Attorneys file new sexual harassment allegations against Martinez

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UPDATE – Friday, March 9th, from AZ-Central:

“A state committee on attorney discipline and ethics on Friday reinstated a Bar complaint against Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez and ordered the State Bar of Arizona to further investigate the allegations against him. CLICK HERE to read the 4 page PDF document, the Order Vacating Order of Dismissal, from 3/9/2018.

Attorneys representing Jodi Arias, perhaps Martinez’s most famous conviction, had alleged that Martinez used two trial bloggers, with whom he may have had intimate relations, to obtain and disseminate confidential information during Arias’ 2013 and 2015 trials. They also alleged that Martinez carried on an improper text-message and telephone relationship — including sexting — with a juror who had been removed from the jury to try to find information about the remaining jurors.”

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From, March 8th, 2018:


Attorneys seeking disciplinary action against Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez have filed further allegations with the Arizona State Bar about Martinez’s conduct with women in the courthouse.

Within the past month, one former court aide told attorneys Karen Clark and Ralph Adams that Martinez, a deputy Maricopa County attorney, had sexually harassed her, and said that she could provide the names of seven other women who had suffered the same.

Another courthouse employee sent the attorneys a letter dated March 4 in which she described Martinez pushing her face into a piece of murder trial evidence that reeked of decomposition. Martinez’s action was famously deemed “inappropriate” by the Arizona Supreme Court when he waved that evidence in front of a trial jury for its “smelling pleasure” during a 2005 trial.

Clark and Adams filed the new allegations with the Bar’s Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee Wednesday. On Thursday, Martinez’s lawyer for bar complaints objected, and the counsel for the state Bar filed motions with the committee and the state’s presiding disciplinary judge to block the new allegations from being heard at a committee meeting Friday.

Clark and Adams’ complaint alleged that Martinez engaged or attempted to engage women with whom he had flirtatious or outright sexual relationships to get information about jurors or leak confidential case information over social media.

And while the second Arias trial was underway, Martinez allegedly carried on an inappropriate telephone and text-message relationship with a juror who had been dismissed from the case. The woman sent naked photos to Martinez and claimed he pressed her for information on what other jurors were thinking. Martinez claimed he quickly ended the correspondence, which the woman debates.

In the new letter to the Probable Cause Committee, Clark and Adams mention a woman who came forward after they filed their initial appeal. They write:

“This female court staff member reports that she was personally sexually harassed by (Martinez) in the courthouse, while she was working. The harassment included unwanted touching. She can provide the names of no less than seven other women who work (presently or in the past) for Maricopa County who were also sexually harassed by (Martinez) at the courthouse, while they were working at their jobs. These women include: judicial assistants, court bailiffs, court clerks, and a sheriffs deputy. (Martinez)’ sexual harassment of these women went on for years, including the time frame relevant to the events in this matter.”

The attorneys wrote they received a letter from a woman who was a supervisor in the county probation department where Martinez’s wife (at the time) was employed. Martinez was prosecuting the case of Cory Morris, who was sent to death row for murdering five prostitutes during sex and then keeping their bodies in the camper van where he lived until they had badly decomposed. Martinez alleged that Morris had sex with the dead bodies, which has been disputed during appeals.

The former probation supervisor wrote:

“l recall in 2005, I was walking in the courthouse when I saw (Martinez) and we began a conversation. While I have no memory of the exact conversation, at some point, he told me that he was prosecuting someone by the name of Cory Morris. He suggested that I go into the courtroom with him, after the court had convened for the day. I did so, and I recall standing in the back of the courtroom while he walked to an area, around the judge’s bench, and he returned with some sort of a box/container. He stated something about a horrible smell from the clothing worn by one of the victims, murdered by Cory Morris. l recall that he removed the top of the container and I could smell a horrible stench. l recall cringing from the smell, and the next thing I knew, he placed his hand on the back of my neck and pushed my face down into the clothing so that I could benefit (for lack of a better word) from the full scent emanating from this garment.”


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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $115,923.05 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2018, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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    Clean Up your Corruption!!!!!
    What a disgusting horrible mess AZ, stop turning a blind eye!!!!
    The World is WACTHING YOU!!!! 😈

    • So does this lead us to believe that there is certainly a pattern to the frog’s unsavory behavior? Tampering has been before???

  2. TIMES UP for a rat… win at any cost abusing women…..odd how none in az. in power saw that in a certain SHOW TRIAL. All must be ready to give all to protect that rat as he may have info on their dirty deeds. How can this be that az. backed a monster and still back him. Who in their right minds forces a person to smell or touch a deceased belongings ….one has to wonder if he was not putting Her health at risk…well We know that it could care less. mr. has to make it’s point no matter the cost. And just what kind of thing would ever stand by any of it’s actions??? Little wonder it saw apal in another abuser called t-dog…j-rat…=) two of a kind! And one must ask is it just women this rat preyed on??? And while working for justice…sounds like class action to me and the sooner the better. Now We know the tip of the dirty ice burg …may We soon see much more as az.s wall does come down. Odd how they wanted so much to destroy her and it seems they will be destroyed…Her name is KARMA…..and She is loved by the JUST and feared by the unjust.


