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While wait for the trial to resume again next Monday… and with the continuation of the Evidentiary Hearing coming up this Thursday… let’s not forget the fact that we’ve still never seen any conclusive proof of pre-meditation on Jodi’s part.

Pre-meditation - here's the proof

And despite Kermit’s shambolic showboating escapades and countless acts of blatant prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, coerced perjury & evidence tampering (in that order) – the State never even came close to proving their case beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. Nor will it ever. No amount of assumption or wishful thinking will ever change that.

The autopsy pics never proved pre-meditation either. All they prove is that the pedo-animal Jodi was defending herself against came off decidedly second best – [click here for confirmation].

Jodi – the potential VICTIM – turned the tables on her attacker. Self defense. Plain & simple.

Here’s the latest tweet from Jodi’s Twitter account:

12-9 jodi arias tweet
$2.7 million dollars of AZ tax payers money later – and the same still applies.

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Watch the video below from Jodi’s parents – Bill & Sandy Arias:

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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  1. Ok peeps let’s start by listing all the rules broken (specific occasions) by the State re Jodi’s case!

    I’ll start from the beginning of the trial: Camera tampering (attempt to destroy it) by Mr Martinez inside courtroom while trial was in session.

    Mr. Martinez maliciously took the camera out of the plastic protective bag – with bare hands, thus tampering with evidence – and threw it on the floor (thus, possible destruction of evidence) in a piss poor attempt to galvanize the jury.

    For a prosecutor CLAIMING to know his way around high profile cases, he should have known better than to fiddle with evidence in that manner. In a matter of less than a minute, he conducted two violations.

    • Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

      This isn’t the first time we’ve heard accusations of prosecutorial misconduct in this trial. Earlier, Nurmi asked the judge to declare a mistrial, arguing that prosecutor Juan Martinez elicited false information during the testimony of Mesa, Arizona, police Det. Michael Melendez regarding the availability of text messages recovered from the victim’s cell phone. Stephens denied that motion for mistrial.

      (HLN excerpts 2 articles from Jan 2013)

      • From Jodi’s Motion for Mistrial Apr 7th 2013

        “Ms. Arias bases this assertion on the fact that the circus like atmosphere inside the courtroom that to date has included counsel for the State yelling at witnesses, attacking witnesses on a personal level and throwing evidence. Not content with confining his misconduct to inside the courtroom counsel for the State, pursuant to his own admissions, chose to release evidence that was not coming into evidence at trial to the media and to pose for pictures with his so called fans on the courthouse steps has turned what is supposed to be a trial that comports with the rights due Ms. Arias pursuant to the 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution and Art. 2, §§ 4, 15, 23, and 24 of the Arizona Constitution into something that more closely resembles a modern day equivalent to the Salem Witch Trials which ended in 1693.

        More recently Ms. Arias has had to make mistrial motions because the State has not confined its misconduct to inside the courtroom. Most prominent amongst this extra-curricular misconduct is his decision to pose for photographs with his “fans” outside the courthouse steps where jurors could potentially see him so doing. In further efforts to prove his case in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law on April 4, 2013, the State unapologetically admitted that it had released a plethora of damming evidence that would not otherwise come into trial to the media.”

    • Looking ahead to more problems for the Prosecution, maybe.

      If the State does fingerprint analysis on anything connected to the prosecution of a crime (specifically the ‘license plate’ and the ‘washer and dryer’, do they have to give that analysis to the Defense?
      If they did the testing did they give the results to the Defense?
      If they did not do the testing, well then, why didn’t they check?

      If, for instance, the State checked the ‘license plate’ for fingerprints and found some but they didn’t match the defendant’s, would the defense be made aware of the testing?
      And, if the State checked the ‘washer and dryer’ for fingerprints and found some but they didn’t match the defendant’s would the defense be made aware of the testing?

      It wouldn’t be logical that many people would touch the ‘license plate’ but perhaps washing the car when it was returned removed any fingerprints.
      In the case of the ‘washer and dryer’ of course the roommates fingerprints would be on it, but if others were also on it and they were not identified as the defendant’s it would appear to me THAT information is exculpatory evidence.
      Maybe this is all beside the point and it has no significance at all, but it has made me wonder if all the Prosecution’s ‘work’, or lack of it, has been given to the Defense!

        • Someone put the sheets, camera and magic underwear in the washer but we do not know who.
          I never thought it to be Jodi, just someone making it look like Jodi. IMO

          • R. Love:
            If anyone can put things in the washer and dryer without leaving fingerprints that would amaze and confound most detectives! Maybe it was T’s ghost! But he wouldn’t put colored with white, and I bet the towels were not white. If you or I were investigating the scene we would have checked both machines for fingerprints, I’d bet on it.

