Dr. Geffner: Decimation of The State’s Case [by Jade]

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Check out the post below. It was based around a post made by Jade prior to the in initial verdict in May, but for some reason it never actually got posted. Interesting reading to say the least, and still applicable.

Here it is:

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“All roads lead back to Dr. Geffner. You can bet the term dura mater is reverberating around that room.

It was the epicenter that the entire case for Martinez rested on. Without convincing the jury beyond a shadow of a doubt that a 25 caliber bullet above the right eye had the immediate effect of rendering Alexander helpless, the entire case fell apart for disproving self defense. Now at the very end of the case, it’s been held up to ridicule. That couldn’t have happened at a better time because the ME repeated over and over three different times on the stand it HAD to go through the brain. The emphasis Jennifer put on it with the question ‘do you know how serious this case is’ riveted that ME’s incompetence or deliberate lie in their brains.

Dr Horn - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Now all the other things that possibly seemed so unlikely can much more logically fall into place as Jodi described it. Once they can accept the premise of the POSSIBILITY of Alexander fighting, the self defense is automatic.

It then morphs right into why? And the second prong, domestic violence, i.e having the same man’s hands around her neck that caused the shutoff of oxygen to her brain once before is now not able to laughed at by any juror who tries to dismiss it and argue it. Now it is very real that he was trying to get on top of her just as she described on June 4th to do again. The flashback is now very believable and again it was Dr. Geffner who pulverized the only witness who tried to indemnify it as the preformed mentality of a violent and dangerous woman.

Kirk Nurmi 5-3 Defense Closing 1 - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com

The twelve in there are mostly seniors. Seniors have life experiences, they have raised their own families. They are envisioning some of their sons or daughters being abused in the manner they heard on the tapes and the texts and the emails. They are realizing these weak inferences don’t add up and they have seen the sham attempted to be perpetrated on them by a rabid bloodthirsty egomaniac that I bet most of them couldn’t stand.

It had to be made clear to them when it was laid out like a road map in Nurmi’s closing how common sense will tell them that to believe the hyperbole Martinez pleaded with them to construe as premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt, not only didn’t meet that standard, it should be an insult to their intelligence.

There is a lot of material those folks are going over and any that may be pro prosecution in there is not having an easy time convincing those who are not I can assure you of that. I had said from midway in the trial this is no Simpson jury. There are some very bright people who are pointing out many of the same things we have for months. But now, with what I had said all along about this amateur ME being eviscerated if only a top coroner expert had been able to testify, it was all done by the one person who came at the final hour, decimated the State’s case and shined the spotlight on the real murderers.

I believe we will see that, although this isn’t truly a jury of Jodi’s peers in age, it will be a jury where Martinez will not like what he hears. And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving prick.

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Thanks to Jade for the post!



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      Ray in H-burg Va.

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        OUZO is a strong drink and I only have it when we are at a tavern by the ocean with a lot of amazing sea foods!

  2. Dr. Geffner should be investigated. What he did on the stand was criminal, in my opinion. I also can’t stand when professionals use incompetence as an excuse for corruption.

    The hypocrisy of Martinez scolding one of the pscyhologists for making an adding error (but correcting it) and completely missing that Geffner had written that the dura mater was in tact is unbelievable.

    • The only part of the Jade statement that caught me was, the fact that because it was before the verdict, Jade gives the jury the benefit of the doubt, and states they’re intelligent enough to pick up on the bull. They were intelligent enough to know that the trial was 4+ years after the incident. They were smart enough to know the prosecutor was acting like a maniac They were smart enough to know that millions were spent in bringing this to trial, and they were smart enough to know that HLN would have exposed everyone of their names and personal lives if they had even CONSIDERED Jodi was a victim and hung the trial or freed her. Thank God they put this trial on TV. or we would probably not be here.Arizona will continue to be exploited for their crimes and bloodlust in this trial, Thank God again. . Where ever they go when they die, I’ll be there first and I’ll NEVER let them forget their trespasses. P.S. I’m NOT a religious freak, I just know what works for me, so peace to any offended.

      • Sorry, My post was impolite. Jade you rock! Juries are supposed to have brains. This time, they may have possessed brains, but they used them selfishly, to protect their own lives from being destroyed. They lose though. They have blood on their hands either way.

        • Hi John, I think this post was written while the trial was going; when we were all giving the jury the benefit of the doubt to see through the 24/7 hate campaign the media was constantly running with.

          I don’t believe the judge was going to release the names of the jurors, but then I don’t remember when I saw that courtroom footage. I don’t remember if it was before or after the verdict. So who knows. One thing I do know for sure is that we need a professional, certified jury system and a federal law prohibiting the release of names or after trial interviews.

          Have you noticed that the ONLY jurors that came forward believed Jodi deserved the death penalty? The other jurors had to keep quiet and keep a low profile. There was no way for them to speak out without an avalanche of bs falling on their head.

          • I still can’t talk to anyone about Jodi an how I feel she was done wrong by the Jury
            the prosecution an Judge. People still will hunt you down an get you suspended from
            social media sites. This is the only place I know that we won’t be banned from.

            This is ridiculous it was the same about Zimmerman also for awhile but then it changed
            I hoped it would change for Jodi too as far as speaking out that is.

            I see the same thing going on now in the political area the Liberals will report a
            conservative/Religious person. I can’t get it through anyone’s head that Self Defense
            does not = Murder. I still do think the Mormon’s in Arizona held great strength in the
            Jury an some witnesses an possibly the Judge. Religion should not make a verdict
            but I can’t help but think it did in Jodi’s case.

