Donovan Bering’s Clearance Sale

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Once again, Donovan Bering has set off our retard-o-meter.

Rasna (one of our resident Admin’s) has therefore written the following post in reply to her latest BS-riddled antics:

Take it away, Rasna…

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Here we go again… the cray-crays are crawling out of the woodwork!

When you desperately need the coins to feed your addictions, you will do anything to collect as many red pennies as possible. Sell your jewelry, sell stolen jewelry, sell your tv, sell your dvd, sell your body… although in Bering’s case, selling her body would be the worst possible choice for numerous reasons.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many of Jodi’s ‘friends’ sell out on their friendship with her for their 15 minutes of fame, for a few coins, for a quick fix. Donovan is in the same category as adult Honey Boo-Boo: Cassandra Collins. They’d make a great team: dumb and dumber…

Donovan Bering is the guy on the right…

Many times, Donovan has made caustic, delirious, shameful, fabricated and mean posts about Jodi. She has sold stories to the worst rags online and then when the walls caved in and people started to tell her off, she’d always play the victim by saying that it wasn’t her. Yeah, right. We’ve learned your evil ways Donovan. Since you’re so okay with talking trash about Jodi, at least have the balls to own it. There’s nothing more cowardly than a loser that won’t own up to their actions.

Lately… Donovan is in need for cash, and is selling what little she has left of her possessions that will actually pay out. Being an alcoholic and a drug addict is a very expensive hobby. We wonder how many pennies she got for selling a single page with Jodi’s writings? A couple of dollars, we would imagine. Soon enough, she’ll have nothing else to sell – just hope you’re ready for rock bottom, Donovan. Will it all have been worth it? Probably not.

Since we at JAII own up to all we post – we’d like to point out a few facts:

  • Donovan has stolen medicine (that she used for her addiction) from a person that kindly allowed her to stay at his place when she had nowhere to live.
  • Donovan has stolen money from many of her friends that trusted her enough to have her in her life.
  • Donovan has stolen jewelry from friends and then pawned for 1/10th of their value.
  • Donovan has grassed on her friends inside and out of prison.
  • Donovan has sold out Jodi over 10 times but has the gull to try and maintain friendship with Jodi’s family.
  • Donovan lies. She lies so much that she actually ends up believing her own lies.
  • Donovan is a coward.
  • Donovan is not to be trusted.

And if any of you believe Donovan’s latest bullshit – just to grasp at the opportunity to bash and attack Jodi –  then you’re no better than she is.

A person that turns on a friend and craps on them will never be trusted, respected. They are soulless and hollow inside. Their lack of morals and empathy is what we called ‘sociopath’. Donovan fits that description perfectly.

Once unethical – always unethical.

Rasna – JAII Admin

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $115,026.18 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout the remainder of 2017, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Well, well, well… once a sell out; always a sell out!
    I can’t believe that some people are still trying to make money by trashing and betraying Jodi. SMH.
    I hope Donovan realizes that for every action we take there are always consequences. There are people that care for Jodi and will never allow losers to profit off of Jodi.
    I seriously pity Donovan. She is so empty and worthless that she has stooped so low in betraying her friend’s trust. It doesn’t get lower than that.

  2. It appears Donavan likes to learn life lessons the hard way. Once again, Money is the Root of All Evil. It is apparent she needs help but this wasn’t the way to get it. Trying to hurt people who’ve been nice to you is just sad. smh Shameful.

  3. Donovan isn’t even worth the time it takes to type these few lines. No one believes a word that comes out of her.
    Not even the haters. (Maybe just the ones with the smallest of pee brains but those were the ones we didn’t even use to bother with back then. )

  4. Anyone who truly supports and loves Jodi would never, ever sell out or betray her! Donovan and anyone else who has is pathetic. No wonder why Jodi has trust issues.

  5. Desperate for attention and money, nothing more. I doubt even the most idiotic haters believe her. I’d say that karma would be on its way for “her” betrayal, but by the looks of it, life couldn’t really get any worse. Sad case.

