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  1. I am here and I am steaming mad. All ready venting on the other thread and will continue to do so. HLN, the haters, everyone out there reading this Nurmi has it right the judge has it wrong. Take heed—Jodi’s sentence will get overturned. There is no doubt in my mind. The public lynching of any and all involved in the defense of Jodi Arias is considerable grounds for overturning anything this jury brings back because the law cannot fail to examine that the jury was tainted and intimidated into giving the wrong sentence to appease the salivating vultures and not face their wrath.

    • I am now hearing those words, ”Everything goes full circle”… and I am sure they will.


    • Totally agree! I have replied in defense of Jodi on you tube posts. Uneducated people who are actually sentencing her to death when they preface their posts with saying they haven’t watched the trial etc.
      ” This woman has lived 32 years and she has not one, single friend that can speak for her??? That alone speaks volumes and is a huge red flag.” Here is my reply I left=
      “ffightingignorance 1 second ago
      “yes and the proven pedophile who was heard in his own voice fantasizing about sex with a 12 year old girl has YOU for a friend.? Who is sick now!”

      • The interview with Matt today said she had lots of friends who were willing to come forth but had never been contacted. he said very good things about Jodi and pointing out she changed when PPL and Morman church came into her life which also means Travis. I am sure HLN wont play his interview. Those total asshole, I hate all the people on HLN.

    • As a non mormon…I cannot imagine the horrors that Jodi knows of the secret disciplinary of mormonism when something bad happens…and with Travis being groomed as a Bishop…I would imagine he shared some of those secrets…maybe not all…


      10. Church Discipline…and Disciplinary Councils

      This is a page from the Mormon General Handbook of Instructions that instructs Mormon Bishops to discipline & excommunicate any member who speaks their own mind…

      • I read that article, interesting but they leave out a lot of information. Their are grounds in which people are ex-communicated. However, unlike the State of AZ, the church may not see things the same way. The “disciplinary council” is not as hard or harsh as one would think. It’s kinda like going to your parents and telling them you got in trouble at school and getting grounded. Jodi may get more compassion and understanding from the disciplinary council of the LDS Church then she is getting from the State and people in this country. I only say this because I have sat through two of them and not for any of the reasons stated on that page. I am glad I belong to a church that would frown on child abuse, incest, plural marriages and murder as those are things most faiths I know of do not approve of either As for the affiliation of Apostate groups.. heck I have family members and friends of all faiths and that has not impacted my membership at all including friends who have been and are in plural marriages. not to mention I hang out with people who do not like Mormons. This trial has nothing to do with the LDS Church, and it’s really sad that the actions of so many Mormons are making it appear that the church is involved because of this Trial. If you don’t believe me write the church and ask them. Also, Travis was not being groomed to be a bishop, most young men have hopes that they will be one day but, most of them are just happy to go on a mission, come home, get married and start a family.

        • taylor….while I agree with much of what you have said…it still appears that the mormon friends started some sort of vendetta of excommunication of some sorts toward her beginning on the night of Monday, June 9, 2008…while some of them told the detective some things they have since been on HLN saying the complete opposite…still something smells fishy with the mormon friends…it does stink….

          (1) blaming Jodi of slashing tires…never proven that tires were ever slashed
          (2) that Jodi crawled through a doggie door…why would she do that when she knew the garage key code and the door was always unlocked
          (3) and there are so many other things that we all know about that is not true…

    • What the heck? I went on this site and all kinds of things came up. Security pop ups etc. Is this a scam? Are there any trolls on this page? I bet they were not happy today? Sucks to be them. Unlike the haters, we have patience. We will be victorious!!!

  2. I am completely gobsmacked! Kirk Nurmi was in RARE form today! I loved every second of him finally letting lose in open court that this trial has been unfair, biased and a total circus! I am so glad he let the world know what we have known all along that YES witnesses and the defense team have been threatened and bullied into silence and the inability to properly defend their client. The travis Taliban has scared away (with threats of death) anyone who dares to speak on Jodi’s behalf.The witness’ for the defense have been practically ruined by these disgusting hate mongers. I am left with one word. APPEAL

      • Today was indeed, Nurmi’s finest day in court, in my opinion. Have you all read the motion and the state’s objection?

    • Persecution and attacks of personal destruction of any defense witness is shocking to watch.

      When it gets to the point where you can’t even have a mitigation witness trying to testify for you in a death penalty proceeding without having the witness being threatened with prosecution for any kind of trumped up drug charges they can come up with, then pure evil hell has broken loose and is running wild in the judicial system of AZ. I could never imagine a judge this corrupt to approve of all this.

      Then the vampires on TV simply state that no one will come forward for Jodi, with no explanation. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and being hyper aware of the lies told over and over, I would have assume I imagined all this, it didn’t happen. The prosecutor is proud of his conduct going after a mitigation witness for personal destruction and the judge agrees.

      If you wrote a fictional account of a trial that imagined this, no one would publish it, because it’s too unbelievable, no one could possibly give credibility to such a legal system.

      • Yes, how many folks do not hear much more than a few sound bites? When you hear that no one will come forward delivered with such a negative connotation the message it sends is the biggest lie!

        How can these vile monsters look themselves in the mirror? They know it’s a BS!

    • I agree that Kirk really let loose on the judge today. Bravo to him! I just wish he would have done it a little earlier in the trial. Letting that small JM (in both body & soul) march around the courtroom, like he owned it WAS A BIG MISTAKE. Juries pay close attention to the lawyer that they think controls the trial.Jose Baez proved that in the CA case. But , I guess because judge Pickles shot down ALL of Kirk’s motions, it was somewhat discouraging to him, so maybe I should be more understanding of his predicament.

  3. I cannot believe what is going on! JM should be fired for prosecutorial misconduct. HE SHOULD GO TO PRISON. Perjurous PRICK! How can you be so evil to manipulate and lie so much to get a death sentence for a young woman? God I pray he gets exactly what he deserves!

  4. Frankly, the defense team put on their pants this morning . This is best scenario giving the odd circumstances of this trial. Jodi needs not to apologize and beg foe her life to the HLN made jury. We need a new trial, a new judge, and a new non-HLN jury. And please, no live feedback. Stop this madness, no more $$$ for HLN generated from Jodi Arias trial. Period.

  5. Hello all! I haven’t been on or commented all weekend I was so busy with my daughters gymnastics meet this weekend. However after watching what took place with Judge Pickles today all I can say and I text this to my husband as well.,….APPEAL GRANTED!!

  6. The scariest thing is this, that one sister is into meth and AZ is right along the border so she probably has some Mexican mafia connections or if not that, at the very least if she is into meth she knows some very very bad people and threats of death could be a real thing in all of this and wasnt she the one that was going after Alyce?

      • It may seem far fetched but all she would have to do is say, here is some drugs if you go do this and that is scary, the pull of that drug makes some people very crazy

    • Repost-

      FYI: Alexander Family, C&S Hughes, etc. SCAM exposed:

      It has baffled me that the HLN media blitz regarding this trial and how it just keeps ramping up, the vitriol of the T/Taliban, etc. I will say this link is well worth reading.

      Please check out the OccupyHLN site and all the work Jason has done to uncover Alexander’s, S&C Hugh’s, etc. SCAM. It’s long, but a great read. Wow…so many things make sense now. Talk about connecting all the dots. Thanks, Jason.

      ****Please repost this link where you think it will get the exposure it deserves. Thanks

      • Very interesting. The author really hits the nail on the head. This information needs to be heard. What is happening to our justice system? Our constitutional rights?

    • The Alexander Clan has the money to pay for something like that now too (thanks to all the donations to the Travis Alexander fund scam they got going) …that is scary.

      So anytime now….wondering when Jodi’s top rated attorney is going to swoop in to start cleaning this embarrassment to the US legal system mess up. That trial was a joke in so many ways & should be declared a mistrial & IF they choose to pursue charges & retry Jodi in a second trial (which would be stupid if they did but it would still be ok if that’s what they decided to do because this time around Jodi would be allowed to be out on bail & in the end ultimately she would be acquitted in the second trial because this was a self-defense case, PERIOD. When the retrial happens JM & his sideshow Pickles are already in prison (and of course disbarred & thrown off the bench) hopefully the retrial wouldn’t be subject to the corruption this one was. This attorney who has been watching and feeling the same way we are will step up & gain control of any and all moneys in the Travis Alexander Chris Hughes donation scam account and that money will be used for around the clock protection for Jodi and her family and Laviolette and anyone else that needs protecting from the Taliabn ….In a perfec t world this will happen as soon as Jodi is sentenced and wont take years in the making to come about ..

  7. Jodi cannot get a non biased jury! HLN and other media have saturated the country with the juicy details and wild speculation regarding this awful relationship…..this is so ridiculous.

  8. This “case” against JODI shall be overturned in its entirety! And, with all hope, JM and the rest of his asshole cronies will be put on trial for their misdeeds! JM’s “win” record as well all case that the rest of his slime-ball allies should be wholly investigated!!!!!

  9. I have to say the lady w/ the cane that JM signed…is alittle out there. Why would he sign it in the 1st place? Why is she and her man (spouse…etc) at court everyday? Do they have jobs? Jane Sleeze Mitchell right there stalking the courthouse as usual…I don’t care JM comments stating Ms. Womack may or may not have had a drug problem…If you listen to TA recordings…that guy was doing something here n there..don’t know or care could’ve been a few beers…he’s still a liar and abuser. That being said, that’s what abusers do…point the finger everywhere but their self..Same to reason w/ his siblings family…this is a sick sick family that goes so far back….they don’t even know its a lie. Time to fess up Alexanders/ Hughes wanna be Mormon mob….They are all so fake…I’m so sad 4 Jodi. I cannot even fathom that she was sucked into their bs. Makes me think they were using here for her public speaking and artistic skills. Well…I would NEVER apologize to anyone. I filed a complaint many times in several years for domestic violence…they took my child from me to SHUT ME UP…because I had RECORDINGS too…If anyone ever tells you times have changed…THEY R FULL OF SHIT. I saved all mine and the judge and court hearings…THAT’s WHY THEY HATE ME…they know they’re COMING OUT SOMEDAY. My daughter n myself and other family members ALL suffered PTSD…so I go JM’s FOG right here…bring it you pathetic piece of crap.

  10. I don’t know what to think. I guess based on what little knowledge I have on our so called “Justice” System… this is a strategy for Appeal. HOW COULD IT NOT BE? I am grateful that I was able to watch this trial and have my own oppinion. I’m not sure that going forward I believe it to beneficial for a fair and impartial jury. IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE that the jury ignored the media! I live in Panama City Florida and even OUR media covered it. Not only did they discuss it during the local news but they also showed HLN inserts during commercial breaks. This was shown on our local stations through out the day and evening to be sure to watch local news for updates on “The Jodi Arias Coverage” Our Media covered the “HLN” Version…… So to say that the jurors never watched tv, never looked at their computer, never talked to others about what was going on after they were ask to return to a Jury Room….. IS ABSOLUTLEY NAIVE! I hope we can all bombard The Appellate Courts with all of our support in Jodi’s favor! WE NEED A PETITION STARTED! A petition to hold accountable The Prosecutor, The Judge as well as The HLN Media Coverage that showed Bias Behavior in reference to Jodi!

    • I agree, Tracy. We should do a petition based on simple fairness and respect for the law. No matter what someone is accused of, our laws must be upheld and we should never turn a trial into a media circus, complete with a prosecutor, judge, and the biased media that supported them and want an eye for an eye and no less. There is no place in a civilized society for revenge and a biased lynch mob mentality and behavior.

  11. I feel we are all frustrated by Judge Pickles – especially after today. I want to throw is out and get your thoughts on this. Do you think JP is under somekind of pressure to side with the prosecution? We have seen time and time again, motions, objections, etc.. overruled or declined by JP that leave folks scratching their heads. Is she in an elected judgeship position? If she is is she scared she might not be reelected if Jodi went free? Thoughts…

    • She is CLEARLY pro prosecution. I know that much! As to why, mabey she wants to further her career. She knows that the masses are anti-Jodi and she is just another coward who is too afraid of the lynch mob.

      • Further her career? Okay, you lost me. She’s a judge. How does she “further her career”? Politics?

        I have honestly not felt prior to today that the judge was biased. I know MANY of you disagree with me on that point. I haven’t always agreed with her rulings, but she essentially allowed the lawyers to try their case. She did not act as a second prosecutor in the courtroom — which MANY judges do. Clearly, if you review any of the hater sites, you will see the same disdain for the judge that many express here. That, in and of itself, shows that she was not biased.

        That’s not the same as saying her interpretation and application of the law has not been flawed, however. Nor is it the same as saying she did not have control of her courtroom.

        Today, the judge was very very clearly angered that Nurmi dared to call her out (in public and recorded on TV) on the erroneous nature of her previous rulings — which were sealed — regarding the intimidation of Alyce LaViolette. As some of you may or may not know, Alyce was originally also scheduled to testify during this phase of the trial. I can only assume that after the harassment and intimidation she previously experienced, she decided not to do so. The ire on the judge’s face was very evident to me. I suspect the only reason she did not decide to hold him in contempt was that it would have looked bad on TV — not that he really crossed the line by much to begin with, if at all.

        Judges view themselves as all-powerful as they are the highest authority in their own court room. Unlike many of the seemingly clueless haters, as we all know here, appeals take many years, and often, judges have moved on from the bench (or that particular bench) long before being overturned on appeal.

        If you have not yet read Strickland v. Washington, the case cited by Nurmi upon moving to withdraw today, it is a good read, fairly adequately summarized on Wikipedia:

        • AA,

          Once again *THANK YOU* for bringing your expertise and input to us. You have so much experience and a wonderful, concise style of regurgitating legalese in terms for those of us who are a simple layman but desire to understand the process.

