Closed hearing & new TA pedo evidence admitted into trial (+ video)

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Well, well… “The plot thickens” as they say.

Now we get to find out what Thursday’s closed hearing was all about.

It would appear that certain pieces of the jigsaw are now starting to fall into place… with Jodi testifying that 6 months before his death, she walked in on TA (in his bedroom) while he was masturbating to photographs of young boys spread out on his bed.

That evidence in now admissible and will be brought into the trial.

Check out the video below from AZ Central covering the hearing (full story here):

[hdplay id=51 width=500 height=300]

It therefore looks very likely that the level of abuse TA inflicted on Jodi increased… and it increase pro-rata to the likelihood of Jodi spilling the beans on his pedo-related antics.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to deduce that as being the trigger for the abuse.

Following on from that, TA then stepped things up a gear and starting hitting Jodi in an attempt to keep her quiet. After those events, he then wrote letters to Jodi in an attempt to try and explain what he’d done and why he’d done it.

This is where the letters fit into the equation.

It also looks like everyone’s least favorite lying bastard Chris Hughes has surfaced again. He reminds me of Roy Kronk a bit.  He’s now resorted to posting on BS Facebook pages, in a frantic attempt to try and regain what little credibility he never even had in the first place. Nice one Chris. You’re doing really great. Keep it up!

Remember Chris Hughes? Sure you do. His official job title is “Professional Penis”.

This is part of the “Bombshells, Blackmail & BS – Chris Hughes style” post I wrote on Jan 30th:

“Hughes already confirmed he’s firmly on the prosecution’s side, so sure he’s gonna do all he can to fly the flag for them, including stating to the media (on behalf of Martinez) that the TA letters were forged – even though he knows they were not. He knows, having seen some of them, that they’re genuine. He even wrote to TA to tell him he wasn’t treating Jodi right.

In fact both Chris Hughes (and his wife, Sky) emailed Travis telling him he was being abusive to Jodi back in 2007. They also discussed TA’s “age of attraction” when it comes to young girls, which (as far as I recall) Sky was somewhat surprised at. This ties together the earlier pedophile rumors pertaining to TA and his preference for pigtails & 12 years old’s, does it not?”

In light of the latest events, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of child porn ring in operation… possibly even at the Hughes’ home… where both TA and Chris Hughes were both actively involved (and others). This is probably another reason why Hughes is making such an effort to cover for TA (and trying to blackmail “Mr X”)… and subsequently has so much to lose in every sense of the word. So much for being Vice Chair at  The Soldier Hollow Charter School Board.

The anonymous proxy surfing… 12 year old girls in pigtails… boy’s underwear… little girl’s costumes… and now TA masturbating over pics of young boys?

Could it be any clearer?

The door has certainly been opened.

Leave your comments below…

Team Jodi


  1. Is there any chance the letters will come into evidence, now that Jodie is actually testifing? I believe that Nurmi said a handwriting expert said they were authentic.

    • I’d really like to know the full details of the “walking in on TA while the pictures were spread out on the bed”.

      It’s just hard to imagine a situation where TA, who has this deeply guarded secret and will do anything to keep it that way, but knows that JA is just around the corner in the other room, and what does he decide to do …. strip down to nothing and spread out all his wares on his bed, knowing she could “walk in on him at any minute”.

      And if she wasn’t in the house already, I’m supposed to believe he didn’t hear any noises, no cars pulling up, no doors or locks opening, no walking down the hall, no nothing.

      At this point though, I’m just hoping that no one tells me how mesmerized and lost in his own pedo world he was mid stroke to the point that he wouldn’t have heard the rapture let alone JA had it entered his realm.

      On another note … I think Martinez wishes he would have taken the 25 year deal. Idiot. Probably needed the income.

        • Through the doggy door, doggy style…. when she knew the door and, computer codes and, passwords… I think doggy style, perversion, is closer to the non points, that, with no proof she shot, Travis, to begin with, she couldn’t have done, any, of it… Non case, closed… Arrest the lizard at law, for obstruction of justice… Edgrrr…

      • Either the income or an opporunity to look like a bad-ass prosecutor in court. I honestly don’t know why people on other boards rave about how great Martinez is and how he’s going to “tear Jodi apart”…I think he’s awful and resorts to cheap histrionics. Plus that grating voice of his…

      • 1) I wondered how this would happen too. The guy is using proxies why would there even be pictures?
        Maybe she was supposed to be taking a shower or he thought he locked the door. Maybe he secretly wanted to be caught because he was ashamed and he knew Jodi wouldn’tr rat him out because he was pretty much in control of her.

        2) I thought prosecutors were assigned cases and since he won that other self defense case against a woman I am sure they thought of him first.

        • Right, did you guys see the questions the jury asked about the fact the police did not question the roommates enough? I mean, why did nobody really talk to them?

          • I agree, we have not heard a peep from any of them at trial. I am confused about that one. I mean they were roomates. I would think they would have some knowledge about what went on. I guess if she was only there late at night they wouldn’t but still I just can’t believe they don’t have anything useful to offer in this case.

      • Jodi testified on the stand that she returned 10 minutes after leaving Travis’s home to go back for an angel figurine Travis had given her as a gift. She did not want to be harassed by TA for forgetting it, so she returned for it where it was left … on TA’s dresser. Upon entering his room, she witnessed what she saw. Travis fumbled the papers whereby one page flew to the floor toward Jodi, face up.

        • It has been in my experience when a man is so devout and into his church and playing innocent is when the shiz hits the fan! BAM PEDO! They loves some lil boys!

      • Travis skirted the edge of incredulity, that he could get all he wanted, by walking on the edge, guruing the sheeple, fornicating all the groupies, defying the church, knowing the penalties, as per the blood atonement oath he took; as admitted by his own words; “I don’t know which one of us is the axe murderer,” and, testing issues of his own perversions; as per, morphing into, shame, and, repentence mode, until hr got horny again… Finally, he picked the wrong victim, and, her boyfriend, or / and, husband, ratted him out to the bishop, and, Travis, tried to alibi his way out of his own responsibility. His knife, and cut, short pieces of rope, bear some logic, that he intended to tie Jodi, up, and, take her with him, for taking such advantage of his perversions., and his poor, weak self, for which his quasireligious, heart thrust, ear to ear, throat slice, ritual, was on the way. and, it didn’t take a brain surgeon, to figure out, /Travis was up to no good, and that, tied down, she would be helpless… then, according to good sense, he, as the prosecutor stated, bent her over for rough sex, and, frisky sex, while she was nent over, pinned down, and, unable to get out of there, with the camera, then, hidden in the bedding, and, then, hidden in the washing machine… and, Jodi, was run out of there by the intruders, pointing a gun at her, before she could retrieve the camery, which contained, the photographic proof that she and Travis, were just fun and other indoor sports, now, twisted into grounds for homicide; in, what, twilight zone, do you find such illogics…??? Edgrrr…

      • Exactly. I believe she said she’d just left TA’s house — had only driven a few blocks away. Said she’d forgotten some kind of angel item at his house. So she turned right around & headed back to his house. Went right back in, I guess — no locked doors or anything, I guess. Went upstairs for the angel thingy, and there he was, in the bed — “handling” it and surrounded by pics. Ummm okay…

    • I always thought there had to be something else besides dropping a camera or jealousy but I’m not buying the pedo story. Child porn sickos can’t help themselves..something would have surfaced on his computer/phone. In addition, it’s more probable that he would hide it on his computer rather than have some actual photograph in his house/bedroom where she was cleaning as the maid! That would leave way to many chances/oppurtunities that she would stumble across something while cleaning. So he would have had to have it on the computer somewhere and the defense forensic guy even testified that he ran special programs for hidden pedo files, etc.. yet there were none. I wish we could see every text, email, and those letters. It sucks they are not allowed.

      • Wasn’t his computer kept in the downstairs home office? Maybe he used photographs because…not to be gross…they were easier for him to access while masturbating on his bed.

      • Kourtney, it’s also possible he only looked at child porn through the proxy servers because he was smart enough to know it could cause him to be in a sting at some point.

        I agree, most addicts have stashes and stashed saved, but not if they are only proxying it.

        There was porn, the computer guy didn’t specify what kind.

