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It’s gotta be said. Chris & Sky Hughes are the ultimate pair of lying bastards — and in that regard, they’re a perfect match for each other.

So when it came to the trial, they were ultimately faced with these 2 distinct choices:

[1] Helping Jodi by confirming TA’s mental & physical abuse of Jodi AND other women, together with their knowledge of his pedo-related antics and his age of attraction… or…

[2] Helping themselves by flat out denying everything they know, and denying everything they discussed in their email exchanges with TA.

It must have been a very difficult decision to make (not)… but they ultimately decided to help themselves and, in turn, keep all their Mormon chums happy. After all, why would they want to tell the truth about TA (and help Jodi) when it wouldn’t benefit them socially or financially?

As I stated in my original post back on January 30th… Chris Hughes already confirmed he’s firmly on the prosecution’s side, so sure he’s gonna do all he can to fly the flag for them, including stating to the media (on behalf of Martinez) that the TA letters were forged – even though he knows they were not. He knows, having seen some of them, that they’re genuine. He even wrote to TA to tell him he wasn’t treating Jodi right.

The email exchanges also specifically discussed TA’s “age of attraction” when it comes to children, which (as far as I recall) Sky was somewhat surprised at. This ties together the earlier pedophile rumors pertaining to TA and his preference for pigtails & 12 years old’s, does it not?

In fact both Chris & Sky Hughes emailed Travis telling him he was being abusive to Jodi back in 2007. This started to come out again in Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony – despite repeated & futile objections from Martinez.

Check out the 2 specific video clips below from Alyce LaViolette’s testimony from last Thursday, where the “You Crossed The Line” email exchange & content is discussed specifically — including TA’s ongoing mistreatment of Jodi… his well known prior treatment & manipulation of other women… Sky’s statement that she wouldn’t even let her own sister date TA… TA’s “childhood issues”… and a bunch of additional information that Martinez certainly didn’t want disclosing for obvious reasons…

Alyce LaViolette video clip #1:

[hdplay id=143 width=500 height=300]

Alyce LaViolette video clip #2:

[hdplay id=144 width=500 height=300]

Then watch this very interesting Chris Hughes testimony – from the continuation of the evidentiary hearing on January 29th (Trial Day 10)…

[hdplay id=142 width=500 height=300]

The video below (up to the 14:00 mark)  includes Sky Hughes’ testimony from the Evidentiary Hearing, February 13th (Trial Day 18) — followed by Kirk Nurmi calling for a mistrial based on his “Greatest Hits” list of numerous counts of prosecutorial misconduct & court order violations by the state.

Taking into account Sky met TA (in 2001) prior to her marriage (in 2002)… at which point  she would have been in her early 40’s and TA would have been 23… the only question Jennifer Willmott didn’t ask her was how many times she slept with TA before and after she got married. The answer would have been interesting to say the least…

[hdplay id=58 width=500 height=300]

Finally, here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s USA Today (click here for full article):

What was not mentioned in court Thursday was the history of the emails. A defense filing from January 2011 details the efforts Arias’ attorneys went to obtain them. Initially the prosecution told the defense attorneys that there were no available text messages sent or received by Alexander and then was ordered to turn over several hundred.

Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

The 2011 filing details the email contents, including “A response from Mr. Hughes … wherein he asserts that he believes Jodi would be his (Travis’) next victim and that Jodi was just another girl that he (Travis) was playing.” Alexander allegedly replied by saying “I am a bit of a sociopath.”

Other emails from Sky Hughes, the filing says, say that Alexander considered Arias to be a “booty call,” and said “How he, Mr. Alexander, was abusive to Jodi and … how he was beating her emotionally in part by making out with her without giving her a commitment.” And there is an email from another woman Alexander was seeing at the time “wherin she complains of Mr. Alexander’s conduct making her feel used and dirty.”

How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen. Chris and Sky Hughes have already testified for the prosecution regarding an earlier allegation of misconduct by Martinez, but the topic of the emails was not discussed. They could be called back.

Chris & Sky Hughes… they wouldn’t be able to tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Luckily for them, it doesn’t.

Leave your comments below…

Happy Easter!

Team Jodi


  1. Good Morning SJ, Another great post and I could not have said it better. Thanks again to you and all that work so hard to keep this site running.

  2. Chris Hughes is shady.
    I keep up with both this site and the State vs Jodi Arias page, and I must say the following: the people on that page are either really dumb or highly uneducated. The comments are full of misspellings and very bad English… Especially in comparison to the comments on this page. Here the people must e more intelligent and/ or educated than the bloodthirty sheep who say the say tuff over and over yet have very little understanding of what they are talking about.
    If a person does not know how to use the following words properly, they probably do not undertand this case: there/their/they’re, than/then, wright/write/right, whole/hole, a lot (2 words), your/you’re.

    P.S. i actually had someone type the following sentence to me:” Your ignorant for believing anything Jodi says”
    (Irony at a base level)

    • Christina, it shouts ”uneducated”, doesn’t it! I have to laugh at the misspellings! And the stuff they come out with is nursery level! Its all the same stuff, retard, etc..

    • Welcome!!! However, I don’t mean to burst your happiness bubble, but we often have a “gremlin” that attacks spelling around here too. I simply choose to ignore it. I grew up in a family of poor spellers and I learned to accept what they were trying to say without making them feel like shit for not being able to accurately communicate it.


      • BeeCee, you missed the point I was trying to make ! I’m saying that none of the haters sound educated. Sure, we can all misspell from time to time and that’s fine, sometimes its just typing errors which I’m guilty of sometimes, but on that site its endemic! lol

        No offense meant at all! 😀

      • I am “highly educated” and yet have a real “screw the grammar and spelling” attitude t hat I live with online. At work, I use spell check even in the most personal emails to friendly work relationships. Its all ok!

        However I agree that even if you look past the spelling/grammar and subject matter, there is a outpouring SENSE of misinformed and yes HERD LIKE mentality.

        THe same thing that caused the Salem Witch Trials to begin with.

        • Agreed.

          I’m a writer by profession, so although the numerous grammar errors (“your a retard, etc.”) on the State page make me laugh at times, I’m certainly not immune to typos when posting casually on a forum. What’s significantly more disturbing about that page is their utter lack of common sense.

          • You’ve HIT IT there, Kira.

            When they gave out brains, they thought they said trains, and didn’t want one .


          • Kira, what tpe stuff do you write?
            I agree, the statements, “your ignorant”, ” your an idiot”, etc: Irony at a base-level.
            Typos are one thing, but one can tell if a person has graspe d the. Basics of English”.
            “Prey for. Me” is another blaring exa mple of stupidity.
            When I attempt to give charity English lessons, people tend to get offended. As I often say, EGO is the gre a test obstacle to higher learning”.

      • Well, I am a bit OCD about spelling and usage, manly because I am an English teacher. Proper English is a dying art. If I ever correct anyone, please understand that it is NOT to attack anyone’s ego; I consider it more of a charity-type of tutoring.
        Thanks for your welcome.

    • They are also very rude. Early on, I commented on that site that I don’t believe in the death penalty for anyone. Wow. I was attacked unmercifully for that simple opinion. (But, I agree that spelling is not an indication of intelligence. I know several highly intelligent, highly educated people who call me to ask how to spell a word.)

      • me too then the hate mail came to by face book i went back to were i said i did not believe in DP and deleted it. and I just go now to look sometimes but spend most of my time her going over the flores report and have found so many things wrong with it

      • Well, sometimes you [gen. you] can just go blank, it happens, 🙂

        In any case, I can’t help but assume they have very little to no intelligence–or they would see this case as it really is!! 😀

      • Maybe it will help you to remember that most western nations are against the DP. When some kind of vote came up in the U.N. in the last year, we stood with countries like Syria & North Korea in still allowing the DP. 🙁

      • Some very interesting observations here.

        My daughter, aged 20, has just been diagnosed with dyslexia. It’s quite severe and I feel very bad that I never picked it up earlier. I could never understand why she always refused to read books. Oh, how stupid I was.

        It was two fellow students at university who picked it up for her.

        Just two days ago, during a video Skype call with my daughter, I realised I am also what you might call a high-functioning dyslexic. I’m aged 54.

        That was a bit of an epiphany for me.

        • Note: the diagnosis was a 40 page report, which I could read in about 5 or 10 minutes.

          My daughter would need a much longer time to read and understand it, perhaps an hour, but if it is read aloud to her, she can understand it perfectly well in minutes.

  3. I doubt that the jury will believe that these emails are forgeries, though. That is just a far-fecthed, long string of suppositions and innuendo. First, they would have to believe that Jodi had access to Travis’ email account and would have the technical knowledge to forge an email. Second, that Jodi was the sort of deceitful, manipulative person who would do that kind of thing.

    There is no way that the prosecution can prove all of that. The emails must stand as prima facie evidence. And since they lie, Chris and Skye’s testimony can be thrown out wholesale.

    • I don’t believe the two of them would lie under oath, risking fines and jail.

      I honestly don’t understand whey they EVER went to the media about this case in the first place if they could be called as witnesses.

      There is NO way to forge emails. IP addresses can be tracked.

      The jury will be able to see those emails since ALV testified to them; logically speaking they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. JM tried to object, but it didn’t work.

      They’ll probably be called. ALL of those emails need to be included as evidence.

      I can see an appellate issue if all of those emails were not allowed in.

      • TS Oh I think they would lie.. rather than incur the wrath and face financial loss from PPL. What’s a Fine to them?

        The State is unscrupulous anyway so I don’t think they would be jailed.

    • But it’s already public knowledge that Jodi in fact DID have access to both TA’s email and Facebook and vice versa. So the whole issue of the emails can be explained in that fashion.

  4. C.H. looks like a good little mormon boy.I’m sure he doesn’t want to make his church look bad by talking bad about T.A.Sad to say,but I guess jodi is a victim of his now too. I also find that the defense is not allowed to submit alot of info. THIS IS NOT A FAIR TRIAL.

  5. People on the Pro Pros FB page are saying that Matt McCartney will not be called as a rebuttal witness for the prosecution. Trust me, they are all deflated right now! 🙂

    Will he be called by the defense? There have been so many people related to this trial that I am losing track!

    • Oh HAHAHAHA. I stalked their page. They are still clinging to the misconception that Matt “forged” the letters. The letters were not forgeries, they were electronic copies and the State refused them based on that..HAHAHA. Nurmi said they were TA’s based on their expert.

      they haven’t figured it out that Kermit HAS NOTHING. They keep saying they trust him and to expect a “Perry Mason” moment…

      Guess what loser haters?? IT HASN’T HAPPENED, AND IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!


      • Lol! REALLY! That are going on and on and on about how Dirty Sanchez is gonna “bring it” during rebuttal. Seriously, if he had anything he would have “brought it” already. The hero worship of JM is so comical over there!

        • Oh, I know! Kermit’s not going to “bring” anything other than more circular arguments and histrionics. Vladimir Gagic says it best when he describes the prosecution’s style as “throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what will stick.”

      • “They keep saying they trust him and to expect a “Perry Mason” moment…”

        Yes, I remember hearing that before. I still snork at that idea – presenting a case does not mean waiting until the 11th hour to put a spin on the evidence. That’s where Nurmi outclasses Martinez; Nurmi has the patience and takes the time to calmly explain Jodi’s side; Martinez just blasts anyone and everyone on the witness stand until they acquiesce to his version of reality.

        And to manipulative abusers, this is a brilliant strategy. As if!

  6. I had to leave for a second.I wonder since the domestic abuse expert brougt this e-mail to lightbthat if C.H. and his wife will be called back,and have no choice but to tell the truth.They already ruined thier reputation,guess it’s time to clean it up now.

    • I’ve an idea that will happen–that Chris and Sky Hughes will be subpoena’d to come back and so they should be. I loved it when Chris Hughes went red on the stand, he couldn’t keep still, anyone notice that? Body language shouting that he doesn’t want to be there. I think he asks for the question to be repeated so that he can think of something to answer, oh I hope KN makes mincemeat out of them. Such a vile pair.

  7. I watched the videos of Chris and Sky Hughes again. You can tell they are bold-faced lying!

    The thing that struck me the most about Sky Hughes? How she was “smiling” the whole time she was up there – like it was her “moment of fame.” She was the same way during the 48 hours interview.

    I don’t think I have seen either Chris or Sky shed a tear? Have any of you?

        • How the HELL can the judge say with a straight face that there has been no prosecutorial misconduct? WOW, if the jurors have just half a brain they should know there’s PLENTY!

          The Judge is either extremely thick or extremely biased!

          Its good to look back at the videos, it gives you a WHAT….? moment 🙂

          • The judge IMO Heather is extremely biased.
            Wasn’t it Chris Hughes in the gallery when the subject of the gun came up.
            SO the judge told him to leave and NOT watch the trial, talk about the trial with others
            AND he’s doing it anyway?
            This IS not a fair trial by any means and the prosecuter and judge and flores should ALL be fired. The more I see of it, the moreI believe this is a real cover up by a lot of people.
            Have them all testify, take the 5th OR just go ahead and perjure themselves.
            I’ve never seen so many snakes in Utah and Arizona.
            Don’t take it personal if you live there, I live in Texas and there are more here!

            • Aly, I’m a Brit from London, UK 🙂

              I think I’d be scared stiff to go to Arizona, I might just get the DP for smiling. Seriously though the whole case is obscene, its a farce. Yes, I’ve heard that Texas is bad too and Oklahoma. Oh yes, Utah.. Mormon country, I wouldn’t go there or to any of these places if you paid me. You’re right, they Should all be fired.

              I’d think at least something of Martinez if he would quit being a prosecutor on this case, but there’s no chance of that because fame and notoriety are more important than a woman’s life.

              • I know what you mean Heather.
                That’s funny about smiling!!: )

                A while back, they were going to ask for birth certificates going through
                The sheriff and governor are something else.
                But read about my governor. He is worse.

                I don’t know why he’s still there. I can’t vote in the governors election.
                Never have understood why.
                You have to live in certain counties to vote for governor, EVEN though I live in Texas.

                Was born and raised here, but somethings will never make sense.
                I know I would be told to move somewhere else then. : )
                But, this is also my home.

    • OH! I can not even watch that video again! It has been a LONG time since I have felt that much rage , especially toward another woman.
      I also feel like she will do or say whatever CH tells her to.
      My hubby KNOWS not to try and boss me around, I will do the opposite every time JUST to prove my point, LOL!

    • I agree with you on that. The talking heads want to use those phony body language people on all of Jodi’s statements constantly but I have yet to see them use it on these that come forward with more LIES about JODI an how they had a funny feeling about her the first time they met her?? an just plain lies we can use the same on these people an see LIES an on the stand even? if all those are TRUE the body language for even Jane C showed LYING. The BLINKING of the EYES the TIGHT LIPS the hand gestures etc. these are all the things they brought up for Jodi an yet I see it in the accusers body language as well. Really is irritating me.

  8. geebee2,

    Figured I’d respond to your post from yesterdays page here, since this seems the current spot.

    You said
    “Hey guys! You need to stop hating on the prosecutor. Martinez is not the bad guy. It’s Flores. I will explain this in more detail later, but have a think about it.”

    Figured I’d get my two cents worth in while we await you explanation. Even though there is constant griping between the DA and the police about who did what to whom, the fact of the matter is that at some stage the case transfers over from the police to the DA. From the moment they decided to go the grand jury route to issue the arrest warrant, it became JM’s case. It is then his responsibility to corral all the evidence, do the necessary disclosure with all due haste, control the testimony of his witnesses including bringing to the court’s notice any perjury on their part, disclose any and all exculpatory evidence, vet the evidence to determine charges to be brought, and present the case in a true and faithful manner. In this case the police becomes an investigative arm for the DA.

    So at this stage in the game and and all responsibility for the presentation of this case rests with JM. Flores has nothing to do with it. He is purely a witness. His responsibility ended when he produced the suspect and enough evidence to warrant an indictment by the Grand Jury. To that end, whatever leads he may have passed up and whatever sloppiness he may have shown, Flores did get the person who has now acknowledged killing TA. The onus of any and all shenanigans thereafter rests squarely with JM. So whatever led up to the change in story about the sequence of the shot was within JM’s control. If EF changed his story, which he did, JM should never have asked the question. As Nurmi pointed out, within a short period EF’s story changed from “I must have misunderstood what the Dr said”, to “I just made that up based on what I felt”. Obviously one of those answers is untrue, and it is the responsibility of the DA to bring that to the attention of the court. In fact he should never elicit any testimony that he knows has a flaw.

    The fact that evidence was not turned over to the defense is again the DAs fault, especially once a disclosure request has been made. It is then up to the DA to make absolutely sure that all evidence is collected and turned over. That is not EF’s responsibility.

    Similarly, if there are explanations that may point to the suspects innocence it is the responsibility of the DA to firstly point that out to the PD and have them investigate the possibilities. Secondly it is the DAs responsibility to point that out to the defense.

    Lastly, if there is any impropriety on the art of the police it is the DAs responsibility, as an officer of the court, to bring that to the attention of the court. DAs do that all over the country all the time, including prosecuting police officers as and when needed.

    So, I don’t agree with you. At this moment this is all JM’s game. And he has been the epitome of prosecutorial misconduct.

    • Well, you may be right. But I think it’s Flores that has been driving this under the influence of Alexander’s family.

      Note Martinez defending himself re the interference with defence witnesses on day 10, he pointedly asks if there was contact with himself, and the answer is no. Maybe I need to go back and review it, my memory sometimes plays tricks on me, but that was my impression. I haven’t made a transcript of that, if anyone has one that would be great.

      • Actually, Kermit was again twisting the truth. He may not have had contact with Chris….SKY had contact with him…That’s one reason they didn’t want sky up there.

        Kermit is still a jackass….

        • geebee2,

          BeeCee said it.

          The DA’s office was going through Sky. So JM was able to say that there was very little contact between him and CH. However, as SKY testified bunches of contact with her.

        • Heather, if there is an appeal, it will go to appellate judges. They would not review issues of fact, but rather issues related to whether the trial was conducted in a lawful way. If they determined that it was not, they could negate the factual findings of the trial court and order a new trial.

          • Oh, another trial? Not as long as this one has already taken, I hope, just for the misconduct.. well, I thought I heard part of Tuesday’s hearing was going to deal with this. I could be mistaken but I thought I heard something about Tuesday.

            • Heather, I do think there will be a further hearing, or perhaps a ruling on the prosecutorial misconduct motion on Tuesday. I remember that also. I do want to point out that any such hearing or ruling is entirely separate from any type of appellate action that may occur. This is a little confusing I know because the defense has already filed an appellate action on a similar issue, which the appellate court basically deferred on. That’s known as an interlocutory appeal. However, if something occurs on Tuesday on the defense team’s further evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, it’s going to be occurring within the trial court and will be for the trial judge to rule on.

              I think what’s being discussed above is a plenary appeal, which is an appeal that occurs AFTER the case has been decided by the jury and after the lower court (the trial court) is essentially finished with the case — after conviction by the jury AND after sentencing, and any motions for reconsideration within the trial court.

              The direct plenary appeal in Arizona is automatic. Every defendant sentenced to death is automatically entitled to an appeal at the state’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Arizona. This appeal, as joujoubaby pointed out, concerns issues from the trial that the appellant (in this case, Jodi) considers were errors. The appellant files a brief (which is anything but “brief”) outlining the issues they want the appellate court to review, provides pertinent case law setting forth and interpreting the opinions of other courts (usually the US Supreme Court or AZ Supreme Court) which applied to handling of similar issues previously appealed in other cases. Then, the prosecutor (the appellee) files a brief answering the issues in the appellant’s brief. Usually, then, the appellant has the option to file a reply brief to counter any issues in the appellee’s answer brief. (I’m not certain of the right to reply brief in AZ however, but it’s typically allowed in all states.)

              A panel of judges of the AZ Supreme Court then sets a date for oral arguments, if requested. Each side has an opportunity to argue its points before the judges (no jury) for a very short period of time (which can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour, and is at the discretion of the judiciary panel), and the judges have the opportunity to ask questions of the parties.

              The judges then hold a conference to review the issues. They can then affirm the conviction and sentence as determined by the jury. Or, they can reverse the conviction and/or the penalty of the death sentence. They can remand the case back to the trial court for another trial. They can give specific instructions to the trial court so that the same errors do not occur again.

              Either party (prosecutor or defense) can, after the appellate court issues its opinion, petition for a write of certiorari with the US Supreme Court to appeal higher. This is allowed generally speaking if there are constitutional issues where for example, Jodi feels that her constitutional rights for a fair trial were denied because of errors that occurred in the lower court. If the US Supreme Court denies the petition, that exhausts any state remedies available to a defendant.

              However, while I’m trying to not make this too complicated, there are also state post-conviction appeals which are first filed with the trial judge (Judge Stephens), and can be appealed to the appellate court for that district, and then to the AZ Supreme Court. These are issues on appeal outside of the record (the record is anything filed with the trial court or anything entered in evidence during the trial). An example would be ineffective assistance of counsel or juror misconduct. Actually, new evidence could also be appealed, along with violations where the state withheld evidence that could have helped the defendant (Brady violations).

