Defense file Motion for Mistrial & a recap from yesterday

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There’s no trial until Wednesday (due to there being a “One Day Sale” on at Macy’s today).

Not to be outdone, here’s the latest Motion for Mistrial… filed by the defense on Feb 7th 2015. It further highlights & details additional instances of prosecutorial misconduct on behalf of the State in relation to Dr Robert Geffner’s recent cross examination.

CLICK HERE (or click the pic below) to read the motion (5-page PDF Document)


Here’s a quick overview of yesterday’s events from Fox 10 Phoenix:

The Jodi Arias sentencing retrial stopped abruptly Monday afternoon as the judge announced she will question each member of the jury privately.

Judge Sherry Stephens did not say what the reason for the questioning was, but the fact she is calling each juror in individually means it is possible she is looking into some kind of misconduct.

The announcement came after a day of questions for a key prosecution witness, Psychologist Janeen Demarte.

In a bruising cross-examination, Arias defense attorney Kirk Nurmi ridiculed Dr. Demarte, suggesting she is an inexperienced hired gun. At one point even asking “When did you become this guru of psychological certitude.”

The judge read questions from the jurors. They asked how much she knew about treating domestic violence and sexual abuse, and why her tests of Arias are more accurate than the tests done by psychologists hired by the Arias defense team.

There is no trial on Tuesday, the sentencing retrial resumes Wednesday.”

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  1. Questioning jurors one on one today….something’s brewing. I really liked their questions from yesterday. And after the first trial I didn’t think it was possible but I dislike Dr. D even more now.

    • I’m not clear on that.

      One tweeter said today – others said they were doing it yesterday afternoon.

      And I’m wondering if it’s because JM didn’t like the juror questions yesterday.

      • But Journee what could she ask them?? “Did you put in a question for the Dr.?”. Or perhaps they had a few that were disrespectful and she wanted to explain the conduct she expects from them.

        Were all partys in the chamber at that time also?

        • You’re right, of course. It was all so weird. The upset earlier when the jury was called in and then sent right back out, KN and JW texting out in the hallway… strange doings.

          I don’t know whether all parties were in chambers for jury questioning or not. I know all parties were in chambers for a time, and eventually all parties were recorded as coming out again, except for Jodi. Maybe there’s a back connecting hallway there, and she was just taken to her little courthouse cell.

          Mysteries – as though this case needed any more of those.

          • Don’t you think there would have to be a back way out of chambers?? I think your right about Jodi being taken back to her holding cell. But if KN was reciting law to JSS wouldn’t Jodi have to be there if it pertained to her case??

            I wish the media would get their tweets right. One said Jodi was rubbing JW back and I read it was the other way around. Idn.
            What ever it was I hope everything is OK!!

            As far as the jury goes, I don’t think I would be a happy camper right now.

            • theoretically she could/should be there, but she can also waive the right to be there –

              it might have been her that was upset – or maybe ill? – yesterday?

              did you see on State page where *presumably* they were asked by PHX media to poll their membership as to whether wants to see ALL the trial video when it is released, or just excerpts?

              dunno if I’m buying that they were asked to take the poll, but if so I’m hoping the media takes heed of the results because it looked overwhelmingly in favor of seeing it all

              I’ve been concerned about that, considering the way the tweeting has gone, that video released will only favor the prosecution instead of showing us everything

              • Journee, yes I saw that and I was wondering what?? I thought it was very odd. Not only was the timing a bit premature, it made me wounded what they were up to. Perhaps they (media) are speculate they might have another case, to release the tapes. Or, they could have something more sinister in mind like pay to view. Just very odd. But you could be right!!

  2. Good morning and congrats on #1 Ray. It could be something as simple as JSS just explainingif the trial is lasting longer in finding out their schedules. What ever it was it didn’t take long. I’m not sure if all Council the Alexanders and Jodi were in on that or not. But they were in chambers also.

    I was really happy with their questions. KN
    did a excellent job in discrediting her testimony.

  3. It did seem odd that the jurors would be asked to go into the Judge’s chambers separately. Has anyone heard of this happening before in another trial?

    But knowing how crazy this trial is, it wouldn’t at the least surprise me if we were to find out that the judge wanted to see each juror alone just to ask them if they were willing to continue their jury duty into 2016! LOL!

    ((((never ending jury duty)))) 😆

    • I don’t know if it happened before in another trial, but it happened before with this case.

      Back in the first trial, jurors were interviewed in chambers before #5 was let go.

      I don’t know who all was interviewed, or where, when the juror got kicked this time around for talking to Beth Karas.

          • Me too Cindy! It is all so WRONG!!!! I’m a extremely impatient person and trust me, I LOVE JUSTICE to be swift and JUST!!! I am positive it is a good thing I’m not in charge! 😉
            I detest LIARS!!!!

            • I’m with you on that one.
              I was looking at pictures of Jodi and the DT from the guilt trial and this trial. They all look as if they have so much more confidences. Jodi is just glowing. They are all working together. What ever was going on before has been worked out. KN is fighting for Jodi’s life with a vengeance!!

              Someday hopefully we will know all the details.

              • I believe Nurmi felt he was defending a guilty person but since has changed his mind extremely to Jodi’s side. Nurmi has seen the TRUTH!!! Maybe “little man the Juanderfu”l had talked it over with him in order to make this a cut and dry case. . .well if that is the case. . .what a backfire!! I have found it hard to believe anyone with half a brain would think Jodi was guilty. I have never doubted her! This has all been a cover up from behind the veil IMO!

  4. Goodmorning, this is a continuation from last page about why Jodi would say she killed TA if she didn’t – see my previous post on last page at 12:40pm in response to another post about “perjury” But I have an article that is very informative about false confessions and police interrogations, etc. that you may find interesting and informative and relevant to this case perhaps… -mystery-of-false-confessions/

    I could not paste it…I tried 🙁

            • Just to be clear here…Jodi never “confessed” to killing TA during the interrogations….however, later on after much interaction with the psychologist and the defense team she eventually did change her story….so the article I posted is about false confessions that occur during interrogations but the same reasoning can be applied to Jodi’s case due to many of the same factors applying like the stress factor, possible mental illness, possible coercion, etc…..

              • Might have been pressure from her own attorneys.

                We’ve seen plenty of evidence that the DT *believed* the state had an airtight, irrefutable case against Jodi, and that Jodi *must* have been lying to her own lawyers. i e The state’s insistence that there was no porn on the computer and the DT not even questioning it.

                And Samuels did specifically testify that he and Nurmi sat down with her and convinced her to ‘tell the truth’. (Coincidentally or not, right around the time of Ashley Reed’s death.)

                Because, theoretically at least, ‘self defense’ would be an easier sell to the jury in the face of all the evidence stacked against her – and the state insisting that there was no evidence that anyone else was there – than convincing the jury that someone else had committed the crime.

                Like I said awhile back – I really believe that Nurmi et al were shocked when LE’s wrongdoings began to come to light. They had no expectation that the state would LIE to put a woman to death.

                Also think that’s why we’ve seen such a change in Nurmi’s demeanor this time around. He is OUTRAGED – AND embarrassed that he was hoodwinked by the CA’s office.

                • I agree. KN and JW were shocked at the Brady violations and prosecutorial misconduct, perjured testimony of state’s witnesses, etc. that occurred in this case Like the case I cited on the previous page, this stuff happens more than people know where the truth is rejected and the prosecution is determined to win at all costs……..

                • 1. Northern Arizona Justice Project,
                  Dept. of Criminal Justice,
                  Northern Arizona University,
                  PO Box 15005,Flagstaff AZ,
                  Phone 928-523-9979

                  Cases Accepted:
                  Actual innocence in the state of Arizona
                  Not restricted to DNA cases
                  Priority given to capital cases

        • No this is an article not about the case I referenced but about how and why people end up confessing to crimes they don’t commit….

