Defendants Motion to Compel – (filed 12/31/2014)

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Click here (or click the graphic below) to read the Defendant’s Motion to Compel – (4 page PDF) – filed by Kirk Nurmi, 12/31/2014:

DEFENDANTS SUPPLEMENTAL MOTION TO DISMISS ALL CHARGES WITH PREJUDICE filed 12-14-2014 Jodi Arias Is Innocent -com. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The AZ State Circus returns to town this coming Monday. Jan 5th 2015 @ 9-30 am MST.



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  1. It looks like Kirk Nurmi is putting more and more pressure on Martinez to come clean or else. Also, as a result, there is more pressure on Judge Stephens to do what is necessary and right. Did Martinez make a mistake bringing in Det. Smith to testify about Travis computer especially since Nurmi got him to acknowledge that the State knew there was pornography on Travis’s computer back in 2008. I thought Martinez was supposed to know what he is doing.

    • OMG talk about having the frog by his……

      I just am lmao over this one.
      It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I really enjoyed reading your statement Cold Case about the frog supposed to know what he’s doing.. lol. I don’t think so….

    • I don’t think Mr. Neumeister is finished with his surprises yet either for these cretins.

      He made the statement that some of the files he’s already found were too vile to look at. That is a remarkably telling statement. And I bet there’s more to come.

      El Guapo is in quicksand up to his nose.

      • Jade I so agree with you. BN still the “your busted” evidence to come. I also found BN statement about the vile evidence quite compelling. I do hope that JSS and perhaps the family can view this. I can only guess what it is.

        I wounder if the “prosecutor” is starting to clean out his desk yet??? Time to get your personal affairs in order…Mr. Prosecutor. You scrum bag…

      • Jade,
        I hope Neumeister includes an in-depth look at the time stamps on the photos although that may be impossible now (I think there is damage to the camera and missing parts, isn’t there?).

        • What do you expect could be gained from delving into the date stamp issue? That seems like a red herring since no crime was committed in the pictures.

          • Cheryl,
            Some of the photos of Travis and Jodi nude in the bedroom were date & time-stamped and some were not when they were recovered by Michael Melendez (according to him) If the photos were taken with the same camera, why wouldn’t all the photos be stamped in a similar fashion? Perhaps the camera had a feature where the time & date stamping could be shut off. I don’t know. Melendez told Jennifer Willmott that he was able to discover the date & time when the unstamped photos were taken (probably with the software he was using) but he did not do the red marking (with the time & date) on the photos themselves and claims he does not know who did the marking. Were 2 cameras used? I haven’t heard of that possibility but perhaps someone with more knowledge could answer that question. I’ve even heard that Travis’s camera didn’t have the capability to time-stamp photos. Another issue for someone here.
            Plus, all this information about these “recovered” photos and time-stamping was provided by Melendez who is the same guy that swore under oath that there was no pornography on Travis’s computer so everything he does is suspect to me.
            As to your “red herring” crack, it pisses me off but I’ll not going to say anymore because this group is about Jodi, not you and I.

            • CC,
              I’ve always wondered about the camera.
              It’s a big deal in this crime because jm wanted to smash it. I think he did.
              He wanted to get rid of the camera and the computer. So I say WHY??
              If there wasn’t anything to it.
              There could have been two cameras, never thought of that and WHY wouldn’t Jodi take her’s with her?
              There may have been answers already to these, but a camera just floating around in the washing machine>
              Plus the roommate had a camera like Jodi’s.
              The camera and the computer problems that the prosecutor tried to get rid of are HUGH IMO>

              • Because, Jodi, was chased out by the socalled, ninjas…. before she could retrieve the camera, hidden in the sheets… Edgrrr…

        • This is a super super expert that could have done it all. He also does photographic analysis. Why the hell wasn’t that done also? Martinez hyped those photos as the “smoking guns.”

          Neumeister’s curriculum vitae is almost as tall as Martinez.

          • What issue does the photographic evidence go to? Self defense? Pre-meditation?

            At some point the defense needs to stop going down the rabbit holes created by JM and instead focus on the lack of evidence to convict her. Every time the defense goes down a rabbit hole of irrelevancy (like with the photos), it gives unwarranted credibility.

            The only relevancy of those photos was for JM to make Jodi look like a tramp *and* to place Jodi at the location at the time of the murder (chosen by JM). Beyond that, the photos are red herrings.

            • The relevant photos are the two photos that are commonly called the “dragging” photos.

              That was frog’s entire case for showing a dead Alexander in those photos. It set the timeline for showing him alive in the shower and then two minutes later, he’s supposedly dead and being dragged back to the bathroom.

              In fact, he is not dead. The fact that he is not dead throws everything about the prosecution case up into the air. No conclusion can be drawn if he is alive because there is no way to know what is actually taking place in those two photos or what HAD taken place. Our entire case is based on the fact that he was actively fighting her and that what she did was defend herself.

              Once those two photos are shown to be conclusive that he is not dead, the prosecutor knowingly lied to the jury.

              • I totally agree with you Jade. How can anyone with any reasonable thought process think it even remotely possible for Jodi to be able to drag Travis into the bathroom and put him in the shower in less then 2 minutes? I don’t care how much adrenaline is flowing.

                This is where I get very confused. Why would Jodi even bother dragging him in the first place? Why wouldn’t she just run?? He obviously was no longer a threat to her. Also wouldn’t there be great marks or bruising on his body from trying to get him in the shower?

                • The 2 minutes according to the chum who alleged it, also was supposed to include all the stabbing, the shooting, the throat slicing and his journey from the shower to the sink and then down the hall. When bears can talk.

                  All you have to do is picture a plank five feet nine inches long that you want to put into approximately a 40 inch wide space.

                  You put in one end. When you go to put the other end in, the first end comes back out.

                  Although a body will bend, you are going to have much the same principal because you have to get it over that 8-10 inch riser. You have to double him all up. And you’re dealing with 200 pounds. It would almost necessitate you getting into the shower to pull him in.

                  That makes it crazy to think you wouldn’t have obvious scratches somewhere getting him over that fairly sharp aluminum frame. Let alone, the time it would take.

                • And, Jade, I also believe his position in the shower is inconsistent with him being dragged in. If he was drug in head and shoulders first one would expect his head to be towards the back left corner of the shower. The way he was laying suggests either he was carried into the shower or he entered under his own power.

              • Agree. JW during the criminal trial brought out the info that in that photo TA is holding up his own head and arm and that someone who has had their throat cut the way TA’s was would not be able to do that…I guess all that was lost on the jury….

                • Bingo….I was just reading a article about Dr. Horn. The fact that the Medical Examiner’s Office is connected to the health department not the police department I’m going down a very dark road as to why he perjured himself on the stand. Who got to him and what was he threatened with??

