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“This case is destined to be a pyric example of why a re-do of a trial will be remanded. But it won’t happen until the case gets beyond the clutches of the simpleton who will still preside over the post conviction relief proceedings. To assume she would administer any semblance of appropriate justice would be like giving a wino a hundred dollar bill and assuming he would buy Gatorade.

Stephens is a veritable female putz. She was so over her head in so many ways that the judge who appointed her should voluntarily surrender his or her credentials and be barred from ever appointing any judge to another case.

A judge is presumed qualified to preside over a world-wide media obsessed death penalty case while they’re getting on the job training? And with a defendant forced to accept public defender level defense as their hope of acquittal? This novice trainee on a death penalty case is going to know the protocol and extraordinary stringincies exclusive to a capital case, and be seasoned enough to preserve the defendants presumption of innocence and her rights under the constitution.

Did anyone stop to think, maybe if we’re going to put a trainee on her first death case, that it would be prudent to have her officiate one where the defendant is at least represented by a well known criminal defense attorney, so there is some parity of legal prowess and capability to be aware of statutory infringements? Plus at least a familiarity of death case trials and the financial resources to hire the correct goddamn experts in case preparation for a proper defense?

What Dr. Demento thought this comported with the necessary judicial acumen and had fair trial written all over it? Time after time after time, Stephens was stunningly inept and proven to be a virtual blight and embarrassment to the profession of accomplished capital case judges. There was as much time at sidebars as there was testimony in open court. If judicial competence was electricity, she wouldn’t have enough to power a 15 watt bulb.

Instead of reigning in an intractible renegade prosecutor that on a daily basis defiled the court room, she was his biggest fan. If she was his wife, she couldn’t have been more obviously biased towards him in her rulings.

A despicable prosecutor who treats a death penalty trial as a thrill ride and is allowed to hide evidence at will, mock the rules of evidence, bounces evidence off the floor, literally assaults witnesses and preens for the paparazzi in full view of the jury, without even a whit of a sanction.

She can even be told what her job is and how she has to make her rulings by this reputed pattern-driven five foot fungus. That STILL doesn’t merit so much as the slightest warning or mention of contempt for the court in the presence of the jury.

And to win the award hands down for supreme ineptitude, a complete lack of any will or apparent know-how of how to control a courtroom–incomprehensively and in contravention of every legal precept since trials began–she allows the gallery to turn into a cheering section for the prosecution.

Her presiding over the trial proved that Mexico and the Latin heritage have two degenerates that scrape the gutter of humanity–El Chapo, and the one Phoenix is plagued with, El Crapo.

You should be the first one at his book signing Stephens because you are as much of a disgrace as he is to the valor and tradition of a proficiently run courtroom. You obviously have a common affection for one another and an equal indolence that is visually palpable. Soon I predict you’re both going to be getting a lot more publicity than you bargained for.

There is such a buffet of boners and bold deliberate deceit that transpired, up to and including felony–grade coverups, that this trial probably stands alone in it’s sinnister notoriety for trampling on a defendant’s rights. The myriad of inconceivable rulings, and the conduct of the prosecutor, his minions and his pussy brigade of puppets, leave choosing which should be isolated as the best issues to assure overturning of the verdict the most difficult decision of all to arrive at.

But there are two enormities that go even above and beyond what happened in the joke-of-a-court- room itself as proceedings were unfolding. They scream out for inclusion like almost no others. And this is even BEFORE the opening day of the trial !

It is hard to envision a sustainable scenario where any appeals body would call overt and purposeful lying to a Grand Jury harmless error. And as sure as anything that’s ever manifested on this earth, that’s what happened! The Grand Jury was outright lied to at the very inception of the deliberate and preconceived march to Jodi Arias’s execution.

They were told that her handprint on the wall was in blood! And they were told without equivocation it was a fact. The prosecutor presenting the evidence did not say tests were still being conducted. They did not say preliminary beliefs indicate this is what it appeared to be. They did not say one solitary FUCKING thing to qualify it. In fact, they knew it was false. Because all they had to do was consult with THEIR OWN experts who did the tests and they would have supreme confirmation by the Mesa police department blood analysis specialists, that this statement was unambiguously false.

Those tests had already been completed and the results had been determined. You can bet the farm you won’t find the testimony of those experts from the Mesa PD crime lab ANYWHERE in that transcript of the Grand Jury proceeding because they would have had to tell the truth. And they would have. That had to be prevented at all cost to insure the Grand Jury would never hear it. And it was!

The Grand Jury was told Jodi Arias’s handprint was found on the wall bearing either Travis’s blood on her hand while touching the wall, or Travis’s blood was on the wall and her hand left a print in his blood. BOTH totally pure grade A, Academy Award winning Mt Fuji size lies. You can’t spin this and there is no way to waffle your way around it or finnagle a justification that would indemnify it.

The testimony by the person who was charged with making that determination was defiant in her bluntness UNDER OATH in the actual trial, and this is in the official court record that this was patently false. Martinez was wetting his BVD’s that she wouldn’t play along and perjure herself like Horn–and his other fabricating marionette, Detective Carlos Dickwad– who both set a new standard for unprecedented cover up and lying.

Could there be a more consequential representation to a Grand Jury in a case where there is no witness? Where there was no murder weapon found? Where there wasn’t even enough typeable DNA to develop a complete profile? Could an appeals judge be absolutely confident that had such a brazen lie not been told to that Grand Jury, that it may have resulted in their total REFUSAL to indict?

Any juror hearing that a person’s handprint was in the blood of a murdered victim would be almost duty bound to give that purported evidence–if it was in fact legitimately found at the murder site–enormous weight. There could be very few alternate explanations as to how that could be possible. It certainly puts the person at the scene of the crime.

Any juror given this as provably collected police evidence–and then certainly with other added postulations of unquestionable prosecutor bias as well, with all prosecutors traditionally stretching and embellishing the truth–could they be faulted for handing down that indictment? NO. Could they possibly be justifiably criticized for thinking that this comprised the appearance of enough probable cause to vote for indictment if this were true? No! Even I would have, given those circumstances.

But when that empirically critical assertion of evidence is known to be a bold-faced made up lie, and had they been told the truth, which is, that no blood was present–neither ON HER HAND in the latent print found, nor did her hand CONTACT his blood, are you going to tell me that any Grand Juror would consider those two scenarios equally INCRIMINATING? If you think so, contact me when you get back from Mars.

And further, a lie in this case so egregious that it should find the prosecutor facing the State Bar for revocation of their license. Because not only was there no print in blood, it was absolutely impossible to even tell WHEN that one and only print found attributable to Jodi Arias, had even been left there! This was also testified to under oath in the guilt-phase of the trial by the State’s DNA specialist witness, Jodi Legg, who did that testing. So the Grand Jury was indisputably misled.

Example 1 ….. (and what they were told)

Suspects palm print found in victims blood.

TRUTH ….. (and what they SHOULD have been told)

A sole palm print of suspect who frequented victims home on numerous occasions was found. It had DNA of both the suspect and the victim, but determining when the palm print was left was impossible for our crime lab to determine.

Are you kidding me? It would be positively laughable to assume that any reasonable Grand Juror would find those two representations equally meeting the same high standard imperative for probable cause. And sufficient to vote first degree murder in their decision.

If the Maricopa death squad could manufacture this ISIS style seismic perversion of the truth, what would be the difference if they told the Grand Jury that a neighbor just happened to be in the yard next door and saw Jodi coming out of the house with a gun in her hand and blood all over her clothes? What the hell is the difference? They would both be lies; merely a distinction without a difference.

It is such a material fact in this case, that an appeals court should have such great consternation that, were this bold faced lie omitted, it may have resulted–or at least COULD have resulted, in a failure to indict. And without an indictment THERE NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN A TRIAL !

Unless these slimy opportunists still chose to pursue the prosecution in the only option left–a preliminary hearing–and then subject themselves to the scrutiny of a judge and defense challenges to the evidence, that could have shut down the trumped up case entirely right there.

The truth sure as hell could have resulted in the Grand Jury’s failure to indict for ‘first degree’ murder ! This in itself should be enough to remand a new trial. It must be remembered that this representation was made by the prosecutor to the Grand Jury prior to Jodi making any ADMISSION to the killing.

Lest anybody not believe me:

Taken directly from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office web page …… Adult Criminal Trial Process:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“In addition to – and sometimes in lieu of – filing a direct complaint, a prosecutor may formally charge a suspect by presenting evidence to a Grand Jury comprised of at least nine citizens selected at random. If the Grand Jury determines that there is sufficient evidence that a suspect committed a crime and should be tried on SPECIFIC charges, the jurors will formalize these findings by issuing an indictment (sometimes referred to as a “true bill”). The Grand Jury may also issue an indictment alleging charges OTHER THAN THOSE RECOMMENDED by the prosecutor, or determine that there is insufficient evidence to support any charges at all.” [capital letter emphasis, mine]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Click the following link for more info:

In other words, the Grand Jury in Arizona has the autonomy to return an indictment based on charges IT feels has been sufficiently supported and appropriate by probable cause findings.

In fact listen to this, and listen to what the prosecutor is OBLIGATED to do:

Where in the hell were her attorneys that they didn’t do this? How could this happen? Talk about being asleep at the switch.

The proverbial “ham sandwich” analogy is always used in regards to prosecutors being able to indict almost anybody, because it is a secret process and basically an oratory by the prosecutor with no defense representatives present. But in no state, is a prosecutor who is bound by his oath to seek the truth, allowed to blatantly make up KNOWINGLY false prevarications and half-truths to a grand jury to bolster its case.

Especially when the prevarication constitutes the closest implication to a “smoking gun” implicating the defendant. It certainly wasn’t the bathroom photos that provided that smoking gun. Where’s Jodi’s face on any of those photos in the bathroom? Show me one!

In fact the prosecutor in most states, to a limited degree, is required to disclose exculpatory evidence to Grand Jurors which is beneficial to the defendant, if that evidence is known. They certainly can’t obliterate the truth just to obtain the “true bill” they seek. And this is EXACTLY what was done here.

All the appeals court has to do is get the transcript of the Grand Jury and compare it to the actual trial testimony of Jodi Legg and Lisa Perry. And the glaring pattern of routine evidence fixing by these Maricopa County mothers will be on display in all its glory. Take away that “bloody handprint” and you have next-to-zero probable cause that would convincingly support she murdered anybody.

Even in the rules of evidence procedure applicable to trials, not guilty does not mean innocent. It means that the highest possible mandated standard of PROVING guilt with facts of truth–and to the exclusion of all other explanations of equal plausibility–has not been met. Facts that are required to not be fixed, manipulated or manufactured to garner a win at any cost.

