Dissecting the photographs

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Check out the pictures below – all produced as evidence in the trial – and leave your comments below. This should also enable us (for now at least) to keep discussions regarding the pics in one central page for easier reference.

With regards to the camera strap and its suggested usage, Heather Connor testified (on Day 4) that the camera strap was found still unwrapped and in the camera bag (exhibit 213). Kirk Nurmi also deliberately highlighted this on cross examination. Excluding the use of a secondary strap, this therefore confirms there was no strap used while any of the pictures were being taken with the Sony camera.

Here are the pics:

Pic # 1: One of the hallway pics, where the body is allegedly being dragged and photographed at the same time – also featuring “the foot” and “the pants with the blue vertical stripe”. I’m not convinced this picture was taken while the camera was on the ground. Pictured timed at 5:32:16 PM.

Pic #2: A second picture where TA is allegedly being “dragged”. Very hard to make out what’s actually shown in the picture, but it could easily be a shoe as it could be anything else. If it was TA’s body being dragged on a “sheet” (as some pundits have stated), then how would it be possible to be dragging the body and taking the picture at the same time? Pictured timed at 5:33:32 PM.


Pic #3: A picture of the ceiling “accidentally” taken during the struggle in the bathroom while Jodi was defending herself from TA’s attack. Pictured timed at 5:31:14 PM.


Pic #4: The piece of duct tape (retrieved from the bathroom floor) as seen on TA’s right arm in the “bedroom pics”…


Pic #5: The Sony camera as retrieved from the washing machine. The button is on the right of the camera. Jodi is left handed…

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  1. Hey Micky

    Your question bugged me

    But still, even if she did drag or roll, ‘sheet’ him, any ideas on the motivation of getting him back in the shower? Seems like a lot of work for … what?

    I was wondering if somebody was leaving a religious symbolism etc. As I noted for I know nil to nothing about Mormonism. However just did some reading and water is a big deal to them and seen in a evil context etc to swim etc. Some on them wear some special under garment while they shower.

    I don’t understand the scriptures etc. Leads me to think one of his Mormon friends knows a lot more. As Jodi just being a Mormon for two months I don’t think she understand the shame of being exposed (Travis) to the world like (shower). Its like someone is giving the ultimate revenge and someone has set Jodi up. Maybe she is being set up or threatened.

    Yeah just my take on it because it seems a lot of work for what?

    • Heyley,

      Do you mean MickyDi? What question was that … I don’t see one of mine on here.

      On another note, Pciture #3. I’d like someone to verify or add their thoughts to this, to me this looks like it is part of other photos I have seen of the bathroom during the walk through from the live feed from court:

      The upper right is the light in the ceiling
      The brown trim beneath it looks like the closet (bottom middle to bottom right)
      And the white trim (bottom left) looks like the small side mirror portion which would be to the right as you face the sink and the big main mirror

    • Mormons do NOT shower or bathe with their garments on. I have no idea why Jodi dragged Travis back to the shower and put him in it, other than perhaps as a way to hide him should somebody take a quick look into his room. It appears Travis was stabbed in the bathroom, but he was crawling out into the hallway of his bedroom, and she dragged him back into the bathroom and into the shower again. Why? To was him off? Why? Obviously, only Jodi knows. It really makes no sense. Brigham Young did teach that Mormons who violated their Temple Oaths should have their throats cut from ear to ear. This was called “Blood Atonement”. If I did not KNOW that Jodi did the killing, I would have suspected some polygamist group doing it. Jodi’s excuse that Travis got mad because she dropped his camera, and so she had to stab him 27 times/cut his throat/shoot him in the head, ain’t gonna work. Had I been Jodi, I would have said that Travis was not satisfied anymore with oral and anal sex, and wanted vaginal sex. I refused him, so he raped me. Humiliated and angry, I retaliated and killed him, because he dishonored me. That’s what I would have said.

      • Whoa… get a grip. “If I did not know that Jodi did it…” What planrt did you just drop in, from…? I’d say that with post traumatic stress disorder, from this blood bath, that, this whisp of an Olive Oyl, was holding up quite well, despite this, inside out, Alice in Wonderland, soap opera…and, could not, overpower, Bluto, without, shooting him first, as proven by, forensics, that, she never fired a gun; no doubt, concealed from the jury, so, how did she overpower him…??? I’ll tell you how it had to happen: a gun in one hand, a knife in her second hand, a camera in her third hand, and, dragging him, with her fourth hand, then, rinsing off the body, with her fifth hand, and, leaving the sixth hand, with blood not rinsed, so as to leave a combined blood, tweezered apart molecules, extensive, analyses, proving, no drugs… and, failing to mention that no gunpowder particulates, proves that Jodi, did not fire a gun… she, leaves the handprint to prove she was there, but, washes the bedding to prove she wasn’t there… then, nonchalantly, does two loads of laundry, unconcerned, that a room mate might find her there, and, or, the cops might get finished with their donuts, and, respond to a gunshot, where, “nothing like this ever happens,” there, in blueblood acres… This law enfarcement travesty, should be worth about ten million bucks, so you can see why the lizards at law, are conniving to get the organized crime at law, govern mentals, off the hook… as if, one dime of a civil rights judgement, will, come out of gthese thieves’ assets… Edgrrr… Spare me the Arias Bias, hereafter… She’s no more guilty of this murder, than Brigham Young, up there, with all his thousand year old, virgins, is…. And, the beady eyed preying mantis, probably has gotten his head chewed off, by now, with all those hungry old virgins… Jeez… what a life… to be wasted, on, motivational gurus… deep pack, and, rammed ass… scary… ooooohhhh……….

    • Whose camera was it that has all these photos on it … was it TA’s camera? Does anyone know where the ownership is listed in the trial evidence.

      • It was definitely Travis’ camera. His brand new camera–its strap was still unpacked. This was all told during forensic testimony early in the trial. You could read through the “Court Docs” on this website.

  2. Mormons are allowed to swim, water is not evil. It is used in baptism and sarcrament every Sunday. It is the opposite of evil.

    • I believe the ME reported that some of the wounds had been washed off. That’s the only reason I could see her making such an effort to get him back into the shower … assuming even that’s what happened.

  3. Picture # 3 is bathroom ceiling when JA accidently dropped the camera. It hit the floor upside down and broke the little snapper thingy. That was testified to in court, the snapper thingy was broken. The remainder of the time, until it wound up in the laundry it appears to have remained upside down on the floor according to testimony. Therefore any movement such that would move the camera, ie knocking against it with a foot, would snap another picture.
    Picture #2 looks to be a foot raised as in walking and that appears to be a shoe as in this picture

    • Thank you, Debbie, for reminding us about the broken snapper and that the camera remained upside-down. It really helps with understanding how those unintentional photos were taken–that the camera button was “naked” and probably easily engaged with just a slight bump.

      What would also help is understanding where the camera actually landed on the tile floor. I have seen a floor plan, but I don’t have it in front of me right now. But I think that the camera bounced away from the shower and was positioned on the floor with a view through the doorway to the hallway. Therefore, the picture of Travis bleeding, with jodi’s leg in the foreground, depicts the area where the tile floor transitions to the carpet in the hall. Is this correct?