            Sorry I have not been on much lately just still so disappointed that the sequestered
            Jury made a difference for Zimmerman an Jodi did not get that, people were against
            from the beginning an tainted I will never believe they were not.

            • I hear you Rhonda! Take deep breaths. Yes, there is a lot wrong. When you can get back involved, remember that you are needed. We need to support the people done wrong and we need to support each other. Thank you for caring.

  3. The State won with a decimated case because the jury was in ‘save my ass’ mode. Good post Jade and you could have knocked me over with a feather at the M1 verdict. The jury, JM and the State of Arizona can bite my ass,

  4. Hello fellow supporters! I have been reading alot of your comments and watching videos, but have not commented until now. (yes, a lurker,lol) I love this post by Jade, and I have thought the same thing for months now. I am beyond upset that this jury got it wrong, and also upset that in AZ, a jury can deadlock on a sentence, yet still have a “do over”! Thats insane…and unfair. The Judge should have stepped in, how in the heck will they ever find 12 people who are not biased? They cannot, they would literally have to go to an obscure island with no television or newspaper. I know Jodi’s attorneys are trying to push for next year, and I hope they succeed, although it might be so nerve wracking for Jodi. I hate that in AZ she is in basically solitary and has not even been sentenced, in her cell (tiny cell) for 23 hours a day. It is unreasonable, even after a sentence that is (imo) inhumane. That’s AZ for you though, they have their own little set of rules, and they are overly strict. That 2 meal a day thing is ridiculous as well. Who wouldn’t be starving with just 2 (slop) meals a day? Anyway, I just wanted to comment and share my feelings, and say hello to all of you. Like I said, I haven’t posted here before, but have been reading posts and feel comfortable here.
    Have a great night!

  5. Fantastic post Jade! I don’t think I’ve seen you in a while. Come back and comment when you can.

    • Oh, and one more thing:

      This was passed along by another poster: There is an episode of Deadly Women called “money hungry” where a man is shot by his wife in the same place and still lives to tell the tale.

      I have also copied and pasted MANY links from around the web to show that a gunshot wound to the head is not always immediately fatal.

      I’ll never forget the one where an intruder was shot 5 times in the face with a higher caliber bullet, and lived long enough to drive himself to the hospital.

      • You’re right,
        In a famous case, a man named Phineas Gage had his brain pierced by a steel rod and he did not lose consciousness and lived for 11 years.
        So, the bottom line is Travis could have easily survived the gunshot wound and kept on coming at Jodi with his dukes up and the case for self-defense is still valid. At least this amounts to a reasonable doubt and an acquittal.
        I think they should bring this up in an appeal, especially since Dr Horn stated with authority that Travis would have been dead in a matter of seconds after the gunshot wound and thus hoodwinked the jury.

        • Phineas Gage skull’s was perforated by a 14 pound , 3-foot-long iron rod and when the doctor arrived. he was conscious, he had regular heartbeat, he was free from pain and in full possession of his reason and his pupils reacted normally to light. He of course survived but his personality changed dramatically.
          This, as well as so many other examples, makes Horn’s testimony seem ridiculous especially when he admitted he was “not familiar with research that talks about specifically about people getting hit with projectiles in their frontal lobe and not being incapacitated.” (quoting gebee’s wiki transcript)

      • It is not always fatal and head injuries cause many people to become enraged, that Fisher girl who shot her lovers wife, was it in New Jersey? She was shot in the head and lived also

  6. Given that some of the jurors made up their mind early on, nothing that followed later in the line of testimony was going to make much difference.

    Couple that with their obvious use of social media, and Jodi didn’t have a chance.

    • I agree BevM.

      I didn’t realize until it was over that they had clearly made their mind up with opening statements…or even before.

      The whole social media thing is a total slap in the face to staying impartial.

      No way could they avoid seeing something negative about Jodi…even if it was only up for a moment on their facebook page their brain would have registered it.

      • I like to think if I was in the position of the jurors that I would follow orders and not access social media. However, being honest I can almost guarantee I would eventually cave and check it out. If I did check it out I would DEFINITELY have fessed up when asked by the judge. Therein lies the difference.

    • I am now completely sure they were deaf regarding anything the defense had to say but all ears whenever the prosecutor or his witnesses were talking. Otherwise, their minds would be haunted while deliberating by all the red flags (like the ME’s testimony) leading to ”reasonable doubt”

      • A lot of “pro-guilt” people I encounter freely admit that Martinez gun shot last theory is wrong, but they are nevertheless convinced that Jodi is guilty by the various bits of so-called circumstantial evidence, that can be interpreted in two ways. or they have fallen for the Walmart return and/or the gun theft.

        • True geebee2.

          I admit that a bunch of circumstantial evidence can make something compelling when one puts it together in a line/rope.

          They should have paid attention to ALL the details/testimony and not just SOME of the details. Situations in life are more like tapestries with many different threads, and not like making a rope, throwing away pieces and only collecting and winding together what makes the rope.

          If those people will look at all the details, with an open heart, there is no way they would come to a M1 conviction. nor the death penalty.

          I truly think they are too focused on the graphic end and not how Jodi got there defending herself.

  7. I think AZ legal system is a joke. I pray that JM gets his payback and for God’s sake somebody get that IDIOTIC JUDGE OFF THE BENCH!

