Chris & Sky Hughes – The Mormon cover up continues [re-post]

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Check out the re-post below from March 30th. This post covers my thoughts on Chris & Sky Hughes — and includes video from their respective testimonies at the evidentiary hearing from trial day 10 (Jan 29th), together with relevant clips from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony.

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It’s gotta be said. Chris & Sky Hughes are the ultimate pair of lying bastards — and in that regard, they’re a perfect match for each other.

So when it came to the trial, they were ultimately faced with these 2 distinct choices:

[1] Helping Jodi by confirming TA’s mental & physical abuse of Jodi AND other women, together with their knowledge of his pedo-related antics and his age of attraction… or…

[2] Helping themselves by flat out denying everything they know, and denying everything they discussed in their email exchanges with TA.

It must have been a very difficult decision to make (not)… but they ultimately decided to help themselves and, in turn, keep all their Mormon chums happy. After all, why would they want to tell the truth about TA (and help Jodi) when it wouldn’t benefit them socially or financially?

As I stated in my original post back on January 30th… Chris Hughes already confirmed he’s firmly on the prosecution’s side, so sure he’s gonna do all he can to fly the flag for them, including stating to the media (on behalf of Martinez) that the TA letters were forged – even though he knows they were not. He knows, having seen some of them, that they’re genuine. He even wrote to TA to tell him he wasn’t treating Jodi right.

The email exchanges also specifically discussed TA’s “age of attraction” when it comes to children, which (as far as I recall) Sky was somewhat surprised at. This ties together the earlier pedophile rumors pertaining to TA and his preference for pigtails & 12 years old’s, does it not?

In fact both Chris & Sky Hughes emailed Travis telling him he was being abusive to Jodi back in 2007. This started to come out again in Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony – despite repeated & futile objections from Martinez.

Check out the 2 specific video clips below from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony from last Thursday, where the “You Crossed The Line” email exchange & content is discussed specifically — including TA’s ongoing mistreatment of Jodi… his well known prior treatment & manipulation of other women… Sky’s statement that she wouldn’t even let her own sister date TA… TA’s “childhood issues”… and a bunch of additional information that Martinez certainly didn’t want disclosing for obvious reasons…

Alyce LaViolette video clip #1:

[hdplay id=143 width=500 height=300]

Alyce LaViolette video clip #2:

[hdplay id=144 width=500 height=300]

Then watch this very interesting Chris Hughes testimony – from the continuation of the evidentiary hearing on January 29th (Trial Day 10)…

[hdplay id=142 width=500 height=300]

The video below (up to the 14:00 mark)  includes Sky Hughes’ testimony from the Evidentiary Hearing, February 13th (Trial Day 18) — followed by Kirk Nurmi calling for a mistrial based on his “Greatest Hits” list of numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state.

Taking into account Sky met TA (in 2001) prior to her marriage (in 2002)… at which point  she would have been in her early 40’s and TA would have been 23… the only question Jennifer Willmott didn’t ask her was how many times she slept with TA before and after she got married. The answer would have been interesting to say the least…

[hdplay id=58 width=500 height=300]

Finally, here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s USA Today (click here for full article):

What was not mentioned in court Thursday was the history of the emails. A defense filing from January 2011 details the efforts Arias’ attorneys went to obtain them. Initially the prosecution told the defense attorneys that there were no available text messages sent or received by Alexander and then was ordered to turn over several hundred.

Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

The 2011 filing details the email contents, including “A response from Mr. Hughes … wherein he asserts that he believes Jodi would be his (Travis’) next victim and that Jodi was just another girl that he (Travis) was playing.” Alexander allegedly replied by saying “I am a bit of a sociopath.”

Other emails from Sky Hughes, the filing says, say that Alexander considered Arias to be a “booty call,” and said “How he, Mr. Alexander, was abusive to Jodi and … how he was beating her emotionally in part by making out with her without giving her a commitment.” And there is an email from another woman Alexander was seeing at the time “wherin she complains of Mr. Alexander’s conduct making her feel used and dirty.”