  6. WOW I never believed her when she supposedly was “tweeting” on behalf on Jodi was a total crock ..Jodi is so much smarter than those tweets, that were posted , Donovan is a loser , I hope Jodi s family realizes that by now and drop her like a hot potato..If somebody comes off as phony, nine times out of ten the person is probably phony. And no! It doesn’t make a person judgmental to think that somebody is phony. A person shouldn’t be a good friend only when it is convenient. A person should be a good friend all the time

  7. It appears I was kind of right about this.. although I missed the part about Donavan’s addictions and going broke to keep feeding it! Addiction will make people do anything to get a fix! Unfortunately, she finally set her sights on Jodi. I have been waiting for somebody to come out and address this as I was suspicious because of the time frame of the “original conversation” which was 2008. Linda and I were both asking, “why now?” Now we know it was for cash.
    Obviously, Jodi has a new twitter handler now! Donavan’s addictions sound very serious and they very likely will land her back in jail when her current cash runs out which will likely be very quick!
    What’s up Pandora, Maria, Justus, JD, Michael and Loretta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have no comment – best that way – I don’t want karma knocking at my door it’s just weirdo making money off of Jodi’s name

  9. Not gone or dead …yet Lorretta…lol! Now for the cell mate…..misery d…..proves once again that no good deed goes unpunished.Was not Jodi kind and respectful of that person? To make gains off of others proves ones evil…like a certain family of a t-dog…..$$$ for a TRIP…to honour him…LOL or just a free trip??? That thing of a person needs to own up to her wrongful ways…and shut up or put up with facts…Amazing how all books so far have been written by out n out LIARS…..funny n odd how at first sky believed the pedo letter by travis then thanks to hubby n master she unbelieved it…now they live happily ever after…Opps! And ca$h seems very happy about that breakup…Gods will or u$e$ luck to mess around with ANY n ALL!……ca$h d is available for a price…bring do nuts too! And if it wants to look like a man then act like one! Shout out to Lorretta….We who get mail from Jodi treat it with respect…..that’s what folks with honor do…the others We call haters and creeps and trash.

    • Hi Wayne! As for the Hughes duo, they are now divorced. One odd couple who toppled off of their pedestals. smh I would love to know the truth about those two.

  10. It does seem that “ca$h” is not too broke up about his divorce as he has still been yakking to any outlet that will listen as evidenced by the last B.S. Enquirer show.
    The fact that Donavan would do this now at a time when Jodi is grieving is real low!!!
    I would also bet that this will not be the last time that she tries this because she probably believes in her drugged haze that people will believe her in the future and she can make more $$$.

    I also thought I would give a shout-out to the fund which appears to have grown a good bit since it was last mentioned!!!!!

  11. I believe ca$h said it was Gods will……or sky not trusting him …who would after seeing him on the stand….looked like he was going to burst into flames. And this is a business leader…worth millions…who runs a scam……LOL! what an evil joke of a so called man… please never trust such a thing as you once stood by and LIED!

  12. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. I don’t know Donavan and my only knowledge is what I’ve heard online or through mutual friends of Jodi’s family. Donavan has known Jodi for 9 years and from what I know, was willing to do just about anything to help Jodi. She 100% believed in her and fought hard to be her voice on the outside. She showed up daily to court, Tweeted on her behalf and fought a lot of battles for her. In the last couple of years there was a falling out with Jodi, but not her family. Donavan maintained close ties to them, particularly to Sandy. Drugs and addiction don’t explain this latest turn of events. If Donavan was an addict, (which she might be, I don’t know), why sell Jodi out now, when in the early days of the trial it would have been much more lucrative? How much will Radar pay for an unsubstantiated story?

    What I am saying is, are we sure this is THE Donavan Bering? Is someone who hates Jodi or Donavan lying to Radar and claiming to be Donavan to stir the pot? I looked up Donavan on Facebook but it doesn’t look like she’s very active, so there is nothing about this drama.

    If you don’t believe the Radar story, should we believe their source is who they claim to be? I don’t believe any of those rags. They deal in half truths and then embellish them.

    • Once again Linda… good points! I will say that Donavan could clear this up herself with one statement. Obviously, none of us believe the Radar rag anyway.

