Four Reasons Samantha Alexander Is Not Credible (by Sunlight)

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Here’s the first in a series of guest posts from Sunlight:

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Commenting on the recently uncovered evidence that shows Travis Alexander visited websites featuring child pornography—a felony in the United States punishable by up to decades in prison—his sister, Samantha, told the media the following:

“My brother had a virus on his computer. That’s all it is. I’m not supposed to talk to the media, but I would say that it is hogwash. I have been in law enforcement for twelve years, and if my brother was a pedophile, I would be the first to point it out. No way.”

Call me out of touch, but somehow I doubt that Samantha would jump to be the first to say that her brother was, in fact, living a lie and that Jodi Arias was, this whole time, telling the truth. But this is not part of the 4 following reasons why Samantha is the least credible person to opine on this matter and why you should not believe one word she says.


As Samantha tells us—presumably to give us the impression that she has some kind of special expertise on the matter—she’s a cop. While she appears to tell us this to bolster her credibility, her assertion has the opposite effect. Rather, it casts an automatic cloud of suspicion over anything she says. We’ve all heard that cops lie, but in the case of State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias we’ve seen proof. So the fact that she’s a cop, alone makes her credibility suspect.

Those twelve years she sites? That makes her even less reliable, not more. Many people who enter law enforcement do so with a sincere intent to serve the community, but the longer they’re in, the greater the tolerance they build for internal corruption. After a while, they’re immune, and some even begin to forget that they’re not above the law (or they choose to shirk their oaths and disregard the law) and become corrupt themselves. Detective Esteban Flores is a suitable example of this effect.

Also, many cops hold the prejudicial mentality that criminals are inferior beings. It is no doubt embarrassing for Samantha that pretty much every one of her immediate family members has committed felonies. Certainly it’s no picnic for her that her brother, Travis, has officially joined their ranks, especially while her co-workers at the department and the rest of the world look on.

samantha alexander


She’s only a cop. She’s not a profiler. You can’t pick a pedophile out of a crowd just because you wear a badge and draw your paycheck from taxpayers. Moreover, Travis moved away from his family in California many years before he died, and not just to a different city, but to another state. Samantha was hardly in a position to observe his private life. Even when he did live in California, he was active in the LDS Church; she wasn’t. So while he was busy with church-related activities, school, and various jobs, she was elsewhere. Travis even indicated in letters to ex-girlfriend, Deanna Reid, as far back as 2001—while he was still residing in California—that his family was not close. So these two didn’t even hangout often. Samantha knew only what Travis chose to share with her, which, evidently, wasn’t much.


It’s not like she’s lacking a motive to cover for him. She loved him (Jodi also loved him and covered for him even when doing so was harmful to her case). There’s also the embarrassment factor. Travis laid bare a host of nasty family secrets in his book, adding that those details barely scratched the surface. The media exposed even more. She doesn’t want any more secrets coming to light, especially not ones that leave everyone scratching their heads at the realization that, suddenly, Jodi is not the pathological liar in this equation—Travis is.


Perhaps the most compelling reason Samantha Alexander’s opinion cannot be trusted: it is thoroughly stained with bias. Travis was her brother. Of course she’s never going to admit that her brother was a pedophile—and possible child molester. It doesn’t matter how much evidence she’s confronted with. She will continue to shift the blame—just as the rest of her siblings have done from day one—either to Jodi or to someone or something else. Now, it’s “a virus…that’s all…” Sure. A virus just one day decided to infect Travis’ computer and, of the millions of websites out there, randomly peruse over and over ones that sexually abuse helpless children. Maybe it was a virus that was struggling with pedophilia. After all, according to Samantha, her brother could do no wrong.

Samantha’s mentality of denial is understandable but immature. Not to mention unhealthy. It’s one thing to care for your loved ones in spite of their issues. It’s another thing to continue to deny a truth that grows clearer every time another layer is peeled back. But that’s what Samantha has done, and that along with the above are why she has no credibility and cannot be believed when it comes to anything she says about her brother, about Jodi, or the entire case, for that matter.