              However, at this point, there are federal remedies available to a person sentenced to death. Habeus Corpus is a federal issue wherein someone can ask a federal court to review their case and determine if they were imprisoned without legally sufficient reason. Again, this involves briefs, and the US District Court can order a new hearing, overturn the conviction or the sentence. If the District Court finds against the defendant, he/she can then appeal to the US Court of Appeals, if they accept. Again, denial there can be appealed to the US Supreme Court, if they accept.

              Finally, if all of the above don’t work for the defendant, an appeal can be made to the Governor for executive clemancy. The Governor can delay the execution while his/her panel reviews everything, and then, can order the death penalty to go ahead, or commute the sentence to a lesser one, for example, life without parole.

              This is why it takes 12-15 years for the average defendant convicted and sentenced to the death penalty to actually be put to death. This process is long.

              Just as an example in my own experience, the trial court ordered dissolution of my marriage on June 18, 2012, and I appealed (not the divorce, but the judgment). My last brief was submitted a few days before Christmas. The brief of the amicus curiae (my new state) was submitted in early January. My case has still not even been assigned to a panel of judges and we’re almost into April. When that assignment is made, it will still be another 6 months at least, before the appellate court confers, and it could be even longer, perhaps another 6 months thereafter, before they issue a written opinion, assuming they are going to do so (as they could simply affirm the lower court’s decisions). And that’s just step one of the process I described above. If they order a new trial, this process could drag out for a long long time. And that’s just a divorce case, with no children. Aaargh!

              • Oh boy, AA, yes, the wheels of justice turn very slowly, I know, they do here, too. Having had to take my own case for harrassment from 5 neighbours, I do have some court knowledge, albeit its a bit different here. There was no justice in my case (I was put through a 4 day trial with a Judge who, in the first 5 minutes of my case, had me on the stand and asked me, ”Well, Are you a prostitute?” I answered tersely, of course not, and didn’t address him. In the harrassment of any woman this is her what her harrassers usually accuse her of, its shocking. You should see the Judgement, AA.. changed to suit at every turn, even things I didn’t say. The Judge threw my case out after 4 days. I proved lies in the court and he just took no notice. This is an example of what the Judge was like:

                He asked my witness, ”And where was (Heather) when the defendants said this to you about her? ” or words, similar. My witness said ”She was in bed with ‘flu, Your Honour”, and the Judge replied, ”Oh yes.., what was she wearing, a nightie or pyjamas?”
                I felt my temperature rise and could have cheerfully murdered him! He told me I was articulate, intelligent and.. attractive.. as opposed to the defendants who are all of working class. I was STUNNED!

                None of us were represented so the Judge (who had gleefully told us that in the whole of his career he had never taken a case with 6 litigants in person), just played with us, saying just what he liked.

                I later complained to the Judiciary about the Judge and was told that the Judge had seen my letter and that he couldn’t remember the case. I think one would call that Selective Amnesia.

                Are you a Brit, AA? You spoke of the UK on the site yesterday and I wondered!

                All this money spent by going through the processes, its terrible, I hope Jodi doesn’t have to go down that route, I pray she doesn’t, it seems never ending, the poor girl has been through enough. And all through the time it takes to go through these proceedures, she is still in jail, aaarrgh the US INJustice system is not only disgracefu, its barbaric. I thought ours was bad..

                Thanks for explaining all this to me, AA, it IS very complex, and really unfair. . not to mention such a waste of money, when, with common sense it could all be over after this. Its all this trial takes, plain common sense.

                Hope you’re having a lovely Easter!

    • Perhaps I could explain further…

      There are two possibilities: Martinez is driving this and getting Flores to do the dirty work, or Flores is driving this on his own because he realises his case is falling apart and he wants to stitch it back together somehow.

      My reasoning is not evidence based, it’s “meta”.

      (i) If it’s just Flores, it doesn’t involve a conspiracy of two people.
      (ii) Flores is likely to be dimmer than Martinez.
      (iii) Flores is most attached to the case – he is the one who cocked it up from the beginning.
      (iv) In the UK, Barristers are simply professionals who argue in court, they simply present the case, they don’t formulate it – that’s the job of the police. “Solving the crime”.
      If the case is a pile of poo, they still argue it as best they can ( often true if they are acting for the defence!)
      (v) If it was Martinez driving it, why does Flores comply?

      Now it may be that things work differently in the States, but to me this seems a priori more likely.
      Anyway, it’s a hypothesis to be investigated!

      • Trust me, Flores is brighter than Martinez.
        Here in the U.S. a prosecutor’s responsibility is more than just being a mouthpiece. He has a duty to seek justice, unlike the defense lawyers who are ethically bound to scrupulously and enthusiastically represent the client. Read Al’s post, supra. He’s about the best shade tree lawyer in business!

      • But geebee, it’s NOT Flores’s case anymore. It’s now the State of Arizona’s case. It was Flores’s case only as long as he investigated the evidence and brought forth sufficient cause for the State of Arizona to put the case before the Grand Jury. Once a prosecutor for the State of Arizona agreed with Flores’s hypothesis that there was sufficient evidence to bring the case before the Grand Jury, Flores became a secondary player whose role was diminished to someone who merely works for the prosecutor in investigating any new evidence.

        While I don’t know specifically about the state of AZ, in many states, Flores’s role would have been diminished at that point to nothing other than a witness in regards to his investigation. In Illinois, for example, the prosecutor’s office has its own investigators who proceed from that point forward. However, it seems in AZ, Flores has remained in an investigative role.

  9. For the record, here is my transcript of the testimony ( still one or two exchanges near the end missing ):

    I have bolded the key statements.

    But re misconduct : it;s Flores NOT Martinez. If you go back and review everything in the light of this, the real picture emerges!

    I’m now firmly of the belief that Martinez has done NOTHING wrong. It’s his job to present the state’s case that Flores gives him. Flores has given him a real piece of shit, containing Flores own lying under oath and interfering with the defence’s witnesses.

      • I respectfully disagree about JM. A prosecutor who has the audacity to throw EVIDENCE (the camera) on the floor is NOT doing his job.

        • I agree! Not to mention flinging wild, untrue accusations at the experts on the stand! Isn’t that considered very unethical?? Should the defense have objected more? I wonder if there is anything that Dr. Samuels or the defense can do at this point or did the defense miss their opportunity.

          • Rhonda!
            I recall watching those and KNEW when they were lying and anyone that watched the trials knew it.
            I can’t take her, so about over 2 years ago, I just stopped watching.
            NOW, they have the trial run into their time, so that their ratings go up.

            I saw one of those body language “EXPERTS”
            I wrote anyone could do that and got blocked. LOL

            They have a new one that looks like she has a plastic head or a talking manikin

    • Geebee2,

      I am going to disagree with you. Martinez and Flores are both to blame. Martinez has blocked key evidence for the defense. You think JM hasn’t seen all the evidence? Of course he has.

      JM knew darn well that the evidence he was keeping for SEVERAL years could help Jodi. He was doing everything he could to keep it out.

      Didn’t you see how much he was objecting when those emails from Sky and Chris Hughes came out? That, right there, destroyed his case and he knows it.

      BTW, this seems to be the “standard” for the prosecutor’s office in Maricopa County.

      A friend of mine’s husband was accused (and ultimately convicted) of a horrible crime. They had so many problems getting evidence. The prosecution said they didn’t have a key piece of evidence when they did. Then, when the defense went to get that info (it was cell tower records), the cell phone company’s records were expired and couldn’t be pulled. They never got to test the DNA because the State consumed all of it in tests. So the defense had to go on the State’s testing results.

      There are many more examples – too many to list. But, I hope you get the picture.

      • I would say it has destroyed Flores’ case, not Martinez’s.

        But I don’t know the ethical position here – what is the prosecutor supposed to do when the lead detective is behaving improperly? It surely places him in a difficult position.

        I would say he still has to carry on with the state’s case as best he can, however stinky it is.

        As far as I can see that’s what he is doing.

        • good morning to all happy easter we pray for JODI to get a fair trial … i was up till 5am sleep woke up at 8am JC you did a wonderful job with todays knowledge. I left lots of discover’s yesterday … watched video’s heard things jodi said like the hughes brother interduced jodi to ryan burns. the day she moved back home travis was seeing mimi hall. and more but im still drown back to the intruder story my gut tells me my tarot card tell me that this could be true with the email now out in the open about the hughes. in the flores report the are on page one along with dusting ashley and clancy talbot. all friends with chris and sky remember deanna called ashley told her travis is dead. how is the guy that put on the news about travis did not own a gun. and video of them using assult riffles on the tv so maybe to intimadate jodi she stuck to her story for 2 yrs ashley did 2yrs … maybe she cant take it back now about the intruders but i can see one of the roommates calling the hughes where were they the nite of the murder they show up and she travis and jodi together bam shot to head i dont think all that i’ve heard jodi for this trial that she could cut his throat stab him in the back just trying to understand why the hughes and every one wanted her to take the fall for his death and then they want to kill her too. more later have to think and to a post above about misspelling my spell checker does not work or just cant figure it out. and my typing is not that great either

        • It’s not Flores’s case anymore. He is not an officer of the court to my knowledge. He has a responsibility not to lie on the stand, but Martinez has a responsibility not to suborn perjury.

          • You are so right, joujoubaby! Thank you. Police officers are NOT officers of the court. Attorneys, however, ARE.

          • “Martinez has a responsibility not to suborn perjury”

            I don’t think he did. I think he has been pretty careful.

            I guess the thing to do is to review the testimony under each hypothesis.

            • Any time an officer of the court asks a question wherein he knows the answer is not the truth, he is suborning perjury. So somewhere between the evidentiary hearing and the ME and EF’s later explanations of the shot sequence JM suborned perjury.

              I have a friend who is a criminal attorney, who told me of a case he had when he was a PD, where his client had a story, and insisted on telling it to the jury. My friend knew it was not the truth. He couldn’t get out of the case as a PD. He also couldn’t convince the client to stay off the stand. So he finally asked for and got an ex-parte meeting with the judge, who was an old time Maryland District Court judge. The judge gave him the way out. He told him to put his client on the stand and ask just one question.

              The question was – “I believe you have an explanation, please give it to the jury”

              The jury sentenced him to life without parole!

                • BeeCee,

                  geebee2 is seeing this through the prism of English law and practice and they do it a little different there. Their prosecutor actually works for the police and essentially does what the cops want him to. The cops are his “client”. Of course we know that isn’t how it works here, and I’ve tried to explain it to geebee and he just doesn’t believe me. His answer was well that’s fine in theory, but in practice. So he’s convinced that Flores actually runs the show.

                  And we know that is not the case. That is why you and others find geebee’s stance on this puzzling.

                  So what can I do. Tried to explain it. You know what they say, you can take a horse to water…………….

    • The case is Martinez’s baby, and the blame falls squarely on his shoulders far more than Flores.

      After all, Martinez pushed for this case to be a death penalty case when at most it should be manslaughter. He has tried his damnedest to make sure evidence helping Jodi be kept out.

      • That’s as plain as day, TS, I seriously don’t know how the haters don’t see this, well, they don’t WANT to see it, I mean, how could anyone NOT?

        And that includes the Judge.

        Its all a nasty charade, the whole thing–all for Matinez to have a few hours of fame. He and Flores have one goal only, that is to put an innocent woman to death, The Judge is just one of Martinez’ players.

    • It is the prosecutor’s job to present a case without perjury and with foundation to any question he asks. That is how the legal system works! Investigative officers have a duty, yes. But, the ultimate responsibility is on the prosecutor. The prosecutor decides who to prosecute, how to prosecute, what charges to bring, whether to ask for the death penalty, what evidence to present, etc. I wrote a law review article on the abuse of discretion by prosecutor’s in general, particularly in death penalty cases. JM is not required to do anything Flores tells him or rely on any information provided by Flores. It is JM at the helm and he is the guy responsible for all the misconduct!

    • geebee2,

      With all due respect you’re just wrong. Pardon my American while I go all pedagogic on your ass and deliver a little civics lesson.

      In the United States Government at various levels is broken into independent and co-equal parts. I am sure you’ve heard of the three arms to the federal government the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. Being a federal system only certain responsibilities as explicitly laid down in a written constitution befall the Federal Government. All other responsibilities devolve to the states, each of which has its own constitution and independent forms of governance. The states themselves are a federation of various counties (or in the case of Louisiana, parishes) and the counties themselves are composed of various municipal entities such as towns, townships, cities etc, excepting that counties are the one division in which there are areas that come under the direct jurisdiction of the county (the other exception being certain US territories that come under the direct jurisdiction of some part of the Federal Government).

      Each jurisdiction has its own various independent and co-equal branches of government. In all cases these branches are led by officials who are directly elected to their posts. So atypical state may consist of the state legislature (all elected), the state Governor (elected) and the State’s judiciary (elected). In some states the State’s attorney general is also elected. In others he may be subservient to the Governor. next come the counties wherein the County executive is elected, as is the county council, the county attorney, the county sheriff and the county judges. Also at the county level you may have other independent and co-equal branches of government such as the school board, the utilities board, etc. In counties the County police, which is the enforcement and investigative arm of the criminal justice system is actually subservient to the County executive. The County attorney is the county executives peer, independently elected by the people of the county. This same process continues down to the municipal level where the town/city police works for the Mayor or town council and the DA is a separately elected co-equal post.

      It is the polices job to investigate crimes and enforce the law. It is the DA or county attorney’s job to litigate all cases (civil and criminal) on behalf of the people of the jurisdiction. The DA’s clients are the people, not the police department. Unlike certain other countries, the DA does not receive instruction from the police. By the act of electing the DA, the people have seconded unto him the right to make decisions in a manner consistent with receiving instruction from them, the people. Similarly the people have seconded unto the executive the responsibility of enforcing all laws, maintaining order and investigating crime. Upon the discovery of a crime, and upon concluding the requisite investigation the police merely presents the facts to the people and it is their decision as to how to proceed. In fact in this one instance, regardless of what local jurisdictions may decide the 5th Amendment cast an even greater encumbrance on the states. The 5th amendment specifically states that

      “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury”

      The other infamous crime part means that even a simple theft, technically requires a jury of the suspects peers to first indict him. In certain cases the defendant may waive his rights to a grand jury or opt for a preliminary hearing, but in no case whatsoever can a defendant be brought to trial without indictment by a jury of his peers. Never, ever except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger. Hence in times of peace even the military forces have to go through the indictment process (the Article 32 hearing per the UCMJ). This is not an option, this is inviolate law.

      Once the grand jury indictment is presented, the DA (or equivalent in that jurisdiction) pursues the litigation on behalf of the people. The police is done. They have done their job and have absolutely no statutory responsibility or governance over the proceedings in the trial. The DA’s clients are the people and his only responsibility is to the people.

      Now you may think this is all well and good in theory, but not in practice. Ask any police department and they will tell you that this is pretty much true in practice. While the DA and the PD may have a close working relationship most police departments uniformly complain about the DAs handling of a case and the fact that DAs tend to “lord it” over them.

      That is why this is NOT Flores’ case. This is JM’s case, and only JM’s case.

      • Al

        I will simply say – that’s the theory, what should happen.

        But given we have clear evidence of misconduct, I reckon the explanation with Flores acting on his own is more plausible. You can chuck the rule book out the window!

        The real question is this : when the prosecutor (hypothetically) is faced with misconduct by his lead detective, what is he supposed to do?

        I presume the legal status of the lead detective is simply a witness, like any other. So the prosecutor presumably just has to soldier on, the same as when any of his other witnesses fall apart.

        • “I reckon the explanation with Flores acting on his own is more plausible.”

          I think you are WAY off on this. In fact, I’m a little shocked you actually think this based on the trial videos…

          Flores is not acting on his own. Kermit is clearly splicing and dicing the evidence to fit KERMIT’S narrative, NOT Droopyface’s narrative.

          but hey, that’s me.

          • Well, ok. What specific incident(s) would you cite as evidence one way or the other?

            So I can review them.

            I originally had this view, but something was nagging me. Note my comment in red on this page:


            Also, where is the prosecution opening argument! This is also nagging me.

            It’s Occams Razor in action for me. I’m adopting the simpler hypothesis until proved wrong ( and for the four reasons I give up-thread ). We could be blaming the messenger here.

              • geebee2 – Clearly you’ve got some kind of gut feeling about this. I agree with everyone else here that JM has taken the lead on the state’s side, not Flores. But I think if there is something that is erking you about Flores behavior, then you should keep researching it until either you find something of significance, or you come to agree with everyone else. Lots of valuable information gets turned up that way.

            • geebee2,

              I went and read you wiki entry after I had posted below. Looks like my conclusion is the same as your option 1.

              I have felt all along that the defense should put up some sort of a rebuttal witness to Horn’s claims about the impact of a 25 ACP bullet. In fact it was that piece of testimony that converted me from a lurker on this site to an active participant.

              The fact is that I’m a bird of a strange feather – a hippie gun enthusiast. And I know, for a fact, that the 25 ACP (or mouse gun) is a phenomenally ineffective weapon whose bark is definitely worse than its bite (and if I had a few more metaphors or cliches I’d throw those in as well). A shot of that kind may not be incapacitating at all.

              Furthermore the shot would have passed through the very front of the right frontal lobe. I think the defense would have been well served to present to the jury the functions performed by this part of the brain, because they are not involved in motor responses, except for habit based responses. They are in fact more involved in the emotional and creative aspects of our being and a sharp jolt there may not incapacitate beyond some emotional responses, etc.

              This is why I believe the defense should have put up a medical rebuttal to Horn, who in my opinion tried to do a snow job on the jury with his talk of expanding gasses and the like.

              I think the bottom line here is that once faced with the self defense argument and his onus of having to disprove it, JM decided to go for contesting Jodi’s statement of the chain of events. He would throw up the ME’s testimony to contradict her and then further amplify his claims with proof of her lying, which is why he s making such a big deal of the 3 gas cans and the return.

              • ITA Al, I think the ME can be impeached by the autopsy report. It says the dura mater was intact! If the bullet went through the brain, the dura mater would not be intact as the bullet would have had to go through the dura mater twice, once on it’s way into the brain, and another on it’s way out. Seeing as most attorneys are not familiar with anatomy, it would be easy to slip this by and they should have had an expert to dispute the ME. Also where would the expanding gases come from? The ignition of the gunpowder is the only place expanding gases could come from, but as the autopsy report shows, no gunpowder entered the brain, by the simple fact that there was no stippling around the entrance wound and no foreign bodies were found inside the brain. Gunpowder does not decompose and would be considered a foreign body as it is something that would not be normally found in a person’s brain. So when I heard the ME testified, it lead me to look closer at this case and see what other inconsistancies there were in the prosecution’s case.

                • Great post TB!!! I didn’t know that is what led you here.

                  You should send the info to the defense, although I don’t think they have spent any money on an expert to refute that since it was changed at the last minute.

              • Agreed on the gun analysis.

                Option 1 was my initial assumption, that Flores acted under the direction of Martinez.

                I need to put in an option 3, where Flores is acting alone as a loose canon.

                For about 5 or 6 reasons I think this is more likely. I will set it all out in due course.

                Do you have an opinion on whether the recovered bullet was hollow-point?

                As in yes/no/ inconclusive/I don’t know ?

                • IDK, I did find pictures of a .22 hollow point that was fired into water, googled hollow point, but I can’t find a good enough picture of the bullet taken out of TA to compare. I think if it was a hollow point taken out of TA, JM would have been all over it and it would have come up in testimony. So not sure what to think on this point and it could been a very important point.

                • I also heard that the grandparents gun had hollow bullets. This is a huge point. Does anyone know if the bullet?

        • geebee2

          That’s actually not just the theory. Its actually fact. Numerous responsible DAs have prosecuted police officers for perjury. Happens just about everyday in various courthouses around the country. Remember Gil Garcetti, prosecuted Mark Fuhrman for perjury while the OJ case was still ongoing.

          That is not to say cops don’t lie. They do it all day long, and in some cases the DA is complicit in this perjury, in fact often suborning the perjury. Be that as it may, it’s still the DA’s responsibility. Official responsibility extends not just to what an official knows but also to what the official should have known.

          Let’s take this case. In an evidentiary hearing Flores testified that based on his communications with the ME the shot came first. OK. lets make that the datum. Let’s assume that JM had absolutely no knowledge of whether or not this conversation had taken place and that Flores’ testimony was spun from whole cloth. At some stage, say 5 days before the trial the DA became aware of the fact that the ME had a different belief of when the shot was fired. The DA, at that stage has a responsibility to inform the court and the defense, that evidence that was presented during the evidentiary hearing was untrue. Furthermore the DA has the responsibility to investigate what led up to the error, if it was just an error. Instead JM went ahead with the presentation and allowed Flores’ to testify that he misunderstood what the ME told him. When confronted by the fact that the ME never spoke to him Flores changed his testimony to the story that his prior testimony was just his own judgement. Now obviously both can’t be true. So even though Flores is obviously being less than candid on the stand we have nary a peep from JM.