          • I think I might have read it. I found it very informative but sad that this really happens.

            BB I really liked your resonce regarding Jodi
            saying she killed TA on the stand. I honestly I feel Jodi might have thought that the gun shot killed him. I still think there were others there that day. I’m not sure in my mind rather Jodi knew who or not.

            If you go back to the interrogation tape 1 she was saying those pictures were from another time. DT.F gave her s song and dances about that.

            • Well we ever know the truth? It looks doubtful but we never know. Jodi was coerced into believing she had committed the murder of Travis IMO. Cindy and I seem to be on the same wave length but maybe Jodi did a “voluntary confession” to protect others. I think she and Travis struggled the shot happened and then the 2 intruders entered, she fled and they took over. I truly believe Jodi has no memory of the rest until she was on the side of the road. Flores was clever in the way he pretended to be her friend and Jodi was too immature and naïve at that point to see what he was doing to her. He helped and created the evidence to fit the easiest outcome of Travis’s murder. He had the room mates who offered Jodi up as the scape goat and he took her and ran to the finish line with her. He should have been able to see from the start, things were not measuring up to the room mates stories so he altered the crime scene. . .and then enters little man “the Juanderful” who was totally in charge of the rest of this fiasco. Also, the Hughes duo are not be left out. They are in this whole tragedy up to their butts$ SMH Follow the trail of money and one will find the guilty. Kaching!

              • R. I just thought of something. The cashes were only in court when the Bishop was on the stand. Not when Deanna was there. They were not there when totdoc was on the stand…were they?? Might just be they were on town for the game..not. They didn’t sit with the family…I think that’s another whole story.

                Anyone else find it odd that Steven never goes into the judges chambers, just the girls.

                • I wasn’t aware that Steven was not going into the chambers. Hmmm He has looked angry but then I have also seen him when he appears to be really thinking about what is happening. Rumor has it the Alexanders were not happy with the Cashes cashing in on their brother’s death. Rumor was they were arguing. If I were them, I would have nothing to do with the forked tongued BFF the Cashes. The people that follow them are blind to their evilness. They are about the bottom line and profit at all cost. Travis was more to them than what has been presented. Was he laundering money for ole Cash and their pyramid scheme? That was a rumor. Was he too close to Mz Cash? Could be. They shared some very personal information to hear her talk (things she should have never known). Jodi even thought their relationship to be strange. Was he too close to one of the Cash’s sons or all of them? Who knows he certainly looks like one of them. Who knows?

                • If the Cashes were in court, there was a reason. The Bishop was full of lies so maybe they were there only to make sure he didn’t slip up. They are all connected no question in my mind. How they must be squirming HAHAHAHAHA!
                  Sweating HAHAHAHAHAHAH! One thing about liars they all mess up and forget things they have previously said. . .must be a unsettling feeling…….

                • It was rumored and it would also give another thought to why they were so fast to jump on Travis’s computer. . . there was a reason and someone know why. I do not believe for one moment they were searching his computer to prove Jodi was guilty I call that one Big OLAY!

              • One thing I will say; I think the fact that the Hughes investigated material on Travis’s computer after the police arrived at the scene and took on the case, is very unusual, plus, THE HUGHES HAD NO RIGHT TO CHECK WHAT WAS IN HIS COMPUTER; an official murder investigation had begun.
                Only the police/ law enforcement had a right to check Travis’s computer.
                They did not need to ‘help’ the police. I think what they did could have been considered to be breaking the law?
                Personally, one would think a person would be very wary of ‘touching’ any SUPPOSED TO BE ‘off-limits’ evidence in a murder investigation.
                I would think that a person would rightly fear that police would be very suspicious of anyone doing that, and most people would be afraid that police might look at them as a suspect.
                The police had not arrested any one, and they had only just begun their investigation.

                Sky Hughes, in my opinion, was intrusive regarding Travis’s personal life. From what I have read, she felt she had the right to tell him what he could/ should do in his personal life.
                Even though they are incorrect about their opinion regarding Jodi’s innocence, they are entitled to their opinion. But they had no right to conduct a campaign of publicly mocking and ridiculing her. It is not fair to Jodi as a human being, and certainly it is not fair towards her family.

                It is an immoral, and certainly a crass, irreligious attitude for people who profess to be religious.
                A situation of such gravity should not be dishonored by vulgar put- downs and sardonic, malicious gossip about a person Travis chose to associate with.
                If Travis had thought Jodi was someone to ridicule, then that means Travis was not truly a religious person.
                It is a tragic situation, and hitting the media circuit and laughing at Jodi as if she is a joke, is despicable behavior, and pretty unusual behavior, I think, for friends of a so- called murder victim.
                Many people might express indignation or sadness, but not ridicule. Smugness has no place in such a sad situation.
                And it is absurd that they believed they had any more than a small knowledge of the private relationship between Travis and Jodi, despite what Travis might have told them.

                • I’m surprised that there wasn’t a motion made regarding the fact that the CASHes admitted of having accessed travis’s e-mails. This is really disturbing. And knowing how conniving they are, I’m certain that they deleted many e-mails that weren’t ‘fit’.

                  In earlier interviews plus in their testimony, the CASHes both admitted that they were poking their nose in the investigation and trial preparation calling the prosecutor’s office and extracting info. Do the CASHes have any investigator/ cop/ CSI/ profiler licenses that we are not aware of?

          • BB,

            I have said this before, but IMO, I think Jodi could have also agreed with her attorneys in changing her confession to killing Travis in self defense after Ashley Reed’s death, for the mere fact that maybe she thought since she continued on sexually with Travis, thus causing him to continually break the law of chastity, and thus to have the “Blood Atonement” performed on him by the mystery people! Jodi May have thought that, in a way, by participating in sexual conduct with Travis after he was warned to stop, that she was partly responsible for his death by “Blood Atonement”. I believe that the two intruders came to perform the “Blood Atonement” on Travis and disable him at his house but then took him to another location to finish performing the “Blood Atonement” ritual. That’s why Jodi said Travis was alive when she left, because he was but just disabled by the gunshot & whatever else they did to him at his house!

            • Marja, I’m sure Jodi has guilt for their behavior. I really do not think the church would kill TA for having sex with Jodi. They would have killed him long before the 4th if that was the case. Besides 90% of the young people in the Mormon church would be dead. No I think it’s more then that.

              • But think Cindy, Travis had made many people mad at him in the church. Fathers would not take kindly to their daughter’s reputation being ruined leaving her a spinster for the rest of her life. Brothers wouldn’t like their sisters being taken advantage of. Husbands would certainly not like their wives doing the dirty deed with the likes of Travis Alexander. So, when you consider what he was doing behind the scenes with many different women. . .how would we ever know. He had confessed his sins supposedly to the Bishop and then not made a change in his life. The Mormon faith doesn’t tolerate that when it is bringing shame to them or one of their higher up members. The Hughes knew he was living a double life. They were not happy with his failure to not produce the amount of money that was expected of him. He was failing in everything he did. Jodi had moved on. She had packed up and moved on to a new life until Travis guilt tripped her into come by once more. I think the intruders were surprised to find Jodi there. I have thought this through many different ways and thanks to many corrupt people we might never find out the truth. But, I have always believed Jodi Ann Arias is innocent. If she did kill Travis it was self defense. She could not do it any other way. NO to premeditation. NO WAY!

