AUDIO REPLAY — Vladimir Gagic, The Jodi Arias Trial

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If you missed Vladimir Gagic’s online radio program yesterday, featuring a live discussion of the trial and the  state’s ongoing inability to prove any of the charges against Jodi, click the play button below to listen to it. It’s well worth it as usual.

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    • Wanna know how pathetic I am? I stayed up for the sole purpose of being able to be first. That’s it. I don’t even have a comment to leave cause I haven’t listened to the replay yet. I couldn’t risk listening to it and someone else getting first.

      I have issues. I’m not going to lie. Thing is, I’M STILL FIRST
      and now SECOND.

      • LOL too funny Krystal, I have been first many times and said nothing because I don’t care to be first in anything 🙂

        • I’m never first at anything. Good, that is. Let it be a “Who steps in that pile of shit first” contest and I’ll make first but anything good and I just don’t make the grade. But, I look at it like this; I don’t come in first so someone else can. Because I’m nice like that. HAHA!

          I’m such a liar. Someone call in Fartinez to try me.

      • LOL… that’s so funny! Just remember – everyone has issues of some kind or another but you did give me a good laugh this morning… nice way to start the day!

        • Well, as long as someone other than myself is benefiting from my issues, at least I do not suffer them in vain! 😀

      • Haahaahaa well CONGRATULATIONS Krystal you deserve it!! Lol

        The show was awesome, they even made me laugh a few times. Every one has to listen to it, V. GAGIC ROCKED, he was point on about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, he was point on about the Zimmerman case too!

        • It was a great show! Vladimir is very intelligent and I enjoyed hearing nearly all of the callers express distaste for Martinez.

    • LOL! Krystal (my name is Krystal too) You are too funny! I have been meaning to tell you I really enjoy your posts. They are always a really nice mix of humor and intelligence:)

      • Kmiller- Obviously, with a name like yours, you have wisdom beyond your years and can’t be anything less that fantabulous. In all seriousness, thank you for the compliment and kind words. I’ve been complimented on my writing before where my humor is concerned but I think you just helped me obtain another FIRST because I don’t believe I’ve been told anything about intelligence in my writing before. For this, I THANK THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!! You, Krystal, have just made my day.

        Speaking of funny, that last sentence made me feel like I was writing compliments to myself. Took me back to my middle school days when, to make it look like I was more popular than everyone knew I really was, I’d sign my own yearbook as someone else. I’d even do it with my left hand so the penmanship was different. Like, I was totally trying to fool myself too. What a farking tard! LOL. Yeah, that was kind of sad wasn’t it? I probably could have kept that one to myself. On that note….moving on!

  1. I was wondering if someone can please tell me if Jodi was such a stalker and “crazy” why would Travis let her in his house? That doesn’t make any sense to me. If I were deathly afraid of someone I would not be anywhere near them let alone alone in my house.

    • Well technically he didn’t, because she let herself in the usual way through the unlocked opening,

      But her arrival is well corroborated, plus all the conversations she had with him.

      That’s the point : why did she spend the night with him if she was “stalking”?

      That was just a story Travis told to his friends ( damaging yes, but not true ).

      • So, again, if he was scared of his stalker, why was the door left open? Why was he writing her emails and texts daily, often several times a day? Why was he calling her daily, even having phone sex and lengthy chats with her? Why did he pose in sexual positions with an erection and have her photograph him?

        Would you do all that with someone who was stalking you, someone who you think slashed your tires twice, emailed your girlfriend a nastygram, and wouldn’t leave you alone?

        • Short answer… Because he wasn’t really being “stalked” by Jodi at all. That’s just what he decided to tell other people to keep his secret sex life, well… a SECRET. It was all about maintaining his “nice, innocent, virginal choir-boy” image; in reality, he Travis was a womanizing dog. (not to speak ill of the dead, but a spade IS a spade, after all)

          • He was always trash-talking about ex-girlfriends. He did it to Jodi about Deanna, and he did it to other girlfriends about Jodi.

            Quite honestly, he was a professional b.s.-er; that’s why he had some success as a salesman. He was a very polished liar.

  2. I really believe that the guard and the inmate are one in the same, one wears shirt the other a jumpsuit.

    As far as Jodi’s nutrition, what the hell is wrong with Maricopa County Clink when you have to call court off twice because you will not feed the accused?

    I also wonder, how many others are seating in lockup and are being treated this way or even worst?

    Jesus! We are not talking about ‘surf and turf, its a goddamn sandwich! I wish Willmont would get a loaf of bread out and Duke’s Mayonnaise during testimony and slap that shit together on tv. It would be worth the admonishment, to reiterate that Jodi is not getting to eat.

    In fact, I wish we could get 20 people from this site in the courtroom and everytime Martinez spoke we would all cough and say, “cough ‘blow-job’ cough ‘eat-me.'”

    Watch this

    • HAHA I think we would get thrown out pretty quickly but it would be fun while it lasted!

      hmmm, although maybe not, pickleface wouldn’t notice, it would have to be other people saying something.


    • “As far as Jodi’s nutrition, what the hell is wrong with Maricopa County Clink when you have to call court off twice because you will not feed the accused?”

      Can you expand on that, which sessions were called off, is this in the court record or anything?

      What happened, I don’t know about it.

    • This whole nutrition thing is highly emblematic of the judge’s inability to run her courtroom correctly. She knows the issues with regards to the jail, Sheriff Joe, etc. Why she doesn’t order Jodi fed appropriately, I can only surmise is the same reason she can’t get court started on time, keep JM from committing prosecutorial misconduct on national television for all to see, prevent the legal profession and the American legal system as a whole from taking it on the chin while she “presides” over this SNL skit/dress rehearsal for the real trial that will inevitably be ordered, and get the rubble from the man made disaster that is this trial removed before this year’s Freshman class graduates. Vladimir Gagic said that he suspects that NG is a closet anarchist, wishing all of her “targets” free. I think there is more evidence that Judge Stephens is. This is Pandemonium!

      • The topic of getting Jodi fed was brought up eariler in the trial by KN. He said because of the times Jodi had to be at court and then get out of court she was missing meals. The judge looked upset and said that she had given a court order to make sure Jodi got meals. So, don’t know what the dealy-o is with not getting fed.

  3. Okay I have a thought, bare with me here lol. Jodi stated in her testimony that she first saw the gun in October of 2007 while she was cleaning Travis’s closets for him. She said she did not think the gun was loaded at that point. She then stated she thought he told her he loaded the gun some time in December of 2007. Now in December 2007, Travis had his tires slashed twice, Lisa had hers slashed once, someone entered her home while they were there (according to Lisa) and left again. Then she got an anonymous email from someone. Lisa believed that it was Jodi that was stalking Travis. If that is the case, and that is the reason that Travis loaded his gun, would that not mean he intended on killing Jodi? He had the perfect alibi. He had told his friends that she kept coming over unannounced and unwelcome at times. He had told people she was stalking him, so if she came in one day and he shot her and killed her in cold blood, would he not get off because she was trespassing on his property and not welcome there? He had all his friends to back up what he was saying did he not?

      • So true Also, The accomplices are still active every night on HLN. Sometimes the disgust over this case is so overwhelming, this is one of those times for me. Thinking of TA’s bully friends just REALLY gets me angry!

      • I read that post Also Abused thank you. I also scrolled down the page there and the woman has another blog on how she figures Jodi is a narcissist. It was written January 15th I wonder if she has changed her mind on that one.

  4. O my damn the lady with the 62 second obsession is on my last nerve. She is repeating everything she heard on HLN. Damn near word for word. These people have no brain cells or they are all sharing one very warped cell.

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