Chris & Sky Hughes – The Mormon cover up continues [RE-POST]

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Check out the re-post below from March 30th. It covers my thoughts on Chris & Sky Hughes — and includes video from their respective testimonies at the evidentiary hearing from trial day 10 (Jan 29th), together with relevant clips from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony.

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It’s gotta be said. Chris & Sky Hughes are the ultimate pair of lying bastards — and in that regard, they’re a perfect match for each other.

So when it came to the trial, they were ultimately faced with these 2 distinct choices:

[1] Helping Jodi by confirming TA’s mental & physical abuse of Jodi AND other women, together with their knowledge of his pedo-related antics and his age of attraction… or…

[2] Helping themselves by flat out denying everything they know, and denying everything they discussed in their email exchanges with TA.

It must have been a very difficult decision to make (not)… but they ultimately decided to help themselves and, in turn, keep all their Mormon chums happy. After all, why would they want to tell the truth about TA (and help Jodi) when it wouldn’t benefit them socially or financially?

As I stated in my original post back on January 30th… Chris Hughes already confirmed he’s firmly on the prosecution’s side, so sure he’s gonna do all he can to fly the flag for them, including stating to the media (on behalf of Martinez) that the TA letters were forged – even though he knows they were not. He knows, having seen some of them, that they’re genuine. He even wrote to TA to tell him he wasn’t treating Jodi right.

The email exchanges also specifically discussed TA’s “age of attraction” when it comes to children, which (as far as I recall) Sky was somewhat surprised at. This ties together the earlier pedophile rumors pertaining to TA and his preference for small boys, pigtails & 12 years old girls, does it not?

In fact both Chris & Sky Hughes emailed Travis telling him he was being abusive to Jodi back in 2007. This started to come out again in Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony – despite repeated & futile objections from Martinez.

Check out the 2 specific video clips below from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony from last Thursday, where the “You Crossed The Line” email exchange & content is discussed specifically — including TA’s ongoing mistreatment of Jodi… his well known prior treatment & manipulation of other women… Sky’s statement that she wouldn’t even let her own sister date TA… TA’s “childhood issues”… and a bunch of additional information that Martinez certainly didn’t want disclosing for obvious reasons…

Alyce LaViolette video clip #1:

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Alyce LaViolette video clip #2:

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Then watch this very interesting Chris Hughes testimony – from the continuation of the evidentiary hearing on January 29th (Trial Day 10)…

[hdplay id=142 width=500 height=300]

The video below (up to the 14:00 mark)  includes Sky Hughes’ testimony from the Evidentiary Hearing, February 13th (Trial Day 18) — followed by Kirk Nurmi (starting @ 22:00) calling for a mistrial based on his “Greatest Hits” list of numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state.

Taking into account Sky met TA (in 2001) prior to her marriage (in 2002)… at which point  she would have been in her early 40’s and TA would have been 23… the only question Jennifer Willmott didn’t ask her was how many times she slept with TA before and after she got married. The answer would have been interesting to say the least…

[hdplay id=58 width=500 height=300]

Finally, here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s USA Today (click here for full article):

What was not mentioned in court Thursday was the history of the emails. A defense filing from January 2011 details the efforts Arias’ attorneys went to obtain them. Initially the prosecution told the defense attorneys that there were no available text messages sent or received by Alexander and then was ordered to turn over several hundred.

Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

The 2011 filing details the email contents, including “A response from Mr. Hughes … wherein he asserts that he believes Jodi would be his (Travis’) next victim and that Jodi was just another girl that he (Travis) was playing.” Alexander allegedly replied by saying “I am a bit of a sociopath.”

Other emails from Sky Hughes, the filing says, say that Alexander considered Arias to be a “booty call,” and said “How he, Mr. Alexander, was abusive to Jodi and … how he was beating her emotionally in part by making out with her without giving her a commitment.” And there is an email from another woman Alexander was seeing at the time “wherin she complains of Mr. Alexander’s conduct making her feel used and dirty.”

How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen. Chris and Sky Hughes have already testified for the prosecution regarding an earlier allegation of misconduct by Martinez, but the topic of the emails was not discussed. They could be called back.

Chris & Sky Hughes… they wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Luckily for them, it doesn’t.

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  1. The CASH team are money hungry, selfish, moral-less attention whores of the highest order. They wouldn’t do the right thing by their own mother it didn’t benefit them in some way. This lack of conscience will someday come back to haunt them. I can’t wait.

  2. Congrats on being first, Gwen!!! Hi all Jodi supporters! SJ, thanks for putting the videos & info up!!! Very, very interesting!!! Hey, did you all wonder who the two intruders were? Jodi told Det. Flores, in her interrogation that there was one FEMALE and one MALE – hmm, hmm!!!

    • Could be, Mary. While I can certainly believe Jodi acted alone in defense of her life, as far as I am concerned, there is evidence that someone else was at the scene – either when Travis died or very shortly after – who left that shoe print and carried Travis to the shower. Until those things are explained to my satisfaction, I will not throw out the possibility that Jodi was telling the truth about intruders.

      Has it occurred to anyone else that Jodi passed very near to the Hughes’ home (they were still in CA then) on her road trip? I wondered if, during the time she claimed to be dawdling, waiting to get in touch with Darryl’s sister, she might have instead been visiting someone else – someone she thought needed to know about Travis’ unfortunate deviances.

      The other thought I had on possible intruders would be Deanna and someone acting on her behalf – avenging the fact that Travis ruined Deanna’s life. I don’t know about y’all, but I was not aware – until Deanna took the stand on rebuttal – that she moved back to California just two weeks before Travis was killed. So that tidbit, along with Deanna’s computer in Travis’ office, the female intruder wanting Jodi dead and the male seeming not to know who Jodi was (you must be that bitch from California).

      • Journee, you are right about the male intruder not knowing who Jodi was! I forgot about that so your idea could very well be possible! I agree with you, Journee, I will never believe Jodi acted alone either until all the mysteries of this case are solved! There are way too many! Think about it too, Jodi, a petite woman, dragging a big man like Travis into a shower – no way, no way, no way!!! I still believe like Pajama Girl states, in the fact that someone/s initially shot Travis to kind of incapacitate him and then they were able to take him somewhere else to perform the Mormon Blood Atonement killing since Travis had broken his vow of chastity over and over again and couldn’t seem to stop!!!

        • If you read Edgar Longnecker posts (all though hard for me to follow) he makes sense. He believes it was the blood atonement killing. It was 2 separate crimes. Days in between the atonement ritual and then the killing to set Jodi up. He also believes Jodi was not capable of the murder of Travis. So we aren’t alone.

          • Hi, R. Love! Hey, do you know what day Edgar Longnecker’s posts are on? I only read one of his posts one time and I have been wanting to reread it for such a long time but I didn’t remember what day it was posted?