    This story is getting some coverage at least locally. Why is there no story from Fox? With the me-too movement and the media’s new-found sensitivity to the subject, there should be national coverage. Hopefully, he can’t slime himself out of all of this. His attorney blames it all on Jodi, but there are now over 30 witnesses to this behaviour stepping forward.

    • And even the local 12 News video coverage leaves the impression that the original charge (of sexually manipulating women to obtain jury information in Jodi’s case) continues to be dismissed. Not.

    • Amazing how the media is side stepping on this story, isn’t it?! Sounds like a bomb shell is about to fall on that tiny toad. The sooner the better. The TRUTH MUST BE HEARD!!!

  4. BREAKING NEWS Just saw on Twitter that the Arizona state bar has been ordered to re-investigate Jodi’s ethics complaint against Martinez!

  5. Finally some good news for Jodi!!!! The world needs to see just how dirty and corrupt Juan Martinez really is! We all knew it was true along time ago but now everyone is will know. Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

  6. Imagine Martinez pushing that employee’s face into a garment that had been removed from decomposing body….is he a sadist? If that is so, there is something seriously wrong with that man. I actually think he dislikes women intensely. He was very nasty with Jodi’s attorney Jennifer and made a concerted effort to put her down. Lets hope he doesn’t get away with it this time.

    • Alice LaViolette must have felt she was dealing with one of her clients. Martinez could never regret anything he did because that would take a conscience.

      At the time he wrote his trashy book, he had prosecuted 181 cases, 72 of which were murder trials. If he only cheated half the time, which is probably very generous, that adds up to a whole lot of people that he screwed out of a fair trial. As I understand it, he will now have to testify. I hope I’m not mistaken.

      • Your statistics may explain why the Bar disciplinary committee is so reluctant to sanction him–for fear of overturning previous convictions.

        • Alan/Carol,

          This is exactly what I was thinking and would definitely go a long way to explaining why AZ will likely do everything it can to not sanction him because of the “can of worms” fear. AZ knows he is a disgrace but is worried about what his sanctions will do to his previous convictions. I would not underestimate AZ’s motive to save their previous rulings in this situation because it is a powerful one!! AZ does not want to have to revisit every one of JM’s convictions which they would have to do if he is sanctioned.

  7. One must wonder if j-rat has not killed in his past….would that surprise any…opps seems it has KILLED via az justice or more like INJUSTICE! they back him to the hilt NO MATTER! Well when it comes to justice az may get justice sooner then they think. Time for any abused to use the courts to get justice on j-rat and his backers be int prison or $ or BOTH! Hard to believe it lies in court…LOL…NOW! That is it’s style…tell all hoe others lie but not him…..or just go 1930’s Germany with the big lie again n again….and thanks to hln that was possible…where ever did they find such vile things….in disgrace.vermin and spew..where are they …NOW…LOL! Not to mention the so called guests…all who seemed to look for a payday of sorts. Who knew that rat was so up to know good…and wanted by some many classy gals…..odd how something so tiny has an oversized LIE hole! the mob screams …we believe as the snake gets ready to ……..?Word up rat boy…in America corruption is very hard to hide…as many in power find out…TAKE THE DEAL…..tell the world you did ANYTHING to win no matter the cost…and now it seems he destroyed and faked evidence AGAIN… MUST ask is this it’s style. Sorry he named that book so wrong….The ART of the WIN …seems much better. So funny to see the hater sites discount …GOOD NEWS…as they only love bad news……what does it matter they ask…or more like…..what’s so wrong with lynching… long as they do the lynching! I understand that in Ca. if a person lies in a D/P case they can be subject to the D/P also…does law and order az. have such a rule????? What a tiny gurney that WILL be…and so many of it’s victim lined up to dispense justice…..and to put it rather blunt…what does a good man have to fear when he only does his …JOB? Look in the mirror rat …seems your time is up! Talk about great news on a Friday…Perryville must have loved it…..imagine it in there with all it’s victims…LIGHTS OUT!

  8. LOL . . . if anyone incited “Mob Justice” it would be Juan Martinez and the Alexander family, not Jodi Arias. She did everything in her power to protect Travis Alexander’s name. It appears his attorney has a forked tongue also. I bet that the frog is wishing he had taken the deal with Jodi at the beginning of this circus show trial instead of fanning the fires of hate with Travis’s family and his unscrupulous so-called friends. Now the TRUTH will be heard . . .all of it! Self defense is not a crime and this should never have gone to TRIAL in the first place! SMH Just a scam sham to rob the taxpayers of their $$.
    I guess the “Rolling the Eyes” thing won’t help Martinez! Autographs anyone??? 😆

  9. I got to say that the state of AZ is literally losing credibility in it’s justice system by the hour!!! The amount of “egregious” charges against JM is adding up by the day. R Love is right on this as the country and parts of the world are watching closely! I will say again that I would strongly encourage juror 17 to file a civil lawsuit against JM and hit him where it really hurts…. his bank account(other than actually putting him in jail). The fact that she received death threats and months or years of other harassment
    If the state of AZ punts on these charges because they only want to look at his convictions, the state of AZ will NEVER get that credibility back!
    Once again, Pandora… more material for more videos :))) Keep them coming!!!!!!!!