How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen. Chris and Sky Hughes have already testified for the prosecution regarding an earlier allegation of misconduct by Martinez, but the topic of the emails was not discussed. They could be called back.

Chris & Sky Hughes… they wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Luckily for them, it doesn’t.

Leave your comments below…

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  1. My thoughts:

    “This page is about Chris Hughes, who has spoken against Jodi at every opportunity.
    My considered opinion: he probably believes what he is saying, but he shows strong signs of cognitive dissonance.
    He doesn’t understand – look at how puzzled he looks when confronted with the email.
    He genuinely believes the prosecution case, the premeditation, the stolen gun, the same as the general public.
    He has fallen into a state of confirmation bias. It’s very hard to escape.”

  2. They can go to all TV networks that are buying their lies,yell, protest, throw shit, curse, call her names and play the victims all they want.

    I only have one thing to say to them through this beautiful Latin proverb: ” «Verba volant, SCRIPTA MANENT»

    You are screwed! No matter what you say NOW ,your own word against TA will always be a reminder of what you TRULY believed of him!

  3. Good morning geebee and Maria!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))

    For some unknown reason, I keep going over CASH in my head over and over. It’s like something has been missed somewhere. I hope this doesn’t sound crazy to you and I’m not saying they killed him, I think my brain is just saying NOPE, not right!

  4. Viewing the testimony again, I’m certain that Hughes is not lying (deliberately).

    He really does think the letters were forged. We know they were not.
    He is unable to give a reason why he thinks they are forged, claiming Nurmi knows “for the same reason”.

    The trouble is, with the hearings 2010 / 2011 being sealed, it’s hard to work things out for sure.

    I think it’s some kind of chinese whispers, where vague statements

    “The ten letters purportedly written by victim Travis Alexander…”

    somehow become miraculously transformed into “the letters were forged”.

  5. Maybe that is what it is geebee, maybe my brain is just saying it doesn’t make sense and that’s the reason. I want to know what is in those letters. If he somehow or his brain somehow has begun to believe the bs, it won’t be changed.

    • You really need to study cognitive dissonance for a long time to understand people who are in this state.

      They don’t minimise by reasoning – it’s far more subtle than that.

      They minimise because the mistake they have made is hard-wired into the belief system….

      It’s just like talking with a pro-guilt person. They will always show Type I, Type II and Type III reactions, generally in that order. They are NOT lying.

      • Here is a classic Type I response from Blizzy Berg ( who I have verified to be a perfectly nice person ).

        “I REFUSE to go to your site! It is filled with falsehoods and most certainly is not the news. I will check a reliable source. This is semantics in play. How do you define stab? Sooooo, was everything else just superficial little cuts George? What, was she taunting Travis with little cuts? Is this what you claim?”

        However, I think I may have tempted Blizzy…

        This was an interesting exchange… of course, nobodies views changed exactly… people always prefer type I and type II actions until the dissonance becomes unavoidable. Then they switch. For example, if the return receipt turns up tomorrow, they would simply say “But look at the other mountain of evidence”… I have seen it time and time again on the Amanda Knox case. Over time the more rational people tend to become disinterested, because they cannot make sense of anything. The less rational types go crazy. It really is some kind of mental illness, I really do feel sorry for these people. Occasionally people who do not get in too deep change sides.

        • It applies equally to Martinez. That’s probably why he changed his crime theory 4 weeks before trial ( I cannot be certain ). He is in a total fog of confusion, unable to understand anything properly, not because he doesn’t have the intellect, but because he has fallen into error and cannot escape.

  6. Also, the other thing that boggles the mind is how in the world can someone convict a person when there are so many unanswered questions. In my mind, that in itself is reasonable doubt.

    • One feature of these cases is the prosecution even admits they don’t know what happened – the alternate theory case. One example is Nyki Kish. In Amanda Knox’s case they keep flip-flopping on time of death, because everything they try doesn’t work… but their brains will not accept the conclusion they are wrong, it’s too axiomatic for them, it challenges the ego too deeply.