            • Look to the right of this thread (scroll up a little) and it will show the recent comments made. I believe he last posted on Why Jodi will receive justice. about one day ago. He is very interesting to say the least. 🙂

              • It was on the 23rd. There were 3 the last talking about the duct tape which I remember seeing in one picture but I don’t remember it being used in court. Of course, there should have been fingerprints on it and also wrist hair. Very good Point. It probably had evidence of the someone else and Marteniz threw it away or swept it under his rock ( boulder).

                • Saw pics of the duct tape, I also wondered why it was never mentioned in court. EVEN on a TA support page, a person posted something about being able to see the duct tape marks on his arm,in pic. She also wrote about seeing blood in shower pics,when TA was alive. I also could see him bleeding in those pics.
                  ……………………………more questions…………………………….
                  Madeline Biamonte CT

      • I am starting to see the crime scene situation as one when where Jodi did start out having to defend herself for her life. I always saw an anger and genetic component that was sociopathic with TA from early in his life. I also contemplated his use of steroids for body building/shaping. It seemed he was out to make the impression on the Island trip. Just a thought because of this rage thing he had over the camera.
        I think Jodi defended herself and I think she ran out.
        To understand what I have this idea about I have to do a whole paradigm shift with what happened before that. It is not a stretch. It is just rethinking.
        I am not trying to be difficult. Again and again we know that there is something (many things) wrong with Martinez and Fiores crime scene. I also am not saying I don’t think Jodi could have killed TA. I just have the sense there were many more people in front of Jodi that would hate killed him if they had the opportunity.
        These are just thoughts.

  3. Good morning all, and congrats to Gwen!

    I have a question:

    Was this the only time Chris H was on the witness stand? I have looked and it is all I can find. The reason I am asking – for some reason I have a recollection of watching Chris on TV, admitting that he had Travis’ journals until the prosecutor’s office found out and ordered him to turn them over. Obviously, that isn’t in this testimony, so I am thinking I must have seen it on one of the rare occasions that I watched a night-time show on HLN.

    Does anyone else have a memory of this? Or did I dream it? (That’s been known to happen – once upon a time I walked around for nearly two years believing that Stevie Wonder had died, but it was just something I dreamt)

      • LOL, another one here with a weak memory but what Journee says definitely rings a bell. I actually remember both Hughes saying they had something that belonged to Travis (diaries or computer though…? can’t remember!)
        A fourth person to the rescue? Plz?

        • Well, we know he got into Travis’ emails – told three different stories about how he got the password, and personally I don’t think he needed the password because *I* think he was in possession of the actual computer that *really* belonged to Travis and the computer already knew the passwords.

          But this was a separate thing – a specific memory about the journals. And I THOUGHT I even remembered discussing it here or somewhere – that the mormon choir was singing about Jodi stealing T’s journals when it was Chris who had them. Might have been conversations at HuffPo though.

          • Oh oh oh – I’ve just placed part of the memory, why I remember him talking about the journals- he was talking about those pedophile letters and comparing the handwriting to the writing in Travis’ journals.

          • does anyone remember jodi telling us about Deanna arriving at his house when she was cooking cookies and Deanna was like I dont want your cookies I need to find something and she was running around looking for what

              • Hi Journee!

                If I remember rightly, TA had previously been de-virginated by Deanna long before he met Jodi. So with TA’s virginity “lost”, perhaps that’s what Deanna was trying to find? What she was gonna do with it if she found it is another thing altogether.

                Here’s the original & insightful post from April 27th:

                “In short whatever you thought you knew about Travis is of course A LIE perpetuated by a group of clowns trying desperately to maintain a facade for a dead and dishonored A-Hole. The only liar in this whole mess is Travis. He disrespected himself, his faith, his girlfriends, and God.

                As you know as a member of the Church, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Travis was mocking him and paid for it. Travis was a fraud and it is time to face that stark reality! He is no hero and he is not worthy of the credit given him, in this life or the next. He died the mockers death at the hands of a woman he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. He WAS NOT a Decent Man. A decent man would have grovelled on his knees for Jodi to forgive him and beg her marry him.

                He was the scum of the earth and everything I despise in a “Jack Mormon”. Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from loosing her virtue to the dirt bag. Jodi deserves a Medal of Honor instead of a trial.”

                Team Jodi

                • Wonderful SJ! Thanks for reposting, it made me chuckle out loud!! Just more fuel for our fire to see justice served. 🙂

                • Ha! SJ –

                  Maybe Deanna was looking for her *own* virginity! She, too, after all, had a 30th birthday looming – a restoration of her virtue was her only hope of aging into the family ward with a husband at her side.

                  I disagree about Travis being the only liar, though. As we know, there are plenty of liars involved in this case: Martinez, Flores, Horn, Chris and Sky, the roommates, the talking heads at HLN, liars everywhere. And everybody lies, right? Even some of the things Jodi testified to were not believable to me – mostly stuff from her earlier years, unrelated to her relationship with Travis or his death. But I’d frankly expect anyone in Jodi’s position to say whatever they thought they needed to say to save themselves and I don’t believe lies prove her to be a murderer any more than I believed lies proved Casey to be a murderer.

                • (((((((((SJ))))))))) ♥ ———too fuckin’ funny!

                  Maybe deanna was looking to find travis’s virginity to keep as a memento to their epic super duper love story … (I have a black belt in sarcasm).

                  I don’t know if she did actually find it but this much I do:

                  When Chuck Norris’s daughter lost her virginity… he found it and got it back!

                  (((((popping cherries)))))

            • Tonya – I had thought the answer to your question might be in Deanna’s testimony, was hoping so because hers was much shorter. So I watched it and no dice. I have no idea where to look for it in Jodi’s 18 days of testimony.

                • I don´t remember the cookie baking (LOL) but I do remember that Diana probably did not expect to find Jodi in the house so she was surprised and that she rushed into Travis´s room to get something.
                  What????? Does anyone remember if it was ever mentioned? I don’t think so.

                • LOL I sware I remember it. Jodi talked about it on direct and cross. I was picturing the whole thing Maria. Diana walking in, Jodi offering her cookies. Diana all ‘pfft’. Am I going mad?! LOL

                • ah, Maria – we are all still having memory issues, lol –

                  I have an excuse, I’m about thirty years older than you.

                • (twin evil taking over the keyboard, fasten your seat belts)

                  Looking around for other links I ended up on a forum and I just read the MOST HILARIOUS sentence EVER:
                  ” Deanna has fans all over the world”

                  HAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG…OMG…OMG…. I burst out laughing! Sorry for stooping to such low level but I really laughed my ass off! Why the hell does SHE have fans?????? What in the world has she done to deserve having fans? 😀 😀

                  (Oh and btw…f*ck off haters! I know what you will comment as soon as you see my post ”Why does Jodi the psycho killer/cold-blooded murderer (YAWN!) have fans?” Again, f*ck off! First of all, Jodi has supporters, not fans and secondly if you could answer that question yourselves, you’d deserve our friendship and you’d be Jodi supporters all along HA!)