    • Pic #2: I believe testimony on day 6 indicated that the streak marks were blood, and that it was part of TA’s body along the floor, and the strip going across is the molding.

  4. Thanks SJ!!!! this is great!!!

    Pic #1 I have never been convinced that it is a pant leg and foot. Socks are extremely slippery on most tile. If one compares the original unenhanced photo from the camera to this one, it is hard to see how they got to this, in the unenhanced, the white stripe looks like the trim on the floor to me instead of a pant stripe.

    #2 the “bottom” of the shoe is too soft. I would expect the bottom of a shoe to have a sharp edge or line…although I guess there might be shoes that have no support on the bottom…still, how does one take their own photo even accidentally like that??

  5. Pic #1 looks like to me TA and (maybe) JA also laying down, the bottom of her foot stuck under TA. She took the pic as whoever else was starting to grab him.

    Pic#2 this one looks like he is being draged by someone by his arms and someone else took the pic from the floor. JA did say at some point that she was also hit by the intruders. Maybe that part of the story was true n these pictures where taken by her while she was still on the floor but the pictures arent that great because she was still out of it too.

    • Oh and that would explain pic #3. As she’s still on the floor, the intruders moving TA around are unaware that Jodi is taking those pictures from the floor. She didnt take great picures because shes out of it n is trying to take pictures but without letting the intruders see her.

  6. Pic #2 does not look like a body being dragged to me; I never could see how anyone could come to that conclusion. Whatever is in the picture doesn’t look to be flat on the ground. Unless the body was on a board, it wouldn’t be moving in a straight, uniform position like what appears in the photo.

    • Kira, it isnt flat on the ground. It loks like (to me) like he is being dragged by both arms, his upper body is lifted from the ground. Someone else taking the pic from the side on the ground.

      Idk…. to me it looks like that.

      • Meshelley,
        Are you saying the pic#2 at the top of the web site is upside down … or that the original was upside down, and now that it’s on the web site, it has been rotated.

        I see a white border that looks like a door on the RIGHT of the picture at the top of this site. And the bottom of that picture looks like a ridge from the bottom of the shower.

        The pointy end of the shape that points to the right, looks like the same point on picture #1 (bottom right of pic1). though, on pic#2, there appears to be streaks–which looks similar to the blood streaks running down in other pictures I’ve seen.

        It’s like a Rorschach test.

  7. Pic#5 states the camera button is on the right and that Jodi is left handed. I have seen in other pics and videos of Jodi using a camera with her right hand to take pics despite being left handed. Must of been some thing she was used to doing.

    In pic #2 I clearly see the pant leg and foot. Looks like a sock she is wearing as you can see when enlarged, the outline of the toes. Because of the hem at the bottom you can assume its pants because of the width. If it were a sheet or carpeting we would be able to see that the width is no where near the size of a pant leg. Also, pic #2 was taken upside down. Which could certainly mean the clicker button was on the ground and she could have accidentally hit it causing it to click a pic.

    My thoughts:

    I’m confused by all the questioning and confusion. She admitted to killing him. So now we look at the pics which tells a story and it seems to make sense. The only question should be, was it self defense? Maybe yes, maybe no. How did she have a gun and knife so readily available for the attack? Maybe the knife was in the room for the sex games. Ok, but where did the gun come from? Travis didn’t have a gun. There was a gun stolen from Jodi’s grandparents. So is it reasonable to think Jodi brought the gun there? Yes, I think so. Is it reasonable to have doubt as to her stealing the gun? Maybe. But we know he was shot and stabbed and she admitted to doing it. So why are we doubting where the knife and gun came from? Again, there was no guns in the house. So it’s only logical to believe she brought the gun. Did she bring it for protection for her long road trip? Maybe, But why bring it into the house? Did she ring it for protection against “abusive” Travis? Maybe, but why drive there and be at the point you need a gun if he was so abusive? And if that is the case, then that would prove she premeditated it. If she thought, well, he might abuse me again so ill bring a gun and shoot him if he does.

    My only wish is if she is found guilty and exhausts all appeals then maybe she will tell the whole story. I don’t think she will take the stand because of the defense witnesses their putting on. One of them being Mike McCartney. He commented on here a few weeks ago (MM). No one really believed his story so I’m not sure he will do any good in helping her case. We all doubted him here so the jury will probably too. He did however bring up abuse to jody from Travis. So maybe that will help the case. But the fact he was on social media talking about it will probably hurt him testifying.

    Whoever runs this website, has the defense subpoena records from the conversation with MM? Just curious if his postings will be brought into the case.

    • Here is my question concerning the gun Interesting. Jodi stated that Travis did not have a gun. There were several other people living in that house. No one knows if any of them had a gun. Detective Flores in his investigative report did not say whether he asked the room mates if any of them owned guns.

    • Interesting, I am going to have to agree with your whole post. I think that while some of the posters here are incredibly creative and imaginative and their heart is in the right place, it would better serve Ms. Arias if we were to focus on ways to help prove this could NOT have been pre-meditated murder if that is at all possible as THAT at this point is all that is at stake. I stated before in another post that the Defense has not, in their opening anyway- even introduced the idea that others were or could have been present. I think also that if there were two other people present there would have been some forensic evidence left behind, SOMETHING that indicated that to be the case.

      • Not really. I dont think Jodi was the only other person that entered TA’s room. Mimi herself testified that she n friends had been in his room before. How do we know that det Flores did look for other possibilities. He went straight for JA from the beginning and stuck to that since all the evidence was easy n clear for him.

        But you are right, she has confessed (in my opinion, she took the fall). So, yes….. the only option she has is to prove SD not that someone else was there, she already tried that story n failed.

        • Jodi did it. by the time it got to her third version of events there was so much other evidence that she couldn’t lie away. eg her blood and her handprint in blood.
          I think the points that confuse people are:
          1. She was smaller
          2. She evidently stole the gun with or without intent so why use the knife first.
          3. how was she able to achieve all that in just 90 seconds.

          I think the prosecution is wrong. The attack started in the shower but it happened before the image taken of Travis face. If you look at all the shower photos he has his eyes closed.
          She was directing him, move this way, move that way. She may have even put the camera down and kept on saying move this way, put your arms behind your back…and then she stabbed him. After the image of his face, then the image of him slumped.

          • CJ, we all know that Jodi was an avid photographer. Travis was the subject many many times. How is it that he is in the shower and his eyes are closed in virtually all of the photos? How is it there is just one image of his face with the eyes open? lets say I am talking to a friend in the shower. they would be looking at me from time to time. Thus he was posing. As for directing him in the photos, Well that is an assumption of the relationship between the photographer and the subject. Then there is a gap in the photos of 4 minutes. I didn’t know that until today. I knew that the photos were taken over a 10 minute time frame, It seems many were taken close at the beginning and then the gap and then the image of Travis face and then the final shower image of his body slumped. The attack started in that 4 minute window. His face expresses sadness, anger etc. You get a different opinion from every viewer. It is actually a great image because it expresses so many emotions. So as well thought out as this plan was, Jodi never expected Travis not to die immediately. He tried to get to the phone. She had to follow him and keep on stabbing him.

