatever she wants, they’re going to try their hardest to do the opposite.

      My reaction was the same as Jodi’s: it took a moment for the word guilty to register in my brain. I couldn’t believe she received first premed. I know there are several people on this site who thought she would be acquitted. I never believed that. But I always hoped for manslaughter or even 2nd. Anything but first.

      There should have been no cheering for the death of someone’s life. Because really that’s what first premed is. Whether she’s in jail forever or given the needle, Jodi has no life. It ended five years ago and that’s so sad. I can’t stand the Alexander family, but I don’t know if I can judge them for their reaction to the verdict. I want to think they were just happy it was over and this was “justice” in their eyes. I don’t want to think they’re gleeful about Jodi possibly being out to death. I don’t want to think they’re that evil.

      I don’t think she had the best lawyers and I don’t know why she chose Nurmi or Wilmott. I’m not Einstein, but I didn’t think they were good lawyers. They don’t have the power of the tongue, meaning they don’t convey their feelings or thoughts well. Wilmott seemed so unsure and stammered a lot. Nurmi was a little better, but very slow and bored most to tears. In a case like this, it’s not really what you say but how you deliver it. I also don’t think Jodi should have been on the stand for so long. I think she should have been coached better and I think the defense witnesses should have been coached as well. They had five years to prepare but you would think they only have five weeks.

      With that being said: appeal, appeal, appeal. No sequestering? Jurors being dropped left and right? HLN’s witchhunt? JM’s superstar interviews? The crazy trial schedule and keeping jurors for hours some days and minutes other days? A juror saying they made their minds up before deliberations?! This case was all wrong. People who hated Casey keep saying, “Well the jury said if they knew what the public knew she would be behind bars.” And what exactly could you know more than the jury? Oh, bits and pieces from HLN? Allowing those jurors to go home, cook dinner and turn on the local news was just…mad. And Judge Grandma asking if anyone has seen anything in the media? It’s not a question of whether she’s stupid, it’s a question of what type of stupid she is.

      I haven’t watched HLN since the verdict so I don’t know who has said what or really what’s going on anymore. I have to go back and read some things on this site because you all are saying Jodi is in a psych ward? Oh dear.

      May I also have the password for the Vent page? I’d like to see if others agree with my thoughts as well.

      • They’re full of shit in regard to Casey’s jury. Jurors 11 (the foreman), 3, and 14 (an alternate) all stood behind their decision. I think 2 was the last holdout, but that’s one of 12 people.

      • Jennifer, you said “I don’t think she had the best lawyers and I don’t know why she chose Nurmi or Wilmott.” She didn’t choose them. She was represented by the public defender’s office because she is indigent and could not afford a lawyer.

        One of the huge differences between Jodi’s and Casey’s cases is that Jose Baez was a private attorney, not a public defender. I assume Casey’s parents paid his original retainer. Thereafter, funds were raised through selling photos of Casey with Caylee.

    • Agree Al, the cheering and celebrating outside the courtroom was Romans watching gladiators fight…same mentality w/o the arena.. wanting to see some one die..and HLN is responsible for a good deal of this…they know it and don’t care..I don’t know how they can sleep at night..

  12. OK I admit it I had HLN on last night. I wanted to know what the hell was going on. I knew Jodi had been transfered the night before so that wasn’t new but something Else was up. But we all know NG spin on things BITCH..Just a nother ploy by Jodi to take control. LOL.

  13. So we have about 10mins of a 45min interview so I guess the rest will come out when JM gets it and tears her apart over it they will do the same with this tape as they did with the one of jodi standing on her head …………. 🙄

      • Yes, but God forbid a woman doesn’t act like the public thinks she should when arrested. We’ve heard it before with Casey and Amanda…”Why aren’t they sobbing hysterically?” “Why do they seem cold and unfeeling?” “They MUST be guilty!”

  14. good morning to you all
    have a wonderful day, just spent 3 hours going through all your wonderful thoughts in your posts from yesterday
    have a great day

  15. Mary, I just watched the interview from the link above. Yesterday I watched the 7 parts they have on Troy Hayden Fox channel. They are more complete and its on one of them that she talks about KN and her relationship..

      • Not much. She just said they disagreed about the direction of her case, but he was the boss. I found that very strange. The client is supposed to ALWAYS be the boss. If that’s truly the case, she has an appeal on the grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel, although that can be a difficult one to argue, although she might be successful on habeas corpus with that argument.

        • maybe it was when she was telling the intruder story and he wanted to go with the self defense because of all the emails etc

        • Well she might be able to use the fact that he had requested to be removed from the case and the judge kept him on the case for her ineffective appeal

          • Links posted here in the last couple of days show letters from Jodi and her mother PLEADING with Judge Duncan to keep Kirk on the case.

            • Yes she requested that he remain on the case but it was NURMI who wanted to be removed and I think the fact that he was pretty much FORCED to stay on her case had ALOT to do with the defense that he gave. Is there anywhere that we can see his billable hours to the state? I think if we look at those prior to his request to be removed and after we will see a BIG change. I think for awhile he may of been dedicated then that fell by the way side when he had to put his life plans on hold for Jodi Arias. After all he is human.

        • Humm AA…I’m not sure what went down between the two of them but I do know that she was very up set when she thought he might be leaving the case. I’m sure they had their hands full at times with Jodi. Perhaps she wanted things brought in that he advised her not to. She’s a smart girl but he knew what would fly and what wouldn’t. I’m sure she didn’t understand why the letters didn’t make it in. That’s why she had her mom go to that rag with them.

          I’m just a lay person ….so I don’t know much about the law..but I sure know I would trust. my lawyers advice. That’s the problem with Jodi she doesn’t trust anyone right now. I do understand why but at some point she is going to have to or she will be living in jail the rest of her life.

          • I’m sure it’s not uncommon for lawyers and clients to clash from time to time. I think that Jodi was closer to Jennifer, but I don’t think that she and Kirk hated one another.

          • Cindy, I would imagine you have not had to rely on a lawyer’s advice at too many points in your life, right?

            I worked for wonderful lawyers for many years and I went to law school. However, during my divorce, the lawyers who represented me for brief periods were not people I would trust. In fact, as a result, at this point in my life, I no longer trust lawyers period. One of the only reasons my appeal had any merit whatsoever is largely because of the long period of time during my case that I represented myself. I preserved issues for appeal that my lawyers, especially the last one, made an absolute mess of. It didn’t really matter with the lawyers I had during the first 2 months — although there are some issues regarding discovery that became more complex because of their sloppiness. The last lawyer, who was on my case for about 6 weeks at the end completely screwed up. She was a complete moron. It’s difficult to believe I spent almost $20,000 on lawyers who were as bad as they were.

            Interestingly enough, I’ve heard many abused women say the same. Many of us were driven to represent ourselves due, in part, to lack of funds, but also because we simply could no longer trust our lawyers. I have a dear friend who was a paralegal for most of her life. She could never again trust a lawyer. In this respect, I truly feel for Jodi.

  16. Mornin’ everyone. SJ is there any way you can send mothers day messages to Jodi’s mum? Its Mothers Day on Sunday in Canada. Same in the US right? (Pardon me for saying right at the end of a sentence, yuck!)

  17. Good morning SJ, Jeff, AA, Aly, ToniW, cindy, elna, Miss Black, Oscar, maria, Jennifer, Mary, tonya, Canada Carol, Al, Kalista, BeeCee, Carol, vebe, CanadaLinda, geebee2, NK, MentalHealth!! And everyone else!

    I am getting ready for work, but I will catch you guys later. (((HUGS)))

    • Sil 🙂 hugs back thanks for remembering me yes we all have the same aliment here same as jodi its called mental health issues over this trial and how nasty it has become for her she now does not want to go on anymore she is tired of it all she knows that the lies she told in the begginning are now coming back at her sometimes I want to believe she did not do this and at other times she did just dont know what to think if my cards are wrong about the intruders but my gut tell me im not… 🙄

      • (((tonya)))

        I know we all still have questions about what really happened, but there is one thing we know for sure. She was defending herself and she did not premeditate anything…And most importantly, WE LOVE her and we will continue to support her throughout this horrible ordeal.

        Keep your spirits up dear! I am so glad you’re on her side and so you know, I think you are one of the most awesome people I have ever come across! <3

        • thank you Sil you have a kind heart thank you for explaining the self defense I understand now so the intruders did not happen

          • we don’t really know, tonya, and that’s okay. Maybe one day we’ll know exactly what happened, but for now, we just need to support her because we know Jodi did not set out to go hurt Travis that day. She is too smart to have left so many clues. These stupid people who hate her conveniently believe she is intelligent enough to be oh so conniving, but at the same time, they must believe she’s stupid enough to have left such a paper trail connecting her to the crime scene.

            Does not surprise me though, since they also think that JM has proven both these scenarios:

            1. That she stole her grandfather’s gun and went out there with a plan, *AND (Not “or”)
            2. That she stole Travis’ gun which originally, JM said did not exist. 🙄

            • Morning Sil. Yup the jury is very questionable to say the least…How can you have it both ways?

              Can somone tell me if the layers can at this point talk to the jury or do they have to wait?

                • I think Cindy is asking if the lawyers can talk to the jurors to find out what they were thinking as they deliberated. It’s useful information.

                • Kira, yes, I think the Atty’s can tt the jurors to find out what they were thinking, but maybe AL would know, but it was my understanding they can do like an exit interview?

                • spring,

                  I guess you’re not really keeping up with what’s going on. So here it goes…We’ve been discussing the fact that the jury is tainted. Thus the issue about questioning the jury has risen.

