Defense files to dismiss all charges based on State evidence tampering

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“Attorneys for Jodi Arias filed a motion Monday to dismiss all charges against Arias, alleging prosecutorial misconduct.

*** CLICK HERE TO READ THE MOTION – (15-page PDF Document) ***

The motion says a computer-forensics expert hired by the defense discovered that thousands of files, mostly of pornography, were deleted from Travis Alexander’s computer while the computer was in custody of Mesa police.

As an alternative to dismissal, the motion asks that the intent to seek the death penalty against Arias be dropped, which would end the current trial.

Neither the prosecutors nor Mesa police would comment on the allegations.”

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Looks like the pedo-huggers are a little distraught already…

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Excerpts from the Motion to Dismiss:

jodi arias motion to dismiss 1

jodi arias motion to dismiss 3

jodi arias defense files for dismissal

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This is an interesting development to say the very least.  Following on from my well-timed post of yesterday, it’s not at all surprising that Flores & his cohorts have finally been called out on their corruption. I’d also still like to know which pictures were deleted from the camera.



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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    Never question it.

    Never doubt it.

    Team Jodi #WINNING

    • Hi SJ

      Hope you are well.

      I am wondering how I get into the vent section. I am definitely no fan of paedo Travis. I discovered the case on a Dateline special after Jodi’s trial was almost over. Yet even that biased DL made me think something was off. So I googled and found your site. I have been watching the re-trial and coming here every since it began, and am currently making my way through the archive. I can provide any extra information you need to verify me.

      Thank you,


  2. Good morning my friends!

    Well surprise, surprise! I can’t say that we all didn’t suspect tampering and destruction of evidence! And I want to emphasize that if they found this evidence destruction, imagine what else the police or the state has destroyed; tampered with just to build a case. We all saw many pictures of the crime scene that we found really ‘off’. And we know what Kermit is all about: IT’S ALL ABOUT WINNING, for him JUSTICE DOESN’T MATTER…

    And would the defense team PLEASE stress the importance of that BLOODY BOOT PRINT already!!! Don’t let anything get away! Have mr sooper dooper detective Clueso (Gloria Esteban Florretta) explain why that wasn’t mentioned in his crime scene report!!!

    And all I can keep thinking is that I need to renew my passport cause traveling in Europe only requires an ID but flying to states needs a passport. Only when hell freezes over is the day that I will not be at that FREEDOM PARTY.

    (((((Jodi’s FREEDOM)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Now that I have seen the video it really seems like it *is* child porn. It brings a whole new meaning to the sister’s statement that Travis will never see her kids grow up. JUSTICE FOR JODI!

  4. This is the best news possible! Hopefully Jodi will be home for Christmas with her family where she belongs!
    ((((((JODI)))))) ♥ ♥ ♥
    ((((((TEAM JODI))))))
    ((((((CYBER FAMILY))))))

    Ray in Harrisonburg, Virginia

    • This news has made my day!
      Martinez has a history of evidence tampering – when he dropped the camera in an obvious attempt to destroy it to prevent any defence expert from looking at it! Some say that the camera did not have the capability to put timestamps on photos.
      Now it turns out that Martinez (or some member of his team) deleted the pornographic photos from Travis’s computer! Of course Martinez knew about it, but he withheld it from the jury! He’s a real scumbag.

  5. It’s about f-ing time. We all knew it!! Hey remember when the pc guy was on the stand and the frog cut him off. He said he found porn. You know it would not be a big deal if he had porn on his pc….but KIDS…..

    Ok now what beside the “FROGS” going down….???

    • We all wonder!!! I’ve been thinking about how the Frog created the stories about how Jodi premeditated this whole tragedy when in TRUTH he and Detective DooFuus are the premeditators in all of this. So yes, I would like to know why and who they have been protecting. Who would so powerful to put them in the position they are in right now? Hmmmm I think I know who. . . and I bet if the boot print is not Flores’s then it probably belongs to Travis’s BFF!

      • I absolutely believe you’re right R. Love.
        What about the rommates being ther the whole time> What abot the dog.
        The blood on the washer and they didn’t see it?????
        Someone else threw the camera in the wash, Jodi sure didn’t. She would have wanted the pictures. That NEVER made sense.
        In fact this whole mess has never made sense from the beginning.
        They need to arrest a few people and let Jodi free and home where she belongs.
        If they don’t want to let it out, then they are the criminals, Well, they are anyway. They’ve lied and hid way too much from everyone and Jodi has haf to pay.
        That really sucks. How could the bastards sleep at night.