          • Actually, no, there’s wasn’t a gap of 4 minutes where no photos were being taken. The ones that the prosecutor showed during trial were not all of the photos in the set, and there was a 4 minute lapse between some of those. Here is a timeline that shows all of the photos:


            I also do NOT think that Travis was already stabbed when he was staring into the camera in the last photograph of him alive. If you were stabbed, would you be doing anything but screaming and clutching at your wound?

          • And here are the timestamps for the photos:

            5:29:20 (this is the full on face photo)
            5:30:30 (this is the final shower photo)
            5:31:14 (this is the ceiling photo)
            5:32:16 (this is the dragging photo with Jodi’s leg)
            5:33:32 (this is the baseboard photo with Travis’s body barely showing)

    • Interesting, Regarding pic #5 and the left handed issue…I couldn’t find any photos, anywhere of Jodi using her right hand to snap photos. Just her left hand in the pic where it looks like she is lit by candlelight…(actually flash of camera) unless she is using the side of the bottom of her right palm to depress the camera button, it looks like the button is on her left side, with that camera anyway…Can you tell me where you saw that or attach a link?

      • Actually Interesting, I just did a little research. It seems there are no mass produced “left handed” cameras even available, that left handed photographers have come up with all kinds of ingenious ways to adapt, turning camera vertically etc. (the issue is not just left hand dominance but left eye dominance) …But I have also read that many left handers have had to adapt to many things using right hand. So I am not sure this is even an issue. Many left handers are also ambidextrous, I read 80% have facility with their right hand as a matter of necessity.

          • Hey, most of us lefties are.A higher percentage anyway. Not equally in that sense of the word meaning but I end up using my right hand out of convenience because the way certain things”like the camera” are set up when holding things, like forks and hammers, etc. so I’ve acquired a learned sense of coordination for my right hand with repetition, you wouldn’t get. probably with your left hand if you are a pure “righty.”

      • @Daniel Tremont,

        In regards to your question about Jodi taking pics with her right hand. I seen that on 48 “picture perfect” and 48 hours “picture perfect: the trial of Jodi arias”. If you seen the last one and fast forward to .43 minutes into it you’ll see Jodi in a white coat with the camera up to her right eye, the left eye closed and she has her left hand around the focus lens and right hand on the shutter button. I’ve seen pics of her also taking pics but can’t remember where. I’d have to research it and get back to you. The first movie picture perfect was so long ago I can’t say what part of the movie she was in holding the camera.

        Hope that helps. And if you don’t have the movie you can go onto 48 hours and its on there I believe.

      • A lot of people seem to have focused on the comment I made regarding Jodi being left handed. This was only included for reference purposes in relation to the dynamic of some of the pics in my post and how they could have been taken. It was not to infer being left handed was any form of disability or that being left handed prohibited anyone from taking photographs. Just clarifying.

    • So what if she admitted killing him. I haven’t really seen her confession and that doesn’t mean I have to believe it considering her initial lies about not being there.

      As far as I have seen there is no REAL evidence for premeditation.

      Daniel, I am a very logical person and am naturally drawn to inconsistencies…If you want creative I suggest you visit the fry Jodi websites. THAT is some creativity for you. Armchair psychologists who have already diagnosed her as a sociopath and have convoluted theories on where she was holding the gun and knife etc,etc.

      And as I have stated before: Flores had Jodi and ONLY Jodi in his sites. He went from day one after her…so why would he even look for other evidence once he got his coup de grace of her palmprint and had already proven her a liar? They missed the gun hidden in the second rental car, they did not show any text messages or anything that have proven her to be a stalker. They have ignored WAY too any inconsistencies for me to be happy with any of this trial.

      • BeeCee, Are you angry at me for posting my thoughts? I am getting the feeling you got insulted by my saying “creative”. ? I did not in anyway mean that as insulting to you. If you read, I said they were heartfelt and I think only are in defense of Jodi. But my point was, that at this point, speculating on other people being there, whether Jodi was capable of moving Travis , was it his or someone else’s gun etc is really beside the point. because the defense did not present during Opening ANY information that would lead us to believe that they are going to be going in the direction of others being responsible..I don’t believe the defense is trying to prove Jodi is NOT guilty of murdering Travis only that she is NOT guilty of “premeditated” murder of Travis. I thought I’d seen that you are not all that thrilled with her defense at this point and maybe even you thought (or someone did) that her defense was responsible and made her say she did it -but in self-defense. I may agree with you there. But I guess my focus is about what can be done at this point to save Jodi from the death penalty. That is why to me, all the other issues, while certainly very interesting and could have truth in them, just don’t matter at this point. The defense has laid the outline for their case. This will need to be about proving Travis a monster. Abusive towards women and not just emotionally abusive (since what we have seen so far at least, Travis’ was guilty only of what MANY other men are guilty of and do to women, and vice versa BTW, many women can be just as cruel towards men, using them for money, sex etc to a point that it de-humanizes them). IMO this is important because otherwise, the issue becomes that Jodi is just as responsible for not walking away and taking it to the point where this happened. Because most people DO end up walking away from their abusers as opposed to killing them. That is just the truth. However if physical abuse was involved in addition to psychological abuse, THEN I think the jury will have an easier time accepting the self defense claim.

        • I’m not angry for you posting your thoughts. I am offended by your creative statement. In my opinion, this thread is for discussing the photos…maybe we need a thread on what the defense needs to do to prove abuse.

          It is true that at trial whether or not some of us believe she is still lying or covering up for someone doesn’t really matter at this point….I agree with you there.

          When the trial restarts then I will have thoughts on proving the self defense against abuse. I have not seen anything regarding that yet, so I cannot form an educated opinion. I can have an opinion on what has been presented so far, as we all do.

          • BeeCee, you are absolutely correct this particular thread is exactly about dissecting the photographs, NOT about how the defense can effectively save her from the DP. So, fair enough and I do apologize. Just so you know though- I did not mean to offend with the word “creative”. If anything, I meant to give kudos to the thinking that went into it to come up with the ideas you and others have had. But I got on my high horse about “priorities of the defense” in a place it wasn’t meant for. I did not mean it in any way sarcastically, which is how after reading it back, I think it may have come across.

      • I agree with you BeeCee about those sites taking fights of fancy into the unknown. They make us look small-time.

        On Insession everyone has questions about whether she did this alone. Same with every news site out there.

      • But couldn’t they trace posts from IP addresses? Not saying they would go to the trouble, but I think that it could be proven…unless I am wrong, maybe CJ you know more about that.

        • Sure, if they wanted to go to the trouble. But forensics would argue that you can’t put someone behind the computer if he denied it. He does live with others according to his post. Maybe his wife took up for Jodi??? JOKE.

    • I agree with you, Interesting, regarding the gun. It is most reasonable to believe that she brought it with her. It’s very difficult to imagine how the defense team will explain the gun, because it really does seem to be the “smoking gun” that points to premeditation. There are others here who believe that there is another, plausible explanation for the gun which will introduce doubt on premeditation. It will be interesting to see, when the defense presents its case, if that’s true.