  10. Does anybody know if Martinez is going to be held accountable for the “alleged” assault on the female aide whose face he pushed into a piece of murder trial evidence that reeked of decomposition? I would argue that this behavior would be considered an assault in practically any other courtroom. I think this is very relevant to everything that we have been discussing. I know he would not have done that to a man… just ask Wayne!!!!

  11. =)…..oh dear ever wonder what a rat looks like turned inside out???? But some may ask why this woman would not complain or out him for doing such…AND We do know he USED this evidence to twist jurors minds…IN COURT!….well a job that pays rather well is not easy to find and if one gives up a job others want to know why …and the next job may be hard to find…NEVER the boss always the worker…mindset. Just grabbing let alone forcing another is assault…via common law which is the foundation of any law. But then it’s masters and rats do have masters would always back it up no matter the cost. How do any know his abuse it fact…did ya watch ANY part of that show trial when it was playing to the mob? Who knew a paid mouthpiece could act like a nut job in a court and get away with it. And many idiots love such style…try that in public and see where it lands ya. i saw an interview after the trial and that rat was rather sullen…..did not look like a winner to me …more like a man who lost a great deal of $…by not getting the mobs wish….DEATH….odd how the system gets to MURDER….anyone, anyway…and no accountability! Remember he asked A. L. if She wanted to spar ( FIGHT)…imagine a man standing up in the witness box demanding to give him it’s wish….well then that judge would have protected the states rat. I know full well that az. has a lot of money to waste so be it let them do payouts to all that have been harmed by such things paid by the state. These days in America one is expected to bow down to the ones in power as they NEVER do wrong…unless caught on video..even then the mob could care less….the our way or the highway…fucker there is more then one highway in America…and always will be. She took that stand to speak truth as it would show full well She only did what had to be done to survive…the wounds show real proof of that. But why does a rat have a need to lie and fake evidence…..BOOK DEAL? Some think it saved America from Her….pity they do not think very much….look around and see who gets elected…time n time again to bring harm to many Americans…..think …joe! if ever a man should have been put on trial for his life for ABUSING Americans as he smiled. Even abused the U.S. Army with the line …I feed em as good as the Army….LIE! rat boy has nothing to fear…unless it comes out…..and why should any worry about him????? big boy that he is…..let lady justice take him out and make the world a better place. Let him see what true justice is …for ONCE! Odd how America’s greatest prosecutor needs a lawyer……is the rats pie hole not working anymore??? Was it not odd how the man of memory was CORRECTED so many times by the defendant….and he though Her memory was flawed! The world turned upside down. And lets not forget foreman bill…or boner billy…She was an awful defendant…ain’t they all to a MOB intent on lynching? But when asked of any juror why they convicted…they do not have a clue…hate….vile…mockery in spades…..not so much as a single fact. And that judge thanked them…for what??? As I have said …12 NO BODIES…who could care less about their oath or doing justice. So much for justice for all.

  12. My how I do go on…LOL. Imagine if az. is FORCED to retry even a few cases the rat hat it’s claw in….but then that what the voters want in their system. Systems have this need to protect their own no matter the cost to others…how is that justice??? Seems the haters are having a real bad few days and after all that corruption. How can Her side now be WINNING…or should I say …taking justice to them who need it so. On that day She faced her abuser and stopped him after such a fight that few would have survived…is it any wonder She feared the law and justice when it’s controlled by such evil things as the rat. May I remind America n az. it does it deeds mostly in the open with video rolling and yet gets a pass….well the mob does have a need n greed for a win at any cost. Lets be very clear…travis died as any abuser should…..BECAUSE NO ONE should be allowed to beat or harm women and hide behind faith as he did. This so called man used a faith to use n abuse women n it seems via his own mouth children…..who can defend such actions? Sooner or later a bully or abuser meets their match in a fight. How odd We allow any cop to shoot to kill if they FEEL their life is on the line…yet others must prove it was…well that proof is there on his body. he was attacking continually…for Her to just stop n let him win is insane to the max…but the wounds do show She did stop defending herself more then a few times to allow him to stop his attack. Try as the so called experts do they just can not explain how a very fit young man was stopped…by for the most part no really fatal wounds if only he had just stopped attacking. Is it not interesting how both the wound to the head as the wound to the vena cava can be discounted by know cases of survival…and they were much worst. Remember the neck was wounded on only one side…but thanks to a paid fool seems to look like BOTH sides are cut. I wonder if horn had help on that….? to say he feared for his life as he did many odd things …looks in mirror….just stands there as he get 9 hits to back at strange angles…. How odd a man must worry about his looks after he takes a shot to the head…but that he did. he was a trained fighter and kept training ….so that does explain his real lack of wounds on the hands…rather small for the most part if trying to protect his face or body as why did he not use his forearms as trained….well fighters must weigh the odds…in defense or attack. I can see no defense on his part at all…such in the way of a man of wrath…his words not mine. t-dog was a very poor trained fighter…and he would not be the first…..ask any who served with police or military or have trained to fight. Training is not real life no matter how extreme …in real fights people do DIE! This Her lack of wounds …well how would She see any on Her head covered by hair or on Her back…trust me on this …when one survives a fight ads that they are just glad to be alive and are not looking in any mirror. Recently i took a spill and thought I destroy My knee cap..Haters it’s o.k. to lol…..I understand your needs…=))…Well I was waiting for the black n blue and yellow but …NOTHING…..and fuck did that hurt…..the city may need a new piece of concrete. This non sense there must be a bruise…..well explain a very small needle I had via a Dr. and the bruise it left behind….got my shot on Mar. 01…..and on Mar 14 it is still there! Only the size of My palm….see photo on face book of My paw…that’s one big bruise from a Dr. She as most was very luck to have survived his attacks…but one must put blame on the victim of abuse from a man who abused all in his life…no wonder the rat took joy in standing up for such a thing…kindred spirits. Well it seems at last She will be defended in a few courts and find justice. This nightmare must end for the sake of truth n justice…She must be free for an injustice…who has ever a need for injustice that works for a justice system??? Well it seems many make a very good living off of injustice…..vermin …..nasty…..spew….or USE too! and never forget shame hooligan….or that worm or that rat…they did all to destroy an innocent and the system of justice We all depend on.