        • Thanks for the article BB♥. Really good. My post went to the barn but maybe it will turn up later! 🙂 If not, my thoughts are better left unsaid. 🙄

        • 2. Arizona Justice Project, Inc.
          Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
          Arizona State University
          PO Box 877906
          Tempe Arizona, 85287-7906
          Phone: 480-727-0009
          Fax: 480-729-9157

          Cases Accepted:
          cannot currently be represented or be entitled to representation
          must be an indigent Arizona inmate
          no sentence requirements
          will consider arson, shaken baby syndrome, or child abuse cases

    • BB, the article you posted should open a lot of people’s eyes to the very distinct possibility that Jodi was pressured to ‘confess’. This possibility is demonstrated by her current ‘confession’ that she remembers nothing after the gun fired accidentally.

      It has seemed to me that a lot of persuasion went into the current ‘confession’ from doctors and lawyers, not from some re-thinking on Jodi’s part.

      Thank goodness for the taped interviews with the detectives. They show without a doubt that Flores believed there were 2 people involved in Travis’ murder. It couldn’t have been done by one person,as Jade has pointed out conclusively, one person could not lift the body into the shower stall. Flores realized that. I have wondered if it is at all possible that they have been waiting for Jodi to implicate someone else. But if she wasn’t there when Travis was murdered how could she know who the killers were?

      Like the article you posted indicates, immature and mentally unstable people are likely to ‘confess’ falsely because they trust the legal system to ferret out the truth. Little do these people realize: the legal system is designed to convict not to exonerate.

      • Yes, Det. Flores I believe knows a lot more than he is telling…..but sometimes it takes time and events in one’s life to trigger someone to come forward to tell the truth….sadly Det. Flores lost his son recently – my prayers go out to him sincerely – and sometimes when you are personally affected by such tragedy you start to re-evaluate your own life and your own soul’s condition….before it is eternally too late…….

        • BB I would like to command you on how heartfelt you put that. I do believe so many of have wanted to say something but didn’t because of how tragic his sons death was.
          You are right that when things like this happen you do reflex upon your own behavior rather right or wrong. There is no greater gref then that of a parents.

          • Just to be clear here on this sensitive matter…I am in no way saying that the tragic death of Flores’ son was somehow as a result of anything other than a very tragic accident….one in which I personally feel very badly for Det Flores and to offer my prayers to him and his family for such a tragic loss….I was just pointing out that when tragic things like this happen sometimes this triggers one to re-evaluate their own life and make an accounting of it and possibly make changes as a result….

            • BB I do not think that anyone would ever get that from your post. I hope I didn’t indicate that you had. I was just agreeing with you on what happens to a parent going through the HELL of losing a child.

            • My parents lost my two younger sisters 3 months apart, back in 1990. I can tell you for sure it changed them. It changed me for sure. My father, being a career Army officer who had lost men in combat was maybe more innured to it than my mother, but we all had the usual “survivor’s guilt”. I often wonder If I could have prevented it by being a better brother to them. What my siblings and mother think, only they can say.
              I was stressed at the time and was being criticized for contacting an old girlfriend at the time which was taken as “de facto” proof of mental illness.So when the first died of a heart attack at age 21, I felt threatened and took a pistol with me to the hospital and was arrested for “unlawful discharge”. After 3 months in jail, my other younger sister was rear ended and killed. I refused to go to either funeral (in leg irons) because my family refused to post a trivial bond ( reduced twice at two separate bond hearings). Try that hell on for size.
              I find it difficult to mourn anyone’s death anymore, especially the son of a corrupt, perjuring, treasonous predator parasite cop. Sorry, but I am a victim of these traitors who not only don’t arrest criminals, but arrest criminal’s victims for the very crime perpetrated against them. It only takes once to destroy your faith in American ( or any other country’s) justice. Does this perspective disturb you? You need to experience it then.

              • Michael J Strickland, I am so sorry to hear of what you have had to suffer through. And always will suffer; it being an imbedded part of your “story.”
                Because I feel like that makes you an “insider,” ignore me if I am too bold,
                but reading your story made my mind flash to the possibility: Might the tragic death of that beloved son have been a “message” sent to Flores _ like the horses head in “The Godfather”?

                There have been way too MANY deaths surrounding, and in the wake of what is ostensibly _ a murder trial, but in reality, though invisibly thus far, it is much, much more than what it seems.

                For my mind, the supply of “cooincidences” has been exhausted. Now it seems like “open season.” I am very glad we have each other on this website. Thank you to the Admins.

                This case has just become so complexedly WEIRD, I can no longer dismiss even the most outrageous REASONABLE DOUBTS. God Bless, seabird

        • BB,
          I agree with your thinking about Det. Flores. If anyone comes forward to blow the top off this case, I believe it would be him. His son’s death must be a terrible, devastating blow to him that will stay with him the rest of his life. Plus, his tunnel vision focus on Jodi and his unfair, although legal interrogation of her, caused, at least in part, her to “confess” to witnessing 2 intruders killing Travis. His method of interrogating her is controversial and has been discarded in some countries (e.g., England) so he may have some guilt about using it. I know part of the interrogation technique is to be friendly and pretend to help the suspect but I sensed he may have had some feelings for Jodi. He did tell her she would be the one he remembers about this case, not Travis. Of course, changing his testimony about shot first-shot last, probably at the prompting of Martinez, may also give him second thoughts. Lastly, his demotion to Public Information Officer must also be demoralizing. He really needs to do something to rehabilitate his reputation.

          • The only thing he can do now is to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….but unfortunately people in his position resist this, they resist their moral conscience telling them that the should/need to come forward and make things right by telling the truth….in most cases they resist until their conscience has been seared…..this devastating loss may be a trigger though that will break through and cause him to do what he knows is right…..after all, when we all pass from this earth….every knee will bow and every tongue will confess and answer to God and nothing else will matter…..the question is are we going to take the wide path of destruction or the narrow path which leads to life ??

              • Marjaliisa, I have read your past comments with great interest. I appreciate your willingness to be transparently straight forward with your observations. No beating around the bush. I for one believe that you have contributed a theory that has the potential to be 100%, ground zero, beyond a reasonable doubt! VALIDITY!

                A facet of this puzzle that I have considered is that there was motivation for all of the parents, particularly the fathers and brothers, of the 12 girls/women on Dr. Geffner’s chart, certainly to perceive an urgency to put an end to the escalating game of a sexting rampage TA was on, before he managed to devirginate the entire population of maidens in the greater Phoenix area.

                He had devolved into a routine of virtually no sleep. He would spend all night on the phone. There was a copy of his monthly business schedule on the internet that included his Cancun trip. That was one busy calendar! He was appearing ill. He had lost everything he had gained – His home, his standing in the church, respect from his “high achieving” friends. It is said he had borrowed amounts from sources such as Deanna’s Daddy. These would be loans he could not repay. Word was that Daddy did not approve of Travis as a suitable boyfriend for Deanna (after he had kept her hanging in limbo for seven years!) . Hmm. The FBI had just launched an investigation of fraud into the source of the “Clan’s “Cash Crop” i.e. PrePaid Legal, soon mysteriously to be morphed into “Legal Shield” as the FBI mysteriously dropped fraud charges when Travis died. Hmm. I think Travis was on a suicide mission. He had no more reason to be cautious. He would have taken all those women down with him by ruining their necessary Mormon Madonna reputations and status, had he not been stopped. Momon doctrine teaches that neither the males nor the females can achieve the “Higher Celestial Realms” unless they are suitably married and sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity. This makes loosing virginity a humungous big deal! – as in uh, uh – no Planet for You! Motive, anyone?

                • Awww Seabird! I’m so sorry you felt that we were not participating in what you wrote. Truth is that I always read your comments carefully and usually shake my head in agreement. Most of the time, I have nothing more to add and that’s the only reason I don’t reply!

