Fox News rips Martinez and new one…

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To say Martinez’ latest Snow White fueled antics were unforgettable would be a massive understatement. For decades to come, laws schools will be citing it as the ultimate example of how NEVER to cross examine an expert witness.

Check out the video below from Fox News, where 2 attorneys discuss the event in further detail. This is what happens when people who are NOT paid to take sides, give their opinion on proceedings…

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And just in case you missed it, here’s a video featuring the Snow White cross examination Greatest Hits (from HLN / Raising America)…

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I also counted 6 valid objections from JW just in the clip above, all of which were promptly overruled, including my favorite… >>> Objection: Relevance —> Speculation —> Fairy Tale :mrgreen:

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  1. The Judge sounds like she is drugged to the eyeballs.

    I can’t believe how many times she just overruled during that mental cross examination.

    Thank you for posting these clips.

    • I have been tweeting this to everyone at hln etc…..along with the youtube documentary #littlecharlie61 ….I tweeted it to Jodi to show her attorneys….the Judge made faces at the answers to the jurors from ALV and with DM the Judge smiles…we really need to pray for Jodi or mistrial because if I can see disgust in the Judges face when Alyce was answering jurors questions and a sweet smile at this rebuttal doctors answers ….you know the jurors see this…Judges should not show favorites …go back and watch the Judges face when she hears the answers from the jurors questions… Mistrial due to Judges facial expressions after expert answers …she rolled her eyes with an answer Alyce gave….I was screaming :you are not supposed to be bias …check it out my friends…get it to Jodi’s attorneys attention please…..I was livid …watch the judge face eyes as well as smiles…These jurors have to see this!

  2. If Martinez will be used as an example on what NOT to do, what about the judge?! Why haven’t there been so much talk about the way she been handling all this BS? I know theres an extant to what she can do and can’t do, or how much she can let happen. But if everyone is now seeing how Martinez has been way out of line with MISCONDUCT, from the beginning. How come and WHEN is the judges responsibility be questioned? !

    • I thought i understood the role of a judge, but after watching this trial, I guess I know nothing! For one, I’m not understanding why the family has say as to whether a juror goes? Remember all that drama and tweating about the family, Jodi and defense team in chambers? Next thing we know, juror five is fired. I’ve seen the family laugh such as when AV said travis had been talking to 11 women? And then she allows juror five back in? Does she have the right to keep her out? And most notably, allowing “the prosecutor’ to throw things without even a word? Jose Baez was right when he said that judges are just attorneys in black robes. When is Judge Sherry up for re-election?

      • Finally someone else seen the Family of Travis laugh. I wish they would put the grins out there for everyone to see. An I notice they focus less on them as the eye rolling an shaking the heads the ugly looks the drama an then they look directly at the jurors. I wish someone would tape only that family as they continue to bash the Arias’s family. Seriously I read one person saying about the tattoo’s some ex-friend of Jodi’s has ? really ? because Tanisha has a whole arm full of them which she keeps covered up.

        I don’t think Juror #5 will be back I think all that press scared her? I could be wrong but I am sure now she is getting threats as well her name an address an phone number where posted on one site. I forgot where I read that at now though.

        Praying for a GOOD WEEK FOR JODI an her DEFENSE TEAM. Alyce is strong I have faith in her. Alyce is smart an has handled way bigger men with the big mouths I think. GO ALYCE ! SELF DEFENSE is not a Death penalty case. She knows it she understands it some people are just messed up an not everybody is willing to go seek HELP we all know that in life.

      • JC, I have been giving this a good deal of thought, and I have some ideas about what is going on – not really opinions, but pregnant thoughts, as my mom likes to call them.
        When I was a newish lawyer I attended a motion docket on a wet snowy day. The courtroom was packed shoulder-to shoulder with lawyers. When one of the first motions was called, the lawyers stepped into the well, and the judge ripped into one of them for not removing his coat. (I thought, ‘WHERE? HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?’) He humiliated the poor guy in front of tens of his colleagues, and refused to hear the motion at all. It had to be reset. I thought it a little cruel. But I realize that he did that lawyer and all the rest of us in the room a favor. I forgot the name of the guy who was embarrassed, but I haven’t forgotten the lesson. A courtroom is not a living room, and any judge who allows it to be treated as such deserves to do double duty as ringmaster.

        A second lesson that I think applies, from my law school days/early years of practice: There is a joke in the New York legal community that the most inept of lawyers represent tenants in New York housing court. They barely have to show up and they win. The entire process is so slanted toward the tenant it is very nearly impossible to evict anyone. One of my first jobs out of law school included representing a large housing authority evicting people. I was disappointed that the firm’s partners had put me on such a crap assignment. Then the older associates took me aside and told me that this meant that they really believed in me; that it was really hard and that my trial practice skills would be honed to a fine edge by the time I’d done it for a year or two. Whether it worked or not, I’ll leave to others to judge, but I think that the Maricopa County prosecutor’s office is the AZ version of NY housing court. The deck is always stacked in their favor, so they don’t even know how to play a clean game of poker.

        Martinez is soft and sloppy. He has horrible courtroom habits, and I guess he never had a Judge Lewis to tell him to take his damn coat off.

        • I love your post. The courtroom is not a living room. So true. Makes perfect sense! So you are kind of saying that aside from Martinez, the judge is lax, which may be causing it to look like a joke? Because after Martinez last cross, I thought the whole trial came off like really bad movie starring Mr. Martinez.

          “The deck is always stacked in their favor, so they don’t even know how to play a clean game of poker.” Great analogy! Yes.

          • He is like that kid whose parents don’t discipline him, and she is like the parent who refuses to. The two circumstances conspire to produce an undisciplined out-of-control brat.

          • JC –

            Per my earlier post, a movie with Martinez? Tom Cruise could play him, we could work in the whole living room thing with Juany jumping on Oprah’s couch, then a brief cut to Tommy saying, ‘You can’t handle the Tooth,” (Disney reference). And then cut to Juany saying “yes or no” about 700 times, then fade to black.

            Would be a good movie.

            • Don’t forget all the “Right?!?”s, “Just answer the question, ma’am!”s, and “Isn’t it?”/”Dint it?”s… 😀

    • I agree with you LC!! What we witnessed on Thursday was a ridiculous cross-examination by a man who either didnt have a point or was just grasping at straws or maybe both.The haters say ”patience,patience werent there times when we didnt know where he was getting at while Jodi was on the stand and then we had the a-ha moment?” I say Please!!!Even if what he’s trying to prove is that if ALV sees SnowWhite as a battered woman,so she sees battered women everywhere even to the most unlikely places(fairytales)and her testimony should be taken with a grain of salt-HE BLEW IT BIG TIME!! Why on Earth should a renowned professional like ALV be painted as an obsessed man-hater even by ‘ the prosecutor’ himself?Absolutely sickening and degrading but not in the least surprising,since coming from Martinez,RIGHT?
      As to the Judge,I’m as maaaaaaaad at her as I am at the frog!!I think her role in Thurday’s circus was understated.Martinez’s clown performance was so overwhelming and NUMBING that it seemed she forgot the reason she was designated there!! Even her voice sounded robotic,or worse curious to see where Martinez was getting at with his rendition of ”Show White,the other version of the story by Kermit Martinez also a fictional character”
      (coz seriously he’s a caricature of a man!!!).

      • Did you see AL’s comment earlier? I think he made a great point about where Juan is going with this. Something about a video of a presentation with some gender biased jokes. Martinez may be gearing up to use that to manipulate a very conservative jury because he has nothing else in his bag of tricks.

        • That won’t work, either. It isn’t relevant to the case.

          What I think he is up to is he is twisting her lectures upside down to show Jodi Arias was the abuser and Travis was the abused.

          That is direct opposition to all known evidence.

          • Gee don’t tell AL that…lol I tend to agree with you…I think we are done with the Snow White story….He never stays on track….he flips around. Besides he made a fool out of himself and it wasn’t relevant…besides JW and KN will fight this tooth hand nail.

        • Actually no,JC I dont remember reading that comment.Sounds interesting.Was it on today’s posts or yesterday’s?

        • I think JM has a real task ahead of him with ALV and he knows it. Normally an attorney has two prongs available on cross; Challenge the evidence and bring out stuff that the direct may have skirted around or challenge the credibility of the witness. The problem JM faces here is that if he tries to get into the evidence he may end up opening that Pandora’s box even wider than it is now. He can’t challenge her basic precepts of DV and abuse, because that’s a well established fact and could open the door to the defense bringing in another expert in rebuttal. Plus it seems his own expert has some specialization in abuse and she may end up supporting the defense or opening herself to credibility questions. He can’t quite contest the e-mails, IMs and texts because even more of those may come into play.

          So JM decided to attack her credibility from the onset. It starts with the stuff about the PhD, which I think was of no consequence. The worst thing that happened to JM was that ALV called him on his anger. That was just awesome. I think it sealed JM’s fate and then he went over to the Snow White fiasco. I think he was already in trouble after the “Mr Martinez are you angry at me?” question.

          So it should be interesting tomorrow. If JM continues with the Snow White rant, its going to be stupid. If not I don’t know where he’s going to go.

          • The thing is JM is not as smart as he thinks he is (I’d say he’s not smart at all). For example, he doesn’t realize that is you are unconscious you are not waiting?

            “Waiting” is a voluntary act. You choose to wait for something/somebody. When you are unconscious you are not awake and can not make decisions.

            Also the definition of interview is to have a discussion, dialog, exchange, etc. Why did he keep asking if she talks during interviews? Of course, that’s what an interview is, you ask questions. You have to talk?

            He probably sat around thinking he had some kind of clever idea, but he’s just not bright enough to see the analogy that Alyce LaViolette was using. To him he took it literally, and didn’t understand basic concepts like “waiting”. And of course he also asked question that no one has the answers to since they answers were never defined in the original cartoon, or in ALV’s lecture.

            He’s also probably thinking this will make his career, when it might do the opposite. He also seems to not think that Snow White was treated poorly, and I bet that’s his hispanic/macho upbringing doing the talking.

            The guy’s a vile, stupid, un-evolved person.

    • LC,
      “How come and WHEN is the judges responsibility be questioned? ”

      I would love to know the answer to that.

    • I believe the JUDGE and the PROSECUTOR are best BUDS, that could explain why JM gets away with his misconduct in court!!!! I hope the defense is aware of this.

  3. Judge Stephens at times says, no speaking objections.

    What does “no speaking objections” mean in a trial?

    “A “speaking objection” is an objection that goes further than required to state the ground for the objection, usually to send a message to the witness as to what the lawyer would like for the witness to say. The Bar Journal article below goes into a good discussion of it.

    Lawyers usually use the term to describe what the author of the article is calling the “coaching objection,” although really it is broader than that.

    “May 12, 2005 Speaking Objections by Judge Samuel D. McVey

    All trial attorneys and judges have or will run into them – those “speaking objections.” Speaking objections are nothing more than an interruption of opposing counsel with a speech rather than a simple, succinct objection stating a rule or point of evidence pursuant to Rule 103 of the Utah and Federal Rules of Evidence.”

    [Aside: I’m not sure how closely Arizona follows the federal rules of evidence ]

    “—— While your author is probably in no position to be pointing any fingers, I would like to throw in with those who believe speaking objections are unfair. I think most seasoned attorneys and judges, including us mediocre ones, would agree.

    —– Attorneys seem to lodge speaking objections for three general purposes: 1) to coach a trial or deposition witness; 2) to argue to the jury during trial – before the appropriate time for closing argument; and 3) to make at least some objection when an attorney is at a loss over what to say about bothersome evidence or argument.

    The Coaching Objection
    Farmer Brown’s mongrel stallion allegedly trespassed on Mr. Curmudgeon’s property and impregnated his prize filly, knocking her out of the upcoming racing season and causing a loss of thousands in potential winnings. In a deposition, Farmer Brown’s attorney just got Curmudgeon to admit that Farmer Brown kept the stallion in a fenced pasture. Curmudgeon’s attorney realizes his client forgot to mention a carefully rehearsed point. Fearing to let the point pass until his turn to ask Curmudgeon questions, the attorney objects:

    ATTORNEY: “Objection. Lack of foundation as to whether my client has ever inspected the fence and seen gaps and whether he has ever seen Farmer Brown’s horse get through the fence and come on my client’s property.”

    WITNESS CURMUDGEON: “Oh yeah. I would like to add that fence is broke down and I seen that horse come through it personally many a time.”

    As you can see, speaking objections coach the witness. They also — “

  4. That may have gone down as the worst cross-examination in the history of the United States legal system.

    I suppose JM is trying somehow to prove JA wasn’t a DV victim but that TA was, but he is sure going about it in an utterly stupid way.

      • It is. People on that courtroom where covering their faces trying not to laugh out loud during JM’s silly CE.

    • ” but that TA was,” You mean during his childhood or adulthood?Coz if he trie sto talk about his childhood I dont see how this contradicts ALV ‘s testimony,that’s what she has been telling all along on the stand.That it was TA’s ugly childhood that set off his later behaviour towards women.So I’m wondering…Wow,if Kermit tries to sanctify him(as an adult) i’m gonna puke right there and then!

      • No, he’s thinking JA was the one who was the abuser; after all, she was this jealous stalker who butchered her boyfriend in a rage.

        JM’s specialty–his job–is to twist the facts to fit his own theories.

        • we,,if he’s trying to prove THAT,then it’s even more stupid and unimaginative!That’s the best he has to attack Alyce?The woman has laid the foundations and shown proof of an abusive relationship,Martinez has no evidence whatsoever of Jodi being a stalker!

    • What I find to be a total gas is that the Travestites on Twitter think he hit it out of the park! Their delusion is so pervasive, they can’t even tell when he’s losing. Or more accurately, when he’s lost it!

      • On one of the hater sites some are saying that JM deliberately did the Snow White thing just to rattle things up that late in the day…they were bragging about it being his style to do things that way…and they said that he is going to do a really big thing on Monday with this witness…they are so excited for his biggie…and they said it doesn’t have anything to do with Snow White….

        They have me curious now…looking forward to seeing what their “idol” has for his followers….

        • How do they know this???? How would they know??? If its true, and something big happenes Monday, were and who are they getting this info from???? This stuff is supposed to be kept betweenthe pprosecutor, defense and judge. So HOW???

          • I have notice that is a recurring theme with them. Just wait until tomorrow, or next week, the biggie is coming we just know it! Well, we’ve been waiting, and waiting…. 🙂

            • “Just wait until Juan’s closing arguments: they’ll be used as an example in law school classes for all of eternity!” Yeah, maybe as an example of how to blow a case with idiocy.

          • LC…

            I don’t know how they know…it’s like a conspiracy of them on those haters sites and I have literally read through hundreds of their comments…and they follow the leader of several people who go to the trial each day and sit in the courtroom…

            • Truthseeker,

              I bet they will write books too. I was flabbergasted at all the haters that attempted to self publish about casey. They even fought with each other, boycotting and what not while writing books at that.

              • JC…

                True about those books and the $$$ will bring out the evil amongst them…

                On the hater site…they said that the majority of the people in the courtroom each day are there for the prosecution….

        • There is NO BIGGIE coming, stop the nonsense……….the defense has to know everything that JM is going to bring into court, all he has is snow white and the seven dwarfs, everybody is laughing at this guy!!!

        • Ok I may get my back side handed to me…but I said it this morning….I am willing to bet that he is off the Snow White story and on to something else. It’s his MO. He has been doing this with all the witnesses. Jumping from one subject to another, to another, with out waiting for answers. But his display last Thus. just might have been the undoing of the …..little man the man either has alot of balls or is just really, really dumb….I think dumb….who abuses a DV expert on the stand?

    • I love watching the FOX NEWS…the chances are great that they will start getting over inundated vile obnoxious disgusting derogatory hateful comments on their blogs from those crazy stupid idiot haters out there…

  5. I’m really not sure of what this judge is up to. Looks like everytime she has to make a decision she opts for the status quo

    • I think she wants to appear as unbiased and as fair as possible. She is trying to let the lawyers decide to the best of her ability, and she’s trying to stay out of the crossfire. She realizes this is all being televised and she is hoping not to be criticized as another Judge Ito.

      It’s interesting to me that both the people here and the pro-Travis sites all seem to dislike the judge and believe she is not being fair. That actually shows she is doing a better job than we’re giving her credit for.

      • Me too! The fact that both sides don’t think she’s doing well. I don’t think I understand what a judge does like I thought i did.

      • I agree with you with respect to the judge and both sides not liking her decisions. She is doing something right. In a DP case, more leeway is given and I think that is what she is doing. I thought she JW extended rope and same with JM. The one thing I really disagree with her on is sequestration. I so believe that should have been done.