                • Well, I am glad Deanna has fans – maybe she will find a husband after all.

                  Jodi testified about her going into Travis’ office and I think about her going upstairs to his bedroom, like she was looking for something… looking for Napoleon in the office and bedroom? I doubt it.

                • Maybe she was looking for his computer (wasn’t it with Chris Hughes) or maybe she was looking for the camera to check for new pictures. Who knows?

  4. Jodi tweets:

    Yesterday around 4:30 p.m. a toilet upstairs got stuck on “flush”…26 hours later, it’s still flushing.

    I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of water wasted that makes

    The toilet finally stopped flushing. Is the Colorado River now down to a trickle?

  5. Well everybody, I’ve been praying and thinking about Jodi for so long now I’ve decided to change the way I’m looking at this mess. I’m going to start visualizing Jodi walking out of jail in the very near future and running into the arms of her family! Maybe seeing her get on a plane headed to Greece to visit our sweet Greek girls ((((Maria and Pandora)))))where she can rest and get away from the negativity of Arizona. I dream of a wonderful new life for Jodi. I will believe that one day soon she will be surrounded by only people who will appreciate her, love and cherish her for the rest of her life. I will think of only good things for her in her future. Maybe if we all start thinking positive for her it soon will come to pass. Justice will happen and by gosh it will happen for Jodi! Please join me in my new quest for freedom for our JODI!
    Love to all of you on Team Jodi! 🙂 xox

    • ((((((( R. Love )))))))) Thanks for always thinking of me and Pandora and I appreciate that you understand how deeply we love our Jodi. Throughout this nightmare, I’ve been back and forth LOL! Meaning there are days I’m in total despair, not being able to see the light ahead, thinking this trial was so messed up and there’s so much corruption, unanswered questions no one seems interested in asking, so many lies and twisting of facts that our quest for Justice for Jodi is futile. On the other hand, I know Jodi is a strong, courageous woman and I really wanna believe that Truth always prevails, so I often daydream of that day when we’ll get to see her free, walking with her head high! And YEAH…. boarding that plane and coming here to have THE best holidays of her life, AWAY FROM THE HATERS! Neener, neener, neener! 😉

  6. Chris and Sky Hughes.
    Hmmm…. I think there are NO words left to describe what I feel. I think I’ve said it all during the past 11 months. I LIVE for the day all of TA’s friends will put their foot in their mouths for ALL the inaccuracies, lies and vile things they’ve said about Jodi.
    But seriously, right now I refuse to waste any more gray matter on sub-humans!

    • That’s my girl! We will just WILL Jodi out of jail by our positive thinking. They sure can’t stop us! They are not worth the time and effort it would take to straighten them (beyond help) out so I’m going to concentrate on only Freedom for Jodi!!!!! She is in my thoughts every single day so I will just start imagining her with her hair blowing in the breeze walking out of that terrible old jail hole to freedom. It will be a glorious day to see her free and able to enjoy her family and life again. 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, the Haters are just a tiny blip on my computer screen and if they die of the “foot in the mouth disease” so be it, it will be of their own doing. 🙂

  7. Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a relaxing and lovely weekend!

    SJ, thanks for re-posting. A good reminder of all the crapyola that took place in that courtroom while the C.A.S.H.’s took the stand.

    In the first two videos it is so obvious that kermit was intimidated of Alyce and all he could do, to prevent her from saying a whole sentence, was to object to every word that came out of Alyce’s mouth! And you Alyce: shame on you! For using the ‘s’ word! How dare you use ‘says’ and ‘said’?!!! (rolling eyes and shaking head the samantha way)

    Moving on…

    Chris: why the hell didn’t you do your homework? Couldn’t you see that you were making martie look bad? Jeez chris!

    All those ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I don’t recall’… pfff! He discussed with his wife about everyone she talked to and what was said BUT incidentally and to their benefit, the communication between sky and the prosecutor’s office never came up… GMAFB! (again rolling eyes and shaking head the samantha way)

    His best statement was “…I see here I start talking to travis and I’m obviously talking about something and I don’t know what I’m talking about…” LMFAO! Chris, you retard! YOU said it – not me!

    Meanwhile, the body language of both C.A.S.H’s while being under oath and on the stand was yelling out “I’m lying”: chris sweating like a pig, trying to wiggle himself out of answering to questions made by Nurmi, nervously shaking leg while waiting for sidebar convo to finish and skye twitching in her seat constantly… plus she sang like a canary when asked if she was following the trial…

    Finally, motion for prosecutorial misconduct denied… after listening to Nurmi’s ‘Best of.. .’. This sin is on the prosecution… but mostly on that doob, pickles!

    Kermit: AHOTU = Asshole of the universe

    Chris: FUBAR = Fucked up beyond any repair

    Skye: RAB = Rude ass bitch

    Pickle: Douchebagette

    • Hey, Pandora!! You are too funny, girl!! Yes, I noticed all the wiggling, sweating, and shaking of both Hughes – ALL THE TIME!!! Even in interviews they appeared so weird looking!!! Always looking at each other to see if their story was going to match up with the other one’s??? Ooh, it just made me wish I could climb in the TV at the time and ask them who they thought they were fooling!!! Oh, very cute picture, Pandora!

  8. On another site, some we-know-beyond-all-reasonable-doubt-that-Jodi-is-guilty kinda folks are claiming that the nasty text messages from Travis to Jodi are taken out of context and the defense deliberately didn’t show us the messages from Jodi to Travis that would (according to their thinking processes) show why Travis had every right to say such things to her. Does anyone know if the whole of the conversations were available? (It seems to me they would have existed on both Travis and Jodi’s phones as a thread.) I’ve only been able to find Travis’ side.

    • Alyce was reading *conversations*. She wasn’t allowed to quote but only to give the gist. The gist was always ranting for hours (T) and appeasement throughout (J).

    • FWIW, Justus, I’m sure if Martinez had any *proof* of *anything* Jodi did to provoke Travis’ vile behavior, he’d have used THAT instead of just making shit up like he did.

    • I would think that if Jodi said something damning it would be admitted and Juan wouldn’t overlook anything. It makes little sense to me otherwise. Imagine Jodi calling travis names, threatening him etc. Oh yes, we would have seen those texts without a doubt. Accusing him of cheating doesn’t count. Also, I notice everyone gets bent out of shape over Jodi checking his texts. I never understood how that ALONE constitutes stalking. Jodi is far from the first person to read her BF texts nor will she be the last. Guys do it as well. In fact, the young adults I’ve worked with in the past ( ages 16-25 )always told me about catching their cheater bf/gf by reading texts they shouldn’t have. And said cheater, would always accuse them of stalking! LOL It seems typical rather than atypical.