                  ((((((seabird))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

          • CC53, let’s put the tragedy aside. I watched the interrogation tapes Sunday. The first time I saw them was as the trial was beginning. I always thought he was kind to Jodi. I guess I have watched way too much TV. His mannerism was interesting watching him second time around. That was after reading the link BB posted.
            I honestly think he may still think no way Jodi did this alone. So who got to him in the 6 days after they found TA. I also thought that when he was on the stand talking about the laptop he wasn’t going to fall under the bus for JM. IMO.
            I would like to know why he was demoted. Was it because of his wife??

            I still would like to know what media card the nude pictures were taken from. They were not taken that day….

            • Flores definitely felt there was a possibility of others being involved in Travis’s death. He mentioned it more than once. He had difficulty believing Jodi could carry out that killing by herself.
              I think Flores was demoted because he leaked confidential information to his wife who put some of it on Twitter.
              I think the nude photos occurred the way Jodi suggested early on in her interrogation. She suggested they were taken from her memory cards that she left at Travis’s place. She claimed they were taken at an earlier time than June 4, 2008.
              I read a comment from someone online last night that asked if Jodi was planning to kill Travis, why in the world would she allow nude photos to be taken of herself in his place and then have to delete them a few hours later. Who would be the nude photos have been taken for if she was going to kill him?

              • During the timeframe 2007 – 2009 there were a number of criminal investigations going on. There was a problem with PPL; it was being investigated for fraud in so much as there is no actual benefit, nor is there any certain service, in the contract the subscribers signed. People complained that when they contacted a lawyer they were required to pay a retainer to the lawyer and fees were exorbitant. As a result the name of the organization was changed to Legal Shield.

                There was also a scam being investigated concerning mortgage fraud, where people were suckered being a stooge; buying property and converting the mortgages to someone else.
                In addition there was an underground pornography crime industry where men propositioned young women to have provocative pictures taken. These pictures were then sold to a pornography site for an unspecified amount of cash. Since Jodi Arias was so willing to let Travis Alexander take provocative pictures of her, could he have also sold them to a porn site?


                • Cindy, I’m guessing, but I’ve been following these three image cards pretty closely:

                  I’m bugged that I KNOW there were at least the 3 cards (listed below.)

                  But Investigators seemed to imply only two cards: one of which would have been removed from the new Sony. & one card they “pried” out of its underwater camera.
                  I am thinking that detectives did NOT mention any 3rd card all by itself lying on the bottom of the filled washer? Not even any magic underwear to keep it company 🙂

                  #1. TA’s Sony proprietary “memory stick” Shower pictures & lots of bad exposures, ceilings, pant legs, etc.

                  Raunchy pics supposedly June 4 08 Jodi nude on TA bed, taken by TA?
                  TA nude on TA bed taken by Jodi: supposedly all taken in bedroom.
                  The versions I saw were too dark to see much detail. If this was the new sony, the pics were puzzling in their poor quality.

                  No strap on that sony by the way. They just opened the box and started using cam w/o installing strap. There was a picture of the opened box lying on the floor by the foot of the bed at the left side. The strap never got installed. That’s the reason why cam fell to the floor during the ‘DROP” incident.

                  #2. Jodi’s professional camera’s card. Always no further than her car. Should be the SOURCE of the earlier set of pics Jodi refers to in Flores grilling: They wou have included the hair color change back to brunet, and the BRAIDS. Shhh Jodi hates calling them “pig tails.”

                  #3. Jodi’s everyday camera card. Always in her purse. Don’t know what became of this camera or its image card.

                  4. In a crime scene photo there is an image card, outside of a camera and inside of the washer. Washer is filled to the brim with clear water. No clothing in or near the washer. The image card is resting under water lying on the very bottom of the tub and nothing else in the tub. pretty sure it’s a blue card.
                  (possible crumpled silver duct tape on top corner of the tub I saw that tape, but it could have been from a separate set of photos taken elsewhere, different time?)

              • TaDaa! There it is CC53. Why would Jodi allow pictures to be made of her in the nude the day the State says she was there to kill him??? Gas Cans, Upside down license plates, fairy tale about her stealing her grandfather’s gun WHICH DIDN”T HAPPEN, all goes with premeditation.?. Absolutely nothing that the State has accused Jodi of makes sense. Never has to me. I believe Travis was planning on selling his pictures and Jodi’s too ( I don’t think the pics of Jodi were made that day). Flores (or someone else) knew he had set the camera up to look that way so he led her to believe it had taken place. Travis was in need of fast money. Things were closing in on him. Why else would he go out and buy an expensive camera when he couldn’t even pay his mortgage? He was digging into the porn industry and Jodi would never have guessed he would do such a thing. Maybe she thought he was going to sell the ones of him in the shower. I don’t think Jodi would believe Travis would sell pics of her. But I do! I wouldn’t have put anything past him.

      • There are many possible explanations how TA got into the shower stall without believing in the crap intruder story.

        You seem so invested in the crap story despite no proof this was anything other than self-defense.

        Conspiracy thinking is common, but we should be guided by evidence.

      • I also don’t think you have been following this case from the beginning. You are making assertions that simply aren’t true. What really bothers me about the level of discourse around here recently is it is turning this site into a conspiracy site instead of a site to support Jodi Arias.

    • If you believe she was lying on the stand, then you do believe she committed perjury.

      You cannot have it both ways. You can’t say you believe the cockamamie story she told Detective Flores about intruders, which she kept changing details, then believe she was truthful on the stand. Both are directly at odds with each other.

      The lies to Flores are explanable and are common in police interrogations.

      What you are doing in the name of supporting JA is calling her a liar, the same thing as the haters are doing.

      • Furthermore, everything she said on the stand rang true. The story about invaders always came across as a load of crap.

        Why do some of you seem incapable of understanding this was self-defense?

        • Goodness. We are all on the same side here folks….I believe that this situation is not so black and white and is quite complex with many moving parts…First, “lying” is a legal term and is a false statement made with the deliberate intent to deceive. That is far different than simply being confused or stating something you believe to be true, but may not be true. Jodi did not lie on the stand, period. I will go back to the example of the false confessions….people are can be coerced unknowingly, confused, under duress, have a mental issue, etc. that causes them to confess to something they never did. This is a fact. Can we not allow for the possibility that Jodi was young, under extreme duress, confused, possibly mentally ill, and thus over time was convinced that she must have killed TA? Until you are in that situation yourself (under the duress of an interrogation or under extreme pressure to change your story) you can not understand what happens to people’s minds and how their reality of a situation can dramatically change. Jodi did defend herself from TA’s attack. She does NOT remember anything beyond the accidental shooting of him. There is no intent on her part to deceive in fact she has been honest to a fault and to her own detriment at times. None of the evidence makes sense or fits the state’s theory. The exculpatory evidence IMHO has been altered/tampered with/destroyed/hidden from the DT and thus nothing the state has put forward has any credibility IMHO. Once the evidence has been spoiled the case can no longer support a guilty verdict and must be thrown out. The appellate court will vacate this criminal verdict and will either remand for a new trial or dismiss with prejudice. TA was into porn, period. The evidence shows this. He needed money, period. The evidence shows this. This type of outrageous injustice is not uncommon in our country. There are those today sitting on death row or LWOP for something they did not do. The system is not set up with checks and balances. It is set up to bring a conviction and many will do that at any cost.

          • All we know for certain is that the state has spoiled this case with their evidence tampering/altering/destroying/hiding of evidence from the DT and this will eventually be the state’s undoing and downfall…..The Brady violations are absolute and require a remedy in law. The remedy is coming………

        • Tonysam,

          I’ve had this conversation many times with supporters and non-supporters. When I ask these questions though, “how much worse can things get for Jodi? “if she is in a bigger pickle than is currently known how will that ever get out to anyone who could help?, I’ve never gotten a logical answer that would make me think these discussions shouldn’t occur.

