Free Speech, Death Threats & Prohibited Reproduction

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The majority of the ever clueless media always appear to be wheeling out BS excuses for the haters. They say that people are “entitled to their opinion”… and they have “the right to free speech”.

We wouldn’t argue with that under normal circumstances. Yes, everyone IS entitled to their opinion… and everyone DOES have the right to free speech. But the fact is… making death threats and attempting to destroy people’s careers & livelihoods does not fall into EITHER of those categories. And when the Travis Taliban (via Facebook) actively assists and encourages such activity against trial witnesses, well, it’s just turns it all into a farce.

Check out this video from earlier in the week. It relates to the ongoing death threats, abuse & online attacks Alyce LaViolette is currently receiving…

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Quote from USA Today:  (click here for the full article)

The tweets and other social media posts began appearing by the next week. “You can show your disgust with LaViolette,” they began, and they posted her office phone number and her website, and they suggested that people write negative reviews of her bestselling book on

As of Tuesday, there were more than 500 of them, panning the book and calling LaViolette a fraud and a disgrace.

People also were calling the organizations that had booked her for speaking engagements, trying to persuade them to fire her. Legal observers are not certain if it constitutes witness tampering, slander, or just an expression of free speech.

“It’s the electronic version of a lynch mob,” said retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Fields. But it is probably a taste of a future to come.

Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer and professor of journalism at Columbia University, said he had never seen anything like the attack on LaViolette.

“This is a logical extension of witness intimidation, taken to an extreme conclusion,” he said. But he believes we will see it again. “I imagine this is going to be standard operating procedure in prominent cases,” he said.

And here’s further proof of the media’s attempts to stir up the haters.

The screenshot from HLN below says – “LAVIOLETTE IN THE CROSSHAIRS”

LaViolette In The Crosshairs - HLN

To class it as Alyce LaViolette “feeling the social media’s heat” is a gross understatement if you ask me. “Cyber-bullying by the digital lynch mob” would be a far better description.

And with that sort of behavior currently rampant and increasing in ferocity, I just hope none of the haters have any kids or pets. If they do, then we can only guess at the respective state they’d be in. Jeez.

In fact… and I’m just putting this out there for general discussion… there should really be a concerted effort to strictly prohibit any of the haters from reproducing. The offer of a free Xbox should easily tempt them. Not only will it be doing society in general a huge favor, but it’ll also lighten the future welfare burden for the country to boot… rid the world of their potential garbage… and overall make the world a safer place — but I digress…

Moving forwards, and with the trial running for at least another few weeks, be sure to post below to let everyone know how YOU are planning to celebrate on Verdict day.

You see, we are in a NO LOSE position here. Seriously. The M1/DP verdict (as craved by the Taliban retards) has never realistically been on the table from the get go – so we can forget that BS. That ultimately means that WE will be the only ones celebrating – hence my question.

We’ll have to wait and see how the finer points of Bobble-head Judge Pickles final instructions to the jury play out… but IF — (and it’s a really big if) — the jury are not instructed on m2 or manslaughter, then Jodi will be acquitted – just like Casey.

If that turns out not to be the case, then that’s cool too. Why? Because Team Jodi have a truly outstanding chance of blitzing an alternate verdict via the Appellate courts… aided to a massive degree by the countless mistrial motions duly filed in lieu of Martinez’ & Co’s ongoing & very far reaching acts of well documented prosecutorial misconduct, deception & stupidity.

So like I say… it really is WIN-WIN for Team Jodi… and… well… it’s LOSE-LOSE for the clueless Taliban loser retards and their delusional pedo-hugging counterparts.

Now ain’t THAT the truth :mrgreen:


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare to celebrate the fact.

Leave your comments below – and don’t hold back whatever you do.

Have an awesome weekend!

Team Jodi

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  1. Oh, but these same people get wild and mad when teenagers harass and bully teens on the internet. And when one of these teens can’t take it anymore and commit suicide they are all up in arms, and they are so damn self righteous and ignorant they don’t even realize they are doing the same thing. I know Alyce is a strong woman, but even a strong person can get mentally and physically ill from such organized hatred. What would they do if Alyce had a heart attack or something else from all this? I don’t even know why I posed that question, I already know, they would cheer and feel they accomplished something huge. Just wish they would go about their pathetic, unimportant lives and deal with their and their families issues, but then that just isn’t any fun.

    • I agree with you Leah,the situation has been played out as hate crimes towards the defences witnesses,It is sad that they can spew their vile threats out and nobody will take action,yet soon as one thing about Jodi comes about,it is played out to the limit.Its okay for them to put pictures of her hanging on the net or threaten her,but her defence cant rightly defend her,The judge is biased towards the prosecution with her behavior.The one thing I would like to point out is if you had seen an article from Canada where I live,a 17 year old girl was raped by 4 boys 18 months ago and then she committed suicide last week.The police did nothing to these boys and closed their investigation saying that they could not substanciate any evidence towards them,This is a huge miscarriage of justice,this young girl died because she was bullied and shamed by her peers,this same thing has been going on in this trial.The Media is to blame here,they have sensationalized this trial and have whipped up the ignorant masses into a frenzie that all they want to do is see Jodi die,how sad for humanity,I am ashamed to admit that I belong to the human race,but I use my brain and look at things from both sides,I block out all the BS and determine the truth myself,God bless Jodi and hope she is a free woman soon.

      • So horribly true. We can only hope that something good will come out of this for victims of abuse. Right now, because of the f#%king media, victims of abuse become victims of the media. This needs to be addressed by law.

        • The idiots in the media can’t see that they are at fault here. I think each trial they try and see how far that they can go AND with this trial they have had no limits.
          Enjoy yourselves BULLIES!!

          • I worry that Jodi will still commit suicide if she is freed on self-defense. I don’t know how anyone can handle the assault that she has dealt with so far from the media & cyber bullys.

    • I’ll tell you what they would do if ALV had a heart attack:

      I believe there would be 4 group responses;

      1) The most prevalent comments would be “too bad, but that is what happens when god catches up to you”- or some other bible thumper BS.

      2) #1 would be followed closely by the “too bad, but that’s what happens when your conscious catches up with you”

      3) And probably the most disturbing would be the “Good, i hate that bitch” type responses

      4) Finally we would have the real bastards; they would make this the fault of Jodi “yet another victim from the JODI ARIAS trial”.

      The key here is that ZERo, notta, ziltch, none of them would say the haters are responsible for her being ill.

      • Sirlips,

        what ever happened with contacting defense about comments made on here and then from jury???

        ever here anything??

        • sro606 be carefull what you say HLN got ahold of what I said and used it Hail Mary Nancy Grace she dispicable

          • HLN is not reporting the facts in a factual manner on TV. Every time they pause they project that the prosecution is winning which is pure speculation. Just the tone of the network is creating a rage toward the defense team. Anyone that says anything nice about Arias gets cut off, hung up on, and insulted. Nancy Grace is probably the worst about this. I watched how she handled Arias’ best friend. Seething at her the whole time. I don’t consider Grace a journalist. She’s someone who likes to prosecute people on cable TV with no checks and balances. HLN is reporting this case like it’s some kind of sporting event. The state allowed cameras in the court room and then speaks about how they can’t control social media. This could be compared to the zookeeper opening the door to the bear cage. Then the bear mames a whole family and the zookeeper says he couldn’t control the bear. The US Constitution allows every citizen the right to a defense. People are complaining about the amount of money the state is pouring into Arias’ defense. The defense tried to plea out with 2nd degree murder which would have been more appropriate for the states evidence. But the state chose to spend a fat wad of cash to prosecute her for 1st Degree Murder. It is the state that is bringing the charges like a rabid dog, So the state is responsible to afford the right of the defendant an opportunity for a defense. And the people that are hating on the defense team need to keep in mind, you could end up at the defendant’s table one day because of a bad choice and want people on your side. Especially if you have been overcharged on a circumstantial case and get the privilege of being the meal ticket said news network. This shit Reminds me of the Running Man. Is that what it’s leading to? If she is found not guilty she will never be free anyway because the civil suits are next. And you don’t get court appointed council for that. So she is fucked for life. Both families ultimately lose. Trimming off the fat; Did she kill him? Yes. Was it violent? Yes. Was it planned? There is reasonable doubt.

    • I agree. Most of those bullies probably get up and go to church on Sunday morning!

      Sadly, the popular people are usually the ones that make fun of everyone.

        • LOL I knew I was first and was so upset I just kept rattling. I have followed the Canadian case with the young girl who committed suicide, and was glad to read Anonymous is involved, just like they were with Stubenville.

          • I was too Leah, and now the RCMP have reopened the case and are investigating. It should not have taken an uprising of angry people and Anonymous to get involved to make this happen. It should have been done without being shamed into doing it.

    • Leah,

      I’m not so sure if some of the bullies care about their kids being bullied. i think they may be raising bullies. Case in point – my sons ride BMX bikes. When some of the children lose a race, their parents yell at them in front of everyone saying things like, ” we paid all this money for you to race and you lose ranting and raving!” Their children often attempt to bully others by calling them losers before the race.

      These same kids, sometimes, as young a five, go home sobbing. I wonder if these are the same parents who think it’s also okay to bully on the internet?

      A parent at my childrens’ school said, ” I hope you beat him until he’s black to his child. He’s child is known bully. I can’t imagine his parent acting any different online.

      I do agree that the many of the women who bully have projection issues having to do with their own lives, or pent up anger that needs to be released somewhere so they act out online and probably are the same parents who oppose bullying of children. Maybe because they don’t see their own behavior as bullying.

      I think bullying and mobbing via the web needs to be studied more.

      • Yes, it would be a good sociology study. I find it very interesting how people are reacting to this trial, ie someone with code name NY_DEM (by that name choice, someone I would expect to have moderation) on huff post who wasn’t generally in favor of the DP, but was for Jodi. The crazy groupthink was affecting who this woman was and what she believed in in a very creepy way.

        Anyway, this is a fantastic book on the development of criminals, & there is loads of info on how some parents bully their kids & encourage them to bully others: ‘The creation of dangerous violent criminals’, by Lonnie Athens. It is a short book, but it is chock full of valuable info. It is not for the faint of heart, tho, the stories are rough. Last I checked, Athens teaches at Seton Hall Univ. in NJ, he has been a very underappreciated criminologist because of his unorthodox methods & upsetting of the apple cart of old ideas of studying the development of criminal behavior. I think a lot of what he discusses is relevant to the haters behavior, even if not at the level he discusses, it is the same process of passing down hate.

    • I just read SJ’s article but went to the “full article” site that was quoted. At the end it had all the FB hater posters & I replied to a few of them! I get upset with all of these blind people that its hard to express my feelings on every subject concerning Alyce. I did what I could.

    • It’s these same people that most likely made light of and made fun of the shooting in Newtown, Conn… They are animals, barbarians, that are not fit for society…

    • I went to amazon and sent them an e-mailing urging them to close their comment section on her book but they refused due to all that harassment not dropping below their guidelines.. So when is harassment and cyber bullying all of a sudden illegal? Isn’t this what they put laws set forth cause of children committing suicide in the past? All of a sudden it’s all legal again.. Makes me wonder..

    • There are legal precedents already set in Arizona for threatening a prosecution witness with a death threat(s) via social media. They got 7 years in prison for witness tampering. And yet there is noting the court or DA can do if it is a defense witness? Bull pucky …they don’t want to do anything. Then Jodi’s defense team needs to suck it up and get off the cameras themselves. The defense side has great grounds for now requesting the cameras be removed from the court with endless, blatant examples of why this is damaging their case and their witnesses. They need to withdraw their consent to have cameras as cameras can only come in to an Arizona trial if both defense and prosecution agree to have them. Withdraw the darn consent!!! It isn’t going to save LaViolette, but it will punish the media who are fanning the flames of the social media lynch mob. The “haters” appear to be young, with little life experience and no common sense or self restraint. Not all of them, but the majority seem to fall into that category by following their online accounts. They need very little encourage to become out of control (as society is already seeing with teen cyber bullying) and the media, especially HLN is very purposefully fanning that trial by public opinion (and very slanted opinion) for their ratings boost. Take out the camera. Make a statement for other trials in the future. If the media can’t be responsible, they don’t need to have their cameras there. That hits their pocket books via their sponsors..and that is the only thing that pulls this “future” courtroom train wreck of justice and dignity back to some controllable place. It will also send a message to judges that if you can’t control your courtroom or prosecutor then YOU don’t need to be on TV either.

      • From your finger tips on the keyboard to God’s ears! One of the best posts I have ever seen about this trial. I would happily miss out on the rest of the trial if they would remove the cameras at this point, sadly, I am certain it is to late for Ms. LaViolette even if they are removed now. I just hope and pray that she is as strong and wise as I perceive her to be and that she knows this will all go away when the 15 mins are up. Any woman that can be in the field she is in, for as many years as she has been in it, is now wilting flower. However, I feel that it would at the very least send a message to this Judge and save some of what little fairness seems to be left in this trial. I am still absolutely amazed that this Judge has refused to sequester this jury. Just amazed!!!!!

        but all that aside…thank goodness for the wisdom of people like you!

      • one more note while I am thinking on it, we all have a responsibility to post as many positive comments on amazon, youtube and anywhere else the hate is being spread. I have not come across specific info about where I can find anything other than those two places. If anyone else can point me to any other places where positive comments need to be input…please let me know!

  2. SJ

    I think we need to understand these mobs. They are being incited by HLN news for financial gain.

    My theme is “Poor choices and violent acts are invariably the result of mistaken beliefs or the loss of rationality, whether from anger or fear”.

    The haters are effectively being abused, by being mislead by sensationalised and deliberately slanted “news” coverage.

    I don’t blame the haters, I do blame the executives at ABC News and CNN-HLN Network/Turner.

    I think they have a moral responsibility, and they need to be called out on it.

    I think they need to be made financially responsible for the mental havoc they are wreaking on their viewers.

    If they have to pay for the ensuing psychiatric bills, maybe they will think twice?

    • “I don’t blame the haters, ”

      Oh, I fully blame the haters. They can make the choice to not behave in that manner regardless of what they are watching on tv….although I bet a few of them can’t because they only have 2 brain cells.

      The only issue I take with what you are saying is that is sort of like saying gangs of men who rape are not responsible for their actions because of the environment. This is rape of Alyce by social media gangs.

      I agree, HLN should be held financially responsible.

        • Maybe there should be criminal charges for witness tampering too. I don’t know, I’m not an attorney, but it seems to me that what they’re doing is criminal.

          • I found out that there’s nothing Judge Stephens’ court can do about the public. But I’ll bet, in retrospect, she wishes she never allowed cameras.

          • For everything that is happening to both doctors – it IS intimidation. The only reason no charges can be brought is because this assholes are not being paid by the prosecution. So – apparently, leaking garbage to the media in order to incite hate so these lowlife ass wipes can intimidate witnesses is legal and part of AZ prosecution strategy.

      • Yeah, I blame them too. Their over-investment in this trial, to the point where they harass witnesses with death threats, is insane. HLN fuels the fire but the haters seem to be inherently mean.

        I wish I could give Alyce a big hug. I feel so sorry for her.

      • I think that Stanley Milgram should be required reading in college. Wait- most of those people probably can’t read much over 40 characters at a time. Never mind. #Hopeless

      • Bee Cee ,

        Agree. HLN is helping but when does the hater become responsible for their own actions? We handle the media reports without losing our darn minds! Isn’t it the haters who are calling for people to be responsible for their actions such as jodi? And AL? The hypocrisy is rich with them.

      • Oh! SURE!!
        Don’t blame the haters??? DO WHAT?
        And each hater flames more hate.

        We’re supposed to not blame them because they are sheep??
        Brain dead???
        We all have a mind to use.
        In fact it’s a dangerous thing NOT to use it.

        Scary to think 90% of people believe that way!

        • “And each hater flames more hate.”

          “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~Buddha

          I would say it is just as powerful of a statement for it’s truth to change ‘Happiness’ to Hatred.