  13. Interesting that d is INNOCENT before being proved guilty…if only STATES followed such rule and a lot of so called Americans…well I texted to d awhile ago and she told Me she would say what she wanted! Now trust Me on this some friends are real fairweather friends…I have two that after 30 =years turned on Me over Jodi Arias….but I know them rather well and they have no problem with VIOLENCE when it comes to surviving…NONE! But they do have problems with women…hmm….. Can one blame any person who turns their back on any who are out for a gain on their pain? Is there anything stopping d in defending herself? Does any really think that Jodi facing certain death from a death cult state would EVER talk to d or others on that day other then Her fear and surviving an abuser? Yes She may have talked about some parts of the day but in such detail as the rags say…LOL! Seems the state lost it’s case on their only purpose of that show trial…DEATH! Seems to Me any who have been unfriended by Jodi have earned it in spades……be it radar or n/e…do they not deal in lies that causes pain? Step up DONAVAN and tell all the truth…if You even know it. I have read how the police(det.) doubted that a young woman could do such to a man…so much for knowing the news as younger girls have lifted CARS off their Dads! Police should really study the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle……and the Sherlock Holmes book…the FACTS…the FACTS…and just the FACTS…and in this case they PROVE INNOCENCE. But remember that many in the states service make very good $ on wins at any cost and when caught receive very little punishment or NONE….as in the minion (det.) and the rat (persecutor)…when all are accountable then We all have justice. Why many fear that I will never understand……!

    • You ask that Donavan step up and tell the truth, but it sounds like you’ll only believe her if it’s what you want to hear. I believe there was a second person there. There is just too much that happened that is hard to believe only one person did in a short amount of time. There are many scenarios that would make more sense with two people. The question is then, why didn’t Jodi reveal this second person. It could be that she intended to always deny her involvement and if they found out the presence of another, then that person would take the fall. If the person was a good friend, that would seem reasonable. As time went on and no viable evidence supported a second person, Jodi realized that she could not introduce that person into the killing without looking like the mastermind of a homicide. Self-defense may have played a part in the crime, but Jodi forced herself into a narrative that excluded others because it would be hard for a jury to believe a self defense story if she had an ex boyfriend traveling with her, for example. If she admitted there was a second person, she would be on death row.

      For me, the only part of the Radar story that makes sense is she had a friend with her. I know there were people in Salinas who saw Jodi that day with a man. There were people talking about it at the time. I don’t know where she was seen in Salinas, or what the man looked like, just that she was seen by people who I assume knew her and recognized her. I didn’t pay attention to the story again until the trial and I waited for the identity of the man to come out and never heard it. So that has always been in the back of my mind. Maybe it was just a friend she ran into and had lunch with and then left. I don’t know how strong her ties were to Salinas. Her dad’s family is from the area so she could have run into someone and that’s who she was seen with.

      Did she tell Donavan the truth before she came up with the self defense story because she was trying to figure out how to tell the truth to her lawyers and because this other person either intended to deny they were there or they intended to place the blame on Jodi, she had to figure out another angle and felt Donavan could help her? That seems plausible to me.

      • There were several supposed (?) suicides during this time. That always made me wonder. I’m thinking that the base info used in the trial to begin with is what the appeals will have to be based on. Not sure anything else will matter, being truth or not. AZ appears to have their own set of laws. Only in AZ . . . .

  14. My post keeps disappearing maybe because I added a link? Go to the Radar Online story about Jodi’s visitor list and you will an interview with Donavan where she names Jodi’s exboyfriend Matt as the accomplice

  15. I know just what d is like as We had a few words…she does what she wants to do and that’s fact. For her to say she did this or not is by now moot….is she still in Jodi’s life……? Seems not so that says something. Met a man in Salinas…WOW must not be MANY men there to meet….And as far as way to much happened in that bathroom..You know the impossible 62 sec,s thing the rat said often…well I played out that scene more then a few times as any good investigator should have…and more then did it all in less then 42 sec,s….as HLN showed how a man could step on the same shelf and reach for t-dog.s gun and this man was 210 lbs and did it twice with no problem…BUT when det. stevo went back to the house and put his HANDS on the shelf …it tipped…STRANGE that he did not try to stand on that shelf and use video,wonder why he did it that way as the jury should have also!!!!!!!!!History is full of case where the small defeat the big or should I say FAT…remember how a t-dog went ape shit on Her saying another guy had man boobs??? What is so funny about man boobs is most men get them if they work out to much…see ARNOLD,I,ll be back. Oh yes for some she had to have help because that fits their logic but to them I would say learn more facts and history. Now some go on how poor t-dog was naked as if that hindered him in some way…duh…did he have hair one could grab?…of items of clothing to grab?…in fact he WAS wet and far harder to grab then Her…with Her long hair and cloths ….naked never stopped ANY man on a wrath or ever will! Her story from the stand spoke the truth based on facts and reason as well as logic of that day…ever wonder how the rat who tried to discount it could not…hence sending the det. to fake a shelf tilt for a win at any cost? So with all their facts that the state claimed they STILL had to fake n lose and destroy evidence as id the camera throw down or no hole in dura matter and then there had to be from that dr. horn…Phineas Gage…hmm…Oh that Phineas! How easy it is to catch them in very big LIES…when they seek the almighty win at any cost!