          Jodi’s “communication” abilities are incredibly limited. She likely doesn’t know half or less of what some of the amateur sleuths have uncovered. Jodi needs help. She’s a smart, competent woman, no doubt. But she’s operating at a deficit in ways none of us can fully comprehend, imo. I don’t know anyone who discusses conspiracy theories who I would say did not have Jodi’s very best interests at heart. I used to discuss on facebook. But my pages kept getting reported and deleted. I have a blog but I can’t afford the time and energy to have ongoing conversations. This site is fantastic. Many smart, compassionate, people here.

          Finally, I question others who try to quiet these conversations. What’s the motivation with that?

        • tonysam,

          Personally I think that your morphing the word “intruders” into the word “INVADERS” reveals your own bias. Just sayin.’ Ill go back and look at your other comments just in case I am being unfair. 🙂

          PS If we have a scorekeeper, I think I just allowed a point for the “dark side” by letting them start squak within the home team. Sorry folks 🙁 I’ll promise to be more careful.

      • Being coerced into giving a false confession is not uncommon, and Jodi was coerced. This will, IMHO, be the end of this story. The crime scene doesn’t fit her confession; Flores said 2 people did this.
        The time of death was never established, and it was not 5 days. Jodi’s original statement was that she wasn’t there; that is the truth.

      • I’m with you tonysam. The problem presented marginalizes supporters and so that makes for more issues. To me it boils down to two things, the poor reputation of TA and his and the state, and if you believe Jodi put TA in the shower. So, we either choose up sides, agree to disagree, or say what I said before. I take Jodi for HER word, ’til proven otherwise.

        • johnm,

          What if Jodi had no choice but to create this defense? We don’t have the whole picture, none of us. That sort of thing happens all the time. I’m sure others can give examples. Discussing that she may have never killed Travis at all in no way can make her MORE guilty than she already has been found, now can it? If you and others don’t want to partake, then I’d say, don’t read. And folks telling Jodi what is being discussed online opens up an incredibly, difficult position for her to be in, imo…as if she needs more to worry about! I am bothered greatly by a lot, as are a lot of people here and elsewhere. Jodi knows what I think from my own words written to her. Jodi is “cool” with me. That’s her word to another longtime, faithful supporter on me! Some others I think have misinterpreted or maybe exaggerated unintentionally her thoughts on this. Folks on this board have been talking about other possibilities for years. This is not new. And especially in light of recent developments, the conversations have started again, and I think that can only help shed light on an incredibly complex situation Jodi is in.

          • We do all advocate for Jodi. I happen to share tonysam’s and amy’s view. Until Jodi says differently, it’s what Jodi says in the court that I accept. I don’t do anything but respect Jodi’s words, coerced or not. I respect your view to the point that people are free to delineate and speculate their heartfelt ideas and that I need not participate or make that freedom feel anything but welcome, yeah respect. My position won’t change and everyone here’s position won’t change until or when or if ever Jodi changes her words, that’s it for me.

      • tonysam I in no way want to upset you. I believe in Jodi Arias. I believe that when Jodi Arias confessed she killed Travis it was in self defense. But I am saying with all that has happened during this trial I still have unanswered questions on how, why and when. Maybe we shouldn’t discuss things like this but nothing that the State has accused Jodi of has made any sense to me at all. If anything I think together we bring up the facts that there is REASONABLE DOUBT everywhere we look. Jodi would not lie on the witness stand. I believe she believes what she has been told. 🙁

  5. Anyone, Can at this point, the Alexanders state that they want DP taken off the table?? With all that has come out and what could potentially come out regarding Travis just maybe they have a change of mind.

    • I sure hope not! If they did I would hope Nurmi would realize he must be getting close to the truth and do what he would have to do to quash the Alexanders.

      • Carol don’t get me wrong I would hate that also. Just a fleeting thought. I just have been thinking that JM has nothing left and let’s face it totdoc his hired gun was a bust by the jury questions. Who does he have left? His Smith going against BN??

        • And now the STATE is saying THEY need another month to complete forensic exam of TA’s computer? How can they argue that TA’s porn habits do nothing to mitigate for Jodi while they drag out the trial another month to shoot down the porn evidence?

          • Journee are you serious?? OK now this trial has stopped being about Jodi fighting for her life and about JM fighting for his job and his license. Omg BN has worked for the state. It just doesn’t make any sense. For one thing BN would never put his reputation on the line. So who they going to get someone from the CIA or FBI? Or perhaps one of totdocs friends. So I guess DT. ( mght have this wrong) Smith is doing what JM wants.

            • Yes, it was tweeted the other day that JM said his computer forensics guy would not have a report ready for another month.

              It was when Nurmi was trying to preclude testimony from DeMarte and Smith, both, saying he hadn’t gotten reports from either.

          • Journee, how do they justify it taking them another month when they have had the computer for 6 years? One of my simple questions.

          • Yeah, they need another month so they can finish what they started IMHO. Hopefully BN has a copy and can continue his examination of the computer hard drive…….BN credentials are impeccable and the state knows this !!!

            • Didn’t I read that BN had produced a 7,000 page Report from his initial work. Around Christmas time. Then sadly his father died, and then the Holidays overtook us, and the momentum was lost.

              I’ve been wondering if the important computer analysis was going to be completed and presented by the defence.

              Here’s my BIG question: At this point, what protection does the defence have against further sabotage of our evidence that is under lock & key, but in the custody of the State?

              This really worries me. The arrogant prosecutor gets away with announcing that “the defence’s 1st attorneys deleted the files! And the entire “machine” seems to shift gears and behave as it that is the new God’s Truth! Where do we stand?

              Shouldn’t the Defence have the right to have a representative to monitor and record the actions of the State any time the evidence room is accessed for any reason? Maybe any activity in that room should ALWAYS be video recorded from start to finish.

        • The defense will have an opportunity to come back with additional witnesses, is my understanding.
          This phase is the last chance they have to completely debunk the state’s case.
          I’m just hoping they can do that so Jodi doesn’t have to wait for appeals.

    • Maybe they need to do just a little more tampering. A little here and a little there. . . .why not at this stage of their game??? JERKS

  6. If what you suggest is the case, I hope Nurmi realizes he is approaching the truth and suggests Jodi decline the option…but unfortunately taking ‘death penalty’ off the table is what he has been asking the court to do.
    Oh, this is just such a messed up case.
    I think I had best ignore that thought. The only reason the Alexanders would suggest it would be if they also thought Nurmi was getting too close to the truth!

    • Carol, I don’t think the Alexanders would ever ask for the DP to be taken off the table. IT would shock me if it happened. I suppose I better curb my simple thoughts. . . ♥

      • Are you all speculating that the Alexanders want the DP off the table or does someone have some info that they are actually requesting this ?? Just want to know more……..

      • Carol,

        (Sorry – this post got “split” and I don’t know how to overcome that)
        A few weeks back, someone posted re the difference that would occur should the death penalty be dropped.

        If the following is true, it sounds like a booby trap to me. Like “heads I win, tails you lose,”

        If I have this right: If she is being defended w. death penalty in place, the State is responsible to pick up the cost.


        If the death penalty is dropped, then there probably would not be enough funds to get her through the appeals phase, because Jodi would have to pay all the expenses.

        This is just a rough idea of how much each step can affect another step. It sounds to me like it is a sinister trap. For sure, the issue needs to be STUDIED by someone with the proper expertise. It sounds too important to be approached willy-nilly fly by seat of pants.

