Closed Hearing scheduled for 8.30 today

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With the Closed Hearing scheduled for today and for the Settlement Hearing on October 18th, here’s the latest word from the Court Circus HQ:

“The parties have agreed the pretrial hearings/oral arguments scheduled for October 4, 2013 and October 18, 2013 should be closed to the public. The court finds an open proceeding for these pretrial hearings presents a clear and present threat to the due administration of justice, specifically the right of the parties to a fair penalty phase trial by an impartial jury.

The court finds there is a compelling interest that overcomes the right of public access, specifically, there is a substantial probability that publication of information provided during these court hearings (through evidence or argument) could taint the jury pool and significantly impact the parties’ability to effectively present matters at trial.

The court also finds that, in light of the intense media coverage of this case, there is no less restrictive means to achieve these compelling interests.

IT IS ORDERED closing the hearings scheduled for October 4, 2013 and October 18,2013.”

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  1. Doctor Horn has been badly mistaken before!

    Good luck to Jodi on this closed meeting. I hope we will get news about what happened. There’s some new information on Dr. Kevin Horn on Spotlightonlaw on WordPress. He has been badly mistaken before.

    There is also a detailed look at Nurmi’s denied motion on the “cruelty” aggravator that makes this a death penalty case. Arizona’s F6 aggravator is in violation of the 8th Amendment and violates the spirit of Furman v. Georgia.

    We hope you will take a look at these researched and factually based articles.

  2. There was a woman on Death row in Tenn. who was freed after 30 years in prison in 2011. Gaile Owenes pardoned her! Although, she did not commit the murder she paid someone to do it. She was freed after sharing the abuse she had lived under by her husband but never wanted to say anything while her children were young. I just happened to google the article and watched the video. The article also talked about the handful of supporters who had tried to get her freed all those years. It sounded real familiar. It will bring tears to your eyes to see the joy on her face and her being able to embrace her son. I pray we will soon see Jodi being released but hopefully sooner that Ms Owens was. There is hope . . .we will never give up. FREE OUR JODI!

    • R.Love, you are absolutely right: we will never give up on Jodi. She has become our friend, our sister. As we wouldn’t turn our backs on family and friends this applies for Jodi too. ♥

      • I’ll second that girls!!! No, we will NEVER give up on Jodi because she is family! No matter how long it takes.

        • I give it a third!! NEVER EVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT. Jodi is like one of my own kids, I will support and defend her to my last breath!


          Ray in Harrisonburg VA,

  3. sorry . . .the Governor at that time pardoned her. Gaile Owenes was her name. Darn keyboard!

    PS They also said through out her years in prison she was a model prisoner and was dedicating her life to help others. Sound familiar again?

    • Just look at how much she’s done already & how many people within the prison admire &/or support her. Even the guards, etc. hseem to have mutual respect for her at the very least, which is uncommon in prison. She is highly intelligent & motivated, compassionate, sympathetic/empathetic… She is SO well rounded & she’s never been in trouble for ANYTHING else in her ENTIRE LIFE!! It made me so upset that Kermit did everything he could to undermine & trivialize that fact by claiming THE CRIME SHE WAS ON TRIAL FOR should count toward her PREVIOUS CRIMINAL HISTORY. He had to because otherwise he would be forced to admit to a jury that there was none. He played the jury & he played the public. The saddest part is that it was so obvious & still 90%+ of the country still bought his b.s…

    • But then, I’m afraid, we would not be here. And Jodi would have gotten beaten up again all alone, without witnesses to the procedure who are sympathetic to her plight and wanting to help. I’m glad we could be witness to it; I just don’t think access to trials via commercialized media seeking ratings and revenue should be allowed. Here again is my petition to only have trial proceedings on networks such as CSPAN. If people want to watch the trial, let them sit through it. I know it’s not the total answer; the likes of HLN can still cherry-pick and report but at least people aren’t just tuning in once in a while where during breaks in the testimony they’re being told what to think.

      We currently have 141 signatures as opposed to the petition entitled: “SHUT DOWN the offensive Jodi Arias support site!!!” which has 2300 signatures. (That should give us an idea of what we’re up against regarding the idiots in this world.)

