Evidence builds in the “Martinez Misconduct” case – Appeal Document (PDF)

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Following on from my last post, here’s the detailed appeal in light of the recent dismissal of the original Martinez complaint by the Bar Counsel.

If you can find the time to read through all 36 pages, it’ll be well worth it – just to see how The Prosecutor not only fed classified trial information to the different women he was having sex with during the trial, but also how he broke every rule in the book. Something the Bar Counsel don’t seem to be too concerned about at the moment. That may well change as momentum builds.

As I’ve said before: If these allegations can be proven by witness testimony – backed up by the credible evidence available – this would positively affect Jodi’s appeals, and may well go some way towards overturning Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

Click here or click the pic below to read the 36 page PDF (opens PDF doc in a new window):

juan martinez bar complaint feb 2018

Document Highlights:

In this section of the document (page 12), we see forensic evidence provided to the State Bar relating to Martinez’ sexual relations with Jenn Wood and Katie Wick, together with the leaking of confidential & sealed information (to Jenn Wood) in an attempt by Martinez to get hold-out Juror 17 removed from deliberations:

Juan Martinez juror 17 removal attempt evidence - tammy rose jen wood katie wick

On page 24 we see more revelations from Tammy Rose — this time relating to Juan Martinez fucking Jen Wood on his desk in the MCAO office, March 1st… just 3 days before the Retrial Verdict on March 5, 2015:

Juan Martinez fucking Jen Wood on his desk in the MCAO office just 3 days before the Retrial Verdict on March 5, 2015

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $115,769.81 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2018, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. (((((((JODI))))))) Stay Strong and Hold On (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me. (Acts 27:25)

  2. WOW SJ!!!!!!!!!

    I am curious if the attempt to have Juror 17 removed would by itself give Jodi a new trial AND disbar Martinez or does the entire complaint have to be won for this to happen? This evidence coincides with the previous storyline that the state turned down Jodi’s effort to plead guilty when she was pro se as the Alexander family wanted nothing but the DP. JM decided to go all out on Juror 17! I would love to know what she thinks of all this and I will say again that she should sue him for emotional distress!

  3. Once again, it’s incredible the lengths to which various levels of the Arizona attorney- disciplinary process will go to protect Martinez — even though he’s the prosecutorial counterpart of Sheriff Arpaio, and as such a sickening disgrace to the state.

  4. I agree with you Alan! The so-called Officers of the Law in Maricopa County truly need to be investigated to great lengths. There is something totally corrupt going on behind the scenes in that state. This opens the door to all of the dishonest transgressions Martinez has committed in his other cases. What a Hypocrite. It appears he was extremely treacherous in his attempts to put Jodi on Death Row. This whole trial was about him trying to make himself famous. The truth never mattered to him. What a disgrace. The man should ROT in jail.

    Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest. Benjamin Franklin 🙂

    Here all this time we called him Kermit the Frog when we should have called him Horny Toad! Ooops excuse me for thinking out loud!!!! 😆

  5. All the biased, unethical pieces of shit are finally getting really cornered. I wonder how they are feeling when they see the walls closing in on them!
    Jodi was their scapegoat for their political gains… when someone plays dirty in the end it is them that will get mud on them! And as my grandmother use to say : You have made your bed, now sleep in it…. mr Kermitfuckaroo!

    Jodi, be patient for a bit more. Soon enough we’ll be drinking those margaritas and tropical drinks on the beautiful beaches of the islands of Greece! Hang in there sister!


    p.s. SJ, I haven’t told you lately….. Σ’ΑΓΑΠΩ ΩΣ ΤΟΝ ΟΥΡΑΝΟ ΚΑΙ ΠΕΡΑ!!!!

    • Hi Pandora!
      Well said. There are too many unresolved issues here, plus evidence (and people willing to testify) for this to fizzle out.
      Every day that passes is another day closer…….
      Team Jodi #WINNING <<< PS. κι εγω σε αγαπω!