    • Suzanne,

      Better words can’t be spoken! AZ legal system came from the time of Jesus Christ (sorry bout the religion coming into it), JM needs such a huge pay back. But that will have to be done by someone much crueler than me. And YES! Why hasn’t anyone taken that idiotic judge off the bench! Wake up legal system!

  8. Hi everyone,
    I finally started using my tablet. It is much harder than I thought. Getting onto Yahoo isn’t bad. It is the problems with Facebook and all those apps. It is hard to download pics. But that is my fault because I don’t think I bought tons of memory. I was just looking at this as being able to search internet, fb, LinkedIn, twitter apps, and e mails. I thought I would be able to put pics on fb but it downloaded the whole camera which took hours and slowed down everything.
    Hopefully, not to far down in time I can get a new good computer and a better tablet.

    At least I can see better on this.

    • Jodi Family,

      I just read over my earlier posts. I am so sorry for all the word mistakes. I hope you were able to make sense of everything. On this new tablet it auto corrects. I didn’t realize to what extent until I read my total posts over. This tablet seems to put in words I never meant to include. I am sure this an advanced feature and I am clueless about it’s benefits. In the meantime I am trying not to depend on auto correct.

  9. I read Jade’s info. It was very optimistic and I really hoped she was correct. I think many people think juries are was smarter and less prejudice than they can turn out. Especially when let by a biased judge and a biased lying prosecuted. To allow the judge and prosecuter to continue after all there displays of misconduct of justice just proves how unbalanced our justice system continues in Arizona.

    Gwenn, I partially agree with you about the jurors being in a save there ads mode. I can see that would supposedly be the easy way out. But I whole heartedly think they are a group of stupid assed. If I didn’t want to be involved with a death penalty case I would just say I am totally against the death penalty. There are many more ways that those jurors could have got of that jury.
    But then again they went on the jury willing to put someone to death, so they already had blood in their mouths.
    Martinez proved nothing!!!!!!!!! There was so much reasonable doubt that the judge had an obligation to close that trial down and get rid of Martinez. All Martinez did was throughout lies while calling Jodi a liar. Anything that was the truth from the defense or defense witnesses, Martinez did everything to bring out little points that he made sound like sins from God Al Mighty. The points had no direct relevance and held no weight but to the stupid jurors that ate Martinez’s bullshit right up. Trying to disqualify Violet based on Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and how she was advised to write a perfectly correct curriculum vitai was irreverent to the trial. He did the same thing with Samuels and an APA test that won’t be legalized to use until 2015.
    But now the witnesses for Jodi looked like liars. Just like Martinez made Martinez kept calling Jodi . But , everyone in America and the World, it is Martinez that is a serial liar!
    Beegee2 ,you can name pages after pages of the serial lies told by Martinez! ! !

    Martinez is abusive and corrupt! Yet both him and the corrupt judge remain on the trial case. Both Martinez and the judge want Jodi dead! Can’t Jodi’s parents and family fight for a different judge and prosecuter .

  10. Serial liar is a great description of JM, Marianne. And the Judge is a serial idiot who could be the poster child for incompetence and bias and from some of the comments made by the jurors they evidently didn’t want off this case because they had a need to be noticed and it provided fodder for their blogging and tweeting and was an escape from their hum drum lives. So that makes them, in my mind, serial attention whores. Fairness and justice never entered the building in this trial.

  11. Horn and his blatant lies or better said PERJURY will always be one of the best chances Jodi has to appeal her case. Because Martinez KNEW that what was written in that report was proof of the validity of the Self Defense story.
    If this ME had testified in a less famous case, he would have already committed career suicide. Given that he was pro-Pros, he is now glorified along with all the other prosecution witnesses like DeMarte, whose testimony was laughable (but who was stupid enough to provide the defense with good grounds to object regarding the death penalty lol) .

    All that is needed is for someone to CAREFULLY read Horn’s autopsy report and then watch his rehearsed PERFORMANCE on the stand, for I cannot call it otherwise. (Maybe he can pursue a career in theatre once he is outed for his unprofessional testimony, guess The Hippocratic Oath means nothing to him) Especially the last time he was up there, he was a shadow of his former self; let’s hope it was guilt and his conscience that were eating him alive.

    OK, back to the autopsy: ” The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital lobe and traverses the right anterior fossa,WITHOUT GROSS EVIDNCE OF SIGNIFICANT INTRACRANIAL HEMORRHAGE POR APPARENT CEREBRAL INJURY”
    You know what this means??? That the brain was NOT injured, otherwise there would be traces of hemorrage due to the impact the projectile would have inisde the brain!! One point down!

    ” The 1525-gram brain is COVERED by thin, clear, delicate leptomeninges. THE DURA MATER AND FALX CEREBRI ARE INTACT. There is GOOD PRESERVATION of cerebral symmetry (…) do NOT reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma ”

    Let’s think of the brain as a round object covered by layers: 2. periosteum 3. bone 4. dura mater 5. arachnoid mater 6. pia mater (numbers 5 and 6 are the ‘leptomeninges’ he’s talking about) Horn admits at least TWICE here that the brain was NOT perforated since the dura and the leptomeninges were intact.

    Put a small melon in 6 different plastic bags, try to shoot it. Can anyone claim he got to hit the melon WITHOUT perforating the plastic bags??? Puhleeeez! I am lucky to have many friends who are in the medical field (all doctors) One is 45 years old,the other 32 and the third has just graduated from the Medical School. So their expertise and experience vary, yet they all gave me the same answer (and helped me understand the report)

    Horn can go f*** himself, for all I care. He is a disgusting LIAR and he will pay for his lies.
    All in good time, ”Dr” Horn. All in good time….

