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Later today (check your local TV listings) the Dr Oz show will be airing a recent interview with Kirk Nurmi regarding his “relationship” with Jodi. Nurmi’s interview will then be followed by a segment on laxative abuse. I’m guessing the laxative feature will be infinitely more entertaining than Nurmi – but we shall see.

Here’s a recording of the show from 2/19:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the initial letter the Dr Oz show sent to Jodi, they stated that they wanted to look at the case from the perspective of Jodi being a domestic violence survivor — but in the cold light of day, there’s gonna be more lies, BS & misinformation than you’d get on your typical CNN show.

The emphasis won’t be on domestic violence at all… it’ll basically be Dr Oz giving Nurmi a platform he can use to throw Jodi under the bus, and tell everyone how Jodi ruined his life (as he puts it.) Well, boo-fucking-hoo.

Here’s the letter they sent to Jodi:

dr oz letter to jodi arias. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

With all that said & done, here are some points to remember:

– Nurmi was DISBARRED because of his complete lack of ethics, morals, and integrity in how he mishandled Jodi’s case.

– Nurmi was offered countless opportunities to get off Jodi’s case but he refused because he wanted the money and fame.

– Jodi petitioned the court over and over to remove Nurmi from her case and Nurmi fought it every time, digging in his heels, trying to hang onto the case for the money ($225/hr.)

– Nurmi always takes all the credit for “saving Jodi’s life” and never acknowledges the outstanding hard work of the phenomenal women on the legal team. They deserve a lot more credit than Nurmi.

– Juror 17 saved Jodi’s life, not this unethical goon.

– Doctors (such as Oz) are supposed to help people, not hurt people. (Click here for more info)

If you watch the show, and you subsequently feel up to enlightening the masses and countering the BS spewed forth by the show, here are a few links to Dr. Oz’s various websites:

– Website:
– Facebook: (4000 members, joining group requires approval.
– Twitter: (4.2 million followers)
– Instagram: (753K followers)

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $105,103.95 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Leave your thoughts & comments below.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. I seeeeee…. Isn’t it convenient how Oz’s crew approached Jodi for an interview related to domestic violence and for obvious reasons (since Jodi declined) he somehow twisted his main theme of the episode: from DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR to ABUSING THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR…. It’s so fucking ironic and shows how shallow this Dr. Oz really is…. mf.

    More on this after I watch the episode.


  2. i Can just envision the plot of the show , Nurmi slamming Jodi for alll his shortcommings and inadequacies , Similar to the Dr. Phil rendition with the whole Motley Crew, and the one so called “Rapper ” supporter , mainly there for his own financial gain. EXTRA !EXTRA ! Dont waste your time watching , ! its not about D.V It will be all about How the worm was wronged ! honestly pisses me off ! sorry for venting ..

  3. BTW, for those malice folks who have been happy with our silence and wondering where her cheerleader GREEK GIRLS are, lemme tell all ya fools that we’re still here. Standing strong and supporting our soulsister with as much zeal as we did the first time you heard from us back in 2013!

    Jodi is our family. Was. Is. Will always be. We don’t turn our backs on family!

    You should be more afraid of our silence than our loud voices… it means that we’re very very busy in helping our sister…. 😉 (just sayin’)

    • HELL YEAH! Still here, still on Jodi’s side. We were never in this because it was exciting,because it was everywhere on th news, because it was the new sensation.
      Unlike many people on BOTH sides who hav come and gone, we’re here to stay and always try and help any way we can.

  4. Hi Pandora! I miss you and Maria! I won’t waste my time watching that Dr Oz and Nurmi BS. We all know Nurmi is gonna blame Jodi for everything that happened to him. He might wanna look in the mirror.

  5. Hey JD!!!
    Both Pando and me are STILL here! We’ve never left Jodi’s side. Just….lurking LOL and when our voices need to be united again we are!!!

    • Hey Maria! You and Pandora are the backbone of this site along with Alan, Justus, RLove and SJ! I’m sure I’m forgetting some but it’s always good when you guys are here. We’re all still here supporting Jodi! ❤️

  6. So, yeah. I watched the preview and it pretty much took me back to the past. What is there for Dr Oz to add if his approach is already biased? Oh right, money in his pockets I guess.

    It’s simple and the proof is here for the world to see: Oz wanted Jodi to be on his show. She refused and he decided to take the easiest path, the one the sheeple has been following. The naive ridiculously oversimplified story of the good Mormon boy and the jealous girlfriend.