      • Turning the plate upside down would have, most likely, resulted in fingerprints on the BACKSIDE of the plate. If that plate was still being used on the same vehicle the prints on the back of the plate would probably not have washed off. I believe Jodi said some kids were in the parking lot laughing. They probably were the culprits. Being hooligans, I bet their prints were on file. Jodi’s prints may ALSO have been on the plate anyway as she had to turn the plate back over after she was stopped by police for the plate being upside down.

        • Oh my, Dorothy, I had no idea she was stopped by the police for the upside down license plate. Can you point me to that information?
          And, your comment about the ‘kids’ and their fingerprints on file is intriguing; a little side issue.

          • Carol, you can watch Ryan Burns’ testimony where he describes how he was drving to a restaurant to attend a meeting with Jodi driving behind him in her own car when she suddenly got pulled over by a police officer.

          • Turning the license plates upside down was one of the issues that prosecution pointed out which they claimed indicated she premeditated the killing of TA: Jodi trying to “disguise herself” (along with dying her hair just prior to visiting Travis [bogus info], requesting a white car instead of a red one [which she testified was true and her reason for the request was that red cars get stopped for speeding more often than white – which I have heard also] among other ridiculous allegations…AND the jury BOUGHT the prosecution’s bullshit theories of premeditation, none, besides the request for a different color rental car, were proven to be true. OH! but according to the interview I watched yesterday of the three jurors who found her guilty of first degree murder, one said, “She clearly premeditated his murder” (or something like that, may not be exact words). I CAN not, for the life of me understand, if those jurors were actually paying attention to the same trial I was watching…

          • Carol Handy, See Trial Video from Day #8, January 16, 2013 regarding the UT patrol officer/rear license plate. It is part one, the first video of the day. Interesting that neither he nor the rental car man (after him) is ever asked about a front plate during the testimony.

      • Maybe the fingerprints wouldn’t be removed from the backside of the licsense plate. But did he even check? I do think that anything that was tested or even collected should be disclosed to the defence. Hey maybe there are still fingerprints on the back of the license plate???

  2. Besides the occasions that you list, how about the numerous times that he asked long complex questions, but would only allow the witness to answer “yes or no”. And how many times did he raise his voice in an attempt to intimidate the witness, even his own prosecution witnesses. This man needs to be taken down a notch or two, maybe a few months in Joe’s jail would calm him down.

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Yes Ray, wonder how the Frog would like to eat ground up bologna every day? If they take him down as far as he needs to be taken, he will totally disappear. . .POOF Frog Gone!!! Perfect!

      • LOL R. Love,
        Where is a fairy god mother when we need one…
        And I bet he doesn’t even have high blood pressure so chances of him blowing a gasket are low. How is body handles being so high strung is beyond me…he is like an evil Chihuahua.

        • Oh no, don’t put that off on a poor defenseless dog. . .hmmmmm……maybe a piranha, you know the man eating fish (not sure of spelling)! 😉

          • R. Love, I appreciate that you admit when you may have misspelled something…I too have an issue with spelling 😉 SO i looked it up (for both of us)… it is spelled piranha …learned my something new for today. AND yes he is more like a piranha than a rabid chihuahua and a frog…but I think frog is pretty much branded by now :/

        • He can’t have high blood pressure, otherwise he would have exploded already!!! He behaves, sounds, walks, talks and sounds like a RABID dog. I swear to God, you can practically see the foam coming out of his mouth.

          • lol Maria! Yes he MUST spit and foam at the mouth during his tirades …okay a ribid chihuahua…oops went to edit “ribid” to rabid but thought the typo combines the “frog” in the statement 😆 I don’t mean to upset dog owners, I have a dog too…but although he does resemble Kermit…in appearance only, those who adore Kermit and those who adore frogs (they seem more defenseless than dogs) may be offended. That is why I prefer to refer to him as JM.

    • You know what I love, all those days on the stand and he couldn’t rattle Jodi but Jodi frustrated the hell out of him. Hehehe!!! And he “thinks” he got her but that was only ACT 1.

  3. Morning all.

    Man, I would love to see JM in Joe’s jail for a while. Bet he’d soon be campaigning against the human rights violations there. Tee-hee!

  4. Good morning to you all and Rasna congratulations for being #1.

    I would like to start out by saying One thing: Well is seems less Like they are keeping a better watch over the jury this time around. SERIOUSLY #3 you could have just walked away with the fluff that was given as to why you were no longeron the jury. But no you had to in the lime light. So now eveeveryone knows the real REASON….Have you no shame?