  6. It’s sad (and yet sometimes funny) to read the comments on the State page. Here’s what some believe:

    – That this appeal was actually written by Jodi herself.
    – That this is Jodi’s one and only state paid appeal.
    – That this is wasting taxpayer money.
    – That Jodi’s attorneys are “crooked”.
    – That these witnesses (most all women) are all lying.
    – That this is “fake news”.
    – And some (probably most) believe that the end justifies the means, that anyone whom they determine guilty is not, by definition, entitled to a fair trial (“What does any of this have to do with the fact that she killed him?”)


  7. I completely agree. But at least a few of them realize that it’s all true and therefore are disappointed in Martinez. Deafening silence so far from the Super Dupes.

  8. I’ve been following this case for a long time. I have a couple of questions: what’s next after the appeal? And how long will we have to wait until we know that the appellation was successful?

    Looking forward to new updates,


    • Hi Federico,

      Although none of us here are experts in AZ appeals law, this is what we do know as of now. Jodi is currently on her state paid appeals time frame which could be approximately 5 years give or take. This is not exactly known but it is an educated guess. What happens then is the “ticking clock” that is the state financing will hit zero and Jodi will then be responsible for her own appeal. This is the reason for the appeals fund that we have been donating to in order to secure a solid, smart appellate attorney or attorneys to represent Jodi in her appeal of her LWOP sentence. If the appeal is successful, Jodi would then be entitled to a new trial. The time frame on that is also unknown but obviously based on AZ law. However, recent events involving the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, that we have been discussing on this and previous boards will likely strengthen Jodi’s appeal standing and quite possibly could get JM disbarred for unethical conduct relating to his efforts to remove a juror and unethical relationships with two female bloggers, one of which he has been practically proven to have had a sexual relationship with during the trial. The background on that is at the top of this page.
      Look forward to hearing from you again and I hope this helps.

      • Not sure how you missed it but your exactly correct Carol! Anything to postpone Justice. SMH 🙁 FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!
        Clean up all the CORRUPTION!

        • I just thought of something else… Obviously, Jodi has two lawsuits going right now. What would the chances be the state of AZ brings up both JM’s ethics lawsuit around the same time as Nurmi’s suit? Does Jodi have enough attorneys to handle this IF it did happen? I know what you are thinking… NAH.. the state of AZ would never do that!! 🙂
          As weird as this will sound, the transcript delay actually helps Jodi as it has given us more time to raise the necessary funds.

          • In the Martinez bar complaint, if the 37-page “objection” is successful, the Bar will prosecute the case. As I understand it, Adams and Clark are not involved after that point. So they will have plenty of time to work on the Nurmi civil suit.

            • Hey Alan,

              That conversation we had last year about the time frame of Jodi’s appeal. It looks like that 5 year window we were discussing ran out on February 28th which would be about 5 years from her conviction. Obviously, I do not know AZ criminal law or docketing so I hope I am wrong about this. As I said above, the transcripts issues may have helped JAII as it may give us more time to raise the funds?

              • Assuming the extension is granted, the end of Jodi’s state-paid appeals is years away. There is no cause for alarm.

  9. It seems that the AZ Bar literally has no choice here… the amount of rock solid evidence along with credible witnesses. If they overrule this… they will lose ALL credibility in the state and possibly in the country depending on how public this becomes.
    In fact, I would think that this is also something that the tabloids should also add to their bullshit Missing Pieces follow-up.
    I think Justus needs a new nickname… WIKI KING!!!!!!!!! Those cliff notes awesome as is SJ’s at the top of the thread!
    I would bet Pandora already has another video in mind for this circus!
    I think a quote from the film.. The Equalizer.. sums this up real well.. “When you pray for rain, you got to deal with the MUD too.” Look like the mud is getting a little thicker by the day!!!

