Change of Venue + Hearing scheduled for 8 am

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Following on from Sunday’s Motion For Reconsideration for change of venue, and last week’s defense request to seal the twitter accounts of potential jurors — both of which Pickles took under advisement — the AZ State Circus rolls back into town today for an 8 am performance.

UPDATE: The hearing is over and it was sealed.

Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer:
Surprise! The Jodi Arias hearing was sealed. It’s over. Judge Stephens said it was “continued until a further date,” whatever that means.
Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer:
Groundhog’s Day: talking about the Arias retrial at one end of the hall, the Doody (re)retrial at the other. Where’s Chrisman today?
Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer:
Maybe we can just keep retrying the same cases over and over, like new seasons of cable TV drama series.



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  1. FIRST!!!!! (doing the happy dance) 😀 😀 😀

    So, that nutjob’s interview seems to have helped Jodi in the sense that it makes the Change of Venue motion relevant once more and Pickles looks as insanne as Cassandra if she is to deny it again!!
    Let’s see what today brings….

    • Hi Maria!

      Yes, let’s see what today’s BS Circus brings… because sometimes even the predictable can be unpredictable.

      Congrats on being first again too! I’ll give Pandora the good news when she wakes up :mrgreen:

      Σ ‘αγαπώ!

      Team Jodi

      • Hey SJ! NOT FAIR! (stomping foot!)

        I told you to wake me up when the new thread was up! Why did you let me sleep and I lost my opportunity to be ‘first’?! Why??? 😀

        I hope there isn’t a conspiracy going on behind my back between you and Maria… (raising eyebrow wondering)… If I find out that something is up, oh boy! you are both in trouble! (giggling)


    • (((((((Maria))))))) congrads on being ‘first’!

      Do ya think that pickles has finally seen the light? Oh-ohhhh, kermit is going to be pissed at her!

      Can’t wait to hear what happens!

  2. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 23m

    Waiting outside the Jodi Arias courtroom. Theoretically we will get in for part of it. Will Judge Sherry Stephens set a trial date today?

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 22h

    Jodi Arias attys file new motion to change venue after PHX TV station airs allegations by mentally incompetent woman that JA plans revenge.

  3. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 28s

    Surprise! The Jodi Arias hearing was sealed. It’s over. Judge Stephens said it was “continued until a further date,” whatever that means.

  4. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2m

    Maybe we can just keep retrying the same cases over and over, like new seasons of cable TV drama series.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 3m

    Groundhog’s Day: talking about the Arias retrial at one end of the hall, the Doody (re)retrial at the other. Where’s Chrisman today?

  5. Meanwhile, Jodi is left in a small cell while they all play hide and seek with the truth in AZ! Good Grief!
    Staying Positive Though. Thinking of the wonderful day Jodi will walk out of that horrible prison to freedom!!! Love to Jodi! 🙂

  6. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[LOVE TO JODI!]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    praying thing go well today, I have a good feeling! / Hope I am right !!!
    Thank you all for allowing me to post here, if I am Blowing up page with toooo many comments, I apologize, I had been “holding” my thoughts,to myself, and chewing my boyfriends ear off!
    My typing and spelling is improving!! hehe, I had a man fall asleep at the wheel and he hi me head on ,so I have not typed in sometime. I had a broken hand, and ATBI,
    Thank you all, for not being critical of my spelling,and allowing me to express myself with some pretty cool peeps!!!
    Madeline Biamonte C.T.

    • Madeline,
      Don’t you worry about anything concerning your typing or you writing your thoughts about Jodi and her case here. That’s what this site is here for, isn’t it?

      Your support as all other’s support is well valued!

      I hope your hand is healing.

    • HLN’s NG ran with Honey’s Boo boos last night (heard on Sirius XM) and brought on her cohorts to discuss it. Rene the Lawyer commented to the effect that if the prosecution supported [publicizing these allegations] that they must feel that they have a weak case. NG didn’t respond to Rene; instead immediately went “out to” another specialist in the law. NG finished up her hatchet job by alleging that Jodi is trying to fire Nurmi since Honey Boo-Boo has said this stuff on the air.

      Uh, timing, Nancy? Last night I tried to look up the date on Jodi’s 12 page letter to the Judge about her experiences with Nurmi, but couldn’t find it. Date of letter, anyone?

      • Correction: NG insinuated that Jodi was trying to fire Nurmi since the cellmate came forward with these allegations.

          • Yep, they should skip the trial and sentence Nancy Disgrace to death for running her filthy mouth and stirring up the pot and ruining people’s lives!
            DisGrace’s insane asinine insinuations are beneath contempt, she’s such a contemptuous media rat!
            I remember when she drove a mother to commit suicide, and her arrogant response was “don’t guilt-trip me!”. It’s unbelievable.

            • What is flagrantly unethical about HLN’s coverage of the Arias trial is that it seems most of their talking heads are pro-death penalty while they play fast and loose with the facts. That is the worst sort of corruption. It is intolerable, horrifying behavior on or off the air.

              I have never supported the death penalty. After becoming familiar with the inequities of its application, a person will typically conclude that the death penalty is wrong for the chief reason that killing is wrong.

              • Pray for change of venue. Saw interview in M. county 1 out of 30 people interviewed knew WHO JODI IS< AND THEY WANT DEATH.
                Only one person didn't know her.
                VERY SCARY FOLKS<
                Madeline CT

                • If this vid is anything to go by, things don’t look so bad for Jodi:

                  Of 80 people, 14 said they had never heard the name “Jodi Arias”. Of those 64 who knew the case only 45% said they had an opinion. And of those 45% only 27% want the DP.

                  I think even of they don’t grant the change of venue motion, Jodi still has a good chance of getting a fair retrial.

                  I pray for Jodi, I hope this jury will NOT vote for the DP! Also, all we need is at least ONE juror against the DP – which will amount to another hung jury and this time NO mistrial – the DP is off the table for good.

                  So again I’m feeling hopeful!

        • Whichtrial,

          NG is such a f*cking shit stirrer. She strives on making Jodi look like the worst person in the entire world. If NG is even considering that honey boo-boo is credible on what she says, then NG is suffereing from extreme delusion.

          HLN and NG have caused great damage to Jodi’s case. It puzzles me that so many people are gullible to all the crap that has been served and fed to them by that channel. It is a channel that tittle tattles about everything and is at the least trustworthy.

          • I woke up this morning thinking about the juror who said he couldn’t vote for death because he felt that the prosecutor was “hiding something”. Doesn’t that amount to the case not having been “proven [to him] beyond a reasonable doubt” during the guilt phase? Did he put this notion [of not having been presented with sufficient facts] out there to the other jurors during the deliberations on guilt? Was that genuine concern shared and freely discussed?

            What you have, finally, in a DP case, is jurors feeling unduly freighted with the burden of sentencing, to the detriment of their first task of deciding guilt or innocence. If this juror’s comment doesn’t prove that that FLAW exists and presents a substantial risk to the proper administration of justice in our system, nothing would!

              • IMO, the five jurors who voted premeditated only did so on the weight of the neck wound, and the AZ position that ‘premeditation’ can be formed in the instant before one kills. They might have been willing to believe that the rest of the wounds happened in a struggle to defend herself, but thought she had to have *decided* to kill him before she cut his throat.

                That neck wound image was a difficult thing to get around.

                • Yes, but according to the state’s theory, she had planned it well in advance, which doesn’t tie in with that “instant before” thing.
                  Martinez was all over the map.

                • five voted premeditated ONLY

                  seven voted premeditated AND felony murder (IOW, *whatever you say, Mr. Juanderful!*)

                • You are exactly right – the jurors could not get around the neck wound. This is why she was convicted. Jodi’s defense team failed miserably to explain the wounds inflicted upon Travis. They failed in their duty to fight for Jodi by hiring experts that could explain each and every wound. I have shown this link before but it may be worth repeating this link that gives a thorough and full explanation of all the knife wounds including the neck wound: If her defense team had mounted a vigorous defense they would have addressed all the knife wounds on Travis. They did not. They only addressed insufficiently the bullet wound from the .25 gun and they allowed the prosecution to parade a false narrative about the gun shot wound in front of the jury. They failed in their duty to put on a full and vigorous defense for Jodi. They failed to even understand the knife fight that Jodi was involved in when fighting for her life.

          • Pandora, ….”and is at the least [un]trustworthy…” – agreed! HLN has dipped below the lowest common denominator of critical thinking and understanding.

            What they promise at HLN is that they’re going to put the “monster” back in the cage. They always have to have a “monster”. All of the great charlatans of history have held out this sort of hope.

            HLN: “News” [pinpoint font] and “Views” [billboard-sized font].