        • I don’t think she is at all fair with JW objections. She seems willy nilly, kind of random. But I’m just a regular person so what I do i know 😉

      • I don’t think she biased so much as I think she lacks her sea legs. I’ve never presided over a courtroom, but if I walked into one that was as out of control as that one is, there would be contempt citations flying right, left, and center. No ousted jurors in attendance, no screaming and yelling at non litigant witnesses when admittedly angry (!!?!!?!!), and everybody gets lunch.

        • Everyone gets lunch except Jodi, it seems ….

          I honestly don’t believe she has the right to refuse attendance to an ousted juror. This is probably a first. Ousted jurors don’t usually decide to become a spectator, from what I know. One of my co-workers was a juror 3 times (I originally thought 2 times and may have previously posted that, but he confirmed for me on Friday that it was 3 times). He told me that in one of those trials a potential juror who had been “ousted” during voir dire attended a few days of trial. According to him, that was allowable. Different scenario, I realize, but once someone is released from jury duty, it seems they have the same rights as any other member of the public does.

          Yelling .. that’s another story.

          • I’m sure that it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but it’s like she has no knowledge that she can issue a contempt citation. In the lexicon of today, she needs to own her own power!

        • Nobody can feed jodi. They will be arrested for felonies per Sheriff Joe. An article I read from AZ news explained all that. The judge can rule Jodi eats all she wants but it’s up to the sheriff’s dept, no exceptions.

          • Sheriff Joe can’t tell her how to run her courtroom. She lets him bully her, too. And I would have none of it. In her courtroom, she is queen. She just needs to act like it. Sheriff Joe does stuff that threatens the integrity of the trial over which she is presiding. You can bet she has the power to prevent that. She’s just too (fill in the blank) to do anything about it. Also, he is the Sheriff, and does not decide who gets charged with what. It seems like those Maricopa County jokers need to start doing their own jobs and leave other people to do theirs.

      • AA,

        I agree with the fact that she’s giving both sides an immense amount of leeway. But there are certain limits to leeway. I think you should let both sides try their case, but there are rules of evidence and also court procedures. And these are there for a reason, and not paying attention to them takes away from the process.

        • As usual, I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I probably couldn’t have said it as well myself!

      • The judge doesn’t bother me much. I think she’s been fair overall in allowing evidence in. It can be frustrating when she overrules objections for the defense, but maybe she wanted to see exactly where Kermit was going with his crazy Snow White talk…LOL.

    • Several times I watched when the camera zoomed in on the judge and she looked unsure or perplexed…and then I watched the camera zoom in on her during Alyce’s speaking about domestic abuse….and the judge looked interested in what Alyce was saying…

  6. Watch Nurmi’s face the whole time…it’s hilarious!

    You can see people in the gallery putting their hands over their faces to hide smiles/laughter too.

    • I know…he did good…But look at JW she had to hide he face in her hair….I don’t know if Jodi understood what happened. Some days she looks more druged then others….

      • Is she on medication for anxiety? I think Jodi is looking so tired, upset, etc, these days. But all things considered, she’s holding up well too.

        • If you look back on the first days of the trial Jodi looks weak an tired an very pale considering what she did look like. This has to be very hard on her emotionally an physically just by comparison to the earlier days. To me anyways she does not look healthy at all it breaks my heart too.

          • I agree. It is heartbreaking. I guess I’m saying Jodi could have lost it by now but she hasn’t. I know I would have Rhonda. I could not handle the emotional pressure. Plus, she doesn’t get to eat. I know HLN tries to trick us into thinking she does by posting video of what they eat in jail, but Sheriff Joe has made it very clear that inmates on trial will not get lunch and should their lawyers try and feed them, will earn a felony! Talk about some control issues. I read that it doesn’t matter what Judge Sherry orders either. Sheriff Joe has control over all that.

            • You would think that Sheriff Joe would make sure she was fed with all this attention. He’s been in trouble way too many times for just this.Could someone explain to me why a person who has not been found guilty is treated like everyone else in jail?

              • That is something that has always bothered me, wherein a person on bail is treated the same as a convicted criminal. The concept of innocent until proven guilty is thrown out when it comes to their custody conditions.

            • I read that too an it just makes me furious about the eating an how HLN lies about it too. An the Travis supporters of course mimic them word for word. I could not endure all this I do not think. An the having to not strike out at JM would have been the hardest thing for me. I know people thought she was being coy or what ever but she did a great job at staying calm up there when all he wanted was a outburst or something to prove her rage over men that make her feel threatened.

              She is doing a great job even with the poor conditions I could never be a lawyer I would want to be sneaking in things for my client. I could not sit there hearing my client’s stomach rumble I know it has to be. I do not know how any of them can sit there with JM daily without some kind of outburst it would be so hard for me. Prayers an Good Thoughts going out to Jodi every day an her team. Got to stay strong I just know they can an will ♥

              Thank you Admin for a sane site to come too Bless y’all ♥

          • Yes Rhonda.IMHO,Jodi is now a shadow of her former self.And I dont just mean the happy,always smiling Jodi of up till 2008 that we see in the old pics.She is different,weaker,thinner,more exhausted even than the Jodi of the first trial days-some days she looks as if she has given up on life or her fate.My best friend,who knows nothing about the trial apart from a few things I’ve told her,walked in my room the other day while I was watching the trial and she said”wow,that poor girl doesnt look ok,her stare is blank”
            It’s true,unfortunately.Jodi,poor Jodi just sits there sometimes looking lost which leads me to believe to think that yeah she must be on anti-depressants sedatives or sth.

              • I know,cindy.just dont know the english word for the kind of meds she must be under and opt for the word ”ad”,well you got it anyways.

                • I think it was mentioned at one time she was on tranquilizers but I am not sure if she still is at this point. With all the stress lack of sleep and food I am surprised she is holding up this well. I guess in some ways I am glad she gets 3 day weekends to maybe get some rest.

              • Well I don’t know about any of the rest of you but I started smoking again and will surely have to go to AA after this trial is over. God Bless Jodi and her family and TAs also. I do not know how they can sit there day after day….

        • I think Dr. S said something about it. But I have a friend who is a RN at the Jail and she said they most always give them a little something just to keep them from flipping out during trial. If you watch her from day to day you can see it.

          • Good. Anything to help her during this ordeal. Who wouldn’t need a xanax or other medication during something like this? Jodi is most likely sensitive to her surroundings. Some ppl call it hypersensitive and associate it with artsy type people like Jodi, myself. I know if I were in a room full of people glaring at me, whispering, the energy of that would bother. Does that make sense? It’s not what a person thinks of me that matters, it’s the energy associated with it. Maybe I’m just projecting though.

            • JC I think your right. …… Remember when the haters were saying something about Jodi takeing a pill. The only time I have taken a xanax was when my nephew killed himself…We were popping them like candy….We were all spaced out …..

              • I think the pill she took (and maybe has taken on other days) is to treat her migraine disorder. I could be wrong though.

            • JC, are you talking about highly sensitive people? I discovered that I fit the criteria for that description years ago through a personality email list of which I’m a member. See this:


              It’s very interesting!

              • I have tested for that as well. The energy that surrounds people that I feel can be exhausting. I know large crowds can be tough. I cannot imagine sitting in the courtroom,

                • HSP’s unite!!! 🙂 I’d be interested to know if you, JC and AJ, have ever had the Meyers Briggs personality test administered and what your personality type is. That kind of stuff just fascinates me.

                • SD is that the one that tells you whether you are an introvert or extrovert? If so, I tested as an introvert with extrovert tendencies. I don’t remember the wording but I remember I was mostly introvert.

              • I took that test for fun and I got to check off on all of them…LOL…I already knew that I was highly sensitive and very intuitive…I was aware of my “gifts” since childhood…that is what everyone called them…LOL…

                • Can you walk in a room full of people you don’t know, and fairly quickly be able to tell who is in a bad mood even with a smile? Or who doesn’t like who? These gifts were hard on me at work as the environment was very tense will two sides clashing. I could feel it all the time. I had to stay to myself, pray and do positive things at lunch to cope.

        • I believe it was said that she takes medication for her migraines…she has suffered for years with migraines…JW said to Jodi the other week, “remember to take your med’s”…meaning her migraine medication….

      • Cindy,
        The day that they tossed a juror, the puppets were all saying the the siblings came out crying and Jodi had a smile on her face.
        The TV puppets pulled a shitty act, as usual.

        Jodi had a sweater on the day, kind of beige.
        The picture that they showed was of Jodi at another day when she had a green top on.
        Did any of you notice? They wii stoop to anything

        I had a teacher once that was like Martinez, it was really hard to keep from laughing at him and of course I was sent to the office so many times, but I couldn’t help myself. The harder you try not to laugh the harder it is to stop.

        I swear I don’t know what I would do in a court room.
        AND if I had to be examined by this clown, I just know I couldn’t make it.
        They would have to put me on something. : )

        • “Jodi had a sweater on the day, kind of beige.
          The picture that they showed was of Jodi at another day when she had a green top on.
          Did any of you notice?”

          I sure did notice that, Aly. When I saw her come out of the Judge’s chambers on that day, I didn’t see her smiling at all.

          • I’ve noticed that too…if they want Jodi to be smiling…they find a picture of her smiling…it doesn’t have to be that day or not…they just use one of her smiling…

            And if they want to portray Jodi to be frowning or looking upset…they find a picture of her that fits the criteria of her frowning or looking upset…

            They have a gallery of photos of Jodi…and they have some “knucklehead” that loves to pull them out and” plug” them in the right spot for the latest news reports…

            It is a dirty trick of the media…cause they know that a lot of people just don’t notice the difference in the clothes that Jodi is wearing each day…and when they have those breaking news moments they need the right picture of Jodi to sensationalize the viewing audience in their breaking news…

            • They havebeen doing this from the begining…..I was throwing things at the TV at first due to the fact that they twisted things so badly. That is when I found this site…..thank God!!!!

    • I notice the AG’s speak out when things aren’t going well in high profile cases. LOL AG of Florida did the same thing and was ousted by Jeff Ashton in the following election. I guess this guy isn’t the AG though. It’s funny to me how they pretend that they had no idea the media circus could occur while their prosecutor has been releasing inflammatory nonsense the entire time.

    • “I’m starting to become very concerned that the media circus here is going to create an appellate issue, where they can say at some point because the jury isn’t sequestered,” he said. “That there’s no way that they could have been affected at some point. And that’s a big concern that I have. I think if the court had any sense that we would be where we are now, that [sequestration] would have been seriously considered.”

      Prior to the trial starting, HLN was touting it as the “next casey anthony” and they knew full well it would turn into this. This isn’t AZ first rodeo with high profile cases either because they allow cameras in the courtroom.

                • Good points… although it’s not so much the trials being televised that’s the issue… it’s all the hate, death threats, mob mentality, media lies, sideshows & associated f***ing around that needs some serious attention.

                  Team Jodi

                • Trials should be public for sure, it keeps the justice system accountable. That’s why court rooms have a gallery, for the public to sit in and watch. Years ago, public did not include turning the court room into a movie set with cameras and such.

                  And then we add HLN into the mix and we have a whole big pot of spoiled soup.

                • I read a paper about the Constitution being in conflict with freedom of the press and a defendant’s right to a fair trial.

                • What needs to happen is that one of these trials needs to be invalidated by the feds, laying the blame firmly at the feet of HLN. The cost of redoing it will teach states not to allow this kind of environment. CourtTV covered trials in a civilized, if not completely unbiased (ahem, Fred Graham) way for years and years. We might need a nonprofit C-SPAN type organization to spearhead the coverage or something- it’s an interesting question from an academic perspective. I just hate seeing the pain and (hopefully temporary) rights violations of the pioneering cases who/which will hopefully lead to improvement.

                • I’m currently reading Jose Baez’s book. I did not follow the CA trial AT ALL. I was trying to get my life together during that time in 2011 after my ex was arrested, so it was a time when I heard about CA, but did not hear much, or pay attention.

                  One of the interesting things to me in Jose’s book regarding televising the trial is that Jose mentions that he motioned the court regarding one of the prosecutors laughing during his (Jose’s) closing arguments. He believed it was prejudicial. He had a pro-prosecution judge who had been a prosecutor. The judge wasn’t willing to consider his motion UNTIL he provided the television footage of Jeff Ashton laughing. Then, the judge (who hadn’t witnessed the laughter himself) saw the footage and realized that it had occurred. So, there’s good and bad in televising trials?

          • I want Jodi to walk more then ever now….I didn’t for a time…But JC I am very concered for her also..she is safer where she is for now….I know they will try and kill her…

            • Cindy,that is what I dread.I keep thinking if she’s aquitted what if,what if….The lynch mob is out of control and if they are willing to go to such extremes just to intimidate witnesses such as Dr S and ALV,what will they do to Jodi herself?The mere thought petrifies me.That’s why I have repeatedly said (as others here living abroad have too)that if that joyous day of her aquittal comes and it is imperative for her to flee the country,I want her to know she has a friend ready to open her arms and house for her for as long as it’s necessary for things to calm down.She has suffered enough,when she’s out she has the right to have peace of mind and safety.

            • I know. And this case has all the past hate from the casey verdict fueling it. I think if she were acquitted, she would need protection for awhile. Casey has a ton of support and it helped keep her safe. I hope the same is for Jodi.

              • But CA had the big team behind her….I think the money man was that Big guy…Shanny (SP) someone is helping her. Jodi is going to need so much help..

                I’m not looking for trouble here but if by the grace of God she does walk, they will do the same thing they did to CA.

            • they alreally have tried 2 times once when she showed up at ryan burns and was asked to go 4 wheeling the the second when asked to go camping and lets not forget the lic plate antic the police office said she was supprized and said her travis friends where playing a joke on her little did she know then that they were not her friend at all it was planned 2 weeks in advance to what would happen and she was the fall girl

          • Yes JC, I can imagine that day and am getting so excited to see Jodi walk free. I’m praying she will be able to live a happy life and will get as far away from AZ and the Mormons as possible.

            • It is going to be a very tense day when the verdict comes in. I am going to need a chill pill. I watched the CA verdict even though I had not watched any of the trial. I had it on mute because I was sneaking at work, and I was having palpitations for Casey (although I didn’t watch the trial I felt she was not guilty because what little I had heard didn’t makes sense to me) I cannot imagine what it is going to be like watching the reading of the verdict for Jodi. I want her out of jail !
              I have only recently started watching videos on the sister site of the CA trial. I like to see how it all went down after the fact.

    • Wow! I read in one research paper that a jury hasn’t been sequestered in AZ for more than 20 years. At least, Bill Montgomery is admitting this.

    • I think that any case should have the jurors sequestered if it is going to be televised.
      Either decide up front televise and sequester the jurors OR don’t

      Since that is Arizona’s deal to never sequester the jurors then take the media out.

      • i think its ok for the media to be there to just show the trial but i dont believe that the media HLN types should spin a web a lies but only discuss what was said in the trial and thats it

    • AL…

      Can SJ put this link up at the top with the other FOX news link? that way everyone want miss this link….it is important….

  7. Hi everyone! I was in the middle of posting a little story, I wrote. After, feeling really disgusted about all the haters, I came to a new reality. I am in the car on an iPhone with my husband taking my daughter back to college after her weekend visit and I posted a little giggle story for everyone to hopefully lift the spirits. Anyway, it’s posted on yesterday’s page and I can’t paste it on my phone to today’s comments. If you need a chuckle have a look back.

  8. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is relaxed and enjoying this beautiful Sunday. Looking forward to another victorious week for Jodi. My prayers go to Ms. LaViolet and her family. May God bless everyone 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for sharing that Fox News video. I completely agree with what they were saying. After hearing so many people praising JM, that was like a breath of fresh air.

  10. NG says :
    “who wants to be “hauled” into the police headquarters and be told your daughter is a “monster”?

    Steve Brill the Court Tv founder who gave NG her start says ” Nancy Grace is a Monster”–and further he says ” I feel like I owe the nation community service for having hired her and put her on TV.
    “She is a monster”.

  11. a question…how is it that Kermit is allowed to approach the witnesses without asking permission from the judge, yet the defense has to? is there some rule that the state has permission to approach whenever he chooses?
    that really bothers me, and if he’s breaking a rule, why didn’t the defense bring it up when they filed for misconduct?

      • It’s a rule- one of many that Stephens refuses to enforce. Martinez has horrible courtroom habits. He should be embarrassed. Everyone makes occasional slipups, but it doesn’t even seem that he tries. It’s not reversible error or anything, but it IS a rule nonetheless.

