Ethics Complaint Filed over Martinez & the Jen Wood Trial Affair

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12 News Exclusive:

An ethics complaint filed against the high-profile prosecutor in the Jodi Arias case alleges he engaged in misconduct that may have compromised her trial, 12 News has learned. The complaint was filed with the State Bar of Arizona on behalf of Jodi Arias.

juan martinez jen wood trial affair ethics complaint

At the center of the accusation of misconduct against Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez is an alleged relationship with a woman who was blogging and providing TV commentary on the Arias case, according to a police report obtained by 12 News.

juan martinez jen wood trial affair ethics complaint

The woman, Jen Wood, was one of the two self-named “Trial Divas,” who dished about the Arias case on TV and online.

A State Bar of Arizona spokesman confirmed to 12 News it is “investigating an ethics complaint alleging that Martinez had inappropriate relationships that may have compromised the Arias case.”

Tammy Rose, a free-lance reporter who covered the Arias trial, filed a sworn statement with the ethics complaint.

Rose said she and Wood became friends while they were covering the trial’s death-penalty phase in 2015.

They would car pool to the Maricopa County Courthouse and trade text messages through the day.

“She told me this shocking secret that I was – so shocked when she told me – that she said she was having an affair with Juan Martinez,” Rose said in an interview from her Wisconsin home.

Experts on legal ethics say a relationship in itself wouldn’t violate Arizona Supreme Court rules governing conduct by attorneys… but if Martinez shared non-public trial information with a blogger and commentator like Wood, ethics experts say, that could be a problem.

juan martinez jen wood trial affair ethics complaint

“Attorneys in those kind of proceedings have to be especially careful to mind their ethical obligations,” said Keith Swisher, professor of legal ethics at the University of Arizona.

“They can’t (share information) themselves and, importantly, they can’t do it through a third party, including people with whom they’re associated romantically or otherwise.”


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  1. With some luck he will wind up like Kirk Nurmi and be disbarred. The case gets more and more bizarre as time goes on.

  2. It would be nice if some of our old regulars would return. We are finally seeing some forward movement and we need all the encouragement we can muster. (Not to mention some increased momentum in the appellate fund.)

      • Double Amen!!!! I miss all of the “oldies”!!!! Stop just reading and let us know your still here. Everyone should put their own personal views of this crazy world on the back burner. This is way too important to get our feelings hurt over ridiculous political view points. We must speak up when we see JUSTICE being CORRUPT!!!! Team Jodi is here to support and make sure that Jodi Arias receives her much deserved FREEDOM and nothing else!!!!! Three cheers for the TRUTH!!!!! 🙂 SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!!! ♥ (((((((JODI)))))))

        • Hi RL!

          Good points. I agree. Having said that, if anyone stopped supporting Jodi just because they couldn’t handle a heavy election loss, and they used that as their “tipping point” to abandon ship, then it speaks volumes. They can’t have been real supporters in the first place. We know who they are.

          In the meantime, it’s good to see a few of the “oldies” returning to the fold!

          Happy 4th for tomorrow!

          Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

          • Hi SJ! Happy 4th to you too!
            I admire and respect your continuous effort to support Jodi by hosting and maintaining this site.
            I know a lot of work and dedication goes into that.

    • This old timer is still here sorry I forgot my name and could not log in to comment no excuse but only timewilltell and then I remembered so good to see the news about Juan a bee get is ass on national TV news about his nasty behavior….

  3. I can already hear the Travis-Lovers: “What does this have to do with the fact the she’s a murderer?” That’s because there are three-dimensional thinkers and then there are one-dimensional thinkers.

    • They’re already at it on Twitter. Same ole name-calling and shit.
      Oh and aparently they are the same thickheaded imbeciles we got to know and hate.
      You know what they say: you can’t fix stupid!

      • I actually have started to feel sorry for them. . .smh ( I know 😯 ) They will be the ones who will suffer from their quick judgement against Jodi. From here to Eternity!

      • It’s amazing that they are still around. Jodi’s been gone for two years now and they still spend the precious days of their lives spewing venom. What kind of awful lives they must lead (as well as the people around them who have to live among such negativity). As I’ve said before, we have a mission to do good (whether they judge it good or not) while they just have a hateful hobby.

        • Hey Justus,

          I still think Jodi summed it up the best… There will always be people who are going to hate regardless of what the truth may be. These same people will likely never accept what we all know really happened.

  4. I don’t know where this Ethics complaint may lead but God knows we are all keeping our fingers crossed and kind of holding our breaths.

