Free publicity & presidential BS. Yay!

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Ok then peeps… time for a little humor to start the weekend!

I had an email yesterday afternoon from Oralia Ortega @ 12 News AZ wanting to do an interview about the website. I turned her down, mainly due to being in the middle of watching The Nurminator ripping the State a new one with his closing arguments.

Anyways, it turns out they broadcast a piece last night featuring our website, together with info on a different website with a slightly different stance on the trial :mrgreen:

Here’s the video:

[hdplay id=214 width=500 height=300]

I just found it amusing that the guy running the other site thought TA would make a good President. Not too sure whether he meant President of the United States, or President of the local Pedophiles & Abusers Association… maybe he meant both? Maybe that’s why they cut him off mid sentence every time he was talking? :mrgreen:

With those comments though, it sounds very much like the other guy is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I mean… had he been there at the autopsy with Dr Doolittle, he would probably have given TA a blow job… or at least tried to. Yes or no?

In the meantime… remember…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Have an awesome weekend!

Team Jodi

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      • WOW SJ….thanks for that link…I would have missed it otherwise…

        And he said that he could see Travis as being President one day…and I can just see Travis bullchyting his way to the top of any profession that he chooses while screwing everyone on the way…after all…we have already seen his delectable desire…have we not…hmmm…

        • Twas the night before Xmas and all thru the great Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage little boys to make Xmas more cozy. Have fun and don’t violate the terms of your probation, Posted by Chad Perkins on Travis Alexander’s my space page 6 years ago. Does this sound like a presidential candidate to you? I think this being posted to Travis was very weird. I know this was his my space page because Jodi had posted and so had his 2 sisters. Unbelievable.

            • Jokes always hold the truth. That is why such serious subjects get addressed as comedies. It is easier when we can laugh at it. But it does tell us a story.

          • WOW Louise! I knew he was a perv! I would like someone to explain the 12 year old comment to me! WHY Dr Drew, HLN, Nancy Grace, Vinnie, Mike Brooks, etc… are you okay with this?! Defending it?! AND, Jenny on Sirius XM said it was perfectly NORMAL!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?????!!!!! OMG!!!!! These people need jailed, NOT Jodi!!!! Again, needs repeated – i was freakin molested by a man ta’s age from 2-15! yes i was a victim then – not now – but then!!! i blamed myself! gained weight to make him not want me!!!! the horror i went thru!!!! he made remarks just like that!!!! what the hell is going on here??? am i seriously missing something????!!!! jenny (sirius xm) on dr drew friday said she wears pigtails for her man!!! o-m-g!!!! and to all the jodi haters reading this – you’re the sick ones!!!! if ta would’ve killed jodi, this tape come out, turd martinez would crucify travis!!!! and you know it!!! let someone like that babysit your daughter – sister – granddaughter!!!!! that’s right!!! you wouldn’t!!!! set jodi free!!!! o this burns me up!!!! a innocent woman jailed!!! i was also hit, and verbally abused by a man – fyi – i didn’t report it!!!! o, so i guess it never happened to me either – right! stupid people!

            • Sorry Team Jodi……one more thing……
              travis busted himself! think about it………. you – sound – like – a – 12yr old girl…….hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! and how the hell does he know what that sounds like????!!!! exactly!!! fantasy??? really???
              hey jenny, dr drew, nancy, mike, vinnie, etc… he’s talking about your 12yr old!!!!! not so tasty now is it!!!!!!! you sick freaks!!!!! hey nancy grace….. your “precious twin daughter”, ta was thinking of her!!!!! swallow that!!!! not so innocent now is it!!!!! you biased – twisted – freaks!!!! and talk about jodi??? okay, i didn’t see the sister (bobble head) rolling her eyes when travis was “trash” talking – you frankly looked ashamed!!!!!
              mike brooks – you were in law enforcement right? well i question that, but anyway, if you went to a home of a little girl, you heard a man say that, i’m guessing you would let it slide……right?!!!! now i know what’s wrong with our society!!!!!! and ya’ll wonder why jodi didn’t report!!!! she would’ve talked to a mike brooks i’m guessing!!!! it wasn’t okay for sandusky, but is for travis!!!!! w~o~w!!!!!! i gotta go!!!! i am sick!!!! this is truly sad!!!!
              you rock jodi!!!! lets hope there’s a “me” on that jury!!!! sorry you went thru that! i’m 40 and still not over my abuse!!! i’ll pray for you hun!!!
              rock~on!!! keep your head h~i~g~h!!!!!

              • Go Missy Radar,

                thank you for your blunt honesty. I feel a lot of us hold back cuz Travis is dead. But, when you put it in real words. I am reminded this guy had some serious problems. I mean Sky Hughes one of his best friends did’nt want him dating their daughter. I mean that kind of shows he was not this holier than thou person HLN and their followers talk about.

        • He was a great b.s.’er, no doubt about it, but he was more likely to end up in jail himself than ever be president of the U.S.

          • tonysam,

            I started following this trial waaay late, so there’s a lot of stuff I missed. Was this Chad Perkins ever interviewed by anyone?

            • Not that we know of, Sil. A post by him on FB wouldn’t generate enough interest to interview him.

              • oh wow. I just think that post is super creepy in lieu of the pedophilia stuff that has come up about TA. And this post happened Waaaay before he ever met Jodi. :/

        • Well, I think Jodi described one sex act between her and Travis as “Bill Clinton” sex (or, something to that effect), meaning oral sex, I imagine. I think Travis’s Eddie Snell act would have been the end to those dreams.

      • some how i managed to get the page where JM is playing the tape of travis and jodi in his lap the guy next to jodi looks like the guy in the video above on the web site the travis site is he the one

    • My comment removed from HLN Weekend Express! I defended Jodi, and they removed my comment! Not biased?! Glad I have a copy when it posted, and went back – deleted!

        • Ok, SJ. That’s fine by me. Thanks so much for the video, it was very enlightening. Is this guy for real? Just another in the long line of whack jobs that want to put TA on a pedestal like some kind of mythic hero or something. This dude didn’t even know of TA’s existence until the trial and already he paints him as this great man. WTF is wrong with people?! Honestly! President???!!! Are you fu*@ing serious??? Wow! I’m a little stunned but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

          • I think I’m unshockable now, Jeff, just one whack job after another, I just thank God for this site or I’d be thinking the whole of America is crazy.

          • Jeff I returned my prize!! LOL It was dinner with the seven dwarfs. I was so scared because I would be taller then Mr Juanderful and I would be stepping in the bullshit that fell out of him. LOL You arebetter to just stay with the glory of being TODAYS First and that you are no longer a first comment virgin, but as we learned from this trial you can still publically state you are a VIRGIN when you are not and you will be believed by the mindless. LOL

            • Dinner with Juan? Oh, no way! I’m kinda sure I’d rather have dinner with Satan himself. I’ve often thought that Juan might just be one of Satan’s demons released upon earth.

  1. I wish JVM would pick a hair color ,retire, and rescue animals the rest of her life.- her only redeeming quality. As a recovering alcoholic I’m ashamed by her actions. She needs to redo the steps.

  2. I want to take a moment to thank BeeCee, TR, Lara, Sil, Viri, Cindy, SJ, Renee, Theresa TTFO, Jaz, Maria Rigadonpoulou, Kira, Al, Heather1, Fred, and Bev (please forgive me if I forgot to add your name, I had so many people to remember, AND don’t forget that I am a TRUE blond heart and soul.LOL
    I want to thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Yesterday late morning I got really sick. So sick that I was in bed all day and night. Then about 3 am I woke up and felt like I was 13 again. I have so much freaken energy and the pain….WHAT PAIN it’s gone!!! I was in so much pain yesterday that I was in tears….but now IT”S GONE!!! I know that it was all the prayers that were sent my way. I am proof that prayer in large NUMBERS work!!! Thank you all so much. You are all added to my nightly prayer list!!! Thank you SJ again for this site. Through it I have met some really great people!!!

    Enough of me!!!
    Let’s all pray the same way for Jodi!!!

    • That’s awesome, Jennifer! (great name btw!) I’m so glad you are feeling better! Strength in numbers here. All you gotta do is believe. I know I do. I hope you continue to get better; you’re in my prayers.

      • Thank you sweety!!! You must have a loved one with the same AWESOME name. LOL
        I feel so great today. My daughter got up, she’s nine. to go to the bathroom, it’s 5;30 am here and she looked at me and said, “One good thing about this is that you don’t eat and when you do you throw up so you are losing weight….Mommy you are looking HOT again.” I about peed my pants I laughed so hard.
        NEWS ALERT: Want to lose those unwanted pounds??? Get cancer and the pounds will melt away.
        (I have cancer so I can make those kinds of jokes I guess)

        • Actually I was referring to Jennifer Willmott. I do have an ex named Jennifer though. But we don’t want to talk about that….. EVER!

    • I am so glad you are feeling better Jennifer and your pain is gone. Sending a smile and a big hug! 🙂

      • Thank you!! I hope it stays away. I am a recovering addict 10 yrs clean and I HATE to take medication for the pain because of the addictive nature of the medication. So I am VERY thankful for the prayers that took it away!!

    • I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

      We keep praying, you keep fighting and we’ll get this licked.

      Love ya.

      • Thank you AL!!! I am ready to kick this cancers butt!!! I am tired of not being my normal self. I believed before but I do 100 times more now that prayer in numbers is the BEST medication!!!

      • Im sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry!! I owe feeling better to the prayers I got and continue to get.

    • yay! i am so happy to hear that jennifer. i am going to keep praying for you. dont get too carried away with your cancer diet. you need your strength to fight. i highly suggest looking into some medical marijuana. seriously. keep the faith jennifer!

      • LOL!! That is what I have been told that it works great. But there are two reasons I can’t take it One Iowa isn’t that progressive yet…and I am a recovering addict. However I think I would feel more comfortable smoking then taking some of the pain meds that they give for cancer. It was those kind of meds that I became addicted to after a horrible back injury. Aren’t doctors great they hand you medication and never ttell you the dangers of it!!
        Thank you for you advice and prayers. You are a great person!!!

    • ((Jeniffer))

      I heart you, Jennifer! Everything is going to be alright! You’ll see. =)

      For us and for Jodi!

    • Jennifer dear,I´ll keep praying for you! You’re such a nice person,taking the time to thank us as if we’ve done sth special.Isnt oving your friend(even your cyber friend)what people are supposed to do?Keep smiling and praying,honey.Try meditation too,it works!!!!

      • Maria,
        Thank you so very much!! I consider all of you my good friends. I was raised to send thank you cards when someone gives you a gift and since we are in the cyber world my thanks on here is my form of thank you cards. You are a pretty special person your self!! Thank you for the prayers!!

    • Oh my gosh, Jennifer, I didn’t know what you were going through. Bless you, my friend. I am soooo glad you feel better today. You will be in my thoughts every day from now on.

      • Thank you AA!! I was felt great when I woke up and it was from the prayers I know it was because I did nothing different then normal days except that people prayed for me. I pray for you everyday and night my friend. I hope all is going well for you.

      • THAT IS SOOO FUNNY!! Because they are the ones that call into disgrace and other HLN shows degrading Jodi. I cant wait for all of them to EAT CROW!!!

    • I just glanced at the site. It’s a mess. What an idiot. I guess he got his 1 minute of fame so he’s happy.

      • I went over to look at that site also. I really thought it would be equal in quality to this site. I was eager to see a good site for the opposite side. I could not be more disappointed. A raving idiot is running that site. He is way too emotional. He is threatening this site and everyone on it. It is one endless ramble. I feel sorry for Travis and Travis’s family with this type of representation.
        Jodi, my prayers have been with you. I am with you girl!

              • Thanks Jennifer. Ok, I really had no problem with the video until it got to the part where Travis has his arm around Juan. Right, well that’s just a bit over the top for me. In fact it’s frickin’ ridiculous. It’s so silly because I know damn well that he doesn’t give one ounce of shit about TA or his family. He’s out to get another notch in his belt any way he sees fit. Justice for Travis my ass! I also notice they have a pay pal account for people to donate to the cause. That’s nice, but aren’t these the same motherfu@*ers that bitched about the fact that SJ has a pay pal account here to support Jodi’s cause? I think so. I wonder where all that money is going. I’m pretty sure Travis hasn’t seen a nickel of it. Ya think? What a bunch of phonies.

                • Well HELL might have a paypal account and I am sure that Childporn is common in HELL!! Sorry about that rant I was just watching some clips fro the trial and they pist me off a little. GOSH THE haters are so freaken stupid. They put 1 and 1 together and get 4.

                • I guess I have a very different opinion of this girl’s video. I think it’s very sweet. She’s actually very talented, a very unique voice and the song is really nice. Her father is law enforcement and the case agent for the prosecution. He HAS to believe in what he’s doing. Whether I think his detective work is shoddy or not, he did what he had to do. And it’s only natural that his daughter would believe in her father and be proud of him. They’re Mormon so, of course, she would take the view that the trial is wrong. I highly doubt this young girl knows all the facts that we do. I assume she’s quite young because Flores isn’t very old. She did what she believed in and wrote a song about it all. She used photos that are posted on the hater sites, not photos she made. Perhaps her aunt, Charlie, who made the video is someone from those sites. I don’t think we should bash this girl and again, I do think she has a unique voice and is talented.