        • I don’t know about noticing the odour, we had a case here where someone was dead in an apartment building for a week and the tenants noticed but did nothing, didn’t alert the authorities, I guess it is the last thing that you think of. The blood on the washer was tiny apparently and no one would notice it unless they were a cleaning freak. Our minds do not go to worst case scenarios. With a dog in the house that would be the first thing you’d think caused the odour, dogs have accidents and we are left to clean up, the owner was gone (the roommates thought) and it was his task to clean up, the odour did not penetrate their rooms so they didn’t care, eventually they would have noticed as the odour got stronger but by then the ‘friends’ were around trying to rouse him. Still no excuse, and we are left to wonder. Yes, how do they sleep at night?

          • Dogs’ accidents and decomposition have very very different odours. I’m sure most of us have happened to come across a dead animal in a filed or a road; the smell makes your stomach turn, absolutely distinctive and horrible. I’m not buying for one moment they never smelled anything but I do agree with wht you wrote, that ” our minds do not go to the worst case scenario”.

  6. This is amazing…maybe all the prayers from all the supporters are finally prevailing!……That along with the truth team Jodi has been stating since beginning!

    • I never underestimate the power of prayer. 🙂 With the truth on Jodi’s side they do not stand a chance. It all will unfold in God’s timing. The next couple of days will be interesting. Don’t you wonder what those hate filled people are thinking about the person they have been backing for the last 6+ years?? Are they still believing the ridiculous story about Travis Alexander being a Saint? How easy they were swayed to the guilty peoples side. Scary. Let us not forget how much money has been raised to support this Grand Farce and who all have benefited from the profits. . .they can not blame Jodi Arias!

    • The computer would have been in the hands of the police on 6/10/08 – so right there is the proof that someone at Mesa PD knew about the porn in the browser history before it was ultimately and selectively scrubbed.

      • Very true. We have known that someone has been behind the clean up of the crime scene and look who they finally are finding. If I lived in Maricopa County and needed help I FOR SURE would not call the Police Department!! Corrupt. One would probably do better to call the Dog Catcher.

        • AMEN, R. Love
          What a damn shame. I hope they send them all to prison
          and let Jodi go home while they clean up their dirty mess.
          Not only AZ is watching this, but the whole world.
          They’re probably all into child porn or they would have NEVER protected
          all of them. We know there’s more than one involved in this RING!!!!!!

    • Also does anyone remember that the home owners of Travis’s house found something in the attic and I am not sure but I think it was 1 of the H that gave it to one of the family members. And nothing was found in the attic.

      Also when jodi was going to defend yourself why did she want a PI to come back to the crime scene

      • Don’t know the answer to the first question.

        The second item, though – that turned out to be a mis-statement from the court records that was later corrected. The investigator wasn’t going to the crime scene, the investigator was be given access to the crime scene EVIDENCE held be the state and by Mesa PD.

      • Can you read the names pf the sites? They are all blacked out on my reading. I am wondering if the DT can prove they were child porn, as the document says, “Still others are recognisable as websites that likely contain child pornography”

          • I guess I am wondering if these are general porn sites with child porn sub sections, or whether they are specifically child porn sites. If it is the former they could say he was only looking at legal porn. That’s my worry…

            • I will go out on a limb here and venture a guess that most porn sites are based in foreign countries where they can post that particular kind of material and get away with it. Think eastern bloc countries, Far East, and parts of Africa. They post videos, pictures, etc. and when you download it you also get viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. that come in to your computer with the intent of stealing banking, credit card, and personal info. That is where the danger is. They didn’t have to hack your computer, you did it for them. The point is TA’s computer must have been in the wrong place in the first place to get the whole process started with that kind of material. It didn’t happen reading the news on Yahoo. IMO.

  7. Wonder if the Frog will hang his head in shame.

    A gentleman would be ashamed
    should his deeds not match his words.

    • What?! Juan ashamed! That will never happen! He will just whine and moan and claim that what the defense team did was UNFAIR! That little SOB should lose his ability to practice law, and dare I say spend time in Joe’s jail. PFF JUAN MARTINEZ MY BIG ‘OLE BUTT!

      Assume the position and take it like a man.