      • Oh, please! I know both men and women who read their significant other’s text messages, stalking is FAR from doing JUST that! We all know what constitutes stalking and I think we are underestimating our own IQ if we were to call a woman who is tempted to read her bf’s messages a stalker.
        I bet there are haters out there crucifying Jodi for being an evil stalker when they too have done that in the past!
        Oh and btw…. few people come up with the idea of snooping into their bg’s/gf’s phone unless they have been getting red flags for some time 😉

    • I never doubted that Jodi’s side of the conversation was amicable and appeasing, trying to de-escalate the situation. It would just be nice if we could see them. If screen shots of Travis’ side were let in, why weren’t we allowed to see Jodi’s side? I can’t imagine the defense not wanting them in. Maybe Juan wanted to leave the impression that she obviously did something to deserve that treatment rather than show the contrast between her language and his. But, again, how could the judge rule those out and let Travis’ in? Curious and confusing…

    • Justus, are those haters we’re talking about???
      Coz if that’s the case, let’s face it: of course they’re gonna say the text messages were taken out of context!!! They are the SAME people who listened to the sex tape and had the NERVE to claim that Travis’s ”12-year-old” comment was not that bad and that it was taken out of context or that it was just normal sex talk. The most DISGUSTING comment out of that man’s lips and the media along with his supporters managed to somehow twist and turn into whatever they wanted it to sound like when it was simply THAT: a sick comment of a sick mind.

      • I just have to say , the “u sound like a 12 yr old girl having…………..! comment was SO gross.
        I am down with role playing, I have taken a spanking and given a few, LOL
        BUT if ever a man said something like that to me, I would have done, what Jodi did, SAY WHAT??!!
        Pretend it didn’t happen,and inside I would have been like WTH???? GOD help me.
        Think all the crazy things you need to, but DO NOT SAY THEM, esp.. something sooo gross.
        P.S. 12 yr olds don’t enjoy sex, girls don’t climax that young. It just feels like friction. gross!!
        Talking from my own life lessons anyway.
        Madeline Biamonte, CT

    • Why was TA and Jodi’s relationship the Hugh’s business? I know Jodi and TA visited there, but dammmn…..right??? Nobody, but me and my partner ..share intimate details. OR AM I CRAZY??

      • Sometimes friends are meddlesome.

        There’s a commercial running lately – some credit card – a girl is telling her friend that this guy always takes her out to dinner, and the friend says the guy is using her to get points on his card. Every time I see that commercial I think of Chris and Sky.

        But the commercial plays, I think, because meddlesome friends are a fairly universal truth. It’s also not uncommon, when friends or family are critical of someone you care about, you just quit sharing that relationship with those friends/family.

        • journee, I agree friends and family can be meddlesome. I also know what commercial you are referring to! LOL. I just think that Chris was Jodi and TA”s BOSS, { in a way} SO, I think they crossed the line, as far as their opinions go.
          Also, if they felt strong enough to put their two cents in writing, the jury should have been able to read it. What is there to hide? TRUTH, I suppose.
          I don’t share much with many other people. Although, I have been judged by my bf’s family,but it’s done behind my back. LOL!!
          I just don’t like how some people believe so many negative things about Jodi, based on jealousy,not facts. I mean I know all about being prejudged, before anyone gets to know me. However this is about justice, and evidence, not rumors and speculations,
          I always wanted to leave CT,[ I was born in Bronx, NY]. and move to hot climate, Arizona was my first pick,before this trial. I can’t get over the nonsense in that court room. SNOWHITE??
          and the dwarfs, a cottage, or did they live in a shack? REALLY, I am lost for words.
          I will continue to support Jodi, till she gets a fair trial.
          and that doesn’t mean I dislike TA or his family, I will not lower myself to a level of hate for anyone. I just want the real murders to have a trial in Arizona =]

  9. I wish TA had been caught on Dateline NBS: to catch a predator!
    It would have been exciting to watch TA being questioned by Chris Hansen. Like “have a seat right over there for me, what are you doing here?”. Then TA would have gotten some much-needed R&R time in jail.

  10. Tonya,

    I would like to ask you a question. Before becoming admin here, I frequently did a lot of reading on different sites. It had come to my attention that you were commenting at a hater’s site that has caused a lot of troubles and grief to many Jodi supporters as well as to our site here.

    I had also read some of your comments there refering to this site and to SJ which were quite harsh and ugly. Care to tell us what that was all about?

    You know: double standards are NOT ACCEPTABLE on this site.

    • Rasna yes I did those things I said stuff that was not in me to do but did to get them off me away from my house when the hate started a woman was taken from her driveway kill and her car left in apt complex 5 house from my house I did what I did to protect myself but I have comeback I relise the hate for Jodi and her family and Im getting old and I dont give a shit about my life anymore so if they shoot me in the head I will leave a record with my family as to why I was shot. I have never left Jodi side or this site just stopped posting here in fear that all I said what I said about SJ because that is what they wanted to here and if you could do me a favor and read it in under approval mode I would appriciate it or if you want to let it be seen it ok too

      • Tonya,
        I am not patronizing you nor attacking you in any way. I am wondering though if things got a little bit out of hand and you were being a bit paranoid. We live in America… shootings happen in every part of our country on a daily basis. Might it have been coincidence that it just happened close to your house?

        • Honestly, RASNA – for those few days it wasn’t much of a leap. Folks over there were hacking and posting personal info about posters here – addresses even – AND making threats.

          • Its a huge leap. Accusing a group or a person of murder because a few keyboard jockey’s engage in cyberbullying is a huge leap. I know what happened at that site. Tonya’s posts were removed by the webmaster too. They all apologized to her and backed her up. Nobody killed Tonya’s neighbor relating to this case instead of killing her. I sware this is the crap that makes everyone think every single one of us is crazy and I resent it. ( NOT YOU JOURNEE) But I resent someone coming on this board stating travis supporters tried to kill her.

            • Well, FWIW, I didn’t think she was accusing them (and certainly not “Travis supporters”) – it was just an unfortunate coincidence of timing, that they were doing what they were doing over there -hacking and posting info about posters here, making threats, and that just happened to be the time when Tonya went to check out that site for the first time (and you have to admit, when they’re at their worst, they can look pretty scary) and they piled on her and threatened her, and then a woman turns up dead on her block. She got spooked. I think I might have gotten spooked too. It’s not every day a neighbor is murdered, yanno?

              Then another poster, strong and confident lady who said both she and her husband are ‘mandatory reporters’ and she was going to contact the authorities on Tonya’s behalf – which Tonya did not want – but then the lady talks to her husband and comes back to say she wouldn’t be posting here anymore. That her husband had asked her if “this is the hill she wanted to die on”. And that’s the last we saw of her.

              I think there were several of us who were a little spooked for a few days there. It might seem silly now, but back then, after all the conjecture about the suspicious death’s that came after Travis’……

              • No renee/hope/sharon was ruthless who posted at butcher saying the mods here threatened everyone that they had to post vile comments or they would be banned. She was not a mandated reporter. She was a liar who was banned and even butcher didn’t believe her. Tonya had been asked in the past not to accuse others. She also once said CH murdered her neighbor.