    • You bring up a lot of good questions. I think the concern about whether she brought the gun with her is that for people who believe in her innocense there is a concern that if it were admitted that she brought the gun with her, it would somewhat support the prosecutions case of premeditation (the caliber of the grandparents gun and the one used on TA were the same … 25–but the argument is that there is no ballistics).

      However, if like some are suggesting, that Flores did not ask the roommates about gun ownership, then my follow through logic is, if she got the gun from the roommates, WHEN did she retrieve it? Remember, Travis lunged at her. So when did she have time to get the roommates gun?

      Did she look around for it once she arrived, in between bedroom photos, while he was undressing for a shower, all just in case he turned violent? If that was her concern, his violence, it would make more sense that she had gotten her grandparents gun for her own protection. But I hear a lot about how there’s no proof that she took that gun.

      But to me, Flores not asking roommates about guns stirs more questions and problems as I just mentioned.

  8. That would be great Debbie if you could send through your “enhanced” version of PIC #2 so that we can see what you are seeing. I have had a really hard time envisioning a shoe in that pic too but its at such a strange view to me, it looks almost like part of a body with blood dripping all over.

  9. I’m leaving the pictures up to you all. I can’t see clearly enough to comment except the one which looks like a bathroom floor.

    But this is interesting. I have been posting about Martinez and another high profile case he was scrutinized in. Would any of you have thought that that letter writing to a judge about the accused would help their sentence? I wouldn’t. have. Check this out:

    “But Mahoney was about to surprise many who suspected she would sentence Grant to at least 10 years in prison.

    She said she appreciated the “clearly very sincere sharing of personal details” in letters sent to the court by many of Grant’s family, friends, and community acquaintances.

    The letters spoke of Grant’s helping people out of jams over the years, for no apparent financial or personal gain.

    Mahoney then sentenced Grant to five years in prison — the average term.”

    Interesting. I hope Jodi’s friends and family read here. It may help.

  10. Don’t have much experience with photography, but the pre shower picks seem to been taken with a flash, and the darkness of the shower pics, it doesn’t look like the flash went off. He may have not even known she was taking pictures when she first started.

    • No, I believe he knew that she was taking the pictuers. They seem posed to me. His eyes were shut so he would not perhaps be aware of the flash not going off.

  11. I cannot see how she could drag him or do any of this in that amount of time. They questioned her so much she was probably getting confused at what was going on. I have been in a verbally abusive relationship. When he continually questioned me about things I did I started just wanting to give in to shut him up. As for those dark pics I am having a hard time seeing a foot or a head. I watched nancy graces show and I was not on the same page as her.

    • Kim, people do amazing feats when their adrenalin is flowing. Back in 1970, I was living in Hawaii. One night, returning from town very late and just a block from home, a small cat dashed in front of my vw bug. I slammed on the brakes to miss it, and came to a complete stop. I heard the cat cry! I jumped out of the car and found to my horror that I had stopped fast ….just fast enough to be right on the rear half of the cat with my right front tire! I was freeeeeeaked out! I am a 25 year old six foot tall 155 lb OR LESS(I banged around inside 32 waist levis!) thin as a whip active surfer/swimmer/diver…I do not have any muscle mass to speak of. I did not lift weights. I bent down and GRABBED that long smooth front bumper right where it mounts through the body, and LIFTED that wheel off that cat and managed to DRAG the car just a few inches to miss the cat. The cat was not to be saved, and died moments later. I went to pounding on a couple doors to try and find the owner. Later the next day, my back and leg muscles were very sore and felt strained. I’m still amazed I could do that, because I never did it any other time.
      Just know that when your adrenalin is pumping, that stuff puts a power into you like nothing else. She was a fit little woman, and she rose to the violent occasion. May the jury set you free, JA, whatever their definition of FREE may be.

  12. Hey Daniel,

    Sorry about my post about my personal abusive situation the other day. I apologise If that frustrated you or others. I know some of my posts are long and may not be relevant to JA case. I am not from the States so I have to search for all on the information on the net.

    In particular, I am referring to my personal experience on abuse. I will say though nothing about it was creative or use of imagination. Nothing about DV or child abuse ever is. Don’t take that as me taking a go at you but If Jodi is going to have a chance in being successful in claiming self-defence then her defence really needs to drum in how is Travis abused. This would account for why she felt she needed to take the gun- taking off premeditated murder.

    Personally, I think this is her only chance, along with doubts with her strength to move Travis and the smell in the house.

    At the moment, I think the defence’s case for self defence is weak. They need to prove that he was abusive and we know this but the jury need to know. I was hoping by using my personal story that it might help give people a further insight to abuse (on the forum). That is all.

    This is a very an usual case. There have been twists and turns at every corner. I don’t think one can be blamed for stretching one’s ‘imagination or being creative’. It might be that one post that is the ultimate spanner in the works for the prosecution. However, do I really think the defence reading these forums? No. I could be wrong but I am sure I read somewhere that in a case a famous lawyer (US) read a forum online and researched this information and it was slam dunk for the defence in court. Am I hoping with all my soul that her defence may read these posts. Absolutely. There has been some great posts. Well done to the person who set up the site and everyone for their input.

    However, we mustn’t forget Jodi Arias defence has limited resources. She is represented by public defenders (nothing against them). If she were in a position to have private lawyers it may better help her case. In charges similar to hers, the defendant has had five senior legal counsel, 2 junior lawyers to assist, paralegal which will do research on the case plus assistants not to mention the unlimited financial for forensics, expert witnesses etc. Would this put her in a better position? I would argue seven lawyers from a top tier law firm with access to all the resources in the world. Yes

    Obviously, Jodi’s defence have devised a plan with how they will proceed with her case. Whilst some not agree with how they are handling her case. It is in their hands and they more qualified than us to do so (I don’t anyone is a qualified Arizona lawyer here). We have to trust her defence. They are the one’s fighting for Jodi in that court room.

    Please don’t take this as being vicious or nasty towards you or anyone else. I think this forum is our way that we have found that we can be constructive and unlike the haters (retaliating to their posts would just be like talking to a brick wall.

    Our brains all think differently, some in a science way, and others more laterally. But ultimately, her fate is in the hands of the jury. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over this. At least this forum gives us a constructive place for all our different ways of thinking on this case. I am sure we are all appreciate of that. I just hope with my life she will be found innocent. I know, that all Jodi’s supporters want the same outcome. Thankyou

  13. URGENT!
    Pic #3: A picture of the ceiling “accidentally” taken during the struggle in the bathroom while Jodi was defending herself from TA’s attack. Pictured timed at 5:31:14 PM

    Guys, sorry but I really think this pic could be the bottom of a cabinet or something not the ceiling. Turn your computer upside down. The light could be reflected by a mirror I would which would give the illusion being a shot of the roof ceiling. The light is reflected in the pictured you know what I mean?