      • Good Grief Justus! I was just looking for your petition to check and see how many signatures we had gotten, then here was the information I was seeking! Mental Telepathy(sp?) That’s pitieful. We need to try and spread the word to sign your petition to everybody we know. I think the one for the Proof of Perjury one is at about 430 something. You had a really great idea. We just need to follow up on it.
        Thanks for your hard work. 🙂

        • Thanks, R (my psychic friend). I have sent out the petition to all my contacts, some twice, but get no response (except for one). Many whom I’ve even talked to about Jodi and the petition let me know they just don’t want to talk about it. I don’t understand that (what are they afraid of?) but I can only nag so much. Hopefully, those here who have not sent it to friends and family will do so and it would be interesting to see what kind of a response they get. (If you do send it, please assure them that their signature information – location, etc. – is protected and they can even elect to not have their name displayed. Only the recipient of the petition sees that information.)

          • HAha! There was a thing that popped up when I signed the Proof of Perjury petition and they said they would circulate it to people who showed an interest in those kind of petitions. I purchased twice and will be glad to do one for yours if I can get it to go there again. I think it might have helped some. We will keep doing what we can to help. I just hate that there just seems to be so few of us. I hope our numbers are growing. We are a wonderful group!!!!

              • Well, just thought I would sign my husband’s name but it didn’t let me. The thing popped up to pay for signatures and then went away real fast. I will keep trying to see how to do it without signing petition first. These things are so tricky. Love to you to:)

                • Their 2300 signatures probably came because they paid for most of them. I still can’t get it to come back up but when it does I will promote it for all of us. If you know how to do it let me know. Thanks.

                • I dug around at but couldn’t find anything about paid promotion. I will continue looking…

                • Me too. Still trying. I have done it before but it always pops up so you can do it and it won’t on yours.:(

                • It sometimes pops up when you sign a petition. I already checked out the organization thing and I don’t think it is the same. For $25. it would circulate to 50 people and $50. to 100 people or something like that. Since I’ve already signed the petition it might not let me. I’ll research a little further. hmmm

      • Sadly, those +/- 2,300 signatures are probably legitimate, but that isn’t to say those are based on actual opinions based upon evidence rather than mere conjecture & word of mouth. For example, I watched the Jodi Arias movie on YouTube (I refuse to pay money to Jodi haters in any way, shape or form). It was AWFUL & GROSSLY innacurate & bias toward Travis; however, it allowed me to see the perspective of way over 75% of the country. Shit like that is what these people are basing their opinions on, &, unfortunately, because we are just as passionate as the aggressor’s (TRAVIS) loved ones, some rather uncouth things have been said here at times, but look what they have done to Jodi’s name & how that must affect their family. People are already so afraid of being ridiculed by their peers & loved ones for going against the mass belief that Jodi was a Murderous Female Fatale. Imagine being her FAMILY, HER FRIEND… There is very little of anything other than love, respect, admiration & support here. I don’t see why anyone would want this site shut down other than out of spite. It’s a juvenile & hateful cause.

      • I have already signed this, I dont remember how long ago though. Justus, are you on FB? Maybe you could share it there too.

        • I think he did put it on his FaceBook. I don’t have FaceBook or Twitter. I have sent to all my friends but some people will just not get involved (unlike us:) ). I will keep trying to spread the word to sign for Justus’s petition.

        • Maria, I am on FB but only so I can post on FB without using my real account. I have the link to the petition on that page but I’ve not invited friends as I want to stay as covert as possible. I do also have the petition linked from my real FB page.

  4. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer

    “Defense witness who researched the media coverage of the Arias trial just left the courtroom. We are still camped out in the hallway”.

  5. Okay, this is scary.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer
    Judge Stephens asked all media to leave except for CNN’s Grace Wong, over my objections and those of four other media outlets. #1st Amndt

  6. Why do they not bring up the fact that the Alexanders have never turned down time to be interviewed and be plastered all over the media?

  7. And wasn’t Martinez even signing autographs after the trial each day? Seems like the Presecution is more concerned about being on the media than Jodi.

  8. I am reposting my earlier comment (from the previous thread) here.


    Ha! Isn’t this just so ironic??? NOW, the court finds it appropriate and necessary for closed hearings! Now they think that open proceedings “could taint the jury pool and significantly impact the parties’ ability to effectively present matters at trial”!?!?

    ‘Duuuhhhh, sorry… our bad! we did a major boo-boo allowing media coverage during the whole trial which resulted in turning this trial into a circus witch trial but now we make boo-boo go away!’