Appeals justices have to take judicial notice that this was a mammoth twisting of the facts to the Grand Jury. And that the charge of first degree murder if forced to be dropped, may have resulted in a TOTALLY different outcome for Jodi Arias.

This enormous misrepresentation is then also piggybacked directly to another highly viable justification for remand to a new trial. Again, this cannot possibly be called harmless error.

A prosecutor, and certainly in a capital case, does not have to spell out chapter and verse of every step of how their evidence is going to be presented in court at trial. They can keep those strategies close to their chest. But they certainly have to disclose the evidence they have against the defendant and they certainly have to disclose all known exculpatory evidence.

The Maricopa Prosecutor’s Office could have chosen that route of preliminary hearing, in which instance their case plan IS exposed and their evidence must be revealed in a courtroom setting that is subject to cross examination and challenge by the defendant.

But oh noo-o-o Mary Jo, they didn’t do that. They went instead into their little hidey-hole secret place and presented it to a Grand Jury, which they had every right to do; and also which of course then maintained keeping their little game plan secret. Just according to their devious plan.

But when they decided to escalate the charges to the highest possible level and filed notice of intent to seek the ultimate possible penalty of death after the handing down of the Grand Jury’s indictment, they made a calculated gamble at their own risk.  In doing so, they had to make a PROFFER TO A JUDGE.

That proffer stated with crystal clarity that their case contention was going to be that Jodi shot Travis and that this wound was the first injury inflicted.  Which as the autopsy verified and the testimony of Flores at the Chronis hearing stated as factually validated by Horn, was exactly what had happened.

It was at that moment however in this proceeding, that they put the defense on notice that this was going to be their allegation before the jury.   And as such,  it was at that time, no different than if this information had been presented originally in an open court preliminary hearing.

This proffer was made for one purpose: to SOLELY influence the judge to grant them the full gamut of the sixth Arizona aggravator of cruelty, heinous and depraved.   Which in their filing choices of aggravators they hoped would be granted, was mandatory to support their desire to elevate the case to a death penalty case.  Not only to charge premeditated first degree murder.

That proffer specifically contended that after Travis was shot, he was stabbed repeatedly, suffering through subsequent brutal knifings, ultimately culminating in a sliced throat.  And most importantly during this entire time he had been conscious.

It was sworn and presumed UNDER OATH that this was their case finding.  And that with the shot already causing him great pain, while conscious and not incapacitated, he still had to endure the additional cruelty of all the other mutilations and the succeeding stabbings, which they pleaded to the judge would support their cruelty aggravator request proffer.

It was presented to the judge only to extend the time and manner of his suffering.  Without him staggering around after being shot, the judge may not have been convinced that the killing met the statutory definition to grant the aggravator.

They knew the case law precedent of what appeals judges had already done in other similar cases.  Such as the Arizona Supreme Court throwing out the cruelty aggravator against Soto-Fong, saying that “where shots, stabbings, or blows are inflicted in quick succession, one of them leading RAPIDLY TO UNCONSCIOUSNESS, a finding of cruelty, without any additional supporting evidence, is not appropriate.”

They couldn’t risk that.  Their whole death plan for Jodi depended on it !  There was only the one thread of hope still remaining that Jodi could be injected with a death cocktail, and the “cruelty” was it.

When they made that proffer to the judge, the defense justifiably went into action with that as the defense they would have to mount against.  They are no longer obligated to wait until trial to hear the sequence of the injuries.  Their entire case strategy was set by what they had every right and expectation their client would be charged with doing, and the evidence as it would be expected to be presented by the prosecution.

But then surprise, surprise.  Little did the Bungling Brothers Circus know that Jodi was going to change her plea to self defense and contend that exactly what they had proffered to the judge, was in fact what actually HAPPENED.

So oh oh, now they were in deep doo doo.  Their proffer to the judge was now exactly what would validate the very real possibility that Jodi had to act in totally justifiable self defense of her own life.  Or certainly having a rational belief that she was about to suffer great bodily injury. Either of which falls squarely under allowable justifiable homicide.

When this was flipped, almost on the eve of trial after two years of case preparation based on this sworn testimony to a judge under automatic penalty of perjury, this was the the most supreme and outrageous form of sandbagging the defense.

Martinez knew this had now constituted outright lying to the judge at the hearing because it completely changed the material facts on which the judge based her decision.

But they were in a vice–Jodi had stopped denying she’d killed him, and now with a self-defense plea, HER version of the sequence of injuries was going to be more believable to a jury.  They were in full panic mode.  The one thing they had to prevent was any chance that the bullet had only stunned Alexander, angered him, and caused him to go into a rage-like state of full intent to kill or gravely injure Jodi.

So with the scruples of the degenerates they are, they juxtaposed what they had told the judge.  But worse than that, and what the appeals court is BOUND by every tenet of justice to consider, is that the entire concept of Jodi’s right to a fair trial was deliberately contravened, sabotaged and hijacked when this was done.

Only one thing allowed their perverse penchant for death to survive that last glimmer of hope: that aggravator.  That aggravator was granted based on false, misleading, and totally changed presentation at trial.

It had to either be:

1. a lie at the time they presented the sequence of the gunshot and stabbings to the judge.
2. a lie when they presented the gunshot being last at the trial.

There’s no way the two can be morphed into both being true. They are 360 degrees diametrically opposite factually and legally. One–he’s shot when he’s alive. Two–he’s shot when he’s categorically and indisputably dead.

It cannot POSSIBLY be assumed that if a truthful proffer had been given to the judge–which would have had to MATCH what Martinez indeed presented as the sequence of injuries IN THE TRIAL–that the judge would still have granted their only remaining hope of that aggravator. In fact, it is more likely she would have denied it ! If they had said she shot him when he was already dead, it’s almost a sure bet she would have denied it. They would have been screwed.

It was a double criminally worthy subjugation of justice. It sent the defense chasing into rabbit holes the prosecution had allowed them no knowledge of, misled them about–and with the inept Orphan Annie numbskull judge assigned to her trial–left them with zero time to prepare adequate defense for. It simultaneously also abridged every constitutional right of Jodi to be tried by a PROPERLY SELECTED jury of her peers. It is impossible to say it didn’t.

There isn’t a cogent-minded, legally proficient judge alive, not in state court, not in appeals courts, not in federal courts, not in the Supreme Court, that would say there is no difference between a death qualified jury and a jury of people who have no requirement to believe in death as a punishment. Not only that, jurors who actually may have a strongly held belief AGAINST the death penalty.

There could be no brighter red line distinction between the two. If there isn’t, what the hell is the big deal then about the precise narrowing through voir dire in a death penalty case to find only death-qualified jurors? Why even have the term “death-qualified” if there is no difference?

Are we to believe a jury comprised of citizens that viewed the death penalty as something they may be categorically opposed to, would not, or may not, view evidence in a totally different light and with a totally different scrutiny? It’s inconceivable that they wouldn’t. It would be a totally different mindset. A totally different temperament of the triers of fact.

How could an appeals court not have grave concerns that Jodi’s case may have turned then ENTIRELY on that factually completely untruthful submission to the judge? A judge where with one word; denied, would have forced Maricopa County to try Jodi on the maximum allowable charge of SECOND degree murder. A charge carrying a maximum prison sentence of only 29 years.

Even those convicted of a previous 2nd degree murder, 29 years is the maximum prison term. And I think we can unanimously agree, Jodi is no serial killer. She’d never committed a crime in her life.

So what precedent allows a prosecution to ambush a Superior Court judge? Where, on the other hand, the truth could have resulted in the requirement of a vastly different analytic minded jury? And furthermore, would have forced a trial that would immediately have taken off the table ANY of the possible consequences of a first degree murder conviction, including the applicable prison sentence she’s been sentenced to, and up to the present day, wrongfully serving?

And that’s what it was, an ambush! Because the judge granted the motion based on what she believed was reliable by a sworn officer of the court. Out of 14 possible aggravators, every one applied for had been denied, except for the one slim hope left. The first degree charge was barely hanging on by a fingernail.

Legal rulings have no relationship whatsoever to perceptions of the common man or anyone not familiar with the laser-like precision of legal definitions. Would anyone not extraordinarily versed in statutory requirements, upon having the wounds of Travis detailed to them, think that it could only be a depraved or insanely depraved person that could inflict that many injuries?

Would any person outside the profession of a BAR qualified individuals familiar with the technicalities of legal specificity think that it would be IMPOSSIBLE that this couldn’t qualify as a heinous crime? In fact, extremely heinous? It certainly would be thought of as heinous from the viewpoint of the victim–he’s dead.

Yet BOTH of these descriptive aggravators were rejected by the judge as not having met the statutory requirement obligatory under the law–both heinous and depraved were DENIED!!

Nothing could then better evidence the acutely critical precise accuracy that a judge relies on in making their capital case rulings. In this case, with the switch of gunshot first to gunshot last, she relied on an unambiguously, specious, mendacious, contrived, fallacious, unequivocally bogus, and convenient LIE–that at that time met the timely needs of the prosecution. But also entirely forming the underpinning of the favorable aggravator ruling.

No tortured cavalier assumption that tries to ration that maybe the judge would still have granted the only remaining undenied prong of the 3-part cruelty aggravator anyway–had she any way to know this information was totally untrue–is even remotely credible. No amount of verbal gymnastics could roll back the clock and assure that outcome.

And as such, that alone, and certainly in combination with the major falsification to the Grand Jury, these two things should MANDATE a new trial. If not, it stands every code of ethics prosecutors are bound by, fundamentally, on its head.

These are two of the most legally actionable egregious violations and cause for verdict reversal out of the virtual potpourri of infringements of Jodi’s constitutional entitlement to a fair trial.

To call these actions “misconduct” is like comparing an H-bomb to a firecracker. These were intentional attempts to fix evidence to bring the highest possible charge and to force a capital case conviction. It doesn’t get any worse than that. The perpetrators at the M.C.A.O should be facing the death penalty themselves!

In fact, a THIRD grevious error is very possibly encapsulated by the switch of the injury sequence as well. If Nurmi applied for a continuance or extension of time to re-prepare the defense for the blind-side they were hit with–and t seems to me I recall that he did and Stephens denied it–that will be HUGE.

If this is factual and it’s in the record, I can’t see a reason in the world why that wouldn’t constitute reversible error just in itself in a death case trial. It forced them to proceed with a totally different trial strategy than they had prepared for.

There couldn’t be a more justifiable cause for retrial than the highest form of Brady violation, coupled with unmistakeable dereliction and disregard for prosecutor ethics. Topped off with the failure of a judge to allow a defense time to adequately prepare or acquire expert witnesses.