              • Mandy Acosta 2 days ago

                Wow. There is nothing wrong with the family posting this video. The jury isn’t supposed to be looking at any media anyway. If they do, that’s their own issue. Angela and her aunt, Charlie, who made the video are not public officials and do not have anything to do with the trial. Is it not already obvious that Detective Flores wants Justice for Travis? I’m the Admin of the Detective Esteban Flores FB page and have spoken with the family. They have been very cautious in everything they say or do!”

                ARE FUCKING KIDDING ME! Skeletor and Ompah loopha have been shaking their heads, rolling their eyes and just being EXTREMELY inappropriate while sitting in court! And I’m appalled that Judge Pickle Face allowed their behavior to continue in front of the jurors ..

                • “ARE FUCKING KIDDING ME! Skeletor and Ompah loopha have been shaking their heads, rolling their eyes and just being EXTREMELY inappropriate while sitting in court! And I’m appalled that Judge Pickle Face allowed their behavior to continue in front of the jurors ”


                  I DO agree with that statment.
                  I have never seen such disorder in a court allowed by any judge..
                  A friend of mine’s boyfriend was on trial, they could not have gotten by with this behaviour.
                  The judge said before the verdict was read, if you feel you are going to cry then leave the court room.
                  My friend did.

                  The Travis two on front that make all kind of faces, roll their eyes, throw the head back and the REST of the time, just glare at Jodi with hate, they can control that and should . THE judge doesn’t deserve that bench!
                  It doesn’t make any difference whether the lawyers are at the sidebar OR whatever they are talking about when the camera comes on that sister, she tries to cry.

                  Jodi’s life will never be the same because of the way this had been televised. Her life is an open book. Thanks to all of the ones one HLN. There is one that at least has the balls to say something good for the defense and that is Dwayne Cates.
                  The rest defense attorneys never took their prosecuter hats off.
                  They’re all the same.

                  My Dad painted and that helped him in stress. Jodi has so many talents, that they can’t take away from her.
                  If they don’t want her to write a book unless they get the profit OR sell her beautiful art to make money THEN just shame on their asses.
                  They can’t make her stop with her art.

                  They say Travis fought for his life, WELL Jodi had to fight for her life and she had no other option.She had to defend herself. She should be set free.

                  I was watching a lady from Austrailia say that there it is not televised, NOR the names mentioned.
                  I’m sure that’s what you call fair, because like Casey, Jodi will be the most hated person.Just have to hate someone.
                  I HATE to say that. It seems lik we ALWAYS have to have someone to hate.
                  We have a real problem now with our justice system and if it is because they are televised, then let’s not do it anymore.

                  BTW, I ordered Alyce’s book April 4th from a store, not Amazon or Barnes and Nobel. I reveived an E-mail yesterday saying it was cancelled. I called they said they didn’t know WHY that book was cancelled!!! Bullshit!!
                  That’s called sabatage.

                  Something needs to change. I don’t know where to start, but there has to be a change. Way too much hate.
                  Why do they have to say and are always proud to say MOST hated in America.
                  That is not justice!
                  And that is something we are to be proud of, Justice for All!.
                  It’s just not true.

                  And people can blame it on whoever they want, BUT they are the ones. They should look on the mirror, every time they use those two words ” MOST HATED”
                  and MAYBE it would change.

  3. The publicity for this site is great but that man running the other site just sounds like a very strange person. He wanted to be friends with Travis because he seemed cool? Nah just a fame seeking nerdling. Or maybe he wanted advice on cream pies who knows.

          • (In the vein of George W. Bush): “My fellow Americans, this is a load you cannot ignore. It’s an ejacutation that’s a true phenomenation. You can pedophilize it and categorize it, but either way, fifteen pumps is something you have to sink your teeth into. And this is my fifteen pumps of fame. Uh . . . who’s got a towel???”

    • AMEN!!! I witness in a trial a few years ago. The person who never knew the defendant started a page for his supporters. Eventually he started having people send money to him for this defendant. Thousands of people were following that case and people sent money from all over the world. The admin was pocketing the money and bought high priced items with the money. The defendant said that the admin of that site freaked him out when they met. I too think that that person wanted his 15 mins of fame.

    • That guy running the other site seems like kinda a goof ball. He really thinks Travis could have been president some day??? WOW! I don’t even know what to say to that.

      I have been up almost all night. I have got to get to bed. My sleep pattern has really been all over the place since I started watching this trial….especially the past couple of weeks. I have some health issues that are not being helped by lack of sleep, but it has been really hard to turn off thinking about Jodi and the out come of this trial.

      good night all! Hopefully I will wake up in time to exchange some posts later tomorrow.

  4. First I want to say that I am PRO JODI ten thousand percent!!
    I was just looking for the video link for Jeff and I clicked on some videos while looking for it that weren’t the right ones. I came across one that made me cry…it was of TA as a little boy and ones of his family when he was little. It made me think about the MONSTER that molested him and took him from that sweet little man to the Vile man that Jodi met. When someone molests a child they steal more then there innocence from them they steal their FUTURES from them as well. It made me wonder if TA would of been the sex crazed abusive man that he was if that had not occurred in his childhood. I wonder if that MONSTER is behind bars for what he did to TA and probably countless other little boys along the way. I think the FIRST thing we as a society need to do to end these cycles of ABUSE is to make the penalties for the ABUSERS much much more sever. When that MONSTER molested TA as a child he inadvertently caused the actions the day of TA’s death. TA was dealt a pretty shitty hand. He had two drug addicts for parents, he lived below poverty, and when his grandmother rescued him from all of that he was molested by a TRUSTED adult…I am not CONDONING TAs actions by any means. What I am saying is we as PARENTS and adults in society we need to STOP THESE CYCLES!! We need to save the next generation of children from becoming a victim to these PEDIFILES who turn innocent babies INTO MONSTERS who BEAT WOMEN and MOLEST others. To close this comment I would like to add something that I heard from a Mother whose daughter was murdered by her newly wed husband in a fast moment of pure anger. This mother told me.” I know that he wasn’t evil to his soul because my daughter would of never fallen in love with him.” The man that took her daughters life claimed for years that it was an accident that she drowned in the bathtub. He had thousands of supporters and I was one of them…until the night he told me what TRUELY happened and how she really died. During the time I knew this man I saw nothing but a good man….until he told me what happened the night his wife died. I cannot help but wonder if the same is true of TA. Jodi is a good girl and there had to be good in TA or she wouldn’t of loved him.

    • Thats’s the difference with the sane and loving people who post here as opposed to the media frenzy who makes Jodie into a devil and Travis into a perfect and saintly man. It boils my blood so I stay away from all that right now even sources I normally read for regular news.

      How many women are killed per day by a man? I am not saying its right man or woman but where are the pitchforks then? The hate this case has created OUT THERE is downright scary.

      I too have looked at photos of a child Travis and have felt badly for him. I suspected he was sexually abused even before I read any rumors to that and I believe it to be true and that one or more of his family or friends knew but didn’t want the public to know. All the other abuse he had was heartbreaking as well.

      But the boy became a man and even though he tried to polish the outside up as rich clean successful perfect Mormon he was still damaged goods inside—sorry–I cannot think of a better adjective right now but damaged– I am sure you know what I mean. Damaged people often go on to have awful toxic abusive relationships unless they acknowledge it and get help. Since he had several kinds of trauma and abuse in tender years he should have gotten help as a boy but people were more clueless about these kind of things 35 years ago.

      • I agree he was so damaged. His sweet grandma tried to save him from the life he had to live by brining him and his siblings into her home and getting them into church. I have to wonder if it was a higher up in the church who did the abuse. It is sad how many children suffer in silence because of the fear molesters put inthem…ie I’ll kill you or your parents shit like that. Kids take the threat seriously. I once was doing a paper for college on sexual abuse of children and came across the site I can’t remember the exact name but something along the lines of Men who love boys or something. It is a page where men blog about the “love” they have for little boys and how it isn’t wrong. I about puked. Then because they must trace your IP address or something I kept getting pop ups and email from them. I feel so bad for the children.
        I thnki when Jodi testified that TA didn’t like that part of him she was telling the truth. I think he might of wanted to change but was to…proud…to get the help he needed. He took it out on Jodi all that pent up anger towards the person who did that to him.

        • The tragedy of Travis Alexander is he couldn’t escape from his past, and it destroyed him.

          If he had only listened to the Hugheses and actually gotten help for his many problems, he would be alive today.

          • LOL ‘if he had only listened to the Hughes’?’ They meddled in his life more than a jewish mother in law does !

            • A Jewish mother-in-law would have bought books, called a therapist, made the appointment and enlisted the whole family. All the Hughes did was lecture him and probably made him feel rejected and angry, and he blamed and took it out on Jodi some more.

          • That’s it!! I thought I was going to have those images in my head forever. I remember crying so hardd for the little boys that those kind of men destroyed!! It is sickening!!!

    • SJ did they really try to contact you for this story?? I would of GLADLY spoke up for all of us on here. I want the public to know that not all the WORLD are morons and believe the fairy tale that Mr Juanderful tells.

    • Thanks, D!

      Re this site: “I just didn’t think it was right.”

      WHY NOT, YOU EFFING SHITHEAD? I hate these blanket pro-prosecution statements more than I can say. Never a single fact, but they could not be more certain of Jodi’s guilt. Ugh.

      He could see Travis as President one day? LMAO. I’ve often lamented that had Travis been killed in late 2012 on, the photos of Travis’ house with the yellow crime-scene tape would have shown dozens of Romney/Paul 2012 signs in the ground that Travis could not bring himself to remove.

      Anyway, this site is awesome.

      • I’ve often wondered if the delays in this trial was politically motivated. Sure they can say it had to do with the Defense, but behind the scenes it’s always easy to delay a trial due to conflicts in Judge’s or Prosecution’s scheduling. Had this been going on in the run up to the 2012 election, Romney would not have lost by the margin he lost by. His campaign would have gone down in epic flames like the Hindenburg. So much inflammatory stuff would have been brought up about Mormonism.

  5. Good morning. 🙂 I would personaly day each name but I’m. on my phone …. SJ I didn’t have it IN ME
    this moreing yet to watch the video. Perhaps after my 10th cup of coffee.

    Jen I really missed you yesterday but I’m happy you rested. my motherly orders for today get your ass outta bed do something fun with your daughter. needless to say I say that with love and respect.:-)
    OK Al Little dancing music.

    • LOL Thank you Cindy. My Mommy passed away in 2007 at the age of 48. It was nice to be bossed around again. I got a lot of rest and Jodi, our new kitty, slept next to me all day. She got up once when the boy cats messed with her but most of the day she was right next to me. I missed you all yesterday too. How was the closing that Nurmi did? And was Mr Juanderful repetitive as always?

      • My heart is with you Jennifer…my mom passed away in December 2009….it was a difficult time being Christmas and all…and I still keep hearing my mom’s voice telling me to do this and do that…sometimes when I am up late at night I can hear her telling me to go to bed…then I realize that I am the mommy now…and I get to stay up…when you lose a mom you have lost a great vastness of your life…there is nothing to replace that feeling…nothing…I know…so again…you are in my thoughts and prayer…May God Bless you…

        • Thank you!! My mom was my best friend. When she passed I thought How can I go on without her??? I had kids so I had to pick myself up and just do it. THe night she died I had woken up to someone saying my name. I opened my eyes and I saw her in the corner of my room. She told me to take care of my younger siblings and her grandchildren. She said she loved me so much. And then told me to get ahold of some of her friends from out of state and let them know she passed. I answered out loud YEAH Mom I will when you pass but you will go into remission again so that is a long way off. A few moments later my cell phone buzzed. For some reason it did not ring when the call came in it was a buzz from the message. I listened to it and it was my step dad telling me that my Mom wouldn’t wake up. I called right away and begged him to do CPR to call the paramedics TO WAKE HER UP…He said Honey she’s gone. AT that Moment I screamed so loud and hard and fell to the ground.. That was the worst MOMENT of my life!!!
          Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and I will keep you in mine also. GOD BLESS my friend.

        • My daughter named her. She is such a pretty cat that is why she called her Jodi. She told me last night as we got ready for bed why did God not make the police see the truth that Jodi was hurt by TA…and I couldn’t answer I had to say I don’t know honey..

  6. Praying for Jodi! 🙂 I feel like this site has been my lifeline into what was happening throughout the trial. I have a 13 hour plan ride today, I think I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms not being able to access this site! :/

  7. I, too, think Travis was a damaged person due to his harsh childhood. This is still no excuse fir him to treat someone as callously as he did Jodi. The proper thing would have been to have sought help for your BPD. If Demarte was an expert then I am too and can diagnose him. Instead he took prisoners. And Jodi being a vulnerable person who loved him, was treated the worst of all. I am sad for his family that he died such a tragic death but I am happy that Jodi is finally free of him, emotionally.