        • This is one of the main reasons that JM couldn’t make sense to any of us. On the other side they are claiming how brilliant he was while we on the other hand are saying “What the hell is he talking about.”

          • One very interesting thing is that when you look at the transcripts, Martinez is actually quite logical….


            I think in his own mind he does actually believe he proved something. He is completely wrong.

            The reason he is wrong is that he is not an intuitive thinker. He is unable to process a large set of facts and form a coherent theory.

            Of course, he might be corrupt … at some stage that very often happens. But I don’t see it here, yet. I see more fear – fear of not complying with the legal requirements. He is quite meticulous in that respect.

            • HA, I’ll have to look at the transcripts because while he was talking, all that went through my mind was “What the hell”

              • One of the best is where he says:

                “All of the other witnesses that came here, some of them had a motive, for example, Alyce LaViolette, she had a motive to lie. I mean, um, maybe perhaps it was her reputation that she was interested in, or things like that.”

                Juan knows in some sense he is talking nonsense… his language betrays it. But at the same time he maintains the view that Jodi is guilty. He speculates wildly and illogically.

                • Martinez is a loose cannon that needs to get a job in Walmart. So every defense wittness has a horrid motive? That is Juan’s Projections of his own self. Juan is a serial liar. Juan also wants to deflect attention away from himself and place negative attention on someone else. This way Juan is going to look like the “wonderful child”! Juan is ultimately going to end up the STAR! ( Huge! Unresolved issues from childhood! ). Do you remember how he sat and pouted when Jodi didn’t get the Death Penalty!!!! He sat and Pouted because this whole game he always played to get rewarded by his parents didn’t work 100%.
                  So he deflects and degrades everyone on the defence side. He is so good at this that he is playing families, detedtives, reporters, judges, jurors. And yes, these people get pulled into his Cognitive Dissonance. Now they are hooked and a suspicious, guilty belief system is built toward the defendant.

                  Everytime that defendent gets a guilty verdict it feeds this man’s illness. Because not 1 trial is about finding justice for Travice or anyone else. It is all about justice for baby Juan. Who underhanedly has to get over on his siblings so Juan can be the Star.

            • Although, when the state closed it’s case, Martinez did so with very little conviction…

              So maybe he is really some kind of death penalty robot… he doesn’t really have his own beliefs, he just blunders around in the same confusion as the judge, the jury and the mob, hoping he is right.

              • This I agree with wholeheartedly, otherwise geebee, you’re giving the Hughes and Martinez too much credit in my opinion. The big issues I have with the Hughes are how they turned on Jodi, fed information to the DA during the trial until the hearing when they were instructed not to watch, something they should have been instructed from the start as they were on witness lis, and then C. Hughes gave an interview afterwards on how he was watching the trial on the internet. Also he made some remark about TAs computer that sounded fishy and there are those missing messages. Just a curiosity that I noted on Flores report, the Hughes and Hall were listed as race – white and ethnicity – non Hispanic, while the Thompsons were just listed as white.

                • My biggest problem with the Hugh’s is that Sky herself admitted to me that when they didn’t think Florres was looking at Jodi, they went through ALL his emails and texts looking for something to convict Jodi.

                  It is not too much of a leap to know they probably got rid of every single thing that would help Jodi or make Travis look like the person HE REALLY WAS.

                • I don’t see anything there that conflicts with my position that the Hughes genuinely believe the whole prosecution case, indeed they practically invented it right after Travis was killed.

                  Sure, they are doing everything they can to convict Jodi, but that’s because they really do believe the whole of the state’s case – although I’m not sure whether they are gun shot first or gun shot last. Maybe they haven’t even thought about that.

                  That’s how witch hunts work – if they involved some great conspiracy, the whole thing would rapidly fall apart. They are held together by prejudice, cherry picking evidence and ignoring exculpatory evidence.

            • Incidentally, I think the reason he is quite logical is that he has a textbook or some kind of template, where he just fills the boxes in with whatever he can come up with, however ridiculous.

  7. Did I just read that right? They are giving the dealer who BEHEADED the man in AZ less than 15 years? Yes, the beheading is what is bothering me, along with the drugs and the cartel. This could easily be intertwined with this case, or am I just reading far too much into it?