  16. Matt is an interesting individual. He posted on this site very early on. I remember his comments were indicating that he was close to Jodi but that he was in a relationship and wanted his life to move forward and didn’t want any focus on him. I believe he had indicated that to Jodi. He definitely wanted to protect himself though expressing empathy for Jodi. He didn’t post here again. I have thought about him as he was very close to Jodi at one time. I did wonder if he had tried to protect her in some way.

    • Yes he is very interesting. He deserted Jodi when she needed him most. He claimed he was moving on with his life, but what kind of friend would back out of testifying to keep you off death row? I didn’t want to name him as the man in Salinas, but when the trial was on, I was sure he was that man. Now that Donavan has said as much, I feel I can say that. I wonder if he knows more than he let on and rather than desert Jodi to save himself the hassle of trial, maybe he thought she would fair better if he was out of the picture entirely?

      Wayne, I wish I could understand your post, but you talk in code and nicknames and I can’t make out what you’re saying. I’m not ignoring you, I just don’t know how to respond.

  17. Hi Linda,

    I will admit that my last post probably sounded that way but I have always been about the truth since I got here last fall. As I have said before, I was late to this case so the wiki site has been my guide as well as the comments from other long time supporters. I did not know all the particulars of her extended trip until I read that. Your points about Jodi’s thinking are interesting. My original question still stands though. If Matt is indeed a second participant, why has he not been questioned publicly/privately as another material witness? Donavan has literally just implicated another person in this case. The state of AZ is obligated to investigate this.

    • Hi Lance, it seems there is an investigation going on if you go by the Radar article. It’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t without an official proclaimation. Matt also concealed his whereabouts early in the trial, if not beforehand, and he was not located when it came time for trial. If I remember correctly, Mr. Martinez had threatened to reveal him as a liar should he testify on her behalf. Mr. Martinez may have suspected Matt was involved, and that was what was behind the threat. Most witnesses would have stood up to a prosector who made such threats. They would have realized it was just a lot of bluster. It now seems maybe Matt did have something to hide and rather than have Mr. Martinez out him publicly he went into hiding.

  18. Well when folks do not take the time to learn the case as many have …sure they won’t understand many things….but read more and You will learn…gee I’ll I ever get is 1.5 hrs at My library and I learned about this case and found many things about dear travis that were hidden from the jury…LOL! Any who think they were not on the web or watching t.v. are plain fools …did You see the interviews they gave…,s a wonder a MURDER didn’t take place in the their deliberations …talk about threats and screaming that some did admit. Matt was told by the prosecutor He would be charged with perjury if He took the stand…and how could any stop any prosecutor from doing that???? The state has such power…the rest of Us not so much. The state can call any killing a murder then one must face a murder trial…and that is always a 50 / 50 deal…for any defendant…does any like them odds. This some one HAD to be there to …help…..REALLY? How does that ever help HER? Do any thing they would ever give Her a fair trial at this late date and why would they…has She not had to show trials so far or do any think that’s the way a trial should be done??? d seems to be looking for a payday as once again her life has gone off the rails. A lot of folks on the t-dogs side have had great paydays off their so called friend or loved one and may still have….how wonderful it must be to do that! Now when I first learned of this case I did not know many things that’s why I did My home work and learned…and the more I learned the more I KNEW that Her cause is just…YES She killed him that day as She said to SAVE Her life….in self defence…but I do know that She did lie before about what had happened as She on the stand did admit to…….But why must the state ever LIE to convict? or fake evidence or do all to destroy evidence…why would any just system ever do that???