In summary, I would set the stage in the appeals preparation papers with the Debra Milke case and making it inexorably clear that this is the same county who was responsible for that evidence fixing, resulting in that innocent woman’s stay on death row for a period of 21 years. The same Maricopa County Office prosecutors!

And here was a repeat attempt by these very same insidious jack-boots, notorious for ignoring the rule of law and the canons of ethics incumbent on them by their oath. It is a nest of corruption and rogue prosecutors with a penchant for giving the finger to judicial rights enshrined by the constitution, routinely overcharging defendants and a perverted obsessive fetish for the death penalty.

No one-two punch of flagrant violations should be more attention-getting to appeals judges than these two examples. It even exceeds the atrocious representation she was forced to accept, which under any definition was ineffective counsel. It wasn’t ineffective, it was downright, across-the-board incompetent. But that’s just icing on the cake.

Prying open that sealed Grand Jury testimony regarding the “handprint,” comparing it to the transcript of the appropriate guilt phase testimony in the actual trial, and a review of the testimony on August 7, 2009 before Superior Court judge Sally Duncan, begging for the aggravator–proven in the actual trial to have been a 100% perjured proffer by the prosecutor–should be more than enough to have the appeals judges seething with contempt.

It is fitting that on this recent 4th of July, Americans were talking about and celebrating a successful fight for their freedom. I believe one day Jodi–and certainly at the Supreme Court level–in the not too distant future, you will be liberated from that Perryville prison.

Because you are not guilty of premeditated murder. And you are also not guilty of the cheap shot, burglary predicate felony murder–which even your dimwit jury, comprised of 12 of the most maladroit morons since the Simpson jury–five of “them” couldn’t even find you guilty of the charge. Or of taking his gun either.

So let me bottom-line this for you who inhabit the uber stupid zones on other forums and have no inkling of the shanghai job this trial was …

You Travis adulators and the California carnival barkers who sucked you in and drained your wallets, your time to be pissed hasn’t even begun. if you think you’re upset that she didn’t get death…just wait.

Mark my words, Jodi Arias AT THE LEAST—with a competent appeal submission including these two glaring headlining harrowing atrocities I have detailed–will have a new trial!

Alexandroids, save this post!”

– Jade

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  2. Whoa Jade, You most certainly KNOW how to bring it on home!
    When pickles didn’t say one admonishing thing to Jodi at the end, I knew pickles knew they were all in deep doo doo!
    Thank you Jade for another blow against the Ignorance!
    Free Jodi! Self-defense is NOT a crime!

  3. As always Jade You are the best. Take note America this is not the justice You want…that of a SHOWTRIAL. Another trial pray that evil never happens….what would,nt they do to stop that…..we found HER in HER cell……has that not already happened a few times or the I thought my life was at risk so I….HER. TRUST them……NEVER they did all they could to bring HER to harm 4 times(hung twice and told to go back AGAIN.) The appeal courts must FREE HER….and then let the U.S. dept. of Justice take az. so-called justice to task and clean up the mess in mesa.As for the 91k….not a bad start is it…more on it,s way soon.And as for the cult of t-dog……well they got the dog part……RIGHT! So sorry…dogs. Knock Knock…who,s there….LDS can We talk…..sure I,d like to talk about travis and his vile n evil ways….don,t know him or HER…..3 months later I met them again and they knew all about the case from one side…VETTED on their mission or divine intervention or just told what to say….YES this did happen. As I walked away I felt sorry for them…And as their bishop in my hometown said of t.a. That young man has a lot to answer for… I said I do agree. Truth and facts are on HER side and a lot of wonderful folks…I thank You all and bless You always from my heart. Fairwell and lets bring JODI back home safe n sound…SOON.

  4. The bathroom photos this fine team has exposed with lies, deceit, tampering with the evidence speaks volumes as to why jm took the camera and smashed it to the floor during trial!!! He destroyed the evidence of his fraud!!! Man O’ Man I cant wait to see that little chump get his! Every last one of those creeps that are involved!!! I hope it doesnt take years for this wickedness to be brought to bright light!! Jodi has suffered enough! JADE, U AND ALL OF SJ/TEAM JODI… “ROCK” 🙂

  5. Please tell me with all this new discovery/proof that Jodi doesn’t have to wait years to be able to walk out into the sunshine and put all this ugliness behind her!! Im in hopes she will go on to Platt College or a College /career of her choice and get on to a wounderful wiser life!;) this whole hoax of trials should acquit her! All dismissed!!! #1 Jodi FFJ

  6. Okay – color me confused

    If the Grand Jury testimony is sealed, then how do we know Martinez used the ‘bloody handprint’?

    • From what I read on SW blog det flore’s wife was able to get into sealed documents and blabb her face about all she knew on facebook! All that happen to her hubby was he received a demotion!!! That it!!! I say WTF !!! REALLY!!! Those actions of hers most definitely tainted the case! Can everybody say VIOLATION OF JODI’S RIGHTS TO A FAIR TRIAL

      • I’m sorry Pam – been watching for an answer to this question for hours. Are you answering my question or did your post just land there?

        Did Inconvenient Truths post specific info about what was said to the Grand Jury?

        Yes, I know Flores wife mouthed off and Nurmi filed at least one motion about it… but I don’t recall anything about the Grand Jury in those tweets.

        • Sorry Journee, tweet just must of landed there. All I was comment on was flores wife was able to get into sealed documents. Point I was making was it seems even though doc’s were sealed they could be would be leaked by someones wife!?! No, nothing mentioned about Grand Jury in Incoveient Truth.. Unanswered questions/mysterious deaths. Jodi’s case was tainted right off the get go because of flores gossiping hag! ON/ABOUT “SEALED DOCUMENTS” . Surely as there in aGod in heaven frog will be crushed by the Grand Jury/Courts for his lies and tricks about bloody hand print! False evidence, surly he will get more than a demotion. Just saying!

          • Oh, and my impression – of course I could be wrong – was that Mrs. Flores was tweeting info that came from sealed hearings, not documents.

            And, yes, it could be said that the Grand Jury hearing was ‘sealed’, but like I said, I saw nothing in those tweets about the Grand Jury.

    • Journee maybe the mesa pd probable cause statement, that was released on Sept. 11, 08 was the same info given to the grand jury. The second to last statement from mesa on that page referred to preliminary labwork dated 7-3-08. The statement was about DNA findings of Jodi and ta surrounding the bloody palmprint. If the grand jury indictment was on 7-7-08, it would seem like frog would use that info. (taken from — )
      I’m sure you’ll hear back from Jade.

    • FWIW –

      I don’t doubt for an instant that Martinez WOULD do something like this.

      But this article states it as a fact and I would like to know where the fact came from.

      If it’s known to be a FACT then the appellate attorney – Tenny Martin is it? – needs to know about it.

  7. Good morning all. I am disgusted and I need to purge. Yesterday a friend showed me a letter Jodi had written to someone and in this letter she mentions that she is depressed. Actually, she said that she is a “terrible pen pal because she is swamped with mail throw is some depression in the mix and presto a recipe for procrastination”. This letter was posted on Court Chatter and then on the Alexander’s Twitter account. Needless to say it started a feeding frenzy with the TA supporters. I can’t tell how disgusting it was to read some of the responses of the TA Sainthood Cult. Why in the hell would someone who is in contact with Jodi post anything online which would hurt her?. I am wondering if the Douchebag who posted it is a regular here “supporting” Jodi. His name is Garry (yes 2 r’s). He should be ashamed of himself. I send Jodi a note this morning telling her to be careful of this slime bag.
    So Gary, if you are here and you are reading this……shame shame shame. Most of us have gotten postcards from Jodi and I don’t think anyone loyal would post them to Court Chatter or any other website for attention.

      • “I think the person who received the letter and then posted the letter on Jodi and Travis’ support sites is none other than Skye herself or one of her minions.” ————————– dwight, you’re not making any sense and to be honest you sound a bit obsessed with the Hughes. We ALL dislike them but come on!!!!!Sky wrote the letter to Jodi so as to receive and post it online? You’re not being serious, right?

    • What an ass that guy is! Jodi is kind enough to write everyone back and this guy took advantage of her. I guess getting the haters all riled up makes him feel better about himself.

    • I agree that posting the letter was slimy and underhanded and was most likely the reason for ‘Garry’ to write to Jodi to begin with.

      But I don’t agree that it hurt Jodi in any way. All those people who devote so much of their time and interest and energy into wishing suffering upon her – she doesn’t know them or think of them at all.

      She’s the center of their world and they’re invisible to her.

      • Beautifully written and dead on the mark, Journee. Most of Jodi’s critics don’t even recognize their dependence on her.

      • I agree Journee that it was “a slimy and underhanded” thing for Garry to do to Jodi. I was distressed for Jodi to say she was “depressed”. This fact is very upsetting and I wish there is something we can do to make her feel better. I write her on a regular basis and hope to here from her soon. Maybe a few books sent to her might make her feel better. Does anybody else have any other ideas? Has anybody here heard directly from her recently? I think about her often every day.

        • Mickey, I just got a postcard from her a few weeks ago. – pretty much what she told Garry that she is swamped with mail and would make a terrible pen pal. – I was surprised that she hoped this found me well. She is so damn polite. I can’t imagine her sitting in a cell probably 110 degrees wondering if I’m ok. I did send her a 15 page letter of cut and paste from Wikispaces which gives tons of questions regarding her case and things that should have been considered. I also sent her information on 4 of the 6 Alexander siblings have records including Tanisha (theft, substance abuse, shoplifting, false impersonation) and the fact that she needed to attend an anger management class for 6 months. – I hope that made her smile. – I did also mention the Garry thing and that she may want not to write him back unless she wants it on Court Chatter or on the Alexander support Twitter page.

      • Journee, you’re absolutely right! Those haters were whining that they couldn’t wait for the trial to be over so they can get on w/ their lives (as if they were obliged to follow it 🙄 ) and now that it’s over, here we are with them still at it! Wat a bunch of losers!

    • This sounds like a female pretending to be a guy………. and she is seeking attention. Maybe to write a book and make money off JODI just like everyone else is doing.

    • I have 2 things to say on this:

      1)that Garry postcard was all over the Internet, he was stupid (or cunning) enough to post it in many FB groups, Twitter etc etc…. To me this either speaks of his STUPIDITY and NAIVETY and the fact that he may possibly be a new supporter who desn’t know that Jodi doesn’t like it when people post/share her private correspondance. I sent him a message on FB, which he still hasn’t read.

