Leticia Phelps:

Friend accused of stabbing woman to death during fight

When emergency crews got to the scene near 28th Street and Broadway, they found Leticia Phelps, 36, with several stab wounds. She was transported to a hospital where she died from her injuries.

Police were told that Shacola Trammell, had fled the scene after being involved in an altercation with the victim. Witnesses told police they heard a commotion outside of the apartment complex.

The victim’s daughter was asleep in a bedroom of the home when she heard the altercation between her mother and Trammell. The suspect allegedly stabbed the victim numerous times during their fight.

The motive of the fatal stabbing remains unclear. Trammell was a family friend of the victim.

Shacola Trammell murdered her friend in cold blood and fled the scene. She was convicted to 2nd degree murder. Her date of release is in 2037. It is noted that Shacola had been in trouble with the law prior to murdering her friend.

Shacola Trammell will walk again free one day. Jodi Arias is facing the death penalty for killing her ex-boyfriend IN SELF DEFENCE. Jodi Arias offered to plead guilty to second-degree murder but the State of Arizona said no. Jodi Arias has never been in trouble with the law prior to killing her ex-boyfriend.  

Could we say double standards and if so, WHY?

Shacola Trammell info
Shacola Trammell info
Shacola Trammell sentencing info
Shacola Trammell sentencing info


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