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  1. WOW SJ. Your post was very thought provoking. I wounder if she ever sits in court and is torn between who in her fantasy land thinking and what the evidence points to as to how sick her brother truly was. I have tried to stave away from berating the family due to the fact that grief has us do and say things we normally wouldn’t but Damn people you were all fucked up before Jodi came along. What is so wrong is the fact that the frog is playing on their sick twisted minds to get a conviction and now the death penalty. They all need mental health help. I just wounder if the state of AZ is willing to spend the money to help these young people after the frog gets done during them.

    • Look, I don’t care about Travis Alexander one way or the other, but y’all realize that in terms of the present court case, it doesn’t actually matter if Travis Alexander was a great guy or a pedophile, right? This isn’t about what kind of guy she killed, or even why she claims she killed him (though to my knowledge, she’s never claimed she killed him to save the children of the world from his lecherous ways, which really makes this topic totally irrelevant to the case at hand). This is about whether or not she should be put to death for the crime she has been convicted of.

      What she needs to do is get a bunch of witnesses to talk about her mental state at the time of the killing, to convince the jury that yes, she DID believe she was acting in self-defense, even if the jury didn’t believe that, and that she is a good person who can contribute to society and should be given life in prison and not the death penalty.

      Then, once this is over, if there is some new evidence to present, THEN she can re-open the case and request a new trial, at which time, she can present all the web histories and pictures of Travis fondling kids and witnesses to whom he confessed he was a pedophile that she wants to present. Right now, her defense team is focused on absolutely the WRONG things. Right now, they should be trying to save their client’s life. Once that’s done, they can focus on having the conviction overturned.

      Which is not to say that I think she’s going to get the death penalty. I actually think she’ll get life. But her defense attorneys, frankly, suck. They’re playing to an audience that is probably on the side of Travis Alexander, and no matter what the truth is, those people think of him as the victim, and her attorneys should know that. And they should know that turning the victim into the villain is NEVER to the benefit of their client.

      Again, I didn’t know the guy, and I don’t know Jodi Arias. I don’t know what kind of people either of them are (or, in his case, was), and I’m not saying if I think either one of them is an angel or a monster. I am just saying that I think her defense team is making a pretty serious tactical error in wasting time talking about this pedophile stuff.

      • The talk about the pedo stuff has not been in front of the jury, at least not yet. So far, it’s about destroying Brady evidence and other associated matters in an evidentiary hearing.

  2. Congrats on first, Cindy!

    Either I missed something, or maybe I just need some coffee.

    Is there a reason why I’d be pondering Samantha’s credibility at all?

      • Cindy,
        I believe the way that the family has acted, Travis’s friends have all acted, it plays a BIG part in knowing the Travis that would have killed Jodi if he could.
        I don’t feel sorry for them. They should like anyone that loses a family member want the truth.
        They’ve all jumped into Jodi’s case whether they knew her or not.
        IF they would have listened to Jodi, I believe they would have found the truth.
        I believe Jodi was set up and nothing will change my mind.
        They belong to a group that believe you kill someone to save them and it is with love.
        They all know this so why don’t they dig, investigate a little more into Travis’s death.
        What do they fear?
        The same fear that Jodi feels for her family.

          • We see how much control anyone has on Samatha. She even said she wasn’t supposed to talk to the media, but since she gave us so much insight of her brother and KNEW his computer had a virus not porn why not subpena her and ask her a few questions. : )
            Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much they’ve made off of their brother’s death?
            ( the brother they didn’t know )

        • Isn’t it true that Maricopa County is the BOSS of BOTH of Jodi’s defense lawyers?
          I mean, are not those two lawyer lawyers hired by and paid by Maricopa County?
          Does not this create some sort of conflict of interest?

  3. I started out with great sympathy for the Alexander family along with Jodi’s family. They both were innocent bystanders in this whole tragedy. As time has gone on, it has been difficult to continue my sympathy for the Alexanders because they have shown their true colors. They have been swayed by the almighty $ and also by the untruthful lies that the Frog, the Defective Detective and the Hughes have told. It is understandable. . .we always want to believe that our family member is beyond such sick behavior but it certainly has been made clear to them all now that Travis was a disturbed and angry individual. His problems did not stem from Jodi (she loved and cared for him in everyway) but from a long disturbing childhood and dysfunctional family life. Plus he took his background of abuse and continued it on in his own life and inflicted his abusive behavior on Jodi. Yes, I am sorry that the Alexander’s memories of Travis have been hard for them to believe but to question it at this point is beyond ridiculous. The truth is staring them right in their faces. My prayers have and will always be with Jodi and her dear family because they have shown endured way to much pain and abuse from the media and the so-called justice system of Arizona.

