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Here’s a re-post of my “Dissecting the Photographs” post from Jan 27th. The only addition is Pic #6, where I added the knife & dishwasher pics that were apparently never shown during the trial.

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Check out the pictures below – all produced as evidence in the trial:

With regards to the camera strap and its suggested usage, Heather Connor testified (on Day 4) that the camera strap was found still unwrapped and in the camera bag (exhibit #213). Kirk Nurmi also deliberately highlighted this on cross examination. Excluding the use of a secondary strap, this therefore confirms there was no strap used while any of the pictures were being taken with the Sony camera.

Here are the pics:

Pic # 1: One of the hallway pics, where the body is allegedly being dragged and photographed at the same time – also featuring “the foot” and “the pants with the blue vertical stripe”. I’m not convinced this picture was taken while the camera was on the ground. Pictured timed at 5:32:16 PM.

Pic #2: A second picture where TA is allegedly being “dragged”. Very hard to make out what’s actually shown in the picture, but it could easily be a shoe as it could be anything else. If it was TA’s body being dragged on a “sheet” (as some pundits have stated), then how would it be possible to be dragging the body and taking the picture at the same time? Pictured timed at 5:33:32 PM.


Pic #3: A picture of the ceiling “accidentally” taken during the struggle in the bathroom while Jodi was defending herself from TA’s attack. Pictured timed at 5:31:14 PM.


Pic #4: The piece of duct tape (retrieved from the bathroom floor) as seen on TA’s right arm in the “bedroom pics”…


Pic #5: The Sony camera as retrieved from the washing machine. The button is on the right of the camera. Jodi is left handed…

Pic #6:
 This crime scene composite picture shows the knife block (#67) with 2 knives missing… and the dishwasher (#68) with the 2 missing knives in it.

crime scene 67-68 knife block-dishwasher

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Team Jodi


    • MY goodness, I really think that is a tattoo on the person in the hallway picture. Also does it not look like this person is bald? No hair on his head? I noticed this before and assumed Travis had a shaved head? Or am I looking at the “head” wrong. Thanks.

  1. If I were a witness being cross-examined by Juan, and that asshole asked me about these crime scene photos, I’d tell him that I see a dog.

          • I agree, CINDY

            Many of these photos are so dark and blurred, they are almost worthless. I thought Travis’s camera was brand new and cost $1500 . I suppose some blurring could be due to the camera not being held steady or dropped or kicked. Can someone explain how many photos were triggered accidentally due to jarring blows (due to being dropped or kicked or whatever) or were the accidental photos being produced by an automatic timer?

            Even the police photos seem like they were taken with a $15 dollar disposable camera – dark, blurred and some with a glare. Being a person that seldom takes photos, these photos look like something I would take.

            • The camera that travis had was the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9. The street price when he bought it back in 2008 had the suggested retail price of $480.

              It shows up as costing $1500 now because it has been discontinued for many years. I wondered a few months ago why a camera that costs $1500 now took such terrible pictures while my 200 dollar Canon takes such great pictures. My camera buff son set me straight about the price etc.

              • I never believed Jodi put that camera in the wash machine.
                He had room mates.
                One says that he had a camera similiar to Jodi’s.
                That he and Jodi like to talk about photography.

                I believe if Jodi took those that she wanted the camera and picures too.
                WHY wouldn’t she want to take the camera?

                • She probably didn’t mean to put it in the wash. Remember she said they struggled. It probably got pushed in between the stuff she put in the wash and by that point out of sight out of mind sort of thing is what I think happened. Or she erased the pics put it down tried to clean up some of the mess it got mixed in with the stuff she threw in the wash and again out of sight out of mind. She never would have left that camera if she PREMEDITATED this murder!! DR. Dumbass doesn’t know what she is saying by saying leaving it behind shows premeditation. Judy will be found innocent just because of Jauns witnesses . Jennifer really didn’t need any. Jaun is proving the defenses case all by itself. I was watching hln and Jean Kasarus actually said that when you close your eyes Jodis version flows easier in the mind then the states version. I couldn’t belive it. So if Jean can see it and she talks shit. Then you know at least one jurors mind has been changed. And all it takes is one to believe jodi and we win!

                • I have left cloths in the washer for 3 days and had to throw them away because of mildew….so by 5 days the items should have been covered in mildew. I think his body was found the day of. The dog would have bark nonstop and scratched at the bedroom door all night. I don’t think Jodi did laundry or moved the body…

                • You’re right. She would have taken the camera if she had committed the crime… I believe her intruder story. Does anyone notice the tattooed arm in the pic? Neither Travis or Jodi have tattoos. Travis is sitting on the floor, upright. Did the defense overlooked this? Email me if you want my descriptions on the photo.

            • I believe it was set to timer, and set on the floor by the foot of the bed by travis when jodi was in the closet. He would have entered the closet from the bathroom not the bedroom so ranting and banging down the hall to terrify her more was his plan….

    • There are two empty slots in the knife block. One is probably for a steak knife (there are normally six to a set and the block has five) and the other one is for the medium sized kitchen knife. We have a similar block on our kitchen counter. That second knife is normally about 6-7 inches long and about an inch or so on the widest part.

      The weight of the knife depends on the quality of the set.

      • Al I have the same set….LOOK AT THE PICTURE again…the pic with the knives in the dishwasher. Look at the handles do you see anything different about them?

        Now if we are looking at two knives in that picture……they have different handles……

        • I see 3 empty spots in the block, two bigger knives missing, side by side in the 2nd to back row, then 1 steak knife missing.

          I would probably be forced to kill someone if they used any of my good kitchen knives to cut a rope.

    • geebee…

      Has this been brought up about the roommates using the kitchen after Wednesday, June 4th…they said that they cleaned up after themselves in the kitchen…both roommates girlfriends were at Travis’ house on an evening and nightly basis…did any of them use the dishwasher at anytime after Wednesday?

      Why are we so sure that the last person that used the dishwasher was Jodi?

      • I’m not sure on that at all. I doubt she was the last one. The dogs behavior, his car being there, the length of time before he was found. It all points to the mystery of “what are we not being told” Also, there was talk that Jodi killed him before someone got home so she wouldn’t be caught but since NO ONE looked for him right away, she could have been there all day and they wouldn’t have known.

      • I do not remember seeing in Detective Flores report asking anyone about using the dishwasher, only the clothes washer. But then again, the report is incomplete and a shambles.

        • LS…

          I am not sure if they used the dishwasher or not either…it would stand to reason that they probably did at least every couple of days…considering they did everything else…

          Flores Report page 8….6th paragraph down…Zach told Flores that there were no set cleaning duties in the house. They just cleaned up after themselves. THEY DID THEIR OWN DISHES and laundry.

          In testimony from both roommates…I think we get a good clear picture that they were very domesticated within Travis’ home…

          We Know:

          1. both roommates lived in Travis’ house,
          2. both paid rent for their room,
          3. both slept,
          4. both ate,
          5. both watched television in their bedrooms,
          6. both had their girlfriends over daily,
          7. both washed and dried their clothes,
          8.both cleaned their bedrooms,
          9.both cleaned their own upstairs bathroom,
          10.Zach used Travis’ bedroom key to unlock Travis’ bedroom door if he needed to get something,
          11.Zach said Travis allowed him to get medications and stuff like that from the medicine cabinet.

    • There were some pictures going around by someone named Tawndilly (sp?) a while back and one of the pictures showed all of the knives laid out on the counter in a line.

  2. Has anyone seen the HBO documentaries “Paradise Lost” Trilogy
    based on the Memphis West Three & the Peter Jackson produced
    doc “West Of Memphis?”
    I highly recommend you checking it out if you haven’t.

    So reminds me of this insanity!!!!!

      • oh man…that’s one travesty that cannot ever be undone. I followed this case from the first HBO special. And yeah, that Mark Byers should have been questioned as a suspect.

        • Yeah, those poor guys. I read an article about Damien Echols re-acclimating to the outside world after 18 years. He had to learn to use utensils again and was very sensitive to sunlight. Freaking sad.

      • The last paradise lost was in early 2000s. ‘West of Memphis’ was released in 2012 and includes lots of developments from the last decade. Mark Byers is not the stepdad that is suspicious (but was sensationally criminalized by hbo during 2nd paradise lost). It is another of the victim’s stepfathers – terry Hobbs. Plenty of info out there on the case (google ‘Callahan’ ‘wm3’) but I just wanted to clear this up.

  3. Good morning….I wish this circus trial would finally come to a close and give the verdict, and only just verdict, of not guilty. To be proven guilty it must be beyond a reasonable doubt and there’s so many doubts I don’t even know where to start. I think JM is out to get Jodi weather she’s guilty or not, he just has to have that conviction, even if it’s unfair or unjust. That puts the justice system in complete question as to the fairness and validity. It certainly leaves me feeling that I would never want to be accused of a crime because I would be too worried that there would be an unfair and unjust prosecutor like JM going after someone who truly is innocent. All he is concerned with is getting a conviction and that feather in his cap, regardless of the innocence or circumstances of the crime. I believe Jodi has been abused, for which she is paying, unjustly, and now she’s being abused all over again by JM and his relentless determination. He has created such a circus and it’s ridiculous how he’s acting. He should have a price to pay of some sort for yelling, belittling and having such a demeaning approach toward any witness that’s on the defense side. His type of conduct is disgusting and vile and it shouldn’t be allowed. Even if Jodi was 1000 % guilty I would LOVE to see the jury come back with a verdict of “not guilty” just to see the LOOK on JM’s face!! Ahhh, priceless. Remember the look on Jeff Ashton’s face during the verdict for Casey Anthony? All he could do was sit back and say “wow”….I wonder if JM has ever taken the time to put himself in Jodi’s shoes during the time leading up to the “event” as well as when it happened? He thinks he’s so smug with all the answers, we can all play Monday morning quarterback but until you’re actually in the situation you don’t know how you’d react. I think the day they taught understanding, compassion and empathy in law school JM was obviously absent!! He makes me sick just looking at him, he reminds me of a mosquito!! Take the fly swatter and BAM!! I love the way that Jennifer is going after that silly little Janeen or whatever her name is, that thinks she’s all that, but she’s not. She has no credibility in my eyes, she’s very cold and calculating. It’s obvious that she’s well rehearsed and coached by JM, he has her in his back pocket. Just let her be in a frightening and horrific situation and see how miss priss reacts. I just hope that Jennifer and Kirk knock it out of the park when it comes to the closing arguments and drive their point home. Please, please think jury, use your head and common sense. There’s so much evidence that’s been presented that I can not, in any way, shape or form, see “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”…. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

    • Nikki_T from your mouth to God’s ears.

      Jodi deserves to be free. JM will have to answer for his transgressions at some point. That’s the way it usually happens. Maybe not right now, but eventually. He’s not fighting for truth, he’s fighting for some kind of future career or something. He does not realize that the people who are giving him encouragement right now, are fickle and will eventually turn on him.

      As far as that chick is concerned who calls herself and expert, the only thing I can say about her is that she didn’t sound like a professional testifying, she sounded oh so malicious. Her testimony was malicious and intended to inject venom into the jury’s mind. She was actually quite good at that and only that. She’ll have to answer to a greater power eventually. We all do.

      • I found this video the other day…it shows several short snippets of first Demarte…then Alyce, then Dr. Samuels…of how they answered to the questions about giving Jodi gifts….

        Whoever filmed the video is trying to show favoritism toward the prosecution using Demarte first to explain that she doesn’t bring lollypops and presents…she says that crosses ethical guidelines and is inappropriate behavior…she does indeed sound very malicious….

        And they are trying to discredit what Alyce and Dr. Samuels says next…

        • I’ll bet they are. I just hope that the jurors can see clearly how she took those jabs at Jodi. Calling her a liar and then making it a point to say…”I can’t do that, Travis is dead”… so malicious and full of hate. She is probably posting on the hater sites under a pseudo-name because she sounded just like them.

          so scary.

        • if the haters made that, then I wish personally thank them for HIGHLIGHTING the Dumbass-ness of Dr D(eath) and the Persecutor. There is something just not right with that girl and boy.

      • But truthfully, none of us know what actually happened. I believe Jodi is innocent as well, but I am also not so foolish as to believe that is 100% true. I wasn’t there, but God knows so I just give my opinion but I do not condemn anyone or pass judgment because I do not know for sure what the truth is. JM may well be fighting for justice, Jodi could really be guilty as sin…none of us know either way for sure though…

    • He is likely good at his job (despite his jerk days) but due to the fact of what his job is, he is losing the battle to prove ANYTHING the state demands. She didn’t go there planning on killing him. He has failed on that and will have to face it later on. .

    • geebee2…actually down further in the Wikipedia article it says:

      There have been conflicting reports over the amount of stab wounds received, with some reports stating 29[9] and others stating 27 stab wounds, [8][7]

      geebee2…have you ever considered starting a Wikipedia page for Jodi?

      • I don’t think it would be allowed under the rules, which are a bit complex.

        But basically no. I wouldn’t bother.

        The thing is Jodi herself is not “notable”, but her trial certainly is.

        The existing wiki should probably be called “The trial of Jodi Arias”, that has been discussed, and I even tried that as an edit (it was reversed) but I’m not going to fight that.

        I’m not too concerned about the wiki now – it is now reasonably neutral I think, which is all I want.

      • Linda…you can thank NG on HLN for Travis being stabbed 29 times…that was her big breaking news some weeks ago…

        • I forgot to say that we were wondering if she was going to change it to 30 times the next night…but she stayed with the 29 times…

      • They do realize that the ME is including the defensive wounds on Travis’ hands and feet in his final count of stab wounds, don’t they?

        I would also like to raise the following question, for argument’s sake or another perspective, do with it what you will…..

        Who’s to say some of the wounds on Travis’ hands that are being called defensive wounds were not caused by him attempting to stab at Jodi and missing, hitting the tile or some other resisting force, that would send his hand sliding down the blade, cutting him that way?

        Finally, I’m beginning to feel unloved and ignored as the past 3-5 posts I’ve made have not gotten any replies even though they ask questions or are in response to other comments.

        I thought I made it quite clear that I’m a needy bitch so WHY IS NOBODY CODDLING ME?!

        • “Who’s to say some of the wounds on Travis’ hands that are being called defensive wounds were not caused by him attempting to stab at Jodi and missing, hitting the tile or some other resisting force, that would send his hand sliding down the blade, cutting him that way?”

          Oooh good point!

          PS don’t feel unloved. <3 lol

        • Well I don’t think Travis ever got hold of the knife, if he had, Jodi would be dead!
          Unless, just perhaps, he slit his own throat with it in despair after he lost the fight and was dying.

          • How likely do you think that could be Geebee? (Him slitting his own throat, I mean.) I know it was something Horn testified could be possible, but with all the investigation and hard work you’ve done … I was just wondering.

  4. Nikki_T do not dwell on JM TO DO SO WOULD GIVE HIM CREDITABILITY…..If you remember one thing it is he is doing his job. No, none of us can stomach the little ass but we don’t need to. I can not wait until the verdict is read and we see his face…..