          Other than this one issue the only error I can see on Flores’ part has been sloppiness. But I believe that the sloppiness was not sloppiness per se. This was a peculiar whodunit. within a few minutes of coming onto the site the detective knows two things. The crime was committed many days ago, so some immediate chase doesn’t apply and secondly this was a “berserk” killing. Those berserk killings are normally committed either by a violent psychopath (ala Ted Bundy) a drug deranged person, or someone close to the victim. In either case due to the time that has passed he has no need to hurry. This is going to be a plodding investigation. He’s not going to find some guy with bloody clothes, etc, especially not in large a metropolitan area such as Phoenix. Within a short period of time he also knows that he has a palm print and possibly DNA. So he does the right thing. He interviews all of the victim’s acquaintances and gets prints and DNA from everyone. Then he waits, and lo and behold he gets his hits. He needs absolutely nothing else.

          Here’s what I think really happened. JM decided he wanted the death penalty. They went in to the evidentiary hearing and I believe Flores told the truth. I believe the ME or one of the crime scene analysts told him that the shot came first. It is the only explanation for the aspiration blood spatter. Once the defense proffered their self defense case JM found himself faced with the task of having to prove that the event did not occur the way Jodi told it. I’m not sure of the contents of the self defense but I’m sure the defense had to present something with respect to the chain of events they were going to claim. That meant that the only thing Jodi would testify to was the shot having come first. This presents JM with a dilemma. She claims the shot comes first and she remembers nothing else. He also knows by this stage about Samuels’ testimony. He decides he’s going to present a case where the shot doesn’t come first. But he has to contend with Flores’ prior testimony. So he get’s the ME and Flores’ to mold their testimony to his case. This is what Dershowitz calls testilying.

          Its JM all the way.

          • Al-

            Correct again! Are you certain that the defense will not put a Medial Expert on to refute the ME’s testimony that the shot came last and would have incapacitated TA? I think JM did in fact change the theory to fit his goal, and the ME and Flores went along for the ride. I think disputing this theory will be critical.

          • Okay, Al (or anyone else) so we’ve heard that JM is not a guy who accepts deals. He is a guy who goes for the jugular in ALL the cases he prosecutes. So, when he discovered that error (by Flores), what motivated him to just go ahead and change his theory? Was it that he knew this was a high profile case and he’d be on TV for the whole world to talk about him, and he has desires to run for an elected office, and this exposure would ONLY help him? Or, is there some other reason? I guess I’m asking for HIS motive. Because to me, there has to be one.

            • he is showboating and as long as he has jodi saying she had the knife in her hand and then the slash to travises throat he will not back down

            • I think you give him too much credit. He is like any used car/Amway/PPL salesman/huckster/Elmer Gantry type. There is a part of him that buys his own BS.

    • JM is just too emotionally attached to the case, whatever the reason. He is not rationally pursuing justice, IMO.

  10. SJ
    Once again your commentary hits the nail on the head! IMHO the Hughes’ can be summed up in one word, EVIL. They would love to see an innocent young woman put to death, so they can save thier image and thier money. I just watched the miniseries “The Bible” on the history channel, and this trial has all of the elements of the trial of Jesus. Blood thirsty people, desperately keeping the status quo, by putting to death, the innocent.

    Thanks for shining the light on this evil SJ.
    Happy Easter Everyone


      Larry sexually seduced scores of young active Mormon girls in and around the Seattle area over the next two and 1/2 years. For over 18 months during this time, he had a 17 year old live-in girlfriend, that he treated like CRAP, called her “THE BITCH”. Yet, the young girl made gorgeous meals for him every night, washed his clothes, gave him sex every night, and put up with his abuse for 18 months. He finally moved leaving her behind Yes, Dear Reader, just about ALL these women whom Larry had seduced, thrown away, he used, he called “LIARS”, he referred to as “toilet paper”….they still LOVE HIM DEARLY. Each one thought “they” were “special” and the other girls were just “flings”. All “forgave” Larry of his “mistakes” and tried to contact him again.


    the Taliban page is posting it has been confirmed that Matt will not be called at rebuttal. They are stating this is confirmed and that they are unable to explain why. How would they get this information?

    • Because the prosecutor is in touch with the family, and the family is in touch with the administrators. All a part of their donation scheme. Seriously, how much money is needed for “travel expenses”? People of the Mormon church are feeding and clothing them while in Arizona. They just have regular bills like everyone else… Such a scam. Chrisis in on it too. He stops by to encourage donations.
      People keep saying, ‘the Alexander family did not ask for one dime’. Maybe not, BUT THEY SURE AS HECK ARE NOT TURNING IT DOWN!
      Plus, it was Chris who suggested the donation. “For Travel”. . A dozen ’round-the-world cruises? Profiting off their brother’s death. Vultures.

      • good post christina dig the nail deep into the palms and feet lets remember the evidence of jodis palm print ?????????

      • Just a reminder that Jodi’s family needs help with their travel expenses also. There are a lot less of us to donate to Jodi’s family than there are Travis supporters to support them. I remember hearing that Jodi’s mom took leave or quit her job for the trial, and Jodi’s father is ill. Please donate through the link on this page if you can.

      • To get a good feel of the one sister her FB page ( Tanisha) is not private or at least it was not……….after going back on hers for a few years I found out a lot of things that made me not feel so sorry for her. She is not the nicest person an says some ugly things from time to time. You can get a pretty good feel for someone just by digging into the past on those profiles. Seems they do not delete much. An I mean read all comments an such it is time consuming but it really lets you into how they pretty much are as a person which is superficial an very conceded An U TUBE videos they have out also shows some family time.

    • I think this is just more sensationalism, something the haters can enjoy and salivate about, I don’t think its can they know, and since when has anything they’ve said been true anyway!

    • The prosecution has filed their list of rebuttal witnesses including another supplemental a few days ago. These records can be viewed at the court house and copies can be purchased. So I’m sure someone there has seen the list and Matt is probably not on it.

      • I’m positive he isn’t, Al (!) Right along with Chris Hughes’ emails.

        I don’t know how that excuse for a man can sleep at night. He knows Jodi isn’t guilty, this is ALL for HIM, his rotten ego.

      • I don’t understand why Matt Macartney would be on a rebuttal list anyway. Martinez again has made insinuations without justifications. He brought out those magazines with the numbers but never asked Jodi if that was in fact her handwriting, or where they were headed since it was not likely they made it out of the jail. It was my understanding that Matt Macartney was on the defense list before the defense started their case.

  12. There is another way to look at Chris and Skye Hughes. Maybe they were being dominated by Travis, too, and were just warning Jodi away. Maybe Chris’ email was to try to saveJodi. Maybe when Chris was telling Travis that Jodi was no longer welcome in his house, he was trying to save Jodi; Jodi was listening on the other side of the door, and maybe Chris knew that and was really trying to warn Jodi. Maybe when Jodi went over to ask Skye why she was no longer welcome in her home, and Skye screamed at her for 15 minutes, maybe that was Skye telling her to stay away.

    But Travis’ is so scary, even from beyond the grave, that even now they just can’t come out and say what they meant: they wanted Jodi to go away, for her own good. I know this is just ex-post facto hypothesizing, but you can kind of see it; if Jodi had been able to read between the lines and pick up on the subtle signals, she would not have had to fight off Travis’ end game, and she would not be in jail and on trial.

    So, yes, Chris and Skye Hughes are lying bastards. But clearly they are so completely sick from a lifetime of Mormon Patriarchal Terrorism that they are living in some kind of weird alternate reality and this is the best they can do.

    • thirthy seven or maybe it was said because deanna wanted travis and what better way to end the relationship

      • except that doesn’t make sense. If deanna wanted Travis, then Travis was not a piece of shit. Unless it was deanna who was under his spell and could not leave him alone, and deanna was stalking him, and travis really WAS a piece of shit, which is why deanna wanted him for herself which is why Chris and Skye told him he had problems with women and should leave jodi alone.

        iI think I see your reasoning. Put that way, it makes sense. Actually, its pretty clear.

        Thanks! Go team jodi!

        • Ya who is to say that SKYE HUGHES was not a little thing on the side for Travis an she did not want JODI in there disrupting her extra little sneaky times with Travis. I do not trust any of them that act so snarly an smile so deceivingly when on the stand.

          Jodi on the other hand her life is on the line these people do not care an would LIE to GOD before ever showing the actual sexual selves out in public.

    • When he went on 48 Hours and trashed Jodi, that was a huge mistake on his and Sky’s part. It was quite obvious he and Sky knew what Travis was doing under their roof, and they must have talked to him about it.

      The idea that she was listening to them talk and had an “evil look in her eyes” and that was the reason she wasn’t allowed in their house was just a bunch of bullshit.

      • I think I’d have an “evil” look in my eyes if I just walked in on three people who were supposed to be my friends/boyfriend trashing me behind my back.

        • haha ME TOO KIRA ! I probably would confront them all right then an there though.

          I remember doing this before once listening against a wall to a man I was with for years he was a lot like Travis. An when he an his friend were done finally talking trash about me I did confront him an of course he said I did not hear anything correctly an that I should not be listening in the first place.

          But then I knew he was a 2 faced person it took me 5 years to get away from him an his games of pulling me in an pushing me away crap. Big Mind F@@@ is what he was all about. This is why I feel for Jodi so much there are horrible men an women out there but I truly do not believe that Jodi is anything like that or a lot of men would be stepping up telling about her abuse to them. On the other hand no one will do that to Travis as it will TARNISH their relationship with the Church an Family an Friends.

          Only good thing about this for Jodi when she is FREE I hope an pray she now knows what UGLY Is an stays far away from UGLY PEOPLE that PRETEND to be PERFECT in LIFE once you have been around one or in love with one your RADAR is very good for PHONEYS !

        • I definitely would. And I’ve been in similar positions, who hasn’t? You walk up to a door and overhear someone trashing you? How do you feel? What kind of look is in your eyes? Do you look “lovely and endearing” or do you look “seriously hurt”? I can only speak for myself, but I know I look hurt and generally, have tears in my eyes.

          I have been re-watching some of the older testimony, and observing Jodi’s reactions and how she looks at various witnesses. I watched it all early on, before I was as invested in this trial as I am now. I bawled my eyes out watching Jodi’s eyes looking at the Hughes. I also bawled watching her look at Lisa. I feel Jodi now after watching her testimony and how this has all played out. I’ve said a bunch of times that I feel like she’s me when I was her age.

          (Actually, from what I know about PTSD and trauma is that you stop emotionally developing after the trauma. I have discussed with my therapists that I can’t handle the fact that I’m now 47 years of age, going on 48. I don’t feel that age. I emotionally feel like I’m 33-35, which is the age at which I got together with my ex and married him. It seems irrational, but when I’m around girls in their late 20s, I only feel emotionally as if I’m a few years older than them, when in fact, to them, I’m basically old enough to be their mother. It’s a shock to me when they describe me as “older” in an affectionate way. I don’t think I’m that much older. My emotional life and development basically ended or was put into stasis when my ex first began to abuse me (which was when I was approximately 34-36) and I just stopped developing, so in my emotional mind, I’m still *that* young, whether I am or not. I began emotionally developing again 2 years ago when he was arrested. So, I can see myself as in my late 30s, but I can NOT relate to being in my late 40s, even though I am. I hope that makes sense.)

          So, I relate so much to the 27 year old Jodi. I was sooooo much like her. I was desperately looking for a spiritual reason to exist. I came from an abusive childhood — more blatant than hers, but that actually made it easier for me. No one could understand why someone as “beautiful” as me (I didn’t see myself as beautiful, but can admit it now looking back at my photos from then, even though I’m now old and NOT beautiful anymore) and with as good a body as I did, had not settled down and got married and had kids. Sure, I got asked out on a lot of dates, but there were so many of those guys who just wanted to put a notch in their belts. They wanted to screw me, not actually care about me. Like Jodi, I was very very very monogamous. In fact, it got to the point where I actually used to say to guys “Look, I consider holding hands as intimate contact. If you’re going to hold my hand, put your arm around me, hug me affectionately while we’re on a date, I need to know that you’re NOT doing that with someone else. If you are, let’s become friends ONLY. We can still hang out. But I don’t become intimate with more than one person at a time.”

          Some of my male friends told me I scared away a lot of potential relationships because I said that or set those conditions. I had got to a point in my 20s where I just didn’t care anymore. If they wanted to run, let them run. I had dated, and slept with guys, and later found out that they slept with someone else. I’d even dated one guy who I later learned had me for breakfast, another girl for lunch, and me for dinner again, without even changing his sheets, and possibly or even probably, without even showering in between. She and I had talked about this, compared dates, and we were both sooooo disgusted. He was the ONLY guy she had ever slept with. She was Catholic and “holding out” for marriage, and he persuaded her to sleep with him. She and I stayed up for days and nights on end being completely disgusted with what he did to us. He had even slept with her wearing a sweater I bought him for his birthday. Were we angry? Yes, we really were. We actually hoped he’d be run over by a bus or something.

          I actually started dating my ex-husband the first time not too long after breaking up with that jerk when I was 25. And I met a couple, who were kinda like the Hughes. They were his friends, but they were seriously compassionate people, or so I thought. He was in AA, as was my ex, and he was his sponsor. She was a person who presented her values from the first time you met her, and she seemed holier than thou. Actually, she was, but at the time, at 25-26, I admired this woman so much. She was best friends with an old girlfriend of my ex from when they were in high school. She knew a LOT about him, but she never told me. A year and a half after my ex and I started dating, and he brought me around all these people many times as his girlfriend, even admitting to them in front of me that we were serious and he though about marrying me, he broke up with me, suddenly, out of nowhere. I was stunned, devastated, couldn’t even function. Then, we had the whole “dance” where we still saw each other and I had hope that we would re-ignite our relationship. By today’s standards, in his mind, we were “Friends With Benefits” but I was still hopelessly in love. I thought we were going to get back together. I was “going along”.

          We officially broke up at the end of March. In early June, on one of the occasions we made love (in my mind), I said “I love you” and he said “This is the problem here. You’re making love, I’m having sex.” My heart was ripped from my chest that day. On June 20, he came to my apartment with a birthday present, uninvited, and without pre-empting. He still had a key. I told him to stop doing this, and to return my key. On July 4, he apparently married another woman in NY — she was an ex-girlfriend who he dated many years before. In fact, the couple I mentioned, he met that woman in NY though the female of that couple. He called to tell me about it. My first question was “Are you wearing a wedding ring?” I could not even believe it. It had been just a few weeks since we had been intimate. He continued to live in Chicago, while she lived in NY. The following Thanksgiving, he called to tell me he was moving to NY. I still wasn’t over him.

          That Christmas season, I was invited to an event thrown by that couple I mentioned, his friends, who seemed to care about me. I remember crying in the woman’s arms, asking her what had happened. After all, she’d known him when he dated the woman he married the first time. She held me in her arms, and she comforted me. She told me he’d never really got over the woman he dated and married. She told me he had problems with intimacy and I might be better off without him. She said there were things about him that I didn’t know, and that I shouldn’t know. She told me she’d heard from “C” about him (the new wife) and that she really didn’t want her to marry him. She told me I should be glad we were through. She had known him since his teens.

          Fast forward to many years later. My ex had divorced the woman in NY and looked me up. When he looked me up, it was 6 years after we’d broken up. I thought I’d got over him, but I really hadn’t. So, he sent me a card and included his phone number. Although it took me a while, I called. We talked and talked and talked. He even wanted phone sex!!!! He came to visit and then moved from NY to Chicago, and I thought I was living a fairy tale. My prince had finally come for me. Eventually, we got married. Many years later, we’re living in FL, and here’s this woman (who is to me the equivalent of Sky Hughes) and she has been a major part of our lives. She seems so happy we’re together. I think she’s my friend too. She visits us in FL and stays in our house. I have no contact with my old friends, so I reach out to her. I tell her a few hints about our terrible marriage, but I do not mention abuse. And out of the woodwork, his ex comes up. Apparently, this woman (I’ll just call her “B”) has re-hooked them up (with C).

          We have major problems in our marriage. He’s already been abusive. I already suspect him of cheating, but I’m not sure. So he tells me that B urged him to contact his ex-wife (C), the same woman who I think broke us up back in 1992. I contact B and ask her why. I remind her how I cried in her arms in her kitchen all those years before. She gets all uppity with me and contacts him, sending him my messages. According to him, she tells him I’m a confrontational bitch. He beats me that night. And I learn that I should never ever contact “his” friends, even if I think they’ve become “mutual” friends. It hurt so much that I contacted B’s husband “M” who was my ex’s sponsor in AA, or as close as he ever came to having a sponsor. He responds saying he can’t talk to me. I feel so isolated.

          Apparently, B still adores him. I often wonder if they ever had a “thang”. My ex’s mistress (who he moved in with after he was arrested for trying to kill me) spoke to me about B as well. She said he could never stop talking about B and how she inspired him after his arrest. She was also, at that point, encouraging him to get back with C (the ex-wife) because she was dying of cancer and going through a difficult divorce. Apparently, B told him that his marriage to me was just a stop gap, while C was married to her “almost ex” and that he was meant to be with C all along. What B didn’t know — nor did I and I assume C never knew either — was that C was not his first wife, and I was not his second wife. He had a wife before C (who went missing mysteriously) and he had a wife between C and me (who died under mysterious circumstances). I thought I was wife #2, but I was wife #4. I’m sure C thought she was wife #1, but she was wife #2.

          So, I watch Jodi, and it reminds me of all this. I look at Jodi’s face as she looks at this couple. I see what she feels. I see the betrayal. By now, Jodi knows about the email exchange where they told Travis what they thought he was. Abusers isolate us. They only want us to be friends with their friends (if they have any) because they can control that. I realize I was married to my abuser and Jodi wasn’t, but there are so many similarities in what I’ve just described, and the Hughes. B was a woman I put on a pedestal. She was older, glamourous, successful and had everything I wanted at age 25: a good looking sweet husband and kids with him. B was someone I looked up to. I bet Jodi looked up to Sky Hughes. I bet Jodi wanted to learn from her.

          And then, Sky betrayed her, at the time that counted the most, when Jodi was on trial for her life. I saw that look in her eyes towards Sky and Chris. I saw how much it hurt. I relate because I know how I felt about B and her husband. I put them on a pedestal too. I wasn’t in AA, but I was in other branch offs, in ACOA and Al-Anon, and I socialized a lot within them. They were thought of as heroes, especially B’s husband. But they betrayed me. They were on the witness list for my divorce, even though we’d lived in FL since 2002 and my ex was arrested in 2011. I hadn’t seen them since 2004 when they visited FL. What were they going to testify to? The fact that they didn’t observe violence between us in 2004? I don’t know and never got to find out, since I was prohibited from participating in my own divorce because I refused to disclose my current address. But I felt Jodi’s pain.

          As regards to Lisa, I watched her hang on Lisa’s words and smile with Lisa, even though it was begrudgingly. I watched her “nod” to Lisa’s testimony, especially when it agreed with her own experiences. I also watched her cry when JM got up there to cross examine and showed that photo. Jodi just couldn’t pull herself together. Lisa seemed pretty together. Actually, the stuff she said to Travis proved that she was pretty together. I think Jodi was more like me and very vulnerable.

          My overwhelming urge was to tell her about who I am now .. but then, I thought I’m not so together yet. I’m still just getting there. Why did this all have to happen to Jodi? It could have happened to me, OMG it could have. I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could share with her.

          Sorry for going on and on … this trial has touched my heart.

          • Wow Also Abused that is a whole lot of stuff to go through but I know where you are coming from too. Betrayal from friends that acted like friends has to be the worst feeling ever.

            I too have went back an watched these video’s over an over because I see what you see in Jodi’s eyes too. An it kills me when the haters keep saying they are dead eyes soulless eyes. I believe the ones saying the hateful ugly things truly are the ones with the soulless eyes an heart too.

            I hope you are doing better in life now that is a hard time you went through an I pray too that Jodi can get out soon an try an have a life an never put her heart out there too fast again. People want to say I am a man hater but truly that is not it. If the story was turned around I would feel just as bad for Travis if the whole story was turned but it is not. I do feel badly he died in that manner but seriously people have to learn when enough is enough of pushing someone around. An I understand why she told stories in the beginning she truly did not want to bring all this dirty laundry out. She did love him he did not love her he used her an abused her got what he wanted an was moving on slowly.

    • I like your theory – mine is similar but different at the same time.

      I wrote a theory last night that was lost in the 700 comments LOL. I think the Hughes really liked jodi in the beginning which is why they tried to warn Jodi about travis. They knew she was a new covert and wanted to help her stay on the right path. When Chris and Sky talked about travis Jodi and “crossed the line” per Travis’ words, he of course became very angry. Nobody likes to be talked about, and abusers like it even less. At that point, Travis had to some damage control and did so by lying about Jodi saying that she was stalking him etc. He was also very angry with Jodi for discussing him with Hughes. She broke one of the unwritten rules abusers hold their victims accountable by talking about him. Travis didn’t want to look bad to his friends, hence the jodi’s a stalker campaign started. I think the email string occured in about Jan of O7 ( correct me if I’m wrong ) and that was before he became violent with Jodi. So he turns his friends against Jodi, is able to date other women in the process, and gets the attention he craves by demonizing Jodi to everyone. By doing this, he kills two birds with one stone. He gets to keep his “skank” a secret, lead her on all the while dating women in the church which makes him look like he is working on his issues. His friends feel bad about what they said and his world is great. Except the pressure of keeping that lie going got to him, among other secrets and the violence increased.