    • I can’t see the prosecutions case surviving an appeal, just like Debra Milke I just hope it doesn’t take as long.

      ((((((((((JODI)))))))))((((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))))

      Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Great post Maria, thanks for laying it all out!

      I can’t believe that the jury did not find this evidence of reasonable doubt. As your one post above pointed out, people CAN survive brain injuries and those injuries may make them behave in ways they never did before. I still believe that the gunshot may have caused enough trauma to make Travis act out in a more violent way that Jodi had never seen before.

      I read a magazine article where a criminal lost his memory (I don’t remember how) and he went from being a violent thug to being a quiet, well behaved and talented artist. He doesn’t remember how he got in jail, and he doesn’t remember how or why he would have ever done the things he did.

      The human mind is so complex; it’s hard for me to understand why the jury couldn’t keep an open mind. Just looking at the evidence is proof enough – the bullet went above his eyebrow and lodged in his cheek. The trajectory alone should have been suspicious, with Dr Geffnor’s testimony and Willmott’s “Gotcha” moment most reasonable people would see that the prosecution’s theory doesn’t hold weight.

      Big issue is also presumption of innocence – once the jury had convicted Jodi of being a jealous, possessive ex-girlfriend; that paved the way to find her guilty of M1. Without the tawdry backdrop of unfounded allegations as to Jodi being a stalker, a seductress, or obsessed with Travis; the “gas can” evidence would be meaningless. That “evidence” was produced by incorrect store records, as GeeBee has pointed out. The fact that the jury convicted her based on character assassination rather than actual evidence shows they never gave her the presumption of innocence at all.

    • I don’t think Horn was a credible witness, however, I don’t think he was exactly lying.

      He just wasn’t qualified to give an opinion, and his opinion was totally wrong. He is very easily led.

      During the trial, he developed his own prejudiced theories, doubtless with the encouragement of Juan Martinez, and then when confronted with what he originally wrote in the autopsy, he makes a ridiculous statement about that being a “typo”.

      I’m pleased that Michael Kiefer has said “Geffner refuted ME’s claim that the shot disabled Travis.”.

      ( Obviously he means “would have disabled Travis”, this is a tweet. )

      We all know this, but I don’t think the wider public know it. The most unfair part is that “justice” in Maricopa county moves at a snails pace, quite how long it will take to sort everything out I do not know, but surely it will happen.

      Quite what will come out in the next phase I really don’t know.

      Anyway, it’s past my bedtime.

      • Geebee2,

        I have to disagree with you about Horn. He is a huge liar! This is clear. His career/job education, internship, residency is Hard Science. And he perjured himself on the witness stand. The only way for Martinez to get this stupid lie in was to put Horn on the witness stand to say it. Because, if it were a typo Martinez needed to get 2 or at least 1 other expert Medical Examiner Witness to prove what Horn was saying about the typo and this new info was 100% correct.
        The defense put on Geffner. They were trying to kill 4 birds with one stone. Geffner had to make good of Samuels, Violet, DeMarte, and Horn’s testimonies for the defense. That was a lot that he was expected to fix. But the corrupt judge was only allowing Geffner. He is not even an ME! He may be educated in the brain and neurology. But for the juries sake the defense needed another 2 expert Medical Examiners. Geffner could have been helpful with DeMarte’s bullshit. Honestly, I didn’t watch his testimony. I already had the feeling this thing was so set up against Jodi. I prayed I was wrong. What was wrong was the defense kept trying to give the substance and the truth. But the judge kept letting the lies bond with the jurors. So no substance and truth from the defense could get through to the jury.

        • I totally agree! Except that you SHOULD watch Geffner’s testimony!

          The man was excellent, plus who says that Neuropsychologists cannot opine on the brain?! Um hello , that’s their job! Just because they are not coroners,forensic surgeons or MEs doesnt mean they dont know about the physiology of the brain: quite the contrary actually!
          When Martinez saw that the Defense team was scoring points (Willmott was amazing while on direct examination) he resorted to his usual strategy: humiliate the witness by trying to attack him personally. So we had the same ole ” You’ve never gone inside the brain and taken it out and looked at it, have you?” crap!! Smoke and Mirrors, once again…

          Geffner was a very insightful witness, the Defense’s wrong move was that they put him on the stand last, when the trial had already dragged for too long and their previous witnesses were already coming across as not likeable or believable, well of course again thanks to the dwarf’s unethical tactics.

          • Maria,
            Thank you for all the research you did with the Medical Doctors about the brain. You posted very thorough and correct information. I know MB is loving all this exact info. It is so important to Jodi’s case. Someone said that Horn looked scared. He did not look scared to me. He looked part of the Old Boys Network. They were going to stick together and win. He is an educated professional. The brain information was Hard Science. Maybe in the middle of the day there are not a lot of doctors watching HLN.
            Yes, you are correct about Geffner having the education and knowledge to know how the brain works. But I knew Martinez was going to put him down for not being an M E. The jury was so shallow and stupid they fell for Martinez’s tricks. For example, making the DeMarte idiot out to be the expert because she had a new PhD. But. DeMarte clearly wasn’t an expert. She was so new the field.
            One day I will listen to Geffner’s testimony. Hopefully it will be after Jodi is released from prison.

        • I think Horn needs to be looked into. If he is easily led, or bullied, then he should not be doing that job. I think he’s the key to exposing the corruption.