      • That is true. I believe the difference is, people who just off the top of their heads, cite an opinion or a thought, will stop and think and look over the facts before they jump in with both feet. Of course, it doesn’t help when you have a network like HLN that is supposed to handle NEWS, throws out nothing but lies and also lies of friends and family. I get mad just thinking about it.

        • Looking at a lot of cases helps you to detach…

          Of course I still get very emotional when I think of everything Jodi has suffered.

          But you have to suppress that sometimes, as Jodi says, “to be able to proceed”.

          • “Jodi: Well, it was difficult. I think I was shaking, and um, I didn’t know if anyone else would notice, but people commented on it afterward. I was almost convulsing. So I was very nervous. Um, I was emotional but it’s like, I have a lot of practice suppressing things, which isn’t a good practice, but I utilized a little bit of that so that I could maintain my composure instead of getting overly emotional and not being able to proceed.
            Amy: You realize that people will view that as being cold?
            Jodi: Well, they’re not in my shoes, and I’m certainly not cold.”


  8. Watching the clips again, I did not focus so much to what they were vocally saying as to what their body language was saying.
    C.H. cannot focus on what he is asked because he is too preoccupied as to what he has been told to say and that is why he is always saying “Can you ask that question again”. It buys him time to remember what he is told to say. His sweating shows that he is very stressed and the more he tries to hide his stress, the more it shows.
    S.H. is constantly twitching. She is speaking in a very loud voice, knocking on the microphone. This all shows that she too is very stressed.
    Why would two good friends of TA feel so stressed out when they are only telling the truth?!!! Especially when we know that C.H. is a professional at speaking to crowds. Is it possible that they were hiding many facts or even…. lying (using a secretive low voice)???!!!!
    Finally, all the pointers that Kirk Nurmi made to express his reason for a mistrial were spot on BUT if you are dealing with a judge like pickles and a prossecutor like kermit, hmmm… you know the result to that!
    Sorry for abusing my exclamation marks, my question marks and my ‘…’ – it was needed to express my opinion! 😉

  9. SJ,
    Watching the videos and reading your posts reinforce just how much of a farce Jodi’s trial was and still is.
    If it wasn’t so sad and life threatening to Jodi it would be almost humorous. How corrupt is the justice system and the people who run it in Arizona?

    Hey guys, I needed to tell you all that I was named to a list on Twitter called Jodi’s Twats made by @BadGirlPolyAnna who as you may have figured out is a Hater. There are 25 people on the list. Anyone that defends Jodi I guess is on it.
    I am honored to have made this list.

    I’ve been following the George Zimmerman trial. The State’s case is in trouble there. Judge Nelson who I like seems to be leaning toward the Prosecution in many of her decisions which just makes me SMH. She’s a far sight better than Sherry Shithead though.

    Love you Jodi! Love my Jodi family too! 🙂

    • ITA about Judge Nelson being pro the presuction I’m having major flashbacks to Judge Stephens bending over backwards to let JM run roughshot over that kangaroo Court.

      What annoys me about Judge Nelson is her CONSTANTLY denying the defense’s request for a sidebar meanwhile everytime the Prosecution asks for one its granted.

      Now on to Cash my favorite trial moment by far was Skye Hughe’s face melting when the non verdict came down.

      I’m on the record calling the Hughes’ blood $ grubbing media whores so I’ll just leave it at that…lol

      • Actually Judge Nelson only denies sidebars when Don West requests them which I don’t understand either. He seems to be on her shit list, perhaps because of the stupid knock knock joke he told the jury during opening statements.

        When Mark O’Mara requests a sidebar she’s ok with it.

        If you ask me the prosecution’s case has been George Zimmerman’s best defense.

        Jodi would be a free woman today if Judge Nelson would have been her Judge. She’s much more fair and no nonsense and she knows the importance of sequestering the jury in a high profile trial. Plus Florida courts work on Friday’s and more than 2-3 hours a day unlike Arizona.