        • Joujoubaby, so I guess I have to wonder why she’s not enforcing the rule. Most judges I have ever experienced are on a bit of a power trip. Maybe I’m not categorizing that fairly. They know they have power in the court, they are the ultimate power in the court, and they don’t like being disrespected. They are extremely quick to point out a lawyer who abuses his/her privileges in the court. Isn’t that what JM is doing? He’s approaching witnesses, he’s yelling at witnesses, and the judge is not even mildly admonishing him for it … unless she’s doing so at sidebars? I guess that’s possible and she doesn’t want to do it in full hearing of the jury as it may seem prejudicial? I can’t think of anything else. But then, if she has admonished him for his behaviour and yet, he persists in engaging in the same behaviour, why has this judge done nothing?

          Now, I’m not a lawyer, I’m just some idiot who went to law school and worked in law firms on and off for many many years of my life, and I’ve also been the complaining witness in a lengthy trial. I’ve been in court for numerous jury trials. I’ve never experienced a judge allowing a lawyer to disrespect the rules as JM is doing. In my experience, it would offend the heck out of a judge. So, you are a practicing lawyer. I don’t know what area of the law you practice in currently, but it seems you have been involved in litigation at some point in your career, and in fact, that you were involved in trials. So, if you can humour me a little, I’d really like to know your thoughts. Why do you think this judge is allowing this behaviour to continue? I’m really really interested to hear your opinion, if you don’t mind. Thank you so much.

          • ok you have to know that JM and the judge are in love just like samuels and jodi are RIGHT RIGHT did you not understand that quote JM

          • I’m actually NOT practicing at present due to health issues, but I have done my time! But yes, I’ve been involved in both civil and criminal litigation in 2 states over longer-than-I-care-to-remember. My opinion about what is going on with Judge Stephens can perhaps be best expressed in an anecdote from my (non litigatory) life a few days ago.
            As I said, i am not currently practicing, and I have agreed to take over the youth group at my parish. There are about 30 kids, aged 12-14, meeting after school for 2 hours. This was my first week. I served various food. I passed out a written activity to 5 teams. I gave the teams time and space to strategize. Before I knew what was happening, the whole thing devolved into a scene from The Lord of the Flies, culminating with one child spraying another in the eyes with glitter hairspray. Did I mention that the exercise was meant to develop conflict resolution skills? And the hairspray assault occurred AFTER my stern lecture on civility, and my threat to take my toys and go home. It was also perpetrated by a kid I know well, have traveled with on a long trip out of state previously, yada, yada, yada.
            Anyway, I lost control. I lost control fast because I did not assert myself strongly enough to begin with. I was nice, quiet, and gave them the benefit of the doubt that they would act like civilized creatures as opposed to the monsters they became. Then, the kids were either so ramped up by the time I issued my threat that they could not calm down, or they did not believe me. I’ll know better next time. And perhaps with time Judge Stephens will too. I think that she is not used to having to parent other lawyers with bad manners and bad habits. Like I was, Judge Stephens may be shocked by the Martinez courtroom antics, presumed a civil environment, and doesn’t have a good deal of experience reining things in once they have derailed. That’s my best guess, and to a degree I can empathize. The only thing is, I screwed up a middle school pizza party. She is messing up a nationally televised capital murder trial.

            • Indeed … and possibly also messing up a woman’s right to a fair trial.

              So sorry to hear that you have serious health issues, though. I do hope you recover quickly and well.

              • Thank you so much. I am contemplating a Chapter II that is more compatible with a balanced life. One of my daughter’s friends asked her who I was the other day. When she said that I was her mom, the kid said, “I thought your mom…[described my assistant].” So in the end my health problems may be solving more problems than they have caused. Actually, I am contemplating my future empty nest and am thinking about getting an LLM in ADR or something that lowers blood pressure instead of raising it. And I wouldn’t feel that I wasted 20 years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars of borrowed money.

  12. Hey ladies,

    Here is an idea: For those of us with long hair, I vote we all style our hair like Jodi’s was styled on Thursday, take a picture, and update our profile pictures of facebook or wherever in support of Jodi!

    I thought it was a really sweet hairstyle. 🙂

  13. After all the sites that people are going on to express their hatred toward Jodi and innocent witnesses and people who support her, it was refreshing to come across a support page for her on Facebook. I contributed a little to it today and will contribute more in positive ways in days ahead as well. However, it still amazes me when I see some of the nasty, vicious things people post against Jodie and her supporters on other sites. I can understand people having different opinions as well as feeling so badly for Travis and his family-which I also do-but ugly name-calling and down and dirty insults are so unnecessary and hurtful. It is no wonder such individuals applaud JM’s conduct in the courtroom and have made him their hero.

  14. SJ, thank you so very much for posting this clip from Fox News. I would never have seen it because I do not watch Fox News. These two attorneys stated succintly what the rest of the world already knows deep down in their hearts (even the ones who wish for Jodi to die), but still it’s good to see that JM is being being critiqued by his fellow attorneys in a not so positive light, but a truthful one, nevertheless! His cross on Thursday was a farce, but I think it may have ended up helping Jodi in the long run.

    • I haven’t read your comment yet, but I read the article. This point pissed me off so much:

      “Arias says Alexander was physically abusive and attacked her on the day of the killing, forcing her to fight for her life, yet no other evidence at trial has shown the victim was ever violent.”


      I actually wrote a “diary of abuse” for the last 5 months of my co-habitation with my husband where I noted the days he abused me. But that would be considered “no other evidence” because it’s just my words and it doesn’t prove anything. I told friends during that time and I also wrote to my friends telling them who to call if something should happen to me. But they were mostly online friends that had never met me in person. How many abused women have actual evidence? Abusers don’t allow us to have evidence. This makes me feel ill because apparently, unless you have “evidence”, your claims are unfounded. But, if we had evidence, we’d be dead. Why does no one understand this except those of us who have been abused?

      • Also Abused, I’m not sure if I brought this up before, but there has been only ONE case where I have heard of a victim documenting her abuse; and it was shortly before her husband killed her. So the abuse had gotten to a point that was so extreme, she had already crossed a threshold of harm so severe she was already a goner. It was only a matter of time, and she knew that.

        The scary part is, THAT is what people are expecting abuse victims to do – is to die before being believed. No doubt the defender of that abusive bastard probably said her bruises came from falls, playing rugby, whatever. Like the Travis Taliban did with Jodi’s finger, they played it off that it was something other than Travis breaking her finger. Swan neck deformity, pretending that she bent her finger like that on purpose (I tried, it doesn’t work).

        Legally speaking, though, victim’s testimony IS supposed to be evidence. If a guy got mugged in a dark alley, found the person who did it and took the stand, how many people would be willing to defend the mugger and say “oh, well all we have is your word that he mugged you.” Yet that is what they do to rape and abuse victims.

        • And before I forget, I should have qualified the victim’s story as “only ONE case I have seen on television before coming to this web site.”

          That was the first time I had ever heard of victims documenting their abuse.

          I can only imagine how bad things had gotten for you if you were starting a journal about them…

          • NO EVIDNCE???????????
            How many are abused inside and these assholes still say NO EVIDENCE?

            Remember when there was a phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones,
            but words will never hurt me” ?

            Bruises heal words hurt and last forever.
            Do the puppets really believe after what was said, yelled and written from Travis to Jodi was not ABUSE?

            He choked her, he kicked her, slapped her and that is not PHYSICAL abuse????
            Damn them all!
            How many times did he have to do it before they believe he was abusive?

            Something is damn wrong when they start taking up for the abuser.

            • “Do the puppets really believe after what was said, yelled and written from Travis to Jodi was not ABUSE?”

              Exactly! But to them, it’s just a 30 year old guy being a guy and taking advantage of some freely offered poontang. And some of these women are mothers, sisters, cousins. That’s the message they are sending to OTHER women. It’s okay for a guy to be “a guy” and take advantage of a woman and send her ugly disgusting texts and emails. That’s NOT abusive. It’s acceptable.

              “He choked her, he kicked her, slapped her and that is not PHYSICAL abuse????
              Damn them all!
              How many times did he have to do it before they believe he was abusive?”

              There’s no PROOF he did those things to Jodi, other than her words. Just as there’s NO proof my ex-husband did that to me, other than my words.

              But there IS proof of Travis’s words to Jodi. Oh but she must have been a whore to encourage him to say them to her. I’m not even a mother, but I would NEVER want ANY young girl to think that was acceptable. How could anyone?

              • If I could ask Dr. Drew any question, it would be, “What would you do if your daughter were in a relationship with a man, and he said the things to her that we KNOW Travis said to Jodi?” and if I could ask him a second, it would be, “If you found out that your wife had struck your daughter in early childhood repeatedly with a 14” wooden object with force, leaving a mark, and that she was subsequently thrown against a piece of furniture with sufficient force to render her unconscious, would you consider it “mild” and be unconcerned?” ‘Cause I’ve got news for you, buddy. If you lived in my state, you would be considered a mandatory reporter, and you could be prosecuted and put your license in jeopardy for failing to report even a SUSPICION of this type of activity. I don’t know why, but I’m most angry with him out of all of them… Sorry for the rant.

                • Joujoubaby,

                  Perhaps because he carries the title “doctor” and with that a specific obligation. As a doctor, claiming that Jodi was never abused despite evidence to the contrary, and telling the public the stuff Jodi went through was normal, is enough to make anyone feel outrage.

                • Yes, Nk, that is part of it, for sure. Thank you for articulating it for me. Venting helps!

          • Thank you. Yes, they were EXTREMELY bad and I knew my life was in EXTREME danger. I hadn’t known until shortly before then. I hadn’t realized the danger. But in those months, yes, I felt like it was only a matter of time. I predicted that he WOULD kill me to everyone I knew. But I didn’t know too many people. I was essentially isolated from EVERYONE. Gosh, I’m so expressive in this comment, sorry.

            I really knew that my days on this planet were limited but I had NO evidence. I’d even been told that by a lawyer I spoke with on a free consultation basis. So, although I’m still alive today, I was right at that point. Because he DID try to kill me on 3/14/2011, and if he’d succeeded, I wouldn’t be here today talking about it. And it came down to about 30 seconds where he was about to kill me, and I videotaped it on my iPhone, and he noticed what I was doing, and I called the police, and he stopped. If I hadn’t videotaped it … if I hadn’t called the police … if they hadn’t believe me … I’d be dead today. It was so close. It could have gone either way. It was so close, so very close.

            Where are women like me or Jodi or any other woman who is abused supposed to get evidence from? If we get to the point where we have evidence, we are risking our lives, just as I was that day in March 2011. And yeah, I realize the converse of my argument her is “why go back?” or “why stay?” But by that point in time when you even realize your life is actually at stake, it’s too late. I realized it months beforehand. I realized it when I was actually away from him and in another state on a rare trip I was allowed to go on. But I had no money to start living there and everything I cared about (my cats, my stupid furniture) was in FL over 1,000 miles away.

            When Jodi realized it, she had a split second decision to make: live or die. I ended up in that mind frame as well when I went back to FL, although I knew beforehand that day may come and it could be argued I had opportunities to leave. How many times before then had I been in a life/death situation that I didn’t realize? How many times was Jodi? When he choked her one time before, she was in that situation. But the bottom line is that it’s difficult to believe. You don’t want to admit it. And your self esteem is so beaten down by then. Sure, it’s easy for me to say now that I would walk away if I was in that situation again, but honestly, would I? Even I don’t know.

            • i think it has a lot to do with female harmones if you have them you want to stay you only leave when it gets so bad really bad that you leave with your life still intact and then there is me and other that do not have any harmons do to surgery and the removal of ovarys

            • Please do not feel bad about expressing yourself. As long as you reasonably feel safe, I think you should do so. Hell, I’m venting about being pissed at Beth Karas and Sherry Stephens! That so pales in comparison.

              • And inundate people with details of middle school behavioral meltdowns and inconsequential motion dockets from almost 20 years ago…

            • Thankful you’re here AA.
              Sorry that you had to put up with the jerk and also understand that YES you were
              and again the media is telling those guys that it’s OK?
              I can’t believe them and in my mind they are a threat to society to try and make the public hate Jodi because she WAS abused.

              I guess that some males and females both MAYBE believe the woman was abused only if she’s beaten to death, missing or whatever they want to believe.
              It IS too late then.
              If she’s survives she’s a liar and a slut.

              A man OR woman that listens to him has to know she was abused, both mentally and physically.
              Slapping, kicking, choking is a normal way to treat a woman???
              NOT in my life and it sure shouldn’t be acceptable to the talking puppets on TV.
              Gloria Alred?? Women’s activist?? She sure is showing her other side.

              She thinks yelling, calling TERRIBLE names, ranting for hours, NORMAL?

              These puppets should all be fired.

              IF I see a woman being yelled at in public, there’s no doubt in my mind that that’s a sign
              she is being abused.
              I’ve seen women have a look of fear when their husband gives them a certain look.
              For this to be acceptable at any age is NOT OK and we should not send that message to any woman that it is.

              Now, not only was Jodi abused by Travis SHE is being BULLIED andABUSED by the media.

              What are we going to have to do for these women, get out and march by the millions, to get the public’s awareness on abuse?

              I’m always for that!!
              Bring awareness to our younger generation that NOT NO, but HELL NO.
              Abuse is not OK

            • Very powerful post AA, thank you.

              I didn’t know very much at all about DV before following this case, I have learnt a lot.

              I’m perhaps unusual in that I have no personal experience, so I have had to understand it solely by reading about it.

          • Oh I forgot to mention MB, Susan Murphy Milano (one of the greatest advocates ever who unfortunately passed away) along with Sandra Brown (an author) started a method called the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit whereby abused women can document the abuse. For more about it, view the website:

  15. Sorry, i posted this somewhere else but meant to post it here:

    You guys remember the video with JM talking on trial and the TV is then blowed up?! Well, they’ve made a big deal of it!!!!!!! What about ALL the threats and joke videos they’ve made of Jodi, her family, the defens and all the career bashing they’ve done with Dr. Samuels and ALV???? They considered THAT video a threat to Martinez but what about the hate videos and all the other stuff hitting the Internet???Really, people get on with it! They’re protesting about the video because our nation is going through this whole gun control dalema, BUT what about BULLYING AND ABUSE??? Have they forgotten about that, what WE HERE have been trying to show the rest of the world to see!!!!

    “Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez targeted in YouTube video” take a look. And I remember who the video came from, IT WAS A JOKE!!!!! Whatever happened with her, I haven’t seened her on in a while??????

    • I also noticed we haven’t heard from her after that posting. I will say that I wished at the time that she hadn’t posted that video. Even though it was a joke, I kinda cringed when I saw it, thinking it could be fodder for the haters to somehow justify their behavior.

      I hope Bella is O.K. She has offered up some good thoughts in our on-going discussions. My feelings about the video are just my opinion about the video…not meant as a criticism of Bella.

      In light of all of the threats and dirty tricks by the haters, I think it’s a good idea to steer away from posting anything that suggests violence.

    • Yes,LC I saw that a few hours ago but refrained from commenting for fear that ‘they” might be spyingin here.I also remember who uploaded this video and I also clearly remember as you say that it was sth like an INSIDE JOKE,just for fun.And the reporters of the video say that maybe ”it’s being investigated”.WTF???Why dont they go see some posts on the haters’ side and protect the Arias family who has been subjected to vile threats,name calling(remember Angela’s daughter?) or better yet JODI HERSELF???But oh no,it’s only when a bit of sarcasm or black humour if you will,gets out there and it’s one OF THEIR GUYS that’s been ‘targeted’ that they make a big deal out of it!Puh-leeeeeze!!They’re hipocrites,IMO!

    • Yes, and like I said, after all the threats Jodi, the defense, her supporters, family and friends have gotten, a joke video about blowing up televisions wouldn’t be an issue.

      They pick and choose what to be concerned about, and they should be weeding out the loonies and criminally insane from the Travis Taliban before getting all pissy and whiny over a JOKE video.

      If they want to get upset, and if they are worried about justice, then maybe they should be looking into those Facebook comments that encourage witness tampering and intimidation, death threats, and vicious mob mentality against the defense and their experts. THEN they can tell me how a fake video of blowing up a television matters worth a hill of beans in this case.

  16. Found this on TA facebook page: JM rebuttal witnesses Cancun PPL, Dr Demarte, Gas Station in SLC, Walmart, Det Brown. Does anyone know who Det Brown is?

    • Wait, are you serious? Are they seriously going to bring someone on to testify that Jodi was booked to go on that trip to Cancun before Mimi Hall?

            • She may have canceled out when she decided to leave Mesa, and then he had nobody to go with, so he asked Mimi to go instead.

              The sex tape conversations are pretty clear Jodi had no plans to go to Cancun and that she knew somebody else was going.

                • It’s very clear Jodi was planning to meet up with Travis after Cancun on a trip to southern Oregon.