            • In other cases, like this one when a victim has been injured and brutality has occurred. IN THE PAST, pictures of the victims are passed to the jury. NOT BLOWN UP ON A HUGE SCREEN! ——-> IT was tactile move by Jaun. I don’t have any respect for someone who would want to do such a gruesome thing.
              The jury could have seen the photos. In a more tasteful way.
              This Blowing up the pictures of the victims body ,and displaying him like a mutilated
              Cow, was uncalled for. Juan could have made whatever his point was without the ” show.”
              Juan obviously wanted the jury to be biased by the screeches,and the ” fainting” remarks,or outbursts,by the victims family.
              That is exactly what you have to do when you have a case with subjective evidence,a racist jury,and a religious cult with secrets.
              Most policemen and prosecutors would not have taken the case. Too much doubt. Unless they evened out the playing ( home field.)
              Juan ,however was used to these strange Mormon murder cases, having put other women to to death row. Only by sparring with witnesses,and using yelling,theatrics,throwing evidence around the court room. Embossing facts into LIES, LIES ,into FACTS .
              A great self promoter , with his career his obvious obsession.
              I think ,he wanted to ” take Jodi on.” ___like running an Olympic race. The ULTIMATE test of his manipulator mind. The biggest narcissist parasite in that court room.
              In order to win, he would have to use his own peers, to lie and purge themselves for him.
              Juan being the ultimate,powerful liar,even talked about himself in a 3rd person. Talk about nuts??!!
              ” It’s the prosecutors fault you are having problems ?” __JM
              ” Does it matter to you if the procuter is angry ?” _____JM
              NOW,____ WHERE IS THE JUDGE???? , bc I don’t give a shit, Juan was throwing HIMSELF in there,to make a confusing outcome.
              The ULTIMATE smoke and mirror show ,I have ever seen.
              The defense needed to keep Jodi off the stand. It hurt her , more then helped , according to jury. They need forensic experts to get the truth ,that Palm prints, and Hair are subjective evidence. The motive was proved, to be bullshit. TRAVIS loved this smart, articulate, outgoing , beautiful woman. Travis’s friends are the ones who hated her, wanted her out of his life.
              See , Jodi was not like any of them. She was a hot LATINO woman, and made T-dogg into her puppy.
              They were traveling, and exploring the world together. I just don’t see the motive there. HE never stopped calling, texting and continued seeing her. JODI wasn’t his drug. Money and his ego ,were his “addiction.” Obviously if you look at the books he read.
              I believe the same person who SLASHED his tires, killed him. It takes a brave person ,to knock first, then destroy property…or destroy property,and then knock and run away. It is a brave act, of someone not afraid of being confronted, if chased down. When Lisa (TA’s) girlfriend gave the police the scary religious banter threat letter. You mean they can’t trace the email address to the letter ? ? Did they test the letter for any fingerprints….u never know.
              SO , WHERE IS THE MOTIVE. ???
              Overall, It was an unfair TRIAL, pujury ,prejudice,and predictable.
              (((((( JODI)))))) ——
              MADELINE, aka Mindy Biamonte CT

          • NG put out a story from a JA cellmate who was legally certified as NOT CREDIBLE, then NG tried to give the person’s words about Jodi CREDIBILITY by suggesting that Jodi had taken protective action when the story received public attention, because/as if the allegations from the not credible individual had actually contained some truth. False, and false linkage.

              • That’s right; she ran with the boo boos after Troy. She “put it out there” with her own spin.

                BTW sorry I misinterpreted your earlier post about the premeditation voting.

                I read the Jury instructions on Felony Murder with an eye toward intent v.s. premeditation. There are two separate chunks that must both be proved just for the Second Degree Burglary requirement of the Felony Murder charge and of course Juan didn’t deliver on either of them.

                I keep thinking that if another jury is seated for a shorter version of the trial and Juan is not afforded the amount of time he had before to induce group “hypnonausea”, that some of the jurors might seriously question whether the facts of the case really add up at all.

                Absent JM’s exhausting, drawn out questioning and theatrics, (AKA ‘The Distractions”) they might notice that Jodi never tried to hide the gas, and that someone drove with her to the car rental place. They might recall the many times they’ve turned off their phone to save the battery when they were alone in the car. Some might remember the social awkwardness they experienced as they tried to end one entangled relationship so that they could get a fresh start on another. The significance of the fight not starting for over twelve hours after Jodi arrived at Travis’s might figure to a greater degree in their evaluation of premeditation, diminishing the probability of it. They might take the written autopsy report more seriously than Horne’s evasions. They might be scratching their heads at the Felony Murder Charge as they wonder at what residence the alleged “burglary” actually took place.

                What would happen next if someone selected for the second jury, an honest person who knew nothing of the case before, raised their hand and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t vote for death, and I must admit that I don’t even believe that the defendant is guilty of these charges” ?

        • She appears to have a very tenuous relationship with reality.

          I will not throw around the words/diagnoses they like to throw around on that network, but from my observations, truth and fiction are completely interchangeable to Ms. Grace, according to convenience.

        • Thank you, Maria! It read to me as if Jodi worked on that letter for quite some time before she let it out of her hands, and I think she even tried to replace Nurmi months earlier, maybe back in May.

          • Whenever it was it was very apparent that she felt that Nurmi was not working on her behalf at all. She had been wanting a new attorney for a long time. How I wish she could have gotten one. But, maybe now that Nurmi knows how everyone is watching his every move he will try harder for her. Don’t waste your time watching or listening to Nancy Grace or any other of HLN’s puppet heads. They are disgusting vultures! LOVE TO JODI!!!

            • R. Love, I will continue to check in on NG and HLN from time to time. I not going to ignore her or that sleazy network any more than geebee ignores Horne’s egregious misrepresentations about his own reports or any more than Maria ignores the sheriff’s sadistic treatment of those prisoners he is responsible for. These are dangerous people. it does no good to turn away when people are being influenced and hurt by their abuses of power.

              If you’ve ever had a discussion with an educated, thoughtful person about Jodi’s case and realized that the person you are speaking with is using language that is almost verbatim what NG, DP, or her associates have said, you have to know that HLN has more power and sway than a hateful blog, unfortunately.

              People come to this site for greater accuracy on the issues in Jodi’s case after picking up information from television. They’ve said so time and again. I hope you realize that I’m not angry with you for suggesting that I shouldn’t waste my time on NG. I totally understand why you would say that. I simply don’t consider it a waste of my time to support Jodi by criticizing irresponsible media reports about her and the case. And I don’t feel it is unproductive to ask other posters for help in correcting disinformation that has been broadcast repeatedly.

                • You know what. . . you are so right and I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thank you so much! I myself just can’t stomach the horrible portrayal of Jodi that they dish out. It is unfair for them to be the judge and the jury when all they care about it self promotion. The HLN network should be banned. They are doing our society enormous harm with their inaccurate and hateful broadcasting. (Not only to Jodi either) I am thankful you can help in that area because I can’t bear to hear them talk about Jodi the way the do. I consider them lower than whale poop!

              • Whichtrial,

                I have had the same sense about hln. I would make sure I knew what they were saying during Jodi’s trial. I felt it was too dangerous not to know what poison they were spreading. Exactly how you explain. All of us have our own tolerances.
                I haven’t watched hln lately due to scheduling. As a group, we can cover a lot depending on what each will tolerate.

    • I can’t find any report of why Cassandra Collins was in jail. I believe that if a cellmate said that Jodi Arias was a great person and there was no way she was guilty of first degree murder, the media would be going to any means necessary to find out what crime the cellmate had been charged with committing. Has anyone heard what the charges against the cellmate were?

        • Hey, when you all looked at this piece did you notice the article about Arpaio’s epic failure? He had his officers do a crime sweep of about a 40 mile area (pulling people over to just check them out even if they hadn’t done anything wrong) because one of his officers was killed and guy who did it was already in jail. He had a planned community outreach meeting which he didn’t attend and apparently no one else did either. Sounds like the people are getting a little fed up with him. It’s about time! I just find it interesting; how on earth did he get his position as sheriff of Maricopa County.

          Another thing I noticed was an article where they put people’s faces (Mugshots) up who have been arrested in his county and found it weird that some of the girls apparently were photographed without tops???? We have a publication in TN that has people arrested but in AZ they are seriously making fun of these poor people at some of the worst and lowest times of their lives. Just disgusting.

    • Yeah, that’s sad, it’s that sadistic asswad’s sick idea of Christmas.

      Apparently Arpaio saves a few cents on meals but wastes millions of dollars on lawsuits that arise from inhumane treatment in his gulag.
      I didn’t want to say this, but I’m beginning to think Hitler treated prisoners of war in his forced labor camps better than Arpaio treats inmates.

        • Thank you God for donating the Brownies!!!!! Someone earned and extra halo by that donation. The man is horrid!!! Uh oh, I am having positive visions of Arpaio having to be locked in a little black box and eating his own disgusting dinners, is this wrong? Sometimes peoples need a taste of the medicine they dish out!!!

        • Maria, Sheriff Joe would have been an excellent guard at one of Hitler’s concentration camps. The sick BASTARD thrives on human suffering, misery, and torment. I think I’m gonna PUKE!!

          Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Maria! LOL! He probably had a poster of hitler on his wall as a child, dressed like him on Halloween and practiced acting like him! I am sure when asked “What do you want to do when you grow up?” he answered “I wanna be just like hitler”. (pfff…..rolling eyes… you know how! )

      • Several years ago, the inmates at both a Florida and an Illinois prison sued their respective corrections departments, because there was too much soy in their meals, and they were suffering from ill effects. AZ should file a lawsuit against Arpaio. There’s a number of health issues connected with too much soy in one’s diet. As for those of us who are free to eat whatever we choose, we should always check labels. Soy is in just about every processed food, and if you have thyroid, GI, or allergy issues, it’s important to look at the fine print. Soy is labeled as soy protein, soy lecithin, soy milk, soy latte, and sometimes hidden as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, vegetable flavoring. The list goes on and on. Whatever inmates are in for, they are entitled to a reasonably healthy diet, especially if they have to pay their 56 cents, or whatever Arpaio is squeezing out of them. Would love to shove a funnel down his throat and pour that soy slurry into him until he pops like a stuffed pig.

        • Maybe that explains why the commode was flushing nonstop for a day and a half. He might save money on the meals but think of their water bill. LOL Where he is saving a few dollars he probably is costing the state thousands in other areas. Arpaio the Grinch!

        • Whenever I consider that prison food, all that comes to mind is that the lack of fiber and excessive oil must be damaging to the prisoners’ intestinal tracts. If they all have developed problems, maybe they can protest that they are being injured by it. I wasn’t aware that soy was so over-used. That is alarming too. I just hope that they get plenty of salads and vegetables but I fear that is not happening.

          • Vegetables and fruit? I think it must be a luxury at Joe’s hell hole!
            His Devil plan is ingeniously disgusting. He’s slowly killing them by feeding them crap.

    • EEEEEHHH GADS!! Why didn’t he just dress up in a green Grinch outfit for this picture!!! The man is a poor excuse for a human being. I wouldn’t want to stand next to him at the Pearly Gates of Heaven because the force of him being thrust to HELL might just take an extra one or two people. He probably eats snakes, snails and puppy dog tails! UGH!

  7. Something I spent some time on recently.

    The Dura Mater Typo

    Dr Horn claimed that where it says “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact.”

    that’s a “typo”. This is not credible, for many reasons.

    It is confirmed over and over again in his report that he found no damage to the brain at all.

    “without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury (although examination of brain tissue is somewhat limited to the decomposed nature of the remains)”

    “The 1525-gram brain is covered by thin, clear, delicate leptomeninges.”

    “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact.”

    “Multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease.”

    That is four different places that all say the same thing. Travis’ brain was undamaged. The bullet did NOT go though his frontal lobes.

    Anyone trying to agree this was a typo is being ridiculous.

      • Miss Pajama Girl said all along that there wasn’t a gun shot wound. She said it appeared the hole was made during the autopsy and even had mortician’s putty in it. Wonder how the mortician had that put in the hole before an autopsy was performed? She also said it resembled a stiletto heel of a woman’s shoe. The whole autopsy appeared to be a gigantic typo. It is just the beginning of a great huge pile of unanswered questions.

        • I also saw`what Pajama Girl saw, Some info about, his body was made to look , either more ,or less decayed.
          Attempt to change death date? Then something about puddy , you could see above his eyebrow, It was a grey Puddy looking stuff.
          I remember seeing that somewhere too.

          • geebee2;
            What do you think about the wound to the head that was described to be a triangular or star shaped object and then also where Travis’s neck was broken and it was not in the autopsy. Didn’t Dr. Horn fail to document either one of those areas? Do you think he really is the one who performed the autopsy? Just thinking out loud. . .

            • Also I believe he left out where he had the skin on his backside looking like someone had tried to skin him. Dr. Horn didn’t document that area either. It did not appear to be from dragging the body but from removal of his skin.

              • R Love – where did you see the picture of Travis’ backside? Do you mean his buttocks? Because that sounds like it could be the injuries I’ve thought were absent because they were described in the autopsy report – the scraping from the shower ledge that would have happened if he’d been dragged into the shower.

                • Miss Pajama’s site, and I believe it was the third autopsy pictures that she showed. She stated that there was not any way they could have been from dragging the body. I thought she said it was not in the autopsy report.

                • Ok, I see the area you are talking about, and I noticed that too. I think it looks pretty fresh, though, and I thought it might be an artifact of just the transporting/handling of the decaying body with skin slippage. If you notice in that group of pictures, you can see a spot on his back (rectangular, upper left) and another on the chest below his right nipple (photos 24 & 25) – the photo on the left when they are washing with the stain or whatever, you can see the circle of skin coming loose, then the one on the right you see a bigger area where the skin is gone from that area.

                  When those photos were taken, the body was decomposed enough that the skin was dead and starting to fall/slip off…. any abrasion WOULD look like someone was trying to skin him, I think.

                • Thanks for checking Journee, Started having computer problems right after we discussed this. Good Grief! 🙂

                • So what did you think about the cut on his head where she said it looked like a object (star shaped?) had hit him and made a gash. She said it would have been there 2 to 3 days before he died because of the amount of swelling. What do you think?

                • I can’t find a head wound in those photos of his back, and I can’t find where in the article she talks about it.

                  Was it something, maybe, from the page she had up before she put up the one that is there now? I remember she used to have a different one, but it isn’t there anymore.

                • Photo #12 Journee. It pulled right up for me and shows it on her opening page for a Facebook thing. I’m not on Facebook so I pulled it up on Part3.

                • Could you post a link to what you’re looking at? All I have is the ‘home’ and the only link with pictures from there is the secondary forensic review. If I google I can get to a page that shows a part 1, but not a part 2 or 3.

                • Journee, im sorry I don’t know how. I gogled Miss Pajama Girl @ Word Press and click on the one that said something about Part 3 of the Autopsy of Travis Alexander.

                • add Part 3 in after .com it I think it will come up. hope you can find it. Sorry to be so computer illiterate!!!!! 🙁

    • Spot on!
      Dr Horn lied, and it was obvious he was holding something back when he was being questioned by Willmot! His inane smile gave him away, what a simpering idiot!
      And when asked about when he conducted the autopsy (or something along those lines) I remember him saying something like “10 years ago”. 10 years? That made me think whether he was telling the truth or making up lies on the stand.

      • Well, everyone with a brain (which apparently we all have been gifted with) can figure out Dr. Horn was not telling the truth. Whether it was selective memory or he was instructed on what to say, who knows. Why Why Why can’t they do something about all of the liars on the witness stand?????? The drama from the audience (rolling eyes and crying) during the trial would be enough IMO for a Mistrial but geez the professional witnesses with typos and selective memory and lies, only in AZ. ~~~~~~iiiiiiii

        • I do wonder how they will handle this glaring discrepancy in the state’s case during the retrial.

          Alas, we won’t get to watch. 🙁

          • ….”this glaring discrepancy”…”during the retrial”…That will be when all of the toilets at the jail begin flushing in unison.

      • When he gave that slip-sliding-away testimony Horne reminded me of Matt Damon playing the Mark Whitacre character in “The Informant!”.* There is a scene where he’s gotten a bit more relaxed with the federal prosecutors. After briefing them on his latest information, he ends his speech with a slight
        shrug of his shoulders, mumbling, “…whatever you guys want”.

        *based on a true story

    • geebee –

      Didn’t you say awhile back that you thought Horn was honestly confused when he was confronted with that statement? That he was experiencing cognitive dissonance – like maybe, over time, with JM doing his thing of asking questions in different ways, he’d been maneuvered into thinking the autopsy said what Martinez wanted it to say?

  8. Jodi has been mentioned in GQ magazine. She made the #25 position in “The 25 Least Influential People of 2013.” But, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Others on the list are Lady Gaga, President Obama, Pope Benedict, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Prince George (William & Kate’s son), Ryan Reynolds, Edward Snowden. I would say it’s quite an accomplishment especially for someone that was locked up, poor, without power (although she has a growing list of supporters).
    Dennis Rodman was #1 (worst on the list) so I suppose one could say Jodi (#25) was the best of the group. I wasn’t able to read the reason she was included. Just having her name on the list though may get her more supporters when people who don’t know of her (there must be a few somewhere) check her out.

    • I think GQ is a magazine published for wealthy men (they have ads for extremely expensive watches & clothes, etc.) so if we’re lucky maybe some guys with big bucks will take an interest in Jodi’s case.

      • I hope so!
        I donated some money but I’m not wealthy and can’t give much.
        All it takes is one wealthy philantropist who still believes in justice (as opposed to witch hunts and trials by media).

        • Geraldo had criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos on his Fox news show. They both agreed that the DP was too much. Geraldo thought that there might be a “slim chance for an acquittal”. They talked about domestic violence cases and how they are often pleaded down. Worth watching.

          • I was thinking I had heard him talk about Jodi and the trial; at that time he seemed to be thinking she had acted in self-defense. If Jodi had someone who could turn the tables on HLN it would be grand! But you are right when you say people take HLN’s word as the truth, until they check the information for themselves then they realize HLN is wrong.