          Thank you! <3

      • Do you think judge pickles is a Mormon? I’ve been going back in time reading posts and that would be interesting if that was true.f

    • I think it mostly has to deal with covering up the dirt in that MAJOR POPULATED COMMUNITY! “The Mormon Community” and The Mormon Jury. I’m not Mormon and I maybe wrong, I get HLN…. it’s about the money. In a way this could as well be Political. What it was not, was FAIR.

      • at best there may be 400,000 Mormons in Arizona. and considering that their are 6.5 million people who live in that state that is not a lot. According to poles on the internet, Catholics and Protestant are the main religion with only 6% being LDS.

        This trial is about money and ratings for HLN and the media and making Jodi pay for another jury finding Ms. Anthony innocent. As for what the jury and the Judge are thinking I have no idea except they must have been attending a different trial. (my opnion)

        And she should have kicked the media out long ago and sequestered the jury. She has dropped the ball with regards to the “justice system”. (my opinion)

    • I think the word ‘frustrated’ doesnt begin to describe what I feel about that freaking ”judge” !!

  12. I have been reading a lot of stuff about that talks about all of our negative comments towards the state and the victim…here is my response to all of the HATERS:

    What we call you, and then WHY we call you that name:

    Haters: Well, if you HATE on someone, what better name that “Hater”. If you were talking love…you would be a lover, if you talked forgiveness, then you would be a forgiver…but you promote HATE, so you are a “Hater”. If you don’t like your spots, then change them. Shoe fits….

    Travis Taliban: If you support Travis, blindly, then you are a “Travis” supporter. If you terrorize innocent people, then you are a terrorist. The Taliban seems like the perfect example of a terrorist…there for, if you Don’t want to be the “Travis Taliban”, stop Terrorizing ALV, Dr. S, the defense team and anyone else that is simply doing their job. I don’t expect people to like Jodi, but i do expect people to be respectful of EXPERT witnesses, even if you don’t agree with them. AND, don’t give me that shit that they are lying, so they are fair game, as 2 defense witnesses were getting death threats BEFORE they even testified. If the hijab fits….

    Pedo Huggers. This should be pretty obvious. If you like someone, you may “hug them”. that would make you a “hugger”. For example i could be called a “son hugger”, as i like my son…or a “SJ hugger” as i like SJ, MAYBE even a Batte/Ann hugger…for obvious reasons. As far as the Pedo thing goes; It is just too wordy to call you a “A person that wants to ass rape a 12 year old that is tied to a tree hugger” its not as catchy and some sites may frown on the wording. NOW, if you are going to argue that he wasn’t a pedo because there is no proof he actually molested any children. Stop for a second and think, or be educated. PEDO’s do not have to MOLEST anyone, they are simply ATTRACTED to children. We are not calling him a molester, that would mean he actually MOLESTED a child…he was just fantasizing about doing it…that makes him a PEDOPHILE. Pedo…hugger. If the spiderman undies fit…

    There are a lot of names for the Alexander family floating around, however most have to do with the fact that they are FAKE. Not because they are not sad about the loss of their brother. This is expected. Not because they wanted justice, if justice is to be had….NO, they are being thrown under the common sense bus because they are FAKE. They love Travis sooo much…NOW. They miss Travis sooo much …NOW. They need Travis sooo much…NOW. What about when he was alive? How did that family love thing work out for him then? I expect you to be sad, mad, etc… But you are going way past grief. You are going after innocent people to fill your empty bucket of hate to the rim. You are lying about your relationships to make it look bad for Jodi. Jodi killed your brother. WE ALL know killing her will not undo that act. She is not a “monster”. She is not what the law has the DP for. You are making her out to be this, to fill your need for Publicity and Money. Seriously, one brother went so far as to blame Jodi for him not quitting smoking! Hey bro, stop doing drugs, maybe your relationship with your kid would improve. Hey bro, stop doing drugs and maybe your next wife won’t leave you. Hey bro, stop doing drugs and maybe you will be able to deal with your issues rather than have nightmares about them. If the crack pipe fits…

    Kermit, Nancy Disgrace, etc…. This one is easy…because you are all assholes and whole asses. When you act like a devil, don’t be surprised when people demonize you. You are only being called these names because “Fuck stain piece of shit cunt assholes” is a little to vulgar on my TV stations and websites.

    Finally, to all the people that post here, then get deleted and banned: It’s not because, as you say, this site is a bunch of “uneducated man hating abused woman” with nothing else to do. I’m educated, i don’t hate men, and i’m ALL MAN. (except for my pink speedo, but that’s just cause i’m also dead fuckin sexy) If any of you are such “studs”, please post your info, location, etc… and i’ll be glad to visit. As far as deleting your comments… they are not deleted unless they are “anti-Jodi”, “trolls looking to speak anti-Jodi hate” or talk down current community members. You can hide these comments by using phrases like “im concerned” or “i don’t understand…” but we know what they are…So, troll, if the bridge fits….

    Fuck you very much Haters and have a very nice day.

  13. Nurmi was right. Judge Pickles allowed for a culture of disrespect to grow in her courtroom which spilled out into the public arena. JP can’t deny or dismiss the threats made to Alyce – those are in BLACK AND WHITE! on the internet. And, I’m guessing Nurmi and screen shots of threats made to Jodi’s friend.

    • Maybe all the negative post and threats that were not allowed to be posted on this site can be submitted as evidence to The Appellate Court in Jodi’s favor! Proof of the threats ect! I’M TRYING TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING! SJ, if you have them saved, it could help her.

  14. After this total mockery of justice has been rectified and JODI has been set free from this injustice that has been placed upon her, I, IMHO, do believe that the shit-for-brains judge, detective, ME, and especially the head shit-blower….rat-fink personified,…JM, will no longer have jobs of any sort –unless they’re hired on as diapers for the Budweiser Clydesdales

  15. whaaaaa!? so because I missed all the going-ons at court today, I had to *try watching HLN to see how Nurmi rocked it….and wtf!?

    They’re actually talking about a tornado, instead of Jodi. wow

    I think these fuckers realized their meal ticket is almost winding down. Fuck THEM!!

    fter they spoon-fed a bucket of shit to all their followers, now they wanna backtrack and say it was filet mignon. 🙄

  16. They may as well set up a mud wrestling ring!! Or a no holds barred cage match. This trial was run like the MMA only the defense was too respectful to don the spandex! They did a great job but, thanks to the judge, the spectators were looking for a garish street fight.

  17. Vinnie Politan is expressing his amazement and indignation that Jodi has no one that will stand up for her to tell what a good person she is. He skirts right over the threats and leaves his viewers with the impression that Jodi rightfully has no friends. Such fucking hypocrisy!

    • I just left a comment on HLN’s twitter page infoming them that Jodi’s witnesses were threatened and we should all be worried about justice in America. Vinnie is about as stupid as they come. Guess anybody can get on TV!

          • Yep, I think it was Emma Goldman who wrote, “A minority may be right; a majority is always wrong.” So sick of this sick, twisted bandwagon, those sick fucks on HLN making fun of Jodi as she is on trial for her life! Sometimes I’m ashamed of this country. One of HLN’s “After Dark” phony baloney “jurors” attacked my Twitter account. Real intellectuals! NOT!

    • Reposting my comment—

      He’s a piece of crap plain and simple. They never tell the truth over there and have been an active participant in making sure Jodi did not get a fair trial. Can’t wait to see Vinnie get red in the face when this verdict is overturned on appeal.

      He’s been one of the most venomous on air personalities on HLN during this farce along with his good buddy “SCREAMING” Mike Brooks, The Fake Doctor Drew and Miss Disgrace. Too bad they weren’t good enough to remain lawyers and doctors and such in the real world and have to make their daily bread making a MOCKERY of a capital murder case. Fuck your fake reenactments Vinnie!!

      • Vinnie will not put infor about an appeal on his show, they are bastards, one and all of them. I pray everyday that putting trials on tv will be stopped, it has ruined the justice system. all started because so many of these f—head reporters got famous from the oj trial.

  18. Imagine, the judge allowed such misconduct of JUAN directed towards the expert witnesses. The Mormon PR promoting hatred towards Jodi, and saintifying TA, the perpetuator. And to top it off, the talking heads of HLN instigating more hatred towards Jodi, instead of being professional newscasters. How can we expect the jury to be partial? I’m sure more than one feared the repercussions and impact the verdict will have on their private lives! No more live trial for any of Jody Arias appeals, if in fact those are streamed on live tv.

  19. Repost-

    FYI: Alexander Family, C&S Hughes, etc. SCAM exposed:

    It has baffled me that the HLN media blitz regarding this trial and how it just keeps ramping up, the vitriol of the T/Taliban, etc. I will say this link is well worth reading.

    Please check out the OccupyHLN site and all the work Jason has done to uncover Alexander’s, S&C Hugh’s, etc. SCAM. It’s long, but a great read. Wow…so many things make sense now. Talk about connecting all the dots. Thanks, Jason.

    ****Please repost this link where you think it will get the exposure it deserves. Thanks

  20. I like KN a whole lot better when he’s jacked up and passionate — too bad he only found his mojo as he’s desperately trying to jump ship just like Jodi’s witnesses.

    Does anyone know the nature of the threats to the defense witnesses? Were they receiving phone calls, knocks on the door or prowlers? Or was it all via internet?

    • Shelby,

      I don’t know where you are getting your knowledge about this trial, but KN and JW have been very superior attorney’s and very ethical in the courtroom.

      Do it really matter how a witness is receiving death threats, or any threats for that matter?

      KN ” desperately tryig to jump ship just like Jodi’s witnesses” obviously you don’t understand that legal procecdures, and what’s going on with this trial….

      I would suggest you educate yourself before making such foolish statements.

    • What would you do with the information if you got it? Take this to your leader . . “no nature threads to compute” .. then sit in time out.

  21. Oklahoma–seems the storms aren’t over. There pulling 3rd graders from an elementary school that was leveled. Hoping for the best for everyone affected.

  22. Can’t the Alexander family be sued for slander for all the crap that is going on with ALV??
    How can witnesses and experts be harassed/stalked/slandered and there are no legal reprocussions?

    If this is allowed to go on, how do the courts expect thee have any expert witnesses if they have to fear for their careers or their very lives for doing their jobs?

    KN was spot on with his objections and it was like he was talking to a wall!!

    I live in AZ, aren’t there any petitions out there to get rid of JM? He is an embarrassment to this state

  23. Normally I wouldn’t promote hln, but they have on their website a video of little blonde sister speaking at TA’s memorial and she is giggling about being a hottie because TA was a stud. Seriously, this is at the memorial, but 5 years later in court it’s all tears. I agree with Sirlips, fake fake fake, milking it for the money.

    • Not surprising, this family has no class. And their “Travis Alexander Family Bail Out Fund” is one big scam. I’m thinking the public will find that out soon enough.

      • Yep, the paypal merchant accounts is set up to go from the person donating money to their BANK ACCOUNT.

        Also the TA Legacy Fund Address 2036 N. Gilbert Rd, Suite 2-621, Mesa , AZ 85203 is a UPS store, and it’s also linked to Absolute Investations out of Colorado….Anthony Longmire is the private investigator .

        • Repost-

          FYI: Alexander Family, C&S Hughes, etc. SCAM exposed:

          It has baffled me that the HLN media blitz regarding this trial and how it just keeps ramping up, the vitriol of the T/Taliban, etc. I will say this link is well worth reading.

          Please check out the OccupyHLN site and all the work Jason has done to uncover Alexander’s, S&C Hugh’s, etc. SCAM. It’s long, but a great read. Wow…so many things make sense now. Talk about connecting all the dots. Thanks, Jason.

          ****Please repost this link where you think it will get the exposure it deserves. Thanks

          • Can I repost this link to my best friend? He and I have been at odds on this trial. I want him to see some of the crap.

    • Thats it…money. I have no problem with these people being nuttier than an elephant turd, but dont be fucking manipulating the system for money at the expense of a persons life. If you get an angle and can exploite it, go for it shitberg, but not when someones life is on the line.

  24. OH MY GO…SH!

    I just found out why Judge pickles is always so mad…

    It turns out she got through law school by working at a bowling alley in college. Yep, she worked as a bowling ball. She would get picked up, fingered, thrown in the gutter and she would keep coming back for more.

    Its all starting to make sense now.

    BTW, you can claim i just made that up, but fuck you, its funny so it HAS TO be true.

  25. that c*nt “friend” of Jodi’s gave a statement to MSN. Jeezus, what the f is going on here.. how deep does this go? I am sickened, repulsed.

    • Got to be a lie. Why would she have ANY feelings about the Alexanders, those GIANT PIECES OF SHIT.

      fuck this, fuck them, fuck it all.

      I am pissed.

    • I hear yah, something smells fishy and the judge is sitting behind a bench so its not coming from there…

    • I couldn’t do it,” she told NBC News in an email. “I feel there is so much good in Jodi to be saved but then also someone’s dear life was taken.”

      • I’m not buying it either.She must be scared,not wanting to testify etc but she wouldnt do that to Jodi.

        • I hope you’re right. But, it does look otherwise. Patty, if she has the troubles she’s rumoured to have, would be a perfect target for intimidation. But to speak of Travis’ “dear life,” instead of Jodi’s, is to grovel at the feet of those who have frightened her and, in the process, betray Jodi.

      • She couldn’t do it because her life has been threatened and she has been harrased all weekend by the Travis Taliban.

        • Then say that as the excuse, instead of

          “I couldn’t do it,” she told NBC News in an email. “I feel there is so much good in Jodi to be saved but then also someone’s dear life was taken.”

          • Sounds like groveling, doesn’t it? Like she’s hiding her shame behind something else. If she’s an addict, deep in muck of her illness, this about- face makes a terrible kind of sense.

    • OMG! Fuck!! If Jodi’s childhood friend Patty decided not to testify on her behalf, why the fuck would she “talk” to MSN and say some seriously fucked up shit like that? Throwing more dirt onto a woman whose life is in the balance!?