                • I read somewhere that a reservation or something was changed. It had Jodi’s name on it originally and then it was changed to Mimi. So I guess this Cancun PPL person will testify to that. That tells us nothing.

                • Here is where the jealous part of Travis came in. Jodi KNEW for a long time he was going to Cancun with someone and Travis also knew that Jodi was going to see someone else.
                  I think HE was the one that went into a jealous rage.
                  He could have killed her when he body slammed her.

              • Somewhere it was said in the posts or during Jodi’s testimony that the trip to Cancun had to be planned months in advance…and Jodi already knew that she was not going due to lack of financial resources or something like that…

            • Tonya…it is in the Flores report page 5 under the interview with Marie”Mimi” Hall in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs….

              They were going to leave on the 10th and….detective wrote…. “she told him that she didn’t want to be anything more than just friends and would understand if he wanted to take someone else with him to Mexico. It was too late to change the plans, and they agreed to just go as friends.”

        • No. I have no proof, and I thought it was a ridiculous notion when I heard rumors. I was just curious as to why Cancun PPL was listed on the rebuttal list and wondered if that was why.

          • Nk…

            I read on one of those hater sites that the biggie from JM was coming on Monday…and it would not be anything about the Snow White story…it was said that he did that Snow White thing on Thursday evening just to throw everyone off from what he is about to do on Monday…they said they couldn’t hardly wait…

            And now I am curious to see what this biggie is on Monday…

            • And how would they have this information? I doubt the JM is sharing is strategy for this witness with facebook people.

            • Truthseeker, Right! Several times I hear the biggie is coming but nothing so far. I was waiting for the biggie to come about the secretly coded magazines and nothing! Nada! Matt is not going to be called so what was that point about the magazines, it went down a dead end street. It is all bull crap. I guess he will do his biggie moment in closing when he cannot be interrupted and (from what I gather) no objections can be made. O you betcha that the little pissant will play dirty.

    • We knew Demartes and the Walmart and Gas station people were coming.

      It seems Det Brown is a Computer Forensics guy. Wonder what’s left in that area. The only thing I can think of is some way to show that TA didn’t try and load a CD that afternoon as Jodi claimed, or to show that there was no evidence of child porn. One other possibility that has crossed my mind is that there was some erasure on the computer. Lastly, the defense has made some statement that there was a virus on the computer and he’s going to counter that. Don’t know what it is but the defense does, and I have no doubt they’ll handle it. Especially since I haven’t seen any motions etc trying to keep whatever it is out of court.

      This is not the first time I’ve heard about the fact that Jodi was on the Cancun trip list, but I also heard somewhere that she was removed from the list in April. That’s just a big whup.

      • Or is the computer guy going to testify the emails didn’t come from that computer? It seems odd they would bring in a computer forensics guy in rebuttal.

      • I either read it on a post or heard Jodi say it during testimony something about that trip had to be planned months in advance…and something about her financial resources is the reason that she was not going…

        • I seem to recall hearing that the trip was planned a year in advance? So maybe just maybe she was on the itinerary back in 2007 when they were dating, but removed after they broke up. You know its gonna be something irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but little man will try to blow it up to back up his Cancun murder plot.

    • Could that be the person who was in charge of booking/reserving/arranging the Cancun trip and therefore, knew that Jodi was initially supposed to be Travis’s companion, but that he later changed that companion listing to Mimi’s name?

      I don’t know, I’m just speculating out the side of my ass here. But could that go to motive? One thing the prosecution has not offered up very well or established is motive. They don’t have to, under AZ rules. However, juries usually feel slighted if motive is not established, as that helps them to formulate an opinion and a verdict. So, could this be the prosecution’s idea … to establish motive in the rebuttal portion of the case .. with that motive being: Jodi was initially listed as Travis’s companion, but that was subsequently changed. Therefore, Jodi had a (somewhat speculative and almost bordering on ridiculous) “motive” in that she attempted to persuade him to change that reservation again. When he refused, she killed him.

      While I do realize that AZ allows sur-rebuttal, this might be difficult to establish for the defense as requiring a sur-rebuttal.

      Any thoughts, brilliant folks?

      • Yeah, I think that, too, and said that upthread. Jodi may have been on the list, but then she changed her mind about going.

        The sex tape refutes any jealousy on the part of Jodi re Cancun, and she had plans to go with Travis after Cancun to visit southern Oregon.

        • Remember that Jodi wrote in her journal about the day she told Travis she “was going back to California,(the day he choked her until she lost consciousness) and would no longer be participating in PPL”. The trip was planned a year prior, so if she was originally slated to go, of course she would have been taken off the list of attendees since she was no longer going to work with PPL.
          Dirty Martinez can show she was originally on the list all he wants, Jodi quit PPL, and moved after that, so she OBVIOUSLY didn’t plan to go. If Travis assumed she would be going and put her name on the list, that was HIS bad.
          Stalkers do not move AWAY, enough said…..

          • She even discounted that Cancun trip on “48 Hours” saying that trip had been planned a year prior.

            Thanks for refreshing me on this. JM is grasping at straws.

      • AA,

        I had checked the AZ Court procedure a while ago and thought they didn’t allow a sur-rebuttal. Because if they do the defense sure could use one, unless the judge allows them to keep their case in chief open.

        • Al, where did you check? I saw that sur-rebuttals had been allowed in some AZ appellate decisions which mentioned then. But that could have changed.

          Vladimir Gagic would be the guy to ask. Does anyone have an in with him from here?

            • Al, just did a really quick search of AZ case law on Google Scholar, and I found this:

              “Surrebuttal testimony may be offered to introduce evidence in response to new rebuttal testimony or to impeach rebuttal testimony and must be more than cumulative.”
              State v. Talmadge, 999 P. 2d 192 – Ariz: Supreme Court 2000

              So, it seems it is allowed in extremely limited circumstances and the trial court has even greater discretion as to whether or not it is allowed. The opinion goes on to discuss further: “Surrebuttal testimony is much like recross-examination. Most judges simply do not allow it. Indeed, unlike rebuttal evidence, surrebuttal is not even listed in the rules of criminal procedure as part of the order of proceedings in the conduct of a trial.” And further, “[T]o the extent that it is allowed, surrebuttal testimony is offered to explain away new evidence brought out in rebuttal (which should not happen if rebuttal is limited to the scope of the case-in-chief), “or to impeach the testimony presented in rebuttal.””

              You might also find another portion of that case interesting, Al, as it refers to the prosecutor’s duty:

              The duty to accomplish justice is particularly imposed on prosecutors. The comments to ER 3.8, Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct, dealing with the “Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor,” state: “[a] prosecutor has the responsibility of a minister of justice and not simply that of an advocate. This responsibility carries with it specific obligations to see that the defendant is accorded procedural justice and that guilt is decided upon the basis of sufficient evidence.” Ariz. R. Sup.Ct. 42, ER 3.8, Rules of Professional Conduct..

  17. I was watching some of the ‘snow white’ saga again and when JM yelled at ALV asking if she wanted to spar I about fell off the couch.

    He is yelling at woman who is a world renowned expert in Domestic Violence, which in itself is disturbing. But to actually challenge her to ‘spar’ with him and he said as if he was hoping she would take him up on his challenge so he could batter and bully her some more.

    This man is deeply disturbed.

    • So, if you know anything about DV, and you realize ALV is a DV expert who has groups with DV abusers, but not necessarily a victim of DV (as in, easily intimidated), how do you feel based on her response? Does he seem abusive to you?

      He does to me, and I have to admit that I have had dreams where he and my ex are interspersed. This trial has both positively and negatively impacted me, as such. But I dream about my ex, regardless. So, I am not sure if this is empowering me or not.

      The real question is how is the jury taking this? I don’t know. I have a male black friend who I work with who has been a juror on 3 trials. He’s very well spoken and knowedgeable. He’s not easily influenced, and having grown up in DC, he hasn’t encountered much, if any, racism in his life. He didn’t know anything about this trial before we began conversing, and he has followed little of it since then. His initial impression (based on something on CNN) was that both Jodi and Travis were flawed people. Since then, he’s been exposed to a little bit of the prosecutor on CNN (he did not even known HLN existed). He found him objectionable, angry, annoying. To him, that meant the prosecution is trying to hide something. And again, he’s answering me as someone who was on 3 juries and thought about evidence in that way.

      • Of course he is abusive, he has no respect for anyone, I get the distinct impression he doesn’t like women.

        My husband laughed when he watched him and said he was making the biggest mistake of his life attacking a woman on the stand, who just got finished explaining what domestic violence was.

        I think of how I would react if it were me testifying and I’d be in jail, no doubt about it! If he’d asked me if I wanted to spar with him, the rebel in me would have told him, “No, I don’t spar with the unarmed!” I’d be in jail eating baloney sandwiches! LOL

    • “Do you want to SPAR with me?” He acted like he couldn’t BELIEVE that Alyce wasn’t kissing the ground that he walks on! How dare anyone challenge the great Juan Martinez!

    • He’s a boor. Gail, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing either. Does he really think a woman with that much experience and with that reputation is going to let him bully her into saying her work is saying something it isn’t? What’s wrong with the judge that she doesn’t call him aside?

  18. EVERY single one of the Juan worshipers should see this! And take particular note of another calling him a NUTJOB!!!!

    Absolutely LOVE it!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! 🙂

    This just made my whole weekend! I will be able to start tomorrow with a smile! 🙂

    • On one of those hater sites they are making fun of JW glasses talking about the style of her glasses and how it makes her look old…

      Yet…they are so blinded when watching JM “escapades” that they don’t even see that he himself is wearing glasses too…all of those worshipers are blind as bats!

      • Wow they look at everything except the evidence or lack of evidence. HLN tells them the “facts” and that is all they concern themself with now. I am sure the jail does not give Jodi a large choice to choose from anyway. I think she looks good in the glasses and I am glad she finally received an eye exam. However once again her bangs, clothes, and glasses have nothing to do with premed and I thought that is what the pros case is based on that and trying to prove there was no abuse. Instead of proving his so called slam dunk case, JM runs around talking about fairytales. His case is a fairytale.

        • Oh sorry read that wrong thought you said Jodi. I know they have talked so much about her glasses. I think JW looks great in her glasses and they do not make her look old. It is probably more jealous women trying to tear her down. A lot of the hate sites are women tearing down anyone on the defense side and criticizing everything. They act like it is E or Showbiz tonight.

  19. I think there’s plenty of emails, texts, AND the phone sex tape to refute this RIdiculous claim of the motive being jealousy over the Cancun trip. JM doesn’t have concrete evidence to secure his conviction of 1st degree so he’s relying on distractions and suppositions for the jurors to make because according to him jodi wasn’t abused. Travis was the one who wanted Jodi to visit him! The media continues to twist the facts. Alice Laviolette couldn’t interview Travis but he left plenty of evidence via text messages, email, IMs and his journal for her to see his psyche. She’s a psychologist so she is qualified to make these evaluations.

    • That Cancun nonsense was pushed by Travis’s friends like Chris Hughes who knew better than that.

      He went on national television on “48 Hours” and spewed that nonsense.

  20. Is court in session tomorrow (Monday, April 8, 2013)? If so, what time does it start? If not, what date/time will it resume?

  21. Oh my, I went back today to watch Ryan Burns’ testimony. I don’t know why. But something was bugging me that had relativity to the recent testimony of ALV. My memory is apparently fairly good, at times, despite my pre-menopausal brain fog.

    Check from about 55 minutes in and keep watching or even just listening for a few minutes. Nurmi tries to get into Ryan knowing that people had warned Jodi about dating Travis because he’s a ladies’ man. JM has a freaking conniption. In the midst of a sidebar on the subject, the judge takes the noon recess but she asks Ryan Burns to stay after the jury leaves. And then, a hearing ensues regarding the objection. Apparently, Ryan has previously said Travis didn’t treat Jodi right. Ryan doesn’t remember much of it, other than Travis talking to other girls when they were together, and can’t remember who “they” were (as in the people who told Jodi not to see Travis any longer.). JM doesn’t want Ryan to speculate about all this and doesn’t let him continue. Ryan, conveniently, doesn’t remember the conversation at all and JM won’t let him speculate as to who might have told him. The best he can do is say Clancey told him Travis was a flirt who flirted with everybody, but no one took it seriously. Ryan didn’t know Travis and couldn’t specify, just his reputation based on what others told him.

    After Ryan leaves the stand, the argument continues. JM initially tries to get the defense to argue his objection. Nurmi doesn’t fall for it. He throws the ball back to JM. JM says it’s hearsay. Nurmi says it’s not hearsay, but information on the subject of the victim being a “player”. The judge decides to sustain JM’s objection based on relevance, but allows Nurmi to rephrase and for the state to object.

    When we come back, a considerable amount of time has tranpired (the lunch break aka noon recess), and I’m not sure whether there is something missing or not in Ryan’s testimony from the video of that day. Did Nurmi attempt to rephrase the question from earlier? Or, did he continue to June 2008, the week where Jodi visited Ryan in Utah? I wasn’t watching live then (and still am not mostly), so I don’t know.

    But, I’m left with the impression that there is SOOOO much to this story that is still not being revealed. Anyone else feel that way?

      • Tonysam,

        The word ‘groupthink’ reminded me of an observation I had made couple weeks ago, so I’ve cut and pasted the relevant part here:

        I think there is more to this than meets the eye. My gut feeling is that JA is actually defending herself against someone or some other entity other than TA. It did not seem to surprise her that the blame was being laid on her. I feel it was already pre-determined that she would be the one to shoulder the blame (r’mber the instantaneous ‘Jodi did it’ from the get go). Sadly, I also think that she also was already aware that she was to be the one to take on this blame. The collective cry from all in THAT group was not just the same but eerily identical – from the words they used to the examples they gave. Kinda like a script. Blaming her seems to be a NESSESSITY – lest their house of cards falls and reveals something so dark that would be devastating to each of the participant in this travesty. JA is the lamb that has to be slaughtered for the good of all!
        When JA was recounting the 2nd story to Fl*res, I was struck by how emotional her words were, her animated descriptions and her final, resignation that she would not be believed. I felt also, in some ways she was trying to drop some hints without coming out outright and saying completely what happened to fl*res – hoping against hope that he would read between the lines and try to delve further to seek the truth. Whatever the threat was and is, must be huge enough to have her have to risk her own life for it.
        The ‘intruder’ is symbolic to something, if unearthed, could shatter the entire lives of many that have come forward to ‘throw stones’ at her and even perhaps many who are remaining invisible. A few could even be considered the pillars of society – Just my take on this.

        • I had that feeling too when watching that. And she kept saying that it was best for her to take the fall and that she was afraid for her family’s safety.

          Her fear was genuine and I didn’t get that she was making up a story in an attempt to avoid the consequences.

          • Yep, I brought that up many weeks ago in a post. When Jodi said “really, it’s just better if people think it was me” and Flores said “no Jodi, it’s not” and Jodi said ” no really it is, you don’t UNDERSTAND. And she seemed to get very emotional. I noted at the time that she seemed to me to be very genuine. It seems either something very different happened or at least in her mind it did. And then when Flores told Jodi that he did not believe her, she said “yeah, I didn’t think you would”. She seemed to give up on that story way too easy. If someone was just outright lying they’d probably would try their darndest to convince you that it was the truth.

    • ryan burns meets jodi in passing at ppl meeting say he as know her for 2 months then the communication phone and text message and then 2 week prior to travis death he envites her to utah after travis is dead she goes to utah meets ryan fall asleep gets up kisses him a little then he asks her to go 4 wheeling with other hummmm who remember the photo posted on HLN where travis is pointing a lone gun and you can see the 4 wheeler in the forground comming up a trail ….. imagine what would have happened ryan tell flores on page 20 in his report that everyone was talking they knew about the 23 cal gun they knew he had been shot stabbed and throat slit and yes that jodi did it but god was with her that day and she said now i need to go home and get to my job

      • I’ve wondered about that too Tonya. How did the gang in Utah know that a .25 was used long before Flores told anyone???

    • AA, I went back and listened to opening day with Mimi Hall. It may have been commented here already but I know we’ve questioned how the roommates never smelled the decomp during the intervening days until he was found.

      Mimi comments twice that on the evening of the 9th she noticed a really bad smell as soon as they entered. She “first thought the dog had an accident.” And later comments “the smell was all through the house.”

      In the Flores report he comments he is aware of the smell as soon as he enters the house. When we tossed the smell issue around it was thought this was because the bedroom door had finally been opened and the smell unleashed. Mimi’s words to JM tells us this was not so.

      NO WAY could the 2 roommates AND the girlfriends who were in out during those days NOT smell this. Wouldn’t the girls, at least, go searching for what was reeking? I know I would have. That poor dog having to live in that house. He had to sense something was not right with TA. Didn’t the roommates notice any change in the dogs behavior?