        • This guys was into little kids, there’s no mistake about that. I mean, good god, what normal person would ever suggest a 12 yr old girl having an orgasm as “hot”? I personally know NONE, and I’m fairly old. lol..
          I’m fairly new to this site, so glad I found it!! I firmly believe Jody was emotionally abused by a wanna be “dom” who had no clue how to treat a “sub” and in addition to that, he picked the wrong girl for that type of relationship. When you play adult games, you may end up paying a big price, and neither one of these two knew what the hell they were doing. The sex tape sounded like two teenagers, with all the” oh my gosh”, and “like” , and “thats hot” I mean come on. She sounded like a robot, very rehearsed, and he sounded bored and rude. Very Stepford Wives type of vocabulary. The only time he sounded remotely interested was when she was talking about him, arrogant man that he was. I feel so badly for her, she was used in the worst way a woman can be used.
          If this jury finds her guilty of first degree murder, I will give up completely on our justice system!

        • I’m not surprised if there was no ‘evidence’ on his computer. The Hughes have publicly admitted getting access to his servers/emails as soon as they heard of his death (and before the police), to try to ‘find evidence that implicated Jodi’. I’d love to know what they deleted and put through the ccleaners before the police got to see…..

  2. I think Jodi’s defense team would have to provide an original of the letter – not a photocopy. I don’t think it’s necessarily an issue of handwriting anymore as much as that a copy could be photoshopped or manipulated to look real. Hopefully the original is somewhere to be found!

    • Hi Sam!

      The article that came with the above video, said if Martinez opens the door during cross examination, the letters may be allowed in.

      Interesting ha.

      • Sorry if this info is already out there, i didnt follow this case from go and have alot.of details to catch up on. Do you know why the defense has photo copies? Where did they come from? Were they sent by some one anonymously?

        • The letters were sent to the defense via email. Rumors say Jodi got them while in prison but she can’t receive but a post card so… Anyhow, these letters were emailed to the defense and nobody has stood up to say who the sender was.

          It’s another mystery but I really wish the sender would come forward as the only reason the letters are not allowed in, is because they don’t have the originals.

          • I agree CJ. I wonder if the defense tried to subpoena the email sender? Unless it was an anonymous account and the defense was unable to discover who it was that sent it to them. I would think this important enough to get a subpoena to track the IP address of sender.

            I have always wondered about the defense’s rights when it comes to things like this. The prosecution can get a warrant to discover certain types of information- but is the defense allotted the same type of the pursuit of justice? Because a private investigator definitely does not have the same sort of access that the police do when investigating a case. They can’t present a warrant for instance to the phone company to look at records.

        • what I still cannot wrap my head around is why on earth doesnt Jodi have the original letters and had to rely on some mystery person to send photocopies…they were in a relationship,she keeps a diary,she is a romantic person apparently,she takes hundreds of pics of the 2 of them,why wouldnt she keep his letters???Let’s suppose that she threw them away or kept them somewhere safe till someone found them and being on Jodi’s side(obviously dah..)provided them as evidence to her laywers.Why on earth would that person NOT come forth to speak his/her truth???What is more important than saving the life of a person who you supposedly care about?It reminds me of her friend who has been witness to her bruises and broken finger incident but protects his family’s privacy and keeps away from this whole thing.
          The trial document says ”Lastly, defendant argues that she will not receive a fair
          trial unless all ten letters are admitted. ” This is sth big,right?Of great importance.Why wouldnt Jodi know where the originals are or sent them to her is beyond me…

          • Maria, It’s an excellent question, I can’t figure it out either. I was assuming Jodi had the letters originally, but after her arrest someone gained possession of all her belongings, so maybe that was the reason someone else had them? But wouldn’t that information be trackable? If it was the mom, like someone said earlier, or someone else entirely..scanned copies ARE taken from the originals- so.. the originals have to be available somewhere!! But when reading that information CJ posted, it sounded like the defense and Jodi were refusing to provide the identity of the person(s) who sent the electronic copies of the letters. It just makes no sense.

          • LC, fear would be my only guess too,being a very powerful instinct.Other than that,personally i dont find reasons such as ”my reputation is on the line” any good but selfish.Someone ‘s LIFE is on the line.

          • Yea hopefully, BUT what about if Martinez, DOESNT open that door for the defense, what if he knows that its better if he doesn’t bring it up, then these ltrs. will never come out??!

          • Somehow I don’t think Martinez is going to open that door. It’s not fair that they have to let him choose to bring it up first.

        • LC,

          I went over the court docs again and cut and pasted so we can understand the issues better.

          “On June 18, 2010, the State made an oral motion for
          disclosure of the original handwritten letters. Defense counsel
          indicated that Ms. Arias had received copies of the letters
          electronically from a third person. This court ordered
          additional briefing on that issue.”

          First, that statement tells me that someone emailed the copies to the defense or someone on her behalf. I did read they were sent to the defense but who knows with the media.

          Then the doc goes on to say ( the state is arguing here)

          “However, defendant has indicated that she
          does not have the original letters and received copies of the
          letters electronically. She has thus far failed to disclose the
          whereabouts of the originals and who sent the electronic
          transmission. Rule 1002 requires an original document unless
          otherwise provided by the rules. Rule 1003 states that a
          duplicate is admissible unless “(1) a genuine question is raised
          a s t o t h e authenticity of the original or (2) in the
          circumstances it would be unfair to admit the duplicate in lieu
          of the original.” In this case, a genuine question is raised as
          to authenticity, because of the possibility that the originals
          were forged, photoshopped, cut-and-pasted or otherwise altered
          before being electronically transmitted. In addition, because
          the State cannot have an expert examine the originals, admission
          of duplicates would be unfair. Therefore, duplicates would not
          be admissible under Rule 1003.”

          So the state is arguing they MAY be forged because the state cannot examine the originals.

          “Yet, the state’s conclusion reads as follows:The ten letters purportedly written by victim Travis
          Alexander and disclosed by defendant are inadmissible for
          numerous reasons. They are hearsay, and no exception applies;
          they are irrelevant, or if relevant, are unfairly prejudicial;
          and they do not qualify as character or other acts evidence.
          The fact that defendant has changed her strategy to allege self defense does not make the letters admissible. Therefore, the
          State requests that this court grant its motion to preclude the
          ten letters.”

          So in my opinion, Martinez never states he had them tested and motions to preclude based on hearsay because she has not produced the originals.

          And to further confuse things, there is an attachment with this document where a forensic examiner’s notes compared Jodi’s handwriting to diary entries and the examiner said she most likely authored the statements in the diaries. ( I cant copy and paste that part but left the link.)

          THAT is where I think everyone thought Jodi forged the letters. Remember how the media said Jodi lied to her diary? I’m deducing that the examiner was testing her diary entry against her own handwriting. Plus, Flores was the person who requested the analysis be done and nothing was mentioned about the diaries being travis’. Yet, everyone concluded that examination meant jodi authored the forged letters when it says nothing of the sort.

          The only way these letters will come into play is if Martinez brings them up, or the originals suddenly appear AND are tested by Martinez. ( doubtful)

          • thanks for the clarification CJ. so the question for me is, why on earth is the defense not bring forth the person who sent the email? that seems to me like it would solve a problem in there for the original can come forward.

          • So who oh who sent these copies? On the Justtice for travis thread, someone said it was Jodi’s mother. I guess if that is true, then not good, she won’t be testifing because she is in the courtroom, unless she got permission from the judge like george and cindy anthony. Maybe a sister? Another guess might be Sky? Nodi did confide in her that Travis was involved with a married woman. If Sky did help Jodi in any way she must be scared shitless. Who knows butwe shall see soo , hopefully. ! Completely agree with SJ, there is somethi g here chris Hughes wants to stay hidden. Even if his wife knows he or Travis is guilty, its not gonna be easy to get out of her. It was interesting that Chris mentioned sky works with abused kids, a front?

          • Kmiller-

            Idk if this is something totally different, but I think I remember hearing on one of those stupid HLN shows that Jodi’s mom sent ‘copies’ or something from her diary. Not sure if I’m confusing something, but in regard to what we’re talking about I don’t think that makes sense. It’s possible someone on the TA site is confused and mixing it up?

        • Comparing the writing with known samples, cannot be obscured, tust because they’re copies of originals, as these penstrokes, don’t get twisted, in a copy machine. Also, the writing format, identifies the writer, as welll, as, consistency with other like correspondence, the writer has written…can prove… Edgar…

    • Interesting reading … at least to me. I didn’t know about the origins of the law:

      The best evidence rule is a rule in law which states that when evidence such as a document or recording is presented, only the original will be accepted unless there is a legitimate reason that the original cannot be used. This rule has its origins in the 1800s. With the advent of electronic communications, there has been some argument about how the best evidence rule should be applied, and whether or not it is relevant.

      If someone else makes a copy, the copy may have errors if it was made by hand, or the copying process might somehow interfere with the letter. For example, a poor photocopy could obscure details of the handwriting, while a digital copy might alter the color and could also be manipulated by someone with skills.