      • I agree with your theory except for this: Travis & Jodi became official in Feb 2007, after the emails. Travis and Jodi were not official when the emails exchanges were happening. I wish we had confirmation of when the stalker accusations started. They broke up in June 2007 and Travis started dating Lisa in July 2007. I think the stalking accusations happened after they broke up, when he was dating Lisa and still seeing Jodi on the side but I don’t know for sure.
        After all of the back and forth (emails) Travis went ahead and made it official with Jodi.

        When did the Hughes tell Jodi to stay out of their house?

        • Oh please … They officially dated from February through June. Excuse me, but he was screwing her LONG before that. In fact, the emails with the Hughes on 1/31/07 confirm all of that. Of course, the made his relationship official days later. Of course, he did. The Hughes were confronting him about it. So HE makes it official with a MySpace declaration of “I’m dating Jodi Arias” or whatever the MySpace crap was about. (I skipped MySpace, but am on Facebook.)

          Give me a break. Abusers are sooo careful. I chatted with my abuser’s mistress (one of them — but the one he moved in with after he was arrested for trying to kill me). She told him that she’d really like it if he made their relationship public on FB. He said he couldn’t, because he was going through a divorce with me, and I might use it against him. She looked up FL laws and told him that adultery was not an issue, it was a no-fault divorce state. He had no argument left. So, he made her his girlfriend on FB for about a week. Then, he told her that it was so difficult for him (awww) to argue with his former girlfriends (i.e., victims he could still get) that he hadn’t abused me (cos his mugshot was easily accessible, still is) and they wondered why he jumped (??? give me a break) right into his relationship with her (especially because he’d been expressing interest in them). As soon as she put up profile pics of both of them, he instructed her to take them down. He also told her to make her FB profile private, and to accept no friend requests without his review, because they could be “me” in other garb. After all, we were having a contentious divorce. Of course, he told her that I had a new rich boyfriend, and that was why I was divorcing him. I guess he didn’t expect her to be smart enough to look online and find out that he was divorcing me, not the other way around. Then again, he told her that I filed for divorce a year before he actually did. He never thought she’d look online and see the truth. AWWWWW

          • Thank you for your statement. I know he was sleeping with her long before that. I never said he wasn’t. I think you misread what I was trying to say, or perhaps I didn’t make it clear.
            Nevertheless my point was that Travis was mad at the Hughes for interfering and telling Jodi to steer clear of him. Then he makes it official in the sense that they are now ‘dating”. I wonder why he chose then to make it official, 5 days after the email exchange.

            • I’m sorry if I seemed to be attacking you Trixels, in my post. I get more than a bit passionate about all this, and I apologize most profusely if you got caught in my cross hairs.

              Why 5 days later? Re-read my post with a “non-attacking” perspective, if you can. He had been found out, and he had to CYA. Abusers CYA above all else. They’re masters at it. Mine had to CYA quickly once his new “victim” was upset about them not being officially “in a relationship” on FB. Then, when his other exes (who he was approaching to ensure I didn’t, and also, because they could be “potentials”) got upset that he was “in a relationship”, he was quickly able to tell them and her that it was all my fault. It’s all part of the game.

              You don’t see this crap until you’ve been in it. In fact, you don’t even suspect it, until then. I can’t explain how insidious it is. It is beyond everything I ever thought possible.

      • OMG JC, you have it ON THE MONEY. You really understand abusive relationships, and for that, I’m sorry. No one ever should have to understand. But you do, I do, and all the rest of us here who have been through them, totally get it. Hugs, sweetie. You’re my sister now, you do understand that, right?

  13. I cannot find any of my posts! If I have been banned for some odd reason, please let me know what I did/said wrong! I thought I posed some good questions/remarks but can’t find any of them, and so unable to find any responses or thoughts as well.

    • I think you should take a look on the day before or before that, I’m sure no one has banned you–we’re all too nice for that 🙂

    • I didn’t ban your comments. I don’t even remember seeing them. If you commented on the day we had 700 comments, the thread was very confusing. I couldn’t find my own comments LOL.

  14. I am just curious,Was TA estranged from his family?If so,Why?

    “ does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless

    minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds..” – Samuel Adams

    • Yes Travis was estranged from his family. It is my sincere belief that he left Riverside because Deanna lived there. I would not be a bit surprised if that is why he is estranged from his family. They all knew Deanna and probably liked her. I know she did a eulogy at his funeral. He also left his dog to her.

  15. “Taking into account Sky met TA (in 2001) prior to her marriage (in 2002)… at which point she would have been in her early 40′s and TA would have been 23”

    Sky is in her 50s now? I didn’t know that.

    She and Chris are such liars.

      • are you wondering about the family and travis being estranged its because he moved to mesa and they just did not keep intouch or there is more and they are not talking about it

        • I bet it’s because he sexually abused all his siblings… Boy, those siblings were really into AL’s testimony, like they could relate, IMO. Was TA the oldest?

        • I guess it seems as though TA kept people in his life separated from each other.He was hiding alot .Lied about JA to protect anyone from knowing his real self. Wanted to keep his persona up.Just have known people like him who intentionally did not want those close to him to share any information about him to each other, because, they might find out he wasn’t a good person and his pattern of behavior was obvious when you put the pieces together.

  16. I watched the video for day 15 when this Skye guy was being questioned. He is arrogant and you can tell he is a liar. Does anyone know if the jury saw this guy or heard his bs? He is the one looking for attention.

    • to my recollection it was a ‘evidentiary’ hearing and yes he made the same impression on me I thought he was playing a knowitall smart ass. Not someone i would like to welcome into my circle of friends

      • The jury did NOT hear him (unless they have viewed this evidence online which they have sworn not to do).

        He was definitely combative and aggressive. I won’t judge him further because I don’t know him. I got the feeling he knew how to handle himself in court. He paused before answering.

        Did our own Bella know him? Perhaps she could comment, if she did. She is always honest. I will totally understand if she doesn’t want to, however. I get a lot of personal wonderful observation from her comments. Love you, Bella!

  17. Regardless on whatever the outcome is in this trial I think Ms Willmot and Mr Nurmi have done a great job and should be awarded for it. I am sure they are and will be getting many hateful mails. I wonder how one copes with this and how it will affect their careers; I for sure wish that they will be credited for this great job, it must be draining to be working and fighting this intense on a case for years

    • Oh, they’re definitely getting hateful emails/phone calls. Jose Baez did, Ed Chernoff (Conrad Murray’s attorney) did, and I’m sure every other defense attorney in a high-profile case does. Whoever is defending George Zimmerman will be next. The public lynch mob is really disgusting with its harrassment.

      • I’ve sent them both emails praising them, headed, ”Praise from London, UK” so they know it isn’t hate mail.

        • That was really nice of you Heather.

          I feel sorry for the defense attorneys and every defense witness. Martinez really did damage to Richard Samuel’s career!

          The thing that really worries me is that after the Casey Anthony verdict, the jury received threats and even death threats!! The jury on Jodi’s case must be aware that this trial is a high profile case, and I wonder if they feel intimidated.

          • “Martinez really did damage to Richard Samuel’s career! ”

            I really don’t think he did damage to Dr. Samuel’s career because all Kermit did was his usual tactics and attempting to make the Dr. look bad, like using the same “memory” line…

            IMO, I think the only people who fall for that are people who actually can’t see through Kermit’s antics and actually believe Dr. S was a poor witness.

          • yes but they are still alive and poor ashley thompsom reed shes dead remember the game clue what if chris and sky found out that their daughter was molested by travis when she was 12 …. they say we did not want travis to date their daughter. chris has been in the court room with travis’s family …. big question to ponder on???????????/

            • Tonya, Skye stated that if she had a sister she would not allow her to date Travis because of what he was like. I am pretty sure that Chris and Skye have three sons.

              • sorry about my comment but sons are even worse to think about what could have happened if someone came into a room and did what her did to jodi my brother molested my sister kid just found out this yr at thanksgiving he is grown now with to kids of his own and my sister now that she knows will not let my brother come over anymore

          • Thanks TtFTO, I think in general there’s not enough praise for people. People are always quick to complain. And so I do both very well LOL! Have a degree in it!!

            I agree it must have crossed the juror’s minds, but I don’t suppose they could have got out of jury service very easily. Hmm, hadn’t thought of that.. I’d be feeling a bit unnerved, but I would go with what my head and heart told me to do, regardless. I’m very guilty of that!

      • Hey, Kira.. can’t figure how to get the ribbon, I googled but then didn’t know what to do–I found photobucket, would That be the one to go for? lol *blush* I’m hopeless at times!!!! 😀

        Having got to the stage when I had to choose, none of them–there were 3 options, seemed right!

        And so I played safe.. they said they would award me one but I didn’t want one for the other side, that would have just been the last straw!

      • The Zimmerman case is very interesting from a legal point of view. Can’t wait to see what happens there. If you leave all the racial rhetoric etc out it still poses an interesting conundrum. Take yourself away from all the hype and consider the following situation under FL law.

        There’s a guy walking down the street minding his own business (call him A). There’s another guy driving around doing whatever it is he’s doing (call him B). B thinks A is up to no good and so decides to follow him and at some stage gets out of his vehicle and approaches A.

        A, who has done nothing wrong sees B following him, get out of his vehicle and approach him and now perceives a threat. Under FL law A has no obligation to flee and can attack B. As soon as he starts B perceives a threat and fights back, or doesn’t flee (which is OK by the law). In the ensuing tussle B kills A.

        So when this whole thing started A was doing nothing wrong, neither was B. When B got out of the vehicle he may not have been threatening but his actions allow A to perceive a threat and respond. Wen he does that B is allowed to respond.

        Net result – One dead human being. And this folks is not an accident because from when B started following A every act is deliberate and possibly lawful.

        Strange ain’t it?

        • Well everyone can SCREAM PREJUDICE at me but where I live if I see someone walking around dressed in that attire an actually does not matter what COLOR they are if I have never seen them before I would be suspicious also an would keep a eye on him. An especially if there had been know break ins in the neighborhood in the recent months.

          An if A tried to slam me around some I would do as B did also. An we are not aware yet if A seen the gun an tried to grab it first an a fight ensued even worse then for LIFE of both A an B would been at stake.

          • See Rhonda, that is just what I was trying to avoid. Forget the dress, forget the race, forget everything. Just say they were two white guys in polo shirts and chinos. My point is that it’s still a really interesting situation.

            so now we have two white chino wearing preppies. One (B) follows the other(A) in his vehicle, then gets out and comes towards him, and the second guy (A) thinks he’s been threatened, so he comes at the first guy(B), and a now B thinks he’s being threatened and so he decides to stand his ground and all of a sudden you end up with a fight and a dead guy. And as far as the law is concerned no one did anything wrong.

            That’s the point I’m trying to make.

            • Al, that would sound like two simultaneous cases of road rage to me. I don’t think the survivor would get away with it.

              • viri

                I have no clue. I’m waiting to see what happens in this case.

                This is the one big flaw in the stand your ground situation. If you have an obligation to even try to flee, then whoever attempts to flee the confrontation is in the clear. But in this situation both guys are standing firm and that mere act makes each one threatening to the other.

                • I see your point, Al.
                  That is, if ‘stand your ground’ means ‘stand your ground, never bother to ask or answer any question, and assume everyone is out to kill you or to steal, shoot first, use PROACTIVE SELF-DEFENSE at all times.’

            • Oh ya I get that. 2 guys same exact everything. Still one died. Case is the same as we do not know who grabbed the gun first if there was a struggle. Still one with wounds from the struggle an one is dead. Self Defense or Stand your ground they want to call it but if it comes out that kid was trying to wrestle him for the gun which is my guess I would not let someone take my gun an use it on me either.

    • vebe, I think they’re fantastic and it must be tiring, but thery’re used to it. I also think they’re too professional to let hate mails get to them. They must get extremely frustrated, though; after explaining all that to the Judge why its prosecutorial misconduct and have the judge dismiss it. I’m sure inwardly they want to scream, I know I would!

      • I have this idea; how about creating a ribbon, or even a pictured ribbon, as a rewarding token for them, from ‘members’ of theJodi is innocent page?

          • I like this. I could definitely create it. What would you like? Tell me and I will be glad. I have graphic skills although not perfect.

            MODERATORS: I have posted a fake email address for as long as I have posted here — one which would, I think, go nowhere. I have been ashamed to let anyone know who I really am or to attach my real email address here in case it was somehow tracked. I have just corrected that. I know you never give out email addresses of those who post here. Of course, I think my IP should be the same, but I probably have more than one, as I often comment from work, on the train, or at home. Hopefully, you can verify that. If there is someone who would like to contact me from this site in this regard, and you know they’re a frequent poster who supports Jodi, please feel free to give out my email address to that person. Thank you.

            • How about creating a ribbon with the colors delft blue and orange with written on them
              thank you for serving justice and fighting your ethics, or something like that
              The color of Justice is black and white. It also signifies truth in absolute sense. And it nullifies anything in between, therefore no gray area.
              In the Bible, justice came from heaven by fire. So it can also be Orange
              delft Blue stands for strong ethics.
              Anyone els an idea.????
              Also Abused after reading your story I totally understand why you applied a fake email
              big hugs

    • i agree they did a good job and hope they can continue just hope that there is no hanky panky between the judge and JM because after watching the video above on cross of chris the judge was showing favortism toward JM did anyone else see that and notice the defence did not pull a JM on chris think he wanted to wait till now to put it to the procution

  18. I think TA was one of those guys walking around with a huge chip on his shoulder and a multitude of complexes. He probably kept all parts of his life separated, allowing glimpses of one part into the other based on what he felt showed him in the best light. This probably let him construct multiple personae, where each group of his acquaintances saw him in the light in which he wanted to portray himself. So his PPL group saw one guy, and his church saw another guy, and the girls he was chasing saw a third guy, and when he got them they saw a fourth guy and Jodi saw a fifth guy.

    This is a classic pattern for sociopath. Check out

    and see for yourselves

    • Thanks for the info Al!

      I think it is very possible that Travis was the sociopath.

      I dated a pathological liar once in high school (I do not know if he was diagnosed with anything else). I was the one who outed him to the school counselor and then his whole world of lies crashed down….to this day, it is weird because i know when you only see a bit of a person, you don’t REALLY know them… (He was good at the big lies, but then he started with things that people knew were clearly lies…and that was his downfall)

    • Is there any way the defense can bring this info in to the jury???? I thk it is very important, showing that they’ve had been hidding the truth from the beginning. It is so SICK that BOTH the prosecutor and the lead investigator have done everything and anything to out an abused women to death!!!

      A defense filing from January 2011 details the efforts Arias’ attorneys went to obtain them. Initially the prosecution told the defense attorneys that there were no available text messages sent or received by Alexander and then was ordered to turn over several hundred.

      Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

      • Yes, and when Nurmi stood up and told the Judge of JM’s prosecutorial misconduct, JM looked as guilty as sin.

        • LOL Heather1. Hell yes he did, he was shrinking in his chair. His eyes were blinking a mile a minute and when he got up to speak he was using a very quiet almost soft spoken tone.

    • Thanks for that, PJ. Although I had a link to the trial on Day 18, the sound was much clearer and louder on this link. Apparently there is going to be a hearing about the claim pf P misconduct on Tuesday.. hmm so this hasn’t been thrown out as I was thinking.. interesting to see what Tuesday will bring.

    • It would be really interesting to see what happened in those evidentiary hearings, the one with these e-mails and the one with the letters.

      Won’t a kind soul who lives in that area drop by the court house and pick up a copy of the record.

      • Are they public record at this point Al? I have been dying to know why they haven’t been admitted into evidence. We all know they are damming to the prosecution’s case.
        Also want to know which Judge ruled that the trial could continue despite JM’s withholding the email evidence from the prosecution. Anybody know?

        • The emails aren’t but the motions and arguments are. Someone needs to go to the courthouse to get them. I couldn’t find a way to get them on line, but I gather you can get a printed copy at the courthouse, or view them on a computer there.

  19. When Chris Hughes was on the stand WM indicated that the e-mails had been ruled inadmissible, does anyone know why the e-mails from CH to TA are not admissible because he was on the stand and asked to read them

    • did you see JM and the judge she is the one that did not want it in. No one wants to hear the truth jodi tried to tell flores the truth he did not want to here it did not want to interview chris sky deanna dustin did ashley because she called and pointed her finger at her husband. for two year she told the intruder story then two year later something happened that made her change her defence can remember her saying her sister was in a DV relationship and on drugs.

      • I don’t know how the judge sleeps at night, TF. I don’t think she pays attention half the time, sometimes she looks surprised as if she’s lost what they are speaking about. Its obvious what her views are and so all she has to do is object to the Defenses’ objection–the whole charade stinks.

  20. Regardless of the details of whether it’s Flores or Martinez or both…

    Here is a little summary of the case, in response to some guilter poring over some tiny detail:

    That’s the thing, it’s all ifs and buts.
    I have to say I approach the case from a different direction entirely. Rather than focussing on small details, I look for a credible narrative.
    I find the defence narrative highly credible – an everyday gun accident, causing mortal combat with a knife.
    I mean it’s certainly an amazing case, but I find this very credible, everything fits, the amnesia, the bizarre behaviour at the crime scene and afterwards.
    I find the prosecution narrative illogical and not at all credible.
    This is mainly in terms of motive and psychology – but in this case I think that’s the best guide.
    This is how I “know” I am right. All the known evidence (even before the trial began) is explained, with great economy.

    Assuming the defence narrative turns out to be correct, it’s also very easy to see how difficult this case was for Flores.
    But there were unexplained circumstances – the exceptionally grisly injuries, the bizarre crime scene, Arias’s bizarre behaviour, the lack of a criminal record.
    These should have allowed a really good detective to stop, think, and work things out. Someone like Steve Moore.
    I think he did stop, but he just couldn’t work it out. Did he even consider self-defence? I doubt it.
    He was thinking about “anger management”, when Jodi blurts out that she once kicked a dog, aged 14, and it changed her life.
    That doesn’t add up, and he knew it, but he couldn’t solve it!

  21. I’m listening to Sky’s testimony. I swear, based on those emails and her testimony, it really does appear that there is some sort of cover up.

    • Has any testimony regarding the email exchanges between the Hughes and T. Alexeander been elicited by either of the Hughes? Or has the testimony of Alyce been the first to mention those emails?

      • I think Alyce was the first to mention those emails. I hope they can get those emails in, and I hope the Hughes are forced to tell the truth.

        The fact that they are not corroborating the abuse strikes me as odd. Especially since they sent those emails to Travis. That is why I think there is something fishy going on. It does feel like a cover up (which makes it seem like that Jodi’s second story could have been true, but I think the self defense is still highly likely).

        • NK, I hope they get them in, too! I think it’s very important for Jodi’s defense. I’m not entirely convinced that she acted alone, but I don’t think any information regarding others’ involvement will ever come out.

    • you bet ya wish i could win the lotto so i could give it to the defence team did you wonder why JM and HLN was in chambers the day jodi had a migrian they wanted the cost of what the defence spent on jodi to keep them for spending more to uncover new evedence

  22. i am a perfectionist i first visited this site and saw so much information here then noticed the flores report and for days i nick picked it to death and found something interesting pointed it out and with the help of a staff member they put it in order and outlined it and we noticed it just did not add up something was wrong with not continuing his investigation and what he did discover they kept from the defence and now they want to keep it out of the hand of the jury to see i just hope one or two will be doing what the hughes did and cover up what they know i just hope they come to this site ….. MY PRAYER IS FOR JODI DURING EASTER AND PRAY GOD IS WATCHING

  23. because its going to take an act of god to get past JM keeping everything a secret… poor jodi travis keep her a secret and now JM is doing it

  24. Its disgusting that the Hughes lied their faces off,they dont care about Jodi thats evident and it saves their face with the church and their beliefs.A young womans life is at stake here and it so incredible to see how everybody is so against Jodi,everytime the defence makes some headway,some unknown video or dirt surfaces about Jodi,hence you really got to think they are trying to influence the jury,oh yes I know that they are not suppose to be watching anything,fat chance on that,Why do you think the media wanted to throw out into the wind the cost of the defence here,it was stated on line by the media as ANOTHER REASON THE PEOPLE OF ARIZONA SHOULD HATE JODI ARIAS 1.4 MILLION OF THE TAX PAYERS MONEY TO PAY FOR HER DEFENCE,notice that they are not broadcasting that Jodi wanted to plead to murder 2 to just quietly fade off into a dreary existence in jail.I cannot believe Jodi caused all that damage to TA,someone else was there and after the 2 years in jail she changed her plea,Who is she protecting,why would she take the fall for someone,if they get her executed the truth will go to the grave with her,pretty convienent way to same someones ass.I hope the defence can recall those scumbag Hughes and get those emails out in front of the jury,these cant be faked .I wonder if the judge will have a backbone and state prosecutor misconduct, I BET NOT,lets everybody support Jodi no matter what happens,she is getting the shaft,plain and blantly obvious.To bad its ok for the law to lie,they always beleive them RIGHT,not a woman who is trying to save her life.I support Jodi and will forever,God speed Jodi.