      Ray A. Chastain
      Harrisonburg, Virginia

        • That is my thought exactly . . .Lock Up the Guilty and Set Jodi Free!!!
          The nerve of The Frog and The PIO (LOL) they should serve at the
          least 7 years in Sheriff Arpaio Health Spa preferably in Solitary
          confinement. Better yet chain them to each other and then lock them up!!!
          Go ahead and issue their pink underwear, no magic underwear where they

  8. It appears we have irrefutable proof of evidence tampering. If this is tampered, then what other evidence has been tampered?

    At this point, I don’t see how this case is salvageable for the prosecution, I really don’t. They never had a premeditation case at all. This was not a first-degree murder case. This was not a second-degree murder case. This wasn’t even a manslaughter case. You don’t need to have theories somebody else did this. Jodi Arias admitted to killing Travis. Whether you wish it to be different, it is what it is. The violence of the scene shows this was a life-or-death struggle, not some premeditated act. It was a fight to the death, and it just so happens it was Travis who lost the struggle. It could very easily have been Jodi who could have died there.

    The problem is with this judge, who is simply not competent enough to control a courtroom in a case of this notoriety. By rights the entire case should be dismissed “with prejudice.”

    BTW, Jodi does not have to “prove her innocence.” That is not our system of justice. If the prosecution is hopelessly tainted, and evidence was tampered with, it’s really the end of the line. No court of appeals is going to uphold the conviction.

  9. Way to go KN and JW!!!

    Believing in Miss Jodi Arias innocence is completely just, wow wow and wow. The State dug their own hole, as for the dirt bag Flores, corrupt Mormon he is.

    If something doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sence, there are so many things we can bring up. SJ started out with Flores blotched investigative report, pure joke!

    How the heck does one sleep at night knowing they defended a pedophile, knowing they defended an abuser, knowing they were sending an innocent woman to death row.

    Miss Jodi Arias as I always stated, if there is one thing I believe in, that’s your innocence.

    Team Jodi, your “Support” rocks!

    I’m on cloud nine, the tears won’t stop flowing, happy happy tears!

    Much love to all you, especially Miss Jodi Arias! Bring on the release party, I will attend!

    • Note that the haters are now hypothesizing that it was Jodi who accessed the porn on Travis’ computer as a way to set him up for blackmail. Geez Louise! The lengths they go to not be wrong is astounding as well as nauseating.

      • Except the motion also specifies that the dates the sites were viewed were dates when Jodi wasn’t in AZ.

        Gold is tweeting that it’s a known FACT that the porn sites were known trojan horse viruses – but with the abbreviated sentence structure of tweets it’s not easy to know what he meant by that. Sites that deliver trojans? Or malware that directs a computer to those particular sites?

        He’s still trying to step past what matters – which is that someone in law enforcement deleted those files.

        • KateBurkhart ‏@_LOVEINVAIN 10h10 hours ago
          @michaelbkiefer Michael- these ‘porn’ site visits were due to the Trojan Horse virus testified to by defense&state computer witnesses.

          KateBurkhart ‏@_LOVEINVAIN 10h10 hours ago
          @michaelbkiefer And the anti viral software was responsible for deletions. Once his computer was turned on- anti viral did its job.

          KateBurkhart ‏@_LOVEINVAIN 10h10 hours ago
          @michaelbkiefer what’s really despicable is the defense KNOWS this. They thank u for helping them. Subpoena LonnieDworkin. He Told themThis

          KateBurkhart ‏@_LOVEINVAIN 10h10 hours ago
          @michaelbkiefer But will you report the defense knew this all along if u hear about it in court? Hmmm?

          KateBurkhart ‏@_LOVEINVAIN 10h10 hours ago
          @michaelbkiefer @CompuFor Lonnie you know all about this already right,

          • State witness Melendez very specifically DENIED that there was any sign of viruses on the computer. Nurmi asked him directly about the weird virus message in the BIOS, Melendez said he saw that but didn’t know what it meant as there were no signs of a virus.

            I’ll have to go back and re-watch Dworkin, but I am not remembering any conversation about viruses there, either.

            • Yes… clueless half-wit fucks (like Jeff Gold) are referring to the infamous & much revered “PEDO-HUGGER” trojan horse virus. It magically appears from nowhere and dumps 25,000 random child porn pics on your hard drive without you even knowing… then 12 months later it reinvents itself & magically reappears as the GLORIA-ESTEBAN virus and deletes them.

