Back-peddling & a moment of transparency

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Looks to me like there’s some serious back-peddling happening over the recent video of Martinez’ showboating outside the court house — maybe because certain media outlets don’t want to be the ones held accountable for what could happen next week. And that’s before Grace Wong testifies tomorrow (following Jinkasaurus the other week) in the continuation of the evidentiary hearing related to prosecutorial misconduct.

Check the video out for yourself as Lissette Martinez explains her initial 12 News story:

[hdplay id=178 width=500 height=300]

“The State v Jodi” & the “J-4-T” Facebook pages are not doing themselves any favors either. We already have hundreds of screenshots on file very similar to these 2 examples, all of which will come into play at some stage.

Let’s also not forget the detailed information regarding the closed door hearings that gets posted by the family on Facebook either. Keep it coming, because it all adds up…



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      • is anyone else having difulicty watching the video it stops and starts lots are they editing the origional whats up ) oh sorry good morning need to mention that

        • that could be a problem with your computer – used to happen with my old laptop. Try going directly to that site instead o viewing it here, maybe feed wud be better ?

  1. So basically the jurors are to have their phones with them tomorrow in case the court calls and tells them that they do not have to report at 1:00 p.m. (either report later or not at all) is how I interpreted the message from the Judge on Friday. She must anticipate the hearing with Ms. Wong to be lengthy and contentious.

  2. They have been deleting shit like crazy, but there’s still a lot left. I have spent the last 2 hours taking screenshots!

    I think they’re also moderating HLN’s website because I don’t see as many ignorant people making comments. They do call Jodi a bunch of demeaning names and that makes so freaking mad! But I see it as a reflection on them and their poor miserable lives.

        • I’m not going to get into arguments there.

          But confronting people I think is good, making firm statements : innocent until proven guilty.

          It’s something that goes right back to my childhood, I was always the one who would confront a bully.

          It’s something rather deep in my nature I think.

          • to bad we dont have my sister susan here she is good at confronting and called my x a sadistic person…. i call and tell her what is going on but she is more into translation german to english on a book some woman is writting.

      • geebee….

        I am speculating that they have a department at HLN with many people who’s job description is to read the comments that are being made on HLN blogs before they can allow them to be publicly posted…

        By what you are saying that your post are being posted….leads me to believe…

        That maybe those people know their “butts” may be called on the line and possibly fired when a possible internal investigation at HLN gets started to find out what it going on….

        Some people do tend to take matters into their own hands when they shouldn’t….maybe those people have being tampering on their own without the networks knowledge…and have been allowing only the most negative and enraging type of comments to be posted on HLN blogging network…anything is possible…

        Only an internal investigation will prove any wrongdoings of those individuals who might have been tampering and only allowing the negative enraging comments to be posted….

        If this finds to be true….then they will be needing to fire a lot of people at that network….

        • That would be GREAT!!!
          I’ve thought these assholes are getting by with anything,I couldn’t believe it.
          It’s like they have no one to say there are limits on HLN.

          They’ve really gotten by with way too much and have cross the line many times.

          Jean C. said the other day on the mike outside that she was worried that some juror would see him giving autographs.
          Is this the first evening that he went out. If he had been going out the front before, why didn’t they want his autograph then?

          If not, how has he leaving?
          Maybe a juror was out there and decided they would like a picture with him also.
          Would that be right?

        • Hmm I think the HLN crew is very biased & deceptive all on their own which I believe because of their spin on guilty bfore proven that has ignited the evil & negativity of the public regardless of the truth. Alot of followers out there that can’t seem to ‘think’ for themselves-that’s what bullies do! OAN-I sure hope the judge decides for the defense today!!

    • OMG! ahahahahah! I also went back to Amazon (at my own risk) and I’ve noticed that they are now sending their “intellectuals” to do what appears to be “legitimate” reviews, but still ends up being a discussion about Alyce personally and this case and not about her book.

      Sheesh! I hate sound like I’m the smartest person, but these people are idiots. Anyway, I didn’t find a lot of hate and vitriol blatantly posted, just a lot of passive aggressive attacks and a shitload of cattiness for the female haters.

      *rolls eyes* <— not hatefully like the judge…just regular eyerolling….heheh

      • Sil-
        The freaks started to take down some of their comments about 5 days ago when one poster and myself starting posting that their posts were witness tampering and a crime. They are really only brave when they can be cowards behind their computer screens, and are too idiotic to realize they can be traced.

        • really? lol! I hadn’t noticed until today. But that’s because I usually can’t get on my computer while I’m working so I’m always like a day behind! heheh…either way, I had already done a lot of complaining to Amazon in the past. I’m just glad that they seem more cautious with what they write, which really would have been fine with me. I do support the freedom of speech. I just abhor when people take it to a personal level, just because they don’t know how to argue without resorting to filth and vile.

        • Oh, didn’t realize that. So glad smarter people than I am fighting this tech fight agaist the haters. I would love to be able to do it face to face with them and see how well they do once they aren’t behind a computer screen being bullies.

          • I asked the poster whom had taken the photo of Alyce & the defense team how she liked it that HER words were now being twisted (she said she did not follow her but that she was alreadt seated at the restuarant when the team walked in). The she had said in another post that she over heard the defense coaching Alyce. I asked her why didn’t she just ask the team questions instead of coming online to ignite hatefulness!! I also wanted to know why they all thought it was illegal for them to have dinner! Does anyone with half a brain think they would meet in such a public place if they were trying to hide!? IT JUST NEVER ENDS & HLN IS RESPONSIBLE! The jury SHOULD HAVE BEEN SEQUESTERED…PERIOD. Screew the cost b/c now we may get another trial another million or for sure appeals, preferably an aquitattal. HLN IS ONE SICK NETWORK!!

          • Good morning, cindy!
            Not too long ago i thought my laptop crashed, but then talked myself into possibility it MIGHT only be that i need a new battery vs new laptop, so took it to office max to look for a battery. My store did not have any batteries in stock 🙁 but they DID have chargers and suggested testing my charger which they did for me for free while i stood there wringing my hands and then Yay ❗ it turned out thst laptop was fine, all i needed was to replace my charger, which i did, and so msnaged to walk out of there with my laptop fully functional again !!!! So dont let it demoralize your spirit to the point where you engage in avoidance behavior cuz it COULD be something SIMPLE you can cope with more easily than you imagine. 🙂
            Best of luck to you!

      • 3 hours? wow good job
        What are you going to do with the screenshots? Are you sending them to Ms Willmot ?

        Congrats on your first

        • I think they have enough data gathered from various websites about the orchestrated attack on Alyce, but I have some more in case they need it. I couldn’t find a lot of the vitriol that used to be posted all over fb and Amazon though. It’s like someone is systematically deleting all the stuff that was said which might hurt the prosecutor’s case.

          Pfft. too late!

          • you have done a great job and who knows other people have caught some good ones too . It had not crossed my mind before to take shots eather. The few I took I will forward although I am almost ashamed for not having more

            • I wish I had more as well, but I think there’s already more than enough evidence of it which was already forwarded by the admins here to the defense attorneys. Yay!

              Now that people appear a little more civilized on the HLN FB page, I’ve been posting like crazy!

              SOMEBODY STOP ME!


          • Good work,Sil! I went to the State FB page myself and reported a couple of comments but FB answered that they wouldnt be removed because their content was not violent etc…Guess I checked the wrong reason when I reported them?Also,question:I want to report the State page too,but hen you do it it gives you 5 reasons to choose the one best describing why you want to report it and the dumb that I am couldnt decide on which one to click on.Probably the one saying ”offensive to me or a person I know”? LOL,dont laugh at me plz,first time I ‘ve ever reported sth on FB,any help??

  3. AA

    Responding to you response to my post last night about how a sane jury might deliberate the verdict in this case.

    Now with an extremely smug look on my face I say “Told You so.”

    When one sits down and coldly looks at the evidence that has been presented, much as you did last night, and even if one starts off by trying to argue against the defense’s posture one ends up right where you did last night.

    That is why it is so important that jury actually keep it’s wits about itself. 🙂

    • Al, Any speculation on who the last defense witness is? I think is Lonnie the electronic expert. I’m in agreement with you and AA on the premedition evidence, it just isn’t there. I hate to compare this to a card game but prosecution maybe holding a couple of 2’s, the shutting off the phone and the statement D. Brewer made about her saying she was going to Mesa. Did she say she was going south or did she say she was going to Mesa? The prosecution has to draw 4-2’s to beat the defence, renting a car in another town is not proof, borrowing gas cans from friend is not proof, changing the color of hair more than month prior to the killing is not proof, turning the plate sure is not proof, jealousy/stalker has not been proven, Stealing Grandpa weapon is totally out there, would anyone plotting really do something so stupid? Use it after the stabbing, when you didn’t need to, Really? I went back and read AA post, I’m on board with her conclusion.

      • Ann

        No idea who the last witness would be. I went back and listened to Lonnie Dworkin’s testimony. I didn’t see anything that pointed to his possibly being called back. In fact at the end of his testimony, JM asked the judge if he could ask Lonnie a couple of questions so he wouldn’t have to be recalled, and the judge allowed it.

        This of course brings to mind the issue that does the defense intend to recall some of the prosecutors witnesses.

        I read somewhere that the original witness list had one of Jodi’s ex cellmates on it, but I really have no idea.

        • Thanks for your feedback. I did read somewhere about the ex cellmate. I don’t know how the jury would look at an ex cellmates testimony.

  4. I just made an online compaint to the UK’s PCC

    regards this comment “What a scary, in-your-face sub-human the trashy Jodi is.”

    on this article:

    Will be interesting what the outcome is. I orignally reported the comment as abusive on Friday.
    I think I also reported another comment, and that one was removed.

  5. I just went to look on the Travis Facebook and saw this. I just copied this, did not include the name of the person who wrote the email.( I wrote an e-mail to Corporate Alliance to end Partner Violence regarding my concerns about Alyce LaViolette and learned that they have cut ties with her, and she is no longer part of their organization! ) What the hell is going on here, I’m not even sure what this group is all about, but whatever it is they have cut ties with Alyce. After seeing what is all going on in this trial, experts are really going to have to think twice and three times before getting involved with a trial.

      • I don’t know, I just saw it and brought it here to see if anyone knew about this. Every morning I wake up and see more and more nonsense like this and just get angry. Whatever happened to, I sure don’t like that expert, blah, blah, and leave it at that, not trying everything to ruin a person financially, mentally and physically?

    • shit. i don’t see her on the list anymore as an adviser.

      I wonder if she removed herself due to all the harassment.

      That’s what i would do under the circumstances because i would not want to detract from any organization…

      Now if they removed her, then that is another matter.

      Leah, did they say THEY cut ties with her? Is that how it was worded?

      I guess maybe we all need to email them then.

      • Oh, the hater site has this:

        Here is the response I received from:

        “Thank you for your email. Alyce LaViolette is no longer affiliated with our organization.”

        To me, that doesn’t necessarily mean THEY severed ties. It could mean she decided to step away.


        I hope every single one of those bastards that are attacking Alyce and trying to ruin her career have terrible things happen to them. There, i said it. If the law will go after them, so be it. If it won’t then I hope the karma bus hits them. (No, you fucking stalker haters, I am not advocating revenge so get your fucktard heads out of your ass)

        I’m sorry SJ, if I am too vulgar I don’t care if you delete my post, I’m just pissed off.

        • BeeCee,for sooo long all people here have tried to remain calm and be as civilised as possible although people we like,care for and respect like Jodi herself and the expert witnesses were being trashed,ridiculed and there were death threats were flying all over the air!!I think we’ve had enough! So,no dont feel guilty when venting out coz basically that’s just what we only do:venting out and trying to do whatever we can so that the people who have crossed the line face the legal consequenses.We do NOT name call,we do NOT threaten people and we do NOT cross the line beyond any comprehension.
          So,to wrap this up I believe we should be able to say what we think and try and act out to protect OUR beloved ones,as the haters say are doing all this time:protecting TA’s reputation,his family blah blah blah…I’M SO TIRED OF THEM HIDING BEHIND THE FACADE OF JUSTICE WHEN ALL THEY DO IS ACTING OUT THEIR SICK,SADISTIC FANTASIES!

        • What they are doing is cyber stalking, witness tampering and is putting the whole justice system in limbo. Who would ever want to defend someone if they are going to get their lives ruined? Nice going… this should really be a mistrial! Why is the jury not sequestered? You bet your bottom dollar that they are watching the news every night now way that they are not!

      • The person who is blabbing about this, she has an email, and also says to contact her via email basically to show she is telling the truth. It’s like the third or fourth article on the State vs facebook page.

    • I watched a speech of her’s today.
      It was about one hour and a half long. That may be the group she is with.
      If so, there’s no way that they would not keep her.
      She is very informative and she make it entertaining with including the
      Not one bit boring!
      The hater may wish this, but it won’t happen.

      I would think that after the trial is over and things are settled down,
      She could sue LOTof people.
      I wish one would be the judge.
      She doesn’t need to be a judge and IF they think that Jodi should pay the taxpayers of that
      state, they better think again. She offered a plea deal.

      So if anyone should pay, it should be the ones that wanted the DEATH penalty only.

      Mean people suck!

  6. OK I’m trying to understand what’s going on. Why were the sisters crying and what is this hearing tomorrow? Why wasn’t AL released? Something is all ways going on behind Closed doors…….So it seem as ifwe take one step forward and two back …..
    .So what year is this trial going to end? This
    poor jury.

      • If I was on the jury and got wind of all the hate going on I just might say to h.. with my civic duty and fake something to get out of town. I’m sure they recalled what happened. to the CA jury….

        • i dont believe for one second that the jury is not watching tv or going online. they know exactly whats going on! it’s human nature! so they read and see this shit and im sure they are scared to find her guilty due to the backlash they will’s only gettin worse..

              • what does the judge have to gain by not granting a mistrial? if it was anyone else, i think things would be handled a lot differently.

    • Cindy.

      I listened to the last 35 minutes of the trial three times this morning. I judge cleary tells AL to come prepared and she knows what this is about and she’s giving her the option to be there Monday or Tuesday and doesn’t care about her personal issues. This is top prioprity.

      As for Ms. Wong, the judge asked her, ” Ms. Wong will you be testifying on Modany? If you need me I will be here, the judge said ok see you Monday, and you have attoreny with you.”

      I took it the judge wasn’t sure if Ms. Wong was even going to be there on Monday to testify until she asked her at the end on Friday….. and that she would have attorney.

      Listen to the last 15 minutes of Friday.

      There is something going on with AL to tell her to be prepared, this could be over her testimony, CV, death threats or Samantha ( but I thought that issue was already cleared up in the judges chambers).

      • I think Ms Wong actually responds to the judge with something like, “if you order me to.” And Judge Stephen says, “ok then…you are ordered to be at court. I understand you have an attorney.”
        Ms. Wong seemed very reluctant, almost annoyed, that the judge is making her appear. I’m sure it’s not good for HLN and all the interference they are causing in this trial. First, Jinkasauras and now Wong.

  7. HAHAHA, I love at the end of the video when the newscasters basically say that HLN isn’t a news organization.

    • I liked that too. TMZ is more of a news organization than HLN is. I don’t know what will become of HLN once this trial comes to a close. I liked HLN when it was Headline News. Then they decided to go tabloid change their name to HLN and manipulate the sheep minded morons out there to get their big ratings. I also want Judge Puppet exposed for how biased and in bed with Juan Martinez she has proven herself to be.

      • That judge has really pissed me off.
        All of the bullshit on Alexandet side make faces, rolling eyes, shaking their
        head and smirking, she never said a thing.

        Martinez throws a pen in the court room and she doesn’t call him on that.

        So now she think she’s trying to show her power?

        She made an ass of herself Thursday. Why couldn’t she ask Alyce in the chambers?
        The witness isn’t allowed to have other things BUT the jury is?

        Would she tell them don’t tell me your personal problems?
        I hope that they impeach her.

  8. The issue for ALV on Monday or Tuesday, that she knows about, is NOT that she is impeached, when would that have happened. It was not about talking to Samantha the sister. No!! The reason she is coming back is to be there for the request for Witness tampering, for HER being harrassed. This is in ALV’s favor, not against her. I know it. SO, i am happier now. The other Miss Wong is inregard to Pros misconduct and if he says oh “mistake” well let us just see but ALV could not be getting fined or anything. I rewatched day 46 3 times, The Judge wasnt even mean to her, tired and even that last question upset her I believe but not ALV because, if you listen closely, at the end, the jury is gone. When ALV starts to tell her medical issues (probably stress related) the judge says, “dont tell me your personal issues, we will meet, on the record and discuss….” So YAY

    • I think you are right, Patty.
      After calming down I looked at that end of the day thing from perspective that maybe judge was simply warning ALV to NOT share specific details about her medical issues OUTSIDE the jury, because sharing too much information ahead of time with judge risks prejudicial issues.