    Yes, for the time being we cannot speculate because Lady Justice seems to have abandoned the USA long ago; but even the possibility of this complaint making Kermit and Jen my-ass-Trial-Diva squirm feels SOOO good.

    Hey Frog and Pukeface : ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ HA! YOUR TIME *IS* COMING!!!

    PS: Regarding posting here. Guilty as charged. Those of you who are my friends and we get to talk outside this website, you all know I am still 10000% by my Jodi’s side. Every.Single.Day.

    • I’m also guilty as charged, Maria. It was like I had said just about everything I had to say (probably many times over) and I think I also felt I needed a bit of a rest from it all. But I’ve never really left and I think about Jodi nearly every day, hoping she knows she has not been abandoned.

  5. Hi everyone. I have never stopped following the case & rooting for Jodi. As I said quite a long time ago I felt foolish commenting on here because I can’t afford to contribute to the appellate fund any time soon.
    I have a chronic illness and that leaves me with very little money to spare.

    I don’t mind at all what people’s political views are.

    What was done to Jodi is a perfect example of what is wrong with the U.S.
    Hopefully the tide will change.
    I’m VERY happy to hear this latest news story about Martinez & Jen Wood.
    I think it’s highly likely Jodi’s lawyer was certain there is solid evidence to back up the claims of impropriety that most certainly compromised the integrity of the trial.
    I highly doubt her lawyer would file the complaint for Jodi unless there is substantial proof of their allegations.
    I believe it’s highly probable that there are countless preserved screenshots etc of the entire intermingling of Jen Wood’s blog, T.V interviews (I think she was on HLN too), people actively involved in the trial and I assume there were several ‘pipelines’ back and forth and among critical people that once exposed will support the allegations against Juan Martinez & Jen Woods. During the trial it seemed that Jen Woods et al were unconcerned about being guarded about what they posted on line.

    I watched the recent videos posted by the news outlets reporting on the alleged affair (I totally believe there was an affair,) and I was surprised how frivolous Jen Woods’ attitude was in regard to a life and death matter. The video showed her saying how delighted she was dressing up in dresses and wearing stilettos.
    That frivolous attitude and the whole gossipy entertainment angle applied to something so important and serious, hopefully will make it easy to spot the wrong-doing of Jen Woods, Juan Martinez & any one else involved in revealing material that can be considered to have compromised Jodi’s case.

    I LOVE the fact that this latest ethics complaint against Juan Martinez is so timely in so many ways.
    He is the prosecutor in a case involving a serial killer. Surely that will garner immense attention, and that will create the increased likelihood that the unscrupulous affair allegations will be given significant attention by the main stream media.

    I’m also happy that increasingly news-outlets mention the numerous complaints that have been filed against Martinez by many sources and in reference to several cases, not just Jodi’s. More and more I see reporters including critical comments about Martinez’s record of ethical breaches.

    And, happily this affair complaint has been filed at a time where, as far as I know, Martinez is still awaiting his chance to appeal his probation.

    I believe Michael Kiefer had reported that Martinez’s decision to appeal leaves him very vulnerable because he is going to be scrutinized regarding his entire professional history, & that evaluation will be very similar to an actual jury trial, and it potentially opens him up to being disbarred.

    Additionally, Kiefer explained that a prime reason Juan Martinez chose to appeal the probation was because if the probation was doubly assessed as warranted, that blot on his record would make him very susceptible to having any future allegations likely to tip the scales so drastically against him, that there is a real possibility his career would be ruined, because the Bar will consider one more spot on his record to be the final straw.

    Even though Juan Martinez has gotten away with countless unscrupulous misconduct throughout his career, it is well publicized that many judges and many lawyers frown upon his unethical behavior and they are definitely chagrined about his sly ability to escape accountability.

    There was a T.V. documentary -years before Jodi Arias was ever known to the public- which focused on Martinez’s unscrupulous behavior in other cases- cases which resulted in people getting executed.

    Even though Jodi is my focus, I wish people that hate her would be open- minded and concede that there is an important, real history of unscrupulous conduct committed by Juan Martinez.
    And any person willing to be unscrupulous in death-penalty cases, is someone who should never be trusted.

    I’m happy to hear that Jodi’s life is getting increasingly happier over time- at least that is how it appears when I read information about her online.

    ……. It bothers me to see that people who hate her go so far as to request records of her visitors’ list.
    I understand why the correction facility keeps such records, but the general public should never be privy to them, because in high profile cases like hers, when the people who hate Jodi can obtain names of people who visit her, they have the means to harrass and intimidate the visitors, and that can make other potential visitors wary.