      I am so angry right now…this world is turning to shit.

  26. But it was an email and not a phone conversation and emails are easily hacked. If they didn’t verify it with a phone call, then it can be just about anybody posing as her saying those things. It just seems ODD to me that if she’s scared for her life due to threats that she would send an email to MSNBC stating a completely different reason than the reason that was given in court today.

    • Could be that she sent the email in order to mollify, via the media, the people who have threatened her. And it’s starting to look like they threatened to expose her. Does she have children?

  27. And hasn’t she always stood up for Jodi in the press interviews with Dateline? (I think that was her on either Dateline or 48 hours) So yeah something’s off.

  28. Dear Team Jodi:

    I have not been posting here long, but I have been following this trial since February. I honestly did not have a dog in the fight, so to speak, and so I observed and listened without bias or prejudice towards the prosecution or the defense. It did not take me very long to believe in Jodi Arias’s innocence and, until recently, I was showing my support in silence. However, what prompted me to come out in full support of Jodi Arias is the barbaric and heartless behavior that is coming from the Travis Alexander camp.

    These are people, many of them Mormons, that claim to be Christians, and yet they are behaving and conducting themselves in a pattern that would make Pontius Pilate proud. But even if you aren’t a devotee of the Book of Mormon or The Bible, is it asking too much for human beings to be civil towards one another?

    I could almost understand, almost, someone wanting justice because a family member or friend was killed. But I do not understand the bloodthirsty, cruel and hateful speeches and behavior that is coming from the supporters of Travis Alexander. For security reasons, I have chosen to use a pseudonym on this website. However, if the administrators wish to know my real name, please email me privately. At some point in the future, I may or may not choose to publicly disclose my name. All I can tell you is that I am here for you at all times and I am more determined than ever to help Jodi receive justice.

    I refuse to back down from the intimidation, bullying and harassment that emanates from the Travis Town pedo-huggers. I urge each and every one of you to fight back against these haters and never back down from them. They are the epitome of everything that is unholy and they have their own day in court to deal with someday when they meet face-to-face with their God. They represent everything that is bad about organized religion. Specifically, when cultish members hijack a religion and exploit it by twisting the teachings and words of the holy books for their own personal and political agendas.

    “Team Travis” is comprised of a bunch of religious zealots, attention-seeking media whores and lovestruck fangirls and bored housewives that have fallen in love with a dead man. These people have no lives yet they now wish to take one. And, there hasn’t been much said about this, but I suspect that there is some racism being directed at Jodi Arias as well. I could be wrong, but I wonder if the pro-Travis faction would be as vehement in their hatred towards her if she was a blonde, blue-eyed woman that did not have a Hispanic surname.

    No matter how much they hate Jodi, it only strengthens our resolve. They simply have to face the fact that we are not going anywhere anytime soon. If they think we’re a pain in the ass to them now, you just wait and see what happens over the next six months. All of the Preparation H in the world wouldn’t be able to heal the soreness that will be inflicted upon them. 😉 But we’re going to do it non-violently and through the auspices of the criminal justice system. We don’t make death threats. We don’t intimidate juries or potential character witnesses. We don’t have to. We have the truth on our side.

    Three months ago, I never envisioned that I would be here today. But I am glad to be here with all of you and proud to support Jodi. The road ahead is not going to be easy, but together we will be victorious and get this done for Jodi and her family. This is far from over, mark my words. In fact, you could say that we have only just gotten started. God bless Jodi, her family and friends and each and every one of you.

    • Frank,

      I hear you. I too was a late comer, actually part way through Jodi’s testimony. I’d never heard of the case before and heard about it from my office manager. Being a court junky, I went back and listened to the prosecutions case over a weekend on YouTube. At the stage where the state rested, I was convinced that this was a slam dunk for the defense. There just was no proof that would meet any standard of reasonable doubt in as far as murder one was concerned. I was actually amazed to see the defense even putting up any witnesses.

      It was only after I got involved in it, did I see what a complete fiasco this had become.

      If nothing else this case shows the dangers of televising trials. What really boggles the mind is that way back in 1965 in a case called Estes v. Texas the SCOTUS ruled:

      “Held: The televising over petitioner’s objections of the courtroom proceedings of petitioner’s criminal trial, in which there was widespread public interest, was inherently invalid as infringing the fundamental right to a fair trial guaranteed by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

      The constitutional guarantee of a public trial is to ensure that the accused is fairly dealt with, and not unjustly condemned. Pp. 381 U. S. 538-539.
      (c) The freedom granted to the press under the First Amendment must be subject to the maintenance of absolute fairness in the judicial process, and, in the present state of television techniques such freedom does not confer the right to use equipment in the courtroom which might jeopardize a fair trial, the atmosphere for which must be preserved at all costs. Pp. 381 U. S. 539-540.
      (d) The public’s right to be informed about court proceedings is satisfied if reporters are free to attend and to report on the proceedings through their respective media. Pp. 381 U. S. 541-542.
      (e) Where, as here, the procedure employed by the State involves the probability that prejudice to the accused will result, that procedure, in line with the principle established in such cases as Rideau v. Louisiana, 373 U. S. 723, will be deemed lacking in due process whether or not isolatable prejudice can be demonstrated. Pp. 381 U. S. 542-544.
      (f) There are numerous respects in which televising court proceedings may alone, and in combination almost certainly will, cause unfairness, such as: (1) improperly influencing jurors by emphasizing the notoriety of the trial and affecting their impartial judgment, distracting their attention, facilitating (in States which do not sequester jurors) their viewing of selected parts of the proceedings, and improperly influencing potential jurors, and thus jeopardizing the fairness of new trials; (2) impairing the testimony of witnesses, as by causing some to be frightened and others to overstate their testimony, and generally influencing the testimony of witnesses, thus frustrating invocation of the “rule” against witnesses; (3) distracting judges generally and exercising an adverse psychological effect, particularly upon those who are elected; and (4) imposing pressures upon the defendant and intruding into the confidential attorney-client relationship. Pp. 381 U. S. 544-550.
      (g) The foregoing factors are not merely “hypothetical,” as is evidenced by the bar on television in federal criminal trials imposed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and by such a bar in all but two States. P. 381 U. S. 550.


      For those who may be interested

      Justice Clark, who wrote the opinion in Estes was amazingly prescient when he said:

      “From the moment the trial judge announces that a case will be televised, it becomes a cause celebre. The whole community, including prospective jurors, becomes interested in all the morbid details surrounding it. The approaching trial immediately assumes an important status in the public press, and the accused is highly publicized, along with the offense with which he is charged. Every juror carries with him into the jury box these solemn facts, and thus increases the change of prejudice that is present in every criminal case. And we must remember that, realistically, it is only the notorious trial which will be broadcast, because of the necessity for paid sponsorship. The conscious or unconscious effect that this may have on the juror’s judgment cannot be evaluated, but experience indicates that it is not only possible, but highly probable, that it will have a direct bearing on his vote as to guilt or innocence.”

      Especially the line

      “And we must remember that, realistically, it is only the notorious trial which will be broadcast, because of the necessity for paid sponsorship.”

      There you go folks, almost 50 years ago a Supreme Court justice was telling you why this fiasco should not be allowed. Who also said

      “A defendant on trial for a specific crime is entitled to his day in court, not in a stadium, or a city, or nationwide arena. The heightened public clamor resulting from radio and television coverage will inevitably result in prejudice. Trial by television is, therefore, foreign to our system.”

      And in the shadow of Estes v. Texas we have Arizona v. Jodi Ann Arias, lynching at the hands of the media and mobs frenzied by the media.

      If I can find this case, surely the judge could. So instead of a solemn proceeding in a court of law where as Hugo Black said

      “A fair trial in a fair tribunal is a basic requirement of due process. Fairness, of course, requires an absence of actual bias in the trial of cases. But our system of law has always endeavored to prevent even the probability of unfairness. . . . [T]o perform its high function in the best way, ‘justice must satisfy the appearance of justice.”

      we have the Pickles and Juanito side show.

      May God have mercy on their souls.

      • Your the “Man”.


        I hope your having a drink tonight. I don’t think I have to express. my hopes for you..but I think I will just add you to my prayers … Couldn’t hurt…

      • Thanks Al.. This ruling was a factor in Canadian Law which caused A Law to be passed in Parliament ..but then Capital cases are Federal casses here.

        I understand US Law to a degree, and that States rights are a factor..

        I really hope that an outstanding Attorney, who is media savy and believes in Jodi, steps up to the plate!

    • i hear ya Frank, others. i feel i’m pretty objective, i strive to be. was brought up to look at both sides of things. someone is killed like TA was, u can sympathize.
      BUT, something like that killing usually doesn’t just happen, there r reasons, etc.

      once i heard TA on that call it REALLY solidified my opinion that jodi did it (as she admits) BUT with mitigating reasons. no way preMed. NO WAY!

      and then the judge steered the trial in the ditch from the beginning.
      in 2013, a high profile case, jury HAS to b sequestered. no way jodi got a fair shake.

      (do not think she helped herself by being so ‘public’, cos it fueled the fire…)

  29. I haven’t tuned into to HLN since early February but I feel like I’ve seen it daily with the reports from everyone here. You guys are helping HLN’s ratings and that is all they care about.

    • got your post on my fb, cracked me up so I reposted before I saw yours, sry. None of the stations tell things right and I’ve let our local ones know their second hand information is wrong

  30. Retweeted Joe (@Joe_Yinzer):

    Juan Martinez blamed the Oklahoma tornado’s on #JodiArias. KN and JW objected and were overruled by Sherry Stephens.

  31. So as I manage to get thinking again, I found that Pickles today acknowledged something that may have a major import on future reviews and proceedings. Now whether this is legally tenable or not is beyond my knowledge level, but she said, that based on fears of threats to witnesses she was willing to conduct the rest of the trial in camera (which, in one of those ironic twists of the English language strangely enough means WITHOUT a camera). So Pickles was now willing to acknowledge that a threat to a witness was in fact a valid ground for sealing the court proceedings. Where the heck was that argument when the threat was made to ALV, or even more to defense counsel.

    I suspect that Pickles has realized that this whole thing has grown way beyond her, and maybe the best thing to do is get through it and let various and sundry appeals courts handle the mess.

    What happens if she declares a mistrial. I’ve been thinking this one for a while:

    If she had declared a mistrial at any stage, whether during the guilt or penalty phases, that would mean a new trial. AZ has a strange rule with respect to judges. The defense can ask for the trial to be moved to a different judge, no reasons given, prior to the trial starting. If Nurmi et al asked for the new trial to be moved out of Pickles’ court it would create a mess not just for this judge, but any new judge taking it on. Also the new trial would probably end up costing the state a whole bunch of money (which the appeals will too, but that wouldn’t be on her watch). So essentially Pickles would have a bunch of people mad at her. Plus Jodi would probably end up with new counsel and this whole thing would get stretched out another year or two. So better on her part to just let it go. If an appeals court overturns and it gets remanded back, then that’s no worse than now, but at least she has deniability.

    I think this judge never expected this thing to get as toxic as it did. However, once it did, she should have done the right thing, but she didn’t have the spine to do that. So now she just passes on the hot potato.

    It is a downright cowardly thing to do, and stomps all over Jodi’s constitutional rights to a fair trial, but I don’t think she gives a damn.

    • I can see your point Al. I can understand, at some level, why the judge would not change anything at this point, except, on the surface is a womans life. I find it very telling, if what you are suggesting is in fact true, which i think very well may be, that the judge would basically make a career desision over the life of a woman in her court. This, in it self, is a fatal flaw of the system.

      At some point, i think there will be, should be, MUST BE a court that will back up and look at this from afar. Rather than get sucked into all the details (which i give JM GREAT credit for doing) I think a court needs to look at the big picture.

      Its really quite basic.
      1) No sequestured jury. WHY NOT?
      2) No change in the sequestured status, when it became obvious that it was effecting the trial.
      3) Cameras in the court room AFTER it became obvious that it was an issue.
      4) Self defense was suggested and an alternet theory was NOT PROVEN by ANY reasoning.
      5) Conflicted charges Felony Murder vs Pre-med murder
      6) Inpropper argument per the conflicting “felony” charge.
      7) Obvious abuse from the state vs defense witnesses.

      But mainly, the big picture is “the state claimed alot of stuff, but never even settled on a ‘story’ for the jury to consider, yet 7of them found her guilty of 2 different stories!

      • Sirlips,

        In as far as the sequestration and television is concerned, see my long response to Frank above. Some court, somewhere has to see the impact of that.

        I really don’t know what the rules on appeal are in terms of juries finding people guilty in illogical ways. I know there is some sort of a process that involves a claim of “insufficient evidence”, but not sure what level of post conviction review that falls under.

        If justice is to be served, the verdict a jury that goes off the deep end has to be corrected. Of course the trial judge has the ability to override a guilty verdict, but this judge has denied that motion several times. Similarly, I suppose an appeals court can look at questions of bias, but again I’m not sure at what level that happens. I am afraid that it may happen at some Federal Appeals court level after a long period of time (like 22 years or something as happened in the Debra Milke case).

        This whole shit sandwich just flies in the face of a fair trial. You are so right when you say that the state presented 2 cases, one as an alterative to the other and 7 yahoos on this jury bought both. So there are 7 people who believed that Jodi stole a gun from her Grandfather to kill TA, then stabbed him to steal the (same?) gun back from him! I think we should get to selling real estate in AZ, since I have a whole bunch of bridges and Florida waterfront lots for this crew.