    This case, like *any* other case, is so more complex than the stereotypical packaging the media tried to wrap it into and present to the masses.

    It’s mind-boggling that there still are presenters so unabashedly ready to misinform.

    Let’s get one thing straight: Nurmi did NOT want off the case. It made him famous. It made him really rich. And he hurried to cash in on that fame the moment the trial was over and while Jodi was/is still working on her appeals. He got disbarred for that. No WAIT! He AGREED to get disbarred for that because he lacked the guts to face disciplinary actions. Well boo-fucking-hoo (to quote SJ <3 )

    I'm really tempted to watch his 30-minute delirium; just to see how many inaccuracies there will be.

    Too bad Dr Oz. The little credibility you had is now poof….gone….

  7. Just wrote a comment and I can’t see it. F*ck…. Admins, admins hello???? LOL! (awww it reminds me of the good ol’ days)

    Anyways…. For those wishing to check this old article out :

    ” ‘Self-enrichment and “redemption” ‘
    Karen Clark, an attorney representing Arias’ interests in the Bar matter, also objected to the proposed consent agreement, writing that Nurmi may have admitted “intentional and knowing disclosure of confidences,” but had not shown remorse nor taken responsibility for “repeated and intentional acts of dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation of his knowing and intentional violation of court orders.”

    Nurmi filed his new consent agreement accepting disbarment Monday. Presiding Disciplinary Judge William O’Neil had signed off on it by late Monday afternoon.

    The revelations in Nurmi’s book could be damaging to Arias if she wins her appeal and is awarded a new trial. Details that were kept secret during the initial trial are now out in the open. If retried, Arias could face the death penalty again.

    Nurmi violated ethics, Clark wrote, “for the express purpose of self-enrichment and ‘redemption’ — and to the extreme detriment of his client.” The redemption refers to Nurmi’s wanting to get matters off his chest after a long and salacious pair of trials in which he bore the brunt of social-media hatred.

    But he was well compensated for his representation. According to a Maricopa County spokesman, Nurmi was paid $1,324,030.20 for defending Arias.”

  8. Happy to see our sweet Greek Angels are on top of things! As for Dr Oz I found the piece for Kirk Nurmi was dull, boring and Totally not accurate. Ha go figure. Oz has been having Nancy Grace on his show since he started his Crime coverage, wonder where she was today? Poor ole Nurmi has himself to blame for his misfortunes……Karma really can bite back! As for Dr Oz I really don’t know anyone who pays attention to his nonsense. Sending love and positive thoughts to our Jodi!!! Please give to help Jodi’s appeals or the fight against Martinez! Jodi deserves our HELP!