    • Yes, he is doing his job but I guess I’ve been holding in my feelings toward JM for weeks now so I had to vent and get it out of my system. I’m more concentrated on Jennifer and Kirk delivering fantastic closing arguments and getting the job done. I can’t wait to see his face either…. Please bring it home Jennifer and Kirk!!

      • Nikki_T go ahead and vent as much as you want….we all have done that. This trial just does that to everyone. I thought I was a reasonable sane person at one time (don’t ask my sons they think I’m crazy) Now I’m obsessed with wanting to figure out what the hell happened that day.

        • If we only knew exactly how everything went down that day….I talk to my friends about this trial and they give me a blank stare, they don’t need to watch the trial as I’m always giving them updates. They laugh at me and say I’m a court junkie….lol….I wonder what I’ll do with my time after the trial is done? I just can’t imagine what it feels like for Jodi sitting in court day after day, listening to lies by others and she has to just sit there and listen. I truly hope the justice system prevails!

    • The thing that gets me about JM’s approach (besides all his nastiness), is that it seems like he is trying to introduce reasonable doubt, as though that should help his case, but that’s a defense strategy, the prosecutor should be doing something else, right?

      • No reports were filed on any slashed tires or photos taken? Who would not
        at least take photos an post them on social networks? everyone does that
        even when they had my space accounts people posted things like that to
        show friends. I don’t believe it. An if Lisa really had her’s slashed I think
        Travis did it to further his story of a stalker. An then the prize of course
        was getting to spend the night with the frightened Lisa Virgin. My opinion.

        • Every time I hear about his tires being slashed, him being afraid of Jodi, I have to think What an idiot. He probably had a flat one.
          Afraid of Jodi, that’s just stupid.
          And you’re right Rhonda, an excuse to spend the night with Lisa??
          What a joke.
          I don’t believe they were ever slashed.

          He sure wanted sympathy and attention, didn’t he?

          • does anyone know if the story Travis was telling on the video with Jodi’s head on his lap with all his friends was true? If that really happened i think we could find out and if he is lying, i think that is more information that shows Travis is a liar. I am talkig about the story where he had a gun held to his head in a robbery. It was presented by hLN, of course. dr.. drew made a huge deal about it.

            • Louise,
              Wasn’t that supposed to be a dream he had?
              That whole thing was stupid especially when Drew talks about it.
              I don’t know how any girl was attracted to someone who just talked about himself the whole time.
              I think the thing about that is Jodi raised up when he was yelling.

              All of the people there are such hypocrites, treating Jodi the way they have done lately. I think they ALL know she didn’t do anything.

              They sure weren’t concerned, whooping it up in Cancun knowing he had died.

    • No, nothing was ever reported. NOTHING! I was so PISSED when mimi hall even brought it up and related it to jodi AFTER everyone was instructed it was not to be brought into the trial! And then the judge didn’t even instruct the jury to strike it for the record and not use it in deliberations. I wanted to throw up.

  5. I actually see 3 knives missing from the block. One being a steak knife and 2 larger knoces that belong in the second row from the top.

  6. I didn’t start watching this trial from the beginning so what’s the deal with the duct tape? Is it supposed to be evidence of something?

  7. This is not the first trial I have observed J M an if you think he is playing hard ball with Jodi .
    He has actually dialed it down from the last capital murder case involving a Woman an the death of her husband..
    This was also a death penalty case and although I cant remember the ladys name I remember J M an his aggressive tactics,
    The woman in questions husband was dyeing from an aggressive form of cancer an had only weeks or months to live.

    She allegedly tried to poison him an when that failed beat him to death,She plead not guilty an was convicted an received the death penalty.

    • I think someone has referenced that trial before. I’m just wondering if he’s used to getting his way because all the judges are scared him for some reason?

      Why would any judge allow those theatrics in their courtroom? It’s so disrespectful toward them and to the jury and the whole judicial system, imo.

      • I agree. What ever happened to “badgering the witness” not being allowed? So sick of the excuse, that it is just “his style.” His style should not be tolerated in a courtroom.

    • That was Wendi Andriano (I think that’s the spelling of the last name). Except he had all kinds of real nasty evidence there, including:

      1. Blood toxicology that showed rat poison in her husband’s blood.
      2. The fact that she was shopping around for, and got a life insurance policy on him before the death, and lied about the cancer.
      3. The fact that from the interrogation room she called a neighbor on her cell phone and asked them to remove the insurance papers from her home.
      4. That she had beaten him severely with a baseball bat, and then claimed he cut his own throat.

      I think there was a whole bunch of other stuff in there that was a lot more tan some gas can/dyed hair story.

      In as far as being an aggressive idiot, I guess you can’t get a leopard to change it’s spots.

      • Ok now that makes more since to me. Thanks Al. hummm I think I might have heard something about that. But I’m not sure. I go for the warm and fuzzy books and movies. This is my introduction to crime stories. Ok perhaps it was the CA trial. I’m still a bit conflicted about that.

        • Yep, no temporary insanity there. Her husband wasn’t dying quickly enough for her to cash in so she took matters into her own hands.

    • Cindy,

      The one right underneath the exhibit number seems to be the same handle as the ones in the block. The other I can’t tell because it’s placed kinda weird. But, didn’t Jodi get rid of the gun and the knife in the desert? or just the gun?

      • The gun and she dumped the rope in the trash bin at some store or gas station. If I remember she never said anything about the knife. If you look at the top of the handle of the one on the right it isn’t round like the other one…..

        • I do see a totally different handle on one of the knives that are in the block.

          The very last one on the left side, above the scissors. *That* one does not have the same style of handle as the others.

        • Why would she get rid of the gun in the desert, throw the rope in a bin, and put the knife in a dishwasher there at the house and the camera in the washer???

          AND all they have is a hand print and a hair of Jodi’s?

          ALSO, the licence plate?
          WHY would she turn it upside down so she wouldn’t be noticed??

          I’m having a hard time with th whole cockamamie story about Jodi doing this.

          Every time I try to make sense that she did this, it just isn’t there.

          • I think they think she turned the plate upside down in order to get pulled over in Utah? Correct my if I’m wrong. Ryan places her in Utah so if that’s the theory, it’s a dim one.

    • I would not be able to tell you if a knife was missing from my house. In addition to my knife block (inherited via marriage) I have an entire drawer dedicated to kitchen utensils galore and I could not tell you how many large knives are in there. I would never know if one went missing. Not to mention, my inherited knife block has been missing a knife since before it took up residence in my home. I would only know if a steak knife was missing out of one of my 2 or 3 sets.

    • Yes, I just checked the pics again and there are 3 knives missing from the block, but all 11 are accounted for. There’s a picture of 8, plus a picture of one knife on its own, plus the 2 in the dishwasher = 11.

      Team Jodi

      • LC AND EB..thank you geez thought I was going crazy…Ok so all knives are accounted for. But something is really off here. TA was way to anal about things. Would he have a different knife in his block…just saying…..

        • yeah but they are not all accounted for if one of the 11 has a different handle. that means one is still missing.

    • I see 3 knives missing from block. Two in dishwasher have same handle. One knife in block has a different handle unless its the lighting.

  8. There is something off about picture #1 (with the foot). I cannot put my finger on it.

    I swear, it seems like she is either standing over him, or trying to help him up, or something. It’s …. you can sort of see the back of his head, it is lifted (unsupported). The head and shoulders are pretty close to the ground, it really does not seem like she is stabbing him in that picture.

    The angle is weird.

      • Move slightly further away from your monitor, of if you have a laptop, push the screen back a bit. You’ll be able to see the shoulder and head a little more clearly.

        The angle. It is bugging me.

        • Ok I’m not sure if it’s just power of suggestion or I really can see it. I see his shoulder and what looks like his arm over it.

          It drives you crazy doesn’t it…

          • Yes, def. not power of suggestion ( I think you really see it) because I made no mention of the angle of his shoulder and arm, you saw that on your own! 🙂

      • Follow Travis’ left hair line in that photo#1 and you’ll notice his head is as big as it seems, there is either a shadow or a second head above TAs. The way his right arm is flexed I say TA us choking someone with his left arm.

    • Those stripes are on the side of the leg. So she has be standing with the side of her leg facing the camera. She cant be behind him dragging because the stripe would be on other side.

      • That bothers me also the shorts they showed that were in the washer
        were HUGE no way Jodi would be wearing those ugly man shorts in
        my opinion.

      • That is exactly what is bugging me. She has to be on her side. It has to be her right leg, given the view of the photo. Her left leg is not visible.

        Travis’s arm, it’s sort of twisted, he’s reaching around or toward something (toward the left).

        The angle really bugs me. It seems impossible she took the picture, or that it was taken by accident. She could not have kicked the camera, her left leg would have been on the other side, given that her right leg is visible

        • assuming that is Jodi”s foot, it might be possible her foot hit the camera causing it to rock which gives time for the foot to be just in front of the camera when the very sensitive button is activated.

  9. FUjuan, Trixels,
    Thanks for the Facebook info and Link to TA friends profiles.
    Late last night the question was posed as to where we might find photos of TheCANCUN Trip June 2008, and FUjuan/Trixels said “Abracadabra” and poof they provided a name and link to some distutbing photos. Dave Hall the chubby friend on Nancy Non-ace show that comes off as the TA expert is partying it up in Cancun while his best friend is on the autopsy table getting a Y section cut of the torso. Mormons apparently did away with the rule “Forbidding Marriage to a Person of African Descent”, because Ryan Burns wife doesn’t look Aryan or Anglo Saxon, yet LDS still has Blood Atonement on the books.

    My son taught me how to use the Windows Office Picture Manager photo editor to brighten / contrast pictures and after adjusting some of the photos found on the memory card, enhancing shadows off of the walls and TAs skin or shower stall reflection or tile floor reflection it seems that there were more people than Jodi and Travis in the bathroom during the struggle.

    One other disrurbing thing is Dave Hall is very involved with the Boy Scouts, and that’s all I gave to say about that.

    • If you use the tile groove as aland mark and orient it slightly so as to run horizontal as a floor truly runs that might help your perception.

    • Phillip,

      I tried. The problem is that all of the ones posted on the web are rather poor resolution jpegs grabbed off the broadcasts.

      So what you get here is a situation where they have a picture, that then goes on the courtroom screen, which according to their video expert had a resolution of 1024×768, that then goes over the TV broadcast, and if it isn’t HD is down to 480 lines/inch and then someone grabs it and posts it as a small little jpeg (1024 x 673 pixels) on the dragging picture here.

      So it doesn’t work out too well.

    • Phillip..walk away for a minute clear your head. Then look at it again.

      I just hope to hell that the day will come that we will find out what happened that day. None of it makes seance. I know that there is a whole lot of evidences that hasn’t made it into trial,

      There is a whole lot of lying basters out there…….

      SJ what do you see in that picture?

  10. hi all, i was wanting to watch a clip of martinez throwing his pen does anyone have a clip of it? please and thanks

  11. Did Jodi ever say if she changed her clothes after she left TA’s house? Would she not have been covered in blood? I remember on one of those clips she said she washed her hands with bottled water, but nothing was said about her clothing.

  12. Lawyers are in court today
    Filed a motion for jury instructions and for surrebuttal witness

    Does anyone have any info or copies of the motions?

    • That’s interesting.

      The only rebuttal witness they’ve had so far is Dr Vocal Fry. I guess there was substantial new evidence entered there, namely her tests, her mentioning Dr Karp’s tests and that whole rigamarole about the ring and Christmas tree. Of course there might be stuff the prosecution has disclosed about up coming rebuttal witnesses that may also justify surrebuttal.

      The biggest problem the defense faces with respect to surrebuttal is that it is at the discretion of the trial judge, and we know all about that, don’t we?

      The AZ supreme court has overturned cases in the past because the judge hasn’t allowed a surrebuttal, and they have also reaffirmed cases in the past for that issue. The appeal decision has always been gauged from the point of vie of new evidence and whether the surrebuttal was cumulative or not. Cumulative here means you can’t just bring someone in to testify to essentially the same thing again. So if the prosecution brings in new evidence the defense’s surrebuttal must go to directly countering the new evidence with stuff that has not already been testified to.

      Kind of a hard hurdle to overcome, but we shall see.

      The motion requesting jury instructions is standard for this stage in the trial. The way it works is that for a given set of charges and the defense raised, there are some statutory jury instructions.

      In this case there will be an M1 instruction and then all the subsequent lesser included instructions (M2, aggravated manslaughter, manslaughter and negligent homicide). Since this is a DP case, the defense cannot stop the judge from issuing all the lesser included instructions. Because the defense has raised self defense, that jury instruction will also be delivered. These are statutory and the language etc, is pre-stated and the judge will deliver them as written. Then there are a host of other instructions about evidence, and burden of proof and meaning of reasonable doubt, etc. Both sides can request which instructions they would like the judge to issue or not. What the judge finally issues are up to her.

  13. The Juan lovers are all on about the gas cans again they believe that Juan will prove she
    lied about the gas can/kerosine can being returned or not an that will make Jodi out to be
    caught in a lie so therefore her whole story was a lie? this is ridiculous to me because why
    would anyone LIE about a stupid RETURN when they are on TRAIL for their LIFE ?

    This makes no sense to me? an I truly believe Juan has nothing as it was not a gas can/red
    but a Kerosine can/blue ?

    Then there is the fact that were all the cans actually RED? but one had a wrong code on
    it an come up as Kerosine when scanned? As I know that is possible. From working in
    Wal-Mart warehousing for 10 years I know that some products do come in an do not
    get caught but actually come from a shipper with the wrong codes on them from a similar
    item. Quality Assurance would catch them sometimes but I am sure not 100% of the time.

    • The one and only way they could prove anything is if they have video of that day….in that store. There is no way it is 100%…so they can take their gas cans and shove it where the sun don’t shine,,,lol

      • Not really. The receipt has a UPC # on it. All that have to do is run the same UPC # & whether it’s a gas or kerosene can doesn’t really matter. If either was returned that day under that UPC # then Jodi is telling the truth. I wouldn’t think that they would even try to do a search for word terms like “gas can” or “kerosene can”. It just the UPC # that matters.

  14. Call me crazy but I have been on the floor taking photos of the door hinges. We see that in picture number 2. The picture has to be at an angle in order to do that or at a distance in order for me to include the hinge. Since Jodi was taking photos close up she would not have the time to adjust the distance on the lens or even change the lens if there was another one.

    A camera does not go off by itself. Most cameras will take one photo on the timer but in order to take more than one at a time you need a more sophisticated camera or/and addition accessories. My guess is there was not time for this, especially because she was just taking portrait pictures of him.

    We know a flash was used at some point in time but cameras can be manually adjusted and can be done quickly. These photos do not seem to have been taken with a flash. There would have been more glare. These are very dark except for the one pointed at the ceiling.

    I feel very strongly these photos were taken with an intent to expose what was going on but it was not Travis taking the photos. They were taken quickly and perhaps in a covert way. Even hanging from another type of strap, the person still has to press the shutter release button.

    The roommate living in the “stinking” apartment might have been a part of this. Perhaps Jodi and Travis were fighting and the roommate saw an opportunity. Mimi Hall’s testimony made me doubt from day one.