        So far Jodi’s defence team have not shown me evidence that they will rigorously prepare Jodi’s case and themselves for going into the Finals. This is so hurtful.

  7. Since this is a new page, I want to reaffirm here, that I 100% believe that this case is only and completely, a self- defense case.
    Jodi had no choice but to kill Travis out of self- defense.
    Travis became literally insane with rage, and he no longer had the capacity to relent. He was fully intent upon killing her, and Jodi had no choice but to kill him in self- defense.

    The wounds on Travis’s back are defensive wounds. Travis was trying to kill Jodi, and she was trying to get him to stop attacking her.
    Travis was either on top of Jodi or face to face with her.
    • Jodi reached her arm around/ wrapped her arm around, Travis’s back and stabbed him because HE was trying to kill her.

    It amazes me that people who don’ t believe Jodi, can not understand that the back wounds are defensive wounds.

    Just take a pillow, hold it around chest height, and imagine someone is on top of you or facing you, and likely intent upon killing you/choking you, or in the process of trying to choke you, ( TRAVIS DID CHOKE HER on an earlier occasion), and it is so easy to realize how you would reach your hand and arm AROUND his back to get him to stop trying to kill you.

    Jodi was hoping that would cause him to relent and stop. She had no choice but to escalate the severity of the stabbing LATER, after her initial stabs to his back failed to get him to stop trying to kill her.
    She loved him; she had no choice but to kill him in self- defense.

    As to getting Travis into the shower stall__ maybe she positioned him onto a blanket and dragged the blanket to the shower stall, and maybe the blanket/ comforter covered the sharp edges of the shower stall, and therefore his body was not scraped by the shower edge.??

    To the people who don’ t believe Jodi because they claim she would have a lot of marks etc., on her ___ just because it is assumed that that would be logical, does not mean reality always conforms to logic. In fact, reality is often absurd.
    Even fiction writers know that very often the truth must be altered, because otherwise readers would not find it believable.

    BUT I AM SURE • ALL• JODI ARIAS SUPPORTERS AGREE: Martinez and his cohorts are guilty of enormous prosecutorial misconduct, unlawfully lying, hiding/ withholding, deleting, / altering evidence.

    • Amy, can you explain the footprint in the shower that was visible after TA’s body was removed? It is the one similar to the print near the entrance to his room.

        • Amy I’m not saying it didn’t start out selfdefense. We all have all kinds of questions. Yet weird is a very good description. Like I always say show me how the evidence lines up. You wrote a very good post the other night. I understood how that could happened. I’m sure TA lost it. I also understand the adrenaline rush. Even if
          Jodi could pick him up and put him in the shower, I’m sure it was more of a drop him in and then he would have bruses?? She would have to wiggle him around and perhaps walk on him to get out. There is also the time frame set by the state. It just goes on and on. Is all we have really is hypotheticals…..I just have way to many questions…..

    • And considering she had to be a bloody mess, can you explain why there are no balancing smudges or prints in the shower stall, on the wall; where even if rinsed off would still have blood on the grout?

    • I have the upmost respect for all of TEAM JODI whatever each one of us may believe! ♥ ((((Amy)))) another great post! I really don’t think we disagree (I agree if Jodi states it was self defense then it is) but we just have questions that haven’t been answered. Reminds me of “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.” We just can’t keep from wondering. . .WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED!!!

    • Amy I really don’t know about the shower scene. I do know that shower stall looked to be very small and there was a lip on the outside. I am not even sure someone would be able to carry a person in there. If they could they would have had to be on the outside of the stall at all times and when the body was”dumped” if in fact it was dumped. there are no blood smudges on the walls in the showers to show where he would have likely hit the wall. I still think it would take a much bigger (taller) person to put him in the shower than Jodi.

      • yep

        fireman’s carry and dumped

        no way was he dragged in there – body would have been torn up just from that

        unless he walked there himself, someone carried him there

        • Omg Journee are you suggesting an over the shoulder carry into the shower? Would there not be a great deal of blood smudging from the wounds on his back to the shower walls?

          • Sorry, y’all – I’m just not getting all the hoopla about there being no blood smearing on the walls of the shower. It’s always been presumed that the shower was turned on after the body was put in there, that the plastic cup was in the shower for the purposes of cleanup – rinsing Travis (who’d have had a bib of blood on his chest from the neck wound, right?) rinsing any other presumed traces of the killer, etc. There was even evidence of some cleanup in the bathroom, because of the bloody watermark on the box in the closet.

            And Connor testified that they didn’t use lumenol in the shower.

            So I don’t get what the big deal is about no blood on the walls of the shower.

              • There wasn’t a reason given.

                Just like no one offered any explanation at all for the gazillion other examples of a sloppy investigation.

            • Doesn’t “no blood on the walls of the shower” (not even any attempt to disclose any with luminol) wouldn’t this bring us full circle back to:

              Miss Pajama Girl’s detailed (and believable enough for REASONABLE DOUBT) theory that

              TA was “Ritualized” at another site, and then returned to the “body discovery” site at his residence. _ this answers the serious puzzle of: ie no bugs, cramped shower dilemma, no blood on shower walls.

              Do you know that Kennedy’s body was “snatched” twice and “doctored by coroner” and returned to morgue to be made to appear to fit the politically expedient theory of the pretenders of their time?

              One aspect is exactly what Miss PG girl postulates in the TA incident: that is that the skull, wound entrance and exit trajectory were skillfully modified to change the apparent “story” the corpse was telling.

              Same sort of instruments involved, ie surgical stiletto type implements plus morticians putty used to re-create the appearance of the fatal injury. Original bullet hole filled with morticians’ putty, and a modified trajectory through the brain created by stiletto, not by a flying bullet.

              The Mormon context is an ever-present filter. The Mormons excel in THEATRICAL PRODUCTION. They have trained experts for every aspect of theater. I am proposing this skill as a possible explanation for a convincing, but phoney crime scene being created in the period of the absence of the refrigerated corpse (so no bugs) until it’s return and “DISCOVERY.”

              I have also considered that such a CULT would find it very convenient to have facililties in the mysterious basements underneath their mysterious temples. Must be a real labyrinth of entrances and exits in these masterpieces of Free Masonry, from which Joseph Smith himself transplanted the satanic and secret rituals directly into Mormonism’s doctrine.

              Like Edga..rrr keeps saying: Read the book_”The God Makers”!
              Do you know that this book is (or was) on the reading list that Jodi publishes.

      • And his body position in the shower is all wrong for having been dragged in. I would think he would have been dragged on his back with the dragger grasping him under the arms. The dragger would almost certainly have had to be walking backwards and themselves back into the shower and into the back left corner (considering the position of the shower door and wall). This would have positioned his head to the left and once shoved entirely in, his legs and feet to the right. He’s backwards from that position, unless he was drug in feet first and then have his head and shoulders shoved in afterwards. At any rate, and either way, there would certainly have been a lot of scraping and scratching with that kind of tricky maneuvering.

        My only theory is that the final battle took place either in the shower (perhaps he backed her into it) or near the shower and he stumbled into it, as it looks like he slid down the right wall as his feet gave out from underneath him. I know there are sound theories that the final battle took place elsewhere but then we’re right back to how did he end up in the shower.

        • Justus, in your theory (body moved to remote site and back again)
          How would they get him into the shower becomes easier.

          We are no longer telling a story where only ONE person performs all these feats w/o assistance. There would be a team of folks to handling the replacement of the body for its “discovery,” NO?