                • Ah, well, I obviously missed a bunch since I only ever looked at that site the one time (that week), and then this site quit working for me for some reason although I was assured I was not banned… so I was completely out of the loop for a few months.

                  Anyway, just giving my perspective on what I did see. I should just butt out since I don’t know the whole story.

              • It doesn’t seem silly. If you let me email you, Ill tell you everything that went down. Tonya has posted and told others on facebook she thinks the “mormons” were trying to kill her and killed her neighbor instead and then named names. I just don’t think it’s right to accuse people of murder absent evidence. We all know how we hated the accusations posted about supporters.

            • ALEXIS is absolutely right.
              Sorry if I may sound rude, but can we cut the crap? No one tried to murder anyone. WHY on Earth the person saying this EVER made such a connection in her mind is beyond me… To make such claims is absolutely ridiculous. And it’s making us all look like a gullible,crazy group of people suffering from hallucinations.
              High crime rate does not ring a bell??? Or this being a coincidense???So, ok the other day a girl living next door hung herself- am I gonna come here and say Mormons followed me all the way to Greece and did this to scare the living shit outta me? Puh-leez…
              I wish Tonya would stop saying these things. Especially on a public page where everyone can read them. Being paranoid is everyone’s right but please let’s get serious!

      • Tonya,

        I’m confused. Do you think that your neighbor was murdered by someone related to this case and you are now a target? Why? Why would someone want to murder you over the Arias case?

    • It was kinda scary here for a bit, Rasna – I think to some extent we kinda spooked ourselves. But when a couple of our strongest, staunchest supporters ducked out, the worry ramped up even more. Tonya was so worried she came here and asked for every one of her posts to be pulled, she was that worried that someone from over there was stalking us here, a real threat to us.

      • thanks they wanted me to call the cops and what tell them I was on the internet and said something that got to someone that did not like it and came to my house shot at and about the woman that was dead lived close to me they would of laughed there ass off I did have a gun shot it went thru the sliding glass door we called the cops they came took a look and a friend came and found the bullet in the kitchen they took it but before the cop left he asked the bird did he see anything that is how important they took it. this happened in 2009 what is a cop going to do when someone drive by and shoot a gun out a window nothing this is crazy if admin wishes I can just read and not post

          • Journee I’m sorry it scared you that bad. 🙁 I think a lot of us did make ourselves more scared than we should have been. But hindsight is 20/20.

            • I’m not sure I was ‘scared that bad’ – but definitely spooked to the point of caution. Fortunately my neighbor did not think I was nuts. They keep an eye out for me anyway.

      • I’m not afraid of the haters – if they come for me they’ll have to deal with me! Actually I think most haters are pussies, they talk big, but when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are, they chicken out like puny little panzies they are. Haters are beneath contempt!

        • Sorry to hear all of the horrible things that went on. Tonya if you live in AZ you should always be careful. I for one will do my best to keep me and my family away from that awful state. I was a nervous wreck when my son just drove through the state. They feel they are above the laws, it has been proven. Until they do something to correct their judicial system no one is safe there. It is a sad state of affairs to say the least. If someone comes after little ole me they will meet my husband and his 357. I pray no one else will be hurt by these awful people but if we turn up missing that would speak volumes to the world wouldn’t it.?. I don’t believe PrePaid Legal (?) could help them then!!

        • Alexey, haters will bully and talk bad about people that don’t agree with their point of views. It is proven that they stalk on the weaker ones. They ‘saw’ that Tonya was vulnerable and they automatically found their favorite victim…

          Nobody likes being the target of hatred – thus haters – but to succumb to their vileness is as if we are asking for it. When at first I saw that I was made fun of by haters it made me furious… time went by and now it is totally indifferent to me. To be honest I do enjoy the clever and humorous remarks about me. I have a great sense of humor: if it’s a good ‘burn’ you have to acknowledge it and take it for what it is: funny! 😉

          ((((Good burns))))

  11. Hello all –
    Happened upon a somewhat interesting article.
    Article titled “Counties That Send The Most People To Death Row Show A Questionable Commitment To Justice”.

    Of course Maricopa is on there…you can skip down to the part specifically about Maricopa County, Arizona.

    There’s even a little shout out to our favorite prosecutor Martinez, imagine that!

    Anyway, read if you want.
    Its not new news, but still interesting.
    – Forever Team Jodi, M.

    • Before reading this article I though the most evil slimeball on Earth was Juan Martinez.
      Now Martinez has a rival – that disbarred piece of human trash Andrew Thomas.
      I’m still undecided as to who of the two of them is the most evil scum sucking leach, but I know one thing for sure – if I ever draw jury duty, I will vote to acquit regardless of the case! I’m so sick of this corruption I don’t think a person can get a fair trial at all! Better to acquit than to risk sending an innocent person to prison because some scumbag like Martinez didn’t feel like sharing exculpatory evidence with the defence!

      • You know what it is all about, Alexey, nobody wants to piss the Mormons off because they want their votes to get re-elected, all of them – pickles included!!! There is so much corruption in this trial that it isn’t funny and it is going to take an outsider to do something!!!

        • Well I’m all for everyone being able to worship the way they wish. IMO the Mormons are a scary strange group of people ( in AZ anyway). When things are so secretive that no one is allowed to know their beliefs there is a problem. When a chosen few benefit financially more than everyone else there is a problem. When you have to go through ridiculous rituals to prove you are worthy to be a part of their religion, there is a problem and I would not be a part of it. It really is sad because God does not want us dancing through man’s hoops to be accepted by him, one just has to ask God to come into their hearts, ask for forgiveness and accept him as their personal Lord and Savior and it is done. It is that simple. You do not have to go to church or a temple or be a part of a large group of anything to be saved. Religion should be a simple and personal thing but one should live as they believe God would be pleased with them. Everyone on this earth sins but with God on my side I believe I will be in heaven with my friends , family and large group of Jodi supporters. The Mormon religion is just too way out there for me!
          Ok enough of that. I love you all and let’s get JODI Free!

          • You got it, R. Love!!! It’s that simple! I knew we seemed to relate real well and now I know why!!! 🙂 Glad to know you! I also agree with you in the belief that everyone should be able to worship the way they wish!

            I WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING tomorrow and Happy Hanukkah!

            I hope Jodi has a good day tomorrow!!! Jodi should be home, having turkey with her family!!! SO wrong, SO unjust, but maybe, just maybe she will be home next Thanksgiving!!!!!!! I think she will be!!!


