Bill Montgomery Opposes Wrongful Conviction Ethics Rule

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Check out the info below from the Phoenix New Times blog.

It relates to Bill Montgomery’s ongoing attempts to oppose rulings that would basically force prosecutors to reveal evidence of wrongful convictions… of which Arizona has more that its fair share.

Why are we not surprised?

Here’s the article:

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“As Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery fights to keep Debra Milke behind bars pending a retrial on her overturned murder conviction, he also is fighting a proposed rule to the State Bar of Arizona that would require prosecutors to act on new evidence of a wrongful conviction.

For the past two years, the Arizona Justice Project has petitioned the Arizona Supreme Court to change the State Bar of Arizona’s ethics rules, adding a provision based on the American Bar Association’s Ethical Rule 3.8.

The ABA’s rule states that if a prosecutor discovers “new, credible, and material evidence” of a wrongful conviction, he or she must disclose the evidence to the defendant and “undertake further investigation or make reasonable efforts to cause an investigation, to determine whether the defendant was convicted of an offense that the defendant did not commit.”

In a county that has given us the wrongful murder conviction of Ray Krone, the extra-constitutional antics of disbarred former county attorney Andrew Thomas, and now the overturned conviction of Debra Milke, whose still-warm spot on death row was secured via the testimony of a Phoenix Police Detective with a long history of lying and abuse of authority, a rule such as this would seem a no-brainer.

But not to Montgomery, who still wants his prosecutors to have the ability to hide the football after a conviction without fear of sanction by the state Bar.

In a comment to the court penned by Mark Faull, Monty’s chief deputy, Faull argues that these “new obligations” would be “confusing and burdensome” and that there is “no convincing evidence that Arizona has a ‘problem’ of wrongful convictions” or that “prosecutors have failed to take corrective action when appropriate.”

This proves conclusively that at least some prosecutors come from an imaginary planet where unethical behavior by their tribe does not exist.

By way of rebuttal, Larry Hammond of Arizona Justice Project points to “a recent study of Arizona appellate opinions between just 2004 and 2008 [that] revealed 20 cases of prosecutorial misconduct.”

Indeed, the National Registry of Exonerations lists 12 Arizona convictions dating back to 1977, including Krone’s, where those convicted were exonerated.

Hammond and the other petitioners note some Arizona cases in one filing, where they argue that the court should include the ABA’s requirement that the prosecutor investigate any new evidence.

Prosecutors already are required to turn over exculpatory material to the defense during a trial, so why not after conviction?

Because prosecutors, on the whole, do not like to relinquish a victory.

But it seems particularly rich that Montgomery would be opposing such a rule while looking to hang Debra Milke, for the second time, on the testimony of a deceitful cop.

And yet, Montgomery and other prosecutors want us all to trust that they would never hide the football from the defense, particularly when the accused’s life hangs in the balance…”

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  1. With respect to the Phoenix Times News, I am slated to join the Indiana Wrongful Convictions Evaluation Board starting September 26. When that happens, I will contact the Arizona branch. Who knows what might happen. Just don’t do anything silly in the mean time.

    • Dear Mr. Blitzer,
      In case you had not been following the trial closely, would you like to see three attempts to summarize its major defects? One is mine: “Ten Kinds of Unfairness in the Jodi Arias Trial.” It was posted here 6/22; see link at right of home page. For a slightly improved version, or links to two other people’s summaries, ask SJ or MB to send you my email address.

  2. It’s kind of amazing that laws need to be made for this type of thing but I’m all for anything that helps innocent people.

    Corruption is a tricky, tricky thing to try and clean up.

    • Hi Sam!
      I think it is a damn shame that laws need to be made to oblige one to be ethical!
      I absolutely agree with you that corruption is a tricky thing to clean up!

  3. Happy Saturday to all!

    SJ, thanks for this enlightening article.

    It is beyond me how authorities ‘serving’ the law and justice sleep at night. If there is a chance new evidence comes to light that will overturn wrongful convictions, WHY – in the love of all gods – would prosecutors not want to give this information to the defendant and spare a life that has been wrongfully convicted?

    Is it because they want to have a history of continuous victories? Where is the pride of knowing that your victories are based on lies and concealing new evidence just for the benifit of ‘winning’.

    “Monty’s chief deputy, Faull argues that these “new obligations” would be “confusing and burdensome”.. : You must be fucking kidding me!! ‘Confusing’ and ‘burdensome’?? Hell NO! If they find it a burden and confusing, they should pack their pens, writing pads, staplers, coffee cups and go home! I call that lazy to do the job they have been paid to do!

    Lastly, can someone tell me what Bill Montgomery’s problem is? What is his agenda with Debra Milke?

    Martinez should be shitting his pants right about now. If finally the ruling that will force prosecutors to reveal evidence of wrongful convictions becomes mandatory, oh boy! he will drown in paperwork!!!

    Have a great one, my cyber family!
    ((((((((Jodi)))))))) ♥

    • Hi Pan, I agree, this is a very eye opening article! Thanks SJ for posting this, even though it kind of depresses me.

      Yes, the whole “win at any cost” attitude was also touted by HLN, and subsequently by the rest of the media. They literally cheered Martinez on as he sunk lower and lower in his tactics to discredit anyone and any evidence that went contrary to his version of events.

      I remember when I first started posting here, propros kept telling me now BRILLIANT and WONDERFUL Martinez was as a lawyer, how he would win by sheer GENIUS when at the end, he would tie it all in together in a Rain Man moment.

      I disagreed with it then, and I disagree with it now. Martinez won out of sheer AGGRESSION, not a strong or well argued case. To hold him up as “brilliant” is to pay into the idea that the biggest, loudest asshole rules the sandbox, no intelligence or conscience towards the social good necessary. I’m sick that this is what we’ve become, in America, where aggressors, abusers, and bullies are applauded, and anyone that doesn’t buy into it is held in contempt. Ice fishing in northern Europe for me. I can’t wait.

    • Haha
      I would LOVE to see Martinez drown in paperwork!!!
      By God, that deranged, out-of-control lunatic of a prosecutor deserves every bad thing that can happen to him and then some!

    • Hi Pandora! Thanks for the link to the enlightening article.
      I couldn’t have done it without you :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi

  4. I posted this on the previous page but it appears everyone has moved on…

    I would like to investigate the whole camera issue more thoroughly as I think some answers may well lie within. For one, how did it end up on the floor? We, of course, know that she dropped it but an argument I’ve heard (from those who apparently didn’t see the same trial we did) is that she did drop it but it was during the time she was stabbing him; in other words, when she attacked him she had the knife in one hand and the camera in the other. This is a bit of a stretch for me but I guess some think it’s the more likely scenario (presumably because it fits more neatly into their preconceived notion of guilt.) Another possible argument might be that she set it down somewhere (on a ledge or something?) and it got knocked onto the floor in the struggle. Does anyone know what was close to the shower where she could have laid it, someplace where it could have been knocked to the floor during a knife fight, taking into account that within 62 seconds of the shower picture the camera is taking a picture of him on the the floor bleeding. If we could possibly establish that the most reasonable explanation is that she dropped his camera then it’s truly not that much of a stretch to believe a man who goes on a five hour tirade over a perceived slight (that she didn’t get out of bed at three in the morning, possibly disturbing her grandmother, to respond to his text message) might get angry if his brand new $2000 camera hits the tile floor.

    In addition to the above camera question, I am wondering what everybody’s theory is on what precisely went down between the gunshot/tackle and him laying in the shower. One theory I have is that after she fled his grasp he got up and stumbled to the sink where he examined the damage and became that much more enraged (probably screaming obscenities at her at this point and how now he’s *really* going to kill her.) She may have come across the knife at this point (maybe he’s even chasing after her as she comes across the knife) and he suddenly finds himself wrapped around a woman with a knife gone nuts in a fight for her life (much like walking into an airplane propellor.) In such a violent and chaotic encounter there are any number of ways his throat could have got cut without Jodi intending for it to happen. As for the shower, I believe Jodi, when it finally ended, wanted very much to help Travis (as she was always trying to do) and in her mental haze (and probably with a lot of adrenalin in her system at this point) she manages to get him into the shower in an attempt to wash his wounds, only to realize it’s too late. How horrifying for her. And people don’t think that experience could cause PTSD??

    So that’s my current working theory. What’s yours?

    • I think your theory is very close to mine. Have you seen the article about knife fights? He explains the throat slashing quite well. That always puzzled me but that article gave me insight into knife fights. It also explains the stab wounds on Travis and ow she was reaching around while he was facing her.

      “If we could possibly establish that the most reasonable explanation is that she dropped his camera then it’s truly not that much of a stretch to believe a man who goes on a five hour tirade over a perceived slight (that she didn’t get out of bed at three in the morning, possibly disturbing her grandmother, to respond to his text message) might get angry if his brand new $2000 camera hits the tile floor.”

      -WELL SAID!!!

      Also, the pictures were taken because they had been playing with the ‘timer’ feature on the camera earlier. Jodi explained this at trial. So the camera was dropped, it took photos from being on ‘timer’.

      • Ooops. I meant to give the name of the article:

        Innocence: An Argument For Jodi Arias


        Richard Speights

        Here’s a snippet:

        “Even a knife fight between two persons untrained in hand-to-hand combat leave tell-tell signs. These signs are all over Travis Alexander’s body, and they shout a specific and complete story of the events of that day. “

        • Thanks, Sam. I do have Speight’s article and intend to read it thoroughly. And thanks for the insight into the camera timer.

          • Oh, I remember that article, I have it bookmarked. Very loooooong but interesting and captivating at the same time.

    • I’m still trying to work out how she managed to get him in that position in the shower, its a small confined space which I think would be an impossibility, especially when it took just 62 seconds to do everything. To me it just doesn’t add up, just like the precision throat slashing.. know where I’m going here?

      • Heather, just to clarify. The 62 seconds is from the last shower photo (I think he’s facing the wall) until the one of him bleeding on the floor. I don’t think we know the time it took to get him into the shower.

    • My theory all along has been that after she accidentally shot him in the head, he stumbled around the bathroom and it was TRAVIS who found the knife (he knew where he left it) and chased after her. He then must have stumbled as he was in a daze from the shot in his head and she grabbed the knife from him and fought for her life. They wrestled to the floor and he was laying on top of her on his back and she then cut his throat. She could not possibly have stabbed him that many times if he was not in the daze from the shot to the head.

  5. Hi Folks,

    Does anyone here know if Jodi can receive music CDs if they are ordered through Barnes and Noble? I have successfully sent her books and a magazine subscription. Thanks for any help on this!

  6. Despite America being the greatest country that guarantees life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness, there’s so much injustice going on.
    The system is bent.
    Crooked prosecutors should not be not immune from prosecution, and neither should be crooked detectives. Yet prosecutors seem to get away with misconduct all the time.
    This is just pathetic.

    • Alexey, isn’t it frustrating when people look the other way instead of taking action?

      Unfortunately, it is not only in America that crooked and corrupted prosecutors exist. It is in every country, all over the planet.

      If there was exemplary punishment each time a corrupted authority was caught, I think in time, they would become less and less – even if it was out of fear and not because they had an epiphany of becoming moral.

      • Hi Pandora!

        I think the U.S has a very impressive system but it does need some serious overhaul, and FAST, to maintain it’s functionality. Punishing those who break the law they are meant to uphold is a good start!

        I think the first place to start though is with all the JUNK SCIENCE being tossed around in trials. If there were regulations regarding the science allowed into trial it would be a huge leap towards finding the truth. The crime scene alone in the death of Travis reveals the truth – or very close to it. The story kept changing, when the crime scene stayed the same. That should not be allowed.

        There is a great documentary on Frontline about junk science, titled “The Real CSI.”

