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State Bar investigator urges disciplinary action against Jodi Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez over sex allegation

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An investigator for the State Bar of Arizona on Wednesday asked a state bar committee to consider disciplinary action against Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez because of allegations that he manipulated women to leak and obtain information during the Jodi Arias murder trial.

Martinez also is alleged to have flirtatiously communicated with a juror who had been removed from the trial to try to glean information about sitting jurors. The juror told investigators during a sworn deposition that she had texted photos of her naked breasts to Martinez after he told her he was “a breast man.”

The State Bar’s Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee could suggest a range of sanctions, from a reprimand, probation or suspension to a disciplinary hearing that could result in disbarment.

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The Arizona Republic has learned that Martinez is likely a subject of a recent internal investigation into possible inappropriate behavior toward female employees of the County Attorney’s Office.

The Republic also learned that one of the women alleged in the State Bar complaint to be romantically linked to Martinez is now working in the County Attorney’s Office as a law clerk, which is similar to an intern.

The Republic in August requested copies of the county personnel investigation and an explanation of the clerk’s duties but has not yet received them.

The County Attorney’s Office and Martinez’ current attorney, Donald Wilson, declined comment. Martinez did not respond to a  request for comment.

Multiple bar complaints filed:

As of March, Maricopa County had paid $150,000 in attorney’s fees to defend Martinez against bar complaints. That particular attorney no longer represents Martinez in newer bar complaints.

One complaint, which covered a decade’s worth of cases Martinez tried, including Arias, resulted in an offer of probation for Martinez from the Probable Cause Committee, but Martinez opted instead to face a disciplinary hearing.

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  1. ” but Martinez opted instead to face a disciplinary hearing.”

    Well, there is always the Firing Squad . . just sayin’ 🙂


  2. If they can prove the allegations in court then yes that juror should face the consequences , not only that the entire case would be flawed in my opinion and Jodi should walk free ! but I hate to say this again we have seen so much negligence /misconduct by Juan but the system somehow always works in his benefit , I don’t understand it but it seems that each time I get my hopes up about him being prosecuted I am always disappointed ..(smmmm) totally pisses me off ! but im not GIVING UP hope.

  3. Looks like Juan enjoyed himself while prosecuting Jodi, pictures of breasts, involvement with a juror, an affair with a blogger….how did he ever make time to prosecute? What a little weasel.. hope his girlfriend left him.

    • Don’t forget him signing his autograph for the masses of hypocrites falling at his feet. UGH

      EVERYONE PLEASE DONATE TO HELP JODI ARIAS FIGHT THE INJUSTICES SHE HAS FACED!!! Take your pick either the Appeals Fund or the new GoFundMePage (or BOTH)

  4. The Arias case certainly was compromised, no doubt about it. Between Martinez and her own lawyer they managed to make a mess of it.

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