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Over the past few days, it has been stated on certain websites that we were somehow fraudulently collecting donations on behalf of Jodi.

Here’s a statement we just received from the Arias family that clarifies our position, and hopefully puts any further BS rumors firmly to rest:

“In light of recent comments posted by certain parties, this statement is to confirm that the website is the only website authorized to collect donations on behalf of Jodi Arias. All the donations we receive through the website, which we receive directly,  are deposited into Jodi’s commissary account. Thank you for all the donations received to date, and for your continued support of Jodi.” –— The Arias Family

Following on from that – if you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation – via check, cash or instantly online via PayPal – click here (or click the Team Jodi link below) to visit our special Support Jodi page for further details.

Team Jodi


  1. Jodi Arias’ Solo Voice

    We watch and see your life unfold,
    Only that you are more than what we are told,

    You are not jealous or a nymphomaniac,
    In fact, you are just the opposite, you are a women we need to protect,

    People will say that we are loons,
    We seek your safety from the attacking goons,

    Now is the time for you to know what is clear,
    That we are standing very close and near,

    See, we are not monsters. We are just ahead of the curve,

    We live to fight for those that must endure,

    Take comfort in knowing you will be preserved…

  2. It’s the Jodi Arias Acquittal Facebook page that is saying this. I left a message on their page asking them to stop this and sticking up for SJ.

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks. I only just saw it on there. That Jay Bass guy is a first class loser. I just politely advised him to go have sex with his mother and STFU.

      Team Jodi

    • There is another web site as well you should take heave of. It’s called the Jodi Arias Road to Freedom. Although the title of this Facebook page sounds like it’s a Jodi support page it is. At least over 90% of the people who post on that forum are against Jodi and cuss her out severely. I have gotten in to a few arguments there myself and decided not to go back anymore.

      I really don’t know if the guy who created the page is for or against Jodi. It’s hard to tell cause of the title but the majority of people on that page are against her..

  3. Honestly SJ I don’t think you owe anyone an explanation. What’s it to them anyway where the money goes unless they have made donations? They should mind their own business and continue searching for Jodi’s reflection in his eye! 🙂

    • Hi KD,

      No worries. It was just to bring clarity to the situation and to save any issues if the matter cropped up again.

      The “eye reflection” BS always cracks me up. It’s amazing what you can do in a few minutes using Photoshop. I think someone also reported seeing the new pope in his other eye :mrgreen:

      All is good!
      Team Jodi

      • My favorite thing that people claim to see in Travis’ eyes in that last photo of him alive is fear. Cause I’m sure he totally feared Jodi. Besides, it’s not like there weren’t ten or so other pictures that clearly show him POSING for the camera. It couldn’t just be that particular pose was a failed attempt to look sexy, right? But, a picture is worth a thousand words and, for me, I’d say I see sadness in his expression. Like, an ‘I just realized this shower stall is way too small for both of us to be in and now there’s water all over my brand new camera’ sadness.

        Because, really, how in the frick did they orchestrate a photo shoot in that stand alone shower without getting water all over the floor and the camera?

  4. Just out of curiosity, Is Jodi able to use her commissary account right now? Can she get food thru there? I hate to think of her eating off of less than 50 cents per day.

    • Hi, Kmiller! As someone who has done hard time, 18 days to be exact (if you knew me you’d know I was puffing out my chest and standing in my ‘I’m a bad ass’ gansta lean pose when I said that), I can answer this for you. When I was serving my time in the slammer, every Thursday we were given a list of items and their prices to choose from and on Tuesday our commissary was delivered. The items available for purchase included stuff like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brush, bar soap, bic razors, envelopes, pencils, stamps, kool-aid….man I loved that kool-aid, fire balls, root beer barrels, lotion, top ramen soups, bags of chips, etc….

      As long as there is money on her books (that’s prison slang for commissary….LMAO…I’m a total tard) she can use it to purchase whatever she wants so long as it’s on that list. Before this site began accepting donations for her, I would imagine that Jodi, being the clever and resourceful girl she is, likely traded her artwork for the things she needed with her cellmates. I saw that happen a lot when I was locked up.

      For those of you who don’t have first hand knowledge of county jail and believe it to be a place where face rapings and beat downs are a kind of normalcy, I’m afraid that wasn’t the case. At least, not where I was at. I served my time in San Bernardino county at a maximum security facility where the only housing for females were 2 man cells and we were on lock down for 23 hrs a day. I was in there with women who were awaiting sentencing and some who were serving their sentence…..a few, of which, whose crime was manslaughter. I was in there for petty theft/shoplifting and my cellmate was in there for assault with a deadly weapon resulting in severe bodily injury and domestic violence. She made it clear she despised all drug addicts, viewed them as weak and evil trash, and here I was going through severe withdrawals from Heroin. Still, I was not bothered by anyone.

      Which, could have had something to do with the fact that I was constantly vomiting and shitting almost the entire 11 days I was there before being transferred to a minimum security facility to serve out the remainder of my sentence. Then again, my awesomeness is obvious so they may have left me alone for that reason too.

      Oooh, sorry for the tangent! I really need to practice better self discipline when it comes to my writing.

  5. HLN is ranting about Amnesia after Sex…..
    I know it exists.
    When I lost my virginity, I don’t remember doing it.
    I do remember asking my husband (before marriage), “Am I still a virgin?”
    He lied and told me yes.
    Later I came to my senses and saw a doctor to confirm…..he gave me RX for birth control pills.
    Jodi loved Travis and I feel she went into denial when she and Travis broke up.
    I can certainly relate to what happened to her and the feelings of abandonment.
    I too, could have “lost it” and killed my future hubby in an instant rage.. Jody is not guilty of

  6. I don’t know, I just can’t see Jodi doing all this without being pushed to a very dark place by Travis. It’s so sad that such an articulate woman will spend life behind bars. Solo, depressing

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