      I would have opened the door to the office and would have noted TA’s laptop and found that odd.

      I would have noticed his phone on the counter and found that odd.

      I would have ASKED my boyfriend if TA had left instructions about the dog, given the roommates claim they thought TA was out of town. I would have found it very odd, and might have been irked, that TA had not left a reminder to feed and water the dog!

      I would have tried the door to TA’s bedroom in search of this bad smell. I would have been like a bloodhound in trying to find the source – I’ve done this in my own home when I smell something rotting in Denmark! If the smell got stronger by his room my first thought would have been concern he left something behind and it needed to be removed. I would have asked my boyfriend if we should get hold of TA given he kept his home pristine and he would want this removed so it didn’t draw pests.

      I would have had my boyfriend start calling TA. If he never connected with him, at some point I would have had my boyfriend contact one of the mutual friends given their concerns of the “stalker.”

      I’m off to listen to Ryan again….

      • good work i know what happened you will have to find the answeres your self use the flores report the enterview with the travis clan and follow the money

        • Tonya, I’m with you girl! Someone mentioned Detective EF is Mormon. Has this been verified?

          It’s too bad the Cancun trip was planned so soon after the 4th. I wonder how long his *friends* would have left him there before noticing he was MIA?

      • Exactly Rainy. Some type of small critter (a mouse maybe) died in the wall behind my stove (cooker to expats) in my apartment last year. I have cats so never saw the critter in my apartment. It’s possible my cats wounded the critter and it went back there to die. I never found the body. But the smell was beyond overwhelming. It was absolutely awful and it lasted for several days despite all sorts of air fresheners tried. Now, it wasn’t a 200 lb human. It was probably a critter that weighed less than a pound. And it was in the spring and my apartment is air conditioned. So, how did his roommates miss the smell of a decomposing 200 lb human being that they allegedly looked up to and respected and hadn’t seen for 5 days?

        • It’s just so weird. Think of how long Travis was dead with no one finding him:

          Wednesday night





          And most of Monday

          Just bizarre.

          • Plus he was MIA in church on Sunday.

            Bizarre is correct given that the group seemed to keep close tabs on each other.

            • Not so much bizarre as it is actually really sad.

              It is sad that his supposed closet friends did not worry that they did not hear from him in a few days (unless this was typical behavior from Travis).

              I know I get concerned if I don’t hear from my closest friends, if I typically hear from them every day or every other day. If it is a friend that tends to not answer their phone when they are really busy then I tend to worry less, but if it is a friend I am accustomed to speaking with frequently, I worry.

              • Plus given all the talk about his stalker – one would think someone would have wondered where he was.

                He missed the conference call on the evening of the 4th. One would think his absence would have raised concern as they would know he hadn’t left for Cancun like the roommates thought he had. The PPL folks surely knew the departure date of the conference.

        Something feels off here. She genuinely sounds sincere in her testimony. But, a certain lack of desire on her part to want to delve any deeper into many “why’s” that a natural mind would have logically wanted to head towards.

        First, her natural instincts tell her that something is not right, enough to get her to have her mom on the phone with her, she calls her sis who suggests a mutual friend and so on and on it goes, till they are finally inside the house. The decomposing smell hits her in the face as she walks in, and what does she first see??? The WASHER/DRYER !

        So, tell me the roommates who have been in and out for the past FIVE days not once felt compelled to go to the laundry room? And if the clothes were still half done with blood on it and the blood on the machine (Red blood on a white machine!!!) right there the smell would have knocked them down, yes? These roommates are like the 3 monkeys (Hear no evil, See no evil, Talk no evil), or so they want us to believe.

        So as M. Hall talks I am struck by her very immature take on proceedings inside the house – no much emotion nor extra details. In comparison, notice her voice, the inflection, agitation and depth of details while describing the part PRIOR to the entry into the home. In this part, she starts with her gut feelings and breaks down each thought and action in detail.

        The other thing that I noticed (not too happily) is that KN did not delve in to details about what she observed when she went in: what was each person who was present doing, their reactions, what did she observe when she peeked in ? etc Also, the smell, the laundry room, the dogs behavior. KN though if any of you noticed seemed to focus on the aspect of “PUNISHMENT”, what constitutes a “SIN”, who doles out or decides the punishment (which I found particularly interesting) – the Bishop, the level of responsibility of the “OTHER MORMONS” to report (if they knew, and we know that many would’ve or at least should’ve known the nature of TA/JA’s relationship) if they knew that another mormon was “sinning”.

        Here M. Hall said in the case of ABUSE then it would be proper to report and we know that many of the people around TA and JA emailed/wrote to TA to stop treating JA bad, and we also know that S*y H*ghes and spouse, found the two of them together in bed or something to that nature that clearly suggested a sexual involvement. This was evidence of SIN, so why did they not report it? KN was very careful in how he phrased the word “Punishment” and not another synonym such as Atonement for the absolution of sin.

        What if the bishop knew what was going on: that TA was the instigator and JA a victim of abuse (emotional, physical, mental, sexual and yes, even spiritual), and so set out his emissaries to do the ‘job’? The target was TA and never JA. And, so when the emissaries got there to accomplish their mission, they were surprised by JA’s presence – not expecting anyone other than TA to be there, her presence throws a monkey wrench in their plans. Also, they don’t have prior permission to do her in and so no atonement for her. But, JA grabs the gun and perhaps shoots at one of THEM first!! And then they grab the gun from her hands and use it on him or even make her do it. TA being hurt but not fatally, screams telling her to go to the neighbors for help. She is stopped by one of the persons there and made to watch what transpires later (the stabbings and throat slash), and told if she does not shut up about it she and/or her fly could be next. She could have also been made to clean up. Now her mind shuts down, and goes into survival mode – and whatever else happens after that is a blur – forever! Too horrific to remember, her psyche protects her by sinking the knowledge deep within the recesses of her unconscious mind.

        Did the police ever interview the neighbors about any strange cars other than JA’s anytime that day? Did any neighbor volunteer to offer any pertinent info?

        • Interesting theory. Although, about the gun thing, if it were true, I doubt Jodi shot at them because there was only one casing. There would have been another bullet whole somewhere or another casing if she shot at someone and missed.

          Something is very off about this entire case. It really is.

          • How many bullets were really shot? Didn’t she say it jammed the first time or something to that effect? Anyway, it is just a theory…

            Theories are abounding because like you said, something really feels off – can’t quite put our finger on it, and our human mind automatically wants to fill in the gaps, so to speak.

        • Introspective….Have you read the Detailed Breakdown report?…

          It is a chronological order of events from Wednesday morning to Monday night of who and what everyone was doing…taken from the Flores report and put into this chronological easy reading order…

          Look on Wednesday, June 4, 2008 in the report…Both Zach and Enrique admitted to the detective that they washed their clothes and used the washer and dryer….

        • Introspective…Page 1 and Page 2 of the Detailed Report…about the two cars out front…

          About the cars…..JA car should have been out front….Zach told the detective that Wednesday, June 4, 2008 was his day off work..Zach said he got up and returned (his) car rental he had been using. His car was being repaired after being in an accident…Zach came home later that day…

          I have often wondered why the detective didn’t question Zach about if he saw JA car parked out front…Zach was in and out of Travis’ home that Wednesday…surely he saw JA car each and every time that he left the house and came back to the house…hmmm…

          • Truthseeker, thanks for the links. I think it fits with the other theory/possibility that I have written below… of perhaps, 1 or more roommates returning unexpectedly to hear the commotion upstairs, and what could’ve unfolded then.

            Q. Did Z*ch ever say when exactly he had rented the car (the date) and if the cops ever checked with the rental agency about the condition of the car? – anything missing? The smell, any stains? Etc.

            I can’t figure out why, when they had 5 years or so, that the defense not try to investigate each and every roommate and the other people who seem to have SO much to say now. Their every move should’ve been checked, including getting statements from neighbors.

            When was the first defense atty appointed to her. Was the time lapse in affording her legal representation legal? There is just SO much here that it can make one literally go crazy – truly frustrating.

      • I am just reposting something that might fit in here better…

        Introspective says:
        April 6, 2013 at 9:56 pm
        This line of thinking, whereby the possibility that JA might have had some help, could tie in well with the possibility of involvement of 1 or more roommates. Here’s how I envision it could’ve happened.

        1. Given TA’s size and weight vs. JA’s size and weight, its hard to imagine she could’ve done all that by herself and more so in such a SHORT time (if we believe the timestamps and memory card processing from the prosc’s lab).
        2. Say at the very moment one or more of the roommates arrive home unexpectedly, a gun shot rings out upstairs, followed by scruffle sounds and screams. Being guys, I would think that before running upstairs that they would grab the only weapon they can find – which would be the largest knife in the case – and get up the stairs and go into the room.

        What he/they see shocks them. They see TA on top of JA trying to choke the living daylights out of her. All the while screaming obscenities (sp?), and is also naked. Not sure of the nature of the assault they are witnessing, (rape, killing her, etc.) he or one of them gets on TA’s back and slits the throat in a frenzy (thus the depth and width of the cut), in an attempt to save her.

        Even if they did not bring the knife from the kitchen, when they burst into the room they might have found it on the night stand, close to where TA and JA were scruffling on the hallway into the bathroom.

        Another point. Does anyone know if the LOCKS to TA’s bedroom were in good condition or broken. Were there any foot marks of door being kicked in found on TA’s bedroom entrance.

        Perhaps, they told her that since they inadvertently killed him to save her, that she would need to carry the blame. They would use the extra days to clean up and not report it and just play dumb.

        Again, this is all a ‘what if’…

      • Rainy….add this to the list….

        In the Flores report page 16….on Thursday, June 5, 2008…Enrique (Travis’ other roommate) is just getting to Travis house after 6 pm…he hung out in his bedroom until his girlfriend, Kim showed up…They were going to go to the Temple..Kim told him something about Travis’ CTR ring and watch was sitting on the kitchen counter. Enrique said this was unusual because he normally doesn’t go an

        • Rainy…this is the last sentence…
          Enrique said this was unusual because he normally doesn’t go anywhere without them…

          • And Enrique was the new roommate who had only moved in 2 weeks prior, if i remember correctly.

            TA must have left his watch and rings sitting on the counter A LOT and GRUMBLED to Enrique in hose 2 weeks to have left an impression on Enrique if it was important enough that Enrique talked to Kim about …. but the house reeking like death never came up??


      • Rainy, yes! And one of the roommates DID call him about the mailbox key. Didn’t he notice that when he called Travis, the phone rang right there in the house? Travis’ phone was there on his desk? And he called him again and again. Yet he thought Travis was in Cancun??

        • Phone could’ve been on vibrate or silent. Did the police report mention if the phone was turned off? Or the condition of it when discovered? Damn, sloppy police work!

          • Don’t remember reading anything about the status of his phone. I wonder what TA’s typical habit was with his phone.

            He was a young guy with a home business. I’d be surprised if he kept it completely silent. I would think he would be too afraid he might miss a call or text and would at least keep it on vibrate. As mean as he was to JA I doubt he would of cared if his phone went off in her presence .. in fact he might have enjoyed the appearance of being in demand around her to make her wonder who was contacting him as he slowly destroyed her with a thousand tiny cuts…

    • AA I forgot all about that! Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I do remember it now. JM was making a stink about Travis being a player way back when.

      Something else:
      There was a pic of Ryan going around showing he was at one time much thinner and I remember him being quite big on the stand. I didn’t recognize him because on the stand he was much heavier. So what got me was he said Jodi was much stronger than she looked and she adjusted him and he noticed her strength. I wonder what size he was back in June 2008? He looked pretty tall and I thought it was laughable that he tried to say Jodi was strong and insinuating that she overpowered him. Anyway he is married to a lovely African American lady now and they are both big money earners in PPL/LS.

  22. I don’t know how Christie Paul can stomach working for HLN after all she has done to come forward as an abuse survivor; and now has to listen to the attacks on 97% of the domestic violence victims from her own channel. I hope one day she goes off script, reads HLN the riot act, throws down her little mic and stomps off set. That’s what I would have done.

    Especially after the narrative of the ‘abuse excuse’ JVM has repeated used on her show. Talk about shitting in the mouths of abuse victims everywhere. But let’s face it, they have used the ‘abuse excuse’ for Travis all the time. Their logic is this: that Travis is a single guy from an allegedly abusive childhood; therefore he has “the right” to use, abuse, and treat women like shit, and gets a pass for all his vile behavior. Excuse me, but fuck that. Nobody was put on this earth to shoulder the personal problems of Travis Alexander or any other abuser. To even suggest as such, is reprehensible to me.

    • Not to mention it’s all summed up as “character assassination” while they evidence clearly points otherwise.

      • See, that’s what I don’t get. How can this be character assassination if it all comes from Travis himself?

        With everything that’s been admitted into court, even plausible deniability is out the window. It is one thing to deny because there is no proof, but it is another to deny when there IS proof. It requires a break from reality to ignore the mountain of evidence Travis incriminated himself with.

        Dr Drew has been accusing Jodi and the defense of gaslighting, but it looks like it’s the other way around. HLN and Dr Drew have been trying to talk people out of their own good common sense that with all evidence indicates Travis was an abuser (amongst other things).

        Again, there is just no words for the severe disservice they are doing to abuse victims everywhere. Could you imagine abuse victims who look to “nice guy” Dr Drew to get them through the day, then see the horrible things that are coming out of his show during this trial? How can they be possibly helped by the idea that he is promoting the “abuse-as-new-normal” and that it’s only the victim’s faulty perception that’s to blame?

        He’s flushed away his entire career of compassion over this trial, but I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about the millions of abuse victims that are internalizing all this misogyny and contempt for domestic violence victims who are struggling to make sense of their situation.

        • ”I’m worried about the millions of abuse victims that are internalizing all this misogyny and contempt for domestic violence victims who are struggling to make sense of their situation.”
          You’re so right as usual.Being a teacher I want to add that I am also concerned about all the teenagers or young children who may happen to watch this kind of programmes and being in their formative years form the opinion that that’s how a ‘normal’ relationship should be.Grown ups sometimes forget that THEY set the example to younger generations who look up to them.And it’s heartbreaking to hear people accusing young ones of being disrespectful,uncontrollable or the old chiche ”things were different in my time”,well ,where were all we to give a good example to these children who hold the future of our society in their hands?

          • I know that concerns me too. Bullying is an epidemic and with the adults acting like this gives them the wrong idea. It is also telling young people that it is ok to act like TA and for the girls/women to just take it because it was a “normal” relationship.

          • Oh yes maria I totally agree, I cringe every time I think of young people watching this stuff and internalizing it to assume that it’s ok.

            People forget even teenagers get into abusive relationships.

            The fact that GROWN PEOPLE are doing this, people who lived through the sixties and seventies when women were fighting for their rights really disgusts me.

        • I agree I did watch Dr. Drew until I saw how he was covering this trial. He use to have topics that actually mattered and there were fair discussions. I have not watched him since really last year but when I turned him on a few days in Feb. I was disgusted and I have not watched him since then. He was the only show I still watched on HLN. I remember how good he once was about talking about toxic relationships but he sold out just like the rest of him. I only hear what he does on his show if someone post on here. I heard his show was now grading Jodi’s hairstyle. WTH happened to him? I know many here will say he was not caring to begin with but I have talked to him a few times on air and he was very compassionate to me early last year. Maybe all that was an act back then too.

          • In my opinion now, Drew has shown the real side of him.
            His actions speak louder than words.

            Is there no decency anymore?

            • Aly, I wrote this a few days ago, it fits in here better.
              Introspective says:
              April 2, 2013 at 11:53 pm
              What freaks me out when I hear the ‘learned’ ones on hln, is that if there is someone out there going through all kinds of hell, wondering if she’s losing her mind, should I let this latest insult and/or kick or whatever slide? – this person will get even more confused in her mind and not seek help in time. This could very well cost her her life! hln has been irresponsibly presenting all the disturbing and insidious traits/behavior under the guise of ‘normal’, ‘its how its done today’, ‘this is all pretty acceptable between2 consenting adults’, etc. Terribly misleading and dangerous way for hln to try to sway the crowd and win some points. Dr. Flu (gives me flu-like symptoms when I hear him) is notorious for this. An MD for pete’s sake. He is such a repressed soul. He sees most women as having ulterior motives, evil seductress’es out to snare men. Perhaps, he needs to sport a cross and some garlic to boot around his neck.

          • AJ, part of me wants to believe he cared. I’ve known about him since Loveline back in the 1990s so I have a hard time believing that he’s been faking it the whole time. But I agree, regardless he’s just a sell out at this point. It’s ironic that he points the finger at Jodi and accuses her of being a chameleon, but isn’t that what HE is doing? Adapting to meet the changing climate rather than taking a stand and saying “No, I am not going to 20+ years hard work I have done to help people lead less toxic relationships.”