    • No one is crazy here perhaps some of us have more of Abby (CSI) in us then others.

      I have always had this strange feeling that they all jumped out with Jodi’s name way to fast.. For all they knew she was 1000 miles away.

      Point the finger as far away as you can…..

    • I am sure there was a timer on that camera; mine is somewhat similar to what Travis had (mine is a Canon), and it does have a timer.

      Somehow that timer was activated.

      • I read one complaint about a Sony camera continuing to take pictures after the self timer was turned on but it wasn’t the same model at TA’s. Remember the camera was upside down. The position of the shutter release button on that camera is not in a position that it would be triggered just by being upside down. Someone had to step on it or push down on it to get the shutter to release. Again the position of the shutter release would require pressure to be put on one side of the camera & that would probably cause the other side of the camera to lift slightly. That is where the odd angle is coming from.

        • What you posted puts things in a new perspective for me. So, in the Jodi foot and pant pic she could have accidentally stepped on the camera which pushed the shutter against the floor and took the pic. That is if the shutter is flush with the top of the camera, and it would have to be, I guess Jodi’s right foot stepping on camera. But, I have a hard time seeing her foot in that pic. I couldn’t tell you if it’s left or right. I don’t recall the time stamps corresponding with automatic timer increments, because I did look for that several weeks ago and that’s not what I found. On my SLR I have to pick the time increment I want.

          • The release is not right on top it’s on the front & angled towards the top & front of the camera. It looks like it would have to tip forward 1/8″ – 1/4″ to trigger it.

            • Yeah … that’s where my Canon’s shutter is. It would be hard to create that scenario. That is a tile floor. Any amount of pressure from a foot to that camera would make it go sliding unless the foot came directly down on it from above. But still the shutter button wouldn’t go off because of it’s location on the camera’s body.

    • hmm… good points!!! I can’t past how those photos were taken. I think you are on to something when you say someone may have been taking these to expose what was going on.

      • After looking at the photos more I think there was someone else down on the floor fighting etc.. and they are the ones that took the pictures.

  15. Someone really nasty has copied one of my messages for Jodi, put it on my FB page and has mocked me 🙁
    There’s some really vile people out there–a TA supporter.

    I have no idea how she did that but I wish I could have it removed.

    • If it’s on your page you can remove it. Hover your mouse in the upper right hand corner of the post. A thing that looks like a pencil will appear, click on that. It gives you the option to remove it.

    • Gosh, Heather1, I’m sorry to hear that. These fucking people have no moral fiber whatsoever. It makes me so mad!

      I don’t post on the FB hater’s pages or even HLN anymore for that reason. Some of them will stalk you. Heck, when I had the audacity to go express my anger at Amazon’s forums, I was also attacked so I just took my ball and came home. (here).

  16. It is obvious how they are. We should be taking screen shots of these places they are doing harm. Sorry that happened Heather.

  17. I have added some images to

    It makes it clear that the mystery knife in the basket has a different style ( the block contents are also shown ).

    There I’m afraid my powers of deduction come up against a brick wall I’m afraid, except to say that the mystery knife is perhaps the strongest candidate for the knife that killed Alexander, simply by the fact that we don’t have a picture of it!

    • JM claims that none of the knives were missing and Jodi brought the knife with her. I saw that either in one of his pleadings, or somewhere. It may have been his “felony murder” argument.

      • Am I the only one here that has a slew of miscellaneous knives in my kitchen? Knives that don’t belong to a set? Who ever said the block knives were the only knives Travis owned?

    • Usually the brand is shown on the front of the block, this one seems to be unbranded.
      I tried searching for it, but no success. I did find simlar branded sets.

    • Oh, well it looks like there is a missing knife, is that the point?

      The block has 14 holes.
      11 pieces are shown laid out.
      2 pieces are in the washing machine.
      So there is one large missing knife.
      Maybe she took that with her and chucked it I guess.

      • There are no knives missing from that particular block. The 3 knives missing from the block (in the picture) are accounted for. 1 in a pic of it’s own and the other 2 in the dishwasher.

        Team Jodi

        • Ok, thanks.

          So they didn’t bother to take a photo of the two in the dishwasher but taken out of the basket??

          Or just we haven’t seen that photo yet?

        • Actually I do think there is one missing.

          The block labeled with the “67” has 14 slots. the photo labeled “67” has 11 knives laid out.

          The basket is labeled “68” and contains 2 knives. The knife by itself is also labeled “68” leading me to believe that it is a photo of the large knife from the basket. But why didn’t they include the other knife in the same photo? Or did they?

          therefore, the block has 14 slots and only 13 knives are pictured according to evidence tags. Because if the alone knife were laying on it’s own it would have it’s own evidence tag i think.

          • Hey BeeCee 🙂

            Two of the slots don’t hold knives. They hold kitchen shears and one of those cylindrical knife sharpeners. Are you sure you aren’t counting those two among the knife slots?

            Hope this helps.

            • when I look at the block there are two empty slots under the sharpener and large knife at the top. There is also an empty slot on the bottom. So, three empty slots and the shears and sharpener are in it.

              I only count 13 items to go into 14 slots, unless one counts the lone knife with the “68” as a new item.

              Really the question is..why is the basket with two knives labeled “68” AND the lone knife labeled “68”. Is the lone knife one of the two knives from the basket? If it is one of the two from the basket, then there is still one slot without something to go in it.

              If the lone knife photo is a different knife than the two in the basket, then why doesn’t it have it’s own evidence #.

              See what i mean?

  18. So Jodi’s defense is asking to change the case once again to heat of passion killing not self defense I wonder why they are changing it ?

      • Vinnie Politan ‏@VinniePolitan 27m

        #JodiArias wants the jury to have the option of “Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion” …papers just filed

        hello to you all (((((((((((((((((((((((((( 😉 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        • This doesn’t mean that they are changing the direction of the case.

          Jodi already tried to plea to manslaughter before the case was even brought to trial. They just want it on the table for the jury to consider.

          That’s all.

          • But they have only presented self defense evidence. Jodi hasn’t claimed heat of passion so the testimony hasn’t been presented that way. I’m afraid that may confuse some of the jurors.

            • Like Al said:

              “M2 gets included automatically as does manslaughter. She doesn’t have a choice. This is a DP case and in such cases the Supreme court has ruled that the jury must hear all lesser included charges. I posted all the legal citations some weeks ago, you’d have to go hunting for them.”

              By the way, are you the same Lisa M that posts on the calls for justice blog?

      • I do not think they are changing the defense they can’t do that at an end of a Trial it is that she was defending herself and in the heat of anger manslaughter what HLN was trying to say that the instructions would be 1st degree 2nd degree man slaughter.

  19. Cindy

    In response to

    “SERIOUSLY just I thought they were going to do the big walk in a few weeks…hummm that explains wounder they drive you crazy and they don’t have a car yet…Do I see summer jobs in their futures? lol”

    That’s what I said. I think if we buy them cars they ought to pay for gas, maintenance, etc. And I talked about it on the way to school this morning. The boy says he’s going to take two summer classes at the local community college, and based on how I’ve always said education comes before anything else, that lets him out. The girl says she and Mom are going to repaint and re-wallpaper the whole house this summer, so that lets her out. But the conversation shall continue.

  20. Some thought she was wearing jeans in the photo …and some didn’t know what she was wearing in the photo…

    It appears to be that Jodi is wearing women’s athletic pants in black or navy blue slightly flared bottom leg that has possibly two narrow blue vertical stripes down the side of the pants…

    Click on ebay link below of the pants that looks similar to what Jodi was wearing…also you can find some older pants for sale that people are still selling and I have found several…

    Since the stripe looks narrow…it has to be at least 2 or 3 stripes down the side of the pants…we can clearly see the one vertical blue stripe that is on this side of the side seam and the other stripe that we can’t see would have to be on the other side of the side seam …

    click here and look at the pants in the upper left corner of the screen…you can click to enlarge the picture…

    It was said that Jodi was into yoga…and many people use these pants for that purpose…

      • Someone said on another post that unless that model camera can be programmed to automatically take the photos they didn’t see how that was possible either…

        • @truthseeker1111 I am basing that on my own camera, more expensive, with bells and whistles.
          In order for me to take continuous photos you need accessories. I explained above earlier. Most cameras will let you take one but not a continuous series.

          • I really don’t know that answer about the camera…

            My post was really just about the type of pants that she was wearing…some people have never heard of athletic pants before…

          • I have a mode on my Canon SLR for continuous shootting, but I have to hold the shutter button down continuously while shots are taken.

    • But in the interrogation, Flores told Jodi that the colour of the pants was altered in that photo as if was the only way they could get it to come out, and asked her about pants that were a different colour.

  21. @Coldcase53

    The really troubling thing about Mormon blood atonement isn’t Travis’ angle, but Jodi’s.

    It’s a universal that you abide by the rules of whatever shape you inhabit. And Jodi, choosing to be Mormon, is according to the Mormons and their Book, liable for Travis’ blood – whether or not it’s self-defense! This is a very Old Testament idea, and unrelated to anything in English Medieval law. It’s the spilling of blood to them, not judicial guilt or exoneration (By a government they’ve always resisted? You’re kidding, right?), which matters at all. And Jodi killed – she confessed killing, plus the evidence is pretty clear that she did (again: the reason doesn’t matter) – and there’s a deep price to pay for that, according to their prophet Brigham Young.

    Jodi – by her very own rules – can’t simply renounce Mormonism to escape, either, as the Mormon membership pact is itself permanent and sworn under pain of death. During their ritual, they sign themselves being disemboweled and decapitated should they betray, as part of the pledge of fidelity and secrecy. (Jodi decapitated, not Travis! And gutted like a runaway dog.) So Jodi’s stuck in a tough place, and according to the covenant to which she swore, she owes for a death and even *her very salvation depends upon it*. She can’t renege on her vow, no matter how expedient or cowardly or smart it might seem.

    Read that again. *Her salvation depends upon it.*. Your personal theology or atheism doesn’t matter. Jodi’s present conviction of this or that spirituality isn’t in issue. It’s not even that it all may be myth and as dismissible as a bad dream upon waking. It’s a transcendental reality to which she has committed, and everything has to be measured in the value of her own integrity. Many readers won’t know what that means, of course, what integrity is about; all the worse for them. Many feminists will dismiss it, those who have never read the classics. But Jodi made her choice and has to live with her consequences, even if only in her heart.

    And it’s the conversion to Mormonism which is now more deadly for her than the possibility of execution.

    I think she knows this. I’m sure of it. Perhaps in some way, with the far less-than-perfect defense she’s hosting, she realizes it has to be, and is setting herself up for DP in the end. But indirectly so, in cognitive dissonance with the part of herself which might want to live – she’s young, I’m sure it’s a hard truth to pursue. I respect her for it.

    She did once on camera beg for death if she’d killed Travis. I wonder now, after watching this fiasco for months on end, if she’s not fulfilling her own prophecy, slowly and with great pain.

    • I read somewhere that mormon missionaries were still visiting Jodi in jail. I don’t like that at all and I think their motive is to continue to make sure she keeps quiet and ‘accepts’ her ‘sins’ because that’s what women are supposed to do (at least that’s my understanding). I wish we could get our own cult de-programmers to visit her! 🙁

      • I hope she gets away from that religion. In that jail there can’t be that many
        practicing Mormon/LDS in there to relate too? an I wonder when she went
        back to CA I doubt that tiny town had a huge congregation of them there

        My sister is living around Phoenix an has a daughter that is only 8 an I
        made her promise me that she would not date a Mormon/LDS or let my
        niece be enticed either to go to that church. We were raised strict
        Catholics an I just have a sick feeling about all that Book Of Mormon
        after reading so much doctrine. An Mesa is just right there close to
        them an frankly it gives me the creeps now.

    • I know people who have left the Mormon faith and nothing has happened to them, Personally its screwy she could walk away tomorrow, The whole blood Atonement thing is sick. She was not a practicing Mormon by any stretch of the imagination, beyond the Sex, far too many trips to Star Bucks, and She seems quite ignorant about Mormonism. I would think if she carried out the blood atonement she is a sicko. But I am not certain. Mormonism does play a huge part in this tragedy for both of them especially since Travis Grandmother was the one who pushed him into this cult, No wonder the Parents were drug addicts. I get the impression that Hypocrisy is the prerequisite or these types of cults and extreme ignorance. I know of a Mormon who left Mormonism but he was a nice guy and saw the complete fraud ,I think the fact that he was a College Professor went to study in Rome and once he studied theology he couldn’t possibly accept Mormonism.

      • When I wrote the blood atonement thing the other day I was on a lot of drugs. High doses of pain killers & m-prednisone for a horrible jaw/dental problem. It seemed super clear to me then, but I’ve been waffling. I know this girl was abused & attacked. It’s TA’s slit throat & how JA dealt with the aftermath that comes across as so odd & extreme. A lot of women have been abused, a lot have been attacked & in imminent danger, some have managed to kill their attacker – but there are not many stories out there to turn to explain what could have happened that day. Blood atonement? Mercy killing? Psychotic break? Whatever it was, my gut tells me one thing: it was not done in vengeance.

        • seek2understand
          I do not know ,its hard enough to read people who we are close to, relatives friends. The Bizarre behavior is troubling. The fact that this is such a gruesome killing is beyond my comprehension.
          I could not really make a snap judgement, since people can be very deceitful. But my gut feeling is that this was not premeditated since nobody plans to stab a person 29 times, She could have easily shot him in his sleep, This doesn’t seem planned. I do think certain behavior by Jodi is detrimental going on twitter etc. Extremely immature and does not project a good image to say the least. She is on Trial for Murder and the seriousness of the charges do not merit that type of silly response.

    • Bringham Young Murdered a lot of people and so did the other guy, Young’s Great Granddaughter LEFT
      Mormonism and condemned it and Young.

  22. just a short note have 2 spys according to google I was given a virus that distroyed my computer Im using my brothers and will not say long chris and sky hughes had motive to kill if he molested on of there boys dave hall the gun tootin ass had the means along with any other person who may have had gruge against travis I believe jodi 2nd story it changed after ashleys death 4 months plus Matt changed his mind may be someone got to him scared him so bad just as someone got to jodi sister hope all is well with the final outcome and the defence can pull a perry mason in the end the more the kkk travis clan talkes the more they look guilty of something keep up the fight to save her will check in and see how you my friends here at this site miss you all

    • Hey tonya – sorry to hear about the virus. My computer got one last week (the ‘blue screen of death’) while watching the trial on one screen and reading this site on the other; my virus is a Trojan/Alureon.A I am going to download Windows Defender Offline from another computer and try that. Did you try using that program to clean your computer or is it already fried? Malwarebytes is also good but I don’t think it can remove this one.

      Also I wanted to point out how you used the term, ‘kkk travis clan’ I found it interesting. I just watched a documentary last week about the history of the kkk in America and the parallels between them and this ‘travis taliban’ are too close for comfort. The TA lovers have as much hatred in them as the kkk and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a type of connection.

    • Happy to see you posting.