    As far as I know, when people mail Jodi cards and letters, the public isn’t privy to the names and addresses of the people who write her?

    I think I have seen people who hate her, post public info of the names of people who send Jodi money for commissary, care packages, gifts, books etc?
    I’m not sure about that.

    I’m not sure if the corrections facility permits the public access to that information to people who request it.
    I just know I have seen many posts of people who hate her trying to obtain all sorts of info about her and her supporters by requesting info from the facility, which might be granted due to the freedom of information act?

    It’s crazy the extent to which people who hate her obsess over trying to find out every minute detail of her life.

    It’s also crazy that so many people don’t realize the movies/ documentaries about her, are so fantastical and divorced from reality.

    ….. Hopefully Joe Arpaio will get his comeuppance this week and be sentenced to jail. I’ve read that unfortunately the DOJ sent pretty amateurish, inexperienced lawyers to handle the prosecutor’s case.

    Absurdly, Arpaio’s lawyer subpoenaed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify in his trial and rightly Sessions refused, but it seems suspect that such inexperienced lawyers were assigned to Arpaio’s trial.

    Anyway, I hope I’ll have reason to bake a pink cake soon.

    • (Jen Wood)
      I’ve been browsing comments online about Jodi on the internet and it’s amazing to see that so many of the people actually write that her jury was sequestered, when any informed person knows that’s not true.
      And I see comments where uninformed people do not know at the time of the alleged affair, Juan Martinez was living with a woman he had been living with for years and she was his lover.
      So if the affair is true, obviously he was cheating, thus more evidence of his unethical character.
      And many online commentators don’t understand the article is not saying an affair in itself is the problem, but that the potential leakage of info to critical people and that influence on the trial, is the problem.
      And so often I see commentators who confuse Jodi with Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony etc.
      One commentator wrote Jodi accused Nurmi of sexual advances towards her, when actually, absurdly, it was Nurmi who falsely and delusionally accused Jodi of flirting with him. (Seriously, no matter how much Jodi’s detractors hate her, how can they possibly believe Jodi would ever be attracted to Nurmi?)
      And I see comments where uninformed people think Jodi is the only person TA ever had sex with.
      …. And so many more uninformed comments ad infinitum online.

    • Interesting point, Amy, about Martinez’s current vulnerability due to the probation issue.

      My understanding is that Jodi’s visitor list, commissary purchases, etc. are not public information, and certainly her mail is not. However, Perryville leaks like a sieve for information about famous inmates. On the bright side, I’ve never heard of anyone suffering any harm for visiting her or funding her commissary account. If that risk ever existed (which I somewhat doubt), it’s in the past. And no list of her correspondence has ever even been leaked.

      • Hi Alan,

        Those are very interesting points from Amy. Many of those points were the basis for my previous arguments that we should try to publicize somehow what we know is the truth. My arguments about the pictures were the main theme of this in that they show undisputed evidence(date -stamps) that she did not rob her own home. I am not even accounting for the fact that the Yreka police NEVER considered her a suspect. Maybe a police officer can testify that he was told she wasn’t home. This, in turn, eliminates the theories that she showed up with a gun/knife to his home. Once the premeditation arguments get trashed, the remaining case narrows to the events of June 4th by themselves. Unfortunately, because phone calls are not text backed up, Jodi will be the only person who can state what was said during those calls which we all now know is Travis conning/guilting her to stop by.
        The Casey Anthony profile is what made me bring up the publicity issue. I would argue that the pictures that Jodi took would have generated that kind of publicity and created some public dialogue which is what Jodi could always use, especially the kind that questions bad theories and corrupt prosecutors.

  6. Wonderful to hear from you Amy! I’ve missed your Pearls of Wisdom. Jodi appreciates everyone who cares and supports her quest for Freedom. ((((((AMY & Her Pink Cake))))))

  7. Hey everybody!!!!.. Maria, SJ, RL, JD and Justus
    Just when you thought it was going to be a long hot boring summer, we get a gift!!!!
    I know we will all enjoy watching the state of AZ crawl up JM’s ass with a huge flashlight. I know the big question will continue to be.. how much does this help Jodi?
    We would all hope that JM really did run his mouth to this lady because the more he talked, the more it helps Jodi.
    Amy, hope you are feeling well.. don’t worry about the fund.. I will send some for both of us!