  10. Warning……. shit storm on hater sites…well push shit vile lies and hate and bingo that shit comes back…so many looking for a pay day even if it means state MURDER! To their minds warped as they are…a win at any cost is alright! What will the bar do? Seems to Me sooner or later they will own the fact they were wrong…way to many times…as they protected their own…for the win at any cost…as long as it’s not them who pay a price. Now anyone who speaks out against dear t ,MUST be a liar….how many times has that side been caught in lies on the stand??? The heat must be turned up and odd how these shits provide the fuel…hope shit offends em…LOL. So now We know how it wins……but then it’s an it! To some it is a frog but I never saw that in it……a rat spreads illness and take about ill when it come to the things that back it…..and the post too…..WTF is that logic? Look at this shit of a thing and ask how many it destroyed before…no wonder it fights like a rat in a corner. Is it not grand that when She can pick Her own legal team…She picked VERY well…..just imagine if such a team had been with Her from day one? Well what is past is past unless it destroys a certain rats career as it did that worm…but We can change the future…and it seems We shall bring justice to az….and the sooner the better.

  11. No wonder America fears the world court…with a legal system so corrupt as some states they fear show trials. How odd that so many haters KNOW the law so well….NEWS FLASH …even judges do at times not know the law think the so called judge in that trial and the rat persecutor as well as the $ grubbing worm…who was PAID rather well to DEFEND his client…and tried to destroy Her with that 9 out of 10…that alone should have sent him to prison for LIFE…or better yet DEATH ROW! Who i ask would ever do such a thing and why would ant system allow that??? Yet it takes claim that it SAVED Her …now the haters would suck it’s ….beep as they such a rats….. beep. haters really fear truth…and could care less about justice….as they have the mind of the mob. What is a law???? Well it is a rule that most put up with…when a few think it is not just then they have the right to change it for the good of all. Seems many Americans really do not know their history…remember 1775 and THE LAW of the day…how well did that stand up to folks who thought it was unjust??? Some BELIEVE that a juries verdict right or wrong must not be overturned…EVER….ever hear of APPEALS…COURTS….or The U.S.S.C……I would say ……NOT! Ever wonder why the courts think any who defend themselves in court are considered …FOOLS…Wow who made who look like a fucking fool in that show trial…how many times was a TRAINED lawyer about 5 ft. NOTHING shown to be a FOOL who could not keep it’s lies straight? so it had to THREATEN any and all as a judge ALLOWED it! How could so many just men and women in America ever allow such…and by this We are talking about JUDGES…LAWYERS and the LEADERS of America…..imagine them getting a show trial as She did now that’s KARMA folks. All one has to do is look at the actions of the two male lawyers in the show trial and ask what was going on. As show trials go it may have no equal….all that trial EVER was …was a young woman killing Her young ABUSER. Had nothing to do with the fact it was ALSO a know pedo…who many hid. Protect the church at all costs! Just tell any about that trial and leave out the names of Her and the abuser and most sane people would ask why all the corruption to get a win that for some reason FAILED. Some had a need to shut Her up for good…..yet with all that so called guilty as …beep She …WON! She lives and still fights ABUSE…ask the worm…ask the rat…why do they fear Her and the truth??? And so many hater know how to write…..well two wrote books that may just be their DOWNFALL!……May I remind America that over the years they have forgiven many who have killed millions……look it up in wiki a-holes. And yet her trial was nothing more then a LYNCHING…..and a $ grab. We who stand by Her stand by justice who is by the way a WOMAN……and I just may have a bit of VIKING in Me as they always took the word of a woman over a man. Because I as ALL men know just how rotten men can be…..why any good man or woman would back abusers is very strange indeed. Yes She lied before trial but odd how this amazing rat of a lawyer NEVER proved even once that on the stand She lied…in fact She spoke only the truth…which is more then all the states paid liars ever did…as well as the other liars just looking for a payday…ca$h and it’s ex……dan..e boy looked like a fool of a man as he told the world he saw abuse and did NOTHING! Maybe him and t-dog were CLOSER then We think…..Often i wonder why them haters get so upset over others SPENDING their money to right a wrong. if they have a problem then dig deep fuckers and send in MILLIONS to fund the states rat and the worm…sell your home and belongings….all for the cause. But We will just keep on a trucking… FREEDOM.