      Funny thing, my ipad got a virus and died about a week ago. When I spoke with the Apple tech they said it is rare but Apple products can get them. Luckily I had purchased the replacement plan or I would have been out $1100. I find it odd that so many of us are having these type of issues…..

  23. The Travis supporters are freaking out all over twitter about manslaughter being added.

    I’m actually enjoying it. Not so confident in JM anymore huh?

  24. MORE OF MY OBSERVATIONS…..and things the jury should be pondering.

    (1) I’ll start with a real knee slapper….

    Martinez referred to the small “protrusion” under Travis’ back in the Jodie foot photo as that being the foot of Travis ha ha ha. And apparently he believes or wants the jury to believe that this foot is what caused the transfer smear of blood along the baseboard as he was being dragged toward the shower. That is not his foot! That is a small puddle of blood under his back. Look at the relative size of Jodi’s foot compared to that. And that’s Travis’ teeney tiney foot? That’s absurd. It gets even more absurd when you consider how the hell could his foot be curled under him like that if he’s being dragged? Martinez you must be on LSD.

    Here is a very interesting picture I found and everybody will be able to see what is “apparently” being shown in the infamous foot photo. The only thing is he or she is holding the wrong arm up. Otherwise it’s a great duplication. And by the way look at the size of her foot compared to the “foot” under Travis.

    (2) Bullets were hollow point bullets…

    The gun Grandpa had in Wyreka that was stolen had a magazine of 7 hollow point bullets. Doesn’t it appear strange to anybody that Martinez wasn’t having an orgasm showing through a ballistics expert that the projectile recovered in Travis’ cheek was a hollow point cartridge? This is a killing bullet and distinctive in design. Not one single word mentioned that I’m aware of. Is he maintaining that Jodi for some reason decided she didn’t like hollow point bullets and went and bought some less effective ordinary .25 caliber bullets?

    I read a police officer comment describing this gun. He said if you shoot somebody with a .25 caliber gun and they find out about it, they’re going to be very upset. That’s why Travis was not incapacitated. Even the coroner waffled on it changing his story to mold the evidence to comport with the bullshit frame-up job after Jodi changed her plea. Why haven’t we heard about the bullet Martinez? Nervous about something?

    (3) Bullet Wound Photo

    It occured to me that with every kind of picture imaginable of the wounds no matter how graphic that can be found somewhere on the internet, I haven’t seen one picture showing the bullet wound. Has anybody seen a photo of that? And if not, why in the world is that?

    (4) Travis is stabbed in shower…sitting?

    I gave a more detailed reasoning why it was absurd that she would “choose” to stab him when he’s facing her and only moments earlier he was facing the back shower wall with his arms raised. But I thought of even more absurdity. This shower stall was only about 28″ wide. This is a 5’9 person sitting in a 28 inch space. As the picture of him sitting shows, he’s all “folded” up. His leg is crossed and his chest is almost “blocked” by his legs. And this is ideal opportunity she chooses to stab him? And she’s left handed yet? And possibly even has to contend with the shower door not staying open? This would be almost cartoon like to contemplate…”Travis, move your leg a little bit, I gotta get this knife in your heart here. I can’t get the angle with your legs up like that. Can you move a little? Wait, let me get in the shower with you, maybe I can do it that way. Well just hold on, maybe if swing it backhand I can get a good shot at it. I could try that. Nope, that’s not working very good either.” Oh brother, if the jury only thinks about this.

    (5) Has to “thread the needle.”

    With all the coming and going of the roommates that day, Jodi almost literally has to thread the needle to do the killing without being caught. Zach leaves in the morning, comes home about 3:00. Obviously, they’re there. He leaves about 4. Enrique comes about 6 PM. The timestamps on the photos are only at most a half hour earlier. How does she do all these things she’s alleged to do in that short of a time? And then get out of there yet without running into him? Even more intriguing is when does Zach do his laundry? He said he did it that day. Would he do it before he took his rental car back? I highly doubt that. The only other time would have been his short visit in the afternoon because if it was after that in the evening, is he accustomed to seeing a large Sony camera in the washer?

    (6) The camera and the jag-off that had a plan.

    The second most crucial piece of physical evidence in this whole trial is the camera. The only thing more significant is the gun. The camera shutter was already defective either prior to, or after Flores examined it. This camera was all but haunted the way it took pictures on it’s own. It possibly plays an enormous part in retrial or even appeals. Martinez pulled off what he thought was a brilliant covert courtroom stunt. He knew that camera was already damaged and throwing it on the floor would be the ideal thing to help it along. But that wasn’t the brilliant part.

    Knowing the jury would be focused on him, tossing it while appearing to “accidentally” drop it–thinking nobody would know what he was really doing, he was actually delivering what he hoped would be a subconscious subliminal message to the jury that the camera would not bounce and roll. Therefore her story couldn’t be true. And of course it wouldn’t the way he dropped it.

    But that isn’t what Jodi testified to. She said she was “kneeling” and in the process of deleting photos that both her and Travis were reviewing. Being left handed causing it to be more awkward to push the buttons for the delete process, she accidentally fumbled the camera and “almost caught it” but didn’t. Being much lower to the ground however, the movement was more “horizontal” and metaphorically much more like fumbling a football “forward” which caused the bounce off the mat and then the roll once or twice to the tub. Which is absolutely possible. But this Spanish prick didn’t care. He was banking on them remembering only that it did not bounce, hoping that would be the memory that would register. Not why. In short, he’s a reviling reprehensible vermin. And making it a two-for-one win, the camera would most likely be further damaged. Which was also what he was hoping as a bonus.

    (7) Dragging Travis.

    This has always puzzled me. The blood pattern on the carpet seems to be the most forensically logical for where the throat was cut. The stain is about two feet from the end of the tile. That means Travis’ head would have had to be that far onto the carpet. It’s most reasonable to assume, that he was face down and that his feet were extending into the hallway. But was he? And the really puzzling part, is why didn’t she drag him back by his feet? Even though it still would take an incredible effort, it would be ten times easier than trying to pull him with his shoulders. Because to do that, she has to “turn him around” besides. And the head as nearly severed is certainly going to present it’s own problems. This makes the Jodi foot photo even more implausible for the orientation shown with her behind his shoulders.

    And why was the throat cut RIGHT under the chin? Simpson cut Nicole Brown’s throat much lower on the neck. There’s something of importance that’s being overlooked there relative to that

    (8) Jodi caused Martinez to jump out of his chair…

    Nurmi was questioning Jodi. She was just about to answer the question about what she knew about where Travis got the gun. Martinez practically flew to his feet to go to side bar. He sure didn’t want the jury to hear what she was about to say. And that dip-wad judge apparently suppressed it. Shouldn’t the jury be a little curious about that? She knows where and why he had that gun and Martinez almost wet his pants when she started to tell it. It was the most animated objection he made in the whole trial. What are you so afraid of Martinez? You truth suppressing fucking troglodyte.

    (9) Getting him in the shower.

    This was no two minute job. To get his head and his feet in that small enclosure, she would have almost had to do contortions. It was a raised enclosure maybe 6 inches off the floor. Then the shower door is there to contend with again. That took time. And that just really seems hard to me for 115 pound girl to get him in there. And again we know Enrique came home only minutes after timestamps on the last photo. Time just don’t seem to fit with everything that was done.

    (10) Coroner is an amateur

    I believe a high powered medical examiner would shred Horn’s testimony ten ways to Sunday if only they could afford one. He’s a shill for the State just like Flores. I wouldn’t trust either one of them as far as I could see them with binoculars. But even by his own report, he contradicts himself. He says there was no “gross evidence of intracranial hemorrhage or APPARENT CEREBRAL INJURY” Cerebrum is brain!! In other words Travis’ brain was NOT damaged. That’s why he was not incapacitated and was fully intending to make every effort to carry out his threat…which with his fully functioning brain he enunciated… [I’ll] “kill you bitch.”

    This is consistent with scads of reports where .25 caliber guns are one step above a toy. Even a 22 is more lethal. And it’s not like Travis had to function long enough to go to Cancun and back with this bullet in his head. He only had to function for seconds after being shot to carry out his threat and Jodi had to defend herself. And if the jury doesn’t buy this perjuring, fact fixing cut and paste job of you slime at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, it is going to be a splendiferously well deserved kick in the nuts.

    I intend to keep pointing out every thing I can think of to make unambigously sure that will happen !

    • I’ve seen a photo of the bullet wound. It is behind his right ear. Can’t tell ya where I saw it tho 🙂 Maybe it was that mydeathspace site. Check there.

      • No, that couldn’t have been the bullet entry hole. The bullet went in just over his right eyebrow and there was no exit wound. It bounced around and went into his sinus cavity and lodged in his cheek.

        The only thing behind his ear was a knife wound.

            • Quick question guys……Has any one ever consider that maybe one of the room mates was hiding in the room somewhere (like bathroom closet where the bloody water boxes where ect., ) and took those weird out of focus pics. And another thing , why can’t that girl pant leg belong to one of the roomates girlfriends? Who were in and out of the house the whole time and spent long periods of time round the time of the murder. And what about the gun shot? DId he live in a ghetto? Were gun shots and car back fires so frequent that no thought to call?And where was the girlfriends of the roomate all day?

        • this is overkill jodi did not do this the photo’s it looks more like a man than a woman would inflect that much damage to him 👿

    • More great observations.
      Martinez jumping out of his chair was for hearsay. Valid objection.
      But Jodi nevertheless got to tell the jury the gun something about Travis’ father.
      (Of course that would be struck ).

      Nurmi: You were asked about the gun, when you learned of the gun. You said that you became aware of that in 2007 when you were working as his housekeeper, correct?
      Arias: Correct.
      Nurmi: What was your understanding of how Mr Alexander had acquired that gun?
      Arias: My understanding of how he got the gun is that it.. [ she tails off, swallows, thinks ]
      Arias: My understanding is that [pause] his father used to ..
      Objection (hearsay) sustained.

      There is a link for the testimony for this in my index:

    • Jade
      once again you leave me absolutely stunned. To bad the defense can’t read your posts to the jury. Yes jm did exactly as you said- I can’t believe he got away with that. I thought that also re: rolling camera in front of jury- there is a special place in hell for him

    • I agree Jade. I have always believed that “foot” to be a pool of blood, not a foot. Also wonder why not more has been made of the hollow point bullets. So many good points. I hope the jury is a critical thinking. I worry that they just take what they have and go with it, sans critical thinking and reasoning.

    • Love Love Love your post’s!!!!!

      The only thing I think differant is that in the Foot/ Floor picture that Jodi is not standing but is sitting with her knees propped up in order for her foot to be positioned like it is and the pants leg hanging like that.
      I think they had both been on the ground bumped into camera “hence the pic”
      but both stood up after the fact.
      Its very obvious from Travis’ position he was GETTING UP in that picture. NOT DEAD.

    • Jade,

      I wonder how many on the jury will pay the kind of attention to detail you have shown. I hope they do because there are so many anomalies, that have either not been explained or JM has glossed over.

      Here are some more, further to your extensive list.

      1. No one has talked about that shoe print that was found in the bath room, beyond a simple question from JM as to the direction it was headed in. The one question that was never asked by either side was the shoe size that the print corresponds to. Let’s assume for argument’s sake that the defense didn’t ask about it because it was commensurate with Jodi’s foot size. If so why didn’t the prosecution bring it up?

      2. The blood in the hallway, has this distinct linear streak to it. Almost like dragging a paint brush along the floor.

      But interestingly it is on only one side, and that s the right side of the hall looking towards the bathroom (or left side looking from the bathroom outwards). This is the same side that shows distinct droplets on the bathroom side.

      Now in the “dragging” picture there is definitely blood dripping over Travis’ right shoulder, So if she was dragging him on his back, then there should be a blood trail on the right side, and possibly on the left if the blood dripped both ways. But the crime scene pictures only show the blood drag/smear on the one side, so what’s with that?

      3. The point with the bullet not being discussed is very pertinent. That is something that has always bothered me. Jodi’s Grandfather was an obvious gun enthusiast. The picture of his gun area shows ammo for at least 3 different types of weapons a 22 WMR, a 22 LR and 4 rounds of a high power rifle, something like a 270 Win or 6mm Rem or 22-250. Also i see a bottle of Hoppe’s and either a can of Black Powder or a large can of Hoppe’s and something to do with a Bushnell scope or binoculars (though the Banner line is normally scopes).

      So when this guys says the 25 had hollow points, it had hollow points. More importantly the police report says jacketed hollow points. No one but a gun enthusiast knows that little nub “jacketed hollow points”. By the way, this also should explain to all those nay sayers why only the 25 ACP was stolen. The rest were quite possibly rifles and thieves typically make away with handguns.

      3. The ME is definitely an amateur. He kept a lot of his evidence honest, but basically blew a bunch of smoke on the gun shot and the walking around with your throat slit. On the last point though he capitulated when Jennifer questioned him about it. All that crap about a 25 “mouse gun” definitely incapacitating someone was so much horse manure and I too have been begging for a rebuttal witness from the defense. Now the critical thing about the ME’s testimony is this. JM is going to make the argument that the blood in the sink came from the chest wound. The ME’s testimony was that that could have been possible, if the wound had cut a lung but he could not testify to that due to the decomposition. This is very critical and I hope Nurmi et al will point it out.

      The way this works is that there is no proof of any kind that the chest wound produced a puncture of the lung. In fact his autopsy report shows that he was in fact able to inspect the lungs and they showed no hemorrhaging. So even if it were possible for the blood to enter the airway through, since he claims he wasn’t able to find one, then the benefit of the doubt favors the defense. So if it is possible this could have happened, it is also possible, it could not have happened. In which case the jury must treat it like it didn’t happen.

      • Those blood droplets on the side of the hall do not look possible if he was being dragged. To me, they look like someone who was bleeding heavily on one side of the body was walking while the blood ran down them. I am no expert, but I did a huge research project on blood spatter last year in college, and those particular spots look like they would fall into low force velocity impact spatter/passive drops than any thing else and they would have been dripping from a little distance.

        Could it have been Travis walking wounded towards Jodi while telling her “fucking kill you”?

      • The prosecution has asserted that there is a specified time of death but they have not proven it even with time-stamped still photography. JM only pursues his usual course of trying to prove Jodi a liar. So he clings to sixty-two seconds as being the length of the fight while arguing that Jodi’s version of what happened during those sixty-two seconds is impossible. He is not invested in proving or disproving anything beyond a reasonable doubt about the actual crime scene as long as he is free to argue that there is dissonance between that purported time span and her testimony.

        For example, in squaring off on Jodi about her not having had time to get the knife from the bedroom, he created support for the distinct possibility that the knife was in the bathroom. (I think this only dawned on him after they went back and forth about it for quite some time).

        I looked at Horn’s testimony a few days ago. He was not asked whether, when Travis was returned to the shower, the water could have washed off blood from the gunshot wound, which at that point would not have resumed bleeding. It seems quite possible and casts doubt on the “gunshot last” theory. Additionally, there is palpable emotional logic to Jodi’s having removed blood from his face.