              Team Jodi #WINNING

              • I was thinking the same. Man, I’d better check my anti-virus software so that it doesn’t randomly take me to porn and child porn sites. Seriously! If software really did that then it would be fixed pronto as the users would be up in arms and people would be falsely accused of being paedos thanks to their magical computers takingthem to child porn sites.

                I’ve never heard such nonsense in my life!!

        • Absolutely Journee, it does not matter how those sites got on his computer. …But, that it is presented that someone in law enforcement had removed the evidence computer & took it somewhere, specifically to have those site accesses, removed & hidden from the defense. …That is an attempt to “FRAME” this innocent person Miss Jodi Arias, …A GREAT AMERICAN…

  10. This is HUGE!!! The criminal verdict will be overturned and she will get a new trial. I don’t believe JSS will dismiss all charges, she may take death off table but regardless this revelation is a guarantee overturn of Jodi’s verdict and hopefully when she gets a new trial she will be freed due to time already served !! Does anyone have a link to the actual motion filed by KN ??

  11. Journee, at the very least Judge Stephens will have to ensure that this matter is looked into and sorted out before continuing with the trial…..some kind of inquiry for the loss of a better word. I too am hesitant about jumping the gun and saying that Jodi will be released at this time. An investigation will have to take place about this first I would think – through the court.

  12. JSS should dismiss all charges and release Jodi immediately. She was denied due process and potentially could have been found innocent based on a self defense claim if the jury had all the pertinent facts in front of them. The det/prosecutor have a lot of questions to answer and should be held criminally liable and accountable for any and all involvement they may have had in the destruction of evidence in this case. This case is so hopelessly contaminated with misconduct that there is no alternative but to dismiss all charges against Jodi and free her immediately with time served.

  13. Take deep breaths…There is a ways to go. But on the positive side of all of this, JSS can not ignore this motion as she has every other one. I can see the frog trying to push everyone else under the bus on this one.

    I was trying to tell my mother about this, she is one of those people along with everyone in my life watch the news and thinks she’s guilty as sin.
    So now Jodi is going to was more of our tax dollars. Omg and I have 3 defense lawyers in my family…..

    • I guess we’ll all know when they’re ready to start throwing each other under a bus when JM and Flores aren’t sitting at the table together anymore. Everybody involved is going to covering their ass from now on.

      • It bugs me that he sits at the table, anyway. He should be working – not drinking coffee at court everyday. After all, tax payers are paying for his “services”.

  14. Wow, did I pick the wrong night to watch TV and avoid Twitter & JAII. SMH. I was practically in tears when I heard the news @ 12mn on the west coast. A hug to everyone on this site from someone who is not good at showing emotion.

  15. I wanted to honor Kermit and used his fave dictionary: Merriam-Webster:

    noun \ˌpe-də-ˈfi-lē-ə, ˌpē-\
    : sexual feelings or activities that involve children

    noun \ˈpe-də-ˌfī(-ə)l, ˈpē-\
    : a person who has a sexual interest in children

    Here are a few synonyms of Pedophile: pedo, pervert, creeper, molester and let’s not forget: PEDO-HUGGER.

    Now, for all you people that claimed that travis was a ‘saint’, I ask you this: How would you feel if this individual was lurking at photos of your child, your niece/nephew, your grandchild and having creepy impure sexual fantasies of them. Would you still feel that travis was a saint? Wonder how many kids he copped a feel of while ‘innocently’ playing with them. Disgusting!

  16. Karma strikes Chris Hughes for his book “Our Friend, Travis.” Will he distance himself from Travis immediately or risk what’s left of his own shabby reputation by keeping the book online? I’m betting he’s going to be embarrassed by his relationship with his “best friend, Travis.” Such great timing, too. You earned it, Chris.

    • We know where this is going…as I said before if it was just porn ok he’s a young single guy….But little boys…. It’s going to be interesting. So how much more evidence have a tampered with???

    • I doubt he’ll be embarrassed. He’ll just find a way to turn everything into a conspiracy theory of the defense to frame his sweet innocent virginal Saint Travis (PUKE!). I don’t expect any decent behavior by Chris Hughes the snake.

    • Laurie Roberts:
      “Nobody likes a pervert and no jury is going to feel sorry enough for his demise to sentence Arias to death anyway.”

      • Of course, the rest of it is pretty snarky, like “Assuming the most recent set of Arias defense experts can be believed (and that is an assumption)…”. How rude! So any expert who speaks in her defense is probably a liar?