  13. “Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt” is currently parked at a wikispaces site. However, Wikispaces has recently announced that they will be shutting down in July so the document is now in the process of moving to a new location. There is a new domain name which, if you go to today, will simply take you to the current wikispaces site. In July, when everything has been properly moved, the new domain name will be disconnected from the current site and connected to the new site and the wikispaces name will no longer work. So I’m beginning the process now of getting everyone familiar with and connected through the new domain name. Thus, in order to view the document now, please go to and remember:

  14. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everybody on JAII!

    I had read this somewhere and never brought it up. Hopefully, this is not time-consuming for you. I am assuming you will just be posting the new site on any new threads that SJ creates from here on out.

    • Hi Lance. Yes, going forward I will be posting the new domain name – except when I point at a specific page within the document. Then (just because of how things work behind the curtain) I will have to point at it through the wikispaces domain name.

  15. Remember the system can never be wrong…when it works for the mob of haters. On a side note…when I heard that the rat just showed up and was not on duty I wondered if some may have given him a call…..but why would the prosecutor who was on duty just allow him to take over. Then the rather odd showing up of the gang of friends who just walked in to look around…then had another make the call who really did not know who she was talking about….how odd? But what really got me interested in this case was the fact that so many had a need or greed or BOTH to pile on to a woman they never really knew. Yet for this mob they seemed to know a lot or where told what to say…seems they spoke from the same playbook. Now his so called dear friends who claim to have known him so well…would not do this or that or anything else…well all know how that was the big lie…..seems the dear friends or family never knew that much or cared at all…until he was a cash cow. Amazing how much money he made in death…for so many others! No wonder they smile so much. Imagine all the effort put into destroying Her for the abusers….and some sick minds go on as if this was the crime of all time…bar none…when facts do show all it ever was ….was self defense.Wounds do not lie as dr.s do or rats! they love to say …if She lied even once…in her life then we can discount all testimony…..does that ill logic ever apply to the state??? Seems the state can do any and all legal or not to …WIN…and never held to account Imagine any state prosecutor lying to get the win in any capital case and getting CAUGHT…..DEATH for them and in public??? Not only did they try to murder but they did all to destroy the system of justice…should traitors ever get to appeal or terrorists who work for the system under OATH? isis some fear…but why not fear they who take an oath n money then turn on all to win and become rich. Any nation that allows these rats to do as they please will sooner or later get a whole new legal system …like it or not…think 1775…1861……when enough do all to take over others rights then it only takes a few to right the wrongs. History does show that a few good men AND women can set the course right. Yes it takes time…but so what..who would want the rats running any nation and if so why? This case smelled from day one….but then they claimed a body after 5 days had no smell…they should do a test…piss or shit on the floor a-holes and leave it for 5 days and see if it does not smell…dead bodies do void…..ask any in the know……..but Griz You are not a Dr…..well I was trained how to take care of a dead person before pick up and We were trained to pack them so they would not void. Now if dear travis did not smell then others did a clean up job…..and it sure was not Her. No smell…..even ground beef smells in a cooler after 5 days.