            • It sounds like you saw that Mark Geragos interview. Geraldo himself did a lot of the talking and at one point said he should stop interviewing himself, LOL !

            • I remember Geraldo saying this was a domestic violence case but that’s rather ambiguous as to whether he was truly siding with Jodi. Whether Jodi was defending herself from an attack or she was the attacker (which we know she wasn’t), it would still be considered a domestic violence case.

      • Does anyone remember the Sandra Murphy/ Ted Binion murder trial in Las Vegas in 2004. Murphy and her boyfriend were convicted of murdering Binion, but a wealthy individual stepped up and funded Murphy’s defense. She was acquitted a couple years later and walked free. Alan Dershowitz handled the appeal and was retried by a different attorney. The court found that Binion caused his own death with heavy drinking and heroin overdose. Even though she was acquitted, years later Nancy Grace still called her the killer of Ted Binion.

  9. I know it’s CNN but there is going to be a story on there tomorrow night, Thursday at 9:00 p.m. called, “An Unreal Dream” which is a true story about Michael Morton, who was FALSLY accused of murdering his wife in 1998 by bludgeoning her to death! He INNOCENTLY spent 25 years in prison!!! They were interviewing him this morning on CNN and, they said he was just a normal guy! He seems SO NICE from watching his interview! The CNN interviewer said she was SORRY that he had to go through all that! I think it would be worth watching!

  10. New York Daily News reporting that NANCY GRACE may be replaced. Apparently they are testing new hosts.

    I was wrong. There is a God.

  11. Michael K. Jeanes, Clerk of Court
    *** Electronically Filed ***
    12/04/2013 8:00 AM
    CR2008-031021-001 DT 12/03/2013
    Docket Code 023 Form G000A Page 1
    HON. SHERRY K. STEPHENS C. Harrington

    The Court has considered the Defendant’s Motion to Compel Juror Twitter Accounts
    filed August 21, 2013, the Objection to Defendant’s Motion to Compel Juror Twitter Accounts

    filed August 30, 2013 and the oral argument conducted on November 26, 2013.
    In the motion, Defendant Arias requests the Court order all jurors seated in her case to
    disclose their Twitter accounts and/or Twitter handles. Defendant claims the disclosure of this
    information will assist in investigating whether the jurors have been subjected to any extraneous
    influences during jury service. Defendant argues that improper communication between jurors
    and third parties can invalidate a verdict, citing Mattox v. United States, 146 U.S. 140, 150, 13 S.
    Ct. 50, 53 (1982). Thus, Defendant asserts obtaining information from the jurors regarding their
    Twitter accounts will allow the parties to monitor the jurors to assure there is no violation of the
    Court’s admonition. To protect their privacy rights, Defendant suggests the Court seal the
    jurors’ Twitter account information.

    The Court can find no legal authority supporting an order that all jurors provide their
    Twitter account information to the Court. Access to social media and a particular juror’s
    frequent use of social media may be appropriate topics for jury selection. The parties may include SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA
    CR2008-031021-001 DT 12/03/2013
    Docket Code 023 Form G000A Page 2
    questions in the jury questionnaire regarding use of social media and whether a juror is willing to
    cease or limit accessing social media during the trial. This information may assist the parties in
    discovering concerns about prospective jurors.

    There is no lawful basis for the Court or parties to investigate or monitor jurors absent a
    credible allegation that juror misconduct has occurred. If a juror is inclined to violate the Court’s
    admonition (provided orally during court proceedings and in writing in the Preliminary Jury
    Instructions given to each juror), there are numerous ways such a violation could occur.
    Requiring jurors to provide Twitter account information would not limit or reduce in any
    meaningful way the possibility that a juror will be exposed to extraneous information about the
    case or assist in preventing or proving a violation of the Court’s admonition. Further, informing
    jurors they are required to provide information about their social media accounts may result in a
    prospective juror refusing to participate as a juror on the case because he or she deem such a
    requirement to be a violation of his or her privacy rights.

    The Court will not presume juror misconduct will occur. The Court will not require all
    jurors to provide their social media account information to the Court.

    IT IS ORDERED denying the Defendant’s Motion to Compel Juror Twitter Accounts.

      • ((((((((((( Jodi ♥ ))))))))))))

        I remember during the first days (maybe weeks) of the trial, I used to like Pickles. As time went by, it was so obvious that she was incompetent and ridiculously biased that but it was hard not to puke; whenever she would open her mouth to rule on a motion she was pathetically predictable. And there was a time I really wanted to calculate the percentage of Sustained objections VS Overruled objections, I had actually started working on that.

  12. Well, maybe whoever decides to twitter about the trial would surely be outed for it by the media (unless it is to the media). But isn’t twitter very public and everyone can see it that is on twitter? We all know they will be using more than twitter though. ugh

    • I agree
      Moreover I think that if a juror is a travisbot, they will simply provide a fake account or say they don’t use twitter – how are you going to find out that they have a twitter account?
      A change of venue however would make a difference.

  13. Hey all, I just got notified tonight that my only living Uncle left (my Mom’s brother) was found dead with his companion in his New York City apartment SIX months ago!!!! My cousin happened to be doing a genealogy of the family and came across this fact! New York City did not notify any next of kin, which would be me and all my Uncle’s other nieces and nephews since he never married and all his sisters and brothers have already passed away! We don’t know how they died, where they are buried, if an autopsy was done, what they did with his estate (he has a condo in FL), all his personal effects etc. My cousin is high up in the military and is in military intelligence and she is the one who is getting an attorney to look into this. She said we may have to get a private investigator also! I am so upset about this! My Uncle was the kindest man that I know and was a Lutheran minister. I am Finnish and The Lutheran Free Church of Finland in Helsinki always requested my Uncle to preach there every summer! Warren Beatty even asked my Uncle to be the Chaplain in the movie, Reds, but my Uncle declined because of too much cursing in the movie! My poor Uncle! I don’t know how he died!

    • Bless your hear Mary. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. I hope you get the information that you need to help you deal with this. How sad. Love to you and your family. ((((((Mary))))))

    • So sorry for your loss Mary 🙁
      If it’s a PI you need to hire to find out what the heck happened, do it! You will probably get to the bottom of this. No man should ever leave this Earth in such a way. At least, it will be comforting for you to find out where his burial place. You owe it to him ♥ ♥

      • Thanks so much, Maria! I know, I do owe it to my Uncle to find out what happened and where he is buried! I cry every day just thinking about how sad it is that they didn’t even discover his body for a month and they didn’t notify any of his next of kin and he has a huge family! I have six sisters and a brother and my Uncle had five brothers and six sisters, of which my Mom was one. They have all passed on but you can imagine how many nieces and nephews he has and not one was notified! I know there had to be someone’s address in his apartment! I called the PA today and she gave me the cold shoulder! She said to go through their attorney, after I told her how well known my Uncle was! My brother and ALL my cousins are absolutely pissed!!! My cousin has hired an attorney and private investigator so, hopefully, we should be getting some answers soon! I will let you know when I find out. Thanks so much to you and everyone else for your support! I love you guys!!! TEAM JODI FOREVER!!! We will also get justice for Jodi!!!

        • Hang in there Mary! It sounds like a strange thing that has happened to your uncle. . .I just hope you will find out soon. Thinking and praying for you and your family. So Sorry.

  14. I wonder if anyone is keeping score of Sherry Stephens rulings in and out of court? I’m guessing it must be about 3500 in favor of the prosecution and less than 10 – maybe even less than 5 – for the defense. A little one-sided. Seems so many people in power in Arizona just do whatever the hell they want and the citizens just look the other way.

    • Exactly!
      That’s who Hitler came to power – people thought the atrocities he committed would never happen to them until it was too late…
      The people who support Arpaio and/or do his biddings are complicit in his crimes against the people of Arizona.
      And it’s so easy to end up on the receiving end of Apraio’s so called “justice” – they have made it very easy to break the law. Why? Because prisons and jails are mostly privatly run, and the more people they stuff into their cells, the more profits they will reap. It’s all about money! And Arizona has a rampant prison industry – they have one of the hightest incarceration rates nation-wide.

    • So much for “the land of the free”!
      Doesn’t taste like freedom at all when sleazebags like Arpaio and Martinez are in power.

  15. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 6h
    As my AP colleague Brian Skoloff just said, we’ll read the ruling in three or four days. #jodiarias

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 6h
    Never mind. Juan Martinez just left the courtroom, so we won’t be getting into the Jodi Arias hearing.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 7h
    Waiting for Jodi Arias. The defense is in an ex-parte hearing now. We may or may not get in at 11:15. Trial date today?

  16. In case someone missed Jodi’s recent Tweets:

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 3 Dec
    To comment on the babblings of a lunatic is lunacy itself. (oops)

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 2 Dec
    Prints are 10 x 13 inches.

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 2 Dec
    Picasso is the name of that type of calla lily. The piece doesn’t have anything to do with Pablo himself.