  5. I want to share this with all of you today. It is so true!!!
    “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ~George Eliot
    As long as you’re alive it’s not too late to become the person you really want to be. No matter how bad you might have screwed things up in the past, or no matter how far off course you’ve gotten from what you really want to do, you can always turn it around. It doesn’t take an overhaul in most cases. You can start taking steps towards being what you might have been today. Start implementing little actions into your daily routine to make up for the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

    I know that when Jodi gets this all behind her she will soar into a wonderful life overflowing with amazing accomplishments! ((((((JODI))))) We must do all we can to help her along and never give up our HOPE!!!

  6. Okay here is a question about laptops, since I’ve never owned one:

    If a laptop goes to sleep while it is open, would the act of closing it wake it up?

      • I can try it on my laptop, but I think the only way to wake a sleeping laptop is by hitting a key, opening the lid if closed,pressing the power button, wake from a usb port like pulling out a usb flash drive or plugging one in,or wake from lan. Lan is the network or wi-fi internet connection. Some savvy users wake on lan from a remote desktop or over the internet.

    • It would be a manufacturer’s nightmare if a sleeping laptop was closed and it came on. That would completely deplete the battery straight away, as opposed to low-power depletion from a closed sleeping state, which most owner’s accept. That’s why some laptops auto- hibernate when in sleep state and battery life gets too low.

      • Okay, thanks – it was just a thought! I’ve always had PCs, now a Mac. Most of the PCs were so sensitive they’d wake up there was any kind of vibration in the room – lived in an old house, just walking across the room would be enough movement to wake the computer. (I don’t let the Mac sleep – with wireless mouse and keyboard it’s too hard to wake it up!)

        I was just thinking if maybe the laptop was jostled a bit, when they went to unplug it, whether it might have woken up then.

        • P.S. my last post got lost, so, I plugged in a laptop, let it sleep, closed it, it stayed sleeping, opened the lid and it woke up, let it sleep again, pulled the power, it stayed sleeping. It’s the same on all I think, unless you configure the closing lid (clamshell) sleep setting to shut off or hibernate.There is no setting to come on when closed.

      • Don’t most laptops have options you can choose from about when and how the user can set-up the settings for on, off, hibernation?? Within so many minutes without a keystroke it will go to sleep, etc.

        If I recall, my laptop will only wake up by a keystroke of some sort if the laptop is closed. If not closed, I can just move the mouse and it wakes up – i think I have that right. I’ll have to try it tonight when I get home.

        • Bystander that’s the way I would wake mine up. Just move the mouse. I find it odd that TA would not have his password protected with all the crap he had on it and with people going in and out of the house at all times of the day or night.

          Was it ever mentioned rather the office door was closed or even locked??

          • Seems like I recall that he always kept his office door closed. But, that’s just what I recall off memory. I’d have to do some digging to be sure.

              • Thanks CC. Hummmmm still do not by the room mates not smelling the decomposing body smell. I say B.S. But to be realistic if you knew anything about who killed TA drinking those first few days be for they found the body don’t you think you would have gotten the Heck out of there?

                • Just a little thing that has always struck me odd is that Mimi says that while they are in his office she checks the shower to see if anyone was hiding in there. Then they go upstairs to the bedroom without checking anywhere else downstairs to see “if somebody was hiding”. It could be such me that’s odd. 🙄

                • Hey I still have problems with the footprint. If it was bloody, then the blood had to be wet to make it. If it was made when the body was found 5 days later all the blood was dried so how could a footprint be made in blood? Who the heck made the bloody print? And when?

              • I just went back and re-watched Mimi’s testimony again. Does anyone else find it odd that she remembers that the laptop was OPEN on his desk in SLEEP MODE with the light flashing?? Say what? That just strikes me as unreal that she would remember that when they were panicked and looking for TA.

                Something doesn’t pass the sniff test on that.

                • Hmmm…Bystander, so true! Who recalls minute details like a flashing light on a laptop when they have just been witness to a such gruesome crime scene…seriously! Whatever …pfft

                • It is very likely that they saw the computer first when checking the office before going upstairs. They would have seen it in sleep mode, probably remarking on it; those comments could have been another reason that the computer clue stayed in her mind. At this point TA was a missing person. His sleeping computer still plugged in would not have strongly supported the notion that he had left the country. Also, the others went ahead into the master suite while Mimi waited outside the door, not seeing his body in the bathroom.

                • My take on that is different. It was just after they had entered the house and the office was the first room that they went to after entering through the laundry room. I believe that I would notice the state of the computer, especially in a darkened room, when you know that the person you are looking for practically lives on his devices. The light on my computer always catches my eye in the dark.

                • whichtrial – is what you’re getting at that Mimi was brave enough to look in the downstairs shower but then suddenly afraid to go into Travis’ bedroom?

                • Sorry, wrong name there – CanadaCarol up above mentions Mimi looking in the downstairs shower but staying outside the bedroom upstairs.