        Another dropped ball is the body bug that Travis had been wearing. The information it gathered would provide the time he slept, had sex, and when he took it off to shower. If the time it stopped gathering information was later than five-thirty, then Houston, we have a problem. And if the tape has a clean cut on it somewhere, that could also suggest that the knife was left in the bathroom.

        The fibers photographed by investigators on the bathroom floor could have been bits of tassles from the alleged designer rope; Flores attributed them instead to the (also documented) sandals that appeared to have carpeted foot cushioning. He said he made the determination himself by eye. No fiber expert was assigned the task, yet to me they looked less like the fibers on the sandals than the decorative ropes that are all over home shops. Is the footprint being investigated? An attempt to make a match?

        Jodi’s right hand had cuts on it. They would seem to be defensive wounds since she writes with her left hand. We don’t really know their placement, but she might have small scars visible under magnification. Those cuts could create reasonable doubt themselves, absent Jodi’s previous lying. So JM had more potentially exculpatory evidence that he proceeded to turn into yet more evidence of lying.

        The slash wounds on Travis’s back suggest to me that Jodi was still trying to get him to retreat rather than mortally wound him, so I hope they are brought up with some degree of specificity in closing arguments (as geebee has done).

        I anticipate that the jury will be considering many of these same issues (thanks for these great posts Al, Jade, geebee, Rene) and I expect they will wonder why they have not been more thoroughly pursued.

    • Who’s fingers are on the outside of the shower door while Travis is showering in photo number 16?

      The fingers look short, thick and dark…they look like a man’s fingers…

      Jodi has long, thin and fair looking fingers…

  25. I am not comparing the horrible tragedy of the marathon to Jodi in anyway but found parts of this to be parallel to what she was going thru with very religious Travis:

    ABC News reported that friends said Tsarnaev was controlling Russell. “That’s what keeps them around,” Arthur explained. The victims “don’t trust their own instincts anymore. The manipulation is so deep they really are at the will of this other person.”

    Russell was a student at Suffolk University in Boston when friends introduced her to a handsome young boxer named Tamerlan Tsarnaev at a local nightclub in 2008 or 2009. They dated “on and off,” her lawyer told The Associated Press, before she married him and started using his last name “in 2009 or 2010.” According to CBS News, “none of their old friends attended the wedding.”

    Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, wife of killed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, arrives at her parents’ …”She was just this all-American girl who was brainwashed by her super-religious husband,” one friend, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail. “Nobody understands what happened to her.”

  26. The way that the state, the media and the public have behaved reminds me of the injustices that occurred during the McMartin preschool trial.
    The so called good guys suppressed evidence, the media ran with uncorraburated stories and this led the people to react like a mob.

  27. I was watching a documentary last night about this Debra Milke trial and ironically just came across this story about it.
    She was convicted of 1st degree murder and is on death row along with 2 other men in the killing of her 4 y/o son back in 1990.
    Of course the trial was in our favorite state for unfair trials. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on March 14 overturned the verdict and now the Arizona Attorney General is working on having that decision reconsidered.
    The documentary said the judge in the case was censured by Arizona and removed from criminal trials because of her siding unfairly with the prosecution on every ruling. I forget her name. It is not Stephens but it reminded me of her

    This reminded me of Jodi’s trial with how shady the police and the prosecution and the judge conducted themselves. Arizona doesn’t seem to learn from past mistakes.

  28. Sorry if this was asked and I missed it but what is that fuzzy black shape in the top of the hallway pic? A shadow….??

  29. It is way too easy to rile up the Travis Taliban. Just go at them with facts and they freak. I had to go stir the pot at #JodiArias on Twitter.
    One person said it’s so clearly premeditated murder.
    Honestly do these people watch the trial and listen to testimony or just believe what the Travis Taliban and HLN tells them to believe?

  30. Afternoon all, hope everyone Team Jodi had a wonderful weekend.

    I finally got caught up on the posts, well done SJ as usual. 🙂 Thank you for posting the video of the juror’s questions, it seems like they are not buying what Demarte is selling.

    Generally speaking, it’s always been as simple as reasonable doubt and I’ve known since January that the prosecution has no case at all. To sum it up:

    Lack of proof:
    1. ZERO proof of premeditation
    2. ZERO proof of a history of jealousy or violence on Jodi’s part
    3. ZERO proof of Travis’ claims of her stalking him

    Proof to the contrary:
    1. Phone sex tape shows that Travis was a domineering personality that enjoyed intimidating people
    2. Phone sex tape shows that Jodi and Travis were making plans after the Cancun trip, no jealousy at all
    3. Text messages show that Travis was abusive and living a double life
    4. Diaries show that Jodi had ZERO violent proclivities.
    5. License plates turned upside down tend to attract cops, not avoid them.

    The Travis Taliban can huff and puff about minutiae all they want, at the end of the day there is zero evidence to support their theory. All they have is lies and spin, and a fantasy about seeking justice to fill some empty void in their own lives. That’s it.

    If there is more to this story than meets the eye, IMO it is that Travis invited Jodi over to harm her. He attacked her during the most dangerous time of their relationship – when she was moving on with her life and getting back to her old self. I also believe it is no coincidence that he attacked her shortly before the roommates were scheduled to come home. Were they aware that he’d planned on doing Jodi in, like someone said on HLN “To get rid of the Jodi problem” and that is why they didn’t report the dead body smell? Is that why accounts of when the laundry was done are inconsistent?

    Perhaps I will never know the full story, and I’m fine with that. But it can’t be more clear by this point, that this is not a premeditated killing. This is not a rage killing. This is self defense, plain and simple.

    • MB REALLY GOOD POST… brings us all back around to the beginning and today we need that!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m a dog chasing my tale around and around questioning everything and wanting answers that I may never get.

      • Thanks Cindy 🙂

        I think it’s normal to want to know what happened, but I find it’s so much less of a headache to just focus on what can be proven and what can’t. Finding peace about not knowing is something I learned during the Casey Anthony trial. The only question I asked then, and that I ask now, is – is it worth it to throw someone’s life away based on nothing but assumption and spin and zero evidence? IMO the answer should always be no. Not if we want to have a justice system that respects the constitutional rights of all citizens.

    • I agree we will never know what really happened.. I’ve never considered that Travis planned to get rid of Jodi..interesting.

      Not looking forward to toadman’s yelling, finger pointing, obstrifusion of the red gas cans adnausium..

      the gas cans proove squat..

    • MB: Yikes I got the chills when I read your post, especially the part about the body.
      How creepy that maybe they thought it was Jodi in there dead the whole time!
      The roommates are very strange people that much is for sure.

    • MB,

      I’ve thought similar thoughts that TA was out to harm her that day. If wouldn’t be surprised if Jodi sometime during that afternoon informed him she was wanting to finally end the sexual nature of their relationship once and for all.

      It was not her *pattern* to be doing 2 guys at the same time. She was on the LDS singles site plus Ryan was entering into her life. With TA getting rebuffed from Mimi and then to have Jodi think she could be the decider of when they stopped the secret sexcapades I could see him simmering in anger throughout the day that by the time of the camera drop his intent was to *teach her a lesson* of who was in charge and who got to decide when they were finished.

      AA commented awhile back about the second round an anger doled out in the same day from an angry man and it being taken to a much higher level than before. He had an initial outburst in the office earlier that day.

      If it were her who ended up inside that blue body bag instead of him I wonder what spin would have come from that scenario.

      We’ll probably never know what really happened.

    • I don’t think he invited her over to murder her. But I think he was very fearful of not having her fully under control.

      No, I think he just lost his temper one too many times, resulting in the gun shot accident.

      Then I believe he really was so mad that he was trying to kill her, in that moment of rage.

      Women are frequently killed by their DV partners just prior to leaving, and this looks a typical case to me.

  31. Dr Robert Geffner is the shrink they want to bring in to refute DrDumb

    Founding President of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute in San Diego

    • Good find Candie.

      Here is his info:

      Robert Geffner, Ph.D. ABPP, ABPN
      Founding President
      Robert Geffner, Ph.D., is: Founding President of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute in San Diego, CA; Founding President of Alliant International University’s (AIU) Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT); Clinical Research Professor of Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, AIU, San Diego; Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California and Texas; Editor of three internationally disseminated journals and Co-Editor of one; and former clinical director of a large private practice mental health clinic in East Texas for over 15 years. He has a Diplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology and one in Family Psychology. He served as an adjunct faculty member for the National Judicial College for 10 years, and was a former Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Tyler for 16 years. Dr. Geffner is the President of the Trauma Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association. He has been a researcher, trainer, practitioner, and consultant for more than 30 years.

      Publications include treatment manuals (e.g., Treatment of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence, 2002; Ending Spouse/Partner Abuse, 2000), co-edited books concerning family violence and child maltreatment (e.g., Children Exposed to Violence, 2008; Identifying & Treating Youth Who Sexually Offend, 2005; Identifying & Treating Sex Offenders, 2004; Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children, 2003; Domestic Violence Offenders, 2002; Bullying Behavior, 2001; The Cost of Child Maltreatment, 2001; and Children Exposed to Domestic Violence, 2000), and numerous book c
      hapters, journal articles and research papers concerning family violence, trauma, sexual assault, child abuse, family and child psychology, custody issues, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, and diagnostic assessment. He has also served on several national and state committees
      dealing with various aspects of family psychology, family violence, child abuse, and family law. He has presented over 450 keynote addresses, plenaries, workshops, and seminars at international, national, regional, and state conferences or meetings.

      No doubt the haters will try to destroy his reputation too.

      He is brave for coming forward!

      • The attacks have already started on youtube. I wrote a note of encouragement and support and posted it on the two youtube links that were posted here today. I’m sure I’ll get slammed for it!
        Oh well…

  32. Earlier today, we were discussing the poor quality of the photos. It was suggested the reason for the poor quality was because the camera went through the washing machine.

    I went back to listen to Michael Melendez (Mesa PD) explanation of the “blurry” quality. He said the photos were blurry because they were taken from “thumbnails” and he thought the larger, better photos had been “overwritten” and no longer existed. Not sure if this applies to all the photos. He said when thumbnails are enlarged they become “pixilated’ and therefore, the blurry quality results.

    Here is an example of blurring of a photo through pixilation:

  33. Howdy, peeps…. just checking in. I was busy all day, and then I spent a couple hours rereading various reports and docs and really digging into the Ashley Reed thing.

    Does anyone know if there was an incident report of what happened?? Did they find a gun there does anyone know??

    Feeling very suspicious today 😎

    • A report has been requested, but the people who have requested it have not heard anything from the Mesa PD. I would imagine they are inundated with requests just because of the trial.

    • Hi Renee!!

      Yes I find Ashley’s death to be highly suspicious too.

      I watched a show the other day where a woman was thought to have committed suicide by holding the gun to her head at an awkward angle too. Turns out her ex boyfriend did it. The first thing that came to mind was Ashley’s death.

  34. I saw mention of Jodi’s sister earlier on this page but now I cannot find it. Are Jodi’s siblings still supporting her? Also, hasn’t her Aunt been MIA lately? Hope she does not lose her support sytem.

      • i think it will be granted because it’s a DP case. I dont even think the doctor has to talk to jodi. All he has do is refute the testing and ‘objective’ data points she looked at. Much of the shrinks testimony uses the collateral stuff anyhow.

        Also the defense motion derived out of Juan giving zero notification that his witness was going to talk about BPD which is why the defense is calling another witness with excellent experience.

        Wonder if the haters will bully him before he gives testimony.


          • Yes 😉 There is a shrink on the web that fully irritated me this weekend arguing the ten ways jodi has ASPD. Her name is kristen or something. She used data points from people giving interviews on HLN as her forensic evidence. I’m thinking of writing an open letter on my Casey site to her challenging each point she made. I do have graduate background and experience in adolescents with emotional and behavior disorders. She went into Jodi’s childhood intimating that Jodi had an undiagnosed case of conduct disorder. Apparently, she has never worked with a kid with such disorder or she wouldn’t have said that.

              • I know! But I’m upset that people are buying into this drivel. Conduct disorder really? That is a very serious disorder, as you know, and to be diagnosed you have to present symptoms in two unrelated environments such as home and school. The kids I’ve worked with have very, very serious behaviors interfering in every aspect of their life. And to be quite frank, they are very often found in special ed lock down classrooms with constant monitoring including security.

                Loosely connecting running away, lying, and kicking her mother to conduct disorder – a disorder that afflicts children nonetheless is complete bullshit. She has to know she’s lying.

                Based on what we know about Jodi and what her parents said in JHV’s Jodi does not even come close to having the characteristics with a kid with that disorder. Just another shill trying to make a name for herself from this case.

                • “Just another shill trying to make a name for herself from this case.”

                  EXACTLY! It’s so sick what people like her are doing. She’s never even met Jodi Arias. She has absolutely NO business diagnosing her.

            • Someone who has never met Jodi cannot diagnose her with Antisocial Personality Disorder. That is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever.

              • I know. I was more pissed about the retroactive conduct disorder diagnose than anything because it has to do with children.

                • JC –
                  Off topic, but can you or SJ email me?
                  I have a request that needs not be public – in consideration of the lurking haters.

                  Not a big hurry.
                  Thank you.

            • The things that have been brought up about ASPD or conduct disorder for that matter are completely inane. Also, everything I could see on the psych tests showed very low levels in the relevant areas.

    • At this point in trail it may be best if he came in and gave his opinion on the BPD diagonis and the tests Dr. Datat Point did on Jodi.

  35. I just thought of something.

    Remember when Martinez was making a big da-hoodah about that there’s no record of a gas can being returned to Wally World?

    That’s because it wasn’t a gas can. It was a KEROSENE CAN.

    The receipt clearly says KERO – that’s the blue can, not the red one required.

    Did they check the records to see if a KEROSENE CAN was returned?

    I guess we’ll find out tomorrow (or sooner, if this has already been addressed).

  36. Hey all, real quick. Has anybody gone up to amazon and posted a favorible review for Alyce Laviolette. Call it a good deed for the day. I posted one under dave realitycheck. C’mon it’s real easy, and you don’t have to read a book to do it. It only has to be 35 words I think. This will help her bring up the ratings on the site for her writings. She was awesome on the stand don’t you think.

    Go Jodi, Go team Jodi!!!!!

  37. And one more thing. I was researching Borderline Personality Disorder and came across this interesting article:

    “One study found that when 52 professionals from a mental health agency in California assessed patient vignettes, they were unable to accurately diagnose the presence of BPD in males–even though the symptoms were identical to those in vignettes of females.”

  38. Don’t let the haters get the last word on one of the biggest sites on the internet. GO TO AMAZON AND POST A FAVORIBLE REVIEW.

    You guys are awesome. I love reading your posts. Keep the faith, send positive vibes to Jodi this week.

  39. What’s going on? I had to work work work and didn’t get to catch up. The defense filed for a surrebuttal? And Robert Geffner has agreed to testify? OMG he’s freaking HUGE.

    • It seems he has agreed 🙂 This is definitely huge! 🙂 I am glad. He may have spent some time with her this weekend or this past week. It is possible that they were prepping this since last week, when DeMarte took the stand.