    • If they are forced to testify, they will change their tune.

      When you have fines and prison term over your head for perjury, you will fold.

  25. Oh, off topic for this page, but did anyone else see Katie Wick’s interview after the photo she took with Martinez was brought up in court? She was on Dr. Drew. She was so angry, it was scary. She did not look happy at all.

        • That blog was right to the point. I would like to draw attention to the fact (if it hasn’t already been addressed) that Jean Casarez (sp) mentioned that she has not seen Martinez exit the courthouse via the front door prior to that day. How convenient…a coincidence? I doubt it. When I saw the video I expected “SWARMS” of people all over him and there were only a handful of people…hardly a crowd…lol…Prior to seeing the video, I envisioned a “movie star” atmosphere and to my pleasant surprise I was incorrect in my assumptions. This leads me to believe that his “fans were staged and he’s not as popular as the “media” (note: I say that with sarcasm) would like to portray him. What bothered me the most is that Martinez implied, in court, during the hearing regarding his posing for photos, that Nurmi was jealous or envious of “The Prosecutor’s” [fame]. I imagine that this was the furthest thing from Nurmi’s mind and most likely found Martinez’s implications of envy rather distasteful and claims of [fame] to be absurd, even laughable. If I recall correctly, Martinez was scoffing at Gus Searcy for “wanting the lime light” but when Martinez had the opportunity for HIS “fifteen minutes” he foolishly rushed in, loosing sight of the fact that this is a death penalty case and he should behave in a dignified manner with humble respect for our judicial system.

          • this happened one day before the hughes emails came out he was wanting the world to react to this evidence and who did he play with HLN dr drew groopy

        • She coordinated Rick Santorum’s campaign in Arizona? Another reason to dislike her….LOL. I had to deal with that bozo as my senator for 12 years before we booted him.

    • I thought she was acting like a hurt “put-upon” victim. It’s weird to me anyway why she would want to be on television rooting for the prosecution and hoping for the death of a fellow human being. I don’t believe in the death penalty under any circumstances, though. That “eye for an eye” argument totally eludes me. I mean really, if we acted with that in mind, we would all be blind at some point. Where would that leave us?

    • Oh yes I watched that clip. (That is about all I can take of his show now). She did look angry and clueless of why she was called out on it. She was not her perky annoying self. She was also trying to act so innocent about it but that smug look on her face during the trial tells me all I need to know.

  26. Al,

    There was something very interesting you posted on yesterday’s thread, and I wanted to ask all of you about it. I truly hate to get back to the subject of the gas cans. So sorry. But Al, you pointed out that in the prosecution’s rebuttal they’re going to bring a Walmart employee onto the stand. You said, “All I can say on that count is that either there is a record and this point will become moot, or there isn’t a record and JM will make a mountain out of a molehill.” But you did say that if there ISN’T a record, the court would impeach Jodi’s testimony. How bad would that be?

    Weeks ago, someone on this board said that in large retail chains if an item is purchased and returned on the same day the system, for inventory purposes, doesn’t record either. In other words, the purchase doesn’t go into their records because it’s negated by the return. That’s IF the purchase and the return were done on the same day.

    So I’m hoping that if the Salinas, CA Walmart doesn’t have a record of a gas can (or kerosene can) RETURN for that day, Nurmi is looking into whether or not they have record of a gas can (or kerosene can) PURCHASE for that day.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

    • The gas cans don’t prove anything, since Travis had roommates who could have placed her at the scene.

      It’s all stupid.

    • TTFTO (boy that’s a mouthful either way)

      I think the whole issue with those 3 gas cans is JM trying to prove that Jodi’s lying on the stand. It just can’t be anything else. Once she has acknowledged 2 gas cans how does the 3rd make a difference?

      So if JM can prove she had 3 cans he can argue to the jury, that she’s still lying and so ignore everything she has to say. And he’s allowed to make that argument and it’s up to the jury to decide.

      So the issue is did she have 3 gas cans. She says no, he says yes. His proof lies in 3 sets of receipts. The Walmart receipt, her gas purchases in California (I think it was Pasadena) and the gas purchases in SLC. Now on the face of it, unless someone can defy it those gas purchases look hinky. In each case, if those purchases are in fact gas (and the CA ones are) she needs to explain the sequence and the amounts. Unless her car was running somewhere between E and empty the SLC amounts don’t seem to add up (I can’t remember the CA ones now) unless she had 3 gas cans.

      Now JM has claimed that the Walmart has no record of a gas can being returned that day. (Remember his question about “would you be surprised”). He has not made any claim in court about the SLC gas purchases, but I gather from court filings that he has notified Nurmi et al that he has an e-mail from Tesoro saying all 3 purchases were for gas. Depending on the dates and times of those purchases that could be very damning for Jodi because it would tend to prove that she had some container other than the car and 2 gas cans for the gas, implying she lied, even though JM never specifically asked her about what that $19.65 was for.

      Similarly he has some person from Walmart on his list, who I am going to presume is ready to testify that no gas can was returned.

      So the defense has subpoenaed the complete records from both places for that day. Here’s the deal – The complete records will show what that $19.65 was for and when it was incurred.

      Also the Walmart records will show the gas can buy/return trace. Once the sale is rung up it is posted to the computers. If Walmart’s computers run like anyone else’s, the can is removed from inventory either immediately or at some preset time. Now assume that at some time the can is returned. If Walmart likes to keep their accounts straight the can must be returned to inventory. This could happen immediately if the return is rung up at the register. Or it could happen at some other stage, whether the change is entered manually or automatically.

      So lets assume that cashier says just leave it there, doesn’t ring up a refund and just hands Jodi the cash. In that scenario, the cashiers drawer would be short the amount she returned Jodi. And if the return is ever entered back into the inventory.

      The other possibility is that a return was actually rung up but the cashier just failed to hand her a receipt. In that case the return would show up on the days transactions.

      Now I believe that JW and Nurmi actually believe Jodi’s explanation on this one. If they didn’t there is no way they would have gone beyond JM to request complete records. Once those records are turned over, they will be available to both sides. If there is no record (either directly or circumstantially) of returned gas/kerosene tanks and the $19.65 is actually gas JM’s ging to have a blast with it. So if I was JW and/or Nurmi I woul;d be very careful asking for those records, especially since JM hasn’t. If I was them I would have a very stern and candid talk with Jodi.

      I would say to her.

      Here’s the deal young lady – This little thing can make you swing, so if there ever was a time for truth, it is now. You have to be extremely candid. It’s be almost like JM:

      Did you return the gas can? No nuances, just yes or no.

      Same thing holds for the $19.65. When and for what did you spend that? I would explain to her, very very carefully that this could mean she dies. Answer these two questions like your life depends on it, since it does.

      If she answers, once again the way she did in the stand, I would do what JW and Nurmi are doing. Get the records and put them out there. If she says to me JM was right, I’d leave it the heck alone.

      • Al, the thing is, Martinez claims he has an e-mail from Walmart. Nurmi’s request for evidence is for Martinez to turn over that evidence. Nurmi was never given a copy of the e-mail Martinez received from Walmart. Nurmi hasn’t requested anything from Walmart directly. Also, on the very same day that Nurmi put in the request for Martinez to turn over that evidence to the defense, Martinez put in a request for a Salinas, CA Walmart manager to be entered onto the witness list for his rebuttal.

        So it seems Martinez had SOME information when he asked Jodi that question. Whether he had all the correct information well, I guess we’ll see.

        • I’m just saying that if the Walmart employee gets on the stand and says there were no returns for a kerosene can that day, I know Martinez will certainly try to impeach Jodi’s testimony. And I’m sure that testimony will convince the court.

          I’m just saying that it won’t convince me unless the Walmart employee also confirms that there is a record for a kerosene can PURCHASE that day.

          • Too, maybe Nurmi can do something about the fact that Martinez kept yelling at her about GAS cans when it never was a gas can, it was a KEROSENE can. Jodi has said herself that she is hyper-literal. I think she just has a very good command of language. Martinez didn’t take it well at all when Jodi corrected him a few times while she was on the stand. I suppose if she had said, no, it was a KEROSENE can, not a GAS can, he probably would have started flapping around with steam coming out of his ears.

            • I love the picture. JM flapping around with steam pouring out of his ears yelling

              “Do not correct the Prosecutor. I ask the questions here.”

              “Isn’t it true, you just said it was a gas can? Yes or No”

              “Oops I just wet myself”

            • Another thing about the gas can is sometimes when the barcode gets ripped off something that you are returning they will just refund the amount and charge it to a certain department such as General Merchandise. Sometimes they will make you go grab another one but many times, especially when it is busy, they will just do a general merchandise return to get you out of there. This could be why they have no reord of a gas can being returned, they should go thru the electronic journal and see if there was a general merchandise return for that amount. I used to work at Safeway and I know that many times, especially when it was busy, the employees would stray from the return policy just to make the customer happy. Also is there any way that she returned the gas can to a different Wal-Mart store or on a different day? Just some thoughts… I love this website keep up the good work kids!

        • I checked the records and the defense did request both vendors to turn over all their records for sales and returns from Walmart, and Tesoro.

          • JC Yay! Well that tells me that Martinez was just implying that without complete records. I’m so glad the defense jumped on that.

            Can I ask you if you have a link to the document where you read that? I have a pdf of a document called JA-docs (and I can’t remember where I downloaded it from) but I’m thinking you have something more recent.

              • Thank you Al and JC! Well, yes! There is more recent information on the Maricopa County Case Information site! The last I saw was the motion to compel evidence from Nurmi to Martinez. Now I’m not worried that Martinez will be able to impeach Jodi’s testimony. Not that he won’t TRY or he’s at least trying to save face.

                My guess is that Nurmi put in the motion to compel evidence, and Martinez handed over his e-mail. The e-mail thread probably went something like this:

                MARTINEZ: Can you provide to the prosecutor a witness to a blond woman drinking a strawberry frappucino five years ago, on June 3, 2008, returning a gas can?? Yes or no?

                WALMART MANAGER: Umm, well, no.


                The e-mail was probably more detailed than that, but that Nurmi put in his own request for records less than a week later tells me that Martinez’s e-mail doesn’t give the facts.

      • The problem I see with the gas cans is they were never confiscated by the police during the search for evidence. Gas cans can hold more than 5 gallons. I have a gas can that is technically called a 5 gallon can that says it’s capacity is 6.25 gallons. So I think this point is mute because we don’t know what the capacity of the cans is. Also there are too many variables that can happen in a return, so all of the returns for that day would have to be looked at to see if any item for the amount of the purchase was returned and it was rung up on a different key. I think this is an unknown for both sides. JM was thinking he had something he didn’t, because did he ask Walmart if the return was for a kerosene can? And what is the reliablity of a Walmart return? Like I said, you have to look at all returns for that day and how each was rung up. This could very well backfire on JM.

        • I agree TB. She would have no reason to lie about that any more than she would have to lie about what flavor frappucino she bought. She already talked about 2 gas cans, why lie about a third? And the thing is, Martinez’s whole theory is blown out of the water by the fact that she bought extra gas in the gas cans for her trip home as well as her trip to Mesa. She wasn’t trying to hide her trip home from Ryan Burn’s house in Utah. I’ve never bought the theory about the gas cans. Also, the jury lives in Arizona. No doubt they know someone or they themselves have brought extra gas with them while driving through the desert.

          • We also still have no proof that the $19.65 was for the same day, or even the same time frame at this point. the bank statement did not have things in order…and did not have dates or times.

            • Yes, my bank statements are the same way, especially with purchases at gas stations. I can make a purchase at a gas station on a Thursday and it might show on my bank statement as a Friday or Saturday purchase.

  27. Good for her,I hope that it pisses her off and she helps drive another nail in JMs coffin,as for the talking assholes like Dr Drew and Nancy,their divel that spews out of their nonintelligent mouth should be taken fo what it is considering the source,Well done Kirk,hope you get to show the videos about the JM circus next week,thats if MRS OBJECTION OVER RULED will allow it.

  28. just went back to the flores report to read what mimi hall said to him she say travis invited her to go to cancun to get to know each other better but on one of the video i watched on yesterday posts it was said that travis was seeing mimi hall the day jodi moved back home. theres another ploop poop for ya

  29. there is a star located by that comment perhaps the defence has something up there sleeve we dont know about

  30. I know everyone is beating up on the judge, but I think she is trying hard. She overrules a lot of objections for the defense, but she does overrule objections for the prosecution too. Sometimes she asks the defense to rephrase things so they can still get the question is. I think the problem is that Martinez objects to too many things too fast, and so it seems like she sustains more of his objections.

    • It looks to me as if she has never held court in a case as serious as this one. I don’t know, but she seems inexperienced to me. So many side-bars seem unnecessary to me.

        • I understand what you are saying, NK, but in my opinion some of the sidebars are unnecessary. A more experienced trial Judge probably wouldn’t feel the need for them. JMO, of course. 🙂

          • It is not the judge needing a sidebar. It is the attorneys who want to argue their objections. The argument is not supposed to be heard by the jury. If the judge did not allow the sidebar to give the attorneys the chance to present reasons for sustaining or overruling an objection, she would be abusing her discretion. Painful as the sidebars are, they are necessary.The judge may be inexperienced, but this is an issue for which she should not be criticized.

            • Maybe things are different in Arizona, but where I live, whether a sidebar is taken is at the discretion of the judge, and she’ll sidebar for anything. It’s becoming a defense strategy, and she is falling for it.

        • From what I can tell, the sidebars are at the request of the pros so that JM doesn’t have to reveal what a jerk he’s being, i.e., the jury won’t get to hear what unreasonable crap reason he’s posing for the objection. It’s up to the judge whether those objections are argued within earshot of the jury or not. It would be wrong for her to allow the spoken objections if the arguments in support and against them were to contain prejudicial info, but many times, she’ll call them up to debate a badgering objection or something that she should be able to rule on from the bench without argument. It’s getting absurd. And it’s a big part of why this trial is inching along at a snail’s pace.

          • It’s not only getting absurd, it has been for a long time. This judge clearly cannot make a ruling from the bench regarding “objection!” for the lfe of her! Watched and participated in a fair share of trials, and never saw such a weak-willed judge. Make the dang ruling already. She obstensibly favors the prosecutor’s objections to the point of absurdity, and conversely overrules the defense way more than the prosecution. I believe she is bullied by JM, he makes a string of bases in one objection, sometimes mumbling incoherently, sometimes yelling it… And I think she is just cowtowed by him, or inexperienced, or weak…prolly all of the above.
            Judges are not all the impartial people we want them to be. Many are. But her stripes were clear to me early on. It is sad, really, that a more assertive, decisive, experienced judge wasn’t at the helm…ruling fast and impartially on objections, with no bias whatsoever, and saving sidebars for when it gets complicated….not for every 2nd or 3rd objection raised. Make quick, unbiased objection rulings already, and get on with it, Judge Stephens.

    • My perception is that the judge may have softened a bit in the last week or so..

      in order to be scientific and accurate about the number of rulings for either side…etc, we would really need to physically keep a tally and compare. I sure don’t want to take the time to do that! i can barely keep up as it is.


    • I agree…the judge, especially yesterday, has made some rulings that have allowed the defense to get some crucial evidence in. She denied Kermit over and over again when he objected to the emails. I also think that the judge likes Alyce a lot.

      I think she gets intimidated by Kermit at times and the court could definitely be run more efficiently, but she could be a lot worse.

  31. Hey, Did anyone notice that when Nurmi was questioning Chris Hughes in the above “Evidentiary Hearing Jan 29” video Nurmi refers to Chris’ testimony “yesterday” (Jan 28? ). Would that be Trial day 9? I can’t seem to find his testimony from that day. I watched a few videos of Trial day 9. Is it possible that his testimony was not recorded or is it here? Is some of his testimony missing?

  32. this site has a break down of the trial on the right above the calander and if it is not there you can go to the top of the page

  33. So folks I was looking at the minutes of the trial and I came across something very interesting. The day the court was suddenly cancelled, after the court cancellation, the judge held a closed door meeting in her office and amongst those present at the meeting was ALV! Also the judge has sealed the transcript of that meeting till after the trial is over.

    Two possibilities:

    1. The meeting was to discuss how they were going to handle the Hughes’ emails.
    2. A different sort of bomb is lurking in the background and may drop on Tuesday.

  34. I could listen to Ms LaViolette all day long. I’m still getting over the shock of what she said about the abuse in the emails.
    I recall the jury asking both Mimi and Lisa if Travis was ever abusive and they said no. Lisa did talk of how she felt Travis was treating her in her email to him but then she tried to take it all back . I suspect the dirtbag Hughes’ will do the same. It’s probably very petty of me to say this but Skye Hughes is one fugly looking bitch inside and out.
    Travis looked up to the Hughes and here we have those best friends calling him out on his treatment of Jodi and reminding him of his treatment of (i’m guessing) Deanna. There is so much coverup going on it’s very frustrating and a bit scary to know that Jodi is being thrown to the wolves. I will continue to think positive thoughts for her however I am nervous for what’s to come.

  35. I’m still trying to fill in the blanks regarding the Hughes. I’m not asking about the emails. What exactly is this “letter/writing” paper that the defense is staying it is analyzed 90 percent certain Travis wrote it? Is it a page from TA upcoming book or journal? Are Hughes saying Jodi ripped out pages and stole them changed them or forged them. Set me straight on what heck they are talking about.

    • Travis and them exchanged a “chain” of emails back and forth. They were telling him they didn’t think he treated Jodi well, they alluded to past history of manipulation and abuse, Travis called himself a sociopath. Yes, they are real.

        • Oh, no, I meant I don’t know exactly what “Ann” was referring to because she said she was NOT asking about the emails.

          She asked this:
          ” What exactly is this “letter/writing” paper that the defense is staying it is analyzed 90 percent certain Travis wrote it?”


          I do need to finish the testimony though…doing that now!

          • The letter that we are talking about is one that jodi had in her possession and kept that travis wrote and JM poo pooed it out and the defence got a expert to look at it and it was travises bet that is a really good read nice to let the jury see that one.

          • I think it’s the hand written letters that the dfense says are forgeries where TA owns up to his pedo-ness to Jodi. The hard copies are gone and all that is left is some images, so the handwriting experts can’t authenticate them. Or that’s my understanding of the situation.

    • The e-mails and the letters are two different things.

      The letters are handwritten letters that Travis sent to Jodi. One of them was mentioned when Jodi testified that Travis sent her a Valentine’s Day present and there was a letter inside. The defense has been trying to get the letters in because they contain evidence of pedophilia.

      Chris Hughes claimed in court during a hearing (the jury wasn’t present) that the letters were deemed forgeries. Nurmi said NO, they have NOT been deemed forgeries, in fact, handwriting experts and so on claim they are definitely written by Travis Alexander. During this exchange, Nurmi also asked Hughes if it was true that when his wife Sky read the letters, she exclaimed, WOW, I knew he was BAD, but wow…

      The reason the court won’t allow the letters in is not because they’ve been deemed forgeries, but because they’re photocopies or scans. They aren’t the original letters.

      • I am glad you cleared that up. “Letters” are NOT emails; it was the letters that were disputed because they were copies.

      • Re: The Mormon cover up

        SKY and chris hughes, i believe i read somewhere here, are mormons, who, along with some others in the church, have apparently closed ranks AGAINST jodi, instead of revealing the truth to help Jodi.

        I have a couple of audio clips, by political, and economic historian dr webster g tarpley, who deals generally deals with the political, including geo-political, and economic issues.
        HOWEVER, during the presidential election process last year webster tarply dealt with mormon presidential candidate romney.

        DURING that time, dr webster tarpley dealt significantly with the mormon religion, especially in historial terms.

        MY purpose in writing this, is not to introduce any general critique of mormonism, but only to introduce such to the very limited extent they relate to, and help, jodi’s trial.

        IT’S some time since i listened various clips, from dr tarpley, who has created many audios etc, dealing with multiple topics, but and unfortunately i couldn’t find one, or two clips, which narrowly dealt with just issues relating to mormonism, as it relates to jodi’s trial.

        I definitely do not want to entangle jodi’s trial with politics, or religion, but only to the extent necessary to bring out relevant mormon material.
        so please. to the administrators of this site, please remove them, if you deem such irrelevant and unhelpful.

        I like dr webster tarpley’s scholarship, especially how well he references his material.

        SO please, please, to everyone, ignore all the material not relevant to jodi’s defense.

        I don’t have time to review both audio clips, so anyone, if you listen to them please let others know, if you find the mormon section, relevant, or not helpful, so that you can guide others, and this site’s administrators.