    • Hayley,

      Regarding Pic #3 … the testimony of someone who was at the crime scene–as well as the one who retrieved these images from the camera–is on this site at 43:00

      This witness testified that not only was it the ceiling but also pointed out that there is no floor trim, and no floor tiles. And because he is the one who extracted the photos from the camera, he knows the orientation is right side up.

      • MickyD–since you’ve been watching the camera/photograph testimony apparently recently, let me ask: did he talk about our picture number 2? I still can’t see it clearly! To me it looks like it could be a shoe, but in unusual proportion to the wall’s baseboard. I know that this picture is neither here nor there, but I have this sort of thirst to be able to “see” it properly. It certainly is like an ink-blot test …

  14. Someone please explain the the picture of what they say is her pants and foot, how is her foot so much larger than his entire head if she is close to him and dragging him?

        • Who is this idiot who is saying ti takes seven steps to delete a photo on a Sony digital camera? My ex has the same camera. You select the photo in the view finder and press the trash can button. Then you say OK. You can also delete all the photos in a similar way.

          If Jodi had used a low level format they would not have been able to retrieve any pictures, since erasing them leaves them on the memory card, but leave their spot unallocated, i.e., it’s OK to write over that sector on the memory card.

          Also I’m not getting this whole text message thing. Any phone is able to forward text messages to email. They were waiting for the technology? My cheap LG phone can save the text messages as a text file on the memory card.

          These people sound like they are from the dark ages, and all this testimony is crap. What was the DA trying to prove with that stuff, that they aren’t lazy dumb cops?

          • David,

            The witness who retrieved the pictures from the camera and dealt with some of the text messages stated the following on the witness stand at 1:54:00

            He said if he had to look at and had photographed each of the text messages, there were so many it would have taken him 40 hours a week for 8 months.

            And SUBSEQUENT to the time when he was looking at the messages, technology was developed that made it possible to extract those messages. And so once the technology was available, it was used for those text messages.

            Does that help?

  15. Hayley, First it is I who should apologize for using the words “creative and imaginative” I see many must have taken that as sarcasm. It wasn’t intended to be. And I have never thought a post on here explaining their personal situation was too long or unimportant. Again, I apologize to those I clearly offended. I am very happy to hear you and others survived your personal abusive situation. Believe me!

  16. Speaking of photos..I know, I know, I’m behind everyone…haven’t seen today’s stuff yet (can’t watch at work).

    It drives me nuts that people are saying Jodi and Travis didn’t really have sex that day, that Jodi set the camera up on a tripod….

    If I am allowed to post this link of video with the accidentally shown sex photos please notice that on the first image of Jodi, the non-cropped one, at ~ time 1:33:26 it looks like someone else may be in the photo. The bottom right could be Travis’ leg or knee while he was taking it.

    If I am not allowed to post maybe someone can provide it with Jodi’s bits blurred out.

  17. Anyone know why, or heard why Travis had duct tape on his arm?
    Weird question, but I’m curious.
    Any speculation anyone?

    Really curious what Searcy (sp?) has to say…he’s definatly got everyone (JVM & Nancy are going nuts) wondering. Nancy just straight cut off this woman trying to talk about life in Jodi’s prison – guess she wasn’t hearing what she wanted to hear.

    • There was mention of some sort of gadget that Travis was wearing around his bicep obsessively in the weeks leading up to his demise. It had something to do with his trying to get in shape before his Cancun trip, and the gadget was similar to a calorie burning counter, or something along those lines. However, I doubt that this would be taped to his arm, but you never know. This is the only thing I can think of that could explain this tape around his upper arm.

  18. In the set of shower photos- the One of his back was taken with a flash.
    You can see he flash color balanced the color of the light in the stall. And you can see the reflections of light in the water droplets.

    Also I wonder if they were able to Obtain any other meta data on the images? I know if you use photo shop or Lightroom you can see additional information like shutter speed, flash, timers etc….

    The first photo of his back was color balanced ! Just like the other flash pic at the end!
    He knew in my opinion.

  19. After looking at the shower pictures…I noticed odd positions from Travis, hands crossed over his chest, the look on his face, his back picture…
    Purely a theory, but what if he asked her to do this to him? What if he wanted to die? We know he was spiraling downward..what if he wanted this and she knows she can’t tell anyone that?

    I would love to write to her. I really would.

    • Where did you see these pics?? I’m new to this site and haven’t had a chance to look through everything. I agree,…somethings not right with the pics. I’d love to write her as well. So much of what she’s saying on the stand rings true with me and I’m becoming increasingly convinced that she had battered woman syndrome and probably some PTSD.

    • Jessica… Your questions, could be answered by the bishop whom Travis, pleaded to, after someone, ratted Travis, out, to the bishop, but, piousity, protects, connivers, who hide behind, religious privilege, even if it means that, Jodi has to take the Stepford Wives, penalty….You’d think that the Stepford Wives, would have had enough of the patriarchal assbites, and, cut them off, by now; but, I guess if they did so,n no three year olds would be safe… Edgar….

  20. It doesn’t make sense to me that JA would still be holding the camera IF she went there with the intent to kill TA. It doesn’t fit. You could reasonably say that if a person, with premeditation, stabbed and shot someone,…they would have put the camera away before committing the act. After seeing the pics recovered from the camera, it looks as though someone was caught off guard and was being attacked. Why on earth would someone keep holding onto a camera in the middle of murdering someone? I don’t get that and it doesn’t make sense. It’s bothered me ever since I saw the pics.

    What are your thoughts on this???

    • My thoughts, are dittoed for over four years, and, yet, the same questions get asked. Forensics proved by no gunpowder particulates in the combined blood analyses, that, Jodi, never, fired a gun. period, and, therefore could not possibly have overpowered, Travis. Non case, closed, except for exculpatory evidence, concealment… by the court jester, whose entire soap opera, crashes and burns, on that one minor technicality… So much for his stand up, comedy, act… Edgrrr…

      • Not only would you NOT be holding a camera during a murder, you would take it with you when you were done, or at least remove the memory card. Throwing it into a washing machine just draws attention to it. Premeditation requires some thinking and planning, and yes it can happen in seconds under the definition of the law, but you’re not going to go through the trouble of moving the body, and washing sheets, etc., and then just say screw it when it comes to the camera and leave it in such a stupid place if you are in the midst of a premeditated, and planned act of violence. Nothing makes any sense to me where the camera and pictures are concerned.

        The pictures above are the most puzzling things I’ve ever seen. In shot one, his head is lifted, which obviously would require the use of neck muscles. His right arm is bent at the elbow so that his forearm is up. The placement of her left, socked foot if I am looking at this properly, does not put her in a position to be lifting his upper body in this way. Shot 2 is just as weird, if not even more bizarre since he appears to be floating along across the entrance from one area (door frame) to another. I’ve heard of people having so much adrenaline during a crisis, that they have the strength of ten men, and maybe this is the case here, because I cannot wrap my head around the idea of Jodi being able to move him all over the place like that. I mean there’s a big difference between dragging a 200 lb+ man around while he’s alive and conscious, and dragging a 200 lb + man around when he is unconscious, or dead, as in dead weight. But, this kind of adrenaline IMO only helps the defense because the adrenaline response would occur to a “sudden”, and unexpected event, not a planned one. It is more likely to occur when one is fighting for their own life.