        • Been stated by the katie coolaid chick on w.s. that AL being harassed was discussed in chambers too on Monday. The judge is aware of that. It was also stated that that Samantha came out of chambers crying when the judge dealt with AL about talking to Samantha and that matter has been dealt with. Don’t know if all this is true…

    • Patty, I agree. At first, I thought the judge was being snippy to Alyce, but I watched it again, and no, she really wasn’t being snippy.

      • I agree, I watched it three times this morning and didn’t think the judge was being ” snippy” just firm that this trial is a priority and she can either be there Monday or Tuesday. However, we don’t know what was dicussed at the lenghty sidebar over issues with time, and witnesses.

        Come prepared, you know what this is about ( from the judge).

      • I too watched the end of day 46 an thought the Judge was not so snippy as I thought
        the first time I watched. But I did see her face during a few questions that were either
        because she was tired of the questions or tired of Alyce? but she did do some eye rolls
        an looked right over to JM an Flores? I don’t know what that means but I thought it was
        rude. Maybe JM was making faces though ? or movements to make her look that way?

        That question for Alyce about her looking over at the defense table bothered me though.
        As all of the Hughes sure did look at JM when being questioned by Nurmi so I do not
        see a difference. I think it would be human nature too look over there just too see what
        they are doing though ? not for help? I do not get that question.

        An both sides object a lot sometimes so you may look before answering to see if your
        lawyer were going to object ?

      • But truthseeker, that doesn’t not mean she’s in trouble. It could be the judge was tired, stressed etc. It could just be that she didnt want al to air personal info because she knows al is being harassed. Who knows with the haters? They could be stalking her in real time too.

        • JC…you are right…but when I heard the judge’s stern voice…I watched Alyce….and her whole demeanor looked kinda like a whooped puppy…I got so sad…I wanted to cry…hopefully the judge and Alyce both were just tired…

  9. Just saw a clip on HLN with bobble-head Joey Jackson and, while snarky, he wasn’t near as venomous as I’ve heard him be. Said if there is a hung jury it’s likely the same prosecutor and possibly the same judge would be used for another one. Oh joy, a repeat of dumb and dumber! Also ‘breaking news’ on After Dark >>>>’There is a BOLD ACCUSATION that ‘Jodi planned the murder!!’ HELLOOOO helloooo…I thought this whole 1st degree DP murder trial was based on that premise? If little man Juan hasn’t even proven that on HLN News then he is in big trouble! So I think all this backtracking and taksie backsies can only be good for Jodi!!

    • Joey Jackson is such a fool. Bugs me that they post him as a defense attorney, when he is totally unsympathetic to the defense. He probably spent any lawyerin’ career he did have defending rapists & spouse abusers, and is a total misogynist.

      • I seriously can’t stand that Joey or that Ryan on HLN. They are both very rude. I hope they
        never have a female relative or friend that needs their help if something like this happens
        to them an the whole world is against them. It would serve them right though to wear those
        shoes. They have no morals what so ever. An the dramatics are really like they are women
        in a man’s body just disgusting to me lol

    • It can be a pretty drastic measure. I did some searching around and found that in a number of cases where the defense witnesses were intimidated, the judge dismissed the case with prejudice. So they basically found the defendant not guilty, and away they went, no future trials, no nothing.

      I personally think this has just blown up in the judges face, in a Vesuvian manner. The defense kept asking for relief from cameras in the court room, jury sequestration etc, to no avail. Plus I think this judge is one of the first ever to face this mass intimidation problem and she has an absolutely novel situation on her hands. She also has a situation where she can’t really pretend that the public uproar has had no impact, ALV ended up in the hospital, people are terminating their relationships with her, etc. Plus she has another issue with respect to the fact that the victim’s next of kin are involved in what is very probably a federal crime.

      I have no idea where this is going, but I believe we are just seeing the beginnings of a fecal typhoon.

        • Got no idea at all. I think this judge has ended up somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea, and a lot of it is of her own choosing.

          If she dismisses the case due to the public’s reaction JM and the family is going to throw a hissy fit. If she dismisses it due to the victim’s family’s actions it sort of puts JM in a tough spot because he probably then is faced with having to prosecute them and they’re going to throw a hissy fit. If she declares a mistrial, the defense is going to claim that given the international hue and cry, there can be no fair trial anywhere, ever.

          If I was the judge I would tell the state to make a straight up plea deal with the defense and get it over with. And the plea deal I would urge them to take is something that would be the equivalent of her having to wait for another trial, say another year or so.

          I know this is going to go down rough with the Alexanders, but it’s better than opening that witness intimidation can of worms.

          Now I wonder if the judge has thought this out, and the reason she wants to have Wong up first is so that, if she can find some reason to declare a mistrial based on what Wong says, it might give her a way out.

          She can then declare the mistrial, have JM take a plea deal and get the whole thing cleared up. That way none of the rest of this stuff ever needs to be discussed, and she draws a deep sigh and hopes she can make sure this never happens in her court again. I bet the Hon. Sherry Stephens never has cameras in her court again.

          If she cannot get some reason based on Wong’s testimony, then I suspect she’s going to have the worst few days of her life.

          What a cock-up this whole thing has become, and all because this judge could not keep control of her courtroom. I bet if we didn’t have all the sensationalism originating from JM’s office and his demeanor in the courtroom you wouldn’t have this state of affairs.

            • When I say the next couple of days are going to be bad I meant for the judge. I think she’s got some really tough decisions to make and she’s going to piss at least one side off.

              Now as to Wong. If the judge gets some evidence from Wong that at least one of the jurors saw JM with his fans, then she can declare a mistrial on that basis. If she can do that she doesn’t have to deal with any possible witness intimidation, and may be she can talk the state and defense into coming to a plea agreement and the whole problem goes away. That, I think, is why she wants to deal with Wong before she talks to ALV again. If she has and official complaint from the defense, and ALV’s testimony about witness intimidation on the record then she cannot close that lid.

              Or so I suspect.

              • I was wondering, if the video shows there were jurors that witnessed the rock star in all his blushing glory, how does that look for them? They were all questioned one on one about this incident. Does this bring to light they were less than honest perhaps?

                • When Jean was talking outside of the court house, I THOUGHT that I heard her say either some of the jurors could see him OR that there was one juror that she noticed out front.

                  However she didn’t say when she testified that there was one, so I think she figured IF they wanted to there wouldn’t be anything t stop them.

                  Also Vinnie asked Beth what could be the problem and Beth said the media, us?
                  Vinnie said US, the jury doesn’t wath us???
                  REALLY??? How would he know.
                  He sure got defensive.
                  Wonder why?????

          • Al,I gotta say your posts are always helpful in undestanding the USA judicial system and the procedures of this trial in particular.

          • The Alexanders have only themselves to blame. I am trying to think if there has EVER been a murder trial in this country where the victim’s family has gone to the extreme that this family has in witness intimidation.

            Of course the internet amplifies things a million-fold, but this is truly a unique case.

            I say throw the book at the Alexander family. They can’t use Travis as a shield for illegal conduct.

          • AL,
            “What a cock-up this whole thing has become, and all because this judge could not keep control of her courtroom. I bet if we didn’t have all the sensationalism originating from JM’s office and his demeanor in the courtroom you wouldn’t have this state of affairs.”

            I agree with this statement!

      • Al…please re-fresh my memory…what is this?…” the victim’s next of kin are involved in what is very probably a federal crime”

        • Never mind… I just read your post from this morning…and now I realize that it is about the sister’s FB page…thanks…

  10. Geez, there are more pics of Alyce and Jennifer eating in a restaurant. I’m expecting to see the people who are stalking and taking pics like this to end up on that Investigative Discovery channel, about people who stalk, and will do anything and everything to stalk a person. And then they turn around and say Jodi is a stalker, well, so are they, if you can’t even let a person eat and have to take pics through a window.

    • What the heck do they expect her to do I wouldnt think she would be eating with JM or the Alexander family, she is a defense witness she is away from home being harrassed and stalked. Can you imagine being in her position?? I am sure she is feeling very alone and homesick. She has to be one tough lady to get back on that stand day after day and endure what she has with dickhead screaming at her calling her a lier and asking her “do you understand” uggg that grates on my nerves she is a grown woman not a child and if he would actually ask a question that makes sense she might could understand. I wish someone could actually see the person taking all of these photos of her and take pics of them stalking her. I would lmao! These people need to be taught a lesson.

  11. I still cannot see any images on my page and i have done everything possible and i cant figure out why can anyone help? for instance the FB 1 and 2 at top its a block with nothing in it and they are all like that.

  12. I hope HLN sees how they twisted this news story and have made a complete joke of themselves. HLN needs to really take a look at what they’re doing because from what I see they made the story very different. Maybe this is their wake up call.


    the judge directed the jurors questions to AL

    later when JM cross examined AL on her answers to those jury questions, AL mentioned that she wasn’t allowed to interview the alexander family

    JM moved real fast to shut down AL discussing that fact

    obviously, he didn’t want AL telling the jury, that she was prohibited complete access to all the facts, and thereby undermine his assertion that she didn’t have all the facts, especially if he’d been up to his eyeballs in actively suppressing such access

    LEGALLY, why wasn’t AL allowed to interview the alexander family ?

    it looked to be more than simply that the alexander’s didn’t want to talk with her

    clearly IF the rest of TA’s siblings revealed that TA had a history of violence in interactions with his siblings, especially his sisters, that would be extremely damaging to the prosecutions case

    if he’d put choke holds on any of them, especially his sisters, punched them, verbally abused them, etc., all the same battering and abuse jodi said he’d done to her, such would probably destroy the ENTIRE prosecution case

    SO, does anyone know the legal basis for the defense, AL in particular, not being able to talk to the alexanders ?

    it looks like a legal prohibition ?

    maybe if i have some time later i might be able to find the answer

    without knowing more, i suspect jm, flores, and that scurrilous crowd were heavily involved in
    suppressing that field of inquiry

    • The Alexanders are considered to be “victims” and have the rights afforded them under the Arizona Victims’ Bull of Rights”. One “right” is as follows:

      “5. To refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, or other person acting on behalf of the defendant.”

      So they are hiding behind this while the haters are screaming that ALV never talked to them to make her appear biased and incomplete. Another deceitful trick of the prosecutor.

        • thanks
          here’s some links for everyone
          arizona crime victims’ rights law
          arizona constitution article II section 2.1 victims bill of rights
          first here’s arizona constitution

          then to the correct section above

          here’s a pdf file covering the law and other matters set out by the states attorney general

          • it seems that there are constitutional problems with the victims bill of rights


            it is an arizona constitutional provision, not general or public legislation

            so it would require a constitutional challenge, from the way it’s written ?

            first, it speaks of victims rights, and by default their family [ see 12 c below], but who is the victim ?

            5. To refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, or other person acting on behalf of the defendant.

            thus jodi was denied discovery ?
            a denial of due process, and equality before the law

            i say jodi is the victim, who was attacked by TA, and who she killed in self defense

            but if that is so, fro, the way that part of the arizona constitution is written, hasn’t she been denied her federal constitutional rights

            the arizonan victims bill of rights has taken sides, and from a cursory look at it, has attempted to void the rights of everyone who claims self defense ?

            look at section 11
            11. To have all rules governing criminal procedure and the admissibility of evidence in all criminal proceedings protect victims’ rights and to have these rules be subject to amendment or repeal by the legislature to ensure the protection of these rights.

            what a can of worms is this

            12. To be informed of victims’ constitutional rights.

            (B) A victim’s exercise of any right granted by this section shall not be grounds for dismissing any criminal proceeding or setting aside any conviction or sentence.

            (C) “Victim” means a person against whom the criminal offense has been committed or, if the person is killed or incapacitated, the person’s spouse, parent, child or other lawful representative, except if the person is in custody for an offense or is the accused.

            (D) The legislature, or the people by initiative or referendum, have the authority to enact substantive and procedural laws to define, implement, preserve and protect the rights guaranteed to victims by this section, including the authority to extend any of these rights to juvenile proceedings.

            (E) The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights for victims shall not be construed to deny or disparage others granted by the legislature or retained by victims.

            looks like an arizona’s legislature went berserk in protecting one side, is a is the other, the defense

            what bogeyman, or paranoia, fueled this one-sided piece of hysteria ?

            racism ?

              • thanks
                i removed the unsupported assumption … even before i saw your response

                but now the victims bill of rights has disadvantaged jodi

                alyce laviolette was denied access to the alexanders to interview them

                any fair-minded person would recognize alyce laviolette as objective and fair

                despite the vindictive and unwarranted attacks on her by JM


              clearly, arizona, through its victims’ bill of rights, allowed the attacker, and his family, to escape highly relevant and fair scrutiny, and thus enabled the alexander family to hide potentially critical evidence in support of this defendant’s valid claim of self defense, jodi

              what bogeyman, or paranoia, fueled this one-sided piece of constitutional hysteria ?

      • Yes they are victims alright an using that too the fullest extent too. So are the Hughes
        they blow on the flames of hate on those support sites an don’t have a problem with
        all the hatred an then claim HOW GODLY they are? really is a False Front an Baring
        False Witness is a sin they need to go read their Bibles again the real one.

    • The Arizona Victim’s Bill of Rights says that if anyone on the defense wants to talk to the victims (which in murder case are the next of kin) they have to present the request through the prosecutor and the victims can turn it down.

      So may be they tried and were turned down. Then by law they can’t interview TA’s family.

    • i want to know more about chris and sky hughes and dan hall and the other that pointed a finger at jodi doing this i want their asses on the stand and i want JW to cross examin them the way JM did Dr Samules and ALV and the DNA expert why she or he did not do more and put FLORES back up to tell the world he made a mistake and went after JODI because everyone told him too it…. WHY because comeone wanted JODI to take the fall for this crime ….

      • Tonya,

        The Hughes are on on trial. The system doesn’t work like that. The defense can’t demand in the middle of a trial, that others killed Travis. They can’t change their defense midstream. There is no evidence either that the Hughes killed Travis.

      • Me too. Nurmi can be just as intimidating I am sure of that. He needs them
        up there an make them discuss the THEOLOGY OF THE MORMON”S an
        why he stated that anyone knowing that THEOLOGY would know that
        Travis was in HEAVEN. He needs to take that statement I found from
        December an POUND it on Chris Hughes. Get him to admit about the
        ear to ear slash the stab to the heart are actual rituals for a sinner to make
        it to a stage of heaven in the Book Of Mormon. Spilling your blood for the
        LORD. Pound that home with the Hughes.

    • they need to suffer the alexander sibs they need to hear the the truth and they dont want to its going to be a cold day in hell for them when evidence comes to light that there could be others involved in his death not jodi…. 1 the crime takes place at his house it is open for 5 days the police were not there the day the murder happened and were not there for 4 more so anyone could of covered up the mess made in the home if jodi did it why would she leave the camera take off his ring and put it on the kitchen counter with his phone. the computers in the home could have been removed or damaged the floor cleaner was never tested that is a consern for me and only dna is palm print and the blood from two travis and jodi they did not test anywere else there was blood found on the stairs railing that was not tested and now we have the medai and all the back stabbing kkk travis clan telling the world jodi did this to there best friend what friends were they the hiding of evidence from the jury JM feeding the frenzy by posing for pictures on the court house steps jodi knew exacty what she was up agains the moment she got home why did dan freeman call her everyone knew she was in ca dan hall called her before the 2nd phone interview with flores how called the mom tell her her daughter was crazy there is just to much that is not answered and eventually the real kill wil be cought

      • I did not watch this trial from the very beginning, or know or view this site from the beginning, so please excuse my questions if they were answered previously… how do we know all of what was processed, and /or the findings?
        was Donovan ever on the witness list for the defense? I saw a video where I thought she said she’s known Jodi since 2006… since before she met Travis; and that they’ve been friends ever since…if true, it would seem to me she would be a vital witness to Jodi.

        • samj are you new to this site if you are welcome and join in leave the bad hate out we discuss things here if you are not a new comer sorry

        • Donavan met Jodi in jail, so that would have been 2008. Donavan was on the witness list at one point, but has since been released from her subpoena.

      • I agree. All we can do is pray an hope that some Jurors QUESTION this…
        How did Jodi do all that stabbing an slashes to Travis in that amount
        of time? was that really her foot in that one photo? Seriously fighting
        with a man that size you would have some damage to yourself. But no
        one saw Jodi naked for a long time after the fact all bruises etc would
        have been healed by then.