  8. I have been thinking about the hold out juror in the death penalty phase of Jodi’s trial. She must have a few thoughts of her own about the complaint laid against Juan Martinez. She suffered so much for her decision.

  9. All I want for you is to accept God’s son Jesus as your personal Lord and savior. You will get true peace and forgiveness when you accept. John 14:6

  10. Just dropping by to wish everyone state-side a Happy 4th of July!

    Here’s some music to help you celebrate the day in style:

    If you’re in the states and you’re not proud to be an American, you need to get the hell out and go live in Syria instead…

    TTYL 🙂
    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  11. Hey Justus,

    I stand corrected on Karen Clark. I would like to think that all of this stuff he has been accused of and been shown to have committed already will prevent him from being involved in anything related to Jodi’s appeal in the future?
    I was finally able to speak to my attorney neighbor over the holiday and asked him the “new evidence” question regarding Jodi’s hard drive photos. He said that the rules in my state are a little convoluted mainly because they exist to protect defendants against bad or lazy legal counsel. I got the impression that if this occurred in my state, the drives would not be allowed as evidence. If AZ follows the same path, Jodi’s only alternative would have to be direct testimony from Angela stating that the two of them were at the monastery taking pictures.. assuming nobody else comes forward that remembers that time 9 years ago and says that they saw them there. Needless to say, this is a B.S. rule of law if it is true!!!!!!!

  12. .@LawNewzNetwork on Digging into the #CaseyAnthony Trial archives, Also today, latest…… …. on #JodiArias

  13. Sheriff Joe has to wait a couple of weeks for the judge’s decision on his case. There is a stirring in the universe re these individuals who were so unscrupulous….

  14. Hi all! Glad to see the site back up and running. I just read the Tammy Rose post and wow at the amount of corrupt people involved in Jodi’s case! Isn’t Juan in a relationship with a fellow prosecutor? I wonder how she feels about this. I also lost my appetite at the part about Juan and Jen having sex before trial, so nasty! Jen sounds like a desperate nut, I guess she is proud that she had sex with Kermit, mind boggling!

    • Hey Vicky! ♥ I also read it and was amazed at how freely Jen has lied time and time again. If one will lie about themselves, then everyone is fair game for them. She sounds like a professional liar. Just the type for Juan to fall prey on and take advantage of. It appears that she was proud to be involved with the slimy, little man but MAKE NO MISTAKE he knew just exactly what his objective was and that was to sway the public and media in his favor against Jodi. Jen was an easy mark. Maybe we should rename him as Foxy instead of Frog. There certainly was a fox in that hen house! 🙂 Juan Martinez deserves to be DISBARRED and put away behind BARS!!!!! imo 🙂

      • Psalm 82:3-4 NIV; Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.


  15. Bed fellows often share information…what a sick outfit that is….I read Tammy Rose post as well. There are just too many complaints filed against Martinez…six in all I believe and four have been dealt with. His day is coming. He reminds me of a weasel more than a fox.

    • I have been wondering if there has ever been another prosecutor with as much baggage and complaints against him that JM has who is actually still a prosecutor anywhere??? This absolutely amazes me!!

      • Lance, Juan is like the canary in the coal mine. I see our democracy possibly rotting from the inside out and Juan (and those who excuse Juan) are the leading edge of that cancer. Perhaps if Juan can be taken down it will be an indicator that our democracy can hold up through this attack.

        • Justus,

          A canary is probably the nicest thing that he is!! To me, he is a POS prosecutor plain and simple! It’s ironic that Jodi’s case had to finally show the world what kind of POS he is. Hopefully, Jodi is able to win this scenario soon. I think she has already won the fight with Arpaio as he seems destined for prison.
          I think the democracy is OK fortunately because people like JM are the exceptions and not the rule. Most prosecutors are honest, earnest and unbiased and base ALL of their actions on the evidence and the rules of law.

          • I agree, Lance – most prosecutors are honorable people and I also agree that Juan is an exceptional POS. But my concern is not just with Juan but with the fact that there are so many people who admire and encourage the likes of that POS. They are what’s most frightening and present the greatest danger to our democracy.

            • I agree with your concern. I will say that the people that are admiring and encouraging him are doing so because they only know him superficially… which is through the media or the trial itself. I do believe that all of this recent news has brought him down a few notches. In addition, those same people already thought Jodi was a monster to begin with so they sided with POS from the beginning.
              This issue has been at the heart of an argument that I had brought up some time ago and was confirmed by the B.S. National Enquirer follow-up. An example of what I am talking about would again be from my previous post about the pictures. If they are ruled as “new evidence” and therefore inadmissible, why not still put them out to the media where they would create conversation and maybe a little doubt about her conviction.
              I have said before and I will continue to say that I think that JAII needs to somehow publicize your wiki page and if possible Jade’s posts and present an opposing side.. aka the truth.. to the media. Comments?