        • Sam,

          What is sad is that Science is where we can find truth. Martinez only wishes he can make up his story and say the Science proves it. What has happened is that Science has shown us that he is a big liar. We are also getting to see how corrupt the Arizona Judicial System works.

  7. Hi everyone! I posted this on the previous page, but just as I posted it this new one was up. I was away for a week because I found out that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A couple of weeks ago I kept having a “pins and needles” sensation in my left hand and arm. I finally went to a doctor where he diagnosed it as Carpal Tunnel. I started wearing a wrist protector and had to stop using the computer as much. I’m feeling better now and only occasionally getting the “pins and needles” feeling. So, I’m looking forward to posting again. 🙂

    • Hi Jeff, hmmmm Carpal tunnel from TYPING too much???? that’s as good of an excuse as any! HA HA I am totally kidding you. Seriously though, I hope you are feeling better. I have been MIA myself around this sight for the last few days too. I have been going to the dentist and he is such a Nazi, I swear! I had to beg him for some pain reliever. All cool now, just got some good stuff to ease the pain…I look like a chipmunk though, my face is all swollen. I am a damned sexy little chipmunk! Any how I was just checking in with everyone to say hello and send out some cyber love to you all. xoxoxoxoxo Love ya,Jesse

      • Hi Jeff I hope you have taken steps to work ergonomically at your computer, you will find it will really help. CT is no fun from what I have heard from friends who have had it.

      • Jesse your post about the dentist reminded me of a movie I once saw called “Marathon Man” with Dustin Hoffman. They were torturing him for information they thought he knew and this Nazi dentist was drilling into his teeth asking, “is it safe?” Poor Hoffman didn’t have a clue what they wanted from him. I remember that torture scene vividly even though they never actually showed anything, just the sound of drilling and Hoffman screaming and screaming.

        • Hi Bev, It is so weird that you just mentioned “Marathon Man” and it is on cabel today! I love Dustin Hoffman and have seen all of his films except “Marathon man”. So i plan on watching it. I have heard it is excellent. The dentist scene sounds scary! I hope you are having a good day, Love ya, Jesse

    • One thing is to make sure mouse is lower than keyboard, as low as possible.

      I used to have problems, I now use a special table with low “shelf”, no more problems.

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from using a computer is not necessarily from typing on the keyboard. I use a track ball that has a thumb ball on the left side to move cursor around as opposed to one moved with the index or middle finger. Once I stopped using that kind of trackball my Carpal Tunnel syndrome improved greatly. Also, you must keep your mouse/trackball arm supported.

  8. Hello Jodi Supporters, great article SJ, and also good posts by everyone, I just wanted to add that I didn’t feel Martinez was all that effective with his prosecution, just that the jury had already made up their minds already about the conviction, and because of the attention to case to me it should have been a change of venue trial to begin with.

    • I totally agree with you Dale! This trial and the Casey Anthony trial have really set new precedents . The social media has changes the entire “game” if you will, of trials. All the harassment of the defense witnesses and the death threats made it impossible for Jodi to get a fair trial. I do not think it is right to intimidate people and try to ruin them for being a witness. I believe it is illegal as well. It really bothered me very much that nobody had any empathy at all for Jodi. Even if she did plan the murder and did kill Travis as the pros. claimed, it does not excuse them from attacking innocent individuals who were just doing their jobs. People seem to forget that one day they just might make a horrible choice or mistake in their life and they might need legal council. I think the internet is wonderful in many ways but it has made people mean, or act out in a negative way that they would not dare do if their identity’s were revealed. I really still feel for the Alexanders and their loss. However, I understand Jodi’s pain and loss and hurt as well. I will get off of my sap box now! LOL! Love ya, Jesse

  9. For me, even one wrong conviction is one too many. How can anyone go on with their life knowing they may have put an innocent person on death row? It’s one of the main reasons I oppose the death penalty. I shudder to think how many innocent people have been put to death in the past. What a tragedy for both them and their families, knowing they will die for a crime they did not commit and not a thing they can do about it.

    I agree that JM was not necessarily that effective. It was a combination of other factors, such as an incompetent, biased, judge, plus ignorant, clueless, jurors, some of whom admit that they had their minds made up from the beginning, and the bullying and intimidation of defense witnesses.

    • Just want to add to my previous comment. If the wrong person was convicted and receives the death penalty, then the actual murderer is still out there, making the rest of us unsafe and in danger. Therefore it follows that the prosecution and all those who participated by lying, hiding evidence etc. would be in part responsible if the real murderer killed again. No matter how you look at it, the whole thing stinks.

      • That is very true but they don’t care, Juan Martinez and Bill Montgomery got a conviction. They aren’t going to let a little detail like convicting the wrong person get in the way of another “win”……BASTARDS!


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Hi Bev! I do not think Martinez is that great of a lawyer at all. He has only one speed and it is pure nasty, hateful, bully. He harassed every witness and was show boating and I found him utterly repugnant! I am still surprised that most of America thought him excellent. It truly boggles the mind. Anyhow, I hope you are having a good Sunday. It is almost time for True Blood so I gotta go get my vampire fix!!! Love ya, Jesse

      • I agree Jesse, I found JM rude and abrasive. Maybe I am in the minority but that type of personality just grates on me. It’s like he’s compensating for his own inadequacies by bullying someone else. I’ll never understand how that man, (and any other prosecutor who has used his technique) can look in the mirror each day and live with himself if he knows he has hidden evidence and in doing so has put a person on death row. I guess many of us will never know and it is he who has to live with himself. Obviously he has found a way to do that.

        In my work, I always treat my patients when I’m alone with them the same way I would treat them if their family was watching. That way I know I am acting in the best possible way at all times and am working with my integrity and ethics intact. Also if I were to make a mistake, it would be just that, a mistake. No patient of mine would ever come to any harm through malice, neglect or unethical behaviour. That way I can do my work, and live my life knowing that I am doing no harm.

        • If you look very carefully at JM’s closing arguments, he does actually say some interesting things which could be interpreted as not really having faith in the state’s case.

          For example: ” If you believe what the defendant is telling you, then all of these arguments then do begin to make sense.”

          That’s an odd thing, I don’t think the jury were listening to him, their minds were made up.


          ( Credit to Canada Carol for making this )

          • To understand JM and the millions of other “pro-guilt” thinkers out there, you have to understand they are in a kind of “fog” of confusion, because they simply do not understand the defense case.

            They like to cling to tiny bits of evidence that appear to suggest Jodi is guilty/lying, but miss the big picture. Because they are in a “fog” of confusion, they see nothing clearly and go way off track.

            On holiday, this happened to me and my wife. We were descending along a ridge in thick cloud, with no clear path or track to follow, and somehow we missed the proper route. Once you are lost, it’s hard to find your way. Eventually we descended to completely the wrong valley, and had to ask at a farm where we were!

            For reasons that are hard to understand ( and I have seen the same thing many times in other cases ) people lost in this fog cannot get out of it easily, however much information you give them. It really is I think something wired into our brains, once we have a “mental map” of the world, it’s hard to change it, even if reality differs.

        • Your patients are really lucky to have such a sweet person as you to care for them and their well being. Love ya, Jesse

  10. Filing Date Description Docket Date
    8/2/2013 REL – Reply – Party (001) 8/9/2013

  11. Debra Milke is very on topic for this post. I have (for my sins) become very deeply involved with Debra’s case.

    It’s a simpler case than Jodi’s in many ways, and also domestic violence, but of a very extreme type.

    The case all boils down to who lied. I’m convinced it was Jim Styers, there is plenty of evidence for this.

    It also shows how horribly wrong things can go when detectives lie and don’t follow proper procedures, don’t record interviews, etc.

    My site for Debra is at:

  12. Hey there everyone!

    Today is Maria’s birthday and tomorrow it’s her nameday (a greek tradition: we celebrate our names too).

    Maria, have a fantastic happy birthday! May you always be in good health, surrounded by your loved ones. May happiness and laughter never part you. I love you girl!

    ((((((((((((Maria))))))))))) ♥

  13. A question on the Walmart return…

    I was just thinking about JM’s claim in closing

    “There’s no indication that, for whatever reason, maybe the heavens created the one and only exception for her, that the employee would not put a notation on there that there had been a refund. That absolutely would not have happened.”

    And then I looked at the receipt, and there is a small mark, just above and top the left of the “#” where it says
    “# ITEMS SOLD 5”.

    Probably nothing, just wondering.

    What is the mark/notation supposed to look like?

    • geebee2,
      Usually on a walmart receipt, they’ll circle or line through the item refunded and put their initials next to it.
      That little ink mark was just a mark ,I think.
      I applaud the wherewithal you manifest. I hope Jodi’s lawyers take time to avail themselves of yours and everyone’s efforts.

      • Thanks John. As were are on this, here is my “conservative” version of the Walmart return:

        FACTS ( That the jury did not know )
        (1) In 2008 Walmart store #2458 was located at N. Davis.
        (2) In July 2010 this store relocated to N. Main, retaining the same store #2458.
        (3) The building at N. Davis re-opened later after being closed or partially closed for some time, as Walmart store #5751.
        (4) The building at N. Davis has a “Tyre and Lube” sub-store.
        (5) The building at N. Main does not have a “Tyre and Lube” sub-store.

        Ok, so we can say that the “Tyre and Lube” sub-store did not relocate.
        So, perhaps it remained open, or perhaps it closed for a while and then re-opened, nobody knows.
        What happened to the tills that did not relocate? Nobody knows.
        Could one of those tills have been the till where Jodi returned the Kerosene can? Yes, quite possibly, nobody knows.
        What happened to the computer records for the tills that did not relocate? Nobody knows.
        Could the records have simply been re-filed under store #5751? Yes, quite possibly. Nobody knows.
        Could all sorts of other irregularities have occurred that we can only speculate about? Yes, nobody knows.

        So there are “holes” in Martinez’ “proof” that Jodi did not return the kerosene can on June 3, and get a cash refund.
        Thus the evidence from the Walmart lady (who is doubtless quite honest) is worthless, and in fact misleading.

        And THIS is the basis for the states case against Jodi.

      • Oh, and I guess we should ask ourselves what that mark actually is?
        Could it be the cashier was about to mark the receipt and then got distracted?

        The mark is certainly there.

        • Good post and link, geebee. i just read this. i just think Jodi probably spaced out on some things in the case, like the receipt (she probably kept that to have another record of her being in Salinas, maybe didn’t realize the gas can was on there?), or the camera card (she probably didn’t realize you could retrieve deleted images, or she thought washing would ruin the card?). Otherwise hard to explain why she would not have destroyed that evidence?

    • I liked how Nurmi tried to make a good point by saying:
      ” but the state says “oh, we checked all the registers at this Salinas, at this Walmart.
      Did they check the others? Do they know? Who knows?
      But again, set up a house of cards, knock it down and call her a liar. ”

      He was aiming at ‘reasonable doubt’ but no juror apparently even cared.

  14. Its been a while since i’ve posted. Hope all of you are well.

    I watched a show, I think it was Deadly Women, about a young girl named Gina Grant. She killed her mother. I found this article online about her. It reminded me so much of Jodi and her situation except Gina ended up serving only 6 months and was released. Also Gina has a high IQ and had never been in trouble with the law. An excerpt from an article:

    For weeks after sheriff’s deputies arrested 14-year-old Gina Grant for bludgeoning her alcoholic mother to death in 1990, she offered conflicting accounts of how the crime happened. It was intruders, she said at first; then, her mother stabbed herself, injuring her head as she fell down the stairs to the first floor. Finally, Ms. Grant swore to investigators that it was her boyfriend, Jack Hook, who did the deed.

    Sound familiar? Here is the full article:

  15. Hi everyone! Hope all is well. I’m feeling better although not quite at 100% yet, more like 90%. Anyways, thank you all so much for the well-wishes and kind thoughts.

    Have any of you who received postcards from Jodi in the past received any from her lately?