        If Jodi only remembers the shot to the head when Travis was
        in his Linebacker stance to bring her down an the gun went
        off. Could she have been knocked unconscious? that was her
        second time to be thrown on that tile in the bathroom. Could
        she have hit her head for a 2nd time an been knocked out?

        Anyone could take a person’s hand an place it on the wall
        to leave a print if they are laying there unconscious. Throw
        laundry in the washer etc. The clean up was not a clean up
        it was a frame job.

        This maybe why she has no memory of everything. Why did
        they not check her for a concussion they do that with Football
        players after the fact they can tell if you have or had a concussion.

        It does not all add up. Not sure if the Jury is aware of the Blood
        Atonement Ritual for sinners before they DIE to get to heaven
        need the neck cut from ear to ear an the heart piercing an the
        gut slashed also. That needs to be brought out more so it is
        in the jurors minds.

        There is reasonable doubt yes she shot him yes they struggled
        it is not 100% clear to me that she did it all so I pray a few Jurors
        think the same thing. An SELF DEFENSE a Death Penalty case
        NOT. Acquittal I pray for or the least charges possible but not like
        the Alexander’s an the HATERS want DEATH or LWOP no way !
        I pray daily for
        Acquittal. ♥

        • Rhonda,
          ONE:I don’t believe for one minute that was Jodi’s pant leg and sock.
          It just doesn’t make sense.

          Two: When you are body slammed, she very well could have had a concussion.

          Three: I agree. The prosecutors and detective told her Mother there wwas too much evidence Jodi for it not to be her. BS!!!
          One hand print and a hair. All of the magic camera shots were just crazy.
          Doesn’t make a bit of sense.

          All of those especially Hughes and enemies should testify.
          Maybe they will call them.
          I agree with you on all of it.

  14. Hi All-
    I am pretty much computer illiterate, so can someone please tell me how to take a screen shot of something on line. I have seen so many vile things about AL that I wish I could recapture. Thanks

    • TR,

      There’s usually a key with the initials “PrtSc” (print screen) on your keyboard (where all the “function” keys are located, which will take a picture of whatever you have displayed on your desktop…after you hit that key, you need to open another program to paste the picture into, and save it.

      I’ve used Paint and/or a blank Word document in the past, but now, I actually go to my “print” option on my browser and then save the whole thing as a pdf file.

    • Is this for your own information? Do you have a camera on your phone? If so you could try taking a picture of what you want to recapture. Also, copy and paste to a word document is another simply way.

      • yes Ann-it is for my own info. I really have never had the need to do screen shots before this sham of a trial, so haven’t learned how. Thanks for the info. My phone camera sucks and wouldn’t work, so I need another way. Sounds like most of you who have the computer skills have lots of info so thanks.

        • TR, welcome!

          My browser is Firefox.

          When I press the ScrPrt key, a “Save Screen print” window pops up.

          In the window, there is a line that says “name”: It is asking you to type a name that you make up so you will recognize the saved print later.

          The next line says “Save in folder”: Your desktop can be selected as the “folder.” (The screen print will be easy to find there.) Then click on SAVE.

          Now look on your “desktop” and you will find the image saved as a “.png” file, bearing the name you made up for it.

          Later, when you want to share the image Online, open your word processor, and then copy/paste the screen print image onto the document page.

          Or you could just do the copy/paste in the “Reply” area on this forum if you want to share it with the community – this group:-)

          To keep your desktop tidy, create a folder with a name, such as “Jodi prints,” and move all of your Jodi related screen prints into that single folder.

          Hope this helps.

    • Here are some simple instructions for taking and saving a screenshot.

      1. Go to whatever it is you want to take a screenshot of.
      2. Press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard (this key is sometimes labelled ‘Prt. Sc.’ or similar). This will take a picture of everything that is currently being displayed on your screen at the time you press the key.
      3. Open the Microsoft Paint program (Start button > All Programs > Accessories > Paint).
      4. Once the Paint program is open, use the ‘Paste’ function. (If you are on a newer version on Windows like Windows 7, the Paste function is in the upper left, the picture of a clipboard with the word ‘Paste’ under it. If you are on an older version of Windows, like Windows XP, the Paste function is located within the ‘Edit’ menu at the top of the screen.)
      5. Once you have pasted the screenshot into Paint, you must save the file. (To save in older versions of Windows, click ‘File’ in the top left corner and then ‘Save as.’ In newer versions of Windows there will be a dark blue button in the top left corner instead of the ‘File’ menu, so click the blue button and then click ‘Save as.’) Wherever you choose to save the picture is where you can access it later.

    • If you’re using a Mac go to applications>utilities and open Grabber. That can then be used to do a screen shot. If yo have an iPhone press the home button and the little screen lock button simultaneously and that will get you a screen shot.

      Sorry, I’m PC illiterate, but one of the other Windows mavens here can probably give you some pointers.

      • Al-
        Wish I had a Mac. In the old days, when computers began, I used a MAC at work and loved it. My PC was a gift and my daughter’s school does not use Mac so for now I’m stuck.

        Geez, I’m really dating myself as “old as dirt” aren’t I. LOL

        • I love my PC. It never breaks an I have never had a virus been using the same PC since
          2006 ! Mac users have problems all the time an I truly believe those company’s make them
          so they have to buy new ones often. Actually the PC guy did tell me that. I don’t know
          how he stays in business though as they never break down the ones he builds.

          I am old school though I tried a lap top for one day an hated the flat keyboard lol

    • TR, Thank you for ASKING HOW to do screenshots, I did not know how to do this either!

      To all the wonderful posters who ANSWERED HOW to do screenshots, THANK YOU!!!!!!
      I’ve been practicing by using your instrux to make screen shots (of your posted instrux on how to make screen shots)… and thanks to Ann (posted below) for instrux on how to clean up “firecracker” residue; I made a screenshot of THAT, for practice, too! LOLOL 😎

      OT: It is April. It is supposed to be April showers bring. May flowers….
      Just looked outside and a bunch of snow is coming down again. ack.

      So many insightful and useful posts by all today – let’s roll, Team Jodi! 😐

  15. Totally off topic, but…

    I wonder if NG’s husband shudders when he hears the clickety-clack of NG’s cloven-hoofs as she scurries across the tile of her kitchen floor…

  16. Hi Again Friends of Jodi and Truth
    I was just notified that the FB page “Inconvenient Truths” which gets the truth about this trial out on FB has been put in a status by FB that they can’t post for a week because they recieved too many complaints from the Travis Taliban. Please visit this page and keep up the postings until Sandra is able to do so again. Thanks all.

      • Sil-
        I think we need to contact FB directly. she is requesting that people who support Jodi and Truth post for her on the page in the meantime. Thanks for doing that.

        • You can go to the corner of her facebook page and choose other and describe what is going with the page. That people are reporting the page in an effort to silence victims and people with opinions different than the majority. Another page is still up because people communicated with facebook that way. You have to explain what is going clearly in the little box when you choose other when reporting information about the page.

          Also, this happens a lot on facebook. During the casey case, I don’t remember one support page allowed to stay due to the hate.

    • dont you all see they are trying to cover up the truth we know the truth and if it comes out the have to suck face and they will

      • i was informed that they were going to do a thing with the flores report and i was waiting to see that and now you are telling me that the kkk travis clan had it removed more cover up they do not what the world to find out the truth

    • WOW they are so full of it. I turned in their pages a bunch of times for harassment an FB told
      me to just stay off their pages?

  17. These spineless people with blinders on irk me! Pretending there is NO evidence showing that Travis was the total opposite of what he portrayed himself to be. I’m not saying he deserved to die like he did but have they not heard any of the tapes or seen any of the texts? So do they think that wasn’t his voice and that someone pretending to be him made those recordings and then stole his phone and interacted with Jodi using it? Talk about denial. He mentally and verbally abused Jodi and I also believe physically at times. Oh so it’s okay to emotionally use, traumatize and batter someone you’re in a relationship with as long as you hide it well enough and can still fake being a good Mormon! They all have their heads buried in the sand deeper than any ostrich.

    • It’s amazing to me that there are still Jodi haters out there claiming TA never had any kind of sex with JA. These people are really ignorant and blind to the facts presented. The prosecution, in the opening statement, said that TA and JA had sex the day he died. What is wrong with these people?

      • Um..I’m not sure why they’re saying that since part of the evidence is a picture of TA with a very angry penis.

        just sayin…

        • Angry and inflamed…………. red pecker syndrome…………..someone’s been yanking it too hard. :shocked:

          • Red pecker syndrome! LOL!!!!!

            My favorite hater explanation was “It was June, and it was hot outside. Maybe he was just relaxing naked.” Suuuuuuure!

            • haha Yep I had that argument also. That is where I told them why are both sets
              of photos of the genitals especially that RED PECKER so RED ! that is not from
              taking photos all day long. I do not know how more plain to make it for a bunch
              of people in denial about SEX an Pretending to be a VIRGIN for years. ahhhhh

            • Kira, please excuse my ignorance, and perhaps my naivete. I have intentionally avoided all of the evidence photos that I can, and mercifully, the photographic gods have spared me the penis picture. It is, notorious, though, and I just don’t get it. Is the redness (and inflammation?) from overuse? Can you tell? I’m sorry to ask, but if you’ve already been subjected to the image, maybe you can save me the painful experience.

  18. Good morning everyone.

    Todays turd in print from me:

    So, now that the entertainment networks have gottena little scare, what do they do for the next “gotcha, boom, wow moment? My guesses are:

    A) they will say they found the gun

    B) they will start picking on the personal history of the experts or defense team, ie… There will be some bomb shell about nurmi having 50 DUI’s or Jenni being a crack head in college.

    C) They will accuse Jodi of a second incident…they will claim she killed someone else or was an arsonist, or some crazy shit.

    My guess for this week is “B” though. They have been to good to the defense team so far…i smell a rat cooking.

    • They have already started trying to smear and bash JW. They posted last night that Jennifer was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They just never stop!

    • Surlips, They have already done ALL the above- They claim some guy did find that gun in the desert near hoover Dam. They pulled some bogus record and claimed JW was charged with Pot possession (person was way younger than JW).They claimed Jodi killed Bobby J. too, until someone found proof he is still alive and posted pics.
      There is NO limit to their BS.

    • Can you imagine all the talking heads in the desert along the edge of the road, saying we have to find this friggen gun our jobs depends on it. Joey to Nancy, Pick up the pace Miss piggy, YOU started this. Nancy says Kiss my big ham ass Joey!!! HA HA HA!!!!

  19. Thanks to the way the trial has been covered and Jodi has been exploited and demonized, JM has become more of a household name to many, who may have never even heard of him before the trial. To a growing number of adoring fans, he is also a kind of rock star for justice. It doesn’t matter to them that he is so unfair and repeatedly uses almost theatrical antics in the courtroom that play well on camera and for the media but does not keep the focus on his real job in the courtroom.

    I truly feel he could scream insults at Jodi all day and accuse her witnesses of every wrongdoing in the book, and fans of JM in the public would see nothing humanely wrong with it. This is because, thanks to all the negative publicity and sensationalism from the media, this is all that so many Americans know. They do NOT have an objective base of facts from BOTH sides to consider. Rather,the media is content to continue to play on the public’s emotions and present overwhelmingly information that has been made to fit into their preconceived conclusion of guilt, premeditation, and a death sentence that only someone so horribly evil and demonic as Jodi deserves to get.

    Whatever the outcome of this trial, is the nation ready and eager for more media-driven reality-show trials to watch and read about? Or, is the media going to finally begin to present more objectively and have reasonable discussions without determining guilt WHILE trials are still going on? Will the media be held more accountable to do more thorough investigations and accurate, unbiased news reporting of such trials? Or will it be more of the same we are seeing in this trial?

    If so, we can expect to see more innocent parties pitted against the most vile of human demons that the media can create and market. This may not provide real information to the public, or support a fair trial, but it will sure help the media’s ratings and sales.

    The state of Arizona also considers JM one of their top prosecutors. Probably because he gets so many wins, the state is willing to turn away from issues involving HOW he gets the wins. However, if Juan really had the facts and evidence to win, he would not have to stoop to these tactics. By the need to resort to them, he is essentially admitting he needs more to win.

    I believe he is relying heavily on these tactics that include badgering witnesses, manipulating and twisting what defense witnesses are saying in order to confuse them and break them down, objecting in order to distract from relevance of witness testimony, etc, I also believe that he is relying on verbal and non-verbal communication of the judge who supports him and his spectator “fan club” in the courtroom to help increase the appearance of more power for him and emotionally sway the jury his way.

    • Mattie Quote:
      “I believe he is relying heavily on these tactics that include badgering witnesses, manipulating and twisting what defense witnesses are saying in order to confuse them and break them down, objecting in order to distract from relevance of witness testimony, etc, I also believe that he is relying on verbal and non-verbal communication of the judge who supports him and his spectator “fan club” in the courtroom to help increase the appearance of more power for him and emotionally sway the jury his way.”

      Excellent post and I especially agree with this part!! Couldn’t have said it better. Great observation of Juan Martinez!

    • When I started watching this trial(a totally new experience to me)I gotta say I was impressed by Martinez being dynamic and passionate.Silly me!Then I realized that his way is just a bunch of skillful acting and nothing more to cover up for the fact that he twosts and turns,misrepresents,hides,tampers and so on.I feel appaled by him by now.He’s a disgrace,he seeks blood NOT justice!

  20. Oh my… My hubby’s grandma passed and I have had to be away from the trial! What is going on? Poor Alyce! I love her. Does anybody have a few mins. to catch me up or know what I should look at. Thanks guys!

  21. I keep speculating on what is going on with this whole ALV, the sisters, meetings in chambers, come in on Tuesday stuff.

    So here’s my latest theory, and please keep in mind that this is the rankest speculation, probably at par with writers’ visions of the future.

    1. We know that there has been a severe amount of witness intimidation vis a vis ALV. In recent cases that I have been able to find in other states, the State has used FaceBook and other social media entries on charges of witness intimidation and have in fact sent people away for many years. When someone harasses a witness prior to their testimony, or during their testimony, based on the fact that they are a witness, that by itself is witness intimidation and is not protected speech. In this case it is more drastic because there is no doubt about why these folks were doing what they were doing.

    2. In cases where the cyber intimidation crosses state lines it becomes a federal crime with a possible two pronged charge. The first of course is witness intimidation. The second, as in the case of Amazon etc, it could be a violation of inter state commerce acts. The federal statutes for witness intimidation are extremely severe. Firstly a defense to witness intimidation is treated as an affirmative defense, i.e. the person charged must prove that they did whatever they did for reason’s other than witness intimidation. The second even tougher part of the federal witness intimidation charge has to do with the penalty (18 USC 1512):

    “There is extraterritorial Federal jurisdiction over an offense under this section.
    (i) A prosecution under this section or section 1503 may be brought in the district in which the official proceeding (whether or not pending or about to be instituted) was intended to be affected or in the district in which the conduct constituting the alleged offense occurred.
    (j) If the offense under this section occurs in connection with a trial of a criminal case, the maximum term of imprisonment which may be imposed for the offense shall be the higher of that otherwise provided by law or the maximum term that could have been imposed for any offense charged in such case.
    (k) Whoever conspires to commit any offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.”

    That is a very severe penalty. Let me loosely translate this for people who might have some trouble with the legalese. Under federal law, anyone tampering with a witness in this case could be liable for the DEATH PENALTY! And if you just said “Holy Shit”, you are right. This is some scary stuff and is probably why the judge told ALV this is very important stuff.

    Now as to the sisters crying, here’s the issue. During the course of the proceedings at least one of the sisters was involved in the internet push against ALV. This may also be why in recent days they have only called the one sister into chambers whereas earlier they would have them both in there.

    Again folks, take this with a healthy pinch of salt. This is the rankest form of speculation and is based on no information I have and is purely a product of my, often fertile, imagination. But I think that the fact that people are starting to back pedal, and take things off their sites, etc makes me think there may be something to this.

    • Holy Shit! HAHA Al great info! Do you know which sister it was? The one that needs food badly? They need to get her some fried chicken pronto!

        • She had a link to sign the petition against ALV on her facebook page, but it’s been removed now. Her page is all nice and clean. Not that it changes anything, there are screen shot of the things she had posted.

          Do they think because they removed everything last night, that the court won’t catch on? They need to remember, Actions speak louder than words!

          • Yup. it was Tanisha. There is a woman here in MN who was made an example of……she was charged with pirating. see Capitol v. Thomas.