    • geebee2 went to the site you mentioned the one with court mins and was poking around because i dont know what im doing but i did get to the letters excluded page and hit the link above and it took me to the flores report ca20081610844 so this is what the jury get not the one about the insident report at this site if so that is the reason the jury wanted more information about the room mates and of on the stand he tell them one was a work and the other at his girlfriends and that it. If the jury can not see the big picture then how in the hell can jodi be saved for the DP she knew she could not fight the PPL MORONs so she the the next best thing said she did it to protect her family and her self and hope that maybe a lawyer could save her for flores and JM but now we have the hate comming from the TV and INTERNET ….


      • Tonya
        We have to understand that the jury do not get to see everything we can see. In this case, the letters have been excluded from evidence (rightly or wrongly – we just have to accept what the judge ruled).

        This does mean that Jodi’s “allegations” of Travis’ sexual fantasies are not as well corroborated as they might be. There is still corroboration – the boy spiderman stuff, the sex tape, etc,etc.

        That’s one thing.

        But when fighting HLN mis-information and the Hughes, we can use all the material at our disposal. They have said Jodi forged those letters. When you look at the court documents, it’s easy to see this is a lie.

        So you can see that there are two battles going on – the battle in court, and the battle for public opinion (which is heavily influenced by the HLN trash ).

        The problem is that with an unsequested jury, public opinion can easily effect the jury.

        So you cannot afford to ignore public opinion, in my view.

        I’m also starting to wonder if there is something a bit more organised and dirty going on that jurors simply not following the rules. But it’s necessary not to be too paranoid. This is really up to Jodi’s legal team to sort out, and Monday 11am may see some action on that front!

        • THANKS for the information i was confused about the oter link at the top of the letter excluded the report ca20081610844 but you have explain that too good job try to do that there I just dont have computer knowledge can only click it open and read what is on the right side or click the mins but its good

        • No you aren’t being paranoid IMO. I’m not prone to paranoia and I think tampering could be a very real issue.

          Fact – jurors did not have to reveal religious affiliation.

          Fact – there is a large Mormon population who wield power and control in AZ.

          Fact – church doctrine dictates the church comes before all, even govt.

          Fact – should a juror be LDS they can seek counsel about jury duty through the church without it being revealed. And why wouldn’t they? The LDS faith is the undercurrent running throughout this trial. As much as the media plays it down, the undercurrent still exists.

          Fact – Bishops can act as they see fit as they are messengers from God and could approach a juror should a juror reveal they are one and if they are in the church and attending regularly, how can the church NOT know? Where would the church members think the person is all day long who was always available before?

          I think it would naive to assume that a juror at this point hasn’t seen coverage, talked to someone about it, or even sought counsel through the church at this point.

            • What do you think someone is envading there privicy by monituring there activity at home i dout it they dont have the money to make them all say away for the media

            • Many are on AMAZON they have money so its not that they are a huge Religion its just that they wield power in Arizona especially certain areas. They are Masonic which really is that if they can control the Money they control the world or hope to all Masonic groups function like that. They are very money minded and Some of the people I am sure are nice but the Cult is dangerous because its very Shallow and Brainwashing, in the Hearst Trial a Margaret Singer a Cult expert was brought in to explain Patty Hearst being brain washed,
              Bailey argued that she had been coerced or intimidated into taking part in the bank robbery. However, she refused to give evidence against the other captured SLA members. This was seen as complicity by the prosecution team. Some of the marks of Mormon Cult are brainwashing, the rage we see is similar to the KKK Cult, Absolutes, Like with Alyce she is wrong bad horrible obsession with their IQs , many of them profess to have high iqs narcissistic disturbance, elitist mentality, They keep members very busy with group activities, love bombing worshiping of a leader, i:e Jodi Travis, cannot speak out against the Group LDS unlike a Normal Religion will shun you if you leave the cult, so many do not want to lose friends family etc. Absolutes which is not in line with Christ Teaching, obsession with purity, When any of the signs described above appear in someone you love act quickly. Cult recruitment does not take long. The remedy in the early stages is quite effective. However, when the recruit is baptized, or makes formal his membership, the odds of rescue are poor. they target certain people, Travis was definitely a Cult Leader to Jodi, That is why people see her as being emotionally vacant but to me its obvious that her problems lay in being brainwashed, some people are very susceptible.


              • Why do masons have to be bad. I have a friend whose a mason. He explained a lot to me. He is not evil nor does he have money nor is he brainwashed. I don’t understand why people have problems with masons.

    • I like your post for today and I totally agree with you. They can forget about M1 already. I think these jurors are not focus on that at all. But, like you said, this is a Win-Win situation. They can always appeal the final verdict because of mistrial. I don’t think we should care to much about what the haters have to say. Pretty soon they’ll find someone else to release their anger, but we are going to be celebrating our victory.

      • It is insane to think that these jurors haven’t watched HLN or discussed this trial from day 1!!!! I see a mistrial or hung duty coming, Jodi’s rights are totally being violated in this circus!!

  3. To this day I still don’t know how George and Cindy Anthony are still standing, how one didn’t have a heart attack is beyond me. That was horrendous as well….

    • You are very welcome BeeCee!

      Note: I’m just starting to work on the wikipedia wiki.
      This is a bit of a delicate job, so I’m treading carefully.
      At the moment I’m kind of probing for signs of any resistance.
      It may not prove to be feasible.

      In the case of Amanda Knox, the wiki war got pretty ugly, and evenutally the wikipedia founders had to step in to sort things out, basically the article had to be re-written by a trusted person within the wikipedia setup.

      The good thing in Jodi’s case is that we have really good solid source material to work from. The only slight problem is there is so much of it, the trial is very long!

      • Yes thank you also geebee2 😉

        I read your wiki also but do not understand if there is a place to comment
        I can’t find it. But wanted you to know it is a awesome read.

        • On each page, in thje top right corner, next to where it says “Edit”, there is a little “comment” button, with the number of comments so far (usually zero.

    • me too found stuff there that was very interesting the flores report letter excluded and the link in comparison to the insident report flores has here on this site the jury does not have a clue to what is really going on and has made every effort to hide the truth the crime seen was left unpertected for 5 days who know what was done in 5 days

  4. Ok, looking at Phillip’s comment yesterday about the precision of the chest wound between the ribs…

    What does anyone think about Travis owing loan sharks money since SH would not loan him more money?

    Is there such a thing in Mesa? I am naive about these things…there are such groups that loan money right? I guess Las Vegas isn’t that far and they have people who loan money like that?

    • good point there had to of been someone that knew all about him and someone could have done him in cleaned up evidence of that the house was open for 5 days any one could have changed the seen to fit the jodi did it they where screaming that the moment the cops arrived

    • I still think it is the ritual so Travis could go to heaven without that neck
      wound an the puncture to the heart he could not go to the Mormon thinking
      of their heaven which is in levels just like their church is. It was blood
      spilled for the Lord. But I guess criminals if they knew the ritual could make
      sure it looked that way also knowing it was a Mormon Mesa community

      • That’s the theory I think makes most sense, Rhonda. Just too much evidence that points in that direction, too little evidence that Jodi did it all and too many shenanigans going untouched in the courtroom.

        • cindyp,
          I totally agree with your statement.
          It looks so much more like someone other then

          I believe I heard in the very beginning , she said that she didn’t do it,
          but she didn’t have an alibi.
          I still am drawn to this because none of the others make sense
          and it really looks like a set up.

          I still can’t get by the 5 days no one went to his home.
          And the roomates being there.

          • Hi Aly – I don’t know if you will look back at this day (it’s already 14th) but just in case – check out false confessions dot org. Jodi’s confession has a lot of similarities to a false confession; original story of other intruders, detective coercing until he gets the answer HE wants followed by an ‘okay’ from the suspect (instead of absolute ‘yes, i did it’), large gaps of memory, her story is ‘formed’ according to what the detective wants/says, etc. If you listen, she NEVER says how the entire story played out and this has not changed in years.

      • know what is even more conserning is his ring and phone on the kitchen counter that phone must have rang and rang and i cant see how the roommates did not hear it … the ring the one that travis never removed from his finger that too is disterbing sounds of someone religious to me and do see jodi doing it if she killed him she would be to busy trying to get the hell out of there or that is what I would do

        • It is odd that the roommates didn’t respond to any of these out of place items, the dog left to fend for himself, nor the smell.

            • seek,
              phone and keys?
              It is strange ( another one ) that the roommates didn’t notice the phone. Everyone takes their phoe with them and especially out of town.
              Zach Billings on the 911 call still sounds weird : to disptcher, yeah he’s dead!????
              Do you remember if the dispatcher ask who was dead, what was his name>

              Also they all passed by the washer and dryer??
              Didn’t the washer look like it had blood on it. At least I think I saw a picture with the washer and dryer, was that blood on it.

              Also, all 5 of them in the house have different stories.

              And at one point Jodi said to the police you should ask the roommate.

              This trial is not a real trial, it’s a joke and Jodi’s in the middle of it. If I ws on the jury, I couldn’t find her guilty.
              This is all a sham.

              Also it smelled like th dog had an accident????
              5 days, a decomposed body and blood really smells!
              This is nuts!

      • What was the involvement with tTavis and Ashley Reed Thompson I know she was suspicious of her ex Husband, My problem with this case is I have a hard time believing she did it. In the beginning the Jurors asked if They questioned the roomates and the commentary was are they listening Jodi did it but they were skeptical and Greta on FOX said something with Furhman I think she said its highly unlikely she did it. I thought that was strange since Greta was a Lawyer and a good one.the whole story is weird.

  5. The judge needs to ask herself how she would react and rule if this witness intimidation was perpetuated against a witness for the state rather than a witness for the defense. She needs to remember that she is required to remain unbiased regardless of the popularity of the defendant or witness. She needs to remember that her allowing this behavior to continue (including JM’s abuse and harassment of witnesses) jeopardizes JA’s right to a fair trial and jeopardizes future defendants from obtaining adequate representation and adequate witnesses.

      • may be her head does that because she already know jodi is not getting a fair trial and is just letting it continue

    • But the Judge herself is Biased you can see her roll her eyes
      an take deep breaths an pierce her lips as though she is disgusted
      reading the questions from the Jury. She also many times looks
      directly at JM an FLORES an looks up after a question like she
      is saying OMG!

      She absolutely hates having to reread a question that is
      very obvious. The JURY can see this just as I can. An
      they can see even more facial looks no wonder she does
      not care about the ALEXANDER”S dramatic faces an looking
      over to the JURY to make sure they seen them do it.

      The whole thing is OUT OF CONTROL ! an biased no way
      she can get a FAIR TRIAL unless there are others that think
      like I DO or WE DO on that JURY. Praying daily there is ♥

  6. I am greatly concerned by that way that Jodi has not been entitled to a FAIR TRIAL. Idiots in the social media have mobbed her and her witnesses making it at this point impossible for her to get a fair judgement. This should not be allowed. I hope that she is able to het a new trial and that the TV cameras aren’t allowed to see & hear what is going on the courtroom. Justice for Jodi!

    • I hate to say it, but in my opinion this starts in the court. This trial has spun out of control from the beginning on. The Judge has allowed so many glitches and sports like the contest they seem to have in eyeballrolling and ribonwearing. If they can get away with it in court why not in the social media and massmedia ?……
      I think lot of people think they just can get away with this behavior ,JM is playing a perfect role model here, he is the one who gets to act, most of the time, however he pleases, in this courtroom. &Maybe they even suffer from some sort of distorted perception and think they have a lead role in a soap opera fabricated especially for them and are therefore entitled to play the role of Judge in the biblical sense.
      I have no idea what makes people believe it is ok to wish ill upon someone else, I do understand someone gets upset, gets frustrated even throwing a rant or tantrum but this is far beyond.
      I hope my post makes sense, since my brain has not sorted it out completely yet,its working like mad trying to understand ………..

      • “I think lot of people think they just can get away with this behavior” The sad reality is that they are getting away with it because authorities are calling it ‘freedom of speech.’ Yet – if children or teens did this it would be called cyber bullying and they may even get arrested. The double standards are in full force, here.

        • I remember some where that a teen posted some bad stuff about another child and they commited suside over it that all i remember

  7. How can this not be witness tampering? Even TA’s family (who are sitting right there in that court room) are advocating the destruction of Ms. LaViolette’s career? They are posting links on their Facebook pages asking people to sign the petition to have her removed from speaking engagements? While she was testifying?

      • Wow. I didn’t know TAs family was active in signing those petitions. The sister that is a cop should know better. It sure sounds like witness tampering to me! I’d love to know what a lawyer thinks.

        • Isn’t it enough that they’re working so hard to have Jodi put to death? Is their rage and hatred so great that they have to threaten witnesses too?

        • WTH is this about, perjury and contempt of court? The foaming at the mouth group are talking about this. Would talking to one of Travis’ sisters be contempt of court? Why couldn’t that just be left alone, I’m sure Alyce didn’t say anything mean? If I was the sister I would leave it alone, would just want the trial done and all this is doing is extending it. And seriously, how many people get charged with perjury? Can this get any worse, shouldn’t even say that. I read somewhere that Samantha is no longer a cop, have no idea if this is true or not. Who is the one sister that has been in the courtroom that wears a flower in her hair? Not that it’s important, she just bothers me for some reason.

          • No. This is most likely about the organized attempt by the thugs to intimidate ALV and destroy her career via cyberspace and traditional media.

    • I felt sympathy for the family for a long while – but I think they’re just milking this now. They seem to be enjoying the publicity, ass-kissing from the haters, and donations a little too much.

        • In my opinon, who knows travis left and moved to mesa when the arrest stuff was done the sister did not help him get that shit taken care of and off of public record they blamed it on his brother what kind of family is that and now they are racking in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ yes that much if it is would wide media and chris and sky are wanting every on to give it them and the rest of the KKK clan

    • yes the TA family is clueless as to what is going on they only have the word of FLORES and JM and from what I saw with geebee2 court min doc it sure opened my eyes to the false statement flores made to the jury

    • Are you serious CB? The family is inciting this? That’s simply disgusting if true. If they truly want empathy, they should be classy enough to ask people to stop harassing Alyce.

      • I have said all along that the family is behind the hate mongers. They are feeding the minions.

        I get their anger and desire to see Jodi die, what I don’t get is why anyone associated with her defense a target? This is not rational thinking!

        • Wow so the family is a part of this lynch mob. As I said yesterday I have lost any sympathy I ever had for them. It is one thing to want Justice for your brother but another to be a part if this lynch mob. The family has the largest voice to ask them to knock this off but they choose to become a part of it. This is so disgusting.

          • Agree. It’s been brewing in me for a long time. I know they had a rough time as little ones, the whole litter of them. It’s patently obvious from their appearances. But it’s like trying to take a feral cat into a harmonious house. It’s not fair to the other animals that the needy one was not properly socialized. I don’t want to be in the same pack with those feral creatures.

            • I have never before said a bad word about the family (although I have said that they do not need the donations that have been asked for, but they are asked for by their supporters, not the family themselves). I have honestly felt deep compassion for their loss. I understand that they saw their brother as an inspiration, someone who rose out of their terrible childhood and became a successful adult in regards to his career and his ability to motivate others. Whether I agree with his chosen career or not, he still appeared successful, and that inspired his siblings.

              Whether they were close with him or not, has never been an issue for me. I’m not close with my sister who lives in another country because she has chosen to distance herself from our mother and me. I have tried to maintain some semblance of relationship with my sister, and at times over the years, we have spoken with one another. Neither of us have anything do with our mother, and that’s very telling. I think for the Alexanders the loss of their brother in such a tragic way has affected each of them deeply. While I don’t agree with the death penalty myself, if they do, I cannot judge them for desiring what they see as “justice” to be done.