        MERIA heller interviews webster tarpley

        • I am an ex MEMBER of the Mormon CULT and considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the cult and its bizarre occultic beliefs. WHY is the MORMON ELEMENT being left OUT of this trial when it is CRUCIAL to her defense? I need to reach out to Wes and other Jodi Supporters: How can I offer my expertise to help defend Jodi? Where can I call? I have done 43 years of research on the Mormon cult., 35 of those years of research spend on Mormon Male Dominance and mind control, Aversion Therapy and Mormon Sexual Repression. Mormon males freak out after sex and the guilt makes them go crazy and “turn” on the poor innocent woman! Mormons at puberty get a little pamphlet which tells them the evils of Masterbation and Sex, and to avoid it to: “tie their arms to the bed”, (which is why they are so bondage prone). They are also told to “wear several layers of clothing” and to “get up in the middle of the night and go fix a snack even if they are not hungry” to avoid touching their filthy place. Also to “sing a Mormon song” and “hold a Book of Mormon firmly in hand”. [See this on the internet. A Mormon “apostle” actually wrote this crap.] Another one had a “revelation from God” that married couple couldn’t have oral sex. And as for Mormon brainwashing, get a copy of the film THE GODMAKERS and TEMPLE OF THE GODMAKERS and you will see the Mormon Temple rituals and their bizarre Temple Garments with the Occultic SYMBOLS on them showing what will happen if they betray the bizarre occultic covenants they take inside that dam temple!…. “Covenants” which horny sexual deviant Travis obviously broke!…WHY is the MORMON ELEMENT being left OUT of this case when it is CRUCIAL to Jodi’s defense and yet it is barely touched upon? First of all the Mormon Male is dominate, the woman submissive. The Mormon woman cannot even get out of the grave without the Mormon male calling her forth by the “Secret name” given to her by him in the bizarre Mormon Temple Ritual! And has anybody noticed [what to us Ex Mormons], is obvious?: THE MARKS ON MORMON TEMPLE GARMENTS CORRESPOND TO ALEXANDER’S STAB WOUNDS!!! I have never believed that Jodi did the stabbing for a minute. I have a theory that others did the stabbing, and that The Avenging Angels may have actually caused the actual death of Travis Alexander. They fulfilled the Blood Oath of Atonement (Mormons believe that a sinner should atone for that sin in blood; they don’t believe in going to Christ for repentance as Christians do). I believe that the Avenging Angels (also called “Danites” in the older days of Mormonism) killed Travis by stabbing him at the heart, naval, and knee. Then they flipped him over and made the other wounds to make sure he was dead and to cover up the fact that it was an Avenging Angel murder. A tiny little girl like skinny little Jodi Arias could not have welded enough force to drive a knife into a thick skull bone. Look at the autopsy photo which MATCH the temple garments occultic markings at the the heart navel and knee!!! The other stab wounds were just to throw the stupid police off by making it look like “Jodi did it in a fit of rage.” Is is possible they hit her in the head or that what she saw was so horrible that she went into shock and then REPRESSED the hideous memory, (which explains why she could remember nothing about the stabbing, and that the two intruders –who probably looked like “NInja Warriors”because they were probably wearing disguise)??? It also proves that Jodi NEVER DID lie to police at all. She really DID see two intruders kill him, and somehow she convinced herself, (or they convinced her they would kill her too) if she talked. So she took the blame. — This is why she covered her face with her hair. If she took the blame on herself, to save her life from further terror. Also, a man named Howard Blankenship blew up the iris of Travis Alexander’s eye and it showed TWO OTHER PEOPLE there besides Jodi. The LIES on JODY by the media just infuriate me because I know how the MORMON PR MACHINE WORKS! I want to go on Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, and Ryan Smith to debate these Assholes who are maliciously slandering Jodi Arias and offering up these wild theories, as they have NO understanding of Mormonism, and only want a sensational TV show to fill up their space. The goof balls “jurors” on Drew’s show make me want to vomit. One giggling nut is a 17 year old MORMON CULTIST. And the silly smiley one (gossipy Katie Wick) with the big boobs and heavy make up is obviously just wanting to get attention (or a job with CNN. She is disgusting as well as opinionated.) And the endless parade of MORMONS slandering JODI IS DISGUSTING. All us Jodi supporters should complain to CNN, even if they are connected with Time Warner which is connected with the Mormon hierarchy’s media holdings. And if anybody out there can get me on that creep Drew’s show, OR on the air with prune-faced Nancy Grace (with her bleached hair and wiggling fake eyelashes) I will give all them slander-mongering Mormons a run for their money. In the meantime, until I can expose the truth and free Jodi, I will pray for her every night in my prayers– for God to watch over her and keep her and her family strong, as well as for her defense team. MY answering service number is 718-406-1089, if anyone out there can get a phone number for Drew or Grace, I will go ON THE AIR in support of Jodi.

      • There’s also something in one of the letters where Travis admits to hitting Jodi and talks of marrying her, if the National Enquirer is to be believed:

        “In the first letter, dated Nov. 27, 2006, Al­exander asks Arias to wear “boy’s briefs” that he can “rip off.” He also asks her to wear one of his shirts with his engraved cuff links so he can see his initials while she performs oral sex on him.

        The second letter was dated March 2, 2008, just three months before Alexander’s murder. In it, he admits that he once hit Arias “in the face.” He also claims that marrying her would help erase his “deviant” thoughts.”

  36. Has anyone did a timeline on the amount of sleep Jodi had on this trip? I’ve seen the timeline the detective did estimating 10 hr sleep here and there. I caught in her testimony she didn’t sleep the night before. I experienced this “fog” (that everyone on the other side believes being fake) about 3 yrs ago. I was under an extreme amount of stressed & was sleep deprived. I was like a robot for 6 weeks and can only remember bits & pieces of what I did during this time. I was not drugs or drinking …so don’t go there. Lol I feel the combination of being sleep deprived and a traumatic event will create this fog.

  37. Oh my gosh SJ Team Jodi ~~!

    Taking into account Sky met TA (in 2001) prior to her marriage (in 2002)… at which point she would have been in her early 40′s and TA would have been 23… the only question Jennifer Willmott didn’t ask her was how many times she slept with TA before and after she got married. The answer would have been interesting to say the least…

    I watched all these you posted again just late last night myself haha…………..AN I AGREE ! I was thinking the same thing. I know so many people want to say oh these young woman did not sleep with Travis. But truly everyone is GUESSING ! Travis was very persistent after all we know that from MiMi an Lisa on the stand. We know they would not want to tarnish their look in the Mormon Faith are people really so naive to think oh they would never LIE UNDER OATH. Give me a break. I do believe just by reading Travis’s my space that he was very much into women an what he could get. Why would so many nice women not want to marry him ?? he was a PLAYER an it was a GAME just like his friends stated on the talking head shows. Everyone knew Travis was a FLIRT did not matter if they were married or not or in a relationship it was just TRAVIS we all know men an women like this in life. Just because they profess to be RELIGIOUS does not make them PERFECT that is what bothers me most. This FALSE FRONT is most disturbing to me an the LYING an ACCUSING etc.

    I still stand by my previous thoughts on the FAMILY of TRAVIS I have a brother an I do not condone his treatment of women an I would never want a friend DATE my brother either. This behavior does not start all the sudden in the 20’s you see it in the younger years as well.

    Somebody said he dated Deanna for years ? if that is true that tells me a lot. Lack of commitment until the Church pushes it on them at a certain age.?

    • Well, if the truth were known, instead of the Hugheses having warned Travis about Jodi, as they mentioned on 48 Hours, and Jodi overheard them and had the “evil” look that shook Chris Hughes to his “core,” the truth was probably Chris and Sky warned JODI about Travis, and TRAVIS overheard them and had the evil look in his eyes.

      Everything we heard pre-trial has all been proven to be a load of bunk.

    • give this a gander you are young and you have harmones what do you think now kissing leads to other stuff and we all know that

    • Oh Rhonda! I think there was more than kissing going on…I think they would even lie on the stand.

      Sadly though, I also suspect jodi and ryan did more than they said too. i think she didn’t want ryan to look bad, and he didn’t want to look bad either.

      There is a whole lot of sweeping under the rug of sex in those mormons.

      Also, if they were all having anal sex…they will be more likely to have anal cancer down the road from HPV…not many people know that little tidbit.

      • excuse me he did not tell flores any of that when interviewed only that she fell asleep hes pointing the finger at her in the interview why not tell all there he waited till he took the stand maybe he did and HLN interview and said it there to who knows.

        • Ryan was chomping at the bit to not only get in the limelight, but to also fry Jodi. He said he read the police report and immediately called Flores to make sure she didn’t get away with anything. He is a liar, and Jodi got PISSED that he even he got close to her privates–I believe she said something to the effect that “he is full of crap” on the stand.

          Ryan is a giant piece of shit.

          • I agree with you on that Ryan. I watched him a few times an did the body language crap they always do on Jodi. Which that stuff is crap too I think. But if I were to believe in that body language he was a LIAR from the hand wringing an red blushing an umm umm’s………so funny how those shows do the body language an say how true it is but I still haven’t heard how well JANE C did an she flunked my view of her. Tight Lipped an blinking an a lot of hand movement. See how that works hahaha

            Seriously that was a bad thing for them to show that body language all the time on those shows as now people think that all of the HLN hosts are BIG FAT LIARS according to their own body language experts that don’t do it on them but we can SEE an use it on them ourselves.

          • Ryan, the human t*rd, and No Mas Pantelones (since he is afflicted with chronic lying) Abe, were probably hoping that they could score with JA. When they realized that she wouldn’t put out for them, their huge ego (& probably that is the only thing huge about them), decided to embellish their importance in JA’s life. They can’t deal with how insignificant, a blimp really on JA’s radar, they were to her. Major projection is going on here and like she said, “full of crap”…

  38. just went to utube to see the interview they had that i watched and none were found now all are gone only one up is other friends like ryan burns

  39. I was playing back testimonies. Darryl testimony covered the history of his relationship with Jodi in details. But with the Hughes’ testimonies, all I could find was q&a’s about their messing around with their communications with Martinez and them watching the trial and talking to Gus.
    Did they ever testify how they met Travis, who hired whom into PPL, who introduced whom to whom, where, was Travis a Mormon already, are those the people who took Jodi to Las Vegas where she met Travis, etc…. ???

    • before the end he was told that the defence was going to call him and he is not to watch anything give interviews yet I say on one site last nite he did in march

      • Those two characters are even more suspicious than the roommates, they seem to have more to lie about, to cover up, to circumvent investigations and to get Jodi.

    • viri…click on the link below to read more about Travis and his family…several weeks ago on this same wiki link…there was a lot more informed information about Travis and his family…someone on wiki changed it lately and now it is just minimal information about them now…

      A lot of us on this website had read what was originally on the wiki link and we have read what is on there now…and it is a big difference…

      Travis Alexander and his siblings were taken in by their paternal grandmother, Norma Jean Preston Alexander Sarvey who introduced them to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Travis was a salesman for the network marketing company Prepaid Legal Services…

      Read it before they change it again…

      • I was just looking at the Wikipedia edits history. There are obviously friends of Travis making edits. I noticed this one:

        “(cur | prev) 23:42, 6 February 2013‎ (talk)‎ . . (23,142 bytes) (+46)‎ . . (→‎Victim: I knew elder alexander and I was sad to hear of his death. I was always impressed by the success he had as a missionary and I was happy to bump into him again at BYU after the end of his mission. He was always kind and polite to me.) (undo)”

        • Perhaps we should edit the page and include links about the threats made to her sister? ANd link it to this site?

          • Go ahead. That’s a good idea. They may not want a link to this site though as they’re all about verified media sources.

          • Relevance? What about the gun in his closet? R’mber, many, many, pages ago someone came up with the theory that the gun probably came into TA’s possession through his mom – that he may have inherited it from her – the gun that the mom had used on the dad?

            Also, TA may have kept it there in case the stalker (De*nna ?)would have accosted him?

            IDK, hope I did not open a can of worms…

              • No, she was most likely just another victim. He dated her for 6 years, but never married her. I’d bet she was subjected to his anal sex desires and who knows what else. He got mileage out of the stalker thing about her, and about Jodi. Typical abuser smear campaign. Seeing as he left her his dog, he was probably still seeing her while seeing Jodi, Lisa, Mimi, etc.

  40. Not having anything better to do, I’ve been listening to the blood spatter expert.

    Two things of interest. The spatter on the WC door jamb and the toilet is an impact spatter from a low level (or so she claims). That means when that occurred TA was on the floor or close to. It could be from him crashing to the floor when he was shot or something.

    The footprint though is the interesting one. It’s pointed as if it were leaving the bathroom. Did anyone ever testify to the size of shoe that created it?

    I can go searching, but if anyone knows please point me in the right direction

    • no but the foot print means someone was wearing shoes that nite and flores did nothing about that why because chris and sky were ready to hang jodi why were they their. is chris the one with the gun video is he the one that told the media travis did not own a gun much less a .32 calaber but that video is nowhere looked for it . say it on utube now there is no videos of chris and sky

      • I think they weren’t interest in the shoe print because it could have been one of the roommate that went in first or the first policeman that arrived on the seen. They don’t have her shoes so they really can’t link the print to her so ..their not commenting on it. I thought the blood splatter on the right side outside of the shower door was interesting & possibly could be gun shot. Now I think that the reason JM wanted the first police guy say he saw gas bubbles inferring a reason for this splatter. You’d think the crime screen investigators would note if they saw blood splatter that was wet.

        • Ann…I think you will find this interesting…it will shed some light on a few issues that you were concerned about in your post – like the blood splatter on the shower door…

          It is the mock trial that was shown on HLN the other night….Prosecution V Defense: Two sides of the crime scene…Jose Baez and two other defense attorney’s explain very well what could have possibly happened…

          I thought the prosecution version sounded rather dumb and stupid…

      • No to your question about Chris showing the video of Travis shooting a gun. That would be Dave Hall that stated Travis never owned a gun and his video of Travis shooting a weapon at a gun range.

  41. the photos taken the day travis died the one standing over travis how can you say that is jodi in the picture do you see her face i just see part of a leg and foot with a sock on it maybe someone took off there shoes to sneek up on jodi and travis playing in the bathroom jodi said in interview she left her hand bag and back pack and they had her DL and registration. So when she was arrested did she have a new DL and registration to drive did they find that and what they find that they took from her home has to be cataloged and filed someplace.

    • The last photo is completely useless. It’s like a Rorschach test–you see whatever you want to see in that picture. It isn’t damning; it isn’t proof of anything. We don’t even know when Travis died; there is no proof in that photograph he was even dead there.

  42. sorry guys just want to blame someone else for taking travis life he was dating 4 girls and making chris and sky and deanna upset that he was still with jodi

  43. yes was there last nite and that guys an ass he is on travis side bet their is part of the video they will never let us see they only put up the ones that show jodi standing on her head and digging thru trash hay when your left in a room for hours handcuffed you will do anything to get the blood circulating again.

    • yeah, he is a bit of a douche…I almost didn’t post that link..and if SJ or someone removes it that is cool too. i can’t tell if they really are unedited, or if they just spliced what they wanted.

    • Maybe Jodi was looking in the trash can for a note(s) by police about her or Travis’s death. Nice to be prepared. I would probably do the same thing. I don’t think she was pulling a George Costanza going for half-eaten food (e.g., donuts).

  44. when i go to a doctors office and they leave you forever im looking into the drawers and checking things out.

    • Tonya, I am so glad I am not the only one. I one time was left so long in a doctor office, I wrote an entire yellowpage book full of reasons I thought our healthcare system was failing (in Canada no less.) I have also pushed out a Dr table to point out that they were not cleaning the rooms very well. Its a combination of exasperation, boredom, and OCD.

      I also know that before an interview I have done “Warm UP” excerises in the washroom to calm my nerves- so I dont find her similar behavior anything to make a big deal about.

      • Both myself and my husband have dug around in cupboards when left alone too long. LOL.

        She was being interrogated for HOURS and was probably freaking out. I think her behavior is normal, if she were calm, cool, and collected, it would have made her look like a psychopath.

        • This kind of admission is what sets US apart from THEM. We are Emotionally mature enough tos say…. Well yes, I have done this myself, and do not find it easy to pass a judgement on it. THEY are in a state of ‘I will never admit this, even to myself because it might be percieved as strange.”
          We will confer and collaborate on personal experiences to see a different possibilty, but They would prefer to say… well everyone on here says this, so I am going to agree.

          Go US! Go TEAM JODI!

          • My daughter was detained once (pot) and apparently while she was waiting for me to come get her from the Sheriff’s station she pulled all the soda cans and empty water bottles out of the trash so they could be recycled and lectured the staff about saving the environment.

        • The insanity of Jodi’s headstand is nonsense also. It looks like she was doing a “legs up the wall” yoga pose.

          I felt it was her way of attempting to maintain some composure instead of freaking out – doing something to distract from the reality of what was occurring.

          I feel I would have done similar OR would’ve been curled up under the table, in a fetal position, comatose, from the fear of all of it, regardless of whether I was guilty or not!

        • No, I have been here for what seems like months. I do post almost daily, but of course cannot do so from work, and also have three kids, so time is important.

          I think that more than humor, I recognize that people are quirky, and that dosent mean they are evil.
          I count on this site, to keep me informed about what is REALLY going on with the trial.
          I was a part of a facebook page of support for Jodi, but found myself kicked out of it… which still perplexes me to no end, but I am going to live… ha ha.

          • sorry shan im borred no job just enjoing my ss and being able to just relax after 64 yrs you deserve a break for the job seen

    • Me too. And I have to confess, when I go to the bathroom at people’s homes I sometimes check the medicine cabinet. (I know, what a jerk)

      • On occassion I have seen a medicine bottle on a desk, or poking out of a purse, or (in a medicine cabinet) and I have immediately googled it on my phone, because I want to know if what they have is airborne (thats my OCD defense) or if it explains some wierd behavior (Psyche meds). Ok. I dont tell them,and I never point it out to anyone else, but it sometimes gives me an inner peace, of mind, or tells me that I need to mind my own business!!
        When we left town once I knew my nosey but harmless friend would look in my drawers_ so I left her notes on top of everything saying I hoped she fed the cat on time, was having a great day, etc. (Saw this on pinterest and thought it was good for a laugh.)
        ..they didnt look disturbed… but who knows.- Like I said, everyone is quirky in their own way.

      • Ok does that mean we are psychopaths then because I do that too? I don’t know why? but I will look under the sink too sometimes haha

        An I do that in the doctor’s office also but it is only after waiting for a long long time when I get bored an then I get paranoid thinking maybe I am on video an then I sit back down haha geesh an I have also started to sing a song or hum or whistle too when bored.

  45. Do any of you think that if the Hughes are called back to testify, their testimony would change based on the fact that AL summarized the emails for the jury therefore ,getting the truth out? Or would they just continue to perjure themselves? Obviously, they are not following the admonition by not discussing it on social media or watching trial coverage. He posted a stupid photo on twitter of someone outside the courthouse who was dressed like a rabbit sitting in a pot holding a sign alluding to the Fatal Attraction movie.

  46. I have been watching the trial live for about 2 weeks now, and I have been trying to catch up on all the past footage. I have just finished Jodi’s testimony and am just a little bit confused about something:

    Martinez is questioning her (towards the end) about the bank statement where there was a $19 charge and he is insinuating that she bought gas for it.

    Did Jodi’s attorneys ever address this issue? If so, what is the explanation for this charge?


  47. It’s great to go back and listen to old testimony. It sometimes helps put things back into perspective. Too bad the jurors can’t do it.

    I think I may have figured out where JM is headed to and where the defense is going.

    Remember, that for either case M1 or self defense, non of what happened after the killing matters. This case, from JM’s point of view boils down to two issues:

    1. He must prove that the self defense claim is false. This must be done first.
    2. He must then prove that the killing was premeditated.

    I think he’s going to rest his case on the self defense side on the following aspects.

    1. The ME said the shot came last, so Jodi’s story is wrong.
    2. She couldn’t have climbed up and gotten the gun because
    a. TA owned no gun.
    b. The shelves were undisturbed
    3. The blood spatter evidence shows a low level impact spatter on the WC door jamb and toilet, which came from an impact while the blood source was about a foot above the ground, which meant that TA was on the ground when that wound took place, as was the source of the blood spatter near the scales and waste basket.
    4. Since Jodi lied about the gas cans, she has now lied every time, including on the stand and so in any case her story should not be believed.

    Now moving on to the M1 charge are his now familiar points:

    1. she dyed her hair.
    2. She rented a car far from home.
    3. She stole the gun.
    4. she took gas cans with gas.
    5. she turned off her cell phone.
    6. She took off the tags on her car.

    The rest of the stuff is used by way of showing evidence of guilt.

    The defense, in a self defense case must make a proforma good faith showing of a valid self defense case. That is they must show that there was a probable cause for self defense. That is all they have to do. And by the way this is why they had to put Jodi on the stand. In the absence of other witnesses they need some way to introduce the self defense claim, and I bet the judge said if you want to do that you have to put Jodi on the stand. Remember the attorneys can’t give evidence, and for any other witness it would be hearsay. So the defense puts Jodi on the stand to introduce the self defense case. I think the rest of the umpteen days that Nurmi had her on the stand were for two reasons, to let the jury get to know her, and to show how, even now, she had this whacked out view of TA. That provides the introduction of the self defense claim. Dr Samuels was put on for the first day of his testimony, the stress and dissociative amnesia part caused by physiological reactions. I personally think they should have gotten to that and ended it. But JW/Nurmi can argue that that’s all that counts. It adds weight to Jodi’s story. Now the only thing left for the proforma good faith claim is to show that what Jodi is claiming s probable. That TA could, ad was in fact abusive at a physical level. This is where ALV comes in, to show that he was abusive, and that it was explicable given various situations in his life, and that Jodi was not the first.