            • Hi Ricky,

              I’d like to give my 2 cents on this. Personally, I am an agnostic, so I do not support any religion or cult. Being agnostic means that I have done my share of reading about many religions. One thing I have noticed in most religions is the word ‘forgiveness’. When a group of people who are followers of a religion or cult don’t actually follow the ‘rules’ and what is preached, then it IS truly scary. I have not read anywhere in the mormon religion/cult that revenge is one of the rules… Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

              R. Love’s comment isn’t personal. It is an observation made from watching the people that represent your religion/cult. Do you know how many mormons are asking for the death penalty? Most of them! Starting off with the alexander family… they are begging for the DP. What does that have to say about forgiveness?

              So, do not take it as if your religion/cult is being under attack. It is those people that represent it but don’t follow the rules that makes others wonder and fear for the morality of this religion/cult. I am absolutely sure that there are honest, hard-working mormons; unfortunately they are the minority of your religion/cult.

              I understand that it must be upsetting to read things that don’t characterize you personally and you feel the need to shout (thus the capital letters) but we are a peaceful group of people and there is no need for shouting.

              Thanks for reading. I would like to hear your point of view.

            • It’s the ex-mormon sites that give you guys a bad rap. Really it is! Alot of the info brought in here from time to time comes directly from those sites.

              • Sorry if I offended you Ricky but I suppose I was mainly talking about the Mormons that have to do with Travis and his friends. They have appeared to be a very hateful and dishonest group of people in respect to our Jodi. She does not deserve the hate that has been thrown on her. Thank you for being against the DP, that means a lot to us. I am sure that there are many wonderful Mormons and I respect everyone’s rights to worship in the manner they wish. May God Bless You.

  12. I see where the opposition is literally praying to Lord Jesus that Arizona doesn’t abolish the death penalty (AZ SB 1048). It’s mind boggling to think they don’t see any problem directing such prayers to someone who has to be the most famous victim of capital punishment in all history.

    • There’s no explaining some people. Either they are mentally ill or they are mentally ill. There’s no third option! How can you pray to Jesus for the DP when God says “thou shalt not kill”. Unless they have their own Jesus that says “bloody revenge at all costs”.

      • Alexey, I was reading some of Edgar Longnecker’s recent posts on the caseyanthonyisinnocent/jodiariasisinnocent site and actually he was saying how the belief of LDS still does practice blood atonement killings (even though they say they don’t!) so your “bloody revenge at all costs” is not far off!!! They believe if you break your vow of chastity, your blood must be spilled in atonement for your sins so that you can go to the afterlife and receive your angel virgins (something like that – see Edgar’s posts from November on the site I mentioned)) and then your bed clothes and sacred undergarments must be washed and then they use a scapegoat (Jodi) to cover up the ritualistic killing!!! They are so misguided and they really believe that stuff!!! Edgar said someone ratted on Travis to the bishop and that person is the killer still walking around! It was NOT Jodi but a man, whose boot print was left! That boot print was much larger than Jodi’s foot! Also, Jodi’s license plate was put upside down at Travis’s house but Jodi didn’t notice it then probably because she was too shook up getting away from intruders, but they never checked license plates for finger prints!

        • Yeah, I read about this blood atonement as I was reading “Under the Banner of Heaven”, but as I understand it’s mostly practiced/approved of by Fundamentalists (not mainstream Mormons).
          All in all, Mormonism is a crazy religion (not to offend anybody) – Fundamentalists still practise polygamy (or celestial marriage as they call it) and a 12 year old girl can easily have a 60 year old husband who is her father (!!!) which is completely insane and far out. It wouldn’t surprise me that some crazed Fundamentalists got together, killed Travis and forced Jodi to take the blame on pain of killing her family.

    • Thanks for the reminder, R Love – I had forgotten. I usually don’t turn the TV on until 10 on Mondays – BLACKLIST is my new fave drama (love me some James Spader and STILL miss Boston Legal) but I do like Major Crimes too, glad to have it back.

  13. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    Next hearing Tuesday at 8 a.m. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1
    Stephens takes the Twitter motion under advisement. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    Now Martinez sarcastically asks, Why not go further and put future jurors under surveillance? Nurmi says the remarks are insulting. #arias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    Now Juan Martinez compares Nurmi’s Twitter request to “something the KGB might do.” He says there was no juror misconduct in the 1st trial.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    Nurmi wants to make sure that future jurors aren’t talking about the Arias case over Twitter.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    Nurmi is saying that asking jurors for their Twitter handles is less intrusive than asking their address and phone number. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    OK, now we’re inside the Jodi Arias courtroom as they are about to discuss whether they can compel the jurors’ Twitter account. Nurmi is up.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    Judge Sherry Stephens just let media attorneys David Bodney and Chris Moeser in. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1h
    We thought today’s Jodi Arias hearing would be open, but no. Even the media motion is closed to the media. And will they set a trial date?

    • Maria, thanks for posting that!!! Very interesting and I can’t believe Martinez saying that there was NO juror misconduct in the 1st trial???????????? I think he is actually believing his own lies now!!! Still the same circus I guess!!!

        • R. Love, you’re right, we should stay positive for Jodi no matter what and, like you said Tonya, it’s about Jodi and she IS innocent of any wrong doing and that truth WILL come forward no matter how many lies, cover ups, perjuries, denial of motions, and clown acts by anyone because we are;

          TEAM JODI – and We WILL BE Victorious!!!!!!!

          • Oh yes, we WILL! Sooner or later.
            Of course, it’d be awesome if Jodi finds true Justice sooner rather than later but either way we will be by her side no matter how long it takes.

            (((((((( TRUE JUSTICE FOR JODI ♥ )))))))))

      • Martinez has his own agenda, I don’t believe a word coming out of his mouth!
        He is a habitual liar, that’s his MO, that’s how he gets convictions. He does his darndest to come across as honest and nice to the jury (he even wears a nice suit), but it’s obvious he’s rotten inside.

        Funny Martinez should mention the KGB – I think he would have thrived in Soviet Russia – as nobody objected to prosecutors, there were no juries and no lawyers and the most popular sentence was death.

        Martinez would have made a killing working for the KGB! Wait, make that multiple killings! Martinez – serial killer (he has sent 7 people to death)

    • hmph – I thought the media issued was settled already

      Sounds like the media is still fighting for their own piece of the pie.

  14. I want to say I am sorry to SJ for the words I wrote he did remove my posts thank you SJ that got the haters to attack now with that said lets forget and forgive for it is not about me or you anymore its about Jodi. I get attacked on other sites as well so I have to just stop posting everywhere if something I can remember that will help Jodi I will let you know Jodi in my eyes is innocent of any wrong doing hope that thing are good for her today that when the find a new jury that they do not lie that they have not seen and that when they go home they do not turn on HLN to see what is happening ….

    Love SJ and his site Love Jodi she is innocent and Love you all for standing up for Jodi even when it got scary.

    • Oh, I also love you too, SJ, and your site and all you do and administration too, Rasna and Alexis and all you do too! This is the BEST site and I am honored to be a part of it and it has the best, loving, caring, intelligent people on it and I love all of you too!!! I hope everyone has a great day today and, Jodi, I hope things are good for you today too!!! Hugs to you and I hope you know how much we all love you! I am on the night shift so goodnight everyone and I’ll be back when I get up!