                  Hope that helps your understanding. =)

            • I think the jurors took the trespassing felony as their felony its not the gun its being in Travis’s home after stabbing him and she was not welcome in the home after stabbing

    • Wow. It is beautiful.

      I am so worried that Travis’s family will be able to take her money now. She won’t be allowed to sell artwork anymore. 🙁

      I hope she gets acquitted on appeal. This just isn’t right. There was corruption.

          • She will be able to when she gets to prison. Most even let you order a lot more things then the jails do and she can get a tv in prison also. Hopefully if our prayers are answered she wont be there long.

            • Yep, she’ll be able to read, draw, watch TV, exercise, and listen to the radio in prison. It’s a restrictive environment for sure, but she won’t be left alone to do nothing all day.

                • Yes. Death Row prisoners are in solitary confinement, but they’re still allowed some possessions in their cells. Many of them write letters from jail, so I know that they get pens and pencils.

        • Absolutely, her existing art can still be sold. And I don’t see any reason why she couldn’t continue to draw and give the artwork to her family. That would not fall under the Son of Sam law (which only applies to profiting from the crime — movies, books, etc. other than in states with the “murderabilia” notoriety for profit law). California did pass the notoriety for profit law, but Arizona didn’t, and there are only 8 states that did pass it (as far as I know). So, Jodi’s artwork could be sold in all the other states, plus since Arizona doesn’t have that law, she could legally ship out her artwork to her family to sell. She could also give away her artwork and then, whatever the person does with it is their business.

          • Unless the civil lawsuit includes her family selling her artwork. There was some lawyer on the news talking about that and also the family can go after her commissary account as well. It’s all sick if you ask me!

            • I would think going after her family would be completely unconstitutional. Personally, I think that’s bullshit.

              • Legally they CANNOT go after her family unless she was a minor when the crime was committed and she was not. They can only go after her and she has nothing but some commissary money and I think she is allowed to have a limited amount in that even if she is sued by the family.

    • It will take them some time to get through the process, and unless there is a court order freezing her assets, she will be able to do what she is doing until there is a disposition in the, knowing the class level of the “family,” inevitable civil case.

    • Gratz GB!!! It’s beautiful!! You are very lucky to own one of her art pieces! She is extremely talented! And thank you for helping Jodi out as well!!

    • Cool. So cool, geebee2. I think it may be the loveliest piece! It could not belong to a more deserving person,either. You have been tireless in your detailed research and support.

      • Thank you, that is much appreciated.

        I would encourage people to continue to improve the content., it was intended to be a joint effort, that didn’t work out up to now, but no reason not to start from here.

        I may be moving on to another project ( I will of course continue to support Jodi), and there are still unfinished areas, especially relating to the surrebuttal phase.

    • GeeBee- I’m so happy for you. I am so glad you were able to support Jodi, as well as have that beautiful art. I can only imagine how emotional you must feel having received it.

      • Awww,congrats geebee!!! I can only imagine what you must have felt when you opened it! You’ve been supporting Jodi all this time.

  18. I just recently came across this page and wanted to show my support for Jodi. It’s outrageous the role the media has played in this case! I see Jodi as someone who needs help not as someone who should be hated and portrayed as a monster. Even though I support Jodi, however, I don’t agree with all the Mormon bashing that takes place on this site. Yes, there are bad mormons, just like there are bad Catholics, protestants, muslims, you name it. But we cannot generalize an entire religion. Remember, Jodi is still a mormon. She said it herself in her last interview. We cannot become like all the blind sided Jodi haters. Lets show some respect. I am sure there are some mormons who support her as well.
    That being said, I really hope Jodi is well and that she know that there are still plenty of people who care about her.

  19. You’re lucky, Geebee2 to have one. When I saw Jodi’s last hat picture called “Intensity”, it reminded me of Tot Doc. Is it my imagination?

  20. The winners and the losers of this case …

    I honestly think that in any other jurisdiction, when Jodi offered a plea deal of second degree murder, a prosecutor’s office would have jumped at the deal and considered it a huge win. Instead, the Maricopa county prosecutor’s office chose to spend millions of dollars both prosecuting and defending a 4 month trial. So, the Arizona tax payers lost.

    In my opinion, the major losses in this case were felt by the defense expert witnesses who have all been harassed to pieces; as well as the Arias family, whose name will now always be associated with a convicted murderess, along with any other poor soul in CA or AZ who unfortunately bears that last name. I would also have to include Deanna, Travis’s ex-girlfriend, a good Mormon girl, who admitted on the stand that she broke the laws of chastity with Travis, which may inhibit her potential for marriage — should that be something she is interested in. She got her 15 minutes of fame on HLN and she could write a book. So maybe for her, it’s not so much of a loss.

    And, strange as it may seem, Travis himself also lost in this case. He’s dead, so it doesn’t matter much to him. Sure, he now has thousands of fans praying for his eternal salvation (some wishing he were still alive so they could mother him or date him). But, if the prosecution had accepted the plea deal Jodi offered for second degree murder, his name would have remained untarnished. Jodi would still be a convicted murderess serving decades in the AZ penitentiary. Travis could still be thought of as a saintly fellow, killed by a jealous ex-girlfriend, and no one would ever have been the wiser about his fantasies of “corking the pot of a young girl,” and his “unhealthy communication patterns” or even, his desire of having animalistic sex with a woman he referred to as his “three hole wonder” tied to a tree making her his ultimate whore. That seems to me as if it would have been a win for everyone except Jodi. But the prosecution refused the deal.

    The big “winner” here was HLN in raking in millions of advertising dollars. Juan Martinez won a victory and his name is now well-known should he choose to run for political office. I guess Dr. DeMarte, the prosecution’s expert, “won” in having so little experience but being able to add such a high profile trial to her resume. I’m not sure Dr. Hayes, the prosecution’s rebuttal witness won much, but she can also add the case to her resume.

    And I guess, the lawyers (yes, even the defense lawyers), jurors, alternates and released jurors, judge, Detective Flores, Detective Melendez, Dr. Horn, the court personnel, and the entire Alexander family can all write books — either now or later — so they won big — assuming some publisher is willing. If not, they could always self publish and I’m sure their fans will buy if they do it soon. Many of them will do the talk show circuit for a while, I’m sure, especially the jurors. Why not get their 15 minutes?

    The Alexander family got sweet donations to live in luxury, eat steak dinners and travel, and they’re well known now and will also make money on talk shows for a while. The Hughes won big, as did any other idiot who knew Travis and went on TV. Abe whatsisface had plenty of 15 minutes and was well compensated, I’m sure.

    Even the defense lawyers will attract more clients — although they didn’t win the case — because there’s really no such thing as “bad publicity” and they got publicity that money can’t buy. Nurmi’s practice will thrive so it wasn’t such a bad deal for him after all that he wasn’t allowed to withdraw. Plus, he got the “distance” he wanted with his “9 days out of 10” remark and Jodi’s interview saying they didn’t get along. He’ll be forgiven. And some appellate lawyers will get their 15 minutes representing her on appeal.

    Plenty of wannabe blog radio show and bloggers attracted some attention because of this case. Many of them are lawyers and shrinks who will attract clients and potentially get their 15 minutes on some talk show in the future. A whole bunch of lawyers, shrinks, so-called body language experts, so-called domestic violence advocates, and even a psychic got their 15 minutes on TV already. They all won.

    The Alexander family has a slightly better cause to sue Jodi for a wrongful death action — although what they expect to gain from an indigent woman — who will either be sentenced to natural life, life with a possibility of parole after 25 years, or executed — is really anyone’s guess. But their lawyer in that action will get some publicity, so even he will be a winner.

    And then, there’s poor Jodi. She was destined to lose from the first day this became a huge media hoopla. If she had been convicted of anything less, she would never have been able to live a normal life again. Right now, she doesn’t even want to live and she may get the death penalty. She lost her freedom back in 2008, and she may even lose her life ultimately.

    And I thought this case was about a man who was killed and a woman who might lose her life. Silly me!

    • <3

      People are hateful and selfish. 🙁 Mob. mentality.

      We can just keep praying. Appeal. It isn't over until it is over.

    • Plus, if that guy comes forward and admits he sent that email, that will definitely end the stalker angle. They won’t be able to have much else to go on anymore (not that they ever had anything, but they will have less to speculate on)

    • I would add Society to your list as a big loser. It seems when the crime scene is really horrific, people become deaf and blind to anything other than finding someone to crucify to make themselves feel better. Two important lessons totally ignored in this was 1) Dr. Samuel’s testimony of memory formation and how acute stress and ptsd affects people. It should have been received and comprehended by Flores and his buddies, so that the next time they are interviewing someone who doesn’t remember, they should remember that 30% of these type of situations create amensia. 2) Ms. ALV coming to testify about how abuse doesn’t have to be just physical, that words can destroy a person’s character. Very ironically, that is what the haters from this dysfunctional group did to her because of this testimony sending her to the emergency room. How sad that they all learned nothing.

    • AA You brought us back to reality as sad as it is.
      But Jodi’s mom said something the other day..”Jodi can do so much good in her life behind bars”. I believe this. I hang onto those words….

    • Excellent post AA! And I will NOT buy any book from anyone except the Defense Team, and or Jodi if she were ever able to write one. You summed everything up very well!!

  21. I think she might be able to win an appeal on the fact that the jury wasn’t sequestered and the interview with juror 8 is a big win for TEAM JODI. That can also be used to get new trial.