  17. During cross, JM asked Dworkin if he saw any naked pics of women’s breasts on TA’s computer. He testified that he was” not asked to look for that”. “I do recall that there was some pornography” but did not recall specifically what types. JM asked if he recalled in a previous interview saying that there was no porn? Dworkin said if that was true, he would stick by what he said. JM, the liar, probably made that all up. He testified that he was not given access to the Compaq computer physically, but he could not detect any damage in the forensic copy he was provided. That sounds like there were no viruses to me but I am no expert.

  18. Unless the defence didn’t include it in the list for some reason, TA took the day off and did not look at porn on Friday, May 30th. Otherwise, on the sample days the defence picked, TA accessed the same sites nightly. I have never had a virus on my computer like that.

    • I just hope that the defense team has a great computer expert that can refute all this talk about a virus being the culprit. There should be some way for the computer expert to distinguish between a virus downloading porn sites onto your computer versus someone actually accessing those sites at specific dates and times. And same goes for the deletion of those files – they should be able to detect how those files were actually deleted whether by anti-virus or a specific purposeful act of someone. Go defense !!

    • Thanks, CC, I watched it all. Nothing said about trojans or viruses. I am trying to remember if Dworkin came back later. Gonna have a look-see.

    • I don’t see where Dworkin was ever on the stand again, so I don’t know where that tweeter’s getting her information that he testified about any trojan.

      OR how she was able to know for a fact that those websites were known trojans, when the only copy of the motion available to view is redacted to block out the names of the websites.

  19. If they hid that, it explains their”investigation” all lies,
    This is so criminal to the state, how can they believe any socalled “evidence”?
    They need to come out with the truth about who REALLY mudrered Travis.
    I will never believe Jodi did it, pieriob!

  20. Today is a GOOD day for the defense and for our Jodi. needless to say, this news have made my day. Many emotions brought to surface and an uncontrollable need to cry out to the world ”We told you so!!”

    I simply refuse to read anything the haters are saying, I am just happy THEY ARE SQUIRMING right now. It’s almost too enjoying knowing that their heads are spinning and they are desdperately tryuing to find ways to turn this around. Oh bliss!!!! Pure bliss…..

    I don’t care about Trojan horses, let’s just pretend for a second we don’t even care about which sites that PERVERT Travis accessed; it all boils down to ONE thing: the Prosecution knew it and law enforcement personnel deleted evidence that could have been presented at court.

    SHAME ON YOU AZ! I wouldn’t even waste my saliva to spit on Kermit’s face! Or Flores’!

    • Hang in there Jodi honey!! Those of us who have always believed in you, feel vindicated today.

      We LOVE you girl! Stay strong, good things are finally coming ♥ ♥

      I love you Team Jodi, my fellow supporters and JAIIers ♥ ♥

      • We tried to wake you up last night when this happened. . .you were greatly missed! I figured you and Pandora would be doing cartwheels!!!! 😀 ((((((Love to JODI & TEAM JODI))))))

        • And me here in Ireland too. I was sick today so surfed on my phone before getting out of bed. It was amazing to see this as a wake-up call. I was so happy!

    • Maria, you wrote, “I simply refuse to read anything the haters are saying…”

      “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not”. – The Gospel According to St. John 1:5

      As has been posted here before:

      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King

      “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” – Helen Keller

    • Maria, I sincerely hope you have someone to give you a hug and help you to ease your burden. Chin up, everything will turn out okay in the end. All these twists and turns are making sense to parts of trial that did not make sense. All the facts are being laid out. And it can’t get any worse, so it must be all up from now on, the defense will prove this, and it will shatter all doubt, they will get computer experts in to explain this all. Trojans or not this is very important info. Meanwhile be happy! You have stood by Jodi for so long and it looks as if that support has really helped her. She must be so happy with this turn of events. Stay strong girl. 🙂

  21. I may be crazy but….these pornographic sites don’t just magically appear on your computer. Well they never have on mine. I have a antivirus program that was put on my computer by someone that worked in that field in the US service. So it’s pretty darn good. Ok maybe I’m just nuts but my computer was in storage for 15 months and when I turn it on the antivirus program didn’t just kicked in. So back to the point I was trying to make pornographic sites don’t just magically appear on your computer..

    It will be interesting to see how the frog handle this one and how he trays to

    blame everyone else. No wonder he didn’t want to hand it over.