          I cannot see a medical examiner making a ‘typo’ stating the durma mater is in tact in a case where there was a gunshot wound to the head. Imagine, for just a second, what Martinez would have done to the defense if they had made such a mistake. They would have been crucified!

          All the evidence points to the gunshot wound never entering the brain. It went into the sinus cavity and that is why Travis sprayed blood all over the sink area.

          • I think Horn was a puppet just like the Judge was a puppet with JM being the demented puppet master. Justice in America has taken a hard hit with this highly publicized performance by the Great Arizona Puppet Theater. Ironically enough, there really is one in AZ.

          • Sinus cavity, blood pattern, sink…thank you!!!
            Horn’s report completely matches the crime scene. The fact that the bullet never made it past the dura mater means its trajectory followed a different course. It hit the skin, periosteum and the bone but the bone deflected it and it went through his sinus cavity, making him cough up that blood on the sink and ended up lodged in his cheek. There wasnt even an exit wound, that’s how much power that toy gun had! Pfff…

    • ((((((((((Maria))))))))
      Great post, girl! Thank you for being so analytical.
      It makes me angry knowing that a professional testified under oath and was so corrupted that he didn’t take under consideration The Hippocratic Oath. Pffff.

    • I have been reading your excellent posts on Dr. Horn and the dura mater typo. Clearly an issue here. I don’t believe Geffner was an expert (he never did an autopsy) but, nevertheless, Horn should not have made the “typo”. This is a tough point to prove because the brain was pudding consistency and no bullet track could be proven. Horn said the dura “had to have” been penetrated, but I never really followed Horn’s logic on that one?


      • There was no typo. No autopsy report ever says ”Dura mater is NOT intact” .
        Had the bullet gone through it, Horn would have simply written ”Dura mater and falx cerebri are perforated” and would have proceeded to analyze the damage the brain inflicted inside the brain.
        There’s no excuse.He made a fool of himself andf tried to cover his perjury by saying he had made a typo. That alone could get him disbarred. He testified he reviewed that autopsy report of his at least 3 times, in order to testify; was he blind and didnt see his ”typo” ???? Pleeeease! Jennifer did well to corner him!

        • ” Stephens: Ms. Wilmott.
          Wilmott: Dr. Horn, you’re aware, this is a capital case, right?
          Horn: Yes.
          Wilmott: You know how serious it is.
          Martinez: Objection, relevance.
          Stephens: Sustained.
          Wilmott: You understand that this is a serious case.
          Martinez: Objection, relevance.
          Stephens: Sustained.
          Wilmott: You would have reviewed your report prior to coming to testify, right?
          Horn: Yes.
          Wilmott: And you would have reviewed your report probably long before that also, right?
          Horn: Yes, before testimony.
          Wilmott: And you were interviewed in this case by defence counsel , weren’t you?
          Horn: Yes.
          Wilmott: And wouldn’t you have reviewed your report prior to being interviewed by defence counsel?
          Horn: Usually, yes.
          Wilmott: And all those times that you were reviewing your reports, you never found any error with regard to the dura mater did you?
          Horn: I did not note that until just now. ”

          (Extract from transcript to be found on GeeBee’s Wiki)

          • Either Horn is the most incompetent fool on the planet or a big fat liar or both!! I go with the latter. I can’t believe this happens in the United States of America but it does and more than we think probably. I can’t watch any crime show now without thinking ‘yeah right’ and you might have just fabricated this whole case. That’s what happened in this instance. Guilty by fabrication.

  12. What is the difference between a lying bag of shit and Dr. Horn the medical examiner?…………the bag :-D.

      • He should be scared the penalty for perjury is several years in prison. He doesn’t look like the type that would do well in prison…..probably end up being someone’s girlfriend (LOL)

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Yes but what I still don’t get is why Horn said, “yes it had to have been perforated” under questioning. Why did it have to have been perforated? This is a key point. Why didn’t they pin him down on this?

          • He was trapped, he had to say that, given his insistence that the bullet went through the brain. Horn’s testimony was so unbelievably controversial because what he asked us to do was take his word and NOT what he wrote in his autopsy report.
            He f**ked up, he knew he would be fried for what he wrote by the Defense and that’s why the last day on the stand he looked like a 5 year-old caught by his mom lying but then he knew his overprotective papa would come to his rescue and he was all comfortable again.

            I’ll stick to what I’ve said before (while commenting on the Hughes) : SCRIPTA MANENT. And thanks to him, we have a flawed medical testimony to work on during appeals.
            BWAHAHAHA, thanks Kevin! 😉

            (btw,welcome Geena 🙂 )

  13. LOL, may I say I have always found Dr Horn HOT!
    He is one good-looking man, but this picture of him (the one on this post ) reminds me of his detestable behaviour and perjury and makes me wanna slap the shit out of him! GRRR!!!

    • Maria!!! We differ soooo much in our tastes in men! He looks like a college frat boy. The ones that tag along with the Alpha Male and show off using their daddy’s money! LOL!

  14. Happy Monday!
    I hope everyone had a relaxing week-end!
    SJ, thanks for Jade’s post.
    I wonder how Dr Horn sleeps at night. What did he gain by testifying all that crap and then trying to patch all his fuck ups by saying “Oooops, I made a boo-boo typo”! IMO, he is a useless ME who probably paid his way through medical school and got his job by ‘knowing the right people’! I hope he loses his licence.

    As for the jury, I would be surprised if one of them paid any attention to what Horn was babbling about. If they had, they would have seen that his testimony did not make any common sense. I guess they were too busy watching HLN.