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 2 Dec
    100 limited-edition prints of “Picasso Calla Lilies Bouquet” now available at!currently-offered/c205x

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 30 Νov
    @troyhaydenfox10 Of course.

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 30 Νov
    @troyhaydenfox10 Noncredible fame-seekers are for HLN. @FoxNews is classier than that.

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 30 Νov
    @troyhaydenfox10 (You conveniently failed to mention that — way to mislead your viewers.)

    Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 30 Νov
    Really, @troyhaydenfox10 ??? A woman who was found by the court to be incompetent to stand trial?

    • Happy Saturday everyone!

      (((((((( Pandora ))))))))))

      ((((((((((( SJ and admins ♥ ))))))))))

      (((((((((( Always thinking of our Jodi ♥ ♥ )))))))))))

  17. Alexey, Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you:

    You had said that you sent a postcard to Jodi from your country, right? Was it metered as the rules say so? Did it have a photo on one side or was it blank? Did you use stamps? Sorry for all the questions but I want to try and send a postcard to Jodi from Greece and I want to make sure she gets it!

    • YES! I’ve been meaning to ask this myself.

      Alexey, we’d be grateful for any info you can share on the kind of postcard you used. So far, our American friends send us pre-metered postcards from the USA and we send them back to them, they act sort of our private mail service and WE ARE LOVE them for that! However,we wanna try and send Jodi one directly from Greece (maybe with Greek scenery or ancinet sites) However, since there are no metered blank postcards here,we are hesitant.
      Jodi told me that we can use stamps but it’s the ”blank metered” rule we’re unsure of.

      • Hi Maria,

        I sent blank postcards with stamps and she got them. 🙂

        Here’s an excerpt from the “insanely-rigid” rules:

        8- No custom-made postcards or personal photos turned into postcards, (standard picture postcards are ok)
        9- Any stamps or address labels will be cut off before Jodi receives the postcard, so please keep this in mind; if anything is written in the space where there is a stamp on the opposite side, those words will be cut off with the stamp and lost. Same applies with any address labels. Jodi will not receive your return address in this case.

        Although on the MCSO site they say all postcards must be metered, it’s not true, you can use stamps without any problems! 🙂

      • Maria, I have sent postcards to Jodi via I’m not sure who does the work but I know that at least my first postcard reached her because she responded. I’d like to contribute money to this site to help defray, if nothing more, the cost of the card and stamp. But I can’t find anyway to do that so I plan to put money into Jodi’s commissary account.

    • Hi Pandora,

      No, I didn’t meter my postcards (couldn’t do it in Russia – only stamps are allowed), so I used stamps.
      As I found out later, they say that it’s OK to use stamps, they just cut them out.
      This can be of help:

      The first two postcards I sent were blank (without a picture) and Jodi received them. Less than a month ago I also sent Jodi a postcard with a picture but I don’t know if it has reached her.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Alexey,

        Thanks for the info! When I asked you about ‘metered’ postcards I meant the size that is indicated at the MCSO site. Well anyway, I’m gonna give it a try with the classic sized postcards that we have here in Greece. I live in the city where King and warrior Leonidas of the ‘300’ lived and so we have amazing pictured postcards of our ancient sites. I am sure Jodi will love that!
        Please let us know if you find out if your pictured postcard was accepted and got to Jodi.


  18. Mine were blank metered postcards from here in the US. I didn’t think she could have any with prints or pictures but I did found some cute rubber stamps and used them in black ink. We will see if they make it to her. I HOPE!

  19. “this Court has no basis for finding the defendant has met the very heavy burden of establishing the media coverage has been so prejudicial, extensive or outrageous that a fair and impartial trial cannot be had.”


    • UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! This is beyond outrageous! Pickles is either crazy or suffering from dementia, there’s no other reason to explain it.
      You know, every time I promise myself I won’t get angry with this crappy situation but somehow they seem to be getting on my nerves so easily. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

    • Governor of AZ said that she figured Jodi was guilty DURING deliberations of the guilt phase and it made the local news, DID IT NOT?

    • RB,

      That court shouldn’t even be called a court. Circus is more accurate!

      And once again, I ask: What the hell are they smoking down there???

      pickles can’t admit to her major fuck-up. She thinks that it is better to ‘play dumb’ than to fess up. If she accepts any of the motions it’s like she’s admitting she was incapable of keeping a ‘clean’ court. How do these people get away with it?

      At this point, it’s not even about who supports Jodi. It’s about American citizens being ‘taken for a ride’ by this ignorant fool (pickles). What she is doing is ridiculing everyone and practically saying: “You’re gullible idiots”. It’s one thing not supporting Jodi and a totally different thing turning a blind eye to injustice. Honestly ask yourselves: if pickles was ruling a totally different case and still doing the shitty job she did with Jodi’s case, everyone would be acknowledging it and condemning it. Injustice is injustice. Period. It’s not about who is being tried, it’s about how they are being tried.

      I don’t want to be misunderstood: I dearly love America as I do my country. But in both cases, I am strict when it comes to corruption. I do not approve of it even if it is against my best interests.

  20. I am so excited about Nancy Grace possibly getting the boot. If it does happen, this may be the official beginning of the long anticipated shit hitting the fan. It means somebody up there is possibly paying attention. And if that’s so, maybe there are some in the legal system who are also paying attention.

    • Hearing that NG got the boot would be music to my ears! She’s done enough damage to so many people to last her a lifetime! It’s time she goes home to lick her wounded ego!

      As for her replacement? Jeez… it is scary to know that there are quite a few out there as vicious and immoral as NG is, happily ready to take her place.

  21. REASONABLE DOUBT: How is it that a 190 pound man who works on pumping up his muscles (and even has a punching bag in his house) could not just haul off and clobber a 120 pound woman, knocking her out when she stabbed him the very first time? How about the second or the third? How about the 27th? The fact that Jodi has no significant wounds is actually, in a very non-intuitive way, an indication that she was largely running away from the violence. For him to allow her to stab him 27 times without being able to overpower her indicates he was the one busy in pursuit, trying to overpower her and she ultimately resisted in a frenzy.

    • Of course he fought back! The scrapes(not stabs) to his back prove this. He was undoubtedly already ”dizzy” and disoriented by the gun wound but imho even the crime scene speaks for itself, imho. IF he was ”immediately” incapacitated by the gunshot (as the Prosecution claimed) and Jodi had supposedly brought the knife with her, the crime scene would stretch in a much smaller area. He would have fallen down and she would have stabbed here right there. The mere fact that he was able to stand up and run, leaves room for endless possibilies, speculation and REASONABLE DOUBT, FFS! The jurors were too blinded and/or dumb to see that of course…

      • Yes, the scene clearly indicates that someone was chasing someone and the State would have us believe that she was chasing him. Come on, can you imagine big old Travis running and screaming down the hallway trying to get away from her when all he would have had to do was turn around and punch her squarely in the face? (I suppose the haters would say that St. Travis was too nice of a guy to hit a woman so he just allowed her to stab him 27 times, being the gentleman that he was.)

        • I don’t believe that he was stabbed 27 times or shot in the head. The autopsy brings up too many unanswered questions for me to believe anything Dr. Horn or the autopsy states.

          Great news on the petition. . .hope everyone will send a letter to their congress men or women.

        • Again, the Prosecution can’t have the cake and eat it too. If they want us to believe he was ”immediately” incapacitated by the gunshot, he wouldn’t have been able to run around. And If Jodi had the knife with her, she would have had the chance to finish him off with it right on the spot where he was shot.

            • The State’s asinine case against Jodi Arias consisted of supposititious* arguments.

              * “1. Fraudulently substituted for something else; not being what it purports to be; spurious; counterfeit

              2. Hypothetical; suppositional

              Syn. – SUPPOSITITIOUS, SUPPOSED. SUPPOSED is used of that which is believed or imagined to be true, without necessary implication of truth or falsity; SUPPOSITITIOUS implies the fraudulent substitution of one thing for another”

              – Webster’s New International Dictionary (close to 100 years old – title page torn out)

              The prosecutor had an obligation to seek the truth in this case against Jodi Arias.

              Since he simply suggested various scenarios of intent and premeditation, saying, in effect, that if a particular interpretation of the facts didn’t add up to “guilty” to a juror, she or he should then consider NOT SIMPLY ANOTHER INTERPRETATION of those pertinent facts, BUT OTHER FACTS, which, as they concerned the same evidence, also failed to sufficiently explain his position of guilty as charged, AND additionally, and crucially, he offered alternative facts in direct CONTRADICTION to previous facts he had presented as probative and pointing to guilt, he presented not suppositions for his argument of guilt, but supposititious arguments.

              He followed up this indigestible banquet of unreason with an emotionally abusive and poisonous aperitif of offensive courtroom theatrics, to CREATE DOUBT: Not to create doubt that Jodi was guilty, but to create DOUBT within the jurors themselves that they had the wherewithal to PROPERLY examine and fully comprehend the most significant FACTS of the case.