    Under normal circumstances, that would be the end of the case and we would be in closing arguments. The reason we are not there is essentially because a lot of the stuff that the defense must rely on is based on Jodi, and se went around yacking nonsense for almost 2 years. So now the defense needs to do some active defending.

    A bunch of the M1 reasons can be negated by contrary evidence, such as the fact that she dyed her hair earlier, and that Yreka lacks rental car facilities. Other stuff, such as the cell phone and initial presence of the gas cans can be negated by the fact that these are circumstantial with ample evidence of their being normal and or common acts, even without Jodi’s testimony. The tag plates the’re just going to have to wave their hands around about and dismiss it as inconsequential. But the defense has an arsenal full of arguments leading up to why premeditation would be a stretch in this case, including her actions for 13 hrs prior to the killing, a woman of her stature attacking a man with a knife, the fact that she stood the chance of the roommates walking in on her, etc. She would have to be immensely dumb to have overlooked all this, yet JM claims she was sharp enough to have planned this and dealt with al the minutia he attributes to her.

    So that eaves the defense to show, in closing arguments, why JM’s proof against self defense doesn’t hold water. Once again they have a ton of stuff to go on.

    1. EF changed his story, and lied, to get the facts of the case twisted around to meet the DAs theory, as did Kevin Horn.
    2. The aspirated blood spatter on the sink could only have come from the bullet wound. No other wound, except the cut throat, suffered by TA had a path to the respiratory system. I checked the MEs testimony an the autopsy report. None of the stab wounds punctured the windpipe or a lung. So they have to believe that TA stood over the sink with his throat slit open. Other than the fact that no reasonable person would buy that, the ME has also testified that the neck wound would be incapacitating.
    3. Given the evidence of the Hughes emails and Lisa Diadone TA has been shown to have a weird issue with women (euphemism for abuse).
    4. The sex tape and the emails/text messages show what kind of person TA really was.
    4. ALV’s testimony will show that such behavior is to be expected, both in the case of TA’s abuse and Jodi’s acceptance thereof.

    That I think is it. A normal crew could probably go to closing arguments in a day, But given this judge, and these lawyers we may still have a month ahead of us.

    • Okay Al, I’ll take you on. I’m an avid believer in Jodi being a victim of domestic abuse and completely justified self-defense. But I will try to play impartial, as a juror should be.

      1. I don’t think it matters that the ME or detective changed his story. The fact is, someone killed Travis Alexander in an incredibly brutal manner (and the 5 day old photos which will be in the jury room make that even worse). Whatever the reason (and I do understand) if I’m to pretend to be impartial, I don’t like it at all. I think it’s “overkill”. I really can’t get beyond that, even though I’m supposed to. Whether or not she shot him first or last with the gun, it doesn’t matter. 1, 2 or even 3 of the fatal wounds were fatal. As a juror, my question is, should she have stopped at one of them? The jury could have a domestic violence victim (like me) among them, and yet, I don’t think this argument will sway the average person. It may result in a hung jury, however.

      2. The sex tape, the emails/texts, and the testimony of ALV have left me confused. Even if I’ve already decided she killed him in cold blood, I’m waiting for JM to confirm. I don’t like his style. But I do agree that he gets some points across. Despite his aggressive style, I thought he did a good job in calling Dr. Samuels’ testimony into question. He went over the top when he asked if the guy liked Jodi and I disliked him for it. But, he pointed out sloppiness in the doctor’s testimony. I liked the doctor before that. I lost some faith in him after that.

      I like ALV, but almost need to hear his cross before I buy it all. I can’t convict now, but I also can’t acquit. I’m amazed by her testimony. It makes me feel like some of Jodi’s testimony was true. He wasn’t a saint. But I’m still struggling that she killed him so severely.

      I’m also seriously confused about the emails in question. I want to see them. I don’t understand why I can’t. (I’m not being myself, here. I’m being an average juror.)

      3. Jodi, she is a young pretty woman, but she testifies without emotion, most of the time. I don’t understand that (obviously, here, I’m not being me, but an impartial juror). She seems far too intelligent to have concocted the entire murder scene and left so much evidence behind. But, I’m an average person. She admitted to killing someone. I can’t just let her walk.

      I’m just surmising. I could be full of BS. These are just my thoughts. They may well be wrong as wrong can be.

      • That being said, and regardless of my opinion (since I’m not on the jury), as I understand it (and Al confirmed he did too), the jury has to first decide upon self defense. Is it plausible that Jodi killed Travis in self defense? Has the state complete disproved this? The jurors have to decide this BEFORE they even consider anything else.

        Is it plausible that Travis was somewhat abusive and toward Jodi? I think the evidence has shown that, or if not, it has planted the doubt in the jurors’ minds. Is it possible? I think the jury would say yes. They don’t have to convinced. They just have to believe it’s plausible, and it is.

        Was Jodi then acting in self defense? This is such a tough question right now, if you’re an average juror. If you’ve known about domestic abuse in your own or a friends’ life, it really makes sense. But if you haven’t, you’re having major doubts. She wasn’t his wife. She had multiple opportunities to get away from him. She didn’t have to “overkill” him. I think the jury will get hung up here. I’m not sure there is an answer that all of them will agree with. I’m not sure we, here on this site, all agree on an answer. I’m a victim, but I was hung up on the overkill, until both my boyfriend and a friend asked me: “if you had the opportunity, how would you have killed him?” Then, and only then, I thought about it. I would have killed him 10,000 times, I would have had to make sure he was dead. I got it then. Will the jury?

        Even if the jury arrives here, how do they reconcile Jodi’s lying? That’s the tough part and JM knows it. KN kept her on that stand to prove she was human. JM was pretty unsuccessful in impeaching her, although he tried his damnedest. If just one juror feels her pain as I do, just one juror out of 12, this jury can not convict. If just one juror out of 12, can not put her to death, the jury cannot do that, as a whole.

        The case hinges on what the jury does or doesn’t believe about domestic abuse.

        Thank you Jodi for getting this out there. I sincerely hope it doesn’t cost your life. That sounds so trite. I care about you, Jodi. I feel you. You will never read this, so this is my conscience speaking. You have been my voice, where I had none. Thank you.

        • Suppose the jury thinks it isn’t entirely self defense because of the overkill, but they really don’t think it’s first degree premeditated murder either. And they don’t know WHAT to make of that other charge of first degree felony murder because I don’t think the DA even knows what to make of it. What was he thinking? But suppose they’re thinking there should be other charges like manslaughter or 2nd degree added. What happens then?

          • TTFTO,

            If you look at Arizona’s manslaughter charge, and I’ve posted it here many times, most recently on this page (just search for “manslaughter”) you’ll see that it does in fact address exactly the situation of overkill in what started off as self defense, but then went too far. It’s the imperfect self defense case, and JM would be wise to ask the judge to include that charge, just as I’m sure the defense will.

        • I agree and that is why ALV’s testimony is so crucial to this case. She needs to explain the whole abuse phenomenon and the reaction when people finally get pushed beyond some limit, to the jury.

        • I have been wondering whether she really confessed to the stabbing and slashing. In my recollection she has only confessed to the shooting. Would this point be taken into consideration by the jury?

      • Samuels explained that Jodi’s lack of “affect” is a symptom of post traumatic stress.

        However, at times she does show normal affect, when she is fully engaged in her own defence.

          • Also, when ALV walked back to get her glasses, Jodi’s eyes followed her. And you could see an expression on Jodi’s face that sort of said “Thank you. You are the ONLY person who is truly believing me and acknowledging what I’ve gone through.”

            I’m sure the jurors are watching Jodi’s expressions closely throughout all of this.

      • (Am the good juror)
        #1 #2 can be countered by the fight or flight gut reaction of a small woman armed only with a knife against an enraged 200 lbs wounded man in a small room. Don’t stop till the guy is dead, or you’re dead if he can still move and grab you. Dr Samuels covered that also.
        #3 She admitted to killing in self-defense, not to murder. She can walk if I think it may have happened that way. She did testify with emotion at times (crying about Travis), has never been treated for PTSD, and has been in jail several years non-stop thinking about her life. Hard to be emotional about it all the time now.

        • Well if it were premeditated like the state wants everyone to think with the gas cans the rented car the dead cell the license plates upside down brings the gun that was suppose to be stolen from grandpas then why did`nt she just shoot him in bed while he was sleeping why fight with a 200 lb abuser taking the risk of getting killed herself…sadly this just doesn`t make sense to me and hopefully we get a jury that has common sense and sends this young lady home the only thing Jodi is guilty of is lying and she has done time served…,

        • Viri, good points. But I wonder if the jury really understands PTSD and the “flat affect” from what Dr. Samuels testified to. Perhaps if ALV hammers it home and I’m hoping she will do so. It seems that she has already undone some of the damage JM did to Dr. Samuels’ testimony regarding giving books, etc. When she said she did the same thing, it made JM’s arguments about that being unethical seem ridiculous. JW was very clever in the way she brought that out. I think she can also undo some more damage if she discusses PTSD and trauma in abuse victims.

          She’s a very likable lady. She speaks the jurors’ language. She speaks to them. She has years and years of experience. If she can explain about PTSD, I think the jurors may “get” it.

          If JM goes at ALV like he did Dr. S and Jodi, I think he will really turn the jury off. I wouldn’t put it past him to ask about ALV’s sexual orientation though, although I can’t see the relevance. He might risk it though, just to make the jury suspicious that she is a lesbian. The jury may well be wondering about her haircut, but she said she has children, so they may just think she’s a busy lady who doesn’t have time to bother with a more elaborate hairdo. I have a straight female friend with a similar haircut and everyone immediately assumes she’s a lesbian.

          If the jury even accepted JM’s insinuation that Dr. S was infatuated with Jodi, I don’t think they’ll accept an insinuation that ALV is also infatuated with her. I mean, after all, while Jodi is really good looking, it is beyond far-fetched to believe that two professional psychotherapists would fall in love with her while performing their duties. Also, while JM made Dr. S look sloppy in his recordkeeping, ALV seems very organized and I think he would have a tough time making her look that way. Really, his only winning point with ALV will be to get across that she relied on what Jodi told her, and Jodi is a liar. The emails the defense cleverly got in through the back door make that difficult though because Jodi wasn’t the only person saying Travis was abusive.

          • Also Abused,

            Do you really think many members of the jury are that stupid that they actually believe for one second that a professional had a crush on Jodi? While they may not be educated, I would think many of of them have common sense. Common sense is something that one doesn’t learn in school either.

              • The Casey jury had two college educated people on it I believe. The rest were working class and they said the evidence just wasn’t there. They were also sequestered. IMO, sequestering is very important in cases such as these. If I were to concern myself with anything, it would be that the jury isn’t sequestered.

                Another point – People do not understand, or aren’t willing to respect the constitution. Did you know the casey haters passed around a petition garnering thousands of signatures asking the government to make jurors educated, free from any mental defect such as any past history of mental illness including depression? The list was so long and offensive. Basically, nobody would qualify to serve on a jury except those trained to understand forensics, etc.

                Travistown now has a petition called Travis law with three thousand signatures so far asking that the constitution be rewritten to exclude any “hearsay” evidence that defames a victim’s character!? Another petition the Casey haters started asked the federal government to retry casey which would essentially throw out double jeopardy? And a great many of these people were educated! I don’t understand people anymore. I don’t get angry a lot but when people want to fool with the constitution ( my rights, your rights) I begin to wonder what defines intellect.

                Sorry for venting. I’ve been stewing about travis law for awhile now. It’s scary to me that people are asking that our rights be amended like this.

                • “hearsay”?
                  It wouldn’t apply here anyway.
                  Emails, telephone, texts, journal, letters, photos are not hearsay. They’re forensic evidence. Neither is Jodi’s testimony.
                  They don’t have a chance with this stuff. Maybe they can pass it as a town ordinance.

      • AA,

        About the overkill; that’s the part that has worried me all along especially the neck wound. I think that neck wound, in itself is going to prevent a complete acquittal. The rest of the knife wounds, other than the one stab to the chest are superficial. The question is how much does the defense want to get into the gore in its closing. Depending on how JM goes about his closing, they might have the opening, to address it first and then move on so distancing it from the rest of their arguments. Most of those wounds are superficial and obviously while in the throes of a tussle. The back wounds for the most part are slashes. You can tell that by the size. The chest wound shows the width of the blade and the back wounds are slashes. So are the wounds to the head, and the ME said they were impact wounds. So that’s just someone flailing around and its almost like those were defensive wounds on the part of Jodi being the defender. The hand wounds are defensive and so again in the heat of the fight. The ME testified that the chest wound was incapacitating. It’s that last neck wound that is the problem, and I’ve always maintained that. I think the defense can, and should argue that once she failed to incapacitate him, and he kept coming, and she is fighting for her life, it becomes unreasonable to stop, or on the converse reasonable to expect someone to make sure the attacker stops. There are two other points that can be brought in, the wisdom of doing which is beyond my ken. The first is that it can be shown that victims of abuse, when they finally break tend to overkill, there’s plenty of evidence of this from past cases. The second is that, even though AZ law does require limits to use of force in self defense, they do recognize that under such cases things can get out of hand and have defined a class of homicide that covers that exact scenario and it is the lowest degree of culpable homicide – manslaughter.

        The sex tape goes to show that TA’s behavior toward Jodi was somewhat beyond the pale with his talk of rape and tree tying etc. Also the talk of the 12 year old etc tend to corroborate Jodi’s testimony about the age issue. That is all – it adds to corroboration and is another layer.

        I sort of agree with you on Dr Samuels. Some of the sloppiness was detrimental. The real value to Dr Samuels testimony lies in his explanation of the physiological effects of acute stress. Can’t pour the milk back into the bowl, but I wish they’d left it there. That is all that needs to be argued – that acute stress in a life or death scenario causes a physiological reaction in the body and that can lead to enhanced strength, lack of clear thinking and dissociative amnesia. The clearest way for them to rehabilitate Dr Samuels would be to simply ask those questions of the prosecution expert. She will have no option but to agree. The rest of that stuff doesn’t matter, though some of it may go to the weight of proving DV.

        All of the DV testimony in this case is being presented for the following reason – a normal person would say, and quite rightly, that in usual circumstances you don’t have someone threaten the other one with their life just because they dropped a camera, and even if that threat is made it isn’t one somebody would take seriously. The defense argues that this was not an isolated incident, but in fact the culmination of a pattern of steadily growing levels of abuse. The state would then argue, and in fact JM has done so in some of the questions he’s asked Jodi, that if TA was abusive why didn’t she just walk away from him. And that is why ALV’s testimony is so crucial. Firstly it will show that there is a profile for abusers that TA fits, given his actions and the circumstances of his life. Secondly she will show that there are women who, given certain conditions in their life, accept the abuse, and in fact keep returning to the abuser. This is a phenomenon, that most people have read of, or heard of on TV, or seen in the movies. But you need someone, with the necessary qualifications and experience to assure you that not only does this happen, but given the circumstances of these two peoples lives, it is quite likely that it would happen.

        Now you’re left with the could happen situation and you need some argument to show that it wasn’t just a possibility but an actuality. This is where those emails come in – showing that even some friends were aware that it did happen, and that abuse was a part of TA’s makeup.

        In as far as the jury not being allowed to see the emails, I have no idea how they will react. Juries, everyday are faced with bounds that to a normal person would seem outrageous. Things are said on the stand and then the jury is told to disregard them because they are hearsay, and evidence is presented and juries are told to disregard them because the question was beyond the scope. Unfortunately I’ve never been on a jury. I’ve been called up a few times, and been summarily rejected every time. Lawyer friends tell me that it has to do with my occupation and level of education. They say that in almost every case one side or the other doesn’t want too much analysis of their case and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering is not going to make it past peremptory challenges.

        Jodi’s demeanor o the stand is actually very understandable to me, and more so if they’ve ever watched her while some of the other witnesses were testifying. She is a smart, bright young woman with a quick wit. Her time on the stand was far from stoic. Emotionally she was all over the place, from subdued, to quirky, to lamenting, to fighting back vigorously. Plus, the jury knows she’s spent almost 5 years in jail. That has to have sapped her some, and it shows in a comparison between old pictures and tapes and what you see now.

        But like you said, I’m not on the jury either.

        • “Lawyer friends tell me that it has to do with my occupation and level of education. ”

          I think this is ridiculous. If I were to have a need for a jury, I would want more educated people on the jury and less people like my own extended family.

          • It’s a known fact that jurors are comprised of less educated people, in general. Highly educated people don’t have time for long jury trials and find ways to get out of it during voir dire. One guy I know showed up in a tye-dye t-shirt, shorts, and with 3 days of stubble. He wasn’t chosen.

            • i wouldn’t sell a person short because they didn’t go to college. While I’m college educated, my husband is working class. My grandpa was a mechanic, the other a railroad worker. My nana is is 86, and didn’t make it past the 8th grade. She sees that Jodi was abused and Juan is lying and I didn’t know she was watching the trial until yesterday. My non college educated family was/is very aware of issues impacting society. I also know some real idiots that graduated college that would ask the same dumb questions some of the jurors did.

              • Indeed JC. Education and intelligence are certainly not synonymous with one another. I’ve known some pretty dumb people with a long list of educational achievements. And look at Jodi, she dropped out of high school, but it’s quite obvious that she’s a highly intelligent woman.

                I’m really impressed with your grandmother. This is really great to hear and gives me hope that the jury will come to similar conclusions.

        • I have never been a juror either, Al. I’ve also never been involved in working for a law firm in a case where the jury could ask questions of the witnesses immediately after their testimony. While it wouldn’t be practical, I almost with they could reserve their questions until the end of each case and then recall those witness for whom they still had questions. I say this because the testimony builds on itself as each witness is called. And it seems the jurors, after hearing ALV, may now have questions they wish they had asked of Dr. S.

          I have a friend at work who has been on two juries — both murder trials. I am going to ask him how he would feel about the emails and how he thinks a jury would handle it.

          I agree with you that the neck wound is the really problematic one. The jury got to know her, saw how bright she is, and they have to be thinking that this girl could have done just about anything in life, if only she didn’t meet the wrong guy(s). But I know juries have a very tough time with a total acquittal in these cases. I think if manslaughter is on the table for them, that’s a choice they may very well take. Regardless of what JM does from this point forward, with those emails out there through the back door, I honestly believe murder one and especially the death penalty are off the table for the jury.

          Unfortunately though, I would have to disagree with you about the average person’s understanding of DV. Yes, some people have seen The Burning Bed or Sleeping With The Enemy or heard about Josh Powell or some other case. From my own experience as a DV victim without children, I could not even begin to tell you how many times I was asked “Why didn’t you just leave?” And we were married and living in the same house — which Jodi wasn’t. Another commonly asked question is “Why didn’t you tell anyone?” These are both issues Jodi faces.

          All I can hope is that someone on that jury either was in or knows someone who was in abusive relationship and can explain to the other jurors, as many of us here have done on this site. Then again, there are many abused women out there who are angry with Jodi for claiming abuse when they say they were “real” abuse victims, and she wasn’t. So, that could go one of two ways. While I can’t bring myself to read the hater sites, I’m wondering if anyone here has seen any type of change of heart from those women now that the emails were discussed.

      • The only evidence we have of stalking is TA’s friends who are going by what TA told them, JA did say they exchanged passwords to establish trust, so would that be considered stalking behavoir? I just don’t know, because in the early days of my relationship with my husband, I would go through his wallet. Sneaky, yes, but would it be considered stalking? I think if JM had any proof about that and the tires, he would be all over it. Which by the way how come we’ve never heard from anyone that they replaced the tires. Don’t you think HLN would have that person on in a heartbeat. And also I think I heard that Flores said he felt the stalking talk was overblown.

        • Yes, but JM’s going to bring some of that to bring up the so-called jealousy motive, the ‘obsessed woman who stalked Travis’ then decided to kill him.
          The defense will have to counter it with what you say, plus that it was Travis who lied about her, to isolate her further and justify his seeing her. He was the one who was addicted to using her for his deviant sex and punching bag needs.

      • The only “evidence” of any stalking was Lisa Diadone and Mimi Hall saying that Travis said some ex girlfriend was stalking him, Which ex girlfriend?

    • I am a paralegal, back in college to forward my education, and honestly, Al, you missed your calling! You are far more versed in law than any attorney I have dealt with or professor. Truth! 🙂

    • Al, you’ve summed it up.

      About the license plates, you said about the defense:

      The tag plates the’re just going to have to wave their hands around about and dismiss it as inconsequential.

      LOL But if I were the defense attorneys, I would say, well if the prosecution is saying she chose a white car because it would be less likely to be pulled over, less likely to be detected by police as she drove through Arizona, then why would she turn her license plate upside down? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? And she WAS pulled over eventually for that very thing.