    I really do wonder what else is needed for people to realize that this trial was a ridiculous circus act with many clowns starring in it!

    Jodi did not stand a chance. That is what pisses me off and that is why I will continue to support Jodi’s innocence and I will never get tired of shouting it out: JODI ACTED ON SELF DEFENCE! SELF DEFENCE IS NOT A CRIME!

    ((((((((Jodi’s Innocence)))))))

    • Well said Pandora……TYPO my ass he just plain lied on the stand I hope they charge him with perjury. I’d like to see him in stripes and see how he likes it. I’d really like to see how he likes being a bitch girlfriend in prison 😀


      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  15. Jodi’s trial and guilty verdict will go down as one of the most unjust verdicts and hatchet job trials of all time.
    The Arizona court and D.A’s office made a mockery of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. The ONLY thing Jodi is guilty of is defending herself.

    • What HLN had to say from day one didn’t help they had her guilty way before the trial even started. Jodi was f#@%ed from the git go. I don’t know how anyone involved in this circus can live with them selves. There is a special place in HELL for people like that.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  16. Ariel Castro got life in prison for multiple crimes against multiple victims he committed in Ohio over 11 years
    Jodi Arias gets death for defending herself against her abuser in Arizona with no other crimes ever committed in her life

    Something is wrong with this picture.

    • Nice to see you joe!

      sure is something wrong with this picture.

      It makes no sense to me but maybe it makes sense to the people who believe in an eye for an eye.

  17. Well said! I wish the defense (Wilmott and Nurmi) had gone after this a bit harder. I liked them though. In their defense, they were in a tough position, seemed like they were always on their heels fending off blows and some strong evidence coming from prosecution.

    Hugs to Jodi!


    • ”strong” evidence? What ‘strong’ evidence? Give me a specific example. Unless you mean ‘circumstantial’ coz regarding the M1 charge t least, that’s what Jodi was convicted on . Circumstantial evidence.

  18. I am racking my brain but I must have missed any strong evidence too. I mean, yes, irrefutable evidence that she was there, a struggle took place, in which TA ended up dead, but where’s the evidence of intent? Where’s the gun, where’s the stealth she would have used if she’d had a well- thought out plan of cleanly murdering him and slipping out into the night? Where’s the damn beef??? All they’ve got is a bogus walmart receipt that proves absolutely nothing. However, there is evidence that she was mistreated and abused by this man and was rightfully fearful of him when he was angered but the only other clear cut thing I see is that the guilty verdict was in the bag from the get-go…that Martinez had the Judge and jury at ‘hello.’

    • Yes, sorry I mean circumstantial! Is totally hearsay etc, but I think was tough for Jen and Kirk. That’s what I meant. ! I guess I am thinking of that really neat closet, no signs she cllimbed the shelves, no signs that Travis owned a gun, her lies to the idiot Flores, the gas can thing, the license plate story at Starbucks. Clearly she was abused and driven to all this, but tough for her lawyers, I thought.


  19. I did watch that testimony but I’m not sure that the closet was photographed in close proximity to the murder although I am sure someone else knows. If it was, maybe she straightened his stuff back up because she feared him even in death. I mean they give her credit for accomplishing every other superhuman thing in such a short period of time. I am not tall so I have climbed on many precarious objects in every area of my house and there’s no evidence of it. And from what I recall Jodi had no screwdriver on her to remove the license plate and invert it. She admits to the lies to the police out of fear and self preservation. And I don’t think TA would have run around bragging about that chinchy gun when his friends owned big macho guns. I think Nurmi and Wilmot did a stellar job in her defense but it fell on deaf ears.

    • Yes I agree! I didn’t like the fact that Nurmi seemed like he abandoned Jodi in mid-stream. He annoyed me a bit, to be honest. Yes the closet was right next to the bathroom (crime scene). Yes i agree she must have arranged the items and shelf perfectly back to normal after the in incident! Zero evidence of a gun, from anything, was more of an issue for Wilmott to overcome but she did a great job, I agree Gwen.

      Hugs to Jodi! 🙂


    • I don’t believe Jodi stole her grandfathers gun. But even if she did, and even if she shot him with it doesn’t mean it was premeditated or murder. Taking gas cans on a long trip in a car you’ve just rented has zero significance to me. So she was going on a long haul and didn’t want to get caught in the desert. All the purchases of gas and receipt for a kerosene can has zero meaning to me. She was supposed to have flipped her license plate to not be easily identifiable, yet she was not present enough to flip the tag back before she was stopped by the cops,many hours later? That upside down plate might have betrayed her had she been caught lying about it to the cops that stopped her. She was supposed to drive 1000+ miles to a house with roommates, and arrive, stay for hours, and leave undetected by anyone? Not EVEN realistic. You could plan that scenario forever and it would never work out, never.
      My attitude is everyone (jury)(Arizona) knew how important this trial was before it started. I believe every one knew Jodi made that statement about not being convicted way before the trial. I think they wanted to dump on her because of the scene. I believe she might have had a slight chance, so slight, if she had been from Arizona. I also KNOW they did NOT produce 1 piece of direct evidence to prove anything to me. With all their might they chose to spend millions upon millions of dollars to try and kill Jodi with a story, or as I like to refer to the prosecution’s story, a LIE. They can’t prove their story to me at all , so it’s a LIE, Liars!. I heard enough recorded words from TA to know that his attitude was going to be a problem at some point in time. I see him as a macho sexist sanctimonious frat boy. I see Jodi as a victim of love and DV. I know someone I loved was a product of love and DV, and I tried to get social services to intervene in her DV relationship. They refused stating my female friend had to initiate the help herself. She wouldn’t. I lived above her,and after a night of hearing her fighting with her boyfriend, I knocked on the door to ask if she was O.K., the guy 15 years younger than me, and 75lbs bigger than me got between us started threatening me, and then pounded me into the ground. After beating me down bloody, I told him I was calling the cops, and I pointed to my ex and said ‘and you’re my witness” and she said “I didn’t see anything.” This woman was my girlfriend for 8 years, we ended our previous loving relationship as friends, yet she loved this guy enough to watch him beat me bloody and tell me she would lie to the cops. I know enough about Jodi to know she might have been stuck to his love, but she didn’t want this guy in her life, or she NEVER would have moved from Arizona. She stopped for a booty call, and the rest is a fucking asshole that used his sadistic perverted pumped up adrenaline to misplace his overreacting personality, get medieval on a little woman, and get trounced by divine intervention as far as I’m concerned. Innocent til PROVEN guilty!. Not innocent til bullied guilty. Jodi, I hope you’ll always have the grace I’ve seen you show! I believe in you!