  16. The jury got the evidence right…yet when ASKED how they came to a verdict…..NO EVIDENCE of that logic. The states own experts could not keep their stories straight….first now last …3 X’s killed…well the facts say otherwise…..brain shot through…but no more solid brain???Most bullets when they hit an object seldom go straight… way ANY could stand on such a shelf….so send a minion to prove just that with it’s hands…..did She not say She stood on the shelf with a FOOT? Hln proved that is was very easy to do. They who use the law for evil shall find it will be used against them. I find it so odd how many claim that travis was the most non violent person ever if they are to be believed…so much for KNOWING him. I see his violence all over the web and his words prove it very well. I must say it’s kinda strange for a man of 30 who is guided by his faith to find so much trouble finding a wife…..him being on the road to great wealth and all that….no problem fining victims to use then abuse. The rat saw that dear travis and it were two of a kind and in doing so saw a way to make $$$. This so what he did this or that …..really what kind of idiot thinks like that??? it knew full well he had to obey the rules….as they taught him in law school and as an oath requires….this is the measure of this thing. Allowed to abuse women and men in a court of law….and outside the court too! Do any think he tried to hid his actions???…well it never tried to in court while the video rolled. They in power should remember they may not get a civil trial… they are the system…..Some have gotten trials of less then 1 hr. when breaking their oaths. From beginning to end …LIFE in prison. Seems the system is not to keen on they who work for it trying to destroy or use it….. the rat did all to win at any cost and also used it’s position to abuse….so let justice be done no matter the cost. The scales of justice go both ways .

    • I believe the following quote by Carl Sandburg exemplifies perfectly Juan Martinez’s prosecutorial approach to Jodi’s case:

      “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”

  17. This is great stuff Justus! The irrational sections are fascinating.

    The gun theft issue needs to only focus on Travis’s gun in the house and NOTHING ELSE.. like a burglary of her own home which certain pictures on certain hard drives would illustrate and, as I have stated many times, would then lead to the following conclusions…..”To dye your hair, to rent a car in a different town, to ask not to have a red one, to take gas cans into the desert, to turn off (or lose power to) your cellphone there, to find your license plate upside down – all these have obvious innocent explanations.” In addition to all that.. “On the other hand, as the defense noted, no one seeking to conceal her trip would borrow gas cans from a friend, visit other friends along the way, make multiple bank transactions, stop at a beauty salon, buy gas with a debit card when ample cash was at hand, or save her receipts. On such facts, a competent, unbiased judge would void these seven jurors’ premeditation votes as unreasonable. With both votes of the seven nullified, the verdict falls.
    I have asked several times how Jodi would be able to prove that Travis contacted her during this trip which also destroys the prosecution claim “she showed up on her own”
    The Horn testimony also conflicts with Jodi’s account that, after being shot, he was stunned and then stumbled over to the sink to see what Jodi had done to him which is how we have explained the bloody vanity with exhaled blood on the sink and mirror which is what then lead to the final chase and struggle.

  18. And do not forget the judge who knew from the get go …..GUILTY…100%….trial what need for a trial! Wow what a read that was….the rat now claims there were two guns???? I knew i heard correct when in closing he said She stole HIS gun…but at first he never ever owned any gun or guns…so many experts of hate can not explain that away. If only all 24 jurors would read such insight on this case and see for once how they were USED!. All but one brave soul came so close to MURDERING an INNOCENT. The facts do not show guilt and never will. Odd how time n time again haters explain that in self defense one has to prove their innocence….talk about backwards thinking.All defendants are INNOCENT under the law. No state has the right to do as it pleases….for any reason. From the get go that trial was nothing but a SHOW TRIAL mean to please many who had a stake in hiding the truth. This the family wanted this or that…it was their right….that so called law is moot when it comes to ANY trial. Her life was on the line not or never theirs …that their brother lost his life is fact but just what facts are these…yes there are a few…he was a know abuser…he did say how he would use Her as She slept..or upset him in anyway…he brags about killing others…he shows he is very able in the attack of others. This so called just a good guy was far from that…even at a young age as he used his sisters to train to fight….did he have no brothers??? This is a wake up to any who would now judge any appeal…ANY! az. justice has failed big time and time to set it straight. Just imagine the person who wrote this and ask…if only they had defended Her in the first trial…would there have been a second trial….can not see it. For any to think She would ever get a fair third trial is beyond belief…..the mob would do all to not make it happen. All that hate was no accident far from it as most was very well planned. No lack of nut jobs and so called experts each nigh to spew hate n vile no matter how sick. travis would never do that to a child….BUT there it is folks and 3 times in less then 62 sec.s at that talking about the rape of a child as if it was NORMAL…..well to some sicko.s it is….look to most churches to find such things. I’am so proud We have such people on Her side who take the time to stand up to injustice for her and yes for all. BRAVO! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  19. Justus,

    That is some fascinating reading! The irrational arguments regarding all of Jodi’s mundane actions before and during her trip that were flipped and twisted into a conspiracy are awesome! My compliments to the author!!!
    Looking forward to the new site!

  20. As I said yesterday ans seemed to have forgotten to post…duh! BRAVO to the author …wow talk about amazing reading a a skill to get to the facts….that rat had reason to twist any and all things…$$$! Explain it’s reason to act as a nut job more then once as witnesses put him in his place. Right then and there that jury knew full well he was up to know good…not to mention a judge. I do hope Her team does use such insight as this article in the appeals. Oh how the haters hate facts….