      On another note, if you find reading this interesting ( to me it explains a lot about handwriting analysis which you think could be used in this case to validate the copy.

    • Sure… anyway, the court jester prosecutor, can launder his exculpatory, concealments. If the letter stroke, graphology, can be used to identify the writer, then, surely, the content format, coinciding with other proofs, can, also, be used, to identify, the writer. Add to all this smoke and mirrors, the forensics proof, that, Jodi, never fired a gun, and, therefore could not have overpowered, him, and, all, becomes, what it is; concealment of exculpatory evidence. Read “The God Makers,” and, compare Anderson and Alexander Eternal Soul Saving, Blood Oath, Heart Plunge, Ear to Ear Throat Slice, Ascension to his own kingdom, and all those virgin angels….This was a quasireligious, execution; read all the other site, explanations, for what the bishop, Travis, pleaded to, after someone whom he had wronged, ratted him out to the bishop, could tell us, if, he wasn’t hiding behind, “religious,” privilege; even if it means, saving Jodi’s life… Surely, Jodi, so livid with jealousy, would not, have fornicated, to make him eligible to get to all those virgin angels… would she > Let’ hear from shrinks, and, the bishop; and, the testimony of forensics, who found no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood sample… so, how, did Olive Oyl, overpower, Bluto, fighting for his life ? The court jesters’ entire non case, is a balancing act, while trying to tapdance, on a high wire, without, a net… Edgrrr…

  3. I wonder if Jodi was in over her head with things she knew about him and perhaps others. Maybe that is why she had weapon(s) both before and after his death.

    • Definitely deb! I’m of the opinion that Jodi trusted these ppl,trusted their religion and faith,trusted this man and all she found lying underneath was hypocrisy and sick ppl.No wonder she did the things she did.

  4. I saw on Travis’ calendar that Gus Searcy was suppose to give a talk in Santa Cruz on 6/3/08. Didn’t Jodi say she went to Santa Cruz. I wonder if she saw him on the way down. I wonder if she confided in him.

  5. It certainly demonstrates again the hybocrisy behind TA’s Mormonism and how he’d want all of this hidden. It would be nice to have those originals, though. Again, this just pushes the self defense concept more… what if this was a subject of discussion the day of TA’s demise? What do you guys think? Can you imagine? I guess we will find out as Jodi tells us more.

  6. That injuy she has on her L ring finger looks like a tendon rupture she does not extend it and she showed it to Det Flores and she stated it was bony as if the injury was older >6 weeks. That type of injury can happen when you block a closed fist punch….the finger gets jammed.

    • Didnt Matt, Jodis ex, say Travis broke one of Jodis fingers? In his post here, said she wouldnt go to the doctor brcause she didnt want Travis implicated.

      • Apparently he did say that and the tendon rupture can cause a fracture with it. Who knows? She also has what looks like a lazy eye on the right. They all comment on her eyes and fake glasses but that condition affects eye sight and people do wear glasses for it!

        • thanx deb for claryfying her finger injury,I didnt know that it can be the result of trying to avoid a punch either.As to her lazy eye,or the haters’ comments on that,i believe this is a trial NOT a beauty pageant,Jodi was and is a beautiful lady,they will find whatever nonsense they need just for the sake of being petty.Do they really comment on why she wears glasses?Hello???Look at her mother and aunt,they both wear glasses.Short sight is hereditary,i think.When she was a free woman she obviously wore eye contacts,now that she’s in jail she obviously cannot.It’s like when they were commenting on her brown hair,some people are plain stupid thinking that being in prison means you get to go to beauty salons.

      • she should have just gone to the hospital to get it taken care of regardless because she could have gotten it in any number of ways… she should have just lied and told them some random reason why it happened so she could get it taken care of.

          • Deb, she most assuredly did not get insurance through ppl. she wouldn’t be considered an employee she be like an independent contractor or like someone else mentioned before running her own business…

          • but my point was more about matt saying Jodi said she didn’t want to go to the hospital because she didn’t want to implicate travis …she should have just lied … because the injury could have happened in any number of ways and the doctor would never know

        • I agree. If she’s as adept at lying as she seems, snowing some intern at midnight would be a piece of cake.

          On another note, at what point did people change from “well she lied this time, this time and that time, but THIS time, she’s telling 100% truth”? And if she for whatever reason changed her story yet again, would they all now believe that story is true?

    • ????? Whhaaaa really???? The finger gets jammed when you block a closed fist punch???? SAY THAT 10 times in a row real fast and see if your finger gets jammed in a closed fist bunch punch??!! Lol

      • You obviously have not been a victim of domestic violence. If you block a punch then you get a hand injury instead of a black eye. It has happened to me I needed surgery to correct. It’s called evidence and I did not go to the doctor right away either.

        • Sorry deb, I had no idea it could lead to such a big injury, even to effects eyesight. I didnt know, im sorry I dont know everything but thank you for making it clear. As far as guessing that i havent been a victim of DV, I can say I have had my share, and to child physical abuse too. No tendon ruptures, but black eyes n busted lips (just as bad). Hopefully you got your finger taken care of n you can still use it.

        • By the way, if an injury like this happened to JA, then they can point it out that, that’s the reason she uses glass. They can infact bring in some type of evidence that this is when she started to have sight problems.

          • LC
            I am not saying the eye problem is an injury that something you are born with a lazy eye. I am just saying that could be why she has glasses. I think it is wrong that the media states she is wearing glasses for image when there could be other reasons.

          • I heard that in the media too. They’re making it look like shes wearing glasses to change her appearance to look like a good girl. They’re stupid, she can be wearing glasses for many reasons, like you said. And also the fact that it might be a lot easier for her then to wear contacts (if you even allowed to in jail).

          • LC, I thought it really small minded when they complain about her wearing glasses. I personally need glasses for distance, but I only wear them for driving. My eyesight isn’t that bad but if I am in a classroom though I put them on…and people are like you wear glasses??? So, I can totally understand why she would wear classes so she can see the trial and not wear them outside. I find them an annoyance otherwise.

            Just my viewpoint.

          • LC-
            I couldn’t help but laugh at your post. You wrote “that’s the reason she uses glass.” I was thinking “uh oh, don’t get THAT rumor started.” (GLASS as in drug reference) “The haters will be all over that one!” LOL

            I know what you truly meant though 🙂

  7. Egads!!! Why can’t I stop feeding the ignorant trolls? Must not feed the ignorant people who cannot think and read and see things from so many different ways….

    Why don’t they just stay away? Do they really think they are fooling us by the way they phrase things???

    • if I were in Jodi’s position I’d make them by telling my lawyers who sent me the email. and if she doesn’t know because it came from some anonymos email then her attorney should request that the judge compel by getting a warrant to subpoena the IP address cetera

        • Daniel
          It sounds as if the only other witness to the orignal letters or at least some of them may have been the Hughes. Is that not the reason defense cousel wanted to depose them?

          • Hi deb,

            I don’t think it was the letters the Hughes’ saw, (though I could be wrong) I think that was in relation to Travis’ diary (but there may have been corroborating evidence of the letters there too) .

  8. So let’s assume all the pedo stuff about TA is correct. I still don’t understand why this would be a trigger for TA to abuse JA. Wouldn’t abusing JA achieve the opposite effect – namely, she could always go to authorities with the pedo evidence on TA and have him put away for 25+ years if he abuses her?

    Now if JA was found dead I could see the pedo stuff being a motive for TA to murder JA (to keep her quiet). But as long as she is alive, it would seem that TA would hve to be very careful the way he treated TA.

    I guess one possibility is that TA tried to kill JA precisely to keep her quiet and JA defended herself and ended up killing TA in the process. Is this going to be the defense claim?

    • Hmmm. I’ve been thinking about that too. Maybe there was a fight about it earlier that day? But since he already had control and was manipulating her combined with her low self worth, would not put her in a position of power over him when in person. I think that just would have screwed with her head worse because she loved him in spite of.

      • Yeah Mark, I see it more as your second possibility. Because CJ’s right, in that – by that time -Travis had already been abusing Jodi. He may have tried somewhat to curb his treatment of her but ultimately he wanted to get away from her and Jodi sensed that and it hurt her. Though its hard to understand how she could still love him after finding out he had those kinds of tendencies. Pretty disgusting.

        • I would think finding out about your partner having sexual fantasies of children would immediately put quite the damper on any sexual/emotional feelings the other had been experiencing. Just my opinion though.