    • Jeff – sorry to hear you have not been well.

      K. recently wrote a postcard asking Jodi if she could write a letter to scan for all of her supporters and she has replied with a message addressed to me.

      I have asked K. to scan it in, I hope to post this soon… 🙂

      Best wishes to all.

  16. I can see that doing the right thing would be ‘burdensome’ for JM, He might actually suffer a defeat if new evidence came to light even though the evidence he won on was speculative and shoddy. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kermi has the secretly recovered gun, which did NOT belong to grandpa, in a lockbox under his bed. Even if the gun was grandpa’s Jodi, in my opinion, is NOT guilty of M1!

  17. As if that woman and her big mouth weren’t aggravating enough, Jane Valez-Mitchell has now put her ignorance to paper. Next week her book comes out: “Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias” in which she regales us with her (unprofessional) insights into who Jodi *really* is. And, of course, it’s getting glowing reviews from her HLN lynch mob cohorts. If you have any need to raise your blood pressure, check it out at

    • Justus, hi! I did go and take a look at Amazon and all I could say was: Give me a f*cking break!

      This famewhore, JVM can’t stop, can she?! And now she thinks she is an expert and a specialist with insight as to what was going on in Jodi’s mind? For the love of all Gods! All psychologists and profilers and professors should just tear up their diploma’s and flush their years of studies down the toilet because Jane is here to explain and to analyze Jodi. What a crock of bullshit!

      Next thing you know Dr. Doolittle will write a new and enlightening autopsy report… Pffff.

      Madness, I’m telling you, madness!

      • Hey Pandora, I just went to the amazon site. All I can say is you were much too kind in your comments about JVM and her book. I can’t go into it now my blood pressure won’t handle it thank GOD for my happy pills (Prozac & wellbutrin) they help to keep me calm. That woman JVM makes me want to P U K E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Hi Pandora,

        Any book written by JVM will flop. She’s a dumb bitch who promotes hate to a low level, retarded losers who thrive on vitriol. People like that live in their own misery. Didn’t someone in the family help her write the book?

        • Marie S,

          Welcome to our cyber family! I haven’t seen you here before.

          I agree that any book JVM writes will be a total failure. She’s only in for the money. As I have said she is a famewhore.

          As for if someone from the alexander family helped her, I actually have no idea. Where did you hear that?

          • Pandora,

            The review says she consulted with family and friends on the book. Isn’t the title ironic? “Exposed”! LMAO The only people needing exposing are the friends & family of that abusive POS, I bet the book sells about 500 copies and that includes the family and “friends” of Travis. Talk about profiting off a death – count the family in, count his friends and we can sure as fuck count HLN In. (((( EXPOSING)))

            • Whatever money they profit is shame money. IF the family has actually helped her write the book then I can take it to the bank when I tell you that it will be the same bullshit we have been hearing for months.

              BTW, I think I remember you, way back when I started posting. 😉 Where have you been? It’s good to have you back here posting!

              (((((((Marie S)))))))

    • FFS!! Will they EVER leave Jodi alone??? They got what they wanted, their longed-for M1 conviction!
      And now that bi*** writes a book? Oh, thank you Jane for allowing us to step into the deep secrets of this seriously deranged criminal mind. NOT!
      I hope they are happy for making money based on LIES and out of a woman’s misery. Oh and yeah, let me just add this: Blood money! Maybe they are pleased to have sold their souls to the Devil, he is probably keeping them good company . They say they care about Travis but they keep on cashing in on his death. Geez…

  18. Excuse me if this has already been discussed ad nauseum (I’ve been out of the loop for a while). I had never watched the Lifetime movie (trying to maintain some degree of mental peace and stability) but I have it recorded on DVR. So I started to watch it yesterday, thinking I would make a list of all the things they got wrong. I never even got out of Las Vegas. My list was growing rapidly and my mind was being blown. I had to shut it off. But I am wondering, has anyone else compiled such a list, or any parts of a list? If so, it would be good to pull them all together.

    Here’s what I have so far:

    1. TA was not a so-called (and so-protrayed) motivational speaker. (He was a friggin’ salesman, for God’s sake.)

    2. They did not meet in a bathroom, with her “stalking” him, trying to seduce him. TA pursued her. (I didn’t see any witnesses on the stand contradicting that and I’m sure they would have jumped at the chance.)

    3. JA never lied to TA about her current relationship (Darryl) by responding to his (fabricated) question with a totally seductive “You’re the only man in my life.” Give me a break!!

    4. There is no evident (that I’m aware of) that TA told her that he was seeing another woman. (I’m supposing that was thrown in to accentuate how very persistent she was; she didn’t care if he was in a relationship, she wanted him and she was going to have him no matter what.)

    5. There is no evidence of the bar scene where she is already jealous and possessive on their supposed first date.

    5. There is no evidence of her waiting to practically attack him outside his hotel room.

    I had to shut it off at this point.

    I am amazed at the lengths those people had to go to make Jodi look like a sociopath using her feminine wiles to seduce poor vulnerable religious and hardworking Travis. The truth doesn’t indicate any of that so they had to make it up and they sure did that – in royal spades (wonder how they sleep at night). It is astonishing that they would even be allowed to state at the beginning of this piece of slander that it is “Based on a True Story”. What truth have I seen so far? That they met in Las Vegas???

    • Well said Justus, because the movie was actually based on bullshit told by JM and perpetuated by the likes of NG and JVM. It was a quilt fabricated from whole cloth. A tangled web woven by the media. In other words, a damn pack of lies.

      • Indeed, Gwen. And I hope, if Jodi ever gets out of this mess, that she can sue these people senseless. I understand the whole concept of “literary license” but even convicted murderers deserve the right to have the truth told, not have it manufactured to fit into someone’s creative story telling, especially if the story claims to be based on truth. Just one more way the 1st amendment is being used to stomp all over the 6th amendment.

        • I hope she can sue also. My immediate thought when I watched it was that if it was ANYONE else, they would have rights and this movie wouldn’t have the name Jodi Arias associated with it.

          I didn’t compile a list but I did eventually just start to laugh at the lies. Two that were particularly manipulative were:
          1) They show her taking photos of Travis out on a date with another woman. Her disguise is a baseball cap.
          2) They show a photo collage Jodi has made of pics of Travis – in his own house yet!
          3) Jodi has sex with another man and sends Travis photos of it

          Even though they threw in those completely made-up scenes, I think they could not mask the jerk that was Travis. They left out his abusive behavior completely. It felt like they were trying to portray him as saintly.

          He came across as a milder version of himself but the scumbag still came through loud and clear.

          I thought the actress who played Jodi was really good when I watched the movie as fiction (which it was).

    • Justus, hmm…what a great idea! If I can bring myself to re-watch that piece of shit that movie was (without wanting to shoot myself LOL), I may indeed try and write down all the inconsistencies and blatant LIES that were in it. They should have written ”Inspired by a True Story” not ”Based” 99% of it was pure fiction!!!
      Yours and Sam’s points are all valid. Maybe we can pile up the rest of them just in case 😉

  19. When Travis was growing up he witnessed domestic violence between his parents in which police were called. Would those police records be available for public consumption? It would be interesting if a .25 caliber gun was ever involved. (Travis did say that he saw his mother empty a gun into his father’s car.)

    Also, even though Jodi wasn’t able to testify about where TA got the gun, she obviously told someone. Do we have any ideas of what she was not allowed to say?

  20. How can it be legal for JVM to write about the “Secret life” of Jodi Arias? If it’s secret, then it’s secret. I’m sure she spent a lot of time checking her “facts”. How can she use pictures of Jodi without her consent? There seems to be no end to the unethical behaviour of both JVM and NG. I really don’t know how these cows sleep at night. I agree that I hope Jodi has one bad ass lawsuit somewhere down the road and takes these opportunists to the cleaners. Maybe I’ll just sashay my ass on to Amazon and give it a shitty review, although I won’t have read it, nor do I intend to. I’m sure many of those who crucified Alice’s book have never actually read a book, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s fair game.

    • For some reason Jodi is really left for anyone to do what ever they want with her. This JVM writing a book about Jodi when there is no truth and JVM is no expert to speak about Jodi. All JVM did was help gather a lynch mob against Jodi and told lies concerning Jodi. She is the last person in the world to write a book about Jodi.
      What is more overwhelming is, where are Jodi’s family and friends? My family would have lawyers all over JVM with this fake book. The more this nonsense is carried to the masses the less chance Jodi has of getting her life back. I strongly believe this is how Martinez is working his win of this case. He wants to target just the average person. The one who is going to buy into everything the lawyer states, the person who is influenced by the most media put in front of them, the person who doesn’t have the intelligence to see where the discrepancies are and where the questions need asking. Martinez wants the jurors that are going to ask any random old questions. Not the jurors that are going to focus on the correct questions. Martinez is going after the average person that everyone markets to. They are the biggest population and they are going to carry Martinez ‘s message about Jodi far and wide. Now he has average JVM’s book coming out around the time the judge wants this 2nd trial. We have to look at this in terms of marketing.
      It is sad that average Americans can be so stupid. That they won’t think out of a box of lies and the result will be wrongful death for a person.
      Jodi has lawyers that try and file all the correct papers but the judge will never agree on the defenses side just because she has her mind made up and isn’t giving Jodi a fair trial.
      So above Jodi no one is speaking out for her and her family and friends just let it all happen.
      Jodi has the right to fair and equitable treatment.

  21. Hello all. I am sorry but, I have been away while dealing with a horrific family tragedy. I hope everyone here is doing well. I don’t even think I have checked my email in forever. Anyway, maybe I can be around more one of these days. Things are just not right.

    • Hi CJ. I am so sorry you are having a bad time. I understand and am praying for you and your well being. Just know that you are not alone. Hugs and kisses, Love ya, Jesse xoxox

  22. Hey y’all finally the end of a another long week. I dodged a bullet tomorrow I thought we were going to work but they called it off WOOHOO! I guess I’ll go for a ride instead 😀 . Good night all in check in tomorrow.

    (((((CYBER FAMILY♥)))))

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  23. Good morning, everyone! How are you? I apologize for not posting as much, but I’m going to try and make up for it going forward and beginning with this post.

    First of all, there was an article on HLN’s website titled “So Jodi has a book club…” and, not surprisingly, it was written in the usual, typical, snarky fashion that the network is known to do. I’ll be honest, I really wish that I didn’t read it, but because I’m researching articles on Jodi, I feel like I shouldn’t just be listening to the choir. Sometimes I need to listen to what the devils on the other side have to say as much as it pains me to do so. What the hell is wrong with a book club? Aren’t prisoners allowed to read? For Christ’s sake, why don’t these people just get off their fucking high horse? Excuse me for the language, but I am so tired of this crap.

    Second of all, the Lifetime TV-movie was put together in short order and it looked like a movie put together in short order. The jury hadn’t even settled on their conviction of Jodi Arias and the cameras were still filming. Lifetime sought an opportunity to cash in on this story and strike while the iron was hot which is why the producers and writers hastily wrote a script and casted for the film. I thought that both the actors were good, but even the best performance is wasted on a script that has more holes in it than Sonny Corleone at the causeway. I posted on my blog about my suggestions for casting, writing and directing. You can read it here:

    Third, I keep hearing people say how Jodi has shown no remorse and hasn’t apologized to Travis Alexander’s family. Bullshit. She did both in the courtroom during her allocution and in subsequent interviews. Someone commented on my blog the other day that when a reporter asked her about this and Jodi declined to respond to which this person got offended. My response was that I think that Jodi has done this many times and she shouldn’t have to apologize just because someone from the media expects her to. Also, even if Jodi Arias were to break down and convulse into tears, apologizing a million times for Travis’s death, it won’t make a difference to these people. The haters and the pro-Travis Alexander zealots are NEVER going to forgive Jodi or feel any compassion for her no matter what she says or does.