  16. Just posting to wish Jodi a Happy 37th birthday!

    Feel free to post your best wishes below my comment 🙂

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    Praying that this year will be your BEST year EVER!!!! ♥

  18. Happy Birthday, Jodi <3 I didn't get a card sent to you this year, Jodi – Sorry – I haven't been very well, health-wise, and don't get out very much, anymore. Just hoping that your day has been a Good Day, for you. Take Care – <3

  19. Happy Birthday Jodi!
    There was a full moon on the night of your birthday, so I thought this poem fragment by Samuel Taylor Coleridge would be suitable:

    The Moon, how definite its orb!
    Yet gaze again, and with a steady gaze-
    It’s there indeed-but where is it not?-
    It is suffused o’er all the sapphire
    Trees, herbage, snake-like stream, unwrinkled Lake,
    Whose very murmur doth of it partake,
    And low and close the broad smooth mountain
    Is more a thing of Heaven than when
    Distinct by one dim shade and yet undivided from the
    Universal cloud
    In which it towers, finite in height.

  20. Happy Birthday Jodi!!! I wish I could remember 37 :)!!!!!
    I’m with JD.. a nice little gift to the appeal fund is on the way.

  21. According to a group of Perryville prison inmates strike over commissary price hike. They are only buying a toothbrush. It doesn’t say who is striking so don’t know if this affects Jodi

  22. Since Jodi works in the commissary, I would imagine it affects her as well. Obviously, commissary inmates don’t get “discounts” so any price hikes affect every inmate I am assuming. If I had to guess, the inmates that are striking do not have the financial assistance that Jodi has. I would also assume that, considering Jodi’s giving nature, that she is likely helping some of them obtain these items.

    • Really SAD how injustice continues in Arizona. It appears that the ones in charge of the commissary are nothing but low down “law abiding?” thieves. The crooked sheriff’s family ran the commissary where Jodi started out. What a shining star he is. . .smh. How many tax dollars has he wasted to self-promote himself? One can only imagine the millions they have milked off of the less fortunate. Shameful. Prison is an extremely lucrative business everywhere BUT the state Arizona should be at the TOP of the profit-making abuse list. FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA! CORRECT YOUR WRONGS! Protecting ones self from a vicious life threatening attack is NOT A CRIME! Deleting, Concealing and Withholding evidence is!

  23. So some of the inmates sew the prison garb for next to nothing and then have to buy the same issue for inflated prices. I know they are in prison but what the hell! Costs for necessities like soap and tampons have gone up. That’s what you get when you have private prisons. Shame on them. Disgusting.

  24. This is quite interesting. The AZ DOC appears to be engaged in some serious intimidation against people who have very little recourse to defend themselves. The female inmate stated that she was concerned about physical retaliation after her roommate gets moved out thus removing any witness. These people are starting to sound like the mob!
    The issue of private prisons has been going on for a fairly long time. I have watched news mags and documentaries on how the prison system has moved from the state to a for-profit company. One of the byproducts of this ends up being the company raising costs on the prison inmates who may have little or no financial help. I would bet that this health care issue will likely make Jodi and other inmates more vigilant about their own health if they are indeed concerned about the quality of the prison health care.

    • Lance, Not long ago I mentioned to someone that in 118-degree weather, Arizona prisoners are provided swamp coolers. (And, by the way, they also have to make phone calls out in the sun where they need to put something over their hands to pick up the hot receivers.) The snarky response I got was “Well, it is prison after all!” That’s the vindictive-type personality we’re dealing with. What’s wrong with the attitude of helping these people rather than punishing them as much as we possibly can (especially when we know that it’s only creating better and more bitter criminals)? But making life for them as miserable as possible seems to be a lot of people’s misguided idea of justice. (Maybe because it helps them to find an easy target for their own underlying unresolved anger – and it helps them feel superior.)

      • Jodi’s sense of humor is obviously going strong with her last tweet! 🙂

        “Anyone who says of Arizona, “It’s a dry heat,” has not been there during monsoon season. #jodiarias

  25. It must be horrible to be in a situation where you are helpless against mean spirited officials—-watching every day in case something is planted in your cell, unable to sleep at night because you are constantly awakened by corrections as punishment. I just can’t imagine how hard that life would be. There will be more private prisons as this government is business oriented. It is hell for the inmates. To hell with human rights ….that seems to be the case in many cases. I imagine Jodi has seen and heard many things.