    • Oh my! I hope I am not on that list. That woman is horrible this Bad Girl Polly Ann also
      which I find strange that she is so anti Jodi an hunts out any Jodi Supporters an attacks
      them. I blocked her as soon as I read her ugly tweets to a very nice young lady on
      Twitter that never says ugly things even. ( strong mexican accent in her talking blogs)

      This is how sneaky this lady is though she had a Jodi Arias twitter page even an for months
      pretended to be on Jodi’s side. An did some talk show Blog crap an no one called her but I
      listened a few times she sounded like some teenager all giggly an goofy. I was surprised
      males did not call in more to bother her she did talk about sex an strange things.

      So now I guess she has a Jodi Hit List from that page she made because she was actually
      nice on it for months an then WHAM now she cusses an says horrible things to these people
      she followed an who followed her for sometime. So weird must be a teenage thing maybe
      that is no adult at least I hope no adult would speak this way to people? could be though.
      She said the most disgusting things I have read in a long time though. So she is on George
      Zimmerman’s side so I am guessing that is a farce also an then attack those supporters
      after she has them thinking she is nice for a few months. She needs her ass beat is
      what she needs.

      • That is sick! That is the sick, bullying side of the internet. People commit suicide over that nonsense.

  10. CASH orchestrated alot in Jodis case. For whatever reason, their fingers are all over the portrayal of Jodi as guilty and deserves death for the murder of Travis.

    We see them involved in 48hrs with a great scipt smiling through their grief for Travis.

    Skye comes off as a total ball breaking alpha and definately wears the pants in her family. I recently learned that Skye had met GTravis a year before she married Chris. I’m getting the feeling that Skye didn’t want Jodi around her husband or Travis. Jodi was too pretty and smart for Skye to dominate.

    • Exactly I said that too a long time ago. Skye was/is very jealous of Jodi
      I have seen women like this before. Skye may have also had a little fling
      time with Travis at one time an had hard feelings for any woman Travis
      was close too.

      It is not normal to have a couple over though an then the married couple
      stays in their bedroom with the male friend for over a hour an half? really?
      this is odd behavior maybe innocent but truly WEIRD! But not too the Hughes
      they seem to think that is ok to sit an gossip at night in the bedroom with Travis
      about Jodi who is in the same house as a guest? WTH? I would be very
      suspicious of Skye if that were me in that house that night.

      That whole group just gives me the creeps I which Jodi would have got the creeps
      and left that weirdo group of people alone.

      • Rhonda,
        I feel the same way and have the same questions. I think the whole story is weird. The only thing you left out that I was going to say is…more than likely Jodi was waiting for Travis to arrive in her room for a little hanky-panky. Yep, she should of left that night and never looked back.

  11. It is evident from the colossal number of interviews the Hughes supplied to HLN the two formed a timely alliance. These two, CH the self appointed public relation spokesperson and “close friend” of TA and HLN’s blood thirty talking heads resemble dogs locking during mating; both with an agenda to market their angelic vs. evil story-line. At this point, it would be cruel and inhumane of me to pull them apart (especially when they are enjoying each other so much) and ONLY comment about the Chris and Skye. How convenience for Jaun that Skye volunteered to be his private media bid-bit snitch. If Jaun wanted something leaked to the media, who could he use?…Humm. If Jaun wanted a home video (HLN exclusive) of “what this white thing here laying on TA lap?”, who could get the video for him?…Humm.

  12. Their big problem with Jodi tha I’ve heard, and the only thing, is that Jodi overheard a conversation they were having with Travis about her. I don’t see how that is such a crime on Jodi’s part. I know that if someone was talking about me, I think I would listen to hear what they had to say. But their protrayal of that simple event is to make Jodi out like she is so dangerous and devious. I think it is understandable as friends to be concerned, but when you get involved to such an extent as to taint and cover up the truth you are going too far.

    • That is another thing an a big fat lie I feel from the Hughes.
      Really? they said oh they were so scared they wondered if
      they should go to sleep even after seeing Jodi enter their
      bedroom with a look of rage an pure EVIL. hahaha very funny
      they are so dramatic an the lies are so evident to anyone with
      common sense.