      • john, I am really sorry for what you had to witness and go through due to that abusive person; I pray your ex is safe now and away from him.

        As to the case, you are making some very good points. It is indeed very unfortunate that Travis was shot with a 25 caliber gun BUT people have got to understand that Jodi was NEVER charged with anything refarding her grandparents’ gun. In fact ,the detective’s report on that robbery concludes with the following statement: ” Request case be made inactive due to a lack of investigative leads.”

        Martinez knew this would be one of his strongest cards to play and he made sure to create an ‘urban legend’ out of it! It was utterly unethical that he was allowed to talk about it as a FACT during his closing arguments. What they should instead have focused on was the type of bullets stolen with the grandpa’s gun (Jacketed Hollow Point) and if it matched the one Travis was shot with (which wasnt the same type). That was one of the things the Defense failed to harp on imho!

        The gas cans (one kerozene can as you pointed out) and the license plate are both a moot point , talked ad nauseum here. Again, red herrings Martinez shrewdly and again unethically used to achieve his goal of ‘not innocent until bullied guilty’ as you said.

        • I TOTALLY agree, Maria. I was trapped up in Geens comment about the closet, then just poured out my thoughts about how the myriad of prosecution’s pointed anomalies didn’t add up to anything. I understand the Arizona government act with their own special Arizona brand of impunity. I refuse to allow their wrong actions to flow through me. My feeling is that Jodi did not plan what happened that day, for if she had they would have found or manufactured direct evidence.They had not ! piece of direct evidence, you can be sure. My DV experience was only meant to highlight that if Jodi was obsessed, she would NOT have moved away, hence she was moving on.

          • Hi John and Maria

            Sorry to create such a ruckus! 🙂

            I love Jodi and think she is beautiful and a victim of Domestic Abuse!

            I was just wanting to highlight the difficult battle that Jennifer had fighting this circumstantial case. The circumstantial case was compelling – but circumstantial – was my point. And all added up together was tough for Jennifer to overcome. Grandfather’s gun 25 caliber, Budget rent a car lies, cell phone darkness in AZ, license plate skateboarders, closet etc, gas, lies to police, etc. Jen was awesome in this case!

            Hugs to Jodi!


            • I agree Geens, when I said I was caught up on what you said about the closet I meant that the circumstance itself set me off not you. It’s not any of our logic or feelings wrong, it’s the jury that we all don’t understand.

      • I have seen this time and time again, and it both makes me angry and sad. Mostly sad. So very many women will lie and cover up the worst cases of abuse, just out of misguided love. it is not love, of course, but they believe it is, and will be willing to endure almost anything to stay with their abuser. Not all women of course, but many. They become worn down, brainwashed basically. I cannot count the number of women I have met that blame themselves, and protect their abuser. It is part love, and part shame. Many women I have talked to feel so bad about themselves, they actually defend their abusers, saying it’s due to their own bad behavior, and ‘he knows me better than I know myself”. it’s sad. Some stay due to economics, but many more stay out of what they think is real love. I have met very strong and independent women who backed down from their abusive man and made excuses, even with horrible physical consequences, the worst being 2 broken arms. Her reason for staying, she should not have tried to throw something at the man who was beating her. (a empty laundry basket) I think sometimes, deep down, some of these women know they should leave, but after so much time, they are in love and feel there will be nowhere to go and no one else to love them. Self esteem is always an issue. Strong women you would never expect to suffer, are suffering behind closed doors. Physically and mental abuse both. It’s not alwys in your face, meaning you cannot always see it, but it’s more common than people know. Until we have a serious intervention for these women, it will continue and stay underground. Many women will deny it even when confronted by a friend…but it’s still important not to give up. If you have a “feeling”…then you are probably right.