  26. Hey Justus,

    I remember hearing about these swamp coolers about the time I joined JAII. I have heard that they work quite well. I do not know all of the protocols regarding visits and phone calls except for what Alan has updated us on regarding Jodi’s new privileges regarding her visits and calls. Obviously, the excessive heat is an irritant and uncomfortable but part of the life in AZ this time of year. I believe that the snarky response you got was from people that believe that all prisoners are monsters like Shauna Forde and they don’t care about any issues she may have with commissary costs or the heat. The culture in prison causes people to change their behavior to survive (i.e. snitching etc.). I am sure Jodi has learned these prison rules quite well since 2015. All of us know that this is not the case, especially with Jodi which is why I doubt any of this would fall on Jodi because it would likely “blow the lid” off any illegal actions by the DOC and cause them even more problems than they already have. I would hope that Jodi knows that she has a large group of supporters who are watching this closely and would never let any illegal retaliation/threat go unreported and without serious repercussions.

    Hi Judy, the concept of private prisons has existed for many, many years as the state’s have looked to push corrections off of their financial books due to the increasing costs to taxpayers involved with housing and feeding inmates. This has been occurring all over the country and not just in AZ. I think that as much as we dislike what the AZ prison system is doing, we must continue to focus on Jodi’s well-being and her appeal fund which is why we are here in the first place. I also believe that Jodi understands this and knows that she can be a positive force/role model in her unit by using her selfless giving nature to help those that don’t have the financial means to offset the somewhat questionable cost of living hike that AZ DOC has implemented.

  27. What’s up Justus and JD,

    This was a national story as it made my paper. His other trial is what everybody is waiting for I would imagine. When does that decision come?

  28. I also read that many people don’t think he will spend any jail time because the conviction is only 6 months and he is a long term law enforcement officer.

    • What’s up Lance! I agree. Arpaio probably won’t get any jail time unfortunately but at least he’ll never be a sheriff again!

  29. That would be a real improvement!
    I am curious about the other charges he was facing… those were more serious.
    I will admit that I am real curious about the internal DOC drama. It appears that Jodi has been able to sidestep a lot of that which is a good thing. Hope she is staying cool!!!

  30. Interesting Alan….”another Arpaio” just want Arizona Corrections need. I do believe Jodi’s case will get its time under the microscope given so many lies and technical issues…can’t wait! Don’t want Arizona to keep getting away with this b.s…

  31. Hello R Love I see your here fighting for Jodi’s freedom. I still to this day wonder what happened to the missing memory cards. It bad when they cheat to win a case to deceive and play dirty to convict even the judge helped lol sorry the fight in me is gone it’s time for this appeal team to fight justice gone wrong in Arizona court system.

  32. Hello R Love I see your here fighting for Jodi’s freedom. I still to this day wonder what happened to the missing memory cards.

    • Yes timewilltell, the fight continues and we all are growing weary with the slow process this is taking to attain true justice and Jodi’s freedom. No telling what the Frog did with the memory cards . . . probably hid them deep under his lily pad in the muddy muck of his cess pool. I do believe her attorneys are working night and day to help. Still praying though.

  33. If anybody is curious, Scott Peterson will be speaking from prison for the first time Tuesday on A&E.. should be interesting!!!
    Does anybody know when Arpaio faces the more serious charges he had?

    • One would think Trump might just have some more serious business to take care of besides Arpaio who is completely guilty of anything and everything he has been accused of. . . . imo. Arpaio deserves pink underwear, pink slop and solitary confinement. May the big man topple off of his pedestal. 🙄

  34. Based on this article, if Travis lived in almost any other county other than Maricopa, the charges would have been likely very different because the county would have viewed a death penalty trial as too costly?
    This sounds like it may be headed all the way to D.C. Real interesting!
    As we have said before, the hits against AZ just keep on coming.

  35. Based on articles that I had read, Trump has stated that he will likely pardon Arpaio.
    What is the latest on JM’s legal issues?

  36. My understanding is that in order to accept a pardon the pardonee has to first admit their guilt. I heard that Arpaio is still saying the charges brought against him were “fraudulent”. How does that work?

    • CORRECTION: Further research indicates that he doesn’t have to admit guilt but that by accepting the pardon he is implicitly admitting guilt. To me it seems like fraud for him to accept the pardon after declaring his innocence publicly.