          • I considered this as well but honestly it comes back to the issue most people have with this trial. You cannot force rational thought into an irrational mind. If you believe self defense you have to believe that she had the battered syndrome that made her respond differently than most people would to the situation she was in. Most women would not have driven all that way to be mistreated by someone but she is not the first nor will she be the last to have put herself in situations where the abuser could continue.

          • I think she was still angry though. She probably had mixed emotions. She did tape that phone-call with him refering to the 12 year old girl etc. I see that behavior as passive-aggressive. She was maybe feeling sick and angry about how he came off as perfect and her the villian too.

            But I don’t think the anger caused her to attack him although the some on the jury could look at it like that.

        • Daniel
          She had a traumatic bond with him a verypowerful unhaelthy attachment formed becuse it was a push nd pull relationship and she was vulnerable to it with her backround. She could no ttlet him go in her mind

          • Yes, this. And feelings of love and attachment are not turned off like a faucet, especially when one’s identity is totally wrapped up someone else. Jodi was in a relationship where she literally had no personhood, she was for all intents and purposes “Travis Alexander’s.” The tee shirt really says it all. I cannot imagine what that does to a person’s mind; let alone judging them for not being able to cut off their emotional attachment in an instant.

            She wasn’t the only one who rationalized away Travis’ behavior and believed he could do better if only he was loved more, ect; the Travistown cult is proof of that.

            • I am so happy to find this sight where I can see other people feel the same way I do. It”s nice to know there are real people out there that didn’t just fall in with the crowd and go with what they hear from the prosecution. If you even try to speak for Jodi on most sights people tear you apart and act like your crazy. But I can see the other side of things and call me crazy but anyone that thinks a 12 yr old girl having an orgasm is hot…is a total freak and a monster. Something wasn’t right with this guy. Why can’t everyone see this?

    • I thought about this as well Mark. It seems as though he would suddenly start kissing her butt if she knew something she could use against him but he already knew he had the upper hand on her. He knew that he could put her through all kinds of things and she not only would not leave but would not tell anyone else. He may have become physically abusive just to “remind her” of what could happen if she told anyone.

      • Maybe this is one of the many reasons why Travis started all the lies about Jodi (stalker, whore, etc.)?

        He still wanted her sexually, so if he just made everyone think she was this terrible person, he didnt have to worry about anyone believing her?

        Just a quick thought.
        Some deep shit was going on needless to say.

        • Makes sense to me. If she told his friends they wouldn’t believe her
          that’s for sure except maybe Sky Hughes ;). He did
          a great job tearing her down and keeping her around at the same time.

          As little sense as this whole situation makes.
          It makes more sense that he was a manipulator and a deviant,
          than it does she just got jealous of a trip to cancun and
          killed him 3 times.

          • And today, when the sex tape was played, Jodi very light-heartedly referenced Travis’s trip to Cancun when asking him jovially about his trip plans AFTER Cancun. You would think she would have brought up any negativities about her not going right then and there. Travis was also talking about seeing her after … she was at the top of his list. The two sequential sentences seem to negate the idea of premeditation.

    • This comment is not necessarily in response to your comment, but is more a response to all the reasons that seem so general as to why people believe it was self defense. Most of what I hear is “he was abusive, I could see him lunging at her, getting pissed about the camera being dropped, she was abused growing up, so no wonder she put up with it …” blah blah.

      Can someone go on the record of some specifics of a step by step how they envision this 1:38 going down? I mean, how do you picture it happening? It’s all comfortable and nice to talk about broad brush stroke theories, but where do you picture that the gun and the knife were while Jodi was taking pictures of Travis in the shower? And if the gun and knife were where you say you think they were, then also identify why do you say they were there and what you think about Travis seeing them during his shower? “Hey, Jodi, what’s with the camera, the gun, and the knife?” When he lunged at her, do you picture him hitting her, grabbing her by the neck? What happened next? She slipped from his grasp and got to her gun and knife?

      I know no one KNOWS how the 1:38 went down, but I’m sure you have thought it through about what transpired during that time? It would be great to hear specific details from those who only talk in generalities about why his abuse and her upbringing made this make sense as self defense.

      • MickyD,

        How about you start by listing all the reasons you think Jodi murdered Travis in cold blood first? Make it a nice list so that we can debunk your beliefs one by one.

        BUT, if you put the gas cans on there again, then I will know you haven’t taken the time to rent a car with a small tank, take a drive out west and see how stressful it is to get low on gas and not know where the next station is going to pop up.

        Some of us here don’t get off on the moment by moment specifics, and some of us don’t think she actually did it to begin with, even though they are now saying self defense. There are a lot of people who can tickle your fantasy over on the websleuth site….oh maybe you are already there?

      • MickeyD- I can’t, in my mind’s eye, see any possible way Jodi could have done this. It is physically impossible. Again, physically impossible. So , though I believe Travis was abusive, I feel his death was something other than the soap opera being portrayed to the dumbed-down, blood thirsty zombie masses. Many here are going on the belief that the defense has presented, atleast they question, but again I say, not physically possible.
        Overpower him with stabs, drag his body, then got him in that tiny shower sitting up, no way.

      • I, too, find it almost physically impossible to complete such actions. However, if Jodi is going to testify that she did commit such crime alone, I believe Jodi instantaneously recognized, remembered and reached for the knife in the heat of Travis’s anger as it was right there in the bathroom … because Travis probably used it to cut the duct tape off his arm before taking his shower. (The duct tape was pictured on the bathroom floor, but pictured earlier on his arm in his bed.) She may have made a run for the gun when the original stab wounds weren’t sufficient to sustain his shot of adrenalin surging during “fight or flight” mode. Her chemistry, too, would have been surging with adrenalin to have made it to the gun and finish her actions in stated time (given the testimony that the gun shot was not first). With knife still in hand, and Travis after her, the stabbing could very well have continued in the stated time.

  9. Today on the feminist Mormon housewives facebook page, a woman named “Brook” said this…””when I say that women were treated with double speak we were told how “good” and “wonderful” the sisters were in the same speech that told the elders to stay away from women because we’re all harlots”.

    YES!!! The church is ALWAYS thinking the WORST of women! Anything else is lip service. In their minds we were always wanting to have sex with them, seduce them, destroy their lives. This was the ENTIRE message as a teen. They didn’t see us as anything by sexual beings and therefore we were resigned to Primary, RS and the home…where we belong. Misogyny is alive and well to this day.

    Just today I finally broke through and realized that I have NEVER ONE DAY felt loved by anyone in the church, but especially the men. It was sex, always sex. We were not allowed to actually be female, feminine, nurturing, because if we did we were “harlots”, “sluts” and if we showed kindness and mercy to men, then obviously we wanted sex with them. They wouldn’t let us be humans, be friends. It was always sex.

    This is disgusting. So the girls saw the guys as bloody control freaks, and the boys saw the girls as harlots. Great for the self esteem of both sexes. This is not one damn good thing about this church. Not one.

    Options: Reply•Quote
    Posted by: guynoirprivateeye ( )
    Date: June 06, 2012 12:02AM
    Re: Misogyny (hatred of women) in the church.

    the ‘true’ aspects of caring, loving relationships are AWOL in Mormon culture. They’ve been forced out of the picture, individually and collectively by the way things are measured & rewarding in Morland:


    deference to Authority

    Blind Obedience

    Ambiguity & half-truths/half lies.

    focus on the Outward Appearances, get-rich-quick schemes.

    instead of Healthy:

    self-esteem, self-respect.

    unconditional aspects of healthy relationships:

    trust & respect, Mercy & Compassion, Honesty, etc.

    Mormondumb is like a group of stockholders who can’t see beyond the next financial statements.

    P.S.: If it were ‘true’ blatant HATRED, it would be dis-owned soon if not immediately. Instead, it’s subtle.

    Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/06/2012 12:03AM by guynoirprivateeye.

    • Hi Lisa marie, beautiful post! Thank you for coming forward to share your experience.

      Yes, and self respect is SO important if people want women to be able to leave abusive relationships! Leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for a victim – and it only makes it that much more difficult to expect that to happen when the victim cannot function or even believe they deserve to be treated with humanity.

      I am Agnostic so I have no stake in religious or denominational squabbles – but IMO churches should not be concerned whether people are believing what they are preaching, but whether or not they are a positive and healthy influence on people’s lives. I am willing to understand that people find meaning and purpose with spiritual fulfillment – but I REFUSE to condone religious leaders who occupy a position of authority and abuse their authority to directly harm others. IE Travis Alexander!