        • Yes the claim of insufficient evidence is very common in a lot of appeal cases (i did some research in the lat few day on it) however the stranded is different than the “reasonable doubt” stranded its called “substantial evidence” you can see here


          “but to determine whether the record evidence could reasonably support a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But this inquiry does not require a court to “ask itself whether it believes that the evidence at the trial established guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, the relevant question is whether, after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This familiar standard gives full play to the responsibility of the trier of fact fairly to resolve conflicts in the testimony, to weigh the evidence, and to draw reasonable inferences from basic facts to ultimate facts. Once a defendant has been found guilty of the crime charged, the factfinder’s role as weigher of the evidence is preserved through a legal conclusion that upon judicial review all of the evidence is to be considered in the light most favorable to the prosecution”

          so based on this i think Jodi has a lesser chance to get acquitted on appeal because all the evidence will be viewed in the light most favorable to the prosecutor

          • So the lawyers will need to take a different path to declare a mistrial based on other issues and Jodi will eventually get a new trial

            But for the second trial “we all will make sure” she gets top notch lawyers and top notch witnesses

            I hope for that day in the near future

        • I was responding to SirLips “really quite basic” list. Maybe #8: There was no change of venue.

  32. It’s hard to find out much about the judge in this case on the Internet. She obviously was leaning in JM’s direction throughout the trial. I’ve wondered if she or her husband and JM travel in the same social circles or maybe she is close to him or someone in his family which would account for her bias in his favor. Another possibility is that there is a lot of political pressure going on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of, but is what may lie behind the judge’s biased behavior. Of course, there’s also other possibilities and it’s hard to say, given the little information on her that’s publicly available. Nevertheless, there’s a reason or reasons that she acted the way she did throughout the trial.

    • imo, most judges r on the DA side. has to b pretty blatant to side with defense…
      the system is biased against suspects/defendants right from the start. it’s an uphill battle.
      that’s why there r innocents in jail.

      BUT, this AZ court is the worst “judicial system” that i can remember.

  33. I was VERY proud of KN and JW today. Personally I think Sherry Stephens knows she’s screwed the pooch in this trial. It’s all going to come back to bite her on her less than Honorable ass. Fuck Martinez too while I’m at it, fuck him in his ass. No lube. HARD.

    • She has to know. There’s so much she lost here in ref to this trial. If reference this trial. If she didn’t want to sequester jury she should’ve left cameras out

    • That is not why. She is covering her own ass. The real reason is her drug habit and having to answer for it. I am adding this bitch to my fuck you list.

      why did you ever agree you stupid whore? Why are you backing the alexanders, who would sell your soul to satan to see Jodi die? They dont give a shit about you or your life.

      • I know… She’s afraid of the threats and backlash, and in her defense Juan Martinez is putting her on trial which makes no sense to me. All she was gonna say is jodi had been a loyal friend to her.

        I don’t agree with her making these comments though either. It’s all fucked up Renee. I just am saddened by society

      • this came in an e-mail, do we know for sure that she sent it or was it one of the Travis Taliban imposters?

        • i would not put anything past them

          I couldn’t do it,” she told NBC News in an email.

          has nbc news verified that that e-mail belonged to the witness

      • I agree Renee’. I just don’t have words for this any more. I am sick to think of Jodi spending years in prison waiting for this wrong to be made right. Even her “friends” are acting as if TA was something more than the abusive pedophilic scumbag he was. And she feels sorry for the family who are scamming money and getting rich off thier brother’s death. I just keep saying WTF to all of this.

      • Drugs, in the words of Richard Pryor, tend to make people “null and void”.

        Like this trial that is not fit even for an edition of the National Enquirer, ugly and beneath contempt.

        Null and void it will eventually be.

        “Legal” proceedings not worthy of the name “trial”.

        The LAW is defined as reason without passion.

        Should be reason without passion.

        Judge, wake up! There was too much passion, hate and emotional violence in this courtroom. We here on this site have been objecting to it for months.

        You allowed Martinez to badger witnesses starting with just one question – you allowed him to yell at witnesses over and over and over, “DO YOU HAVE A MEMORY PROBLEM?”

        That, my dear, honorable woman, is emotional VIOLENCE IN AND OF ITSELF and you allowed it, you condoned it, YOU PERPETUATED IT day after day. YOU, Judge, presided over that culture of hatred and violence. That was and IS YOUR courtroom.

        You, madam, took no responsibility for the tone and comportment of the offensive Officer of the Court known as Juan Martinez.

        How about: ASKED AND ANSWERED the SECOND time it was asked of each badgered witness? Or, did you feel that it was FAIR for Martinez to be allowed to yell out that insulting question for EACH topic presented? Are you KIDDING around in a court of law? Are you being supercilious with a CAPITAL CASE?

        WELL, how about that, Judge Lady? What say you to the charge that you are null and void as a keeper of the court?

        How do you account for your callous DISREGARD for human dignity starting THERE?

        Hang in there Jodi, we are watching.

    • The reasons are of no importance at this point. Slandering a witness and threatening a witness and trying to villify a witness’s past or present has happened with every single defense witness in this case. It makes one wonder how many more witnesses were afraid to step forward in Jodi’s defense?

      What is vitally important at this point is that due to all this and the judge’s obvious bias and “rulings” Jodi was not afforded her rights to a complete defense and fair and objective trial from the moment this started with a non sequestered jury and a media circus. It only got worse from there.

      • u r RIGHT (and Nurmi, others too) re: non-sequestered jury. there HAS TO be repercussions in jodi’s favor just from that. i LOVED that Nurmi ot to mention the “lynch mobs” in open court!

        i have NEVER heard of cross examination of character witnesses. is another odd AZ procedure? we don’t do that in PA.

        i find it insulting that a character witness has to prove that THEY are a decent person “in the AZ systems’ eyes”. THEY are not on trial. just telling people their opinion on a defendant.
        it definitely stops people from giving their opinion to help someone they feel is worthy of their support.

        AZ will continue paying for this trial in many ways for YEARS. gonna be lotsa of motions…

    • Somebody besides NBC is going to have to tell me why she isn’t testifying. I have them telling me one thing. In 2 different quotes. That may or may not have been uttered at the same time in response to the same question. I have Nurmi saying another in court. Based on past experience, I’m going with Nurmi’s version until I have a more credible source to persuade me otherwise.

  34. I am like the rest of you very pissed off obviously the judge and JM have spent the last 4 years crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s together in collusion for this case. Absolutely Evil. Stay strong Jodi.

    • They didn’t cross their T’s or dot there I’s well enough—where did you get that from the Justice for Travis site? This will be overturned on appeal with the staggering amount of motions that the judge denied in openly displaying her bias and lack of objectivity in what the laws state.

    • There is evil in this case, and it isn’t with Jodi Arias or with her attorneys.

      Absolutely unprecedented in the history of the United States, this organized lynch mob.

  35. no 2 freaking news stations can tell the same story about oklahoma tornado, which is heartbreaking . . then they sad face tell about it and in same breath break into a smile, stay tuned for our sponsors. . there is no reason to rely on anything in the news

  36. Missed today’s circus—–had two deaths in my family almost back to back; however from the posts that I have read, it seems that KN told the shit brigade to go fuck themselves royally! This fiasco screams total grounds for an acquittal for JOD—–especially from the antics, lies, and outright bias that this band of fools—i.e. the pro pros and the rest of the scum hurled against JODI!!! Fuck that imp from hell Martinez!!! Would love to break my foot of in his face if can figure out which end of his shriveled little body his head is on!! 🙂 GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban Taliban so were are you FBI I was told you are watching the internet for these words to protect the US against terrorist where are you now and please don’t for get to bring the IRS with you because we have a lot of Travis supporters hiding money from the IRS go get them what the hell are you waiting for don’t act and the people supporting Jodi Arias could end up dead and If they do I will point this that you fail the US and everyone evolved in this case

    • lol yes hope the IRS is paying close mind to these dubious financial transactions the Alexander lot is involved in.

  38. So Judge pickle head sent the jury home with there phone I pads car radios playing and the TV HLN and the internet good job jack ass way to go you could have just said this is a mistrial and excused the jury for misconduct but no you had to do what someone paid you to do make your discussing faces on the bench and scream Over ruled. What the hell are

  39. Karma is starting to come to play
    for the judge, JM & every corrupt
    person involved in this witch trial…..
    Mark my words 🙂

  40. i am just wondering why no one else is picking up on this Patricia Womack e-mail to NBC, could it be a hokes

    • too bad he could testify, he is so believable and would have been great for jodi, even though it probably would have meant nothing for this jury it would really raised Jodi spirits

      • I just watched this, he seems like a really decent man. He is basically saying that Jodi changed when she started hanging with TA, PPL and the moron church. It’s not the first time a “church” has fucked a person up and of course won’t be the last. TA was bad news to her from the beginning. She was on a slippery slope and heading for disaster and I really don’t see where anything was going to stop this from happening. Sad, very sad.

          • This is it. An intersection of PPL, Mormonism, and The Secret. Truly a recipe for diaster, and then a sexual relationship with a narcissistic man who embodied all three strains. The relationship itself was a micro-cult.

            • Yes, that is a real lethal dose of brain washing..TA was a bomb waiting to go off..and was taken out by those with alot to lose..

              then they take advantage of the mix to get rid of the bishop

            • Pique and everyone, absolutely nails the situation she was in. Not to mention in 2008 economy tanks, everyone is under financial pressure. JA is alone in Palm Desert at the end of 2006, debts, foreclosure, away from family, friends, Darryl has left for Monterey. No emotional support except from TA and the Church. She was an outsider and was probably treated like one despite having been baptized. Even her Dad in his June 2008 police interview said that Jodi began to act strangely starting a year and a half prior.

              • Yes, that’s right, she was isolated and disconnected, too. An outsider in so many ways. Looking for a new start, with unrealistic ideas. she became, it seems, dangerously idealistic, latching on to magical thinking. So many factors that made escape–in the psychological sense–almost impossible once she got in too deep.

        • Travis, a public speaker, PPL, Mormon Church pushing her –she was brainwashed with this bunch of people. her whole personality changed after she got involved with their crazy crap. Travis ruined her life. Darrell seemed like such a sweet man who loved Jodi..

        • ICAM that PPL was nothing but a Ponzi Scheme and it sounds like she was in a cult. That was a great interview he definitely would have made a great character witness. I also appreciate his honesty on how the Maricopa County Justice is a sham.

    • Hmmmm. He says ‘she changed’, ‘the Jodi I knew’ and things like that, which gives the media enough room to spin it in their favor. I wish he was more forceful in saying Jodi was defending herself and i believe her.

      • Also, the Jodi we have come to know through this trial, we have seen take the witness stand, did not seem ‘evil’ or ‘manipulative’. I saw evil & manipulative in the courtroom all right, but it was the judge, he prosecutor & the victim’s family.

      • That bothered me a little, too. I didn’t like when he said; when I knew here, she wasn’t manipulative, she didn’t lie, etc. It sounded like he believed the media garbage. I couldn’t figure out if he was covering himself from ridicule or if he is buying into the b.s. because, from I have seen, Jodi didn’t ‘manipulate’ anyone. She lied for fear of being arrested. JM was the entire manipulator and puppet master of this trial.

        On the other hand, Darryl seemed like a very sincere and nice man. I hope he is okay and his son will be okay in light of his speaking out. Honestly, I don’t think anything would have changed if he testified. Especially if he said that ‘when I knew her she didn’t do this…” they would have just taken that – said SEE, she is bad! – then used that to sentence her. This jury only sees hatred and guilt. They would never recognize the compassion of Darryl’s message.

        • Yep. He is a nice guy, and the only one who has said anything pro jodi so far, but to me, it looked like he was clearing his reputation more than anything else. “I did not know her plans” and things to that effect. ‘people say I knew her plans or I was an accomplice, I was not”. He did speak of Mormonism and ppl in a cult like manner. Thanks for the link, tonysam!

    • Ah, I had tried to scan down and see if there was a link before I posted.

      I think there are two ways of taking some of what he said. When he says “The Jodi I knew” he is talking about the fact the person he knew is not the person presented in court. But then he said she seemed very different and changed. His reasoning made sense, though, that she got indoctrinated. I don’t know. I worry that no one is speaking for her. I know that is her choice. Do you think it is an effort to go ahead and get DP so she can definitely get an appeal. I guess we will see tomorrow.

    • I think the poor bastard was trying to be careful not to appear to be singling out or attacking TA. The closest he came was basically saying the last year and a half before this happened, she changed. Thats it in a nutshell. After she got with that fucking perverted, manipulative, opportunistic, lying, two faced, controlling, prick, her life was essentially over. Poor little Jodi didn’t see it coming.

      • If Darroll had singled out TA he would have been subjected to the same hate, threats and media shitstorm everyone else has had to endure. He does have a son to protect after. I think he was very classy.

      • It wasn’t just Travis–it was the whole cult of Mormonism. Jodi was brainwashed and still is to a great extent.

    • Seems like a nice guy. Somebody she should had stayed with. The one person who saw the complete change in her once she “hooked- up” with the Mormon!!!!!!

      • He seems honest and having an old fashioned ”integrity” .Yet,the fact that he basically called her ”evil and ”manipulative” didnt sit right with me…That’s what the media will focus on!!

  41. Well I spent the day doing yardwork, cutting grass and thinking about Jodi. I just viewed the video of what happened in court today.

    The judge looks pissed. Too fucking bad.

    If that fucking prick does not stop talking about himself in the third person I am going to puke, puke puke!

    Way to go JW and KN for finally telling it like it is!

    I think the judge knows she fucked up by not sequestering the jury and by allowing the cameras in and just decided to keep things going just for the hell of it.

    I think this case could be a precedent setting case. I am not aware of such a circus occurring before.

    I have travelled to FL, ME, NH, PA, MA, VT, CT, LA, WA and CA and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
    There are many more places in the US I would like to visit and AZ used to be one of them but MARK MY WORDS, No fucking way I would visit that state now. I would terrified I would inadvertently be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a crime is committed and end up being lynched and sentenced to death by both the kangaroo court system and the media, notably HLN.