    • Men like TA look for women like Jodi. They seek women they can control, ones who will do anything for them, ones who do as you say, ones who also never question WHAT you say, ones who do as they are told and nothing they are not, ones who will up root their lives to be near you, ones who alter their appearance to suit you, ones who conform to your belief system, and last but certainly not least ones who will lie for you, cover for you, and place you on a PEDISTAL at all times. These men alienate these women from their family and friends and the mans friends become the womans friends. These women walk two steps behind their man when in public. These men select women who feel they deserve what they do to them and women who feel GREATFUL that they even are interested in them. And the men DON’T let these ladies forget how LUCKY THEY ARE that HE is dating THEM.

      • That’s it in a nutshell, Jennifer, and while so many people in the US disbelieve abused women it will just carry on. There has to be a FULL STOP to abuse. I hope that this case will set the precedent for women, it has to change some time.

        Right now men can abuse women any time the mood takes them and know they can get a\way with it 🙁

        Thinking of our Jodi today, she must be going through agony, when really she should be receiving a medal for all the abuse she has suffered from the court the last 4 months.

        In years to come, and probably many years, people in the US won’t comprehend how the court–the State– made Jodi suffer even more that she has already suffered..

        • It is exactly what they use to do and often still do to victims of rape. In court they wouldask the victim what were you wearing, how were you acting, etc. Jodi has taken so much and rarely showed how it was getting to her. She is emotionally stronger then I would of been in her shoes.

          • Yes, me too, Jennifer. How she has kept silent for the past 4 months I really don’t know.

            One hateful person on the TA site said she wanted her to ”lose it”. If I had these people in fron of me for just 5 minutes.. makes me so angry.

            • They have so much hate in their hearts!! I try to turn all bad things over to God because I can’t stand having that negative energy inside me. The things they say are terrible.

      • There is an article on the NY Times today about the wife of the alleged Boston bomber Tamerlane Tsarnaev. Regardless of him being guilty or not ( I’ll believe it when proofs are produced,) she has all the markings of a young abused wife who was fine and dandy until she met him, quit college, converted to Islam became very devout, married him, with child, became isolated from family and friends, supported him with her wages, got almost talked into moving to Dagestan to be isolated some more, became quiet when husband was around but animated when he was not, and neighbors heard loud voices coming from their appartment, and the two brothers kept speaking Russian which she did not understand in front of her.

        • Viri,

          What do you mean when you say the “proofs” are produced? are you talking about proof or something specific with regard to the pictures of him?

          • The FBI maintained that they had pictures of the younger brother putting the bag down at explosion site #2, and pictures of the elder brother before with bag and after without bag at explosion site #1, which convinced them that they were the ones who did it. I have not seen any of these convincing pictures yet to be convinced as well. There were quite a few other people around walking, standing with big black bags as well.

  8. I was just reading on wildabouttrial’s twitter page – he thinks the verdict will be announced Monday afternoon. Thoughts?

    • Actually, if that’s the case that could be a good thing. A quick verdict usually favors the defense.

      • It should. I can’t even fathom the jury would vote to convict on Murder One especially.

        That would tell you the jury was tainted.

        The fact the entire prosecution’s case was compromised before the trial should cause the jury to completely and totally throw out the case.

        There is nothing to show anything other than self-defense. Nothing. The ME was either incompetent or a perjurer (most likely the latter), but if HE is suspect, you can’t as a juror arrive at any decision to convict. The autopsy photos mean NOTHING unless you have a report that is reliable enough to interpret those photos. The ME’s report and testimony are central to the state’s case, and if he can’t be believed, a juror HAS to throw out the case. Same for the detective’s report(s) and testimony.

        However, the worst thing about this case is the fact the prosecutor felt he had to undermine the justice system by having his chief detective and especially his medical examiner lie for him. I know this sometimes happens in murder trials, but this isn’t just ANY murder trial. This case has gotten national and international attention from almost the beginning. The LAST thing Martinez should have done was tamper with witnesses. He didn’t do the Alexander family any favors by pulling stunts like this. He knows he should have negotiated a plea from Day One, and it would have been over with.

        As far as I am concerned, Martinez, Flores, and Horn should all be doing jail time.

        • I agree TS! You would think the Jury knowing that the ME and Detective altered their testimony that that would just about blow their entire case out of the water!!! How could they trust ANYTHING they say, or any theory that they presented??? And why aren’t Martinez and the bunch sitting in jail right now or having charges brought against them?????

          • The entire state’s case MUST be rejected.

            When you have the most important witnesses for the state commit perjury, you really have nothing for a conviction of anything.

            Martinez, Horn, and Flores all belong in jail.

            The issue is no longer about Jodi Arias; it is about corruption.

            • So absolutely true tonysam.
              They can’t just pass on that. No Way!
              That’s why juan had his tail all in feathers at the closing.
              He knows they are currupt!

              • Unfortunately this happens ALL THE TIME. In my brothers case they took the bullet from the wall after it passed through the man who died. But the bullet was so big it would not fit back into the hole it came from. They were saying the man was shot through the back but that was a lie. Az prosecutors are as low and criminal as they come.

        • tonysam,

          Exactly what I think too, I would jail Horn, the Hughes’, Flores, Martinez and DeMarte, keep them barely alive on bread and water and let them decay.

        • here here!!! along with Judge Stephens….never have I ever seen a Judge so blatantly biased towards one side, or allow some of the most tainted testimony be presented as evidence yet not allow other evidence to be presented that would of helped a defendant prove her case.
          When you have many other seasoned, famous Judges get on national television and publicly scold a Judge, you know it’s not in your imagination. I have not heard ONE other Judge support how she ran this trial. Has anyone else?

    • They had four months…they listened…they took notes…they asked questions…they shouldn’t take long at all to come to a verdict…

        • I am guessing here…

          Monday…the first day they will sort through the evidence….

          Tuesday…the second day they will go over the evidence…

          Wednesday morning…the third day they will have their verdict…

          • I’d say this trial deserves at least a week of deliberations. The amount of money, time,energy spent on this trial. :/

            Praying for Jodi!

            • NK…

              We heard that not all states allow the jurors to ask questions….but Arizona does…this is the reason that I feel that they will come to a verdict within three days…most of their questions were asked and answered…

              • That is true. The only thing that would stall that a bit is if the jurors are divided, and one side has to convince the other. Questions can be answered, that does not mean it would fully convince/satisfy the jurors. But you do make a good point!

  9. They wanted justice for Travis? Well it would have been served If JM would have taken the plea deal
    None of this would’ve come out. So now Jodi’s. a liar And none of this happened. Sorry the Bell has be ringing for 4 months. Jodi will walk away With. The same sentence As the plea deal.

  10. AA,

    Glad to see you’re up and about again. Did you manage the stuff at work?


    Still a Subaru, sturdy and reliable, got you there. Better than a Camry though, no slipping and sliding.

    I’m sort of glad the jury decided on a 9-4:30 type of schedule starting on Monday. That signals to me, if one can in fact receive such signals from a jury’s actions, that they believe there is stuff to deliberate. That is good.

    Amongst all of the side bars and assorted other delays, a lot of evidence has been presented in the last 4+ months. The narrative, especially for the defense, is not in the closing arguments. The prosecutions case was summed up in the closing, but to get the complete defense case the jury needs to sift through that case. We, on the outside have an advantage over the jury. We have discussed this case in real-time. Even on this page we, from time to time, have had to convince each other of certain interpretations of the facts or the law. If the jury has followed the admonition, they have not had that opportunity.

    It is clear from the jury questions that there are some on the jury who have looked at some witnesses with skepticism. The questions have been a mixed bag. Some seem to favor the defense, others the prosecution. Shy of the situation where the prosecution is just not believed, the next best thing for Jodi is a questioning jury. Such a jury will delve into the evidence, and the evidence presented here does not support JM’s narrative.

    I also believe it is good that we have a weekend between the close of arguments and the onset of deliberations. Unless those jurors are capable of magnificent feats of repression, they are formulating their thoughts as the weekend wears on. As they do that, they will be asking themselves a lot of questions. Except for those who may have whole-heartedly bought the state’s argument, the questions will bubble up to the top. When they start deliberations on Monday each will have a concise list of what they want to discuss. That is good. It allows for an orderly discussion.

    Now, an orderly discussion is somewhat problematic for the state. There are two things with any evidence or testimony. The first is a clear statement of a fact or claim and the second is the inference that may be drawn from that fact or claim. I this case both sides are asking the jury to draw very large and diametrically opposed inferences from the facts. It is good that certain things happened in that one day rebuttal. Firstly, I believe that the ME was thoroughly discredited. That is good because the state wants the jury to draw certain conclusions from the ME’s testimony. The second thing was that the defense put up a pretty good rebuttal of DeMarte’s claptrap. This again is important, because it adds to the veracity of ALV and Samuels, and their testimony is the cornerstone of the defense’s narrative.

    So, as this jury gets ready for deliberation they go in with fresh memories of the state’s blunder in the comportment of Horn, Flores and DeMarte. That is good. They also go in with the most powerful argument that the defense has in this case. It is the behavior of Jodi and TA once Jodi got to Mesa. That behavior undercuts the whole argument of a cold blooded killer with a well thought out plan.

    • It wasn’t just a “blunder,” Al; what Martinez did was tamper with witnesses.

      All three of these stooges should be doing jail time for the stunts they have pulled.

      I cannot believe the whole thing, ESPECIALLY Horn’s answer to the JUROR’S question about the dura mater. He INSULTED the jury by coming up with a bullshit excuse about the report. Of course the report was accurate, but he chose to commit perjury to save Martinez’s ass.

      It was as bad a thing as could possibly happen in a trial, especially a trial that has had national and international attention.

      Horn should be run out of town on a rail.

      • Absolutely. Not to put too fine a point on it, they fucked with the truth.

        I hope the jury sees that. They have to.

        This prosecution team seems to have forgotten that their job is to see justice done, not get a conviction. They may believe that a certain outcome is the justice they desire, but they are not allowed to tell lies and twist the evidence to achieve that goal. The ends never justify the means. A just end is one that is reached through the proper means.

        I think Horn’s testimony is tainted beyond recovery as is his reputation and you are right he ought to be tarred, feathered and run out of town. Defense lawyers for years are going to have a whale of a time with this guy’s testimony in this case.

        • If something IS made of it -Horn’s lies as well as Flores’, and by extension the misconduct of Martinez…

          They could be in a boatload of shit from previous convictions, couldn’t they? Every case any of them had anything to do with?

        • Thank you, Al and Tonysam, for highlighting this particular disaster (among several). Horn has blood on his hands.

  11. Ha, I came across the prosecutor support site and it was just too tempting.. funny no one has managed to answer my questions, instead they tell me to take a f***ing sleeping pill!


    One of my questions was, why, if she had premeditated it, didn’t she have TA come to CA where there is no death penalty!

    The haters know they are lying! WTF!

  12. I found this quote and thought that it would go along GREAT with todays title and video.

    Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.
    –Frank Dane

  13. And yet another Quote that I find fitting for HLN!

    “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
    ― Søren Kierkegaard

    • I think he could but probably won’t because he wouldn’t accept the one offered before the trial. And I think the prosecution usually asks the family and the Alexanders are out for blood.

  14. one last quote that I feel describes all of the Jodi haters out there who feel she deserves the death penalty.

    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
    ― Harlan Ellison

    • How do these people not know it about themselves? They need no information; they all think they’re so goddamn smart, they intuit the truth. Eff.

  15. MY GOD I NEARLY SPEWED ON MY COMPUTER! As I am not from America I try and read some news articles on how the trial is going (its not televised here). I read the article and had a few read of the comments and just couldn’t help but noticing the following comment! Seriously some people are deranged–Travis was a monster not a kind person! Were these people dropped on the head at birth? This is what this chick wrote.

    Joy McQuiston · Top Commenter
    A gentle soul tenderly glided into court today.
    His presence filled the room in a spiritual way.
    He found he could be heard by speaking through.
    Juan Martinez, whose words were solemnly true.

    This tender spirit, like a soft breeze it did appear.
    Past through the doors toward his family so dear.
    He silently motioned for the prosecutor to proceed.
    And sat among his loved ones to soften their need.

    His story was told loud and clear, leaving no doubt.
    Who the real victim is and what Ms. Arias is all about.
    We may not see him but he is there and with candor.
    A fine man we’ve come to know as Travis Alexander.


    • What??? No way, really? She’s the top commenter? That’s insane. SHE’S insane! Christ Almighty! Where do they come from????

    • I think you’re right, Hayley!!! 🙂

      All the Hearings for the trial are on Youtube 🙂

      **Serious Health Warning!!***

      Watching Martinez’s closing argument can be extremely damaging to anyone’s health.

      He should be sectioned and locked up, imo, along with Chris Hughes, Flores, Dr Demented and Horn.. and I’d feed them on bread and water once a day. You never know, they might eat each other.

    • As I was reading that…I was sure that she was going to mention that the cell phone ringing during Nurmi’s closing was a deliberate interruption from Travis Alexander to cause a halt in the courtroom…because Travis was A N G R Y at Nurmi…

    • Hi Hayley,

      Which part of Australia are you from? Aus is a big place! My friend’s son lives in Melbourne 🙂

  16. I checked out that guys site. Wow. He is a combination of Travis and Juan Martinez. Lot’s of hate not only for Jodi but for the entire Arias family and the defense team and he is more than proud of the fact.