    Fourth, these holier-than-thou types who hate Jodi are the ones clamoring for her death and salivating over the prospects of her getting a needle. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites! Where is the justice in that? I would understand it if they said something akin to “Yes, I think she should get death and be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but it’s never going to bring our brother back.” And there it is. It’s never going to bring Travis back. And, I say this as someone who was pro-death penalty most of his life, even if I supported capital punishment which I no longer do, I would never have wanted someone in Jodi’s position to receive the death penalty. I don’t believe that the death penalty is a deterrent anymore. It takes years and years of appeals and there is always the sad reality of having someone on death row who is innocent. Witness Jodi Arias. Let’s just say that Jodi Arias gets the death penalty, spends years on death row and we later find out that she truly was innocent, but she was executed anyways. What are they going to say on the other side? Oops! My bad! Thankfully, I don’t see this happening. However, I mention it because it exposes the flaws within the criminal justice system and, especially, with Jodi’s trial. What really frustrates and angers me the most about this trial is that Jodi escapes abuse only to repeatedly be abused again and again by the criminal justice system.

    Fifth, people on the other side can write books and make crappy movies all they want to, but they better be prepared for some responses from our side, too. There’s a reason why the Lifetime movie failed: it was full of lies. We have something on our side that the opposition does not have: the truth. HLN and many people in the media and Travis Alexander’s family have tried very hard to squelch any opposition, but we will not be silenced. If his family and friends can appear on-camera five nights a week, don’t you dare question Jodi Arias being interviewed for 20 minutes after her trial. Again, what a bunch of fucking hypocrites! If his family and friends can go on Twitter and bash the hell out of Jodi Arias while soliciting donations claiming to be for Travis which are actually going into their pockets, then someone can create a Twitter account for Jodi to relay her messages to the world. It really gets their goat that Jodi has the audacity to have a Twitter account, doesn’t it? Ah, what horror! What is this world coming to when Jodi Arias can have a Twitter account? Never mind the fact that these pieces of human garbage have taken it upon themselves to create bogus Twitter accounts, bogus profiles on their hater websites and used their hacking skills to post personal and private information about people they disagree with and hate. I feel like I should say to them, “God pays attention to YOUR behavior, too.” Just sayin’. I’m done for now. 🙂

    • What Travis’ family and the Jodi haters don’t realize is that putting Jodi to death won’t make them feel better. All they want is vengeance. Romans chapter 12 verse 19 tells us; Dearly beloved avenge not for your self, but rather give place unto wrath. For it is written vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the LORD. Until they get that they will never know true peace. Taking Jodi’s life will only make them feel worse. There is only two that really know what happened that day 04 June 2008 that is GOD and Jodi. As for me I believe Jodi.

      (((((♥ JODI ♥)))))

      Ray Chastain in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

    • I LOVE your feisty post!!! WTG, Jeff!

      Point 1: Yes, Jodi has a book club, because there are still loving, caring people out there who dont mind paying a few dollars to make a woman happy and put a smile on her face by subscribing her to a magazine or by sending her books. What’s wrong with that??? What is she supposed to do all day long inside that cage of hers? Stare at the wall?!?!?! Jodi gives away everything she reads to less fortunate inmates but haters like HLN care about that as much as they care about being objective and sharing BOTH sides of a story!!

      Point 2: I think it’s a waste of time even referring to that despicable movie. It was all LIES, LIES, LIES! The direction was boring, the acting was baaaaaaaad, the script was so unimagitevely one-sided that they should have called it the ”I hate Jodi Arias” movie.

      Point 3: Jodi HAS apologized. Again and again and again. If they want to hear the actual 3 words, if they are so obsessed with Linguistics maybe they should all think about an Academic career in Linguistics and leave her the fuck alone!!

      Points 4,5: The DP is never the answer, imho. There is always the chance of putting an innocent person to death. Yes, TA supporters say ”She admitted to killing him so let’s kill her too” . How does this make them any different from the person they so vehemently hate?
      The ‘Haters gonna hate’ expression is not enough to even begin to describe what went on (and continues to happen) with all the zealots, as you so interestingly call them. People have gone to sickening extremes to show their hatred and have not only targeted Jodi, her family and the defense witnesses but her supporters as well, whose only fault was to have a different opinion than the rest of the world. The Internet is flooded by sites, twitter accounts and FB pages that promote hatred, that ridicule Jodi and her family, sites and pages whose titles and concepts are disgustingly disturbing. Dont give me the ”She is a CON-VI-CTED murderer shit!! When I see the same amount of pages and sites dedicated to hate and spew vitriol (mind you, I’m not talking about the pages that simply talk about or cover the case) about people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert Fish, BTK, Ariel Castro or other murderers, then I’m gonna say ”OK, it’s just people venting because a murder took place” .
      Hey, there’s venting and there’s just plain hatred and obsession! Haters are people who turn a blind eye on other atrocities because they have found an easy (dare I say popular?) target to aim their suppressed anger at!
      And if they are finding it so damn hard to accept that we stand behind that woman, maybe they should keep telling themselves that all humans will have to live with their own conscience. And ours is surely peaceful; we are doing what we believe is the right thing to do. Let us be judged by whoever each and every one of us believes in.

      • Jodi is innocent, self defense is not murder. I believe it now and always have and always will.

        (((((TEAM JODI)))))

        Ray in H-burg Va.

      • Maria,

        Those haters sites you speak of only show how vile and nasty the haters are. There is no justification for what’s been done to Jodi supporters. Any psychopath can be a badass bully behind a keyboard but it’s a whole different ballgame when they are talking under their real identities. Funny we never see that do we. Instead, we see cowardice. The traviban, which includes the family and friends have been behind a fuckload of vile and nasty shit behind the scenes using a few sheep to help. Sheep are stupid and slip up. REAL accountability will prevail.

        (always tell the truth, that way you don’t remember what you said)

        • Marie, I have on numerous occasions invited the haters to contact me I’d be more than happy to give them directions to my front door… know so we could “talk” about it, I haven’t had anyone ask for directions yet LOL 😀

          Ray in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

          • Oh Ray, do not pay attention to the haters. They do not like having rational conversations. It is either their way or the highway! They entertain themselves by bullying anyone that has a different opinion than theirs. 😉

  24. Just posted at the top of

    A letter from Jodi to all her supporters, in response to a postcard request:
    “I don’t think there are words in the English language that can fully describe how in awe I am of you all. You are a warm layer of protection from the negativity. This has been a very dark year for my family and I, and you are individual rays of light that add to a collective brightness that would not exist without you. You all rock. Seriously.”
    — Jodi Anne Arias, sent from Estrella Jail, relayed to me by (George) by another supporter (Krista), August 17, 2013.

  25. Hello all!

    I have missed you! (computer problems)

    Here is what I wanted to share with you:

    You might recall I had some issues with the notion of Jodi dragging Travis into that shower. To my mind, it would have been impossible for her to get him in there, over the metal lip at the bottom and into the position he was found in without causing multiple scrapes and bruises all over his lower back, buttocks and legs. To my recollection, the only such injuries noted on the autopsy included a very small abrasion on his left arm, a bruise and an abrasion above his left heel, and a bruise on his right ankle.

    Yesterday I wanted to refresh my memory on that, so I went to read the autopsy again and I stumbled across something I hadn’t noticed before. Under the section “general external examination” it says:

    “livor mortis is red-purple and fixed over the posterior surface of the body”

    Livor mortis (as I’m sure you know from the cop shows) is the blood settling to the lowest points. The markings will be absent at points where the body makes contact with other surfaces, because of compression of the capillaries, but will otherwise collect at the lowest points. If livor mortis had happened in that shower, with Travis posed as he was found, the discolored areas would have been his feet, his right hand, and the area around his buttocks. Not ‘over the posterior surface of the body.’

    It takes 4-5 hours for livor mortis to ‘fix’ – for the blood to congeal so that it doesn’t move if the body is moved. By the time livor mortis is fixed, rigor mortis has started (although it starts in the smallest muscles – facial muscles, fingers, toes, neck – and isn’t full rigor until about 12 hours) and the body doesn’t come out of rigor until 36-48 hours after death.

    What I’m getting from this is that Travis lay dead, flat on his back, for at least four hours after he died. If we’re to believe the timeline imposed by the photo timestamps (and I’m not entirely convinced we should, lol, but that’s another story), that means it was at least 9:30 when Travis was moved to the shower…. and if not then or very soon after, then he probably couldn’t have been folded into that space until sometime late-night of the 5th or early morning of the 6th.

    What time was it when Jodi’s phone came on near the Hoover Dam? By the fastest route in average driving conditions the Hoover Dam is four and a half hours from Mesa.

      • Hi WB –

        I haven’t been able to find many autopsy photos that actually document the lividity.

        I have been looking at other images of livor mortis, and realize the discoloration would be more widespread than I had thought. And I may not fully understand where to look for it if he was posed in that shower just after his death. But I have been looking more closely and the few images I have of him in the shower, and I think that much of the side of his right leg should show discoloration, and there is an autopsy photo of that leg that shows only a couple of bruises.

        If anyone knows where there might be a more complete collection of the autopsy photos, can you point me in the right direction?

      • Oh, I have seen a couple of pictures that show lividity on the back of the neck, which doesn’t strike me as compatible with his pose. The head/neck were semi-upright and the blood in his head CLEARLY had an easy exit path through the neck wound.

    • So what are you implying Journee… that Jodi was not alone and/or someone else must have moved TA’s body into the shower? Glad you are back! Love ya, Jesse

      • HI Jesse,

        IF – (note the big ‘if’ there) – the liver mortis on the body doesn’t match the position he was found in, all I’m going to presume from that is that he was moved at least four hours after his death. And IF (big if again) the timestamps are correct and Travis died around 5:30, and if I’m remembering correctly that it was around 11 that Jodi started using her phone near the Hoover Dam, she could not have been in Mesa when Travis was put in the shower.

        This could, conceivably, tie together the three things that have bothered me:

        The roommates who smelled nothing for five days. (I don’t believe it, it simply cannot be true).

        The bloody shoe print. (there is a corresponding photo I have seen, I THINK it was in HLN’s collection of crime scene photos, which shows a scuff mark of a shoe that has blood on the sole at the bottom edge of the front of the shower – this photo also shows that metal rim I think should have left more telltale damage on the body had it been DRAGGED into that shower.)

        And, as I mentioned in my post above, I don’t believe Jodi could have gotten him into the shower by herself without a huge struggle that would have caused a lot more visible damage to his body. The space is too cramped, and Travis was too big, and his pose does not suggest that he was dragged or pulled there by one person. A person would have pulled by his shoulder or his feet, yet he’s centered fairly squarely across the shower, so if he was pulled/dragged there, he would have had to have been repositioned – and again, more struggle, more damage to the body. A dead body is not cooperative and it’s not limp either (I know this from just trying to wrap my pets for burial). TO ME it looks like he was put into the shower from a fireman’s carry. (google if you’re unfamiliar) That would have put him precisely as he was found with minimal damage to the body.

        Those three unanswered questions have kept me from going too far down ANY path towards understanding what happened, because they scream to me that SOMETHING happened beyond any story we’ve been told.

        And if the scene was tampered with after the fact, if someone found Travis and moved him to the shower, for whatever reason, that means none of the crime scene evidence is reliable. Because whoever did it had several days to distort the story told by the crime scene.

      • I just don’t get how Jodi would lift TA over into that shower. Also I didn’t read anything
        about her breaking his neck. This piece of evidence just seemed to show up in pics.

      • HI geebee!

        I have been reading some of the more recent posts, trying to catch up. I saw that post you wrote the other day, explaining why it’s so difficult to change the minds of people who are sure that Jodi is guilty. They’ve committed to a path.

        As you have. It’s clear from ALL of your hard work! But, as I explained to Jesse above, I spotted these three confounding signs on the path and they’ve had me going in circles.