  22. Off topic but I just put two and two together.

    About a year ago I leanrned of Mark Taylor who is being held captive.
    The thought just crossed my mind that he and Jodi are both
    in Arizona.
    Y’all I think AZ govt. is trying to COVER up
    some very very serious stuff.
    I could be totaly wrong in saying that.
    If you get a chance check out his website.

    I know there was a Facebook page called
    Release Mark Taylor but it was removed not to
    long ago and I’m not sure if its back up.

    I’m walking in Kroger now but I’am def going to
    do some serious “digging” when I get back home!

  23. Good Morning Everyone,

    I haven’t been posting much since the verdict was read. I guess I am just at a loss for words.

    Shame on that jury! It is obvious they did not take their job seriously. I wonder how many had their minds made up before the testimony got under way.

    Shame on Dr. Horn and JM and Det. Flores. Since when is justice all about just winning?

    Shame on the Alexanders for their behavior in court and in the media and on line!

    Shame on the Mormon community and all of those people cheering in front of the court house.

    I do not believe that HLN could have gotten by with their disgusting broadcasts to the extent that they did, without the participation of all of the above.

    • Looks like the Jury was more focused on “crossword puzzles” and I-pad games..(and prob a peak or 2 at HLN) Good post Kitty!

  24. Im soo sad i can calm down about the situation Jodi is In right now

    she has been tortured and tortured again first by her father than by Travis now by the prosecution, the system and the lynch mob, i cant take it, i cant calm down I’m sooo soo sorry for her she is such an innocent soul who has been tortured and tortured so much, i dont know how to calm down i can stop crying

    Im asking the last 2 days to myself why!! how!! can this happen

    Im soo afraid about her chances in appeal or if there will be any appeal she and her family dont have the money needed to hire the right lawyers to overcome this error how can i see an innocent soul going through so much and maybe she dont even have a chance to overcome this error

    I do believe in god and his justice even in this world, please god this is a must its not optional, its a must to free her and give the courage and hope to look out for good days

    Oh my how can i take it its sooo sad

    • eli,
      I agree!
      It’s so heart breaking and not one person on TV stands up for her,
      Here’s what I see. This trial was a big joke at the hands of an innocent person who had never been in trouble before.

      The corruption can’t be denied. It’s all over the place. I think that someway somehow, there’s going to be someone that’s going to say enough already.

      There is just too many lies and from the ones that are supposed to protect us, not charge us just because.
      Someone, and others are going to get busted and the RIGHT people will be going to prison, not Jodi.

  25. Does anyone know about the resources that will be available to Jodi at the prison she will be going to? Will she be able to take classes, get therapy, have access to TV/internet? I too think she could do so much good for others in the prison. She is so bright and articulate…I can see her teaching classes – art, literature, languages. This will give her hope and purpose. My greatest fear for her is that she will be condemned to Death Row and will get nothing! We really need to re-evaluate the prison system and how people can be treated so inhumanely. Please tell me she won’t imprisoned under the jurisdiction of that ass-clown Sheriff who puts his inmates into tents in the hot Arizona sun!

    • On Death Row would Jodi be allowed pencils to do her drawings? Would she be able to read books? Does anyone know?

    • I’m pretty sure that when she goes to state prison, she won’t be under the jurisdiction of that sadistic sheriff any longer.

  26. ok this is what I gathered from our all time favorite HLN station
    Beth said ; Dr Horn can not testify until next Wednesday
    ; defense team had a closed hearing with the Judge yesterday after that
    all Jurors had to go in one by one apparently for something about being available
    next week ??????????????????????

  27. Did anyone watch Nancy Disgrace last night. She was horrible. She needs to be stopped! The whole HLN staff have gone insane with hate. I watch some of the panels and hear the anger and hatred in the voices. What a joke!

      • She is ugly on the outside now, too. She looks like Miss Piggy with that up-do and has aged – probably from so much hatred and venom. I never watch her now and will never watch HLN again. I feel so much better after breaking that ugly habit.

      • also “dr.” doHarm drew piglet has a black heart also & is creepy looking…he says alot of his patients want him sexually….it is bull…no one wants him or his ho s (show guest)…they need a molten idol of Travis…he an dr’ drew were meant 4 each other

    • tim….HLN host R Ho s for the owner of HLN…. a old creep who miss- treated many women & is afraid one will come to get even….w/the Jodi case…He is saying….don’t even think about getting even w/me

  28. so I just read the doc about the poly graph and so she passed it says she did not lie about the intruder story is that what I read there

  29. Can someone post a link to the interview with Juror # 8 where he indicates that they used iphones, etc in the jury room – thanks

  30. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Everyone. Stay strong, Jodi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • please jodi give everything to your brother so he can sell it….don’t let that family get anymore of your good….U were 2 good 4 Travis&his Family…..and his abuse is what caused all this misery…..they(family) have proven they r cruel like travis & i’m sick of everyone praying 4 them….they need to take what they gave to jodi so they can feel the pain they have caused…MaryMagdelyn was treated like Jodi & anyone can see what jesus thought&said of that

    • Moishe, are you a supporter of Jodi’s? I’m confused. In a previous post I think you were being sarcastic about Divine Intervention Jodi’s grandmother. In this post I’m sensing your intention is sarcastic but you’re trying to hide it. What’s up?

  31. Hey guys, maybe this belongs on the vent page, so if so, I’m sorry. I had a dream last night that due to circumstances beyond my control I was a member of Chris Hughes’ church. It was this ENORMOUS meandering windowless building and impossible not to get lost in it. They kept cutting me off from my kids and putting them in different classes and assigning me asinine tasks to keep me away from them. I spent most of the dream running around looking for either or both of my kids. Toward the end I walked in on Chris Hughes molesting my daughter. I grabbed her and ran out and continued frantically searching for my son, and then I woke up, thank god.

    I guess I don’t need any help with dream analysis as the connotations are obvious- just some sympathetic cyberears.

      • I had a dream about that sick fuck Hughes the other night too! In the dream, somehow he had gotten my phone number and called to question me over what I thought of the verdict, did I support Travis, etc. I got the feeling that he was asking because he was going to harm me if I supported Jodi.

      • That bad dream feeling subsided as the day went on. The mama bear dream is not a normal dream for me-even as a stress dream. But talk about a “horror show monster,” I can tell you, Chris Hughes fits the bill.

  32. It’s Friday, and I have a ton of work to do, so I think I’ll take some time off and discuss my opinions on this defense team. I don’t really know where to start so this is presented in a sort of ad hoc manner.

    1. The defense strategy. I think they went with a strategy of keeping her off death row. Either they didn’t really believe in their own manslaughter case, or they were just too dumb to see it. I think this case would have been better suited to being presented as a manslaughter case as opposed to a self-defense case. Attorneys need to make judgement calls. Except in cases where the defense is based purely on “I wasn’t there and didn’t do it, or couldn’t have done it” the defense has the deck stacked against them. In cases where the defendant acknowledges the killing, and there are no witnesses, the cards are stacked severely against the defense. In such a case, I believe, the defense needs to make a calculated move, attacking the prong of maximum likelihood. Given Jodi’s prior statements and that darned throat wound the path of maximum probability of success was probably based on manslaughter or M2 and that’s what they should have taken. This is not Monday morning quarterbacking. This is what I’ve been saying since day one.

    2. In high profile cases, such as this or the CA case, knowledge of the basic elements of the case is widespread. Since the proliferation of readily accessible mass media, courts no longer disqualify jurors just because they’ve heard of the case before. Instead they rely on the juror’s word about their ability to be impartial. However, most jurors enter the case with some pre-conceived notion of the case, and in most instances those notions are based on stuff put out by the police or the prosecution. In such cases the jurors are probably, even in subconsciously, looking for things that confirm or deny their pre-trial impressions. In such cases it becomes incumbent on the defense to vigorously attach the prosecutions case, during the case in chief. And they need to do this proactively. You cannot draw subtle points in testimony and rely on your closing arguments to tie it all together. This defense team failed to do that miserably. They should have loudly and with all due rigor attacked and brought home arguments regarding the stolen gun and its bullets, the inconsistencies with the ME’s testimony, issues with the crime scene analysis such as the bleach, etc. And they should have done this up front and asked all the questions directly. Remember this jury, or any jury, starts making up their minds as the trials progresses, and it is a lot harder to dissuade a person once their mind is made up, than it is to convince them of something when things are still in flux. We know this in my business, just through business development exercises, every person who’s been involved in selling knows this, everyone who’s ever had an argument with a friend or a spouse knows this. How the hell a set of attorneys, who are really sales people, don’t know this. Baez knew it, OJ’s defense team knew this. But this crew didn’t.

    3. Jodi – They should never have put her on the stand. The only thing putting her on the stand offered was a possibility that the jury would be able to humanize her and maybe not give her the DP, and the fact that if they wanted to present self defense, they would have to lay the foundation. The SD was pretty much a low probability defense in any case (see 1 above). On the flip side was the danger of her saying something wrong, or lying on the stand or something else. Given her past behavior, the flightiness of this young lady should have been self evident, as should have been her belief in her own smarts. Just look at the list, trying to talk to Flores without an attorney, those TV interviews, the attempt to handle her own case, and probably a bunch of things that went on between her and her attorneys. I really do believe Nurmi when he says he doesn’t like Jodi 9 days out of 10. And I do believe that she actually harmed herself in ways unmeasurable on the stand. And there are many ways to handle a client who insists on taking the stand, including a principled stand that says I won’t do it, and I’ll take a contempt citation for it.