    ♥And to Samantha, you, your brother and sisters above all should embrace the love and compassion that Jodi gave your brother because she is apparently the only TRUE FRIEND he ever had. How many of the rest of them were there for him in his time of need? None. Make no mistake they will be there to feast off of the monetary funds his death has provided them. Travis was in a very dark place and you can not blame Jodi for that, it was of his own doing. I would be careful who I put my faith in when it comes to the supposed friends of your brother. Next time you feel the need to 🙄 maybe you should stop and absorb the information you are hearing. . .it is the truth. ♥

    • oops The Arias family…….. has shown great strength and endured way to much pain and abuse from the media and the so-called justice system of Arizona.

      • Not really Cindy I’ve had to pull my foot out of my mouth many times during this past year! I agree, they all could use a big dose of counseling IMO. It is hard to sit back and watch THE MESS the FROG (plus others) HAS MADE and keep quiet about it! I admire the way Jodi’s Mother has held her head high no matter what has been thrown at her and her daughter. She is an amazing person and I will continue to pray for Jodi and her family for strength, guidance and FREEDOM! One day it will happen for Jodi! (((((((JODI)))))) 😉

    • You do know that the Alexanders weren’t “persuaded” to believe Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander, right? They always believed it.

  4. Great Post !!

    I happen to be watching on TV a case involving Doug and Falene Grant from Gilbert, Az. Another Mormon tragedy ending with the wife being killed by the husband. Anyway, it is different of course, but one thing that struck me was the strong need for the Mormon men to hide their true lives from the Mormon Church. In this case the husband’s income was dependent on selling to Mormons and when that was threatened he became desperate. This husband was ecommunicated from the church for infidelity and then weaseled his way back with his wife so he could access the wealth of the Mormon community. But he hadn’t changed any and went back to his old ways and this time his wife was going to cut him off and take everything and he killed her.

    Anyway I only mention this because it is so similar in many ways to TA’s life. His need to keep secret all his ways from the church and his dependence on the church for his business and his reputation. It is a strong motivation to keep everything secret which is eactly what TA did. There is no doubt in my mind that TA would have been ecommunicated (the letter I need is not working on my keyboard:( ) for all his ways and this is why Jodi was such a threat to him because of all the deep dark secrets she knew about. This is why TA abused her to keep her in line and to show her that he was still in control – her knowledge of his failings was so threatening to him that he over compensated with abusing her just as he had been abused as a child by his parents. Even though I don’t believe Jodi would have ever “tattled on him” so to speak but she did want him to get help. This is also why TA had so many programs on his computer to try to hide his activity regarding the child porn, etc.

    Samantha is in denial. She was brought up in the same dysfunctional home as TA. Not good. She can’t allow her mind to believe that her brother was so disturbed and troubled. She turned her life around and became a police officer and she can’t bear to come to the truth about TA. She needs help as does her entire family. When I see Stephen I can’t help but feel so sorry for him. He is so full of anger it is just seething out of him and I believe that a lot of that anger is misplaced anger that he has for his family in particular his parents who treated him and his siblings in such an abusive and damaging way. They all need help. But the family’s dysfunction and denial should not be allowed to influence the jurors. The judge has allowed this family to influence the jurors by their continual antics in the audience. This fact will also be taken into consideration when a higher court is reviewing this case. Coming into court with ribbons and such for the victim is strictly prohibited. JSS has really no control over the courtroom.

    This case is headed for an overturn of verdict no doubt about it. JSS should really do her job and put a stop to the retrial on the basis of violation of the rights to a fair trial for Jodi by the hiding, and destruction of exculpatory evidence.

    The truth will win out in the end it always does. Hang in there Jodi we are all with you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I also believe that Jodi would have kept Travis’s deep dark secrets forever if they had accepted her plea but unfortunately the Frog needed some attention, so here we all are watching the Temple of Doom fall piece by piece. Strange how their quest for blood has turned into such an unfavorable condition for them all. Just think the world would still believe Travis to be a Saint had they all just
      LET IT GO! The Lust for Fame and Fortune will be the downfall of all of them. Sad.