  19. Matt got scared off by Martinez’ threats re perjury..he fled. I thought at the time that it was sad for Jodi that someone who was supposed to be a close friend would flee but when you look at how vicious Martinez was, you kind of understand how fear would set in. Fighting the state prosecutor as a young man with little or no resources…

    • I don’t buy it about Matt. He had never encountered Mr. Martinez, so he wouldn’t know how he’d be during trial. If he had nothing to fear, then he wouldn’t worry about perjury. Mr. Martinez alluded to some things that Matt probably knew were true, and he didn’t want to get caught lying. Like the letters Jodi wrote to him in the magazine. If you know your friend is innocent and that she might be put to death, would you abandon her? There’s no excuse. His fear of the prosecutor should not come in to play when his friend can be killed.

  20. Thanks Alan for posting. I would like to ask if we are still assuming the arrival timelines are still facts.. Jodi arrives at TA’s house at 4am and now goes “Upstairs” to see TA while Matt quietly goes downstairs to wait for whatever?? The next afternoon, Jodi and TA are in the bathroom with TA showering. Jodi then snaps after TA “states that he has a date with somebody according to Radar although Donovan doesn’t state the reason (assuming it was Mimi) and Jodi attacks him with a knife as she jumps on his back and stabs him in the back with a flurry of blows. Matt rushes up the stairs upon hearing this commotion and comes across the struggle in progress and notes Jodi’s frenzied state and assumes TA has attacked her first and “assists in the killing”. Matt has just become a second murder suspect so the idea of a quiet investigation is over especially since Donovan has gone so public with this. All of us know a simple DNA test on Matt would prove absolutely that he was in the home considering all of the DNA pulled from that house. Obviously, Jodi was alone when she was pulled over by the Utah officer for the inverted plates and she was alone when she got to Ryan’s house. What did Matt do.. catch a cab?
    Matt would have been terrified to be involved in a murder investigation which is why he likely disappeared. Linda is right in that nobody knew who JM was before this case other than AZ so Matt could not have feared somebody he didn’t know of. He would have feared being put on the stand and being caught in several lies.

  21. I Totally agree Linda, there is no one that can truly claim to be a friend and have information that could possibly save your friends life and not come forward to even attempt to save her , which is more tragic than him being so called scared of Martinez or saving h a friend from what could’ve been a death sentence.???.Perjury can only affect you if you are lying…just don’t buy the argument that he was fearful of perjury..just saying ..

    • You don’t know how happy I am to see your comment. He had a moral obligation to defend his friend and he chose not to. The only defense he would have is if he had information that would secure a death penalty verdict, then I could see why he wouldn’t come forward. But to turn his back because the prosecutor threatened perjury is weak. Just don’t lie, and you’ll be ok. This is why I am convinced there was another person who was more involved. Not that he participated in the killing, but that he somehow participated in the cleanup or coverup.

  22. Linda , you know the more I think about it , the more sense it makes that Matt , could have been involved, not necessarily in the murder itself…but was there somehow, I remember Jodi saying that Matt didn’t want to get involved , and she respected that , way before Maritinez was even an issue..My opinion and its only that (my opinion) feel free to disagree,is that he was there , he saw what happened, and didn’t want to testify because he was probably scared of him being implicated..

  23. Hi Janet & Linda,

    If you are going to believe that Matt was there, he has just become a material witness or possible second suspect by being in the home at the time of the killing. I don’t believe that the state of AZ can ignore this even if it ends up being false. I also understand that Donavan making these claims nine years later is very suspect and smells like a serious falling out. I would imagine Matt did not want to hear all of this as his life has just been made more complicated.
    My next question is… How do we clear this up once and for all??

    • The timeline could have been re-created to keep Matt out of the picture. This still works with Jodi claiming self-defense, if we want to dismiss Donavan’s claims that she intended to kill him. Travis and Jodi could have had an argument while she was upstairs and Matt was outside waiting. The bathroom faces the street if I recall. He hears an argument and/or gunshot. He knows Jodi didn’t bring a gun and can only assume Travis has used the gun on her. He races up the stairs to find Jodi stabbing Travis. He begins kicking Travis in the legs (remember the bruises) and finally Travis is on the ground. How or why Travis’s throat is cut, I don’t know. Remember Jodi said she remembers the knife going in but she doesn’t say she handled the knife. It could have been Matt finishing him off, still believing self defense.

      Matt could come and go without DNA in the vicinity, especially if he happened upon the killing in progress. What DNA would he leave? Blood or spit? Fingerprints are tough in the best conditions, and they only found an intact partial handprint of Jodi’s even though she claimed to be barehanded. The investigators dusted the washing machine and dryer for prints, along with much of the bedroom. They probably dusted the knife rack in the kitchen and various other obvious places, but if they didn’t find Jodi’s prints there, then it would be just as difficult to find Matt’s.