    4. The Fog – Again, while this is a documented phenomenon, it is not one you use when it relates to the only living witness. Again, it’s a judgement call. You may not be able to raise self defense, without it, but, you may be better off without this evidence, because it sounds like too much of a convenient excuse. Also if they did have to raise this they should have put Samuels on the stand before Jodi. Let the jury hear all that stuff first, and then let Jodi testify. Otherwise, you are again dealing with trying to change the minds of people who believed the fog was made up. Again, this is a standard selling technique. If you have a feature in your product that is hard to believe you sell the reason behind it first, then introduce the feature. It’s sales 101.

    5. The paucity of defense witnesses – They could have, and should have slammed every bit of the prosecutions case with countering witnesses, including forensics experts, MEs, ballistics experts, etc. It doesn’t seem to me that the state was really trimming their budget that much, and if they did, that would make for good grounds for an appeal. But they chose not to, which sort of sucked. And in the passing, they could have saved some money if needed by not letting this case drag on quite that long, whether it was in the pre-trial stage, or during trial. There was no reason to keep some of their witnesses on as long as they did.

    6. Inefficient presentation of testimony. I think they kept ALV and Samuels on the stand for way too long in their meandering direct. In fact, I was bitching about the fact that they were losing my interest. They should have gotten straight to the point and presented their arguments cogently. They did not.

    7. Inefficient cross examination – Cross examination, particularly given the AZ rule of any relevant question, serves three purposes. It negates the witnesses credibility if possible, it argues against inferences that the other side may be drawing and it helps bring out possibly exculpatory evidence. This defense team had a treasure trove of stuff they could have mined during cross. In each case of a forensic witness saying something was consistent with, or a possible indication of the state’s contention, the defense should have proactively brought out the other possibilities that the evidence was consistent with. And there was a bunch of that kind of stuff with the blood spatter, the ME’s testimony, the computer guys testimony. Also I don’t know why they relied on subtlety, when they could have hit stuff with a sledge hammer. Case in point, Nurmi’s argument about the timing on those YouTube videos. It left everyone with the impression that he was alluding to porn. It wasn’t till the closing that he made it clear that he was talking about a single statement of Jodi’s, saying TA was watching a video of people dancing with boxes on their heads. By then the jury had probably written off Nurmi’s credibility because it all seemed targeted towards porn – which it wasn’t. We learn in business development – when you want to say something, say it clearly, loudly and immediately. Don’t beat around the bush.

    8. Their handling of Flores. I think they could have slaughtered Flores on the stand. Most Americans have an inherent distrust of the police. In this case Flores, while diligent, came off as a bit of a goof. Just his crime report provides enough fodder for destroying his credibility. But they didn’t.

    And I could go on and on, but you get the idea. If ever, one were to write a book on how not to defend a capital case, this trial would be a great case study on what not to do in an overcharged case.

    • BTW – none of this may have made a damn of a difference, given the likes of HLN and the mob mentality. However, we will never know, since the defense team didn’t do their job. At least if they had, we could write it all off to the other factors. Now the only thing we are left with is that the jury was too dumb to buy the defense’s subtlety.

      Well heck they could have hit them with a 16 pound sledge. It may not have made a hoot of a difference, but at least, in my mind, I could say, well they did their best. All I can say now is this defense team, if they did their best, wasn’t very good.

        • Not really, this is going to take some time Cindy. I’m just appalled.

          Couldn’t make it as a lawyer, I’m too ardent.

          • Hugs anyway we still wove you Al. No I didn’t spell that wrong just a saying of mine. Not to sure the wife wants other woman saying they love her husband….lol

            • Hugs..sorry still on the phone and it sometimes think. it’s. smart then me. It’ not even a smart phone.

            • Hugs back, and the wife would probably say you can have me after the grouchy mood I’ve been in the last two days.

              • We have to learn to be proactive. I’m not sure how Or what to do. with the anger that we feel is not doing anyone any good.

      • You could have had the best attorneys in the country, and the result would have been the same.

        The only way she would have ever gotten a fair trial is if CBS had never reported on it in the first place. The report was extremely slipshod and unethical in my mind (interviewing Jodi Arias when the producers knew something wasn’t right with her and she had no attorney).

      • al…i’m praying for a miracle 4Jodi… does happen…the innocent program….that science will prove her innocent w/time & AZ will have to repent & HLN will be sued to where the Old Man Owner is broke

      • Al, I’m glad you got that off your chest!!! 😉 And yes, I agree w/o a doubt you would of made an excellent Lawyer!!!!!

      • Al, I am on board with infective counsel. I was not at first, but now I feel Nurmi, at least, gave up on Jodi completely.

        They needed to give an alternate example of what might have happened. They didn’t they just kept saying “it doesn’t make sense” well……………..then TELL US WHAT DOES MAKE SENSE, PLEASE.

        • Very aptly put Renee. Never, ever till the closing did they even try and tell you what happened, and they could have used the state’s evidence to show an alternate theory.

          Just fell flat on their faces.

          • You know, Al, that’s an interesting thought. Most criminal defense attorneys I’ve known prepare an outline their closing arguments FIRST before the trial even starts. They tweak the points as trial proceeds, but they’ve all said that keeps them focused on the evidence they want to present. Nurmi’s entire closing argument was essentially a rebuttal to the prosecution’s.

    • Al, as always I value your input so much and always look forward to your posts. Are there any grounds for appeal in your 8 points?

      • Ineffective assistance of counsel – which in my opinion should be granted, but seems like my opinion runs contrary to that of the good people of the great state of Arizona.

      • There’s grounds for appeal all over the place. Good grief, that was one of the most corrupt prosecution cases ever in the history of the United States.

    • None of that would have mattered because the media and Travis’s dipshit friends called the shots long before this trial ever started.

      Nothing would have changed that jury’s mind given the fact this was a 24/7 media lynch mob.

      This is exactly like the O.J. Simpson case. Rodney King was in that courtroom, and the verdict was payback for it.

      Jodi Arias’s conviction was payback for Casey Anthony.

      It’s that simple.

      • I do think now that a ruthless lawyer might have helped – someone who would have directly called Kermit on his bullshit in front of the jury and not just in closed hearings.

        • But KN did Kira in closing~he pointed out Flores and Horn…I don’t know why the jury didn’t understand what was going on!!!!

            • I think so too Al..I wonder why they didn’t do that! I’m leaning more towards your ineffective counsel conclusion..

            • Yep, and even during closing arguments, he wasn’t all THAT rough on them.

              It’s a known fact that most juries make up their minds BEFORE closing arguments. Closing arguments are just an opportunity for counsel to refresh the jury about testimony and it’s not always 100% accurate. Jurors know that.

      • I don’t think they necessarily had to scream. But they did need to hammer home points far more than they did. Their subtlety was essentially TOO SUBTLE.

    • I pretty much agree with you Al, but have a few points, mostly in addition to what you said.

      1. Regarding Horn, our own Geebee was discussing the lack of penetration of the dura mater from his report for weeks prior to the defense mentioning it. Horn was on the stand three times. Dr. Geffner was on the stand for an entire day. We learned that he had been on the case since last October or November. Yet, it wasn’t until the jury mentioned the dura mater — based on Dr. Geffer’s testimony, that Jennifer Willmott “caught” the error and discussed it during follow up. They waited for the JURY to ask the question? Are you freaking kidding me? Had that REALLY not been discovered until then? Dr. Geffner obviously caught it. Why didn’t the defense then HAMMER it home?

      Even when Jennifer did follow up with Horn during his third time on the stand, she seemed to reach a point where she was about to hammer it, and then, give up. This was something I felt about her examinations often, especially when she completely seemed to lose track and shuffle papers. It was as if she had prepared Plan A and stopped there. But any decent lawyer worth their weight in salt knows that Plan A may backfire for some reason. Either the witness will not testify as expected, or opposing counsel will object and the judge will sustain. You MUST have a Plan B. You learn about this in moot court in law school for crying out loud.

      In addition, as we’ve discussed previously ad infinitum, why was there no medical examiner or other medical witness to refuse Horn’s testimony? As slippery as he was, without a medical expert to counter him, his was the only medical testimony heard.

      2. In regards to Dr. Samuels, I don’t believe they could have put him on the stand BEFORE Jodi. They had to lay the foundation of “the fog” in order to use him. There was no testimony that Jodi did not recall the events after the gun went off UNTIL she testified. I totally agree that he was on the stand for far too long.

      Also, Dr. Geffner was, in my opinion, FAR more powerful than Samuels, and much better equipped to handle Martinez. Samuels all but fell apart during cross examination. Surely, that could have been predicted? Why was Geffner not chosen instead?

      Also on the issue of Samuels, his sloppy testing became a huge issue that DeMarte, in spite of all her coldness and inexperience, completely ripped up. I am completely lost as to the focus of testing in the first place to diagnose PTSD. In the past two years, I’ve seen two psychiatrists (one of whom does forensic work), a psychologist, and a masters level therapist. None of them have ever conducted any tests on me, beyond initial intake questions, and yet, I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD. I interact with dozens of abused women daily online, from all over this country, and none of them have ever been subjected to written tests to diagnose PTSD. Perhaps one of our psychologists here can explain because I’m completely lost on this point, always have been.

      3. In regards to Alyce LaViolette, I waited patiently with baited breath for her to explain how abused women who murder will engage in “overkill” (for lack of a better term). Day after day after day she testified telling her stories, which were engaging indeed, but became repetitive and boring after a while. And yet, the crux of the matter (the throat slash, the overkill) was NEVER brought up until yet again, a juror sort of asked the question. Once again, the defense waited to see if the jury caught it, and they did. But then, they allowed Alyce to answer it half-assed without any further depth. Sure, they needed to lay the foundation of abuse with Alyce. Certainly, her testimony regarding the Hughes email exchange was THE most powerful portion. But what I was waiting for, what everyone was waiting for, and what I’m certain the jury was waiting for, was some explanation as to why an abused woman would inflict such horrendous wounds upon her abuser.