    No offence to anyone from AZ but it can’t be good for your state when all this shit is going down.

    If I were Jodi I would tell them all to go fuck themselves tomorrow. Or just simply say nothing. They are going to do what they’re going to do anyway. It’s already been decided.

    Just fucking rediculous.

    • Hah, BevM, I was posting my view on this morning’s trial as well. I share your sentiments and agree. If I were Jodi I would say nothing; for what good would it do? More ridicule, more lies about her, and the jury already proved they will not listen to facts or reason. Pointless.

  42. I just got done watching the trial from this morning – mainly I wanted to see it because of Nurmi’s argument. I thought he did an excellent job and I’m so happy that he called them all out. JM is still disgusting and reminded me of why I have a difficult time watching this trial. And the worst was the judge. Denied, denied, denied – wow! Couldn’t she even PRETEND to think about it? She had her mind made up that there would be no mistrial and absolutely no justice for Jodi. I am happy that when she said defense didn’t prove why the friend didn’t testify that he came back with, “we know why she is not here.” Good for him!

    And – I know I’m not from AZ, but I find it despicable (as some of you said above) that character witnesses must endure a cross-examination. They are not on trial and all i could think of was – I don’t care if the girl does drugs or not. What the hell does that have to do with Jodi? Maybe Jodi helped her get away from drugs, proving Jodi to be the kind-hearted person that we all know her to be! And I do not blame her for not testifying. I don’t blame any of them for these haters/taliban/pedophiles/abusers are scary, evil energies that have invaded our Earth (yeah, a little melodramatic but that’s how I feel). The laws/authorities/judicial system seem to not care one bit. I understand there is confusion amongst the ‘authorities’ about who is supposed to deal with cyber-bullying, cyber-threats, but this does not excuse it. The fact is, that by not doing anything, the authorities are really ‘okaying’ the behavior and it is being reinforced by JM and his bullying, lying tactics. How can they do this? These laws have to change.

    So I am waiting and watching and will write my letter of complaint about this judge (and whomever else I can) as soon as it’s time. Just tell me where to send it – email it to me if you have to (I got the pw for the vent pages/mission page and that same day a troll hacked it. I have not asked for another, for I didn’t want to bother SJ again for it.) But that’s okay, I am fine posting here, and will continue to support Jodi as long as it takes.

  43. I missed court today so I just finished watching it online. I did not hear anything about Darrell Brewer. what happened to him? I saw what happened to Patty. Maybe I did not see all the parts from today which would explain how I missed something about why Darrell will not be speaking. Anyone know?

  44. OK, the cats out of the bag, Patty sold pictures of her and Jodi to media sources and didn’t pay income taxes on the money. So Jaun, wants to expose her…well hell she in a pickle with the Fed now.

    • She didn’t report the income from the photos because she was on public assistance (welfare) ! Nothing to do with personal income tax return which can be amended ! Juan scared her even though they offers to seal the record . Plus if she’s in any trouble with drugs she could lose her welfare ! Morse to this than whats being told ….

  45. Regarding objections to cameras in the courtroom (in addition to non-sequestering), I am glad we did have cameras. Can you imagine Juan’s behavior going on behind closed doors (even if the jury was sequestered)? I favor having cameras in the courtroom as part of our Constitutional right; all trials should be open to whomever wants to observe them as it is our safe guard against such things as prosecutorial misconduct. (And Jodi has supporters today because we were able to see what was going on.) But to run it as a sensationalized reality show, replete with mock juries voting on a person’s guilt (after being fed unsubstantiated “facts”) is bordering on criminal (and I don’t think it would be out of line to charge HLN with jury tampering by creating such an environment.) I believe trials should be shown only on a channel similar to CSPAN, proceedings only, no commentary, no commercials.

    • Good point RB and sorry for what I said about your state. I truely would like to visit there I am just very bitter right now about what’s going on. Most of this fiasco falls on the judge, JM and HLN’s shoulders. Shame on them all.

      • That’s OK, Bev. I’m a bit pissed off at Arizona myself these days. As someone said a few days ago, the police department needs to put yellow crime scene tape around the whole state. If I didn’t enjoy the weather so much I would consider beating it out of here.

    • RB,
      I agree!
      At least we know what is ha[pening in there, BUt I believe like you,
      another chanel. Even if you had to pay.

      Our court system should be serious, not a fucking joke, where ALL
      of the talking heads are basically mocking it themselves.

  46. You have got watch this stupid BITCH (NG) trying to back track about the mob mentality in which she has been so involved in. She said that the inept judge has bent over backwards to protect Jodi’s rights.

      • BevM,

        I can’t wait!
        She is so digusting.
        And the reat of the HLN mob, deserves the same,
        We don’t need their kind telling us what they WANT is news.

    • LMAO yeah glad Mickey whoever it was got that line in about expecting to see a guillotine outside the courthouse with the angry mob before bitchface with her softened cameras for her wrinkles cut him off.

    • Tim,
      We saw!!
      That is total bullshit.
      Do they really think we are.
      They should change their chanel to MOB!
      I’m not kidding. They have really gone wayyyyy over the edge and I believe SURELY
      they have broken ALL rules in tjis trial.

      JUDGE bent over backwards for Jodi???
      The only thing this judge did was bend over and show her ass.
      She shouldn’t call herself judge.
      I hope that she get’s impeached.

  47. Tim,
    She absolutley is. She has had the
    the I guess you call them editors on her show. She repeatly has tha Radar
    person on as IF they are gospel.

    Why would we be surprised.

    IN FACT, I hope HLN is proud of themselves because that’s all they are is TABLOID news.
    If our courts are ran by them, can we really say liberty and justice for all?

    That’s total bullshit.
    Jodi isbove all of them.

    Ted Turner sold CN/HLN and he is not happy the way that it has changed. I wish he had never
    sold it. We SURE wouldn’t have these ass clowns running it.
    They are a danger and a THREAT to our society!

  48. HLN is tripping over themselves to fill in all the space left by not much happening in court today. Oh boo hoo.

    • me too. mixed feelings. He could have been more more assertive on his beliefs that she needs help. Wish he believed she needs help, not prison.

      • He said several times that she needs help.

        Prison, unfortunately, is a given at this point, at least until Jodi’s appeal can be heard. I don’t think Darryl meant that she should only be productive from behind bars, just that it’s her only choice right now.

      • Sorry tonysam — tried to find a link before I posted. Thanks for making me look harder, though, so I could read replies.

  49. That fucking COW is saying “all of Jodi Arias family, her mother, her grandmother, her father…. they ALL backed out of testifying on her behalf.” SHES MAKING SHIT UP NOW!!!! BITCH!!!

      • Yup Journee you are right. I should have said, SHE IS MAKING STUFF UP AGAIN!!! She does it every single day. I swear there aren’t even enough words in the english vocabulary to describe that evil hag! I haven’t been watching HLN but I did today. BIG mistake. Makes me too filled with anger and I don’t like that.

        • I seriously believe the woman is mentally ill.

          I don’t watch HLN either, especially not her. I was tempted tonight, just because I wanted another glimpse of Nurmi rocking it today, and couldn’t find where it might be posted here (no trial videos since verdict? is that right or am I not looking in the right place?). But I dug it up the hard way, poking around on youtube.

          I am so proud of the DT today!

  50. So if you plan to testify about your relationship with a good friend who is up for the DP, it’s perfectly ok for Juan boy to threaten to bring up everything iffy you’ve done since birth? Why weren’t the family of TA questioned about drug abuse, their previous police records and sketchy ‘donation’ funds then? I mean a fund for a dog? What the hell? I can’t take anymore. I am going to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich. This world has gotten too creepy and ugly.

    • So outrageous, I have to post this twice.

      When it gets to the point where you can’t even have a mitigation witness trying to testify for you in a death penalty proceeding without having the witness being threatened with prosecution for any kind of trumped up drug charges they can come up with, then pure evil hell has broken loose and is running wild in the judicial system of AZ. I could never imagine a judge this corrupt to approve of all this.

      Then the vampires on TV simply state that no one will come forward for Jodi, with no explanation. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and being hyper aware of the lies told over and over, I would have assume I imagined all this, it didn’t happen. The prosecutor is proud of his conduct going after a mitigation witness for personal destruction and the judge agrees.

      If you wrote a fictional account of a trial that imagined this, no one would publish it, because it’s too unbelievable, no one could possibly give credibility to such a legal system.

    • Right!? So if you have a checkered past. Or have had brushes with the law, or haven’t been a perfect saint, (like Travis), you are not allowed to speak positively about a person you care about? NOTHING you say has value because you have not been a perfect individual?

      Jeeeeesus! 🙄

      • And you don’t have to have any brushes with the law. I guarantee that Juan Martinez would have run a vicious smear campaign against Mother Teresa if she had tried to come forward to speak on Jodi’s behalf. No one is safe in a corrupt system, no matter how clean they they are.

        Gwen, I will join you in your sand box, if you don’t mind a little occasional vomit. 🙁

    • maybe nurmi knows something else besiiiides that the jurors are watching media . . could be a brilliant move by not being dirty like the prosecution is.. Shows the good guys including the defense team were all victims of this trial held soley by the state. Jen attempted the “get backs” like jm, they were awesome and factual . . when over ruled . . new strategy . . let the prosecution hang themselves so deep in their arrogant thug hype, feeling safe to beat up everyone, they soooo overdid it, but it’s too late now. I want ring side seats when the real trial(s) begin.


  51. To be honest…any testimony given by anyone on Jodi’s behalf would have been wasted on this jury.

    JESUS CHRIST could have been called as a character witness and Juan Martinez would have accused Him of having the hots for Jodi, or would have dug up some dirt about how He got conceived…

    “Isn’t it true Sir, that the person your mother is married to is NOT your real father!? YES or NO!?

  52. There’s so many unanswered questions, so much evidence unaccounted for, so many witnesses terrified out of their minds.

    How long will it take for this to come to light, the truth will come out when no one is looking, after the media’s evil circus is over. I’ll be looking and watching, for years to come. I want to find out how all this happened and obviously so far, no has a damn clue.

  53. All I can say is I want the appeal to get here soooooon!!!!!!!!!! I think it was Renee who said, how deep does this shit run? Well, seems that we won’t know cause they are covering it up constantly. Maybe one of them will break soon. I cannot believe that Patti! It’s just unreal to me that your friend needs you more than ever now and you just throw up your hands and don’t give two shits? That’s all it really amounts to. I wouldn’t ever do that to a friend. Dam, with friends like that who the hell needs enemies.

  54. I knowwwwwwwwww everybody in AZ isn’t bad but, I don’t think and I’ve said this before, I don’t think I’ll ever want to visit there. It’s just unreal to me and the rest of us to I guess that this could have ever happened.

  55. I honestly. Thought that KN and JW were going to just walk out of the courtroom. They had that look of ” no f..Ingram way bitch, not this time…
    We are going to talk about this here and now….Bold move and Jodi was right there with them. We never know what goes on behind the door’s …

    • I thought they were going to walk out too. Of course, they would have been held in contempt and sent directly to jail, which would have been ironic comsidering JM should have been sent there many times over. JW and KN showed tremendous restraint in that regard.

  56. LOl wonder what would have happened if they had all walked out? Well Kirk and Jenn cause Jodi can’t go anywhere.

  57. Oh, the audacity. Dr Drew and his blonde, lip-glossed harem are weighing in on the “mob mentality” and how the mob is projecting their aggression onto Arias and her defenders. Wow.

    How can they do this with straight faces? They have been inciting the mob for 24 hours per day for five months. Not even a devastating tornado has the power to stop them!

  58. drew must be running scared,,,, mob mentality -who me??? And Eiglarsh actually defended Nurmi. Looks like the shits hit the fan everywhere today.

  59. Good one pique!! They will not be stopped by anything…not even a natural disaster! Huh, mob mentality…surely you jest? The good Dr Screw can’t imagine why society is behaving in such a brutal manner just because he and NG have been foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs every night trying to get their fangs in Jodi’s jugular!!

    • I know. I suppose they think those Brady Bunch boxes help them to appear innocent but they are guilty guilty guilty. And they KNOW they are guilty–they’ve heard our criticisms–hence this preemptive strike against the mob. They ARE the heart of the mob, but they want us to look somewhere else. Not notice it’s them. Unforgivable, because they know exactly what they are doing when they lie. Who are the sociopaths here?

      It’s so oily and disingenous, I could throw up.

  60. Ooops, I missed the new page. Here’s a repost from the last one:

    Sorry if this has been posted, but have you all seen what Darryl Brewer said this afternoon:

    One thing. Before you judge this man for anything he says, make sure you watch ALL of the clips. I truly feel for this man. I wish he had asked Jodi to marry him. It’s clear to me that he loved her deeply and that he was good for her.

    If only Jodi had never heard about PPL and had never met Travis Alexander. Where would she be today?

    Those are words I often say about myself “if only I’d never met the ogre, where would I be today?” so the thought is very personal for me, even though I didn’t end up on trial for murder. However, I could very easily be in Jodi’s shoes and on trial for murder, or I could be dead, for those were my options in March 2011. Since my abuser continues to live, I still may be killed by him, particularly if the appellate court upholds the judgment and the trial court’s order that I disclose my address to him. That’s the reality I face every day and I only wish I could apply magical thinking to make it go away.

    While I’m sorry for the circumstances, at least Jodi is free of Travis Alexander, and he can abuse no one now. Sadly, there are other abusers out there terrorizing not only Jodi, but also anyone who testifies as a witness for the defense, and even those of us who post our opinions on what we have watched in the trial. Her constitutional rights are being denied minute by minute. I dread to think what this world is coming to. I really really do.