    • If she put him into the shower herself with the help of a blanket, did they find a blanket with his blood etched through it? I can’t believe this to be the case that she put him in the shower like this…& when you think of it she would have a time dragging the blanket out from underneath him with him lying in a tight area the way he was …& not still staining the shower. And he was much heavier than she is. Him in the shower at the end of his deathly adventure is a puzzle even Poiret/Sherlock Holmes/Miss Marple would have trouble with & smart Martinez never figured it out either, but then he hasn’t figured out much about this case without resorting to his & the States own version of made up lies & deceit, to suit him/themselves.

      • LOL – No, I wanted to see what the newest botox “look” was all about. Didn’t someone on here mention her botox job the other day?

        • Me also. I don’t know if she will have that part time job with the state anymore. I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with her. I really mean that.

          Did you read Journees post about it’s going to take the state a month to go over TAs laptop???

          • She has a few issues, wouldn’t ya say! And appears she likes to exaggerate a bit. I hate I missed yesterday’s testimony – I did catch up though last night. Nurmi ripped her a new one. The gall to say Geffner did the test wrong and she did it far better…………..geez. She reminds me of a snooty, spoiled brat that thinks she knows any and every thing better than everyone. She has NO respect for people in general and is a disgrace to the profession. An “expert” she is not! And the jury sees that, IMHO.

            Yes, I saw Journees post. Have you ever???

    • I think she has a new one on the site, Psychology Today, the one a few days ago was in black & while today…there’s a colour smiley one. And she’s wearing the colour Jodi looks very well in…and that is “Purple”.

      Do you know Martinez hired her because she was young like Jodi…just to put a young woman against another young woman. The thing he forgot though is not to bring a parrot who repeats everything he tells it to.

      • Martinez’s coaching of her back- fired. Like you said, a parrot. She had no grasp of the whole, and kept tripping over herself, because she could not be flexible and improvis. She was boxed in her own rehearsed script.

  8. I don’t think that the self-defense and the intruder defense necessarily negate one another…they both could have happened…this case is extremely complex and not so black and white…..both actions could have occurred…….

      • And again the evidence in this case has been corrupted by the state and therefore this case will not support a guilty verdict…and we who come in after the fact to try to figure out what happened is like trying to fit a puzzle together after the pieces have been lost/destroyed/altered/tampered with and hidden and it is impossible to do……….A remedy is coming…….

    • BB I so agree with you about “Self-defence” and “Intruders” each being possible and each being feasible.
      I thought I had read somewhere that when that situation exists, since the two theories cannot coincide simultaneously, then:

      THE LAW allows that to be interpreted as REASONABLE DOUBT!
      Yes or No?

      That concept has not come up lately. It seems to me there exists an effort to cover up these more esoteric strategies for for an effective defence.

      I am concerned that the Defence Team has not made enough of an effort to EDUCATE themselves on possible defence strategies.

      There exists in plain sight on the Internet up to six or more COMPLETE and LOGICAL defence cases compiled and published (Internet) by pertinent “experts.” These experts are ready, willing, and able to help the defence team overcome their IGNORANCE, but NOBODY pays any attention to the merit of these quality arguments for exhonoration.

      I can tell you, the quality of the writing up of the variously based “cases” is way beyond the quality that comes out in the amateurish efforts of Jodi’s defence team. She deserves much, much better than this. Who is it that has managed to prevent her gaining knowledge of the existence of these virtually FREE resources.

      And how is it LEGAL that her jailers are allowed to disallow her access to a computer and the Internet so that she can RESEARCH and ASSIST IN HER OWN DEFENCE as I believe our Constitution guarantees?

      Why is not the above shortcoming (lack of access) not the FIRST and GREATEST prosecutorial error that turns the validity of this ILLEGAL case on its head?

      Please, I am not posing these as “rhetorical questions? I am really, really HOPING TO SOURCE SOME SERIOUS THINKING as answers, please! There is just so very much that is still going wrong 🙁 We collectively need to figure out these remaining mysteries.

      I do so much enjoy y’alls company. Thank you for being there. Talk about years of experience, and collective IQ’s 🙂
      seabird – always hopeful

  9. We are not the jury. We are not paid by any one to advance one theory over another. We are just regular people who are volunteering our valuable time to share support for Jodi and advance multiple reasons why (at a minimum) this is a reasonable doubt case. It is never the responsibility of Jodi or any defendant to establish a defense. First and foremost, the state must prove the case by and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.

    We are here for Jodi every day. Despite the Internet attacks and screen shot attacks, we are here. Despite frustrations (like today’s loss at the Arizona highest court), we are here.

    I do not think that it is in the best interests of Jodi for us to discourage or stifle the opinions of each other at this bottom of the 9th inning. Jodi needs all of us.

    That said, if the administrators of this page want those of us with alternate theories to stop our support of Jodi, then please let us know. We take enough attacks from Juan supporters without getting it also from our own team. I thought we were all TEAM JODI.

    • ((((((Team Jodi)))))))
      We support Jodi forever……
      You are innocent until proven guilty and this case was not proven beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt….this case has a plethora of doubt

    • Carol,

      what a beautiful post.

      YES, we are Team Jodi and we will carry on supporting her till the day she’s a free woman!! No matter what. Supporting Jodi has never been easy, given the relentless attacks us supporters have endured.

      However, it is with confidence that we say that this was NOT a premeditated murder (thus a wrongful conviction of M1) but a case which reeks with reasonable doubt .Not to mention prosecutorial misconduct!! It is precisely because of all this doubt that we experience difference of opinions.

      Personally, I believe Jodi’s sworn testimony. Nevertheless, if someone asked me I could play the devil’s advocate for both sides. Meaning, I have as many unanswered questions when it comes to the intruders story as I have when it comes to the self-defense testimony (regarding the crime scene of course).

      I always enjoy picking into JAIIers’ brains, because each and every one of you here is a brilliant person.

      I’ve been here since January 2013 and I know for a fact that SJ and the admins feel everyone is welcome. Well….except for haters LMAOO 😆


  10. I was reading sites/articles that were published in 2008 shortly after Travis was killed. This comment referred to someone named Marie. It states “no doubt in my mind, crazy chic was jealous over this chic.” I’m assuming “crazy chic” is Jodi and “this chic” is Marie (Marie “Mimi” Hall?). What interested me was the comments at the end:

    “her comments to him”
    May 31, 2008 1:45PM
    “It’s on first week of June!”

    It looks like Marie (or Jodi) sent a message to Travis that something “is on” for the week that he was killed. I think the May 8, 2008 comment (“The Training this Tuesday was terrific!”) would eliminate Jodi as the one who made the comments or would it? Does anyone know what was on that first week of June, 2008 that apparently involved Mimi and Travis?

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    Re: Jodi Ann Arias shot and stabbed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander to death

    still posting to myself ^_^

    no doubt in my mind crazy chic was jealous over this chic…….

    too bad that girl marie’s myspace is private

    "~Life is not about how many breaths you take, It’s about the moments that take your breath away~ ~Live life to its fullest, Love Unconditionally, Forgive and Forget~"

    ~Marie~ I knew something wasnt right…God Bless Him…At last There has been an arrest…Pray for justice

    her comments to him:

    May 31 2008 1:45 PM
    It’s on first week of June!

    May 8 2008 1:13 PM
    Wishing you a Wonderful day! The
    Training this Tues was amazing! See you soon!

  11. The room mates (3 at least of the 5 who found him) are a puzzle to me…they were so quick to accuse Jodie through their 911 call, I think there’s something amiss.

    Now the stench of decomposition? how in hell did they not get the smell of Death over 5 days? Actually Mimi Hall, one of them, thought she smelt something foul a day or two before they found the body, but didn’t actually think to investigate the awful odour. Then the washing machine …could anyone think that no-one in the house over those 5 days would not have need to use the washing machine even once? And why did they not get suspicious when Alexander’s keys, laptop, wallet, ring, phone, were lying around the house and in their sights for those fives days? Also his car was parked outside?