  10. The Mormon religion brainwashes woman. It is a horrible thing that happened to Jodi. If she didn’t convert to Mormonism she would have continued on having a great life. Google Mormon brain washing. I know many Mormon converts that we’re on the verge of murder or suicide. Crazy cult Jody needs some serious therapy what they did to her number Mormon religion has totally scattered her brain Google for yourself the crazy brainwashing that Mormons put people through they always tell you do not answer the question people at people ask answer the questions they should’ve asked a teacher to why they teach you to hate with a smile on their face it is so funny and fake

    • Hi Mrs Lori C, I totally agree with your assessment as “hate with a smile on their face.” That is exactly what I see in Travis – not just his pictures, but actions. I also see it in the Travistown cult whenever they are on TV or the internet spouting off whenever they see their demigod denied by “unbelievers” such as myself.

      I also agree that what happened to Jodi should have never happened, and should never happen to anyone. There’s a lot of posters here who see the religious angle of this case very clearly, and I think it’s a crucial aspect to understanding the psychology between Travis and Jodi.

  11. It appears that the haters’ over at the State page are trying to play the prosecuters.Now they argue that the ”penis photo” was not on Jodi’s cell phone in a text form but rather on her computer (I say so what?she could have sent the photo from her phone to her computer)and they even put Darryl’s and Travis’ fingers close together,concluding that the penis was Darryl’s..What’s next?I’m so sick of them…

  12. Oh geez… First time checking out the State Vs Jodi Arias- Travis Alexander murder trial site…
    Under photos it appears someone posted photos attempting to compare Daryl’s hands to TA’s hands and the hand from the ‘penis’ picture… It says it went up like 10 mins ago. Wow. So ridiculous

    • This is indicative of the mentality on that site:

      mabee darryl helped her committ the murder , and set this whole thing up for weeks … it does look like a darker pic of darryls hand and i think jodi took travis’s phone and took the pic either of darryl or off of her phone then sent it from travis’s phone to hers to make it look like it came from travis .. i think she plotted this for weeks and had things well figured out and she new from one thing to the next what she was gunna do ..anyone agree ?

      Uh…no. LOL. Leave Darryl alone; the guy didn’t do anything.

      • Yep, I think I was banned not too long before that. lol The admins are saying that Travis’s family just informed them that they’d be talking to Martinez/letting him know of this latest finding.

        Same thing I was thinking (abt leaving Darryl alone). I saw someone named Laura on there, whom they said is Darryl’s sister. I just sent her a message telling her how awful it is that they are trashing Darryl and to let him know that not everyone is against him.

        I had no idea how evil they were on that site! It’s disgusting what they allow them to say about anyone and everyone. So much for their rules of conduct!

        • so let me get this straight….TA’s family reads the comments on Facebook,considers this to be a ”finding”,goes to Martinez to complain,and Martinez is supposed to act on that information?Wouldnt that be being influenced by the social Media?Heeey,Martinez”plz rememebr the admonition”,plus I object!Hearsay!LOL

          • Not to mention, the admins of that site are from Australia and have no connection to Travis whatsoever. So Martinez is supposed to look at their “evidence” and say “Oh wow, these people cracked the case!”? LOL.

      • Lol@ Kira! Yeah- all these years later, and this chef held the key evidence this whole time. I say put this trial on hold, fly the chef out, depose him, and get him on that stand PRONTO!

  13. So, I was searching online to find if the transcript of the hearing last Thursday was available yet and came across an interview with a Beth Karas (?) from CNN talking about the hearing. Evidently part of the problem that I am hearing is that Jodi originally said in a pre-trial hearing (?) or statement, that Travis was looking at photos of little boys ‘on his computer’ when she walked in on him masturbating. Not photos. Karas was saying the “photos” came up only recently. (BTW, how would Martinez have known what Jodi was going to be testifying to …before she testified? Why would they have even known to have needed a hearing to bring in the DV expert to testify about this incident with the masturbating to prove to the judge it should be allowed in??? The defense does not need to provide intended testimony of the defendant to the prosecution during discovery do they???)

    Did anyone else hear about this? And this woman Karas was saying that the prosecution is going to take her to task in cross regarding this because according to the state’s witness, they said there was no evidence of any pornography on Travis’ computer. Which is confusing becs I thought there was as testified by Lonnie Dworkin. I need to go back and listen to Lonnie Dworkin’s testimony again becs I thought he said that. But, I guess the concern is that Jodi previously testified it had been computer pics of little boys not photos. ??

    • Actually Martinez asks if there is any porn. The Expert Witness states yes aqfter being pretty much forced, and is cut off and SPECIFICALLY asked if there are photos of womens breasts or other body parts. Sounded to me like Martinez knows there is maybe kiddie porn there and seems confident it will not surface via this witness if at all. So, he makes it seem to the jury as though there is none when he KNOWS there is even WORSE than that. so sad.

      • Yes Kimiller. I don’t know why the defense didn’t go into that more….can they bring back the computer guy? This is the first trial I have ever watched (and this is the one that has made me against the death penalty) so I don’t understand all the garbage that goes on.

        • They can call him back Bee Cee. It will be interesting to see who gets called back and what new evidence will be revealed once Jodi is finished. Some things may need to come straight from her first before the details can be presented to the jury. Im by far any expert, but I picked up a few things durring the Anthony trial.

  14. I wanted to post something else I felt very strange. this is an excerpt from the transcripts of the interview with Flores where jodie talks about the home invasion:

    Nobody else did this – you were the only one – I am not seeing any remorse or anything . . .you are the kid that got caught stealing the candy – I have the proof . . .If your own mother saw you do this and told me you would still tell me No I didn’t do this.

    I did not kill travis . . . I did not take his life . .

    I did not do it – I feel somewhat responsible for it . . . .I wasn’t planning to go there at all – he really wanted me to go there . . . I was going to see Ryan and nothing is going on with me and Ryan . . . he’s not an active church member anyway . . .

    He got mad and got sad and he guilted me . . . .he didn’t really guilt me – he got mad and he hung up and said fine whatever . . .I feel like I could have gone there and done something.

    CAn I ask you something . . . .I don’t know this but I have a camera in my storage unit that Travis and I used to use – we took tons and tons of pictures – we used to delete most of them but he sent some of them to me on his phone . . . .

    those pictures were deleted.

    Prior to him getting his camera all those pictures were on my camera.
    These same pictures?

    I don’t know . . . we tooka bunch – just before I left . . . .there were some that I didn’t delete . . . is it possible that my memory card could have been in his camera they are interchangeable? . . . . i am asking because I have looks like a cracker and a little

    that one wouldn’t be interchangeable as it is a cannon . . . the other one is broken in my storage unit . . .what I am saying I had several camera memory cards and I lost them.

    It is so . . . (far fetched?) . . . I don’t know . . .I can explain the blood and the hair I don’t know about the palm print.

    There is hair everywhere – around the toilet and around the shower and sink area . . .

    You haven’t been there since April – there is no way! The blood is the blood is what he bled that day . . .

    Can you check how fresh the blood is? No

    I cut myself . . .
    Are you saying you cut yourself

    I broke a glass – I am pretty careless I cut myself all the time @ work . . . I

    Is that how you want to leave this? the palm print is there

    You are not acting right Jodi – you have not acted right since day one . .. within the first minute of conversation you know if they are acting right . . . when I accuse someone of a heinous crime . . . you are not acting like everyone else.

    Is it because I am not crying?
    No – you are sincere in the way you are acting . . .you are just not telling the truth

    How is it I am not acting right?
    It is not something you need to focus on anymore

    It is not like I didn’t love Travis – I just really to move on.

    What prevented you from moving on?

    Until I Moved . . . . .there was a part of me that said both of us deserve to be happy – we both wanted to be married in the temple

    It was the bishop who told me that she had essentially turned him down . . .he was just “blah” in his attitude and stuff . . .he still has his trip planned to come up here – it’s not that I am not remorseful that he died . . . it is just I didn’t kill him –

    Maybe this is what is wrong with me psychologically is the butterfly effect.

    You killed him –
    I didn’t
    You did

    We have this other evidence . . . this is absoultely some of the best evidence I have ever had in a case – and I have convicted other people on less

    I am as good as done –

    If it would help my case to plead guilty _(crying)
    no I don’t want you to do that.

    I want you to go thru what caused you to get so angry – you probably don’t want to go thru the details but that is what I need – I need the details to complete the picture – If I don’t I don’t feel like I have completed my job – my job isnt to speak for you but to speak for Travis . . . something that was planned or not or something happened or got out of hand . . . I want to believe that you are not this cold hearted person who could do something like that – things got out of control . . . that is what I want to believe

    I don’t see a cold hearted murderer like on tv or sitting across from me – not what I am seeing – I am begging you to at least tell me why – haunt me forever

    JA- I wish I had answers (crying) sorry . . . there is just no reason .

    there is never a good reason why somebody dies like this

    Whats with the part about the two of them wanting to get married in the temple? the Bishop SHE turned them down, then Travis’s attitude was just “blah”?