      2) Jodi has been informed about this incident. In fact, by the time Court Chatter posted Garry’s letter it was old news b/c it had already been tweeted a week or so before. Jodi was notified the MINUTE it was tweeted. 😉

    • Cat, I’m sure Jodi knows about this already. I’m also sure that this Garry dude/dudess (<—- ha! new word) will not be getting anymore letters from Jodi! 😀

    • Dwight, I think your on to something! Everyone knew Deanna was travis pet setter and she WOULD have the code. Plus one of you fine folks posted a text conversations between travis where deanna was trying to get some of her hundreds of dollars back from travis before he left for Cancun. He playfully called her some seedy names like slut ect. but she let him know she was coming into town! She was there! Why did she not go to his home to collect some of her money and wait 5 days or more to confront him??! With travis being such a neat freak, so they say. Why didn’t the on going, over powering stench plus ALL his belongings laying about in plain sight plus his car alarm not one single person? Especially Deanna! THERE IS AS SOME WOULD SAY… A GHOST IN THE DARKNESS

      • When you are asked under oath about other women having sex with TA and fail to mention that you were one of those women, you are not telling the truth. Deanna was covering up possibly for her own embarrassment of being taken advantage of and being treated like a used rag but she also was continuing to cover up for TA’s behavior…poor thing, she’s pathetic…all used up and nowhere to go…how she must have been seething over it all…Now if someone can help me on this, wasn’t Ashley Thompson who was mentioned above as someone maybe that Deanna called isn’t she the one that supposedly committed suicide? Am I wrong on this? Anyone remember the specifics of this can help?

        • BB, an article I read Ashley Thompson was married but very close to travis!!?! She wanted to leave her husband and move in with travis. Of course travis wouldnt let her saying it wouldnt look very good to others. After the discovery of dead travis Ashley thought her husband might be involved because he was acting very odd like in s t r a n g e ! Ashley made anonymous phone call to homicide detectives and they were able to trace the call back to her. Nothing ever came from this cause Ashley supposedly suicides!!?! I read all this on the SW site on mysterious deaths and unanswered questions.

          • Very interesting….married but very close to TA??? Way too many coincidences, wouldn’t you say? She ends up dead by suicide after she thought her husband was involved and she contacts the detectives?? I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to criminal cases…

  8. I’ve been thinking a lot about the following question and what keeps jumping into my head are the words of the typical non-critical, circular-thinking responder out there…

    Question: “Why would anyone think that a messy crime scene indicates premeditation?”

    Typical answer: “Well, she didn’t plan for it to be messy, she just made a lot of mistakes because she’s stupid.”

    Now the way this actually translates is as follows: Jodi actually planned this murder but we can only guess and suppose what that plan might have been because, well, whatever that unproven plan was, it just didn’t go the way she planned.

    Does anyone hear the magic thinking? So now the way we convict people is we decide first whether it was planned and then if it doesn’t actually look planned we just assume they made a lot of mistakes carrying out their plan.

    These people make my head hurt.

    • Sounds like the same crazy hoochies that use pictures of Jodi’s lady parts to try and strike up interest with their hubbies to get lucky! A ta troll name madcowhousewife or something like that was tweeting about it. The women on the dark side are really really jealous of Jodi! Not only do they go on and on about (irrelevance) they disrespect dead travis. They shouldnt hate Jodi just because she is beautiful. #FFJ #1TEAM JODI

        • Maria, there are nasty nasty women on the dark side that go on and on about Jodi’s lady parts. What they say is so vulgar and disgusting. They sound like a bunch of turned on , frustrated dikes! Why do they use Jodi’s name as their hastag?! I was suspended from that site for being a bully and I asure you I never said anything close to as sick as these vile vixens!!! Jodi’s v has nothing to do with anything but yet thats all they want to talk about! Never in my life have I hear females talk like this!! No man would come within 50 ft. of such vile creatures! I choose to not go to the site anymore cuz they be the starter I be the finisher! They should be burned at the stakes or stoned to death! Should never be allowed around children, mostly little girls!!!! People that are intelligent and have decency stopped reading on that site long ago! Can get past all the vulgaris!! Im willing to bet that the things they say about Jodi has been said to them in real life !

      • ‘madcowhousewife’…. ha! Wouldn’t expect anything else from someone signing with that name! LOL!

        Come on now peeps! Let them have their thrills! I’m guessing that 3/4 of the hater males have not seen a vagina in close up since 1999 and so Jodi’s private part pics are the only thing close enough to the real thing for them. As for the women that tend to make fun of Jodi’s privates? Ha! I’m guessing they all look like ‘madcowhousewives’ 😀 😀 😀

        All of them? —-> fuckfaces. *sigh*

      • Yes, I read LeBlanc’s “imaginings” of Jodi’s so-called plan. At best it sounds like a fairy tale, at worst a very bad movie script. For instance, he cannot believe Travis would attack a woman over a dropped camera but he has no problem believing an otherwise non-violent woman would viciously attack a man simply out of sheer jealousy. This makes perfect sense to him. Apparently this is something this guy sees happening all the time so statistically speaking, in his mind anyway, this is a common motive for women slaughtering men? All the written evidence indicates she was the one moving on with her life and he was the one who got controlling and angry if she even mentioned seeing another man. But according to this brilliant asshole, a man (in growing financial straits) wouldn’t possible attack a woman for dropping his brand new expensive camera but a woman would certainly attack a man because she loved him so much but couldn’t have him. And this plan/motive was proven when and how? It wasn’t and if you ask any of those other idiots they all envision a different plan (except when they are busy kissing up to someone else’s preposterous theory). How can a so-called proven plan have so many different renditions? It only shows that a premeditated plan was never proven. (How do those people dream up this stuff? And I do mean dream.)

        • And I know that motive does not have to be proven but if you’re going to try to kill someone for planning a murder you should at least be able to tell us (with evidence, not speculations and fairy tales) what that plan was. Otherwise there is no proof of a plan! Simple as that! And if there is proof of a plan then we shouldn’t be hearing a dozen or so different theories about what that plan was. That screams reasonable doubt that there ever was a plan.

          • And all that BS about her behaviors leading up to the killing prove nothing. If anything, her phone call to Ryan the night before proves she had no intention of going to see Travis, much less kill him. But I’m sure that is just dismissed by the idiots of the world as another mistake Jodi made “because she’s stupid”. In other words, if the evidence works against her it was all part of her plan; if it works in her favor, she just made a mistake. God help our justice system!

            • Well, that’s just it isn’t it? If the evidence works in her favor you have what’s called REASONABLE DOUBT !!! But the STUPID, MINDLESS, SHEEPLE OF A JURY didn’t have two brain cells to rub together to figure that out !!!!

              • Martinez and the sheeple’s theory can collapse based on just one thing: the frog accused her of EITHER stealing her grandparents’ gun OR stealing it from Travis’ house. WTF? There’s no “either….or…..” in capital punishment cases, right America? Don’t you have to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT what happened? Otherwise, you’re just putting innocent people to death.

                • Maria,
                  I believe the charges were along the same confusing lines. 1. She premeditated his murder 2. Felony charge = No, she just meant to kick his ass (assault). In other words, it’s either this or it’s that. We’re not really sure what her intentions were. It’s a wonder Martinez didn’t suggest she rented a car so she could run over him.

        • Also, Jodi never, of course, claimed that TA intended to kill her over the camera. She probably pulled the gun in anticipation of more angry “punishment” of the type he often talked about. His murderous attack was out of rage that she had shot him in his precious head, not anything about the camera.

        • I just read the darkside interpretation of my above comment:

          1. That I don’t believe women ever kill out of jealousy. What I actually said is that these nitwits pluck a motive out of nowhere to justify their hateful conclusions. They can’t believe Travis would attack her over a dropped camera but, with no evidence whatsoever, believe she was jealous. As I said above, the written evidence (which, of course, they choose to ignore because it doesn’t fit their conclusion) indicates that it was Travis who became anxious about Jodi seeing other men.

          2. That my statement about her not being violent is wrong; after all, she kicked a dog and punched a wall. This is where they cherry-pick to justify what they *want* to believe. That whole dog incident was Jodi, when asked if she had any anger issues, thinking way back into her childhood about something that she did about which she felt really bad. They, of course, only believe the kicking of the dog and don’t believe in her remorse. And from this they determine that she must be a homicidal maniac. Mindless cherry-picking by mindless sheeple.

          3. That there is nothing to indicate Travis was in financial straits. I have it on very good authority that he was having difficulty meeting his mortgage payment, was using his credit card to pay it and had refinanced twice to pay down the credit cards. By June of 2008 the house was mortgaged to its peak value in 2006 and was beginning to slide in value as the housing collapse began. (I myself researched the refinancing.)

        • How do they explain that Jodi was ‘dumb enough’ to fuck up her ‘premeditated plan’ BUT at the same moment she’s brilliant enough and ‘conniving’ to fool everyone about everything? Sheesh! They should make up their minds: is she dumb or is she brilliant?

  9. BAM, JADE !! Great article and sooooo true !! Yes, were they lying at the Chronis Hearing or were they lying in the trial testimony? Which is it? You can NOT have it both ways…and it was NOT a misunderstanding….. Det Clouseu admitted his perjury when he admitted that it was not Dr. Horn’s opinion he used as he had testified to in the Chronis Hearing but it was his own opinion he used…ADMITTED PERJURY !!!!! And the Grand Jury was lied to as well about a nonexistent bloody palm print and the criminal trial testimony of the palm print proves it…..If the foundation of the home you build is faulty or not true the home will crumble…which is what is going to happen in this case…and OMG, JSS needs to be banned for life from the bench for her IDIOTIC INCOMPETENCY !!!!!!! She actually said that she used trial testimony to justify the death penalty aggravator in an after the fact unprecedented scheme that robbed Jodi of a fair trial…and let’s not forget the ever so clever Dr. Horn and his oh so laughable “typo” and his equivocations that make Elmer Fudd look like a Harvard graduate !!!


    I just pray that Jodi’s appellate team is competent and on their game 100000000 %

    It is a veritable feast of appellate issues that will guarantee that this case will be reversed and remanded or dismissed with prejudice !!!


    Jail cells cling, are you listenin’
    In the clink, Juan is hissin’
    A beautiful sight
    We’re happy tonight
    He’s rockin’ his pink undies…….all right !!!!!

    • BB, I LOL over your jingle of toad, I mean frog!!!:) Him in his pink panties would make a great post card to send to our beautiful, soon to be released Jodi!!;) plus yr verse!! Print the verse along with the pic!! Brilliant , absolutely BRILLIANT !;)))

      • Well, I really can’t take too much credit….it goes to the tune of Winter Wonderland…you know that classic winter Christmas / Holiday song…But I did think it was way funny, and I do hope that Juanita finds it funny when she….oops I meant he i think…finds himself in those pink panties…maybe then all his fans will go crazy…ya think??