            I hope that this bullshit is used to make a giant example as well.

            I have sent a TON of screen shots to Ms. Willmott, and I hope that SOME ONE is held accountable, that SOME ONE is made an example of.

            • Well done Renee;
              Hope they have proof enough to achieve justice. At this point one would have to fear for his life as a witness for JA no matter what JA is entitled to a fair trial by law. I realise they will come up with the excuse that a witness is not to be watching anything related to the trial, but I am sure( hopefully) that will not be allowed as an excuse.
              Now I get why the admins on fb got all nervous a week ago and started deleting posts. I had been sidetracked by the whole Dr Phil issue at that point.
              I am sure we are not the only ones taking collecting evidence here

            • God Bless you Renee” for having that insight to take those screen shots that will help in Jodi’s case and for Alyce LaViolette too…

    • Al you have done it again your brain is so educated and i like what you said about the ones that dont know this stuff thanks i need that help to understand keep up the good work

    • Al-
      I am hoping against hope that you are correct on this one. The TA siblings who have incited the mob right along with the Tabloid TV hosts need to face charges. Then we will see how much they respect the Court. Bet when they are on trial for witness tampering, we won’t see smirks, eye rolls, and crocodile tears.

      • TR,

        Honestly, I don’t see any of the family facing any kind of legal ramification because there would be a huge public outcry about that too. Also because the courts tend to be very lenient with victims. JMHO

        I think if anyone faces charges, it will be the mob who posted using their real names etc.

        • JC-
          I agree with you, but one can hope. Sadly, I have little compassion left for these people. I no longer see them as the grieving family. I see them as the same type of opportunists that TA was. They are now profiting from this trial, which in my estimation, takes them out of victim role. It’s one thing to accept donations to help defray the cost of a family being in the Court room, it’s an entirely different issue to sell crap and then post about how your four Mexican maids are cleaning your house, while you are trying to raise $650,000 off your siblings death.

          • I agree TR. They are like Vultures to me now. Picking at the bones to see what
            they can still get while the getting is good. As in suing people etc. totally disgusting
            none of them are below the poverty line or they would not even be there period.

          • Seriously, and it’s not like they are TA’s orphaned children, all under age 10, and left to fend for themselves on the streets of Mesa.

    • Al good post

      had a quick read of it

      looked like if someone’s murdered, arising out of witness tampering, etc > death penalty

      short of that, the balance of the penalties are very severe, 30 years, 20 years ,and 10
      feds, no good behavior reductions

      re this back pedaling and removal of material from web sites

      if anyone sees such stuff, copy it onto your computer, ensure it’s dated, and if you share your computer, perhaps put it immediately on a flash drive under your complete control

      however, i don’t know the correct procedures for retaining the chain of custody of such electronic material
      if anyone sees such, contact the relevant police etc, and let us here know the correct procedures

      it’s just a guess as to how one should copy and retain such for possible future legal proceedings

      people taking such stuff down highlights the ephemeral nature of what’s on the net
      however if an offense has been committed, taking stuff down doesn’t mean they’re not culpablejust that it’s difficult to prove, but only as an evidentiary matter
      that’s where the material you saved is used

      maybe superflous if facebook etc retain copies of what’s posted on their web sites for years
      ie maybe they have complete records of when material was put on, removed, etc
      ie for them the shi@% may have already hit the fan
      good !

      • Wes,

        Facebook has server logs and all activity on pages is logged. Can you imagine what the logs look like during their frenzy to delete things?

        And server logs can be order to be turned over, if facebook refuses, they can seize their servers. I think facebook would cooperate.

          • and that is exactly what I am hoping for, that they will turn fb upside down and find more than they anticipated for.
            I am just so done and fed up by their arrogance I feel I am going to snap if this is not put to an end soon pffff feel like swearing and ranting

        • Whoo hoo ❗

          If karma is a giant fan…. (the kind of fan that circulates air, not the kind of fan that idolizes JM)-
          ..and if the chyte (borrowing from Moni, love that new word) IS hitting the fan as per Al-
          I guess karma may be about to blow all that chyte right BACK AT the shitters and bury some of them.

          I am hearing Jim Croce singing:
          “You don’t tug on Superman’s cape….”
          (nor obsequiously swoon for JM’s autograph, either, ick, ptewwie 😕 )
          “You don’t spit in the wind…
          You don’t pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with….” Karma.
          hope this link works…

    • Al, WOW!!! In the long run, this could be very good. It might put an end to the mob mentality we’ve seen in this case, the Casey Anthony case, and the Amanda Knox case. That would be GREAT!! I’ve been very worried about what we’ve been seeing! And if it could put an end to jurors being threatened after a verdict that would just be icing on the cake.

    • Amazing, I agree, Al.
      Tampering with a witness on the stand seemed to me very (viri) serious and illegal.
      I hope that people here saved the posted comments on FB and elsewhere calling on all the haters to act out in concert on Amazon, B&N, Alyce’s professional sites, associations, fake reviews of counselings, etc. It proves conspiracy and concerted efforts to intimidate her during the trial.

    • Al, is this what a house of cards falling sounds like? Or are these the dulcet tones of chickens coming home to roost?

  22. When JM was trying to imply ALV’s bias against men by asking how many she testified for, etc. – I wish JW had followed up with questions regarding the extremely low number/percentage of men who request this assistance. Since the percentage of men who report domestic violence is low, so too would be the number of men to counsel who were abused, and the number of men who seek experts in court.

  23. Just for laughs, Remember the lady saying JM was her little Firecrackers?

    The firecracker is another simple firework that is the base for small explosives. There are many different brands of firecrackers and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are simple to make and easy to use, and they are one of the oldest fireworks in the world. A firecracker is, essentially, black powder wrapped in paper, with a fuse on one end. Black powder is the same thing as gun powder. When the fuse of a firecracker is lit, it burns down until the flame hits the black powder. When it does, the powder explodes, creating a loud bang and a flash of light and heat. NO MORE FIRECRACKER.

    Instructions to clean up firecracker residue
    1. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. The cleaning mixture can cause skin irritation. Fill a 5-gallon plastic bucket with 1 gallon of cool water.

    2 . Add 1/4 cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) to the water and mix with a stir stick

    3. Submerge a brush broom in the TSP mixture and scrub the firecracker residue off. Continue scrubbing until no more traces of the residue remain. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes.

    4. Rinse clean with a water hose. Repeat the process if needed.

    • wonder what will happen with the release of video’s of the mom and dad and jodi’s journals and all the other stuff jodi standing on her head someone released it who?????????????/

      • As a parent of two grown daughters, Jodi’s dad threw her under the bus, he seems like a cold man, disconnect with his daughter. Her mom, I think she was so totally in shock she kept talking and talking, I could be wrong but don’t think she meant any harm, but other people may see it differently. I know one thing, if I was growing pot at the age of 13, and my parents called the cops to teach me a lesson, I would never, ever tell my parents much about anything in my life. And by what the parents were saying, she didn’t tell them much. To me, that situation could have been handled differently.

        • I agree with that too Leah. An not all teenagers leave home so early an usually
          when they do it is because they can’t get along at home not always just because
          they are rebellious I too left home at 17 I too dropped out right before my senior year
          I was working I only needed a few more credits to finish as I am sure Jodi did too.
          It is not like dropping out in 8th grade for crying out loud like a lot of the gang
          bangers do now a days.

          People keep referring to Jodi as uneducated an it actually makes me angry.
          Seriously she does not talk like a uneducated gang banger to me there is a
          big difference. I understand her running to a man or young boy’s arms I did
          the same thing. She some how just picked some losers as I did too. An she
          was truly naive with Travis thinking he would ever change a egotistical male
          like that rarely if ever changes for the better they get worse with age.

          I wasted 5 years on a man that was a lot like Travis not much physical violence
          but some an a whole lot of mental an verbal abuse an on again off again bull
          that drove me insane. The best day of my life was when I gave up on him
          changing for the better.

          An guess what? I too drove 1000 miles to visit him
          haha so yes it does happen because one can GUILT you into not seeing them
          when you are on vacation if you truly get sucked in again by the sweet talking
          an think maybe just maybe they changed. NOT.

  24. I’m going to miss a good portion of the Trial on Tuesday as I have a colonoscopy scheduled for noon. Kind of appropriate I guess with all the anal talk that’s been happening lately. 😐 I’ll get ‘behind’ a bit in the trial until later in the afternoon here in the east. Hopefully it all works out in the ‘end’.

  25. Sending a chuckle to everyone….

    As some of you know I have two huskies, Thunder is my male, and ever since we got him, I have called him “Bum”, don’t know why, it just seemed to fit his personality.

    Well this morning I had him out in the back yard and as I watched him wander around I said to him, “I have such a Beautiful Bum!” This voice called out, “I agree, you do have a nice bum!” I looked over and my neighbor was looking at me laughing!

    Hubby told me I need to be careful talking about my Bum when I am outside, people might get the wrong impression! hahahaha

  26. I want to take just a moment to discuss Karma.

    I see the term thrown around a lot, and I do that too.

    It’s highly interesting, to say the least, when I see it thrown around on the J4T site and other hater sites.

    Alyce is doing her best as a DV expert to share her expertise and knowledge. The nature of her testimony is not a cause for her to create instant Karma. I won’t go into discussing reincarnation and those kinds of avenues.

    There are no humans on this planet who have the authority to dole out Karmic justice. The people who are harassing her actually are creating Karma for themselves by their actions. Sadly, most of them are too ignorant to realize this.

    Here is a pretty good link on the topic.

    • you know what really upsets me about all the hatred directed at her? (Other than the fact that these shitty people are so vile!) is that she’s just doing her job! Both sides can hire expert witnesses to testify in order to support their arguments/cause. That does not make them biased…Shit, if that were the case then everyone is biased and why bother having any expert witnesses at all!

      • oh, and as far as Karma is concerned. I fully believe that you reap what you sow and Alyce is not trashing TA. She didn’t write the messages he wrote to Jodi or the IMs. So if Karma is going to visit anyone, it’s going to be all the hate-mongers who promoted, engaged and encouraged others to act in such a vile way.

        I believe that.

      • That’s the part that is so outrageous Sil. ALV was hired to give her expert opinion based on the evidence (or lack there of) she was given. Are they going to attack the computer expert for giving his expert opinion?

        The hate mongers just see anyone testifying on behalf of the defense as being on Jodi’s side and they have no right to say anything that goes to prove her defense. So I gather if one of his so called friends had come forward and told the truth about Travis, they would have annihilated them too?

        • They make me sick! They keep harping on the fact that Jodi lied, but refuse to acknowledge that Travis was the WORST liar because in his case, *HE* was the one who introduced Jodi into his cult and then proceeded to bastardize it and present it to her in a way which justified him having all kinds of sex with her, while at the same time, proclaiming his purity/virginity to others. Seriously, what is so difficult to understand about that? No one is trying to destroy his image. He did that on his own. And sadly enough, and they may hate to believe this, but Jodi did want to take a plea instead of having all these things come to light. I know TA is dead and that is tragic. And I know it was horrific! I get that. But why is Jodi not allowed to defend herself with all her might?

          oh, and let’s not forget that Jodi lied to her parents when she was a teenager. OMG! Really? I guess none of those people EVAH told a lie when they were young!

          I want to see just one…ONE email or text message or IM where she threatened TA with physical harm, or called him a dick, or an asshole, or some other vile name like he did to her? Is there such evidence? Whereas, TA’s demeaning behavior is clearly documented and in evidence. He called her all kinds of names and played her and played other girls. But hey, that’s okay, because he was just being a guy.

          Not once did Jodi do that. Not once. But they now want to say that this wonderful charismatic devout Mormon wrestler, was terrified of Jodi…Just plain terrified!!

          • why were those video’s released to the public in the first place at this point of the trial? I don’t know but it seems weird to me that they were released, being it it is not accepted as evidence at this point.
            Thank you for the hint this whole ordeal could be turning out as a bliss to the justice system

      • Agree Sil.Yet,it seems these people are unable to see ”farther than their own nose” as we here say.ALV is JUST doing her damn job!!!If she were to get so emotionally involved with every single battered individual that met her way ,she would already be emotionally drained the first couple years of her career.She just evaluates facts and evidence,writes her reports and/or testifies and off she goes!She doesnt have feelings for Jodi,she doesnt hate TA or his family,she’s just naother professional doing what they trained for!Jeez…Haters must hate…..

    • i used that word here describing the karma that will come back at them for the hate they are using in this trial opps sorry

      • Oh no, tonya, there is nothing to be sorry about…I was taking a jab at the haters cause they have it ALL wrong.


        When someone knowingly mischaracterizes testimony and lies, like Kermit, there is a price to pay from the universe..that price is not for any of us mere humans to decide however.

        • exactly.karma is a widely misunderstood term/philosophy.People like Kermit who willingly hurt others are here to get/give that particular lesson but will certainly experience another one later on.Universe never forgets…

  27. What bothers me is that in the beginning of this trial, the prosecution and HLN did everything they possibly could to dehumanize Jodi. I remember JM didn’t even want the picture of Jodi with dark hair to be shown in court because her parents’ dog was in the photo and he objected to the dog being cute. It was so extreme.

    Then the HLN and taliban crowd went into their armchair psychoanalysis phase. And people like “Dr.” Drew should know better!!! They hadn’t even met her!!! They called her a pathological liar. That was a given. All of them came out with all these accusations, their favorite being that Jodi is a sociopath. The word “sociopath” is thrown around nowadays so lightly. The thing is, I always saw that Jodi doesn’t have a history of lying. Not like say, Casey Anthony, where there seemed to be a history. But they were off and running in their psychoanalysis of Jodi, and they were enjoying it! When they got tired of the psychoanalysis, they called Jodi just plain evil. A demon. Spawn of hell. LOL It was ridiculous. Listen to the music Nancy Disgrace plays on her show when she’s talking about Jodi. It sounds like music from some supernatural horror movie.

    Now they have Alyce LaViolette on the stand. When Alyce was first on the stand, the HLN guest psychologists all sang her praises. Most of them were familiar with her work, and they had a good deal of respect for her opinions. But now Alyce is telling them things they don’t want to hear. Jodi lied after the killing, yes, but Alyce does not see a pattern of lying in her life. So we can take pathological liar and sociopath off the list. But they’re fighting it so much. Now they’re trying to destroy Alyce L. Alyce L. isn’t playing their game. She’s being a professional. She’s telling the truth and they want to kill the messenger.

    • oh god yes…and also have you noticed all the HLN hosts look like they take unholy pleasure every time they talk shit about Jodi?

      VP, NG, Dr. Screw, the woman who looks like Michael Jackson dressed like a man dressed like a woman (lol…I’ll never ever forget that description of JVM!!) and all the other “experts” guests smirk and grin at the camera with such glee! ugh..I imagine their whole set smells like sulfur. There’s one attorney, I think his name is Joey or something..oh, god, he sounds like he’s preaching when he talks which makes it more creepy!

      • Sil, LOL @ “unholy pleasure” and the whole set smells like sulphur!!

        It’s true! I used to be creeped out by how GLEEFUL they look when they’re saying this horrible stuff! But now it really is just funny!!!

        • @ Sil too………….true true @ “unholy pleasure” an the whole set smells like sulfur!!

          It really creeps me out the happy faces when saying such vile things like they are
          all drinking from the devil’s cup an love the taste.

      • I would guess that AL is getting good advice, and that once she’s released from her subpoena, she’ll try her best to address this. I hope AZ is offering her protection while she’s still under subpoena if she needs it.

      • I hope she will!Somehow she needs to stand up for her rights!She serves as an example to many women out there,her out of all people should fight for what’s hers!

  28. A long time ago, I USED to like HLN. They always claimed to have “breaking news”. The way I see it, they take clips from the stories in an effort to twist the facts into something that they feel will draw in more viewers. They announce that they have exclusive, breaking news that you will never see anywhere else. Of course you won’t, because it’s NOT the truth! Yes… they do report some facts, but present them out of context… which turns it into false reporting! Twisting the truth is only done to benefit the ones doing it. I am all for a fair trial… for everyone! I pray that the jurors are following the admonitions and haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING outside of the courtroom. Justice needs to be served based on the evidence presented to the jurors, as THEY are the ones that will be deciding the outcome of the trial. Prayers to all!!

  29. Oh, my word. This trial is eating me up inside. So much bullshit. My belief in humanity is gone.

    Going back to bed.

    Wake me when the world is back upside right, please.

