Evidentiary hearing, Jan 28th 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay covers the Evidentiary Hearing. Not too sure why there was never any full video coverage of the day available. The first 2 videos feature the highlights of Gus Searcy ripping Kermit a new one, and video #3 includes the attempted phone testimony of the severely retarded Abe Abdelhadi.

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Evidentiary Hearing, Jan 28th 2013:

Highlights & clips from HLN:

[hdplay id=28 width=500 height=300]

Highlights from ABC 15:

[hdplay id=29 width=500 height=300]

 The second half of the hearing – (featuring the Abe Abdelhadi phone testimony):

[hdplay id=27 width=500 height=300]

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    • No, no, no Ray you can’t let them find out! Shhhhhhhh How will be able to protect Journee and her evil twin???
      We need them!!!!
      Maybe if we are real still they will never notice 🙂

      (Everybody hold your breath)

      Even when I don’t comment/post because I have little free time,I am ALWAYS here,lurking and reading like The Big Brother 😀

  1. Hastily footsteps sounding on tiles…. door opens abruptly…. huffing and puffing, gasping for air …. “Did I make it??? Did I make first comment?!!!!”

    Refreshing page… falling on knees: “Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!”

    And it’s all SJ’s fault! How was I suppose to make first comment when SJ gave me 10.000 projects to do by the end of the day?!!!!

    SJ, you are a slave driver! Putting backside of hand on forehead to dramatize situation.

    I want the day off tomorrow SJ! Do you hear me?? The day off!

    ((((((((SJ)))))))) ♥

    • Hi Pandora!

      Ya, I was busy eating out… but I’m back now :mrgreen:

      Tomorrow I’ll only give you 9,000 projects to do, so then you might have a better chance of not missing the new postingz and getting there first. Yay!

      >>> Σ’αγαπώ, Σ’αγαπώ, Σ’αγαπώ!

      Team Jodi

      • SJ, ‘hi’ back atcha!

        So, if I’m getting this right, I do not have the day off tomorrow BUT I will only have 9.000 tasks/ projects to do?!!! Awwwww, you are the best! See guys?! SJ is so considerate!

        Re-reading SJ’s comment above. Replying:

        Eating out? EATING OUT???!!!! After I slaved over a hot stove in your top of the arts kitchen to cook for you, that’s the thanks I get?? Eating out? FFS! (grabbing Fabergé egg off fireplace and smashing it on the floor)

        (Furiously making a 180 degree turn and leaving room. Slamming the door shut! Artwork falls off wall and crashes down)

        It will take more than 3 ‘σ’αγαπώ’ to rectify this situation….


        • Hi Pandora!

          Yes, I was eating out… and she sends her regards to you.

          In response to your impromptu egg breaking antics, I’ll be the first to comment on today’s new post :mrgreen:

          Προσπαθώ να μάθω Ελληνικά. Εϊναι δύσκολη γλώσσα. Μου δίνεις το e-mail σου?

          Team Jodi

          • A-HA!!!!! Caughtcha!

            You were out eating with her, huh?!!! With that sneaky biatch, Maria! No wonder she didn’t comment yesterday except for a quick one… I’m on to both of you!

            Maria! You backstabbing snake, you! You are trying to steal my place as leading cheerleader, aren’t you? Admitit !!! I will come and rip your pom-pons to shreds!

            As for you SJ! I am going to file full custody of the cats! You wanted war? You’re on!

            P.S. Ωραία ελληνικά! Η ελληνική γλώσσα δεν είναι δύσκολη αν ξέρεις να την χρησιμοποιείς. 😉 😉

    • Pandora,

      Just a little suggestion: You would probably get home earlier if you removed the three-inch heels. I realize their legs must be long and agile, but at two pair per cat, they’re probably slowing you all down.

      • Whichtrial? and R.Love,

        It’s true! SJ’s 13 cats DO slow me down! It’s not so much the stileto’s they wear as it is that those cats will stop and bark at anything that moves or passes them by! Don’t let me get started on all that sniffing and marking their territory!

        In the park, they don’t get tired of playing frisbee and fetch & catch! (rolling eyes..)

        It’s all so exhausting!

        Oh well, nobody said it was easy being the ‘Cat Whisperer’ and sacrifices must be made: like losing ‘first comment’ .