      I honestly can’t imagine Dr. Geffner taking the case without talking to Jodi.

  40. My perdiction from Dr Geffner in surrebuttal. Jodi has Chronic PTSD Borderline Traits? and ADHD and it is the ADHD that drove Travis crazy and her knowledge of his secret life that made him afraid.

    • She could have ADHD. She behaved very child-like (not immature, I hate that DeMarte kept throwing that word around), but like, she had this child-like manner in the interrogation room and when asking about her makeup. I attributed that to the PTSD though.

      • I have ADD. Diagnosed as an adult. Tell me, what about ADD do you consider to be childlike. I’ve never read that, studied that or heard that.

          • I think it’s misunderstood too. When I am interested in a topic, I have periods where I can hyperfocus. My graduate GPA is 3.8 and undergrad a 3.6 due to the few classes I was bored in to which I only showed up for tests. The only area it has causes me problems, is that I can’t turn my brain off at times. LOL I’ve always considered it a blessing not a curse. Now my son on the other hand, is ADHD. He isn’t immature any more than any other 13 year old boy his age. He does have trouble with attending to issues in school that bore him but he isn’t disruptive. Sometimes, people associate ADHD with poor behavior in a child but I disagree with that. If a child is taught to behave, they can behave barring other issues.

            However, I do struggle with organization. Day planners never worked for me. They have a new tool out i like much better called mind mapping which helps a person with organization.

              • I’m talking aloud…

                I see a symptoms of that in her but not because of her being childlike. Being hyper-literal with words has been noted as a symptom. She didn’t seem impulsive though aside from driving over there when she had other plans. The moving there could really be considered impulsive. She did seem to make decisions quickly. Her writing in the journal shows either the ability to pay attention for long periods OR being hyper-focused which is a symptom of ADHD. Movement does haven’t to be a factor ind diagnosis. She doesn’t seem to tap a pen when sitting still or moving her hands a lot does she? When she’s sitting there all day, aside from drawing, does she wiggle around a lot? I haven’t paid attention.

                She could be ADD. I wonder whether she was organized with her work in PPL. She had to be able to focus to take orders for waitressing. AHHD people can be very verbal and intelligent. She is that.

                The being long winded could be a symptom. MOAT, an acronym doctors use talk about movement, organization, attention, talking when looking at behaviors and thought processes.

                • I do believe I read somewhere that someone (can’t remember whether a former boss or colleague) said she was frequently late.

                  That person said some pretty negative stuff, so I didn’t give it much weight. Thought it was someone hating.

                  Jodi did, however, move from job to job (if I remember correctly).

                • Yes she really does seem impulsive giving me that add feel. She is also hyper-literal. It does seem like she thinks deeply about ideas and theories. Keeps her mind very busy. Those are all signs too. Her talking via twitter seems addish too. I can see that as a strong possibility – her being more ADD. Just because she doesn’t bounce around a lot when moving or sitting. She seems to sit very still.

        • Oh, no I don’t think ADD or ADHD makes a person behave child-like. Gosh, I apologize. I was very very unclear with what I meant.

          1) I meant: Yes, it is possible she has ADHD. (I think I’d have to spend time with her before I could say for sure. She didn’t seem to have any difficulty concentrating on the stand, and typically, people with ADHD do get distracted easily. I know I do, never been officially diagnosed, but suspected).

          2) Separate idea, nothing to do with ADHD, I thought her behavior was sort of child-like, and I thought that was due to PTSD.

          I am sorry JC. I really did not mean to offend you. o.O

          • It’s said that when we are abused, we stop maturing. I can’t think of myself as being 47 years of age at all. I still see myself and think of myself as being in my early 30s. I have a really tough time when someone who is that age describes me as “older” and have to sort of stop and realize they’re right. I am older.

            • Also Abused, I’ll bet Dr. Geffner will explain more about how exposure to chronic abuse affects the brains of developing children and changes brain chemistry for adults as well. And I hope the defense seizes on his expertise to explain how the survival instinct operates in a fight where there is a perceived threat of loss of life. Thanks for your great posts.

      • I don’t know about ADHD making her childlike, but I do see autism spectrum traits in her behavior that could account for it. I have a younger sister on the spectrum who reminds me of Jodi in some ways.

    • My prediction (if surrebuttal is allowed) is that Dr. Geffner will discuss the rash and common misdiagnoses of abused women as having borderline personality disorder when they SHOULD have been diagnosed with PTSD in the first place, and perhaps even paint it as a rookie mistake. As such, that will invalidate Tot Doc’s testimony in the eyes of the jury and show her as the silly little book learned rookie that she is. Dr. Geffner is a diplomate in clinical neuropsychology. He would make Tot Doc’s stupid testimony look like the nonsense it is.

      I don’t know if this judge is going to grant this, but she really really should. The BPD diagnosis was brand new evidence, in my opinion, presented during rebuttal. That opened the door for surrebuttal. On appeal, higher courts in AZ have overturned verdicts/judgments because surrebuttal was denied.

      That wasn’t the ONLY new evidence presented during surrebuttal. There was also the matter of the stolen ring and Jodi “hiding” under the Christmas tree. These are grounds for surrebuttal.

      But OMG, Dr. Geffner? Wow!

  41. The Nurmeister must really really have something up his sleeve, and I’ll tell you why.

    He’s trying to put voluntary manslaughter on the table, a charge less then 2nd degree.

    If the jury is going to vote 1st degree guilty, doesn’t matter. If the jury is going to vote 2nd, doesn’t matter, either. Voluntary manslaughter ONLY impacts things if the jury were going to vote not-guilty but didn’t really want to! Nurmi looks to be seizing defeat from the jaws of victory…

    As it stands, if the jury can’t find even 2nd degree guilty, they have to vote not-guilty – no other choice. But Nurmi’s strategy gives them yet another guilty option, one more way to do in Jodi than they would have had before.

    This obviously isn’t sane… unless there’s something deeper going on, and he’s playing a more subtle game than those here imagine.

    • It is about saving Jodi’s life (first and foremost) from the DP. Then, it is about trying to get her out of life in prison or a longer prison sentence.

      Voluntary manslaughter provides that option

    • Al and others more knowledgeable in AZ law can explain this better than I. Simply put…I think this is the only way it can to done in AZ , to get “lessers” in for considerarion.

    • Patti, it’s perfectly sane, brilliant, and expected. The jury is NOT going to want to acquit Jodi, especially not a conservative jury like this one. They’re either going to hang, unable to reach a verdict, or they’re going to want to compromise on a lesser included offense. Al and I have stated our opinions on this for a few weeks now — not that either of us are experts — but we’ve thought it through.

      Juries DO not like to acquit on cases like this, and the throat slash is THE biggest problem the defense has had since day one because of the extreme amount of force used. Remember, Jodi has admitted to killing Travis in self defense. But Jodi has NOT given a reason for the amount of force that she used. She doesn’t remember, and that’s ALWAYS been a problem. The jury will FIRST have to deliberate as to whether or not Jodi acted in self defense. The specific instruction they will be given will be problematic because of the amount of force used. Jodi had no duty to retreat as long as she still believed she was in danger. But the ME testified that there were three different injuries which would have incapacitated Travis to a large degree. The defense did not put on a contrasting opinion to that of the ME. Therefore, that’s the only opinion the jury will have. Therefore, I think the jury will be torn on self defense, at best. And remember, if they have any doubt upon preponderance of the evidence, they cannot acquit based on self defense.

      Next, they have to deliberate on whether or not the prosecution proved murder in the first or felony murder beyond a reasonable doubt. They can’t really do that either. The premeditation “evidence” is, at best, flimsy, circumstantial BS. One part of it (Jodi’s hair colour) has already been proven to be incorrect. All that’s left is a stolen gun, some gas cans, a phone that was turned off and a rental car. Really, a very weak case.

      But given the amount of force used in Travis’s killing, jurors who do not understand intimate partner abuse are very likely to see this as a crime of passion.

      In AZ, the judge (not counsel) can determine whether of not there has been evidence that allows for lesser included offenses. Murder in the second degree would almost definitely be a lesser included offense as it’s not premeditated. Given the evidence provided in Jodi’s testimony of what she did remember, manslaughter should be a lesser included offense. Whether the defense filed a motion for this offense to be included or not, the judge still could have included it. But the defense is carefully asking for it to preserve the error for appeal, if the judge does not include it.

      This jury knows Jodi. They call her Jodi when they ask questions (not Ms. Arias or the defendant, but Jodi). She sat in front of them and talked to them for weeks on end. It’s highly highly likely they believe Travis was abusive, whether ANY of the “stalking” BS rang true to them all. They will not want to convict her of murder in the first, and most likely not murder in the second either. Manslaughter is a good option for them to choose. They will feel they have completed their civic duty well.

      And honestly, that’s all this case EVER was. It should have been charged as manslaughter from DAY ONE. We’ve got mitigating factors: we’ve got the state of mind of a woman who has been abused by Travis previously (even if they don’t believe physical abuse, there’s plenty of evidence of fear); we’ve got a previously reasonable woman who had never done anything like this before who became so emotionally distraught that she killed Travis; and we’ve probably got a heat of passion killing (if the jurors can’t bite on self defense given the amount of force.

      Remember, jurors that can’t agree (which happens often) frequently choose a compromise. Voluntary manslaughter is the perfect compromise for this jury if they are struggling with what Jodi should be convicted of.

      • Couldn’t have said it any better. Perfect move, the nature of the killing is what tripping the jury up. This provides a solution.

        • 7-21 years … but remember, she has already served almost 5 years. She also has no other offenses. She might get out pretty darn quickly.

          • Also the manslaughter charge, if I am not mistaken, is eligible for one earned credit day for every two days served as opposed to one for every three days for M2.

            That means that she can get up to 7 years off for good time, dropping it down to 14 years if she keeps her nose clean. I don’t know if AZ has an early parole release, but if they do, she may be eligible for parole in somewhere like 7-10 years. Given that she’s already spent 4 1/2 years incarcerated she might only have to spend another 2 – 5 years there.

      • I agree with you and Al, AA. The verdict is going to be either hung, M2, or manslaughter. The jury won’t let Jodi walk but if they follow the law, they won’t find her guilty of M1 either. Kermit has done nothing to prove it.

    • I don’t agree – if the jury has a choice of 2nd degree or not guilty, they may choose 2nd degree because of the throat slash, and they may not feel comfortable ‘letting her go’ (not guilty) because of that. Therefore, manslaughter is a middle ground (imho).

    • Actually here’s what he is probably trying to cover. Many times a jury feels that the person is guilty of something, and if they will take the least harmful option available. So if the 2 options available to them are M! and M2, then they will take the M2. However if you give them another option that is even less, say manslaughter, then they will take that one. This is a well understood effect and in fact a while ago I posted a US Supreme court verdict here that recognizes that and now mandates that in these DP cases a third option must be available to the jury.

      I have always felt, as have others on this site, that there is a distinct possibility that the jury would find for manslaughter. Now here’s what I don’t understand. There are very clear and distinct rulings from both the US and AZ Supreme courts that the jury must be offered multiple options. In AZ the supreme court decided a while ago that when you charge a homicide you have to include all the lesser included charges and that must carry all the way down the line. However, in AZ the defense has the right to waive inclusion of the lesser charges, EXCEPT in a DP case. In a DP case, the judge is required to instruct on all of the lesser charges, regardless of what the defense says. Again I posted the cases here a while ago and if I can find them again, I will do it again.

      Now there is one speculation I can make, about what Nurmi may be saying here. The AZ jury instruction for manslaughter is separate from the manslaughter by sudden quarrel or heat of passion instruction and the plain manslaughter may be the only one that is a lesser included. The second one is actually what is often called the “imperfect self defense” charge. So what he may have to do is actually request that charge.

        • OK let me try.

          First let me explain “imperfect Self Defense”. Let’s look at Arizona’s self defense instruction, it says:

          A defendant is justified in using or threatening physical force in self-defense if the
          following two conditions existed:
          1. A reasonable person in the situation would have believed that physical force was
          immediately necessary to protect against another’s use or apparent attempted or
          threatened use of unlawful physical force; and
          2. The defendant used or threatened no more physical force than would have
          appeared necessary to a reasonable person in the situation.

          A defendant may use deadly physical force in self-defense only to protect against
          another’s use or apparent attempted or threatened use of deadly physical force.
          Self-defense justifies the use or threat of physical force or deadly physical force only
          while the apparent danger continues, and it ends when the apparent danger ends. The force
          used may not be greater than reasonably necessary to defend against the apparent danger.

          So, as you can see there are limits to how much force you can use in self defense, and it must end when “a reasonable” person deem the apparent threat to have ended. So what happens if a reasonable person thinks the danger would have ended but the defendant kept going on. I’m not saying this is what happened, but assume the following scenario as a hypothetical:

          Jodi shoots TA, he’s still at her, she’s whaling away with the knife and finally stabs him in the chest and he falls to the ground on all fours. Now some people may think that at this stage the danger was gone and she could have run out of the room, but she didn’t and cut his throat. (Again, that is not I’m saying actually happened, that’s just a hypothetical). This causes a problem. This started as a self defense case and the good folks on the jury agree. But they feel that once TA was down on all fours she had a chance to get away. But she didn’t. And that is why they call it “imperfect self defense.”

          But what does the jury do in that situation. Obviously this is neither M1 or M2. It also doesn’t quite meet the standard manslaughter case.Now there is a separate definition of manslaughter as a result of a quarrel or sudden heat of passion. In this case:

          a. The defendant intentionally killed another person; or

          b. The defendant caused the death of another person by conduct which the
          defendant knew would cause death or serious physical injury; or

          c. Under circumstances which showed an extreme indifference to human life, the
          defendant caused the death of another person by consciously disregarding a
          grave risk of death. The risk must be such that disregarding it was a gross
          deviation from what a reasonable person in the defendant’s situation would have
          done; and

          2. The defendant acted upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion; and

          3. The sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulted from adequate provocation by the
          person who was killed.

          This situation would handle the “imperfect self defense” case, because the initial attack that raised the case of self defense would have “resulted from adequate provocation by the
          person who was killed” and “The defendant caused the death of another person by conduct which the defendant knew would cause death or serious physical injury” as in cut the throat.

          Now, in AZ the judge is required to give the lesser included charges when a DP case is being tried. That means if the state charges someone with M1, and the DP, then the judge must include M2 ad so on. But I’m not sure that “Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion” is included in that chain. I guess it isn’t and that is why Nurmi is requesting that it be included. And he absolutely needs to have this included, because if the jury finds that a sort of “imperfect self defense” took place, and the manslaughter charge is not included, they would have to either acquit her completely or find her guilty of M2. Now the logic is that if they think she is guilty of imperfect self defense then they have decided that she is at least somewhat culpable for TA’s demise, and the fear is that if they don’t have any other options they might give her M2. So that is why he’s asking for this.