            • There were four people, present, at the party…. as evidenced, by the fresh blood bootprint, the Travis picture, the black sock person, and, the distance of the camera from, either one…. Why then, haven’t the other two, been arrested; one of them, a “bigfoot,” guy, no doubt capable of nearly decapitasting, Travis…and, likely beingb the one to threaten, Jodis,’ family, if, she talks…. Edgrrr…

            • Cheryl, The bedroom photographs were used by the defense to show that 1) Jodi was INVITED 2) TA was controlling and debasing Jodi [while publicly striving to portray himself as pious, chaste, even subject to HER mercy (those photographs are evidence to the contrary) thus supporting Jodi’s character and truthfulness as a witness].

              The use of the bathroom photos by the defense could have been expanded to show that Jodi’s version of events leading up to and including TA’s attack on her were accurate. When JM dropped the camera in court, it was like slamming a car going sixty miles an hour into reverse. The narrative according to Jodi was STOPPED dead in its tracks.

              The defense should have ripped up the prosecution’s contention that TA was dead in the floor photo, because it more likely depicts the moment Jodi broke away from him after that gunshot, which would have caused copious amounts of blood to flow from his nostrils – as is in evidence with that pant leg/floor photo.

              Jodi said that she and TA struggled for awhile on the floor after the gun went off before she was able to break free, and that as she did so, she could feel him GRABBING at her clothes. The prosecution bamboozled the jury into not noticing that THAT was what the photo actually showed in this image of TA with his arm raised. There is no proof in that image that Jodi had contact with his arm or was pulling him. The state’s “timeline” didn’t allow any time for that struggle on the floor before she broke free.

              Last, the defense should have used LE’s crime scene photographs of the “tan, ropish fibers” [as described by Flores when he questioned Jodi repeatedly about them during their first telephone “interview”] to ALSO demonstrate that Jodi was INVITED into the house by TA. Exhibit #265 suggests their blood-soaked length to be INconsistent with a source of either sandals or a decorative pillow. A fiber expert or any decent investigator could very likely have tracked them down to a home furnishings store and matched them to a decorative rope such as Jodi described.

              The rope/tassel remnants are evidence that a household knife was in the master bathroom suite and could likely have been used as a defensive weapon of opportunity.

              The prosecution said they looked high and low and couldn’t find a knife anywhere, but ignored in court the knife block set in the kitchen and the contents of the dishwasher, even when LE photographs of both were shown to the jury.

              The prosecutor and the lead detective alleged that Jodi brought a knife with her into the house and turned themselves inside out to dismiss the idea that a knife could have been in the bedroom for another purpose. But THEIR photographs suggest otherwise.

              The defense did not connect the dots by using the photographs to Jodi’s utmost advantage, when they could have been used to demonstrate step-by-step that Jodi was NOT lying about a plethora of PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence.

              Defense had those many photographs together with a superbly articulate defendant waiving the fifth, a calm soft-spoken photographer herself, more than willing to explain them. The defense had such an advantage over the state’s case once Jodi claimed self-defense in 2010 that the prosecutor was painted into a corner. So one day a few days before jury selection the defense team woke up, and BAM! – the gunshot was suddenly LAST.

              There are plenty of rabbit holes in the prosecution’s case but the bedroom and bathroom photographs are not among them; rather they are flickering lights at the end of the tunnel.

      • What am I missing? What does it matter how terrible and vulgar the porn is? I am more interested in (1) the possibility of actual exculpatory evidence gained from the Motion to Compel, and (2) finally knowing the identity of every person who was involved in the examination of the computer.

        • It matters because it has everything to do with why the Mormon mob went after Jodi with a vengeance. Downloading kiddie porn is a felony. The mob wanted to cover up for TA and also for their negligence in getting the help he needed. This was nothing short of a self-defense case. The mob created false narrative to protect one of their own.

        • Try not to overlook the 180 aboutface, antic at law, by the spastic prostitutor, who scrapped his concealed format; recanting, his lies at law; to go off on the opposite tangent; as if, no matter what lies, he floats, he’s credible… His doublecross of the other two stooges, by confessing, has left them, to explain, why they lied about the gunshot, being, first; needed, to pretend that a martial arts kickboxer, fighting for his life, was overpowered by a girl; that is, as to why the spastic prostitutor, was not thrown in jail, for his event perjury of process; and, ditto to the “defense,” for their complicity, to let him slide, after swearing to the charges, that caught himself in the trap, of his own making; to then, swear to the opposite, he had just confessed to…and, consequently, he toadied to the wrong charge; as, reversed; with, no subsequent charge, arrest, and, fresh evidence; as in, just like the recanted lies at law, his new, soap operable was untriable, as he had just abandoned the reasonable doubt to prove it….. Edgrrr….. …

      • Agree. BN has already stated that he is still reviewing the evidence and isn’t finished yet….so there will be more of this to come and JM is desperate and desperate men do even more stupid things…….

      • Agreed, Jade. This new motion by the defense team concerning the laptop and its contents is more interesting than just the pornography.
        There are other files on the computer. Important files.
        There is personal correspondence with Sky and Chris Hughes and also their business association.
        There is correspondence with and about ‘girlfriends’.
        There is Prepaid Legal business correspondence
        All of this altered or destroyed material was kept from the defense for some pertinent reason. And the defense had a right to view it all.
        JM was bent on getting rid of Jodi, there must have been a reason; would he risk so much if it were just a minor thing? Then, again maybe he would, just to win and be famous.
        Instead he is headed for infamy.

        • And, now, you know, and should remember, that the spaz, had a cow, over the defense, request for time [ to find what he was concealing, while, keeping the computer under his illegal control, for nearly a year… in violation of law…]… Edgrrr…

    • Nurmi filed another motion on Wednesday wanting any and all reports from anyone who worked on TA’s laptop. Justus found an article in Pheonix News, but I have not seen this motion. Any residual trust the defence attorneys had with JM has been destroyed and insulting and accusing BN of evidence tampering is not going to make his job any easier.

      He can’t pick his witnesses – he just made them lie until they get caught. The beauty of this evidence is that it is black and white and it doesn’t do any good to lie cause BN and Tony and the other guy are going to figure it all out. 😀

        • Nothing like taking on the guru of computers when you barely know the first thing about them. He must have been studying his computer for dummy books all break to get ready for his 3-hour interview with BN.

          • That’s an understatement. But frog El Guapo is standing on the second story of a vacant lot lol.

            I believe today or tomorrow he is supposed to have a 3 hour sit-down with Bryan to get his statement (or maybe it’s in effect his deposition) that Stephens granted.

            When that’s over, Martinez will really know how much trouble he’s in.

            • Naw, I think you are focusing on irrelevant side issues, Jade. Martinez will never understand that Neumaster cannot be impeached. At this point, finding justice is irrelevant. JM will argue at closing the Neumaster has been impeached and Nurmi will argue the opposite. It will just be a battle of experts for the trier of fact.

              There are much better ways for the defense to spend their efforts.

              • Cheryl, How do we know that they aren’t?? JM whole case was built around Jodi being a liar. Oh he throw out a bunch of crap about gas cans, hair dye, doggie doors, car rental, upside down license plate and we could go on and on.

                I’m trying to understand why you don’t think this isn’t worth pursuing for the defense team?

              • Cheryl,

                This is by far not a side issue. This could be the back door to getting the entire verdict vacated with prejudice or leaving no option but to declare a mistrial. If Stephens wants to pull herself out of the fire at all, she better get this right.