  12. HLN which is no friend to Jodi, reported today that Jodi’s lawyers are late in filing her appeal and now have asked for an extension (Ashley Banfield). When I look at the content of the above link, the information is overwhelming. I would be surprised if they did not get the extension they request but who knows in the world of the court and Jodi Arias. The most surprising things seem to happen. One has to remember how long it has taken to get those court transcripts transcribed and mistakes corrected.

  13. I will tell you that I now know why I work in a different kind of law. Criminal Law has so many docket entries it can make a person blind trying to read it all even with a case like Jodi’s. I believe like everybody else that this is a mere formality as the court reporters messed around and procrastinated and pushed off their filing duties and even had to destroy and redo some reports. The fact that this filing has come at a time when Jodi’s civil suits are being docketed for some future date makes me ask the question… Does JM’s Bar complaint, by itself, almost guarantee Jodi a new trial regardless of whether the appeal clock expires?

    I am not counting Nurmi’s because that is a pure civil matter which would only lead to some monetary damages which Jodi has stated that she would use to pay her restitution and put the remaining on her appeal fund since she would not be able to keep any of that.

    • I don’t think the bar complaint can affect Jodi’s status in any way. I don’t even see it as raising appealable issues, though I note Karen Clark is listed as a special counsel on Judy’s link above.

  14. Well We should ask this….if the defense team did what the rat did would they get a pass from the courts or the system. To me it shows just how bad something wanted to become very rich at taxpayers expense…with a book deal at any cost. was he not WORKING for the state and if not then who would buy his book…remember his book was given a huge advantage because he was the state PROSECUTOR…think the book called HELTER SKELTER name one other book on that subject that made as much money???? NONE…this rat had info few if any had and at state expense…or was he PAID to do research for a book. Seems to Me the state should be allowed to take it’s cut. Say most of it even if it wins the bar complaint…or this opens the door for others to gain at ANY cost to the defendant ……Imagine the books some may write on his ways and with tape or even video…one never knows. But then the system does give a pass more then not to it’s own. What part of a fair trial does az. not understand??? is this not the state that has lost two major decisions to the U. S.S.C. and has a member of an APPEALS court saying before trial that GUILT was never in question. How could ANY know that???? Seems az. is the land of SECONDARY GAIN. Face it none know what may happen but I as many think rights must be given to any and all…NONE OWN JUSTICE. To Me this case was more about women who stand up to ABUSERS…or did I not see a lot of abuse towards any woman on Her side in that trial…and towards any man who spoke for Her. When any prosecutor needs to abuse any on the stand We know it has a weak case. Most have heard of an eye for an eye…..well just maybe that means is if one puts a person to death for an unjust reason then they must face death…NAME one person in Her case that thinks She is so guilty that they would put their life or freedom on the line. Some are so ready to throw stones but seem to think they must not be thrown back. Not one of her jury even makes sense when asked how they came to their verdict…NOT ONE…how does that not trouble Our keepers of justice…when 21 no bodies can seek to destroy another. Shame on they who would do so and they who betray an oath are nothing but TRAITORS! their kind do destroy nations as history has shown. When the courts are owned by a few the many do suffer…EVEN haters!

  15. Thanks for clarifying Alan.

    I was probably trying to read more into the JM Bar complaint other than a civil matter. I am assuming however, that this would eliminate JM from any future trial cases including Jodi’s new trial after appeal. That, in itself, would be a major victory!
    I am assuming that the docket dates for JM’s Bar complaint as well as Nurmi’s lawsuit will be made public at some point.. if they are even scheduled for this year????