          The next question of course is whether he thinks this might actually happen. Well, firstly it doesn’t hurt to have it included. The judge doesn’t tell the jury who requested it. But, secondly, and again this is just my opinion, but I do truly believe that this is a very viable option. I think there is at least one other jury person who’s already thinking along those lines. Remember the question to ALV, whether it was possible to stop once she started. Where did that come from? That was a person who thinks that maybe TA did do what Jodi said, but did she have to cut his throat? That is a very pro Jodi jury member, because he was still willing to consider the situation and say, “well when you start fighting for your life, is it reasonable to expect you to stop?” And this was before jury instructions were given. That’s the kind of jury Jodi wants. BTW ALV’s answer was that it is in fact very hard to stop, and even trained policemen and soldiers often fail to stop once the perceived threat has dropped below a certain level.

          Hope this helps.

  42. the photo of travis down on the floor the leg and the foot is only a leg and a foot we do not see jodi’s face we do not see her in the photo’s only the sex photo’s the crime was covered with water so other foot prints could be removed the carpent showes a lot of foot steps on the carpet??? 🙂

  43. MB, I have looked at the calls for justice blog and I think there may be another person or two from that site who posts here that get under my skin…people who never post anything positive but are always contributing negative opinions when things seem to be going well for Jodi.

    just sayin’

    What say you?


    • Oh I totally agree. Whenever the defense gets any headway, haters always come here to stir shit.

      Someone posted a link to a blog copying their content; that is how I ended up finding out about calls for justice. I have seen a small handful of names posting both here and there.

      Sure, it could be an *odd coincidence*.

      But you’re right – the content of people’s posts speaks louder than what username they post under.

      I have emailed SJ and JC about this – if you want to forward them the names of posters you think may be moles; please do so! Thank you <3

      • I will.

        I have sent them a couple names already. But that was a while ago. Two of the people do not post anything outright against jodi, so they are still here. However, if you look through ALL their posts you will see that they often come on here with airs of superiority and never have anything good to say….in essence.

        If you go to the calendar on the right you can click on the days that no longer show up in the page list.

        right now I am searching through their posts on that blog to see if they have shared similar things to out them.

        you know I have always been right with you on that one MB! Remember when people who are no longer here would get all mad at us…i think we both have toned it down. I really try to ignore those people’s posts, but sometimes they reply their negative shit to me and I can’t avoid it. It’s all opinions, but I can tell by the general direction that ALL their posts take.

        I know there are good posters on here who are not happy with me at the moment..but that’s ok too. I love them anyway.


        • BeeCee…

          I enjoy your posts too…I have to work a lot during the daytime hours and can only find time between clients to try and catch up reading so much knowledgeable information that is posted here and posting some comments during the day…but mostly I have more time to post in the evenings and late at night…

          Since I am not able to keep up with the trial every step of the way…it is hard for me to contribute a whole lot…but I do like to voice my opinions…it helps with the frustration that I feel watching the evil doers of the trial…ughh…

          • Aww thanks.

            I’m going incognito for a few to see if I can determine who the moles are. You are not on my mole radar…

            • I have grown increasingly quiet.
              I didnt start out that way, but I found I was mostly trying to fight off the Negative Nancy’s and losing focus.

              I post when I feel fire.
              And I’m sure many find me abrasive.

              I dont want to seem like the person telling people they cant vent, as those arent my intentions, I just dont like to hear useless negative bullshit. Its very contagious!

              I think many would find (aside from the moles) would find turning HLN off actually helps deminish many of the negative feelings that HLN brews in people. That’s their whole niche.

              I added you to twitter BeeCee, just a heads up, not trying to creep anyone out.
              I find both yours and MB’s posts very interesting and positive.

              You are both appriciated.

            • Thanks…me’ glad not on ye’ mole radar…have me’ own moles on radar running around and digging holes in me’ yard…LOL…

          • Truthseeker1111
            you are so nice I do the same thing I am teaching working etc. At night I try to read the post put my 2 cents in I think according to the evidence The jury will charge her with Man Slaughter. I know she has time served.

        • If you have the patience to sift through posts, you have my eternal gratitude! That’s a good idea about searching through the other blog, I only scrolled through to see who else was there.

          Aye, I do remember those days. lol The pro-prossies coming here pretending that they can ‘splain to all us mouthbreathers how Travis was not an abuser, a pervert, ect. Now it’s all out in the open and common knowledge, there’s no denying it now! haha

          “airs of superiority” is a good way of putting it. Keywords “not outright against Jodi” with nothing good to say, also well put. So true.

          I can’t imagine why anyone would be unhappy with you BeeCee. *hugs* You’ve contributed a lot to the blog and still do. <3

  44. “There was also the matter of the stolen ring and Jodi “hiding” under the Christmas tree. These are grounds for surrebut..”.

    No wonder KN was smiling..But now lets talk about that ring…isn’t that just hearsay?

    Baby Dr. you really f..up…lol

    • Yes, it’s hearsay, but so was a great deal of the evidence that ALV testified about. There’s an exception to the hearsay rule that allows an expert to discuss (in a general fashion) hearsay evidence upon which they used to form his/her opinion.

      In my opinion, that was brand new evidence (as was the BPD diagnosis) and I don’t believe anyone can argue that it wasn’t. I didn’t feel there was ANY foundation for the ring/tree stories whatsoever. Tot Doc didn’t even testify as to where she obtained that information (from HLN?) In ALV’s case, she laid the foundation (emails between Travis and the Hughes and messages between Jodi and Travis). Now, it’s possible JM argued that it *was* a rebuttal to the defense witness’s case and the judge seemingly allowed it. Or perhaps he argued that her foundation was that it was one of the factors that led her to the conclusion that Jodi suffers from BPD during her clinical exam because it could go to abandonment issues, I guess, which is a feature of BPD. If just seems such prejudicial nonsense though, especially without any information given as to where she got that information, and it came up on redirect which didn’t give the defense a chance to ask about it.

      What I’m wondering though, is if she did so, with the agreement that she would hear the defense’s motion for surrebuttal. Maybe that’s why they didn’t demand a re-cross? Although perhaps I’m giving too much credit to Judge Stephens!

      • LOL Perhaps you are …..she sure a winner.poor thing. But thank you for explaining to me…geez I’m learning so much about the law out here I could be a expert lawyer…lol lol

      • engagement ring for one of his girl friends,,don’t know how true it is. But ya know he most likely just had it around until he could find someone crazy enough to marry him…Kinda the one sizes fits all…lol

        • Like the ones out of a bubble gum machine….haha…

          I got one of those before I got the real thing…LOL…

        • I don’t think Travis wanted to marry anyone is there any proof she stole a ring?? I don’t believe it, I do believe he was COMING OUT according to Chad! He was writing a book and his friend praised him for coming out.

    • Heard a rumor it was a engagement ring for someone else. (Thanks to HLNs talking heads) I would like to know, why wasn’t the jury told to disregard that statement from DeMarte? it was clearly hearsay.

      • Well, I didn’t hear the sidebar on the issue or what the lawyers argued of course, but under certain rules, experts can refer to hearsay evidence that would normally be precluded if they used that evidence to form their opinion. And it seemed to be that Tot Doc relied, in part, on that information to form her diagnosis of BPD (going to Jodi’s alleged abandonment issues).

        I always thought the expert would have to lay a foundation as to how they became aware of the hearsay evidence though. And Tot Doc did not lay the foundation for how she became aware of it. Most of us have only heard of it on HLN.

        There’s only one difference (that I could tell) between evidence Tot Doc had available and that which was available to ALV (who also discussed a great deal of hearsay, e.g., the Hughes emails — but Alyce laid the foundation for discussing that hearsay evidence). That difference is Tot Doc interviewed Steven Alexander. ALV didn’t. Therefore, I have to wonder if Tot Doc got that information (about the engagement ring Travis bought for Deanna) from Steven. As far as I’m aware, Steven and Travis were not even close during the period of time before Travis was killed. Therefore, he had to hear it from someone else, who may or may not have heard it from someone else, who may or many not have heard it from Travis. (Remember the telephone game we played as kids!)

        If so, in my opinion, that’s a lot less than regular hearsay: it’s a rumour that has no basis at all. Not only that, but it’s incredibly inflammatory and prejudicial with absolutely no foundation whatsoever. I’m appalled it was allowed.

  45. just reading the news and came across this about the Boston marathon bombers wife

    NPR’s Laura Sullivan reported Friday on an interview with unnamed women she described as Russell’s close friends and college roommates.

    “They described Tamerlan as very controlling and very manipulative of their friend,” Sullivan said. “They say he was combative and angry. He would often call (Russell) names and insult her. He would call her a slut and a prostitute, and they remember fights that they would get into where he would fly into rages and sometimes throw furniture or throw things.”

    Russell dropped out of school after she became pregnant in her senior year, the women told Sullivan. “They say that she really pulled away from her friends, that she cut off contact with them, and she also cut off contact with her family members which her friends had been in contact with,” she reported.

    sounds like some of the stuff Jodi described

    • When Jodi described the things that happened to her…hardly anyone believed it (influenced by the media)…but let someone else report the same or similar that happened to them…and it becomes instant breaking news or a bombshell moment…

      • I think they only believe it because he did something so atrocious, there was no denying it.

        IMO the story shows how abuse goes unrecognized and minimized in intimate partnerships until it becomes a problem outside the relationship.

        • I think a lot of people are learning more and more about abusive relationships. My wife grew up in an abusive home, her farther abused her mother physically and verbally and my wife was abused physically and verbally by her farther (not sexually). It took years for her to deal with it and much therapy. I did not realize what she was going through until she got the courage to talk to me about some of what she was going through. I had no idea what to do and encouraged her to talk to our MD and he recommended a good therapist, thank god.

          • Stan,
            You were so lucky she talked with you about it and she felt comfortable
            enough to talk to you.
            So many just deal with it in silence.

            I’m hoping that this trial will bring more open to talk with someone.
            They just have to close their ears to juan and this “so-called” doctor.

  46. hey everybody.
    I was just talking to somebody who works at walmart. She told me they keep all the tapes of the people returning items.

  47. I hope the jury looks at the pictures and see what I see. Someone maybe killing Travis not Jodi actually killing Travis Not once do I see HER. Any pictures of her with those pants?

      • I put a note of encouragement on both sites that were linked here. It’s rediculous that they would start bulling someone before they have even had a chance to testify. That should definitely be wittness tampering!

        • Hi,
          I also wrote a respond to all the haters on the you tube. I just used my boyfriends name and account. I already have 2 people spying on me and they try to hack my computer . but my Kaspersky warned me. My blood is boiling just seeing how this stupid people are attacking somebody with so much experience and reputation.
          God help Jodi!!!!

        • WOW they’re making threats against him on youtube already. Very alarming. Shows most of them aren’t playing with a full deck.

        • It is sooooo awesome to listen to this presentation. He talks about dominant female abusers and which of them are really victims. He also talks about when an abused female decides to fight back and how she regularly uses knives and guns, more so than men. He even shows a 20/20 video of a female abuser. His experience is soooooo awesome.

            • I hope so, JC, I hope so. I’ve never actually listened to this particular presentation before, but I had the luxury of hearing Dr. Geffner live at a teleconference I was lucky enough to sit in on. He’s absolutely amazing. That’s why the haters are shitting bricks tonight!

    • Just noticed the nudes in the album. i have a file in my Photobucket to hold the images i found online and the nudes get removed by Photobucket all the time. Not that I want to always see them nude but at least the pictures are still visible on someones Photobucket. They are important to me as they show Travis had a obsession with her…..bottom half.

  48. I hope the surrebuttal allows this accredited doctor in. He must be brave and ethical, unlike little Ms Valley Girl Doc who’ll say anything to win Juan’s approval and to make $300 an hour and. And as far as I’m concerned they can cram them Walmart receipts straight up Juan-boy’s ass never to be seen again.! Seems all the ethical people are on the side of the defense. I want Jodi to be acquitted but after all the shady dealings by the State, the obvious bias of the judge, the downright lies told by the media and all the haters who seem to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome but I will breath a sigh of relief for Manslaughter too.

  49. Jodi Arias’ defense attorneys want another crack at convincing the jury that their client was in an abusive relationship and was forced to kill her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in self-defense.

    Arias’ attorneys filed a motion with the court Monday asking for permission to call an additional witness after prosecutor Juan Martinez finishes his rebuttal case.

    Watch: Game changers in the Arias trial

    Last week, Martinez began his rebuttal case by calling psychologist Janeen DeMarte to the stand. DeMarte testified she did not believe the defense’s argument that Alexander abused Arias. She also disagreed with the defense’s assertion that Arias can’t remember the details of the killing because she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). DeMarte offered her own diagnosis of the defendant, saying that Arias suffers from a borderline personality disorder.

    Read more: Are experts in Arias trial in psychological war?

    The defense team wants to call psychologist Robert Geffner to the stand to refute DeMarte’s testimony. The attorneys claim Martinez failed to present any evidence that Arias has a personality disorder in its case-in-chief, and therefore they should be allowed to rebut the new evidence introduced during his rebuttal case.

    “If a court allows new evidence to be introduced in State’s rebuttal, a defendant should be allowed to introduce contradictory evidence in surrebuttal,” wrote defense attorney Jennifer Willmott in Monday’s filing.

    HLN legal experts say there is a good chance the defense will be allowed to call Geffner to the stand, because this is a death penalty case. If a defendant’s life is on the line, judges will usually give defense attorneys a chance to rebut new evidence out of an abundance of caution.

    The defense also requested the court to add an instruction to the jurors’ charging document for them to follow during deliberations. The proposed instruction would explain manslaughter by sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

    In Arizona, if someone intentionally or knowingly kills a person without premeditation, the defendant could be charged with the crime of second-degree murder. However, if the jury believes the victim attacked the defendant, and if it was enough to incite the defendant’s actions, then the intentional killing would fall under the lesser crime of manslaughter.

    If Arias is convicted of manslaughter, Judge Sherry Stephens will sentence her to no less than seven years and no more than 21 years in prison.

    If Arias is sentenced to jail time, she will get credit for the 4 1/2 years she has been incarcerated awaiting trial.

    The trial will resume Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. ET, and Martinez is expected to call either two of Alexander’s former co-workers or a Wal-Mart employee to the stand.

  50. When do we find out if the judge allows the surrebuttal witness? I thought i read somewhere that it is up to the judge’s discretion and usually hard to get. (please tell me I’m wrong)

    • I am assuming this wont be aloud like most states Arizona is in massive debt and have already spent about a million on this case but who knows what will happen next in this crazy case lol

    • It is at the judge’s discretion, cindy, and it’s not easy. But, as I said above, there are grounds in this case for surrebuttal.

      One of the cases in which the standard for surrebuttal was determined is State v. Talmadge. When Al and I were first discussing whether AZ allowed surrebuttal a few weeks ago, I posted some excerpts from it, and I’ll post them again. It might help you understand how this goes right to the heart of the matter:

      “Rebuttal evidence is within the sound discretion of the trial court … “the discretion of the trial court in allowing surrebuttal testimony is even greater” …

      Surrebuttal testimony may be offered to introduce evidence in response to new rebuttal testimony or to impeach rebuttal testimony and must be more than cumulative. … “Only in rare cases will it be error for the trial court to refuse to admit the testimony.” …

      Evidence that is merely cumulative is generally held inadmissible when proferred as surrebuttal testimony … (surrebuttal testimony inadmissible as “cumulative and unnecessary to any fair and proper determination[s] of the issues”).