                This is an expert that has better equipment than most FBI labs and Neumeister has been relied on as an expert witness by the very people he’s accusing of doctoring evidence.

                All Stephens has to do is get the ORIGINAL hard drive that is held at the Mesa PD and get her OWN court appointed expert to verify if Neumeister’s findings are right.

                If they are, this is major because it is perjury as well as withholding evidence and it is central to the jury believing she was a liar. The entire testimony of Dr. Samuels and Alyce Laviollette was that Jodi was telling the truth.

                Why do you think HLN is so quiet all of a sudden? Not a peep.

            • Jodi Arias did not get a fair trial. It is not only the computer evidence which is
              not truthful, it is the ME evidence, the circus atmosphere etc. The Shepherd case
              from the 1950 s looks tame compared to this circus.

              I don t think the trial will be reversed by the state court, there is just too much
              politics going on. Hopefully, the feds will see it differently.

              • I think you might be right that the state court might not help Jodi and it may be left up to the federal government. Since I started following this trial, I have read dozens of articles about corruption all over Arizona. The fact that Joe Arpaio continues to be elected sheriff speaks volumes.

          • Kermit has also filed a motion for the judge to make Tony and the other guy to speak with him. Depending on her ruling, he may interview them as well. Of course, I don’t blame them a bit for not wanting to.

            • Since he really has no knowledge of computers I would say they could hold their own with him. He really is all talk and no facts to back himself up with. Who knows it might be entertaining for them. We could hope.

    • You think, the gestapo hasn’t figured out, who the “bigfoot,” and, the black sock girl were, by now, who were at the kill scene; as evidenced by the camera distance,.. and, are concealing the particulars, regarding all the gun involved, Mesa, home invasion robberies, which, ere also proof, that, since Jodi, was locked up, she couldn’t have done them, either…??? … Why, also, are these lizards at law, all, conspiring to overlook, the repudiation of the spastic prostitutors,’ lies at law, which, he had to recant, cease, desist, and, terminale, in order to try his bogus case, in reverse; since, he checkmated himself, despite the three stooges conspiracy, from the gitgo, as to the gunshot first, and, four or five days apart, fraud to pretend, that these were not, multiple crimes, as proven by blood that didn’t dry in two minutes,; no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint, proving that, Jodi, never, fired s gun, in the first place, and, therefore, could hasve not, overpowered, Travis; the weightlifter, wrestler, martial arts, kickboxer, fighting against a mouse, for his life… and, for all the reasons posted, which these reptiles, are en masse, still, concealing…??? Ptetending to be concerned that, Travis, was not a perve, well known by his run in with the Biasop, and, whomever, ratted him out to the Bishop, puts the LSD corporate, for profit, prophets, squarely, up to their necks, in this Stepford Wives,’ conspiracy, while hiding behind, “privilege.; while these lizards at law, are pandering to their ten million member voters, bloc, is just, more barnyard, residue… When will there be a motion, filed, for the fraud, and, conspiracy, to conceal the proof, that, Jodi, never fired a gun; and, could not have overpoewred, Travis, then, years later, recanted, their lies at law, to try the non case, soap opera, in reverse; contradicting, their, own, conspiracy…???” Are these bribed, defense lackeys aty law, saving the best, for last, or, are they going to continue, aiding and abetting, organized crime at law; by, letting the braindead judge and, the three stooges, embezzle exculpatory evidence, then, get hung, without a comment, when, the spastic prostitutor, ratted them out, by recanting the lies, they all, swore to; which, the motivating lizard, got them to swear to…??? Ssurely, you don’t think “your honor,” brings, superintendency to the job, do you…??? Or that, the appellate, judges, will rule upon issues, conspiratorially, concealed from this bogus trial, do you ??? edgrrr… Where, then, is the outrage over the spaz, recanting, to abandon his made up, lies at law, then, get away with reversing the charges, with no arrest for the subsequent charges, which were tried, without benefit, of the the facts, put to the court, that, he had to recant ??? Who needs a trial, or, braindead judges, and, bribed, socalled defense lackeys at law, to launder therir conspiracies, in front of hypnonauseated, and, comatoasted, juries; entranced by the worm squirm antics of the theatrical, strobe show, performed by the shucking and jiving, prostitutor…??? Edgrrr…

    • Here is a resolution for you Monica:
      #2 GET A REAL JOB.

      • One more thought for you:
        “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Plke, American Lawyer
        Put that in your pipe and smoke on it! 🙂

  2. It is all the lame stream media and they will all have egg on their face when the verdict is either vacated or overturned and Jodi gets a new trial…..They are all too stupid to have independent thoughts and look at the real facts of this case……THE PORN MATTERS !! It shows many things:

    1) Jodi was NOT lying about it
    2) Shows that TA was a deviant pervert which goes to his character
    3) Shows that TA was living a lie and a double life – one as the “pure Mormon” the other as the “porn king”
    4) Shows that Jodi KNEW TOO MUCH AND IT WAS DANGEROUS ! When you have this kind of damaging information on someone you tend to end up dead if that person wants and needs it to remain hidden
    5) Shows that TA had motive to kill Jodi
    6) Shows that the state hid, destroyed, and altered exculpatory evidence IN VIOLATION OF BRADY !
    7) Shows that key prosecution witnesses PERJURED THEMSELVES !
    8) Now makes everything the state brought forward in this case QUESTIONABLE AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED !

    Get a BRAIN first then try writing a real newspaper article !!

    • I had a thought about what Bryan said about some of what was found was vile. I’m going to assume that might have been child porn. I’m wounder if Travis might have gotten involved in a child porn ring. I’m not sure how this would work but I have watched news programs about this. I’m not going to come out with another theory here but …….. I’m sure it wasn’t free to watch it…

      • Canada Carol:
        This is really a reply to a post you did on the other page.
        Please, please look at this website.
        Detective Flores said (before heard anything from anyone) that the body appeared to have been dead 1-2 days.
        After a LOT of reading and looking at the stages of decomposition in pictures, I read the ME’s report; step-by-step he describes a body that has been dead for 1-2 days.

        • Having transcribed hundreds of autopsy reports and coded thousands over 15+ yrs, I am very familiar with the structure and language used in a post mortem report . The problem with the article you site is that it is not written scientifically. It does not state its source for all the things it states as absolute. To state what the author states, the study would have to be done in a very controlled atmosphere and would need to give detailed data on environment, temperature etc. A properly trained pathologist would never state categorically a specific length of time, but rather a range of time as outlined in the two articles below. A 10 degree difference in temperature can affect the rate of decomp by double, and is why a good pathologist always qualifies time of death. This second article puts changes described by first attending officer, and noted in the post mortem report and pictures as described under #5 & 6.