  21. When any person who is sane reads the ten kinds of unfairness…they must wonder …how in America can such happen. Well it did and still does and that is why We all must stand up to such corruption. How can such ever stand in any court? Seems some in power care more for power and $ then fairness and justice…and yes justice must always over ride laws….as in the past we have had many bad laws just as some would have now. Way to many are of a mind set that the system is never wrong or a jury well folks the high courts do not hold that logic most times. All must ask …if that can happen to one then who is safe??? But she killed!…it is Her right to defend Her life no matter the force used…NO LAW can remove that right. This She had weapons as he did not…REALLY…did he not know where his gun was and where the knife was…and was he not the trained fighter as well as runner…he brags about that in a POST! When a man likes to rant an rave an speak of feel my wrath then they lose fights they start. It matters not who is ARMED but who is the biggest threat as ANY abuser is. he had a long history of violence towards his own sisters as he used them to train for fighting. Who did he not make threats on …even chri$…his master! I have worked with folks who did not need a weapon to destroy you…in fact a weapon in anothers hands showed them how to defeat them…..most folks will not shoot or if so MISS in real life just view teachers training to defend the class room and see how in TRAINING they do not do so well. Very odd to see them allow the attacker to enter the room then act in self defense…all one has to do is allow that person to go half way and slam the door on them with ones body or feet…that should be more then enough force to disarm them or if need be kill them. Point a weapon a my co worker and he would grab it out of Your paws and throw it away as he took You apart. More then a few who had a weapon have lost the fight. his weapon was …him! Why would such a person who abused ever stop his attack on Her or any other…that is just not how abusers work…..most have meet such things in school or work. As long as one is under attack by an abuser then one must do all to keep them a bay. The facts are that when a gun jams it is very effective as a club…as a knife is much better at slashing…all over…..does any see more then ONE slash on him??? he crossed a line and no matter would not cross back…so in effect lose his life to his OWN actions! The wounds show such facts…like it or not.

  22. Here is something to ponder regarding who was attacking whom:

    Fact: The complete attack took place over approximately 120 seconds and within the confines of a bathroom and hallway.

    Fact: Between the beginning and end of the attack, Travis paused at the sink.

    Fact: According to the police report, someone bled into the sink, briefly turned the water on and off, and then bled further into the sink.

    Question: Whom do you believe would be most able to pause in the middle of a two minute attack? The person being attacked? Or perhaps the person controlling the attack?

  23. Obviously, Travis was the only one bleeding so the type of blood should have been a moot point, but the fact that blood was exhaled all over the vanity and the mirror doesn’t seem to give anybody any pause by proving that Travis was upright and examining his wounds before attacking her the second time. I will say that every time I run this scenario through my head, I am constantly amazed that she came out of this alive. We all know that 9.5 times out of 10, she is the one on the floor!!
    Does anybody else think that a visual re-enactment from Jodi’s defense team would be a powerful tool in her appeal? Jurors love visual evidence.

    • Lance, I think that many of her haters believe she most definitely wouldn’t have survived if he had been attacking her. Ergo (in their wrong-heading and simplistic thinking) that’s proof that she must have been attacking him. In other words, the reason she is in prison is because she managed to survive.

  24. How screwed up does that sound???!!!!!!!!!!
    They seem to be saying that it would have been OK for Travis to be on trial for murdering Jodi in a fit of rage and get a reduced sentence because he is a Mormon but because he is the one who is dead she absolutely has to be guilty of first degree?

    Does your author know anything about the appeals issue regarding “new evidence”?
    As everybody knows, I have been seeking clarification of this rule about whether Jodi’s pictures would be admitted. I had argued exactly what your author states in that once these pictures(or in the worst case, her sister testifies to this trip) are made public or in court, all of the premeditation arguments are eliminated regarding the gun. Once this happens along with the cell phone records that prove that conversations took place between TM and Jodi during the trip which would also destroy the “stealth” aspects of the trip as it would prove that they spoke and he likely knew she was coming and render Jodi’s actions mundane once again as we all know they were. If this case is ever narrowed to just the events of June 4th by itself, Jodi’s arguments and evidence get exponentially stronger. I am assuming your author agrees?

  25. 120 sec.s WTF the rat in trial said it was only 62 sec.s so I based all My tests on that! And I do mean all the tests that played out the fight or should I say his attack…only did it about 7 to 10 times…and no matter what even doing a bit more the what was done I always came up with @ 42 sec.s or UNDER! And Justus You are VERY right on the haters thinking as brad and mike well known for their hat CLAIM She NEVER would have survived their wrath…no way no how…seems they are very skilled a abusing women…..seems a lot of abusers of the man type think this way so….well folks t-dog was more then fit but seemed to take …FITS! And that is what caused his downfall! If only he had just yelled and screamed and threw things against the wall as before he raped Her on the desk….what a sick thing who does that in a fit of anger…but then he was prone to having his way no matter what. And Lance this case all all cases is only about the time it occurred….what does it matter what one does before…folks do rent cars use gas cans (2)….and take trips…big deal! All before PROVES nothing unless one is LOOKING for an excuse to destroy another. When any so called man tells Me he could beat any woman I must ask ….is an abuser BRAGGING…again?