    Pul-eeeez! The damage has been done morons! Jodi never got a chance to a fair trial because of your constant fuck ups!

    Seriously, I hope that IF ‘judge’ sherry has an inch of morality in her soul, she will be haunted for the rest of her life for allowing all the circus acts inside her courtroom. I mostly blame her for the way this case was tried. If pickles was firm – from the getgo – and never allowed all the bullshit and clowning around in her courtroom to occur, Jodi would have, at the most, been charged with justifiable homicide due to the fact that it was SELF DEFENCE!

    • It’s hard to know where to go with this, how to feel.

      We know Jodi didn’t get a fair trial, in large part because of the media frenzy.

      But if not for the media, we wouldn’t know about all of the OTHER things that made this trial unfair.

      And it IS very frustrating that stuff is happening that we can’t know about because the media has been shut out.

      • Well, here’s the thing… We SHOULD have access to the information via our own research & RELIABLE media outlets, BUT, we could all have received nearly the same information & simply watched the trial after it was over & avoided this mess by SEQUESTERING THE JURY & as said above, NOT ALLOWING THE TRIAL TO BE VIEWED UNTIL LATRR & NOT ALLOWING THE MEDIA IN THE COURTROOM. They could have simply let everyone wait & wonder until it was all over & have picked apart everything & aired the trial then. That is the common sensical way to have avoided this mess & I think we all know it, but unfortunately even though they most likely did as well, none of them cared much about a fair trial for a “succubus (a.k.a. Witch)”.

    • I hear you Pandora. I am with you heart and soul. I believe Jodi needs to be given her freedom. It is a no brainer.

  9. Can this be for real? Is the CNN producer allowed in the courtroom but not any other media? I smell trouble coming for Judge Stephens if this is true.

    • sam,
      That isn’t good. I wonder how much they’re paying AZ to not go bankrupt.
      It’s in CNN’s best interest to have it. PLUS, we hear all of the lies from there.
      We would see things for real with our own eyes and hear what was really said in court.
      Now only the same CNN liars and haters will be telling us what they want.
      More cover-up from the media now????
      You think?

      • I don’t think SJ would know either. It was a closed hearing. The media was allowed in for the part of it that effects them – arguments on the defense motion to preclude or limit media coverage of the retrial of the penalty phase, media outlets had their own lawyers arguing on that.

  10. “She has voluntarily thrust herself into the vortex of this public controversy,” the news network’s attorney, David Bodney, told the judge at a hearing Friday. “It is unfair to deprive the public … because someone can’t control her own speech.”

    Blaming everything on Jodi.So predictable! 🙄

          • R. Love –

            Unless Grace Wong of CNN spills the beans, we aren’t going to know any more of the particulars of what happened in court yesterday, because there’s no one to tell us.

            I guess at some point we’ll learn of any rulings that resulted from yesterday’s oral arguments.

            • Well, the whole day might have been big waste of time but at least Jodi got to get out of the
              *ell hole for awhile. I just wish we could see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Wasn’t it the Judge’s fault that everything was thrust into the media. Isn’t she the very one who could have stopped that problem? How frustrating.

    • Wait, so, the – MEDIA- **-INDULGES***- the public by crossing an ethical line, Jodi COMMITS to agreements previously made, which shows integrity, something none of these people seem to have, & JODI is blamed for “not controlling her own mouth”?! Now, wait just a minute… Jodi may have gotten herself into more trouble that she had to by talking to the media & the police BEFORE the trial, but that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her receiving a fair trial, which THE MEDIA, Pickles, Kermit, & their lap dogs irresponsibly refused to give her. Grrrr!!

    • Maria, they would blame the worldwide economical problem on Jodi if they could find a way to link it to her! LOL! I would actually be shocked if someone from the media was to come out and say anything good about Jodi! FFS!

      BTW! How did you get to do the ‘rolling eyes’ emoticon??? Tell us!

      • Pandora, maybe she has Incredimail, I used to and it had neat little expression thingies. It uses up a lot of memory though. But, really cute:)

      • LOL! I KNEW it! I knew you would want to steal my thunder one more time,just like with the hearts thing…
        But since I love you too much not to succumb… You press the : symbol then you write roll and then the : symbol again. No spaces in between of course. 🙄

  11. I’m glad that the hearing is behind the closed doors now. Open hearing didn’t give anything but aroused vengeance in the stupid haters. Let’s hope for the best!