  9. Interesting letter you all sent to Jodi claiming to be her number one fan and willing to lay it all out there in search for the truth. You are just a little too late to the starting line and you have chosen the wrong “Horse” (Mr Nurmi) to promote anything other than yourselves, CNN, and HLN. Just ask Nancy how her ratings soared promoting the so-called evil gal who ambushed her boyfriend and then left him for someone else to claim. Nancy Grace and her girlfriend Mitchell did all they could to promote hate in the good name of the Alexander’s so-called gift to humanity by violently calling for Jodi’s death. Now you all claim to be “Saints” looking to save a lost soul in the name of Domestic Violence. Maybe you should schedule a show promoting the so-called bitches and the internet thieves that have and continue to this day calling for my demise all the while claiming to be victims themselves. Those people along with your friends of the Alexanders are idiots looking for a way to fatten their wallets while claiming to be advocates of Domestic Violence. Get a fucking clue and while you are at it maybe you can ask Jussie about his experience with Domestic Violence and the Nigerians. Kirk Nurmi lost his career because of being an idiot writing a book of lies and disregarding the law. I find it quite fascinating as to why he is even willing to appear on your show. Maybe you could ask him if it was worth selling his career to promote the injustices performed everyday by corrupt prosecutors, incompetent Judges, the likes of Nancy Grace, and the other biased reporters who simply use a story for cash and creating false truths. Oh wait, will he now advocate for those things? Probably, will just stay with the script written by you and your staff about her liking him too much or whatever all the while whining about being mishandled by the powers that be. Maybe like, if he had written a book about actually being abused by a series of events concerning corrupt legal systems he too could be the new King saving the World. He probably did make her feel uncomfortable being who he was and is. He certainly made me feel a little ill. Your willingness to stand for Domestic Violence is a joke. Dr Phil tried to show the world of Juan’s quest to save us all by showcasing a “little pony” named Travis and his family. And to the best of my knowledge degraded a black man in the process. Like I said you all just can’t seem to find a good “Horse” to ride. Let him speak of being victimized by Jodi. Let him speak of doing everything he could to save her life but not having enough self confidence to squash a rat and hold a judge accountable. Let him preach for justice. Let him say all the things that will convince the world of CNN and HLN that they alone are the sole entity that can save us all from such evil doings brought on by a little rat named Juan and his good buddy Bill. Let him speak of how much better this world would be if Hillary had won and they let that ISIS gal come home to preach all about the wonderful life she gave up for the “Bag Daddy” way of life. She belongs in a grave along with the other 800 who joined ISIS looking for the promised land. You all claim to be advocates for truth and justice all the while preaching hate and promoting the likes of Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Ms weed smoking Harris right along with your other band of corrupt seekers of fame you showcase on a daily basis. Comey, Brennan and their friends along with McCabe all belong behind bars for maliciously conspiring to dethrone a duly elected president in the name of Queen Hillary. The reason I am writing to you is to inform Ms Amanda Rayl and Ms Pamela Michael that I am real and willing to stand up against people like you who prey upon others to promote false ideologies all the while collecting cash. Just ask Ms AOC (who dreams of changing the World) how she plans on paying her staff. With Monopoly money she stole from her cousins? Maybe just by telling Mr Amazon that he owes her and her staff money for being too rich. Forget her right along with your other hate preaching rag heads of the Senate claiming to be the new Women Messiahs. There are plenty of Americana (be it from the North or South) gals who are by far more qualified and better looking. Get in line my friends for I have already changed the world and to your dismay will be unable to preach enough hate to change it back. I also find it just fascinating at how much effort you all put forth to creating lies to convince us all that we don’t deserve to be happy. “Keep the masses in poverty and depressed for this will give you power to control the world.” WTF ever

  10. How long has it been? Why is Nurmi still advertising false information? Never liked him back in the day we all had our differences about this man’s abilities. I took a dislike for him when he sat in front of the judge and jury picking his noise. When he played hide ad seek with Jodi. Everything about this trial in Arizona was so bad it’s turned me off to watching other cases. Wish the best outcome for Jody always have always will.


  11. I’m for sure no fan of this walking sleeping pill but 225/hr in general is really not too much for a lawyer who does his job at least remotely, also not in my business of IT (Cisco, SAP, etc.) but HE was definitely overpaid given his poor attitude/performance and any lack of trying more than “to save her life” as this moron always ignorantly states was his whole duty.
    In fact it was only a little part of his duty but thios idiot doesn’t get it. The real main part of his duty, the headline so to say, was to give her the best defense possible with whatever outcome and he failed totally on that one.

    And to be fair even to this jerk even if he doesn’t realyl deserve it:

    “– Nurmi was DISBARRED because of his complete lack of ethics, morals, and integrity in how he mishandled Jodi’s case.”

    I don’t think that is accurate. I believe he was disbarrred for the book and he removed himself from the job before he got actually disbarred but the latter is just a minor and technical detail. The reason was the ethical concern about his book though, not his poor and pathetic handling of the case.

    “– Nurmi was offered countless opportunities to get off Jodi’s case but he refused because he wanted the money and fame.

    “– Jodi petitioned the court over and over to remove Nurmi from her case and Nurmi fought it every time, digging in his heels, trying to hang onto the case for the money ($225/hr.)”

    I don’t think that is accurate either. The Desperate Housewive from the Phoenix Supreme Court aka Sherry Stephens didn’t let him off afaik. Afaik he wanted to leave as well. /shrug

    • He wrote that book BEFORE Jodi had completed appeals of her conviction and life sentence. If that doesn’t qualify for “lack of ethics, morals and integrity” I don’t what does. And he agreed to be disbarred rather than face disciplinary actions. That says a lot too.

      • Maria, excuse me, but that is exactly what I’ve said!?
        So did you just intend to agree with me although your reply is written in a way that you don’t? 🙂
        The problem might be that you didn’t read the quote precisely.
        It was indeed his so-called tell all book and the ethical concern about it but not the general handling of the case in the courtroom that got him disbarred.
        And that’s exactly what I’ve said.