    How come there was no blood immediately outside Alexander’s door on the carpet & all the way down the stairs, or in the driveway? Wouldn’t you think someone running from the scene of the murder would have left one little stain if the whole place they came from was supposed to have blood everywhere? Now as regards the Jodi’s palm print on the wall of the bathroom, how did they know that was a new print done on the day of the crime, couldn’t it be an old print that blood splashed on top of. You see prints can last for years, see the famous story of an Irishman called Alexander Campbell, just Google it. And it’s “Science”.

    Regards first jury in the first trial? How is it none of them asked (which is usually the case in almost every First Degree or M2 trial in the US) never asked the court to explain one legal definition throughout the whole trial? (Were they all so expert in their knowledge of Law? Don’t think so, do you? Oh, by the way Jodi did offer a plea of M2 well before the trial took place & even asked for a open sentence, but it was refused. Your Juan, the bully, wanted her dead right from the off…and still wants her dead.

    Now I did some research, and there was/is this fellow called Gus Searey, who was a friend of Both Travis & Jodi & he says upon the Bible of God or even the Mormon Bible, that Travis abused Jodi over & over. He took the stand in the first trial but they never asked him these questions, he even stated these facts on HLN & HLN didn’t like hearing this you know how they are so with your man, Juan, but they let him speak & then into picture comes Drew Pinsky, (I used to watch same guy on CNN, and thought he was an okay kind of guy) but never again will I even side-glance this biased hateful so & so. And we all know how the D.T. were so weak & comatose in the first trial & in my opinion, are part of the reason why Jodi is in such a place today. So Nurmi should recall this person again…and ask him all the questions that he should have been asked in the first trial. The more he nails his case this time, the better. & more importantly, the better for Jodi.

    But even better would be the case, still if this seemingly crooked Judge would call a “Mistrial”.

    • Two room-mates – Zack Billings and Enrique Cortez. Neither of whom responded when Mimi Hall and her two friends Michelle Lowery and Dallin Forrest (can I just say, some of these Mormons seem to have really weird names… is that a *thing* or something?) rang the front doorbell. So they had to call another friend – former roommate Taylor Searle, to get the security code for the garage door entry. Neither Zack nor Enrique say they notice that smell before the ninth, when they say they assumed the dog might have done something somewhere. Mimi didn’t live there, said she hadn’t seen Travis in a week… can’t think why she would have been in a position to notice the smell or not before she entered the house that night. And then she DEFINITELY noticed the smell.

      The roomies never did get their stories straight on when they’d last used the washer. But I kind of get it – I don’t have regular laundry days here, myself. I wash stuff when I need clean stuff. If I hadn’t done laundry just this morning I”d be hard pressed to tell you when I’d done it last.

      Jurors DID ask a legal question when they were finally sent to deliberate. They were not clear on jury instruction. Doofus JSS didn’t understand THEIR question, didn’t answer it, and gave them the dreaded “Allen Charge” instead – IOW go back there and agree on something.

      Gus Searcy was not permitted to say what he’d gone there to say, what he’d been called to the stand to say. Martinez objected and Stephens took his side, as usual.

    • I first became aware that Dr. Drew was pretending to be something he was not, when I watched the way he responded to Heidi Fleis talking about her domestic violence experience.
      Fleis mentioned a few times the different ways she had been physically abused, and Dr. Drew responded dismissively, callously, and condescendingly towards her.
      He misleads people by giving the false impression that he is a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist.
      The gleeful, mocking and contemptuous attitude he showed regarding Jodi, demonstrates that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His pretence of sincerity and concern is only a veneer.

  12. Hi everyone!

    Reading all your comments about the 2 theories (intruders vs self-defense) I’d like to share my thoughts:

    I personally believe Jodi’s testimony on self-defense. Self-defense combat is never neat and most likely gets really messy, so the crime scene in general oozes self-defense.

    What I always have in the back of my head is that maybe -just maybe- after Jodi left travis’s house, others may have ‘finished off’ what had been done in Jodi’s self-defense fight. We never actually found out when travis died exactly. For all I know, he was still alive when Jodi left. And that’s how I can only justify some of the things that Jodi couldn’t possibly have done on her own (example: placing travis in the shower)…

    So Jodi is not lying: she stated that she acted in self-defense and that’s what I believe. After Jodi left, who knows what or who could have happened… let’s not forget that a lot can happen in a matter of 5 days (until travis was found dead in the shower).

    This only goes to prove that there is ENORMOUS amount of reasonable doubt of how travis did die and if Jodi was the only one at travis’s house in that 5 day period. Jodi wouldn’t have had a clue if someone did enter travis’s bedroom after she was gone…

    This factor alone should have gotten Jodi acquitted cause remember the rules: conviction should be based on evidence and BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. The first jury epically failed to follow the rules.

    (((Jodi))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • I Agree Pandora! Jodi Arias should have been acquitted. Jodi was falsely accused and wrongly convicted IMO. Self Defense is not a crime. IMO the Frog has only been trying to make a name for himself. . .and he definitely has.

    • It is just that: Who, What, Where, When…the 4 important questions and the 1 How. The jury never considered any of them except the 1st W…they had decided that on day one of the trial.

      Good morning, Pandora. I hope you are busy today but if the tweeters don’t like the way things are going you may have a relaxing one. 😉

  13. Good morning!!! ((((Jodi)))). I have been off on whole different idea here. I said something yesterday. I was reallyscratching my head as to why JM is doing more forensics on the laptop. It really comes down to one experts opinion against another. So another month?? I think this isn’t about the trial any more for him. It’s personal. JSS already made her ruling on that motion. It just seems a bit strange to me.
    How much damage did the laptop due to his case? So so far you have the Bishop who lied, Deanna who lied, Horn who lied, all on the stand. Yup JM is hopping around like a frog on speed… Was he (JM) warned???

    • I agree Cindy, it appears this is like some game to JM, as long he as lands a win, he’s happy. He doesn’t seem to care by what means, or who he has to move around like a pawn on a chessboard, as long as he can try to grind out a win. Its completely ridiculous that he’s not only doing this madness, but that he gets away with it.
      Thing is its not a game though, there is no do-over. Its a serious situation regarding an innocent woman’s life, & all things hopefully move in the direction for supporting Jodi & delivering the freedom she deserves. Great post btw :).

  14. Scanning the news this morning I came across an article on nbc about excommunication in the Mormon church. It said that yearly approximately 20,000 members are excommunicated out of 15 million. And that the majority of those are for adultery or violating the laws of chastity. Being excommunicated is no little thing you are cut off from everyone who is a member, including family. Shunned.

    I feel that the Mormons in this trial seriously down play the enormity of breaking that rule…and also it makes me wonder how Travis was still an active member if he had been to the Bishop multiple times for his transgressions??

  15. Good morning all. I’m ready for another crazy day! Just wanted to say one thing, whenever I watch shows like 48 hours or dateline and it’s a crazy story with religion involved, 99% of the time mormonism is involved.

  16. ♥ Sending Prayers for JODI, Jodi’s family and friends, Jodi’s Defense Team, Witnesses and the Jury ♥

    Proverbs 12: …17He who speaks truth tells what is right, But a false witness, deceit. 18There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, But the tongue of the wise brings healing. 19Truthful lips will be established forever, But a lying tongue is only for a moment.…

  17. I leaned something new today and it’s only 10:00am. I never knew it was Jodi herself that asked BN to look at TAs laptop for porn. No wonder he went over and hugged her or shook her had. She knew it was there all the time….

    • She was smart to act as her own lawyer so she could accomplish what needed to be done.
      It is incredible the way she managed to have such strength and presence of mind under the circumstances.

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