      About the stalking, I suppose JM will play that up in closing arguments. Jealousy. Stalking. Obsession. I think the defense has done a good job by asking pointed questions like, were the roommates warned about the dangerous stalker? But I wish they had somehow disallowed Mimi Hall’s testimony about the slashed tires. It was completely hearsay. I’m absolutely convinced now that Jodi was NOT stalking Travis. That he led his friends to believe that to explain her coming and going to his house at night. I’m convinced that Lisa Andrews’ ex-boyfriend slashed the tires and sent the threatening e-mail. Travis accused Jodi and let the lie float because it worked well for him. I think that in and of itself is emotionally abusive.

      • The thing is, I’m convinced that the stalking simply isn’t true, but I’m reading all sorts of stuff on the internet. What does the jury think? Is what’s been said in court enough to convince them?

    • 2. She couldn’t have climbed up and gotten the gun because
      a. TA owned no gun.
      b. The shelves were undisturbed
      3. The blood spatter evidence shows a low level impact spatter on the WC door jamb and toilet, which came from an impact while the blood source was about a foot above the ground, which meant that TA was on the ground when that wound took place, as was the source of the blood spatter near the scales and waste basket.

      Al, about 2a, I don’t think TA owning a gun or not owning a gun has been brought up in court in front of the jury. Maybe it was and I missed it?

      About the blood spatter (3), I don’t think forensics has been gone into much in this trial. Maybe because she’s admitting to the killing and the only question is why. But if they bring up the blood spatter by the toilet and door jamb, well that couldn’t have come from the shooting, because the shooting happened too far away on the other side of the bathroom. I’m not sure but I think there is blood by the shower that proves that. I could be wrong on that. But I think the defense would say that that blood spatter by the toilet and door jamb came from a stab. The thing is, didn’t Nurmi asked the medical examiner if the stab wounds on the back could have come from her facing him, right up against him, and moving over his shoulder? Notice almost all the wounds on the back are slashes. If they were wrestling, and Jodi was trapped underneath him trying to get out from under him, stabbing over his shoulder, these blood splatters would fit. The blood spatter would have come from about a foot off the ground. I think many of the wounds and the blood on the walls show that they were wrestling with each other, which really fits with self defense.

      The thing is, Nurmi asks his questions so gently, I hope his points don’t get lost. When I read comments from people on other sites, it seems to me they don’t hear one word Nurmi or JW say!! I hope the jury is listening more attentively.

      • TTFO,

        About the gun, JM has questioned her about it, but you’re right there has been no evidence presented by either side about whether TA owned one or not. I think that JM would be wise to not bring any of TA’s friends to the stand, because a) they will be too biased, and b) they’ve yakked it up o TV and there are snippets in there about their descriptions of TA’s behavior vis a vis girls that the defense would love to have in front of the jury.

        Again you’re right about the back wounds and actually it was Jennifer. The blood spatter was presented by JM. The real issue is he made a big deal during the testimony about the impact spatter on the door jamb being from a source that was low. I think he’s going to try and connect that to the shot. On the other hand I believe that the cause of that spatter is better explained by the back and head wounds which are slash type wounds and could have happened while they were fighting on the ground. So in fact in this case the blood spatter actually better represents the defense case, which was why Nurmi did such a cursory cross of the blood spatter expert and I think it’ll play big in the closing, especially the aspirated spatter on the sink.

  48. I don’t understand why these two, who at some point were concerned about Travis’ abuse of Jodi and knew him to be abusive enough to complain about it in EMAILS even, have later turned to hating her with a passion to see her dead.
    They weren’t friends with Travis family, were they? They weren’t friend enough with Travis to talk to him frankly instead of emailing him. So what’s up with them? Why the obsession to get Jodi?

    • Simple answer: Jodi’s story (abusive, pedophile) hurts PPL now known as Legal Shield. Travis was a speaker for the company. Scandal does not help the company, unless it’s in their favour. “Altar-boy type Mormon gave his all for his company, was a virgin, but killed by stalker.” Imagine headline as about Edwards in the presidential run, which says “Travis Alexander, victim, alleged to be an abuser and a pedophile.” Which one are you more likely to purchase?

      • Ok, so all financial motives, makes sense. Was Hughes Travis’ boss?
        Somehow I got the feeling in these ‘motivating’ videos where he loved to play the gay guy part to entertain the troops that he was the ‘clown’ of the company used for that purpose, and kept at bay otherwise.

        • Boss? No. There is no actual boss when you’re an independent contractor. However Hughes was his upline, as I understand it. Therefore, Hughes was obligated to assist him in succeeding, and his success helped Hughes profit. These MLM systems are strange that way.

    • Because, sometimes you take your friends for what they are, and even though you talk to them candidly and hope they change, as the Hughes did, you don’t want to see them die.

      As Chris Hughes put it, with eloquence and I think true feeling, he doesn’t like Jodi because “she murdered my friend in cold blood”.

  49. Very Curious!
    Does anyone know if Chris Hughes and David Huges are brothers?
    David is the one that said that he introdused Travis and Jodi
    and is also the one that said that he got a message just saying Travis is dead,
    BUT they went on to their trip and wasn’t very concerned until they
    returned from Cancun????

    • Good question, Aly. I don’t know the answer, but I hope someone does. Hughes is a common name, but in that circle???

      • Thanks Also and Debbie.
        David said that he was the one that introduced Travis and Jodi,

        They’ve left that part of his interview with JVM, but he also said that he got a message just saying Travis Is Dead, but that they went on to Cancun anyway.
        Jane said, I ‘m sure it wan’t a very fun trip after that and he said no it wasn’t.
        HOWEVER, that last part as been removed and can’t find it on Google or You Tube.

        He said that they went on to Cancun and discussed it there with their ppl friends.

        Don’t you think that’s crazy? 5 days??

  50. if she was so enraged and obsessed with travis with all the butt sex why did she no use the knife were it count. he had no damage there and if i was his killer and mad as hell the would be the first place i would cut.

      • Very good point. Cut his thang off, but she never did.

        Also, why not get pregnant by him? I know they didn’t often have vaginal sex, but she could have tempted him to, since he was so enamoured by her (per the defense). And she could easily have tempted him to ejaculate close to her vagina, right?

        • She could have told him she was on the pill and lied. Then when she got pregnant, just said it didn’t work. Not like he could prove it. None of those methods are 100% effective.

          • I had a friend tell me one time her husband would only do oral or in the butt. An I thought that was disgusting they were married for crying out loud. But she said he wanted to make sure she never had another baby they had one child a son an he did not want any more children but my friend did. So if she wanted sex it had to be oral or anal nothing else. Needless to say they did not stay married for long. He was banging some other woman an got her knocked up ! some men are just strange.

            That could be a bond we will never know about. One that makes people crazy to actually get pregnant an the man does not want it an asks you to get rid of it. So you do. He is trapped with guilt an you are too the relationship is never healthy after that. There are plenty of men out there that will gladly pay for a abortion as not have a child with a woman they do not really love. Especially if they are all about money. Children cost a lot.

  51. when i watched the video of dave hall they was this other guy that say he was called the nite the body was found and he had a lab top and pulled a picture up to show the cop a photo of jodi Taylor Searle

  52. oh oh remember someone said she tore out pages of his jurnal could that be the letter they tried to interduce as travises

  53. If Travis truly believed Jodi was a physco an stalker etc. why did he keep her in the NUMBER ONE SPOT On his MY SPACE ACCOUNT. That right there shows me he was obsessive not Jodi. She has her sister on hers an only her sister. She does have another my space account though an Travis is number 10 on it. If you use MY SPACE you know you put your friends in ORDER as you want them. An to the younger generation it is very important what number you are in those boxes I have seen people actually say to others WOW I can’t believe I am number 10 or not even in your box of top friends.

    An I would think if Travis was spreading these rumors of JODI an dating other woman why would he leave her in that NUMBER ONE SPOT it makes no sense to me ? so who is obsessive about who? makes me wonder?

    I also think it is freaking WEIRD that people feel so insecure that they trade passwords to keep up with one another. My own daughter does this an I told her that guy was a freaking nut case. He actually goes on her account an then LIKES all his stuff on FB I told her that is so weird he has a problem.

    Do people not understand big deal you can trade that account but a seriously sneaky person will
    just open an FAKE ACCOUNT under a alias? an carry on that way with women or men or whatever.
    My daughter will not listen though as I am sure Jodi would not listen some people just do not see
    pure WEIRDNESS when they are in LOVE an think everyone is against them when they try an show
    something is not NORMAL in the relationship. But trading passwords is very immature I truly do think.

  54. I just watched the video of Skye Hughes on day 18 of the trial she CLEARLY STATED that she has watched the trial and feeds information to JM,Then when Kirk hits the judge with the greatest hits list,the judge said that she never heard her say that,WHAT IS THIS SOME JOKE,maybe she needs a hearing aid or at least pay more attention to the trial,I hope at some time they could go back to the court reporter and find Skyes words.Again more proof of the media swaying the trial against Jodi.JM called the defences motion of a mistrial a SHAM,well said Juan,too bad you dont get the context of misconduct,how is JM allowed to stoop to his dirty antics and the judge continues to allow this.Jodis life is on the line here and JM wants an execution.The DV expert though has him skirming,but Im sure he will dig up some dirt to discredit her or some all of a sudden never seen video footage about Jodi will surface.How did the interrogation room footage surface,it could only be let out by the cops. I state again with much anger that Jodi is being railroaded and this trial has been tainted by the media and public opinnion of it from the media circus.I am a dreamer and would like to see Jodi walk,perhaps it will be so.


  56. My father told me that i was the devil when I was 9 yrs old. I guess he felt that I tempted him as a grown man towards molesting me repeatedly starting when I was 5 yrs old. My entire life has been full of fear and self loathing. I hated myself and felt that whenever something went wrong in my life, it was because I was such a terrible person and I deserved nothing good. My feelings get hurt when I am snapped at. I have never been able to stand up for myself. I let people talk down to me and treat me like garbage because I felt like garbage. I am extremely sensitive and cannot handle being rejected or feeling rejected. I have a hard time articulating thoughts sometimes, because my thoughts are often scrambled.

    This is why I feel so much compassion for Jodi. I see something in her that reminds me of myself. I am here to support Jodi throughout this trial and after. I have never been in her position but I have felt very alone most of my life and wished that someone would have said I understand you, I believe you and i’m sorry.

    • I am so so sorry Trixels that you had a horrible horrible Evil father you were not Evil he was. That makes me terribly sad. Many hugs an prayers for you sweety. An yes it is nice you still have compassion an much empathy for others as it seems a lot of people do not anymore in life.

      Nothing compared to what you went through but my mother died when I was 3 an my father would tell me all the time I should have gave you away like all my friends an family told me too. Or he would say your lucky I kept you I could have left you bla bla bla took me years to get over that. I blocked out much of my childhood as he was not a nice man.

      I think it is a fact everyone does not deserve to have children let alone any animals as they have no empathy no compassion for anything or anyone but themselves it is truly disgusting to me how some people are in life an get away with it every day.

    • Oh Trixels, I’m soooo sorry. For that kind of abuse to start at such an early age is just abominable. I understand, although mine started so much later. I was raped anally by my stepfather when I was 15. He always made me feel like it was my fault that he was “tempted” by me because I have large breasts and he saw me once walking from the bathroom to my bedroom with just a towel wrapped around me. I know exactly what you mean by feeling like garbage. I think it leaves us as “damaged goods” and something that is so difficult to recover from. It’s only now at 47 years of age, while experiencing real love, that I’m even beginning to address some of how that left me. I have always felt so alone.

      I just want you to know that throughout the time I’ve been here, I have loved loved loved your posts. You mean a lot to me. You are always so kind and compassionate to others that post here. And you’re extremely thoughtful and super super intelligent. Whenever I see “Trixels” I always rush to read your posts and always find something meaningful in them. You are a very special person. I may not have said this before, but I felt it. I hope you believe me.

      • Also Abused I am sorry to read that also that kind of torture of anyone I can’t understand why it goes on. It truly makes me upset. It is hard to believe that people that have been through such acts do become more compassionate instead of hateful. I know it does make people have more empathy for others that is for sure.

        An your posts also I watch for yours as I do relate a lot too you. I pray for all of us that have been abused one way or another to have peace an me I just push my thoughts back an then I can’t remember anymore. I am one to forgive very easily also but I never really forget I just chose not to speak about it unless it is like on here an others understand what I am trying to say even.

        Bless y’all

    • Trixels and Rhonda, this is horrible, im so sorry that you both had to endure this type of abuse. This is the worst, when grown people hurt children and blame THEM. THESE are the people that need to be locked up and put on the DP (imo), I just HATE HATR when children are put in these horrible lifestyle, the pain and hurt I feel for you and all the children now, that are going through it. I wish I can take them all in and take care of them all. : ((

      You are special for alot of reasons and one is for being here snd supporting Jodi. Your not full of hate and resentment, you guys still have love and compassion and that’s whay matters. Take care and have a Happy Easter and happy spring!!!

      • Bless you LC 😉

        I wish too I could just take all the pain away from everyone an rid the world of evilness.

        Hope you had a nice Easter weekend an YES SPRING Is here lovely day in Alabama today it was ♥

    • me too trixels my sister says the same about me she can stand her grown she has never been in a abusive relationship I had 3 out of the frying pan and into another now im alone and happy to be that way i have my 2 cats and 3 bird that love me that all i need now will never have a man use me again im 63 now and content. have no children because of my first husband who picked up a whore in FT worth tx and then gave it to me and i didn’t know and caught something that sent me to the emergency room had my it removed and now childless …

      • Oh that is so sad! I’m sorry for your pain. Years ago, the first abusive ex gave me chlamydia. I was one of the very lucky ones who got sick immediately because the disease usually doesn’t manifest itself with a fever etc ( least that’s what the nurse said). I was so angry! We as women all have different deal breakers and him giving me that angered me so greatly I did tell people! Guess what? A cop showed up and told me that I could be charged with a crime for saying that??? This was in 1989.

    • Oh no Trixels I am so sorry you went through all this pain. But I am glad you shared this with us. I think a lot of us here can relate to Jodi in some way because she was abused and I think it helps to talk with others here who understand. I know we are here to support Jodi but we can also support each other.

    • Trixels,

      I have close friend who posts here occasionally that was sexually abused. She wouldn’t mind me saying that either because she tells her story to help people. I just would prefer her share her story. At any rate, this summer i started writing on a blog SJ created about Casey for me and why I believed she was abused as did my friend. I also read some books about incest. The blog is available for anyone to submit their story. We also have a blog called secondary wounding and you or anyone else can share your story, feelings etc on it. They are blogs to advocate the harm sexual abuse causes, it’s secrecy and affects.

      Sadly, it’s common for the perpetrator to blame the child. It’s a common theme and psychologists who have interviewed both victims and perps talked about how this blaming is prevalent.

      I just wanted to validate you in that you guessed correctly and it wasn’t your fault! I know you know this but I think hearing it always helps.

      For example, my ex is doing a life sentence for abusing two women and beating up the last ex gf’s boyfriend with a shovel! Yet, I still feel like if I hadn’t testified he wouldn’t be doing life because the habitual wouldn’t count. I know intellectually that I did the right thing. I know it isn’t my fault too. Yet at times, I still feel bad thinking about him having to be in prison for such a long time. I feel sorry for him because he lived through horrible abuses as a child. His childhood makes travis’ look like a walk in the park if that’s possible.

      So even after all the counseling I’ve been through, I still have these times where I feel like him doing time is my fault. Most of the time, I have a healthy attitude and know I did the right thing by testifying. Yet, it’s difficult to be healthy minded all the time.

      So I just wanted to tell you that I understand your pain and none of it was your fault.

  57. I want someone out there that has an old camera do me a favor. The camera on the top of the clothes is driving me crazy. I told my husband, I’ve did at least a million loads of laundry in my life time & I just can’t figure the memory card being in the bottom of the washer and the heavier item being on the top of the wash. Is it because it is plastic and could float? I have a camera similar and it’s pretty heavy.

    • I think that the roommates took out that laundry an did their own laundry an then put Travis’s laundry back in there that is why it is not in the SPIN look like when you open up a washing machine the items are tight those are all lose just sitting in there. They did the dryer the same way. As they stated they did laundry that week Travis was laying dead up there in his shower. They are the lazy types to pull out what is in there an do their own an put the others back in is what I think about that.

    • if you have watched after hours on HLN stuff where that have a jury they had the same camera that was at travises and jury said its heavy. good point you brought out and the clothes when you was them they are stuck to the side of the washing machine but not in the photo.

  58. While trying to learn more on mormons and their belief system…I stumbled upon this while googling.. .

    Click on the link below and read a lot of insightful information from a former mormon…it is written by Martin Wishnatsky…he is a graduate of Harvard College…and holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University.

    Just are just a few of the many things that he spoke of that caught my attention:

    1. “holy murder” practiced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…executions were carried out by a private police force known as the “High Police,” ….various forms in keeping with the temple oaths. ….slitting the throat…. most common.

    2. Joseph Smith…taught his followers to kill those who violated their covenants was praiseworthy in the eyes of God…the first endowment ceremony…

    3.The “Salt” Sermon…Sunday morning service in a neighborhood Mormon chapel… the bishop announced names of members who were “called” to new positions or “released” from old ones…the congregation “signify by the usual sign” their assent to the changes..The sign is the raising of the right hand… the right hand is raised “to the square,” for this is the position in which it is held when making covenants of blood in the Temple… such a ceremony often indicated that the death squad was about to march.

    4. W. H. Dame…a leader of the squad slit Green’s throat…he told Wardell that Green “had apostatized from the Church once, and he had apostatized again and gone to hell now.”

      • Thanks Tonya…I guessed I missed that discussion…I was thinking maybe that is why Chris and Sky Hughes is lying….maybe they are afraid of what will happen to them if they tell the truth…

        The way that I am reading some of this mormon tradition is that if a person takes a life of another person…kills that person (no matter if it was self-defense)..then that person must lose his own life…

        Maybe this is why so many of the friends have turned against Jodi…they know the truth..but they can’t speak the truth…according to some of that tradition information…a life must be taken either by the law or by someone else?????

        Am I reading this correctly?????

        • TruthSeeker, I feel that when JA says ‘self-defense’, she is speaking the truth. Except, the perpetrator she is defending herself against is ‘someone’ (intruder story) else, and not TA. JA made a mention that she had ‘chickened out like a b*tch’ – I think that she feels that TA died thinking she had escaped to get help, but instead, she had been so freaked out by what she had seen / heard, that all she could do was self-preservation, by getting out of there like a bat out of hell!

          Incase you have noticed, that the entire mob that is so vehement in their hatred and blame, seem to all use the same words and descriptions when referring to JA. For eg. ‘Souless’, ‘when we met her for the very first time itself we felt that there was something creepy about her’, etc. However, there are a smattering of a few individuals who have not used those specific terms to describe her, and they actually seem genuinely surprised to find JA to be responsible for this crime. Can’t r’mber his name , but he was on Dr. Flu (as I like to call him, coz whenever I watch him I feel flu-like symptoms coming on 🙂 ).

          There is more I would’ve liked to add to this, but I’m about to ‘blood-atone’ my tablet right about now as I’ve tried to pen things, and it keeps erasing it !!! 🙂

    • Hurray for you, Truthseeker, you are on to something!… The foreboding Mormon Temple’s Blood Oath says “a person’s throat must be slit ear to ear” for betraying his covenant and/or becoming unclean. That’s why I believe the Avenging Angels killed Travis Alexander, NOT JODI ARIAS!!! Why don’t me and you go on CNN with an UGLY pair of Mormon garments, show the naive and uninformed TV audience the occultic markings on them, at the heart , knee, and naval, which CORRESPOND TO THE STAB WOUNDS ON TRAVIS ALEXANDER. and illustrate how the other stab wounds were put there to make sure he was dead, and to make sure it would look like “Jodi killed him in jealous rage”, etc. the “jealous rage” story is bull pucker. Jodi could have paid for a stupid trip to Cancun herself. And she was drop dead gorgeous. She could have plenty of guys. She didn’t need a deviant pedophile like Travis. [The Mormon prophets had sex urges for underage girls, then commanded them to “marry them” as they were “inspired by God to take them on as their 23rd wife” etc. etc.] — The Mormon leaders in the old days were pedophiles, so that was all okay with Travie-Boy.] The Mormon PR Machine is covering up the TRUTH. Let’s all go on CNN fellow Jodi supporters. Yeah! Leave a message for me at my answering service if you can get in touch with Talent Booking for bleached blonde Eyelash Batter (Nancy Grace) Loudmouth Lame Jane Velez Mitchell (who has more compassion for a stray dog than Jodi being put to death), Cheshire Cat grinning Ryan Smith (let’s inform him on the Mormon attitude toward the Negro!) and goofy Dr. Drew (I’ll take the smirk off his face!) LETS GO FOR IT! GO TEAM JODI. P.S. Leave a message for me on my answering service at 718-406-1089.

  59. Trixels, I am so sorry to hear of your experience. And as you understand Jodi, I understand you. It is admirable that you are using your unfortunate experience in a positive man