    For now, I hold out faith in the appellate courts, long and drawn out as the process is. I hope they are able to put right the wrongs of the lower courts as they have done so many times before — both for Jodi and for me, and all the other abuse victims of this world. Perhaps someday, we can all live out the rest of our lives in peace — which is really all we ever wanted in the first place.

    • He was good. He was somebody who truly cared about her. He didn’t say it outright, but it was clear he felt Jodi changed because she was entangled in what can only be termed a cult.

      That is the 800-pound gorilla in this case, the cultlike atmosphere of many involved in the Mormon church, and few will tackle it head-on.

    • I really wish Daryl would get to talk to the jury. Watching him in those clips, you could see the love he has for her. and what she meant to him and his family. He came off very sincere and genuine. It hurts my heart that people harass people who are willing to speak up about Jodi. I know hln is a sore spot here, but one thing that really resonated with me tonight was when someone said replace Jodi with your loved one that Nurmi was defending. You would want Nurmi to be able to give the best defense he could to that loved one. and that is no different from Jodi. Regardless if people do not believe her, she deserves a proper and full defense that is not clouded by popular opinion. It is sad when this does not occur. I just do not understand how and why there are so many narrow minded, mean spirited people out there.

        • Please read all of JMRJ’s posts over the last week or so on this trial. He did not watch the trial, but he had heard plenty about it, and this thoughts and opinions are something that many of you will enjoy. Unfortunately, his polite thought-provoking blog has been infiltrated, in part, by some obvious haters — most of whom are fly-by-night shooters who quickly become angry and run back to whence they came. However, there is intelligent commentary even by a couple of people who agree with the verdict.

          I’ve thoroughly enjoyed participating in the blog, especially on days when the particularly repulsive parasitic verminous insects were deeply invading our space here, and SJ’s bug spray bottle was tampered with and momentarily diluted. SJ, of course, found a more potent bug killer which appears to be working quite well today, thankfully. Leave it to SJ!

  61. I can’t believe this! Screw Pissy just called Samantha “HIS” Samantha and one of his bimbos told him the crush is mutual , she likes him, too!!!!! The Man is married, for gods sake, what a pig! For sure he’s somebody’s Bitch at HateLynet! I’ve said in an earlier post that Samantha was whoring for a TV spot and I guess I wasn’t too far off! This awful Sky-person reminds me of Cruella DeVille, gives me the creeps! Sooooo much more to this, I think! I wish the real story about all this would come out, I’m sure it would free Jodi! I have no more respect for any of these “Professionals” on TV, they are part of the lynch mob, I have palpitations now.

  62. Yes yes today was great. TheyHLN can work their mouths off all day long. KN has had it with this one sided travesty. Well pay back is a bitch. Seems HLN DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. Hope that little weasel gets sued. HLN my have well killed this girl. We need a HlN killer T shirt. Why is everyone AFRAID!

    • lol yeah . . “Don’t be scared” ng already has cuffs around her neck .. and about to get choked with them

  63. I’m unclear as to why I tortured myself by momentarily viewing this awful Facebook page, but perhaps it was divine intervention and I knew there would be a reward:

    Angela wearing Jodi’s “Survivor” t-shirt beautifully and proudly, and Mr. & Mrs. Arias holding hands through their terrible ordeal, while his own life hangs in the balance.

    • That is awesome..sorry you had to endure but glad you did.Someone, a few days ago. mentioned the fit of the tees.Want to get one if someone could give me heads up on sizing.Thanks.

    • I especially love the one about Dennis (Greg) Alexander and domestic violence. I remember some time ago those idiots on HLN going on and on about how Travis’ siblings grew up in the same family and they weren’t violent, stating it as if it was a fact they knew for sure. Even at the time I screamed, “How do you know that, you assholes?!” Turns out they didn’t but that didn’t keep them from saying it.

        • Wow, I thought it was only 3 sibs in trouble w/ the law. It turns out it’s 4, it’s not a stretch that TA had his own issues. We’ll never know if there were any juvenile records for him.

      • Travis’ father (Gary David Alexander) was married three times. Here’s the family history:

        Gary David Alexander b: 22 Oct 1948 in Utah, d: 28 Jul 1997 in Corona, Riverside Co., California

        ** Married (1) Carol S. Elder b: Abt. 1951, m: 29 Jul 1967 in Riverside Co., California


        ******Gary David Alexander Jr. b: 15 Apr 1969 in Riverside Co., California

        ******Dennis Gregory (Greg) Alexander b: 08 Jun 1971 in Riverside Co., California

        Married (2) Pattie Ann White m: 31 Aug 1974 in Douglas, Nevada

        ******No children

        **Married (3) Pamela Elizabeth Morgan b: 18 Apr 1953 in Riverside, Riverside Co., California, d: 10 Feb 2005 in Hemet, Riverside Co., California, USA, m: 02 Apr 1977 in Clark Co., Nevada


        ******Travis Victor Alexander b: 28 Jul 1977 in Riverside Co., California

        ******Tanisha Joy Alexander b: 11 Dec 1979 in Riverside Co., California

        ******Samantha Ann Alexander b: 13 Jul 1981 in Riverside Co., California

        ******Hillary Jean Alexander b: 18 Nov 1982 in Riverside Co., California

        ******Steven James Alexander b: 7 May 1986 in San Bernardino, California

        I believe there may also be a sister Allie but I don’t think she’s an Alexander. Maybe a half sister on their mother’s side.

    • I retread the autopsy, from what I gather, not only was the brain intact but so was the heart itself. The neck wound was the lethal wound. The vena cava is a veign that leads into the heart. The lungs showed no sign of hemorrahage so he did not breathe any blood into his lungs. The trachea appeared normal so it did not almost decapitate him as some talking heads have suggested. jam said that Travis died three times, which is a lie and he knows it. He used the ME to his advantage . I think it was very unprofessional of JM to approach his witnesses and whisper to them while they were on the stand. He did so with Horn and DeMarte. Was this whispering observed by the jury? If it happened in open court, the clerk would not have been able to record what was said to them.
      I also take issue with the prosecutor complaining about the defenses motions . He is taking this case personally because he feels chastised by the defence and Alice LaViolette for calling him out on his bullshit.
      I was reading the newsletters from the Maricopa attorney!s office from 2005 to 2011 and they seem to go after the death penalty more often than not.
      They also changed the rules and laws so that they could change what self defence entails and what could be charged as a felony murder and what qualifies as a death penalty factor, this is probably why they have such a high rate of reversals.
      It is like the gerrymandering the republicans have done in the districts in order to take over the House.
      They also have a high rate of turnover for qualified attorneys.
      It seems that the more cases they “win” the more favorable it is in their compensation.
      The whole system has been working against Jodi from the beginning.

  64. I went and viewed that photo and saw some of the comments, unfortunately. These haters are sick sick sick people and my loathing has been elevated to the height of theirs. I hope I don’t run across one in a dark alley. One of us may not make it out in one piece.

  65. Does anybody know if there’s a blogtalkradio program tonight at 8 pm w/ Gus Searcy. Is he going to talk about the Arias trial or just about himself. I saw something on Gagic’s twitter about pitchforks hosting.

  66. I see Jodi is on lifetime wednesday night, anyone know anything about this, is this an old interview or current?

    • I saw that commercial again awhile ago and realized that, while they are saying it is an “exclusive interview” – they are not saying WITH WHOM.

    • I would assume this is an old interview since Jodi is not allowed to talk with the media ………. since her last post conviction interview.

  67. KIRK NURMI & Willcott did me proud today!
    How rewarding was it to see Nurmi name the note on the
    off the rails farce of a trial & to see the look on despicable Judge’s
    face like her brain was melting!

    Jodi Arias is so the new West Memphis Three of our decade,
    I felt that it was definitely strategy & planting honest seeds
    out there since he knew all eyes were on the trial today!

    Kudos Nurmi if you are reading this
    you and Jennifer are PHENOM!!!

    Justice for Jodi / For the long haul

  68. When this first round is over (because appeals are coming next) I wonder if they’re going to lift Juanito up onto a donkey and have him ride triumphantly into Phoenix with a crown on his head and a wooden stick in his hand as cheering crowds line the street . . .

    CROWD: Hosanna! Hosanna!
    JUANITO: (Singing.) Meet you all the way . . .
    CROWD: (Singing back.) Hosanna yeah!
    JUANITO: (Singing.) Meet you all the way . . .
    CROWD: (Singing back.) Hosanna yeah!
    (Juanito raises his stick and falls backward off the donkey. Det. Flores rushes over from the side of the street and helps him up.)
    FLORES: Juanito – are you all right, ese?
    JUANITO: Esteban – don’t tell nobody I fell off this donkey, homes. Tell them the animal bucked and threw me off. (He climbs back on the animal.)
    FLORES: You want me to lie, bro?
    JUANITO: Yes.
    FLORES: No problem. You want me to get Horn to lie about it, too?
    JUANITO: No, that probably won’t be necessary.
    FLORES: Cause I can get him to do it.
    JUANITO: No, it’s okay, carnal.
    FLORES: Really, ese, it’s no problem. I could just threaten his career . . .
    JUANITO: Shut up, vato! Don’t say shit like that.
    FLORES: Sorry, homes. I had a 40 before I got here, and I guess I’m a little loose.
    JUANITO: Go back to the side and walk with me.
    (Flores walks back to the side of the street and follows the procession.)
    (Juanito hears a woman’s voice.)
    WOMAN: Juanito! Juanito!
    JUANITO: (Peering around deliriously.) Mama! You’ve come back?
    WOMAN: No, over here, Juanito!
    (Juanito looks to the left and sees Judge Pickles waving to him from the throng of supporters.)
    JUANITO: What are you doing over there?
    JUDGE PICKLES: Can you give me a ride? I have to get to the nail salon by three, but they have all the roads blocked because of your triumphant entry into Phoenix.
    CROWD: Hosanna! Hosanna!
    JUANITO: (To Judge Pickles.) But don’t you have a case in court today?
    JUDGE PICKLES: We already finished our seven and a half minutes of proceedings, so now I’m a free woman, thank God.
    (Juanito motions Judge Pickles to approach and then hop up on the back of the donkey and ride with him.)
    (The crowd cheers when they see the judge.)
    SPECTATOR #1: (To Judge Pickles.) Show us yer tits!
    (The judge lifts her top and shoves down her bra.)
    SPECTATOR #2: Show us yer tits!
    (The judge shakes her torso in the spectators’ direction.)
    SPECTATOR #3: Show us yer tits!
    JUDGE PICKLES: (To Juanito.) They can’t see anything.
    JUANITO: Turn toward them.
    JUDGE PICKLES: I’m facing them right now.
    SPECTATOR #1: Oh, my God – she’s got a lump in her breast!
    SPECTATOR #2: Dumbass – that IS her breast.
    JUANITO: (Waving to the crowd with his stick. To Judge Pickles.) All this fame is overwhelming. I can’t get over how popular and how loved I am. Did you know that just last night, a woman I had never seen before came up to me and asked me to give her 10 inches and make it hurt?
    JUDGE PICKLES: What did you do?
    JUANITO: What could I do? I fucked her twice, then hit her with this stick.

    . . .

  69. Dear Team Jodi & Friends:

    Today is a sad day for all of us. First, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Oklahoma City who were hit with a massive tornado earlier this afternoon. I have been through half a dozen hurricanes in my lifetime and I have never seen the level of devastation that I witnessed earlier today in Oklahoma City. Second, the “Travisty of Justice” has reared its ugly head once again with Judge Stephens denying Jodi’s lawyers request to withdraw from the case. I was also disappointed to learn that Jodi’s friend, Patricia Womack, refused to testify because she allegedly had received death threats. I can certainly understand Ms. Womack’s reticence at appearing in the courtroom, but I personally wish she would have been more brave and taken one for the team in this most desperate hour.

    I have said a lot about Travis Alexander and his supporters on this website in recent days. Now I’d like to say a few things about Jodi Arias. I don’t know Jodi Arias. I never met her. But reading her blogs, listening to her in court and in interviews and looking at her artwork, she strikes me as someone who isn’t afraid of baring her soul. In fact, I am reminded of some wise words from an amazing woman who spoke of challenges in our lives who said: “We’re all born with the desire to seek out and overcome challenges. As far as human history is concerned, it is arguably what has kept people alive and it has led to a steadily continuing increase in our standard of living. Challenges can teach, inspire and help us to grow. Overcoming challenges brings a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to face even greater challenges that we will inevitably encounter.” The amazing woman who said this? Jodi Arias.

    I would never proclaim Jodi Arias to be perfect. Nobody is. But I think there is something truly beautiful and attractive about someone who comes from humble beginnings and struggles with societal pressures to become a self-made woman that turns her life around without the assistance of any man. We have all made mistakes and some bad choices in our past, some of them worse than others. But not all of us are able to channel and transmute our passions and desires into positive energy which enables us to turn our life. Jodi Arias has done that and I have absolute faith in her that she will continue to do that because the best is yet to come for Jodi.

    There is not a doubt in my mind that Jodi Arias is innocent and that she will NEVER do anything like this again. We keep hearing the talking heads in the media talking about how Jodi has not shown any remorse, that she needs to show remorse, etc. With all due respect, whether Jodi shows remorse or doesn’t, the very same people who hate her now will continue to hate her, so what good does that do? I believe that she is remorseful and that if she could do it all over again, she never would have went to see Travis that morning. What I find to be incredibly ironic is how Jodi’s fiercest critics who accused her of “overkill” in the death of Travis Alexander are doing the same thing to her and her character over and over again.

    One of the things that I have noticed in recent weeks is how there are a number of prospective suitors that are lining up to try and woo Jodi Arias. Some of them have behavior that is eerily reminiscent of Travis Alexander. I will not deny that I find Jodi to be very attractive and lovely. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and I would honestly treat her as a gentleman. But I think that what she needs right now more than anything is friendship and unconditional love. I think that, more than anything, she needs to know that there are people out there that support her, love her and will not abandon her or her fight for freedom.