    Lets just hang on to our seats it’s going to be a rocky few days.. NKN and JW have Jod

  22. On the previous posting/thread, ((whichtrial?)) informed me about the coincidence of the date that the 14th Amendment was adopted. …I Googled: Happy Birthday 14th Amendment ….and the link says that it was ratified July 9, 1868. …. …..And, that is Jodi Ann Arias’ birthday : July 9, 1980.
    …I encourage the Congress of the United States to observe the Birthday of the 14th Amendment & remember for all time, that it was written for innocent Americans like Jodi Ann Arias to be free from bulldog prosecutors, persecutors, & police inquisitors.
    …And, that they enjoy equal protection of the law & (from) the law as those who would be wealthy enough to afford a high price lawyer team when arrested because of a hand to hand combat in their self defense fight to the death with a much stronger person.

  23. Someone mentioned earlier about Kermit “proving” it was trojan horse virus :mrgreen: Clueless pedo-huggers grasping at straws again. Kermit would struggle to prove his own parentage, let alone anything else.

    Team Jodi #WINNING

  24. Trojan horse virus my ass….you would not be able to do anything on the internet if you had one, what a day Mormon church finally admitting pedophilia with Joseph Smith and another Mormon finally exposed, Jodi did not go far enough should have cut his dick off and stuffed it in his mouth, thanks Jodi for ridding us of one sick bastard, too bad there is so many more out there.

    • I dunno, Trojans can be all kinds of different things, designed for different purposes. One article I looked at said that with many of them you often don’t even know they’re there – so obviously they’re not interfering with normal use of the computer.

      But, as I said upthread – I dunno how anyone can say for a fact that those are trojan sites listed in the motion when we cannot see WHAT sites are listed in the motion.

        • I don’t want to see those sites. I’m saying the names of those sites are redacted from the copy of the motion that’s been released, so how can anyone be saying for a fact that those sites are known trojans, if no one knows what those sites are called?

          • It sounds like spin if it’s coming from the prosecution, for they certainly know which sites the defense is referring to. Nobody else needs to know the names or addresses of those sites.

  25. William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 2h2 hours ago
    just found out the motion to remove cameras WAS filed already. Expected to be argued (and fought) tomorrow morning. #JodiArias

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • now44 minutes ago
    COA ruled Stephens can exercise SOME restrictions on public trial. Very well could leave the reporters in court but take away the cameras

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 9m9 minutes ago
    That’s different than Nurmi’s OTHER motion to kick EVERYONE out of court. That one is still going before COA.

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts • 10m10 minutes ago
    To clarify: this is a NEW motion to remove cameras based on alleged violation of what we could show. We maintain we never broke the rule.

  26. HLN & to some extent, CNN, crucified Jodi during her trial. Now, when the prosecution may be in BIG trouble, they’re hurting her with their silence. I’ve been watching HLN & CNN off and on for the last 24 hours and I haven’t heard her name once. Is there a complete blackout on Jodi Arias news on these TV stations or am I simply tuning in at the wrong time?

    • I’ve noticed it since the media was banned that one day. They know they’re to blame, and everybody is finally seeing through the lies. The silence on HLN proves they are AFRAID to cover this because they know it’s not good for the haters, and that’s who their audience is. HLN needs Jodi’s story to stay alive on the air, this is not good for the Network. I wonder who’ll the exec’s will try to pay off now to save their precious station.

        • I checked Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew occasionally this evening, and from what I could tell the name Jodi Arias was not mentioned, not even once. Their silence on this matter was deafening. I’m really curious to see what their take on this fantastic news is.
          There must be much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth over at HLN…….HAHAHA LMFAO!!

          Ray in H-burg Va.

          • Every time that ng hears anything about a pedophile, she;s all over them because she’s the only one in the world that has kids.
            I wonder what she would have to say about her precious travis that she reminds people of at the end of her show as a saint.
            Would she do this with the rest of the pedophiles?
            She has litterly worshipped the alexanders.
            She and the rest of the gag heads on HLN need to be fired.
            This is VERY serious.
            AND Drew, the DOCTOR?

    • With the cancellation of the day program On The Case effective today, it leaves only NAG and Drew. Drew hasn’t mentioned Jodi’s name for a long time. NAG’s coverage during the retrial has been most nights, but there were nights when she didn’t have anything to say on her night show about it. It would have been nice if at least one of them admitted their error in judgment of this case and offer some type of apology to Jodi and her parents, but too much to ask from that crew. NAG had Gold on tonight and not a peep about Jodi. That must have been driving them both nuts.