      Parents that are that truly afraid of someone woman or man would
      never go to sleep being afraid to let their children sleep in the same
      home that night as they stated. They exaggerate something little
      to make it as BIG as possible for the drama an the hate of the
      followers they have to make the story REAL an it makes me sick.

      An it has worked ! you can be a Jodi supporter on another site an a few
      come out an truly hate you as a person for standing up for Jodi an not
      praising Travis the Saint. It has made me very angry about a certain
      Religion I know they all are not bad but those that keep Praising the Lord
      in one breath an truly showing hate an ugliness I see it on Twitter are
      NO GOOD an that group has a huge following of that Religion. Mesa AZ
      is full of them.

    • The thing to understand is that Travis’ friends are just seeing it from the perspective before the defense case is known…

      SInce Travis told them Jodi was a stalker, it’s not at all surprising that’s what they thought.

      Then in the trial, they simply don’t listen to the defense case. They have made up their minds, they are not interested at all, other than making sure Jodi is found guilty ( correctly in their prejudiced minds ).

      This is the nature of a modern witch hunt. It’s exactly the same thing that happened with Amanda Knox.

      If you explain how they are wrong, mostly they will refuse to listen. In Amanda’s case the Kerchers have said they refuse to read Amanda’s book.

  13. I may be totally out in left field…. In saying that…JM was appointed to Ms.Arias’es case, as he was a prosecutor that handled DP cases, and DP is what TA’s family was requesting, nothing less. As far as JM understood the case, I too believe, his brain was wrapped around a pole, like most of us!!!! The case presented by the state was based on circumstantial evidence. In other words, that shows JM had few actual facts with which to build a proper case. Any witness that may hurt his case he intentionally tried to discredit whether they deserved it or not. Reason being, to sway the jury, to plant the idea even if the judge overruled. JM was very well aware that the jury was falling for his bullshit by the questions they were asking. To sum things up, the case presented by JM was proof that he too was overwhelmed by the lack of evidence presented to him by the leading investigator. Therefore, he played the bully, had the jury eating out of his hand, succeeded in having witnesses falsify facts intentionally or not. In the end most people that followed this trial, whole souled, came out with the feeling, ” what the hell just happened”!!!!

    • You are right and I agree with you. But there’s just one thinh I didnt get.When you say ”…whether they deserved it or not” do you mean there were actually DT witnesses that deserved to be discredited by Martinez? If yes,who?

  14. That interview with Dr. Drew says it all to me. I hadn’t seen it before and it certainly makes the whole thing with the missing messages even more suspicious to me.

  15. Hello, hello, hello!!!!

    I’m getting the cheesecake and drinks ready for our gathering tomorrow to celebrate Jodi’s birthday.


    • I hope Jodi has the best Birthday she can.
      I know I should let my anger go or at least ignore it, but she should be out in the world – enjoying her Birthday with her family and friends.

      On a lighter note, I love cheesecake.

    • ((((((Janeen))))))
      I am coming to your party and I will bring an extra cheesecake cause I know that there will be a lot of friends celebrating!!!
      (((((((cheesecake with sour cherry topping)))))))))))

  16. True, JC, JM did not get the DP!! I enjoyed watching him squirm in his chair the day the verdict was read! Either he thought he won the jury over or geebee2 is on the right track, he truly is not a thinker. I felt he threw the case at the end, what he was saying made no sense. He was grasping at straws. I’m still with out words. I have many thoughts about this case. I’m still seeking answers. The knowledge and views on this site has truly helped me! Thanks to you all!

    • Do you think the new trial will actually go forward? I know the date is set but I’ve heard around that it isnt going to happen.

      • JC –
        From what I understood from one of Jodi’s tweets, “I’m not currently accepting donations 4 appeals. Just don’t know yet if I will plea or appeal.”, its not a matter of if, but rather how the trial go forward, right?

        I think she needs to appeal…

    • Right, by the end I think Juan knew his case was very thin….

      But he had lost control over the mob…. the jury decided this case long before the evidence was heard.