  12. Where is it written in the Constitution that HLN and their so called ‘journalist’s’ are Judge, Jury and Executioner in the Jodi Arias trial.
    In my 52 years I can honestly say that I haven’t seen or heard or read or watched a trial that has been more unfair and media driven than this farcical circus that Jodi and her attorney’s have been subjected to.

    • I so agree, Joe. I’ve been a court watcher (originally with Court TV) since the early 90s and I have never witnessed anything like this. Contrary to what some people might say about Martinez just doing his job when he was bullying and abusing defense witnesses, I have never seen a prosecutor behave in such an abhorrent manner, much less have it implicitly approved by a judge. I expect for many of the haters that this was the first or perhaps the second trial they ever watched or followed (some having watched the Anthony trial and come away feeling cheated by that verdict.) You can often hear their ignorance of how the justice system works in the haters’ remarks. It would almost be comical if it weren’t so aggravating when people declare “our whole justice system is broken” when the verdict is different than what they think it should be as if they are the actual bearers of truth. (I sure heard a lot of idiots saying that after the Anthony verdict.) I sure don’t like this verdict nor the way it was obtained, but I do still have faith in the system as conceived, not so much in how it was implemented here, but in how it will hopefully correct itself.

      • Justus,

        I relate to what you are saying. I too, believe in our Justice System and am faithful that wrongs will be righted in Jodi’s case. It is a shame that because of prosecutors like Martinez, detectives like Saldate and Flores and judges like Stephens have made a mockery of the American Judicial System. Bullying, corruption and indifference are not what our system should be presented as.

        • I agree RASNA, just because some people abuse the system doesn’t mean that the system is flawed in & of itself. Look at what is happening in politics right now… People lack morals & ethics nowadays. This is precisely why Nietchze asserted that we needed a moral & ethical system that isn’t based on a supernatural being.

    • Well said, Joe and Justus!
      Joe, your post made my brain form all kinds of mental images. Nancy Disgrace would so much excel in her role as the Executioner! That woman’s hatred for Jodi is so intense and passionate she would be happy to inject Jodi (dream on, Nancy ). As for the part of Jury and Judge, hmm…lots of candidates: JVM, Beth Carras (not there any more but she contributed a great deal to the lynch mob mentality while she was there), Dr Drew,Jean Jinkasaurus Casarez… Any more recommendations?

  13. Hi guys, it’s LL!! I accidentally posted under my Google Account on Blogger (A poorly written Blog about our site). I deleted the post, but my name is still up, so… I’m Laura Lee Underwood & I believe Jodi Arias is an innocent victim of a witch hunt. 🙂

    I had been sick for awhile, but I am much better now!! 🙂 How is everyone?!

    I had a wonderful dream about Jodi!! We were friends just having a normal day. It really put things into perspective for me. Even before it was difficult to see her as a real person, but I feel like I got to know her in my dream. 🙂

  14. And how can I get a T-Shirt? I know they’re sold out, but I’m survivor & a supporter & I’d really like to rock a Small. 🙂

  15. My new Blog for my Women’s Lit. class. It’s moderated haters, so don’t get any ideas. I plan on having a post about the Female Fatale & the Modern Day Witch Hunt in which I plan to discuss Jodi’s case.

      • I just spent like the past two hours typing up posts & responses to everyone’s posts & they are all gone!! =-O I’m not sure if this is a technical issue or what, but I honestly figured since the threats have stopped it didn’t matter much anyway if I posted my real name. Our IG Page had me on it & I’m Linked there to my FB, so I’m pretty real… I’m quite confused. O_o

  16. Well, unless this was a site issue this is the last time I’ll be posting. That is a lot of time to devote to posts just to have them disappear. I can’t seem to think of any reason why that would happen. Hopefully someone will email me & let me know what’s up. I hope everyone has a good day!!

  17. Hi everyone! How are you? Hope everyone is well. If/when you get a chance, my most recent blog post is a direct message to Travis Alexander’s family and supporters. I’d like you all to read it and provide feedback whenever you can. Thank you!

  18. Happy Sunday family!

    I hope you guys are having a relaxing day!