    I think things are ROTTEN in Denmark. I am beginning to seriously think Jodi was completely set up.
    I believe the home invasion story, maybe that she wasnt even there. I think someone told he and possibly others were in some nasty shit, and he was murdered, but not by Jodi. why is she taking the wrap? she’s afraid. the Mormon Mafia is not to be messed with. And yes, they operate Just like a MAFIA!

      • Jamie- my bad. I realize iI emphasized SHE, but I didnt realize women were not bishops.the point I was trying to make was about the bishop period. Who is this bishop, and what did he/ she turn him down for? Did they request marriage in the temple and get turned down by a bishop? Im just trying to figure out what Jodi meant there. Any guesses? Anyone notice this before?

    • “I think things are ROTTEN in Denmark.”

      So true! If I nothing else, it is really strange that the roommates lived and wallowing in the stench of a dead body in middle of AZ summer heat for FIVE days. This winter I had to set up poison traps for mice and when one died the stench was so awful! If one tiny little dead thing can wreak that much havoc on my senses; I really can’t imagine what a 200lbs of human flesh decomposing would be like. The fact that it took a group of people looking for Travis for the roommate (sorry, I’m bad with names – he’s had so many roommates I can’t keep track anyway) to even unlock the door and see what in the world was putrifying makes no sense.

      The only set up scenario that makes sense to me is that Travis invited Jodi over to his place to harm her. The common story is that Jodi was upset that Travis was taking another woman to Cancun is a reversal because it was in fact Jodi who was moving on with her life and going to visit another man. The transcript reflects that Jodi told Insp Flores that Travis “guilted” her into visiting him before this other guy. The most dangerous time for an abuse victim is when they are trying to leave the relationship. Travis may have sensed that Jodi was going to stop carrying on with him – the IMs between Jodi and this new guy (sorry, again, bad with names!) show that she confided in him the awful ways Travis treated her. This was all brought into evidence by the *prosecution* no less!

      I even saw one of Travis’ friends say on tv that Travis invited Jodi over because he wanted to move on with another woman; but that makes no sense because you don’t move on by having sex with the woman you want to break up with. Plus Mimi had no interest in Travis romantically, so he can’t “move on” with another woman if the woman isn’t interested! She should have a say in this, am I right? And If Travis wanted to end it with Jodi he could have just called her, sent an IM, or something. No need to invite her over and sleep with her just to spite her – if it’s true then it speaks to Travis’ cruel character. If it’s not true then it shows that Travis couldn’t stand the idea of Jodi moving on, and would make sure he was the last person she ever slept with. Travis attacked, Jodi fought back and managed to live another day.

      • I definitely think that Travis didn’t accept Mimi’s “no” for an answer and was planning to use the Cancun trip to persuade her to date him.

        • Oh definitely! He just had no respect for boundaries, plain and simple. Mimi says “no” so his first reaction is to invite her to cancun? Wow, I mean, the sleeping arrangements were appropriate but even Mimi had the reservation this just wasn’t about two friends having a fun weekend together.

      • MB- so funny you brought up the mice- my own experience with mice dieing under my house was the same way I equated the stench. Just a tiny mouse dieing just days afterwards had my whole house smelling unbareable! If I had smelled that smell I would.have gone all over the house searching for the source. Once they got close to Travis room it would have been strongest. Why not go in just to find the source and get rid of it. Even if they thought Travis was gone, why not go in and find the source of the smell, if for no.other reason but to help Travis out, were they gonna wait for.him come home? No one even asked them about the smell?

        • I have a feeling this roommate smelled the decomposition, but was kind of a coward in denial about it. I have an aunt who acts weird like that. She’s so afraid of EVERYTHING that she avoids situations where anyone else would step up and act to help someone out.

          I could totally see my aunt smelling a smell like that, and being PETRIFIED to go into Travis’ room and investigate the problem. My aunt is quick to rationalize it by saying, “Well, I’m just not nosy — that isn’t my business.”

          So, the roommate could have been in a similar mindset. Afraid to see a dead body, so not venturing in to check things out. Or afraid of being falsely accused of murder, so not touching that door for anything. Let somebody else figure it out! I’m just going to act like nothing’s happening — lalalala.

          Plus, the scent may all be in my imagination anyway — no big deal… just easiest for me to stay in denial and avoid everything.

  15. Another theory about Travis

    This is what I suspect, regarding Travis. From the evidence on the table, I do not think that Travis was a thirty year old “virgin”. Why would someone who supposedly held out for sex for thirty years, track down a girl in a convention, call her every day, and a week later be having sex with her – and, possibly anal sex?? And, why would a man who held out on sex, for thirty years, have any thought of “anal sex”?? In my opinion, this is way to fast, and way to kinky, for a thirty year old virgin.

    At the same time, people will argue and say that no other women have “come forth”. But, publicly, Travis associated with Mormons, and with his colleagues. So, why would Travis make an immediate b-line for “blondie”, “hot looking”, Jodi with breast implants, and tight fitting clothes? I suspect that “big money” Travis was already involved with other women – just not good Mormon women. I think that Travis may have already been seeing women, such as escorts, possibly while he traveled about the country, giving seminars. It probably happens all of the time. Later, when he saw Jodi at the seminar, he may have mistook her for an escort, due to her appearance, and “persona”.

    Later, after their official relationship ended, the continued sexual rendezvous probably reflected the type of behavior that he was already accustomed to – illicit sex, well hidden from other church members. Meanwhile, Jodi tried to have a relationship with Travis, spoke of Travis one day being the father of their children, adopted Mormonism, and even entered the Mormon church. At the end of all of this, Travis did not want her anymore – but he still wanted the sex.

    If “big money” Travis had been seeing escorts, then the fact that no women have come forth “publicly” could simply be because any admission of this sort, would be confessing to a crime – prostitution. Why would a working escort want to go public, and admit to being hired by Travis, for sex? It seems very unlikely that this would happen. So, for people to point out that no women have “come forward” and made any allegations of sexual conduct with Travis, does not say much at all. It might be an indication that the women he was used to being involved with are not in a position to say anything.

    In my opinion, if this was the case, then it could easily explain much of Travis’ non-virgin like behavior, his bizarre sex life practices, and the way he orchestrated his relationship with Jodi. Also, this would explain how he had developed a view that objectifies women.

    What would be really interesting is if any hotel footage exists which shows Travis taking women to his hotel rooms. One time, while in a hotel elevator, I looked down and saw a typical business card, with a photo of a nearly nude woman, and a local phone number, on the floor. It was in the corner of the elevator. I am almost certain that it was “strategically” placed there to catch a person’s attention. In fact, it was pretty hard to miss. Here is a quote from a news article, about Travis:

    “He owned a company and became a top seller of legal insurance for Prepaid Legal Services Inc. and FREQUENTLY TRAVELED giving motivational speeches for the company”

    Also, his carefully hidden use of the internet, with a proxy server, could have been done while patrolling for women, before he showed up in an area. If he did contact women for such purposes, this might show up on cell phone records.

    Anyway, I strongly suspect that Travis was no “virgin”. And, the fact that no women are coming forward may not say anything at all – if the previous women were actually prostitutes, and not good Mormon women.

    • A tid-bit that also supports your theory- In Flores investigation (I use the term investigation loosely) report the new girlfriend Mimi stated the roomates were home, but did not come to the door, because they only answered the door if they were expecting someone. sounds like maybe a house rule made by Travis to keep his visitors secret.

  16. I always had the feeling that Jodi said something to piss Travis off that night. I thought she might have said i’m going to tell everyone about the sex, or that she was pregnant, but never this. Now that is food for thought. There is something going on that is being covered up that much is true. Jodi knew all of his “dirty little secrets”, things that could have ruined his life. I figured something was said to him that would make him mad enough to attack her.

  17. I had to scoff at the media for another opening describing “bombshell testimony!” coming up in the trial. To those of us who are paying attention and taking seriously the pattern of behavior Travis exhibited; it is sadly not a surprise at all.

    The Travistown cults wants everyone to think that just because the letters were copies, to they can once again pretend this is all a wicked plot by Jodi to “smear the victim.” Oh please! From what I understand and correct me if I’m wrong: the handwriting is authentic enough to assume with 90% certainty that Travis wrote them, but because they don’t match the public persona Travis put on as a show for his cult of personality, they are accused of being forgeries? That sounds incredibly stupid. So what if they “don’t sound like Travis,” from what I’ve seen and heard on HLN these people don’t seem to have known the “Real Travis” at all; and if they did, they are just as bad as he was for turning a blind eye to his behavior.