      You cannot underestimate the madness of a crowd,

      Over time, people gradually regain their sense. It’s a slow process though…but one can help things along.

  17. A day in advance…. Happy Birthday Jodi.. I hope in someway , someone will help make it a special and important day.. Because if all those people, who are blinded and lost have their way.. We don’t know how many more birthdays she will have. God bless.

  18. I really feel it is 50/50! Putting out the idea of a trial not taking place, may be a tatic to get the public to accept the idea that she isn’t going to get the death penalty or depending on her, how afraid is she of the death penalty or will she do anything to fight it. I strongly believe there is grounds for an appeal, how bad does she want one?! In saying that if she had sleazy lawyers like O.J’s, she could walk. Unfortunately, our justice system lets the best lawyer win, whether they are right or wrong!

    • Remember, once the truth about the Walmart return comes out, the appeal case is a doddle.

      The whole premeditation case collapses…

      Perhaps it will technically end in some deal where Jodi walks out of jail… I know that sort of thing happens for technical reasons. I would like to see Time Warner pay suitable compensation though.

    • Karrie,
      I replied above to CJ & geebee2 talking about Martinez. I am licensed in Psychiatry with the bachlors, masters, etc & yrs of experience. What I wrote is what I strongly believe. It is the only logic I can see Martinez following as part of his core being. I also see corruption to assist him with his goals of stardom I wrote about..
      I don’t know if that will help or confuse you more. Everyone has there theories and ways of explaining things.
      If all else fails, just think of him as a self centered pig. That will put you in the correct place so you don’t waste time on him.

    • If by the “best lawyer” you mean, the most obnoxious, abusive, bullying, conniving, manipulative, and domineering, I suppose you would be correct.

      There are plenty of great lawyers, that are none of the aforementioned; like Nurmi and Willmott, who give dignity and class to their profession. It’s a shame that the loudest, most aggressive asshole “wins” in American society, whether they are a lawyer or not.

  19. To be honest, I wouldn’t recognize the Hughes’ if they plopped down smack in the middle of my living room but from what I’ve read and heard about them they are the kind of vile and uncouth people who would throw their grandma under the bus to garner a little money and attention and who don’t know how to treat a guest in their home. If karma exists these two will end up broke, exiled from the Mormon clan and completely forgotten by the media. They should share a spot under a bridge somewhere and a shopping cart with Juan-boy and Nancy Grace.

  20. Regarding the “Hughes”, isnt it usually the guilty ones that try to point the finger at another, to take the real spot light off them!!!! Why are they in great need to convince all, “Ms.Arias is a cold blooded killer”?

    • Honestly, IMO, they thought she was a cold blooded killer. They seemed to downplay the abuse but I believe they thought that. CH said in an interview that travis did care for jodi as much as he ( chris ) wished he hadn’t. But I think they feel that way. Others on here, feel differently and will share their thoughts with you but I think CH believes that about jodi and wants to make sure she pays.

      • My dear JC………….

        I agree with you. As a matter of fact my dear friend, there are several more people I would add to the mix………..I’m a firm believer in spreading the blame in this case.


      • For sure he wants to see her pay! If Flores would have done a better job by subpoenaing and secured TA emails and FB accounts right away instead of waiting 1 year, it would of kept the Hughes from snooping. I don’t understand Flores, is he lazy or what? I had a family member involved in a single auto wreck and the state police had screen shots of his FB and his telephone records secured within hours!

        • It just goes to show that some cops take their job seriously and some cops just don’t wanna put the time and effort in it and so they only do the mandatory in a sloppy manner. I am sure that flores knows he fucked up but he can’t come out and say it. It would probably cost him his job. He found someone (Jodi) to pin the blame on: case solved – case closed. Period. Let’s go get some coffee and donuts!

          • Personally, I think Jodi got the ninja intruder ideal from her conversation with Flores. On the interrogation tapes he mentioned several times that he didn’t believe she could do it by herself. He was using his “technique” fishing wanting her rat out a partner. I think Jodi thought…well if he thinks more than one person did it…I’ll just tell him something he might believe. Someday when I have time I’ll go back and count the number of times he suggest more than one person involved. Not until she told him the intruder story did he changed his technique to your the only one who did this.