    • Perjured testimony and it is a crime which should be enforced but many times is not, unfortunately. It is a class 6 felony in Arizona and can result in one year in a state facility. We can only hope that this happens to those that knowingly lied under oath…………

        • Giggling as I stir my cauldron, here’s hoping he falls in my boiling HOT water soon! Seriously, I hope he gets the book thrown at him and they lock him up in solitary confinement so he can stew over his evil deeds for years to come! We better ask the others who will know that answer Cindy. I just have my wishes………

        • Unless someone comes forward and directly implicates JM as the one who suborned perjury from the state’s witnesses, or has some other direct evidence of him destroying exculpatory evidence, then probably not much. It is going to take a scenario where a state’s witness in order to lessen his/her possible punishment will turn on JM and give over evidence of such. It will need to be a dog eat dog scenario with every man or woman for himself….And this may very well happen !

        • I do not care what happens to JM for his prosecutorial misconduct. His punishment can be handed down after we get the most important justice – justice for Jodi.

          I only care that JM’s misconduct does cause Jodi to be in prison or be killed.

          • I’d feel the same way, except we probably need for JM to get gone. If Stephens doesn’t dismiss with prejudice, then Jodi’s best hope will be a new trial – which will only mean going up against this corrupt little man again if nothing’s done to put him out of a job.

            • Journee that is not a good thought at all. I do believe we discussed this before. I would hope that Jodi would have a new judge. This just opens up a whole new level of questions. How could Jodi ever get a fair trial in the state of Arizona?

              • One of the two avenues of appeal, the PCR (post-conviction-relief), will go directly to JSS’ court. And if she fails to act responsibly on this motion to dismiss, I don’t see much help coming from her on appeal.

            • Maybe not, Journee! 🙂
              As I understand the process, Nurmi would file an appeal and make his prayers (requests) for relief.
              Among those would be dismiss with prejudice (close to but not quite exoneration), remove death as option and retrial; (which he has done many times before.)
              I suspect that Nurmi would specify the parameters of the retrial in his prayer for relief.
              Even if Nurmi failed to do that, the Appellate Court can always set forth the conditions and parameters of the retrial.
              Among those parameters would likely be new venue and new prosecutor.
              The retrial would be purposeless unless the Appellate Court required a different prosecutor, and maybe even this prosecutor’s entire office.

        • What will happen to the Martinez Marionette, pulling the strings, of all whom are entranced by his hypnonauseating, worm squirm, theatrical performance, as if, that’s not exactly how, without, the need for evidence, he, comatoasts, everybody in the courtroom, to, obstruct, justice… ??? Not a thinjg; organized crime at law, needs all the tricks they can sleaze, to fill our prisons, with, innocent victims, of, the lizards at law, mob…Why, hasn’t there been a parade of professional hypnotists, to testify, as to his hypnotrick, writhing, and, squirming ??? Every case, he has so sleazed, should be thrown out, and, if need be, retried, without the hypnonauseating, carnival, side show… If it isn’t before the court, it won’t be ruled upon; now you know why, in the middle of this soap opera, the socalled defense, tried to get the judge to conceal, the two million dollar bribe, to continue their, bogus defense, to pander to the LSD corporation… That’s another, soap opera, best described, by “The God Makers,” book…. Read it, to realize that this was not a murder at all, but, was a blood atonement, blood oath, sacred church, ritual… Read it, before the sanctimonious snivel, and, do note, Bringem Brighamist Youngs,’ dictates; never, repudiated; “We would not kill a man, except, out of love, for his eternal, soul,” and, “Is there a man, among us, who would not, kill his brother, to save his eternal soul ???” Edgrrr… This has been a political opportunity, to set a girl up for a sacred church ritual, and, of, desecration of that allegedly sacred ritual, by laundering the crime scene, four or five days, after the surgical agreed to sacrificial, kill… as evidenced by the thousand person wake, canonization of, “King Alexander, ” no less than a celebration, for his sacrificial martyrdom, to transcend, getting to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels; as if, Jodi, so allegedly jealous, would, let him get away with that; when all she had to do was, smear him, at church, with the X-rated pictures, to cut off his supply of “good little Mormon girls;” with no risk to, herself… Is there a conscious person, among us, who disagrees, that, would not, be, more diabolical, and, fitting…??? Travis’s only redemption, was to provee his piety over perversion, by, honoring the blood oath, blood atonement, rfitual, he, signed up for… to turn himself into a martyr, by pretense…. Edgrrr… Free, Jodi, and, arrest them all; lizards and, socalled saints, alike….

      • The toady at law, has proven his lies at law, by the repudiation of his perjuries of process. Who, ordered him to confess, and then sleaze reverse charges, tried in this non case, with, one lie, after another… Edgrrr…

    • Sorry, it is a class 4 felony with up to 2 1/2 years of imprisonment. (class 6 was referring to false swearing which is a lesser crime)

      • Repudiating false charges, constitutes a confession of how many charges… the lies of the first con, or, the bogus charges of the second con…??? How many charges against the braindead judge, and, the bribed “defense,” for letting the spaz, get away with his on and of perjuries, of, process…??? Edgrrr…

      • Let’s not forget all those ‘beloved’ friends of travis’s that lied their ass off while on stand testifying… sweating POS’s… hint hint…

  3. I also want to say that there is a real danger that this will mistrial due to jurors dropping out due to the length of time this is going to take….this is no where near being over with as there is still more evidence being reviewed and going to come out….

      • I think it’s 4, Pandora. I know after Juror #3 got arrested for passing bad cheques or whatever, USA Today reported there were 16 jurors left. I suppose they meant 12 jurors and 4 alternates.

    • With a $2.7 million dollar defense bribe, and, counting, and, the church pandering D.A., lizard at laws’ political career, holding on by the teeth, it’s not likely, that there’ll be any revelations, greater than the recantation of the lies at law, which, scammed, an interstate, kidnapping, under color of law, or, and, holding a girl hostage, for two million dollars, ransom, to, pander to all those, Mormon, voters; and, they’re trying to pawn off one of them for president…??? Is anyhing, sacred, to these reptiles… ??? Letting a girl, be sacrificed, to conceal, the spcalled sacred ritual, that they created, and, have never repudiated, to, inspire them, or, one of their zealots to activate… and, then, be sacriligeous enough to conceal, it, by setting a girl up for a “sacred ritual,” murder charge; while their thousand, opportunistic, lieyers, aid and abet, by their indolence, and, crimimnalities..and, not one of their Stepford Wives, ewill, stand up to their Dannite, Mafia…. Read “The God Makers,” for, clarity… .Edgrrr…

  4. This is from the Wikipedia / LDS Church Beliefs “The most significant LDS ordinances may be performed via proxy in behalf of those who have died, such as baptism for the dead. The church teaches that all will have the opportunity to hear and accept or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings that come to those who faithfully adhere to it, in this life or the next. Ordinances such as baptisms for the dead, sealings, and endowments are performed in temples that are built and dedicated specifically for these purposes.”
    Could Travis have been taken to a temple to have a blood atonement ritual or baptism performed after his fight with Jodi? I have read about the basements in their temples where there are secret rituals performed for the dead. Maybe that is why the crime scene appeared to be tampered with . . .because it was. . .then in comes the Defective Detective (Mormon) who would have realized it and then began to do a complete cover up to protect his religion (the religion not necessarily Travis).