            At best he is a spineless traitor that’s only worried about ratings and $$$, at worst he is an abuser on a mission to protect other abusers.

          • same here…I quit watching his show a long time ago…he doesn’t even sound like a professional doctor…he sounds like an actor that has rehearsed his speech moments before going on air…he doesn’t sound credible on anything he says…

        • And just how are the defense gaslighting? I haven’t seen any evidence of them brainwashing anyone what so ever. Sheesh!!

          Dr Drew is giving me gas!

          On a positive note I got this from –

          Thanks for bringing these reviews and comments to our attention. I’m really sorry for any concern these comments have caused. We’ll read each of the reviews and remove any that violate our guidelines. Any reviews we find outside our guidelines will be removed within 48 hours.

          If you’d like it for reference, here is a link to our participation guidelines:

        • MB-

          You are so right. Dr. Drew sold out! Fame and money corrupt, and he, in my estimation, is the most corrupt of all of them. He should no longer be allowed to have a medical license and I do hope when all is said and done, that a movement will take place to have him reviewed by the Medical Board.

          The silver lining in all of this, is that any abuse victims that have been watching the trial will have learned more from Alyce L. than any of the garbage on HLN. I have really begun to think that the people who continue to watch HLN are a fringe minority. They are loud and crazy on all the hater sites, but I don’t think they are actually representative of the majority of the population. Most people I know, are not watching the trial and really don’t know anything about Jodi. I also think that the Mormon cult has rallied the troops and that is who we are really seeing on the crazy hater sites. I’m not saying the cult is not powerful, and they have a large following, but they are still a minority in our Country. They have a lot to hide, and a lot of really disgusting things about the cult have come to light because of this trial.

          Just my guess, but I think once Jodi is free, she will be able to move on with her life more easily than CA, especially if she moves out of Mormon territory. Generally, the average person as well as the crazies, have much less difficulty moving on from a death of an adult male, than they do a child. Plus, other than the Mormons and the HLN lunatics, TA’s behavior really does make him an unlikeable character.
          All just my humble opinion……

    • Wow I so agree with all of that ! so true thanks for the great post MB Team Jodi an JC Team Jodi Admin too!

      • No. KCL is older that KW – but she does bow to the alter of JM.

        KCL’s story is sad. Her sister was killed years ago in AZ by some german creep who married her only to take out a life insurance policy and kill her. This guy and his brother took her sister out killed her and left her in the desert. Both guys are in prison in AZ. (I only know this because I landed on that site when I wanted to know more JA details.) If you are interested I will dig up the story for you.

        • Rainy…

          I read all those posts too….it seems that there are two Katie’s that post there…it reads as though they are both in the courtroom each day…I believe that one that took a photo with JM is in real estate….

          can you let me know of your findings…thanks…

          • Truth,

            I remember one of the first nights Katie Wick was on Dr. Drew, she said she was a massage therapist. If you look at BeeCee’s link below, it looks like the other Katie is a massage therapist too. So maybe they know each other and maybe that’s how Katie Wick got involved in this trial.

          • Truthseeker,

            I sent info to SJ and asked that he forward them to you.

            I wasn’t sure if I should post links here.

      • She did have something horrific happen to her sister, but she didn’t really learn anything from it.

        Look at how she describes herself in her line of work.

        She has no true compassion or heart based intelligence, or she wouldn’t be acting the way she does. She just acts like another snobby …

        And, another thing, those of us here may look at other people,and not like them, but I can safely say NONE of us want to harm someone or stalk them and scare them. We are all above that.

        • Like i said, close friend sister was murdered. She did not ask for the DP. When the haters go around acting like everyone who has to deal with a murder of a family member has the right to advocate death so vigorously, they are just generalizing because it is they who have the blood lust. I’m so sick of words such as Justice for insert victim’s name, by the haters. It starts to sound redundant and guise to bully, rant and a harass people using justice as big front.

    • I can’t imagine Alyce saying anything nasty or derogatory. If Alyce DID approach “Sam”, perhaps it was in response to something Sam said or did (give her the finger, give Alyce an evil look?) I wouldn’t put it past that sister with all her eye rolling to behave immaturely and whisper or do something vile to Alyce as she approached, causing Alyce to ask Sam, “Did you say something? Oh, I thought you were addressing me. Sorry.” If anything the sister should be charged with intimidation of a witness, which is more likely the case. Personal opinion, made from observation of personality traits. Alyce: kindhearted, gentle, loving, caring Samantha: mean-spirited, harsh, hateful, vindictive

      • Also, it is NOT illegal. The victim’s rights things says the court will “minimize” contact between all those people. There is no way ALV harassed her or anything. If she is traumatized over that, well, she needs real help;

        They sure get worked up over nothing.

        It will be interesting to see if the sister makes a big deal out of it.

        those people on WS need to get lives.

        • Beecee,

          Say AV did offer condolences. That’s the rumor right? I don’t see how they are saying this is wrong. I agree. Samantha portrays herself as big meanie. She’s the only one I have trouble finding empathy for because of her smirking, eye rolling etc. all the while being a law enforcement officer who should be setting an an example.

          • “all the while being a law enforcement officer who should be setting an an example.”

            Oh yeah, don’t get me started with THAT kind of thing, LOL. I discuss this topic with my contacts frequently about how LEO’s should be setting an example for others.

    • No that is the first I have read that one. OH my. So many people really stirring up the hatred. I would not doubt if she wanted to apologize about the outburst of laughter? she was not trying to be funny really she was damn serious when she said that. That is what I mean too people sitting behind people just hoping to hear some gossip like Katie Wick was doing. They are on tv we can see when people are whispering sometimes to each other an I always look behind them an never fails those people have the most intense look like they are straining so hard to hear.

      I bet JM brings that up then an I hope she tells him off too in a nice way We don’t know what was said or if Sam may have motioned her an then acted like WHAT? I don’t trust anyone over on that side some people are so sneaky we should know this it is Travis’s family.

  23. This description of a psychopath sure sounds like Travis to me:

    But from a comfortable distance, the impression given off by a psychopath is often highly positive. The same absence of inhibitions and honesty that makes psychopaths so dangerous also gives them unusual powers of charisma through self-confidence and fabricated flattery. The aforementioned Sunbeam CEO Al Dunlap was a legend in business circles—“a corporate god,” some called him—precisely for his ruthless, results-oriented business style and in-your-face, furniture-hurling personality. In social circles, psychopaths are often the most popular friends among members of both sexes.

    • Thank you Britney. I suggested it, and our own lovely BeeCee encouraged me sorta kinda, and my fiance created it. The “flesh” by JM’s mouth is, in my fiance’s words “because of all the SH*T that spews out of JM’s mouth!” (And he has only heard bits and pieces of the case from me and watched a few snippets I’ve been watching, so …)

      JM is a flesh-eating zombie in my mind, so …

  24. I keep thinking about the Snow White cross and find myself busting out a laugh.My husband asked what is up with you. Are you alright? He has not watched the trial. I said please watch this and tell me what you think. I got is this for real. He honestly thought it was a comedy bit. No I said this girls life is on the line. I know it is very serious and I pray for her. I still find myself cracking up over JM and Snow White laugh my ass off out of the blue. We now have another Jodi supporter. He maybe in for the long haul with us.

  25. There’s one thing I want to say about the Fox video above in SJ’s great post which I noticed the first time I watched it, and have caught again every other time since then. The bald NY accented defense lawyer on the left says, at the end of one comment, “the evidence is so overwhelming”. The Fox presenter of the piece, to his credit, didn’t allow him to elaborate on that and brought the topic back to JM’s conduct. But my question is, why does this defense attorney feel that way? And why don’t I?

    • He buys into the gas can theory, the stolen gun theory, the jealous woman theory, etc? I always find it fascinating that people who I consider to be intelligent could possibly disagree with me. 🙂 Just trying to insert a bit of humor here, no harm intended. 🙂

      • Re the gun theory – yesterday someone here posted a picture from the grandfathers stolen gun event.

        The bullets in that picture were 22 caliber. Of course he may have other weapons that use a 22


        JA’s father said the stolen gun was a 22 caliber in the EF video.

        Has it been confirmed that grandpa’s stolen gun was in fact a 25 caliber pistol or did gramdpa misspeak and say 25 when he meant 22?

        Did the PD write the wrong number down in the report – a simple typo?

        Then there is the hollow point vs non hollow point issue.

        I cannot get where one can sees JA was jealous. Nothing points to her as being jealous. Even Darryl says she was great with his son. If JA had jealousy issues I feel he would have seen it here or there. JA was very young and Darryl seemed to make it very clear his son was very important in his life and he was not ready to marry again. If JA had jealousy issues it would have surfaced at some point during their years together.

        None of her writings elude to jealousy.

        The cas can theory bothered me at first as it seemed like such an odd thing to do. Since then I’ve heard others who have done this so it’s not unheard of when traveling thru remote desert areas. And the price of gas in some of the remote areas is very expensive. Plus she did the same thing on the return drive. Dilutes proof of pre med.

        • Rainy, just for the record, I’m not buying into any of those theories. I believe Jodi is innocent of first degree murder by reason of self-defense. I was facetiously asking how anyone with any intelligence could disagree with me. 🙂

  26. Here is some more wonderful wise words of Katie Nitwit. Talk about sending the woman’s movement 50 years back. Just be forewarned that it will drop your IQ points by reading it. My husband actually found this by googling about her intelligent level. It has nothing to do with Jodi’s case but I cannot stand her there in the courtroom.

    • I KNEW it (without knowing it, if you know what I mean). Thanks for posting this validation of my thoughts about Katie Wick, AJ.

    • AJ, My eyeballs are bleeding just for having read that.

      I will now proceed to rinse them out with battery acid. heheh.

    • AJ, I feel the same way. Every time I see her sitting there taking notes it drives me crazy!! She is so full of herself. She is nothing but a HLN groupie…wonder what she will do when they leave town?

          • I think that is who she goes by on there. I am not sure but it seems like her on her post talking about ALV and Sam on Thursday.

                • Yes, very much so, since her sister was killed in a horrific way, she is so pro-prosecution and pro-death penalty, she will go out of her way to try to dig up evidence and cause problems. One weekend, I read on WS, where she and TA’s sisters went to TA’s neighborhood with a shovel and a metal detector looking for the gun. Also read that TA’s sisters had never been to his house and they wanted to see it and they drove by there in their gun search. While anyone can sympathize with the way she lost her sister, it’s just made her very willing to terrorize anyone she thinks is guilty.

              • BeeCee…

                In her picture avatar it looks like she shows Katie Wick’s face in the red bat mobile car on her posts…

                Am I seeing this right?

    • Those are some wise words alright. Good God! You know, she would do herself and everyone else in the world a great service if she would just shut the f*@k up and go away. And yes, I do feel as though I’ve lost a few points off my IQ after reading that senseless horseshit.

      • Sorry for all for the pain I might have caused. LOL. She just seems to stir up so much trouble in this case. Admin feel free to take the link down if you do not want it on here. I was upset when I posted it. I meant no harm and I would never leave her a harsh comment because I would like to rise above that level. Like I said I just hate how close she is to this case and not doing fair reporting but I see why now.

    • This woman is the poster child for what’s wrong with America. I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, and should be free to express that opinion, it becomes another thing when that opinion is given by someone who is an idiot. I’m sorry. No one can take you seriously when you want to grade another womans hairstyle, when that woman is fighting for her life. This isn’t fashion police on the E! Channel. call Joan Rivers for that. I find it suspect when one woman is so quick to want to push down the shoulders of another woman to make yourself tall. I’m not overly religious but I always thought only God should judge. I couldn’t be happier to be given the ability to learn of a woman who has an agenda against other women. It’s good to know who to watch out for, if Katie wants to be barefoot and pregnant. You go sister. I enjoy having my freedom to be able to have decided when I would stop taking my birth control to give birth to my two beautiful daughters. Lay off the thesaurus and synonym button on your computer, it doesn’t make you or your opinions any more interesting, intelligent, or right!

      Sorry for the rant, that woman irritates the hell out of me. We have nothing in common and her voice irritates me.

    • She’s a big fan of that douchenozzle Rick Santorum and worked on his campaign. That’s all I needed to know to form an opinion of her (it’s not a good one).

  27. SJ, I am certainly relieved to see the Fox clip you posted here. It’s nice to see there is at least one news clip that makes a valid point, not a load of sensationalistic hooey.
    Thank you, I was pleasantly surprised 🙂
    You made my day <3

  28. Random thoughts….

    I was thinking that all this negative publicity and endless media coverage will ultimately help Jodi during her appeals. Assuming of course, that the Jury finds her guilty to begin with. I wonder if the AZ Supreme Court is keeping tabs on this.

    I honestly think that plenty of reasonable doubt has been raised.

    When all of Jodi’s intimate sexual encounters with Travis are talked about, it seems perfectly okay for some people to call her a hypocrite and a liar and other demeaning names, but when it comes to TA, a lot of them take the “boys will be boys” stance. But I find it most disturbing when I see it coming from other females. Some people are so vicious and full of hate, it scares me.

    Furthermore, if the ultimate role of the prosecution is to get to the truth, then ALL evidence including such which might cast a negative light on TA should be allowed in. lol! …I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir…I just needed to vent.

  29. Oh wow! In case you hadn’t heard, our very own SJ has been promoted from a Pakistani guy to being a very handsome British guy named Simon Johannson who has Jose Baez as a client. But he’s still related to a guy in Pakistan, by the way, in case you wondered, and either Simon or the Pakistani guy runs a pyramid scheme that seems to be a lot like PPL, but it’s illegal, whereas, of course, PPL isn’t. And since no one can actually post here without being banned (I guess I’m delusional because my posts seem to go through, and that includes all of you who THINK you’re posting as well,???), he actually posts comments in our names to appear as if he has followers. Hahahaha I think this might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    • WHAT??? So we are all just phantoms ….I think reading that Katie Wick article must have really withered my brain cells ’cause I don’t get it.

      • Kitty, you must realize that you are just a figment of SJ’s imagination, and me responding to you, well, that’s just another figment. We are all really different facets of SJ’s creative mind speaking with one another. You don’t exist. I don’t exist. Only SJ exists, but who is he really? A British guy or a Pakistani guy? Or, is he really Jose Baez? I mean, after all, he thinks pretty brunettes are innocent. But I guess that means that he is really Richard Samuels and he has feelings for Jodi, oh and Casey, be default. Oh wait, maybe he’s actually Juan Martinez and he can’t get over his obsession with Jodi’s genitalia. Yeah, that’s it. But some facets of his brain (i.e, you and I) are apparently not at all interested in Jodi’s genitals, so we are all really weird and delusional. And we know that because we thought this trial was about a guy who died, and a woman who is fighting for her life, when it’s about Snow White and the Seven Dwarves who may or may not have abused her, along with Prince Charming who probably did and had more power over her when he became king. Okay, now I just confused myself. One thing is for sure: We are seriously effed up, the lot of us, or maybe the one of us, seeing as we’re all one person to begin with.

        • or just one of the multi-personalities coming through from SJ’s ‘multi-personality disorder’ – it could all fit in you know. The pakistani guy, the british guy, and then all of us – each a separate, distinct personality… 🙂 LOL!!! – also, they ‘speak’ in different accents, don’t forget.

        • So this is like one huge Truman Show that SJ has set up, huh? If he were that powerful, why would he not just get Jodi out?

      • I’ve always wanted to be phantom, now when someone speaks to me I can look at them with shock and whisper…”You can see me?” LOL 🙂

    • I post on here anonymously. However, I think I’m getting close to the point of posting under my name. I know when I post things on Face Book that goes against the status quo, sometimes I’m taken to task, and that’s okay with me. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. It’s when opinions border on abusive that bothers me. Why do most of us post on here anonymously, I wonder?

        • Yes, I have felt the same way about what the repercussions might be. But I am coming to a realization that it doesn’t matter. Let those who want to spew vitriolic stuff have at it.

      • Trust me, it is safer to post anonymously. While the mindset of those of us here would not seek out others to harm them…the same is not true for the Taliban.

        I do not suggest using your real names 🙂

      • I don’t post under my name because I don’t want those haters coming after me, but when I post on FB, I do it under my husband’s name. I do have his passwords because he thinks I’m suppose to keep track of all of his passwords for him. Then when I post as him, I act like I’m one bad ass Marine. OOH-RAH As I’ve said on here before we are just one pakistani guy who has dissociative identity disorder.

    • Just watched it. Sounds like it’s Chris Hughes voice, but we know he’s not smart enough to research anything. It’s very funny that they are so interested in this site, must be it scares them. If it didn’t scare the begeezus out of them, they wouldn’t even mention it.