              However, if they are encouraging or not speaking out against what is occurring with defense witnesses, then I take great issue with their conduct. It is not Alyce (or Dr. Samuels) that is on trial for their brother’s death. It is a fundamental right of a defendant to have a fair trial, even if that defendant is a despicable person like Charles Manson, for example — which Jodi certainly is not. The family cannot ask for justice without allowing the defendant to have a fair trial. They need to set an example here and ask their supporter to stop, and even to go a step further, and let them know that victimizing witnesses is not a way to honour their brother’s memory.

              • Yep, I’m serious. The link to the petition is on their Facebook pages. The date it was posted was on April 6th. In the middle of Ms. LaViolette’s testimony. This really has to be witness tampering.

                I’m not sure if I can post a link but it’s not hard to find. Just search for their names. I took screenshots as well.

                • You are right, CB. Thank you for giving me the hint on where to look. I found it on Tanisha’s page:


                  Right there in the middle of the page is the petition against Alyce. You do not have to be her friend to see it.

                  I also saw her post: “It feels good when were driving back from AZ to cali and everytime we stop at a gas station to use restroom and people tell us that they are so sorry for our loss and that they are praying for us and for that Evil girl to burn.”

                  I used to have empathy for the family. I’m afraid I’ve just lost it.

                • The link has been removed from the page. Looks like they might be a wee bit worried it will come back to bite them? Glad someone got a screen shot of the link to the petition.

              • “victimizing witnesses is not a way to honour their brother’s memory.” Excellent point, one that should be voiced over & over. And the same for all the other hate & shenanigans coming from them.

      • As much I would like to be naive and doubt that, I too think the Alexanders have a lot to do with the hate movement . What I do not understand is, I know this has to do with being European I guess, that they are presenting themselves as devout Christians and are begging for the death penalty in the same sentence and going as far as wanting to witness it. Do they think it helps them heal watching JA put to death? ( even writing this out makes me feel nauseous brrr, it for sure doesn’t bring him back alive so maybe some grief counseling would be helpful?

    • Exactly what I have said. Some people on here have stated oh the Alexander
      family has stayed out of it ? REALLY ? because they have made statements
      on that Support page many times about how JODI will DIE an etc. also you can
      still go to Tanisha’s FB page until she makes it private anyways an see she
      does to POST HATE for ALYCE so do the HUGHES an I am sure every Mormon
      that they know.

      These people I understand are hurting. But they also claim to be Christians
      which makes me LAUGH ! I have only found one Mormon/LDS friend so far
      that Travis knew that does state they need to let the hate go an forgive
      Jodi for that is what Travis would want.

      I understand hate for a murderer
      but I truly believe it was self defense she admitted to the shot to the head
      she does not remember the rest. I hope the JURY remembers that an figures
      out there is a lot of doubt in the case after the shot to the head. AN he laid
      there Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun an Mon till 10 pm. people living there friends
      not seeing him missed calls missed Family meetings an missed CHURCH!
      All these people stating how popular he was. Really then how did he lay
      there for that damn long. DOUBTFUL INFORMATION in this CASE.

      • what ever happened to the 10 commandments guess they dont believe in that and believe to hate kill lie steal break every commandment there is and the church is letting them do it

      • Tanisha told HLN she wanted to watch them stick the needle in Jodi’s arm and die. This has been repeated over and over by their supporters.

        • I feel so helpless that people like this cannot find the wisdom to rise above the need for this level of vengeance. I cannot find the words to express how terrible this is to me.

        • I know – that’s just awful. Bella nearly broke my heart when she posted that she would want to be there too, only in support of Jodi so that she didn’t die alone. I thought that it was such a kind and selfless sentiment.

        • On Tanisha FB page yesterday she said ” she wants to see Jodi BURN.” she was headed back to Cali from AZ and there are so many supporters along her way back home…. Totally disguisting………….. I understand she’s upset over a loved one but to wish someone to BURN is pure HATE…………….. She’s the trouble maker in the family.

      • Mormons are not considered Christians they have recently tried to adopt that platform but That is why they are considered a Cult by Christians since they are not, and By Cult Experts they are considered a cult. They have never been Christian in their belief system. That is a SHAM

  8. I am proud to be a member of Team Jodi and declare my support and reasoning with anyone who is willing to listen. I am disgusted by the cyber terrorism directed at Alyce. Congrats to all that participate here on being able to think for yourself. You all are the reason that this trial hasn’t killed my faith in people.

  9. Thinking forward : what about the other networks?

    They will have been losing money, they have the firepower to call ABC News and CNN-HLN Network/Turner out.

    Or is there some kind of honour amongst thieves operating here?

    Are they reluctant to criticise a competitor?

    • Those other networks do not stoop that low in broadcasting the news via live television to the American people…

      Their professionals act like professionals…

      Whereas the other networks professionals act like entertainment actors….

      • Ok, I think that at the appropriate point in time, the other networks can be used to call HLN out quite strongly, and get the majority ofpublic opinion on the right side.

        Perhaps this is beginning to happen, I think Fox News (not exactly left wing liberal as I understand it) has begun to take an interest.

        Is that right? You have to understand that being from the UK, my grasp of the different networks / news groups is still very hazy.

        • Yeah, FOX generally leans way far right on everything. It is surprising how much more accurate/fair they are in presenting this trial.

          • I just heard Geraldo but one of the Guys really shredded Nancy Grace! it was so funny, I actually do not dislike FOX like the other channels and now opinion is much higher since they shredded Nancy Grace.

    • lets not forget that HLN told the world that they got the jodi’s journals frm behind bars for ABC and CBS

  10. I am proud to be a member of team Jodi and declare it to anyone willing to listen. The cyber terrorism being dealt to Alyce is disgusting. Congrats to everyone who participates here on being able to think for your self instead of swallowing the crap that haters and the media are trying to shove down our throats.

  11. Excellent post. In the end, regardless of the verdict, Jodi Arias will remain the victor because of all of the wrongdoing by the state and the court. I am thinking long-term here in case the jury decides to pass the buck and convict.

    Of course, there is NO “freedom of speech” when these organized dolts use private websites to spew filth. It is up to Twitter,, Facebook, and other sites including internet providers to enforce their terms of service.

    • I agree tonysam.

      twitter, amazon and facebook apparently don’t see cyber bullying as anything except freedom of speech at this point.

      This needs to change.

      • They really should have systems to control things. When they get 100 negative reviews in a day, alarms ought to go off, and there should be some kind of lock down.

        Problem is, they probably don’t have automated software to handle this sort of thing.

        The sheer stupidity of it is pretty amazing.

        I think it’s partly that people become bolder when they are relatively anonymous.

      • Last time I checked, death threats go beyond freedom of speech. What the hell is in that kool-aid they are drinking?

        • At first I thought that they were stupid and easily led. Now I’m starting to analogize it more to Nazi-type thinking, like how the Holocaust was perpetrated. I’m not saying that what is happening to ALV is on the same level as torturous death camps, but maybe that some of the psychology is the same.

          • that is actually what has been worrying me the most joujoubaby, the influence popular mass media have. Some people do not understand that they could so easily manipulated into crazy ideas.

          • Thats what a Friend of mine said they threatened to contact the state department, Imagine you voice a different opinion than they do and you are threatened. NAZIS and that was a cult.

    • Call the publishing company and ask them if can buy books directly from them…if they say no….ask them if they can provide you a list of the retail stores that you can buy them from…

      I’ve personally done this myself in the past when I was looking for a specific book…

    • I don’t think that’s necessarily the answer.

      Boycotts are not generally a very effective approach.

      Adverse publicity is more likely to work.

      Someone calling Amazon out on national TV, that sort of thing.

      • I wouldn’t give up on Amazon so quickly. I think they are a huge company & it may just be a matter of adequately getting their attention on the problem & allowing some time for them to manage it.

  12. If Jodi is not found Not Guilty it will be because of corruption to some degree. The Defense has done a stellar Job. I am so impressed with Jennifer Willmott. The arguments, tactics and overall job performances by the prosecution (and personally I include Judge Stephens among the prosecution) has not only been weak, it has been laughable. Juan Martinez makes a mockery of his profession. Believe it or not, lawyering/orating has a long and illustrious history. It is possible to operate with a little bit of integrity and honor in the courtroom. Juan Martinez is a disgrace. But it’s no laughing matter, because no matter how ridiculous Juan Martinez is, and how silly he behaves, how much of a fool he regularly makes of himself-all of the ingredients for an unfair trial are present here and it’s a recipe for injustice. She can’t have a fair trial if she gets a new trial, not anywhere in this country. Have you seen Jodi Arias’ Twitter page? Those holier-than-thou, completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy and stupidity, lowlives, and their goofy as hell comments? One might imagine while reading all the comments all over the internet about Ms. Arias that there were 10 million people in that house that day, and that they all saw exactly what happened as they know every detail as well as every intention Ms. Arias had that day. They all know Jodi Arias better than she knows herself.

    If on appeals she can go free without the necessity of a new trial, then it is a Win Win. I don’t know if that is how it works though my understanding is that it is not how it works. I agree with the motion filed by Kirk Nurmi, the only option at this point is a mistrial and I think an acquittal.

    Is that how a mistrial goes: It’s left up to the judge whether a new trial takes place or the defendant is simply released?

      • Bummer AA, =( Do you know if she likes getting postcards? I picked one up, but I’m not sure if she appreciates them or gets too many to the point it is irritating for her. Anyone know?

          • I made a mistake picking out the postcard though. I live about 45 minutes away from Niagra Falls and the card I bought is a picture of the Falls. I realized later that she went there with Travis and it might bring back memories of that time, because she’s sensitive that way, you know?

  13. These people should not be allowed to post reviews on a book they didn’t buy on Amazon. Has any one gone on Amazon and reported abuse on the comments? I am getting ready to ..not sure if it will do anything.

      • My friend received a email back they also deleted nasty comments, on his post more people have read his post in a few days and sent him 122 messages. He gave the Book 5 stars. but condemned the attack on LaViolette. So if you can just click report abuse and state hate speech .

    • There are quite a few of us that have contacted Amazon many times. All I get from them is lip service but they have done nothing about the reviews of the book. I will keep contacting them until they fix this. I have decided to stop shopping there because they will do nothing to erase the reviews where people did not read the book. Her book went from 4 stars to 1 star after she starting testifying. I usually buy quite a lot through them and told them I will not buy from anymore because of these hateful lynch mob that they will do nothing about.

    • It has been reported numerous times by many of us. We get the standard form email response.

      And let’s face it, we are no where near the number of haters that are scurrying around posting their vile comments.

      I wonder how all the HLN bobble heads who have written books would feel if all of a sudden their books were under attack? I bet they wouldn’t like it much.

      Life is just not fair! 🙁

  14. it is so clear why jodi chose to say she did this to travis everyone that takes a stand for her innocent of the death penality lets not forget where it all started from in the first place. Lets hope that no one gets killed trying to speak out for our jodi …. JUSTICE

  15. If we don’t like it, lets do something about it. I plan on flagging as many post as I can on those Facebook pages as I can. Sending Facebook and twitter so many reports that they shut the assholes down! They will agree with US because Hate Speech is not Free Speech and I know the difference !!!!

    • I have done that, and reported all of the posts that I see as threats, witness intimidation, harassessment, etc, so if we keep it up, they will have to do something. At least I hope so, I also reported the FB page as inciting hate.

      • I have too been reporting everything I see as harassment an nothing has happened yet?

        Guess it has to be a larger number of people to turn them in to get a page shut down. I seen
        them shut other pages down for hate speech though. When Casey Anthony’s case was going
        on they did shut down some really horrible ones that had titles like WE WANT CASEY TO DIE an
        things like that. But they just reopen them under another alias is all.

        I do not understand how FB can let some of those pages carry on the way they do?
        When they have a report to file for harassment an hate speech? I don’t get it.

  16. I plan to celebrate the same way I did when Casey’s verdict came in:

    Read all of the outrage on the hater sites and laugh, laugh, laugh!!!!!!

  17. GO PATTY i would help you but i do not know enough about computers to do that best of luck to you and others that can do that but it is to late lives have been ruined and peope have died already lets not forget Ashley Thompson Reed she is the first victom here and i hope to god there will be no more

    • Thanks,I missed that.It just goes to prove that this judge is truly onesided.This,god forbid,should be brought up on appeal.I that that back,it should be brought up now.The defense needs to call her out on this Monday. J.W. should call for a mistrial/aquital,and say how can Jodi get a fair trail when your even rolling your eyes judge pickles,oops sorry I didn’t mean that I must be hungry,I mean angry,sorry judge Jaun is rubbing off on me,I don’t know what I mean.But seriously this has gone on long enough. The court just keep making a mockery the more they proceed.They need to get the cameras out,tell HLN, and all the outher media to get out and proceed in a normal manner,meaning mistrial/aquital. I was made aware of another case going on in this country about a doctor on trail for killing 7 babies and a mother. this case is not being covered by any major media stations. They said this makes Jodi look like a candy striper,I didn’t agree with that last part because this is self defense,but I gather the killings were so horrific,that this is a case that needs attention.If everything goes the way it should there will be a major block party here.GO TEAM JODI!!!

      • You mean like we are with her and her prosecution bias? Any good graphics folks here who could make a picture of Juan Martinez pulling the strings on Sherry Stephens as his marionette puppet?

        • What’s interesting to me Joe is that if you read ANY hater site, they also dislike the judge and believe she is biased towards the defense. For one thing, she has allowed the defense case to continue for an extraordinarily long time. I don’t think she’s biased. I also don’t think she has good control of her court room however. She’s trying to allow the attorneys to run this case without intervening unless absolutely necessary. When you’re dealing with someone like JM, that means he is not reined in at all, however.

          • Agree to disagree. When I first saw it after LC posted it I didn’t notice it either. It is clear that more people see it then don’t, so you are in the minority on this one.

            • I’m fine with being in the minority. I don’t need to be a sheep and go along with everything everyone else says, just to be popular! 😛

              • Well I’m sad to know you think of everyone who disagrees with you as a “sheep.” Disappointed to see that to be honest, it’s quite an insulting term. Kind of like you are wiser and intellectually superior to all the others who are just ‘sheep.’ I hope you will reconsider using this term, especially when referring to other users on this site.

                Anyway, I just brought up that you were in the minority on this issue because you sounded so sure of yourself that there was no possible way it could have been an eye roll.

                • Do you bait much, Leetbean? Does it work out well for you?

                  First, you rudely state, with a somewhat veiled attack on me: “It is clear that more people see it then don’t, so you are in the minority on this one.” That was your attempt to let me know that my opinion of what I’ve seen is nonsense and I’m not entitled to my opinion of what I see with my own eyes. And to let me know what an idiot I am for not seeing what you see, when so many other people see it — even though that’s inaccurate since very few people commented that they did see the eye roll and even the original poster Rainy, said it could be that the judge looked over her glasses.

                  Then, when I respond to your obvious bait post with a slightly humourous remark, you attack me outright without any veil, and tell me I called other members of this site an insulting name when I did no such thing, and also that I believe I’m intellectually superior to other members by doing so. Talk about baiting and taking things out of context! I used to be an abused women, but I’m not any more. And I’m entitled to my opinion, whether you agree with it or not.

                  You know what Leetbean, I don’t know you. You’re not a regular poster here. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you comment. I assume you’ve come over from some other site to have a bit of fun. I think you should return to your regular haunts because this isn’t working here.

                • Well I see you were obviously offended by me stating your opinion was the minority on this issue as you felt the need to passively refer to everyone with a differing opinion than you as ‘sheep.’ I was merely stating it as you seemed very sure that your opinion was the right one and it was not open to discussion, and I definitely never meant for you to take offense. I even stated we can ‘agree to disagree,’ yet somehow you were still personally offended.

                  As I stated above, I do find the term ‘sheep’ quite insulting as it suggests you are intellectually superior to the others who don’t share your opinion, and I don’t think it should be used to refer to other posters on this site. No, you did not directly say “x, y, and z are sheep,” but it was implied when you said “I don’t need to be a sheep and go along with everything everyone else says.” Everyone else in this case would be me and the other posters who had a differing opinion than you. This would make us the ‘sheep.’