        She may be protecting someone else who was involved. If there was someone else involved, I still don’t think she had any part of the planning. I think she was surprised by the person who came in and did this.

        The very last picture of Travis, before the attack occurred, is a head shot of him staring blankly into the camera. Is there anyone with some good photo editing tools able to enlarge this shot and try to see if there is a reflection in his eyes, of what’s in front of him? That would be very interesting.


  21. Getting dizzy, reading the spirited discourse, but, it’s easy to see that reasonable doubt gallops, in this soap opera, and this is positively what is proven; except for not including, “The God Maker,” exacting parallels between, Anderson and Alexander quasireligious Heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, eternal soul saving ritual doctrine, church law, covenant, contract, ritual murder suicide; murder or suicide, depending on who is telling or, not telling it. Anderson for fornicating his stepdaughter; a sin, better left to the elite, quasireligionists, whose divine right was to send the men out to massacre those in wagon trains, and, enrich themselves, while they molest the wives and, daughters, of the Stepford Wives, there, meanwhile, back at the ranch…. So, Anderson, won’t quit, emulating, the elite, who justify their perversions, by “marrying,” the wives, and, daughters, while the men are on the job, getting shot up by settlers, fighting back. Then, Anderson gets himself placed by the side of his grave, heart plunged, and, ear to ear throat sliced, while, held over the graveside, and, bled out, then washed, and, his clothes laundered. Now, Alexander, For his fornications, and, oral and anal, transgressions, gets, ratted out to the bishop, to which, Travis, pleaded, obviously, no contest, and, gets his eternal soul saving blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, ascension to planet playboy, and all those virgin angels. .. bled out, not over a graveside, but, symbolically, down the shower drain. then, body washed, and, since he had no clothes on, his sheets, also, symbolically, washed.; all, of course in the name of the country clubs’ Sultans, and, temple palace owners; whatwith the clear message, don’t dip your pen in the potentates ink, and, you won’t get,rubbed out… So, in the midst of Travis, going out with a bang, while molesting, Jodi, he was no doubt, dragged off her, prosecutor, called, frisky sex, and, reached around, near decapitation; spun around, and, heart plunget; all, symbolic, a suicide, by, ritual, as Andersons’ blood atonement, a hundred years earlier, and, hundreds, in between, whose Stepford Wives, wouldn’t obey their master [bator]s… perverse, secret rituals… Do the actual facts, belie this account ? Do notice that tne country club, has yet to send the bishop, to free Jodi, even to reveal, Travis’s excuses, and, pleadings; to save Jodis’ life. And, not a bleat from the quasi religious, sheeple, and their Stepford Wives… nor, from even one of the opportunistic, lizards at law, or, govern mentel infiltraitors, in law enforcement… while, Jodi, is lefft to the post traumatics, of their own syndrome, quasireligious, disorders…. Does Travis’s ritual, blood atonement, fit this, soap opera, any worse, than the tightrope balancing act, put on by the simpleminded, zealot, prosecutor; with his al law, court jester, theatrics beyond a, as in, one, reasonable doubt…??? Not looking for absolutes, her; just absolution, by the bishop, who has, a duty, to free Jodi, from their own crimes Are all these lizards, above the law…???… Edgrrr…

      • BeeCee,

        I’m finding this theory to be fascinating.

        Is the atonement an act others help the person with? Or is it a suicide that happens alone? So in this theory, where does Jodi fit in? She is the fall person taking the wrap because she is scared?

        • I’m gonna take a stab at this (no pun intended). OK, so did Travis commit suicide? Did he intend to make it a double suicide/ murder? Did he intend on taking Jodi with him? Or, Did someone else come and assist him with the atonement? Did he expect them? Did he agree to this? Or did they come in and take this upon themselves? Maybe they told Jodi if she did not participate she would be killed? Did they intend on killing her or no? Just trying to sort out this idea, which is the most plausible to me, but still offers many questions.

          • Kimiller, I thought I remembered something about one of his roomates saying Travis was doing a protection ritual of some kind….before jodi got there.

          • BeeCee- I have heard that term somewhere I in the pile of info surrounding this case. I just can’t remember. I am interested too as what that may have meant. Think Im gonna research some.

          • Nah, she was being groomed, to be expendable, as a perpetrator, to launder the quasireligious, fanaticism, either by “church,” doctrine, and, covenant, taken literally, as intended, by, one or another fanatic, and, or, actual dictates, as to what the position of the “church,” and, the contract with God, as managed by the “church.” was all about. If this is not so, that, bishops, expound the antiquated, Brigham Young, perjuries,as to what, God, revealed to him, personally, after sucking on peyote buttons… then. let’s hear it from the bishop, who confronted, Travis, with his ex termination orders; ie.; stand by for your sacred, self sacrifice; we’ll do the heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, miracle for you, to, facillitate, your ascension to planet playboy… What’s up withe the em fah sis on “virgins,” if not, to pander to his perversities ? Travis’s “sacred oath,” was a contract, feigning, his obvious lack of common sense; tempting his own fate, continually, as if, emulating the perversities, of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and, all the other potentates, who passed, doctrines, to cloak their, carnal greed. Who in the hell, needs, eighty four, Stepford wives…disingenuous, bitches; playing house, while their pimp, is scamming whatever, heresies, are necessary to keep the soap opera, afloat…??? These, crooked bastards, are all, nuts, worchipping the idols in their magic underwear… Get a grip… Can you just imagine, Jodi, leading the pack of Stepford Wives, to, file for divorces, and, petition for child support ? How long before, the socalled men, would be crying like rats, eating onions… ??? Does any reasonable doubt, make any less sense than, the Azoles, prosecution of a girl, standing alone, agasinst a fifteen million member, cabal of slaves : as perpetrated, by, the at law toadies of the system, mob; whatwith their exculpatory evidence concealments ? Let’s hear from the Stepford Wives, and, the weasel of a bishop, who has committed murder, if, only by proxy; getting a zealot to do the Brigham Young, waltz… Then, there are all those virgins… and, the blood atonement of satanic doctrines and, covenants, and, of course, all the seeled [hooded ], Stepford Wives, who for all eternity, get to play pimps, for, idiots… How else is control of these wimpy women, assured, but for the threats, as denoted in secret oaths, and, occasional, blood sacrifices…??? Free Jodi, and, tax the hell out of these quasireligious, thieves… Edgrrr… Does reasonable doubt, matter ? Only, to those who are reasonable; that’d be you…