      Love how the “real” Pakistani guy gets a little marketing plug in for himself in the comment section of the You tube video. Too funny

    • And being the Pakistani dude I can unequivocally state that I am not related to SJ or any other handsome British guy.

    • Omg how funny, they can blv this BS, but like Nk said, the intruder story from jodi is way far fetched! !!!! AMAZING! !!!! THOSE LOSERS ARE AMAZING (and not in a good way)!

    • Oh my gosh those people are whacked out. An that guy saying umm umm umm that means they are a liar the body language people say haha.

      I had one hater tell me that this was just one person on here making all these comments? WTH?

      Another hater told me oh yea that site is run by this guy that runs the Travis site too he is just
      doing that to see how many would actually be on Jodi’s side an then he sits back an laughs
      all day at y’all ! WTH ………again they are nuttier than a port a potty at a peanut festival over there
      I swear they are.

      What the hell is wrong with them anyways? they have a person from Australia running that big Support Travis site on FB. An she does not even have a accent they are calling her a fraud on their own site. So I don’t believe none of their nonsense. Sounds like a PPL / LEGAL SHIELD guy talking all that crap on that U TUBE to me also.

  30. I am TEAM JODI ! However I am so afraid for Jodi that the Jury, out of fear , will find Jodi guilty. I think they might feel that if they find her not guilty they will be persecuted like the Jurors in the Casey Anthony trial. As for Alice LaViolette, I think she is wonderful and I am so glad that there is real evidence coming out thru her testimony that Travis DID INDEED ABUSE JODI! That Bully Martinez is a little prick. I Loathe that disgusting man. I loved watching LaViolette wipe the floor with him!

    • They have a lot of NERVE and look How angry they are. Just because someone disagrees with them Well sorry But Atty Gerry Spence disagrees with them and many others. They are so busy on amazon and attacking her FB page. But God Forbid anyone calls them a NAZI or Hitler! Getting on A,azon and attacking this womans Book its so disgraceful!

    • I know a few people that didn’t know anything about CA and I didn’t watch any of that trial myself so I am sure there are people out there and even on this jury that will not feel pressured to find her guilty just because.

  31. The judge on this case is possibly the most lazy judge around. I honestly believe there is no method to if she overrules or sustains an objections. Half of the time there is a pause where you can tell she is thinking “hmm overrule or allow”. She allows Juan Martinez to completely badger and harass a witness who is doing nothing but her job. Basically the judge is doing a terrible job. This jury needs to be sequestered, the case is all over the news I would like to know how she can be certain that the jury isn’t watching the news and reading all the hateful comments online.

    Also if I were sitting on a jury and saw the prosecutor verbally abusing a witness I would be appalled. He clearly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, he is standing in-front of a jury badgering a witness about a case that is centered around the death of a man who was killed, because he was abusive to his partner. How the judge can allow this to all go on is beyond me. Is she sitting up at her bench drawing pictures while her court room is being overtaken by a little man who clearly has a lot of hatred towards women. If Jodi Arias is sadly found guilty this case has appeal stamped all over it. You would think everyone involved would prefer to not have to start the trial all over again but the way this is going I can definitely see that happening.

  32. I have to vent..I used to really like and admire Dr. Drew. Now I have lost all respect for him. He has given in to the HLN peer pressure and has joined in on the bashing Jodi bandwagon. He should know better. It is so obvious that Travis was very abusive to Jodi. Travis abused her emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually! That is indisputable!

    • I never liked Dr. Drew from the first time I ever saw him on TV. There was just something off about him, and I thought he was a sell out then. Now after seeing everything he’s said about the trial on HLN, that just reinforces my opinion all along that I thought he was a sell out.

      • Britney you are right he reminds of a perverted Mr. Rogers there is something not quite right about this quack!

      • He’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$ and has been for a long time. I’ve disliked him from way back when he started diagnosing celebrities whom he’d never even met.

    • I always disliked Dr.Drew so I never watched him, He is a Phony and Not very interesting the Entertainment Tonight Quack. HLN Stinks. Even Fox News is better!

    • Yeah, Dr. Drew’s behavior is very strange now, he was getting more and more pompous over the last few years, but the things he says about Jodi are completely unfounded & cruel. When I see someone behave with so much disdain as he does now, I feel certain that they are hiding something & headed for a fall.

    • But check this out:,,20688951,00.html

      “While Sandra Arias could not be reached for comment, Bill Arias, Jodi’s father, denied that the family has worked out any sort of arrangement with McGraw or taken anything from him.

      “He asked and we refused. We do not want to deal with him,” Bill tells PEOPLE, explaining that he never actually talked with Dr. Phil. A producer approached the family, gave them a card, and said the show would like to do an interview. “

  33. Did JM research Snow White and plan this cross the way it played out or was this spur of the moment?

    I noticed when it was his turn he flew out of his seat right over to Ms Wilmott and took a piece of evidence out of her hand rather rudely.

    • Lol! I caught that too Trixels! Don Juan has some serious mental issues! Can You imagine how JW and KN must die laughing about him in private, LOL!

      • Yes, I thought it was obvious he didn’t do his homework and watch the presentation. But it sounds like he DID read the fairytale.

        • Fk that fable is as old as DON JUAN…. I am sure he’s got every verision of Snow White or Little Snow White….

          He only watches the Disney Channel…. :}

    • Yes, I thought he was rude too. I’m surprised she didn’t slap his hand.

      I watched the video again today and noticed JM had the whole Snow White thing down pat and when he didn’t get the response he wanted, he just kept plowing ahead as if ALV’s answers didn’t matter. I think that is what made the whole thing so hilarious! He was determined to go off in the woods with the 7 dwarfs no matter what.

  34. From the list of Rebut witnesses it looks to me that Juan KNOWS he has not been successful in proving premeditation. He doesn’t have shit, he is gonna try and pull a few stunts and see what he can get by with.

    • The only concern is with that jury, whether or not they are seeing this trial the way any sane person would see it, or whether they have been watching HLN and other media.

    • True, but we don’t even know if this list is accurate….. the DON JUAN side seems to always want to stir the pot on Sundays.

      To my knowledge the information is not accessible to us or to them. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • He’s got his boycott manual out looking up tricks…..He’s going to play dirty and deceitful.

      PPL will lie for anyone…. I am sure they are being slipped money under the table.

      The computer dude can say anything bc he’s the expert…. BOLOGNA

      Walmart….. give me a break…………. video and the return receipt with a signature PLEASE

      Gas station…. video please…..

      Otherwise sit down DON JUAN………………….

  35. JM has been the best thing to ever happen to JA in this case.
    If I was the family of TA, I would have fired this guy. He’s a joke, and I would be ashamed to have him representing one of my fallen family members.
    He didn’t even need any tricks up his sleeve. He’s a waste of skin.

  36. The kook site posted this:

    CONFIRMED : Chris and Sky Hughes will not be testifying during rebuttal, nor will Matt McCartney [as reported here previously]

    Rebuttal witnesses include: Cancun PPL, Dr Demarte, Gas Station in SLC, Walmart, Det Brown

      • The prosecutor calls Chris and Sky Hughes, asking them if it’s alright if he calls whatever witness. Then Chris and Sky go on Facebook and blab all the news. LOL

    • JM is going to push that stupid ass Cancun crap by bringing the Cancun PPL peoples to testify which again is so ridiculous because that was a business trip and not a pleasure trip. On the phone sex tape I seem to recall TA telling Jodi that he was going to be in meetings all day for most of the trip although I could be foggy about that. I read somewhere that TA originally had Jodi down as his companion but switched it to Mimi at the last minute. Its so fuggin stupid to think she went stabby on him because of Cancun.

      I cannot remember who Det. Brown is?

  37. I’ve been musing about whether Jodi might have saved Mimi’s life. Mimi & Travis were going to Cancun, Mimi had told him she wasn’t interested in being more than friends, & thought she would be fine staying with a family while there. But I am guessing that TA was pissed she dumped him & might have had some plan to force himself on her, get revenge, or try to make her feel indebted to him for the trip. I wonder what might have happened since it appears that TA was getting closer to the edge shown by the way he attacked Jodi over the failed pic CD initially, & then went crazy over his camera dropping.

    • I really think he did have problems. He couldn’t let women go. As ALV said, it was a pattern with him. And Lisa Andrews didn’t get away until it she found out he didn’t have the money to support her. And I thought he was a high roller in ppl, so where did his money go if he had a ring for earning $100,000?

      • Well, that was a pretty big house he bought, probably a huge mortgage payment. Then furnishing a house that size with what looked to be pretty nice furnishings and he bought a new Prius. That $100,000 would have probably lasted longer if he had bought a nice 2 bedroom condo. It is entirely possible that he did not earn $100,000 every year. Also that was probably pre tax earnings since he was ‘self-employed”.

        He seemed to want to impress and was probably living beyond his means.

    • Yes, I wonder if Mimi might have awakened one night with TA crawling up between her legs? She may have had an intuitive feeling that something just wasn’t quite right with him and that is why she backed off of being more than friends.

    • The amazon is attacking the Stuart for his review. Its hilarious!
      Anita Engelage says
      Actually there were a large number of professional people (educated in this particular field) who did indeed read the book and stated that Ms. LaViolette’s research or data, etc. is outdated, not correct and biased. By reading all of these entries from today, it is clear that the people who wrote in defense of A. LaViolette are not very educated as they do not write well. As to their claim that LaViolette based her opinion on text messages, emails, etc., none of that is actual fact. The fact is that Hodi Arias admittedly sent messages from Travis’s electronic devices on more than one occasion so who is to say that all of these messages reviewed by LaViolette really did come from Travis? You can’t be certain, therefore LaViolette’s opinions are based on only things that came from the lips of an admitted liar. Some people need to open up that empty space between their ears and think a little deeper about what the facts are. Lastly, the protests in these reviews I believe are based on people’s outrage over a woman who does not care about the truth but only the almighty dollar! Alyce LaViolette is corrupt among other things.
      Firstly HODI?? OK Your lack of knowledge is amazing since You are reviewing the trial NOT the Book. Many commentators who side with the Prosecution in this case have claimed that LaViolette is very fair witness and has excellent credentials her writing skills are far superior to yours, but I stand by what I stated you are not reviewing the Book you are very angry that your opinion differs from LaViolette. I doubt highly this woman would compromise a very respected career & reputation for a Murder Trial as many Arias haters have stated who are more knowledgeable then yourself in matters such as these.You are not reviewing a Book you are beating that OH so Dead Horse I hate Jodi Arias! Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate so anyone who dares to disagree with your silly opinion is to be hated and trashed. To get on Amazon and Trash LaViolette for testifying on behalf of Ms.Arias shows you are ignorant bias and behaving like a schoolyard bully. If this woman is so Pathetic as you proclaim why spend so much time hating her. MOVE ON Read a Book any Book Please!

      and all these “PROFESSIONALS” or do you mean from PPL?? decided to review a book in April of 2013 YA RIGHT!!Give me a break I heard about those professionals the oldest profession in the world!

  38. Yep Old Juan outdid himself with stupidity on Thursday,The legal world must want to go and hide under a rock to save face and stay away from this asshole,really who would want to associate with him,oh I forgot,Det Flores,he must be Dopey the dwarf.Well anyhow KUDOS to fox news to show some balls and have their two guys put it out there about Juan.A little note of intrest here,I am sure that everyone is aware of the murders in Texas of the DAs and that they have arrested someone,this has come about from threats that were recieved.They said that the law takes all threats SERIOUSLY and will prosecute so forth,now is this not the same senario that is playing out against Jodi,the defence and the witnesses,the state of Arizona does not really seem to give a shit about witness intimidation,jury tainting and the leaking of evidence against a defendant.The defence will have a hayday if they need to go to an appeals court,they have alot of inconsistancies in this trial,no jury sequestering being the big one,come on this is a M1 trial,one would think that it should be run a little better than a dog and pony show.The social media has reported that DR PHIL has been paying for the Arias family to be at the trial,This of course he has stead fastly DENIED (sounds like judge Sherry Stevens ) he said that he in no way supports the Arias family,but stated that he is praying for the Alexander Family,what an imbicell,there are two families here and both should be supported,one familly has lost some one and the other has a family member going through a living hell in which it could cost her her life.I used to watch DR Phil,but no more,I am boycotting him,he sure doesnt like his name smeared out there in the media,its OK though to smear and defame Jodi of course,that is according to HLN and the ignorant masses that follow these talking idiots.It breaks my heart to see Jodi sitting ther day after day,her face painted with dispair,she looks so down,I cant believe that she is denied the basics of life,even in prison you are entitled to food,animals get better treatment.Her beaming smile has withered to sadness and she looks like a lost soul.Everybody here has done an excelent job in their postings,we need to continue the support for Jodi,leave her a message and encourage her,she will soon be free,God Bless Jodi.

    • Dennis, I have read elsewhere that Kermit isn’t very well thought of by his fellow prosecutors. After Thurs. I can certainly see why. What a fiasco that was! I am sure we are in for more of the same tomorrow, after all he has had all week end to work himself up for another onslaught. I would like to think that he would just drop the whole ridiculous Snow White thing, but I have a feeling he will just plow ahead with it.

      I don’t know how on earth Jodi is holding up without the proper amount of sleep and nutrition. It is barbaric the way she is being treated. She seems to look thinner every day.

      Yes, we need to leave encouraging messages and hold her in our prayers.

      Someone asked earlier what time court starts tomorrow. I checked the docket Jodi is scheduled for 9:30.

        • It does indeed. Any other day on his cross they would have shown how amazing he was. It is very telling they showed very little.

  39. ALV’s book on amazon has fallen from a 4 star to 1 star, and all the hate comments mention the trial. These people are just so hateful!

    • Gail, The sad thing is they cannot see their own hatefulness. It is really scary that someone could be so filled with hate that they could spend so much time posting all of that stuff.

      On a happier note … I love the picture of your Husky. We used to have Malamutes when I was growing up. They were the most lovable dogs and I’m sure your Husky is too.

      • Thank you kitty 🙂

        When we got Thunder, he was taken away from his Mama when he was just 4 weeks old. So he didn’t get to socialize with his litter mates, he socialized with our two cats. It wasn’t until he was a few months old that we realized he thought he was a cat! He would see the cats jump off the couch, walk across the coffee table and jump down onto the floors, well…Thunder started doing that too!

        One day walking him, a little poodle came running out and Thunder was totally lost, he jumped up on a snowbank and was looking at me as if to say, “what the heck is that thing?” lol

        We got Storm a month later! 🙂

        • Gail,

          It’s funny you would say that about Thunder thinking he was a cat! We had a male..Apache and later one of his off-spring Kanai. My younger sister was 2 yrs old when we got Kanai and for some reason she kept calling her Kitty Cat so eventually we all called her Kitty.

          Apache was such a big baby. He would try to hide under the sofa during thunder storms…of course he didn’t fit, but as long as his head was under there he seemed to think he was safe. 🙂

  40. Tomorrow will tell if JM will pick up where he left off or he will change up his shock and awe antics and get himself out of Snow White woods. I’m going bet on him staying in woods. Kitty posted he was determined to stay in the woods on his driven path. I say he has a huge ego. I’m trying to to nice here.

    • Yes, Ann, I think he thought he was going to humiliate ALV by using the Snow White thing and his ego is so big that couldn’t see that it was backfiring on him and his ego won’t let him let it go. HIHO HIHO 12 more hrs to go! We shall see……

      • I’ve got a feeling he should have been dropping bread crumbs on the way into that forest if he expects to find his way out!

        • Seriously! I knew he would use the chart against her in cross that was no surprise. His attempt to discredit her wasn’t shocking but him being a complete wackadoodle did stun me a little.

  41. Hey Guys this is a little out there (for some), but I want to mention a couple of things I find alarming. Many of us here have mentioned mind control, cult mind control, love bombing, but I just wanted go one step further, if I may. I have read a lot about mind control in recent months. About types, and tactics. The picture Jodi supposedly doodled in court (Snow White with a black eye) has a few things that are known symbols in mind control. Does anyone else see this. Also Disney symbolic based mind control is another thought. In one of Jodi’s Journal entries she says, ” I keep seeing Disney images in my mind, I don’t know why”. I can go into more detail if anyone else finds this interesting, or had this idea in mind. “Sex kitten” mind control also comes to mind, and to anyone familiar with this, its interesting Jodi dyed her hair to brown once she broke away.

    • Interesting. I would like to hear more. I assume you are referring to subliminal messages? Speculated to be hidden in advertisements, music, movie, and more to sort of get people to go out and buy the movie, album, or product in question?

      Although, I will say, Jodi may have just wanted to change her hair color on her own, just for a change. Her hair was blonde before she met Travis.