    You know, it is in times like these when you find out who your real friends are. When times are tough for you and your family, that is when you truly learn who’s going to be there for you and who’s not. I don’t even know Jodi personally, but if I did I would have said and done everything possible to speak on her behalf at court today. Death threats are scary and they certainly can be intimidating, but I would have more respect for Ms. Womack had she told the TravisTown pedo-huggers to go f**k themselves and showed her support for Jodi today. Maybe I’m wrong and out of line for saying this, but I just feel that if you know your friend’s life potentially hangs in the balance, you should be there for them.

    I wonder if Jodi knows just how much so many people out there love and support her. I truly believe that she would be touched at the number of people on here and elsewhere who are buying the “Survivor” t-shirts, sending donations and showing their support for her on here with their comments. Jodi, you will never, ever have to worry about any of us not being there for you. God bless you.

  70. It was a Canadian holiday weekend so I missed the trial today but have now caught up on my reading and review of Kirk N.’s presentation. I really feel he had to address this kangaroo court in order to give Jodi a chance of another trial, ie appeal. It is said by some that he did the ultimate, which was to declare that he and Jennifer were ineffective given the several reasons he cited. Thus because of the kangaroo court and circus antics of the prosection and their ability to cross examine mitigation witnesses, there was no sense in having witnesses for the defense take the stand. I have not seen a lawyer do that before. Tomorrow, who knows what will happen but I do think he has pretty much guaranteed a right to appeal for Jodi, unless she gets up tomorrow and says she wants the death penalty. I am really hoping she does not do that. I feel for these lawyers, the climb uphill has been horrible. The Judge looked angry and she wasn’t going to give an inch. I cannot believe that any superior court would not see gross errors throughout this trial. It is actually embarrassing to the state of Arizona. As the stomach turns again tomorrow. What will a day in the court in Arizona bring tomorrow?

  71. I think somewhere over the weekend my own personal view of defense strategy change. Several people posted, Nurmi lacked luster and the team seemed defeated. I was still hanging in there with them, my thinking was don’t piss of the jury, play nice, you win approach, let others beg for mercy for Jodi…and this will work out. Then something started to build in me and when I read Sirlips post about JM pulling down pants and taking a steamer and throwing it…It came full circle for me…I started daydreaming that is exactly what Nurmi should do… just go batshit crazy on them..start a Filibuster rant and first start throwing shit on Pickles and JM then start flinging it at the HLN bloodhound sitting in the back . Well today was mighty close, Nurmi has class and a brain…my dream isn’t going to come true. If I looked like Katie W and had a cane I’d be chasing Nurmi around the courthouse…screaming… Oh my God. ..Nurmi…your my hero…please sign my cane.

    • The more I have thought about it the more I think they were not really displaying a defeated attitude. It was a toned down defense and maybe hard for them to hide their disappointment. Remember they were trying to get a not guilty on the cruel charge last week. Playing nice to these jurors who all ready had their minds made up did not pay off but they had to tread carefully last week. At least they know they tried the respectful approach and that did not work. I think after the victim impact statements and jurors supposedly visibly upset they know they have nothing to lose by telling it like it is today. I am proud of Nurmi he absolutely came alive today even if it was on deaf ears.

      The ears and eyes that really matter in today’s arguments and motions are the ones he was really playing to—-the automatic review board for death penalty cases.

      • Yeah I thought they were defeated but I think it was the feeling that no matter what they don’t win at all. I loved nurmi today. Truly loved his approach I hope tomorrow Jodi doesn’t give anyone the satisfaction of speaking and she sits her happy ass in the defense table.

        • Yeah me too I wish she would not speak at all either. Its not going to make any difference at all and just gives Juan the chance to do another rebuttal after it and bring up that interview she did after the first verdict. The jury is going to do what the jury is going to do no need for her to say anything else. JMO.

          There are days I even think she should have never been on the stand period (it did her no good) and then more focus and weight could have been spent on the other witnesses and the utter LACK of true and any concrete evidence towards premeditation.

          • What ever they decide I’ll be OK with, as long is it done in way that JM doesn’t have to chance to get his toadclaws into her. Enough is Enough!

  72. Hi all.
    First, I want to start out by saying I’m not a troll, or a sneek, or anything else. I have posted on this site before with questions, because I believe you all to be very informative and smart people.
    I will say I do not believe Jodi’s account of events, but I do not believe the states position either.

    I’m not here to spew my opinion, which I can tell u doesn’t mean much in the case, but I do have a question regarding what happened in court today:

    I do believe that Patty decided not to take part as a midigation witness because Juan would have brought up her drug claims, and some other bs about selling photos or something. Points I find completely irrelevant, and should not be allowed in the midigation process, but I digress….

    As far as Daryl not being called, here is my question, and I do apoligize if this has been discussed and or answered:

    Did Nurmi purposely not call him, or any other witness, to give the appealete court grounds for an appeal, citing ineffcective council? Meaning he purposely acted as an incometent lawyer to assist Josi is receiving an appeal, even with other council?

    I hope all of that made sense, and an answer, or odeas, would be much appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂


      • would be suspected that you as a juror has experienced what’s going on . . and that you cannot contact local pd for protection . . get a throw away cell and call the fbi . .

      • Not necessarily, sometimes it can be from an insecurity. I felt at first that my voice and thoughts didn’t matter much when I first started posting. It felt like I was the new kid at school again. The longer I was here the more I started to post. I do still feel insecure at times, but I am used to that feeling, that’s how I roll.

    • If you have to prepose your post with “for the record I’m not a troll”, then you are probably in the wrong spot Just saying. If you are not a troll, then you dont have to say anything, just type your shit.

      Anyway, i see no harm in your questions, they are valid. 1st, i agree that she did not decide to testify because JM let her know he would be bringing up her drug history. Although she probably knew that already, i think he made it clear how he would make it sound. For example lets say she smoked pot…he would probably make it sound like she was a raving pot head. etc… Perhaps she has kids, job…so she cant let anything jeperdize her character.

      I believe no one else testified for this same reason. Either they didnt want juan to drag them through the mud or the defense didnt want them to get dragged through the mud. I think it was smart and will make an impact, AS LONG AS the judge reads the “note” to the jury that the defense requested. I think this note is the instruction to the jury saying “since u were told XYZ would be testifying and now they are not DUE TO DEATH THREATS do not take this as a negative to Jodi.” However, pickles isnt going to read the “death threats part.

      EVERYTHING being done is for the appeals proocess, even if it is also being done for the current trial. All questions and objections are for BOTH. they are all double edged. Notice how Nurmi and WIlmot did NOT object to ALOT of things in the trial, that they could have objected to? Its so the state could dig themselves a bigger hole, for appeals to be done. Once they had enough examples to site, with each witness, THEN and only then did they start objecting to “yell” etc…

      I do not think they are “acting like incompetant laawyers” just to make an appeal foor them being bad at their job. I believe it is to make sure they have POISONED the trial enough that it cant be argued that it impacted the case. What i mean is, imagine they called a few of the witnesses for jodi now… In appeal they could say “she had people speak for her, if the others chose not to, thats too bad”. But now, since they have proof of threats for this witness, they can say “no one would/could/should testify” and the appeals court has to realize she didnt get the right to have witnesses that she SHOULD have had.

      I would have used this same tact with ALV. The second she got threats and started getting bad PR from the trial i would have pulled her from the stand and claimed she couldnt/wouldnt continue.

      When JM started YELLING at DR.S..i would have pulled him from the stand and done the same thing.

      If theyhad ANY excuse to pull the witnesses, they SHOULD have and this trial would have been thrown out long ago and restarted with a sequstured jury and NO CAMERAS, with a new judge to boot.

      I think they finally figured out a great way to combat the media and JM’s attitude but i think it was too late.

      Jodi did not have the best defense team in my opinion.

      sry, its late…not gonna spell check. g’night my friends and JB

      • What is the other lawyer that sits behind Jennifer and Kirk do? I thought that she was the mitigation person but she didn’t speak to the court.

    • NO, it wasnt because he was bringing up her drug background, I could barely hear the TV because I was working but I did make out what Nurmi said, the witness, Patty, was threatened and intimidated and no matter how you try to spin it and put it back on her, thats what happened today

      • yes, that is why Nurmi said she didnt testify, but i believe the truth is about JM bringing up her drug issue…whatever that could be. Nurmi and wilmot exchanged several looks when he brought it up today. That fucker didnt need to say anything, but the damage has already been done to her now. Everyone is going to think she has some big drug issue.

        • the “telling” part on this was Nurmi requesting this to be in open court, rather than in chambers. he wanted this out in the open for appeals.

        • But this is on the paper they filed today, the reason why she is not testifying? Now I am very confused:

          For reasons unrelated to this motion, Ms. Womack did not testify on May 16, 2013, and
          was instead scheduled to testify on May 20, 2013. However, after returning home Ms.
          Womack began receiving threats, threats that included threats on her life if she were to
          testify on Ms. Arias’ behalf. On May 19, 2013, Ms. Womack contacted counsel for Ms.
          Arias that she is no longer willing to testify due to these threats. It

          • I think it was JM’s shitty way of trying to discredit Ms. Womack , by implying that she is a drug addict and that she doesn’t follow the law by not paying taxes on the pics she gave to HLN were Jodi was her bridesmaid. JM was trying to steal the defences thunder because he is mad at them for pointing out his dickish moves in court( misconduct)

  73. Had a wonderful dream last night! It was me and the seven dwarfs stomping the ever-loving shit out of JM and the rest of his shit-for-brains goon squad! (PS. this includes HLN too!) !!!!!! HUGE HUGS TO JODI AND TEAM JODI!!!!!!! 🙂

  74. Dr drew is a doctor of internal medicine . He has no specialty in treating psychiatric issues. He can treat general adult illnesses. So he is misleading people with his psychobabble crap. He regurgitates nonsense talking points that sound technical and valid but have no bearing in fact. One cannot diagnose a person without interviewing them personally. His crap is based on opinion and secondhand knowledge.

    He also went on about mob mentality which his network clearly started but clarified it with a big but and then He blamed Jodi for inciting the mob .
    The whole lot of them are unprofessional and this is probably the only job they can get now because of their lack of ethics in the real world.
    Nancy Grace and her band of merry twits are so obviously exploiting people, yet the people they exploit do not realize it.

    If she cared about justice, she would not go out of her way to prevent due cause.
    She is out for vengeance and there is a big difference between the two.

    • Good post. That “mob mentality ” analysis was hilarious. It’s a wonder they didn’t all melt down into puddles. I think all of the doctor’s frosted gals should add the Dance of the Seven Veils to their nightly program. That would be more honest!

    • I’m sorry, I’m “Mad as Hell and I Can’t Take it Anymore”. Dr. Drew needs a brain enema.

  75. To JB, IF you have been on this site before you would know that her name is JODI —-not josi you stupid fucking troll!

    • I think it may have been a typo, there are a few spelling mistakes so maybe he typed too fast and posted before he could check it.
      He spelled Jodi right in the first part of the paragraph.

      • some trolls are worse than others, let him “ask his questions” and we will see how long it takes for him to revert to “but she is a liar” or perhaps he is just questioning, which is fine IMO.

        • I agree, but no worries I have taken care of it.

          I thought your response was very good, so I’m going to let his comment stay up so everyone can see how well you addressed it. Thanks! 🙂

  76. I think Nurmi made it pretty clear why he did not call any witnesses today Dale. Did you watch it? Darryl and Patricia were harassed and threatened all weekend long (last 4 days) on twitter, facebook etc and this has been trial by media and witness intimidation and character assassination of each and every defense witness in this case.

    Nurmi called for a mistrial based on the perpetual intimidation and attacks in and out of the court room. Based on this being a salem witch trial of epic proportions. Judge denied it. They elected not to call any witnesses.

    It is my opinion that Jodi didn’t want Darryl or any of her family members falling on their swords for her with an obviously tainted and unswayable jury and lynch mob waiting for them out in the world to further harrass and disparage after they spoke.

  77. I wrote a new poem for Jodi the other day. Hope you all like it. It is called “Survivor”.


    We see you in court, take off your glasses,
    Wipe away tears brought on by the masses.
    It is torture for me every day to see you suffer,
    I wish there was some go-between, a buffer
    To put out the fires that rage within the court,
    As the flame throwing attorney chortles a snort.
    Your request for mistrial is ignored by the judge,
    With your pleas for justice to which they will not budge.
    Every day and night you endure so much abuse,
    You probably question carrying on, what’s the use?
    But I know you’re not a quitter, but rather a survivor,
    There are so many hopes and dreams for you to strive for.
    And we will be there for you every step of the way,
    No matter how many times they attack us every day.
    I know that you are innocent and the verdict is wrong,
    But you can overcome this for you are iron-willed and strong.
    Never, ever give up or surrender to those who choose to hate,
    For injustice will prevail as we will fail, doomed to our fate.
    Have faith, dear Jodi, for the moment of truth shall soon arrive,
    It will bend, but not break you, for I know that you will survive.

  78. Watching today’s hearing. I am so annoyed at that bitch of a judge looking down her glasses and nose at the Defense council. I swear she makes me ill along with Juanitos Maricon, he’s a pompous asshole. Nurmi dear, I dont know how you controlled yourself today because I would not have been able to.

    I was happy to see Jodi’s sis and brother in court today. Her brother is such a cutie. I hope Jodi does not address the jury tomorrow, fuck em all up the ass Travis-style.

    • Trixel,
      The judge did that throughout the trial.
      She EVEN said to the jury don’t make anything out of it if I did.

      She glared at the defense. There was no doubt that she was totally biased.
      MORE so than any judge I’ve ever witnessed.

      Talk abot cruel? The MOBS and talking heads are so cruel, nasty and downright hateful.
      Jodi never stood a chance!