                • Bystander, the sniff test…Hummmmm obviously it pass somebody’s nose…..even if the dog had done something in the house you would think one of the roommate would check it out…

                  As far as the Zach and being in the middle of the room maybe TA was going to clean…Nothing odd there.

                  Mimi….ya right your going to check out the shower to see if someone was hiding…not buying that one.

                  Hey does anyone know if she went ahead and headed to Cancun with the rest of the “friends”.

                • I dunno, Cindy – she was actually supposed to be the babysitter for the Hughes, according to them. I dunno if she went, though.

                • Bystander’s reply button for Journee:
                  Who looks in a shower for an intruder? Maybe somebody that is searching the whole house, but they don’t. That is the only place downstairs that they specifically look besides opening the office door and walking through the laundry room. As soon as the boys said there was a lot of blood, she stropped looking even through the crack in the bedroom door. It’s just a little thing I find odd.

                • And presumably they are not looking for an intruder, they are looking for Travis – who is (coincidentally – or not?) dead in the shower UPstairs.

                  I suppose the argument could be made that the laundry room, TA’s office and the bathroom across from it were the three areas they would encounter first on the way in from the garage. And that once they WERE inside, it behooved them to make contact with the other people presumed to be in the house before continuing their search.

                  But then brave Mimi who looks in the downstairs bathroom shower is too scared to even look into TA’s bedroom — eh, nope.

                • There must have been a panic when the blood was seen on the floor of the bedroom by the door. So on that second floor, you have several people in a doorway, but the difference between this entry and that of the downstairs office is that now there’s no guessing, no sleuthing for small clues, no ‘what-ifs’ – only horrific discovery.

                  As the pool of blood is apprehended, they cannot freely all step inside the room abreast; someone is going to fall back as the others proceed. The guys may have pushed past her, they may have told her to stay put, or she may have cringed in fear – THEN, no matter what her mindset, it would have taken a mere second for the yelling to have commenced once the guys saw the blood trail down the hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom, before they even saw Travis.

                  Where we differ is that I don’t think she would have wanted to go any further unless she were a trained medical professional possessing the instincts and wherewithall to offer help. There were several men in there, probably gasping and screaming in horror at the top of their lungs. That would have been incredibly loud, confusing and FRIGHTENING.

                  As far as Mimi checking the downstairs bathroom – if she glanced in there while everyone was milling around looking for clues or lingering in the office, it’s not surprising. She’d probably been there before and was familiar with the layout. She knew several guys were steps away and maybe she felt bold for a few seconds. That’s obviously quite different – as least from my perspective – from how she would have experienced revelations at the bedroom doorway, considering the alarming blood and the fact that the bedroom door had to be unlocked in order to find it.

      • Also, if a manufacturer allowed a laptop to come on while closed, that would potentially warp the lcd screen, because heat is dissipated through laptops keyboards, especially back in ’08. The manufacturer would be replacing too many screens from customer mistakes.

    • I am pretty sure that Melendez said it was plugged in. As you say, if it was sitting on the desk open for five days, even sleeping, seems the battery would have run down if it wasn’t plugged in.

      • Yes, it makes sense that it was plugged-in. I don’t think there is a battery so good as to not run down even in sleeping mode in 5 days.

        • That would be a soft shutdown. With a laptop even if you pull the plug it would switch to battery and not do a hard shutdown. I wonder how old the the laptop was and what version of windows it was running? I consider a hard shutdown to be pulling the plug on a desktop computer. That can cause data corruption.

          • I agree Joe. Imagine if every time there was a power failure (we have a lot of those here in Greece when the weather is bad, so I’m talking out of experience) all those computers that were shut down abruptly (hard shutdown) lost their data or the data was corrupted. It doesn’t happen often.

            Hard shutdowns cause damage mostly to hardware and not to software. Data corruption is caused if the hard drive crashes to the point where it burns out. Even then, in most cases all data can be retrieved.

            For example, when my hard drive crashed, my computer doctor, took out the hard drive from my laptop and connected it to his ‘machinery’ so he can transfer all the data to an exterior hard drive. in my case the hard drive was totally fried and no data was saved.

            If the hard drive of travis’s computer was damaged -thus some of his data was corrupted – a ‘computer doctor’ (in this case an EXPERT of 30 yrs+) would have known. Whoever says anything else is clueless. It’s like they’d say that a brain surgeon wouldn’t be able to detect a brain tumor. Impossible.

            So to try and justify that a hard shutdown might have caused data corruption and the State’s tech dude wouldn’t have noticed when examining the computer back in 2008 is total nonsense.