      • I do write like this in an unreal life, here in the USSR; united states socialistic republic, because, there’s a never ending barnyard residue, to shovel, by, govern mentals, who lie through their oath of office, and, immediately upon their Re-Pubic-Crap-Tic, Cons-Piracy, election, grow, fangs, horns, and, talons…. One, crusade, after another, to bug the enemies of We The People; those enemies, slithering, everywhere; one can’t help but stepping on one, no matter where you go. A blood atonement ritual, suicide, of course, brings the godfolk, out from under their rocks, to love a man enough, to, heart plunge , and, slit his throat, from ear to ear, so as to liberate him from his “used up life” and, blood atone him for his errant ways; emulating the quasireligious, potentates, and, to redeem his eternal soul, salvation. “Suicide,” and, “Murder,” are just my crass judgement calls, regarding, those whom, salvation or, not, are actually dead; as I see no actual evidence of the second coming of Joseph Smith, ant the other killers, who loved their enemies, enough to send them to their, controlled, property, in the, afterlife, whereby, they got duped, to agree to their, blood atonement, heart thrust, ear to ear, throat slice, ascension, from planet evil; that would be here, to, be rewarded with all those, virgin angels, there, on, planet playboy; rewarded, to do there, that which got your, heart plunged, and ear to ear throat sliced for you, by someone who loves you enough to ascend you to all those virgins, for, having done the same things, here, on planet evil. Doesn’t that just easily, compute, for you ? I got the cutesy remark, about, did, he heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice, himself… ask the cop, they just executed, with all that respect for, law and order; for his threat to expose all the secret police, doctrines, and, covenants; and, who’s to say, he didn’t hide the proof, to be continued ?… Surely, suicide by cop, doesn’t presuppose that you shoot yourself, considering how many organized crime at law, and, organized religion zealots, are, willing to do the dirty deeds, and, blame it on God; either the real one, or, the self appointed ones…… I have referred to the book, “The God Makers, ” for, clarification, as to the sacred ritual, of, ascending miscreants, who defy, Brigham Youngs’ admonitions; obviously, considered sacred enough to reverence his name on the godfolks’ university…BYU… “Is there a man among you that would not love your brother, enough to kill him, to, save his eternal soul ?” Is that, etched in stone, on the facade, of the building, and, the facade of a country club, corporate tax dodging, “religion ?” Read the books, written by those who know; I have, and, with such a sacred ritual, where, a man, readily, atones for his evil ways, by, doctrine; church law, and, covenant; sacred heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, you’d think, that it would be a sacrilege, to so feebly, peck away with a knife, after such a terminal blessing; to set Jodi up for a murder that was, only, a doctrine and covenant, agreed to, suicide; so as to trade Jodi, in, on all those virgins; of course, proof, that Jodi, so livid with jealousy, rage, and premeditation, would not fix him up, wiith said virgins; while, with a gun, she never fired, as proven by forensics, and, gallons of arson juice, never deployed; note how proficient the cops can, exercise your due process, for you, without, ten gallons of gasoline…… Travis, knew what the secret oath, he agreed to, meant, and, he tap danced on the edge, competing with his altar ego [I spelled that correctly], until, in laymen terminology, he pissed off, the wrong people, with his long line of gurued usees… pitting, his axe murderer, against, Jodis’ axe murderer, and, getting away with that. Why was there a reverential, wake for, Travis, with a thousand socalled mourners; if, not, to canonize his, resurrection to planet playboy, for, facillitating his own, sacrifice, in reverence to the beady eyed, pervert, who started that soap opera, so, he, in the name of one of his gods, could fornicate all those Stepford Wives, and, kill anybody, who questioned, his rituals… How many of the thousand at the wake, were actually celebrating, ; and, on the third day, he arose to all those virgins; to despoil, as Joseph Smith, and, Brigham Young, had, so ordained, before him…??? Edgrrr…

        • Oh man, USSR? i just read many people there use dash cams to protect themselves from corrupt police…I hope it doesn’t get like that here….but it seems to be already.

          • Bee Cee… You don’t have to go to Russia, to find a Police State, just, get in your right to travel, car, with a forced, rights abrogating, license plate, and, use your, waived right to travel; surrendered, and, fraudently morphed, “drivers” license,” or, try to travel, anywhere, in this USSR, and, not, get extorted out of your, car, and, dumped out on the streed, while your car is stolen, at law, in violation of, law; “Any person who converts any part of another persons’ property, to his own use, without permission of the owner, is, guilty of theft;” of course, twisted into the fine print in the DMV, corporation, scam, that, they, own your car, and, you’re just, licensed to use it…all of which is facillitated by jackbooted Gestapo, without an I.Q. that exceeds their stated ages… Ditto, the brain dead judges, who have slithered a martial law, Cons-Piracy, corporate boardroom tribunal, called, “court,” into every county, in Amerika, subdivision of the USSR… Edgrrr…

          • So you’re saying I need a dashcam??? Maybe i should just get one of those tiny ones that go on the person’s body…a body cam! LOL

            got it


  22. Did Jodi say she confided in Sky Hughes the information she found concerning Travis and a Married Woman (cant remember if she confirmed it was Mormon woman or fellow church member) having an affair?

  23. I wonder if the bullet casing landed on the blood by a foot kicking it or some other movement or if it landed there directly from the gun.

    • It could have actually been either CuriousCourt. Shell casings are extremely easy to bounce around on concrete and tile whether one is sweeping them up or bumping/kicking them with a foot.