      • Well yes advertisement and the entertainment industry do contain these subliminal messages. But I’m referring to an intentional mind control programming that is used in many cult settings. I think it comes into play here, but I don’t feel that it was completely successful, or else Jodi would never have left.
        I’m sorry when I read it all makes perfect sense, but I’m not very good at educating others, nor do I feel confident enough in my knowledge of the subject to say for certain, I will post this link. They will do a better job explaining than I can.

        This is pretty basic and is very similar to the abuse described, but I feel like TA was intentionally using these tactics, especially since he was a “motivational speaker” and “sales man” he was likely well versed in this field, after all, everyone repeats over and over, Ta was very convincing.

        • Kmiller, no apologies! I was unaware of the intentional mind control stuff, but I was aware of subliminal messages (and I saw stuff about subliminal messages in Disney movies) which is why I thought that is what you were referring to. Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

  42. So, last night, I think it was, someone on here (I don’t remember because it was so late) posted about a Twitter account they saw or heard about by the name of Jodi Arias’ Anus. The person who posted about it was looking for someone with a twitter account or who is pc savvy who could have the photo banned or something to that effect. Since, I’m always ready to help if it is within my means, I deemed myself computer savvy and opened me one of dem dere tweeter accounts. I found the account in question and, yes, the profile picture is that of Jodi’s private areas. It is one of the photos taken by Travis from the day he was killed.

    I set up my account and found myself in quite a pickle, though, not dirtypickles (ha ha, where is he by the way). My predicament was this; do I follow this person quietly and work to get them banned or do I follow them so I can rip them a new anus and get banned myself? Then I realized this particular twitter account followed a lot of other accounts that were Jodi themed. Like, #Jodi’s Bangs and #JodiArias and #Jodi’s Herpe. Yeah, we’re talking top of the line individuals running these accounts. However, mixed in with the bull shit, I did come across 2 twitter accounts that had some very interesting postings about this trial.

    I’m working on getting the link to the photobucket site that has all evidence submitted to the courts on it such as crime scene photos, autopsy photos, emails, texts, instant messages, and Jodi’s journal entries. So far, the best find in my opinion, was the following journal entries I found posted by a tweeter who is a difficult one to get a read on. She tweets her opinion which is not of Jodi’s favor but she has pictures of Jodi’s artwork as well as some of her family photos so I’m not sure where she stands. However, if you haven’t read these entries, enjoy! They are beautifully tragic…..very telling as well.

    • That particular twitter account with the offensive picture has been reported by several people. My husband reported it last night as well.

    • WOW!!! To read her words… almost eerie in a way. very telling!
      I’m looking forward to you posting the rest.

    • Notice Jodi refers to Ash’s ( must have been friends hence the short version of Ashley) husband is there in the freeman’s house. Wonder why she is not familiar enough with the husband? Does she not know his name (Dustin) or doesn’t care to use it? Wonder why she feels it’s an “unlikely group of people” gathered?

    • These journal entries… How any sane person can read them and still call Jodi an “abusive psycho stalker” is beyond my comprehension. There isn’t ONE SINGLE word, phrase, line, sentence, or paragraph that shows her to be possessive, abusive, or harboring ill will towards Travis… Quite the opposite, in fact. People need to start using their brains and stop with the hate-mongering, vitriolic diatribe.

  43. Drum Roll Please…. Dum diddy dum….. Starting April 8,2013 The new feature of SNOW WHITE and the NINE DWARFS opens their first premier 9:30 am PDT Coming to you LIVE from Maricopa county , AZ

    Line up early to get your tickets…. This is going to be a SELL OUT show…

    Bashful- Jodi
    Doc- Judge Stephens
    Grumpy- DON JUAN
    Sleepy- Nurmi
    Sleezy – TA
    Stealthy- ALYCE

    Lisa Flores ( FAMILY COURT) Former general Counsel for Governor Hull , where she was responsible for many of Hulls’s bad judicial picks, including Ruth MacGregor

    Sherry Stephens
    Hull appointee-2001
    Formerly worked at AG’s office
    Considered middle of the road when it comes to sentencing, but is pleasant to appear in front of

    • FUJuan,

      While Travis may have done some pretty horrible things, I don’t think it’s fair to call him sleazy. I understand where you are coming from, I really do, I just have this really, really, I dunno… it’s how my mind works, I feel like making jokes about someone who is dead or insulting them is not the best thing to do. He was a human being, and he had faults. If he were still alive, he would have the chance to correct those faults.

      I can’t help but cry because a human life was lost. It was self defense on Jodi’s part, and it makes me really sad that it had to come to that, and that such a horrific and tragic event had to unfold. Jodi, Travis’s family, their lives will never be the same. I wish things did not have to happen as they did. It truly saddens me.

      I keep going over this in my mind. Thing is, even though Travis may have been mean/abusive toward Jodi at times, I bet he did not realize his behavior was abusive, and Jodi believed in Travis, and believed he could change. Even Travis admitted his anger was a problem, and he seemed to want to work on it. Better himself. Scary thing is, if I were in Jodi’s shoes, I feel like I would have stayed too because of my mindset. I believe everyone deserves chances, and how can you expect someone to change, if you give up on them and do not give them that chance. That is unfair. I also consider factors such as background (he grew up in an abusive environment), and so he deserves a little more patience/consideration. I think Jodi felt the same way.

      • NK,

        I was trying to lighten the mood…. don’t take it personal. Yes, a life was lost over domestic violence. However, the things he did and said to Jodi are beyond a normal mindset. If you able to admit you have issues with anger, sex, control, abuse then you acknowledge you need help. Which he didn’t not get….. he was to wrapped up in his own little world.

        I could tell you a story about my abuse ex that would make your hair curl….. I dont agree with the way this all went down, but Jodi didn’t deserve to be treated this way either. Man think they have power and control over women and can get away this this abuse.. It’s not acceptable. Therefore, I named him sleazy.

        I feel for everyone involved in this case…. My prayers are with them all. Most off Jodi because her life is on the line. Maybe if TA would of gotten help in the beginning of his adult life this would of never happened. But you have to want help.

        • Oh, gosh no! I don’t think Jodi deserved to be treated that way either.

          I am really sorry you had to go through that abuse. Nobody deserves that ever. *hugs*

          This case has just really affected me for some reason. Seeing what Jodi has to go through now, and what she went through is heartbreaking. Seeing Travis’s family’s pain is also heartbreaking. Hearing about both Jodi’s and Travis’s childhoods makes me really sad and really angry at the parents. Some people really do not deserve to be parents.

      • Nk, I was married to a verbal and physical abuser (mostly cruel,verbal) After 17 yrs and a lot of heart ache , thinking he would change, empathizing because of his up-bringing etc. I finally woke up to the fact that he was never going to change. No matter how many chances, no matter how much love….it just wasn’t going to happen. I was the same as you in thinking that a little more patience, a little love…it just does not work that way. I regret that I didn’t get out sooner. Not only did it damage me, it damaged my sons. There was no way things were going to end well. HE needed help and refused to face his problems and just about destroyed 3 other lives because of it.

        Maybe if Travis had taken the advice of his friends, who urged him to get professional help, he would not have pushed the envelope so far that his death resulted….it could have just as easily been Jodi who died that day, BTW. Yes, it is sad for both families, but the truth is Travis needed professional help. We cannot always save someone from themselves no matter how much love, consideration or patience we are willing to give.

        If I had not timed things just right and had protection in place when I told my husband I had filed for divorce, I could very well have lost my life that day. That is not just my opinion…my therapist and my attorney insisted upon protection based upon his behavior when we tried marriage counseling. The therapist met with him separately and as a result phoned my attorney with her concerns for my safety.

        To the outside world we looked like Ozzie and Harriett only because I was constantly running interference to hide his behavior and protect our sons. No one knows any better than I do how it is to be the kind of person who wants to give another chance etc. but when you are dealing with an abuser you can’t just fix them. They need help and must be willing to accept it.

        I’m sorry for the long rant, but it scares me when I hear someone express what you have said and I know that kind of mind set can hurt you and still not provide the other person with the proper help. Been there, done that. I hope you will take this in the spirit in which it is meant.

        • I am so sorry to hear the hell you went through. (((((Hugs)))) People also thought my marriage was so great because I never told anyone about the abuse. There was no evidence to back it up once I left and yes I thought he would change. I can relate so much to your story and thanks for sharing.

      • FK, I think that you have hit it right on the nail. Every person who is out there that has gone through abuse that is not a surpporter feels like you do. I find it in my own family. But we have to look past this and try to understand what happened that night. Jodi loved Travis and would never hurt him. I think in a way Travis loved Jodi. So many things just do not add up. So we will just have to wait until this all plays out….But there will come a time that the truth will comeout……

      • I dunno. His behavior WAS sleazy and I don’t think there’s anything wrong in FUJuan joking about that. Then again, I don’t subscribe to the “never speak ill of the dead” school of thought. We all die. Some of us are nice people and some of us are not.

  44. All I want to say is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
    I haven’t had time to look at this site for a while
    I am not ‘pro-Jodi’. I am ‘pro’ finding out what happened aka the truth.
    I’m sick of hearing stuff that cannot be verified being spouted out via the media.
    JM was a dick on Thursday IMO – attacking Alyce. I know it’s his style but it doesn’t impress me…but I guess the jury may be impressed by it? I have no idea.
    Sorry. Just feeling lost in Twitterverse

    • He was beyond a DICK, he was very unprofessional. Give us the facts and evidence DON JUAN and lets get this trial over with so Jodi can walk FREE.

      He’s the biggest bully I have ever seem in a court room. This shit ( pardon my french) would never take place in our court rooms. Nor would the cell phones, Ipads, tablets, etc.

      This is a trial, not a reality series going on…….. It breaks my heart to watch her in the court room. I pray for them daily………. especially Jodi. Sitting in jail for almost five years is hard enought to fathom.

      The media circus should be fired…. they are a disgrace to the judical system and everyone involved. And most of them are lawyers themselves…. it totally sickeness me.

      GO TEAM JODI….

  45. I have been on this site for quite awhile and have also posted…always a Jodi supporter,Not sure why I cannot post anymore. Could someone please let me know?

  46. The revolving door of roommates and the fact that Travis was known to never lock his doors bugs me. Yes I know Jodi admitted to killing him in self defense but almost everyone knew he didn’t lock his doors. What is the point of having a security code if everyone seemed to know it? I read somewhere that he left his doors, front and side door, unlocked so anyone could crash on his couch if needed. Who needs an emergency couch to crash on? Especially if most of his friends were Mormon, they don’t drink or party so why would a friend need your couch in case of emergency? Very strange open door policies going on at that house.

      • I know I live in a fairly safe area but I always lock my doors. I do not understand why he left his door unlocked. Plus he had this “stalker” after him that would be more of a reason, I am sooo sick of people referring to her as the stalker. There is no evidence as we all know here. After hearing that list of women there were many choices for a stalker however I think he just made that story up and convinced his “friends” that it was Jodi. Another odd thing is he leaves his house door open but was never known to leave his bedroom door locked but somehow one of the roommates had a key to that door.

  47. TJ,

    I was reading your post and so related to what you said about getting lost in twitterverse that I scared the shit out of myself when I heard my own voice slice through the sleepy silence of my house as I, quite loudly to be honest, exclaimed “I FARKING KNOW, RIGHT?!”

    I’m a loud person but, I’m always around me so I’m used to it, and hearing my voice bounce off of the walls seriously almost made me pee. Thing is, I’ve only had a twitter account for approximately 22 hours and I feel this way.

    • This was so very sad to me. What the hell happeded to this young man? Why in the name of God didn’t these children get the help that they needed? We will never fully understand Travis until someone talks about what went on in the house of hell. I honestly think that something happened to Travis…..

      I know in my heart that Jodi does not want this hate we all are feelng towardsTravis. This is just such a tragedy……. God bless you Jodi…..

  48. Ok all you legal experts out here…question:

    Looking to the day that Jodi walks out of that Jail…let’s say a charge that is “time served.” Is there anything that Travis’s family can charge her with in civil court?

    I keep looking back at CA and all the crap they throw at her.

    • They probably could charge her with wrongful death, like the Goldman/Brown families did with OJ Simpson, though I’m not sure how much good that would do. Jodi doesn’t have any money.

  49. I was looking at her pics on Jodi’s my space, in her PPL pictures, the 2 picture it looks like she has a bruise on her arm, also in her pics from new Mexico, she is wearing an awful lot of long sleeved shirts in what looks like summertime. I wonder if she has other pics that inadvertently captured bruises or marks around the time she was with Travis.

  50. I like that HLN has paid a lot of dollas for Jodi `s diary, only to find out it’s like she said, no scandal, no BOOOOMSHELL

    • Hell they could have given TA family the money and do what they have been doing all along just making up BS…it’s going to be a sorry day for HLN in a few weeks…..

  51. I love love love that the attorney on FOX brought this up: It’s Juan Martinez who brought these charges against Jodi. At the end of the day, it’s HIS job to prove HIS theory of Pre-Meditated 1st Degree Murder. He hasn’t done that, no matter what anybody says or how big this ridiculous fan base of his gets!

    This whole spectacle is a sham of a trial and such an embarrassment to the US (You hear that, Arizona?). That JM takes a simple question of, “Are you angry with me, Mr. Martinez?” personally, to the point of asking the witness “Do you want to spar with the Prosecutor?” is flat-out EMBARRASSING, in my opinion. How on Earth is JM’s ego related in any way to the charges he’s leveled at Jodi? Why is he bringing his own insecurities to the courtroom and injecting them into the trial? And WHY is this judge allowing it to continue??? What we have here is a runaway prosecutor, a runaway trial, and IF Jodi’s convicted of anything, a lot of EXCELLENT grounds for appeal or even a vacated judgement.

  52. Ok I need some help here. I’m having a problem with the pedo thing. I’m not sure about that. I do think that perhaps Travis might have liked men. He seemed to like anal sex way too much. Perhaps I have never encountered that type of behaviour before excepted for gay men.

    I did think some of the comments he made on the “sex” tapes were odd and the pigtails. I’m not saying I do not believe Jodi…I just wonder if I missed something else?

    • A friend Chris Hughes i believe questioned TAs age of attraction in an email sooooo and boy he sure liked his anal a blogger on another site said she did not believe TA and JA had sex the day he died. 4 people agreed, I thought explain the look of his penis in the photo then, maybe they were nuns.

        • Cindy, I saw the uncensored photo by accident a couple months ago… Trust me, you do NOT want that image stuck in your head! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, neither as a woman nor in my 8 years of clinical healthcare experience. My best guess is that it was used so much (and so vigorously) that day that it was chafed to the verge of being bruised. OUCH!

    • I would have to question why Travis would make the statement You have an orgasm like a twelve year old? Why would that be sexy to him? And how does he know or why would he imagine what that would sound like. It is pretty hard to ignore the vulgar digusting things that he says…when they have them in his own words!

  53. I do hope that Travis’ family find some kind of peace eventually. I am not very religious, but I thought that people with religious upbringings found refuge in their faith. I’m not familiar with the Mormons and what they believe in, but there must be some gospel in there that promotes forgiveness. Because I don’t think that giving Jodi the DP will give them comfort. Killing Jodi won’t bring him back. =(

    This is so tragic.

  54. Which is worse TA’s “dying” in terror (claimed by the haters) are jodi “living” with terror

    I think jodi living the last 5 years with constant terror is much worse than TA ‘s few minutes of terror (claimed by the haters)

  55. I have never laughed so hard in my life!! ALV was trying so hard to be serious while the IDIOT was just asking the stupidest questions EVER! The funniest was when she said well, she was lying around unconscience? This Judge is just as NUT! Any other judge would have found him in CONTEMPT or atleast threatened contempt if he kept up his horrible lashing out at the witness?

    All she does is sit there? Saying over ruled? One million times! I really feel bad for the defense, because this reminds me so much of how one sided the Casey Anthony trial was! They did everything under the sun to Jose Baez and in the end it all backfired on them!! Hopefully, this will be the same. While I do feel that JA has some REAL issues! And that is so obvious! The prosecution cannot have it both ways! If they want to say that she was obsessed with Travis…they definitely cannot say this was premeditated? The last thing a person obsessed with someone and believes they will have them…will plan and carry out taking them out of their life? It would be a different case if he had left her and been with another girl..and he was then found in this condition. But the day this happened they had been toghether all day? I think he was an abuser and she was a toy to him and he emotionally had her to a point that she finally snapped! She will need years of treatment but I think she has been punished enough.

  56. Martinez is nothing but an over paid bully, he looks ridiculous in court. if i were on the jury he would put me off because of his rude hateful pit bull attack dog aggressive arrogant way. the detective that interviewed jodi would get so much further with me.

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