            • Sure! But: not until 2010 when they changed their tune once they found out the Defense was going with a self-defense story. Which is fraudulent, immoral and disgusting (though the rest of the world bought it).

              • Taken from: “Objections raised to Juan Martinez’s conduct in Jodi Arias trial (Part 3/4)” By Michael Kiefer

                “Arias admitted that she killed Alexander and claimed that she shot him after he attacked her. Four four years, police and prosecution maintained that Arias first shot Alexander and then stabbed him and slit his throat. But days before jury selection, Martinez changed the facts of the case, saying that Arias had shot Alexander last instead of first; Arias’ attorneys, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott, protested that the rationale for seeking the death penalty had been based on the first theory.”

                It was much later than 2010 “when they changed their tune”, rather, “days before jury selection”, according to Mr. Kiefer.

                “Ineffective assistance of counsel” was a given in this case before the jury was selected.

                • You’re right! Thanks whichtrial for the clarification, my bad. So Martinez maintained the ”gunshot came first” theory until much later. SMH…

          • What sort of cases did the judge preside over before this one? Does anyone know? She seemed unfamiliar with the world of forensics. There is logic to a crime scene. The laws of physics apply. She had no focus on the practical facts. When a presiding judge allows more time to an inane discussion of a fairy tale than to getting the truth out of a Medical Examiner with respect to facts crucial to the question of whether or not the defendant acted in self-defense, a higher authority in the state should step in and call it a day – and a mistrial.

            • Whichtrial?, yes! It would be interesting to find out what sort of cases she has tried previous to Jodi’s.

              It wouldn’t shock me to find out she has pulled stunts like the ones she is pulling with Jodi’s case. If you are an honorable judge you don’t go from fair to rogue from one case to the other. You stick to the law, no matter what.

  22. Our online petition to move live coverage of trials off of commercialized networks, to be televised only on a network such as CSPAN, now has 1689 signatures. I am now starting a campaign to bring this issue to the attention of our congressional representatives. I have already sent a message to both of my senators and to my representative in the House. Below I provide a template from the message I sent which I would hope you might each copy, edit and send to your representatives. You can find how to contact your representatives online at:

    Dear [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman] ____________:

    I would like to familiarize you with a petition currently online. In essence it asks Congress to pass a law that would allow live broadcasts of trials only on a network similar to CSPAN, that is, proceedings only, no commentary, no commercials. The petition currently has nearly 1700 signatures from across the nation (and across the world) and we have comments by 30 of those signers, expressing why this petition is important to them. Please take the time to view the petition and to read the comments:

    If you have any questions or requests (perhaps we need more signatures?) or if you see some flaw in this approach, please contact me. On the other hand if you see the petition as reasonable, the petitioner and those of us who support the petition would appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide in familiarizing other members of Congress with this very important issue. Nobody’s fight for their legal rights (much less their life) should be turned into commercialized reality show entertainment.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.




    “As previously noted in its rulings, this Court has no basis for finding the defendant has met the very heavy burden of establishing the media coverage has been so prejudicial, extensive or outrageous that a fair and impartial trial cannot be had. See Rule 10.3(a), Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure and State v. Payne , 674 Ariz.Adv.Rep. 5 at 7 (2013).”


    Rule 10.3(a), Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure



    Rule 10.3. Change of the place of trial

    a. Grounds. In any criminal case, the state or any defendant shall be entitled to a change of the place of trial to another county, if a fair and impartial trial cannot be had for any reason other than the interest or prejudice of the trial judge.

    b. Prejudicial Pretrial Publicity. Whenever the grounds for change of place of trial are based on pretrial publicity, the moving party shall be required to prove that the dissemination of the prejudicial material will probably result in the party being deprived of a fair trial.

    c. Procedure. A motion for change of place of trial shall be made prior to trial, and, in Superior Court, at or before the omnibus hearing.



    Omnibus Hearing Law & Legal Definition

    NEXT, THE …

    State v. Payne , 674 Ariz.Adv.Rep. 5 at 7 (2013)

    WHAT IS “Ariz.Adv.Rep.” ?
    Arizona (AZ) Advanced Reports = Ariz. Adv. Rep.


    Decoding Legal Citations











    ” NO affiliation or connection with this page. Only respectful comments will be allowed.”

    Judge Sherry K. Stephens Support Page

    Juan Martinez Support Page




    CLICKING ON A LINK DESCRIBED AS “Government Official”


    This page is ONLY a Support Page. Her Honor, Judge Sherry K. Stephens does NOT manage this page or have any association with this page.

    Welcome! This is a different kind of page in which FOLKS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER. This page was created to support Judge Sherry Stephens and to discuss the trial in an adult manner.

    You may send Judge Sherry K. Stephens, Juan Martinez, and Detective Flores a comment about how well they are doing, using this Public Comment form via the link below:


    • “As previously noted in its rulings, this Court has no basis for finding the defendant has met the very heavy burden of establishing the media coverage has been so prejudicial, extensive or outrageous that a fair and impartial trial cannot be had.

      Yup a warning might have been nice, I thought I was going to toss my cookies when I read this. Pathetic! I would love, no, I would HATE to see what constitutes prejudicial, extensive or outrageous if Jodi’s trial coverage doesn’t measure up to that criteria.

      As for those FB pages, obviously they’ve been set up by people who:

      A) Believe Jodi is guilty and have believed it from the start.
      B) Are incapable of forming their own opinion from the very blatent evidence that shows without a doubt that Travis was an abuser and Jodi was abused both physically and mentally by him.
      C) Think the sun shines out of JM and Judge incompetent’s arses.

      My advice to you all is to stay away from pages like that. It just get’s your blood pressure up and it’s best to leave these people to their delusional love fest. They just better hope to God they are never on the receiving end of JM and Judge Pickles brand of “justice”.

      Two of my friend’s just got back from a vacation to Arizona. I told them, “For God’s sakes, don’t break the law while you’re down there. You might find yourself rotting in an Arizona prison for years.” I have crossed Az off my list of places I would like to visit.

      Lastly, I really hope NG is fired from HLN. Karma’s a bitch, huh Nancy?

      • They have a whole bunch of them asswads like Martinez in Arizona,
        Some asswad proseecutor in AZ wanted to put away a 16 year old boy for 90 years in the state pen for downloading child porn pictures. The only problem was the boy did not download them, his computer was just infected with a virus. But that didn’t cut it with the prosecutor who insisted on prosecution. Thank God that prosecutor’s plans were foiled.

    • What puzzles me is why ANYBODY would create a support page for that judge. Why would she need support? She’s not the one in trouble. On the contrary, she creates trouble for decent people.

      I seriously want that moron who created the facebook page to appear before this judge as a defendant, that would be poetic justice.


    Counties That Send The Most People To Death Row Show A Questionable Commitment To Justice

    By Radley Balko Posted: 11/25/2013 1:15 pm EST | Updated: 11/25/2013 1:18 pm EST


    Last week, I looked at a recent study by the Death Penalty information Center (DPIC) which finds that the vast majority of executions and death row inmates come from a very small percentage of counties across the country.

    Contrary to the assertion from death penalty advocates that prosecutors in these counties should be commended for “doing their job,” I noted these counties also tend to have troubling records of
    misconduct and exonerations.

    This week, I want to look at the other list in the DPIC study — the counties that have sent the most people to death row. This is a different list, as these counties tend to be in states that aren’t nearly as eager to execute as, say, Texas or Florida. They tend to be conservative counties in more left-leaning states, or counties overseen by appeals courts more skeptical of capital punishment. So they’re sending people to die, but those people aren’t getting executed. And just as we found with the counties that lead the country in executions, the counties most responsible for populating death rows across America also have unsettling records of misconduct and exonerations. Here’s a look at a few that top the list:

    Maricopa County, Arizona

    The home of Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America” also sends convicts to death row by the truckload. Former head prosecutor Andrew Thomas was notoriously ruthless — at one point he had 149 death penalty cases pending. He also once sought a 90-year prison sentence against a 16-year-old for downloading child pornography. When the boy’s attorneys showed that the images were likely the result of malware, Thomas’ office pressured him to plead guilty to three felony counts for showing a Playboy magazine to a few classmates.

    Thomas also rather infamously used the power of his office to target his critics, at one point setting his sights on the owners of the Phoenix New Times. Thomas was eventually stripped of his law license, notably for abuses of power related to his targeting of political opponents, not for his conduct in day-to-day criminal cases.

    Last month, an investigative series by the Arizona Republic found that of the 42 cases in which an Arizona convict sentenced to death alleged prosecutorial misconduct, 33 occurred in Maricopa County. The series include one installment devoted solely to former Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez, who sent eight people to death row, and in 1999 was named the state’s “prosecutor of the year.” Martinez has since been cited for misconduct by Arizona court’s three times in the last year.