    • Travis was already baptized. So perhaps the other??

      I’m still trying to find out if Kevin Horn is a Mormon or not. Oh he has messed up in a few trials. There has to be some connection here for him to Kircher himself. I’m really beginning to see the Mormon connection.

            • Hmmm is right, it is all creepy. . .through the veil stuff. Hard for me to believe so many have been led to believe they are all headed to planet Kolob to be gods themselves!?! What will they do when they find out there is no planet Kolob? Now that is some major deceiving, going on there! We are talking MAJOR MEGA BUCKS invested in people’s lost souls, building of temples and man made empires. Sorry folks, it just makes me SMH. Why would people want to believe in a religion that teaches their young to lie and deceive from a very young age? I suppose they truly believe it. sorry…….

              • I really try very hard not to judge people’s religious beliefs….but darn these people are a bit over the edge in some of what they believe. But as long as they don’t hurt anyone they can believe anyway they wish.

                Ok we really need to find out the connections between the three amigos. Ok we know the frog and PIO but how dose Horn fit in??
                Ok Nurmi you have to look into his bank records, because if he isn’t a Mormon, then either someone has something on him or he’s being paid off.

              • I try not to judge also but it’s hard not to, when you see members of a church totally neglect and turn their backs on an innocent woman, such as Jodi. I can’t help but wonder what happened to them to fill them with such hate. To me it just appears they totally turned their backs on her even though their very own member had taken horrible advantage of her and others. They must have known all about his behavior for him to have lost his standing in their church. I just do not want any part of a religion that is so full of HATE (plus secrets) .
                Yes it would be interesting to know the religious beliefs of everyone involved in this circus of a trial. But it is hard to find, I have looked too.

                • This is one that has really blown me away!
                  I couldn’t belong to anything that’s supposed to be good but is filled with such strange doctrine.
                  I’m assuming that the prosecutor, judge and detective and all are a part of ers of that religion and also that sheriff and possibly the governor. Simply because in this whole trial, Jodi was set up and none of them are Godly enough to speak up for her and they are covering up something big.

              • Because, religions are cloaks for perversion, of all things sacred… Edgrrr…Why did C. Bert Keddington, hand me a paperbag, to throw into a babys,’ grave, if, it did not contain, the innards of the child ??? Next, question; why, would I not remember the squishy feeling as in a bag of guts…??? Let’s watch the denial, and, see the coverup…. considering the potential conspiracy……. and the excuse as to why a mortician, would have autopsy remains, to, begin with… Edgrrr… Freedom from such religions, are of national concerns….

      • I knew he had been baptized but was thinking it could have been a recommitment ceremony kind of thing. . .you know better late than never…….

        • The longer this goes on the more questions come up. My head hurts. I don’t really care if anyone calls me crazy but IMHO something happened that day in Masa and Jodi didn’t kill Travis. How can a the LD say it looked like it was done by 2 or 3 people and then change his story to make it fit a 5’5″ 120 lbs woman did it? Then ME said Travis was only dead for 1 to 2 days. Then it turned into 5. There is something really stinky in Maza AZ and you do not need a college degree to figure that out..

          • We can all, thank Jodi, for her misguided, belief, that being innocent, is any defense againt the criminalities of our socalled religions, and the lizards at law, who have infiltrated, every gathering of the sheeple, who elect, lieyers, into, positions, of trust…. It is her perseverance that is exposing the criminalities of the reptilian illiterati… The longer she holds therir feet to the fire, the closer they get to hell….. where, they all, belong… Edgrrr…

      • I hope someone can find out about Dr. Horn, bc I sure can’t find anything on him that connects him to LDS. But if he were, it certainly would explain his need to coverup for the church to protect its reputation at all costs, and then we have the age old reason: Money. The love of money is the root of all evil…..

        • BB why would anyone feel the need to cover things up for the church?? UNLESS the church was up to it’s Bishop was involved in Travis death…
          Every church has it’s black sheep… (I’m being very sarcastic)
          You might be right about the money…but not in the contacts that you said it. Travis had big time money problems. He was a sinner and into child pornography. Take your pick could be anyone of these things that got him killed or all three..

          • They may not, but having lived in AZ for almost 3 decades I do know that the Mormon church rules there and is very powerful. Just trying to figure out why Dr. Horn would give such seemingly obvious false testimony – cover my mouth in shock “it’s just a typo” – when in fact his autopsy report supports just the opposite…….

            • I think Horn’s probably a fairly dim bulb – no doubt a big disappointment to the parents who sent him to med school. If he had the brains to work on live people, he’d have a better paying job.

              To me, it looked as though Horn was gradually manipulated into saying what JM wanted him to say… and no doubt JM’s had plenty of practice, knows just how to get Horn where he wants him to go.

          • Not to mention that the shot came last when in fact if you read his report it doesn’t even mention the gunshot as the reason for death…..(Det Flores stated that it was Dr. Horn who stated it came first….)

          • Okay I am just a bit confusing today. What I am trying to say about the gunshot and Dr. Horn’s testimony about is that his report states that it was sharp force trauma of neck and torso as the cause of death (no mention of the gunshot a a cause) His testimony that the gunshot penetrated the dura mater is in direct conflict with his own report which states clearly that it did not penetrate the dura mater. So why give testimony and pretend that it was just a “typo” There is no reason to change your expert stance unless you are being influenced to do so by some outside force. Just trying to figure out what that influence might have been…..could have a number of influences – the biggest influence IMHO being that in order to make it fit the prosecution theory, the shot had to come last (aggravating factor to bring in DP) and had to be debilitating so that TA could not continue to attack Jodi taking away self defense….there could be other influences as well…

          • And this could have been a drug debt, gone south…. as per just another reasonable doubt, noting Travis’s bigger than life delusions of grandeur… but for, dope dealers, having more class than, your everyday variety of frogs… Lieyers have more diabolical ways, of duping the sheeple into doing their killings, for them…..Edgrrr…

  5. Dr. Horn is at the center of a 2010 case of Dillan Uutella, a four month old who died suddenly. Dr. Horn’s testimony had the child’s mother Lisa charged with first degree murder. Turned out the evidence did not support Dr. Horn’s persistent testimony. Dillan may have died of SIDS not from being banged about in a tramatic event. So much for Dr. Kevin Horn! Mother cleared.

    • 🙂 May Happiness be with Lisa from this point forward!
      Losing a child is devastating. To be accused of your child’s ‘murder’ must have been… there are no words.

      Hey! This is our ME! (roll)
      Kevin Horn deliberately sides with the prosecutor.
      I can imagine the conversation:
      ‘Hey, Kevin don’t bother to put an estimated time of death on Alexander’s report, it is irrelevant ’cause we’ve got the murder all wrapped up’ ‘Okay, Juan, it was about 1-2 days’ ‘I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.’

        • I agree with you, something is definitely not right.
          Could be that he can’t get another job after making many mistakes in his career. There is no excuse for him to ‘insist’ a mother killed her baby!

          No excuse for putting TA in cold storage for 5 days, and changing the sequence of injuries. No excuse for not noting approximate time of death.
          You are right…something smell bad!