    • Good to see many are here R. Love I still follow Facebook it’s easier for me but I do check in here to show the haters we are still here

  12. The trials and tribulations of this nightmare continue on…why?…. not sure but I do know God has big plans for Jodi Arias and one day it will all be clear to us all. We need to continue to support her and help anyway we possibly can. Lady Justice cannot handle this without His help! ((((((TEAM JODI & JODI))))))

    Matthew 5:43-44 43″You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

  13. Just watched the preview. Like WTF!?
    Excuse me, does this blonde Miss Piggy even have anything remotely like a brain?

    About Alexander:

    – “Outstanding Entrepeneur” (like being an uneducated and superficial moron working in a cheap scam business with no education and hard skillz needed and using gullible and desperate people as customers and also foot soldiers to sell an overpriced/low quality product to friends and family” is being an outstanding entrepeneur now lol – nothing of this cheap and pathetic scam job is anywhere near being an entrepeneur…, not even technically)

    – “good mormon boy” (like being a bigot and hypocriotical douchebag and coward, a fraud from head to feet, is a good boy now?)

    Gimme a fucking break…I’m glad I most likely I can’t see the whole thing in Europe.

  14. Dear Dr Oz,

    I think that you should stick to what you do best: healthy life hacks, recipes, workouts…

    Unless you make an episode on giving useful tips to inmates about how they can ‘up’ their health while incarcerated, if I was you, I’d stay away from serious crime topics that are surrounded by misconduct, cover ups, bias, embarrassing lack of justice, based only on ‘win at all cost’ instead of serving justice.

    I don’t know how much Dr Oz knows about Jodi’s case or if he was briefed 30 min before going on air for his interview with Nurmi but ignoring a very serious topic as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE just to convenient his guest is shameful.

    Even though Jodi denied his invitation (and I personally think she made the right choice) for an interview about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and how things can go from bad to tragic, I don’t see why he didn’t mention anything about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE while interviewing Nurmi…. after all wasn’t that what he was ‘defending’ while ‘defending’ Jodi????

    Nurmi ruined his own life. Hearing Nurmi cry us a river was not something that surprised me. He did nothing to help Jodi case. He was sloppy and lazy. Thankfully Jennifer and Maria put in their hard work and effort because they truly wanted to help Jodi.

    Nurmi was only in it for the money: The money he got by the hour and by writing a so called ‘tell all’ book that was only a piece of trash. He failed justice, he failed Jodi, he failed himself. His selfishness and greediness ruined his life. He got EXACTLY what he deserved: DISBARMENT and ridiculed. He has only one person to blame and that’s himself.

    So, as I said in the beginning: Dr. Oz, darling, can you please make an episode on the health benefits of kale? We don’t need anther biased episode on how ‘evil’ (rolling eyes) Jodi is. Those who know Jodi can take their money to the bank that she is a SURVIVOR of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and I’m personally relieved that she’s the one that made it out alive.


    • Most absurd is his 100 % claim that his cancer was caused by this case or even Jodi “The Devil” Arias herself. It sure can be that all the stress of the trial might have had some influence on his weak, rotten and unhealthy body/general physics but nobody would ever know so the claim is absurd, impudent and ignorant. Especially the 100 % claim like “that made me sick, nothing else.”.
      I mean, after all he was in the worst shape you can even imagine. To look fat and unfit like that, also being slugggish physical and obviously also mentally-wise it needs years I guess, probably a whole life, with all what leads to it, bad trash food, no sports, no care for yourself whatsoever.
      I can’t even remotely fathom how people ever get to that road and stop caring at least somewhat for themselves and let themselves go that way.
      I do several kinds of extreme and action sports all my life already and I have rather a problem to keep my weight on the right level (in terms of the not losing weight below the optimum) although I eat tons. It’s a simple matter calorie intake and burn. That easy. You must be a total failure to let that happen how Nurmi looked at first trial (funny and tragic thing is he is fat again now in the interview above lol).

      But on top of that making others responsible, the case, Jodi, whoever, for getting cancer after probably a whole life of living unhealthy is a complete joke and really a loser attitude.

      You can also see that he was not only physical-wise but also mentally-wise much fitter in the penalty retrial after he lost a bunch of weight.
      I mean his closing statement from the retrial was really not too bad, at least much better than in the original trial.
      I don’t like him, especially because of the pathetic book stunt and his disgusting “blame others and profiteer” attitude but even regarding people I don’t like I always try to be fair. And that closing statement was really not bad imho.

      • I am not surprised to hear that Nurmi was suicidal after his cancer diagnosis. To be honest, I wouldn’t be shocked if he does kill himself eventually, especially if the lymphoma returns — though he sounds happy enough in the interview. Frank’s right that he’s gained back a lot of extra weight.