      Many of Alyce’s theories were outdated and not well explained. She’s a lovely lady and she didn’t deserve what happened to her, but to be honest, some of her testimony really annoyed me.

      4. I don’t think the defense should have ever introduced the pedophilia claims. I think that may have incensed the jury because they felt the murder victim was being trashed. There was absolutely NOTHING to support those claims — whether true or not.

      5. There was absolutely no reason to have Jodi detail her entire life for the jury. The jury wanted to hear about her relationship with Travis. It took 18 days of testimony to get there — which in that court was about a month. Her childhood was irrelevant, just as I consider my childhood irrelevant to the abuse I endured by my ex-husband. Abuse victims are 50% people who were abused as kids, and 50% people who weren’t. We didn’t need to hear about all her other boyfriends either. It would have been perfectly sufficient to simply discuss a little about Darryl since he’s the one who testified. Having her on the stand for so long did nothing more than provide Martinez with ammunition.

      6. Jodi shouldn’t have been so argumentative at times with Martinez. It would have behooved her to come across as a wilting flower at all times. Why her counsel let her get away with it is beyond me. When Alyce took the stand and behaved similarly, the jurors may have inferred that Jodi was coached.

      7. Right when Jennifer was on a winning streak with DeMarte, she stopped. It was absurd and it pissed me off at the time, but no one here agreed with me.

      8. I’ve been having intelligent conversation, along with Heather, on the Lawyers On Strike blog. Interestingly enough, even the people who support the jury’s decision there are discussing this sanely, no ranting and raving. The lawyer who runs the site didn’t know a lot about the case, even though he had written a wonderful blog about the verdict. After hearing from some of us, he is now very upset that the defense did not go with a different strategy. Seeing as Jodi lied, he said, they could have used that to their advantage that she didn’t know what she was saying, attribute her “confession” to survivor’s guilt and confuse the situation back to the “intruder” story. He was even more upset when I presented the Ashley Reed tip and the complete failure to investigate Dustin Thompson as a potential suspect, even though Ashley phone in the tip, said Dustin was acting strangely, said they were separating and that she had asked Travis if she could move in with him. He thinks ANY defense would have been better than self-defense with that many wounds, and can not understand why they didn’t go with something else, when there was some possibility of another suspect. As to whether or not any of the Mormon/PPL community would have ever spoken negatively about Travis in any way to present that type of defense, I’m just not sure. But it’s been a very interesting discussion.

  33. OK just heard something that is very upsetting.. Things are not as they seem with Jodi. Her mother was not allowed to see Jodi last night. She was under watch but able to have visitors. Now she can’t ….What the hell happened?

      • Not while she in the physics jail. Her mom and lawyer’s can see her. It’s only when she is on a higher level a 900 something that they can’t. Jodi was only there because of what she said in the interview. Something happened yesterday to change that.

        • I’m really concerned for Jodi too..somethings going on that they don’t want her Mom to see?
          What kind of lobotomy drugs are they giving her?

  34. Is it possible that someone else other than Jodi slit TA’s throat as a blood atonement? You know what strikes me kind of funny is all the mormons they talk & seem to say the same things. They may be covering up for the blood atonement that may have been done by one of them. There is something basically wrong with these people. I cannot believe any of them. They are a cult in many ways, just like the way they stick up for Travis like he is a parent or something. Its fishy for sure.

    Ryan Burns this guy is a piece of work. He is like a mormon robot, towing the cults line. I can barely listen to any of them they make me sick. Any thoughts on the blood atonement? Maybe that is why it took 5 day for anyone to NOTICE Travis’ rotting body. They may have already known it was there.

    • I agree… think the roommates should have been investigated. I think TA had enemies and starting with his roommates. Its too fishy that the body wasn’t discovered within a day … maybe that’s why Jodi thinks she lost the memory of the stabbings… she really didn’t do it. One of the roommates did the stabbings just for the hell of it. They would have had plenty of time to clean up and still wait a day or two to claim they just found him.

      • I think once jodi felt safe enough to get away from the intruders she called travis hoping someone would here is phone she left on the kitchen counter but no one answered it and yet one roommate states he ate in the kitchen daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        • she knew that the roommate would come home so why did he not here the phone because they were to busy cleaning up the mess the foot prints in the bathroom wonder how did the blood get in the downstairs bathroom that no one mentioned or the smell a body starts to smell after 2 days they must of left him for 5 days if he was on drugs and they found some they would have to wait for it to clear the system they did not do a hair folical test that would tell if he had drugs in his body.

        • Mary and Tonya, that’s kind of what we’ve been discussing over at Lawyers On Strike blog. These are similar theories that the lawyer who we’ve been telling about the case came up with.

      • All the mormon people want all the blame onto Jodi. It’s too strange that this young girl right off the bat, when asked if he had anybody that would want to harm him… she states Yes, her name is Jodi. WTF why does she name Jodi right away simply because Travis said she was stalking him. Maybe, but it seems just to convenient to immediately say it’s Jodi, she did it.

        Of course it couldn’t be any of the mormon people that could come and go out of Travis’ house. Yet, there you have it, blood atonement, these people are shady and will cover up anything they do, for the mormon faith/cult

        I could be off base, but it just is all to convenient for them.

    • like dog the bounty hunter says it take 4 days for speed to leave the body and the way he and jodi were going they may have been doing it to keep up would explain if travis snapped about the camera I know I was on it and had my life damaged by it …. 3rd husband gone thank good the drugs are gone to he would say up for 4 days

      • or here is another way they kill travis and jodi is there it is planed that she was suppose to be with ryan on the 4th the hughes brother set them up to meet made plans for her to come she gets their late left his body in shower need to kill jodi then find the body and say she did it but that did not happen so he sat in the shower for 5 days wonder who called mimi hall or did she just deside to go find him on her own she did tell the police she told travis to take someone else.????????/

  35. AL 😉 that took me a long time to read and it made a lot of since but its to late they screwed up and now she is where she is now telling all of us just kill and get overwith cant win for loosing

  36. HLN Announcer: “This is the jail where Jodi Arias awaits her fate, Nancy Grace came for answers about Arias and left with something entirely different…”

    Oh God, please let it be a rod up her ass. =)

  37. Good Morning Team Jodi-
    I have stopped crying about this situation and have gone to the outright anger phase. I just learned that Jodi has been denied a visit from her mother. I do not understand how in this country a prisoner can be denied thier basic civil right to visitation? I live in a fairly liberal State where prisoners maintain those rights despite being convicted. Of course I know there are some exceptions like if a prisoner is in lockdown for disciplinary issues etc., but Jodi is not a disciplinary problem, poor girl is depressed and suicidal and needs her Mom to give her hope and love. How does AZ get away with all this crap? Where are all the Civil Rights organizations? This is worse than a third world country!

    • I caught some of that. They said that the doctors made that determination. That’s really fucked up. This is a crucial time for Jodi where some human contact would be so critical for her well-being. 🙁

      • Sil-
        I don’t trust any one in the backwards ass wild- wild west of AZ, even the doctors!!! Wonder what they have done to poor Jodi that they are hiding and don’t want Mom to be witness to. This isn’t just unfounded paranoia on my part. I had the unfortunate experience to work in a Juvenile detention center where I was one of the few that truely believed in the rehabilitative model. Needless to say I didn’t stay long and some years later the State’s new Govenor did a clean sweep of the entire Juvenile Justice System in the State when it became clear that the model that was really being implemented was one of “correction”, if you get my drift! Someone from the outside needs to get in to see Jodi. I also feel so sorry for the other inmates in Maricopa County….I’m sure Jodi is not the only one that has been railroaded.

      • Guys she on a different code now. Not just a 72 hour watch. They most likely have her stepped down and on heavy duty meds. Something happened at court yesterday.

        • Cindy-
          The corruption runs so deep and it appears that the jail officials can do anything they want. To not allow a prisoner access to their attorney seems to be a crime to me. What are they hiding now?

          • I’m praying that they don’t use such heavy drugs on Jodi !! please!! Let her Mama in to give her some love..assholes!

          • TR they are not going to do anything to f… things up now. They want her out of there ASAP to finish this trial.

      • been locked up for suicide and they will not let you have visitors for a while at first they do evaluations and checkup and give meds and you sleep and have meeting with your doctor then you can have visitors

    • ya and one minute they say she can have visitors and then she cant they say innocent untill proven guilty but they said guilty long before she could prove she was innocent what the hell fairness comes and then it goes

  38. Hi everyone. I have been reading the commits on this site for maybe a month or a little longer, but this is my first post. I found out about Jodi from my sister (AKA: Hater). Having heard so much about Jodi from my sister’s point of view, I decided to look Jodi up online to get more of the facts (I don’t watch TV), that’s when I found this web site. I started watching from trial one and was able to watch about 90% of the video before the verdict was pronounced. I can honestly say that based upon what I seen in the videos Jodi is INNOCENT!!!

  39. Deanna Reid was asked, “What do you think [Travis] would want to happen to [Jodi] now?” Part of her response was: “I know that he would have wanted to, you know, just, just not, not be that person who she’s trying to say that he is.”

    So he was the person that Jodi said he was. Was that a slip on Deanna’s part?

      • Obviously, nobody on the panel said anything about that comment. Trying not to be what? Womanizer, pedophile, abuser, flirt, I mean, those are the things Jodi said he was. Deanna should have said that Travis WAS NOT the person Jodi was making him out to be.