      Jodi may have believed that Matt’s presence complicated her case. If it’s just her and Travis, then it’s believable that it was self-defense. If Matt is implicated, it looks like it was planned which is pretty much death row for both. Jodi is very smart, she must have thought it through and realized that her chances to stay off death row were a lot better if she didn’t implicate Matt.

      After the killing it wouldn’t be much of a problem for Jodi to drop Matt off at a Greyhound station where he could catch a bus just about anywhere without having to show ID or be identified.

      Jodi was jailed for a long time before she admitted killing him. She probably spoke to many prisoners about her case and they advised her that no jury would believe she didn’t intend to kill him if Matt was there, and that if she admitted only to her part of self-defense, that she would have a far easier time either being released or with a light sentence.

      It’s interesting that Donavan claims she spoke to Matt, who no one is able to find and he admits to a story that places him at the scene of a crime. For a guy who wants to stay out of the picture, that is fool-hardy at best.

  24. So by d own words she covered up a MURDER…..did ya all not hear that…if not listen AGAIN n AGAIN. That she claims she WAS Jodi’s friend….ya think! Is she doing this for free and did she ever go to the prosecution with this important news??? It was well known to any who had a p/c just what a evil shit j/m was and still is as it’s on the record and this any would have taken the stand…TALK is CHEAP and ya do know that if one is charged with perjury ….You go to JAIL! NO TRIAL just JAIL! This Matt was there now seems to put Matts life at risk…and it seems some could care less. DNA means as much as fingerprints as any can place them …ANYWHERE! It has been said there may be a trace of drugs on EVER Fed. bank note in the U.S.A. ..does that mean all are dealing drugs? Maybe sister sam was there too as We who WATCHED the second trial did see her talk of a MURDER plot…and this is an officer of the year! Maybe I was there but just didn’t know it….=(… some tests folks BEFORE you do your statements. To claim She could not have fought him off shows a lack of knowledge on fights…sorry folks MMA is not real world fighting…. One can say anything but w/o facts …reason and logic it’s just does not hold up. Tests can save lives… Our shooting range a part time police officer told Me that He could load His auto with just one hand…Well i said to Him …this I got to see…so taking the auto He pushed down on the bench to cock it using the front sight…which was rather small and thus it would not do any such thing…He tried over n over until I said …I just may have saved Your LIFE!!!! He smiled and said …gee maybe I should have tried it out first……others should do the same before climbing that soapbox! And may I ask how Matt being there helps Jodi????? She on the stand spoke truth that held up to testing…and as for d statement that t-dog had Jodi over his shoulder when Matt seen them and She was stabbing his back…how can that be done? If She was over his shoulder then the UPPER back would be shielded by …HER body! And as t-dog was a wrestler and trained to be one all he had to do was DROP Her on Her head! This stabbing from behind makes no sense…as the wounds are from the side and how does one keep travis from …MOVING? But in a common hold…say a bear hug that he seems to have used then even after a few hits he has a rather poor choice to make…..release n hope She stops or crush Her till She does…but abusers often face such problems do they not? America is full of folks who would never let others down…until their lives are at risk…’s called being human…….the state has most if not all the power in such cases…as in a death qualified jury…..MEANING they are more prone to giving a death sentence even before they know the case…strange or what? Maybe no jury should ever know who they are trying…now that would be true justice….and tested that MANY times with Fathers…as I asked them if You knew Your son had done murder would you on a jury put them to death…so far 100% have said NO WAY, NO HOW…they would protect their murdering son no matter what….See folks as long as it’s not yours going to death row …who cares????? Well that’s why others must step up to defend the right to a fair trial no matter the cost…if that trial was fair then America is DONE!