            • Right after the department received the body.
              Maybe he was on vacation or sick.

              Maybe he wasn’t able to follow JM’s orders….that’s a quip!

              There are two sets of pictures:
              one from the crime scene, the other from the autopsy.
              The color of skin is different.
              The ones from the crime scene are normal flesh color;
              the ones from the autopsy are an unhealthy washed out color.

                • Officer Sterling Williams, first patrol officer to arrive on scene testified:
                  “It appeared he had been deceased and in that position for quite some time. ……. His face was dark purple, almost black. The rest of his body was a very pale white.”

                  … At the top portion of the neck wound by his ear, it appeared there was gas escaping the body every few seconds…. Every few seconds, it would bubble, the bubbles being reddish in color. ”

                  This patrol officer certainly didn’t describe a body in “fresh state” which would be your 1-2 days. Also, throughout the post mortem, evidence of autolysis and putrefaction are described. The odor of decomp was throughout the house and noticed by Mimi et al as soon as they entered the house.

    • Thanks for this information, Judy!

      If anyone has a link to the article, please post it here for the rest of us to read too. 🙂

  6. What do you guys have against frogs? A frog/toad is a gardener’s friend. Kermit is a very nice cute frog from a children’s show. Why name such a nasty guy Kermit?

  7. Occam’s razor:

    Stage a theft, turn a license plate upside down and drive 1000 miles to murder someone, who does that? Not Jodi not anyone ever! Blood atonement ritual, who does that? I don’t know but I doubt it happens very often. Who travels 1000 miles for sex? Jodi and almost everyone sometime in their life. I have traveled further. 😉 In 2005, 1,181 females and 329 males were killed by their intimate partners. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.

    • Joe, Don’t forget, and, couldn’t spare a pint of gasoline, to smoke the joint, to burn the evidence; whatwith, smelling all those gasoline fumes, for the thousand, miles, and, whatwith, all that, premeditation…??? Then, sat there for four or five days, watching blood dry, so she could be caught; when, she could have driven away, without, turning, her license plate, upside, down…. Edgrrr…

  8. OMG!!!!!!!

    I just found this:
    “County prosecutor drops bid to put Jodi Arias to death.” “Bill Montgomery decides to give County tax payers a break.”
    It’s from and cites that it’s from Arizona Central, December 31, 2014.

    I got it by searching PhoenixNewTimes arias (typed just that way).

    I can’t find anything else that confirms this. Hopefully some of you who are great on the computer can track this down!

      • Oh thank God. I never read the top that it was a nasty spoof. I just scrolled down until I got to Arias. Nasty nasty spoof.
        So sorry to put anyone on that track. Thank you Journee.

        • Thanks everybody. The top of my head just blew off when I started thinking that this was the only way the prosecution could avoid any more probing of their disgusting behaviors. And when it said that Montgomery proclaimed it instead of Juan, I saw that as proof that even Montgomery knows they are in real trouble or they never would have done that.

          There has never been a thought in my mind that Jodi wouldn’t be freed. That’s how I found you guys when all of this began. I did a search ” Jodi Arias is Innocent” and there you all were! With that exact same name!

          • Nym, I think that’s pretty much how all of us came to be here.

            Nym when I read your post last night I also thought the same thing you did….so this is how they are going to stop all of this.

          • But, there’s still no heat, put on the bribed defense, for refusing to submit a motion to dismiss, with, prejudice, because, of the three stooges, conspiracy to conceal, exculpatory evidence, trashing their, one crime, connection between a precision kill, and, a haphazard stabfest, of, stabbings that never bled, and dried blood proof that the laundering, of the kill ritual, was done, four or five days, after, the kill, as proven by the drying time, necessary to disprove, that which got the spaz to doublecross the other two stooges, who helped to perjure the process; of whicfh, the lizard at law, finally recanted, without a bleat from the braindead judge, or, the bribed, defense…. What are you waiting for ??? Edgrrr…

  9. P.S.
    I asked it to search for past 24 hours (on Mozilla Firefox Google). I hope that helps.
    When I did it, it said :

    Maricopa County, Arizona, Schema-Root news
    15 hours December 31,2014.
    (and then the blurb about the County Prosecutor as written in my last post.)

  10. I was reading Flores’ Report again and came upon this comment. Is it just me or is something wrong with Flores comment? Or, is it just a confused comment by Flores. The way he’s written it makes it sounds like there was an outgoing call from Travis’s cell phone on June 5, 2008 @ 12:13pm.

    “Travis’ cellular phone was located in the downstairs office of the home. The last outgoing or incoming call was made at 1213 hours on 6-5-08. There were other incoming calls and text messages into the phone after that, but none were ever answered.”

      • Cindy,
        Well, we “know” that no calls were sent from or answered on Travis’ cell phone on June 5, 2008 so I wonder why he mentioned that particular time on June 5 especially when he says “there were other incoming calls and text messages into the phone after that, but none were ever answered.” It sounds like either someone made an outgoing call or answered an incoming call on June 5 @ 12:13 pm. So Flores must have written the wrong date and no one has ever pointed it out to him in over 6 years. Just like no one ever pointed out Dr. Horn’s typo. These guys need some proof-readers.

    • I think you’re right. coldcase53. If incoming calls happened after that date as it says, then clearly the 6-5-08 refers to the last outgoing call. Maybe one of his room mates? Or maybe, just maybe Travis didn’t die when they say he did……..:roll:

      • Well, well see what happens when I’m in the barn, thank heavens CC53 is Aok! Glad you all cleared that up! 🙄 Eye rolling tip: always leave spaces before and after 🙄

      • And, maybe Napoleon the dog, should face the lineup, of the logical suspects, as if, he would, not, freak out, knowing which ones, were guilty; as if, he never heard, and, sensed a thing, and, as if, he’d be as likely to lie, as the office cronies, concealment of who left the gathering, while their impending trip to Cancun, was not being held up by the devout one, carnalizing, his, spiritual, debilities; over what he could morph into, repentence mode, once, he was no longer, horny…. …. Edgrrr… what a web, he weaved….and, wove….

    • No answer, and the office people knew the wicked witch of the West, was getting her cauldron stirred, by poor wittle Travis, and, not one of them, came to save him…??? Maybe, this explains the cat who ate the canary, en masse, smirk, in their, “we just got away with murder, ” look….There were four people at the kill scene, as proven by the States,’ photographs; and, you might consider, how, the connivers, smeared the blurry pictures, while, the rest, were perfect…??? … Edgrrr…

  11. Good morning Team Jodi..

    I have a legal question. If by chance the State drops the DO, I know this trial ends and JSS is then left to sentence Jodi.

    My question is what happens to the misconduct issue and the motions that have not been addressed yet. The stricken 3 amigos have to go down.

    I can see this happening in the next few weeks. If it looks like there is a good chance of the judge overturning the verdict of the guilt phase they will drop the DP. They will explain it away as saving the tax payers money.