  24. Ms.Miller… Greeeeaaatt questions… With so many zealots in so many walks and gallops of life, there will be many volunteers, to, ascend, Travis, to some imaginary afterlife, and, out of touch with those who needed obvious protection, from, him… Nobody, is zealous enough to be able to nearly, decapitate themselves, so, I’m 100 percent, buying in to the two, intruders, as, so, proven, by, the power, and, expertise, needed to , nearly decapitate, anyone, and, the fact that, it was done, from the rear, as in, then, bled out, in the shower, ritual draining of blood, that the blood of Jesus Christ, did not cover…Read “The God Makers,” Body washed, sheets washed, as he had no bloody clothes on; after being, reached around, throat sliced, then, spun around, and, ritually, heart plunged; then, there’s the effeminate, [sorry], pecking away, with dagger stabs; for what; he was lready deceased ? …To, add two cents to the equation, and, or, to set jodi up ? Did he intend to take Jodi, with him; of that, there can be no doubt, as evidenced, by, the short pieces of rope, he cut, with his, knife. Surely, Jodi, would not take a knife to her own, premeditated, gunfight, and, Travis, couldn’t very well have tied himself up, so, of course, he was going out, with a bang, and, blaming Jodi for his perversions, about as cold blooded as one devout guy can get. Proof, lies in the pleas, to the bishop, someone, ratted him out to, and, it won’t take a brain surgeon, to realize that a lineup of his brainwashed, fornication groupees, would, direct one to whom was in the church, or, trying to reach it, by ratting him out to the bishop. Jodi, was, as expendable as any other would be, Stepford Wife; and, saw it coming; with the knife, and short pieces of rope; yet, even then, did not, shoot him, as proven by, forensics, with, no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood, handprint… If, anything, Jodi, should be given a medal, for not, using a gun, to, defend herself. As to your, perfect insight, just switch around some ands, and ors, and, you got it. Travis would get no reprieve from a bishop, and, he knew it, as per his statement, about, ” how ashamed and repentent he was, ” for being so weak; that the wicked witch of the east, could out guru, his poor weak victimized self; translation to those less, pious, until he got horny again; unloading on Jodi, like any other hypocrite, whoremeister, doing his Jimmy Swaggert, devil, impersonations… creating, prostitutes… It is absurd, to believe that one mouse of a girl, could overpower, a school wrestler, bare knuckle fighter, weightlifting, bodybuilder, without, shooting him, before, the blood bath… so, where’s the forensics’ report, proving that Jodi did not fire a gun ? That, no doubt, is, more exculpatory, concealment; no wonder that tightrope tapdancing, lizard at law, has never lost a non case… It’s time these lizards at law, become their own victims, to fill our prisons with professionals… instead of real people… It’s just too cool, that with big ears, she’d be Minnie Mouse; and, standing up to these toadies of organized crime, at law, and, the weasels of LSD, shroom worshoppers; flocking their sheep, is just too much… No doubt, Travis got his ascension ticket, punched by the weasel of a bishop, who’s watching her take the rap, for the idolotry, of: “We believe that, Joseph Smith…” let me finish.. was a perverted, beady eyed lecher, who was no doubt, murdered, by one or more of his own sheeple, who had quite enough of his bullshit… Ironic, that, the LSD / LDS mob, is up to their ears, with, their feigned, ritual, genealogy, considering, all the potentates, jumping all the Stepford Wives; so, who the hell knows whose kids belonged to which lecher…??? God Almighty… Step Forward, Wives; Jodi, is leading your freedom; close your legs, and, listen for Travis’s echo; “I’m just a dildo, to you, with a heart… ” Watch the lechers, whine and, beg, How many groupees had that whiner, left on the side of the road, as he gluttoned himself, for more…??? Life’s a beach; not often, sunny… Arrest the bishop, for complicity to commit murder, and, for being also, an accessory, before during, and, after, the fact… And, to all of Travis’s pals, not one had the decency to put a boot in his BURROck… Edgrrr… And, how many reasolnable doubts, will be concealed from the authority, of the jury; do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help your honor, lizard at law… good, now sit down, shut up, and, answer the questions, yes, or, no… Travis, was checkmated by his own greed, and, orchestrated his own blood atonement; caught in the same pious bullshit, trap, he set for, unsuspecting, usees, like picking cherries off a tree… and, the knife , erroneously, claimed to be Jodis’ , , just as clearly as the other socalled facts, proves that, her life, was as terminal as Travis, and the bishop, knew, his, was… as evidenced by the rope pieces, nobody is claiming. What do you think he cut them for, if not to tie Jodi, up, for wahe, disimbowment ? Think that’s far fetched; how many babies, in their history books, speak of babies born, in private, for, sacrifice, with no record of their births ? The baby section of Sunset Lawn, memorial park cemetary, 2350 East, 13th South, Salt Lake City… is the location, and, the infant section was to the right of the entrance, and, has one grave, where, a brown manilla, bag, obviously contains, the insides of a baby. Think I don’t know what I’m revealing ? Watch these lizards try to cover, why, that is so… Why would anything be thrown in a grave alongside a burial… unless through some conscience, it, was still deemed to be part of a child ? Send me an aerial view, and, a few non Mormon FBI women, only; guys can’t be trusted, with something that, personal, and, I’ll try to pinpoint the location. … And, you think, that Travis, never meant to disembowel, Jodi, when he ran out of all other depravities…??? Crazy, you say…??? About as crazy as being duped into some imaginary, afterlife, with thousand year old virgins; that’s for damned sure, fitting punishment, for such evil toward someone he duped, into caring for him, to, such a degenerate, extent… And, yes, the bishop who let Travis, pronounce, sentence upon himself, will probably get, atoned for himself, before this soap opera, is over with; of course, to protect God, for telling Brigham young, to kill everybody, necessary, to protect the dynasty, of evil…. Am I, being too mean to these lizards…??? I guess this, proves, equal to the court jesters’ high wire tap dance…. What do you think; not, that I have any doubts at all… ??? And, why have your concerns, been concealed from the jury ? Will there be hell to pay, when they realize they were used to gt the State and the “church,” off the hook, for this rush to judgement…??? Edgrrr…

    • Edgar- Nothing seems far fetched anymore to me. Really, once you open your eyes to the realities of this unreal life, what seems crazy are those who will never even consider that it is, in deed, unreal. It has gotten so, that there is very little I take at face value. This case is no exception.

      I haven’t felt this case was self defense from the beginning. It appears by some of their questions, that the jury is struggling with that claim also. Why do you think Jodi agreed to self defense? I have thought a lot about the Casey Anthony case here. I don’t know if you followed that case or not Edgar, but if you did, you had to see the blatant monarch butterfly display in the back row everyday. Her defense was of course, not guilty. But what they did besides show there was no evidence to suggest Ms. Anthony was guilty, they showed the jury that it was quite plausible that a number of other people could be the guilty party.

      My hope is that If Jodi is too afraid to point the finger at the Mormon Mafia, that she can find a way to cast reasonable doubt that even though she claims self defense, it was defense against the mafia. I hope she points an indirect bent ring finger.

    • Truth spoken Edgar, I love your posts. Speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this satanic cult mafia corporation masked as a “religion” to the apologists who don’t want to OFFEND anyone! And to think these Republicrat apologists promoted R-money and scoffed at RON PAUL when he suggested Amerika abides by the golden rule. Unreal life.

  25. And, whatwith, the magic tweezers, why, hasn’t the duct tape been tweezered, flat so a fingerprint analysis can be proven ? Nobody, ever peeled duct tape, off a role, without a firm, and, well fingerprinted imprint, on the sticky side of the tape, revealing, the joint project religious blood atonement ritual, this, must have been… guys standing around in their ministerial robes, and, pointy hats… If this soap opera lasts much longer, they might tar and feather, the lizard at law… one, can only hope… Edgar… Dragon slayer, is I’ve been told, what, my name means… and, that’s good enough to step on lizards…

      • And, duct tape, is not a clue… a roll, playing a role…??? You want, Justice, picket the courthouse, with signs of concealed reasonable doubts, before these lizards at law, throw Justice, under the prison, bus, and, slither out of sight… With no reasonable doubts, as concealed,… Perfect case in point, is the graphology, charade; the science of penstrokes, to identify, writers, while ignorance being the plan, denying, that the words, as made up, by the same penstrokes, is not, part and parcel of what the hell, the identifiable penstrokes are for, and, prove, by not only the strokes, but the format, and content as well; there in the twilight zone., to prove who wrote, what, especially, as regards, a, as in one, reasonable doubt, if not, conclusive evidence… … How can one analyses, negate the same basis for revue, as the sum of penstrokes, is comprised of the initial penstrokes; there, on planet evil… ??? And, so the law mafia lizards, tapdance, under color of law; devoid, of, common sense… concealed from the jury, who will only consider what’s slithered, before them… You’ve got the arguments; you’re there, post them, in front of the courthouse, den of thieves, and, incite your newspapers into, their right to exist… Edgrrr…

  26. I just saw the whole collage of photos from the shower with the date and time stamp on them, including the ones they took in the afternoon. there are no words to describe them or the scene it’s self. it does look as though he was stabbed in the shower and that she then tries to pull him out and move him somewhere else. Really a sad situation all around.

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