    • Journee!! So excited to see you back!

      Your post reminds me of that blog’s findings, MissPajamaGirl I think it was (or maybe I’m mixing it up with another one I ‘ve read LOL).
      Anyway, there are other people wondering how come Travis’ buttocks didnt have any signs of livor mortis. The way he was found sitting in that shower, the only reasonable thing would be for his body to exhibit major signs of that reddish discolouration on the gluteus maximus/medius area. It’s gravity working its way through blood, there are no exceptions. Again, so many things that dont add up in this case…

      • Hello Maria! I am glad to see you too!

        From the little bit of research I’ve done (looking at lots of pictures of dead people :-{ ), whether laying down or semi reclined as he was, there wouldn’t be any discoloration in his buttocks or across his shoulders because the capillaries there would be compressed by surface contact. But the lividity should have spread up several inches from his buttocks, especially the top/back of his left leg because that knee was UP. The right leg was tipped over sideways, but I think the space was too narrow for it to lay flat so there should have been considerable discoloration down the side of that leg. I have seen one photo of that leg and it does not seem to show any discoloration except for a bruise.

        I actually left a couple of questions for Miss Pajama Girl last night (duplicate posts, ugh) that, when last I checked, were still awaiting moderation.

  26. Could it be possible that Jodi didn’t leave Travis dead but someone like a jealous husband or boyfriend or Mormon friend (? )came along behind her and finished him off. No doubt he was a great disappoint to many. Nothing measures up to me. Also, all of his friends (?) were very quick to tell lies, one after another, about Jodi. Why? Were they covering up something they had participated in? Maybe she thought Travis was dead but he wasn’t yet.?. The blood spatter on the walls always has looked like someone dropped it on with a turkey baster or something. Will we ever know. I just know in my heart that she is not guilty of premeditated murder. I pray the truth comes out soon or I’m going to go crazy! Five years of her life down the drain. . .so sad. What an injustice!

    • It’s very unlikely Travis was alive. Travis and Jodi had a desperate fight, with Travis enraged by the gun shot wound and Jodi having no memory.

      Have you studied the crime scene very carefully? Eventually you can see that everything fits.

      I still go back to the photos and see new things.

      I have just been looking again at

      You can see that Jodi rotated Travis’s body after the fight, in an anti-clockwise direction.

      More evidence that Juan’s dragging theory (with Travis’ throat cut at bedroom end of hallway) is utter nonsense.It’s very unlikely Travis was alive. Travis and Jodi had a desperate fight, with Travis enraged by the gun shot wound and Jodi having no memory.

      Have you studied the crime scene very carefully? Eventually you can see that everything fits.

      I still go back to the photos and see new things.

      I have just been looking again at

      You can see that Jodi rotated Travis’s body after the fight, in an anti-clockwise direction.

      More evidence that Juan’s dragging theory (with Travis’ throat cut at bedroom end of hallway) is utter nonsense.

  27. I have examined the photos many times and still see things that make me wonder how she could have possible done all of this by herself. I know she was fighting for her life but I still feel she might be covering up for someone or something else. I noticed in a book review how she still was leaning towards the Mormon faith which makes me wonder why. Her Mormon friends sure didn’t help her at all. I appreciate all that you are doing for Jodi and hope that you will keep up your digging until Jodi is freed.

    • I don’t see any great mystery, having spent a long time analysing what the scene tells us. The way to proceed is to first organise all the photos, then look very carefully for the dozens of clues that show what happened.

      Things like:
      The blood spatter on the toilet
      The shallow wounds on Travis’ back
      The chip in the tile where Jodi dropped the knife
      The swoosh on the wall where Travis fell over at the end of the hallway
      The blood trail at the end of the hallway that show how Travis got back up and went back towards the bathroom
      The various pools of blood
      The marks that show how Jodi rotation (probably of Travis’ body after he died)
      The traces that show how the flood happened

  28. I believe she is innocent and always have, without a doubt, but I don’t understand why we are in the minority. Everything is pretty obvious to all of us. . . why not the Haters? Your evidence has been very helpful but I know Jodi is innocent. She was only defending herself from a horrible attack. I pray for her all the time.

    • ” Everything is pretty obvious to all of us… why not the Haters?”

      LOL! Do you really want to go there?? Some things are better left unanswered. (teasing you 🙂 )
      Let the haters hate. Let us love and support Jodi.
      We agree to disagree, that’s the only peaceful solution I can come up with when it comes to them. Do the same, R. Trying to figure out what goes on in people’s minds is the hardest thing in life; there are psychologists for that.

      • Love to you . . . your a real hoot! We will keep supporting Jodi for sure. . .all the way to the moon and back! 🙂

        • I don’t understand why the haters don’t get it either. The nasty, Hateful people who don’t even know her that say mean things. I think with the witch hunt and mass mob lynching people don’t even understand what they are hating.
          This evening JVM has her hour show to promote her book. Her whole premise is that TA was a nice innocent guy and Jodi came in and corrupted him. She has gathered her information from TA’s family and his so called friends.

  29. PS Also, Thanks again to GeeBee2 and all the other Wonderful people on this site supporting Jodi everyday. I am so glad to be such a small part in supporting Jodi and I only pray she will be helped by knowing we all are with her. Some many have done sooo much. 🙂

  30. Hey everyone.

    Wow, so many new people….! Awesome!

    I see my sister is in the house!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((((((((((((♥sis♥))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I see Pan has come and gone…I hope you are having sweet dreams my friend. ((((((♥))))))

    P.S. Pan…I left a “LMAO” for you….”a button”!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    CJ…I owe you an email. I will get on it tomorrow. I promise!!! 🙂

    A HUGE shout out to my buddy GD. (((((((((((((((((((((♥))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    LC..I owe you an email too! I’ll get to it tomorrow as well! ♥


    • (((((((((((Janeen)))))))))))

      It is so wonderful seeing you posting here again. You HAVE been deeply missed!

      P.S. Go check out my reply to your ‘button’!!! LMFAO!

      (((((((Jodi))))))) (((((((Jodi supporters)))))) (((((((my cyber family)))))))) ♥

  31. There was a woman who was posting over at HuffPo named Joyce – she’s posted here once since the trial that I know of. I was pleased to see her here and greeted her, but I never saw any more posts from her.

    She is, I think, Asian, just by the way she phrases things The narrow minded fools over there just thought she was stupid or a kid, but it was clear to me that English isn’t her first language and that writing English was a struggle for her. She tended to keep her posts very short. Little bursts of information that also made it clear to me that she had some understanding of crime scene investigation and/or medical background. (Joyce was the first person I knew of that caught the dura mater contradiction – she caught it while Jodi was still on the stand).

    She had a theory of how the struggle played out that I found very plausible…. but it was delivered in little bursts so I’ll try to string it together as I remember it.

    After Jodi dropped the camera and Travis tackled her, she ran and he stopped to pick up the camera…. probably set it on the counter at that point, and probably walked fast but didn’t run to follow her (so she was able to get enough lead time to get the gun. They made the loop down the hall and back through the closet and Jodi confronts him with the gun, it goes off and they go down again. Jodi says she didn’t know the gun went off. Likewise, he probably didn’t know he’d been shot, probably thought he’d somehow been hit hard enough to break his nose, because blood was pouring from it. She manages to get away again after he makes his FKYB threat. But again, he doesn’t follow her immediately.

    This was a point Joyce kept making: Travis was not ‘afraid’, did not perceive himself to be under attack or he would not have stopped at the sink to examine his wounds, to bleed and aspirate blood there (there was NO injury, Joyce said, other than the gunshot that traversed the frontal sinus, that would have caused the aspiration of blood there at the sink and mirror.) Now he’s really pissed, now he’s got a broken camera AND a broken nose. He picks up the camera and starts after her again…. this is how the camera managed to travel down the hall, Travis is still thinking about the damn camera.

    Jodi has had time to get the knife (could it have been in that linen closet, gee bee?) and again she is ready to confront him with a weapon in hand. This time she’s holding the knife out in front of her, but holding it like a sword, pointed up – SHARP side up. Travis is either moving too fast, wet, and slipped/tripped, OR he is unsteady on his feet because of the gunshot wound and actually falls toward her rather than lunging AT her, and THAT’s when the ultimately fatal chest wound happened. It’s the only time the knife went that deep, and Joyce believed (especially because of the angle of the wound) that it went that deep because of TRAVIS’ motion, not Jodi’s.

    He ended up on his hands and knees, making a pool of blood on the carpet. Here Joyce harks back to Jodi’s intruder story, of Travis on his hands and knees, her trying to help him up. She manages to get him moving again, back towards the bathroom. She’s ‘helping’ him. She manages to get the knife out of him before he collapses against her – maybe accidental or maybe he’s still fighting with her. But now she’s trapped against the wall, the knife between them. She’s trying to get her hand and the knife out from between them, this is when the other shallow chest wound and the belly wound happen. They fall to the floor again, him on top of her. Now she’s just trapped and panicked, HITTING him with the knife -the head, the neck, and mostly the back, trying to make him get off her.

    When she finally gets free again, he’s still fighting, if feebly. Grabbing for the knife. “He just wouldn’t die.” I forget now when she said that. But that’s when Joyce figures she cut his throat.

    It’s been weeks since I’ve seen anything of Joyce, so I don’t get to ask her about something else I noticed when I was studying the autopsy report again yesterday. Horn notes a lack of hemorrhaging to the tissues of the neck wound and, in the report, attributes it to decomposition. But, in testimony, he attributed lack of hemorrhage in the bullet path to Travis being dead or nearly so when he was shot. Now I’m wondering if the neck wound might have been post-mortem.

    • They make fun of her grammar or spelling because of their own ignorance. If people don’t fit into their narrow minded image of who they should be they go on the attack. It makes them feel superior. Probably because they are losers in their own lives. They need to attack unknown people on the internet to give themselves self worth. Pathetic really.

      I think this Joyce woman brings up some very interesting and plausible possibilities. It’s obvious in looking at the murder scene that a very violent fight for survival occurred. I wonder if Jodi had been on the losing end of that fight what the outcome would have been? Probably a group of holier than thou Mormons coming out of the woodwork to defend TA and saying she stalked him etc.

      • Three things – well four I guess, really rang true for me about the Joyce’s theory.

        First that fatal knife wound to the chest – Joyce and I first ‘met’ discussing the odd upwards angle of it, didn’t match how someone on the attack would hold the knife or move the knife, it should have arced downwards, sharp edge down. But it was upwards and the sharp edge was up. Haphazardly grabbing it on the fly, holding it up like a sword – and Travis, whether he’s in a blind rage and lunges at her anyway, or he slips and tumbles towards her, or the head wound makes him unsteady on his feet, it rings true for me that Travis’ own weight or momentum accounts for the depth of that wound. ALL of the other knife wounds, even the wounds described as ‘stabs’, are very shallow and would not have been life threatening. Most of the knife wounds she seemed more to be hitting him with the knife than stabbing.

        Second, the fact that Travis stood at that sink and bled and aspirated blood and he just wouldn’t have – not Travis – he would not have stood at that sink as Martinez suggested and watched in the mirror as he was attacked. If he truly felt THREATENED, he would have been fighting, not just standing there. He turned his back on her and stood at that mirror in arrogance, thinking she had run off to hide and cry. He wasn’t under attack.

        Third, that it was Travis who was responsible for the camera moving down the hall. Travis still pissed off about his camera, grabbing it and going after her, then dropped it when he went down.

        And fourth, Travis was on top of her towards the end and that’s when she really flipped out. She didn’t know he was already fatally wounded, she only knew he was still fighting and threatening her.