    • all i know about deanna is she sat with the hughes what is up with that sick killers stick together I guess and if the pedophilia was deanna finding travis journals and giving it to the hughes then there is the connection 911 call deanna was called someone said remember sorta about that but she is not on the flores report they set up mimi to do the durty work.

  40. I posted this on the vent page but want to vent here too after reading about the denial of a visit by Jodi’s mum:
    Fuck you JM, you lowlife piece of shit. I hate you and everything about you. I think you are an evil man. Ditto NG, JVM, VP and all other HLN ass wipes. You disgust me. You are cruel and wicked. Shame, shame on you all.

    I have also been waking up in the middle of the night and my first thought is Jodi…is she sleeping now? Is she crying in her pillow? I think all decent people have an aversion to seeing a helpless animal being kicked and beaten or a child being cruelly bullied, or someone crying and being laughed and jeered at. This is what the Haters are doing to this poor woman. She does not deserve this! I feel so helpless. How I wish we could wake up from this nightmare.

    • I would love to see Jodi on the day the jury comes back to tell them of there decision and she stands up for herself and tell the Hughes im going to die for what you did to Travis so you can play happy family enjoy and to the court and the rest of you fucks piss off but she will not she is so forgiving so kind so loving so trusting so guilable oop sp here anyway that is how I feel today

    • If they allow her a pillow at all, our poor little girl. This is devastating.
      And they want her to squirm and apologize to these blood thirsty pigs. NO. Fuck you all. Why should she. Travis’ family and HLN should apologize to her for having unleashed all these haters on a victim of domestic violence perpetrated by their brother and his cult on her. Scumbags. They want to murder her, and so did pedo Travis.

      {{{{{{{{{ JODI }}}}}}}}

      • An apology would fall on deaf ears. Many will claim they want it, I believe none would accept it. They are all playing “victims” and “poor me” . I have empathy for the event, for the people involved, but too haveI lost people dear to me, almost all have. You can only have a “victim mentality” for so long. Eventually, blame for your sorrow and pain will stop being someone else’s fault and you will take ownership of your life and journey on. The “mob” will not help you, only hinder you and drag you down to their level.

        • I’ve lost people very close to me too. Mourning did not prevent me from remembering their bad side as well as their good side. They are yet to accept reality. Travis using and abusing Jodi brought this on himself.

        • Bella good afternoon. I’m so happy you didn’t give up on us. I’m sorry that you had to endure so much negativity about your religion.

      • Yes Viri-
        Jodi should NEVER apologize for saving her own life. The family and his scum sucking friends should be the ones apologizing to her for what he did to her. For God’s sake, we all know who he really was.

    • Linda, the decision not to allow her mother to visit last eve came from the prison psychiatrists because of the suicide watch, not that the little weazel wouldn’t do such a thing if he had any say.

      • Prison psychiatrists are not to be trusted. If as psychiatrists the best they can think of is to isolate her from her family, lock her up with nothing to do and stuff her full of drugs, then they are full of sh*t and are just hypocrites wanting to torture her some more.

  41. I absolutly hate everything that has happened in this trial. I do believe that some things should have been done different in her defense, for instance, while cross examining a lot of times they would get to their point and just stop without completely making the point. But as I sit here and read about the #8 juror and what he said, as I look at how before Jodi was ever in the courthouse she was on trial through media. With the jury being unsequestered I know it was impossible for them not to have seen, heard, or discussed anything. I live in Alabama and it would have been hard for me not have seen anything about it. It was a circus for the beginning to the end. I do believe the regardless of what was said in the courtroom, what witnesses the defense brought, or what the prosecution said, she would have been found guilty of M1. They continued to state the 27 stab wombs and slit throat over and over and over in the media. Even before the trial. I watched about 80% of the trial. The evidence did not support the conviction. The ones that are standing hollering, crying for her to get DP has not pay any attention to the actual evidence. I do still believe that there is a reason for all this. I believe that it will get overturned in the appeal. I also believe that before this is all over, Jodi will have done more for DV cases than she ever thought. Ok.. off my soap box for the moment. Hope everyone has a good day..don’t give up hope!

    • “I do believe that some things should have been done different in her defense, for instance, while cross examining a lot of times they would get to their point and just stop without completely making the point.”

      Thank you Crystal. That was one of my points above and something I felt ALL along.

  42. weird just had Mormons at my door did not give them a chance to talk to me told them I’m Catholic and shut the door on them

    • Tonya-
      LOL. They have probably tracked us all down and are planning their missionary interventions for us, just like Travis did to Jodi. I have been quite outspoken about the Cult, so I’m envisioning a visit soon.

    • WTG tonya!!!!

      I LOVE Joe’s post the other day…..(I hope it was Joe and I’m remembering correctly…if not, I apologize)

      He said when they come to his door he’s going to tell them he would not be interested in anything they have to say and when they asked why he would tell them. “Go ask Jodi”! I think that answer is phenomenal!!!!!!!

  43. let me tell you about justice, i paid for a crime i didnt commit and the real perpetrator in the case who got away with it went on to push a man to his death in front of a nyc train. , justice? seriously?

  44. like I have always said you would need to be living in the 1800 for the jury not to see nothing heard nothing they the trial was held outside on TV on radio and the asses on HLN

    • If we were living in the 1800’s the Mormon would just outright do their blood atonement and leave TA in the desert..

    • We are living in the 1600’s. Rumors and propaganda flew at a slower rate, but they engendered lust to burn witches just the same. Already people want to expand their special ‘terrorist’ label selectively at various defendants, now including Jodi.

      There were many witch trials, not just at Salem:
      ‘The Witchcraft Delusion In Colonial Connecticut (1647-1697)’ by John M. Taylor, free available ebook at

    • all I can ask is; how could anyone avoid the media for 4 month’s straight ? Saying no news on TV, no radio, no newspaper, no smartphone, no Internet period, no talking to spouse or family about this trial
      What would be the personality of this person be like?

      • That’s what I always wonder too, Vebe. In addition to that, at least in the Anthony trial in Florida, they selected jurors who said they had not heard about the trial and crime at all. I really questioned how that could be possible given it was all over the news for 3 years. I kind of questioned the mental capacity of individuals who claimed to be so out of the loop. But at least that group paid attention, listened to the facts and the law, and followed directions…

  45. The jury had to also see the freakin mob of people outside the courthouse and television stations before they entered the building. I hope they find juror misconduct. Juan Martinez you are a liar and a criminal that’s taking advantage of your position! This isn’t over.

    • All the Judge wanted to hear the answer no upon asking the Jurors. Did she really care about the whereabouts of the Jurors in that respect? Probably not so, since she might not have cared dealing with the consequences……plus her smiling was fake( needed to get that off my chest sorry)

    • Oh my gosh that was wonderful. Thank you so much for putting that up. I was just going to say my favorite part was this but I realized the whole thing was my favorite.

    • LOLOLOLOL!! coldcase,

      I LOVED that episode yesterday!! I was going to post it myself, but I am trying to get some work done. hehee

      Anyhoo…I did do a little transcript of it.

      • Jon’s intro: If you get your news from the print media…you may not be aware of the biggest story of the century: [cuts to HLN/FOX/CNN talking heads… “Jodi Arias” “Jodi Arias” “Jodi Arias” “as to count one Murder in the 1st Degree, Guilty!”]

        Yesss, And end to the saga!!…And thousands of people who’d actually do anything they could to get off Jury Duty were fixated on it for 18 weeks.

        It’s a sad story all around, a young woman possibly facing the death penalty, the victim’s family gets justice, but it doesn’t bring back their loved one. NO ONE relishes a moment like this. NOBODY delights in the gruesome spectacle. NO ONE slurps each lurid detail like it was a perverse joy, like they were an engorged tragedy tick. NO BODY would…..wait a minute is that Nancy Grace!?”

        [Cuts to clip of Nancy Grace saying:] “He went to his own bathroom mirror and saw Him-SELF DYING! As the blood was coming out his mouth and his nose!”

        [Cuts back to Jon Stewart looking horrified]

        Jon: Yes, all hail Nancy full of Grace. Wherever you hear gables and sobbing, court Elvira will be there. That’s not rouge you see on her cheeks, she draws youth and vitality from human tragedy. How do I know? Here she is before the Arias trial.

        [Cuts to side by side HILARIOUS picture of NG and corpse-like image of old lady]

        JS: If you think Nancy Grace’s description of the murder is gruesome, you should hear her explain math to her kids…

        Imitating NG: “In this equation 4 is BRUTALLY ripped away from 12, leaving what!!? A BLOODY stump of 8”


  46. I watched the whole interview with Jodi from Wednesday, not just the bits HelLN plays. Jodi was so sad. I wanted to go there, hug her, and tell her there are people who love her and are fighting for her freedom.

  47. This is for the eyes of the Travis family if you read you have been suckered to believe that Jodi Killed you brother Jodi love him would not hurt him she was willing to go to jail to protect him


    If you had a child that molested your kid would you not want to kill him and the way he was killed was bad looks like blood atonement to me where where they when you up your brother in the ground not with him his best friend yes I may be wrong but your wrong about JODI she is innocent of this crime and JM has done a lot to keep this evidence from you

  48. I still cant believe the judge did NOT sequester the jury..That was a HUGE error ..One I hope gets Jodi a mistrial

  49. Could we hire a private detective to track down Jodi’s gas can return? The money would go straight from here to the PI, and no one needs to know if we can’t turn up a return. We could start with the same Walmart that JA purchased from & have them look for any returns of the $12.98 or whatever it was. Maybe he could gain info on Grandpa’s gun also, maybe some other things.