    The people refuting the legitimacy of the letters because they are “just copies” or that they existed in electronic form must be living under a rock. People scan and toss paperwork ALL THE TIME. This was before I saw commercials on tv for deskmate. Scanners have been around forever, but I also remember six years ago when I marveled at the hundreds of gigabytes of harddrives. That’s more than enough space to scan, copy, save, and toss the “shoebox full of receipts.”

    And speaking of computers: There’s evidence Travis used a proxy, and that is enough to deduce that the man knew enough to keep his electronic nose clean.

    Yeah, and now there’s Chris Hughes – the man publicly calls Jodi “IT” and I’m supposed to believe he’s the shining judge of character? Yeah right! This remind me of the “culture of silence” at Penn State. Travis Alexander really is the southwest version of Jerry Sandusky. People used to say the same nice things about Sandusky that they are saying about Travis Alexander – what a swell guy he is, how he’s mentored so many people, how he helped them financially, and took an interest in those less fortunate.

    Sadly Jodi is still up against the culture of denial surrounding victims of abuse. To think these “victims advocates” are actually ANGRY at her that she recorded a call where Travis says 12 year olds having orgasms are “hot.” Wow, if these are the people advocating for victims I sure as shit wouldn’t want them near anyone who has been beaten or raped!

    I must say – the level of denial surrounding this case has reached critical mass to the point where it has become fucking RIDICULOUS. They say Jodi has no proof, and when she does they explain it away and pretend it means nothing. It’s clear no matter what Jodi does, she will never win and her critics will never be satisfied.

    There’s been more than enough evidence for weeks for people to decide what side they are on. The only choice now is whether or not to accept the facts.

    As for me, always TEAM JODI!

    • Hi MB,

      Awesome post as always!

      Interestingly enough, I just found this quote from Chris Hughes… Vice Chair or The Soldier Hollow Charter School Board in Midway, Utah:

      “I am an entrepreneur with a background in public speaking, sales, marketing, leadership and business. From 1999-2010 I was the CEO of a Legal Services company. I retired from that business when we moved to Utah, so that I could pursue other passions.”


      Additional links:

      Legal Shield conference calls page:
      Chris Hughes Cell: 951-816-7682



      • I’m sorry, I’ve posted three replies – but I am STUNNED this guy is passing himself as some kind of enlightened guru; even after all his irresponsible and immature behavior, not to mention taking the stand and CLEARLY, so clearly, lying through his teeth and trying to use context to get out of answering simple questions.

        And he has the nerve to think he can coach anyone else on personal growth? Wow, don’t make me laugh!

        I am NOT surprised he’s all about mentoring – yeah, mentoring as in a way to impose his personal beliefs on the weaker willed.

        The fact that he’s peddling stuff like “the secret” and “quantum consciousness” and “think yourself rich” philosophy is concerning; because it’s easy for those ideas to be twisted into victim blaming and excusing predator behavior. I can tell right off the bat he abdicates reality; and turns a blind eye to unearned social privilege. Wow, the man has no shame!

        • When you talk about The Secret and victim blaming do you mean how a person could be made to feel that because they weren’t thinking positive and visualizing they attracted negativity hence what happens is their fault?

    • Didn’t the judge tell Chris Hughes in so many words to shut up about the case? He’s all over that State vs. Jodi Arias Facebook page leaving comments. What an arrogant POS he is.

      • Hi Kira, for a while I was watching the trial on YouTube, and wouldn’t you know it the people posting actually left out Chris Hughes’ testimony! They did the same with Gus Searcy because they know both of these guys are hurting the prosecution’s case (even if CH is pro-prosecution, his time on the stand did not help them at all). That’s why I started getting up early – lack of sleep be damned – to watch the trial in real time.

        Yes, the judge is pretty diligent about admonishing the jurors and witnesses to avoid the media. I try not to look at the hater pages but I do not doubt what you are saying at all! Yeah, he is flat out ignoring a court order; there *should be* consequences for that!

      • Yes Kira – someone on here said they thought he was doing it on purpose to get out of testifying. I think he and sky WANT to get out of testifying. Also goes to show how much more important these ass clowns deem the court of public opinion than the court of LAW!

  18. Jodi is not perfect, but her choices and faults come nowhere near the scale of Travis’ nefarious behavior. So *what* if Jodi loved Travis despite all his shortcomings – it’s not uncommon, especially for people in abusive relationships.

    If anyone is going to ask why Jodi didn’t think/feel/behave in a manner incongruent with normal, self preserving behavior – I’d like to ask a few questions too:

    1. Why did Travis continue to benefit from, and illegitately occupy a position of power knowing that he had pedophilic, womanizing tendencies and used sex as a weapon to overpower others physically and psychologically?

    2. Why did Travis offer Jodi a book of mormon in one hand, and oral sex in the other; and establish himself as an authority in her budding religious conversion; if not to deliberately combine religious devotion with a sexual relationship?

    3. Pursuant to the latter part of question 3, why did Travis put his penis in Jodi’s anus (without asking no less) the day she was baptized?

    That’s only a few out of several I could ask; but I already know the kind of answers I’m going to get. “Travis was abused.” “Travis’ parents were methheads.” “Travis had low self esteem from being a nerd in school.” “Travis was probably sexually abused.” “Travis needed help.” Ect, and so forth.

    Ok, let’s pretend for a moment that I believe Travis’ childhood story (I remain unconvinced). That still doesn’t give him the right to harm another person, ever. In fact he was an elder of a church – while I am not a religious person, I still believe people who occupy a position of power have an ETHICAL responsibility to immediately step down the moment they realize they are harming people. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect those granted with degrees of authority to think before they act; or re-evaluate why, if they are in a position to influence someone else’s spiritual welfare, they should step down if they cannot meet the responsibilities and requirements of their position.

    Then there is the question if Travis was aware of his behavior or understood it’s ramifications, but then, the fact that if he used his past history of abuse as a way to make money writing a book or as a motivational speaker; shows he is lucid enough to understand why abuse is wrong. So if he’s fully aware of the harm he is doing to others; why didn’t he step down from his post and get the psychiatric help he needed? THAT is the measure of true human decency here – not what ugly issues Travis was saddled with, but what he did WITH them.

    Jodi on the other hand, was a new convert to a faith that Travis established himself as an authority figure to her, blurring religious devotion with sex and romantic feelings from the start. It is not hard to see why Jodi didn’t make stellar choices, considering she was not only in an abusive relationship; but in an unusual position where religious beliefs factor in to uncertain consequences. Most of us don’t know, and probably will never fully understand, what that does to someone’s mind.

    Keep in mind the questions posed above are rhetorical rather than literal, so the point isn’t to have people answer them but to examine the purpose of why people ask questions when the answers are self evident. There is no point asking “Why did Travis do XYZ” since it’s clear that his choices are clearly fall within the lens of a man who felt entitled enough to use and abuse others to his personal satisfaction. Did he learn it through childhood abuse? The possibility is obvious, but then this is a case where everyone’s milage may vary in how much stock they put in the claims of a man who has a history of being a sadistic liar. But all the same – nobody actually ASKS these questions, because the possible answers are easy to guess and obvious to anyone with an average IQ.

    Likewise, there’s no point in asking “Why did Jodi do XYZ” if one is not willing to understand them through the lens of a woman whose mind and body was dominated by a manipulative abuser. So if nobody has to ask why an abuser abuses – why ask why a victim puts up with it and continues to love her abuser regardless? It makes ZERO sense to constantly bring this around to how Jodi “must be fucked up” for being held emotionally hostage by her abuser; because the answers are immediately obvious to anyone with an average IQ. So it becomes clear that it’s just another tactic to turn the conversation around to criticizing victims of abuse rather than supporting them. Plain and simple.

    • He is promoting his business in social media on his friends murder trial facebook page. He posted a film of Travis on his web page. I did appreciate a picture of Napolean, that was nice

      • He also blasted a guy who referred to PPL as a “Ponzi scheme”…LOL. Wonder what he thought of Martinez’s “So it’s a pyramid…OK, so it’s a triangle” remarks?

    • Travis was equally fucked up by continuing a relationship with a person he told his friends was a stalker. A healthy person would stay far away. Now, I’m not saying Jodi was a stalker but that is Travis called her.

  19. As I recall from an interview it was Chris Hughes brother? who thought Jodi would be a good match for Jodi. non Mormon. with a boyfriend. lives 300 miles away??? What kind of match was that???