        • Horn never even made an effort to clarify that most of the ‘stab’ wounds were not actually stab wounds, they are not deep enough to ‘qualify’ as such. I dont think the Defense team cornered him too much regarding this point, either. The blood on the sink is what you said and what we have repeatedly talked about here; aspirated blood, coming from his mouth and nose because of the bullet travelling through his sinus cavity. He had to be alive to cough up that blood while standing, looking himself in the mirror. If Jodi had attacked him the way Martinez described, the wounds to his back would have been really deep, the ones you get when the attacker is in an advantageous position compared to you, meaning that if Travis was already heavily wounded and pretty much out, leaning over the sink,Jodi would have been able to inflict greater damage on his back, using her predominant hand (left) . Most of the back wounds are like incisions, in my head they fit the self defense theory because if they were on the floor fighting and if he was on top of her, her hands wrapped around him, she would only be able to sort of scrape his back but with the knife being sharp she did slightly deeper wounds but still not ‘stab wounds’ .

          • And if he believed he was under attack at that point, he wouldn’t have been standing there at the sink – blood or no blood he would have been fighting. He had fight in him, the scene clearly says so.

    • I mean’t to post an extract, here it is:

      Another intriguing aspect of Ganong’s group has been the disturbing obsession with sex seen in their daily conversation, attempting to paint Amanda’s supporters as middle-aged men that only support Amanda because they are sexually attracted to her. Here are a few quotes from Ganong’s website:

      “All are middle-aged men driven by fantasies of recapturing lost youth, being a hero and carrying the damsel in distress off into the sunset.”

      “those middle aged one hand typists who spend their sleepless nights imagining romantic interludes with Amanda.”

      “seriously sick, pitifully perverted, lust aided attraction that some bored middle aged males with keyboards, have for a unanimously convicted, justly incarcerated young female”

      The group even suggested that Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales became interested in the Amanda Knox case because he was looking to have sex with Knox:

      “I don’t see the pay-off in the end. Right now, Jimbo is on the verge of losing any sense of respect as a new media entrepreneur (lying about his checkuser results, for example) just for a chance to catch a peek of some tender young sex killer flesh.”

      “Jimbo is precisely the profile of the aging Lothario looking for access to tail through his powerful media connections. He isn’t thinking with his correct head and everything he’s proposed is straight out of the FOA manual.”

      “Somebody should give Jimbo a cold shower. He’s really lathered up and ready for brunette sex killer action”

      • I swear to God, there were entire paragraphs in that article that made me go ”Hmm,if we changed the names this article could easily be talking about Jodi’s case and us” LOL 🙂
        Vey interesting, thanks for the link.

    • So predictable!!! I bet she’s being vicious and hating Jodi’s guts, right? Well, she needs to sell those books 😉 Hatred sells more.

    • I no longer watch HLN. I have no interest in anything those attention whores have to say. They are opportunists with no conscience. I find I am much less stressed and agitated since I gave up watching that horrible excuse for a news channel. JVM is a terrible human being. Shame on her.

  32. Trial in my area, high profile,white lady, they dropped an accessory to murder charge against her, but she was convicted of multiple perjury counts. Her friends said that they heard a juror in voir dire make a comment about payback for not convicting Zimmerman. That’s why I wrote white lady. She was neither black or hispanic, but because EVERYONE knew she got the murder charge dropped they were wanting to make her pay before the trial even started. This trial is an example of how the justice system is only justice for a few. You get arrested you might as well be guilty of whatever the law wants you to be guilty of. If you don’t have money, your chances of getting the benefit of the doubt are close to nil. Someday, Jodi WILL be free of this, and the detractors and jurors will get theirs.

  33. “Jodi Arias seamlessly wove actual events into her fabrications, often making it impossible to determine where truth ends and fiction begins.”

    Oh, right. So she is a brilliant liar. No, JVM, you stupid woman, she told the truth! Lying is hard.
    Nobody can testify for 18 days and lie and not be caught out.

    “Hopefully these mysteries will add to the adventure of the reader’s journey through these pages.”
    There is no mystery, Jodi told the truth on the stand.

    Nancy Grace: “The question the reader must always ask is: How much of it is true?… the full story may never be known”

    Right, I’m off for a good mountain bike ride, later!

      • I agree Maria, I think I’m gonna be sick. It seems to me that the people that JVM interviewed for her BULL SHIT book were kinda biased against Jodi. Oh well why let a little detail like the TRUTH get in the way of making a pile of money on Jodi’s back. DISGUSTING!!


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • Love your post, ((((((((Ray)))))))))
          And yeah I’m not kidding, they all make me physically sick. They are disgusting because they didnt care about the truth from Day 1. BLOOD MONEY hypocrites! That bitch made sure to have her book out just a few days before Jodi’s hearing, oh how calculating on her part. GRRR!

          ((((((((((((((( TEAM JODI FOR LIFE ♥ )))))))))))))

    • JVM is going to spend a whole hour tonight starting at 7 PM talking about her Jodi book. I think this is well planned because of the August 26 court date with the judge. JVM is making Jodi out as if she corrupted innocent TA. JVM is using TA ‘s family and friends as her research basis. I am just shaking my head repeating ‘How sick can this get?’

      TA was not innocent! JVM is stating that he only had sex with one only girl, maybe two. This JVM woman needs a reality check. Please get your lie of a book off the tables for people to read. You are doing an injustice to the American people. This is not the true story. TA’s family and his friend’s were poor references.

      • I’m planning a step-by–step deconstruction of the book.

        I just read the first chapter. It’s easy to pick out where statements are factual, and where they (wrongly) become speculation, unsupported by evidence. Need to take notes though.

        I also have a simple, but I think interesting new groundreport article out

        Good MTB. I started with Tesco Pimms, £3 for 2, then followed up after a brisk ride 2 hour through the Cotswolds, up some tricky 1 in 4 hills, then various drinks concluding with 7.5% Black Rat Perry at Jolly Brewmaster Cheltenham. Came home feeling pretty good. Now quite sober. Night all.

        • Having skimmed a bit more of the book, I think it’s simply very light on detail.

          For example, on the question of whether the gun shot came first or last, it seems to just be hand-waving, “oh, it really doesn’t matter, twenty-nine stabs, blah blah”.

          Motive matters. Details also matter. There is no real analysis of the evidence that I have seen.

          It’s just fluff. It says things like “Systematically, he was dismantling each and every claim of physical abuse Jodi made against Travis” – but it’s pure opinion, no hint is given of what this alleged “dismantling” was – at least not in the passage I have in front of me.

          Where is the evidence? This book just skips over that. It’s an evidence-free zone.
          It’s pure prejudice and unsubstantiated opinion. Junk.
          This, I stress, from just a few minutes looking at the book.

            • Of course it is…….whenever any of these jerks on HLN talk about the trial they NEVER mention the defense’s comebacks. They only talk about wonderful Juan’s b.s. of a case. But the jury bought it…..that just makes me cringe knowing there are people who believed a single word Juan Martinez said in the trial.

          • Wait, she talks about Martinez when writing ” Systematically, he was….” right? AHAHAHA!! Thanks for the laugh JVM!

            Now, can someone tell me HOW exactly did Martinez dismantle Jodi’s physical abuse claims? By making fun of her? By planting doubt seeds based on ridiculous questions such as ”Have you reported it?” ”Did you take a picture of your bruises?” ????
            It certainly didnt serve his wicked purposes to let people know that few, very few abused women document or report their abuse, whether physical or psychological etc.
            There are hundreds of women DYING in the hands of their abusers when none of their friends and family even suspect that an abusive relationship ever took place behind closed doors.
            I’m not gonna play what to ‘some’ may seem as ‘the sympathy card” but I can tell you from personal opinion that a relationship can be physically abusive with no one thinking that something’s wrong! Yet, Martinez had the NERVE to imply that just because Jodi didnt take a picture of her bruises or injuries no abuse ever took place!!
            There’s your society all you HATERS! There’s the society you have helped bequeth to your children! A society where a woman can scream at the top of her lungs to prove her abuse with no one ever caring or noticing. When a woman has text evidence of her emotional and psychological abuse and all that is needed by you is a small tiny leap of faith to believe in the physical abuse as well, yet you all contributed to ridiculing both her and her only visible proof of injury.
            I hope your daughters will never have to endure such a humiliation! But if they do, remember that there will be no one there to help them. Coz you have made the system what it is.

            Now if a hater is reading this, think that Jodi is your daughter.
            And I dont want the ”what if Travis was my son” BULL SHIT! Think of Jodi FOR ONCE, goddamit! And place you sweet daughter’s cute little face as the receiving part of your beloved Travis’ text messages and behavior. How does it feel? Let’s say you were a fly on the wall. I bet you dont like seeing your little girl being treated that way, someone calling her names, someone going on a fury rant for 5 freaking hours right? I bet some of you even may say ”Oh, if that bastard hurts my little girl he is in for a world of pain”

            But why look at it objectively, right? ”Justice for Travis” right? Fuc* you all, that’s what I have to say!

            • Maria,

              Standing in the middle od the Travis Family & Friend’s Delusions. I can’t forget Martinez and JVM with those delusions and hallucinations.
              Thankfully, Geebee2 is giving the book a look over. I don’t have the stomach for those delusions. They probably all talked about the idea at Travis’s birthday bash. JVM was up for it and Martinez said, ‘you know this will be good to get out before the meeting with the judge at the end of August’. Then JVM worked with all TA’s family and friends to get out more negative media about Jodi.
              Maria, it continues with the same abuse for Jodi . IT just goes over and over. I am sure Martinez would want ultimately for Jodi to get angry and lose it in court. Just so Martinez could say that her true behavior came out.
              All of those Travis people are Toxic. It is said that Jodi and Travis’s relationship together was toxic. But I am sensing toxic horridity from Travis’s family and friends. Maybe that is why they could not smell a dead body, even 5 days latter.

              • And, yes Maria, people have to look at this as it is happening to their daughter. When their child needs help, now none will exist.

            • And if it was their daughter…..those same people would be at Travis’ house to murder him in the same way. Then some idiot court in Arizona would have called it “justifiable homicide”.

      • TA was a dirt bag! If anyone ever did anything like that to one of my daughters, what happened to TA would look like child’s play. nuf said!

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • I have said it before Ray. If TA was alive and continuing to treat women like he treated Jodi, for sure at some point he would have seen the wrath of some father or brother and had his ass handed to him on a platter.

          • I wish I would have known Jodi then, she would not be where she is now and TA who knows people like that “just disappear” all the time 😉

            Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Geebee…..I am not saying this as a negative thing about Jodi, but she WAS a “chameleon”. She blended in with whichever male was in her life at the time…..and Travis took full advantage of it.

  34. The most ridiculous thing is that JVM is using TA’s friends to prove that Jodi demanded aggressive sex from TA. LOL! Were they in the room at that time? Did they see any sexual intercourse? I really doubt that! She needs a sensation that would bring her more money, so do the so called friends. I would be happy if it was possible to shut her up.

    • I also think the whole Travis side is more interested in the money they are making then the difficulties Travis had in life. No one truly helped Travis. They didn’t want him dating their sisters. His family weren’t helping him with money. They want the DP for Jodi because they are Hateful people. They grew up with cruelty and hate. That is all they know. Now they see ways to make money on their brother’s name and life. They are doing every low handed opportunity.

  35. Hi everyone!

    I stopped by to let you all know that I have stepped down as a moderator to attend to some personal business matters that cropped over the last few months. I need to spend my time on that and other issues. I will be popping in and out as a regular poster. I wish you all the best.

    Take care!

    • (((((((((((JC))))))))))) ♥

      HI! I was wondering where you have been! I personally want to thank you for being one of my two favorite moderators! 😉

      (((((((JC & MB)))))))

      I hope your personal business matters are a success and work out just like you want them to. If you need anything, don’t hesitate (my job has to do with business management and business planning).You can get my e-mail from SJ – if you don’t have it already.

      I will be happy to hear from you and please DO inform us about the successful course of your business matters – I am damn sure you will be successful!