    I never cease to be amazed at the way people think.

    • It is sickening how he attacks her family. They are not the one on trial as the pedo huggers often say about TA.

      • It is against the law to threaten someone over the internet!

        Does this guy need to be reported to the FBI?

        • I don’t know I didn’t personally go to the site I just show on the video a spot on his page where he is putting Jodis mom down for her size and others have said he really is evil when talking about them.

            • The Arias family can sue if they can show damages such as losing a job, mental duress, or people not going to their restaurant because of the slander.

              • Sue HLN! If the jury votes for an acquittal, Jodi is going to have to go into hiding. She’ll have a tough time finding a job because of all this hate spewed by HLN. They deserve to be sued.

  17. I am really very tired of people slamming. KN for what he said about not liking. JODI 9 out of 10 days. He was making a point….people!!!!!! I personally thought it was brilliant

    • I agree Cindy. That smile from Jodi when KN said that made me smile. I love that picture SJ put up of Jodi’s smile. That is my favorite pic of her!

      • Ditto!! That photo is AMAZING!! She is almost glowing in it. You see that although the next several days will be the hardest part of the last four months it seemed as if all the weight she was carrying on her shoulders had suddenly lifted.

      • Yes! She just lit up when Nurmi got his great point across! I felt a lightening of her soul then. I bet Jodi is feeling very relieved that the trial is finally over! The five years the case has taken to even get to court,,,plus four months of verbal abuse from the persecutor is cruel and unusual punishment!

        Lets direct our positive energy to the jurors..and pray that they really and truly serve justice for Jodi.


    • I agree!

      I thought it was terrific…I think one of the many things it does is show the jury that he is not under any kind of attraction to Jodi.

      I’m surprised Kermit didn’t try to accuse KN of having feelings for her or something, unless he did and I missed it.

      I would love to be friends with jodi, but I can also see how her intelligence and hyper-literalness could affect some people with lower self esteems in a negative manner and I think KN was just trying to show that a person doesn’t have to like someone all the time in order to believe them or want to save their life.

      • I’m sure Kermit might have hinted about Kirk being attracted to Jodi in his rebuttal, had Kirk not held him off at the pass with his statement. It was a brilliant move.

      • “I’m surprised Kermit didn’t try to accuse KN of having feelings for her or something, unless he did and I missed it.”

        BeeCee: Actually, when Nurmi said that he didn’t like Jodi on 9 days out of 10 Kermit objected!
        I thought that was kind of funny.

    • And I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that being said over the years “I don’t like you” from both husbands and wives….and they were only pissed off at the other one when they said it…and all loovey dovey later when they cooled off…

    • I agree Cindy. Jose kind of did the same thing with Casey. he called her a slut and a liar but said you can’t convict her because of that.

  18. Travis is closer to the Joe Carol character on The Following than he is to being Presidential material. That guy on the other site actually said Travis could’ve been President. LOL.
    Travis knew how to push peoples buttons and how to manipulate everyone but the high and mighty don’t want to hear that.
    They are still drinking the Travis Kool-Aid. The Travis Taliban reminds me of the Manson Family. We’ll kill for you Travis!

    • Travis for President? Ya right..shows how bright that guy is…I guess Jerry Sandusky would be getting a free pass w/ a Presidential Pardon if that ever would of happened…Yes, he’d make a fine President! so far out in left field…these people are bizarre…..

    • Can you image a Presidential campaign with Eddie Snell videos popping up everywhere. During a presidential election..the opposing party will dig up a video of a canidate stealing a grape at the age 2. Ya Right! Presidential???

      • And when I watched Travis perform in that Eddie Snell video…he kept hiking his leg up like a dog…and shaking on his crotch area…and you could see the back side of the people’s head and they looked down at his crotch when he was doing that…so disgusting…yet he enjoyed every minute of it…

  19. Just checking in briefly – my wife told me I had got too involved in Jodi’s case, and of course she is right to some extent. But I have leant a bunch of things in the process.

    I have done what I could, now is the time to rest and let the jury work it out.

    Remember the good juror questions : at least some, and hopefully most, of these jurors were not fooled by Martinez’ stupid antics.

    Bye for now!

    • see you soon geebee!

      spend some quality time with your wife..hehe

      and thanks for all the work you have done in this case!

    • thanks for all of your hard work geebee…I loved reading your comments and your links….sending prayers of blessings for you and your wife for all the hard work and the patience to see it through to the end….

  20. Is anyone else concerned that, after all the dirty dealings of the prosecutor and the judge, that the ‘alternates’ might have been pre-selected?

      • The clerk seemed to barely glance at the tiny bits of paper, and no one else looked at them at all. Should have been verified by all counsel before the numbers were announced.

    • It crossed my mind Journee, because after the Horn/Flores lies, I don’t trust the state at all now. I wonder why Arizona Central isn’t doing a story on THAT?

    • Anyone else think that the dismissed juror 8 was maybe sending a message to the jurors that he was pro defense? Apparently he wasn’t at JM’s closing on Thursday but was at the defense’s on Friday and he was sitting as far away as he could from the pro pros side– right next to the wall on the defense side.

  21. @Jennifer, you seem like a really sweet person so please don’t be offended with my response to you. I just wanted to respond to your comment ‘When that MONSTER molested TA as a child he inadvertently caused the actions the day of TA’s death’. I was sexually abused a lot when I was younger (as well as physical, emotional verbal and still sexually abused later on but not so much.

    Travis Alexander like all of us has free will. What happened to him is awful, trust me I know but it never gave him the right to treat Jodi like a piece of dirt. This is not directed at you. I am so sick of people saying, oh well they were a victim of abuse and the cycle got repeated. This is exactly why victims don’t speak out, they fear that people will think they will abuse their own children and/or others and won’t make fit parents. It is disgusting label you are stuck with and you have already been through so much.

    I have never told anyone about my dad raping me – this is the first time on here tonight 🙁 Some people know about the physical-I have posted before, some of friends are beginning to find out about the beatings but I have few people I can speak too. I feel so much for Jodi. My father has cut off nearly all my friends. He tells people I am crazy so I know where Jodi is coming from. I haven’t been on the forums much here because we have had the police here a few times. The jodi haters say, why didn’t Jodi report the abuse? If TA was anything like my father (a complete two faced- one for the public and one for the home, then I am even more shattered for her).

    Last Sunday, I thought I was going to die. My dad was incredibly violent. He hit me across the face, I tried to leave but he wouldn’t let me. He shoved me into the wall. He dragged me by my hair all down the hallway and if I got half the chance to wriggle away, he would stomp on my chest, pound the boot into me at every chance. It was kick after kick into the chest. I felt like I was going to vomit. I was begging him to stop but he wouldn’t and he was being verbally abusive in the most awful way. Then he jumped on my legs and held my thighs- I thought he was going to rape me–he threatened to. It was just constant and I kept blacking out. He went out into the garden and I rang the police. I thought at last that maybe I would be listened to….No

    The same as last time. They said his word against mine and their hands are tied. In fairness to the cops I didn’t bother showing them my chest or thighs I felt disgusting and violated (they were both males) My dad is well known so it was a lost cause. No wonder Jodi felt hopeless. But I tell you what. Everyday I wake up tell myself I will never be like my father. When I have kids. I will be their safe place to fall. Just because you have been abused doesn’t give you the right to abuse another. You know the terrible pain and should be the warrior for the vulnerable. I have no sympathy for TA.

    • Hi Hayley.. can you get yourself to the hospital? get the bruises documented..are you too young to leave the house? where is your Mom?

      Just because your Dad is well known doesn’t mean that it is a lost cause..


      • Hey Pat,
        I went to the hospital last time (not the one I posted about before). I had a lump on my head and my face was bruised. I only went because I couldn’t see properly. Everyone in the emergency department knows my Dad. First I lied for my Dad but the doctor I think knew and was firing so many questions it was impossible to lie and the truth came out. Just I felt alone and scared because the police had just left the house and I was made out to be a liar. My mum sides with my dad. They are very catholic and I have disgraced the family reporting it. I am 25 but moving out is hard because I have a disability.

        My dad knows the superintendent of the police department. He knows four senior police officers. My uncle who is a senior rank officer who is now retired and well respected amongst all the cops works for my Dad’s company basically still lives at the police station. They basically have closed ranks.

        My dad is a devoted catholic as is my mum. Everyone in the town just raves about him. One minute he will spin into a rage but then as soon as the phone rings he will melt to butter.

        No, I would have to go a place much further away (safe haven). They are in secret locations and the referrals are made by the police or women’s agencies. Yes my dad knows staff that work there too.

        He says if I leave home he will kill Mum and my sister. My sister also gets violent and that is so hard. She punched my dad and i totally understand but then she held a knife to my parents. When the police came, they all lied and basically the police just looked at me like I am flith.

        Yet my Mum has openly admitted to counsellor who I see for my disability since. I can’t speak to him about the home stuff because he was shocked about the knife so obviously he was born in another world.

        I am not too young to leave the house but my dad is a control freak. He confiscates my phone and personal possessions when he sees fits. I have very few friends. Thank god he can’t work a computer but he takes that off me too.

        My sister always gets into my computer. Yeah I don’t know what to do. Australia is a little bit different to America–the issue seems so taboo here and I think I will just get up one day and disappear.

        • Hayley.. I live in Canada but have an old friend in Sydney…you really need to get out of there sweetie…

          Ask admin for my need a plan honey..

        • Get out there! Someway, somehow, just make a plan and leave. There are places to go and people to help. Look for a women’s shelder…not in the town you live.

    • How old are you? If you are a minor, the police have to call dhs or similar as they are mandatory reporters for child abuse. I would send pictures and emails to the police and dhs . That might get the ball rolling.

    • Sorry for your experiences Haley…My sisters and I and especially my Mother went thru similar abuse w/ my Father, but no sexual abuse w/ us girls. The cops came out to the house many times when neighbours (sp)would call.(never my Mother..stick that up your A@@ JM, not all abuse victims report!!)
      There was one instance where my middle Sister had to pull out a knife and threaten my Father to stop beating the crap out of our Mother..Finally the cops told my Mom after one visit that either she gets my Father out of the house or CSD would take us girls away..she did divorce him but then re-married him several years later when we girls were grown up. SO NOT ALL ABUSE VICTIMS REPORT! This is part of the reason why I couldn’t stand JM’s handling of the DV aspect of this case, and especially disrespecting ALV! I wish my Mother would of been able to see someone like her!!! My Parents are both gone now, and believe it or not, I actually forgive my Father, as he was an alcoholic and was beaten by his Father regularly…and he did stop drinking and didn’t hit my Mom anymore. With my Dad there was a cycle of abuse with him…
      I don’t know your age, or living situation at the moment, but if your Father is still abusing and hurting you you need to put distance between yourself and him until he gets some help, for your own safety!

    • Hayley you have to do something, you can’t just sit there and be a sitting duck for when your dad wants to abuse you. He might end up killing you. You just have to go somewhere out of there, there must be a shelter for battered women, please do a google search, please, Hayley do it now, you Have to tell someone. If the police won’t do anything don’t go to them, find a woman or anyone in a safe haven for battered women, please?.


      You have to get out of there. Please will you do this?

      Love from Heather

    • Hayley, perhaps SJ on here can help you. Do a reply to the email he sends you and ask him if he can alert someone for you?

      I’m very concerned for you, you mustn’t suffer this any more, not one more second of it.


      • (((Hayley)))

        You and your sister need to get out of that house! Do you have a friend, counselor, anyone who is not under the influence of your father? I’m so sorry that you are going through this. You are in my prayers, sweetie.

    • Oh gosh Hayley I hope one day you will be free of that evil evil man.

      It’s a catch 22 isn’t it? If you report it, you’re a liar. If you don’t report it, you’re a liar. And it’s always about protecting the perp’s reputation.

      I am saddened and disgusted that in the “civilized” world this still happens. How dare any society call itself civilized when females are being raped by the males in their life.

      I am sickened and saddened by your story, and you are incredibly brave for sharing with us, no the world, what has happened to you. I was wondering where you were, why you left. I’m glad you came back here to check in and open your heart to us. Please continue to do so in the future, as I will worry for you. <3

      And I totally agree about Travis. I don't think anyone would hold it against him for having the issues he had. It's what he did with his issues that I am so pissed about. You're right – just because he was abused it does NOT mean he had a right to lay a cross hand on Jodi, ever. Anyone who says otherwise sides with rapists and abusers.

  22. Everyone have a great Morning and rest of the dday. I have house work to do today and I want to watch Nurmis closing from yesterday!!
    Thanks again all for your prayers!!! God Bless YOU ALL!!
    Remember to pray for Jodi and her family tonight!!

  23. It ironic that Travis intended to kill Jodi and ended up dead instead and now the State of Arizona is intending to kill Jodi for defending herself.

    I used to be really pro DP. The older I get the more liberal I get. There is a place for the DP but to use it people better be damn certain that it is 100% justified. 99% doesn’t cut it. This case is definitely not it.