    • Wayne, I’m being more generous with the time. The 62 seconds is based on the time between the first and last photo but I’m not convinced the last photo represents the end of the attack. Why should we assume that the so-called “dragging” photo is the end of the event? Just because it’s the last photo? It’s assumed by people who don’t know what they’re talking about that Travis is bleeding from a cut throat but he bled plenty from the gunshot to his temple as demonstrated at the sink and down the hallway. Dissenters presume that photo was taken at the end of the hallway near the bedroom. How did the camera possibly end up down there? Did either Travis or Jodi carry it down there? Or should we presume it got kicked all the way down the hallway? That photo could just as well come immediately after the gun shot when they both went to the bathroom floor and Jodi managed to gain her feet and escape his grasp while he’s screaming “Fucking kill you bitch!”

  26. So true…that photo seems rather odd. I would agree known know when the attack ended as She had to slash out to stop him from once more attacking Her. I would say he was on the floor and She assumed the attack was over and then he tried to rise up to attack again and She just slashed out to keep him down….as only one side of the neck was hit(right) and she is a southpaw. Thanks for the info. Keep up the great work. To My mind the wounds are …to the head….chest…..back OR back…chest…then the neck…at the very least She was attacked 5 OR more times…counting the throw to the floor.

    • Hey Justus/Wayne,

      The fact that the first and last photo are only 62 sec apart is very odd. We have been arguing that there was a lull in the fight after the gunshot to the face. The blood on the vanity as well as the mirror is the result of aspiration and blood flowing from the wound seems obvious. The fact that the knife wounds were last literally proves by itself that the blood trails are the results of the wound to the temple that continued to flow into his mouth and to the floor. This struggle broke into two parts and included a slight lull at the vanity by the person controlling the struggle before continuing. The time frame cannot be 62 seconds. If I remember correctly, didn’t Martinez do a “moment of silence” that was approx. 2:30 long to illustrate the time frame of the struggle???
      The knife wounds to the back are obvious forensically as they are oblique(angled) and shallow in nature. The neck wound is more difficult to narrow down. Wayne could be correct in that she defended herself a third time which put him back on the floor OR she cut him while he was on top of her the second time which ended the second attack. Either way, it was never an ear- to ear wound!

      • Lance, as I remember it, the ear to ear cut was from the autopsy. The neck wound was not deep until the autopsy was performed but Martinez used the autopsy throat picture to show in court. Another one of his many devious tricks. He also messed with the camera and then threw it on the floor in court to break it for good. Wonder what he was covering up with that little presentation?

        • Hey R Love,

          That was exactly my point… the wound was not even close to an ear to ear wound or as it is known in the streets… “Columbian necktie”. It was a cut under the chin about the length of the eyes. This corresponds to Jodi’s description of her “flailing” with the knife to get him off of her.
          I have seen a lot of courtroom shows and have seen prosecutors handle evidence to evoke emotion or to make a point in their opening/closing statements but I have never heard of the antics that JM pulled in this case which we all agree was because the country was watching. The fact that he was doing this when the country wasn’t watching is even worse.


    “The name of the LORD is a strong tower;
    the righteous run to it and are safe.”
    Proverbs 18:10

  28. My how the idot mob loves to go on about her quitting a job…LOL! OMG seems a few have quit the job…from the get go as in the worm…and just imagine that rat being told to make a DEAL! How can the state pay for ANY of it’s legal costs as it seems state WORKERS have accused him of ABUSE….that only OPENS the state up to MASSIVE lawsuits….Lets say 7 X’s just 10,000,000 = 70,000,000 or way more…LOL well az. WAS a rich state. I would guess in any class action the state will be out well over a 100,000,000……of taxpayers $$$! But all in power knew him VERY well so that opens them up into federal courts… that would be interesting when they start to take down power lines for the copper to sell! =) Seems the know it all haters do not want to TALK or POST about the facts! Just gets in the way of a DIRTY win. But please remember that if old joe was a member of a military prison he may well be on death row for all his ABUSE to enemies of America…did folks not DIE under his watch??? and did he not BRAG of his abuse for way over 20 yr.s…..and to mostly AMERICANS! And just what did az. do??? NOTHING AT ALL…remember his clash with the military over lost equipment…to LOSE a FULL AUTO M-16 ( M-4) (?) is rather odd for police…how in the world do they do that and yet no charges. az. loves to abuse others…well they soon will learn that it’s JUSTICE for ALL. Be they worm …rat…old joe none are above or beyond the law….seems to Me a young lady knows how to stop abusers….before trial …during trial and after trial….seems a GED works rather well for some……My the time haters waste on grammer or spellling……what is up with them RED lines…=)

