Day 47 reviewed + The Enema of the State [2013 RE-POST]

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Today’s 2013 replay features a re-post from April 16th:

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Here’s a brief overview of yesterday’s events. The full trial day video can be viewed by clicking here.

First up – Grace Wong seemed thrilled to be thrust into the trial, but really served no real purpose aside backing up what Jinkasaurus had said a few weeks ago. She came, she saw, she chirped – and she left smiling.

Bryan Neumeister (the audio/video guy) was next up, and he ultimately produced an enlargement of the infamous “TA eye” picture, to verify that Jodi was taking that particular photograph. For a moment there, I thought he was preparing to unveil a picture with a bunch of people stood behind Jodi wearing foil hats, waving light sabers & sporting strange looking undergarments. Thankfully he didn’t.

Kirk Nurmi 4-15 evidentiary hearing 1

Martinez attempted (and failed once again) to knock the credentials of the expert in his cross — even though Bryan also works for Martinez’ own office — and he finished off by saying all he could see was a Mexican chihuahua and a solar eclipse, then compared it all to a cancer test. Go figure.

As Kirk Nurmi said about Martinez’ “bluster” and the evidence submission – “He’s afraid of the bite in the dog.”

The motion for mistrial also included direct reference (& audio playback) to Martinez’ verbal harassment & intimidation of Dr Richard Samuels, where he basically tried to bully & coerce him into not using any reference articles, pictures or slides during his testimony. He apparently pulled the same stunt with Alyce LaViolette in chambers last week.

Kirk Nurmi 4-15 evidentiary hearing 3

The eventful morning session finished off with the prosecutorial misconduct segment, and Martinez complaining over Jodi tweeting about his respective lack of height… and his claim that the defense were “showboating” in an attempt to “add pennies” to their bill. He forgets that in addition to the defense working on a very limited budget, the State has unlimited funds & resources at their disposal and yet they are still NO NEARER to proving their bullshit M1-burglary case against Jodi. Maybe he forget that strange but true fact.

Kirk Nurmi summed it all up nicely by advising Judge Pickles that this wasn’t “2nd Grade” or “a find the shell game”, in fact it was “a court of law”… and that the defense has no intention of stooping to the very low levels the prosecutor was intent on continually stooping to.

Needless to say, the 84th request for a mistrial was promptly denied – but it’s still on record of course.

The 3 minute Afternoon Session:

After the lunch break, the jurors were advised that as per the TA eye picture on the big screen, both parties had agreed that Jodi was not holding a knife or gun in her hand when the photograph was taken on June 4th 2008. After just arriving, the jury were then promptly sent home for the day.

So ladies, gentlemen – and everyone else that’s here… I give you Juan Martinez… self-appointed Enema Of The State. Right? Yes or no?


Team Jodi

Jodi Arias & Jennifer Willmott 4-15

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      • Well thank you Pandora! I was sooo enthralled into looking into TA’s Eyeball I didn’t notice!!! Your right it might be ET trying to phone home!!!!!!! XX*X*X*******!*@*#*#*@*!*@*#*@*$**# (I am deleting my comment as I wouldn’t want to bring myself down to the Hater level.) I never have seen a more ridiculous attempt as to distract the jury as JM’s little eyeball trick!

        Ooops How did I forget Snow White and the & Dwarfs?? Wonders never cease with this excuse of a man. (JM) !!!!!!

            • Hahahaha, too funny R. Love!

              TN Moonshine would probably have been a good idea for when listening to kermit! We also have some good moonshine here at a village in the mountains. They have a moonshine festival each year, so if you ever come to Greece in October, I’d be more than happy to take you there: moonshine, food, live folk music, dancing: all happening in a forest!


              • That all sounds like fun but the Moonshine for me, I learned at an early age I probably should know what I was doing at all times. . .LOL! A man named Popcorn Sutton used to bootleg not far from here until the Feds caught up with him (I think he was in his 80s) and threatened to put him in jail. . .sadly he killed himself before they got the chance and NOW it is legalized TN Moonshine and his family doesn’t make a cent off of it. No justice there either. . . hmmmmm

        • I wouldn’t worry about Pandora too much, She has the time advantage on us here in the States in Greece they are about 7hours ahead of us here on the East coast. 🙂

          (((((PANDORA))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂
          λοωε υοθ σισ ♥

          Ray in H-burg Va.