      Don’t be a stranger. Your comments are valued here, so as you said: please do pop in and drop us a line or two!

      Take care! We love ya!

      P.S. Is there another moderator taking your place? If yes, (((((((((SJ))))))))) please inform us.

      • Hello Pandora,

        I’m a new moderator recruited by MB to help especially when the trial starts. If you have any questions you can email me at justice4wronglyaccused@hushmail. Otherwise, carry on and have fun 🙂

    • JC,

      your work and help have been invaluable here. You’ve so selflessly devoted your free time to this cause. I know you are a strong, powerful woman who always succeeds in whatever she sets out to do 😉
      We’ll be waiting for you to come back to us ♥

  36. Hi guys. How are you all today? Geebee I look forward to your dissection of JVM’s book because I have no intention of buying or reading it. I will trust your expertise and read your comments as you review it. I’m sure she put TA up on a pedestal and nothing Jodi could ever do was good enough. If that’s the case, why would such an “outstanding, well liked, ethical, law abiding, spiritual” young man have anything to do with a woman like her?

    All I can say is it’s a pity TA is not still alive, he could make the millions he dreamed of making by selling his snake oil to all the gullible fans he has today. They all seem to have fallen for the façade he put on. Thankfully there are those of us who were able to see through it.




    instead of endless anger and moaning about jane velez mitchell putting out of book on jodi called “Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias”, someone, or several here, either individually, or jointly with
    one or two others, could write their own substantive, fair and appealing supportive books about jodi, her trial, the milieu in which it took place, including this website, lawlessness in arizona, mormonism, the sensationalist media, and so on

    it’s a human story, a legal story, a story of corruption of all the institutions of coercive power of the a corrupt state, in association with a secretive and oppressive vicious regional theocracy


    i would expect such an endeavor to take considerable skill, knowledge, time, tenacity and endurance to write

    this website, in a contractual agreement with the owner of this website, offers a great resource for all those considering such an endeavor

    issues of copyright of and to the material would need to be examined
    but that’s a well trodden path

    i don’t know if i have any rights to my comments, i expect not, but in any event, i hereby relinguish all ownership claim

    i expect the copyright rules should be well established law


    i expect it’s probably a well trodden path both as

    one would need to be technically proficient, competent or skilled at marshaling a mass of facts into a book or books, finding a publisher at the outset, etc

    obviously more than one book could be written by people here

    if two or more embarked on such as co-authors, they would need to be ensure that they were in it for the long haul at the outset

    one would not want a partner or partners who always found some excuse for not being able to continue “at the moment”

    contracts would need be drawn up to penalize such behavior financially, and include provisions so that the remaining, committed and industrious partner(s) could continue and either totally or partially
    exclude the faint-hearted and de facto uncommitted

    remedies should be drafted related to the stage of the project
    an independent arbiter could assess such

    but one would want to ensure that the quitter did not stymie all the preceding work product


    obviously SJ, and who ever is of a mind and courageous heart


    i suspect such would need be written from an integrated view point, instead of a collection of essays, to have any wide marketing appeal

    i suspect legally the author, or authors, would need distance themself/themselves legally from jodi, so that profits from such book(s) would not be attributed to jodi and subject to confiscation by the state of arizona

    but that something that would need to be looked into

    i presume there would be nothing inhibiting someone transferring money to jodi afterwards

    the following is the amazon link to the book by jvm

    for your amusement you might read several of the reviews starting with the first

    the first is from someone who was not suckered by jvm’s “drivel”

    “Really??? Scraping the bottom of the barrel…
    By CorkiDeCat on August 20, 2013
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Another book on Jodi by a so called news anchor… this book is filled with dribble, nothing new here because CNN already over saturated the air waves with this money making trial… and the author is
    desperate to cash in… glad I didn’t buy it, but tried to read my friends copy… told her she was a sucker…”

    it the next one i suspect is from jvm friends, and shills for jvm’s publisher
    i only read the first one of these others

    a well constructed book or books from those at this website would not suffer the same fate as jvm’s if they were diligent books of integrity and if well written such would put the matter before a wider, more serious audience beyond the vindictive sensationalist emotional parasites of the haters


    the difficult task would not be finding material to fill a book, but distilling the essentials of the case, with is at the intersection of the human story and the law, and expound a justified sense of outrage we have all felt at the injustice perpetrated in maricopa county courthouse against jodi

    the above were my quick thoughts, and so would improve with redrafting but ….

    and the case is not yet completed and should continue for years
    but books from this site could help jodi and compensate the author(s) for their efforts and risks

    if they wished the could touch base here for feedback and to report their progress and findings, including the technical aspects of their project



    • oh dear, looks like my editor was on break before i posted it

      hence the addendum


      1. replace
      “this website, in a contractual agreement with the owner of this website, offers a great resource for all those considering such an endeavor”
      “an author, or authors, in a contractual cpyright agreement with the owner of this website’s material, offers a great resource for any or all those considering such an endeavor”

      “it the next one i suspect is from jvm friends, and shills for jvm’s publisher”
      “the next one i suspect is from one of jvm friends, or a shill from her publisher”

    • Wes, I don’t think it could be fairly written without the author(s) spending a LOT of time with Jodi – and I think most of us are pretty well convinced that we never want to set foot in the state of Arizona.

      I do like your idea though!

      • I for one plan to ride my Harley out to L.A. next summer to visit my brother and have every intention of making a stop in AZ. to see Jodi


        Ray in H-burg Va.

          • Maria, I’m sure that one day in the not too distant future when Jodi is released you too will get a chance to meet Jodi in person.


            Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • hi journee

        not necessary at all to interview jodi

        it’s commonplace with biographies for there to be no interviews, no special inside information

        one may fairly proceed on the vast documents and records

        in fact, since the trial has not been completed yet, any interview of jodi would be exceptionally unwise all round, and incredibly potentially dangerous to jodi, and certainly liable to potential miscontruel by the prosecution and others

        in fact, her lawyers, should block/forbid all such attempts at communications with her, even by friends

        and finally as a preliminary thought all such interview notes and audio recordings etc would be subject to subpoena by the prosecution

        no one would want to provide the prosecution with more fodder to twist and distort

        that being said, the record is vast

        if someone can’t produce a book on the wealth of material avaiable this is not their field

        remember the audience is not the regulars at this site but those who maybe caught snippets of the trial and would like to read an fair account of this trial

        apart from the haters the majority of people are very much aware of the vast overreach of oppressive official misconduct
        all one need do is read the news

        there’s an audience for one of the forthcoming books on jodi by you Journee ?

        maybe read up on the how to write a non fiction book journee

        i know journée is french for day, noon, or near noon, but it might take you longer than a day to write such a book

        maybe commence to write it one noon ?

        if not you, maybe someone else ?

        an open invitation to all !

        don’t be of faint-heart if you have the time , inclination and tenacity

        it might be a co-ordinated co-operative endeavor

        at the amazon website maybe find a page or two of jvm’s material read and recognize the low quality drivel or tripe she churned out


        • Actually, Wes, in my case journee is, roughly, ‘all day.’ (the passage of a day’s time) Somehow my parents always avoided the question of why. 😉

          And I am already in the middle of writing a book of fiction based on/inspired by something that really happened. Hoping to get through re-writes before the first of the year – that’s my objective anyway.

          Meanwhile I’ll keep turning this notion over in my head… try to decide whether I can ‘disengage’ myself from story-telling.

          I get your point, though. It could be done without talking to Jodi. I just don’t know if the book that *I* would write could be done without talking to Jodi – just because I am scrupulously careful to be fair and respectful of people who inspire me to write about them.

          • Journee
            well how bout that, an author in our midst

            your comments about re-writes strike home 🙁
            i remember stephen king’s book on writing, fiction, and re-writes

            you could state that a book was written without any interview because of — and list perhaps a few of the multiple reasons, case still in progress, etc.

            personally, i think it’d be very, very dangerous for jodi, for jodi to talk with you, or anyone, else, even if you were granted access, which is highly unlikely

            i have stated some reasons why i think it would be unwise, but those were only just a few of my initial thoughts

            here are some other ones
            1. the state may not even permit you,
            2. and if they did, conversations would be monitored, and expose jodi to increased jeopardy as explained
            3. you would not have the legal privilege given to communications between lawyer and client
            4. and if you were given access, what about the other 20 writers wanting to write their books it just goes on and on

            i acknowledge your concern for your integrity as an author
            but that would not be paramount during the progress of a case

            sentencing is still to come, appeals, post conviction review etc

            jvm didn’t get access, i presume, and obviously her standards are not yours

            you would be subordinating the “I”, in “I just don’t know if the book that *I* would write… ” , to jodi’s well being

            i suspect that you don’t consider that you would be writing the definitive book, which is not timely and would take much time and effort

            i presume authors consider at what level they wish to pitch their books

            whatever, and whenever, you decide best wishes

            Journee, my view is that such a decision is entirely, completely, 100 %, etc., personal to the person making it

            • Wes,
              I am hearing you. I agree with you that nothing will get done on a poor level, hence JVM. Please ask SJ for my e mail. We know that any book, writing coming from Jodi’s side will not be trash. Yes, it will take more than one. It will take tenacity. It will take a lot of time, research, and work. I say we move.

              • Marianne,

                A BOOK ?

                a book, or two, from sympathetic writers could tell the story of the injustice in maricopa county, that
                was perpetrated against jodi arias, and sow the seeds for wider public support

                it wouldn’t supplant the legal process, which will continue

                i tried to imagine if a book could be produced by a group of contributors, similar to a book of essays,
                but i don’t think that such could be coordinated, or generate sufficient interest
                but i don’t know
                i haven’t thought this through, but i have no relevant knowledge in this matter, beyond my comments here

                A VIDEO DOCUMENTARY ?

                a video documentary is another format to a book, but it has it’s own requirements, advantages and

                the record at this website is extensive, and in chronological sequence and could be used, but who would do it, and who would view it ?
                with the internet there’s so much material available nowadays
                again i don’t know

                would a book be superior to a documentary in attracting an audience ?
                it would attract a different audience, of readers

                AN E-BOOK, AND/OR AN AUDIO BOOK ?

                there’s some transition to people reading electronic books, e-books, instead of paper books
                whether this would be a suitable format alone i don’t know ?
                then there are audio books ?

                i doubt if the book by jvm will go anywhere, but that’s mainly because i gather it’s just more of the
                same crap put out by hln


                • how can we assist a bona fide writer, write a book, e-book, etc supportive of jodi’s innocence ?

                  answer that person’s questions

                  research questions for example

                • A SUGGESTION:

                  authors, or co-authors, i think would benefit from a permanent, dedicated forum, or page, where their
                  questions, issues, or ideas could be discussed, or dealt, with exclusively

                  ie in one, fixed place, instead of spreading their questions, and issues across the numerous pages rhat is the regular format of this website, where they are chronological sequence

                  i envisage it should be open for anyone to view, and contribute, and form a collective resource to help all authors including those considering, or participating in, being involved with the creation of a book etc supportive of jodi’s case

                  it wouldn’t be a dogmatic work; clearly she’s done thngs, which in hindsight were muddled, or wrongheaded
                  it is the human condition; we can all identify with it

                  Omar Khayyám:

                  “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
                  Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
                  Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
                  Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”


                  there are many matters, which may be daunting to any such potential authors. one of which obviously is the technical legal aspects of jodi’s case, beyond, and in addition to, the details, or minutiae of the evidence

                  we here could help with that

                  a lot of it is already here, buried among the numerous pages of comments, and articles that are in this
                  website’s record
                  google’s search engine can help locate such somewhat

                  importantly, “we” here collectively are our own resource who can identify relevant material for an
                  author’s inquiry


              • hi marianne :),
                unfortunately i don’t have the time available, [ nor literary competence ], beyond intermittent involvement at this website to directly participate in writing a book etc

                clearly such would be a large project, and entail a lengthy commitment of time

                one idea which i floated for us at the website, including team jodi, was that team jodi might create a
                dedicated page for authors, and others, where all those so interested could participate at different levels of involvement, either in writing a book etc, or assisting an authors with their research etc

                such a page would also show whether there was any current interest, or even tentaitive interest, by anyone to take the lead as an author

                any author would initiate and direct their research etc

                if team jodi thinks it is a good idea they could create such a page

  38. One question I want to ask HLN: if TA was so nice religious and prudent, why did he have sex before marriage? But I think NG and JVM would find an answer! They would publish another book how Jodi raped TA during their first date. LOL! HLN makes me sick!