        Does anyone know what Nurmi’s referring to when he says Jodi lied after the first trial by saying Nurmi had made up the pedophilia story? As far as I know, she’s never wavered in that claim. And it was she, of course, acting pro se — not Nurmi — who got the computer expert to find the massive, overwhelming porn traces on Travis’s computer, confirming her testimony about his viewing habits.

  15. Oz is just a medical fraud who promotes quack remedies like homeopathy, with the aid of Oprah Winfrey, the world’s greatest shill for pseudoscientific medicine. There’s no more reason to pay attention to him than to radaronline or other online tabloid news outlets.

    • Funny that you say that hehe. I’ve never heard of Oz before that thread here but of course I know Winfrey. Well, her success is solely based on the fact that the majority of mankind is just plain stupid, gullible, uneducated and degenerated.
      So, I find it realyl sad that disgusting people liek her make a fasle success based on dumb and superficial people only. It really annoys me. That’s a wrong kind of human being being in the spotlight.

  16. It’s amazing what you miss when you are able to finally get up out of bed and recover from one of the best diets known to man…. It’s called the FLU!!! I see that Nurmi has decided to pop back up and talk a little more about Jodi… like his yakfest on the ID channel wasn’t enough!! One thing that does fascinate me is the difference between what Nurmi said on that special regarding his attempt to leave Jodi’s defense and what I am hearing now. As we all know, he stated that Jodi allegedly threatened his career if he tried to leave and the fact that he also states the court rejected his attempts but he doesn’t mention that countless opportunities to leave. I applaud Jodi for not responding to this nonsense.
    I will say that I was envisioning one of the lovely Greek ladies possibly calling in to the show and ripping him a new ass in English and Greek for all of the lies and double talk he has been doing. I will also say I love Rasna’s comment about Dr. OZ.. “I think that you should stick to what you do best: healthy life hacks, recipes, workouts”.
    Daytime T.V. is also about advertising and dollars so Dr. Oz is no different than any of the other talk show people. Jodi, if it ever did happen, would very likely only get a decent shake on Ellen’s show and that’s a big maybe!!!

    Lastly, What’s up everybody… good to hear from all of you!!!!!
    Pandora, Maria, JD,

      • Hey JD,

        I am doing OK. Hope everything is good wherever you are! As I said above, it is very interesting the vast difference between Nurmi’s comments on the ID channel about him trying to quit Jodi’s defense and the alleged “threats” from Jodi to destroy his career if he tried. Obviously, this is an area that I don’t know much about. It really would be nice if somebody could refute Nurmi’s statements such as Jennifer Wilmott although we all know she will not make any public comments. He has made so many claims over the past two years since he knows that Jodi will not respond to them due to her ongoing litigation.

  17. Go to and check out Kirk Nurmi’s inspirational book, Defending Your Greatness, which explains how he survived “infamy” and cancer to find a better life as an unemployed peddler of inspirational books about himself.

    • Oh, he calls himself a “motivational speaker” now lol.
      I guess he thought what simple-minded Travis could, which is spewing out cheap, primitive, meaningless and superficial platitudes in front of and to gullible, over and over brainwashed (at least in PPL/Legal Shield and other MLM frauds – hence the steady brainwashing events over and over) and desperate people, I CAN DO AS WELL. 🙂
      I don’t know about Travis but in addition to the lack of any substance and the not long lasting fraud that comes with such meaningless “motivational speeches”, the audience from Nurmi will also probably fall asleep if he’s still talking so mind-numbin slow… 🙂

    • Cool, but considering the history of this “man” and that he came always through with everything so far, as if someone from above protects him (no, not some virtual god but someone from the county – aka corruption) I have little hopes that it now magically will lead to anything. But I hope it does.

      When I look at this highly unmanly pseudo man I can see him being denied and made fun of by women all his life. Hence it wouldn’t surprise me at all when he harasses women sexually or otherwise being the sexually frustrated and denied loser he is.
      My impression from the very start during the trial, even before I’ve learned more about him, Jodi and the trial as a whole, really during the first trial videos I coincidentally stumbled across on YT in December 2018 and watched thereafter, was that he hates women to the core, not only Jodi.
      He had all the sympathy for all the pathetic and unacceptable bevabiour and loser attitude of Travis but NONE for Jodi. That was so obvious.
      Also, from my own experience, you can rarely trust small men – they almost all seem to have serious psyochological issues.