      • Hey, maybe Trump could repay the “70?” Million of the AZ taxpayers money that his (lol) Civil Servant law-abiding Sheriff Arpaio wasted.. . . . . just a thought. It would only be Trump pocket change. He wouldn’t ever miss it.”The Land Behind The Veil of Deception” Where in this world is Lady Justice hiding?????

  37. That is somewhat ironic. He actually has to admit his guilt in order to accept the pardon. Everybody knows what he is by now including Trump which is why he issued it in the first place. The fact that he did it without the proper channels and protocols on a Friday night is also pretty obvious.

  38. Saw an interview with a former inmate on CNN. He lived in tent city and described how mean it was. Freezing in the cold and unbearable in the heat. It is something to be grateful for to have Jodi survive the Arpaio experience. I remember a woman dying in the heat in an outside cage, when prison officials forgot her out there.

  39. Hey Alan,

    This guy just confirms what we have all known for years. The fact that other Republicans are strongly criticizing him should say something about where his head is at!
    Judy- I have seen interviews in the past where some of the inmates, all men that I saw, would talk about not being given water etc. I think Jodi was “fortunate” that her situation allowed her to be in a cell and not outside which wasn’t great but likely was much better than the tent city.

  40. Yes I have seen those interviews too and the case of the woman in the cage outside that they forgot about with no water and 130 degree temperatures. Found dead. Jodi is fortunate to have survived that time in Arpaio’s hell.

  41. I would imagine her family received a substantial settlement for wrongful death!
    At least we know that JM isn’t on that pardon list and he will likely get some kind of punishment.
    Have a great Labor Day weekend… including Jodi!!!

    • Hey Lance! Yes, Yes Prayers for everyone affected by the hurricanes and ALWAYS FOR JODI AND her FAMILY!!!! XOX 🙂 (((((((TEAM JODI)))))))

  42. I was just curious if anyone else has been watching the A&E profile on the Scott Peterson trial. It has been shown in six one hour episodes and is fascinating. It has been showing all of these instances where evidence was left out by detectives and by witnesses who weren’t interviewed and mistakes made by the prosecution.. sound familiar!!!!

  43. Hey Justus,

    I saw this today. I think we all had an idea JM might beat this because he has one of the best defense attorneys in AZ. Once again, I think AZ has really dropped the ball here as these issues would have gotten him in serious trouble in other states. I will still say that JM’s reputation has been tarnished by this in the media.

  44. The joke of the U.S.A. …az. justice time to put the entire az. system on trial…for treason then see if any walk…….My how the haters love when justice is fucked by traitors as all who back them are! Odd how scum and rats always stick together…..for the win at any cost.

  45. Less then 1 min…..WTF is that or was the fix already in as another judge an appellant one at that said Her guilt was never in doubt… could he ever explain that he knew that as how could the 3 claim they only needed 1 min. to make a ruling…….can not be done…EVER! nazi courts are alive and well in the crazy state of az…but even in that Germany one could get some justice. And the…. i would have done , what it did….well only in a corrupt court fucker! A real judge would have confronted the rat and sent his ass to jail for all the things it got away with! P.S. it’s not ever been TEFLON …but way more SHIT…as most know something really stinks in az..

  46. Teflon Juan …..referred to as the “superstar prosecutor”……don’t hold your breath about him being found guilty of the next accusation re the alleged affair with the Trial diary gal. Arizona is in a world of its own. Where are Pandora and Maria when you need them….love to read their comments…

  47. Hi Judy,

    I agree totally… AZ is absolutely in a world of its own. JM would likely have been busted in many other states including mine. I would like to think that AZ would at the very least censure him for the affair. Justus even says Michael Kiefer sounds disgusted with the outcome! How often does a journalist allow his emotions to come out in a broadcast?

    • Just to be clear, Lance (and maybe you meant it this way), when I said “voice” (and actually put it in quotes) I meant the tone of the written article I referenced, not any “broadcast” (in the television sense of the word).

      Not big deal. Just wanted to be clear.

  48. Throwing Baphomet and Preaching The Secret are both know as highly blasphemous to the Mormon Church and indicative of The Illuminati.

    Easier to get away with abusing Ms. Arias due to: her insecurity and mental health issues, their lack of mutual contacts, and her having less credibility than previous lovers. [Audio Tapes]

    Mesa, AZ is not far from the Mexican border. Mr. Alexander appeared to have assests outside his means. Possible involvement with Mexican drug cartels?