        • R. Love, Ray is right! I do have a head start due to time difference! 😉 So no need to worry! I was out doing gardening stuff. Now that spring is slowly tiptoeing back (here in Greece) I will probably be missing a few ‘firsts’ —-> planting, watering, trimming… 🙂

  1. Hey there everyone! Hope you’re all well!

    So I have two things to say:

    1. The ta Eye Picture: Call me crazy but is it only me that sees E.T. there too? In the eye?!!!! WTF? LMFAO! And to think: I am sober as sober gets…

    2. “So ladies, gentlemen – and everyone else that’s here… I give you Juan Martinez… self-appointed Enema Of The State. Right? Yes or no?”

    SJ, you made me laugh so hard! Now everything is starting to make sense! Poor midget was constantly constipated. That’s why he was pissy all the time! He couldn’t take a crapper and that’s why all the crap flowed out of his mouth!!!!

    And yes! He is Enema of The State!

    ((((((((SJ)))))))) ♥
    (((((((TEAM JODI)))))) ♥
    (((((JODI))))) ♥

  2. It looked really good. Jodi deserves for the truth about her trial and her tragedy to be heard. I hope it will help get the word out for all to read and hear! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on first, R. Love!!!! YAY!!!

    ((((R. Love))))

    I just wanted to tell you all of some news right here in the state of Missouri, where I live and only two hours away from St. Louis in Columbia, MO! It is similar to Jodi’s case in so many ways!!!

    A Missouri man cleared of a murder conviction after nearly a decade in captivity has filed a $100 million lawsuit against police and prosecutors, alleging reckless investigation, destruction of evidence and other “abuse of power.”

    Ryan Ferguson, 29, was convicted in the 2001 murder of a newspaper sports editor in Columbia, Missouri, based largely on statements from witnesses who later recanted their testimony!

    The Missouri Court of Appeals in November found prosecutors HAD WITHHELD EVIDENCE that would have affected the witness testimony and other evidence that could have worked in Ferguson’s favor! Ferguson was released a week later and the Missouri Attorney General said it would not retry him!

    You can read the rest of the article at:

    • I remember this one and his Dad played a big part in helping him get out. I wish Jodi will be this lucky. It is unbelievable what people have to go through to get a fair trial these days! So sad.

      • R. Love,

        YES, Jodi WILL be so BLESSED and have an outcome like Ryan Ferguson’s, for sure!!!!! I know it, I see it, I feel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL COME – JODI’S FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

        Hang on, Jodi!!!!! Hold your head high!!!! Feel all our support and love!!!

        All the haters can hate as much as they want but that will NEVER STOP our love and support for Jodi and it will NOT STOP her from being set FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

        (((((FREE JODI!!!))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

        • Unfortunately, in Jodi’s case not only the police and prosecutor are corrupted, misleading and hateful, the media didn’t help her at all. On the contrary I think Jodi’s case has been damaged due to the hatred of HLN, social networking and of course travis’s family didn’t help in keeping a fairness… they are out for blood and I’m sure they enjoy every attack that is towards Jodi, her family, her friends and generally everyone that supports her.

          Nevertheless, we move forward and focus on our support and love fo Jodi. Let the haters hate: that’s all they’ve got in their lives. If we take that away from them… they are nothing. So sad.

          We are here for the long haul. Supporting Jodi and trying to spread the word about how her trial was a circus act! I wish Edgar would jump in and say it in his fantastic way! 😉 Edgaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary,

      I have been following Ryan’s case. It is so fucking sad (excuse my ‘french’) that a young innocent man had to spend a decade in jail (wasting the best and first years of his adult life) because police and prosecutors didn’t do the jobs they have vowed to do! SMH. The corruption NEVER ends!

      I also know that Ryan is also helping Amanda Knox. He’s an awesome man! Plus he has a heart of gold.

      • Pandora,

        Yes, I totally agree with you in that it is VERY FUCKING (excuse too) sad that Ryan had to spend the best and first years of his adult life in jail, innocently, because of exactly what you said!!!

        I didn’t know Ryan was helping Amanda Knox! Thanks for the info! I wish he could help Jodi too!!! Maybe he can, do you think?