  30. So I’m wondering if anyone has reported these comments made on ALV’s FB, or comments on other sites that are bullying in nature to that bullyville website I posted, and if so, what was their recommendation….I’ve never had to use them before, so I don’t know how they work, but celebrities use that site when they have problems, and they’ve said they do good work. Just wondering…I hate to see anyone being threatened or bullied, but the reality of it is, this is all adding up to possibly be very good on Jodi’s behalf. If its proven to incite witness intimidation or tampering, the judge HAS TO ACT! I mean, how much worse can it get before this Judge will be removed herself!

    Also, I heard the state is going to have psychologist testify in their rebuttal, and I’m wondering if Jodi was interviewed by that person. If I was her, I would refuse to cooperate with ANY of the states so called experts. Frankly, I think its crap that the state is even allowed to come back at the end of the trial and try to present more evidence. They had their opportunity, they said nothing further, but they keep bringing in more and more and more. When is it going to end already

  31. This is the response someone made to my review on Amazon. Sounds like a Mormon, no?

    hippy says:
    Another fake reviewer with one Amazon review to her credit. Must be Jodi’s mom or retarded sister. Karma will settle this person, we need do nothing. Alyce LaViolette is a monster in sheeps clothing. A literal snake and anyone who follows her will share a horrible fate.

    • ” Karma will settle this person, we need do nothing. Alyce LaViolette is a monster in sheeps clothing.”

      Yep, those are the kind of people i am referencing in my post on Karma above. What a clueless dumbshit that person is.

      • They’d rather kill themselves than admit that IF ALV is a monster,what would they describe an anonymous person who they’d find out had done half the things their beloved TA did…

  32. I simply can’t wait to see if there are charges of witness tampering. Would that be a separate motion filed by Nurmi, or would it be part of a motion he’s already filed?

  33. This was posted on Alyce’s fb support page.

    One of the haters a few nights ago tried to us Tanya Williams Young, the basketball wife and paid commentator of HLN as an example, When questioned on whether she was indeed a spokesperson for the national domestic abuse hotline, I recieved this response…”The National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Dating Abuse Helpline have asked Tanya Young Williams to refrain from speaking on behalf of the organizations. While she is a domestic violence survivor and she offers expert insight on domestic violence, the organization and the advocates who answer calls daily from men and women do not question victims claims of abuse. We are here to provide lifesaving tools and immediate support to enable victims to find safety and live lives free of domestic violence.”

    • I’m glad to know that Gail. Thanks for posting that. I’ve seen Tanya Young Williams on HLN and I never agreed with her. Then when Alyce L. came on the stand HLN didn’t have her on as a guest very often. Tanya always maintained that when a woman is abused, she tells someone. Even one person. And I always thought that the opposite was true. That most often women DON’T tell. I remember magazine articles in the 80s and 90s encouraging women to TELL,because so often women don’t tell. So Alyce said the exact opposite, and in my experience, I know I had an incident with my ex-husband, and I didn’t tell anyone, not even my best friend until years later. I was riveted when Alyce L. was on the stand. She seems to understand so much. She seems very credible to me. I don’t know why the juror questions seem so skeptical. I hope there are a few women on the jury who see the truth in what Alyce is saying.

      • Good Afternoon, Weekend Warriors! 😀

        I was just going to read some and move on this lazy Sunday but I HAD to speak up at this point. “Tanya always maintained that when a woman is abused, she tells someone. Even one person. ” This is absolute bullshit. I told NO ONE until I was in counseling and therapy, and then I only told family/friends because I had to. Then I got called names, verbally abused by family and friends and alienated. So…. I said it before and I’ll say it again – it is my belief that Jodi and TA are an example of sex addiction (on TA’s part) and sexual abuse (which brings with it other abuses such as emotional/verbal/physical). In my case – I didn’t even realize for nearly 14 years that I was in an abusive situation because I thought something was wrong with ME. I see the same thing in Jodi. IDK who Tanya is – but she is full of crap.

      • I didn’t tell anyone, not a soul, until the end. I didn’t even realize that I was being abused until it became very violent towards the end. All the years I was being yelled at, sulked at, pushed, shoved and controlled, I thought it was my fault. He told me I was clumsy and that’s why I fell down the stairs if he was behind me and his knees touched my back, or when he pushed me down in traffic on the rare occasions he took me anywhere. At some point, I began thinking there was something wrong with him, that he was depressed, that it was thyroid and/or his adrenals. Then, when he got diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, I thought that was causing his “moods” and that he’d been have A-Fib periodically for years before diagnosis. I remember going online and asking A-Fib sufferers if it made them mean. They all said no and one lady contacted me privately and gave me her phone number. I wasn’t allowed to use the phone if he was home by then, but she was retired so I did call her during the day. She was the first person who ever suggested I was being abused. But I didn’t tell her anything about the physical abuse.

        It was about a year and a half after that when I’d reconnected with an old friend who worked nights at a hospital in another state and therefore, I was able to call him at night. Ogre pushed me to the floor and kicked me and I was so upset and scared that I told that friend. He conferenced in the Domestic Violence Hotline and they said my story was classic abuse, especially with my isolation. I called them every night for a month before I really believed it. That was in August 2010. Then, a few months later, as the violence escalated dramatically, I tried to plan to get out and stupidly told him I wanted a divorce at the end of November 2010, which only caused more and more violence. Then, I was telling people because I was in fear for my life every day. It was March 2011 when he tried to kill me. So, it shows how quickly it escalates and it’s so difficult to get out.

        Jodi didn’t even have the first clue that it was abuse she was enduring. I think she was beginning to realize something was wrong, and that’s why she moved away. But she wasn’t quite “there” at realizing just how much danger she was in. Most women I’ve known didn’t tell anyone until the physical violence got really out of control. Even then, they tend to tell people that are far away from them, like I did, people online that can’t really do anything to help. Women have to be ready to end the relationship before they start talking at all, because they have been indoctrinated never to reveal anything about their abuser that isn’t positive and glowing. It’s critically important that the abuser is presented as a saint. An abused woman has been emotionally beaten down to believe she is worthless and feels lucky that this bastard wants anything to do with them. If she starts talking at all, even to strangers, she is (a) breaking down the illusion that he’s perfect; (b) letting everyone know that she’s ready to leave; and (c) risking her life because if he finds out that she’s talked, she’s in big big big trouble with him.

        • Also Abused,

          I still feel that. My ex and I have been divorced for years but I still won’t badmouth him ever. I’m afraid still. I mention it here because I feel anonymous.

          For a while after the divorce, my brother felt very comfortable saying rotten things about my ex, and that always made me laugh so much. But I always said good things about him, even when we were getting divorced. People who didn’t know us well actually couldn’t believe that we WERE getting divorced.

          He did damage to me in smearing me. It was truly crazy. He said things about me to people that weren’t true of me. They were true of HIM. Or he would say terrible, untrue things about me if it could get him support in getting something that he wanted. Some of my friends saw this about certain things and they were VERY supportive. I was so moved by that, I’ll never forget that.

          But still, I’d NEVER want to stir up that hornet’s nest again. So I still just don’t talk about him.

          Alyce L. said we lose ourselves in these relationships. We lose sight of who we are. I didn’t know I had until years later. I mean, I knew it, but it was clear when both my father and my best friend pointed out how much I’d changed and that they wanted to see me get back to being me. It took a long time, but I did. Not completely, but I’m almost there.

          This trial has actually been very good for me. Listening to Alyce L. and so many of you on this site has really helped me. Thank you for that. I think, very soon, I’ll read some of Alyce L.’s books.

          I’m so sorry you’ve gone through what you’ve gone through. My situation I guess seems mild, but it turned everything upside down for me nevertheless. It still hurts. You really are very strong Also, and I hope you have very peaceful days now in your life. You really deserve all the best things.

          I can understand what Jodi is going through.

          • Hi TTFTO, the smear campaigns are just awful. I think what irks me most is that I completely fell for his smear campaign against his ex-wife (the only ex-wife I knew about at the time) and actually felt very sorry for him about how messed up he made his marriage to her sound. I didn’t know the truth. I know what you mean about how they say things about us that are about them. For example, he used to complain that she mispronounced words and it embarrassed him when actually it was him that did that. When I was reading Lundy Bancroft’s book “Why Does He Do That” in the months before he was arrested and came across a paragraph about that, I almost choked! That was when I began to realize all his stories about her were about him and were untrue. After his arrest, he moved right in with a mistress. She threw him out a couple of months later when he tried to assault her and she called me. One of the things he complained to her about me was that I mispronounced words and it embarrassed him!

            I’m glad to hear that years later you’re getting back to being yourself. Thank you so much for sharing that. I see little bits of the “old me” sometimes, but still not enough. Then again, it’s only been 25 months for me. This trial and the wonderful people on the site have helped me a great deal too. I keep thinking we should all start a forum to stay in touch when all this is over.

            • Also,

              Since we divorced, really many years ago, he remarried and has divorced again. Since then, we had to talk about something. (I’ve only talked to him about a half dozen times in all these years.) Anyway, we had to talk about something, and during this conversation, he started complaining about his new ex-wife, and I could see that in his mind, everything is HER fault now. LOL That poor woman. But in a way, it was good for me to hear that, because there is no doubt now that the problem is HIM. LOL

            • Also,

              It’s really true that time is a great healer. It’s still pretty fresh with you, but as each day, each year passes, it’s just a bad memory.

    • Good. Multiple people wrote to them about that woman representing herself as their spokesperson (me included). They took note and told her she could not continue. I heard from someone who was connected with them for many years that they were terribly embarrassed by her views since it does not represent what they believe in.

      • you are awesome Also Abused!

        I’m so glad we are each trying to do our part…this is such a big problem, way too many points for just one person to attempt and fight back.

        • Awww thank you, but I’m not at all awesome, Bee Cee, you are!

          I was really relieved when my friend told me that about the Domestic Violence Hotline. I immediately brought Tanya’s first article (a couple of months ago) to her attention because she worked for and was affiliated with them for years and years and she’s a devoted advocate. She was really horrified that a spokesperson for them would have stated what she did even before the verdict because it’s NOT their policy to doubt victims. They know that most cases of domestic violence are convoluted and difficult to believe by anyone who hasn’t experienced one of these toxic relationships. She talked to her contacts right away and told me they were rapidly doing “damage control”. Just the suggestion that they were doubting a woman who was claiming domestic violence would be enough to destroy their funding and credibility. The whole point of what they do is to provide women with someone to talk to and to be affirmed that their suspicions of being abused may be true. Their goal is to save lives. Abused women are doubted every day and they can’t be doubted when they finally reach out for help.

          My friend later got back to me that the Domestic Violence Hotline had quietly removed Tanya’s privileges to call herself their spokesperson. They received more than 100 complaints about her first article, apparently. I know I asked a lot of people here to write and many people said they did. I also asked people on Facebook to write. Perhaps others that lurk here saw my suggestion and did so as well. The DV Hotline removed Tanya quietly and I wish they had done something more publicly. But at least they did it. HLN stopped having Tanya on their shows right around that time. She has only just resurfaced now and her first article on HLN was before JM cross examined Jodi. I wish Tanya had been driven into obscurity entirely to be honest. She’s not an advocate for victims if she’s doubting ANY woman’s story.

          All of our stories are effed up. They don’t make sense. They sound crazy. Abusers make sure we come across as crazy. That way, even if we do talk, we won’t be believed.

          • You said it – Also Abused. Abusers isolate you for those exact reasons. I see in you, as well as the groups I was in, that so many of our stories are similar; we didn’t even know we were being abused until the end. Abusers spend years setting up their victims because, I think deep down, they know the truth will eventually come out. I wish another DV expert could come on and back up the truth about victims not realizing they’re victims. But more of an insult (to me) is that they are trying to portray TA as the victim – that is absurdly disgusting. I am sorry I didn’t see your post asking us to write. However, I had been writing HLN/CNN all along telling them they are setting DV victims back a hundred years, they should be ashamed of themselves, etc.

  34. The other night someone (can’t remember who and REALLY don’t want to dig thru thousands of comments) said that Deseree Freeman said her brother (not Dan) shot himself in July of 08′.
    Did she say this in court or was it posted online? This is just TOO much. Why all of this people in this circle “committing suicide”?

      • Yes, exactly, Gail.
        How many people in ONE social circle can die under the age of 35 on such a short time frame before someone say’s HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

    • whoa, I hadn’t heard that.

      did you happen to see the “suicide” statistics I put up a while ago? Arizona is one of the top. I don’t have time to find the links again today…but when I saw that I certainly feel that the police are too quick to call it suicide.

      I think I posted it on the Ashley page.

      • BeeCee, wow! I remember people saying, about Ashley, that it’s unusual for a woman to use a gun to commit suicide. Makes you wonder.

          • I saw it, yes. Bullet path is front to back, and downwards. Her family should have hired their own investigators if they could.

            • well if someone in that area would go get the police report in person we might have a better idea of what was going on.

              What if it was her ex-husband who found her?

              why didn’t they investigate further.

              Now, I would also like to know about the Freeman brother.

          • BeeCee, thanks for sharing the link. There are so many unanswered questions in this case. Ashley’s husband really should have been contacted by the police, even just to rule out any involvement or validate his claims or denials. There may also be a bigger story here; it may be possible that the police felt they had everything they needed in just focusing in on Jodi. After all, they had Travis friends’ help in pointing to Jodi from the day the body was discovered.

            I have nothing against the Mormon church; I do believe that many of its people are basically good and decent. But the influence of the religion are everywhere, from ritualistic characteristic reflected in the crime scene (for example, dragging the body back into to the shower to cleanse it and cutting the throat ear to ear) to appearances on television shows and in the trial by all of Travis “friends” and his roommates about how terrific Travis was (and how evil and strange they felt Jodi was).

            It seems to me that there was no need to stay and drag Travis’ body back to the shower as has been reported. Also, after finishing the job, why not just get the heck out of there as fast as possible. Also, why cut the throat ear to ear? (If not a ritualistic characteristic, then maybe someone could explain to me another reason I may not be aware of. For example, maybe cutting the throat ear to ear is really the way to make sure someone is dead as opposed to cutting somewhere else and from one end to the other end on the body….???)

            It is still reasonable to suspect the notion that Jodi actually killed Travis all by herself in the way it was done and the timespan it was done in, and that she did all the extra work and apparently wasn’t the least bit concerned about time or someone possibly showing up unexpectedly. It also seems to me interesting that all the friends testifying for Travis are from the church. I know that if I had friends appearing on television to support me for whatever reason, some might come from the church I go to, but I’d have others such as friends from work and friends from a club I belong to that have no association with my church. The fact that the church is involved both directly and indirectly in this trial also gives the church a certain political influence. Perhaps, had the friends and roommates not all been involved with Travis in the church and the church-related business, the police might have not been so quick in accepting what they were told, would have asked for more validation, and would have been more thorough.

            • They have said the POLICE are mostly LDS/MORMON also………?? FLORES is I have read. The PPL/LEGAL SHIELD is all the same mainly I have read the MORMON’S/LDS are the founders ?? Now if this was a bunch of Catholics people would be all over that crap right there. But since it is MORMON/LDS no one thinks it is weird. RIGHT? BULL!

              Seriously I would have guessed that Arizona had more Catholics than any Religion though due to most Mexican people with any heritage are Catholic? that really blows my mind about the Mormon’s in that area due too I lived there for almost 2 years but in Phoenix an never ever met a person in that time that said they were Mormon/LDS so strange.

              An I guarantee if is was that weirdo branch the FLDS they would really be on this !! they make sure it be known they are not affiliated with them haha all they do is follow the old DOCTRINE as JOSEPH SMITH said too. Is the only difference. Like the extreme Muslims there are weirdos in every church I don’t care what people say. Take a look at BTK serial killer. A deacon in his church.

      • BeeCee,

        Another thing that was a red flag is, didn’t Ashley have a restraining order out on her ex-husband?

        • There was a restraining order between them…to be honest it appeared as if the ex-husband took it out on her. I couldn’t really tell for sure by the way it was written.

          BUT, i do know there are manipulative abusers who do such a thing to make the innocent person look like the bad person.

              • LOL BeeCee

                (They stalk me! They sneak in through the doggie door in the middle of the night and have sex with me! There’s nothing I can do about it!)

                • That makes no sense either. As they all said Oh Travis was one to leave his
                  door open not locked. So why the hell would Jodi have to crawl through a
                  doggy door? because they all LIE !

          • It was Ashley who requested the order of protection from Dustin and not Dustin from Ashley. I mentioned this to someone, I don’t believe it was BeeCee, though, when the restraining order was initially brought up a while back. That person expressed confusion after reading the court documents over who requested it and I explained back then that the paperwork shows PETITIONER- Ashley Reed and RESPONDENT- Dustin Thompson.