  24. I missed KN closing statements after their lunch break, so, I don’t know if this is his statements or not…but, I heard a lawyer on everyone’s favorite network (wink) say in regards to premeditation, “who gets a manicure, and pedicure knowing that they are going to get in a knife battle? ” I think that is another good point that this was not premeditated. I think KN closing statements were really good. I also think that “if” the jury comes back with anything higher than M2 , it will only be because of fear, and intimidation from the media, and the public.

    • I heard that comment too about the mani and pedi too AG…Nothing in this case screams out Premeditation!!!

      • KN pointed out the numerous times when Jodi could’ve shot or stabbed Travis if that was what she was there to do.
        If people have a live brain cell and any kind of an open mind they know how right KN is.
        She could have killed him in his sleep and she could have killed him in the shower when she was taking the pix of him. Nurmi emphasized that the pic where Travis had his back to Jodi in the shower with his hands up on the wall would’ve been the perfect time to kill him.
        How can the state claim premeditation when she had at least 2 perfect opportunities to kill him and didn’t.
        As KN said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

        Common sense and life experience with an open mind are what the jurors need to have plus the ability and conviction to not allow themselves to be bullied.

        • Exactly Joe, and why would she risk attacking him when he was less vunerable?? (sp) Doesn’t make any sense…

    • Yes, I heard that, too, A.G, Jodi Has to be aquitted. Her nails would be THE very LAST thing she would be thinking of if she was premeditating a murder!

  25. I do not think that there needs to be any trashing of either family. What happened was between 2 adults, not their families. Name calling just makes people look like children and really accomplishes nothing at all. Both sides have suffered through alot.

    • I agree Sam.
      This site while many of us including me have taken shots at the Alexander siblings doesn’t have pages dedicated to taking pot shots at them.
      That other site has links to each Arias family member.

      The dude running that site is more than proud of himself for trying to rip the Arias family apart.

    • I admit that I’ve called the sisters “Skeletor” and “Oompah Loompah” Why? Because of their inappropriate eye rolling and head shaking in front of the jurors.

      I have no respect for those that can’t respect our judicial system ..

  26. Thought I’d post somrething on the Daily Mail page.. the Daily Mail is a British newspaper.. they would not allow me to post! I tried 3 times. I wasn’t abusive at all.

    No prizes for guessing who they support..

      • Pat, on the net MSN has an article on this case….very many mistakes, even saying there were OVER 30 stab wounds..this supposedly from a ‘Dateline” reporter who has “covered” the case…right then and there I thought how can we trust anything we read now a days??????? And you don’t even want to read the comments beneath that article…disgusting!

          • I thought so, Kira! Hard to get over that people don’t want the truth, isn’t it, I can’t understand it and never will. It stares them in the face and still they won’t have it.

  27. Good morning, Prayers to Jodi, and all of her family. I thought J.Willmot and K nurmi did a wonderful job throughout the trial. I thought K. Nurmi did a wonderful job in closing. He spoke to the jury,talked to them sincerely, easy layman’s terms. I think he really connected with the jury. Just like he said, he was shining the light of truth. He put the spotlight directly on the prosecution’s table. Highlighting JM, florez and then added in dr. horn. Fantastic job!!

  28. Hey Pat,
    I went to the hospital last time (not the one I posted about before). I had a lump on my head and my face was bruised. I only went because I couldn’t see properly. Everyone in the emergency department knows my Dad. First I lied for my Dad but the doctor I think knew and was firing so many questions it was impossible to lie and the truth came out. Just I felt alone and scared because the police had just left the house and I was made out to be a liar. My mum sides with my dad. They are very catholic and I have disgraced the family reporting it. I am 25 but moving out is hard because I have a disability.

    My dad knows the superintendent of the police department. He knows four senior police officers. My uncle who is a senior rank officer who is now retired and well respected amongst all the cops works for my Dad’s company basically still lives at the police station. They basically have closed ranks.

    My dad is a devoted catholic as is my mum. Everyone in the town just raves about him. One minute he will spin into a rage but then as soon as the phone rings he will melt to butter.

    No, I would have to go a place much further away (safe haven). They are in secret locations and the referrals are made by the police or women’s agencies. Yes my dad knows staff that work there too.

    He says if I leave home he will kill Mum and my sister. My sister also gets violent and that is so hard. She punched my dad and i totally understand but then she held a knife to my parents. When the police came, they all lied and basically the police just looked at me like I am flith.

    Yet my Mum has openly admitted to counsellor who I see for my disability since. I can’t speak to him about the home stuff because he was shocked about the knife so obviously he was born in another world.

    I am not too young to leave the house but my dad is a control freak. He confiscates my phone and personal possessions when he sees fits. I have very few friends. Thank god he can’t work a computer but he takes that off me too.

    My sister always gets into my computer. Yeah I don’t know what to do. Australia is a little bit different to America–the issue seems so taboo here in Aus. Here in Aus fam violence etc gets tiptoed around by the authorities until it is too late. I think I will just get up one day and disappear.

    • Haley!!!!! YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ASAP!!!!!! Are there any agencies that you can go to, safehouse, any relatives that you could stay with in safety????? Your Dad will not kill your Mom if you leave!!!! He is trying to control you!!!!! Trust me, there are people out there that can help you!!!! there is no need for you to suffer this abuse!!! Maybe someone on here can help you!!! And maybe one of your friends can help you out….please hang in there!!! But something needs to be done and you need to get out!!
      My prayers are with you! I know you will be ok, you just need to get distance from him! There is help out there for you!!

    • IMO, as an American, I feel the issue is still taboo over here too. Whenever anyone famous gets accused of rape they automatically call the victim a gold-digging whore, or accuse her of lying.

      We say we are so advanced in terms of women’s rights, but how can we, if women are not secure in their bodies and minds enough to look out for their own interests without being stonewalled at every turn?

      We have a looooong way to go.

  29. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    I cannot help but think about the haters. They are praying and fasting for a strangers death. And if their prayers are answered, and all of their fake virtual friends have moved on and gone on with their pathetic lives, I wonder how many of these people will then be haunted with what they have done in the name of “group think.”

    They are praying to their “God” that some one dies.

    They will have to look themselves in the eyes in their mirrors forever.

  30. The problem is that so many people will believe whatever the media tells them to believe. The media wouldn’t lie to us. It’s really pathetic how people allow themselves to be led around like sheep.

    My dad is like that. I love the guy to death but if the news says something it’s gospel to him. You could witness something and tell my dad about it but until he hears it on the news or reads it in the paper it’s not true.
    There are too many people like that.

  31. They can say all the negative things they want to, however the bottom line yesterday. Kirk Nurmi exposed Travis for who he really was. He had sexually assulted Jodi on at least 2 occasions, he abused her, he is a pervert and pedo. Good job Nurmi. Travis did it to himself, all in his own words. lol

  32. May I make a suggestion that anyone with the time and resources, begin taking screenshots and saving web pages of anything that is likely to be removed from the Internet after trial. Examples: Chad Perkins post on TA’s myspace, Soldier Hollow site showing board member CS, article about Soldier Hollow principal’s arrest, TA’s blog, JA’s blog, written articles of interviews by any of TA’s or JA’s friends. I think once this is over certain factions will try to bury anything that may taint the image of TA, LDS or PPL (now Legal Shield). Also, remember the names of that group of PPL/LDS people. I predict we’re going to see some fall out in the future.

    • We have been taking screen shots for months. I have sent screen shots to Ms.Willmott, to the police in small towns where it was clear someone was forming a plan of violence.

      A lot of these folks will find out how important a fair defense is, when shit comes knocking on their door.

      • I hope none of us is ever faced with prosecution. The very foundations of our country rests on the idea that every person is innocent until proven guilty, that everyone is entitled to a fair and speedy trial, and that we can only judge by the evidence. People scream we have become a Nanny state, yet they can overlook the State trying to convict a person on circumstances. We should all be vigilant that it is never the State vs the People. But I guess I’m wasting my breath, we’ve been living Orwell’s 1984 for decades now. Resistance is futile. Media reinforces the hive mind.

      • Hopefully Alyce will sue the sister who started that encouragement of hate crime and amazon crime against her…she’ll need those screen shots for evidence…

      • I’m glad you’re doing the screen shots. I came to this trial very late and have had to do a lot of catch up just to know what it was all about.

  33. Today is my daughter Jodi’s 24th birthday! I feel extra close to Jodi in part because she and my daughter have the same name and spell it the same. That might be strange but that’s how it is for me.

    • Yes, kmea…Krista, the author of that petition, is one of us. Please do tell all your friends to sign it. We need to stop this blatant abuse of the 1st Amendment.

      • The 1st Amendment is so misunderstood and misused it’s ridiculous. People believe that they can say what they want, when they want to who they want and that’s simply not true.
        There are exceptions to Freedom of Speech.

        • You are so right, Joe. Here’s something I mentioned in an earlier post:

          “As we know, the First Amendment doesn’t allow people to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater. Why, because it creates a dangerous environment. The environment created by HLN with their flagrantly biased reporting is very dangerous and there must be something, as Team Jodi, that we can do about it.”

      • I thought so and I will, I signed it and will put in on my twitter, I have a work twitter thru Fox, I am going to see if I can sneak it on, orrrrr, could one of you, like my work twitter page and post this on there, then I will retweet it? I think this is important!

        • I mean follow, dur, I tweeted this on my personal twitter just now too, thank you Krista for making this, it is so important, as is this website for Jodi. Like you said I do not see Nancy go after people that she really needs to go after, only what will get her bigger and better ratings, she is just awful. Where was she during this trial? My daughters dance recital was last night and I took her best friend with us to a place that her mom used to take her and I thought of this, her mom was murdered, in cold blood, truly, she was, not Travis, for a mere 170.00 we recently found out, her name is was Tereasa B, here is what happened to her and barely a peep since it all happened, she was a fighter, Tereasa and she went after these guys that were hurting the bar owner so the knife got turned on her, then they burned them all, was this not sexy enough for you Nancy Grace?

    • kmea, I have just signed it and got about 20 people to sign, well, they know about it on FB.

      Thanks for that 🙂

  34. I am so glad this is almost over (although I suspect I will be experiencing some measure of withdrawal.) Maybe soon I can stop grinding my teeth and biting my nails.

  35. Just to say that Matt McCartney, in the end, was loyal to his friendship with Jodi. Mr. Martinez did his best to put doubt about that into Jodi’s mind. Good for you Matt. It is more rare to see that these days. Also to Jodi’s mom and dad. I know you and your family are also suffering and you have been in my prayers. I know the Alexander’s are in pain and their pain is acknowledged by many but few think think or care about the pain of the accused person’s family. No matter what happens, there is still hope as nothing stays the same. That is the one sure thing about life. Things do change and so do people. “Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.” A quote of a great Canadian.

    • The State of Arizona says it is to save money. They would have to pay overtime to the bailiff, etc. to have the courthouse open for the weekends. Penny wise, pound foolish.

  36. Roommate Brint Hiatt, this guy was a lot bigger then TA. He was on NG yesterday and now HLN is replaying what he had to say about Jodi over and over again. Most likely so that the jury can hear what he had to say. But something telks me HE can be the other person, the intruder, or that HE knew something. This roommate is huge guy, even bigger then TA.

    • In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes will soon be changed to: In the future everyone will be Travis Alexander’s roommate.

        • Seems funny to me, he had all the “friends” and not one of them came knocking until Sunday? I have friends I talk to and text daily…if I didn’t respond in a 24 hr period they would be calling and knocking down the door. I don’t think he had friends..just a bunch of church people and work people he could “show boat” around. These roommates were not friends, they were more like dorm mates with no common interest, except maybe being Mormon.

  37. File this under 15 nanoseconds of something less than fame, there’s this chick on youtube, grousing about her boyfriend Bobby Juarez. I couldn’t even get past a few seconds of it.

      • I really couldn’t watch the video. She lives in Hawaii and I thought I read somewhere that JA’s Bobby Juarez was living in Hawaii. If you watch the video, give us a summary. However, I warn you, you’ll be throwing minutes of your life away on this one.

          • Sometimes I wonder about the different choices and forks in the road. Like would the trial have been the same if it was Bobby Juarez dead in the shower.

        • I’m actually not convinced that is real. The one photo of the redhead and bobby looks photoshopped.

          I have searched the net for bobby…and for someone who is allegedly still alive he has no presence. Now, his lack of digital footprint fits more with him being dead…

          • Type in Bobby Juarez Honolulu, you’ll come to Twitter / josemcyntire, pix of BJ, stating he lived in Hawaii, Medford, Yreka.

            • I did see those and they are not confirmation that the dude is actually still alive and is creating his own digital footprint, which is what the redhead is saying.

          • Did anyone notice the hispanic looking guy, sitting in front of the family the day court went into overflow the other day. Black hair, parted in the middle, olive drab shirt – honestly looked like he could’ve been a street person just looking for a place to hang out for the day. But he also looked – to me, based on the exactly two pictures I have seen of a teenager – like he could’ve been Bobby Juarez after a lot of hard years.