            • Off the top of my head I believe there were two remarked upon by BN – one June 10, 2008 that shouldn’t have happened, and then again after the evidence viewing. But there’s something else I haven’t had a chance to check – as to the wording of the tweet or the Motion to Dismiss Charges – and that is that there were two times after June 10, 2008 that the computer was powered up. That THIRD time was only mentioned in passing, and would have logically been before the evidence viewing, after which nothing is said to have occurred. I believe the wording was something like, “It was powered up two more times between June10, ’08 and June 19, ’09. BN certainly didn’t have all the answers that first day but I will start looking there. If you wanna check the court doc, I’ll look at the tweets.

            • Journee, I found this tweet posted by Pandora at 10:35am on November 21, Day #14 of the retrial:

              Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 34s 35 seconds ago

              Neumeister shows the files modified on June 10. Then it was shut down through regular method, which dumped cache files.

              So, you are correct. The hard shut-down would have been after looking at the electronic evidence, not in ’08.

              • …and this one:

                Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 24s 24 seconds ago

                It was a hard shut down, either the plug pulled or turned off by button or it crashed. June 19, 2009. Per Neumeister.

                • Just adding to my other post, Didn’t Martinez accuse the expert of intentionally damaging the computer? And in my experience, control freaks usually accuse people of the very things that they themselves are doing. ie a man who is cheating accuses his wife of cheating, I wonder if Martinez pulled the cord ON PURPOSE, someone should ask him that.

                • One more thing, in fact, someone should ask the computer expert for Mesa PD if he knew that pulling the cord would cause a hard shut down or if pushing the off button would cause a hard shut down and then if he knew that if he knew that causing a hard shut down would damage that data and the evidence. And then ask him if he ever had any of these discussions with Mr Martinez or Det Flores. And the reverse did they ever tell him that they knew of these things.

                  Something in my gut tells me that Martinez knew and pulled the plug on purpose. Can’t prove it, but my gut tells me. So go find it.

            • And this must have been what I recalled (from the Dec. 4 hearing) that suggested two hard shut-downs:

              en’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
              Juan is taking issue with Bryan’s prior testimony of what time the computer was shut down #jodiarias #3tvarias

              Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ · 3m 3 minutes ago
              Juan- You said someone pushed the button at 10:13am by someone pushing the button. A hard shut down Bryan- It could be #jodiarias

              They are referring to June 10, ’08 – JM in spin mode.

            • And this is from the afternoon session of the Dec. 4th hearing:

              Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 32s 32 seconds ago

              The apple program was downloaded June 10, 2008, the computer was turned odd incorrectly. It installed on June 19, other files modified.

              I guess since the typo is a three letter word (and because of context) he meant, “off”?

            • Btw, haven’t found the bit I seem to recall about the computer being turned on twice after June ’08. It’s not in the Motion.

  7. Was the laptop password protected? You would think with TA’s concern about being tracked he would have at least used a password. Usually when Windows comes out of sleep mode it requires a password. That is the default. No one could just get on the laptop and start doing things unless they knew how to break into a windows system.

    • I don’t think we ever heard of a password. Maybe he was just too stupid to think of using a password or too sure he had convinced everyone of his pious innocent image so that no one would be tempted to snoop.

      • Btw, at an earlier point in these hearings, BN said he still needed to look into whether or not TA’s computer would have needed a password (in that year) to install itunes, downloaded June 10, 2008 and later installed June 19. 2009. That topic wasn’t revisited during the most recent day of the hearing. (I don’t think any of the tweeters would have missed it).

        • Revisiting the tweets from Dec. 4, it looks as if someone would only have needed to hit “OK” to install Quicktime and iTunes on June 19. 2009.

      • I did find her method of acting questions to the witnesses, not for the answers for herself, but for other jurors who might not have thought of it on their own, to be rather weird.

        • Carol,
          One hater wrote that Juror 3# “wasn’t buying Jodi’s story” and another wrote that they “wished she could have been voted foreman (foreperson?).” I don’t know what she was saying to get this response. Another hater described her “as pumping herself up” or something like that. As for her questions: Was she trying to deliver a message to other jurors? She may have figured she had the correct read on Jodi & the trial and she was trying to influence the others with her amazing insight.
          I believe Tara Kelley may have been doing the same thing with her “After all the lies you told, why should we believe you now” question and possibly it was her asking for the definition of a skank. I think she was trying to deliver a message to jurors to influence them. I don’t have any proof, just an opinion. I would say though that if this is what they are doing, they have one hell of an ego .

          • Scoopy’s doing all her interviews in secret now so I only listened to 8 mins out of the 60 of interview #1. I am very glad that she got herself in trouble and is not able to do any further damage to the remaining jurors. She certainly had a high opinion of her own opinion.

            • I’m afraid her opinion is the same as the Frog’s opinion. . .that’s what happens when you spend too much time in the broom closet with a Frog! She is certainly all puffed up about herself now isn’t she? phffffff

              • R. Love funny how someone can be arrested one day for bad checks and a duo. Then kicked off jury duty and she’s now all full of herself. I bet her mommy and daddy are proud….