  29. I believe based on the facts how real fights work is that as he was on the floor on his back or side he made another move to attack Her and She slashed out to stop his attack…the wound starts at his necks base right side then goes up to the left under the chin…not this ear to ere none sense. The photos of the scene do show just that. As he looked at his face???…well that takes but a few sec.s and he could be well washing his mug and screaming at Her what have You done….then attacked her once more. It is amazing just how little time came pass in a fight…remember I can over do all the wounds in 42 sec.s or under and if i were the age She was then do it in far less….say 35 or 30 sec.s. Any who ever served in any military know full well how fast one can do things. Imagine if in fear of ones life from a man of wrath? That rat knew how to PLAY 12 no bodies…as most jurors are. Far from experts and most persecutors do love that so. Anything for a win mindset! How very odd most can never explain their guilty verdicts…up here in the north We will put any in prison if they do!!!! So much for being accountable! Our system is broken when it comes to justice for all…..and i may add most on the side of dear travis would have loved it if he had murdered Her…all one has to do is read their very sick posts. they give him a pass on any and all words and actions. these things worship a cult of Death….and Revenge. As they excuse any and all wrongs that the rat did to win at any cost.

  30. My theory of the final attack. Travis, without realizing that she now has a knife in her hand (he’s not thinking clearly at this moment due to both the gun shot and his rage) attacks and wraps himself around her. She starts slashing with her left hand, into his back, trying desperately to get him off. He is startled by the stabbing to his back and attempts to back off. But it’s too late. She’s in a terrified frenzy and once his front is exposed it takes the worst of it, including his chin area. Note the lack of wounds to his lower arms and only minor wounds to his hands. That’s doesn’t come from defending oneself for 60 seconds up to 2 minutes. That comes at the very end, seconds before it’s all over.

  31. That might be the best scenario I have heard so far. I had found it very odd that Travis would have had practically no cuts at all on his arms and hands in a frenzied struggle with a person with a knife. I had also wondered why she didn’t shoot him a second time after she moves back down the hallway to move away from him as he is examining himself in the mirror. I always have to remind myself that she is in a terrified state and not thinking as clearly as we are. I never heard what she stated that she did with the gun after firing the single shot.
    The flailing stab wounds to his back would have definitely got his attention and caused him to react in pain and raise up which is very likely when she flailed again and caught him under the chin. If I remember correctly, Jodi stated that the knife was a weapon of opportunity because they had done some rope cutting the night before.

  32. Let’s not forget, though, that at the end of the second trial she said that she now remembered cutting his neck and that at that time he was still attacking her.

    • In her state she was still feeling attacked even as he began pulling away. That final attack all took place in a matter of seconds, no time to differentiate his intent and behavior.

      • Alan, you are right. I stand corrected as I forgot about her post conviction statement that when she cut him he was still alive and attacking her which means the knife wound ended this fight. I have often wondered how this case would have looked if the gun was the only weapon involved.. as in she shoots him a second or third time IN THE FRONT which would be very important to illustrate that he was still moving forward but I digress…..
        I will say that I believe one of the most important aspects of Jodi’s appeal will be trying to convince a jury into seeing the knife wounds as DEFENSIVE and not OFFENSIVE which is how they have always been labeled.

        By the way, another programming note for everybody. Marcia Clark has a new series on A&E also called the First 48 where she is examines certain high profile cases with missing evidence or unheard back stories. The Casey Anthony case is examined in this series.
        How cool would it be if we could get Marcia to look at Jodi’s case!

  33. There was only one slash and he would not be pulling away as he got it …no he was attempting to get off the floor and go at Her once more. .25 are really bad weapons and the smaller the round the more they jam. Most police or military fail to undue a jam as stress over comes them…and they are trained to do so. Now what is interesting about travis not being armed…well it seems he did all to arm his self as he kept up the attacks. But some years ago I and friends saw what wrath rage and a lack of common sense can do…We happened upon two males fighting….or more like one attacking and one defending…just as on June 4 /o8. Now the male attacking was getting no where…but paying a price…as he was covered in blood from the top of his head to his knees…and We are talking COVERED in blood.We knew he was not to last with all that blood loss. Next thing a man showed up to grab the male who was intent on attacking the other. He then told all to take off. During this fight with only fists the male defending gave the attacker many chances to stop…but this person just kept attacking and getting hit again…seems he wanted a win at any cost. In fights one must keep as calm as possible or lose…any knowing t-dog would know that was not him in any shape or form. As a child i saw full well how a fight can lead to a near death…them males as all who saw that fight were around 12/13 years old. And most have seen fights were the attacker gets the beating as they are not a vert effective fighter…trained or not. In any fight one never takes their eyes off the attackers face if at all possible…a look or rage is as important as a look of glazed eyes…nothing more dangerous then a silent person who will not stop attacking. She knows that very well and was rather lucky that sad day.

    • Wayne, How do you know he was attempting to get up off the floor during the final attack? He could just as well had her pinned against a wall. Maybe even against the back wall of the shower stall. Or are you too assuming she dragged his dead weight into the shower for no good reason?

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