                  I’m sorry you think everyone who doesn’t compulsively post daily and who has been here from day one is some kind of troll. I have lurked for a long time and I do post occasionally, but I have a life of my own and cannot always make it on here every day to post. I have donated a substantial amount of money to Jodi as well, and the admins of this site can confirm that, so you definitely cannot accuse me of being here to troll or not supporting Jodi.

                  I don’t know why you would bring up that you are an abused women and how it relates to this issue, but since you included ‘abused’ in your screenname, I guess it is something that you feel is very important for people to know about you.

                  This is the last I will post on this issue. Again, I did not mean to offend you by pointing out your opinion was the minority, and I do hope you reconsider using the term ‘sheep’ when referring to other posters on this site.

          • ehh, one could speculate she did a quick eye roll with that grimace … if NG can speculate JA sneaked in *giving the finger* in court we can spin it that she did a quick eye roll … but yes, she may just be looking over her glasses as its barely a second of movement 🙂

            • I actually found that one hysterical (the finger). But Nancy DisGrace speculates about a lot of utter BS. She’s full of shit, that woman!

    • I don’t think this is a good route to go down.

      Best to respect the judge.

      I think she is running the trial by the book as best she can.

      I think she should be firmer with the prosecutor, but this is Maricopa county.

  18. The Arizona Victims’ Bill of Rights states that the victim (guess in this case would include TA’s family) the right:

    “5. To refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, or other person acting on behalf of the defendant.”

    Therefore in answer to the haters and the jurors’ questions about why ALV did not interview these folks – she couldn’t!

    As for the allegation about ALV speaking briefly with Samantha, that same AZ Bill of Rights states that the victim has the right:

    “1. To be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, or abuse, throughout the criminal justice process.”

    How can anyone possibly stretch a brief conversation (if it did indeed happen) into intimidation, harassment, or abuse?

          • Yeah, I agree with this. I would define “victim” in a courtroom as the actual living person whom the crime was perpetrated on. Alyce talking to Samantha doesn’t seem to be violating Samantha’s “victim’s rights” to me, because she’s NOT the victim. Travis is.

            • Surviving family members are considered “victims” under Victims’ Rights laws. As the surviving family members, they are entitled to the same rights as a living victim of a crime. It was actually grieving mothers of slain children who brought about much of this legislation. I doubt anyone here would deny the mother of a slain child the right to be called a victim.

                • Thanks JC: “Victim” means a person against whom the criminal offense has been committed or, if the person is killed or incapacitated, the person’s spouse, parent, child or other lawful representative, except if the person is in custody for an offense or is the accused.

                  And also:

                  “To refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, or other person acting on behalf of the defendant.”

                  Alyce allegedly just spoke to one of the sisters briefly. She had the right to refuse and she apparently did.

                • Thanks for the info! I just think that all of the drama over Alyce talking to Samantha is ridiculous. Of course she didn’t say something like “Ha ha, I’m glad your brother’s dead!” or anything cruel like that. I don’t see how Samantha was violated in any way by a “no hard feelings, sorry for your loss” type remark.

    • The one good thing about cameras in the courtroom is that if we didn’t see the raw footage, we would be forced to rely on the spin put on the trial by “journalists” in the courtroom. The footage allows us to view the injustice, the suppression of evidence, the twisting of testimony, the harassment of witnesses, the throwing of evidence, etc.

      • Without camera’s in the courtroom HLN and Haters around the country wouldn’t have nearly the interest and this trial wouldn’t be the circus and witchhunt it has become.

          • YES!! Joe Yinzer!… or if cameras are allowed, they should only be able to air the video…in it’s ENTIRETY, unedited, AFTER the verdict is in. This would allow the public to view it, comment on it, debate, but not influence the outcome and keep the integrity of the trial intact. I would hate to rely upon media reports only. OMG! We all can see, from how HLN distorts the truth, that full, unedited post-trial video would be more just than no video at all. Recording the trial would give public access and at the same time monitor council, et al, reminding them that they need to adhere to the law. Otherwise, as you state, with live camera coverage the jury MUST be sequestered.

            • Or have cameras in the courtroom without interruptions.

              Perhaps, at the end of the day have real attorneys who care about justice do some banter but no talking heads getting the opportunity to spin and exploit

      • sz, you are right. During the Michael Jackson trial in 2005, there were no cameras in the courtroom. The media were reporting completely differently from what was actually happening. I read the transcripts every day and literally sat there with the TV on screaming out loud “That didn’t happen!”

        • There were no cameras in the court room for that trial because the allegations were made by a minor. They can’t identify a child victim to the public. Same with our family court trials, they are closed to the public to protect the children.

          This trial should have not had cameras in the court room, there should have been a gag order in place and those pictures should have been sealed! There was no reason to release all those pictures, so that the haters could plaster them all over the Internet. That was so disrespectful.

  19. As far as HLN and all of the haters; it seems to me that the people who scream the loudest and have utter hatred and contempt for others who don’t share their opinion usually have the most to hide. They pretend that they are perfect people who do no wrong. They have no desire to try to see things from any other perspective. Their world is black and white. There are no gray areas for these people. It’s right or it’s wrong. It’s I’m right and you’re wrong if you don’t agree with me. What’s worse than their close-mindedness is the violence, bullying and lynch mob mentality they incite.

    To the haters I have one question. If you are so self-righteous and do no wrong then why do you condone physical violence to ALV, JW & KN who are just doing their jobs?

    The judge, JM and HLN have made a complete mockery out of this trial. They want to win at all costs and they don’t give a shit who gets hurt along the way. Anybody standing in their way will be mowed down and bullied. They want us to just go away, but it’s not going to happen. We may be in the minority on this site but we will press on with our desire to see that justice is served.

  20. love your cat have 2 cats myself they are better the the abuse men I married love living with out them have to deal with my brother he is an ass at time too

  21. A couple quick(not really, you all know me by now) thoughts from the above topic and trial issues I see from Friday.

    First, HLN vs hater responsibility; I too “fully blame” the Entertainment networks for inciting the mob. However, as much as I hate it, they have a right to entertain people. They are NOT NEWS! They are entertainment. I also “fully blame” the mob. However, individual cop ability is the only way to pursue these people. Not as a network and not as a mob. We CAN NOT limit freedom of speech. We SHOULD NOT limit freedom of speech. We have very specific laws in place to handle a person that goes from “freedom of speech”, to witness tampering, assault, harassment, stalking, slander , etc… These laws are not really designed to deal with groups or entire organizations such as “the media”. If someone is breaking the law, we need to be specific about it. If a group of people pushing these individuals or organizing them, the you go after the single person/s until you have amassed such a number from a group, then you can go after the group.

    I believe that we should start a list (on a running thread) of acts of “witness tampering, assault, harassment, stalking, slander, etc..) And then hold individuals accountable for these actions. If it is publicly or in court, they should be forced to answer for their actions, if it broke the law.

    Next, the trial.

    I heard something yesterday that really made me think; The topic was the “Spiderman underwear”. Basically the argument from the defense is “he wanted her to wear little boys underwear, cause he is a perv” and the pros side is “this is another instance of Jodi making up things to make Travis look bad, to help her case.

    Points: 1. The pros DO NOT ARGUE, that Travis wanting Jodi to wear this underwear wouldn’t be “bad” for Travis. So, they are insinuating, by not arguing “so what, it doesn’t make him a bad guy”..that they do think this would make him “a bad guy” if was in fact true. But, they argue that it never really happened.

    Point 2: the defense does make a big deal about this, as it would help cast Travis in a poor light with the jury, it would show he had serious issues, it would help connect the “jerking off to little boys” event, etc..

    Point 3: The Prosecutor tries to imply that Travis asked her to wear little boys underwear with Spiderman on them, because he liked an actress that wears them in a movie, and that this is not “bad” then.

    Point 4: yesterday it was asked by the jury of ALV if she felt that Jodi was “black mailing/abusing/threatening/harassing/etc…” Travis by “threatening to tell people he was a pedophile”. Then the pros/defense argue about this… defense says she didn’t really “black mail” him as she only brings it up in 1 text and then leaves it alone, the pros argue it is proof that she was trying the control Travis. EITHER WAY, they both admit that this “threat” happened. The text also proves this “threat” did happen. If it this threat makes Jodi an abuser, blackmailer, etc…is up for debate. What is not up for debate is that this “threat” did in fact happen.

    So, to bring this all together; If we believe JM, and the underwear issue is “an innocent misunderstanding” then The Jerking off event happened! How can someone “black mail” someone with information that ISN’T TRUE, when only the “actor” and the” accuser” know about it? Travis doesn’t respond as if the accusation was “made up” he calls her names and tells her she is evil. If someone called me a “pedo”, my first reaction would be “what the fuck are you talking about?”. I would not say “hey, that’s hitting below the belt, or that’s not fair, or that’s evil”. The very fact that she is able to “threaten him with exposing him as a pedo” shows something happened somewhere down the line.” AS FAR AS I KNOW the only pedo stuff was his comments, the underwear, and “jerking off to little boys” So, if the Pros think they are right about the underwear being an “innocent mistake, due to an actress he likes on a movie” then wouldn’t that mean that the “jerking off to little boys” thing is the only ‘pedo’ type behavior left? I would think the pros would admit to the underwear, to minimize the pedo threat being from “the jerking off” issue. But, they claim the underwear is innocent, as it pertains to being a pedo. THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION TO THE PROS, THEN, IS: “What WAS the ‘pedo’ thing that jodi was “black mailing’ him with, since you clearly do not believe or admit to the underwear issue.?”

    When we know that Travis didn’t argue about the threat Jodi made of being a Pedo, The pros do not prove ANYTHING if they are able to “explain away” the underwear and the jerking off”…that only opens the gate to the next obvious question…then what was she referring to when implying to him he was a pedo? Is there more? They lose either way you slice this. He basically admits to some type of pedo thinking, simply by his response to the “threat of exposure”. Now, to be fair, Jodi could have been setting him up, when saying she will “tell on him”…BUT THIS WAS MONTHS AND MONTHS before the killing, so this could not be a “story made up to protect herself” after killing him. Travis was obviously still alive when she made this accusation. She was still pursuing him and he was still pursuing her. She wouldn’t have anything to gain from making up a 100% BS threat, and she would everything to lose.
    My second issue is the idea that it would be “ok” for Travis to ask JA to wear the underwear if in fact cameron diaz wears it, and he likes that actress. HOLD THE PHONE! It’s one thing to want your lover to play dress up and wear something you like, maybe even from a movie, but it is 100% NOT OK, to ask them to dress like someone else so they can imagine they are someone else.
    The argument isn’t that he “likes the look of princess Leah, so he wants her to dress like a character, because the “style is sexy”” (ie, school girl, maid, cop, etc..) JM is saying TA asked her to wear this underwear because he liked CAMERON…not the underwear. So, does JM really mean to say that it’s ok for a man to ask his lover to pretend to be a specific person, so he can fantasize about another woman? HOLY SHIT BAGS BATMAN, Get the car! I’d be kicked out on my ass faster than an Ethiopian can chase a donut rolling down a hill.
    I work in a bank. If I asked my lover to dress like a teller, as it turns me on…Ok, its silly, but sure. People do it. Now, if I go home and ask her to dress like “sarah the new 24 year old teller”, I’d be in deep shit. There is a big difference between the two. Intent, ethics and a person’s true mind set come to light, when you can find out which of these 2 scenarios are true. The problem is, the prosecution has now made the 2 choices both bad. Well…TRAVIS did, not the prosecution.

    -If i ask my lover to dress like a maid, then i am fantasizing about HER as my maid. (fine)
    -If i ask my lover to dress like a cop, then i am fantasizing about HER as my cop. (fine)
    -the defense- If i ask my lover to dress like a little boy, then i am fantasizing about HER as my little boy. (not fine)
    -Prosecutor- If i ask my lover to dress like CAMERON DIAZ, then i am fantasizing that SHE IS Cameron Diaz. (not fine, at least not in my house, plus this would be directly relevant to ‘abuse’ if Travis really thought JA should be Ok with her having to be a different SPECIFIC person while having sex)
    He thinks that’s “ok”? The only alternatives are “Travis wants her to be someone else in his fantasy or he wants her to be dressed like a little boy” WHICH IS IT? Either way, TA was a fucking asshole.

    • that sure was a long and interesing read sirlip and a good point thought you were a lawyer but you said you are a banker

    • ITA, if JA was going to blackmail TA, then does that mean the pedo stuff is true, and if it isn’t true, how could she blackmail him and with what? Good point.

      • Nicely written. And add to your list of pedo issues – the myspace words from the male friend who eluded to looking for young boys – or some such ilk.

        The 12 year old girl / first o comment caught JA’s attention on the tape. I know if I’d hear those words from some guy the mood of the moment would come to a crashing halt! And again, he’s not say that he wishes HE was the one who was with her when she had her first o – instead he is speaking about someone else.

        Yes, most men I’ve known, if a threat of blackmail re liking young boys were made their first reaction would be exactly the same as yours.

        • Sirlips, Maybe you should send your blackmail theory to the DT – in case they haven’t looked at it from this angle…?

          It add’s to the reasonable doubt liar issue JM keeps hammering at

    • I just had a thought, if we take what Sirlips posted, and consider it while looking at it from another angle.

      There is a picture of Travis when he was little, sitting with his father circulating around the net. In the picture Travis has blond hair, and he’s wearing ‘spiderman’ underwear. Now fast forward to Travis as an adult, Jodi has blonde hair, he buys her spiderman underwear that he wants her to wear, and he has an obsession with anal sex….

      Now bring in his writing on his myspace, that is the beginning of his book. In that he talks about his grandfather telling him he’s ‘special’ and to never forget that. (it’s common for abusers to tell their victims they are special)

      Thoughts anyone….

      • He had really positive things to say about his grandfather, though, basically comparing his love of Travis to God’s love of each person. He was frank about how he was crappily parented. He also said that his grandfather saw them rarely and may have only suspected what was going on in their home. I have no doubt, for one hot second, that Travis was sexually abused as a child. I just don’t think that it was by that grandfather. Just my take.

      • dont know what to think my brother molested my sister kid and when I confronted him about it he was closed lip and did not respond to be at all my sister will not forgive him he is not allowed back to her house but I have to live with him and he is my brother so what can you do travis was not going to tell anyone of his pedio feeling and remember jodi said she would rather do shit to her that let him act out what he really wanted.

      • Thats what Mormons do also the whole ego behind it and since Travis Grandparents were Mormon, I would imagine they adopted that language.

  22. Judge Puppet is an absolute moron if she doesn’t think this jury hasn’t been reading and hearing about this trial outside the courtroom. I also believe SHE has been influenced by the media and the haters,

    • One of the jury questions that I though implied one of them watching HLN was…Did Jodi write in her journal after June 4th? I might have missed it ,but I do not remember anything coming up in the court room about her writing in the journal after However, I did see the journal entries after June 4th on HLN.

      • i thought i heard the jury question was did she read any journals before 2007 or 2006 but i could be wrong

        • I think you are right. I can’t find that question anywhere…I don’t why I though that is what they asked…any-who, my bad!

      • Another jury question that made me suspect a juror has been watching HLN was, [“I saw you look over in the direction of the defense table and shrug were you looking for for cues or something?”] The day prior to the questions being turned in HLN had a show titled “Can Defense Expert ALV be Fined”..the topic was that EXACT same wording in the written description of that video as was in the jurors question! Coincidence? I doubt it!

        • Dorothy I totally picked up on that too, these jurors are not paying attention to the admonitions, they watch HLN and talk about the case to each other, the only person they are fooling is the judge!!! but I still think that one juror will hang it.

      • Jury did ask a question about after June 4th, it may have been did Jodi write in her journal after that or did ALV read any entries after that day.

