Defendant’s Motion for Reconsideration (filed 11/26)

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Click here (or click the graphic below) to read the Defendant’s Motion For Reconsideration – (6 page PDF) – filed by Kirk Nurmi, 11/26:

Motion Excerpt:

Justice for Jodi Arias 1-12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. The haters can’t understand why any witness would be afraid to testify if they are going to tell the truth (the truth, of course, being what the haters approve of). They’ve concluded that they all must be planning to lie and that’s why they’re afraid. These idiots don’t even have the mental capacity to recognize their own hateful and threatening culpability in this.

  2. Here we go again… this is a ‘copy/paste’ of what went on last year…. witnesses declined testifying due to the fact that they were afraid for their lives and the lives of their family members.

    Just when we think this trial can’t get more unfair…bam! a new problem occurs. When will Judge Sherry Stephens get it through her thick skull that she is not allowing Jodi a fair trial! Has the peroxide seeped so deep into her head that it has caused permanent damage? For the love of all gods!

    This is totally ridiculous…

    Not only should the option of death sentence be taken off the table but the verdict should be thrown out too. This was never a death penalty case to begin with. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME; IT’S EVERY HUMAN’S RIGHT!

    Free Jodi Now Shitzona!

  3. This is the same as what happened in the original trial. Sorry but WTF? Why does the right of the public to view trials as entertainment take precedence over the right to a fair trial? This would only happen in the US. The public are basically told to feck off in other countries!

    So mad!!

  4. I just keep saying over and over again all in God’s timing. It’s going to all work out.

    I don’t want just the DP taken off the table I want Jodi to be free and if it takes another trial good then all the truths will out there for the world to see.

    • I believe that whether or not the DP is taken off the table, Jodi will get a new trial. The criminal trial is fatally damaged now that it is known that exculpatory evidence was either purposefully destroyed/lost/hidden or whether by accident – it does not matter. The jury was not given all information to make an informed decision. That verdict must be vacated and a new trial ordered. JSS if she was doing her job would have already stopped the retrial due to the new information on TA’s computer that has come forward – but perhaps she will do that further down the line when that part of the case proceeds with more hearings, etc. JSS has already admitted that without these mitigation witnesses Jodi can not receive a fair retrial (per the DT motion) so she should take the DP off the table. Jodi should never give up her right to appeal whether sentenced to death or life – no deals, period. She has the upper hand now that the truth is finally coming out about TA. It is going to all work out no doubt. Jodi will be vindicated and she will breathe free air once again…..

  5. Ok who in hell is leaking information from the court house?? They have come up with a name of the witness who is a friend of Travis’s. Rather it is true or not time will tell.

    • pfft – their secret source (who declines to be identified himself, oh the irony) also asserts that this witness ‘loves the limelight’ (trying to imply that’s why he’d come forward at all) HELLO HE IS AFRAID TO TESTIFY IN OPEN COURT!! THAT’S HOW MUCH HE LOVES THE LIMELIGHT!!!

      • You been reading the same thing I have been. They just don’t get it. Who the hell cares if TA looked at porn every day of his life. Kid porn … he should rot in hell for… They don’t get the fact that JM and friends lied, hid and destroyed evidence.

        Yes you clueless people that is against the law. The verdict will be overturned and it will cost the taxpayers another few millions.

        I guess you just can’t fix stupid.

  6. In regard to the possibility of a former working associate offering mitigating testimony during this sentencing retrial:

    In recent court proceedings, JM ran roughshod over facts Jodi testified to (during the guilt phase) about her employment record. During this retrial, he more or less TOLD the court that Jodi moved to Mesa two weeks after JA broke up with TA. Jodi moved from Palm Desert to Monterey after the breakup, for the purpose of WORKING again for the Ventana resort.

    In another instance, the prosecutor mischaracterized the purpose of one of Jodi’s evening visits to TA’s, (an individual who had an “open door” policy) the visit JM described as the “peeping incident”. Jodi testified during the guilt phase that she had called ahead to TA in order to notify him that she would need to show her original Social Security card to her new employers at P.F. Chang’s (in AZ), but that it was packed away in his closet. According to Jodi’s sworn testimony, TA told her to come over and get it. Retrieving the card for the purpose of keeping the job she had secured was her stated purpose for that visit.

    It just so happens that BOTH of these distortions on the part of the prosecutor involve Jodi’s employment history and affect the jury’s perception of same. Jodi was always able to find a job; this can be easily verified. But will the jurors in this retrial be allowed any revelations about JA’s obviously strong work ethic?

  7. Will Pickles rule on this motion today????? You know, sometimes I wonder…. which of these 2 scenarios applies to Judge Pickles: 1) she’s incompetent and thinks all her decisions are fair 2) she’s reached a point where there’s no turning back.

    First option needs no explaining.
    As for the second one, just think of people who have screwed up so badly that it is worse to go back and admit they were wrong all along or admit the truth. So they weave a tangled web of lies or just keep going the wrong way , choosing the wrong behavior because it is less ”painful”.

    In this case, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Stephens insists on trampling on Jodi’s rights in such a blatantly and obviously prejudiced way, without taking into consideration that there IS the chance this case will be thrown out by the Appellate court. Won’t she be utterly embarrassed/ashamed/humiliated if this happens? Doesn’t she wanna protect her reputation? Does only the ”right here, right now” count in her head? The only explanation I can give is that she knows the extent of the damage that has been done but it’s a one-way street for her now…. She can’t go back, she fucked up too badly to ADMIT it now.

  8. I sure don’t pretend to have a law degree but I’m going to say No she won’t hear this motion any time soon. We will hear the other witnesses first and hopefully get the ruling on the frogs misconduct. .Maybe!!!

    As far as JSS this is her first capital case and I’m sure she see her career going down the drain. As it should.

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