    • They were friends with Travis, they minimise his dark side ( as in fact does Jodi – remember the domestic violence is pretty rare… just a handful of incidents ).

      When they say they want justice for Travis, they are quite genuine. They just have the facts wrong.

  21. When did justice become about the lawyers. Now it is
    always about the money. JM @ S judge do not write a book. You are incompetent.

  22. Happy Birthday to Jodi–I’m so happy she got all my cards and a book she wanted from Amazon! I’m blessed to know her!

  23. I havent had time to read all the posts but hey hey hey dear lovely SJ (that rhymes!) :
    we need a ”Happy B-day” page here today!!!!
    Please? Pretty please?
    ♥ ♥

  24. I can forgive, but I will never forget the people who have bashed Jodi and her family throughout the past 5 years. Unfortunately, most Americans presume Jodi is guilty based on the heavily slanted coverage on HLN. They did everything they could to smear Jodi and her name. They took turns daily taking shots at her, making fun of her, presuming her guilty until proven innocent and they gave free reign to people like Chris and Sky Hughes, Dave Hall, etc. to take their turns bashing Jodi and her family.

    • I agree Jeff.

      I do what I can to keep my HLN rants off the page but there’s no way to dismiss or excuse the six month, 24/7 hate campaign they waged against Jodi. There is no defense or justification for what they’ve done. Every moment of the day during the entire trial was devoted to making Jodi look guilty and covering up the truth about Travis. I’ve realized it’s not just slanted coverage, it’s abusive behavior dressed up in expensive suits presented as “news and views.” The really disgusting thing out of all this is how they pretend to be the voices of compassion to crime victims. But how can they, when they are crapping on Jodi who is a crime victim of domestic violence; and defending the abusive behavior of the perpetrator that attacked her? Sometimes I wonder if they are either too dense to see the contradiction in their claims and behavior; or too arrogant to admit that they are wrong. Probably both (same goes for the mindless throngs that were about to dry hump the courthouse steps when the verdict was read).

      • I have to toss this in about HLN. Now that their witch hunt has (temporarily) moved on to George Zimmerman they are still doing the faux jury on After Dark and its just hilarious how biased these people are. They had the question of the night and the viewer poll went 79% in favor of GZ and 21% again meanwhile the faux jury was 11 to 1. So Vinnie P opined WOW this keeps happening where the viewers have a completely different view and so someone piped in and said b/c they are anonymous and I was like uh yeah duh. You stack that jury with people who are going to push the HLN party line where you can’t control the viewers at home who are actually thinking for themselves and not buying into the HLN propaganda machine.

        The same thing happend with Jodi. They would have these people on who were JM cheerleaders and then would act so vindicated when they would always come back with some verdict against her.

        • Those silly people, sitting there like idiots with their silly numbers, acting like they matter in the grand scheme of things. We all know they are all going to stick to the script HLN has given them and vote yes or no according to HLN’s agenda of the night, such a stupid show and network

      • MB,
        You are awesome “Hump the Courthouse steps”! How very true and accurate. I have seen a lot in my life, but I never saw people behave as badly as that day. It brings tears to my eyes.
        I am concerned with what is going to happen July 16th or 18th. Montgomery already said it is just bull shit and the defence won’t win. So I keep thinking and praying positive though ts

    • Forgiveness? Hmm…I’m still not quite there yet.
      When I am infuriated and disgusted by someone’s behavior it usually takes a long time for me to calm down and start the healing ‘forgiveness’ process. Unless I apply a nice quote I read the other day on FB ” Sometimes the first step towards forgiveness is realizing the other person is totally bat-shit CRAZY” LOL 😀
      And THAT would be the only reason to convince me to forgive HLN and the whole lynch mob out there!

  25. Hi everyone.. its been a while, hasn’t it? My hard drive went on my pc… and my ex husband died..

    Its been a tough few weeks.

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