  25. Wow it’s like viewing super duper at times when i see posts on here…it seems some are sure as hell she murdered her ……..ABUSER! And an abuser he was for certain …NEVER believe any on that but him…often he brags about his abuse of any and all…..they who want another trial should ask if they want to see her placed on death row Remember the last two times they only FAILED by one who had the strength to stand up to threats and abuse in the jury room. And now some had this need to bring in Matt to …HELP? Be it murder then the numbers do not matter…but be it self defence then they DO! If only She was there then that would be fair but if another helped her then that two against one…most if not all would call that unfair unless it’s police…example: a police officer shot a young man in Toronto this past year and only because he fear for his life…the young man had a knife on a street car and was alone in it as he officer fired volleys twice and killed Him…as 26 police stood by and watched……This nonsense that others had to be there is just that…it shows a lack of reason and testing…and dare I say morals…now some would put Matts life at risk and for what…so called justice? I view hate sites for a good reason…it shows Me just how haters think and act and of late I see this on this site with such logic of SHE’S GUILTY but i still pray for Her and now LETS get Matt too. Please read the sites name…and no he was not killed because of his rather odd ways with children …but because once more he did all to beat a woman. To show pity to such men shows which side one is on…the wrong one. As for prison justice that some hope for on Her…once again it shows how many real sicko’s there are. The way to end violence in any lock up is to punish ALL who work there as STAFF…All of them! If they didn’t know of the abuse then they can prove it or show what they did to stop it…just as I did in a lock up…Yes i did do just that…it’s called doing MY job! Prison justice is code for LYNCHING!

  26. I have to speak up.
    Donavan is a liar, a sick twisted person. None of what she says is true. If she truly cared about Jodi’s parents, she would never be telling these lies, especially after Jodi’s father died.
    Danavan was jealous of Jodi and jealous of her relationship with Jodi’s parents. She wanted to ‘take’ Jodi’s parents for herself because Doavan is spiteful and envious.
    I’m sure Jodi’s parents loved her very much, but NO ONE but Jodi knows what her upbringing was like. That is not defamatory against Jodi’s family. It is true of everyone’s family, upbringing, personal experience of one’s own life.
    The fact that Donavan refused to allow Jodi to speak about her own relationship with her parents, showed she was not Jodi’s friend & allie. And that refusal to let Jodi speak out for herself was cruel.

    Now I want to address the people here:
    Janet- you seem to mean well, but you are one hundred percent going in the wrong direction.
    The fact is, Jodi acted 100% in self-defense & NO one else was there.
    Likewise Lance, I think you are a decent person with good intentions, but you are being mislead, going down the wrong path.
    Loretta, I never believed, still don’t believe you are a Jodi supporter, and you like to give Wayne a hard time, but you seem like a decent enough person.
    Again, Jodi acted 100% in self- defense & she was alone.

    To people who don’t believe Jodi, act out the scenario with another person, or even a pillow, and you can easily see that a person CAN wrap one’s arm around one’s back/ shoulder area, and attempt to fight the attacker with a knife. In fact Martinez even quickly alluded to this possibility during the trial.

    In the penalty phase Willmott asked the Medical Examiner if the knife wounds on the back could be defensive wounds, and he said YES, they could be!
    If people research the subject, it does happen that knife wounds are found on the back / shoulder because the victim wrapped her arm and hand AROUND the attacker’s back/ shoulder in order to get him to stop.
    I’m not going to elaborate further, because anyone who wants real answers can read Justice’s comprehensive account of the entire case. It is available on this site.

    Now Linda, it is you in particular whom I want to address:

    Linda, I see you as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I see you as malicious and malevolent, sneaky and I can only conclude that your presence on this site is to be duplicitous, lie, undermine and harm Jodi, and mislead people and steer them in the wrong direction.

    [ p.s: I don’t care about my grammar & spelling. When I care about it I know how to write well.]

    Linda, I won’t even read any more of your posts, let alone respond to them- because it is clear to me exactly what you are.

    To everyone else who posts here, I hope you are all doing well and are having a happy autumn.

    • Hi ((((Amy)))). I too, believe that Jodi acted in 100% self defense. I also believe Donavan is one that is not to be trusted for the truth. . . ever. As for everyone on here I’m hoping and praying that Jodi’s best interest is in their hearts. Jodi deserves to have true trustful friends surrounding her with their support and prayers. She has been grossly mistreated and abused through out this whole tragedy (and before). Many of the new comers do not have the same background information that we old time posters have. The facts have been twisted and distorted over and over again. It will take Divine Intervention to straighten out this corrupted mess now. Arizona has dropped the ball at every turn for a honest and fair trial. Corruption covering corruption. IMO there are many Officers of the Law who deserve to be locked away in prison more than Jodi Arias. Shame on THEM! Heck, even the transcripts have been altered and messed with now. Sending Prayers Up every minute of every day that Jodi will regain her FREEDOM!