    One of the more notorious exonerations from Maricopa County was that of Ray Krone, convicted in 1991 of murdering a Phoenix bartender. The conviction was based almost entirely on testimony from a “bite mark specialist” linking Krone’s teeth to tooth marks on the victim. Krone served 10 years in prison, including four on death row, before he was exonerated by DNA testing. His attorneys later
    found evidence that prosecutors had withheld evidence of his innocence. In 2005, Krone won a $4.4 million settlement from Maricopa County. The prosecutors who convicted him were never disciplined. His case was later used to illustrate the junk science of bite mark testimony.

    Current Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery refused to release any prosecutor personnel files for the Arizona Republic investigation, even of prosecutors no longer on the job. To do so, he said, wouldn’t be in “the best interests of justice.” Earlier this month, the Arizona Supreme Court released new ethical guidelines stating that if prosecutors discover evidence of a convict’s innocence, they must turn it over to his attorneys. (Previously, they were only obligated to do so before conviction.) Montgomery opposed the new rule.


    Crime, Death Penalty, Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County, Angela Corey, Criminal Justice, Execution, Exonerations, Innocence, Philadelphia, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Prosecutors, The Agitator, Politics News

    • Yah – I think one reason AZ can have so many on death row without making it to the ‘most executed’ list is because they’re served by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the 9th circuit is dominated by a more liberal leaning population.

      Appeals from AZ are usually heard in San Francisco – an irony probably lost on Alexey and our Greek Girls, but it gives me a giggle just to think about it.

      • Sharing my thoughts:

        I was chatting with an American friend earlier this week and I was asking her why does each state have their own laws and why can’t lawyers from another state take up a client from any other state?

        It’s weird because the USA is one country not 50 combined into one…

        Here in Greece the greek law is one law and it applies to all of Greece’s regions. Plus a lawyer is allowed to practice in any region of Greece no matter where they reside.

        • I believe in the US they have state laws (vary from state to state) and federal laws (the same for every state).
          So in a way, from a legal perspective, the US is made up of small countries.
          I find it weird too – in my opinion it would be better if every state was governed by the same laws.

        • Ah, well, Greece is a bit smaller than the US. Even at its inception, though, with the original 13 colonies – when we were closer, probably, to the size of Italy – the different colonies had different priorities and were populated by people of different religions and different mindsets. Just as a broad example, the southern states were more agricultural – with landowners heavily dependent on slave labor – while the northern colonies were more industrial. The states needed each other, were co-dependent, so to speak, but also needed to be able to write laws that supported their very different societies. So the sovereignty of the state was written into the constitution.

          Just now, there is a movement among residents of the agricultural region of the state of Colorado to split off into their own state, because they don’t feel their interests or ideals are being well represented by the politicians who win their votes in the more populous areas.

    • Yeah, I read that article, it made my blood boil.
      What I found expecially appaling is that they wanted to thow a 16-year-old youth in prison for 90 years for something they KNEW he did not do. Their excuse was that they were just following the stupid law (according to which mere possession of child porn is a felony, and it says nothing about HOW this porn ended up on your computer – in this case a virus downloaded it and the boy was unaware of it).
      These prosecutors would sentence an expecting mother to death for jaywalking if there was a law that said so. They have no compassion or understanding. They are callous asswads, only concerned with their careers and salaries.

    IN 4 PARTS
    By Michael Kiefer The Republic |

    1. Prosecutorial misconduct alleged in half of capital

    2. Prosecutors under scrutiny are seldom disciplined

    3. Objections raised to Juan Martinez’s conduct in Jodi Arias trial

    4. Can the system curb prosecutorial abuses?

  26. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 9 Dec
    Another non-surprise in the #jodiarias trial: Judge denies change of venue motion. What WOULD be a surprise is if she held open hearings.

      • I wonder if they ever watch the FTR videos, instead of just reading the transcripts.

        That one judge saying ‘there’s something about this prosecutor, Martinez’ -either he’s seen him in action or he thinks that maybe they all SHOULD see him in action.

        I mean, they’re all sitting there debating whether the Judge in that case saw something in the jurors that they could not see, that made her disbelieve them – so even if the ‘record doesn’t reflect’ any reason to disbelieve the jurors, the judge may not have found them credible….

        Surely they must realize that ‘misconduct that doesn’t rise to the level’ of error on the written record might very well do so if you watch the guy in action.

  27. Tara Kelley was on Twiter today, wishing a Happy Birthday to Tanisha’s husband and posting a photo of them together,smiling. Yep, non-biased my a$$!

    • Again interesting Eli. I can remember watching the trial when Dr. Horn and Det. Flores put forward the shot came last theory. I felt at the time that it was a tactical move by the prosecution – to change from the gun shot came first. The idea to make Jodi seem even more sadistic to the jury. It just doesn’t meet the common sense test. Dr. Horn lacks credibility for a number of reasons. I think “he” has memory problems! All of this points to a trial that was very unfair. Reading about the other cases and Dr. Horn’s involvement makes me shutter. What is the truth? The trial has not left anyone with the real truth. The jury did not get the truth. Manipulation of evidence seems to be the truth.

      • He had other reasons for insisting that the gunshot came last beyond trying to paint a picture of Jodi firing a gratuitous final shot.

        Firstly, a final shot into a person who is either dead or no longer putting up a fight would not be perceived as accidental, which is Jodi’s contention and essential to her defense. Secondly, the state wanted to insist that the fight was unrelenting and therefore would not have given rise to a pause. If she regains her right to self-defense after a pause in the fight, self defense would have to be dis-proven yet again, and that would be a very slippery slope for the state’s case: Jodi was apparently in even more danger after that accidental shot.

        There was not sufficient focus on the shot being accidental by the defense. A gun expert could have testified about the type of trigger an automatic .25 has and perhaps even to statistics of how untrained people handle guns if they are under threat, e.g. the number of accidental shootings that occur under certain conditions.

        Any blood spatter experts and knife fighting experts have also been discussed here as having been conspicuously absent from the trial proceedings.

    • GREAT article! And shocking. (well,ummm, not so much come to think about it)

      So…. ”Dr” Kevin Horn has screwed up TWICE before! And one of the cases was a capital murder case with the Prosecution seeking the DP, just like Jodi’s.
      omg! Not only is Horn a liar, he has repeatedly lied to fit whatever story his bosses were trying to feed to the Jury,too. He’s a sell-out and a disgrace to other medical examiners.
      Something’s rotten in Denmark, people!
      Thanks for the link.

      • Maria, this guy needs to be fired and prosecuted for perjury. Probably should be brought up on charges of impersonating a doctor, where did he get his medical license Cracker Jack?

        Ray in H-burg Va.

      • In a nutshell:

        We have a prosecutor that has repeatedly been called out for misconduct, not only in Jodi’s case but also in previous cases too.

        We then have a medical examiner that has also repeatedly fucked up his autopsies and lied while under oath in his testimonies.

        Please someone… do we have anything about sherry’s rulings in other cases?

        OMG! Jodi got the full package of scoundrels in action! ffs! They are like those tag teams in wrestling!

        ((((((Jodi)))))) never give up! The more of their ‘shit’ surfaces – the sooner everyone will see that your trial has been nothing more than a parody! We are here to support you and there is nothing that is going to change that!

  28. WHY on Earth is Steven Alexander allowed to reveal the sentencing trial date?????
    He announced on Facebook 2 days ago that the retrial will start in mid February! Was there an official announcement?
    Does anyone know if what he did is cool? I don’t think so…

    • Good catch!
      I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to reveal this.
      I wonder if there is any way to get this across to Jodi’s lawyers. This could help her somehow.

      • He’s not. This has been going on since before trial started though. They leak everything to that state page and the media picks it up!

    • Maria,

      This should be screened and sent to the defense team. When was stevie appointed to announcing this kind of info and I didn’t hear about it??? (rhetorical question with a big dose of sarcasm)

      Keep opening your trap stevie… the more you talk the better for Jodi!

    • Well, surely this would not affect a potential juror??????? What on earth? They never stop surprising me! STAY STRONG JODI. . .YOU ARE LOVED !!!!!

    • The issue I have with it is that during the revamp of the system inmates are being cut back from three half hour visits per week to one half hour visit per week. Why is it so important to do the upgrade over the holiday season other than to make life a little more miserable for the inmates?

      • Just a guess – but aside from making inmates more miserable it also eases personnel demands, allowing Arpaio to save some money on the mandatory holiday overtime (paid holiday + time and a half) that comes with running a 24/7 operation.

      • Yes, you got it!
        Arpaio openly admitted that he does everything humanly possible to make life in his jails as miserable as possible.
        He’s an asshole, that’s for sure!

  29. (off topic)

    I’m on my laptop with a different IP so I had to fill in the boxes with my personal info, it seems I misspelled my very own last name in the previous 2 posts LMAOOOOOOOOO!

    Hey admins, it’s still me your Greek girl! K? Not a troll! 😀 😀

  30. Does anyone know anything about this????????????

    ” It turns out that the new video-visitation system will be the only way to visit with inmates.”

    Am I reading this right? So Arpaio is depriving inmates from the ONE thing that keeps them sane ie human contact?
    Please if anyone can find something more, post it here. I’m quite angry right now.