  23. Good post SJ.

    The issues at hand are actually basically related to contentions between the First Amendment rights of the press and the 6th Amendment Rights of the defendant. Putting the 1st Amendment aside for the moment, the battle is really due to a conflicting tension in the defendants 6th Amendment right to a fair and public trial. The public trial requirement is actually supposed to a check on the Government’s ability to try people the Government needs to get rid of in camera. This was and remains a common tactic in more autocratic regimes wherein a closed sham of a trial is used to eliminate opposition. Remembering that our founders tailoring this bases of this nation in rebellion against a tyrannical monarch had absolutely no trust in the Government of the people by any means other than by the people. The 6th amendment’s right to a public trial is actually a safeguard not just for the defendant, but for the people as a whole, in that it provides checks and balances on the Executive in the form of the prosecutor and the Judiciary. Sub rosa trials, as were common in the past, and are still common in closed regimes today, allow the Government to control the process of justice with no oversight by the people.

    The question that often arises is whether the rights, principles and processes encapsulated in the US Constitution are inviolate and constant. There was a major argument about this issue even amongst the framers of the constitution. In fact one of the greatest proponents of a Constitutional republic Thomas Jefferson, who many view as a proponent of a narrowly interpreted constitution said, in a letter to his friend James Madison:

    “The question Whether one generation of men has a right to bind another, seems never to have been started either on this or our side of the water. Yet it is a question of such consequences as not only to merit decision, but place also, among the fundamental principles of every government.”

    Over the course of our history, the legislature and the judiciary has almost uniformly held that the Constitution is not constant, absolute and inviolate, but in fact a living and breathing document, that preserves the only absolute and inviolate rights of the citizenry – the natural rights of personhood, life, liberty and property.

    So how does this reflect on the current situation with respect to the behavior of the press and the case of State v. Jodi Arias. While the 1st Amendment rights of the press, and the 6th Amendment rights of a public trial may be seen as paramount, the ultimate arbiter of these rights, in our form of Government, the US Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that both the 1st Amendment rights of the press and the peoples 6th Amendment rights to a public trial are not absolute when the come in conflict with the natural rights of a citizen to life and liberty. In the case of public trials the most famous of these cases of course is the Sam Shepard case, however the case that seems, at least to me, to the most apt in these circumstances is Estes v. Texas. (at 381 U.S. 532 (1965)). The verdict in that case was reversed by the supreme court due to the massive publicity arising from televised coverage of the trial. The majority opinion of the court written by Justice Clark could almost have been witten to address this particular case. In his summary of the opinion is the following paragraph that states why televised trials can be an issue

    “There are numerous respects in which televising court proceedings may alone, and in combination almost certainly will, cause unfairness, such as: (1) improperly influencing jurors by emphasizing the notoriety of the trial and affecting their impartial judgment, distracting their attention, facilitating (in States which do not sequester jurors) their viewing of selected parts of the proceedings, and improperly influencing potential jurors and thus jeopardizing the fairness of new trials; (2) impairing the testimony of witnesses, as by causing some to be frightened and others to overstate their testimony, and generally influencing the testimony of witnesses, thus frustrating invocation of the “rule” against witnesses; (3) distracting judges generally and exercising an adverse psychological effect particularly upon those who are elected; and (4) imposing pressures upon the defendant and intruding into the confidential attorney-client relationship”

    So even though the 1st Amendment rights of the press are almost inviolate, The Estes v. Texas opinion which has never been repealed, places on the judge an immense responsibility to ascertain that the rights of a defendant to a fair trial are not abrogated by any right granted to the press under the 1st Amendment, or to the people under the 6th Amendment.

    Looking at the current situation through the prism of Estes, invariably leads to the conclusion, that 38 years ago, Justice Clark with great prescience predicted the dangers of a televising certain types of trials. I would assume, that given the circumstances of the current trial and especially the media incited mobbing of ALV and Dr Samuels, and the non-sequestered jury, and the defenses constant requests for sequestration, in the unfortunate event of a conviction, this case is doomed for reversal purely on the precedence of Estes v. Texas.

    Sorry for the rather dry commentary, but sometimes the geek inside of me blossoms in all of its mid-season form.

    • Lol thanks Al, its NOT dry, i dont read it that way… its interesting for people who like to learn (like I do). So, again sounds like it makes sense, but something I mean SOMETHING needs to happen. Either turn off the cameras, or sequester the jury, or the court needs to take action on the people tempering with witness testimony. I blv that Can be done (USA article SJ posted) read something about the court having the authority to do so.

      Ok, I dont know the Estes v. Texas, so ill be researching that one, sounds good!! Thx

    • I loved your post Al. It’s not dry at all. Once again, you’ve hit on the exact problem.

      The judge must have been very aware of the Estes vs. Texas case long before this trial started. If she wasn’t aware of it, she should have been. My question is why would she allow cameras in the courtroom AND for the jury to not be sequestered. I just don’t understand what her thinking was. Sigh.

      • Clark points his finger right at why a judge may allow these shenanigans when he says

        (3) distracting judges generally and exercising an adverse psychological effect particularly upon those who are elected

        And Maricopa County superior court judges go through a weird process. They are appointed for their first term but then:

        “Superior Court judges in Maricopa County remain in office by the approval of voters in retention elections.”

        So this judge is essentially behaving like those old Roman monarchs who would keep their public approval ratings high by throwing innocents to the lions in the circus and assuaging the crowd by letting them satisfy their blood thirst.

        It is a rotten, corrupt and despicable way to keep your job.

      • Al
        Thank you for your thoughts,
        I have caught myself lurking here waiting for the daily brainfood 🙂 .
        loved your last sentence

    • you sir, are a very a steary eyed missile man,

      Great post Al. I know many of us appreciate the time and effort you put into your posts, theories, counsel and thoughts.

    • there should be a new law that is the camera’s in court should only record what is happening in the court room and not to add HLN and other to comment on it untill after the trial is over.

    • Al, this is fabulous, thank you. I had no idea that trials were televised that long ago. Thank you for posting Justice Clark’s opinion.

    • This is a great post and I really am for public trials and even televised. I (like I know many others here) take issue with hln and other media lying by omission and outright lying to sway the public. I also take issue with the public harassment and then insulting the rest of us by calling it freedom of speech. Calling for the ruining of a person’s career is NOT opinion – it is a call to action. And the scariest part is that the cameras in the courtroom are not curbing the illegal tactics of the prosecution and judge. It is as if they know they are above the law.

      • Cindy,

        Also what about what happens to us? I think it matters. Apparently, some sort of list is being kept of those who opening support AL on facebook by the haters. This really is the only place to talk free from people knowing who were are.

        • That is sad to know about a ‘list.’ It reminds me of a movie I saw when movie actors were being put on a list and called communists (when they were not) and couldn’t get work. It is just wrong and slanderous. I really appreciate all the work you guys put into this site and allow a safe place for conversation. 🙂 thanks, again.

      • Cindyp,

        Without meaning to cast aspersions on the good people of AZ, they get the public servants they vote for. I didn’t watch the Casey Anthony trial, but I gather the judge in that instance ran a tight ship.

        But Maricopa County seems to be content with letting its elected officials run roughshod over their own rights. As a prime example of that, I present to you their duly elected Sheriff Joe Arapaio. In certain respects Joe Arapaio and the whole Maricopa County apparatus is reminiscent of Tammany Hall in the days of Boss Tweed or the Louisiana of old.

        • I really don’t think you are ‘casting aspersions’ on the people of AZ for it is common knowledge that most people don’t vote and of those that do they vote according more to party and what their family’s party is. I have many friends who vote republican simply because their church and family do. When I press them with my views (that I think they should be more responsible with whom they vote for) their answer is ‘that’s why there are parties, so we don’t have to do all the work.’ Unfortunately, in the political world, that is the truth and that truth is counted on by politicians. I recently was having a conversation with family members about how difficult it is to find research (fair) on judges and their decisions. When people go to vote for judges, DA’s, many often vote for whoever has been there in the past (they have experience). In the case of sheriff joe, I think it is the biased, lying press that make him look good to the public and nobody questions it.

  24. haters death threats against al
    no official action
    official impotence
    now such against the president are not treated as free speech and untraceable
    i suppose that since the president signed the extension of the violence against women act he by extension supports al !
    so haters, what are you going to do now with respect to the president ?
    cat got your tongue ?
    come on now you tough dudes, and dudettes, what are you going to do now ?

    • Good one. My bother’s son was questioned by the secret service a few years ago. He had said something negative aubout him on facebook or maybe by phone to a friend of his. My brother was shocked when they pulled into his driveway.He said that they scared the s#@t out of his son.But relized later it was a kid being a. kid and apologized.


      Prosecutorial misconduct

      The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[9] In 1997 the court was more severe, overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife. While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable”.[10][11] Carr was freed in 2004 when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him, thereby unfairly prejudicing his right to a fair trial.[12]

      Despite upholding the conviction she sought, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a 2005 opinion that Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens.[13] The court agreed that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly use … [apparently false] testimony” from a detective that there were no other suspects, despite the existence of outstanding arrest warrants for other men.[13]


    • Hey Tonya, how are you today?! I saw last night that you pointed out something about Flores report, I blv you wanted to point it out to me to look at. Sorry, it was getting late n I went to bed feeling emotional about the Jodi and Bobby picture. If you can show me the links, ill be happy to take a look (if that’s what you asked). Im not sure.

      • geebee2 has a link to the court min she also explained at the top of the page what was going on and on the court mins wiki link page geebee2 did i just went in to look opened a letter excluded hoping the letter written would be there they are not just comment about it then i clicked on the link aboue that and there is a doc flores ca20081610844 in it i guess is the one that the jury got not the one that we have been discussing here …..

  25. Thanks for the USA TODAY article., SJ. Even they sound like they know its wrong what the haters are doing.

    They write:
    It’s the electronic version of a lynch mob,” said retired Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Field.
    Said by a JUDGE, so why hasn’t Judge prune puss not dont anything about this??!!!

    And at the end of the article they mention what some of us have thought would be helpful. To TURN THE TV CAMERAS OFF!!! And then of course a 1st amendment attorney for the AZ republic balked at the idea and said:
    “I think it’s entirely unfair to blame camera coverage for a group of persons who are expressing their views,” he said. “The court has the authority to take steps to protect that witness from threats and other misconduct.”

    If the court has the authority to protect the witnesses, then I expect Stephens to do something about protecting ALV, but we all know shes NOT. This poor lady has been to the E.R. TWICE because of this BS and the judge instead tells her that she doesn’t give a fuck about her health issues, to get her ass there on Tuesday!!! Well, MAYBE its time for someone in the higher courts should take a look at her, what she’s let happen and all the misconduct in this case.

    And, yea its true and it SUCKS if the TV cameras are turned off. We ALL loose. A group of immature people ruined it for the rest of us, BUT it is people’s lives that they’re messing with and if people can’t behave and the court CANT take the proper procedures I protecting a witness, then shut the damn cameras off, simple as that!!!

  26. A lot of the hate seems to be coming from women. I think AL noticed this yesterday. This does not surprise me though because women can be the most vile when it comes to other women. Women do not support other women and quite a lot like to tear them down. Jodi is a very beautiful smart woman with talent so I I am sure jealousy has some part of it. I am glad there are quite a lot of women that support her here.

    • Amen to that. But can mere jealousy lead to the kind of vitriol I see from women.

      I asked my wife about this. She actually agreed with Nk from yesterday, that women can really tear other women down. She has a theory and I wonder if that has some truth to it. She claims that one difference between men and women is that men are essentially more personal creatures. That we tend to keep our personal lives and thoughts to ourselves more than women do. Women on the other hand have little compunction in sharing the most personal aspects of their lives with their friends. That, according to her, leads to the erosion of certain boundaries. Those boundaries are what keep men from commenting or condemning in such personal terms the behavior of other people. However, the erosion of those boundaries allows women to essentially take on other women in the most personal of terms.

      Don’t know about the validity of the argument, but that’s one woman’s view.

      • hmmm, I don’t know, but that is a very good observation and theory from your wife.

        I do often wish that we as women would hold other women up when they are faltering instead of sending the pack of wolves in to finish someone off.

      • Yeah Al, I would agree with your wife.

        AJ, yes its sad but its the truth. Its so stupid and immature, but yup its the truth!! Women are very jealous and im afraid tobsay it, I do blv that all these women HAVING Jodi are jealous! !! Some way or another they’re looking at her as, THAT WOMAN, that woman that stole my BF in high school, that woman that was my BFF and backstabbed me, that woman that LOOKS better, that has a better figure, that has the money for a boob job, that woman does anything she wants, has no kids, and is FREE, that woman that’s smarter then me!!! That’s what they feel and it comes down to JEALOUSY, they are taking it out on ONE woman, Jodi. Instead of really thinking, hey, that could be ME or my sister or my daughters. But no… they’re not smart enough to get it, so they HATE.

        • If I am not mistaken, from what I’ve noticed on the not so esteemed hln after dark show, usually more men generally give JA the benefit of the doubt and vote her ‘not guilty’.

          On this note, I wonder if most of those vile, disrespectful and judgemental questions are being posed by a few women who can’t stomach JA because she reminds them of the one that caused her to lose/be denied/be passed over for, etc someone or something. Women hold grudges longer and tend to spread their generalisations over things even if it so much as remotely reminds them of something that have left a bad taste in their mouths. Most men (and not the effeminate ones who tend to think/act more like females), can make that separation. My 2 cents…

      • I agree with that Al,also adding my two cents,women reject facts to protect themselves.Imagine your man doing some of things that TA has done?Denial keeps us from questioning ourselves and our choices.They can not say they are in abusive relationships or that they may be in, at the least,in unhealthy,dysfunctional ones.I love men..But as ALyce mentioned in her Snow White video,Mens roles in their childrens lives are not honored or even expected…anyway thats a whole new area to discuss.Point is boys turn to men.and it is hard to find “healthy”relationships and even harder to maintain.Gender roles and expectations cause stress for many. Temptations abound.There could be many reasons why more women are soo vile.Sexuality has that old double standard and JA might steal your man with her sexual prowness.(Not my beliefs at all)Just a small summed up version and why I believe society is awry and is only the beginning.One more thing…These social sites enpower us to express the anger…just very misdirected..As I stated..only the beginning of what is evolving.

        • “women reject facts to protect themselves”

          I would agree but also add that most ALL people do this. I know some men who do this too.

        • Michele,

          I don’t think denial is restricted to women. I have known men in absolutely atrocious abusive relationships (the women being the abuser), who keep denying that they are in that situation and stick with it.

          A bunch of years ago I had an engineer who worked for me, who’s wife had such a tight control on him, that he wasn’t even allowed to have an ATM card to his own bank account. We were on a field trip out in Idaho one fall when the weather took a turn for the worse. All of us had to run into town and buy coats since the temperature dropped from the 80’s down to the 20’s. I had to buy him a coat, because his wife told him he couldn’t buy one since he should have known better and taken one with him.

          One of the other guys told me that, this engineer had such low self-esteem that in a conversation one day, this dude said that he stuck it out because he wasn’t sure any other woman would have him!

          So it flows both ways.

          • Al agreed. I am not good at expressing through typing This really was a response to TA being the perpetrator of abuse…Denial…Lack of Knowledge and emotional IQ are never gender specific

          • my mom use hurtfull words to my dad and I asked him how do you but up with it he said I just look at it like a tv you can turn it or turn it off

          • Al, you hit it right on the head there. My ex took away my debit and credit cards and confiscated my mail when new ones arrived. After he was arrested, the first time I got to withdraw money from my own account, I was sooooo excited to use an ATM. I hadn’t used one in 9 years. But I was nervous. What if I did it wrong?

            It’s little actions like this that make a person feel useless and make one believe no one else would ever want them. I was 33 when I got together with him, 35 when we got married. I’d handled my own accounts since I was 16 until i was 37, when we moved to FL. But somehow, between the age of 37 and 45, he convinced me I was incapable of doing anything, not even using an ATM.