    • Amy, please remember that $500 of that money is from me and I gave that within the first couple of weeks that I was here. In case you think I am being mislead, I am about the truth and always have been and always will be. The problem is the truth has been muddied and distorted. What I was doing was trying to understand why Donavan would say this now… nine years later in fact!!!!. It has been shown that the two of them had a falling out of some kind and I will say that Donovan’s timing is very suspect and troubling… especially in light of Jodi’s personal loss. I am inclined to believe that Donovan did this because she was in desperate straits and a offer to say something like this meant she could get some quick easy cash. Donovan’s statements have a lot of holes in them because it doesn’t quite make sense that Matt would sit in the car or sneak in the house and “chill” overnight and then try to avoid being detected as Jodi and TA moved about the house before they ended up in the bathroom.

  27. It’s too bad Amy won’t respond because up until now, I haven’t had a conversation with her. I don’t know how any of what I’ve posted is a lie to harm Jodi, when all I’ve done is admit I have considered there was some one else with her. I have explained who Donavan may be partially correct and that there was someone there and I have not said Jodi murdered him, but showed how her self defense claim would still hold true if a second person was with her. Re-read my posts and you will see my posts were a way to give Jodi the benefit of a doubt in the face of Donavan’s claims of a second person.

    Amy there are many issues in this case that are still questionable to me, especially with Donavan’s recent claims. Is it not possible to consider that there could be the slightest truth in her claims and yet Jodi is still innocent?

    I will say it again, the reason I believe there could have been a second person was because when she was arrested there was talk in our town (Salinas) of people seeing her with a man that day. I didn’t see her, and if I heard the name of the man, I don’t remember, but people were talking about it. I didn’t pay attention again to the case until the trial and was surprised when she claimed she was alone because from the time of the killing to then, I just assumed that they caught the second person as well. I kept waiting for him to be named and when Jodi testified about her timeline, it surprised me more to learn that she had visited Matt and the other ex-boyfriend, and didn’t have anyone in Salinas. As the case went on, I could see where a second person involved would clear up some outstanding questions.

    And Wayne, Jodi was already being investigated for murder, so it’s not like that was all a secret. Would you rather Donavan spilled a secret at time and betrayed Jodi? I don’t understand what side you’re on.

  28. Amy very glad to see someone who believes in Our cause for JUSTICE 4 JODI……seeing Her with a man……well men seem to be EVERY where…but this I thought they had caught that man…….Wow some folks do love to spin tales. and the DIDN,’T HAVE ANYONE IN SALINAS….do you read before you write???? Any My I remind you the police can arrest one these days for almost ANYTHING…..Odd how at times they show up at scenes at STATE…MURDER…before even knowing any facts……YES facts! Think any on the states side would bet their life on their facts in that case…seems all who took the stand who worked for the state LIED or corrupted evidence…or tried to hide it. Now just how could a learned judge allow that to ever happen??? And misery d…wow seems she tried to cover all the bases…..and for FREE…..ya think that was a public service??? Does she sorta look like she reading from a script??? This person saw a pay day and nothing else….I have had folks in My life as that as most have. But to say that another was there to put their life at risk shows true evil on d’s part. There is NO EVIDENCE that shows that during that fight where Jodi did defend Herself that another person was there except the ABUSER travis…and thanks to his own mouth We know him to be just that…loves to brag about it to…see PPL Al. where he TALKS of MURDER as if it were a joke. Wonder how any faith can stand for that and be called true? Odd how ANY justice system allows any who work for the state to profit from any case…are they not PAID??? Now thanks to the courts and Gov. prosecutors can go ape shit and spew lies to gain a win no matter the cost to all and then become rich with a book deal with even MORE lies…remember there is never total free speech …cross certain lines and find out… in making CERTAIN jokes about just one certain American and you are headed to jail…unless your’e motor city madman shit in my pants teddy pedo nugent! Just had to…=) … yes My spellling and grammar at times is non two good…the curse of a southpaw…but then no mistakes in the books written on Her case are there…odd how a man who types at 300 wpm as in mike of the court can make so many MISTAKES….and gets paid for them as dr. horn…dr. tot…det. steveo…and det. nothing found on the hard drive……OPPS! az. should have a lynching tree on it’s flag as well as in the courts.

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