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5 days of Decomp?

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I’m no decomposition expert by any means, but I can tell you this: If you have a room in your house where a body has been decomposing for several days, then the whole house is gonna reek. Fact.

And there were 2 people living in that same house for 4-5 days that never even noticed anything, despite going in & out of the house numerous times? BS again.

They even gave 2 versions to LE. First they said he was “out of town”, then they stated he was “in Mexico”… and all the time his car was in plain sight in the garage… as were his keys and his dog.

Do we trust these assholes?

No way.


TA’s muppet friends

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Remember how TA’s friends were always way too eager to point the finger at Jodi? One retard in particular – Taylor Searle – even turned up at the crime scene brandishing his laptop to show LE whodunnit. BS.

TA’s friends have proven beyond a showdown of a doubt they’re a bunch of clueless tossers, all hell-bent on framing Jodi.

Detective Esteban Flores says he heard the name Jodi Arias from day one. “As soon as we began to talk to friends and family, there were certain individuals who gave us that name and said, ‘You need to look into Jodi Arias.'”

“Taylor Searle told JVM that he immediately suspected Jodi of the murder. “That was the first thing to my mind is that, ‘oh my gosh, Jodi actually killed him.'”

Nice one, retard.

It ain’t gonna happen.


Travis Alexander: Mr Perfect? Not really…

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All his finger-pointing Muppet friends still think the sun shines out of his ass (and let’s face facts, they’ve probably seen it enough times to know).

But in the cold light of day, TA is best described as follows:

Motivational speaker, body builder, ex-wrestler, offspring of meth addicts, pedophile, all-round philandering Mormon pervert – and a bad tempered bastard to boot.

Yeah. Read that last bit again if you missed it.


It starts right here

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If there’s one thing that stands out from this case, it’s people’s willingness to believe the BS fed to them by the media. The very same applied with the Casey Anthony trial, where HLN (and the rest of the media) had already convicted Casey based on BS & wishful thinking. When push came to shove, it all came off the rails due to an over-zealous prosecution backed by lack of evidence, junk science & fantasy forensics. The outcome? NOT GUILTY.

In the case of Jodi Arias, we’re gonna get the same outcome here. Again, law enforcement only ever looked at Jodi as the prime suspect. They never investigated anyone else. Everything LE have done from day 1 has been geared around framing Jodi for the murder of Travis Alexander.

Sound familiar?

Once again, the perennial pitchfork wielding clueless turds have come floating down the guilty river. They’ve let the media brainwash them again with yet another case.


Jodi Arias Is Innocent

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Ok then folks.

Here’s the question.

Do we go with the HLN BS and the (once again) clueless masses here in assuming Jodi Arias is “obviously guilty”? — or do we go through the facts ourselves and make our own decision?

We’ve been here before, right?

I vote for the latter.

Besides a camera and a few friends that were way too eager to start pointing the finger, there’s evidently a lot more to this case than meets the eye.

Having reviewed the case so far – and with the emphasis (once again) being on the prosecution to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt – I think they will fail admirably… Laughing Guy style.

I’m also quite sure that the vast majority of people jumping on the “guilty bandwagon” are doing so to make up for their ongoing disappointment at Casey’s NOT GUILTY verdict. Well, it didn’t happen last time, and it ain’t gonna happen this time either. Get used to it folks.

Leave your thoughts, comments & observations below, and let’s see where this takes us.

It starts right here and now…


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