      Paterson’s testimony, on the other hand, would have been more than cumulative. It was also corroborative in that it “went to the heart of appellants’ defense.”

      Moreover, Paterson’s testimony was intended to impeach Erickson, something he was capable of doing based in part on his vast experience in defining and diagnosing TBBD. Paterson has diagnosed in excess of 800 cases. Roberts, having diagnosed only one case, was incapable of the depth of analysis that Paterson’s superior experience would afford. With Roberts’ limited testimony, the defendant was left at a distinct disadvantage.”
      State v. Talmadge, 999 P. 2d 192 – Ariz: Supreme Court 2000

      JM can certainly argue that Dr. Geffner’s testimony would only be cumulative. However, Dr. DeMarte came up with an entirely new piece of evidence: her diagnosis of BPD. Also, given Dr. Geffner’s vast clinical experience and Dr. DeMarte’s incredibly sparse clinical experience, and the fact that BPD v. PTSD goes RIGHT to the heart of the Jodi’s defense, I tend to agree with the HLN legal experts that his testimony will be allowed under the standards set forth by the AZ Supreme Court in State v. Talmadge.

      • Thanks for that , AA, so it seems like there is precedent and a good chance. I would imagine the judge has to decide soon, then.

        • Well, she’ll have to decide BEFORE the end of JM’s rebuttal case, and I’m sure it will be set for hearing.

          JM said he wanted 5 full days for his rebuttal case during initial scheduling (but that didn’t include cross, redirect and/or jury questions, I believe). So, he had what? One day of direct on Tot Doc so far? That would make it seem he’ll have 4 more days which could well equate to at least 4 more days after that for cross, redirect and jury questions. I can’t remember if they’re actually going to have trial the next couple of Fridays or not. Also, it looks like he filed yet another supplemental rebuttal witness list recently so that could make this go a little longer yet.

  51. Does anyone have a link to view the Inside Edition interview with Jodi in 2008????????
    I watched the other 2 and can’t find this one ANYWHERE.

  52. Hi Everyone – back from a respite from the case.

    BOMBSHELL I found!

    I looked at Tanisha’s FB page and guess what? She has pictures of taking her family to bowling, baseball games, a Laker’s game, go-kart racing, etc.

    Now, in normal terms, that would be no big deal (although I can’t afford those things with my kids).

    However, this is a woman (and her family) who is supposed to be broke and needs donations to keep things afloat on the home front so she can attend the trial.

    They must be LOVING all the money that is being donated to them.

    Sorry if I sound harsh – but, it just struck me that the money people are donating is not ALL being used to pay her bills.

    • However, I guess Samantha is no longer able to pay her mortgage because she ran out of leave. So this weekend they all did a big drive to make a lot of money in one weekend. They also want the whole family from cali to be there during deliberations so they need money for that too. These were the reasons given for this weekends big drive for money.

      • So they blew thru the 8 grand they raked in the last weekend 4/13 & 4/14? (kcl had a goal to raise 5 grand and she exceeded it handsomely)

        And got another 5 grand as of this past Thurs? Wow!

        Wonder what they got over this weekend

        • Rainy,

          I believe that when I read that on last Thursday she was probably referring to that same weekend that you are talking about…so just a one time exceeding the $5,000…not twice…LOL…

    • I imagine the four mexican maids she so proudly boasted about don’t come cheap. 🙄

      Travis’ family have acted in such despicable ways. They are certainly making a killing out of his death. That’s one way to honor him, I’m sure.

    • George and Cindy have been seen and photographed on cruise ships sporting their tattoos, tans, and George’s huge diamond studded earrings on both ears…the Casey haters sent a lot of money too for the Caylee fund…and they told Dr. Phil that they didn’t draw an income off the money…they just paid themselves administrative fees…yep…and it was enough to go on many elaborate cruises…hmmm….

    • Poor grieving family. I know I always get through the grief of loosing a loved one by scamming people out of their money to go on expensive fun outings. Next thing we will see is the family on a Commercial for Disney World, like the players do after the Superbowl.

    • I saw that too but held back. well the cats out of the bag now. They are always taking trips and doing outings. These things cost $, baseball tickets are not cheap. God forbid Jodi sell her artwork to help her family with their expenses. The haters want to notify the IRS and report her income from the art sales.
      I swear they are a bunch of froot loops.

      • And one of the haters on that other website boastfully bragged that she was the one that got paypal to ban the sell of Jodi pictures on ebay…according to her some paypal clause doesn’t allow people convicted of a crime to sell for profit using paypal as a source for payment…(or something like that)

        Now I am disappointed with ebay…

        Jodi hasn’t even been convicted…

    • I agree with you on that. Tanxsha is so well off why is she not helping out Saxantha
      more haha. Travis was going under with his house before his death. I don’t think
      the family helps each other out much from what I can see on Tanisha’s social pages.

      Don’t worry they are not staying in a seedy nasty motel either they have plenty of
      money to rent a vacation condo in Arizona for the trial time. Cracks me UP ! poor
      poor Mormon’s/LDS they do not live even close to the poverty line but they act like

    • I can’t even read what they spout anymore. It could be God himself and they would call him a liar and a fraud if he testified for the defense. Makes me sick……

    • I can’t stand to read or hear their hatred either but I lurves to hear they’ve got their undies wadded up in a bunch! Our imbedded’s who venture over to the other side are outstanding!


  53. Here is an interesting case from 2011 where a battered woman was declared not guily in second degree murder. She shot him 11 times while he was shaving…

    “A New York jury cleared a woman who shot dead her retired police officer husband of murder on Thursday in a case that had been seen as a test of the battered-woman defense.

    Barbara Sheehan, 50, was acquitted of second-degree murder after three days of deliberations by the jury in state Supreme Court in Queens but was found guilty of a lesser charge of gun possession.”

    She did get 5 years on a gun charge but she is free on bail while she appeals that charge.

    • Right Linda, I’ve always thought Barbara Sheehan’s case was somewhat comparable, and I’ve mentioned it before. As several people pointed out, the Sheehan’s were married for 34 years though and her children testified about the violence they had witnessed. Perhaps more importantly, this was tried in New York city, where there are more liberal-minded people than one would anticipate finding on a Phoenix jury.

      Interestingly enough, the prosecutor in that case, a woman, was a total bitch, both to Barbara and the kids.

      For more on her case, if you’re interested:

  54. What are the chances that the trial goes on until the anniversary June 4th considering the jury could likely deliberate very easily for 2 weeks?

    • I anticipate that the jury will begin deliberations by mid-May. I don’t want them to reach a verdict quickly. I hope they deliberate for a while. So, yeah, it’s possible Phillip.

      • Au contraire! A fast *guilty* verdict would allow JW to use her bitchy, bitchy walk, her bitchy, bitchy hip tilt, her bitchy, bitchy stare (gawd I’m sooo jealous!) to intimidate the jurors and make them feel bad – and possibly save Jodi’s life. If the jury has too long a go in guilt phase but doesn’t exonerate Jodi, they’ve already pre-decided the penalty phase, too.

    • Better hope not. If JM gets to give his closing argument on the anniversary, Jodi is in trouble. The defense, on the other hand, can’t take advantage of the same, since Jodi’s innocence lies in regretting the very day.

      • Fast deliberation very often equals guilty verdict. So, I want some long long long deliberations.

        I will say though that when I was a victim of stranger stalking and the perpetrator was tried, the jury came back super fast (within two hours or so, if I remember correctly). He had multiple charges of witness intimidation and interference with judicial process for constantly trying to mess with me more, after his original arrest, on top of the original stalking charges. We thought it would take the jury a while to sort through them all. But they just said “guilty, guilty, guilty” all the way down the line. He was a really really really creepy guy though.

        • You never know. Casey’s jury was back in 10 hours with an acquittal. I don’t recall OJ’s jury taking a long time either.

      • Closing arguments should be started and completed well before June 4th. Kermit’s into his rebuttal case already and it’s not even May yet.

  55. Hey err’body! Just FYI, the haters are already starting on the new possible Dr witness on Amazon. What a bunch of low-life, scum of the earth, pansy ass, worthless pieces of shit with nothing better to do!

    Just sayin… 😉

      • Lol, I know!!! I’m soo glad I can come here to let out my frustrations over these koolaid drinkers and talk with people that have their own brain and think for themselves! Love y’all!!!

    • Have to add: do these people have a God complex or what? To quote” Don’t ruin your career by testifying for Jodi.”…seriously? They think they can take down this man’s career? STFU and get off the internet, you freakin losers!

      • I just don’t get it. I really thought Tot Doc was very cold and robotic and not someone I would think of as good in therapy. But I would NEVER even think about dissing her business online. Now, if I knew someone in AZ who was thinking of seeing her for therapy, I’d tell them my experience in watching her testify. But I’d never go around trashing the woman on her own website or other sites even if she ends up writing 100 books or doing 1000 presentations on YouTube. I was brought up in an abusive home, but I was taught better manners and respect than that. What kind of homes were these people brought up in?

    • THe first of probably many of the psycho’s comments on Amazon. I have to laugh at the disclaimer “this not to tamper with a potential witness or harass…” Well then exactly what is it an attempt to do?” Pitiful..

      Alyce LaViolettes buddy. Another domestic violence expert seeking fame off a high profile murder trial. As a DV survivor I find this apalling. I will not help this author to get rich at the expense of true violence victims!! This review is not to tamper with a potential witness or harrass, only to let others know when they are being taken advantage of. This auther is intetested in money and not to help the cause of REAL violence victims and survivors.
      Please, keep your money in your pocket and call a domestic violence hotline or seek a shelter or call 911 if you nred help. These kind of authors only have money on their mind.

      What is with these greedy authors republishing their overpriced, outdated books to coincide with their biased testimony in high profile trials? If they were testifying to help CONVICT Domestic Violence perpetrators instead of helping them towards acquittal, they’d be more credible, reputable & revered. If Geffner & LaViolette are so hungry for DV perpetrators to study & counsel, they should contribute to their incarcerations and then go visit them in prison. Or, maybe they WANT more victims just to validate their own existence and ensure job security for themselves?? Pathetic!

      Shame on Amazon for publishing these and letting it go on and on like it has.

      • To this day they’re still attacking Alyce:

        Now you all can tell me…does this seem to come from a rational person? It makes me sad for their kids if they ever have any.

        • When I posted on Amazon in favor of ALV I got attacked, called idiot, troll, somebody wished me to get cancer. I reported each one to Amazon and they removed their posts.

        • IT is disgusting ! that is why I had to stop reading stuff. I want to wash all their nasty mouths out with soap!

          An then they have the NERVE to put up a .org petition thing for anyone that
          says anything about TRAVIS ALEXANDER? because he is dead an that is
          slander. They are all insane an hypocrites. They can go read many places
          all about Travis his thumbprint is on the internet from him doing it.

          You can’t make a man a SAINT that was a User an Abuser of women.
          An claimed he was a VIRGIN over an over again even on his PPL TAPES.

          His lies are everywhere he can never be a SAINT no matter how hard
          they try an paint a new picture the old one is still out there.

    • The haters have not been beneficial to their “friend” by charging after everyone. If he was so much one of them, they are the living example of what he was. Their conduct is appalling and I would not want to associate with them and live in fear. They are scarey. They don’t scare me nor anyone on this site. All their success will never exceed the failures they have committed during their lust for blood during this trial. Jodi made her admissions. It’s sad that she didn’t handle this differently herself. Maybe Jodi had reason .. his flockers knew it. There is no doubt a couple/few of them know what’s right but they, themselves are scared to admit it. If I were their “peers” I would be laughing and making a list of “who’s next” to go . That’s the way their society works. You can bet some from the smear campaigns will pay their debts for exposing atrosity and contradiction of their “faith”, Caligula comes to mind.

  56. I wonder if the judge is going to allow JM to be his usual despicable, underhanded, disrespectful self to Dr. Geffner?

    Seriously, if JM starts with his bullshit Yes/No questions and the judge allows it, it will definitely confirm what we already know to be true. This judge has no control over JM and she should be reprimanded for her obvious biased behavior.

    I just can’t believe these people are untouchable.

    • Probably, but I think he will hold his own. I just hope he doesn’t lose his career over it like Alyce LaViolette and Richard Samuels.

      • I doubt they lost their career’s over anything that would only be simple minded people
        that would say that to them. In my opinion that is. Not meaning you but anyone that would
        not see them etc because of a very serious trial that would be the haters only an they
        are not Mormon’s so they will be fine.

  57. Well, while Juan is calling Walmart employees and Travis’s why doesn’t he call an ex-girlfriend. No not the one that he was seeing at the time of his death that he was still wooing and pretending to be a virgin to but an ex that probably saw his true colors. I’m sure there were a few. I guess they’re afraid of The Mormon Mafia. Sorry to debase someone’s religion because I really know nothing about it but it sounds weird, cult-ish and creepy.

    • None of those Mormon’s /LDS followers will step up they would have to TARNISH
      their LILLY WHITE FLOCKS then they wear to the Temple. No way they would do
      that. I find it very strange he dated that Deanna for 6 or 7 years off an on again an
      never had SEX too? Really these people must be like the VIRGIN MARY ! I don’t
      believe any of that crap.

      A ex Mormon/LDS may step up but where are they? seems
      he liked to date the LIFERS in that CHURCH ones that came from a family that
      had long backgrounds in the church. That would make him appear a bigger man
      I read in that church if he married one but none of them WANTED him in the end?
      ha that tells me he was the one being REJECTED a lot not Jodi like people want
      to say. Jodi was going to start up with Ryan I do believe an end that sexcapade
      crap with Travis an he was the one warped in his head by these women turning
      him down for marriage.

      Just what I think though.. his
      ego was slowly getting torn up by the
      Mormon Virgins an then losing Jodi for good soon I think he hit the bottom an would
      be easily set off as in dropping his brand new camera an her having the cd’s all
      scratched up etc.

  58. It looks like defense has filed for a surrebuttal and they are very likely to get it since this is a death penalty case. They are bringing in Dr. Robert (Bob) Geffner, Ph.D. who has a stellar background, looks more traditional than Alyce LaViolette (which could be helpful ), teaches others how to testify. Sounds like an excellent addition to the case.

    Now I wish Jodi, or perhaps it is Donovan, would stop making Jodi look bad by putting out artwork that looks like Travis’ sister.

  59. @ SET,

    they’re a bunch of bullies and cowards. Mostly uneducated and definitely bat-shit crazy. Especially the ones who post such hateful commentary. I won’t engage them in conversation at all. They’re plain stupid or perhaps they’re missing a chromosome. I hope they get some professional help! Freaking Neanderthals.

    • I don’t think this is true. And it doesn’t help our side to lump everyone of them together. Be better than they are or there is no chance of gaining their support (not that it really matters to us, but it does matter to people like Dr. Geffner because they wiull lash out).

      JMO and I know I am in the minority as I don’t believe in attacking people I disagree with.