    • This may sound sexist, but I think a lot of this nonsense over a trial is the direct result of the decline of the soap opera. I say this as a fan of the old CBS soaps that are no longer on the air. When the soaps declined, so-called “reality” television came in during daytime and filled the void left by the soaps. In a real sense the Jodi Arias trial is a soap opera, and people who do not know any of the people involved have gotten themselves overly involved in something not involving them, and they are taking everything personally. With the soaps, people tuned in not just because of the storylines or the acting, but because it gave them a satisfaction of knowing there were people who had more miserable lives than they had.

      • During the soap opera era, people got VERY involved in the stories. I would overhear somebody talking about “someone else” and sound quite outraged until I found out they were actually talking about a soap opera character.

          • I use to think Tad from All My Children was my dad, because my mom wouldn’t stop talking about him.

            Oh, and when Natalie was stuck in that well….that was a trying time in my life.

        • Yes, yes yes! And do you guys remember the internet hubbub accompanying the canceling of certain of them? I don’t know the names of them, the ones still on vs. the cancelled ones, but they (probably these same nuts) were boycotting certain of the networks en masse

          • Jou, I was one of those nuts. I’ve been watching since high school. Wont tell you how many years that’s been, but General Hospital is celebrating 50 years. Loved it when vcr’s came out and I could tape them. My husband would be furious with the number of vcr’s I went through taping the shows daily. I thought it was a good outlet, talk about made up characters instead of real people. Now a days people don’t have that outlet and the reality shows on now, well I won’t go there.

          • You’re welcome. I really believe this crazy mentality has a lot to do with the decline of soap operas.

            I used to watch Guiding Light and As the World Turns. In my opinion, the best era of both shows was in the late 1970s-early 1980s. I wish more of those episodes would surface, especially anything pre-1978 (the “wiping” era).

        • I think you are on to something there. I never got into any of those shows. I had
          to work. But I knew people that even taped those shows as not to miss out on
          them. They bored me though. I do remember my grandmother drinking pepsi colas
          out of a 16 ounce bottle an tuning into General Hospital daily when I stayed there
          that is why I probably never got into it I was so bored !! ahhhhhh

        • Good point, tonysam. I’ve seen comments with people saying this trial is a cross between reality TV and a soap opera!

      • yes I was addicted to all my children and back then computers were new to me no one used them not even the police they wrote everything down but now

      • Tonysam, i love your post… And I agree with you 100%.

        I posted something about this a few weeks ago. I don’t think people realize…trully realize they are talking about real people here. They speak as though they know the victim, the family, the accused and the witness. They have went from intrested to “love/hate”.

        I dont know Jodi, and to be honest, i’m not really that concerned for her as an individual, as i dont know her nor will i ever know her. I care as much as i would any other random human being, but i dont care more or less about her than any other person. I do care about this case very much, as i care about the state of our legal system. This legal system that can and will effect me or my friends and family, at some point. Don’t get me wrong, i have compation for strangers, but not to the level i would if they were my friends or family.

        I also care about right and wrong, as i judge these things. I don’t live a life ruled by religous law or rule, therefor it is more probable that my beliefes are not as common as others. I do believe in forgiveness, empathy, common sense, the hunt for knowledge, the hunt for intresting excitment, happyness, love, friendship and most importantly chivalry. (im sure i missed others). I care so much about this case because the possible social reprocutions are going to effect us to the core. I think this started with the CA case, but i feel that was just training for the JA/TA case.

        This brings me back to tonysams comment. I agree, i agree, i agree. There was a void left, and i think this drama filled that void. In it self that isnt a bad thing, however when you consider the outcome of this drama, as apposed to “All my kids”, can and will have real effects on our legal system and other real life issues.

        My mom used to tape “all my children” when she was work, she called it “all my kids”. We knew that when mom got home from work that we better not talk or say anything that could distract her from “my show”. she would put us in our room if we talked at all. i remember several beatings that came from simply talking about what happened at school or some other issue when her show was on. (my parents were very abusive). i hated that show, and all soaps. it always reminded me of her and the abuse that came because we interputed her “show”. if the power went out or her show didnt tape for some reason, it was “duck and cover” all night.

        I think there must be some social need for this drama. It is an addiction for some. (lol, here i am at 8:19pm on a saturday night) Facebook, myspace, twitter… the social networks, they capture our attention to the point of obsession. Why would this trial be any different? As much as it has divided us into 2 camps, it has also brought us all together, even if each side hates the other.

    • Why is there so much hate from one woman to another? I’ve experienced the same thing in domestic violence groups online. I grew up in another country and I’m not sure if it was that times have changed or that it’s just different in Europe, but there was a strong bond of sisterhood when I was growing up and especially in college. I came here after college and immediately noticed that women don’t stick together as much as we did in Ireland (where I went to high school and college). Is it just an American thing or a modern thing?

      • The DV group I went to had a lot of camaraderie. I think because it was victims of sexual abuse and since that is a fairly ‘new’ concept we kind of felt like the whole world was against us. The hatred towards Jodi is not isolated. It is extremely common towards victims of abuse but I believe it is more to victims of sexual abuse more than anything. Sex abuse, sex addiction, porn addiction are all taboo still. The 60’s and 70’s started what was supposed to be a kind of sexual revolution but now it has gone awry. So when the abuse terms are used along with ‘sex’ people get pissed. They think all this stuff is just fun and kinky; strippers and prostitutes are making a good living, ‘she wanted it,’ or ‘that’s just how people are these days.’ People are ignoring the reality that a lot of this is out of control. Most people still think the one who is being abused should ‘just walk away’ and nobody understands how this type of abuse happens. There IS such a thing as sexual abuse and addiction. They are real, misunderstood and quite devastating to the victim AND the perpetrator. I think until people start understanding this and see it for what it is – then perhaps the hatred may subside.

  27. Has anybody copied any of the death threats they’ve seen online? I saw one a while back and didn’t copy it. If anyone see any threats please document everything about it.

  28. Good afternoon all.
    Posting my response here to Al’s comment yesterday night:

    So ladies,

    Y’all got to ‘splain something to me.

    After my snap poll this morning, I went back and did a more in depth analysis of the genders of the various postings on this case. I went to 3 twitter accounts, 3 facebook pages and three web sites. After I went through and counted about 300 posts, I just started eye-balling them with the intention of seeing what the gender distribution of hater posts was.

    I must have gone through about a thousand posts, if not more. My snap poll this morning showed about 80% female. My actual count of 300 showed the same spread, and so did my eyeballing of another 1000 posts.

    I must confess I was not expecting such a large variance. Also I did not quite expect the gender split I’m seeing. In fact if you look at the pro-Jodi posts (other than this site) the split is not quite as marked.

    So what’s up.

    My theory is not so much jealousy, but consists of four points:

    #1 These women want to be louder in their hatred than the men in order to be noticed by them, and ‘look at me, look at me, I am the total opposite of Jodi, love me do not hate me’.
    Most of the men spewing hatred on these sites act from misogyny and Jodi is their symbol of the entrapping evil witch, the slut who dared fight back, she must be burnt. The women distance themselves from the Jodi symbol by howling the loudest to prove that they are in no way similar to the Jodi that the men hate.

    #2. Unconsciously the women hate Jodi because they feel that she has roused the hatred of the men and they are afraid of the backlash. Ironically, if they hang around these guys long enough, they will not escape from being viewed as some sort of a ‘slut’ eventually.

    #3. Some of these women are bullies who have abused their female siblings, classmates or coworkers and gotten away with it all their lives with the tacit approval of the men around them. Men in all sort of social or work groups love to delegate the dirty works of public relation, harassment, female-bashing, firing and scapegoating to women.
    Men might actually be pulling the strings behind these Stepford haters. Hiding behind skirts to do the dirty work for them, and the women will take the blame if something goes wrong.

    #4. Two months ago when I still tried to post comments out there ( I did not count genders,) the gender ratio appeared to be reversed; there were more males than females. So it has evolved. They have recruited female members to be their mouthpiece and foot soldiers, like in any cult.

    • viri Interesting. (did you catch me being punny?)

      I wasn’t looking 2 months ago, so I don’t know, but I do agree with the aspect that certain men do indeed look at women as being inherently evil or slutty. Look at all these men today who regularly refer to women as bitches and ‘Hos. The fact that this sort of reprehensible behavior is acceptable by even a fraction of society doesn’t cast us men in the best light.

      • Yes, yes Al, of course, I caught the punny thing 🙂
        But I had been seriously pondering on same for a while and trying to make sense of it.

      • Apparently I am sometimes dense Al…what were you being punny about? Could you please point it out so I know what I am missing???


        • I think Al was trying to tiptoe gently around what he had investigated and also try to understand it.
          It’s always offending to remind Moslem women, for instance, how many of them sometimes stand by their own oppression, or to point out to Afro-Americans that there were black confederate soldiers, or to wonder about Latino mouthpieces complaining about lax immigration, if you are not one of the group. There are always reasons for the self-defeating behaviors.

          • Ah. That makes absolute sense, those are very good examples you just mentioned.

            All I can say is that there are SO many cultural, religious, gender, and individual influences and insecurities, its no wonder it is difficult sometimes to try and analyze a situation and talk about it when so many people easily get offended.

            • Duh . Now I’m dense here.
              — female, hetero, monogamous, long time feminist and many male friends and foes, nom de plume Viridiana, Viri for short, if that clears the fog…:D

    • Interesting – your post makes sense.

      Question regarding the ratio – are there any statistics of “posters” – meaning do more women post/comment in general regarding any topic or is the ratio more even with men and women posting in comparable numbers.

      For instance, on this site, what percentage of posters is women? Are women just more likely to post comments online and to get emotionally involved?

      • sz

        Interesting question. Did a quick search, and you may be on to something.

        On an overall basis for social media usage

        The average gender distribution is 48.75% male, 51.25% female.
        Most male-dominated site? Slashdot (87% males) is the standout, followed by Hacker News (77% males) and Stack Overflow (76% males). In general, the more tech-focused sites in this survey have more male users than female.
        Most female-dominated site? Pinterest (79% females) is in a league of its own, followed by Goodreads (70% females) and Blogger (66% females).
        Facebook and Twitter have the same gender distribution: 40% male, 60% female.

      • Good questions.
        My rough guess about the ratio on web sites would be it depends on the topic. On some sites I pick a genderless nickname not to attract attention either way.
        Would be interesting to find the overall ratio of postings.
        My guess on this site is there are more female than male posters, but lurkers might be even?

        Also, referring to my above post, two months ago I found that men who replied to my posts were hateful or sarcastic, and the women who replied expressed some agreement with my opinion.

    • Idk viri, interesting points but that would kindda mean that the women are being hateful and evil because of man (all 4points). I blv it more just jealousy. There’s a lot of different reason these woman are jealous, (I commented above), but I do think its for that simple reason.

      • Jealousy??? Okay, I’m stumped by this. Jealousy of Jodi? She’s a good looking woman who grew up in a pretty crappy family. She’s extremely intelligent and should/could have done a whole lot more with her life by getting an education, but she left home really young because of her family and ended up with a guy who abused her (Bobby). Then, she was looking for stability and love and ended up with 2 other guys who weren’t perfect for her and didn’t want what she wanted. Then, she hooked up with THE worst possible guy she could have, Travis. He pulled whatever little bit of self esteem she might have had then, which probably wasn’t much, and trampled on it in every which way he could. He physically beat her and choked her. He treated her like she was his prostitute but every once in a while, mixed in a little TLC to keep her around. Now, she’s on trial for her life because he attacked her and she defended herself, and at some point in that defense, lost it. Her trial is being broadcast to the world and she’s become a hated person. Witnesses who have testified for her have been attacked and ridiculed. I don’t know Jodi, but I bet she’s a lot like me and feels absolutely terrible for what those witnesses are going through. Jodi’s family are going through hell. And through all of this, although Jodi is still good looking, she’s losing weight by the minute, her hair and skin are suffering, and she generally looks unhealthy and very stressed out.

        What’s there to be jealous of?

        • also abused >>>>> you sure do now who to say the right words im sorry im so uneducated but thats ok for we have you here. PLEASE never go away

          • Awww Tonya, one doesn’t have to be educated to be intelligent and you show in your posts that you are. Also, some intelligent people are not compassionate, and you show that in spades.

            Speaking of spades, I love your Tarot readings. I asked on a previous page if you do those for people. I have a friend who would love one, and me too, and we’ve met so many phonies. You seem so legitimate. Please let me know if this is possible over the internet.


    A chokehold, choke, stranglehold or, in Judo, shime-waza (Japanese: ??; English: constriction technique)[1]) is a general term for grappling hold that critically reduces or prevents either air (choking)[2] or blood (strangling) from passing through the neck of an opponent. The restriction may be of one or both and depends on the hold used and the reaction of the victim. The lack of blood or air may lead to unconsciousness or even death if the hold is maintained. Chokeholds are used in martial arts, combat sports, self-defense, law enforcement and in military hand to hand combat applications. They are considered superior to brute-force manual strangling, which generally requires a large disparity in physical strength to be effective.[3] Rather than using the fingers or arms to attempt to
    crush the neck, chokeholds effectively use leverage such as figure-four holds or collar holds that use the clothes to assist in the constriction. .

    The terminology used varies, in most martial arts, the term “chokehold” or “choke” is used for all types of grappling holds that strangle. This can be misleading as most holds aim to strangle not choke with the exception of “air chokes” (choking means “to have severe difficulty in breathing because of a constricted or obstructed throat or a lack of air”[2]). In Judo terminology, “blood chokes” are referred to as “strangleholds” or “strangles” while “air chokes” are called “chokeholds” or “chokes”.[1] In forensics the terms “strangle” and “stranglehold” designate any type of neck compression,[3] while in law-enforcement they are referred to as “neck holds”.[4]


    1 Air choke
    2 Blood choke
    3 Use in combat sports
    4 Use in law enforcement
    5 Partial list of chokeholds
    6 Further reading
    7 See also
    8 References
    9 External links

    does anyone knowledgeable here about this area, and the relevant evidence, have an opinion whether TA used an air choke or a blood choke on JODI ?

    i speculate that TA used a blood choke on JODI

    Blood choke

    Blood chokes, carotid restraint or sleeper holds, are a form of strangulation that compress one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain.[5] A well applied blood choke may lead to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds. Compared to strangulation with the hands, properly applied blood chokes require little physical strength.

    TA was into wrestling, mixed martial arts, and ultimate fighting


    • My ex-husband used to choke me (besides punching, kicking, body slams, etc) and choking is extremely frightening. I understand the fear Jodi must have felt and the incredible need to keep TA from getting her into a vulnerable position.

    • I hope that all of the purchasers wear them in good health. And sleep better at night knowing that the household staff members of the Alexander family are being paid in a timely manner.

    • Excellent post, Wes, about the choke hold. Makes me wonder how much Jodi knew about Travis having some knowledge of “technique” in this area. Whatever she knew that he knew, she was legitimately in fear for her life, I believe.

      I appreciate that you are staying on point, although I find many of the posts here about the socio-political aspects of this case very interesting and significant as well, (not to mention the spiritual part).

      I expect that having more men on the jury than women might bode better for Jodi in the long run because they instinctively understand the disadvantage that most women have when defending themselves from an enraged man – even if that man is the same physical size or even shorter than the woman. More over, many of these men on the jury are old enough to have a daughter or step-daughter Jodi’s age.

  30. I copied this from the previous page … is this correct? That she is back in the hospital again???

    lezlie says:
    April 13, 2013 at 1:23 pm
    I heard today.. she is in the hospital.. cuz of the death threats etc. I do not know if that is true or not, but I wouldnt be surprised. If you ever go to Beth Karas facebook page.. omg.. you will get so upset with their comments, its no wonder she gets death threats.. They make fun of her person, he name, her looks, everything.. I read them cuz they fire me up, and i make comments.. and feel good for awhile.. I should quit going there, but it pulls me sometimes. I thought she did an excellent job… I learned so much just from listening to her..