    • ” I just pray that Jodi’s appellate team is competent and on their game 100000000 % ” —————— I don’t know why but I don’t have much faith in those public lawyers any more. 🙁 After seeing how royally Nurmi f*cked up. That’s why it’s imperative that Jodi’s Appellate Fund grow stronger and stronger. So she can afford someone good!

    • BB, awesomely written.

      Det. Clouseu got demoted to xerox boy.
      I’m guessing in good time we’ll hear about the others too. These are my guesses:
      JSS to parking ticket cases.
      horn to dissecting frogs
      martinez to being horn’s next victim! 😀

  10. Dwight, plus instead of paying back the money travis owed Deanna he is buying expensive websites and camera. Deanna knew this! And the fact he was still sneaking around seeing Jodi, having a sexual relationship with Jodi! Im sure Deanna felt used/abused by travis! Deanna was humiliated by him in front of her family, friends and the church! Deanna did missionary work for the church! Im sure she showed great depression over t.a. !!! If anybody was jealous and had motive it was DR !! Her father and the church probably stepped in.. travis made such fools out of the church, mormans and his self and all the mormans daughters! Beg, barrow and steal all the virginity. Yeah, the morman church was so very proud of travis Alexander!!!

  11. To me the hair found says it all…IN the hall I do believe…..there would be hair found in the bathroom from HER as most bathroom are where a person gets done up and for sure the bedroom where one sleeps…BUT a hallway…well we do know that where a lot of the fight did happen EVEN tiny would agree with that and in a fight would not t-dog grab HER hair to win. this is a man? who bragged about his wrath and so proud of it too. that hair is found at a fight scene says it all to the violence. And speaking of the so called 3x,s overkill I call bullshit on that dr. scorn head wound v gage…gage lived! vena cavra v gavagan…gavagan lived! and the wound to the neck…1.5 deep or all most cut off so just what is it boy and don,t stretch the truth like you did the neck wound folks have survived some slashed necks…one only dies from that when one bleeds out. Unless he was still in a RAGE to pay HER back for a …camera. When your life is on the line as JODI S was one does,nt think Gee am I going to far….You do as SHE did and stop the ABUSER…and if it arises off the floor then You strike again ask ANY in the police or military what they are trained to do…..END the THREAT…NOW. Those who blame HER for surviving are true evil. Each day we get to know more about t-dog…NOT GOOD…..and with JODI….LOVE…now that says it all for in 7 long yrs. SHE is better and wiser and tries to understand why this injustice was put upon HER and will forgive them one day and get on with HER life….FREE.SAFE and SOUND and we,ll be there for HER there can be no other way.

    • I’ve always found the pulled-out hair disturbing and pretty indicative of what happened. But of course anyone could argue it was just poor T-dogg fighting for his life against a crazy gone-wild murderer. To which of course the defense could reply “No, it was HER trying to defend herself and him attacking her” . UGH! Either way, it all boils down to what we’ve been saying all along. Reasonable Doubt = not guilty.

      FFS, Casey Anthony jurors found her Not Guilty and the crime was a 3 year-old’s death!!!!! Someone close to that child MUST have been responsible for that child’s death one way or another. And the mother never reported her missing, for 30 whole fucking days!!! YET sequestered jurors found too much reasonable doubt and rightly so couldn’t convict. Not solid proof, no M1 verdict. That’s how your system is supposed to be working.

      • Caylee Anthony death will forever haunt me! Finding her skeletal remains in the woods with duck tape with a heart drawn on it across her little mouth!:((( She was found in the woods after a flooding not far from the Grandparents house. I think Casey was living there part time too. That poor little beautiful lost soul!!!:((( No Justice for little Caylee !!!:(((((

        • Well, the duct tape was not across her mouth actually…
          A tragic death and we will probably never learn the entire truth 🙁

      • If a jury comes back with a verdict of guilty, it’s suppose to be after examining all evidence and finding it’s beyond reasonable doubt.

        In Jodi’s case, the prosecution based their whole case on gas cans, red & white cars, hair color and a ‘doctor’ that had NO experience whatsoever (yes, I’m talking about dr? Morte). Nobody knows (with solid proof) what happened that day so how can the jury NOT have reasonable doubt??? Everything was just theories… How can the jury be 100% sure that this was not a self defense gone bad? Just sayin’.

  12. Arpaio news (1 Aug 2015):

    Judge Snow asked attorneys to clear their schedules for “late September through early November” because that is when he plans to hold the contempt-of-court hearings against Arpaio. The contempt-of-court hearings revolve around Arpaio’s alleged violations of court orders pertaining to racial profiling. If found in contempt, Arpaio could face “fines, increased oversight of the [Sheriff’s office], and a possible criminal contempt hearing.”

    • Oh how I dream of Arpaio in those pink tighties! LMAO!!! Now that’s what I call perverted!

      *sigh* I’m sending myself to stand in the time out corner ….

  13. Re: James Holmes verdict
    “Nine jurors wanted to execute Holmes, but one was steadfastly opposed and two others wavering, a juror told reporters after the verdict was announced.”
    I thought most jurors would vote against the death penalty even though this was a horrific case. You aren’t supposed to execute mentally ill people in America although I believe it has happened.
    It illustrates what Jodi was up against in her trial. Martinez knew a death qualified jury would probably give him 7-8 votes for the death penalty before he spoke his first word. I expect death qualified jurors are less intelligent simply because they believe in the death penalty.
    A Chinese immigrant who beheaded and cannibalized a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in western Canada 6 years ago thought he was attacking an alien, according to a mental health advocate who interviewed him. He was found not criminally responsible and placed in a psychiatric hospital. He was still in a psychiatric hospital the last time I read about his case but was being allowed UNESCORTED passes into Winnipeg.
    Anyway, here’s the story on the Holmes verdict:

    • Very interesting article!!

      ” Suppressing evidence, coddling informants, even outright lying are some of the instances of prosecutorial misconduct that sent away nearly half the 1,621 people convicted for crimes they didn’t commit since 1989, according to the University of Michigan Law School’s National Registry of Exonerations. These are only the cases we know about, and they are surely only a fraction of the wrongly convicted. Even so, the figure is stunning—especially when you consider that 115 of them were people condemned to die. ” —- SMFH!

      ‘ The punishment for bad prosecutorial misconduct is virtually nil. In a 2011 report on 707 such cases, only six prosecutors were disciplined. Almost all still have their licenses, and are still practicing law.” —–Oh, great….. 🙄


    A bird does not sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Chinese proverb

    There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle.
    Albert Einstein

  15. A word of caution if you plan to upgrade to Windows 10. Many people (including me) are upset about the mess Windows 10 can do to a computer. I no longer can get into my computer after 2 frustrating days of trying. I have about 300 articles/documents about Jodi which I may lose. One of Microsoft solutions was to wipe my computer clean. Even that one is no longer available.

    • Microsoft stole a bunch of my documents and won’t let me have them because I can’t remember my original password from a hundred years ago. They won’t listen to reason!! I very much sympathized with the woman who was changing her name to try and access her business facebook page. I don’t dare upgrade to 10…… 😮

    • So the moral of that story is to wait upgrade a few months and see how it goes. It happens every time….I know from experience.

      I feel your pain. But help is on it’s way!!!!

      • The higher MS’s number, the bigger the pain that is felt by the brave ones who try their new stuff out for them it seems. cc53 I feel your pain. If their product wreaks havoc with someone’s property, they should have to fix it. 😡 🙁

        • Thanks, Carol
          Microsoft may be using the Big Pharma policy. Test it on the public and see what happens. A doctor told me once never to use any new medications that come on the market. He suggested waiting to see how many people died first before trying anything new. I should have waited for several months before trying Windows 10.

      • I sent a comment on Scott Bonn last night and another today. Neither showed up. Mr. Bonn must be wearing “magical garments” that protect him from all criticism. He has just written to Jodi proposing they do a book together. Hes not her friend.

    • Justus,
      Scott Bonn has written 2-3 negative articles about Jodi. He tweeted a couple of days ago that he has written to Jodi suggesting they do a book together. He said he would let everyone know her response. He’s just another parasite like several others who are trying to cash in on her name.

    • Not at all impressed by the article. Throughout the years, I’ve seen posts here on JAII far more informative and to the point.

      Plus, the “nearly decapitated him” part and the mentioning of his new book was enough to understand what that gentleman is all about. 🙄

  16. George B. just posted a FB comment on Twitter calling Jodi’s Appellate Fund a success so far and urging people to contribute. I’m only posting his last paragraph.
    “The next matching-gift drive is being planned. Any large donors who would like to be part of the next match pledge should contact the fund trustee.”

    • Whoever the generous benefactor(s) is/are, it is heartening to hear it could start up again. So great to know that some with means are willing to get Jodi the help she deserves

      • John,
        I expect that’s what happened last week. Everyone is waiting for the next “match pledge” so they get double the value.

        • I hate to say it, but I can only believe that the deflation of the Canadian loonie and the Greek economic crisis certainly did not help in Jodi’s appellate fund raising. Having my donation matched, made the pain of 25% of my donation disappearing to exchange a little less painful.


          • Carol,
            I agree. The first time I donated, it cost 30.76 % more; the 2nd time 33.71% more. In other words, to donate $100 American dollars from Canada costs $133.71 Canadian. As I recall that wasn’t just the difference in exchange rates, there was a small fee for using Plasso, I think. I’m not complaining because JODI IS WORTH IT. Just illustrating that we (Canadians) could sent more if so much wasn’t eaten up by our “falling dollar.”

      • Yep, alan’s right. NOT GB’s words, but Jodi’s site’s.

        And just out of curiosity,why the hell does GB act as if he’s an authority or a spokesperson of Jodi’s fund site??? Ugh….

  17. The temperature predicted for the next 4 days in Perryville Prison:
    Thursday – 112 degrees
    Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 113 degrees
    Apparently, last week when the extreme heat started, the prison staff were delivering containers of ice to the inmates nearly every hour for the swamp coolers.
    I know, I know, not to worry. But, I worry.

    • I also worry about Jodi and the heat. If you have ever been in that situation you would be worried also. I can see why she might be depressed and we all should keep her in our prayers. Is there anybody that has heard from her recently? Would love to hear some specifics as to how she is really doing. Thinking of you Jodi and pray for your well being.

      • She is handling the heat well but I don’t know how much the heat affects her migraines…. 🙁
        And no, she is n’t depressed in the sense that she needs to be medicated etc. She probably meant “being blue” but come on, who wouldn’t? She’s in prison!

