Arizona’s Double Standards:

The purpose of this page is to bring to attention the double standard that the State of Arizona, specifically the Maricopa county Attorney’s Office, is applying to Jodi Arias in comparison to other defendants this office has prosecuted.

The cases highlighted in this section (via the above dropdown menu) involve defendants, who like Jodi Arias, were charged and convicted of murder. Most of these cases involve grim and shocking details. In some of these cases, like Jodi’s, the defendant had a relationship with the person he/she was convicted of killing.

But some of these cases were not like Jodi’s. They were worse. Some were undeniably cold-blooded. Some of the defendants already had lengthy criminal records. Yet there is one thing all of these defendants have in common that Jodi doesn’t have: A RELEASE DATE.

That’s right! The State of Arizona cut each of them a deal that entailed a set number of years in prison, the release. The State did NOT force them to endure a lengthy, humiliating, traumatic trial and it did NOT waste millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute them.  Finally, it did NOT pursue and plot their deaths.

So why is the government treating Jodi Arias so differently? Why did it refuse all of her requests to settle? Why is it hell bent on extinguishing her life when it has given hundreds of others, who have committed similar or worse acts, a second chance at life and freedom?


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  1. We have all seen the justice that Jodi has been denied. The cases that are under this tab (in the drop down menu) prove that Arizona has DOUBLE STANDARDS!

    These cases are horrible. And yet all of the defendants will be walking out of prison free people one day… Why is Arizona so fixated about killing Jodi? Especially when Jodi doesn’t have any history of breaking the law!

    Wake up people! Are we all going to turn a blind eye to this injustice? JODI WAS DENIED JUSTICE and the cases you will read about prove it.

    • This is why I thought that all of the comments made concerning the misjustice to Jodi, should all either be put in a petition order, or start a very large petition and get people to sign it from all over the world and sent to the courts of the Maricopa Justice Department.

      Why can we not get some of the officials involved. If lay people like ourselves can see the inconsistencies, then why are none of the higher ups getting involved?

      • BRAVO!!! The video is WONDERFUL!!!! Good Job and Who will answer our question. . .Why the Double Standards in Jodi’s case? Who is responsible for the cover ups? There are many who need to wake up tomorrow in a jail cells in Maricopa County but it is definitely not Jodi Arias! Free Jodi Arizona!

    • I agree totally, and I have watched this whole thing since day one.i don’t believe in capital punishment in any case, but I think it should be for serial killers, and career criminals. I can’t stand watching all these people that are really excited about taking her life! What ever happened to two wrongs don’t make a right. And I’m tired of everyone feeling so bad for Travis’ family “having to” go through it all again! They got a conviction, shouldn’t they be happy with that? No, they are there going through it all again because they wouldn’t accept that, they want her to die. If they lived in any other state they would be all done! So I can’t muster any sympathy for them.

    • I loved Travis Alexander. I believe he hated Jodi arias because he tried to expose him as a pedophile.
      Even if he had sex with younger guys, it was strictly consensual.

      • Hi Layla,
        Yes… consensual sex with a child… I’d forgotten that was legal for Mormons.
        Thanks for the reminder 🙂
        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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