  31. There is (another) page on FB raising money for the Alexander family. They are selling necklaces that say Justice for Travis priced at $10.00 each.

    How much money does this family need? They would be better off donating it to a cause in Travis’ name but instead it is going into their pockets?

    Am I being a bitch for saying that? Maybe. If you look at their pictures they do not seem to be hurting for anything.

    • Oh yeaaaa… I saw that!!! BS they need money. IT (The Samantha sister) has a msg on fb talking about her Mexican maid, so tell me how is that IN NEED of money?! Or since the death of they’re saintly brother they have to somehow make EXTRA $$ instead of cutting back on unnecessary BS. A necklaces, what a joke.

      • ” IT (The Samantha sister) has a msg on fb talking about her Mexican maid”


        What exactly did she say?

        No wonder they don’t seem concerned about Travis’ comment on his myspace.

        • Tanisha has a comment that stated ……….She had to get out of the house out to the GYM before her 4 mexican maids cleaned her up with the house an that her Missionary Husband was so into the mission that he had bought 4 Mormon Bibles in Spanish an left them for the maids of the house…………something like that.

          It just really ticked me off because on Chris Hughes wall he had a post about how the family
          really needed some help with finances due to the stress of being in Arizona an not working
          bla bla bla but of course they are not laid up in a motel they are renting a vacation CONDO in
          Arizona. I am telling you they are living for Travis now through his death they can make a lot
          of money now. Really just disgusts me.

          An then you will see them BITCH about Jodi’s art being sold. Well I am sorry but her family
          probably is not living like the Alexander’s are. An they are not on here BEGGING either.

          • Nor did they take the deal with Dr. Phil. It ticks me off too that they are living it up. It appears that there are now atleast two addresses (one in cali) for funds for the family. Is the family in cali being supported too? The necklace making page where 10 bucks goes to the family? You know that if we started making necklaces for Jodi’s family, it would become some big deal accusing us of fraud. And no way could could we sell them on etsy either.

            • lets not forget what jodi said in her interview with the kkk detective flores someone else is sitting pertty now while im in here a lud to kkk chris and sky kkk clan

          • Weird how she needed to point out that they were MEXICAN maids. Reminds of Travis’ “filly” comment. Wonder if racism runs in the family…Kermit may be interested to hear about that since he was so quick to call Nurmi a racist.

                • Early on in the trial, the attorneys were having a hearing with the judge (no jury present) and Nurmi mistakenly said “Flores” when he meant “Martinez.” Kermit came back with “He must have said Flores’ name because all Hispanic names sound alike to him.” Nurmi was PISSED and called Kermit out for it.

      • KCL is also gathering money for the family.

        That makes 3 outlets that are donating to them. I’ve yet to hear that any of it goes elsewhere, other than family…?

        I’m guessing the money over the $10.00 for the T dog chain goes to the maker of the dog tag for shipping, materials and her time?

        • Nope. All to the family. Check out the facebook page. they have collected a nice sum on behalf of the family.

    • No, you’re not being a bitch at all. I agree. The money should be going to a charity and I’m sorry, but the Alexanders are not a charity. They have the ability to work and earn their own money. Actually, if they really wanted to be sarcastic, they could donate the money collected to battered women. It would be a classy but sarcastic move, and would also benefit battered women who desperately need help.

      • I will say this. I sent Tanisha 5 bucks a couple weeks ago. This was before I became disgusted with the whole lot of them. Today I got in the mail a very nice Thank you card, where she hand wrote a message to me. It kind of made me feel bad.

        • She must be busy to write all these thankyou notes, no wonder she needs 4 ladies to help her doing her household.
          I understand that you feel about that; I’d feel the same way it would make me feel guilty in a way. But I think there is absolute no reason to feel bad, you do not owe her anything.

          • I felt guilty for exactly 20 minutes. Then, I thought, maybe she didnt write it at all, maybe it was one of her FOUR Mexican cleaning ladies.

            Conscious cleared.

    • the question here should not be how much money do they need, it should be how much money are they willing to take from strangers feeling sorry for them

  32. Question and Observation folks….

    I was just over at Amazon looking through some of the 5 star reviews and came across one by Debra Warrens. Go and take a look at the comments and you will see that one of the comments appears to have been remove by Amazon? So, this seems very peculiar to me. Are they if fact getting involved or not? And if so, then get their asses on there and remove all the 1 star false reviews.

    Can someone pop over there to see if I was mistaken or not in seeing that Amazon did in fact remove a comment that was posted on this thread.

    Thanks! 🙂

    • I’m just steaming over here! It clearly states “Removed by Amazon 10 hours ago” and that my friends really pisses me off!

      They need to do a whole lot more than remove one little comment!

    • I just found another “Removed by Amazon” under a review from a Mr. **Billerica, MA.** as well.

      Something very, very strange I say.

      • Tanne,
        I just checked it out and the first 5 star review that is there is NOT in fact a 5 star review…it is marked as such but if you read it, it is defamatory. Maybe the Amazon folks are removing the 5 star reviews that are actually just more hate …maybe the authors (review writers) of these reviews notified amazon that they mistakenly pressed the 5 star instead of the 1 star (probably, cuz they are all idiots IMO)…I think Amazon should cease access to reviews until they get it under control…Evidently the mindless bullies who are writing these nasty, hateful, irrelevant reviews have nothing better to do with their time, I am aghast that Amazon has taken this long to get control of this fiasco.

        • exactily and everone was so upset with SJ for his post and he took it down they should follow SJ lead in that area and only have discussion on the trial and not hate comments towards the defendent or the witnesses etc in this trial

    • No, it’s a valid 5 star comment under a lady by the name Debra Warrens. It has like 17 comments and one of those comments were removed by Amazon.

      Something smells fishy is what I’m saying.

  33. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on juror 11’s dismissal. My initial instinct was that since he dressed somewhat individualistically, he might be a bad one to lose. But then i reminded myself that that is what I thought about Juror 5, and that I had based what I was deducing about their appearances on what Jean Casarez said. Bad move, Jou, I said to self. So I am not normally a contrarian simply for being a contrarian’s sake, but based on no more data than we have, and much of that being a mere extrapolation of the Juror 5 fiasco, I’m not sad to see him go at this point. Admittedly, not enough info to make a reasoned judgement one way or the other, but that is how I am leaning. Thoughts?

    • I dont know about how much to trust on what they say about the jury. No one can really tell what they’re thinking just by the way they look, dress, yawn, blink, or anything else. But I do know those questions still worry me and at this point, if they start dropping, I wouldn’t mind either. I think a NEW sequestered jury is the only and best thing to happen.

      • This jury should have been sequestered and only family in the proceedings and no spectators or media hounds….this is very disorganized to the point of being a travesty!!

      • How on Earth will they EVER find a jury NOW that hasn’t already been exposed in some way to this trial…My goodness, they’d have to go to the deepest jungles of Peru 😯 (Does Peru have jungles? Geography isn’t my strong suit 😉 )

        • HAHAAAA Dorothy thats funny!
          But my sister and brother hadn’t heard about it until I told them, they lv in SW FLORIDA. ..

          • LC, Well, there you go! You have proven my point SW Florida has jungles and is close to Peru, isn’t it? There I go again announcing my in depth knowledge of geography 😯 ….sorry if I come off as pretentious, Ms. Know-It-All! That’s me! Heck I think I’ll try out for Jeopardy 😉

            • the issue then becomes what type of person couldnt have heard of this trial by now? A fair sampling, is what the jury should be, can you really say that a person that has not heard of this trial is an “average” peer and a fair example of the average person?

              • Sirlips, I am certain if I was a defendant in a trial I would NEVER find a jury of MY peers. 😯 at least I hope there is no one out there like me… 😉

              • I highly suspect that this jury wasn’t totally truthful when they filled out the juror’s questionnaire…my opinion…and it will be almost impossible if there is another trial IN THAT AREA, west of the Mississippi, east of the Mississippi? Well, perhaps they will find an impartial, untainted jury of JA’s peers in ALASKA, in a remote village that has no electricity or at least no internet access..

      • Yeah, you really can’t determine much from his dress. Sure, the skull shirts could indicate non-conformity, but could also indicate a “tough guy” who’s into the death penalty. We just don’t know.

        I know I’d be sick of Kermit’s voice.

        • Haha, wearing a skull shirt to show you support the death penalty. Well I’m laughing, but it actually isn’t that improbable.

          • I meant it in the context that maybe he’s one of those highly conservative “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” types.

      • As Al said, that cow left the barn a long time ago. To SJ’s point of the day, on which I wholeheartedly agree, there is no way she can lose at this point. Even if the verdict is unfavorable, this trial is so messed up, a winning appeal is more than inevitable.

    • I think it’s best not to worry about the jurors.

      They are what they are, we can do nothing about that, leave it to the very capable defence team.

      Concentrate on what we CAN do!

    • Joujoubaby,

      I personally think that juror 11 being dimissed from the trial is a good thing for Jodi. If he truly does have health issues then his mind was not focusing on this trial. If he was not born a U.S. like juro 5 maybe he also doesn’t understand the U.S. laws and what his ethical duties are a a juror. It’s not like you can vote yourself in for a trial, your ramondly selected.

      As for why more women are hateful and tuned into this trial…. Look at the staggering rates of unemployment in this country, they have nothing better to do then site in front of these computer or television drumming up trouble. ” Those who flock together stick together” they don’t even have to know all the facts, women like to gossip.

      Also, I have found by reading on some of the hate sites, most that give their two cents worth of hate are merely uneducated females in their 20-30 age group.

      I don’t think they don’t believe it wasn’t a DV case, it’s the nature of the killing ( stabbing, slit throat, gun shot) that has them ruffling their feathers to spew their gossip.

      Having two adult daughters and one that has been through a DV case herself is more open minded about this case when I discuss it with her and ” gets it” now my other daughter who is younger and the ” perfect princess ” child doesn’t believe Jodi’s story. However, they are outraged that people are destroying other’s lives that have been on the witness stand. That in itself is just pure hate, and totally disgusting.

      If JUAN truly has a case for M1 then he needs to stick to the facts, and evidence, not try to get perjury for every FK witness that has been on the stand. That is where he thinks he’s slick……. He’s heartless, and could careless about how this trial has destroyed other people. Yes, I get it, he’s working for TA’s family but you not need to twist and turn the facts into something they are not……….. TRUE.

      I do see appeal coming. I don’t think the questions this week where in Jodi’s favor… But we really don’t know how many of these jurors are asking questions, how many arleady have their mind made up ( even though they shouldn’t at this time) and we don’t know what is ahead of us with JUAN……

      As for yesterday with the sister’s crying, one would have to assume that is good for Jodi…. Maybe a mistrial is coming on Monday. Why tell the producer to bring her attorney, and the Judge being so hateful and stern yesterday.

      And let’s say AL testimony get’s thrown out, it’s still in the juror heads to what she testified on the stand … even though they will not be able to use it… it’s in the back of their minds.

      My two cents for the afternoon….. off to shop with my girls.

      • A couple of things, FUJuan.

        1. I wasn’t born in this country, but I, very much, understand American laws. Perhaps I’m a rarity among immigrants since I have worked in the law and went to law school.

        2. While I don’t appreciate JM’s methods, it is his job to impeach the defense witnesses. In fact, that’s the entire purpose of cross examination. That’s a dirty part of the law, but it’s a part of the law. He works for the state of Arizona, and as such, the people of the state, not Travis’s family, most of whom don’t live in that state.

        • Yes, Also, you are from a Common Law country, though, which is a way different animal than Juror 5. As for Juror 11, I don’t know anything about his background. His not being a native of the US is news to me. Jean Casrarez (I know, I know…) said that he looked Indian (feathers, not dots).

          • I’m sorry Moni, but that is actually not what impeachment of an expert witness is about. I don’t like JM’s style, but I have to admit his impeachment methods are right on the money.

            One of the easiest and most common ways to impeach an expert is on prior inconsistent statements. Why? Because people forget what they said earlier, especially when there are years in between. Like it or not, during her deposition and her testimony in this trial, Alyce has not been completely consistent. At times, she has been slightly inconsistent on the stand. I don’t like JM, don’t get me wrong, but if he did not cross examine her on these inconsistencies, he would not be doing his job well. He has been very effective in doing so, and his memory is remarkable. The guy rarely seems to use notes and he knows this case like the back of his hand. For that alone, I’m impressed with him. If he wasn’t such an asshole in the way he presents himself, he’d be considered one incredible lawyer.

            JM’s aggressive manner and rapid fire questions, throws witnesses off guard, and it’s been very effective in confusing the witness and bringing out inconsistencies in that way. That is not a proper way to conduct cross examination and the judge should have reined him in, but she didn’t.

            Another commonly used method is bias. This usually comes about when an expert has testified frequently for one side, but not for the other. That option wasn’t available to JM because Alyce has testified for both sides. She has not testified in many criminal trials at all, it seems. So, what JM did was to call her out on how many times she has testified for men, in an attempt to show bias for women. She made a critical mistake when she responded to a juror question saying 1 or 2. JM jumped on her like a rabid dog over that one. While his aggression may not be appropriate (in my opinion), he was absolutely correct in doing so. She gave him that freebie and he jumped on it. Any lawyer would do the same thing.

            A third commonly used technique is qualifications. That is why JM has dogged Alyce about her not having achieved her Ph.D. The court qualified her as an expert, and so, this is slightly out of line. But seeing as he plans to counter her testimony with his own expert, who is a Ph.D., I am able to see his rationale.

            Nothing he has done in regards to his impeachment is wrong, other than the manner in which he does it, and it seems this judge allows him to act like an asshole and be abusively hostile to witnesses, so he gets away with it.

        • great now i know how to turn to a law student and i know your picture to welcome to nasty hate of america

        • what about flores he lied to the jury too about the roommates and this post show his knowing of cover up

          geebee2 says:
          April 12, 2013 at 3:33 am
          My new page for today:

          im stupid but i found it looked up letter excluded oped the http site above on that page it took me to ca20081610844

          could use your help with you knowledge in law >>>> also abused>>>>>

    • I’m not buying the illness story. My first instinct, and this is thinking like a hispanic which I am, is that he is very very hispanic and Martinez disgusted him to the point that he couldn’t be fair and impartial. Didn’t they state that when they came back from chambers the DT and Jodi looked very sullen and the Alexander family was cheesing it like cheshire cats!! This is my opinion so I may be way off base!

      • Interesting point, Khloe. I thought about that as well. Hispanics generally stick together as they’re a race that has been discriminated against a great deal in this country. I have known many Hispanics who were born here and are US citizens, and yet, they have been yelled at and told to go home and stop taking jobs from Americans. It would be a natural feeling for an Hispanic to want to support JM, a fellow Hispanic, and an immigrant himself, one who has succeeded in this country, against many odds stacked against him.

        I’ve been reading some reports on this case in some Hispanic publications and they seem a bit torn. On the one hand, they want to talk about JM in a positive manner. But, on the other hand, they don’t seem to be happy with his methods and seem to struggle to describe it. Let’s not forget also that Jodi is half Hispanic. I don’t know her father’s family history, but he may also be the son of immigrants.

        I wonder, therefore, how that jury may have struggled internally.

        Also, while I don’t wish to categorize an entire ethnicity, among the Hispanics I have known, I have gotten the impression that it is not uncommon for the males to cheat on their wives, and that many of the wives turned a blind eye. My Hispanic female friend has said that to me many times. Also, in the 90s I was dating a guy whose best friend was Hispanic. He was a lovely guy, with a gorgeous wife and family, but he played around on the side and didn’t hide it from us. I was always an a quandary when spending time at his family home on a few occasions because it bothered me that she might not know, yet I was not in a place to be the one to tell her. If that is a true perception, perhaps the male Hispanic juror was not surprised at Travis’s indiscretions.