            Sorry to be a wet blanket 🙁 I know how fun it is to feel that little thrill when things seem to fit so perfectly together.

            • No, Krystal. You’re not a wet blanket at all. I’m glad to know.

              Don’t you think it’s suspicious though, that the girl had a restraining order out on her ex-husband, they say she shot herself, and that’s unusual for a woman, and the bullet trajectory was from front to back, and downward? And this was the girl who told police they should look into her husband when Travis was killed because her husband was acting strange during that time? She was also very good friends with Travis, was separating from her ex-husband at the time, and just a few weeks before Travis was killed she talked with him about moving in with him? I can’t see what exactly happened but it does seem suspicious, doesn’t it?

              • I think many of us have thought this was very suspicious for some time. When you put this together with TA’s body being in the house for 5 days without notice, the roommate who said he did laundry the day after TA was killed (then changed his story once or twice so that it was after the crime) and the fact that TA missed a conference call and church but nobody questioned that – it, to me, adds up to a cover up. I actually sent these (and other) details to a group that specializes in false confessions. It would be nice if action was taken to further investigate these and other suspicious circumstances.

            • A lot of times, at least in my jurisdiction, when a restraining order is applied for, it will be settled, or even ordered that the terms of restraint are mutual, so it doesn’t make one party LOOK worse then the other. For some reason, at least here, it makes a difference when applying for concealed carry permits and the like, and maybe to employers, present and future.

            • Krystal.. if Ashley is listed as the petitioner on the family court case and the filing party for the protection says respondent isn’t that Dustin?

              See down below the filing party for the order of protection is listed as respondent.

              Party Information
              Party Name Relationship Sex Attorney
              Ashley Reed Petitioner Female Pro Per
              Dustin Thompson Respondent Male Pro Per
              Case Documents
              Filing Date Description Docket Date Filing Party
              11/16/2009 PPR – Praecipe For Order Protection 11/17/2009
              11/16/2009 OPR – Order Of Protection 11/18/2009
              11/16/2009 POP – Petition/Order Of Protection 11/18/2009 Respondent
              12/9/2008 DFS – Default Decree 12/11/2008 Petitioner
              NOTE: Copy of Decree Mailed/Provided to parties on date of filing
              10/14/2008 AAE – Application/Affidavit And Entry Of Default 10/16/2008 Petitioner
              9/22/2008 ACS – Acceptance Of Service 9/23/2008 Petitioner
              9/18/2008 COM – Complaint 9/22/2008 Petitioner
              9/18/2008 PIN – Preliminary Injunction 9/22/2008 Petitioner
              9/18/2008 SUM – Summons 9/22/2008 Petitioner
              9/18/2008 NCH – Notice To Convert Health Ins 9/22/2008 Petitioner
              9/18/2008 SDS – Sensitive Data Sheet – Restricted Access 9/22/2008 Petitioner

              • BeeCee,

                What you have there is a record of activity from Ashley Reed’s divorce from when she initially filed on the 18th of September, 2008 to the last motion filed in the case on the 16th of November in 2009.

                11/16/2009 POP – Petition/Order Of Protection 11/18/2009 Respondent

                shows that Dustin, the respondent, filed a response or contested, the petitioner’s order of protection.

                11/16/2009 PPR – Praecipe For Order Protection 11/17/2009

                shows that one of the parties filed to have the courts force the other to comply with the protective order.

                An easy way to understand Petitioner/Respondent is to A. think of Plaintiff (person with the complaint) and Defendant (person the complaint is about who is defending themselves against the complaint) and apply to Petitioner=Plaintiff and Defendant=Respondent.

                Or, you can just look at the words themselves. To PETITION is to request something. Like, when you sign a petition. Therefore, a petitioner is the person requesting/filing. RESPONDENT has respond in the word so it would be person answering in response to what is being petitioned.

                Unfortunately, I learned Petitioner/Respondent roles the hard way when my husband’s ex petitioned to have a restraining order placed against me. She did this twice and failed the first time. The second time, however, she was granted the order on the grounds of STALKING. Yeah, you read that right. You may not have noticed, but I have refrained from posting on this particular matter where Jodi is concerned.

                When one thinks of a stalker, they think of a psychotic person who drives by your house every 5 minutes, calls every 10, shows up everywhere you go, issues threats, harasses you at work menacingly or otherwise, is sleeping in your PJ’s in your bed when you get home, and so forth. These things do not happen at isolated times, they happen routinely despite being told just as routinely to kick rocks. Formal complaints are almost ALWAYS made. Most of all, though, the victim does not respond positively to their stalker. Ever.

                In my case, technically, because CA has an “Annoying caller” clause in the stalking law, which, is basically harassment via phone/text/IM/email/snail mail. My stepson was caught multiple times behaving inappropriately with my daughter while at our house over the span of 5 years with long periods of time in between. Until Mother’s Day 2010, these isolated incidents involved sexually inappropriate gestures to my daughter or with her. They started when he was 3 and she was 14 months w/him telling her to suck a straw he was holding to his belly button level and, 10 minutes later, with his butt in the air telling her to touch it and kiss it.

                I approached his mom about this in a very non-confrontational manner, asking her if her teenage brothers, who watch him all the time, might have some material laying around that he could be seeing these things in. She wasn’t really concerned and assured us they didn’t then we didn’t talk about it again. 2 years later, he’s 5 and she’s 3, and I catch them just as she’s pulling her head up and out from under the covers while he’s sitting with his pants pulled down just enough to expose the top of his butt cheeks. I ask what was going on and he immediately says nothing and starts acting all shady so I know he’s flustered and now lying. I look at my daughter who is completely unaware she was doing something wrong and she tells me he told her to kiss his butt. Mind you, she’s 3 and, as far as she knows, a ‘butt’ is the thing that sags between her legs when it gets wet then mommy takes it off and puts a dry one on.

                Again, I approach his mom (I was the unofficial mediator as her and my husband didn’t get along) and tell her what happened. I told her we handled it and it was over then I asked her not to say anything to him because I told him he wouldn’t get in trouble if he told me the truth. He and I were unbelievably close and she hated it. We get a call that night from her telling us we won’t be seeing him for awhile because she’s not going to let us set him up like we were. Perplexed, I asked her to elaborate and damn near fell off of my bed when she said he told her my daughter threatened him that if he didn’t let her kiss his butt she was going to tell daddy and daddy wouldn’t let him come over anymore and stop loving him.

                ……WWWHHAAAAA? I’m like, this bitch must have eaten one hell of a slice of crazy cake to sit here and honestly believe a 3 year old threatened her 5 year old brother so HE would LET HER kiss HIS butt!!! But she believed just that and we didn’t see my stepson for almost 3 months afterward. Another year and a half would pass without incident and then we had another one, this time showing each other their butts. Which, is normal for kids, but we gave them both the your body talk and it seemed to have stopped altogether. For the extra eyes, though, we installed a video baby monitoring system in our daughter’s room that way, if for example, I’m folding clothes in my room and they are playing in theirs, I can still monitor them.

                Mother’s Day in 2010 when, after spending the day with both of them, which, was THE Mother’s Day of my time being a mom. To have both of my babies with me, it was a first and….so far….sadly, it has been my only and last where he is concerned. My daughter, now just about to turn 6 tells me her genitals hurt. I asked her why and she reluctantly told me what happened. It was not intercourse or any of the big stuff. It was exploratory but it was coerced, bribery and then threats. A red flag finally is raised for me, or, perhaps, it was at half mast before and I only then could see it.

                We called his mom and, well, upon hearing in detail what occurred, she flipped her fucking lid. Now, I approached her like the kids were being normal kids but we had warned them to knock it off, to no avail. She knew about the video monitor in their room and asked why we weren’t watching them closer. My hand itched to slap the fucktard out of her but I resisted. I explained to her that it apparently happened while I was still asleep, my husband was in the shower, and they were still sleeping when he got in the shower. They woke up and we weren’t aware of it. Her and her parents were the ones to take what I proposed was simply normal curiosity and turn it sexual as her Step Dad screams at me on the phone, “ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT MY GRANDSON IS TRYING TO FUCK HIS SISTER, IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE TELLING ME?!”

                Oh, lord have mercy and please give me the strength I need to control myself so that I do not place my size 11 stiletto into his asshole sideways. Amen. So, I’m going to just make this already shortened version even shorter in order to stop boring everyone longer than I have already and because I am not completely healed, far from it, and I have not finished rebuilding myself from the ruin and ash I was reduced to in the wake of all that transpired. So, in a nutshell….

                I was served temporary restraining order paperwork three days after Mother’s Day and our hearing was set for the 27th of May. The lies this woman wrote about me in her sworn affidavit are of such matters that I get physically ill thinking about them so I will not be repeating them here. Just try to imagine what Nancy Grace would say about someone who was claiming her son was unknowingly, unwittingly, but still inappropriately engaging her daughter in sexually suggestive behavior far beyond what is age appropriate for him. Or, sexually abusing if we don’t mind swallowing that taboo without a spoonful of sugar. She was denied the order because the judge didn’t believe her when she made the accusations against me that I just threw up a little simply thinking about remembering that day and those allegations. Judge didn’t believe her because she chose to bring those allegations up at the very end while a facebook post was beaten to death from the start. No charges were discussed for the perjury she committed or the slander. Nothing. She could have cost me my kids, she would end up costing me one of them anyway, and she was not so much as warned not to make false claims of such a nature or at all, for that matter.

                I was told no more posting about the situation on my facebook and no more contacting her through facebook. I was told, if I want to write her, I should just do it through snail mail. She took this to mean I was on court notice. Anyway, my daughter came forward with one more ‘secret’ after this had taken place. She told us of an incident that happened before mother’s day but she never told us because brother said he would stop playing with her and never love her if she told. She went on to tell me about what he wanted her to do and what he tried to do to her and, this time, there was absolutely no way to write off or dismiss it as child’s play. I looked at her and asked her a bunch of questions, trying very hard to trip her up, not because I thought she was lying, but because I knew she wasn’t lying and, fuck, I was hoping with every fiber of my being she would say just kidding and this would all go away. See, my daughter never lied.

                What was worse, at 6 years old she was crying to me that she didn’t understand why her 8 year old brother was lying about her when they were both guilty so they should both be in trouble but he was saying it was all her fault and she was doing to him everything he, in reality, did to her. Now, after that story, I was convinced that my worst nightmares, any parents worst nightmares, were realized. My daughter has been sexually victimized and she was victimized by my stepson, who should have absolutely no idea as to what the things he’s tried to do even are much less how to do them unless he, too, has been exposed to something and, thus, also victimized.

                I stayed up for 2 days straight doing nothing else but reading everything I could on child sexual development, sibling sexual abuse, child sex abuse, and I called hotlines for some guidance. I then called CPS and opened a case. Only when I was confident in the information I had learned from my studies, did I send his mother an email. Well, you all see from this post how long winded I am so it was a long one, yes. I was never rude or hateful. Never petty or nasty, never calling names. I simply implored her to listen and get him help. To ask him some questions for FUCKS SAKE because it is very possible and even likely he’s being abused.

                She wrote something nasty back to me and told me to stop contacting her, it is harassment, she said. I sent her another long email. To, which, she replied some more nasty stuff and answered one or two questions but then ended her email response to me with a warning to stop contacting her, it was harassment, and I can’t tell her how to raise her child, it’s not my business. Well, I begged to differ with that, feeling it was my business because, A. I love her son like he is my own and she knows how close we are and B. It’s my business when, as a result of whatever type of sexual exposure he’s experiencing, he turns around and victimizes his sister. THEN it is my business. My daughter never told a lie before this and she lied constantly from that point to current. She loved preschool and kindergarten but, this happened just before 1st grade started and getting her to leave us to go to school was beyond traumatic for my husband and I as well as her. She had separation anxiety so bad it I’ve got tears in my eyes remembering it. Why? Because she did the right thing and she told the truth about what happened between her and her brother because even she knew it was wrong by how she felt when it was happening. She told the truth and has not seen her brother since. It’s been 3 years this Mother’s Day. Those 3 very long emails….just 3…..are the reason she was granted a restraining order against me for stalking.

                No threats. No violence. I didn’t even curse at her. I simply begged her to get her son help. But, being long-winded is against the law apparently and if someone is asking you to take responsibility for something your child has unknowingly done to their child, you just have to tell them to stop emailing you twice. If they do it again after that, it’s stalking. They don’t have a right to demand from you that you care for your child and protect him from possible abuse even though he is hurting his sister as a result. NO, no right at all. The courts solve the problem by placing a protective order that makes it illegal for the person stalking you and her daughter to come within 100 yards of you and your child for 3 years. Simple as that.

                Works the same way in family court. Two months after she was granted the order of protection from me, she was able to have my husband’s visitation rights terminated on grounds that I was abusive, on drugs, and she feared I would kidnap her son since I don’t have a job. Yes, she literally said that. The fact that I was on prescription medication was not known by the Judge because it’s a custody hearing and I’m not part of that. My husband was accused of not protecting his son from me. An order was placed on both of us to keep from contacting my stepson, his son, indefinitely.

                This is why it is absolutely critical to have an attorney and we, obviously, did not have one of those. So, I’m a stalker and I can tell you Jodi is not a stalker. Jodi was a girlfriend who was suspicious of her boyfriend and investigated a bit. We’ve all done it. Jodi was a fuck buddy who would sometimes take Travis up on his open door policy. Jodi was not a stalker and to say she was is highly offensive to me as someone who IS a stalker!

                They are doing a huge disservice to people who are actually stalkers and have the protective orders against them to prove it. Those people, including myself, went through a LOT as stalkers. Some devoted their entire lives, every second of it terrorizing their victim. Those kind of stalkers are being shone in a less dangerous light if they are to be likened to the kind of stalking Jodi is accused of. NOT good to misrepresent true stalking psychotic serial murders like that. Other stalkers, like myself, lost everything, even a step child I loved as my own and my entire family suffered and still suffers. My 20 month old son doesn’t know he even has a brother! I came thisclose to taking every prescription pill I had left and killing myself because of all that happened, the vile things I was accused of in open court with strangers waiting for their case to be called sitting in on the proceedings. Most of all, in my fight to get him help, I ended up costing my husband his son and my daughter her brother not to mention my self my stepson. I went through Hell and came out of Satan’s asshole to still have to live being a stalker and now, because Jodi’s a ‘stalker’ it misrepresents me as being someone who is psycho watching boyfriends sleep and then killing them by shooting, stabbing and almost decapitating.

                Not fair, people, NOT FUCKING FAIR.

                If you detected my pathetic attempt at humor, you are correct. I tried. It’s the only way I can get through those memories. I apologize. I did not mean to offend by making jokes. They are kind of true in the misrepresentation and the ridiculous spectrum that falls under Stalking. I was long winded and annoying while Jodi was a girlfriend wanting to know if her man was faithful. But stalkers we are. Blows my fucking mind.

                Sorry for the rant. Can you tell I’m still healing?

          • chyt!I would never have thought of that alternative explanation as to why someone gets a restraining order!omg….had Travis found Miss Right,no doubt he would have gotten onbe for Jodi as well,to make her look really really crazy(while texting her on the side,of course!).Sick….


    I hope you all realize the positive impact you are having in the fight against Domestic Violence. By your support of Jodi, you are letting vicitms know that despite a pathetic effort of the Cult, DV victims will be heard and believed.

    Again today, I am reminded that in my own small community, domestic violence is a plague amoung us. A top story in the local paper is about a family who is suing the city Police department in a Civil Suit, because they failed to take appropriate action against one of their own detectives who ultimately murdered his wife and then committed suicide. The wife repeatedly asked the detective’s superiors to take action, as she feared for her life. Following a Court hearing, the detective went to his estranged wife’s residence and stabbed her to death and then stabbed himself. The bodies were found by the couples school aged children when they arrived home from school.

    This makes me ponder a few things:

    1. Law Enforcement is not doing enough to protect women and children, and we as tax paying citizens need to demand that our LE departments obtain training to investigate and deal appropriately with DV. Why are the citizens of Maricopa County not out in force about the shoddy police work in this case? Mostly Mormons perhaps, who would like to continue to keep DV hidden in the closets and bathrooms of their homes?

    2. Why were people so upset with SJ’s post about “Justice for TA, being in the bag”? How many body bags do we have to see that hold women killed by their partners, before we start telling our women and children to fight back?

    3. What media sources can this group get involved with to spread the “Real” truth about DV, and make it profitable for them to tell the real story of abuse, and that TA by his own words and deeds was abusive? Someone does not have to have a “history” of DV to attackt he weaker female counterpart and kill her. Some cases in point: Yeardly Love, Alexandra Kogut, Stacie Peterson, and the list goes on.