  5. The problem is she has lied from the start, but this is SOP with Mormons who have a desire to cover up for one of their own to save face. I never had much regard for her from the time she went on national television–48 Hours–and called Jodi Arias a “liar” and “evil” when she never even knew her AT ALL. No credibility, just like the rest of the Mormon lynch mob.

    • Yet, the mormons say they do things like this out of LOVE.
      So, someone did it from the church and they’re ashamed of their own making?
      If you love your brother enough to attone him????
      Yet, one of their sins is killing?
      I would never be a part of anything that said I had to go by their rules,
      or I would need an attonement?
      Don’t you think that this is something that they need to check into?
      I don’t see how they’re ignoring it.

        • Marja THANKS!!!
          To me there is way too much power someone is looking over and not one
          will speak up for Jodi.
          IF that’s what they believe and we see what happened, WHY don’t they embrace it?
          They own it.
          We are our brother and sisters keepers.
          You never kill in the name of God.

    • She could have been but I don’t believe that she was the secret witness. Not possible. She has already testified in open court. Jodi may have been laying the groundwork for the witness or witnesses to come that were the “secret witness(s)” but she was not the secret witness. There may be witnesses that are only willing to come forward if their identity is protected. Could be fellow Mormons?? Could be anyone’s guess on that.

  6. its hard to believe a loved one is capable of molesting a child but many will not admit that they did something like that …. Jodi knew his secrets and kept this from the 1st jury when I think back and ALV kept mentioning the computer and said she herself did not have knowledge of computers boy she was so right it took an expert to figure out what was was on his computer …. As for Travis family I wish they would ask the question did Jodi really do this or was there someone or some thing else behind this seems his so called friends and roommates let him rot in the shower for 5 days. We will have to wait for the new investigation to start and hope the outcome is a good one … 🙄

    • Its much easier to blame Jodi than to face reality. Reality being… Travis was deeply troubled, his life was wonderful on the surface until you peel back the fake layers of success. Abuse as a child carries with you for your entire life until you get help. Travis loved using his childhood as a way to make money. Instead he should have been in some type of intensive therapy but he’d rather make money off of it. The rags to riches story standing in front of a crowd wearing a fancy suit was not the way to go about dealing with your lingering abuse issues. Still to this day, the CASH crowd is all about making money. That is all you ever hear them talk about.

  7. This was an interesting and not expected new post. I read it this morning and I was pondering all day. Here are my thoughts:

    At the beginning, I really tried to show sympathy to the alexander family. It’s a horrible ordeal for both families and they are the ones that suffer too.

    When the trial began and the cameras focused on both sides in the courtroom, I saw on one hand the Arias family & friends. They sat respectfully, in silence, following the trial and mostly the RULES of the courthouse.

    On the other hand, the alexander family and friends, sat all through the trial making it hard for people not to notice their ‘testifying’ from the gallery:

    samantha sat every day, rolling her eyes (sometimes I really thought that they would remain at the back side of her eye sockets), shaking her head in disapproval, smirking, the tearless ‘dry crying’, sneering. Her behavior in the courtroom was unacceptable. One would think that because she is a cop she knows how to obey the rules of the justice system. If she couldn’t take it, she should have removed herself from the courtroom. That’s what every mature person that respects the justice system would do.

    As a cop, she should have been setting an example as to how someone should behave in a courtroom.

    Using all those tactics to sway the jury was sneaky and shows how immoral she is. Is it not tantamount to jury tampering?

    Peeping at the camera and crying ‘on cue’ (crocodile tears) just when she was in the spotlight, just to give the television viewing audience a good show was totally OUT OF LINE!

    I have more to say but I’ll do that in my next comment.

  8. It’s really sad when someone has to lie about how close they are/were with their siblings.
    We all know that it’s a fact that travis was not close with his siblings. He was the one that said it.

