Aroldo Virsabi-Robles Gonzalez:

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office announced the indictments of eight people Wednesday in the murder of a suspected high-level human-smuggling boss and the kidnapping of his associate.

Charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, conspiracy, illegal control of an enterprise, and assisting a criminal syndicate are Jose Aguilara-Martinez, 24; Faustino Cordero-Flores, 29; Jorge Alberto Delgado Paredes, 27; Fidel Godinez-Garcia, 24; Rogelio Palacios-Hernandez, 27; and Maritza Velarde Zazueta, 23.

Maritza V. Zazueta was sentenced to 2nd degree murder and will be released in 2025.

Two additional people named in the indictment – 19-year-old Rafael Velasquez-Salas and Jose Luis Melendez, 23 – face all of the charges except murder.

Police believe that the homicide victim, Aroldo Virsabi-Robles Gonzalez, a Guatemalan national, was a high-ranking leader in a human-smuggling organization and that his status may have led to his death. Gonzalez, 26, was also the subject of a smuggling investigation earlier this year.

The victim’s body was found burning May 5 in a dumpster in Phoenix.

Authorities later learned Gonzalez and another man were kidnapped from a parking lot in Maryvale several days before. The investigation led police to a drophouse in Mesa and then on May 8 to a Phoenix home where the kidnapped man was being held.

Authorities could not say whether the suspects are rivals of the victims’ smuggling ring or part of it. The detectives of IIMPACT, a multiagency task force formed by the state Department of Public Safety to root out groups that profit from human smuggling, continued to investigate.

Ms Zazueta will serve her sentence and will walk again free one day. Jodi Arias is facing the death penalty for killing her ex-boyfriend IN SELF DEFENCE. The Prosecution in the Arias case argued that the crime was committed in an especially cruel, heinous and depraved manner”.

We are asking them to re-read how Aroldo Virsabi-Robles Gonzalez was murdered: Kidnapped. Beaten. Burned to death in a dumpster. Yet, Ms Zazueta was offered a plea deal. Jodi Arias offered to plead guilty to second-degree murder but the State of Arizona said no.

Could we say double standards and if so, WHY?

Maritza V Zazueta info
Maritza V Zazueta info
Maritza V Zazueta sentencing info
Maritza V Zazueta sentencing info


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