    I will stop my pondering points for now. Keep up the good fight and don’t be discouraged by those who would like us to go away and let them abuse with impunity.

      • I thought the photo of the body bag was very good too. It gripped people and really made them think. Very in your face. No denying it, abuse can be deadly.

      • Really they can look at all the GRAPHIC photos though an post them all over the
        internet ? an photos of both their NAKED GENITALS that are RED an SWOLLEN
        an not be offended ? people are JACKED up in the head on what they want to
        see an what they are hyper sensitive too really weird to me.

    • TR – thanks for the great post. SJ and Admins – once again, thank you for your dedication and all your hard work and perseverance. I am thankful to have found this site and to be able to come an have intelligent conversation without reprimand. I am proud to be part of this and thank you for letting me be part of Team Jodi (and imho, Team Justice). 😀

  36. Hello all…I am new to this site and am finding the Flores Report to be some very interesting reading…I am amazed, not for the first time, at how the media picks and chooses what to report and what to ignore. There is definitely a vendetta against Jodi Arias in the media and in most American households, and I am not a person who believes that everything and everyone is black and white, so I am really interested in researching what this website is revealing! Now, does anyone know what time the trial will begin tomorrow, Monday the 15th? I have seen everything from 9AM PT to 1:30PM PT. I’m not sure where to find the real info, but I have the day off tomorrow and am hoping to spend a couple of hours parked in front of my TV!

    • You can check by going to Maricopa Co AZ Supreme Court…then to Criminal Court Docket(calendar).

      I will go look also.

      P.S. Welcome, you will like it here.

  37. Why are people angry at AL?Why are they not asking JM to put a DV expert up there to prove their theory that JA was the abuser?….hmmm..

    • Jared, that would be interesting. It would also be interesting to find a bio or similar info on her. Perhaps it might explain a little of why she seems so supportive of JM at times. Perhaps she honestly doesn’t even realize how biased she’s coming across, or sadder yet, maybe she just doesn’t really care.

      • Yeah, i’ve been trying my best to find a profile for both Juan Martinez and Sherry Stephens on the website for the Arizona Bar, the State attorney’s office, and Maricopa County sheriffs office, and the Judicial Branch of Arizona website and the best I can do is find very basic information. I was able to find a profile for Juan Martinez but not a list of cases he’s been assigned to or prosecuted. The only way I know he was the prosecutor in the Doug Grant case is from a clip I saw on youtube. I think that would count as a loss for the JM, but he did serve 5 years for manslaughter. I also can’t find any background information on Kirk Nurmi or Jennifer Willmott aside from that Jennifer Willmott apparently was arrested for marijuana possession in 2008, which I found out today. ha! But legally, it would be nice to get a “win/loss” record, you know? I wouldn’t think Juan Martinez would win a lot of cases. He doesn’t have a lot of common sense imo. On the other hand I would suspect that Jennifer WIllmott is undefeated.

  38. I’m really beginning to feel optimistic that the hate mongers have really got themselves in a pickle as far as Ms ALV is concerned. And that one of the sisters may have crossed the line with her activity against Alice. While understandable, given her skewed view of the whole situation, and probably her anger as the ugly truth comes out, she should have handled herself in a classier manner. Is one of them a cop? It may be making everyone angrier still that,deep down, they are beginning to see that this was not a cold blooded murder and they feel duped. This anger should be directed at JM, the detectives covering this case and the State. Not the people doing their jobs in a professional and compassionate manner!! Name JW, KN and ALV!

    • Good point Gwen, Maybe since Sam A. is an officer (if she still is) she will be held accountable as she should be held to a higher standard. She knows the law regarding witness tampering. AND, lets NOT forget the BROTHER. Remember he and Sam (only) were called to chambers together. They are both said to be officers.

      • I meant the Brother and sister (Sam) were called into chambers together without the other siblings. Those two are both said to be officers. Can we say witness tampering, and since they ARE officers can we also say INTIMIDATION??

        • I read somewhere that the sister is no longer a cop. That was what someone who’d posted a while back said. I remember my impression being one of relief, although I wondered why she left the force? Was the info I read wrong after all?

          • Samantha use to be a sheriff and now she’s a cop…. Thought the brother had something to do with the military .

            • me too. That’s why some helicopter had a travis ribbon in afgan according to that other page. His friends did that for him. I get suspicious when cops are involved even when working in diff jurisdictions.

              • Tryingto,
                JM “Objection , Witness is unresponsive, it was a yes or no question”
                JM. “Dint I just ask you MA’AM? Are you having problems with your MEMORY MA’AM? I dint ASK you THAT MA’AM did I?, YES or NO?….. ARE YOU DONE (said in a snarky tone)?” 👿

                • Lol! ” I know that’s what you WANT to say, but I’m going to continue torepeat the question over and over, badger you, and confuse you with my ambiguity until you say what I want you to say!”

                • You guys 😉
                  Tryingto and KMiller…
                  “And I’m doing aerobics. Look what I can do!! (in Stuart”s voice from MadTV)”
                  “and I might even confuse myself if I’m lucky!”

                • I loved it when Jodi asked him to repeat the question and he couldn’t remember it either. He had to ask the court reporter to read it back! LOL

                • LOL KMiller and Dorothy,

                  If I were on the stand testifying, I’d just be so STARTLED by JM I know I’d laugh, and maybe I wouldn’t be able to stop and the judge would throw me in jail. I guess that would sober me up. Yes or no?

  39. I just happened to go check the websleuths web-site.

    Found the following gem posted in bold on their page

    “We are allowing the link to the articles about cyberstalking and witness intimidation so that you may see the severity of the problem we’re facing.

    This is NOT an open invitation to express your views on the matter one way or the other.

    If you have made disparaging remarks about the defense team or their witnesses, go back and delete your comments or alert the post and ask that a moderator delete it for you.

    In the past week, we’ve been issuing 24-timeouts for name calling and disparaging remarks. Future timeouts for this type of violation will be extended to include at least 3 days of trial coverage.

    Please check your posts now.

    Thank you.”

    I think we’re in for some fireworks tomorrow.

    • Wow! I just posted a link about cyberstalking yesterday! (And for those who recall seeing it – ironically the page had an ad with a non-working link for Pre Paid legal services!) I am starting to see a dream of mine realized – that, just maybe, something good may come out of this horrible tragedy. Finally a light is being shone on DV, how victims are repeatedly victimized by those other than their abuser, and the mob-mentality and hate spewing that some end up committing usually due to self-inflicted ignorance.

      • Dorothy

        Go here:

        You may have to scroll up because I think it puts you somewhere at the bottom of the page.

        I also found this on the page

        The only discussion allowed regarding books written by ALV should be about content only and how it pertains to this case.

        Anyone even suggesting an organized effort to leave bad reviews or ruin this woman’s business will suffer a loss of posting privileges, if not their Websleuths membership.

        We’re better than this folks, so do not go there. If you’ve made posts even responding to this sort of an effort, please go back and delete your posts.

        • Thanks Al,
          That was very enlightening.It’s too bad those folks didn’t realize what a horrid mess they’d made BEFORE it got so out of control…(by “those folks” I include ALL of the over-the-top TA supporters). They are entitled to their opinions but going to such extremes as the ALV book review fiasco, starting campaigns to attack witnesses, etc. is…well…just plain craziness. Don’t they have any moral and ethical values by which they live? Does the use of electronic communication via internet, phone, etc.allow a hidden evil monster to emerge that doesn’t show itself when they are face to face with others? I don’t, never have, never will understand bullying, in ANY form. I am saddened, disgusted and frightened to witness the fact that there is so much evil among fellow humans.

    • The hate mongers spewed their hate on that website during Casey’s trial too…at least the moderators have gotten two years older and more wiser about what that type of mentality can do to harm a nation…hmmm…

    • It sounds like many websites are spending the weekend “cleaning their webhouse”…LOL…

      Me…I’m just relaxing reading nice intelligent information on this website…so cool…

      • its about time this web administrators did their damn job!!
        Now on to Amazon, if they don’t stop this barge of garbage towards ALV, if I was her publisher, I’d pull all her books from their site period!

    • Al
      Would you be willing to share your posts re: the issue of witness intimidation and the siblings on Inconvenient Truths? They need these posts there because the haters were able to shut it part of it down for a week, and the haters really need to see your post.

        • Al-
          It is a facebook page called Inconvenient Truths. I wanted to share the gist of your post, but knew I couldn’t do it justice. You could just copy it to the page and it would be great. It is a Jodi support page,but the haters love to go there and make vile remarks.

          • Do I need to have a facebook page to go there. I don’t have a facebook page and I sure as hell am not going to use the kids’

            • LOL Al-
              Yes you do need a FB page, and I wouldn’t suggest getting on your kids pages either. Don’t blame you for not having one. Everyday I consider getting rid of mine, even though I’m not really active on FB. Thanks anyway.

    • mmmm…i don’t think he is fully on anyone’s team. I did just read one of his comments that he thinks jodi planned it.

      i do not believe that for one minute.

      other than that, his post is ok.

    • BeeCee,
      Part of that article had direct quotes from comments made HERE on THIS SITE…???Anyone else notice that?

    • Loved it thanks for sharing. Great place to write a small piece an get your view out there ! I did one
      not as eloquently as others but did the best a truck driver can lol

      • Stop putting yourself down for being a trucker. After the downturn, my husband’s former career was absolved. He got into hazmat clean up and works driving for a great company. He’s also very bright! He can build or fix anything. He wants to build fine furniture someday and start a business doing that. I want to restore antique furniture and paint. Well it’s a bit slow here but the company is good and we are looking to transfer out of my home state. How’s work in Alabama?

        • haha Aw that is a habit. Thanks JC. Hazmat cleanup that is good work I am sure.
          I am disabled now but the husband is still out there grinding away. He is with Watkins
          now out of Birmingham with a flatbed O/O. We have good weeks an bad weeks. He
          has only been with Watkins for the past 3 weeks so still testing it out. Seems to be
          good though so far.

          He don’t go far LA an TX a lot of FL so far an GA an back home.
          Mostly wood I guess after these storms lot of wood product going out. He hauled a
          lot of steel coils there for awhile. I was just a chicken hauler before I got hurt.

          Good Luck
          to you an the husband on your ventures sounds good to me. My husband is the same
          way about trucks he can fix anything we never pay a mechanic that is for sure.

  40. Read it…liked it…and commented ‘hallelujah’
    . Guess I’m next on for the cyber bully lynch mob. Bring it!! lol

  41. there is talk about jodi’s journal released to HLN nancy grace the one were she has a dream

    • I wish HLN would fire NG and all the other talking head professionals who act like unprofessionals on that network…

  42. OMG…I watching an episode of Snapped, and guess who is on here….none other than Mr. Kermit himself!!
    Its the case of Joe Andriano….
    and he’s still talking in that nasal voice, but no glasses this time. Well this must be where he got his taste for the limelight..lmao!!!

    • No Glasses? He MUST be faking his need for glasses. Clearly he’s trying to get sympathy from the jury since he wears them now. LOL!

      • lol….exactly. Its pretty interesting, he’s making the same stupid comments about this woman dressing down for court, and how she’s trying to “look like a librarian ” for the jury….he also is dismissing any reports of abuse by the defendant, he has a hate for women thats very apparent! and using the same circumstanial type of evidence…have 10 min to go to see if he got the conviction.
        He definitely is only a 1 trick pony

    • Actually the woman, Wendi Andriano, did do it. She likely got the death penalty for being an idiot as much as for the truly heinous crime she committed.

      She might be the dumbest person ever sentenced to death in the history of the United States.

      • she did get the death penalty, but its on appeal. Yes, she tried to say her husband asked her to poison him…or something like that. he had terminal cancer. Its a good episode, but you see so many similar statements that he makes about this woman as he does with Jodi…thats what makes me think he’s a one trick pony.. How she claimed abuse, with no proof, how she dressed down, frumpy for court, that she cried to try to sympathy from the jury, how she was cruel to her husband by having affairs, trying to set him off, etc etc.

        • I bet if we could see a video of his closing argument, we will probably get a preview of his closing on this case, I would bet money on it!!

        • She’s a lying POS and took her children’s dad away from them so she could go out and have fun.

          He was dying anyway. Not only did she try to poison him and then beat and stabbed him, she also utterly botched the 911 calls.

  43. I thought I had read something about the importance off prosecutorial neutrality, as they represent the state and not specifically the family. If you google prosecutorial neutrality their is a lot of info

  44. had a podcast with Dana Pretzer and it was discussed that Nurmi was not a forensics Attorney. I’m not sure if it was Dana or her guest that mentioned that they see in the crime scene photos or autopsy photos, some things that JW and Nurmi have overlooked that could help Jodis case in proving her innocence but they didn’t want to talk about those factors until after a verdict was rendered. The implication was that if it was info that could free Jodi then they wouldn’t help bring it to light. If I am hearing correctly and considering that Jodi is an indigent inmate then I really feel that their reluctance to help Jodis case is counter productive to the U.S justice system. One last thing on that, if in fact a forensics attorney would have given Jodi better representation then why was she not appointed said attorney. That goes hand in hand with the inexperienced judge assigned to the case.

    • I’m thinking it’s the “palm print”. I think the state changed their version of the story because there was no Gun powder residue in the palm print. If they claimed Jodi shot first, then they couldn’t claim she stabbed him, because there was no mention of gun powder residue in the blood of the palm print.

  45. this Adriano family is saying “mr. martinez tore her apart” on the witness stand. …I wish I could watch this trial instead of the excepts. Maybe be interesting to listen to his closing argument. I bet it will mirror what he does in this trial. Since he only knows one way to prosecute someone

    • I looked up the Wendi Adriano case that all the haters are clinging to for hope…and i gotta say…boo fuckin’ hoo to them.

      There is a MAJOR difference between the two. Joe adriano was IN A WHEELCHAIR and she claimed self defense.

      TA was not in a wheelchair, he was healthy and strong. someone in a wheelchair can very well emotionally abuse and psychologically abuse someone, but it would be more difficult, although I am not saying impossible, to have someone in a wheelchair attempt to kill someone else with their own hands.

      I really don’t think they should be clinging to THAT case as an awesome sign of prosecutor skills and outcome.

      • I am in a wheel chair an the only way I can hurt someone really is with my .22 a knife
        I would have to be set an ready an they would have to be leaning in I guess I could get
        a stab or 2 in. But chasing someone in a wheel chair haha funny possible but when they
        get to a good set of stairs you can forget that chase or a ditch or anything to jump across.

        In that case too if that man really wanted to die he should have left a notarized letter
        about the cancer was so horrible he could not stand it. I have had cancer also an know
        it does come to that days an days of not eating or feeling good turns into months an you
        dwindle down to a bag of bones an you see it in your arms an wrists get so bony. That
        is a excuse she stated anyways I would have made my husband tell others an write it
        down if that is what he wanted but then I could not do it in the end I know. Because I have
        so many dogs an have had to take them to the vet when sick an let him do it I just can’t
        put a living thing down so I know I could not a human either.

        Seriously I can’t kill myself
        an I know I can’t kill a person unless they were going to cause me harm than I am almost
        certain I would be able to kill was so close one time but stopped due to the other person
        backed down.

        I agree 2 different cases totally that woman was a run around too while her husband
        was so sick at home. But I would like to see his closing argument as the man had
        a lot of wounds like Travis.

        • Rhonda! ((HUGS)) and more ((HUGS))!!

          You should totally try to pimp your ride, maybe get some hydraulics on it and customize it with some kind of weaponry. lol. And good for you for beating cancer!

          My mom was not able to and passed away in 2009.

          Love ya, girl!! 🙂

    • Wendi Andriano was guilty as sin. Her husband was DYING of cancer, and Wendi just got fed up with waiting for him to die. She tried to poison him, and, when that didn’t work, beat him and stabbed him to death.

      She was an idiot, a complete and total idiot. It is highly possible she would have gotten a giant settlement in the medical malpractice deal, but the moron decided her husband was taking too long to die.

      I think she got the death penalty as much for stupidity as for the horrible nature of the crime.

      • Yes I went an read up on that truly horrible woman. Just awful. Maybe JW is so mean
        because he has had cases like that so he puts all that anger in there for all women
        now. Jodi is nothing compared to that. I truly believe it was Self Defense.

        I am trying to find his closing arguments though just too see how ugly he gets.

        • Rhonda, that thought did cross my mind. Maybe he is so convinced she is guilty because of previous cases that were sort of similar. It’s like, if several people tell the same lie, it sort of ruins it for that one person telling the truth because they won’t be believed either.