  27. I am confused. I am ecstatic with the news. but the defense wants the charges dismissed or just the death penalty off. Why would they not want the charges dismissed and a new trial. If they just want the death penalty off, does that mean she serves life. I have always felt she has been screwed, now the truth comes out. Obviously she didn’t make up the child porn web sites. Figure this one out Martinez.

  28. When Lonnie Dworkin examined Tdoggs hard drive it was not the actual hard drive but a mirror copy. is this correct? I seem to recall the frog taking his time handing over the phones and computers to Jodi’s team. Remember “there is nothing significant” on the phone or the text messages. Uh huh
    Anyway Im hearing that Jodi’s defense finally got the hard drive Oct 20th and made this discovery about the file deletion. Melendez is scheduled to testify or already did, not sure, for the penalty phase so this is why the def wanted that hard drive. I dont know what is true & what isnt but i hope Gloria and the Frog have screwed themselves up the butt Travis style

    • Just looking at Jeff Gold, Juan Martinez and Flores disgusts me!!! I see LIAR in ALL their faces!!!

      I see SCARED LIAR in Flores face,

      SUREFOOTED, COCKY LIAR in Martinez’s face

      and SARCASTIC, HOPEFUL LIAR in Jeff Gold!!!

      PUKE, PUKE, PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That man is such a slimy piece of excrement.
      I take every opportunity to tell him so on twitter.
      His comments are so childish, he should be ashamed.

  29. Dear SJ and JAII Family,

    Sandra Webber of has once again been suspended from Twitter because she has been relentlessly tweeting about Mesa PD scrubbing porn from TA’s computer and continuing her support of Jodi. A bunch of Travisbot hags ganged up and reported her en mass. Is there anything we can do to appeal? She has been silenced because she is getting the nasty truth out. Please help!

    • Suzanne,

      What we need to do is get a list of the group that reported Sandra and a mass of supporters for Jodi should issue complaints on those names because, actually, complaints should have been issued on them already for the nasty remarks they always make!!! If that’s how the rules of the game go, then we have to stick to the rules, right??? See how they lke it!!! Every time they do it, we do it!!! Two can play this game!!! What do you think, Suzanne?

      • Maja Liisa, I agree that Sandra Webber is being treated unjustly.
        I think it is important though, to not approach redressing the matter in the way you suggest.
        Certainly Webber has the right to free speech. Many people want to silence her because she makes cogent, informed points, which are often provocative in their speculations and probings, __ which is a GOOD thing because courageous inquiry is most conducive to finding out the TRUTH.
        If the people who want to silence her are not worried that there might be truth in what she writes, then they would be entirely indifferent towards her, and would simply have no interest in her.
        I am not saying that I personally agree or disagree with anything she says, but the campaign against her exemplifies some of the strategies and dynamics that have worked against making known pertinent issues and evidence in the Arias case.
        It is important that supporters of Jodi Arias __ supporters of the truth__ not use the same oppressive tactic of silencing the opposition.
        Eventually the truth will be made known, and it will succeed in standing on its own; indeed that is somewhat already the case, since otherwise no one would care about Arias supporters say.
        There is dignity and conviction in not embattling opposing voices in that manner, on that level. Still, the ‘war’ must be won as far as spreading the truth about the evidence and injustices of the Arias trial.
        I know almost nothing about Twitter, but it seems that it is no easy task to get in touch with an actual Twitter representative and have real back and forth correspondence so the whole ‘story ‘ can be explained and addressed, but I feel that is the best route to take. It might require some research and some resorting to legal and civil liberties consultation, but achieving the result that way will carry more credibility and merit, and will help to create a better relationship with the opposition by remaining grounded and civil, and acting in good faith.
        ‘Upping the ante’ will only cause the situation to deteriorate and escalate.

      • Maja Liisa, I wrote a long post but it didn’ t go through. But anyway, I think it is very important to NOT take that approach because it will only ‘ up the ante’ and cause the situation to escalate and deteriorate.
        Somehow, if she hasn’ t already by now, Sandra Webber could be helped to reach ‘ higher channels’ that would resolve the situation and prevent it from reoccurring.
        Maybe research and consulting legal and civil liberty advice might help.
        Hopefully the issue is already resolved.
        She has a right to her opinions.