    • Travis did always use grease – such a gentle man {sic}.

      justice4travis was served – a blue body bag for this pedophile!!

      And Jodi seems so intelligent, gentle, loving …. well … perfect – fuck the media!!

      All we can do is pray that God will watch over his children & these blood thirsty anonymous idiots will have Karma – SERVED!!

  79. Frank, what a beautiful poem! Is someone able to mail / send this to Jodi? I’m sure it will lift her spirits.

  80. I hope Jodi doesn’t make a statement tomorrow. Whatever she says will be ignored by the Knucklehead jury anyway. This will give her a much better chance in a higher court to prove she was unable to fairly defend herself, even at the crucial sentencing phase. As for HLN & their leader in bias…Nancy DisGrace. I hope that the weight of the law of Karma falls on everyone of their heads. To cater & promote a lynch mob mentality is utterly disgusting for a legitimate news organization in this Country. Dis-Grace, who already murdered (by proxy) one young mother, who’s child died under unusual circumstances, by inviting her on her show & then cross examining (very harshly) the grieving mother. That young mother committed suicide, a few days later. CNN & Disgrace were sued by the girl’s parents in Civil Court. CNN & Dis-Grace took the easy way out by settling with the family for $200,000 before a verdict could be reached by the Judge. Did that stop Dis-Grace from continuing on her crusade to convict (even before trial) every defendant charged with a violent crime? Of course not! She went directly from that experience to injecting herself in the CA trial. When the verdict came in Not Guilty, She began making the rounds of anyone else s show (who would be foolish enough to have her on) weeping about that verdicts outcome, she sunk her venomous fangs into the Jodi Arias must die (regardless of the facts) campaign. She is an EVIL, ratings mongering scumbag that would sell her own mother down the river for a ratings boost. Now, that today could be the last day she can rant about Jodi, who do you thing her next victim will be? I’ll give you a very small hint….his name is GEORGE ZIMMERMAN! Take that to the bank!

    • I hope she stays quiet and just has Nurmi wave the big F U to this trial. I felt bad about Daryl brewer not able to testify. He spoke to AZ central and someone posted the link to it up in some other comments. He loved Jodi. He sounded like he felt the defense used him and he flew to testify from his town in Cali. It’s not Jodi’s fault. This trial is a mockery and unfortunately he got sucked in but bottom line is he new jodi to be a responsible hard working woman. He loved her and trusted her so he has no idea what happen or why it happened.

      • I can’t see how a jury could impose a death penalty if they could not all agree on the same thing, 7 premed 5 felony ? I don’t agree with capital punishment. God forbid if they do decide to , I hope it eats at their souls for the rest of their lives. The jury must not have paid attention to the facts and were caught up in this stupid fantasy of the states. It defies logic, I knew when the state rested their case early and then after the defence presented their case, JM came back with new theories that were not in his original opening, He distracted from the truth by making stuff up and twisting things to fit his agenda. JM was never after the truth, he was out for blood.
        Jodi did not waiver during her testimony, she was not rude and combative, JM was. He berated her if she wasn’t answering the way he wanted her to. It made him angry that he looked foolish.
        Then when Alice testified and he started yelling at her right away, she would not put up with his misogyny.

        • Juan Martinez is a nut job. He’s not out for truth or justice. He’s lied in court repeatedly. His hipocracy is amazing calling Jodi arias a liar when he’s lied in court so much. As an officer of the court you’d hope for better, but this is what Maricopa county gets. He’s in line with a sociopathic liar and I hope the judicial board reviews his behavior and he gets disbarred. He can then go make his career on the Hate & Lynchmob Network. There’s a special place for him.

  81. Is it pre-meditation if I want to rip that arrogant little weasel’s—-(yeah JM I’m talking about you…. you piece of shit)— head off his hunched-over spindly shoulders and shit down his throat ’til he explodes?

    • Only if you dye your hair first, flip your plates upside down to ‘not attract” cops, lie about your favorite flavor of icecream, have white..NOT RED shoes on and are not inclined to let guys stick it in your ass with-out lubing it up first.

      Then and ONLY then would it be pre-medited throat shitting.

  82. Im not very good at poetry, but i’ll give it a shot too:


    Each day we wait and stare at the seal
    just to get 7 minutes of crap for appeal

    You’d think judge pickles would rush it along
    But i guess the true judge is our short friend “juan dong”

    He yells and he rant and makes all the noise
    while Nurmi and Wilmot maintain all the poise

    All the judges tricks and all of Juans yelling
    show true teamwork when teammate are jelling

    But leave it to Nurmi to throw a wrench in the plan
    Hes had enough and youve pissed off the wrong man

    He said he will quit, and take his ball home
    but JM objected and gave out a moan

    Thats my ball, you cant let them leave!
    juan said to his mommy as he tugged on her sleeve

    He winked and pleaded then gave her his “look”
    and mommy said fine, and agreed with the crook.

    So on to tuesday, will Jodi again speak?
    who really fucking care? this trial was WEAK.

    I only tried poetry to help my lebido
    but i imagine you’d rather i stick with “my speedo”

    I say goodnight, i hope my rhyme sounded true
    And to the haters and HLN goodnight and FUCK YOU!

    • LOL! Clever! You should write more poems like this one. Good night everyone, I’m going to sleep with a smile on my face.

    • So many talented poetry writers on the site!
      I’m inspired to try it

      His pecker is red
      His ribbons are blue
      Sugar is sweet
      And so are you
      I suck at this poetry stuff
      So I bid all adieu

  83. Just watched the Darryl Brewer interviews and he stated he was harassed as well throughout this trial—no shocker there. I found him to be a well spoken credible person.

    • No doubt the racist Sheriff Arpaio & racist Governor Brewer of AZ will look into the death threats against those trying to save a Mexican’s life ?

      Uh, NO!! They will be the face of racism of Hispanics in history.


    • His words actually brought me to tears, despite some of his opinions that I disagreed with. He was willing to testify this time — full face on camera — in order to help Jodi, the woman he loved, and will always have love for. As he said, he still has love for his ex-wife.

      Darryl watched the woman he loved, that his family members loved, deteriorate and change in front of his eyes, while under the influence of abuse. He mentioned it began in the spring of 2006, but I think he meant, after she met Travis (i.e. fall of 2006). I deteriorated under the influence of abuse and I’m not proud of who I became. I’m still fighting my way back to find myself two years and a whole lot of therapy later. I only wish there was more understanding in society of what abuse does to a person. Will there ever be? I don’t know.

  84. Unless I actually see those words coming from Patty myself (as in I see Patty on TV speaking the words) I DO NOT believe that quote about Jodi taking a dear life came from Patti and I don’t understand why anyone else here would believe it without question either???

    Come on people, haven’t we all learned that these media people lie on the regular?? Whether it is Dateline or 48 hours they all have no problem passing off LIES as fact

    I think we should cut Patti some slack, as it is what we do know about her for sure is that she has stuck up for Jodi in public on several occasions and it’s probably tearing her apart that she had to back out of speaking in court for Jodi but you know what she probably figured (& sadly she would be right too) that if she did get up there and give her statement of support for Jodi and talked until she was blue in the face about what a good person she has always known Jodi to be its not going to change anything in the jury’s mind & it’s not going to change the outcome for Jodi. They jury’s mind is made up already, I’m sure that Jodi knows this about the jury too so for all we know she may have told Patti that she didn’t want her to give a statement in court. Jodi knows more than any of us what those freaks that are responsible for the death threats against her friend are capable of.

    Patti is probably scared for her safety and her children’s safety if she has any and I don’t blame her because if it were me I would feel the same way. Do you know what you would feel like in her place? Some people are for the most part going at it alone in this world and it leaves them vulnerable…not everyone has a husband living at home who will protect them if need be, may not have a supportive family or friends who will always have their back and can protect them….they don’t have the security of living in a house with an alarm system & or a dog to alert them if someone is prowling around outside their door at night…I don’t know Pattys circumstances at all but as far as Im aware neither does anyone else here…is that right or? So I gotta ask why are people here hating on Patti…it reminds me of the some of the TA haters irrational behavior..…is it really necessary towards Jodis good long time friend when we’re going off mostly speculation because unless I missed something nobody here knows for sure what exactly led to Patti not giving her statement in court today…so why all the hate towards her?

    Speaking of Jodi’s friends who were to speak in court today…I watched the interview someone posted the link to above with Darryl and I like him.. he seems like truly nice person and came off is as level headed and as real as they come…its obvious he truly cares about Jodi as a person….from what Ive seen of Patti on several other shows in the past she loves Jodi too and as hard as whats happening to Jodi is for alot of us who have never even met Jodi imagine how hard its been for long time close friend Patti .so why are some people here hating on her …it just doesn’t seem right to me …just saying my opinion

    • I’m inclined to agree about not adding more, she’s already been terrorized the same as everyone else for Jodi was. We are not privileged to all of what is going on. . the ones involved in that decision know what they’re doing. jm got out the chit he wanted to and should not have been allowed to do that so the way it went down isn’t right but what else has been with exception of . . jm looking like an ass once again.

  85. It is very apparent that the haters have questionable moral characters. Who do they think they are trying to destroy lives, reputations and careers? The defence witnesses testified because they believe what they are saying and they are experts. Juan and his followers are out to kill Jodi and they don’t care how they do it. Something very bad happened in that bathroom on June 4th , there is no way that Jodi would have killed him unless she absolutely had to.
    The state has no clue what happened, just their opinions. They weaved an interesting fairytale about perceived good and evil. Travis, by his own words told us who he was. He was the liar, he misled his friends and family, he was estranged from most of his siblings, he was deceiving the church and he was the one who threatened to make Jodi look crazy so that he could continue to keep her under his thumb.
    She loved him and began to love herself enough to start letting go. He did not like the fact that she was becoming more independent of him He still wanted to have his way with her. She wasn’t planning to see him, he wanted her to come over. He was waiting up for her.
    The media, the detectives took his friends words at face value. They did not investigate or ask questions.
    They began beating the drums and repeating the same thing day in and day out until they began to believe their own lies.
    The jury saw the mob that happened to Casey and now to Jodi and took the easy way out. They obstructed justice for the sake of convenience. They never considered Jodi to be innocent until proven guilty.

  86. I just read the article with the quote from Patty how she is conflicted about the case because someones dear life was taken blah bla blah…….that article also says that Jodi dyed her hair , turned her phone off and drove 1000 miles to kill TA when wasn’t it proven in court with photos of Jodi taken weeks or maybe even months before June of 2008 that clearly showed her with brown hair ….but that doesn’t stop the writers of the article from lying about Jodi dying her hair anyway

    The article also said Jodi was stalking Travis in the months before killing him so I sure hope that article isn’t all it took for some who post here to start hating on Patty (its exactly like the hate filled Taliban sheep who believe in Jodis guilt so strongly because they saw it on HLN & worship saint TA because Nancy Grace said TA a saint and JA a monster so that is the truth..right??)

    • stalking him from 1000 miles away . . their use of the word “stalking” has been misused by law terminology this entire case. The state is banking on trite folly or in other words when they picked the jurors they did background on them and found them basically ignorant. Once jm found out what he wanted he blew smoke up their butts the rest of the trial.

  87. This day has me totally confused. My last thoughts of the day are that Jodi did not want Darryl Brewer to testify and Nurmi and Wilmott had to do as she requested. Brewer gave interview to news team stating that he had been in court both Thursday and today, waiting to give his testimony. The Defense decided not to call on him. He was surprised and had no warning that he would not be speaking on Jodi’s behalf. That being the case, I can assume nobody else would have been allowed to speak as Jodi didn’t want that. Imo, Jodi is going to tell jury she wants the Death Penalty tomorrow. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the h is going on?

  88. Just saw the interview with Darryl Brewer, so sad that things couldnt have worked out for them. He seems like a great guy who loves her very much and treated her as she deserved. The jury needs to hear this, imo. I think it would help them see that something went terribly wrong in her life, TA, mormon religion and ppl, and not that she is a cold blooded killer like most think she is. A terrible picture has been painted of her in the media and I think they should be banned, imo, they are no better than the brainwashing of the so called religious beliefs of the mormon church. I am not one to bash a persons beliefs but after reading and researching something is just not right.

    • I think the part of the interview that struck me was when he talked about how in 2006 Jodi started talking this “magical thinking”, as he called it. Sure sounds to me like somebody got into her head. Gee, I wonder who that could’ve been – PPL, the Mormon Church, Travis, all of the above? It’s obvious she wasn’t the same person after she came in contact with this group of shitheads.

  89. As usual I am up late, when most of you are in bed. The Dingo ate yo baby page cracks me up. There was a post on there praying that tomorrow is the end and the DP is handed down and then asking for those reading the post to pray for the lives lost in Oklahoma. I am just amazed at the insanity over there.
    Its late so nighty night.

    Love Peace and Soul to our dear Jodi.

  90. Jodi you have amazing beauty inside and out and I pray the jury can see that today. Thinking of you.
    Stay Strong for you have a lot of support here.

  91. Did a whole bunch of posts go missing from this thread? I was posting until late last night, and I asked a “Milan M” for a link to an article about death-qualified jurors.

    Have I lost my mind? I’m almost positive it was this thread!

    Anybody know?

    • Hi Pique,

      Me too? Are we in the wrong place? I came back here to post that link for you, it is now Tuesday afternoon. I hope you see this, here is the link:

      Be careful, Ed b said that his anti-virus software warned him there may be a virus coming from that site. I am on a Mac so I didn’t notice anything, but if you’re not on a Mac, you might have to make sure your anti-virus is up to date before you read it.

      There is another article that I had posted before also, I’m not sure where I put it, it is also on the profile of death penalty qualified jurors. I’ll look for it some more, not sure I can find where I posted it on this site before.

  92. I was on very late too, didnt notice anything wierd. Except the neighbor doesnt understand the value of curtains and her date doesnt understand the value of a diet.

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