    • They can drop the DP as they should, but KN and JW will undoubtedly proceed forward on all the misconduct, perjury, and Brady violations as these issues are related to the guilt phase trial verdict. The evidence was/is material to the case and there was a reasonable probability that the outcome of the trial would have been different had the evidence been disclosed as required. The legal proceedings regarding the misconduct/brady violations will continue on and IMHO due to the Brady violations the guilty verdict must be vacated and the case dismissed with prejudice. If not dismissed with prejudice then a new trial ordered. There is no way that the DT should negotiate a settlement (agree to any sentence) at this point as they have the upper hand and JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED !! . The prosecution will not be able to stop this action ………they insisted on retrying her to try to kill her and now they are going to live to regret it……..

        • That is exactly what they will try to do. The state is in such trouble right now with potential criminal charges for tampering/destroying evidence and refusing to disclose this exculpatory evidence that they are going to want to make a deal that disposes of any wrongdoing on their part in exchange for removal of the DP. NO DEAL !!! Jodi should never give up any of her rights, period !! She is INNOCENT ! JSS is NOT relieved of her duty to adjudicate this case and that includes a final resolution of the Brady violations / misconduct issues. If she unwisely refuses to make the right decision to vacate the guilty verdict and dismiss the case with prejudice, and basically ignores the facts, then you can be assured that this case will be overturned on appeal in an appellate court. You can not hide/destroy/delete exculpatory evidence, period. Whether intentionally or not. Cases have been overturned for far less….JODI WILL WALK FREE 🙂 🙂 🙂 SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!!!

          • I don’t want Jodi to wait for the appeal. That could take too long….I’m on the fence about a new trial. I don’t want any chance of the frog or JSS being involved. But I’m putting my money on the DT to bring it home so that Jody will take that same walk that CA did. THE Freedom WALK!!!!! Then I hope she sued the state of Arizona for wrongful imprisonment!!!!

          • And, these are more reasons to force an investigation of the three stooges, conspiracy, to tailor the prostitutors,’ antics at law, into, the crime he wants it to be. and, yet, there is no outrage, when he doublecrosses the other two stooges, by reversing his criminmally contrived format, from the conspiracy of the first con, into, the opposite, conspiracy of the second con; as if, his carnival act, gets him off the hook, for, all his contradictory, lies at law; while the bribed defense, and, the braindead judge, lets him, skate; as if this soap opera, is not teeming with vermin at law, saving face for the Mormon ritual……. by prostituting a murder, that, never, happened. Take another look at Travis’s picture, of trepidaton, for what he signed up for….and, obviously agreed to, else, why would he sit there, under submissdion for what was coming, that if, he was not, party to, he’d be up and, kicking, ass…??? Edgrrr…

  12. Journee, I’m responding to or conversion regarding DR. Horns education. I agree with you on why would someone pay for a medical degree and go through all of that schooling to only make around $64000.00 a year. My brother is a anesthesiologist P.A. (not to be confused with a nurse anesthetist) and he started out making that 30 years ago.

    He can’t be a dummy (horn)

    • Why would someone go through the trouble of getting a MD. just to be a medical examiner/coroner. Well at least he doesn’t have to worry about killing his patients. 🙂

      Ray H-burg Va.

      • Ray, it may have been an extra job for a little extra money in a bad economy.

        Kevin Horn, MD is relatively young man and definitely is not stupid, in fact he has a very solid, respectable background, according to what can be read on line.
        He may have been new to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s office, which is not directly connected to the judicial departments. Also, he does not mention being a Medical Examiner for the county in his current on-line bio.
        There doesn’t seem to be a way to find out if he still currently works there.
        Which brings a question to mind: why would he neglect to put a estimated time of death on Travis Alexander’s Autopsy Report?
        He must have had a mental thought as to time of death.

      • That is just what I was going to say. . .our ME have their own private practices too and the ME job is sort of a sideline thing. I’m sure Dr. Horn is not going broke and fact might be making money on the side for these inaccurate autopsy reports. Allegedly.

        • It seems it is the same down there as up here. They have a private practice and teach, as well as perform post mortems for medical examiner cases and routine posts . They do spend so much time in school that they are kept really busy once they are licenced.

        • I personally have never looked into a ME before. We did file a complaint with the office here do to the fact that it took him 6 hours to come to the house to pronounce my father dead and to make sure there was no foul play. That part was understandable but the 6 hours was not. Needless to say nothing became of it.

          But that is neither here nor there. Dr. Horn perjured himself on the stand!!!!I IIt’s not the first time. I want to know Why!!!!!

          • The baby case revolved around a skull fracture seen on one CT scan but not the first and I don’t believe he perjured himself in that case, but got the wrong clinical impression from the fracture and did not take the child’s medical history into account.

            I don’t know if it’s because life would be made impossible for them if they all didn’t agree with the prosecutor but it’s not just Horn. There are also at least two detectives who swore to tell the truth, but seemingly didn’t, and the prosecutor seems to be the common denominator IMO.

            • I so very much agree with you as I’m sure everyone else dose. We were just throwing common denominators out there.

              I’m sorry to me that was a pretty big mistake he made with the child’s case.

            • If he didnt take the child’s medical history into account and got the wrong clinical impression from the fracture, again it goes to show that “Dr” Horn doesn’t take his job very seriously, because both in this mother’s case and in Jodi’s, these women were charged with M1 and could end up in death row or life imprisonment. So Mr Horn should think twice before opening his mouth and testify to something under oath!!!!!!!!!!!
              I am still not over the ”it-was-a-typo” fiasco. What freaking typo is justifiable in a DP case???

  13. It’s hard not to say Dr. Horn intentionally or unintentionally made a mess of this case:

    One radiologist at PCH noted on the second day a “left parietal skull fracture” in the last (i.e. Third) CT scan, which is interesting since Dr. Horn, the medical examiner, later stated that he found a right skull fracture. (Bates 360.)

    Any possible skull fracture was secondary to the brain swelling, and would have had to occur at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. (Bates 12, 170, 297, 331, 339, 414, 432, 439, 470, 652.)

    Dr. Kevin Horn of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted the autopsy following Dillon’s death, following which Dillon’s body was released for immediate cremation. (Bates 505–613.)

    Dr. Horn, did not address the fact that Dillon did not present with a skull fracture at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, but concluded nonetheless, that the cause of death was “blunt force trauma” to the head.

    Dr. Horn later testified in court that the massive head trauma was the type that “we see in motor vehicle accidents and falls from heights.” (R.T. 01/22/08, at 75.) Horn asserted that it would take “vigorous shaking and throwing to the ground, throwing against an object” to cause the injuries. (Id. at 80.)

    When confronted with the lack of any marks establishing the physical grip to the body necessary to establish a “shaken baby scenario,” Horn asserted, “there’s an impact involved. Not a pure shaking case….[p]robably striking against an object.” (Id. at 81.)

    Dr. Horn testified that it is “the norm in many child abuse cases” that there are no external bruises whatsoever on a baby’s head or body. (Id. at 75-76.)

    Dr. Horn further concluded that Dillon would not have appeared normal after the “injury,” so the impact had to occur during the one hour time period that Dillon was in Lisa’s care. (Id. at 77, 84–85.)