    A white car would make sense in the desert sun and extra gas is a wise decision during such a trip. License plate could easily have been a rental company error.

    Change in hair color could have been for new beau. Ms. Arias was attempting to turn a new leaf, so a change in hair color makes sense in light of this.

    Cuts on hands and chunks of hair are indicative of a struggle with the knife wielding female that Ms. Arias stated she charged. Defensive wounds are typically found on the hands.

    Palm print possibly left while using wall to keep balance as she took a sharp corner running for her life. Likely unable to recall this detail due to Post-Traumatic Stress.

    Ms. Arias stated that her ID was taken by the perpetrators and her family threatened. This is enough to keep her silent, especially after just having witnessed what the unknown intruders were capable of acting out.

    Gun caliber used matches that of gun previously reported stolen by parents, which is indicative of a framing.

    10,000 Ways to Die given to Ms. Arias, which could indicate that she was to be an Illuminati sacrifice. Refusal to commit this act may have resulted in the attempted murder of both victims.

    Illegal interrogation tactics! [Entrapment]

    Circumstantial evidence!

    Male and female friends of Mr. Alexander committed suicide shortly after the trial, even though they were of the Mormon faith and knew this would result in external damnation. This action would make since if they were plagued with guilt and knew they were already damned to Hell for murder.

    On the testimony of two or three witnesses a person is to be put to death, but no one is to be put to death on the testimony of only one witness.
    -Deuteronomy 17:6

    No witnesses present.

    • Rose, I’m just going to jump in here: Travis and Jodi were following the book, 1000 Places To See Before You Die. They were visiting and checking things off the list. Jodi had strands of hair stuck in blood to the wall, not chunks. Her license was presented and used in evidence for her trial, so not stolen by incognito attackers. Also, Jodi prefers her supporters to believe her version of the events that transpired on that day, as well as what she testified to in court. I dont come here often, but if everyone spends time and effort supporting “tales” other than the facts….seems like battling windmills. $ talks. Keep the donations coming!

  49. Oh loretta how weak you must be…they who never cuss MUST never be trusted! When some hide behind a faith or use it(see travis!!!) then they are true evil! Inform yourself on what travis really was…ABUSER of any and all….a thing that raped! And not much of a man or person of worth! he served t-dog n no other. As a crew commander I had the honour of being the No. 1 foul mouthed man in the history of the Canadian armed forces ask any who served with Me…Oh fuck ya Griz was that and more…a guy one could always count on!!!!! Now head of to your fake faith and spew hate…toodles loretta! To fuck with all abusers! they need an ass kicking or far worse…see t-dog’s fate!

  50. So strange how in a trial that cost many $ that it seems NO ONE ever tested Her words as she spoke them from the stand…would it take more then an hour to do so? As She spoke I did tested Her words in between breaks and there were many and each time I knew She had spoken the truth…were the lawyers worried to SEE the truth…in any court it does not matter what You think if not based on facts…does a trial not seek the truth??? Or should We allow the family to go after Her one at a time (wonder how that would work…LOL! ask dear travis on that!) We do know that sis sam the police woman plotted MURDER in the first! Did She not say so in court???In America as in Canada when one is charged many believe they MUST be guilty…what fucked up logic is that…and evil at that!When the state MUST lie .,destroy , cheat destroy evidence,make threats to witness’s and show a person nude to bring on hate one must ask …is this in any way justice or more a show trial to shut the person up once and for all via MURDER by the state!If one can not see that Her actions saved her life from a mad man then they must open their eyes and learn to think Imagine up against a judge who claims that guilt was never in doubt…REALLY then prove it ! To bad the system does not force these so called wise folks to be accountable with their freedom and yes lives! A judge makes a mistake or worse he/she destroys w/o punishment, now how can that ever be called justice? Amazing how just one young woman can stop a system of violence ,hate and injustice and such corruption…but that She did and 4 times at that…now lets bring her justice and Yes freedom for all……We will never give up on Her or She on justice!

  51. Wayne, I’m weak? Have fake faith? Don’t assume you know ANYTHING about me. You dont. I’m agnostic, for one fact. I’m not a stranger to swearing, for two. Your back-to-back posts were hard to follow with the addition of “fucker”, “fucked”, “SHIT”, etc.
    Your phrasing didn’t really add any impact to your post, the words just seemed tossed in willy-nilly, IMO. I don’t OBJECT to “sentence enhancers” (as Sponge Bob Squarepants refers to them) but use them judiciously, they’ll have more impact that way. Now my English lesson is over for the day!

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