                • Whoops, I meant Scoopy was puffed up about herself!!! Sorry. Although Juror # 3 and Scoopy make a pretty good pair of “waste of our time” type of people.

  8. For those of you who want to see for yourself the info on Juror #3, you can go to the following website at the Arizona Judicial Branch Case lookup and enter the juror’s name and scroll through the list until you find her specific name Melissa Lenette Garcia (her name as reported by inconvenienttruthstv.blogspot ) ……

  9. although the name could be different as I didn’t find any current cases for the above name so perhaps the wrong middle name? Don’t know for sure…….Does anyone know for sure the juror’s full name?

  10. Hi everyone! SJ, thanks for the post.

    To continue in Rasna’s league, I’d like to refer to flores and his wife.flores was not suppose to talk about the case with anyone besides his team BUT he sang like a canary to corrina and she didn’t lose any time tweeting about it and making youtube videos about it… Isn’t that bias against the suspect? This was going on BEFORE Jodi’s trial was over and waaaaaaay before the verdict was out!

    • Isn’t this pretty basic? Don’t they teach students in Police Academies NOT to freaking share and that some things are confidential, supah secret and can possibly get you in big trouble if you do share? Jeez…. 🙄 Flores must be dumber than I thought. Which is really low…..I mean really really low…. I thought it wouldn’t get any lower. Even his face is the face of a slow-thinker. haahahaha!!

  11. Then we have travis’s family, ‘testifying’ from the gallery. If the camera’s saw it so did the jury! Isn’t that jury tampering?

  12. Let’s not forget how the prosecution ‘reminded’ (wink wink) potential defense witnesses that he’s have a better look at their records…. Isn’t that threatening the jury? Prosecutorial misconduct?!

  13. State witnesses lying their asses off under oath.

    – skye hughes admitting to be talking with martinez’s office but then taking that back and trying to make it seem that she didn’t.
    -skye hughes and hubby stating a certain date for their Cancun trip under oath and then stating a totally different date when being interviewed on tv

    -the typo crap by dr(?) Horn. How can an ‘expert’ ME fuck up so much!

    – the ‘no child porn’ found lies making Jodi look like a liar.

    Isn’t all this perjury???

    • Yes Pandora, perjury…they would need a front end loader to remove all the crap that was spewing in that courtroom. Fair trial? NOT!

    • Looking back at all this perjury, wasn’t it handy for Florinna to have been able to sit at the prosecutor’s table during the whole trial. It would certainly help him to keep all his lies straight, well kinda sorta straight.


  14. Go Team Jodi !! 🙂
    Go KN and JW !! 🙂
    Go Jodi we support you 100000% !!! :):):)
    All positive thoughts for them for Thursday’s continue porno hearing !!!

  15. Hi everybody! I’m back from a bit of a vacation. It was kinda nice to get the hell out of this state for a while. Anyways, you are right, SJ, $2.7 million of taxpayers money shot to shit! Some of that money is mine and I’m pretty pissed about it. But it’s much worse than $2.7 million. That’s just for Jodi’s defense. The sum total, I’m told, is a smidgen over $9 million. Nice going, Maricopa County! You’ve fucked a whole bunch of people out of their valuable tax dollars. So what do you think they are going to do to make some of that back? Raise taxes! Yup, that’s the plan. So now they will fuck the same taxpayers out of even more money. This whole thing is just a hot, steaming pile of shit. My hope is that Jodi walks out a free woman and these assholes who decided it was a good idea to take this witch trial the full distance are left holding the bill. I say fuck ’em! I hope it goes to $40 million and leaves this court system here in a shambles. Time to pick up the pieces of your train wreck and move on, Maricopa County. Release Jodi, and while you’re at it, feel free to lock up Juan Martinez. Ok, I’m done. Nice to see you all again!

    • Jeff.I was just thinking about you last night. I was wondering where you were. You have every right to be pissed. You noticed that the numbers haven’t been made public on what the prosecution has spent. But I also hope you know this all Jodi’s fault. Everything is jodi fault!!! How about placing some of that blame on that on the Alexander’s??? So when this ends up in a mistrial and all is said and done good people like you will end up paying for their thirst for blood and they will have just fly off into the sunset.

      I’m really sorry!!!!

    • I don”t blame the tax payers of Arizona if they raise hell over the cost of this trial. It is ridiculous. If you remember Jodi was willing to make a deal a very long time ago when the $ figures were much lower. The huge blood thirsty egos at play made that impossible. For the family, it is revenge. For the prosecution it was to show the heavy hand and have the big win! The prosecutor became a celebrity, smiling sweetly for photos and signing autographs. The lies, the twisting of information, the unwillingness to negotiate, the theater antics of the prosecutor, all brought notoriety to this case; feeding the blood thirsty desires of the ignorant. They have loved it. What a mess now and a costly one at that. I don’t blame you Jeff for being upset at the thought of your taxes going up again because of a power and fame hungry prosecution. It is amazing how the truth is finally revealing itself. When all is said and done, if the Arizona law makers don’t wake up and smell the coffee over this case, they are a lost cause. You should be made as hell.