  38. I got a dumb Carrie question,,, lmao,,,does the jury still get to go home everyday?? And do they
    deliberate over the weekend?? Ya. That’s actually 2 dumb Carrie questions!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Lol thats not dumb Carrie. I thought they’d stay until they came up with a verdict but yes they went home. I thk its so WRONG! They can go home and watch the media, look online, anything! Its ridiculous!

      • i swear that judge is in with the TA Taliban!! Never heard of not sir questing a jury on a first degree murder care and now learning they get to go home and possibly be tainted from the haters is outrages!!
        But at the same time, I myself have never met or even heard of Jodi arias and i came into this very open minded and i truly believe in my heart and soul that she is innocent and even if I was part of that jury there would be nothing or anyone who could tell me different!! So all we can do is hope the jury or at least one of them that thinks like WE do!!

        • Ok now I’m soooooo even more confused!!! My husband just told me that there is no chance of a hung jury?? Because of the alternates?? Is that true too?? Grrr so CONFUSSED!!

            • Ok THANK YOU!! He was thinking that if there was a juror that was undecided then they would go to alternate juror!! BUT THAT WOULD LIKE RUSSIAN ROULETTE!! LOL!!

              • Carrie,

                I read somewhere that your husband is right, except that they do that for the penalty phase only.

              • This is the only case that I ever have followed that I think a hung jury is possible, mainly based on the difference in the questions that were asked.

          • Talking head Beth Karas reported on I think it was Thursday that no jury has been sequestered in more than 80 years but that this one WILL be sequestered during deliberations.

            • I am not buying that B.S. the judge instructed the jurors yesterday to come up with their own schedule which is M-F 9 am -4:30…. stop believing the media.

            • You must have misunderstood Beth Karas, this jury will not be sequestered. They will deliberate from 9 am until 4:30 pm. M-F ..

              • Yes Journee,
                Casey’s jury was sequestered.
                IMO, Especially in such high profile cases, they should be.

                Those 15 jurors have TV’s and most of them computers.
                This trial is all over both. How can they not have seen
                any of it?

          • Well that is better than nothing but it still discombobulates me that they were not from the beginning!! :/

  39. The idea that after Jodi has first stabbed Travis in the venacava and he has managed to make his way out of the shower and stand at the sink is pure bullshit. Further bullshit has him receiving a cluster of very shallow stab wounds to the back that are because she cut her hand initially and couldn’t stab hard because of the pain. Well, Mr. brilliant prosecutor if she is ambidextrous like you say why wouldn’t she have just switched hands with the knife and stabbed much deeper? Could it be that he was on top of her and she was fighting for her life? I just hope the jury has enough common sense to see through all the bullshit.

    • The blood spatter at the sink aren’t from a wound to the vena cavae and Juan Martinez knows it. That spatter came from expiration of air or coughing, like if someone’s sinuses are filled with blood. There you go. JM thinks he can scream his lie at the jury and they’ll just go with it, and maybe they will. But we know the truth, and JM’s forensics people know the truth. And the ME knows the truth but chooses to lie.

      If there is one nurse on the jury, they will know it.

      • I’m not a nurse. I’m not a doctor. I haven’t had a science class since I took the easiest thing my college offered to satisfy the requirement (earth science). I’m not Henry Lee. I’m not even Kevin Horn, and I can tell that. You don’t need any medical training whatsoever to see that. All you need is the life experience to know whether you need a band aid or a kleenex.

        • In JM version of the stabbing in the shower…if I was stabbed in the shower, I would be be knocking the person down, running my ass down the bathroom hall to get away! I wouldn’t be walking over to the sink spitting blood in the sink giving the knife wheeling wacko more opportunity to stab again. What the hell…get out of there right away!! It more like he walk over to look at his head wound to see how bad it was.

    • Exactly and if you look at those back wounds on the back it look just like what you said….they are somewhat on the outer sides and it looks like he was on top and she was fighting and stabbing him trying to get herself from under him!!

    • Willis, I agree completely.

      Those stab wounds to the back, the slashes that are shallow, are DEFINITELY caused by Jodi UNDERNEATH him, defending herself, reaching around to stab him to get him OFF her. Thankfully, Wilmott brought that up back in January, the first time the ME was on the stand. I wish Nurmi had repeated it on Friday. JM’s story is just ridiculous.

    • Willis, I thought the exact same thing, I really hope the jurors heard that.

      Anyone feel that his voice wasn’t very convincing?

  40. I too wished KN had walked the jury through at least one possible scenario, perhaps with Travis chasing after her after the gunshot (and spitting into the sink), knocking her down (even though she’s found the knife to protect herself by then), getting on top of her and she goes berserk, slashing away to save her life. As I mentioned once before, I think the neck wound may have even come during the violent struggle with Travis running his own neck across the blade. Travis would be alive today if he had just left it at the gunshot but he was apparently going to teach her a lesson. Big man around town.

    • The one saving grace is that jurors love to play detective. Once they agree how absolutely ridiculous the State’s theory of premeditation is, they will want to solve the mystery of what actually went on in that bathroom. They will carefully go through the crime scene photos (with magnifying glasses if they had them) and try to come up with their own theory or theories. And I expect one will be something like what I proposed above.

    • I do not know how I would react after getting shot in the face, but the comment that ” he should have just left it at the gunshot” is a little off. do you think most people would just be like ” ouch, hey that is ok. I get the point. I will let you leave now”. to me, it would almost be a gut reaction to make some kind of defense response. who knows how one would react. I hope I never have to find out.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I would have said: “Ouch, ok, yes I get your point!” I certainly wouldn’t go after the person who just shot me. But maybe that’s a female thing.

        • you are going to make a lot of females mad with ” a female thing”, kind of like saying “that time of the month ?”

          • No, I think they will understand exactly what I’m saying…I don’t think that having the good sense to not chase after someone who just shot you (unlike many men who apparently would, according to your original remark) is anything like “that time of the month” which is used against us to discount our feelings and anything we say. No connection at all.

      • If Jodi’s version is accurate, TA was already angry due to drop of camera . If he ran to mirror to see what happened and was spitting blood, he may have been angrier….or stunned. Who knows? CHAOS was a perfect description and that is the one word that stands out in my mind from the defense closing.

        • CHAOS, yes! Plus, I wonder sometimes if Travis wasn’t taking steroids as part of his body building/losing weight project? He had just bought a punching bag, he had that body buddy thing around his arm. I wish the forensics people had tested his blood for steroids.

          Steroids are very popular I hear. If Jodi were defending herself against a guy in a roid rage, I don’t think there ever would have even been a trial. It would have been self defense or manslaughter from the beginning.

          • I’ve wondered about steroids also, especially the way his behavior was escalating.

            But I don’t think the camera was what he was really upset about in that moment… it was just a trigger that tipped him over the boiling point for the second time in less than an hour (remember he raped her in the office just before 5)

            I think he was simmering with rage that she was on her way to see Ryan.

            • OMG Journee, I have thought the same thing! It was one thing for him to see several women at once, but he probably felt VERY threatened by Jodi seeing someone else, because he knew Jodi was monogamous. His whole life was falling apart at that time.

        • He would have been extremely dangerous, totally enraged that his ‘little whore’ and punching bag just blew his nose off.

      • I heard Dr. Drew say last night that he had had patients with gun shot frontal lobe injuries and were ok. He also said some walk out after being shot in frontal lobe. I think the ME didn’t know of that which he spoke and I think the jury question put it in perspective. I believe even though the defense did not pound on the brain injury and dura, that the jury recalls due to the specific question and impeachment. Sometimes less is best and I believe KN covered what he needed to and left some good visuals. I have in my mind a visual of detective F and ME Horn under a shining spot light. Who lied? In the end though, I believe the jury will have to put weight to premeditation with respect to gas cans, etc. and why she would wait and compare that to the brutality of heat of passion in the last 3 minutes. I really don’t think it will matter much to them whether knife or gun first but, if it was unprovoked and she took a knife to one so much bigger and won the battle, how reasonable is that??? Which makes more sense?

        • Also, VP asked each on show last night to use one word to describe KN closing. Beth Karas said that his guests in studio had been too hard on Nurmi. Beth said he was “effective” and JC said “authentic”. I am astounded at the festival like surrounding as presented by HLN. It is like a big football game and waiting for the final touchdown for a huge giddy win. Regardless of how one feels about TA or JA, there are still families on both sides who are suffering and this is not a fun and game type event. One has been murdered and one is on trial for lie. I really see nothing of which to celebrate as it is a sad situation all the way around.

          • Oops. Should have read on trial for LIFE. Certainly not for lies as KN pointed out yesterday.

            Another thought is if jury discounts ME testimony with respect to dura not being intact as per his last appearance, that means gun shot wound (if first, which is most beliveable to me) didn’t disable TA and thus chaotic battle. Even Dr. Drew admits he has patients with frontal lobe gun shot injuries.

            • Even Vinnie Politan said he has a friend from college who was shot in the head, and after all these years, he STILL has the bullet in his head, and he’s a judge.

              • Maybe these HLN hosts sense the winds turning and are trying to recover from their self-imposed lobotomy.

                • Covering their butts so they won’t look as stupid as they did after Casey’s verdict, JUST IN CASE Team Jodi was right all along!

        • That medical examiner obviously forgot his med school training. I can tell you for a fact in at least anatomy and neuroanatomy you learn about the frontal lobe and how damage affects personality and isn’t necessarily a deadly injury. Also the dura mater surrounds the whole brain. To say there was brain damage without going thru dura is so dumb. It’s like saying someone was shot in the heart but the bullet didn’t go thru the skin. I wish the defense had a diagram that showed the skull and layers of tissue outside the brain.

          • You could also say mo blood in the brain because the brain was not injured! He probably bled through the bullet wound itself but if didn’t go through dura, no reason for brain to be bloody.

  41. According to the prosecution Travis just stood there and let Jodi stab him over and over again, just stood there, didn’t fight back. Are they brain dead? No one is going to just stand there and let anyone do anything to them. Juan made a fool of himself. The only closing that made any sense was the defense’s closing..
    This other website owner sounds like a real winner doesn’t he? He sounds like he has the hots for Travis and has fixated on him in a bizarre way. Travis would have made a great president? HA! After everyone heard the sex tape and read those nasty abusive texts and emails he would have been thrown out of the running.
    I actually think and have always believed that Travis’s family and friends are the driving force behind all this Travis online activity. They are trying to get the message across to the jury online, they are hoping the jury reads what they write online. That is why whenever someone writes something in Jodi’s favor they go on the attack. I honestly do believe this.

    • of course both sides have family and friends going online in support of them. is that not kind of the reason for this website— in defense of Jodi. not so odd to have web sites for him too. just do not go to them and read them. just stay with the ones that are for Jodi.

  42. If aliens were to come from outer space and listen only to the closing arguments (knowing that the arguments are based only on facts in evidence) they would have no trouble seeing that there is absolutely no evidence of pre-meditation. But a bunch of (supposed) human beings can’t see far enough past their screaming mantra of “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!” to recognize the same thing! It’s absolutely astonishing!

  43. One more thing..Juan came off as just being bitter toward Jodi, he sounded like a teenaged girl putting down another girl in his closings.

    • And equally bitter toward ALV. I can see how someone might presume that the jury members might have a bias against Jodi. But to think that each and every juror is going to have it in for ALV? Or think that she’s a liar b/c she couldn’t remember the name of a client from 20 years ago? Or whether she testified or wrote a report? Or whether she was a key note key note speaker as opposed to a key note break out speaker? Particularly when his big expert was in middle school at the time, and charitably can be described as exaggerating her years of practice. What a keen command of human nature he has doncha know?

        • Basic misogyny, and hoping that the jury will unconsciously go along with it. Between Dr S., ALV and Dr. G., he picked to attack ALV the most (so did the haters) because it’s easier to trash a woman no matter how much credentials and authority she has than it is to trash a man.

        • Because she wasn’t intimidated IN THE LEAST by Martinez’ bluster. “Are you angry at me, Mr. Martinez?” and the time-out comment just stuck in his craw. People in the courtroom LAUGHED at him.

        • Personally I think it’s because she committed the unforgivable sin: she made people laugh at him.

          • Oh! That makes sense when I think of it from HIS viewpoint ( which is difficult to do because i try not to think about him) LOL You’re right.

            • Yep. And Jodi made fun of him too with her Tweets. Kermit does not like to be laughed at or made to look silly by a woman. He’s a petty, misogynistic asshole and I hope to never have to hear his voice again.

  44. Whenever I think of the decomp odor in a house for 5 days in June, in Arizona, in summer heat, I think of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine has to take a deep breath before she runs into Jerry’s fumigated apartment looking for a manuscript she left there. I imagine TA’s 2 roommates and girlfriends holding their breaths, running in, grabbing whatever they needed, and running out. I’m also surprised that the dog despite being barricaded downstairs and being fed, wasn’t whimpering, howling, or scratching at the door for his master in the 5 days that TA’s body laid in the shower. Now if it was a cat, it would be understandable;>) (don’t get mad, I’m a cat person).

  45. Juan likes to accuse everyone of having the hots for Jodi when, really, it’s him who does. His bitterness and jealousy over never being able to get a girl like her to look at him when he was younger has morphed into absolute bitterness and jealousy. This tall tale he’s telling is his revenge.