        • God yes Maria, wouldn’t anyone be blue under those circumstances and it sure isn’t the atmosphere for great mental health. I can’t imagine what it would be like in that heat and I understand the officials are bringing ice into the area for inmates. Hope that is true.

        • God yes Maria, anyone would feel blue in such confinement. I don’t know how they stand the heat on top of it. I hope it is true that the administration is bringing in ice for them. Sheriff Joe’s inmates are probably having to survive with no relief in site.

  18. Morning!!! I have been here just not posting. But this morning my blood is boiling!!! Took a little trip to the dark side this morning. Normally I just laugh their comments off because they show their ignorance. But this mornings read showed what perverted minds they have. It was a disgusting conversation.

    How they can call Jodi a whore is beyond me. Now how does having “4” boy friends through out her life make her a whore? I’m sure if there were anymore the prosecution what have made a big deal about it.
    No you delusional simpletons it was good old Saint Travis that was the whore. You must have shut your eyes to how many women he was setting? Right there in black and white. How many girlfriends did that man have that we know of?? How many of them did he have sex with?? Travis was no saint and Jodi did not lead him astray. what a bunch of moronswho can’t get their facts straight.

    • Cindy,
      There was a time when visiting those subhuman subcultures had some value. During the trial, they occasionally had some news mixed in with their hate. Now though, there is just hate and scatological “humor.” These unfortunate dregs have joined these groups simply because no one else wants anything to do with them. It seems most of them haven’t followed the trial or have only followed the HLN/hate group version. They are an embarrassment to decent people everywhere and worst of all, they are mind-numbingly BORING. Let them huddle together in their misery and pain. I stopped visiting their sites and the world seems a much nicer place.

    • Oh my, Cindy. They would call Mother Teressa a whore if it fit their hatred!

      4 boyfriends and a whore??? LOL! What decade are they living in? Just goes to show that they will muster up any idiotic thing just to find a way to spew their hatred.

      Please, would someone tell me what’s the standard amount of boyfriends that a woman must have to be called a whore? …4 boyfriends and a whore… still laughing… 😀

      • Geez Pandora I must really be a whore….lol what’s so asinine about that is a whore gets money for their acts. Now I guess that sense Travis that money from Deanna and Jodi I’d say he’s the one who was the whore…lol.

      • Note that there is no equivalent word like “whore” for men. As a matter of fact, the same behavior in men is often called “macho”. We/I have been accused of hating men. I don’t hate men but what I don’t like is male behaviors that are not only accepted by society but often encouraged, even behaviors that are detrimental to the well-being of women.

        • Couldn’t agree more. And no, Travis wasn’t macho. He was just a whore. And a sex addicted. And in love with his own jizz 🙄 He was the one who couldn’t stop masturbating and fantasizing,he was engrossed in all things porn, the sex tape is there for everyone to listen to, HE admits all this. YUCK!
          Jodi was never a whore, she was a monogamous person with JUST 4 boyfriends.. The dark side should just get the f*ck over it!

    • The old double standards….women are whores and men are just searching for love…..ha ha ha….that’s the way it was and appears some of that is still going on. It seems like it is always women calling down women for this type of thing when in all likelihood, they were doing the same thing…..society has done a trip on women when it comes to sex. By the age of 28 there aren’t many sacred virgins around. Maybe a few in Mormonville but not many. If so its a game of no penetration but all else is up for grabs.

  19. Cindy,

    I too am so sick of reading how Travis was a successful Mormon business man. He was a loser. He was broke and in danger of foreclosure. He borrowed money from anyone he could. He was so obsessed with sex he could go out and get a real job but opted for sitting home waiting for BJ’S. I often wondered how someone with numerous roommates could be in such dire financial need. My guess was he tried so hard to still life that flashy lifestyle of a player. He dated so many women and the ones that he did no longer wanted to date him…….hmmmm. Not only did he use Deanna financially but he slept with her refusing to marry her. If I am not mistaken, she never married (damaged goods according to the church I presume). I just wish Jodi had seen him for who and what he was and left him in her rear view mirror when she left Arizona.

  20. PSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!! I’m here!!! And do I have news for you!!! :

    Today is Maria’s birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, loving, fantastic friend & sista! ♥ I wish I could take another trip and spend today with Maria!

    Love you to pieces my awesome Greek girlfriend! xoxoxoxo

    (((((HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIA))))) ♥

    • Oh He ll,
      Maria! Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
      I’m so glad WE’RE on Jodi’s TEAM!
      I hope you get YOUR WISH!
      One of my old friends celebrates one day for every year, so you have a bunch of celebrating to do!

  21. Kicking the DOOR OPEN TO SAY: 😀 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MARIA!!!!!” Apparently, my baking skills are slipping and running a tiny bit behind, wink, wink, but the Cake is in the OVEN!!!! I hope your BIRTHDAY will be filled with LOVE, you are an AMAZING YOUNG WOMAN!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Maria. ….. And, I spent several years in U S Air Force in Germany, & Deutsch is my favorite second language. …From memory & help of Google: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Maria. …And, I looked it up on Google in Greek, but I did not have the correct alphabet on my keyboard. ..And, I am not good at cut & paste.

  23. THANK YOU CYBER FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such love and so many kind-hearted people whom I’ve grown to care about and feel close to and with whom I share one very important thing: our love for Jodi.

    So a shoutout to each and every one of you for always being here, because whoever cares for and supports my sister from another life is giving strength to me too and a reason to believe that the world is not all bad and that there’s still hope for our society 😉

    Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ = Thank you very much*************

  24. To continue the discussion above: It always cracks me up to see Jodi described as a slut for having 4 lovers by age 28. Of all the women I was ever with, there’s only one that I know *didn’t* have 3 lovers before me. For that matter, my own mother, back in the 1930’s, may have had 3 lovers before my father. She certainly had 2, despite presenting herself as a unshakable pillar of Victorian rectitude. And if you can believe what you read about today’s college girls, some of them have 4 lovers, not by age 28, but by Thanksgiving.

    Jodi was faithful to all her men and wanted to marry the third. By contrast, Travis chased hard after anything in a skirt, sexted 3 women in the same evening, and continually lied to everyone about what he was doing. I think it’s clear which of them, Jodi or Travis, was sex-mad.

  25. OMG on j4t it shows JODI pointing a …….GUN at t-dog….oh wait thats HER forefinger and thumb as they were,nt broken by the great abuser eddie snell…aka tva.Now this does show what an idiot dan free?man? is …did he call 9-1-1 could,ve saved your pal…right dan? I,ve used,fixed and made parts for lots of guns and destroyed a few…LOL!…but dan all I see is one finger(should have used another one!) pointing at an abuser as dan said in the…stand….t just drove off and left HER …Oh and dan everybody knows you have to use two fingers to make an auto….like a gangster….but it does show just how they think…not much….WTF turn that hand of HERS and it makes sense ….LOSER! Soon there will be appeals…..and FREEDOM. We will never give up as they have given up to darkness…that cult of t-dog…..just sick.

        • JM is a narcissist bent on winning at any and all costs…TRUTH AND JUSTICE gets lost in his shuffle…However, it is all going to catch up with little Juanita….the appellate judges are not fools, little one !!

      • So right it is just a matter of perspective.

        So what does it say about TA when he talks on the phone with Jodi about what he would like to do or what he has done to little girls?????????

        …..SICKO SICKO SICKO !!! And you are going to take a photo where both Jodi and TA are smiling and try to make something sinister out of it where there is nothing about it that warrants that inane conclusion…I call BS

    • It was sad to see Dan sucked into this crap!! Both Jodi and T-dogg look like they were having fun. The media are getting more and more desperate to find anything it seems.

      • So true, Carol. He seemed like a nice guy and was a friend to Jodi at one time. She went to his home for dinner a lot, I think.
        It’s almost like someone is going around to all the people Jodi knew and asking: “Have you made your damaging statement about Jodi yet? If not, it’s time you did.”
        I don’t really believe this idea of someone collecting damaging statements but you would think ONE PERSON, just one, of her former friends would just stop trashing her. She got a LWOP sentence. Why do they keep trying to bury her with innuendo, speculation & BS? Is it simply that they see a chance for some easy money. Or, are they frightened she will get a second trial?

      • I’m not so sure she is pointing anything at TA. It appears to me that she has her finger on the top or near her lip and her hand is resting on his shoulder…certainly nothing about the photo indicates that she is supposedly pretending to point a gun at his head…GIVE ME A BREAK, MORONS !!!!! If she wanted to pretend to put a gun to TA’s head her hand would be up off the shoulder and her finger at his head…HELLO???? DON’T LET YOUR MIND WANDER…IT IS MUCH TOO LITTLE TO BE OUT ON ITS OWN !!! LOL !!!!

        • And BTW, her finger is NOT pointed at TA’s temple as the article states…If anything it is pointed at his cheek…HELLO, CAN YOU SEE ??? Talk about stretching…JUST LOOK AT IT !! Get over it, Jodi did NOT MURDER TA!!!!


        • Yep Yep Coldcase 53, look at that grin on little jm!. He has his hand on her booty! For sure !!! And the pointing of Jodi’s finger looks like the famous point you give like in… and here’s travis! Its all so innocent!!!

  26. Dan Freeman makes a good argument as to why a small caliper gun is not necessarily immediately fatal. If you read his story about his brother who committed suicide…

    Yes, we know, small caliper guns many times do not kill immediately especially when they DO NOT ENTER THE BRAIN and merely pass through the nasal cavity (referring to TA here)..they are completely survivable in many instances…

    Got that Dr. Horn ?? Of course, though you already know that, don’t you ? The Dura Mater being intact and all…………….

      • Oops…it should have been caliber, you’re right..

        No matter how long they supposedly left the body to decompose, no amount of decomposition was going to put a tear, perforation, or hole in the Dura Mater which was “intact” and undisturbed according to Dr. Horn. That is before he had an epiphany about how the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain and his original reporting was just a “TYPO”

        That was a fariytale that would have only come from the state as the state was the only one with motivation to change the true facts to increase their chances of winning….Others would have had no motivation to lie and change the facts but apparently there were many that did not have enough intestinal fortitude to stand their ground and stand on the facts, period….IMHO

        • I really don’t understand why I keep seeing that the Dura Matter was intact, x-rays show 2 holes in his head, one entry and one exit. Dura Matter is the 3 membrane layers directly under the skull and not difficult to puncture It is Impossible for the Dura Matter to be intact under that condition. I also don’t think Dr. Horn “was out to get” Jodi, he simply explained the injuries as he saw them, would you rather him say he didn’t see a bullet wound or and stab wounds? That being said she had every right to shoot him considering he was about to attack her and had the right to defend herself.