    • I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Video visitation is standard practice in many jails. Our county jail uses the very same company. If you don’t want the hassle of going to the jail to visit for free, if you have a computer, webcam and credit card you can visit from home. If you don’t have those things you can go to the jail and visit for free. It will still be video visitation. The inmate isn’t even in the same building as you are. You see them on the screen and talk to them on the phone. No different than Skype.

      • I read the Jail Information a long time ago and was under the impression that Jodi didn’t have to use that video/handset thing, because here’s what the site says on the Visitation page:
        ” Durango, Towers, and Estrella Jails utilize a contact visitation system, meaning the visitors and inmates are in the same room together during visits.”

        I went back today and checked; it still says the same thing, so now I’m confused. Was Jodi allowed to actually meet with her visitors but won’t be in the future? Coz if that’s the case, she will definitely not like this ‘new trend’ of Joe’s.
        If she has been using the video monitor method all along, it won’t matter to her; in fact, she will be thrilled to be able to talk to more supporters.

        • Maria, I don’t have a horse in this race but have some experience in jail stuff. From what I can tell the jail is moving from contact visitation to video visitation. It is currently being installed so most likely the website won’t be updated until the video equipment is installed. It’s not really a new trend. Many jails have gone to video visitation. It is nothing personal against Ms. Arias or any other inmate. Jail is a business. I’m just trying to be Switzerland. I may be banned but hope not. I’m neutral on all sides and just want to see how it plays out and enjoy reading your theories and the research that you put into this.

          • I put the ”new trend” in quotation marks, trying to be sarcastic, of course I didn’t mean it is an actual trend.
            Still, I find the whole idea of video visitation inhumane; inmates should be able to see their loved ones in the flesh! But of course this is just my opinion.

    • Maria, this is a bitter sweet thing, IMO.

      Look at it in all prospective:

      Bitter because Jodi no longer will have visits ‘in person’. That is harsh because it is the one thing she looked forward to.

      Sweet because she will get a chance to visit with more supporters that can’t go to AZ and talk to her! She will see more people! Plus if we are at home, we can show her stuff via video that is impossible to do during visitation: pictures, play music for her, tour her around (whoever has a laptop can do that)… so in that sense, she is seeing new things, hearing from new people…

      As for fuckass apraio? He is trying to make a profit off of the inmates which is totally fucked up and immoral. His ticket to hell has been booked – one way, no return! 😉

      • I don’t think he’s going to make much of a profit. The jail only gets 10% IF they have 8,000 paid visits in a month. I’m not sure how many inmates families are equipped with the computer and cash to support that many visits. Especially if they don’t mind going to the jail to visit for free.

    • I think it’s great. She still gets three visits onsite plus more. Plus, the goofy arias supporters who lie about other supporters won’t be allowed to do so anymore.

    • The issue I have with it is that during the revamp of the system inmates are being cut back from three half hour visits per week to one half hour visit per week. Why is it so important to do the upgrade over the holiday season other than to make life a little more miserable for the inmates?

  31. The whole thing just pisses me off knowing that someone is making money off the back of Jodi. Haven’t enough people made money on her ESPECIALY HLN?? GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

    • Who exactly is making money off Ms. Arias? She is not the only inmate there. They will all have to adjust to the new visitation. The jail won’t get the 10% unless they get 8,000 paid visits a month.

      • Nancy Disgrace and her cabal of evil assholes (including, but not limited to, Vinnie PolitAnus, Dr Drew Pinhead and that cheap floozy Velez, who published a retarded book of lies about Jodi)
        These asswads on HLN (including their CEO who is hiding behind the scenes) have made tons of money off Jodi’s plight, and now they are doing all they can to lift the veil of secrecy by allowing TV cameras into the courtroom again so DisGrace can show off her polished nails and of course make up more lies about Jodi to boost her ratings and reap more profits.

  32. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 2h
    Meanwhile, the Jodi Arias hearing was closed, as usual, so it’s not clear yet if a trial date was set.

        • Wonder why Travis’s brother was announcing the trial would be in February then? Reckon he has an in with Judge Pickles or Martinez?

          • eh – a couple of weeks ago it was Martinez saying it would start in January – they’re just guessing (and wishing and hoping).

            typing January brought to mind something I’ve been meaning to mention – anyone else caught the commercial lately that says something about “Juanuary”? I’ve yet to grasp the context, or why they’re saying it that way – I *think* it’s a network promo commercial for stuff coming up next month, but I never catch enough of it to know for sure.

  33. Hi, all! OMG, if you haven’t watched, ‘An Unreal Dream’, special on CNN about Michael Morton, who was falsely accused of killing his wife, found guilty and sent to prison for 25 years, you should watch it! Project Innocence got involved in his case years later and had the bloody scarf of his wife, which was found at the crime scene, retested for DNA and found the real killer, which, of course, was not Michael Morton! One of the jurors who was interviewed said the prosecution didn’t let the jurors know everything they needed to know! Sound familiar???? They also said that evidence was not turned over to Michael Morton’s lawyer! Again, sound familiar??? It was so sad because he had a son who his sister-in-law & her husband took custody of & even adopted him and finally the son even changed his last name to theirs! It is really interesting but sad that he had to, innocently, spend 25 years in prison, let alone lose his wife AND son!

  34. I can’t see Jodi spending that long in prison with everything we know about the trial and all the wrong doing going on. What a joke this is. We need to do something about it to move things in the right direction. Anyone have any good ideas beside petitions. Petitions seem to not be helping at all. We need to have people in AZ to help with the defense. We need people there to be our and Jodi’s eyes and ears so that we can come up with good ideas to help her attorneys. Does anyone here live close enough to be there for her from now on to speak on Jodi’s behalf and be the go between? I think that’s what she needs so that the truth can come out and she is set free. I can’t take it any more. Jodi deserves her freedom and should be paid for wrongful imprisonment. It makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

  35. Wish I was closer but in TN. It makes all of our blood boil but we will never give up fighting for Jodi!!!!! The truth will come out and hopefully soon. Stay positive and pray for Jodi’s freedom!

  36. Jeff Mills has a lot of nerve. He just posted on his blog that he was frustrated that nobody was standing up for Jodi. What does he think we are/were all doing here all along? This website has been around long before he came into the picture and has done more for Jodi than he has ever done. I am quite annoyed with him. He is taking credit for doing what exactly for Jodi?

    • I’d like to take a minute to express how Jodi feels about all supporters.

      I know for a fact that all who are supporting Jodi are equally valued by her. Jodi doesn’t have favorites. She’s aware of each and every supporter and is deeply touched by their commitment in their quest for justice for her.

      Jodi is overwhelmed by the love, kindness and care you all have expressed. She treasures you all and has the utmost respect for each and every one of you.
      If some supporters feel they are superior to others… then let them be. What counts is how Jodi sees it: Every kind of support is of the same importance to her. Never feel that you have done less than others.

      Remember that you all have a special place in Jodi’s heart and she will always cherish each supporter as an individual and not as a mass of people.
      Write to her. Give her the opportunity to be able to write back and express all that I have said above. You’ll be surprised to find out that she already knows all of you!

      WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI! We are here for the long haul.

      • Jodi is truly an amazing woman, and I do believe she knows how much she is loved and supported.


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  37. DECEMBER 16th.

    Today is a very important day for this site. has officially been around for one year! Yay!!! CONGRADS! 🙂

    As it has been said in every thread that SJ has put up: WE ARE HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL! And yes! My cyber friends and family… we are going to be around for as long as Jodi needs us to be here.

    I would like to use this space in expressing my appreciation to SJ for making and keeping a safe haven for all Jodi’s supporters!

    SJ, you have provided us with this amazing site and have put up with all kinds of shit during this past year. I wasn’t around from the getgo but I have heard and read horrible things that have occurred over this past year by haters… and yet you didn’t back out… here you are still putting up with any kind of BULLSHIT (and personal attacks made towards you) for Jodi’s and her supporters sake. YOU have my extreme respect.

    I just want everyone to know that SJ is the most decent, giving, generous, unselfish person I have met! EVER! Just because he doesn’t brag about what he does for others doesn’t mean that he doesn’t do stuff. Some people like doing stuff for the cause of doing and not for recognition!

    SJ, YOU are my hero! Never forget that!

    I am your Greek cheerleader shaking my pompoms frantically and cheering for both you and Jodi. 😉

    Σ’αγαπώ x10, ffs! ♥

    SJ, thank you for everything you do. YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!

    (((((SJ))))) ♥
    ((((Jodi)))) ♥
    (((( ♥
    ((((admins)))) ♥
    ((((cyber friends and family)))) ♥

  38. ♥ Its been a very long time happy to have been part of SJ site started here hoping to help Jodi…. I will never forget the discovery of the Flores report and all the work that went into it. I loved it here being able to watch the trial by going to the top of this page everyday.

    Love SJ for all his work here
    Love everyone who stayed when it got ruff
    Love the work the Admins did

    Love Jodi and hope that one day someone will find the missing link to free her
    Never give up hope

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