    • I don’t think he intentionally did anything wrong in this case. He made a clinical judgement which was supported by two other doctors at the hospital, but disagreed with by another expert. Differences in opinion between experts is not uncommon.

      “Two pediatricians at the hospital (Adam Schwartz and Jennifer Geyer) — and, later, a pathologist at the Office of the Medical Examiner (Kevin Horn) — told Peoria police with great confidence that Dillon’s death came as the result of intentionally inflicted blunt-force trauma at the hands of Randall.

      Those doctors said it was overwhelmingly clear to them that Dillon had sustained several injuries — retinal hemorrhages, bleeding inside his brain, and skull fractures — during his short time with Randall.”

      Phoenix News Time

        • I know. They are bloodthirsty, aren’t they? I read some place that they go for the death penalty in order to frighten people into a confession of a lesser crime (like M2 or MS). Not sure if this is true or not.

              • Oh boy you don’t know how much I AGREE with you. I so wish it was just the frog’s ego to win but it is so much more. Now if the Alexander’s could just realize how they are being manipulated.

                There used to be a poster that was a Mormon who knew both Travis and Jodi. Her name was Bella. I know she struggled with her religion and her belief that Jodi didn’t do this. I would like to hear from her again.

      • Carol,
        You could be right that Dr. Horn didn’t do anything intentionally wrong but the comments below are from Lisa Randall’s defense lawyer. Note that Dr. Horn informs Det. Moran “it is possible that Dillon was not hurt at the babysitter’s home” but when he testifies in court he says “the impact had to occur during the one hour time period that Dillion was in Lisa’s care.” – see previous comments posted above. It seems to me he is willing to fit his testimony to match the prosecution’s case. Maybe, we’ll have to disagree about Dr. Horn’s character in a friendly manner like Canadians do. I can post the defense lawyer’s letter in full if you like or you could just get it through Google.

        Defense lawyer’s letter:

        ” Dr. Horn and Fulginiti had both informed Det. Moran that “it is possible that Dillon was not hurt at the babysitter’s home.” (Bates 478.) (Emphasis added.)

        Detective Moran admitted that none of the actual treating doctors and neuroradiologists for Dillon were at the meeting Moran arranged wherein Dr. Fulginiti altered her prior findings in order to get “on the same page” as Dr. Horn and the forensic doctor, and assert that there was a skull fracture, and that it should be placed within the one hour time frame of having occurred at Lisa’s home. (R.T. 06/25/08, at 42-43.)”

        • cc53, it would be better if we could read the autopsy reports and have more info on the testimony, at least for me. The poor baby had retinal hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage and a skull fracture which all indicative of trauma. A physician’s position is to err in favor of the child if there is any question of abuse, and must report it. Twenty minutes seems to be a long time to leave a 4-month old baby alone with other older kids IMO, but I am glad that the judge put a stop to trying her in a death penalty case. Other than that, we totally agree on Horn.


  14. I was re-reading the transcripts of Jodi’s first 7 interrogation tapes last night and the interviewing technique used by Flores and Det. Rachael Blaney seemed very similar to the interviewing technique described in a recent Canadian documentary called “The Interrogation Room.” The technique is called the “Reid Technique” and has been banned in many countries b/c it leads to false confessions. While it didn’t result in a confession by Jodi, it did seem to leave her resigned to the fact that she would be convicted even bringing her to the point of saying maybe she should confess in hopes of getting a lesser penalty. Here is a description of the Reid technique:

    The other impression I got from the Jodi interrogation tapes was that both Flores & Blaney were practically on their knees begging Jodi to confess (i.e., for her benefit & the benefit of her family & the Alexander family). It gave me the impression that they knew, and their “superiors” probably knew, that the case against Jodi was weak, circumstantial and a confession was essential.

    • Poor Jodi didn’t know what was happening to her as did her parents when they were questioned. I have to admit that before I realized what was really going on in this case I thought Det.F was really being nice to Jodi. He never raised his voice to her. But I soon realized how he manipulated a confession out of her.

      I remember asking a question when I first found this site. I don’t recall ever getting a answer or I have a foggy brain. How come if Jodi worked for this company that scares people to by ins. for attorney services didn’t she get one?? I’m sure she must have paid into it.

      • Great question, Cindy. If Jodi had listened to her friend who advised her to get a lawyer at the beginning, she might not be where she is today. There are many videos and articles online that advise people to NEVER talk to the police until you have a lawyer especially if it concerns a serious crime like murder. I think the “Miranda warning” that police read to “suspects” really needs to be explained by an advocate or a lawyer, not just read by a cop. It seems many people don’t really understand what they’re doing when they waive their right to a lawyer. Some think, if I’m innocent, what do I have to fear? They have a lot to fear.

        • Not that I ever intend on being questioned by the police…but we have had conversation about this very thing in my family. Needless to say having had 4 attorney in the family might have had something to do with it.

        • The Miranda advisement does not explain the financial implications of the court providing counsel, so it is not sufficient disclosure for the indigent.

            • Miranda does not state that an attorney will be appointed at NO cost.

              Everyone knows attorneys are very expensive. A frightened indigent person could easily infer from Miranda that the court-appointed attorney is simply LESS expensive. They could have heard of “sliding scales” in other government-sponsored programs, and might well be inclined to apply it to having an attorney appointed to them.

              They could fear that to ASK a definitive question in this regard might appear incriminating.

              Further, Miranda is often read aloud, and it is a known fact that many people do not process information well aurally because that is not their preferred mode of learning.

              Frightened, indigent folks are known to draw erroneous conclusions about what the states and the federal government can offer, despite disclosures that are publicly disseminated in print and on the radio. They fear, above all, that in order to be a beneficiary they will in turn be required – or at least be subjected to pressure – to GIVE UP something in return. Complicating matters, the indigent (especially recent immigrants) can and do easily fall victim to misapprehensions of well-meaning friends and relatives.

              Miranda needs clarification for these reasons.

  15. Finally got caught up with all your comments! Phew!

    B.N. is an extremely experienced computer forensics professional. When martinez brought in that hacker kid with about 2 yrs experience BUT can build his own pc 🙄 I thought to myself… wtf? martinez is making this very easy for the Defense Team.

    B.N. Has worked with the prosecution’s office on other cases so martinez absolutely knows how good B.N. is at his job. To try and disparage him only proves that martinez is desperate knowing that he is wayyyy over his head! I can only imagine how martinez reacted when he found out that N.B. was going to be the defense’s witness… 😀

    What to this day bugs the hell out of me is why did all those suspicious suicides of people linked to travis and Jodi get swept under the carpet… I am absolutely sure that these people knew a lot of things thus had to be muted…

    • I am not as brilliant as most on this site ( I do feel privileged to be among all of you btw) I’m going on my gut feeling here, I think that we will all have our questions answered in the next few months. It has always been a cover up by the church. Jodi was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also think the Cashes are neck deep in this.

  16. Rain Shine@RedTailspin
    “It doesn’t get any more honest than #JodiArias.” #SkyeHughes quoting #TravisAlexander 2 #TriciaGriffith on Tricia’s True Ass Kissing Radio.

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