            • I am not sure you read it, It clearly indicates the bullet perforates(creates puncture or hole) in the right anterior frontal skull, then transverses (crosses over) the anterior fossa(which is the frontal lobe cavity), you can not puncture and cross that area without perforating the dura matter which is just the membrane under the skull. The bullet then turns down and re-enters the skull in his face and is found in his cheek. The bullet clearly went though his brain and is not a pee shooter. You tick people off when you minimize for no reason, it just sounds so dumb and you will not find a line of people waiting to be shot in head with this pee shooter to prove it doesn’t cause damage, it does. Maybe focusing on the why it happened instead making light of it would serve Jodi better.

          • Debbie, The dura mater is a membrane surrounding the brain and not all parts of the skull are in direct contact with the brain. The trajectory of the bullet from the right temple to the left cheek is through skull/bone but not necessarily through the dura mater.

          • Debbie, Horn’s description of the gunshot in the first autopsy report. Please notice that he only describes on bullet hole in the orbital region and does not mention any holes in the anterior fossa, which was only part of his testimony in the sur-rebuttal. Nowhere in the autopsy report does it indicate those injuries and he does say specifically that the dura mater was intact and nowhere does it indicate that there was injury to the brfain.

            There is a 1/8 inch circular gunshot wound of entrance over the anterolateral lower right forehead, above the eyebrow. The wound is located 3 inches inferior to the crown of the head and 1 ½ inches to the right of the midline forehead. There is a 1/8 inch wide equal rim of marginal abrasion surrounding the wound. No soot, gunpowder stippling, or intact gunpowder particles surrounding the wound.

            The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone and traverses the right anterior fossa, without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury (although examination of brain tissue is somewhat limited to the decomposed nature of the remains). The projectile re-enters the facial skeleton near the midline and the wound track terminates in the left cheek.
            Palpation and incision of the left cheek reveals the presence of a deformed apparent small caliber projectile, which is located 6 inches inferior to the crown of the head and 4 ½ inches to the left of the anterior facial midline. The projectile is recovered, photographed, and retained as evidence. There is no gunshot wound of exit.
            The wound track trajectory is right to left and downwards.

            There was a single penetrating gunshot wound of the head with injuries of the skull and face. Other injuries are detailed in the above report

              • nope it doesn’t, the bullet re-enters the skull in face, that is a second hole, look at the x-rays, I don’t understand how we read the same report, which is posted here , very clear the bullet entered the brain, it only says exact injury to the soft tissue can not be determined because of decomposition

                • Nowhere in his autopsy report does Horn describe any evidence of damage to the brain – quite the opposite. As for the decomposition excuse, the body was in a state of moderate decomposition, not the advanced state that he testified to under oath. Either he is the most incompetent medical examiner holding down a job, or he slanted his results and testimony to fit the prosecutor’s change in story. You don’t even address the Flores’ testimony about the conversation that he and Horn had about the sequencing of wounds which Horn conveniently had to forget. The first time on the stand, he was not so certain that the conversation had not happened.

          • The Dura Mater was INTACT according to Dr. Horn’s original autopsy report done only days after the body was discovered. YEARS LATER, Dr. Horn tries to disavow his own autopsy report with equivocations on the stand. Making non-non statements such as the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain. And saying it “WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN” in reference to whether or not the Dura Mater was penetrated. These are not definitive statements but EQUIVOCATIONS that allowed Dr. Horn to influence the jury into believing that he was saying that the bullet did penetrate the brain when he never said any such thing !!!! I believe in my opinion that this influenced the jury into concluding that the bullet did penetrate the brain when there is absolutely no evidence to support that finding. Dr. Horn’s own autopsy report contradicts his own testimony on that subject !!!

            Yes, his description in his original autopsy report is very specific as it should be. No where in that autopsy does he report any damage to the brain or bullet track through the brain or any other corroborating evidence of the bullet penetrating the brain. Quite the contrary he describes an undamaged brain and an INTACT DURA MATER which NECESSARILY would have to have been penetrated or perforated in some fashion if the bullet went through the brain. IT DID NOT per Dr. Horn’s own autopsy report done just days after his body was discovered. The injuries were to his skull and facial area as just described below by Canada Carol from his report:

            “transverses the right anterior fossa, WITHOUT gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury”

            There is NO EVIDENCE to show that the bullet penetrated the brain despite Dr. Horn’s new found epiphany years later that it “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain and his desperate attempt to disavow his own autopsy findings by stating that it was a “TYPO” which is contrary to his own evidence.


            THIS WAS NOT A TYPO IMHO !!!!

            People need to study the other two cases in which Dr. Horn was involved the :

            Harold Fish prosecution – conviction reversed
            Lisa Randall prosecution – charges dropped and dismissed with prejudice

            Dr. Horn was involved with both of these cases. READ THEM !!!!

            And for those of you who continue to give the benefit of the doubt to the state may I remind you of the DEBRA MILKE case which was just reversed and dismissed after she spent decades on death row unjustly !!!

            It is all about the evidence, period !!!

            SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE !!!

            • read what I wrote above, it does say it enters the brain, forget the dura matter, yes it is about the evidence please understand what you are reading

              • Forget the Dura Mater?? I don’t think so…The bullet did not enter the brain and only passed over the anterior fossa with no damage to the brain….Dr. Horn examined the DURA MATER AND STATED UNEQUIVOCALLY THAT IT WAS INTACT…

                THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SHOW THAT THE BULLET PENETRATED THE BRAIN and for YEARS the state’s position was that the gunshot was first and it did NOT incapacitate TA…that is until Jodi changed her defense position…then the state suddenly counter moved with this fairytale of a story that the gunshot was last and that it did penetrate the brain..BS

                Trying to re-write history years later is not valid and will never be valid…Dr. Horn can not go back YEARS LATER and re-do his autopsy report in any credible way and he can not re-write the true facts that he laid out in his report just days after the body was found.


                He was dancing on a high wire trying to keep himself from perjuring himself but at the same time trying to influence and convince the jury of something that never happened..go back and listen to his pathetic testimony…..again IMHO

                Read the following on this specific matter which perfectly explains the autopsy report and how it does NOT reveal any evidence of a penetrating bullet wound…

                Herr Speights article: which is listed on this website under “trusted sites”


                • And when the appellate court gets a hold of this specific testimony of Dr. Horn I believe that this will be a factor in their decision to reverse and remand this case due to the deprivation of Jodi’s rights to a fair trial…..

                • ok lets use that article – The following is a cut and paste

                  If a bullet had transected the right frontal lobe, the brain would in no way have good symmetry, the two hemispheres would not have mirrored each other. Dr. Horn spent many words under oath proclaiming a bullet passing through the front lobe of a brain creates serious damage. Serious damage and good symmetry are incompatible conditions.

                  This person understands that fact that to tranverse across the soft issue (frontal lobe) it must by definition break the dura matter because the bullet is INSIDE the brain. It is clear in the original report he said exactly that, he also said decomposition stopped him giving exact track. Now on to the symmetry, and important to note this is a reason he said the wound was last. If he had been alive when the shot occurred blood pooling in the brain should be present and he did not see it, The soft tissue just collapses back and without blood flow and add decay symmetry is a non issue, the person in this article is actually making dr Horns point for him. You seem to think you can pick apart his death, speak on things you clearly don’t understand in the slightest and minimize injuries and it somehow helps Jodi. Jodi admits she killed him, he did die a gruesome death, focus of the why she did and stop making up crap. The why is what will set her free not this.

                • The people making up crap were Flores, Horn, Melendez et al. Debbie, you should read a correctly written autopsy report with measurements and proper description of what was supposedly seen at autopsy. This guy had the least amount of education possible and spent his whole career in his own little fantasy world because he did nothing to keep up to date – no journal reading for him. Perjured testimony is grounds for appeal, at least in Canada.

                • Debbie, you are quite the character. Making up crap??? Who the hell are you???

                  Fact: Transected is not synonymous with transverse…

                  The brain was not transected. It was not penetrated. It was not perforated. Period.

                  There is NOTHING IN DR. HORN’S REPORT TO CORROBORATE THAT. In fact, everything in Dr. Horn’s original autopsy report is consistent in showing that the brain was not penetrated. The dura mater was “intact.”


                  Dr. Horn’s testimony that the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain is not a fact based statement. It is an equivocation meant to influence the jury into believing something that did not happen….IMHO…

                  The jury was too stupid to get it.

                  Dr. Horn also tried to convince the jury with more equivocations as to the source for the blood spatter at the sink. That was also meant to influence the jury into believing something that did not happen. His testimony about the lung was “IF A LUNG WAS NICKED…”

                  Well, “IF”

                  Whose lung are we talking about?? And “If” it is nicked???

                  These are statements I believe in my opinion made to influence the jury into believing something that did not happen. Otherwise why equivocate?? Either his lung was nicked or it wasn’t. If the good Dr could describe the condition of the lungs which he did he would have been able to discern whether or not there were any nicks in those lungs and they weren’t. His own autopsy report tells the truth. He unfortunately tries to deny his own autopsy report with equivocations trying to avoid perjury in doing so. However, the appellate court judges will see this as a distinction without a difference.

                  Nuff said on this matter, so try to refrain from personal attacks…

                  This case will be reversed, remanded, or dismissed with prejudice.

                • Transect is an action of dividing or cutting across

                  Transverse is a path or direction of passing over something

                  Dr. Horn’s original report did not use the word “transect”

                  “transverses the right anterior fossa, WITHOUT gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury”

                  If Dr. Horn wanted to inform the reader that the brain had been penetrated he would have stated that and described that in detail with specifics as to where the brain was penetrated and where the dura mater was penetrated, etc. HE DID NOT.

                  Matthew 5:37

                  But let your ‘Yea’ be ‘Yea,’ and your ‘Nay,’ ‘Nay.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.

                  “must have”
                  “have to have been”
                  “if a person’s lung was nicked………..”

                  BTW, in relative terms, there is a great deal of space between the brain/dura mater and the orbital and nasal areas of the face where the bullet actually traveled after being deflected off the skull bone….

                • Let me make a correction:

                  the word used in the original autopsy was “traverses” (not transverses…my mistake)

                  However, the point is the same as the medical definition is as follows for “traverse” which is what I have stated previously:

                  1 v, to travel or pass across, over, or through.



                  This is perhaps why Dr. Horn chose this word versus the word “transect” which he did NOT use.

                  Etymology: L, trans + secare, to cut
                  to sever or cut across, as in preparing a cross section of tissue. See also transsect, transsection.

                  “traverses the right anterior fossa, WITHOUT gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury”

                  He further states that the dura mater was “intact”

                  He describes no tear, perforation or penetration of the brain or the dura mater…..