    Don’t forget to take a minute or so and send your possitive energy to Jodi everyday. She needs all the love she can get everyday!

    (((((Jodi))))) ♥

    • (((((PAN♥))))) I think of Jodi and my Cyber family everyday, and someday (in the very near future) she will walk out of that jail a very free woman.

      ((((((CYBER FAMILY♥)))))) 🙂

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Always taking a moment to think about Jodi (sometimes so much more than just a moment LOL)

      ((((((((((((( JODI ♥ )))))))))))

      ((((((((((( cyber family here )))))))))))

      (((((((((admins ♥ )))))))))))))

  19. Jodi Tweet:

    “There is positive [and] negative energy. Sometimes a person can get more from negative energy. Sometimes that can be a gift.” -Jim Harbaugh

    Praying for YOU Jodi!

    • Yes, praying for all women out there fight

      And as already posted here, October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. A cause so close to many people’s hearts on this site, since Jodi has brought us all together.

      • PROUD SURVIVOR!! Jodi literally saved my life. Her experience with Travis allowed me to see just how badly I was being treated & how much worse it could get if I didn’t get out. I already knew that, but Jodi helped me not to put the blinders over my own eyes & ignore it. Countless lives will be saved & changed becaus of her sacrifice. We love you, Jodi!!

  20. Does anyone know the link to Jeff’s blog? Also positive thoughts, prayers and blessings to everyone especially Jodi who has the will with the strength of steel to hang in there and fight.

  21. I’m not trying to be a hater or to start anything other than a conversation here….but….my question is how do you folks find passion for this woman? To the degree that you do, it astounds me. I’m sure she is a very nice person, but I watched the entire trial, not having any bias one way or another and I simply don’t understand your devotion. I found Jodi to be incredibly manipulative—and Travis, too, by the way—and her testimony incredibly implasable. Again, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m sincerely asking because I’m just trying to understand. Why all the support for a woman who clearly killed another human being and then worked so very hard to cover it up?

    If anyone can shed light on the matter, I would be grateful.
    With the utmost respect,

    • dee,

      Why we support, love and ‘find passion’ for this woman???

      I will speak only for myself. Jodi was a victim of travis alexander. The only thing that she did wrong was to truely love him. He took advantage of her vulnerability and used her to boost his self esteem.

      When his abuse came to the point of her life being threatened (that day), she did what all of us would do: she fought back. It’s called survival instinct.

      She visited travis with the happiness that any woman in love with a man would feel! She would never ever believe that it would end up the way it did.

      Jodi is a loving, caring, remarkable woman. She just has the worst fucking luck ever! Her bad luck reach it’s peak level when she met travis.

      The injustice she has been exposed to is beyond words. So, if you think for a minute that Jodi’s trial has been a fair one and her sentencing was the one she deserved, then I am absolutely sure you have been watching a different trial… Please do us a favor and rewatch it! All of it!

      Peace out.

      ((((((Jodi Ann Arias)))))) ♥

    • Yes but it was in self-defense!
      The self-defense theory sounds very plausible – Travis indeed was an abusive jerk, he hit Jodi multiple times, and at one time he kicked her so hard he broke one of her fingers.

      The prosecution’s theory was changed on the eve of trial! In other words, Det. Flores changed his testimony, or lied under oath, regarding whether the gunshot came first or last! That in and of itself is despicable, because people tend to believe police over civilians! And was Flores charged with perjury and held accountable for it? Nope, because the prosecution is on his side, and the prosecution has a lot of sway in the justice system!
      Then we have Dr Horn with his purported “typo”, as he calls it, in the autopsy report. How can you make a mistake of such importance and then after reviewing your own report miss this same mistake? His initial report indicated that the dura mater was intact, then he altered (doctored) his report while ON THE STAND, to fit the prosecution’s theory! Was he charged with lying? Nope, because again he’s on the prosecution’s side! These people have immunity to prosecution.

      So the deck was stacked against Jodi from the get go! It’s hard to fight the system, even if you’re in the right! If the prosecution has you in their sights, you’re toast!