      • I’m not sure what the right thing to do in this matter. I love Sandra Webber and she has suffered through so much with this trial and for Jodi. Maybe when the dust settles from the latest bombshell, things will be better for her. Sandra is a determined and wonderful truth seeker!!! ((((SANDRA))))

  30. Wow, I am super late to rejoin the party! I haven’t been on this site in a long time, mainly because I got a new job and haven’t figured out how to balance my time yet. I’ve been catching up on the retrial coverage, and I am so excited to see the motion for dismissal! Glad to see that something finally made nasty Nancy shut her trap about Jodi, even though I think it is only temporary. I will try to join y’all tomorrow to comment on the retrial coverage!

    xoxo everyone!

  31. I’ve been trying to figure out how the state is going to argue this. Are they going to use the “virus” theory? In fact, I can’t see any theory that could possibly explain the actions of the Mesa P.D. and that asshole Flores. Keep in mind, there were thousands of deleted files – THOUSANDS! That’s not a virus, that’s not a Trojan or a worm or malware. No, that’s what I like to call a habit. A very BAD habit. Actually, it’s a sickness. Anybody who tries to explain it away as anything else is only fooling themselves. Travis Alexander was a sick fuck and a pedophile. That’s my take on it and I stand by it. There is nothing that little twerp of a prosecutor can say that would make me deviate from my opinion in any way. So go ahead Juan, you prick, argue away. Spew some more of your now world famous lies. But in the end you know the truth, don’t ya? My greatest hope is that it comes back to bite you right square in the nuts (if in fact you have any) and you are permanently disbarred. Your day is coming you soulless motherf*@#er and I can’t wait. Someday, hopefully soon, it’ll be you up on that stand having to answer for yourself; you and that douchebag Flores. I’d pay to see that!

    My apologies everyone for my language, please forgive me. I just dislike those two with a passion.

  32. Yeah love that filing, it’s wonderful. Simply Dismiss the Case against Jodi and let her leave the court later today a free Lady.

    She has been over punished already.


  33. Hi Jeff,
    So happy to see you.
    Don’t apologize.
    You speak for all of us and especially living right there among the scum. .
    All of the assholes owe Jodi an apology for what they have done to her.
    The Alexander famaily, all of the bastards in the media, calling themselves lawyers, doctors, actors, acting out the crime.
    What assholes.
    Do they really feel that it’s ok to be a pedophile since they’ve been worshipping him all of this time?
    IMO, for what rhey’ve done, they are the ones that deserve to be in prison.
    The ones in the media need to be fired.
    And it can;t be soon enough.

  34. Jeff in Mesa, It’s difficult to imagine that JM and his associates would behave in the appalling manner that they have in this case if they weren’t gripped by a misguided belief in their moral superiority. They have conducted themselves as if anyone in their path is just a cowering simp who should be at their disposal.

    I don’t know how this P.O.S. trial got this far. I don’t know why that goofed-off judge could let this whole business (of the defense examining the computer) become so ridiculously protracted that now, well into the second penalty phase, thousands of deleted files are finally revealed. Are we seriously supposed to accept that this was not actually important before, that this examination only had to be grudgingly done as an element of the mitigation?

    The judge and the rest of those in charge of the Maricopa justice system must now seriously consider everything Nurmi put into this motion AND not forget for how long a period of time due process has been avoided, postponed, and denied Jodi while she has been incarcerated for almost six and a half years. So, while questions about her character and why she avoided telling what she COULD remember of the fight should rightly be considered in light of her being in unbearable psychological pain after TA’s death, what is the excuse – any excuse – for these so-called professionals’ egregiously avoidant behavior?

    You wonder how the state will deal with this now. I suppose some piss-poor offer will be made to Jodi, in lieu of another strategic flip-flop similar to the gunshot first or last fiasco. (I don’t see them sustaining this sadistic charade much longer.) IMO, for her own safety, Jodi should be taken into protective custody at a federal penitentiary at this point, away from these incompetent, arrogant, and unspeakably reckless law enforcement “professionals” (including the one at the jail who turned away a defense team expert causing a delay of the retrial) until this dreadful business with the computer and the various motions filed have been dealt with as they should be, expeditiously at long last, and according to the rule of law.

  35. One testimony to look at is Ms. Linda Boss’ testimony. Travis had purchased a wedding ring for her a year after they had been dating but Ms. Boss had doubts about the relationship and ended it. What caused Ms. Boss to have doubts about wanting to marry Travis if she was so much in love with him like she said she was? Could it have been Travis sexual deviancy? I also think that Travis used Jodi as “Get Over Sex” because of his broken relationship with Ms. Boss

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