    • Just curious,

      How many complaints is Martinez currently facing? Obviously, this one sounds really bad because it falls under workplace sexual harassment which would get most people fired almost immediately if it can be proven. It would be interesting to know how many claims occurred before Jodi’s trial came along and how many came after.
      BTW, I saw Alan’s reason for why Jodi hasn’t responded to her mail, other than being busy. I have heard of this and I know it is very painful… somewhat similar to carpal tunnel but in the hand.

      “and it’s still painful for her to write because of tenosynovitis. I believe she is writing very little right now, even to old friends..”

      • Here is a synopsis of the charges against Martinez:

        * Dissemination of Confidential Information

        On March 3, 2015, during jury deliberations in the penalty phase, the judge confidentially informed both sides that the jury was at an impasse and the one holdout was Juror 17. At the end of that day, Martinez filed a motion to have Juror 17 struck from the jury and informed his secret lover, Jen Wood (a blogger holding herself out as a journalist) that he had investigators and others looking at Juror 17’s social media in an attempt to locate information that might disqualify her from continuing to deliberate. Martinez provided his paramour with Juror 17’s name who then looked up Juror 17’s Facebook page. Martinez also told her that if anyone found out that he had provided her with information he would be disbarred. Ms. Wood also passed information on to a media friend and at the end of the trial Juror 17’s identity and picture were posted in the media (which ultimately resulted in her receiving police protection).

        * Inappropriate Communications with Released Juror

        On December 2, 2014, during the second penalty phase trial, Juror 3 was dismissed. Following that, Juror 3 began communications with Martinez via text messages and phone calls. During discussions, Martinez stated “you can’t get in trouble, but I can get in trouble” and “just don’t use names” or words to that effect. Communications also included Juror 3’s interest in beginning a sexual relationship with Martinez and sexted unsolicited nude photos of herself. She also provided her impression of how two jurors might be leaning. Martinez also asked “how do you feel about…” or “how do you think they’re feeling” in an attempt to determine how specific jurors might view evidence. Martinez did not report any of these communicates to the Court or opposing counsel.

        * Martinez’s False Deposition Testimony before the State Bar

        During his deposition before the State Bar, Martinez provided the following false testimony that he knew was false: He denied ever engaging in a sexual relationship with Ms. Wood. He denied Ms. Wood had ever been to his house. He denied providing Ms. Wood with information regarding Juror 17. He lied about the number of times he communicated with Juror 3, who initiated the communication and how long the communication lasted.

        * Unprofessional Conduct at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

        In or around December 2017, approximately 30 MCAO employees were interviewed. The following issues were revealed:

        In 2015 Martinez took a female law clerk to lunch on several occasions during which he asked if she had a boyfriend. When she said she did, Martinez made a comment about putting a hit on her boyfriend so that he could have her all to himself. He also stared at her in ways that made her feel he was undressing her with his eyes. Thereafter she began hiding in the bathroom at work when she heard his voice.

        Also in 2015, Martinez told another law clerk that he wanted to climb her like a statue, or words to that effect, invited her to join him in Vegas and told her he could guess the color of her underwear. Afterwards she joined the first law clerk in the bathroom.

        Yet another law clerk stated that Martinez stared at her to the point she also felt he was undressing her with his eyes.

        In 2014, an additional law clerk grew so uncomfortable with Martinez’s unprofessional comments that she was also a bathroom hide-away.

        Between 2016 and 2017 yet another law clerk found Martinez frequently invading her personal space as well as looking at female employees’ chests and blatantly looking them up and down as they walked away resulting in law clerks, not using the bathroom but ducking into cubicles and engaging in busy work to avoid him.

        Numerous law clerks said Martinez invaded their personal space and touched them inappropriately, one stating that he looked her up and down, stared at her chest and looked down her shirt.

        Martinez also asked another clerk, whom he knew was married, out on a date, telling her to leave her husband for him.

        Martinez’s unprofessional conduct was so prevalent that some of the female employees created a “JM shit list”, an unwritten list of his unprofessional conduct with female employees.

        The female employees did not report his conduct as most of them believed he was in a position of power and were afraid of potential negative consequences.

  18. Very nice to see that the Bar is accusing Martinez of lying to their investigators on four separate issues. I hope they have proof, in which case he will surely get some sort of sanction. I love that Martinez himself said he’d be disbarred if his behavior got out. And, of course, as far as I know Jodi’s second bar complaint against him is still to come.

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