    • Same for Nancy and JVM. Nancy oozes envy from her eyeballs because she was never as pretty and intelligent. And JVM, just like Juan, couldn’t get a girl like Jodi. lol

    • Gwen,

      I totally agree. Furthermore, I believe in my heart that Nurmi acted a little distant with Jodi so that feeble-brained Juan did no accuse him of having “feelings” for Jodi. I think it was part of the strategy to feed that stupid troll, Juan.

    • I shudder to say this, but he probably jerks off to the nude pix. I just haven’t figured out whether it would be the photos of TA or JA.

  46. I worked until 9 last night and was only able to pop in and out during closing arguments and read a few post here. I stayed up and watched entire closing on youtube. I felt Nurmi did a great job. Here are a few things that stood out for me:
    1. Dr. D statement, TA used “inappropriate” language in his text..Nurmi was like come on jurors Really “inappropriate”
    2. The beginning of the sex tape where TA is saying, he was giving Abe the kick your ass vibe. I’ve always felt the beginning of the tape was very revealing of who “Mr. Alexander” was; self righteous, judgemental. revealed he felt his opinion of people was superior…
    3. Shining the spotlight of “truth on Flores and Horn”–Did I miss something? no agrument back from JM on this point. Jurors don’t like it when they think “funny busy” is going trial
    4. The 13 hrs and the 5 minutes of his back photos
    5. Relationship of chaos, crime scene of chaos.
    6. Gargments in the washer…we have all talked about that before…bleached towel, other black items…no bleach spots.Humm?
    7. If R. Burns was going to be her “alibi ” she really screwed that one up. Humm
    8. Blood spatter fit Jodi version and much as it does JM version…but it looks more like a heat of passion crime scene–jury you judge.

    Nurmi’s thorns:
    1. Jodi turning of the cell phone.
    2. Those damn gas cans.
    3. Those magzine with hidden message.

    Overall, I felt like Nurmi was great. For those who wanted Nurmi to close instead of Jen may of been right afterall!

    • Ann,

      The spotlight of truth on Flores and Horn resulted from Nurmi talking about the change of their testimony from the gun shot wound being first. Flores said he talked with ME and was told gun shot wound came first. Horn said he never told that to Flores. Nurmi said testimony changed when JA was going to use self defense. I thought Nurmi great in saying Horn should be sitting beside Flores with spot light on both of them. Who lied? Nurmi said some one had and in this case in point it wasn’t JA. That was very “glaring” to me and I have that visual in my head. Hope jurors do too as this could help them get past premeditation.

      Yes, the phone is the biggie to me. I believe I heard that the guy from whom she got the gas cans say that he didn’t think anything about her needing them for trip as they did that all the time. KN did make a mistake though in addressing the receipt for the gas can and it’s return. He said prosecuter didn’t check other Walmarts and that JA may have returned it to a different Walmart as there are two in Salinas. On the stand, JA told JM that she returned it to the same Walmart. Were the magazines admitted?

      • What Jodi said on the stand, and I thought it was a very good point, is that yes, she couldn’t find her phone charger and she could have bought another, but most through most of the desert, a cell phone has no connection anyway, so she just turned the phone off.

        • Oh OK. Did she turn her cell phone on at any time while in Arizona? Perhaps when she left? Anyone know? I think this may be a question one of the jurors might ask in deliberating.

          • Why are we even talking about this inconsequential bullshit?

            If the jury renders ANYTHING besides an acquittal, it isn’t because of the facts.

                • I am not and am always running out of a charge on my phone, so, if on a long trip, once again I left it low, I will turn it off until I need it because when I turn it back on it has a bit more of a charge on it. I live in Arizona and everywhere you go here are long stretches of endless lonely desert with no gas station in sight or a gas station in an area I sure as heck dont want to go to alone being a woman. I read of too many woman getting hurt or kidnapped in remote out of the way gas stations or maybe I read too many horror stories

        • This is difficult for me to reconcile for I would want to be sure my cell phone was in order while driving through desert. Even, if couldn’t get signals all of the time. That is why the phone is the biggie to me. Her driver’s license pix showed blonde hair so that could be why the car rental guy recalled her being blonde. I can get past that. Gas cans? ????? The stick points both ways with premed and going alone on a long unfamiliar stretch of road and fear of running out of gas. I am loathe to carry gas in my car though so it is a sticking point. I can even account for her carrying a gun in being alone on such a long road trip for that would be safety to me. So, I can even go so far as to say she had her GP’s gun…but why not just ask to use it and not stage a scene? For every question I can answer, a new question comes to mind. It is just hard for me to think she premeditated and all these things happened so she could murder him. I don’t want to believe premed but have to get comfortable with the things she did do. Gas cans, phone etc. What I really think happened is she was on the road and talked with TA and either he asked her to come or they talked about it and thus the visit. Perhaps he was angry with her and she went to see him to try and clear things up..univited. I just don’t believe she went there with murder on her mind but it just happened and things got out of control. So, I guess I am still stuck with 2nd degree and manslaughter. I know I am rambling as I am just thinking out loud. Imagine this is what jurors will be doing on Monday? I do think TA was vile in his treatment of her and she may have just had enough. Prosecutor talks about her not letting him go. I think that was a two way street.

          • You know JW, I don’t think Nurmi said it on Friday, but we’ve said several times on this site, why did Jodi fill the gas cans again in Salt lake City? Not to be stealthy in her drive home from Salt lake City to Yrekas, but because she didn’t want to run out of gas out in the wilds of Northern Utah. So, if she just wanted the gas cans to hide her trip to Arizona, wouldn’t she be finished with them then? And if Utah was her alibi, wouldn’t she WANT to have a record of gas purchases on her trip from Utah back home to Yrekas? As Nurmi said, it doesn’t make sense.

          • JW,

            When I first heard this whole story, I was a little surprised to hear that not only Jodi, but other young women drive all through the western states alone and at night!!!! I’m from the east coast, so I’m different. I would NEVER take a long trip alone where my cell phone wouldn’t have a connection, even in the day time. But that’s me. As I said, I’m from the east coast. Jodi apparently took precautions, but felt comfortable enough driving through the desert AT NIGHT, driving through Nevada, Utah, and Northern California. I’ve heard that out west people don’t worry much about a 5 hour drive through the mountains or the desert the way we on the east coast would. I guess it depends on where you’re from.

            • We have no hesitation to drive alone, at night and for long hours here on the West Coast. Not me or anyone I know, anyway.

          • Other people posted a while back that they had traveled that same long stretch of road that Jodi traveled….and they too carried extra gas cans with gas, water, and food because it’s a long stretch of road before you get to a store and gas station…and remember she was driving a rental car…rentals have been known to not be reliable…

            As far as the grandfathers gun…there were many houses robbed in the grandparents area during that time…so I just “chalk” this up…and file it under “rash of home robberies”…

            In our area…it seems that home robberies happen more in one area than the other…so I can see this happening “in their neck of the woods”

            • Truthseeker, that’s what I thought!! It’s not unheard of to carry extra gas and water when driving through the desolate areas of the western states! Then there must be some on the jury who have either done it themselves or have known people who do that regularly. It’s not that unusual out west.

            • Also I think she could have shut it off to avoid Ryan Burns. Maybe she didn’t want to talk to him on her way to see Travis.

      • Well…here is the fine line inferrence during the return of the gas can. JM ask if she returned to the very same “store”..Jodi said yes she did return it to the same “store” she didn’t say she returned it to the same store “location”…that is Nurmi’s position…store being Walmart…store not being location.
        About the magazines…Yes JM dragged those out again. Not good for the defense.

          • tonysam, I clearly see the prosecution’s misconduct and hope the jurors see it too. Didn’t I say jurors don’t like “funny business” going on with the investigation. Did I say something that wasn’t taken as I meant it?

            • Keep in mind Ann that during rebuttal
              when a juror submitted a question to DR HORN
              that was the question he could not answer and he
              got tripped up on & Jennifer had her GOTCHA moment
              🙂 that is something to consider since it was a JUROR who
              asked that to DR HORN
              I believe we have some jurors that are really smart and
              will see through all the smoke and mirrors bullshit
              and of course see prosecutorial misconduct.

              How could they not, it was presented to them in 3D via
              JM the whole time IN THEIR FACES

              • I knew the defense was holding the DURA MATER for closing. The juror question stoled their thunder on that one. But that least that got it!

        • Ok. Thanks Ann. Store vs. location. Fine point and I hope jury gets it. Ugh. Mags. I assume they were admitted then so jurors can see.

          • I thought about the cell phone all night because I like to talk on the phone while on a long drive. However…she was driving during the night. No one would be awake anyway. She had no reason to talk on the phone while at TA. It is plausible that she had no need for her phone during that time period.

            Remind me please…I thought she changed her trip and went to TA bc he invited her and talked her into coming to see him. Is that something she said, or is it in a text or phone message? I thought he knew she was coming which is why he was still awake at 4am – he was waiting for her. Right??

            • Well, there’s a 42 minute phone call from TA to Jodi right before she left southern California to go to Mesa. We know that from Travis Alexander’s phone records. We don’t know what was said in that call except that Jodi said he invited her and that he said he would be waiting up for her.

              We have his computer log that shows he was on his computer viewing YouTube videos when she arrived.

              There was another phone call between the two of them before she was in Southern California I believe, and she said he was “guilting her” into going to see him.

              • Thanks Theresa,

                That is a long phone call. It sounds plausible that he talked her into coming. Which is why I thought the whole premeditation thing did not make sense bc she did not intend to go to Mesa in the first place.

                With him being awake at 4 am it is obvious he knew she was coming. i don’t see how the jury can get around that phone call. He invited his ‘stalker’ to his house. Such a gross exaggeration of facts.

        • The magazines were brought up to disprove the pedo claim. Martinez failed. Nurmi proved the claims using travis own words.

          • That was a big slip-up, because Martinez was starting to talk about the “forged letters” – WHICH WERE DISALLOWED and never brought into trial.

            I wonder, if Nurmi had just let him carry on, if he could have finally gotten the mistrial he’s been going after for months.

          • The pedophilia came during the time when Jodi confessed to killing Travis. Beth Karas said after court yesterday that during that time in 2010, Jodi said she had a letter from Travis proving he was a pedofile. It went back and forth with judge and council and it was determined that in fact Jodi had forged the letters, therefore the Judge would not allow this in court. This was the beginning of pedofilia being alleged to Travis.

        • What do the magazines have to do with premeditation? Nothing, as far as I can see. Same with the gas cans.

      • If this is a “biggie” to you after Martinez tampered with witnesses Horn and Flores, the key players in this fiasco for the prosecution, then I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

        • tonysam, I imagine what I am discussing is the same as jurors will be discussing next week. Yep. Flores and Horn aren’t trustworthy IMO. But, there are still the gas cans/magazine and phone issue in my mind. I am not where you are yet.

      • Ann…

        I tend to believe that what Nurmi said was correct…he talked to Jodi regularly…

        If I remember correctly when she was questioned she said yes…and I took it to mean that she returned it in the Salinas area…

        I can see how some interpreting can go either way….only Jodi can clarify this…

    • Nurmi HAS no thorns. Why are we even talking about this bullshit when you have an ME who LIED up there not only in open court, but on television and live stream seen AROUND THE WORLD?

      WATCH Horn’s testimony again. It’s on this website under Day 54, Part 6, 22 minutes into it. It is ASTOUNDING there haven’t been criminal charges filed against him, Martinez, and Flores (for his earlier perjury).

      • I am well aware of Horn’s testimony and frankly, when he testified, I posted that he reminded me of Ted Bundy. Same smirky look. I get the changing of the gun shot first and last and the dura matter. Understand all of that. There are still other issues in my mind and suppose have to much time on this rainy day to air same out. I am sure in jury room on Monday, there will be discussions similar to ours.

      • I think there were perjury charges brought against Flores months ago. I haven’t hear anything about it since.

    • “4. The 13 hrs and the 5 minutes of his back photos”

      I just know I’m an idiot for this, but I don’t understand #4.

      • Thirteen hours she was there and hadn’t killed him.

        Five minutes in the shower he had his back to her, or had his head turned away from her, was completely vulnerable and she didn’t attack then either.

        • OH! Of course. Thank you, Journee. BTW, the Travis Taliban say that Jodi didn’t stab or shoot Travis while he had his back to her, because she wanted him to see who was killing him.


  47. Hey guys!!!!
    Unfortunately I don’t have time to read the comments, I’ll have to be away for the weekend,just popping in between all the Easter festivities that are taking place here,this weekend.There’s a bunch of Greek customs that we have,which pretty much keep us busy for 2 days straight!!

    SJ, that video made me laugh!! OMG,this guy ACTUALLY has the hots for TA!!! Admiring him?Saying he led a good life?LMAO!! Wanting him for President?? Why not simply say ”I’m gay,saw the guy’s pics and got it up” (oooops,pardon my filthy mouth and of course no offence intended to gay people,I actually adore gay people,I have 2 best friends who are).
    Renee,just accepted your friend request on Facebook, SO GLAD you found me Facebook,did you know it was me? I’m the A.S. person,obviously using a fake name,it’s from a movie.
    If anyone else wants to send me a friend request,e-mail me to give you my FB name.