  20. I have never tweeted but it is good to know people are able to send their regards to Jodie. I hope that she realizes how many people are supporting her in thoughts and prayers. Jodi is innocent and I am hoping for a miracle for her SOON! I also hope her family understands how proud they should be of her. She has been very strong through this whole ordeal. May God bless them all. 🙂

  21. Is there anything going on new with Jodi for court? Didn’t the judge want something done by the beginning of August? I can’t believe that stupid Arizona judge goes on like Jodi is just going to have this second penalty trial. The judge walks around like she is the leader of Oz. The world according to judge Oz. How else does this circus continue. And when does the spinning stop so Jodi and us can get off. Let all the crazy characters stay there.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

    • The next management status conference hearing is on August 26th. The Judge said her intention was to set the date for the retrial of the sentencing phase in late September but she then added that at this point it didnt seem ‘realistic’ . So for the time being, all we can do is wait for August 26th…

  22. Hi guys,
    I know I haven’t been on for a long time and I probably won’t post a lot but I wanted to tell you that Jodi announced on twitter she’s starting a book club!
    I hope everyone is doing well! I miss you guys!!!!!!!
    Danielle 🙂

    • (((((((((Danielle)))))))))

      So nice to see you here!
      Yes, Jodi is fortunate to have great supporters who send her books and are subscribing her to many interesting magazines, so that she can spend her time somewhat better.

      • It’s so nice to see you too!! I stopped posting but I do miss you all! I think the book club is a cool idea. Sometimes I hear back from Jodi when I write and I always ask her if she wants any books. I think she may be able to get CDs too, I’m not sure. She said Barnes and Noble is the best place to order from for the jail. She is so grateful to people who get her books and magazines!

        If I hear of anything else I will post.

  23. Just wondering if anyone got Jodi the books she is interested in (paperback only):
    Outliers: The Story of Success
    by Malcolm Gladwell


    Tiger, Tiger
    by Margaux Fragoso

    • Danielle, the Jodispage site has a list of the books and magazines already sent to her. I dont see the ones you mention here, so I assume no one got her these particular ones.

      • Hi Maria! How are you?

        If anyone wants to get her one of those books that would be cool. If not I’ll pick up one. I just don’t want to get her duplicates.

  24. I will look at August the 26th as a positive. It is my Mother’s Birthday although she has passed I know she would want a Miracle on her Birthday.:) Sta y strong Jodie.

  25. Jodi tweet Jodiannarias
    I heard about Lifetime’s hatchet job thinly disguised as “creative liberties.” Any producers interested in making a film about the truth?

    Now we’re talking!

    There’s a Facebook group called “Nancy Grace We Hate Your Face!” She earned it.

    Tell it sista!

  26. Jodi re-tweet
    Maricopa Cty Sheriff’s Off arrests NY Arias fan for death tweets at CNN anchors, but didn’t care about same against Arias attys + witnesses.
    Retweeted by Jodiannarias

  27. Hi guys, Just checking in to see how you all are doing. Had a sick animal here and also been busy with work. Glad you are holding down the fort without me. About to head in for the first of 3 night shifts. Take care, see ya soon!

    • Night shifts did me in. I will never be normal. I can live on a normal schedule if I am working normal hours. But when I get off or on vacation my body pushes for the night shift schedule. It frustrates me because it is my own time and I fight with myself to do normal things. I wish there was serious treatment for this.
      I hope the animal is okay. Thank you for checking in.

      • Hi Marianne, Yes one of my horses was foundering. Should be ok but very painful and usually a long recovery time. As for nights, I remember the teacher who taught me grades 1,2,3, and 4 meeting my mother and I at the post office and she said, “You need to get her to bed earlier, she is tired in school.” That tells me that I have always been a night person. Because of that I do enjoy the night shifts but it does take it’s toll on a person. As this teacher made this comment to my mom, I remember thinking to myself “shut up and mind your own business you old bag,” lol. Funny the things we remember isn’t it?

  28. I was happy to see Jodi’s tweets getting a little bit off her chest. If I were her I would go batshit crazy on Nancy Grace’s botox-riddled ass. Her envy of Jodi’s youth, beauty and intelligence turned her into some sort of vengeful Norma Desmond! And that lame movie? It was so unrealistic and cartoonish, I couldn’t sit thru it. Evidently, we are the only ones who want the real truth and not some crappy Lifetime bullshit. I do hope that someday Jodi’s account of what happened is told and that she is a free woman and as she sits across from Ms Nasty being interviewed, the old bag is forced to grovel and be polite and chokes on the crow she’s forced to eat.

    • Gwen,
      I didn’t watch what was called ‘the movie’. The advertisements for another farce were blatantly out of focus. What I refer to as ‘The Movie Farce’ did not hold the power of seeing into a situation of issues and seeing intuitively. As a result, ‘The Movie Farce’ held no discernment. Interestingly but expected, Jodi’s trial and ‘The Movie Farce’ parallel each other. Jodi’s Trial or ‘The Movie Farce’ hold no Significance.

  29. Since I have been here for awhile, but only posting very recently, I have gotten to ‘know” many of your posts and comments, etc. Many I have read I found myself saying, “right on” or “amen” to myself… Can someone tell me, if it is ok to do so, what has happened to Renee, Al, and Moni? They seemed so strong and smart in their posts, and I followed many of their posts. I also enh=joyed reading posts from also abused, thats been awhile back. I hope I am not stepping on peoples toes in asking…I am simply wondering where they are. I gained alot from their insights.

    • Bridgette,

      Hi! Happy to have you here, posting.

      Why would you think you would be stepping on someone’s toes by asking about other posters and Jodi supporters? As you must have seen (you wrote that you have been reading here for a while) that many people come and go. Sometimes, life get in the way! LOL!

      All posters here at our site (newer ones and older ones) are appreciated and all their comments are respected as long as they also show the same respect for Jodi, co-supporters and our site.

      You will see that the supporters that are presently posting here on our site are also strong and smart, so I am sure that you will gain a lot from their insights too!

      Hope I was helpful! & hearts;

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