  20. In the following link, Jodi’s explains in a communication with “Ryan”, how she eventually discovered Travis’ unfaithfulness, and how she ended up becoming “the other woman”. The communications can be found in photos 42 through 46. Also, it does not appear that Jodi was vindictive. She attributes Travis’ behavior to “character flaws”, and points out that we all have our hangups. She actually cuts Travis alot of slack for his behavior.

    Also, in another photo, exmormons have been pointing out that when the attack occured, Jodi was wearing a Mormon CTR ring. CTR stands for “Choose The Right”. It is the Mormon’s version of a WWJD bracelet.

    I think that there is a possibility that Jodi fell for Travis because of his background. He had a horrible childhood. And, Jodi may have had a soft spot in her heart for him, because of the things he suffered, as a child. I think that the whole idea that she is a “gold digger” is absurd. If she was a gold digger, than why go after a guy that only makes $90k? And, after the breakup, why end up with such tragic results? If she was a “gold digger”, she could have easily left Travis amicably, and looked for a bigger fish, with alot more money. I think that Jodi’s track record shows that she was anything but a gold digger.

    • Speaking of gold digger. Anyone else see the photo of the check in evidence pics? It was a check from Jodi made out to Travis for $200.00. It stated it was for two car payments. Did she buy a car from him? Regardless shows she is no gold digger, and also shows no premeditation. What she writes a man a check all the while plans to kill him? Also dated it no intent on concealing the fact (useing loosely) that she was there.

  21. I remember hearing that a “man”, after spending two hours in a car with Jodi, was ready to leave his wife and children for Jodi. I am just wondering if this “man” happens to be Dr. Michael Hughes, brother of Chris Hughes. This would further explain the great disdain the Hughes family has for Jodi and why the “man” has never been named.

  22. Well, now that am caught up, has anyone given any thought to when Jodi was being interviewed she kept crying and telling the detective she just could not say some things, he asked if she was covering for someone, she said kind of. Maybe even after she killed him she was still trying to protect TA’s reputation. That is how brain washed he had her. I have first hand seen how these types of animals prey on women and young boys or girls, it is truly sad. Coming testimony will be very interesting.

    • Coming testimony, will entail concealment of all your reasonable doubts, as none will get into the process. Fortunately, after a bogus conviction, it won’t be hard to prove, with time stamps on all the blogs, that the defense statement of, “I’m too busy to read about reasonable doubts, on the internet,” is, surely, grounds for a new trial… proving that all these reasonable doubts, were available at trial, but for the evasive, high wire court jester, tap dancing around, any issues; all of which, meant, nothing, without, a gunshot, to ensure the advantage of, a mouse, attacking, a coyote… Edgrrr… Keep up the good work…

  23. I’m in Australia and first heard of this case a few days ago via late night TV.
    I have read so many sites & forums, & am so intrigued with this.
    One thing that struck me was she said she dropped his camera, which started his rage etc.
    The first photo in the shower after photographing him was one of the ceiling..
    This instinctively tells me that the camera was dropped. What happened next…. Wow, must have been insane! I’m Team Jodi.

  24. I believe EVERYTHING Ms Arias says! It’s just a shame that she understandably told so many lies to the police. That might cause some to not believe her now that she has every reason to tell the truth. It’s like she said in her testimony about not reporting the finger injury to the police: “I suppose I could have made up a story . . . ” but she didn’t, did she? She didn’t want to get TA in trouble. That’s how thoughtful she is.

    • I would bet no criminal tells the truth right out of the shoot with the police! The Defense Team should call Detective Flores to the stand to testify what percentage of convicted criminals told the truth on their first interview!

  25. How could the murder of TA gone down? Let’s assume she was attacked in some manner. I think it’s more likely that she shot him with the gun BEFORE stabbing him. And a head shot (there were two) is pretty effective at killing someone. What I don’t understand is why after he was shot she then stabs him like 27 times – the only thing I can think of is she just completely snapped and didn’t realize he was already dead. I think it’s unlikely he was stabbed first because JA would have been able to overpower JA unless the first stab wound was fatal (which is unlikely).

    Regarding the stench from the body. This truly is perplexing that his roomates never noticed – did the cops fully investigate them?? Many years ago I lived next door to someone who died in her apartment (of old age) and the whole hallway outside of the apartment stank after only 48 hours when more than one of us had called the police.

    My guess is that the jury may get instructions that they can consider lessor charges than murder one and they may likely end up convicting her on something like manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. She has admitted to killing TA and proving self defense even if that’s what it was is going to be extremely difficult given the lies which were told earlier and the manner in which TA was killed (shot twice in the head and stabbed 27 times doesn’t equate to self defense unless that person has gone temporarily crazy – another hurdle which must be proven)

    • It was testified by the Medical Examiner that the shot did not come first. There was only one shot to the head and only one shell casing photographed at the crime scene, which was on the bathroom floor on top of a pool of blood which means the blood was there first (as pointed out by the defense team).

      • Marlene, There went premeditation…. a gunshot, first, to facillitate no opposition to being subject to the mayhem that followed, could have been so called, premeditation, but, hardly, as forensics called it, along with the medical examiners’ input; but, still concealed, is, any excuse that she, could have overpowered him, so as to do the mayhem, without shooting him, first. This was a quasireligious, killing, and, a secondary, hysterics, feigned, to conceal it; pecking away, upon someone, already, deceased… and, this soap opera, perpetuated by the court jester, who’s concealing, the States’ own forensics; possibly, even from the defenses’ right to know, or, they would have, made a motion for a directed dismissal, based upon the sequence of events, proving that she did not have such physical strength, to, overpower him, and, therefore could not have done the rest of what the court jester was concealing, to make you, believe…… Edgar…….

  26. It’s pretty clear, why no shrinks, have chimed in, after reading all the reasonable doubts, and, well covered antics by the court jester, lest, they all go burn their diplomas…. It’s doubtful, that you all can be topped in your analyses…. Has anybody, explained how Olive Oyl, could overpower, Bluto, without, shooting him, first ? Since forensice, found no gunpowder particulates in the handprint; that’s proof that Jodi, never fired a gun, and, Jodi, never gained the upper hand, required to, overpower, Travis; a wrestler, bare knuckle fighter, weight lifting, bodybuilder, fighting for his life… so by what hook and crook, does the court jester, overrule, unilaterally, the States’ own, forensics team, except with a brain dead judge, party to the fraud…??? Edgrrr…

  27. Mr. Hughes reminds me of a less handsome & hirsute Jim Cunningham (played brilliantly by the late Patrick Swayze) in the film Donnie Darko. It wouldn’t be much of a shocker to me if they discovered an S&M type dungeon not unlike Jim Cunningham’s in the Hughes’ basement. I too get the feeling that the sordid surface of some elaborate mind control sex slave operation, perpetrated by Hughes & the rest of the Travisites, has just been scratched. We should fear staring into that abyss for it may very well stare back into us. I feel like taking a lemon rub shower after hearing that Hughes character speak. Clearly a slimy paragon of mendacity.

    I should hope that Mr. Nurmi calls Mr. Dworkin back to the stand to elucidate the importance of that proxy server finding. And to elaborate on the found pornography. Jodi’s testimony should help facilitate that without founded objection.

    I’m worried for Jodi once she is free; I do believe an acquittal is coming and is long overdue. The ignorance and enmity from the speed limit IQ Travisites & Mormon Mafia is palpable. They may have to place her in something comparable to a witness protection program at first.

  28. I read somewhere that Skye Hughes allegedly had Travis’s journal or diary? Anyone know how she would have gotten this, and for what purpose?

    Separately, have you read about the old Mormon ritual of Blood Atonement? In the old days, Mormons that had sinned really badly would be deemed to die by THROAT SLITTING.

    It was believed some sins were so bad, that not even the blood of Jesus could save you — you needed to give your own — i.e., they’d slit a person’s throat to kill them. Sounds like the LDS only officially abandoned this practice in 1978, so I don’t know when the last time was that a member had to atone this way — until Travis, it seems.

    • Skye Hughes and her husband seem very controlling. Did you see them both on 48 hrs? openly admitting to interfering in Travis and Jodi’s relationship. ”Well you can see her but not at our house” etc. In fact most of the Mormon community seemed to shun Jodi from the the word go. I watched another TV show (forget the persons name-yeah that’s right they didn’t leave an impact) she told Jodi ”you are not welcome here” in front of a party of people. Imagine how nasty that is and they were shocked because Jodi sat there and didn’t move lol. It is the same as bullying like children in a play ground. Even if I did not like someone I would never hurt their feelings by projecting such negative, nasty, bitchy behavior to another person. They call themselves religious. Hypocrites ..

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