    • Right– of course if Martinez were disbarred, he could not prosecute Jodi again. But if he only suffered a lesser sanction, who knows?

      • That is another question I wanted to ask. What is the range of sanctions JM faces for these allegations? I think we all know he is guilty of something based on all of the witness statements. The degree to which he is found guilty is what we are all wondering. Is it possible he could be found guilty of these allegations and STILL allowed to work in the prosecutor’s office?!!!!!
        I will say that getting JM out of any retrial would be a tremendous victory.
        Hopefully, there is a way to fast track this through AZ civil court!!

  16. I must say that even lawyers are OFTEN wrong on their views…take the VIEW where time after time the former prosecutor( FED.) claims collusion is not a crime…She must have not read a websters or a coles dictionary of late…to even think or state that collusion is not in any way criminal smacks of an idiot logic. The system can charge any for any reason as they just have to word it in a proper fashion…ie : they colluded to destroy this person or nation hence a criminal act…ever home has a front door and a back door…or to put it in simple lingo …why did they have a need to collude….in secret with any or all. The law is rather open to interpretation always has n always will be. When that word uttered the words 9 out of 10…who did not wonder whose side was it on and then that book of HATE…VILE…LIES… was like that worm walked hand in hand with a rat to the book store to push their …TELL ALLS…well it sure as hell showed who the worked for…the fuck in the mirror…just like that so called victim abusing shit hole travis…odd how these things seem to have not given one cent to that dear family of misfits who acted in court or the hallway in the court to get their way no matter what. All in takes is one brave n just soul to change history…odd how that works but it does work. Some say …NEVER GONNA HAPPEN…it’s the law…REALLY….how many times has the so called law been ruled UNJUST and out aside???? More then most think…I believe America was founded by such actions. Just because a lawyer says so does not mean it’s true…EVEN JUDGES do not know the law at times…in fact how could any know all the laws..ever wonder why they are so hard to interpret ….sure makes for rich lawyers ! One must always stand up to injustice and laws that are unjust as that is good for all not just the few who seek to become the master. Remember how a rat seemed to own a court and the judge did NOTHING…now how did a system miss that…was it not public knowledge….talk about collusion to destroy another no matter the cost or facts…after all an APPELLANT judge say GUILT WAS NEVER IN QUESTION……now how would ANY know that but the one person who survived that day…almost like some were colluding to destroy Her by any and all means. Always remember that justice always trumps any law…..odd how military courts are the highest court in America and can try CIVILIANS and have ……all the U.S.S.C. in such cases is rule on the FAIRNESS of said trial …if ASKED! The two cases that come to mind are J. booth V U.S.A. and the 8 Germans caught entering the U.S. in 1942…all were civilians and were tried by military courts as any American can be in such cases…treason…terrorism…this right to a civil trial…do not bet your life on it…some do and some DIE. Now imagine a man paid by the state to defend justice for the people and claims that squeezing a cat is terrorism…but doing any and all legal or not is not terrorising ??? Now that’s a mind that needs help…if it can be found. They who work the law must be kept on a very short leash hence they bite their masters. The law works for all not just the or poor them of faith or they of none. Any with a problem with fairness show true evil….see other sites for that.