      • Judy F. I couldn’t agree with you more. Not everyone in Arizona is out for blood and I didn’t mean it to come off like that. But I do get sick and tired of people pointing the finger at Jodi.

        It’s really a eye opener that the people who wanted this are the ones who don’t pay taxes in Arizona.

    • ((((( Jeff, nice to have you back ♥ ♥ ))))))

      Why do we *never* hear how much the entire trial has cost? Why is it always about how much money has gone for Jodi’s defense purposes? Aren’t the Alexanders AND the Prosecutor the ones who are obsessed with jodi getting the DP, thus dragging this for SO long? Jodi was NEVER given a deal, when she asked for oone baaack then. So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record I’m gonna repeat once more: they should stop complaining about the cost of this trial. When it’s NOT Jodi’s fault. it’s the freaking FROG’s fault.

      The only bad thing is that, as Jeff has pointed out, the AX tax payers wiill have to empty their pockets. But again, i’m torn: as I’ve said numerous times, whoever hs this undying blood lust and wants Jodi to get the DP, should STFU and start paying….. DP doen’t come cheap, you moronic haters!

        • I think you summed it up pretty well Maria! Let’s give the credit where it is due. . .Juan Martinez is the very one to blame for this whole expensive circus!! “You may stand and take a bow Mr. Frog!!!” (Better yet a pie in your face!) ( Make that a cow pattie pie 😀 )

      • Maybe Maricopa County needs to tap all the people who’ve MADE money on this trial – the Alexanders, the Hughes, Turner Broadcasting, Joan Valez Mitchell, Lifetime TV…. and so on and so on

        • start with the moochers, of course – the ones who weren’t actually doing any kind of JOB to make the money, just holding their hands out

            • Ah, Nancy’s just nuts, IMO – in a class by herself, for sure, but it least she didn’t write a book like JVM – no doubt in too big a hurry to create another scandal in the life of some innocent bystander.

              No, I say first they go to the Alexanders and the Hughes – between those two families alone AZ should be able to recoup their losses on this trial, don’t you think?

            • By the way, WTH happened to Jane Velez and her show on HLN? I completely missed that being taken off air. At least she did have compassion for animals. One notch better than Miz Disgrace.

              • She was either in the first or second wave of layoffs – showed up for work and poof JOB GONE

                Bet you can guess what they ran in her timeslot that night.

                • JVM’s work for animals is excellent, but her language with regard to Jodi was even more vile than NG’s IMO. NG did more spinning of trial facts (like JM, repetitively) and her lugubrious approach must appeal to quite a few wounded and angry people. JVM’s blustery style – not so much.

  16. That juror #3 looks like another Tara Kelley to me. The minute she’s dismissed from jury duty, she runs to jen Trial Diva-my ass to give an interview???? Sheesh! Talk about loving the lime light and wanting to cash in on her temporary and newfound fame.

    And ummm, did I hear correctly? She would write down a question to make sure the rest of the jurors would notice whatever she wanted them to notice? Who does she think she is, Einstein? If I were a juror I’d certainly be insulted. She sounds so arrogant and narcissistic!! GET OVER yourself lady! And by the way:
    You’re not supposed to influence your peers’ opinion, not even through this SEEMINGLY harmful indirect way.

        • A DUI here for the 1st offense is a $450 fine, a $250 surcharge, a $500 DUI assessment and up to 10 days in jail. So that just cost her at least 1,200 bucks. If it happened in Maricopa County, which I’m sure it did, she will spend time in the same County Jail that Jodi is in. How’s that for irony?

          • Hi Jeff, Jeff Gold got the DUI part of the story wrong. He jumped on SW’s story and got it wrong. SW has it on her blog and it says “criminal traffic” citation, nothing about a DUI. SW has been giving Gold the gears for getting it wrong on twitter all day.

            • I just looked it up and a criminal traffic violation can be either under the influence of drugs or alcohol. driving recklessly or running from the police. Not your ordinary traffic stop.

              Well the full story will come out in time.

            • I am curious to know what else might constitute a criminal traffic citation, but not curious enough to try to slog through the “Arizona Revised Statutes” mentioned at the bottom of his blurb I found on AZ DMV – looks like it will be a stiff penalty in any case.