    LOVE YOU ALL A LOT,SENDING YOU A GREEK HUG AND KISS.SEE YOU TOMORROW**Keep sending Jodi a lot of positive energy,good thoughts&prayers.ok?

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((TEAL JODI AND JODI))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  48. I’ll highlight the things again Martinez clobbered himself with in his wrap up:

    ======= JUROR’S WON’T KNOW THIS? ================

    The knife ………..said Jodi testified it was in the bedroom

    Wrong …..she said Travis went downstairs to get it and he cut the rope in the BATHROOM.

    Said experts didn’t know if she was tied by her hands or by her hands and ankles that day.

    Wrong ……once they checked their written notes, both Samuels and LaViolette both were told only hands.

    Said she testified she cut her finger on the knife.

    Wrong………she said she cut it on a glass while cleaning up broken glass.

    Total omissions:

    Said words are not enough to assault………..glossed right over the fact she’s been slammed to the tile.
    Said shot him by the sink while behind him…..uhm, that means she’s pointing the gun right at herself too.
    Didn’t begin to explain how the bullet casing could end up a foot from the wall. Did she stand on the sink?


    Said she’s ambidextrous. That’s why she was able to stab him forcefully in the shower and could use her right hand instead of her left. Nevermind she still has to reach down and with his legs crossed would have a ridiculously difficult time getting a knife into his heart. Hearts are on the left side of our bodies you know Martinez.

    But she had cut herself while she stabbing him. And this is the reason which accounts for those shallow stab wounds in his back while she’s attempting to stab him at the sink and that’s why all those stab wounds had a right inward angle. Because it hurt her every time she stabbed him using that left hand after cutting it. Uhm…wasn’t she just ambidextrous a few seconds ago ….R–O–F–L.

    Nurmi really decimated the lunacy of any pre–formulated plan by Jodi and Martinez just went down like Hindenburg. Plus Nurmi also never mentioned the burglary “felony” so Martinez was totally precluded from talking about that again, which I’m sure Martinez wanted to hammer relentlessly in his wrap up.

    It was like Muhammed Ali in his prime against a five foot George Foreman in their last fight. There’s a place for you in hell Martinez (if there is one) and Horn and Flores shouldn’t even have it that good.

    • Juando… “punted” many untruths into his closing to make his theory sound more plausible…

    • You can determine which hand the killer is wielding the knife in by the angle of the wound. This “ambidedextrous” business was just meant to confuse. Unless one is positing something truly ridiculous in terms of orientation, such as he is upside down and hanging and the killer approaches from behind.

  49. found this and was wondering if the strange comment left by CP had anything to do with some type of probation within the church for TA. JA did state that TA was very angry about her wanting to go to the bishop and that he had already been in trouble in the past …not verbatim but something to that effect.. So is that when TA started ranting about JA being a nutcase and not to believe anything she says, she is a liar and stalker. He was afraid she was going to rat out his dirty little secret so he sets her up so no one will believe her when she does. JA also said she would not say anything if he got help and she said it was obvious he didnt. She was a threat to him and his image not only to his friends but within the church.

    Doesnt Deanna also mention them getting help from the bishop?

    • I think you nailed it. Funny how ‘probation’ wasnt taught by Mimi Hall when she gave her expert presentation on the church.

      • I thought Deanna said they went to their own bishops not together. She then just has Travis’ word he went to his bishop. He could have lied.

        • She did say that, Lindsay. In my mind, then, there is no evidence Travis EVER went to his bishop.

            • the same goes for deanna we have only her word yet she also said TA didnt abuse her but she sure spent alot of time in his bedroom, according to her. he dated her for 7yrs but wouldnt marry her, sound familiar.

      • I believe had this info been brought out during the trial there would have been a better understanding by all and it would have brought everything full circle.

      • JC…

        Just wondering how many females went to the same bishop complaining about Travis trying to get into their pants before a marriage was consummated???

    • I think it’s amusing that the blog states that excommunication involves denial of the privileges of Church membership, including the wearing of temple garments and the payment of tithes and offerings. Privilege of wearing temple garments and payment of tithes? Sounds more like punishment.

  50. I checked out the jodi is guilty site the spoke about in the above video. That guy should be embarrassed. You can’t even compare the sites. His site contain no valid info and basically is just a place for him to make fun of the Arias family in the most childish of ways. This site has documents and is a place for conversation. I wonder if the Arias fam can sue him for slander or something. It’s very disgusting.

  51. I was reading the Inconvenient Truth facebook page and this was up:

    Allegedly, in January 2001, when Travis lived in Riverside, California with several Mormon friends, one of the friends discovered a file on a shared computer that contained images of children in questionable poses. This friend confronted Travis and a discussion ensued into the wee hours of this night. Travis allegedly confessed to his own sexual molestation as a child and gave an example of an incident that occurred on a camping trip.

    Travis also admitted to this friend that he had an addiction to pornography. This information along with corroborating supporting evidence was given to Jodi Arias defense team in March. However, because of time constrains and logistical obstacles, this friend was not able to appear in court. This information is also with the mitigation specialist, who will follow up on these and other allegations, should there be a need for appeal.

    Here’s the link:

    • Wow. If this is true, the defense should have made sure there was the time to get him to testify to support what JA said.

    • Rainy…”Something” to think about…

      I have always felt that Travis used two computers….one that he kept hid from Jodi and his roommates…and just maybe the “something” that the new owner of Travis’ house in the attic was his personal computer…hmmm…

      these are comments made from Katie…she is one of the inside courtroom observers…
      3-17-2013…1:10 am…Katie says a woman shows up in a blue van…she is the mother of the two teenage boys…they live in Travis’ house…the mother tells Travis’ sister how she felt she had visitations of Travis looking over her boys…how she saw a shadow move up her stairs and into each of their rooms and how her dog stood at attention…

      3-17-2013……Katie says this same mother who lives in TA house left and then came back with a shovel…the mother told them that she found “SOMETHING” personal of Travis’ in the ATTIC…she will pass it to them…the mother invited the family for dinner..

    • I cannot get that FB link to come up for me, Rainy, even though I’m logged into FB. Can you please check the link?

      • I think the page is locked. The person who runs that fb page , who I’m friends with on fb said she’s in “facebook jail “….lol.
        Joey Jacksons wife has been harassing her, so I assume that’s what happened again.
        It should be available after 24 hrs

        • Thank you, melvis. The link won’t work for me and I’m friends with her, too. Joey Jackson’s wife is using her temporary “popularity” to bully on FB.

            • I just tried going to that fb page and it’s still locked.

              Is Joey Jackson that guy with the unholy toothy grin that’s a guest on HLN? If so…EW!! He makes my skin crawl. *shudders*

              • Sorry you guys. I’m not a FB’er but I got to her page starting at her twitter page, clicked on her blog link, from there her FB link and it opened up. Again, I do not have a FB page so not sure how I got there!?

                She has the same text on her twitter page – I’m not very twitter savvy so I copied the tweet. Check her twitter page and you can find it there also with a link and the convo.

                InconvenientTruthsTV ‏@InconvenientTr1 8h
                With a secret like this:

                Again, sorry the link failed. I was in a hurry to get out the door earlier today and didn’t test it 🙁

                • Wow, just wow, Rainy. The “camping incident” hmmm. I was just thinking about what Dr. Carp put in her report about Travis having admitted to wanting sex with children and having some incidents where he had fondled little boys. If only the jury had seen that!

  52. Has this roommate, John Hepworth been on HLN???

    How many roommates has HLN had on their show lately???

    This roommate didn’t get along with Travis….it would be interesting to know why they didn’t get along…

    Another of Travis’ roommates named John Hepworth…was mentioned on Page 15 of the Flores Report in the top paragraph…Lisa said that Travis and John didn’t see eye to eye, on a lot of things, but he did move out suddenly one night without telling Travis about it. She said that John lived with Travis from July to August of 2007, to December of that same year. She told the Detective that she knew they didn’t get along, but she can’t see any reason why he would want to do harm to Travis.

    I found this on (a) John Hepworth…sounds like it could be the same….

      • If Dr. Drew or any of the HLN ‘commentators” had him on, I’d be VERY interested, but I know I’d be disappointed in the questions they’d ask him. Also, if Hepworth really does have negative things to say about Travis, I’m certain HLN would never allow him to be on any of their shows.

  53. I’ve only posted a couple times here but I post a lot on HLN and Dr Drew and defend Jodi and try to give my honest opinion on Travis. I get so sick of all the saint Travis commentary and all the boo hooing that goes on by people who didn’t even know him. The media has worked these people in to an absolute frenzy. But anyway, I hope she gets manslaughter. I’m really nervous JM and his antics may work and the jury might throw the book at her 🙁 But IMO this was a crime of passion and qualifies as manslaughter. She could be free in 10-12 years. I’m really pulling for her!

  54. Not sequestering this jury until deliberations is like closing the barn door after the cow has trotted out. I can only hope they use their common sense like Nurmi asked them to. If Jodi had premeditated this murder then concocted this elaborate story of how it happened, it’s the worse story ever told. To slip in during the night and administer one gun shot to the heart as Travis lay sleeping then slip out like a ninja would have made much more sense. I mean she took pictures, for goodness sake. Or if she’d started yelling ‘he tried to kill me!’ directly after would have been better too. Instead Jodi tried to protect his reputation and herself by dancing around the truth. Juan’s theory is laughable. If even 1 juror buys this then there is no justice anywhere.

    • I agree this jury should have been sequestered. It is difficult to believe that at least some of them have seen, heard or read things that could influence their thinking. This trial has become entertainment and the media are like prostitutes using it to gain ratings, etc. HLN pundits have moved past reporting and into helping the JM. If this type of behavior isns’t reigned in, at some point it will cause a mistrial and cameras will be withheld from court room.

  55. it’s safe to say the guy who runs that website sounds fairly unintelligent
    when he speaks you hear an echo between his ears

  56. Hi Team Jodi,
    I just need to vent!!! I am so sick of all of these TV commentators saying that it’s no big deal when Travis said “Oh you sound like a 12-year old girl having her first orgasm”. I guarantee that if Nancy Grace’s husband came home and said “oh honey, when you moan you sound like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm….AND…by the way…I want to tie you to a tree and put it ALL the way in your a-hole”….she would be furious & totally go ghetto on him!!! They are such hypocrites!!!!

    • and maybe her husband needs to send a video of them getting it on…on national television and see if it was a big deal or not…he could receive in the millions of dollars for the video…it would make the “Big Breaking News” headlines…

    • I actually posted that same complaint to Beth Karas yesterday who tried to say that Jodi forged letters accusing TA of being a pedo….
      I said so then Jodi must of been a ventriloquist on the sex tape…dumb ass , all of them!

      • I read an article just a few minutes ago with respect to the so called forged letters. Nurmi asked that they be admitted as prosecutor expert couldn’t say 100% they weren’t in Travis handwriting. They were thrown out because they were copies and couldn’t be verified if not original.

    • The 12 year old comment repeated twice by TA and the pop the cork comment are so over the top and NOT OK. I can’t believe Dr. Drew thinks it is ok to have a child fantasy. Fantasies lead to acting out! As Nurmi said “WHO says tha”?” It is sick. He is right. I am guessing it will not go over well with other men on jury unless they have same sick thoughts. I can’t imagine a woman would ever think this is ok.

    • Or if some guy would say that to her daughter someday plus having a boat load of other chicks on the side.

      It’s also very tiresome that she keeps milking the murder of the fiance when she was young. Yes it was a tragedy but after all these years must she keep harping on it?

      If it’s still such a burr in her thigh I’d suggest she get out of the law business, stop inserting herself into these homicides and immerse herself into, I don’t know, maybe growing bonsai trees to help her move on in life and away from the memories and let that wound heel. But I suspect she loses very little sleep over it these days. She’s in it for the money and loves to exploit the event. She’s disgusting…

  57. wait Nancy Grace can moan and have orgasms?
    She actually has activity in her vagina?
    WHOA!!! Stop The Press!

  58. It is weird to think that this trial is over. Now all we can do is wait…. waiting is the worst! Nurmi did an excellent job closing. JW did an excellent job opening. I think they provided enough reasonable doubt. Martinez’s closing was not that strong.

    Of course, HLN is saying that Martinez had a great closing. But then again, they think everything he did was great. I wonder what they will say if the verdict does not come back murder 1? Will they blame Martinez? Will they blame the jury?

    I do fear for Jodi. I fear the court will not provide her with enough protection if she gets acquitted.There will be mobs of people outside the courthouse waiting for the verdict. I also wonder about Travis’s family’s reaction, and whether or not they’d lose it and lunge for Jodi if she gets acquitted!

      • Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? I thought typically the verdicts were read pretty quickly after they were rendered. I guess maybe an hour or two given so that people can make it down to the courthouse for the reading (unless they will all be in court whenever the jurors are there?)

        • Not good or bad. Time for security to placed to handle the HLN crowd and for all the family member to arrive. Plus usually the lawyers want a few moments with their client to settled them down. You know the prosecution side will have a after verdict statement…they always do.