  17. A retrial…giving az. 4 more chances to destroy Her via state murder…the world mat need to build a wall around America. How is it even possible for any state to have 4 chances to put one to DEATH. What person of sound mind thinks that is legal in ANY way. The law…LOL…America was founded by men and women that knew the law was unjust…so much for all who believed in them laws to keep people in their place! The FOUNDERS cared more for justice then any LAW. To Me the CONSTITUTION is not law but a FAIR warning about abusing the rights of the people. Laws come n go…burn the witch say the lawmakers now We just put them in a quiet room with a rather tight coat…white? az. has always been wrong on this and here is proof of collusion…how can a person not on duty just show up to take over a case…was that rat looking for a book to write all along…did he not know of others who wrote such books and became very rich. The more he could spin the case the more he had 2 secondary gain at taxpayers expense no matter the cost. Was it luck he just happened to show up or did he get a text…you must see this …and off he goes to a scene he has no business at. Why would the prosecutor bow to this rat??? Just imagine if t-dog had told anyone that he outed his ways to Jodi…and thus outed them…that makes others have secondary gain to do all to destroy Her. Remember how sky worked her ass off for the rat…and how the state had no problem with chri$ holding on to evidence…..t-dog writings…wow who is running this show of trials. That evil side would like nothing better to have 4 more tries at destroying Her and just who would step up to defend Her then…az. will never sequester any jury…for Her unless FORCED…and who will do that??? When ever malfeasance or corruption is used in a trial to gain a win…that case must be over and the defendant set free and let them sue said state and all involved. And why do not all involved in this scam go to jail…they took an oath and chose to betray that oath…. Remember that any defense that acts as the rat in trial dooms Her such is the hate of juries….for some reason they think they are not accountable …does CONTEMPT of court not apply to them or are they above the law. Very strange indeed when asked they can not explain how they came to a verdict of guilt…but they were real good at showing hate ,vile and speaking lies! I believe in justice more then any law as i see people in power do as they please….We know them by the words lawmakers….police…prosecutors and judges who think in their sick minds they OWN the law and all others below them….they thought that in 1775 and see what happened then. When enough stop believing in any law it ceases to be…but when enough stop believing in justice that’s the end for all. Justice 4 Jodi means justice 4 all.

  18. According to Tammy Rose, the Arizona probable cause committee is to make a decision at their meeting on March 9th, 2018 re the Bar complaint accusing Juan Martinez of manipulating women to get juror information. This is International women’s day….and it is interesting to think of this complaint of a prosecutor using women to get what he wants. It is time that he pays the piper. Interesting.

    • Yes Judy F. it is TIME!!!! I can’t fathom the depths of the corruption in that particular AZ courthouse!!!! They all need to be under a microscope! Guilty officers of the law protecting their own abusers at all cost. It is embarrassing and disgusting that this man was allowed to perform this tragic circus and play with people’s lives. Jodi has overpaid her debt to society for a self defense crime (which is not a crime anywhere else), NOW it is Juan Martinez’s time. Montgomery, Nurmi and all that played a part in this should go to jail with him. Time to pay up!!! FREE JODI ARIAS AZ !!!!!!
      Praying that today will bring Lady Justice back to her feet!!!!!

  19. Attorneys file new sexual harassment allegations against Jodi Arias prosecutor

    “Attorneys seeking disciplinary action against Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez have filed further allegations with the Arizona State Bar about Martinez’s conduct with women in the courthouse.

    “Within the past month, one former court aide told attorneys Karen Clark and Ralph Adams that Martinez, a deputy Maricopa County attorney, had sexually harassed her, and said that she could provide the names of seven other women who had suffered the same.”

  20. I just read the AZ republic article posted online and it is starting to appear as if JM is related in some kind of way to Harvey Weinstein!!! Now we have a legal aide from the courthouse saying that he sexually harassed her and seven other women. I think a pattern has been shown here in addition to the charges that were dismissed. Name another civil servant ANYWHERE that would still have a job with SIX COMPLAINTS!!!
    In addition to all of this, the former probation supervisor’s letter stating that Martinez practically assaulted her by pushing her face into a garment that had been worn by one of the victims of Cory Morris and was consumed with the stench of death. This guy absolutely has to go if AZ’s justice system ever wants to be taken seriously again!!

    • Wondering if the “Veil of Deception” church is behind this ugly man’s ability to not be held accountable for his outrageous behavior?!? He needs to be publicly humiliated. . . .bring back flogging!!!!

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