    It’s even more of a shame that the alexander siblings realized that it was too late to get to know their brother after he had died. I read this earlier and it really hit a nerve (it’s from a post back in May 2013 from a supporter):

    “I think Jodi should stand and say….”Wow, Steven and Samantha, I wish I could have met your brother. The one who was your strength, instead of the one who never spoke of you people. I wish I could have met the one who tried to lift up everyone he met, instead of the one who tried to stick his penis in my vagina while I was asleep. I would have loved being invited to a family party, instead of forced to sneak into your grandmother’s house through the window. I would have enjoyed handing out food to the homeless, instead of being tossed a candy bar after he ejaculated on my face. I wish I could have met your brother who was successful and not the one who took money from me and was losing his house. Please don’t feel like I ripped your saintly brother from your lives… because I didn’t. YOUR Travis must be still out there, because I met a totally different man!”

    May I add: a very disturbed man that found it erotically arousing looking at child porn.

      • I think she should say that to if Juan and the rest of AZ can get away with there behavior I would use Please don’t feel like I ripped your saintly brother from your lives… because I didn’t. YOUR Travis must be still out there, because I met a totally different man!”

  9. I’m sorry samantha but the truth is that you didn’t know your brother AT ALL. Evidence is proof that he was a pedophile and he needed help but didn’t want to seek help because asking for help is for the weak…

    I hope that all this has given the alexander family one thing: the chance to make more effort in spending time with one another.

    Another good friend of ours and supporter wrote something that was so true:

    “Samantha says her brother Travis had a smile that could light up the room. I knew a guy like that. He also had a back hand that could knock you across the room and he did.”

    • Oh Pandora you have made me cry over how clueless they are at Jodie expense.
      All of this is over their own guilt. They never had contact with their brother unless they had their hand out. God help them when they are forced to face the reality of who Travis really was.

  10. I’d hate to defend Samantha, and I’d be the last person to do so after all of her eye rolling. A cop shouldn’t behave in such a way. However, her comments and behaviour as of late show doubt to me, rather than full on denial. Didn’t she run out of the courtroom recently? Her brain is in a conflict with what she feels and what she hears from people testifying. She feels that her brother was an honourable guy, but when she hears about what was supposedly found on his laptop, she thinks.. Hang on, was he such a great guy? I think she is experience an internal conflict and I feel somewhat sorry for her. I’d feel even more sorry for her if she didn’t have her heart set on trying to kill Jodi.

    • I think a lot of what the Alexanders were told was not the truth about their brother. They weren’t close, so mostly they had the dubious information his friends and associates told them. THOSE people were all about covering up for one of their own and about covering up their part in not getting him the help he needed.

        • By the way, does anyone know what the name of the lighter haired, female sibling is? She sat in court sometimes but she’s been very quiet. I’ve often wondered. I remember seeing a clip of her from the memorial where she said that Travis baptised herself and some other siblings. Even if he baptised all of his siblings, this still doesn’t mean they are all practising at the present time.

          • If memory serves me right, I think her name is Hillary.

            This is the Alexander Genealogy:

            Travis’ father: Gary David Alexander b. 1948 d. 1997 (on Travis’ 20th birthday)

            Married: (1) 1967 – 1973 Carol Elder
            Gary David 1969
            Dennis Gregory 1971 (this is the Dennis with the Riverside police record.)

            Married (2) 1974 – 1975 Patti Ann White
            No children

            Married (3) 1977 – 1984 Pamela Elizabeth Morgan b. 1953 d. 2005
            Travis Victor 1977 (born 3 months after his parents married)
            Tanisha Joy 1979
            Samantha Ann 1981
            Hillary Jean 1982
            Steven James 1986

            • Rasna
              Do you know how Allie fits into this? She had a different last name than the Alexanders, Tilghman I believe. She looks like the other siblings but i’m guessing she had a different father?

              • Yes, Allie is a half-sister on their mother’s side. So I’m supposing she didn’t go to live with the grandmother when the others left and thus didn’t necessarily get exposed to the Mormon philosophies. Don’t know with whom she grew up. Did she stay behind with the meth-addled mother?

    • I’d like to know who the “Three independent sources” are that confirmed to Troy that Jodi was the witness. Anyway, the Court of Appeals certainly knew who the witness was, and they made it sound like it was indeed her. My only assumption is that her testimony was prepping the jury for the real secret witness.