    • They’ve answered that question regularly. Travis was just a normal guy who happened to belong to a church that made abnormal demands.

        • Frightening that so many people think Travis was a ‘normal guy’.

          Then again, there’re good reasons why I’ve decided that dating – post divorce – is more trouble than it’s worth.

          • I think it is sick that they are trying to raise him up to be more than a normal guy. He was a normal guy who was a player. He wasn’t a virgin and he wasn’t inexperienced sexually. Plus, he had many behavioral and other disorders due to childhood trauma, parent drug use, questionable parent Alcohol use, and genetic issues that were passed on to him.
            Let’s be real Mr. Prosecution, T A wasn’t and still isn’t a Fairytale.

    • HLN and his friends underplayed his entire behavior, making it sound like ‘normal’ , you think they’d have any trouble covering up the fact that sex was a no-no in his religion or that he would do it with a lot of girls or that Jodi was not his first???
      Suddenly, EVERYTHING Travis ever did was ”acceptable” ,”normal” ,”boys will be boys” kind of behavior. Angels and Demons, Black and White, Yin and Yang…That’s the secret of HLN’s success, simple as that. I pity those poor brainwashed haters.

  39. OK, I am one of few words. However, regarding the trash book by JVM, she can kiss my redneck butt. She is nothing but a wannabee reporter. I hope somebody gets some garbage on her and writes a comic book. What a she turd. She belongs in a carnival.

    Jodi does not deserve this bullshit!

    • but don’t forget……Jane is a “recovering alcoholic, sixteen years sober”. lol am going to puke if she brings this up one more time. She is getting more disgusting than even Nancy Grace, if that is possible.

      • Well not having read this book your review seems quite fair. If I can get my hands on a copy with out having to buy it I will give it a read. I refuse to let JVM make one cent off of me!

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • Right – I bought the book so no one else has to!

          How this book can be published in the middle of Jodi’s trial, with it’s obvious prejudicial effect, well, that’s something people in the UK have a hard time understanding.

          Given all the other coverage, I guess the book will have a fairly minimal effect.

          I suppose the HLN viewers will buy it and love it… but they are already off the scale in terms of prejudice.

          When the time comes to pick a new jury, it will be interesting. Not many potential jurors can have heard nothing at all about what a terrible person Jodi is meant to be.

    • Just the things she is saying about the book on tv shows CLEARLY she has no idea what she is talking about and is only coming from a place that has nothing but OPINION to support it. I already know what her opinion is, it is a total CROCK!

  40. Good morning my Jodi family!

    UGHHHH, that book by that lying bimbo really hit a nerve and sometimes I really need to vent.
    Jodi has been crucified, has endured the torture on the cross,is almost breathless,gasping but they keep on pegging those nails on her body. She got con-vi-cted (see? we DO know that haters, we are not delusional) what more does the media want? Create more SHEEPLE?

    What’s happening to this woman is not only unethical and sad, it has reached new levels of sadism. Society loves to get obsessed with watching other people’s downfall and suffering. They derive pleasure out of pointing at other people’s misery and failures and they feel better about themselves and their lives if they find a scapegoat to focus all their suppressed anger on.They all want to take a turn, to flog the dead horse. What better way to do it when there’s a case where all roles have been appointed and you not only get to have the Villain but the sweet innocent Angel as well?? How does this make us different from wild animals with nothing but primordial urges and instincts? Maybe that’s the answer; we ARE different from animals in that we are sorse than them, way inferior. We dont hunt and kill to survive. We hunt and kill to derive pleasure and entertain ourselves. Too bad Jodi Ann Arais got caught up in the middle of all this.

    ((((((((( JODI ♥ ♥ ♥ ))))))))))))

    • (((((((((Maria))))))))

      Damn well said girl!

      I would like to see the reaction of society (and mostly the haters) if someone was to write a book about travis alexander and name it…. let’s say… “Travis, Not so innocent” and opening the book to the first page they would start reading with : “Only one thing about Travis Alexander was clear: the man was a chameleon, not the moral ethical Mormon he projected to be”.

      Imagine what would happen. Every Tom, Dick and Harry would react by threats, bullying, boycotting any bookstores, online booksales that would ‘dare’ to sell such rubbish! And all this behind their hoods, their white pointy hats and with their torches in hand. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!

      Their idea of freedom of speech and writing is: ‘If it isn’t in favor of travis alexander then it shouldn’t be published’. Pfffff… When we write our opinions, the haters instantly think of us as sick people because we dare to support Jodi. If defending and supporting an abused woman that acted upon self defence and has been wrongly convicted is ‘sick’, I wonder what the people that support this abuser are…

      (((((((((Jodi Ann Arias)))))))) ♥

  41. This morning News GMA there was a segment discussing Teenage Bullies online. How funny HLN is one of the biggest bullies in the world today. Could it be that our teenagers are just duplicating the HLN news (?) commentators? Just think NG and JVM are who people are idolizing. It scares me to think what they will pull out of their hats on Monday. Yesterday they said they had new information about Jodi being a proven stalker. They were saying Travis wasn’t her first stalking attempt. i turned it off . . couldn’t watch anymore. What a sick world. Praying for Jodi. . .Hold your head up high Jodi and stay strong Jodi! You can’t see us but we are with you.

    • In my opinion, they’re duplicating the behavior of their parents. Look around online at all the adults who bully people in one breath and brag about their parenting in another. Assholes reproduce assholes unless the child is resilient. I have personally witnessed a foster mom committing felonious acts of cyber bullying, stalking and harassment on the web while boasting about her volunteerism in another post. Regarding that segment on ABC, it didn’t seem like was willing to do what it needed to do to protect children on the web.

      • I’m not a professional computer user for sure but it really is scary to think soooo many people are producing this Hateful oriented world. Face Book,Twitter it all seems scary to me. I just pray someone will soon help Jodi because it all just seems to be getting so much worse for her. Her Haters are unreal! I find it hard to believe they profess to be a religious group of people. Jodi has nothing to be sorry for except that she ever became involved with Travis and his sorry self-serving group of vulture friends. It makes me feel so much better to come on this site and see I’m not alone in my beliefs. Free Jodi! My heart goes out to Jodi and her family, they have suffered so much.

        • I so feel for her family. They have every right to express their opinion on the web like everyone else does. Entire websites built around shaming them and their friends. Its disgusting.

          • At least we know the Haters know how to read. Maybe they will be educated for the better when they get to this site. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. . Jodi’s trial has been the biggest joke in history ( at her expense). So many vultures have benefited from her tragedy. I’m proud that Bob served our country to give us the freedoms we have today. Thank You Bob. All of the men in my family have served also. But they did not serve to take peoples rights away from them, which is what has happened to Jodi. What a circus it has been. When did it become a crime to defend yourself against an abuser? There are sites everywhere on the net that support the facts. Travis abused Jodi for sure. . No Doubt. I’m sorry he paid for it with his life but he is the one who started the ball rolling. He is the one who thought dropping a camera was worth trying to kill someone.

            • Absolutely right R. Love,
              As far as what I’ve seen of this whole mess is that they have made a mockery out of the system. Jodi had every right to defend herself.
              I hope that they find there was a lot of misconduct on the jury and the prosecuters also.

              Chris’s wife was actually able to come in and say that she had been watching the whole trial and would call the prosecuter and talk to him about the testimonies and that she hoped Jodi got the death pentalty.
              THAT is just WRONG. Why didn’t they call a mistrial then?

                • marianne,
                  I was looking for the part where she said that on you tube. It must be there some where, but if anyone finds it, it would be good to put her testifying on here to remind us.
                  While I was looking, I found this.

                  Partying With the Prosecution: Why HLN let Beth Karus Go!!!!
                  Look it up, I could not believe this, BUT i’m happy that they are finding out what HLN is all about. Hopefully there will be plenty terminated. What about JVM next, and this will just be the beginning of Gone With HLN. I can’t wait.

            • Yes agree! Travis clearly abused Jodi – that can’t be in doubt by any sane person! I think the Haters can’t buy the self-defense claims in light of all the evidence and the brutality of the killing.


    • Jane said she has this “new information about Jodi stalking” her friend Bobby, and that “he was afraid of her”. Just buy her book and you will be treated to this “new B.S. information”. It is disgusting that JVM is making money off this case.

      • I can’t wait until they have some REAL news. Like Jodi Arias is innocent.
        If they wanted justice for Travis, WHY didn’t they want a REAL investigation, instead
        they did just the opposite.
        Jodi the stalker??? What bullshit!
        BTW, WHY don’t they find the REAL stalker.
        It wasn’t Jodi!
        IF there was a stalker, which I doubt.

  42. Did JVM mention the emails that Chris and Sky Hughes had made about Travis mentally abusing Jodi? And how he liked to have strings of women hanging around him? And how Sky wouldn’t want her sister to ever date him? I bet not. He was an abuser for sure. Remember somehow they couldn’t use them in court but they still are there for everyone to read. Wonder if she put them in her book? hmmm

    • I guess JVM also didn’t mention the phone conversation when TA humiliated Jodi and called her names. Even DeMarte had to admit that this was not appropriate.

    • Amen to both of you!!!

      Kate, remember what the term was that DeMarte used? ”unhealthy communication patterns” Obscenely playing it down!

  43. Happy Hump Day!!!



    Hi everyone. I hope everyone is getting ready for Monday.

    (((((((((((((((((((Team Jodi))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • ((((((((Janeen)))))))))

      Happy hump day to you too! LMAO! (Remembering what I asked you about this day!)

      Oh, you better believe I am ready for Monday. We will all be here supporting Jodi and sending her positive energy!


    • (((((((((( my sis ♥ ♥ ))))))))))

      And YES, we are all ready for Monday. No matter what, we are always thinking of our girl.

  44. I’m afraid the Haters and HLN are gearing up as we type. Ugh! I pray for something wonderful to happen for Jodi. Stay strong Jodi:)

    • Of course it is gearing up…..Jane Valez Mitchell wrote what is probably a total B.S. book supposedly revealing “secrets” about Jodi, mostly taken from Travis’ friends. So now, HLN and all its commentators are promoting the book big time.

      Will this site have a link to the live feed of the upcoming hearing next week?

      • Hi,
        I’ve been away for a while, didn’t know much was happening, but hoping
        for the very best for Jodi still. This is JUST wrong JVM writing a book. She wasn’t there.
        I guess that’s about as low as you could get.
        Maybe someone should write a book about HLN and their dirty tricks.
        With them and their bias and lies there will never be REAL justice ever.
        They ARE a joke.

        Everything about this trial was WRONG and will always stay that way. There wasn’t fairness for Jodi to begin with. There were enough ass clowns in the courtroom, not counting the ones in the “media”
        We don’t need anymore “junk” lies.

        I hope that they are caught in the same situation. Does it really go over well with the public?
        I know the last time I watched HLN, rita what’s her face was on. She’s another disgusting one that was going to write a book about the Anna Nicole case. I think it backfired on her. I hope it does that to JVM and gang.

  45. Filing Date Description Docket Date
    8/21/2013 MOT – Motion – Party (001) 8/21/2013
    8/21/2013 REQ – Request – Party (001) 8/21/2013

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