              Criminal Penalties
              Chances are good that you know when you are doing something worthy of a criminal penalty. These violations fall into the following categories:

              Misdemeanors, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol (DUI).
              Felonies, such as not stopping when a peace officer commands you to pull over.
              Criminal citations will undoubtedly land you with a stiff monetary penalty. Some also threaten AZ driver’s license suspensions and a day (or several) in court, not to mention jail time. If you have received a criminal citation, you should consider getting a lawyer.

              For the current maximum civil penalty, and to learn what types of traffic tickets constitute criminal or civil penalties, see the Arizona Revised Statutes.

              • That’s the same article I read. Well isn’t she the one that is dating a lawyer??? I could have read it wrong???
                Anyway SHE really isn’t worth anymore of my time.
                She obviously seeks attention rather negative or positive..I will notfeed that. Grow up and be responsible.

              • Judicial Branch of AZ – Count of Mohave lists these:
                criminal violations which require an appearance before the Judge:

                Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident/ Personal Injury, Failure to Stop at the Scene of an Accident/Personal Injury, Racing on Highway, Driving While Under the Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor or Drug, Driving While Driver’s License Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled

              • If you are convicted of one of these major traffic violations, you MUST put it on job applications if you are asked if you have ever been convicted of any criminal offense against against the law. It’s a misdemeanor criminal offense. It does show up in a criminal records search, at least for the length of time mandated by law per state for employment checks.

                So, Juror #3 technically will have a criminal record if convicted of one of these traffic offenses. Here in North Carolina, a DUI/DWI is as bad as having a FELONY offense when it comes to employment. I’m an Engineering Manager for a top ENR ranked firm and I’ve seen many contractors/subcontractors staff get denied access to certain facilities they were working in due solely to having a prior DUI/DWI conviction. It’s viewed as bad as a felony conviction.

                Bottom line, major traffic offenses follow you for life and aren’t something to be taken lightly. Still can’t understand why Juror#3 didn’t just go away quietly.

                • Bystander, you would have thought she would have but…she must be a attention seeker. What type of person brings attention to themselves when they were arrested???? If she is smart she will shut her mouth until she is charged. Show some remorse for heaven’s sake.

              • Juror 3 definitely has some problems of her own.

                William Pitts ‏@william_pitts · 1h1 hour ago
                Juror 3 was stopped for an expired license plate and suspended license. Cop then found out about outstanding warrant. #JodiArias

                William Pitts ‏@william_pitts · 1h1 hour ago
                Just got court docs in juror 3 arrest. She had a warrant for failure to pay court ordered fees on two bad checks from 2006. #JodiArias

                • You said that so nicely. I take back what I said the night about how they were watching the jury. Now you would think if someone had a bench warrant. That would have shown up in a background check.

                  Hummmmm but the ex’s wrote the check…sure..not buying that one.

                  Ok someone please tell me why again someone would be doing interviews with this hanging over her head?

  17. I’ve been testing my computer today to see how it sleeps. It isn’t a laptop but it is Windows. When I left it open without any program open, it went to sleep and I had to log in. When I left it open on a site on the internet, it went to sleep but when I woke it up it is was still open on that site and there was no login needed.

    • I just noticed something else on my computer. When it goes to sleep by using settings, the lights that blink are different. I have a light on my start button and a tiny little light that blinks when operating. When my computer went to sleep on its own, it was the little light that was blinking and the other button was lit continuously. When I used the settings, it was my start button that was blinking, not the little one.

      Weird or what?

  18. I have followed the trial from beginning up to now and must admit I felt she was guilty at one point but, when I came to realize how verbally abusive Travis was to her was when my mind began to change.. I saw the movie Dirty little secret and for the most part they made Jodi out to be the sex kitten and it was all her fault that Travis stayed with her for sex..Just the beginning of the movie was a complete lie…She never walked into a public bathroom to introduced herself..Geez, and people feed into this crap..Now as far as evidence tampering I feel she is at least entitled to a new trial or be set free…One more thing..All the messages that were read in court showed me that Travis was the abuser because I don’t remember any message Jodi sent to him degrading him…I would be very disturbed if the jury came back with the death penalty with what has transpired…I support Jodi Arias and her family…..

  19. LOVE TO JODI AS ALWAYS!!!! You will get through this!!!
    1 Corinthians 16:13
    Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.

  20. Okay friends – do we know what is on tap for tomorrow’s continued hearing? Who will be up next, does anyone know? Another of JM’s liars – I mean witnesses?

    And is it slated to start at 9:30am………oh, wait……we better check the weather for AZ tomorrow and make sure they are NOT expecting any RAIN. God forbid it should actually RAIN out there and anyone would have to drive in it. JSS will be forced to start court late again.

    • I believe Jen W has to cross-examine Flores, and then kermit said he needed 1-2 hours for his expert who had analyzed the clones. Nurmi hadn’t had the opportunity to interview that person at end of day on the 4th. The mystery of the SIM cards is still unsolved.

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