    • Can I squeaze in a ‘SJ, σ’αγαπώ πολύ’ also? Yes, SJ has made a haven for Jodi’s supporters. Despite all the grief he gets from haters, he is that only person I have heard say “We are here for Jodi and not the haters… carry on” (LMAO – I get a lot of that!!! 😉 ). SO, I am extremely grateful to him for keeping this site clean and safe for us! No matter what anyone says, I know for a fact that SJ has a heart of gold. As Jodi has said: SJ is an angel.

      SJ, Thank you once again for looking out for us and keeping all the cray-cray’s away!

      (((((SJ))))) ♥ – Σ’αγαπώ, ffs! Είσαι ο ήρωας μου!

        • Ahhhh, here we go again! I am not trying to steal SJ away from you… What? You’re afraid of a little healthy competition?? LOL! I was about to be nice and tell you that we can always share but now I changed my mind!

          I am officially challenging you to a duel: May the best ‘Greek’ win! (LMFAO)

          (((((SJ – all for you))))

          • Challenge accepted!!
            You think I’m afraid of you?? Hey lady, I may be blonde but I certainly am not stupid. I see what you’ve been trying to do for so many months, you sneaky underhanded evil witch you….

            • So now you think you’re on to me???


              Oh be aware! I might just put a spell on you and turn you into a statue! Hahahahahahaha (evil witchy laugh)

              * (jumping on jet broom and flying away)* ….

              • You should feel honored I called you a ”witch”. Isn’t that what the haters call Jodi?????
                HA! Moment of revelation! So,that’s how you seduced SJ! Using evil Jodi techniques?
                Oh, I knew you’d be a pain in my a$$ from the moment I met you Pandora P…………..

                • *(putting jet broom in reverse and coming back to where Maria stands)*

                  I am honored to be called a witch just like Jodi was! Of course I’m not denying it! We witches have the greatest abilities of slashing tires, fitting through doggy doors,sneaky sleeping under x-mas tree… and much more! Be afraid!

                  (waving cape in a witchy way and disappearing behind smoke in the wink of an eye and my voice echoing: ‘SJ is miiiiiiinnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee)…

                • Oooooh, spooky! You really ARE evil.
                  OK, let’s settle: I’ll be his Deanna!!!
                  HOW ABOUT THAT???

            • ALEXIS, I am not afraid! I am a witch! I’ve got the magic powers to untie that bow tie 😉 LOL!!!!

              You are awesome!

              ((((((ALEXIS))))) ♥

              • I was referring to that LOOONY TUNE who gave an interview last night. The one where troy had to accounce that she was a crazy twat prior to her talking… LOL that one! Was a not so funny inside joke. HAHA

                • ALEXIS, I got it! She is not even worth talking about. Another loser that wanted her 15 min of fame… FFS! Isn’t it ironic that they all seek to be famewhores at Jodi’s expense…pfff (rolling eyes the samantha way)

                • Saw the cellmate interview today, and I thought WOW!! They can’t live without some smak talk about JODI!! It never ends.
                  Focus on Dave HALL< JACKASS<

    • Tonya, I wanna personally thank you for apologizing to SJ. Very noble of you.
      I’m only speaking for myself (but I know everyone agrees) when I say that SJ is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met. I admire his courage, his optimism, his generosity and selflessness- after all, look what he has created for Jodi and all of us: a safe home to come to and support a woman whose cause we strongly feel for.

      The only thing that I ask you to put to rest is those strange claims about mormons coming to your door etc etc. I was here when you started saying these things,around the time the cyber bullying and attacks by haters had escalated but really you have to admit that you probably overreacted or went out of your mind for a bit and probably scared many posters back in those days.I never believed it, to be honest.Actually, it still sounds as far-fetched and absurd as it sounded back then.

  15. Hey everyone! (((((((((((((((♥sis♥)))))))))))))))))

    Hope everyone is well.

    I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving in case I do not get the chance to stop in tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Much love…

  16. Hello everyone!

    Today is the beginning of Hanukkah and I would like to wish all my cyber Jewish friends a ‘Happy Hanukkah’. May you all be blessed with peace and happiness.

  17. Tanya, I have been keeping quiet for months now. But I do come and read the post. I ham happy to see that you posted…..

    SJ thanks for the re-post… bears repeating…..over and over and over again….

  18. Since it’s already past midnight here in Greece,

    I wanna wish all my fellow posters a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Spend time with your family, ponder upon the many things we should be grateful for yet take for granted. Take the time to think and pray for our Jodi, who’ll be all alone; close your eyes for a moment and think intensely about her, then wish her a Happy Thanksgiving and who knows? She may be able to feel all our love and warmth 🙂

    I, for one, am grateful for each and every one of you, our admins, this place and for having crossed paths with Jodi.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • (((((MARIA)))))) Thank you all the way to the moon and back! I hope you can celebrate our Thanksgiving in Greece. 🙂 I am so thankful for you and appreciate all you do to help Jodi! Yes, I believe our positive thinking will help her more than anyone knows. I too am thankful for our Administrators (who really work hard to keep us in line), Team Jodi members and I am soooo thankful that Jodi has been able to be strong through out this horrible ordeal. Peace and Love to You ALL! 🙂 XOXOXOXOXOX

  19. On this Thanksgiving eve, I also want to thank SJ for all he has done for this site and myself. SJ has done so much for Jodi and that is why we are here. Remembering that Jodi is the focus is a big help. I wasn’t largely aware of the neighbor murder story. I remember some rough spots involving hater sites. Once, I became a little bizarre just by reading what was on our site. I didn’t go to the hater sites. SJ handled that also, as far as, (well I won’t give out secrets). But he reined my behavior in a split second. The bizarre stuff went away. Most important, I don’t care what any one is saying about me. I am here to support Jodi. Once I start focusing on me, I don’t belong here.
    Thank you to all my cyber family for being the best family ever! Everyone is the best of the best! xxoo

  20. Happy Thanksgiving Jodi can only have one visit per week and only 30 minutes it is ashame they do it to here now during Thanks giving


      the search immediately above using google produce some good material, on just the first page of results

      i don’t want to chide anyone for not doing legal research

      maybe some are diffident about doing such
      but give it a go

      [ it may help you beat that upcoming totally unfair traffic ticket ]

      that aside, play round with the search terms, see how it goes

      the above search was fruitful and could well be sufficient for our needs at the moment

      the first one i looked at briefly, an article, came from the first page of results, second to last, and it was germane and very helpful


      Is It Enough to Tell Jurors Not to Tweet?

      now that’s a topic which has commonly been discussed in this room

      the case is one from the arkansas supreme court

      maybe i should paste the entire, albeit brief, article?