      But let’s return to Jodi. Despite Travis’s abuse, Jodi didn’t turn Travis into the police because deep down she thought he would change and stop abusing her, she loved him and couldn’t stand the thought of “betraying” him. This is how battered women behave – the so called Battered Wife Syndrome – look it up while you’re at it, very edifying! If she had filed a police report on Travis, Travis would have been locked up for domestic abuse.
      It’s easy for you to say that, but imagine yourself in her shoes – you’re in love with an abusive asshole who beats you up, abuses you verbally, calls you names, and then one day you do something (drop a camera) and he attacks you, and screams at you that he’s going to kill you! Would you be scared for your life? Would you defend yourself? Or would you let him kick you, beat you up, put you in a hospital?

    • Hi dee,

      Thanks for posting. First of all, you contradict yourself numerous times in your post. You do have an anti-Jodi bias… just like the majority of people out there that didn’t watch the whole trial. They, like you, decided to rely on certain media outlets for enlightenment. Not a good idea.

      But irrespective of all factors, the prosecution never once produced *any* valid evidence to prove pre-meditation, beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. That’s simply because there was no evidence to produce in the first place. Instead, there was hearsay, wishful thinking and a lot of hypothetical BS.

      The culmination of all of that ultimately equated to a “conviction” and a “victory” for the prosecution.

      The trial outcome did not equate to justice.

      Our passion is therefore not “for Jodi” per se, but is channeled towards *Justice For Jodi*, in what has always been a very basic self-defense case.

      Team Jodi

  22. To dee:

    I have the exact same question, only in reverse. How do you people find so much hatred for this woman? It simply astounds me the degree of hatred that is directed towards this woman. I simply don’t understand. I didn’t find Jodi to be manipulative at all and exactly what testimony do you find incredibly implausible. The unbelievable testimony came from Horn and Flores among others. So, I’m sincerely asking you, where does all your hatred coming from for a woman who clearly admitted to killing another human being to save her own life and there was never any evidence presented that said this wasn’t so. And, in fact, the blood evidence supports the defense’s argument. The prosecution’s theory of what happened in the bathroom makes no sense at all and is not supported by the evidence. Please, I’m sincerely asking because I’m just trying to understand. Why all the hatred?

    • Rb, excellently said!

      I wonder what anyone of those haters would do in Jodi’s place? Would they give up and say ‘Oh well! You win! Kill me..” I don’t think so. They would fight back and do anything in their power to save themselves. That’s why it is called ‘self defence’. They just can’t get it through their thick skulls.

      If Jodi was the maniac, psychopath, manipulative woman that haters say she is, I don’t think she would have taken all his verbal and physical abuse for soooo long. Because Jodi was and IS a kind soul, a loving woman, she took his abuse hoping it would stop.

      • Exactly Pandora!!!! Jodi was a victim of the worst form of abuse. If one would read and study all of the facts of this case (which on this site has been done wonderfully) they would be able to see why we all feel the way we do for Jodi. I can not think of anyone else America that has been ridiculed more unjustly than Jodi. She has been strong and steadfast through out all of the hate that has been thrown at her. Travis was no saint and it is time for them to understand that fact!!! Why can’t these Haters understand how wrong they have been? The true facts are there. Fighting for ones life is not a crime. I have never seen Jodi where I thought she was manipulative. I believe Jodi truly thought Travis would change but it wasn’t in his DNA.

        • Also, one could go to Jeff’s Blog (also many more) and find more excellent facts to prove that the trial has been a farce from the start. Nothing but a 3 ring circus. In the first ring you have Judge Pickles cloaked in all of her Glory, in the 2nd ring Detective Flores and Dr. Horn the Magician’s of Facts and then in the 3rd ring you can find Juan Martineze the Master Manipulator. Also, I wouldn’t want to leave out Travis’s friends who are such fine upstanding citizens(?) and devoted to his memory . No they have never told a lie. Talk about manipulation. Cry for the cameras everyone because HLN is swinging from the trapeze with their legal experts (?) to convict Jodi before the trial even started. Justice is the main element missing from this trial. FREE JODI AZ!!!!!

          • I love it! Your description of the circus act is so accurate!!! Kudos!

            One last thing, besides the crying, let’s not forget all the ‘eye rolling’ and facial expressions made from the bobbsey twins… and by diabolic coincidence ALWAYS when the cameras were on them! Damn the media! (rolling eyes) !!!!

            (((R. Love))))

            • You got it! I just could not fit it all into my little circus act <:) but they sure did!
              We have to laugh or we would go crazy!!!!!!


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