  4. Kiefer is tweeting today about Jodi’s Dr. Karp on the stand in the DeVault trial – with Martinez in the gallery as a spectator.

    It kinda sounds like things aren’t going well on the stand for Dr. Karp.

    • Dr. Cheryl Karp snapped back when Prosecutor Eric Basta was rude by asking if Dr. Karp had any mental health issues to Judge Roland. Michael Kiefer seems to be wondering if Prosecutor Juan Martinez is giving any tips to the prosecution.

      • Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 20 hrs
        Dr. Karp was supposed to testify in the Jodi Arias trial but pulled out.

        Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 20 hours
        Basta asked Steinle if Dr. Karp had mental health issues and she snapped that she had none. Steinle: “you’re in my court not your office.”

        Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 20 hours
        Psychologist Cheryl Karp is on the stand to testify about DeVault. Judge Steinle already scolded her for snapping back at prosecutor Basta.

        Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 20 hours
        Juan Martinez is a spectator in the Marissa DeVault trial this afternoon. Prosecutorial tips?

  5. A full day of painting =)
    I did get a chance to pick up some more free postcards =) Salvation Army gives them away – and they are beautiful.
    I did ‘re – read the FLORES police report last night, and a blog in support of Jodi.
    One thing that bothers me. Jodi was calling on the night TA’s body was found. She was calling,.one of 5 people that were there. Jodi asked ,that night to speak with the detectives. ( they ignored her.)
    Jodi then went to the police station with MiMi ,Michelle , and and a few other mutual friends. Jodi ,along with the other’s gave buccal swabs, prints.
    I don’t get those people that went with Jodi. They were blaming her of of murder. YET RIDING IN THE SAME CAR AS HER. TALKING AND HUGGING HER AT MEMORIAL SERVICE.
    Talk about 2faced?!! Who needs enemies,with friends like that.
    ((((((Jodi)))))) YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER !

  6. Same ole frog…. 🙄

    He tried to ridicule both Neumeister and his science by using stupid arguments. So Mr Martinez, if it’s not a blood test or a cancer test, it is not science???? Oh God, so many experts out there would enjoy spitting in his face! Kermit is an absolute disgrace of the legal system.

    Do you think he’s too much into himself? Since he’s called the Bulldog, I guess he’s only capable of recognizing his own species: dogs!

    • Maria,

      Is it strictly ONLY science specialist that can spit in his face? Can I stand in line too? Pleeeaaase?!

      I am offended! Dogs are offended! He cannot be put in the same catagory as dogs! Even calling him a pig would offend pigs!!

      Bulldog?!!!Pffff… please! Id we absolutely had to call him a certain breed I would choose: Chihuahua (sorry doggies of the same breed): he’s small, obnoxious and loud! Πορδοβούλωμα! LMFAO! – Sorry friends, there isn’t a word that would translate this greek word! (free translation: fartplug)

      ((((Maria)))) ♥ Love you gf!

      • I thought the same! I heard today that “If you lay with pigs you will get muddy and the pigs will enjoy themselves!”

      • I’d be more than glad to join you waiting in line to spit on Kermit’s face. Though I’d really had to constrain myself to do ONLY that!

  7. If you go to and search on ‘devault’ you can see Keifer’s article about what’s going on in the courtroom. And I found his last line very interesting: “Basta [the prosecutor] will then seat rebuttal witnesses, including a psychologist that Martinez used in the Arias trial.” So apparently (so-called Dr.) Janine Smartee Pants is becoming Maricopa County’s go-to psychologist when they want to kill someone, particularly a woman. What better endorsement than to have another woman do the back-stabbing.

  8. Maria,

    Never mind about your comment now! I figured it out after Pandora responded under it! 🙂
    I thought the comment meant, THIS SITE – JAII, and I thought someone was using your name to inquire and I wanted to let you know!!!

    I just try to look out for us all but I feel so stupid now that I didn’t know you were responding to the link that Pandora gave us to another site or blog supporting Jodi! I just knew you wouldn’t be asking who runs this site is why I thought someone was using your name! I guess I’m just too suspicious but then again, you never know, right? I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So, sorry, Maria!!! I wanted to protect you!!!


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