      REMEMBER, the law is not what your gut tells you, or what you intuit, is JUSTICE, which though indirectly relevant, as a moral guide must be controlled by the thoughts that were developed through judicial reason in prior cases


      so now to the issue at hand

      Is It Enough to Tell Jurors Not to Tweet?

      Posted December 19th, 2011 by Eric P. Robinson

      The Arkansas Supreme Court has reversed a murder conviction – and death sentence – in a case where one juror tweeted during trial, while another fell asleep. Both these problems, the court said, constituted juror misconduct requiring reversal and a new trial. Erickson Dimas-Martinez v. State, 2011 Ark. 515 (Dec. 8, 2011).
      While the court said that the dozing juror alone required reversed of the conviction and sentence, the court added that the second juror’s tweets also required a reversal.

      The Supreme Court was particularly concerned about one of the juror’s tweets, “Its over,” sent 50 minutes before the jury informed the court that it had agreed on a sentence. As a result of this tweet, the court said, followers of the juror’s Twitter feed – including, the court said, at least one journalist (with the online magazine Ozarks Unbound) – “had advance notice that the jury had completed its
      sentencing deliberations before an official announcement was made to the court.”

      Dimas-Martinez’s lawyers also pointed out that the tweeting juror tweeted during trial despite continued admonitions to the jury throughout the trial warning them not to do so, and that he continued tweeting after the trial judge specifically told him to stop after defense lawyers discovered an earlier tweet. (That one said, “Choices to be made. Hearts to be broken. We each define the great line.”)

      The case raises the question of whether admonishing jurors to not use the Internet and social media is effective. The Arkansas Supreme Court expressed its clear concern, and suggested that measures more drastic than admonitions may need to be taken:

      [W]e take this opportunity to recognize the wide array of possible juror misconduct that might result when jurors have unrestricted access to their mobile phones during a trial. Most mobile phones now allow instant access to a myriad of information. Not only can jurors access Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, but they can also access news sites that might have information about a case.
      There is also the possibility that a juror could conduct research about many aspects of a case. Thus, we refer to the Supreme Court Committee on Criminal Practice and the Supreme Court Committee on Civil Practice for consideration of the question of whether jurors’ access to mobile phones should be limited during a trial.

      Of course, one problem with such bans is that they are not effective once the jury goes home for the day. Another is that they are often unevenly applied.

      It is worth noting that while the jurors in this murder trial were told not to tweet about the trial, it does not appear, based on the admonitions repeated in the Arkansas Supreme Court’s decision, that they were told why. This is despite the fact that the state’s model jury instructions for criminal cases includes a lengthy discussion of the subject: After stating that “You must decide this case only on the
      evidence presented in the courtroom,” Ark. Model Jury Instr., Civil 101 (Dec. 2010), the model instruction goes on to state that:

      All of us are depending on you to follow these rules, so that there will be a fair and lawful resolution to this case. The parties have entrusted their case to you and to no other person or entity. If you become aware of any violation of these rules you must notify court personnel of the violation.

      Such full explanations of the possible consequences of jurors tweeting, texting, and using other social media and the Internet during trial are probably going to be the only way that the courts will be able to deal with this growing issue. Futile attempts to keep the electronic equipment out of the courthouse, or adopting unrealistic rules limiting their use, is not going to put the electronic genie back in the bottle.

      MAYBE have a look at the other results from that first page.

      JODI’S case is among them, second on the page.

  21. Part of me is scared about not having camera”s in court. DO you think it will just make it easier for them to treat Jodi even MORE unfair?/

    • Madeline, don’t worry, there will be people actually in the courtroom observing and, I’m sure will report back any and ALL unfairness to Jodi!!! I’m just glad that no one has to see any eye rolling, weird facial expressions, phony tears, etc. except the jury, which isn’t good, but hopefully the new jury will be able to see through all that!

    • Madeline,

      Those people don’t have any morals. Either it’s behind the camera or in front of it, they will act just the same: like fucking dickheads! martinez must be feeling blue because he won’t be able to dance around like a looney putting on a show for his freaking ‘fans’ (rolling eyes… ya, you know: the samantha way).

      Mary Williams, I totally agree!

  22. I am still unconvinced that what Jodi did was in self defence, however the more I read about this case the more I believe there is grounds for a re-trial. Also although it’s hypocritical of me to say it as I watch American trials via streaming, I do think that media involvement should be as limited as possible to give people a fair trial and also in respect for the victims.

    The death penalty is barbaric and Jodi Arias does not deserve the death penalty. It should not even be an option in this case. Juan Martinez’s pursuit of it at any cost is extremely strange and he has flouted his credibility as a prosecutor in place of being a ‘tv hero’ for the masses.

    • Rebdee, thanks for your thoughts. If you’re not convinced that Jodi did what she did in self defence, then please share what you believe happened.

      • Hi Rasna, honestly I am not sure, but I think self defence ends with the throat slitting. I think she was troubled and felt used and abused and that Travis didn’t treat her well at all, was most likely verbally and mentally abusive in some regards and that led to her killing him. Saying that, I have read the post on here by the hand to hand combat expert and think what he said could be plausible. But really, I don’t know.

    • I think streaming video should be permitted – whether internet or television – but WITHOUT commentary.

      One huge element of this trial was the fact that, until it ‘caught on’, most people only watched it on HLN – and HLN had Jodi convicted from the get-go. They influenced much of public opinion, IMO, and often did so by misrepresenting what had actually happened in the courtroom. Its one thing for them to indulge in their idiocy on their evening shows, but to spin what’s happening WHILE it’s happening – and for that to be the ONLY way many are able to watch a trial – that’s just WRONG.

      • Journee, ITA: “Its one thing for them to indulge in their idiocy on their evening shows, but to spin what’s happening WHILE it’s happening – and for that to be the ONLY way many are able to watch a trial – that’s just WRONG.”

      • Actually yes, you are right. It is the continual commentary and additional interviews with ‘expert’ opinions that really just make it impossible for a jury to not be affected by the media and not only that makes it impossible to get a fresh jury should they need one as is happening now. We don’t have this thing in the UK, the most you find out about court proceedings is the odd news paper article and a chalk drawing. It helps to keep the case as a legal process, rather than a form of entertainment as I think HLN have done and milked for all it’s worth.

    • Oh, I also meant to say that I appreciate and congratulate you on being someone who is unsure of Jodi’s guilt or innocence but still realizes that she did not have a fair trial.

      • Yes, Journee, I agree. Everyone is entitled to their opinions… it’s just when they start crazy talk about Jodi having had a fair trial that makes me wonder how logical they actually are.

        • IME, Pandora, most are of that ilk –

          Discouraging to realize so many are so gullible that they just swallow it all, hook, line and sinker.

          But my evil twin rather enjoys being able to point at them and say “Well, there you have it. They’re just stupid!”

        • You only have to spend 5 minutes on twitter to see that people aren’t bothered about justice as much as they like to pretend, it is weird/sickening to see grown adults so excited about a potential execution.

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