        At the same time, however, it does not seem common for Hispanic men to be abusive to their girlfriends/spouses. They seem to be very respectful of their girlfriends/wives and to place them in a revered position. This may have been a conflict for that male juror.

        Of course, I’m just speculating, as are you. He may well just have been ill.

        • Geraldo Rivera isn’t happy at all with Martinez’ tactics. He said yesterday on the O’Reilly Factor that Martinez seems like he wants to execute Jodi Arias himself.

        • dont fill bad there is a lot more they have damaged a lot of different races here in america and in the old day the church torched people to make them change religions. this is the US and we manage to live together despite our differences as a race my family came to america from cicily im italian …

            • sorry my latin is bad only take in english and my spelling is so bad its a wonder you can read it dorothy

              • LOL Tonya F, you failed everything but PE…I got a Dr’s not to excuse me from gym because I hated it so much. Do you have dyslexia…you mention spelling issues and trouble in school. You seem far from stupid! I suffer from or perhaps am gifted with dyslexia and spelling is one of my main problems. I have learned that if the word is underlined in red (misspelled) you can left click on the word then right click and it will give you spelling suggestions that you can select. Sometimes my misspellings are SO off that the selections don’t have what I intended to write. You probably already knew about this though. 🙂

            • Did you say your husband went to college in Italy? LOL Im probably way off. And did you ask whether she speaks the language? I majored in linguistics. Just curious?

              • 🙂 JC, Pretty close! I said, It’s wonderful to meet a fellow Siciliana (Sicilian woman)! Do you speak the language?

                • Only as a small child. I don’t remember learning it though aside from manja LOL. I remember learning in linguistics how words in the romance languages are similar. So I guessed. LOL My family was from a little village in genoa.

                • i was failing in everything but PE physical education love gymnastics i was good enough was trying out for the olympics but on the monkey bars 2 spotters missed me and hit the grown from the top and got hurt bad…..

                • dorothy you need to get a gavatar photo so I can recognize you there are so many comment here

        • i could not help it the man gave me a headack and i never get them the only other time was when i did not where a seat belt the sent me to watch video of prisoners crashing in cars for 8 hrs I threw up so after that they change the time watch it to only 1 hr.

        • Oh man! The Swine Flu! That made me laugh so hard :). So what’s next – HLN the new strain of H1N1? 😉 The ‘virus’ must be catching on – and inflected many! LOL – We read their ‘status’ here all the time . People have said that there are a lot of SICK people out there (the ones on all the hater boards). Btw, I even call the guy who comes on after Snarky Glaze, Dr. Flu! 😀

      • khloe you are doing good and what you said made sence to me keep up the good work if someone doest like what you have to say say o well the only thing that matters is what the members of this team on this site think 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. I have gravitated to this site after finally being finally fed up to point of outright disgust and anger at people on HLN and their ripping AL apart while justifying Travis’ vulgar comments about 12 year old and porking the pie of a little girl as normal sexual fantasy. Can’t take it anymore.

    • I came here to because of the mob mentality. No wonder teenagers think bullying is ok!! Lets take a look at how adults and the media behave, aren’t we all suppose to be roll models! I cannot believe the hatred out there! Freedom of speech is one thing but I am inclined to believe that our fore fathers did not intend this to mean that it is ok to destroy a persons character and livelihood, I am appalled!!

          • i to came to my computer to look at the trial with out interferance for HLN INCESSION and other sites i visited I was attacted and my facebook i had was getting attacked just for saying well can you see this or can you see that i had to go back to the site and remove my comments and go to my facebook and spam all the nasty comments i was getting there and then i opened this page and read the comment and responed and i have been here eversence the trial began so welcome ashley and khloe

            • Two things: SJ does not like post with all caps and writing hate or saying something you should not say they will look at it and remove it and if the think you are threating they will ban you from here. i love this site thank you SJ

              • 😳 I had a rant the other day where I used a lot of CAPS (not ALL)…I hope my venting was not viewed as hateful…I had reached my breaking point when I became aware of the injustice that was occurring and spewed my guts. I believe it was pretty much venting, no threats, but I WAS SO IRATE, I think I went OVERBOARD. YIKES..

          • Maybe late Thursday. Anyway, my views of this case have drastically changed now after hearing AL, watching Chris Hughes hearing (thanks to this site) and taking a second listen to that portion of the audiotape which I had never heard. Thank you for the welcome! 🙂

    • I know, Ashley, isn’t that gross? My son will be 12 in December and he is very much a CHILD. There is nothing normal about that fantasy. I’d tear someone apart if I heard that said about my son.

      • I have a 12 year old daughter who hasn’t had her first kiss yet. Hearing him talk like that that makes me want to hurl.

    • Welcome. I’ve never watched HLN before, but from all I have read on their website during this trial, they are a disgrace to journalism.

  35. formal justice in the us, civil and criminal, is often administered through the courts, according to law, not the self help of the hatfields and the mccoys

    but arising out of the intersection of the law, and the experience from our past, there is a circumstance permitted in law, when an individual is permitted to omit the lengthy processes involved in seeking a remedy through the courts, and that is in emergency circumstances an individual may effect their own immediate remedy

    and such is given legislative approval

    it is the law of self defense

    a victim does not have to wait until after they’ve been killed by an attacker, to seek redress

    in arizona, in the circumstances set out in title 13 sections 404 and 405, and elsewhere, a person may kill their attacker in self defense.

    other sections are germane to self defense, but these two sections are, i believe, the gist of the law that justifies a person in killing their attacker

    ie there is no criminal culpability

    read 13-404. Justification; self-defense
    the relevant section here is subsection A

    AND read that section/subsection in conjunction with the entire section 13-405

    13-405. Justification; use of deadly physical force

  36. I was just over at Amazon checking out the reviews and there is a new strategy that anti-Alyce Laviolette are using…they are giving FAKE 5 star reviews. They give her book 5 stars and then sarcastically write terrible things about Alyce in the review part…

    Check out the first three 5 star reviews

    • Hey Linda, I saw that too…my goodness! What will they think up next! SERIOUSLY! I wrote my thoughts re those phony 5 star reviews in a reply (above) to Tanne.

    • Ok thats it, I sent Amazon a msg. I only started reading the first paragraph on the first comment and that was enough. That stupid bitch doesn’t even have her facts straight, still talking about Jodi being a stalker and slashing tiers and all other nonsense! !! These people are hating and TRYING to ruin ALV career with WRONG info!!!

      And I was going to reply to her (the person posting), but its worthless and im not going to lower my standards but I did send a msg to AMAZON saying that the post was inappropriate, that I didnt have to explain why, they KNOW that because it has NOTHING to do with the book review and Amazon shouldn’t be used as a site to hate expert witnesses.

      • Me thinks Amazon will take those reviews down soon. They do have a legal dept watching the media and are most certainly aware that FOR ONCE there review site is receiving some very negative attention in the media.

        • Yeah they will, I dont thk they want to be in the middle of it and loose money.

          Thanks Tony!!! Lol : ))

          @ coldcase, I would think she’s sold MORE books. Besides the haters, there are other people that didnt know who she was and that have purchased the book now. I myself, want to buy it but NOT from Amazon. Ill wait and see if they do something about the negativity, if they DO, then ill be glad to order it from them and then explain to them why…

  37. The HLN talking heads know they are targeting a certain audience and play to that audience’s average intelligence. This audience doesn’t question NG, JVM, VP, etc or any of the so-called/self-appointed “experts” that come on the shows to give their opinions. The audience takes these opinions as facts. When the shows air callers it is readily apparent the level of intelligence of the individual.

    I grew up believing that it is our duty to question and do our own research. Also grew up believing, as Edmund Burke said, the evil will triumph if good men do nothing. To take that a step further, is a man “good” if they do nothing? Clearly so many here are doing something (emails/comments to Amazon, researching the facts, supporting Jodi and supporting each other, etc.)

    I feel privileged to be allowed the opportunity to access and be a part of this forum.

    • Well said, sz *\ 😆 /*
      I also feel privileged to be allowed access to this site. The members of this forum are loving, fair minded individuals and since I have been here I feel free. I no longer feel helpless and hopeless in regard to the state of the world. I no longer feel as though I am being sucked into the venomous monster of hatred that has sunk its evil teeth into every aspect of this case. I no longer feel that my voice is being drowned by the screaming banshees. As long as I do not venture into that hell I am safe. The other day when the site access went down, I felt lost. I am glad we are here. (brings to mind Dr Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who”)

      • OMG Dorothy, I love you!!

        Thank you so much for quoting Dr. Seuss.

        It is perfect in this context. lol!

        And I know, I just know that HLN in some kind of perverted way, actually helped Jodi. All their stupid theatrics…i.e. (NG’s favorite): “BOMSHELL TONIGHT: I am a growth in the anus of humanity!!”
        VP’s dramatic voice announcing…”TODAY’S BOLD ACCUSATION!!: My Douchery: Is it inherited or paid for by HLN!!? We will discuss both sides on HLN After Dark…tune in folks!”

        Seriously though, if HLN is playing dumb saying that they’ve no idea where this hatred for Alyce stemmed from, then that lets me know that they are indeed very aware of what’s going on and what we are saying about them here…. AND they’re scared shitless of being sued for slander and promoting hate speech. I’ll bet anything that next week, they’re going to try their best to sound a little more subdued on their shows as far as how they refer to Jodi and Alyce and the defense attorneys.

        Mark my words…

        • 😆 Sil, Gotta love your HLN “headline” adjustments…but ain’t it the truth!
          They are trying to sidestep but after the motion/ hearing tomorrow…will the truth set the jury free of this case?

    • Same. My parents raised me to always question things, including the govt. think for myself a ect. I think their gen was very afraid post WW2 of what could happen when listening to one person.

      • That article is absolutely ridiculous. The last paragraph is beyond belief:

        “One last thing, why is Ms. LaViolette hiding her personal history? Her biography starts with her first job with domestic violence. Was she a victim of abuse? Was she married? What is the ring on her left hand mean? Why is that information taboo?”

        Why is Alyce’s personal history or current status information to which ANYONE in that court of the public is entitled?

        • Maybe they are mad because they can’t find more personal information about her to smear across the internet….those hate mongers are “sickos” at the most extreme…

          • you guys are so tuff i could not do what you do go to other sites and hit them were it hurts its been slapped out of me over the years but go get them and ALV has a right to keep her stuff personal they should’nt be there anyway.

        • Was any other witness asked if they were married/had kids? The ME? Flores? Dr. Samuels? No, so why should it matter for Alyce?

        • Her personal information, is no one’s business. It is her right to keep her personal life private and being a witness in a public trial doesn’t mean everyone should be given access to her private life. She is giving her expert testimony, she’s not there as a lay person.

          These people have a lot of nerve I’d say. Pfft!!

        • I was under the impression that much of that history was included in her book; that she was married to a man, that that marriage was abusive, that there are children of that marriage, and that her experience as an abuse survivor inspired her career trajectory. But that could be misinformation as well, although it makes sense. I don’t care who she’s married to now, the gender of the person…whatever. I doubt that a majority of the jurors in Phoenix will either.

  38. It is a very sad state of affairs we are witnessing. I have a real hard time believing there isn’t something that can be done about all the hate and defamation of character out there. It just goes to show the bias of the higher ups. Makes me sad this is what the US has come to.

    • There is : get busy!

      Please, please help out. Write an aritcle. Report abuse. Challenge people to justify what they are saying.

      Don’t bother with the worst cases, I mean the people who are decent but wrong.

      Just sow a bit of doubt.

    • You would think a court higher up would step in and do something. A woman getting death threats is a very very serious thing and to top it off it seems like the DT has no where to go to file complaints, you can totally tell that the Judge is pro prosecution!! How can you win??

  39. Can;t we start a petition that addresses these issues and all the hate, media, character assasination, etc?

    • We should start taking names of these people that are so bold to harass over the interwebs. It would be nice to hold them accountable for their behavior.

      • Perhaps. I think it is more useful to hold the publishers responsible.

        Tell them you have documented what they have published, and if they don’t take it down and talke steps to prevent a repetition they become legally responsible.

        Going after individuals probably isn’t worth it.

      • I wonder if we could offer our services as “armchair detectives” to aid in some way ALV et al in the fight to deter the haters. I’m in for that but wouldn’t know how to go about it. Any ideas anyone?

    • I was wondering if we could start something like a poll to see where people first heard about Jodi Arias and Alyce LaViolette….

      For me…it was HLN…Nancy Grace….if it hadn’t been for HLN…I would never have heard of Jodi Arias or Alyce LaViolette…

      Sample of some Poll Questions….

      Where did you first hear about Jodi Arias?
      HLN ?
      Facebook ?
      Twitter ?
      Other ?

      Where did you first hear about Alyce LaViolette?
      HLN ?
      Facebook ?
      Twitter ?
      Other ?

      • Truthseeker,
        A question could be added which of the following has been the most informative for you?

        Youtube is also another selection you could add, with an: If so, which username’s posted videos were the most informative/enjoyable/supportive to you.

        Also, to separate the pro TA / pro JA/ undecided/impartial from one another you could add
        Pro TA [with a selection box]
        Pro Jodi [with a selection box]
        Undecided [with a selection box]

        If it is phrased that way it would draw the minions…
        It could also be titled in a somewhat ambiguous way so as to attract their attention.

          • It makes sense…I guess what I was trying to get at was that I feel that HLN is at the top of the pyramid for starting all this hate across the internet toward Jodi, Alyce, Casey and etc…

            And I was wondering how many people felt the same…

            As I am watching HLN the past two days they sound as though they don’t know how all the hate got started…they know…and they really are stupid if they think we buy that they don’t know…

            And…if it wasn’t for them…I would never have heard of Jodi or Alyce…

            And because I have watched HLN so much lately that are biased with their personal negative innuendos about Jodi and Alyce….

            • Yes, and a survey would be a great way to point that fact out, The survey would have to be written impartially so as to get the most accurate results. I suspect HLN will win hands down and it will be evidence of how biased they are, how influential they are in creating this mob mentality…It would be VERY interesting to find out the results.

      • I first heard about Jodi on FB during the first days of the trial. I don’t remember hearing anything about her before then, but I really never watch the news. I saw people talking about her as a narcissist and I basically ignored it. Then, during the first few days Jodi was on the stand, someone I know who had been in an abusive relationship mentioned that Jodi’s testimony triggered her to think of her own abuse. Comments to her abuse were full of vitriol towards Jodi. At that point, I decided to look up more information. The basic news reports left me wanting to know more. However, the comments on those reports were barely legible and I wasn’t happy. In my search, I found this website and encountered balanced intelligent discussion. I read for a few days, without saying anything, and then decided to join in. I’m so glad I did. Thank you SJ and the moderators!

        I had heard of Alyce before this trial. I believe someone mentioned her and her book on a DV forum/group that I am or was a member of, or to be honest, it could have been one of my therapists. I know one of my therapists mentioned her book. Since it wasn’t available on Kindle, I had not bought it.

        • I first heard of Jodi on Dateline a long time ago…(I thought she was innocent back then and I still do) When the trial started I watched some on TruTV, when they stopped airing it, I attempted to watch HLN but was TURNED OFF immediately. I then went to Youtube to see and catch up on recorded full/half day sessions but when the hateful replies to my comments began or my comments started getting “thumbs downed” so much (never happened to me prior to this! I’ve been an AVID youtuber since 2007) I started to feel ill. Someone sent me a personal message suggesting this site, and I have been here ever since 🙂 Whew

          I first heard of Alyce here just prior to her testimony.

      • First heard about Jodi Arias on the original broadcast of “48 Hours” in 2009. The major reason I got interested in the case was because she was from Yreka, California, and had lived for a time in my hometown of Medford, Oregon.

        I doubt I’d be following it much if it weren’t for that detail.

      • I did not start watching the trial until JM was doing his cross on Jodi. I have a 48 hours app on my ipad and I was watching some episodes one weekend and learned of the case there. I knew there was something not right with the case and there was too much missing. CH and SH seemed so odd from the beginning. I