          • I don’t know if that excuses his behavior though. I think if he can’t be objective and take each trial as they come, he should stop being a prosecutor.

            There is one thing I will say about JM though. He does not discriminate.

            He hates everybody, including his own witnesses. lol!

  46. Wouldn’t it be funny if the producers of NG ordered her to tone it down and quit stirring the sh#t due to all this? It would be so hard for her to quit acting like she was in the room when this happened and knows every detail of what went down. I guess she could stare blankly at the camera, looking constipated as usual and babble about the twins.

  47. I was an administrator of a support page for Jodi….the haters were really horrendous…I deleted the page because I didn’t want to be a punching bag for these haters….what they failed to realize was I noticed that the “abuse” that so many say T wasn’t guilty of…was being portrayed by his followers on my page….you see …as I presented myself as an ex-abuser (also the product of abuse)…I am very familiar with the tricks I hear presented in this case….in my experienced opinion as an abuser and abused…I can see…feel…and more than imagine what both went through…the story I am following is very believable and I truly believe it was an act of self-defense….(if not pre-empted strike) in order to stop further abuse…it is so clear to me…I know T’s family and friends have to be well aware of who he was… way they didn’t……I never could fool anyone and I was a self made sociopath…(am an emotional person now)…
    I hope for Jodi to win this case…but more importantly she needs to convince society that the abuse she is portraying…. is something that is an acceptable, torturous practice that goes un-reconized by all.. as a cruel way to treat people….help domestic violence survivors country wide to wake up to this fact…and do justice for future abuse victims by making a law called “JODI’S LAW”…….set new standards for DV so men…and women think twice about the way they could end up in jail….tag an offender with a registry like a pedophile…….speaking of pedophiles….I had a word battle on my page with a shrink who said she was a survivor and knows T wasn’t a pedo….I say correct she was….but what her glorious educated and experienced self failed to realize was pedophilia only stigmatizes up to the age of about ten I think….T was into what…a 13 year old…well that’s called a different kind of perversion….my point is this idiot …well you got my point……please…please….pass my love and admiration along to Jodi….I am an Atheist so I can’t pray….but I still believe in her…… <3….maybe even get this note to Jodi 🙂

    • Michael – I’m sorry you had to take your page down but I don’t blame you. You are very brave for coming out and telling everyone that you are an ex-abuser. It takes a very strong person to admit that and then want to change and make a difference. I LOVE your idea of Jodi’s Law! I just would like to add that the many facets of abuse also need to come out so that people can have a better understanding. Thank you for your post.

    • Michael-
      Thanks for posting. I’m impressed with your willingness to talk about your past behavior. I hope it will be an inspiration to other’s to change their behavior.

      • Michael, thanks for sharing. I have felt a bit excluded on this site because I admitted that I was verbally abusive to my wife. I am getting help now with therapy, and a Jodi’s Law would be so great to spread awareness of a problem that is so invisible in this world, although very real, dangerous, and scary. I’m really happy to hear your success story.


  48. Good aft, ya all. Catching up on reading comments.

    Amazon Best Seller Rank for Alyce LaViolette’s book a few days ago was around #75000; it is now #24000.
    The ranking might be based partly on orders, wish lists, viewings and number of reviews 😀
    So the haters might bring the book up in the top 100 best sellers list!

    Don’t forget to put the book on your ‘Wish List’ if you do not want to order it or buy it from Amz yet. Amazon has no ‘Un-wish’ list and no ‘Burn-This-Book’ list 🙂 so the haters can do absolutely nothing about that. The Wish List might improve the book rating and make Amz plan more orders from the publisher.

    • 930 AZ time for Ms. Wong without the jury…. jurors are to be on standby at 10 am otherwise to be there at 1 30 tomorrow.

  49. LOL @ Dorothy. To BTG ole Nance sounds like a winner to me. The duct tape on her mouth would probly shrivel up and scurry away.

  50. …and also it would curl and disengage as a result of her flatulence as truthseeker pointed out. lol There is no shutting Nancy up I fear.

    Jodi Arias is innocent. Good Facebook group with valid points.. Fellow Jodi Arias supporters are welcome. Already a few TRAVIS pedo huggers harassing there. Go team Jodi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting a bad feeling about this page. Please use with caution as it was created only two hours ago. I think it’s fake supporter page set up to find out who we all are. If not, then my apologies to the creator. I suspect the creator will be back to defend themselves against my concern. If one of you knows this has been created by a real supporter, let me know, and I’ll remove this comment. ADMIN

        • More hate in America than Love at the moment…… Makes not want to leave your house these days. I agree that it’s better to be safe than to be sorry later.

          I read something earlier that stated that AL has been admitted into the hospital… Wonder if there is any truth to this?

          Looking for the link again to send to you……….

  52. Something crossed my mind and so I did a little quick research. First the statistics, then an explanation of why I did it:

    The states are ranked by their Mormon population percentage in descending order (So Utah has the highest and so on)

    State US Suicide
    Mormon % Ranking

    UT 7
    ID 6
    WY 5
    NV 2
    AZ 9
    MT 4
    AL 1
    NM 3

    Is it just me or does anyone else see a pattern here.

    Now for why I did this. I see all this talk of suicides and some kind of conspiracy. So I got to thinking. It always seems like suicide is more prevalent in repressive societies. Given the conditions I read about Mormon society, it seems to me to be fairly repressive. The repression must seem even more so in a country where all around them these folks see people living free, and going about their daily lives with none of the restrictions that the LDS Church puts on its members.

    Now, in the group that TA belonged to, I believe you have the real underbelly of the beast. I think every one of those yahoos was leading some sort of depraved double life. You just have to listen to their talk, and this whole PPL cabal, etc. It does not surprise me that suicide rates of people associated with this group are high.

    I am not much of a believer in far flung conspiracies. On the hand, the numbers often tell a story that may point you somewhere. Data is data.

    • Please explain. Does this mean that 9 out of 100 suicides in AZ are Mormons, and 7 out of 100 suicides in Utah are Mormons?

      • Okay, take that back.
        Utah is 7th state in highest ‘ranking’ of suicides, and has highest population of Mormons?
        So these states are all up there. Which state is number 8?

            • Thanx, yes of course, Alabama. I never thought there would be such a population of Mormons in Alabama, more than in NM. And first in suicides?
              But yes, got it now. These Mormon states are all up there. Your theory about repressive religions makes sense, Al.
              repression => depression => suicides
              Murders might apply too, but these also relate to guns, drugs, gangs etc.

              • Wow I live in Alabama and have lived here the majority of my life and I rarely come across Mormon temples. The only Mormons I come across are the ones that knock on doors. This is surprising to find out. I live in a large city of AL. Protestant churches are are greater in number as well as the members. There are two other ladies I have spoken to on this site that live in different parts of AL. I wonder what their experience is with this.

                The suicide rate does not surprise me though for other reasons because this is a conservative state(I am not). The churches here are very repressive and tunnel visioned. My ex husband that was abusive was a high member in our church and the fear of leaving him was also enforced by my former church. While I am still a Christian that experience has left me disenchanted with belonging to organized religion. A great majority of church members here are vey hypocritical and closed minded due things such as race, sexual orientation, and women’s rights.

                • Actually it does prove it in some ways by religious repression, but when I checked to see where Alabama is ranked in suicide is was around 22 where as Alaska seems to be 1 on most surveys I check. I was surprised by that myself. Alabama’s Mormon population is less than 1% and ranked around 26.

                  But yes the theory seems correct even if it means Alaska is no 1 in suicide rates and it is around 8 or 9 with Mormon population. I work with a few groups to prevent suicide In this state and I thought Alabama would be high in suicide rates.

                  In Alabama suicide rates are high in bullying oddly enough with all the hate going around. There are far too many teens taking their lives due to bullying as in most states. I do think my experience with religion in this state and my work with suicide prevention groups gives me a viewpoint on this topic. Of course a lot of teens in this state also kill themselves because they are gay and there are so many in this state that do not approve and treat them in a horrible manner. Instead of helping them deal with the suicide thoughts and the abuse they receive a lot of churches here try to “pray” the gay away or condemn them to hell which if find very sad and so hypocritical. I do not agree with the churches viewpoints on this and do not belong to one anymore although I spent the majority of my life in a church. I do not mean all churches are like this in this state but it seems the majority do act like this. The other reasons of suicide in this state are due to unemployment, untreated mental illness, and vets returning from war. Our mental healthcare in this state as in many has been cut and so many cannot afford treatment which is why I work hard to find people help when they are in crisis.

                  Anyways got off topic but just something I am alarmed by and try to help others because I have been there. This is why this hate around this trial has been so disturbing. I have been busy most of the weekend working on this problem and I guess I am just so shocked that adults are acting like this and many call themselves Christians. They should know better than to be acting like this. I am not perfect by any means but I at least try to follow the teachings o f Jesus. I fall short so many days but these death threats by Christsians are especially disturbing.

      • Viri

        Sorry, the posting gremlins got the formating.

        What it means is that UT has the 9th highest rate of suicide in the USA, ID has the 6th highest, WY has the 5th highest etc.

        Now if you look at the % of the population that is Mormon UT has the #1 spot, then ID is #2, WY is #3 and so on.

        The key thing here is that the 8 states with the highest percentage of Mormons in their population also have the highest suicide rates in the country.

        • Utah #1 most depressed state, #7 in suicide rate.
          Well Utah, Idaho, and Nevada are really the Mormon stronghold states from what I’ve seen. Wyoming, Arizona, and Colorado also have very strong Mormon influence. So we’ll consider those to be the 6 “Mormon states.”

          4 of them are in the top 10 most depressed states. Utah, Nevada, Idaho, (all 3 of the main Mormon stronghold states) and Wyoming.

          ALL 6 are in the top 10 most suicidal states! Holy crap!!

        • Al,

          Can you check to see if when you typed out AL for the state with the highest suicide rate that you meant Alaska. I live in Alabama and we have few Mormons as well. I was not too surprised that we would have a high suicide rate because I work with groups in my state to help prevent suicide but I was shocked to see that AL has a lower number of suicides as compared to other states. I checked with the groups I have worked with in the past and many have Alaska as ranked as number 1 in suicides.


    • Al,

      Check this out…

      On the map below, you can see for yourself where Mormons have settled in the intervening centuries. Zoom in and out to dig into the county data, and click to drag the map around for better viewing. As the map makes clear, Utah remains the home base of the church—and Mormons have migrated from their initial settlement in the Salt Lake Valley to towns and cities across the Mountain West. As soon as you cross east into the Great Plains, though, you become much less likely to bump into a Latter-day Saint—indeed, you’d have better luck heading all the way back to the more densely populated parts of New England, where Smith and Young many of the other early Mormons were born. Still, across the map you’ll see smaller dots where a community of Mormons has established itself. Scroll over Liberty County, Fla., for instance, and you’ll see the Mormon population suddenly jump over 10 percent—that’s mostly because of one man, James Edwin Schuler. Just as the map as a whole quickly tells the larger story of Mormon settlement, so these small dots reflect local stories of Mormons scattered far from Zion.Re: Utah #1 most depressed state, #7 in suicide rate.
      Seven of the final nine states (Alaska was last) are in the Mormon Corridor:
      43. Arizona: 15.6

      44. Colorado: 17.1

      45. Utah: 17.1

      46. Idaho: 17.5

      47. Wyoming: 17.6

      48. Montana: 18.7 (Outside of the Corridor)

      49. New Mexico: 18.8

      50. Nevada: 19

      If anyone has the technical ability we should overlay a map of Mormon density in America and see what we get!

      • Wow, look at Florida! While I lived there, I heard that Mormons were the wealthiest segment of the population and were buying up land like crazy.

    • I just think the religion is so full of dos and do not doctrine that a person can easily become depressed. I did some reading and found that Utah has the highest rate of depression. Not sure of the study as there are many studies out there using different data, but I common sense tells us that depression can precede suicide.

    • I posted the statistics of Utah compared to the rest of the country they have the highest amount of people on antidepressants, addicted to porno, etc..

  53. With the majority of the public and, I imagine a majority of the jury, favoring the prosecution, things don’t look good for Jodi. While, at first, ALV’s testimony seemed to be the penis that could penetrate the vagina that is Juan Martinez’ ‘no evidence of abuse means no abuse occurred’ argument, ejaculate all over it then do a photo shoot to expose it for the fallacy it is, I’m afraid her testimony has met the fate any other penis would meet when touched by Juan and that is it contracted a bunch of little crabs that are now amounting to one big itch in favor of the prosecution.

    Because, you know, crabs are loyal to their master. These crabs have eaten little holes in ALV’s testimony and have cast considerable doubt, if not discredited it altogether. The fact that she has ‘misspoken’ many times (shot in closet being her biggest facepalm moment) has only further worked against the credibility of her testimony and her reputation. Given the rest of the tomfuckery going on, there is really only 2 things Jodi can hope for at this point;

    1. The jury can not agree on Premeditation. This is not to say that they will find her not guilty by reason of Self Defense or even Imperfect Self Defense. Her crime and actions afterwards disqualify her for either defense as they are defined by the law. In both defenses she had a duty to flee and she did not do this. While abused women don’t know when to stop sometimes and there is a very complex psychology to why this is that probably applies to Jodi, legally speaking, there is no stipulation to the Self Defense law that allows for psychology and it’s possible influence over the defendant’s use of reasonable force. No matter how one looks at it, at least, one of the 31 total injuries he received incapacitated him sufficiently enough for her to flee and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the last injury she inflicted either. But, I digress. Bottom line, her hope is to be found guilty of a lessor charge.

    2. Her only other hope, and this one is my FAVORITE, is that Nancy Grace talks about how incensed she was when the Not Guilty verdict was read in the Casey Anthony trial and then announces on air she is going to retire and take to her cats should this trial see the same outcome. THIS, more than any other bombshell that could possibly be dropped, would be the one to blow the majority who want a guilty verdict for Jodi right the fuck up and over to land on the lap of Nurmi and Wilmott. The tide would turn if this happened, because it happened, and you can mark MY words on that.

      • haha ya me too. I don’t think Alyce was any worse than that Fat Flores who misspoke an did a shotty
        investigation because all the Mormon’s/LDS said it was JODI an they just knew that.

        There is most definitely DOUBTS in this case if they LISTEN closely an ask more questions. IF
        they had no doubts so far they would have absolutely no questions.

    • “These crabs have eaten little holes in ALV’s testimony and have cast considerable doubt, if not discredited it altogether.”
      Only for the couple of jurors who are dead set against Jodi, IMO. The other questions sounded like undecided jurors wanting to clear the air. These two jurors are easily convinced by JM’s trickery. They could cause a hung jury, but might also settle on a lesser charge.
      Even if some of the jury is not convinced that Jodi was abused as described, they will not be convinced of premeditation by the dopey ‘evidence.’ They cannot convict on lying alone, no matter what Martinez says. IMO there will be many jurors with plenty of reasonable doubt.

    • Hi Krystal,

      “In both defenses she had a duty to flee and she did not do this.”

      In Arizona, the duty to retreat is not included in the self defense laws. In fact, it reads: “A person has no duty to retreat before threatening or using deadly physical force pursuant to this section if the person is in a place where the person may legally be and is not engaged in an unlawful act.”

      It’s more restrictive than Florida’s “stand your ground” law which applies not only to prevent death but to block physical harm to oneself, others, or to prevent the commission of a felony. In Arizona, the right not to retreat applies when someone believes that physical force is immediately necessary to prevent another from committing arson, burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, manslaughter, murder, sexual conduct with a minor, child molestation, sexual assault, or aggravated assault.

      Of course, the problem in this case is that once it’s no longer “immediately necessary” to use that force, the right not to retreat ends. As you pointed out, with the multiple injuries Travis received, especially because the vena cava wound and the throat wound were lethal, it is reasonable to think that one of them incapacitated him to the point that the threat he presented no longer gave Jodi the right not to retreat.

      • The bottom line is she doesn’t have to prove anything. The burden of proof isn’t on the defense.

        All the defense has to do is create reasonable doubt with one juror.

        The prosecution has NO case whatsoever for premeditation.

        • Reasonable doubt with one juror only results in a hung jury … a mistrial though. That means this case will be retried.

          • I know that…but she can’t be convicted of murder one.

            That’s what they are trying to do, prevent the death penalty here.

            • Unfortunately tonysam, when these cases are retried, the prosecution often gets the verdict they didn’t get the first time. If the jury is hung, Maricopa County will retry this and still not accept a plea. I’m honestly not sure that would be a better result.

      • Unless she killed him with the stab to the chest but then quickly slit his throat to save his soul (Mormon style).