    • LOL coldcase53 you made me choke.. . . .Juan’s cuddle bunny! Is there no end to his following? Scoopy Doll and Cuddle Bunny. . . 😀 He is a regular Don Juan Frog!

  11. ♥ Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

  12. SJ,

    Very EXCELLENT post!!! What you wrote could not have been put any better!!! I really admire you for ALWAYS stating the truth no matter what reprocussions may come from it!!! My greatest respect for you and thanks for creating and maintaining this awesome support site for Jodi and her supporters where we can come to support Jodi in the safe haven that you provide!!! ALL your work does NOT go unnoticed or taken for granted, ever!!! The ADMIN/RASNA are, also, wonderful!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    ♥ ((((((SJ))))) ♥

    ♥ (((((RASNA/ADMIN))))) ♥

  13. Throughout the trial, Samantha has demonstrated such a disdain and blatant disregard for the US Criminal Justice System that it’s mind-blowing. She’s a (or was?) LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, for Christ’s sake!

    Her childish behavior inside the courtroom -resembling to one of a ‘spoiled brat’- was totally uncalled for.

    Her behavior outside the courtroom was uncalled for too. As a law enforcement officer it was her duty and obligation to ask people to refrain themselves from the hateful, obscene and threatening behavior they displayed on social media and outside the courthouse. Instead, she fueled their hatred with the 48 HOURS interview and not only.

    Finally and foremost, when approached by reporters she should have held back and not commented about the computer issues since she’s not an expert in that field. And if she had the urge to defend her brother she should have said “According to the State…”. having said that, I ask this: what does a law enforcement officer have in common with a forensics expert? NOTHING.

    And just for shit’s sakes: Pedophiles don’t go around stating they are pedo-huggers. They hide it very well, so Samantha, even if you were Sherlock Holmes, I’m guessing you wouldn’t have known that Travis was a pedophile. Give it a rest Inspector Clouseau!

      • I’m not sure. Since 2013 I’ve heard so many things that I’m not sure if she’s still a cop or not. Last I knew was she wasn’t but since then in her latest interview she stated “I have been in law enforcement for twelve years”. Go figure…

        • Surely she can’t be in employment and be in court every single day? Even we Europeans with our 23 day statutory vacation time (plus public holidays) would be unlikely to be allowed to go to court for what, circa 100 days so far?

    • Pandora thank you for this. I’m always impressed with how eloquently Jodi putpen to paper. It also saddened me to think that such a selfless act of kindness will lead to more persecution from the “prosecutor”.

      Although I do understand why the rules were set in place I in my heart of hearts feel Jodi did the right thing.

  14. Interesting thing…over on the State vs Jodi Arias site they’re discussing the Furgeson case and everybody there, of course, knows The Truth. But their truthes differ so they are at each others throats. One even got reprimanded for calling another one a name.

    • Why can’t people turn of the cable news and just do a bit of reading. Like look at the autopsy that was done 3 times. All three of them.agree.
      Physical evidence……does not lie. Even in Jodi’s case. It’s how you spin the evidence. They were able to match the evidence with what Wilson said. I’m sorry that the young man died. But I personally do not feel this was about race.

      But this is Jodis site….I will not interject my personal feelings. Just wish people would not believe everything they see on the news.

      • Nah, I think it was about the adrenaline burst from fear.

        But I think it’s good Wilson’s not a cop anymore. He doesn’t seem to have the constitution for it. He over-reacted under pressure.

        • Could have been. But Damn if you get shot 3 times in the arm you would think that you wouldn’t walk away then turn around and come back…I know I now I’m wouldn’t have hit the grown the 1st. time I was ordered to.
          But that is how I was brought up and brought my son’s up. Not that they haven’t called a cop every name in the book afterwards. LOL

          As I said I’m truly sorry that the boy had to die. Hopefully something good can come out of all of this…..

  15. First they blame Jodi, now hey blame the virus – every time something untoward about Travis floats to the surface they find another excuse for him, they just can’t admit that Travis was far from perfect, that he was sexually attracted to children and that he was abusive.
    Samantha is a cop, and as we all know the blue code of silence dictates that a cop never rats on another cop. I think it goes without saying that a cop will never rat on their own relatives. Case closed.

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