    • they should have done that in 2008 when Flores arrested her the did nothing to investigate this said they did not have the money for it her family could not afford it the Hughes had lots of money to spend to get people to keep quite about what happened in the house lets not forget that Sky was on the phone to the police informing them of this and that and she was probably call on witness to say what she wanted them to say Sherlock Holmes need to look at the cell phone records that KN got form them bet that tells a story…. 😈

  50. Hi, SJ – Can you send me the vent site password? I like it here, but just in case, I’d like to check it out also. Thx, s2u

  51. I think the Mormon mafia killed TA and pinned it on Jodi. Told her to keep her mouth shut or her family would be harmed. She is tiny in size compared to TAs big girth. Just my 2 cents.

  52. i have been lurking on this website for some time now and i am very heartbroken on the I hope temporary verdict.Everyone around me was all “ya she got what she deserved” they all watched hln go figure. I dont even want to turn on the tv anymore because they still keep dragging jodi through the mud. keep strong Jodi. so we can get this verdict over turned.

  53. I think Jodi might have had some kind of breakdown yesterday when court was suddenly cancelled. Dr. Pewski says that it happens sometimes at that critical stage in the trial. I know I probably would.

    • I believe the bomb threat the courthouse received may have been responsible for canceling court yesterday although you could be right too Canada Carol.

      • Oh, I didn’t hear there was a bomb scare. I knew the fire trucks showed up but JVM said was for someone in a jury pool, but I’m sure those guys say things to throw the reporters off. Strange coincidences.

      • Joe normally I would agree but they would have cleared the building. The jury, and both family were in in the courtroom for two hours.

  54. Hello everyone!

    The amount of joy that so many people are taking from a very unjust and totally unfair murder conviction against Jodi has made me question everything about people. I’ve never been much of a people person and over the years I’ve become even less of a people person.
    A woman was used and abused by a pig masquerading as a religious man and the majority of people fell for his BS hook, line and sinker.

    Everywhere I’ve looked online and elsewhere has people taking their shots at Jodi.
    I still can’t believe that jury found no reasonable doubt of premeditated first degree murder. 5 of them actually went all the way to felony premeditated murder.
    This jury had their minds made my months ago. Watching HLN and not being sequestered is the stupidest thing and lying like MFers is all that jury was good for.

    I have no doubt that this jury will give Jodi death. The people out that way seem to enjoy killing people.

    • I agree, Joe. They will sentence her to death.

      I am beginning to think Juror #5 may have been doing her job and the other jurors had her thrown off.

      • I actually think juror #5 was pro-prosecution. The only reason they sold her out was because she got caught and they probably did not want an entire mistrial. They pretended her statements did not affect them, there were back up jurors. It was always guilty for all of them. They came in presuming guilt, not innocence.

      • Second, here. I think this is a hanging jury. They will give her the death penalty, but that gives her more legal options in her appeal. She may have lost a big battle, but she still hasn’t lost the war yet.

      • You may be right Renee. They would have hated having anyone from this site as a juror. If I had been on that jury we’d still be in deliberations or there would be a Mistrial by now. I never would’ve gone along with guilty of 1st or 2nd degree murder

        #5 may have been the one rebel among them.

  55. In Canada when something happens in the courts that is unfair or prejudiial, we can let it be known on mass with letters to various people, the Attorney General, the Prime Minister, etc. I don’t know what your system is but I had the thought that if someone has suggestions about bringing this travesty of justice on mass to light and could post who should get the letters, then that is a good way to support Jodi rather than letting the caset take its weird course completely. I am thinking about things like the jurors possibly with their electronic devices, the ME’s report etc. I am not thinking about tipping the hand of the prosecution whith anything that they don’t already have. Your thoughts please?

    • Especially if you are Mexican in a state that wants to stop people without a reason,based on ethnic makeup, & ask for ID.

      • I hope we don’t get political here…happens all the time on any MSN news story topic and on to politics! Don’t get me wrong, love ya Joe, but hate when that issue comes up!

  56. Mormon cult might be running the whole show. Putting all the blame on Little Jodi. Just doesn’t make sense. She adored that big oaf.

    • you’ve got that right and lets not forget the PPL and the roommates and the room that the Mormon men and woman go to on church

  57. The Mesa Mormon Cult and their political corruption is well documented on the internet.

    Also AG Eric Holder has been investigating the profiling of Mexican’s by Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio.

    And Mesa, AZ is a town originally settled by Mormon’s, their Temple is 2 miles from Taj Mahal (Maricopa County Courthouse, looks to be the fanciest County Courthouse in America). The more Radical Fundamentalist Mormon’s settled on the northern border between AZ & Utah. You can read about the Fundamentalist Mormon’s in the forward for the book “Escape”. Kind of explains the pedophile side of the Mormon Cult.

    And Maricopa County Sheriff (America’s toughest Sheriff he is affectionately known as) became a birther and assembled a posse to prove our beloved President Obama wasn’t an American citizen. No doubt to marginalize President Obama who was running against Mr 47% aka Mormon Priest Mitt Romney.

    And I did some reading on AZ Prison’s for profit. Might explain the Taj Mahal Courthouse in Mesa, AZ and the Sheriff building himself his very own new Taj Mahal Maricopa County Sheriff complex soon to be completed, during a depressed economy.

    Stay Strong – Keep Praying for all victims of DV and of course, stay classy 🙂

    • I have never gotten the whole “birther” thing anyway. If you read the Constitution, it just says that the Pres must be a citizen by birth (not necessarily on US soil), which he was, no matter where he was born. He is in no way beloved by me, but this crazy rabbit hole thing about Kenya is just way beyond me-and beyond the pale, like just about everything Arpaio does.

  58. The question of why the jury wasn’t sequestered seems to be a good one. The jury was bombarded with outside influences which kills the need for the jury to sanitized by those outside influences. I’m sure we’ll see that element in the appeal.

  59. OK for those looking for some glimmer.

    Like I don’t have a slug of real work to do. But I took some time to research what options Jodi has at this stage. Looks like AZ Rule 32 allows for a post-conviction relief filing with the trial court. Tow of the grounds on which this can be filed are

    1. Ineffective assistance of counsel
    2. Insufficient evidence to bolster the verdict.

    This is a pretty lengthy rule with lots of conditionals an case law, so a full perusal may take time but at first glance it seems like in a capital case it is mandatory for the judge to appoint counsel for an indigent defendant for a Rule 32 filing. That counsel may find no grounds for such a filing, but has to at least look at it. Also it is mandatory for the ineffective assistance of counsel claim to be first filed at the Rule 32 level prior to an appeal, else the appeals court will not accept it. Nurmi has already filed one motion for ineffective assistance of counsel, but another may be coming.

    Also the Insufficient evidence filing forces the judge to look at the case and determine whether the state met it’s burden of proof. Now the good thing here is that the judge, when she makes her ruling, unlike the jury, must put in writing the reasoning behind her argument. That then opens up other avenues.

    Let me explain. Appeals courts do not act as triers of fact, only as testers of whether there was judicial or prosecutorial error. If however, a Rule 32 claim is made on grounds of insufficient evidence, then the judge must justify the sufficiency of the evidence to support the verdict beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course in a majority of cases, the verdict can probably be upheld on the basis of the evidence, however I believe that this case may be different. If that is so, the judges ruling, on the sufficiency of the evidence may open the door for review by an appellate court. I doubt if Pickles would rule in Jodi’s favor, but firstly you never know, and secondly she will have to argue why this verdict is valid.

    This is an interesting possibility and should probably be looked at by folks on the defense.

    The issue of ineffective assistance of counsel is probably better argued by another lawyer, which may require the judge accepting JW and KN’s withdrawal from the case and having the PD’s office appoint new counsel, or possibly, due to existing conflicts of interest, some other counsel. May I be so bold as to suggest our buddy Vladimir Gagic. He seems to have some good arguments.

    So, if someone is willing to fight this there is another shot possible. And by the way Rule 32 hearings come complete with witnesses, evidence, evidentiary hearings and the like. It’s almost like a mini do-over, depending on what counsel raises and what the judge allows.

    So, depending on how much people want to fight this, I think there’s still some song left in the fat lady.

    • thanks Al for your research! You rock!

      I just wish I had money to help her with this.

      Poor Milke had to be locked up so many years before they overturned her conviction…

    • Wow you did a lot of work. This is such a stupid question. Do you think the judge could get in any trouble? I mean the whole world is watching her be a do-do head. That has to embarrass AZ in some way. Even people I don’t agree w are saying she has no control over the court room.

      • Not hardly. She is retained by election. If the folks of Maricopa county vote her out she is gone – but I remind you that’s the same county that keeps re-electing America’s Sheriff Joe Arapaio.

        She could get into trouble for any illegal or unethical activity, but unfortunately incompetence is neither illegal nor unethical.

        • I live in Maricopa County but I have to admit I’ve never paid much attention to who the judges were on the ballot. You can be sure I will from now on! And just so I can get it on the record: I hate Sheriff Joe’s guts. His treatment of people who have not even been to trial yet puts a whole new spin on “innocent until proven guilty.” But his philosophy (and that of the folks that vote him in) is “you shouldn’t have gotten arrested here in the first place and this persuade you to take your criminal activities elsewhere.” Like to your town…

          • Also, Al. I posted this further down the page but want to be sure you might see it.