        (((((SJ’s 13 cats))))
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        (((((I ♥ SJ’s cats)))))

  2. I really enjoyed watching Gus being Gus again! I wish some more people would’ve stood up to Martinez!!! Made my Monday! Just proved Martinez needs a chill pill 🙂 .

  3. Woooo- Hoooo! Go Gus! I really like this guy! He is not intimidated by kermit!
    I love the way he is holding his chin in his hand as if saying “bor-ing!” – Love it!

    kermit was being his same old self: [a] COCK-y !

    p.s. Was it necessary for us to see ‘Paula Abdul wannabe’ first thing? Everytime she speaks I wanna spit in her face! jvm is so obnoxious it makes shit sound like a good thing, ffs!

    • Pandora,

      I loved it too, especially when Gus leaned forward into the mic, looked Kermit straight in the eyes and said something like, “is that right, where did you hear that from?” Kermit just went ballistic and said all spastically, “I ask the questions, you don’t………………… hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! 🙂 I loved it!!!

    • Totally! martinez is like an angry little vertically-challenged midget, huffing and puffing and getting all hot under the collar! Pretty pathetic. Why do people even like martinez, he’s a callous, uncooth bumpkin, a stranger to good manners, nothing redeeming about him.

      martinez reminds me of this midget:

  4. SJ, Maria, R. Love, Pandora, Ray, whichtrial, & Journee,

    You all make my days with your awesomely, humorous posts!!! I LOVE reading them! They make me laugh and we all need more of that in this world we live in today!!! JUST TOO FUNNY!!! Don’t stop!!! 🙂

    I was reading one of SJ’s posts on a different page early yesterday & I replied to him saying his post made me laugh SO hard that my belly hurt from laughing & I was still laughing when I got off of computer & thought of it again!!! It was an email he got from a hater – too funny!!!

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))
    (((((R. Love)))))

    Love you all and everyone at TEAM JODI!!! Have a wonderful day today, everyone!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hugs to Mary! I been thinking about you and your family during this hard time. I hope you sister and her children are holding up . . .it is hard when someone is so young! I will keep your family in my prayers. It is a very difficult time. Just know that I’m here thinking and praying for all of you!

  5. Lately, a couple of my friends (who are also Jodi supporters and personal friends of hers) have been caught in the ‘eye of the haters’ storm …

    I am not going to refer to them individually but make a more general reference:

    These specific friends are using their real names while supporting Jodi (either its here at JAII or on FB or on other blogs or on twitter). Although, some bloggers that don’t agree with our support are decent enough to ask their fellow commenters not to publish any personal info about Jodi’s supporters (I respect and acknowledge that), their fellow commenters do so anyways.

    Unfortunately, the haters are back to their old tricks: they are using Jodi supporter’s names, to mess with other Jodi supporters. They are also contacting and calling family members of Jodi’s supporters, harassing them. LOW F*CKING BLOW!

    I would like to address this comment to one person in particular: ’Jodi’s Meat Curtains’. I personally would like to see you comment here explaining why you are using a very dear and loving friend of mine’s name… You know what and who I’m talking about. I will personally ask the ADMINS here to let your comment in. And if you’re so fucking awesome why don’t you tell us your real name while you’re at it? Are YOU so chickenshit afraid that your family & real friends will find out what a POS bully and harasser you are, that you hide behind that hideous pen name? Come on man, bring it on! Let’s see if you are wearing your big girl panties and can leave the little league and play in the super league… If you play dirty you are eventually gonna get mud on you… Just sayin’!

    Sorry for posting this here at the site but I am sure that this individual like lurking here and he/she will get my message.

    SJ & ADMINS, I would appreciate if you don’t delete my post – I know it’s against your beliefs – and rules: to address the haters – but these people don’t know when to stop. They must remember that there are boundaries and they have certainly overstepped them.

    • It breaks my heart to think that they are trying to hurt any of us who believe in Jodi! I believe they are stirring the pot because they know how right we all have been about Travis Alexander , Chris and Sky Hughes and Dave Hall. They have proved over and over again how despecable they all are! If anyone is guilty in this tragedy I put their names at the TOP of the list. The Hughes are evil with their deceitful ways. It will come back to them and the sooner the better. Money is their God and it is plain and simply! They are at the root of Travis’s undoing and now they are profiting from it???? Their sneaking around and talking untruths about Jodi are absolutely unforgivable. They have taken it to a new high! Whoever supports them is also on the wrong side of the fence and deserves whatever their fate may be when the fence falls.
      We support Jodi because we have taken all of the facts of this case and studied them and Jodi’s innocence is obivious to us all! We have the right to support who we want to! Jodi deserves to be represented by people who love and believe in her . . .and we do! We have based our belief in Jodi on the facts not fabricated lies! The veil of Evil is Large in the state of AZ!