            I was also thinking the best in-your-face for those haters would be a reversal in the appellate courts based on “lack of evidence”. And then I began wondering if such a reversal would warrant a new trial – or would that be double jeopardy since the appellate court would basically be saying that she should have been acquitted? Or would the acquittal just be on the M1 and she could be retried on the lesser charges? I’ve tried for find a definitive answer online but the messages I’m getting are mixed and confusing. Apparently it’s an issue that has made it all the way up to the Supreme Court. Do you know what the answers might be in this case?

            • Well, the first step would be for the existing defense team to file a motion with the court to set aside the verdict based on insufficient evidence. Assuming that has already been done (because it’s standard), the next step would be to present that issues (and probably others, such as ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, juror misconduct (i.e., juror No. 5 tainted the jury panel) etc.) on direct appeal.

              There are three possible remedies on appeal. First of all, the conviction would be reversed. The court could dismiss the charges at that point. Another remedy would be the granting of a new trial. The third remedy would be a remand back to the trial court with instructions on curing the error. That could be granting a new trial or reducing the sentence typically. Often, double jeopardy does attach for M1 and therefore, she would only be retried on lesser charges. But it depends on the circumstances and the appellate court’s ruling.

      • Hi D, have you received a nice warm welcome yet..if not let me be the first, Welcome. I did not know anything about the religion either but have done much reading and have learned enough to know I dont want any part of it. I am not sure I would even call it religion since they worship Joseph Smith. I hate to be the carrier of bad news but JS aint gittin u to heaven. I probably want be on much until later but hope to see you around, would be nice to have someone to chat with.

    • Isn’t Alan Dershowitz one of the nation’s top criminal appellate attorneys? I wish he would take on her appeal pro bono.

      • I think he’s gone kind of off the deep end these days, fighting for Israel militant government to continue to be oppressive, despite the fact that most Israeli citizens do not agree (definitely not the ones I am friends with anyway).

        • No, that was him. He and Gloria Allred (another traitor along with daughter Lisa Bloom) were discussing it all with Piers Morgan. You could tell both of them think she’s guilty as sin.

      • It would be great publicity for the lawyer AND it might set a precedent re media coverage and jury sequestering (is that the word?) Would certainly put HLN on trial unofficially.

      • She’s sounds wonderful! Jodi needs help. I think someone really brilliant is going to step up for her since this is such a high profile case.

        • I wonder if Geffner or ALV would be able to help with finding some amazing pro-bono attorney, although I did think KN & JW did a good job. I think the Boston Bomber gal is going to be tied up for awhile & wouldn’t have the time to represent Jodi.

        • I ask because if she’s not licensed in AZ, they may have a rule where an attorney from another state can practice there temporarily under the supervision of an AZ licensed attorney, but a lot of lawyers don’t want to do that.

    • Al, with all due respect, I think you’ve misunderstood that rule a bit. It’s a bit of a tricky rule.

      First of all, a PCR (aka Rule 32) and a direct appeal are different forms of action which can include different issues. Because Jodi was tried and convicted, she has the right to file a direct appeal, regardless of her ultimate sentence. (If she had accepted a plea, her only option would be a PCR. Of course, if she gets the death penalty, it will result in an automatic appeal to the AZ Supreme Court.)

      But, a defendant can NOT obtain PCR relief if she didn’t raise the issue on appeal or in a motion for a new trial already. (I assume the defense has already filed a motion to set aside the verdict and asked for a new trial which are standard, but I highly doubt they have raised ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC). If the trial court or the appellate court are still able to consider the matter, it can’t be raised in a PCR petition. So, the direct appeal MUST come FIRST. Whether or not the direct appeal is denied, she can still file a PCR. But, if the appellate court has ruled on the issues, then they cannot be raised on PCR petition.

      PCR is one route often used for IAC, but it’s more commonly used in plea deals, where there is NO other option. However, please note that it’s extremely difficult to prove IAC in a PCR and the vast majority of cases are denied WITHOUT even being granted an evidentiary hearing granted at all. The trial and sentencing judge (i.e., Pickles) must believe there is sufficient cause to warrant a hearing, and that doesn’t often happen with IAC.

      The standard of proof for IAC is very high. The defendant must not only show that her attorneys were ineffective, but ALSO PROVE that the outcome would have been different if the attorneys had presented a different strategy/different witnesses. In this case, Jodi would have to argue something along the lines of “I wanted this witness and this evidence presented, but my counsel disagreed and neglected to put them on. If they had testified to blah blah blah, the outcome would certainly have been different.” Again, remember, she would have to PROVE that the attorneys made an egregious error and that the outcome would have been different, and in order for a hearing to even be granted, she would have to present sufficient cause for her argument in her PCR petition.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: There have been PCR petitions that were denied even though the attorneys slept though half of the prosecutor’s testimony, because the defendant was unable to prove it affected the outcome.

      You are correct that the court would appoint a PCR attorney to her case. But it’s unlikely Nurmi and Willmott would be particularly cooperative. Attorneys usually aren’t in IAC issues. They can’t represent her in a PCR for IAC, but she can insist that they file a PCR for her. That’s not usually a good idea. Numi’s motion filed during the trial has nothing to do with PCR (which means post-conviction relief). Jodi could not even use anything from that motion in a PCR for IAC anyway because there’s nothing in it where Nurmi admits the defense team made an egregious error.

      Depending on the sentence Jodi receives, another avenue under PCR would be for a sentence reduction — assuming that the Judge sets her sentence, not the jury (as would be the case if it’s the death penalty). The grounds for sentence reduction could range from the sentence being unconstitutional (in the US or in AZ) or that it exceeds the maximum (doubtful), or that there are newly discovered material facts which would have changed the verdict.

      I have never heard of insufficient evidence being grounds for PCR. However, that would be an issue for a direct appeal.

      I should say also that if Jodi receives the death penalty, the clerk of the Supreme Court file a notice for PCR if the direct appeal is affirmed (in other words, if the Supreme Court finds against Jodi in her appeal).

      One of the biggest drawbacks with PCRs on IAC is that if an issue is raised and ruled on, it can not then be raised again in a subsequent petition or in any appeal, and vice versa.

      One good thing I learned about PCR in AZ is that transcripts are paid for by the county in the case of an indigent defendant such as Jodi.

      Also, in case I wasn’t clear above, PCR is NOT the only avenue for Jodi to pursue IAC. She can also present that as an issue on a direct appeal, and in fact, that would really be the best avenue, and should be done first, because PCRs are decided by the trial judge (unless the judge’s testimony is relevant to the PCR issues); whereas a direct appeal involves a whole different set of judges on a panel.

  60. Gooooooodmorning everyone and thanks SJ for another great post. I think ill make the body beg picture as my SCREENSAVER!

    And lets also NOT forget, that this picture should be a WARNING to not only the self righteous basterards that think they can abuse women and get away with it BUT ALSO use CHILDREN for sexual gratification (even if its just thinking about it)!

  61. OK Jodi is at a different jail Since Wednesday night. She is on suicide watch. She has strep down and has one of those paper gown.s on. she’s only giving finger food her cell is open so they can keep a 24/7 watching her.

    I know her mom was able to see her on Wednesday night. What changed yesterday? If they knew about this Wed. night why wasn’t court canceled earlier.

      • It’s not any difference then what happened on any psyck Ward. She’s on suicide watch. You can’t say you want to die without anyone questioning you. I would rather see her there then in jail with no one is watching her. The fact that she still there is not good.

    • This is absolutely horrible! I just want to hug Jodi. This is a total miscarriage of justice! The jury must be salivating to sentence her to death. This is a setback for domestic abuse victims everywhere. =((((

  62. Wow, I just finished watching a show about Mormons. I’ve never learned anything about them before. I’m Catholic and I’ve always been interested in different religions, but never learned about Mormons. It’s almost like a business. It’s crazy that you can get kicked out of your religion. Well, you can be asked to leave an Amish community too and I respect the Amish. There’s so much secrecy. I mean I know we can’t all walk into the Vatican and be like hey what’s up Pope Francis? So there’s a certain secrecy in every religion but non Catholics can go to a Catholic wedding. They believe in the Bible, but not the way Catholics do. I’ve never heard of levels of Heaven you can get into according to your marriage status. Jesus said there is no marriage in Heaven. We went through some of this in Bible study. I’m sure there are good people who are Mormons. But the show didn’t really make it look all that good. It was a little biased.

    • My Uncle is so nice to people when they knock on the door and want to talk about their religion. I’m going to get rid of them. Normally I’m a total sucker. If you call me, I’ll take your poll, if you knock I’ll take your pamphlet and talk to you. I feel bad and don’t want to be mean. But I’m going to be like no sorry, practicing Catholic here and don’t plan to stop.

      • Ever seen the movie “Bad Santa”? A neighbor comes to the door at Xmas time and asks to bad Santa ( who is crashing at the house) if it’s okay to put up lights on the sidewalk in front of the house to light up the whole street, and bad Santa says “no, we’re moslems here, get lost”. That’s the way I feel right now if any one wants to peddle their cult at my door.

    • I am not advocating for anyone to act this way.

      I have a friend who got so tired of the door knocking Mormon’s & Jehovah Witness people, he started answering his door naked. And he said ‘They never come back’.

      My friend is a crazy Canadian so I have no doubt he is capable.

      I always laugh when I think about him actually doing it. No doubt it’s ‘indecent exposure’ and I don’t advocate anyone do it.

      • Oh my gosh! That is awesome!!!!!!! I would never have the guts to do that!!!!!!! Maybe I should think of really crazy questions to ask them to really throw them off their game!

      • Hahaha I have a friend who did that too! He said it worked exceptionally well. He stood there with his legs spread, rocking from side to side a bit and as he called it “swinging dick”. They ran away sooooo fast.