      • R.Love, unfortunately those people think that an eye for an eye is the judicial way to go… pfff (rolling eyes the samantha way)…

        And eye for an eye makes the whole world blind ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    • What’s the English word for someone who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc. and is easily intimidated???? Oh yeah… C-O-W-A-R-D!

      At least WE don’t hide behind fake usernames, WE are brave enough to post under our REAL names!
      Even if people out there think we’re crazy, deranged, supporting a psycho killer WHAT’S THEIR PROBLEM? We reserve the right to believe in whatever we wanna believe, to support whoever we choose to support, WHO are we hurting? LEAVE US ALONE!
      If you worry we’re hurting society I guess you spend as much time as you do on Jodi’s case fighting against all the other things hurting our society, like racism, poverty, dirty politicians, non-existent health care systems (to mention but a few) HOW HYPOCRITICAL OF YOU!

      And by the way MeatCurtains,don’t you know that using the 4 letter word is not noble when addressing a lady but rather VULGAR? But you like Travis, so it’s pretty obvious where you’re coming from: it takes one to know one (abuser, that is)

      • Maria, I wish I knew the english word for ‘ΨΕΥΤΟΜΑΓΚΑΣ’ … help me out here girlfriend or anyone else! It’s someone that plays machoman towards certain people BUT when NOT in his turf becomes a whimpy fucass…

        And yes, calling you a cunt (why not say the word?) is a travis tactic that all machomen use when addressing a woman! 😉

      • This son-of-a-bitch doesn’t have a clue. He calls me a stalker yet he and his loser friends are the ones attempting to hijack my blog on Blogger with their vulgar attacks on Jodi, myself and her supporters. I guess they took it upon themselves to find a new playground since nobody goes to the “butcher” site anymore. And, weren’t they the ones who were predicting how they were going to take over this website? How’d that work out?

        What really pisses me off more than anything, though, is their comments directed at the women on this website and Jodi Arias herself. It’s no wonder that pieces of shit like them support Travis Alexander.

  6. Gus rocks! I like him because of his helpful nature, he helped Jodi a lot during the time that she worked for Prepaid. And he didn’t stand to gain anything finantially from it because Jodi worked for Hughes’s departmert. Nurmi touched on it, because martinez wanted everyone to think that Gus did it for money which was a blatant lie. Martinez played dirty.

    How tall is martinez? 5’1″? Wow, I didn’t know they stacked shit that high! Hahaha. Love that phrase, it certainly applies to martinez.

    • ”I didn’t know they stacked shit that high” LMAO! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😀 😀 😀

      Gus might come off as quirky but he is someone I respect! He had the courage to stand up to Martinez, to speak his truth and to not be intimidated by the whole atmosphere inside and outside the courtroom! Just like most Defense witnesses, we got relentlessly attacked by the haters. However,he kept his cool and tried to reach out to as many people on the Media supporting Jodi as possible; he’s done some great interviews with ”Pitchforks” I think

  7. Good morning Jodi & TEAM JODI!

    Hey, there is an AWESOME poem on twitter about Martinez screwing up!!! It is awesome! I asked the person if they would post it here since I couldn’t copy & paste it! It is GREAT!!!

    Name is: Robert R@TingMingJie.

    I also looked up “meatcurtains” on Twitter, that Pandora mentioned, and Jodis Meat Curtains (totally vulgar and disgusting!!!) came up and I looked at latest tweet which is: “gonna go have some fun posting on JAII. I’ve got all those morons fooled”…????

    That person goes on with just totally hateful and vile tweets! I didn’t even want to read them all! It makes me almost depressed!!! I just can’t imagine living like that with all that vile, hateful vengeance in ones heart!!! It is very disturbing and really SAD!!!

    I just wonder what name that person uses on here since they said they have us all fooled???

    Love to Jodi and all TEAM JODI!!! Have a wonderful day!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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