                  He further states that there was no apparent brain injuries…

                  “multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do NOT reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease…”

                  If the brain was intact enough to take multiple serial sections, then if he had found any damage, bullet fragments, etc. he would have noted those. He did not.

                  I believe there was a bullet fragments in the downward path through the nasal area which is where the bullet actually traveled before landing and stopping and landing in his jaw area.

                  Further he concludes that TA died as a result of sharp force trauma of the neck and torso. NOT of the gunshot.

                  …which for years was touted by the state as having occurred first and further touted that the gunshot did NOT incapacitate TA.

                  IT DID NOT.

                  Years later, the state does a reversal and tries to disavow the true facts and assert that the gunshot was not first but last and that it did incapacitate TA bc it supposedly passed through the brain and therefore poor TA would not have been able to continue his assault and attack against Jodi Arias and therefore she is a liar when she says it was self defense….

                  In order for the state to do a reversal and deny that the gunshot was first and to assert that the gunshot would have incapacitated TA, they needed the cooperation and testimony of Dr. Horn. He equivocated and danced his way through his testimony on this matter enough to convince the jury that the bullet did penetrate the brain “IT MUST HAVE” and that his observation that the dura mater being “intact” was simply a “TYPO.” Not credible in my opinion. His entire autopsy is consistent in that it describes an undamaged brain and no where is there any information that describes any penetration of the dura mater or the brain. There was none. And to go back years later and try to change those facts is just not credible IMHO. And further I believe that it will be a cause for an overturn of verdict.

                  You may want to read the case of Harold Fish and Lisa Randall….

                  The appellate courts will find this highly relevant……

  27. I started to watch the Reelz program. It seemed a slight bit better than the Lifetime Movie but I had to turn it off when they had “Jodi” crawling through the doggie door, failing to mention that the patio door couldn’t be locked because of that doggie door. They did pretty much admit that Travis used her but brushed it all aside as “isn’t that what men do?” I have it recorded but it will be a while before I can stomach watching the rest.

  28. Now we all know from day one that the roommates and their girls left dead travis for 5 long days to create a horrific stench throughout the whole house . They watched movies, ate popcorn waiting for the go ahead from you know who to say make the call and have travis picked up ! 😉 NOW I still want to know how t-doggie dog was put so neatly back in shower!?! After everything that Jodi went through with his abusive ways and her fighting him off how did she have the strength left to place him in the shower!?! But HAY, have I got a song for travis, lisa and the rest of his secret ho’s !!!

  29. This is what I find wrong with his autopsy report IF there had been injury to the brain:

    Pg 1 – Pathological Diagnoses – gunshot listed as secondary cause (II) after incised wounds to hands – perforation of inferior skull base, anterior fossa (anterior cranial fossa is the most anterior of the three fossae in the base of the skull), and facial skeleton. The perforations listed are both to the base of the skull and then the facial skeleton. To use Horn’s language IF a medical examiner had any indication that there was involvement of the brain, it would not have been listed as secondary cause.

    Pg 1 – Cause of Death – sharp force trauma of neck and torso – gunshot not even mentioned.

    Pg 2 – Pathological Diagnoses cont’d – decomposition – moderate (IV) . IF the decomp had been as advanced as stated on the stand, compromising proper examination, it would have been stated as such and all steps possible to examine would have been taken by a competent ME.

    Pg 4 – Gunshot wound of head – wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone (entrance wound just above eyebrow), and traverses the right anterior fossa (front part of base of skull) without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury.
    ……….. The projectile re-enters (? what does he mean by that?) the facial skeleton near the midline (midline of base of skull) and the wound track terminates in the left cheek .

    Pg 7 – Nervous System – 1525 gram brain (average adult – 1,300-1,500 g) is covered by thin, clear delicate leptomeninges. The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact. There is GOOD PRESERVATION of cerebral symmetry with diffuse green-gray softening of parenchyma due to decomposition. MULTIPLE serial sections – do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease.

    Brain is normal green-grey color – the brain turns a pink-gray color and undergoes liquefaction over a period of weeks. (Postmortem Changes Author: S Erin Presnell, MD; Chief Editor: Stephen J Cina, MD) and still has full weight.

    Pg 8 – Final Summary – his opinion after autopsy and investigative history – died as a result of sharp force trauma of the neck and torso. He describes a single penetrating gunshot wound of the head with injuries of the skull and face in paragraph 3. He did not include the gunshot wound in his opinion of cause of death and once again, the only injuries mentioned are skeletal to skull and face.

    • Exactly correct !!

      And it is precisely bc he equivocated on the stand basically giving the jury his speculative opinion absent any corroborating evidence and in direct contradiction to his own autopsy report done just days after the body was found :

      the bullet “MUST HAVE” penetrated the brain
      “WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN” in reference to whether the dura mater was perforated

      All these statements IMHO were meant to influence the jury into believing something that never was. And this is exactly what violated Jodi’s right to a fair trial (among many other things) and this is what the appellate court will be reviewing. His statements IMHO appear to be speculative judgement about one possibility of what happened. When you state it “must have” penetrated the brain then you are opening the door for another possibility to exist bc “it must have” is not a definitive answer and leaves room for another possibility. There is no credible evidentiary basis to proclaim that the bullet “must have” penetrated the brain when you look at the unbiased facts of Dr. Horn’s original autopsy report. And when taken together with the state’s position held for years that the gunshot was first and did NOT incapacitate TA and the circumstances of the complete reversal of that position and the cascading of changing stories of Det Flores (and his admitted perjury in the Chronis hearing) and Dr. Horn then the appellate court will no doubt feast on this and and should purge this case and reverse and remand.

      It was all part of a scheme IMHO to block Jodi Arias’ self defense claim – to make her look like a liar – and to win at any and all costs…

      The verdict must fall and justice must prevail in this case.

      • …and the state relied upon the testimony of Dr. Horn to obtain its conviction of Jodi Arias. Without his testimony, I don’t believe that they would have been successful in convicting her. His testimony single-handedly took away Jodi’s self defense argument IMHO. It was critical to the state’s conviction. This is why Dr. Horn’s equivocations on the stand are so very important to her appeal.

  30. This post may be kind of off-topic for this thread, but I don’t know were else to post it. I was reading the judge’s ruling of Jan 15, 2015 when she eroneaously claimed multiple times that the prosecutorial misconduct did not warrant a mistrial or even disqualifying the case for the death penalty.

    Re: Jodi Arias case, CR2008-031021-001 DT, Ruling of 01/14/2015

    This paragraph in Judge Stephens ruling stands out:

    “Exhibit 9 from the evidentiary hearing conducted on December 4, 2014, the Chain of Custody log maintained by the Mesa Police Department, shows that Detective Melendez and Detective Rios removed the computer from the evidence room on June 11, 2008, stating the evidence was out for investigation.”

    The detectives should have used the mirror and never touched the actual computer “to investigate”. They should not have had the computer for anything other than delivering it to the forensic lab.

    The fact that they did not abide by this most basic standard implies that their intention was to “scrub” the actual computer of any exculpatory evidence.

    They (the detectives and/or the forensic investigators) probably deleted any downloaded (or otherwise acquired) pornographic images (including child pornographic). They would delete all pornography since they didn’t want to take the time to screen each image and guess if the person was underage. This is the giveaway. They should have left some of the adult pornographic images on the computer so that it would not look suspicious but they were too lazy to. Most post-pubescent (e.g. 30 year old) males that have spent any significant amount of time on the internet have erotic images on their computer that would be considered pornography. The fact that the detectives claimed there was none on Mr. Alexander’s computer is very suspicious to me and I’ll consider it evidence that they were most likely lying and deleted it to cover up said lies.

    The detectives and the prosecutor knew that evidence of Alexander’s pedophilia viewing activities combined with his admission, in his own hand, to past pedophilia activity in letters to Ms. Arias that were excluded from evidence, would provide motive for his attack on Jodi Arias on the night in question. Physical evidence (e.g. child pornography on his computer) that corroborated her testimony about his pedophilia increased the likelihood that the jury would believe Ms. Arias testimony about Mr. Alexander attacking her and her killing him in self-defense.

    Mr. Alexander obviously felt frustration and anger (“No one has ever hurt me as much as you”) due to placing himself in a position where Ms. Arias could potentially blackmail him (both legally and socially). It angered him to be in such a vulnerable position where she could coerce him into seeking mental health counseling, avoiding children, or otherwise make demands on him.

    I myself, 37 years ago, was in a similar situation (not involving pedophilia but involving embarrassing behavior) and I can vouch for the frustration and anger it engenders in a man. If my behavior had been illegal, as embarrassing, or anywhere near as heinous (i.e. “sex with boys” and “hurt children”) as Mr. Alexander admitted to, I shudder to think what I might have done to the woman in question. His admissions to her alarm me because he might have killed said children in order to cover it up and that is why they have not come forward yet. Another possibility is that he framed someone else for it and they were the ones that killed him once they were released from prison. I believe he was previously working in law enforcement (i.e. US Marshalls Service) like other members of his family. I might have met him but it was so long ago I don’t remember. There is about ten years of his biography missing and this may be another “dirty little secret” of this case. It would explain why he was allowed to assault and batter women until the age of 30 without being prosecuted or otherwise held accountable. His “good old boy” friends in the police would help cover it up, minimize it, or have it expunged from his record.

    Imagine being the parent of a child that was molested (statutorily raped) by Mr. Alexander as he claimed he did. Then, to add insult to injury, the perpetrator manages to convict you and/or your wife of his crime. Your spouse and children are taken away from you and you are sent to prison for many years. Would you have any real life left to lose after such a heinous accusation and personal injury/damage? How many attorneys would take the case to clear your name if they were threatened by police? Would you not want to kill the person that did it to you and your family? How would you feel if an innocent gets blamed for it – “Join the club” maybe?

    Some crimes cannot be compensated for by anything and these are the crimes that elicit murderous rage in people and a desire to improve the world by at least preventing that particular perpetrator from doing it again. How do you explain to their next victim that you had the power to prevent their loss or victimization, but chose instead to put your faith in a corrupt justice system that rewards perjury (treason) and punishes honesty. Do you just hope that someone later in the chain of their victims (e.g. Ms. Arias) does it or do you have a responsibility to do it yourself?

    I may have met Mr. Alexander once but it was so long ago I really don’t know for sure.

    I’m sorry if the sentiments and scenario above disturbs anyone but they are born of personal experience with various police and justice systems in America. Until people experience it firsthand, they continue in their brainwashed delusion that there is justice in America. By the time they experience it, however, its too late for them.

    By the way, it should be “innocent unless proven guilty” not “innocent until proven guilty”. The hypocrisy is in the very phrase we often use to assert that there is fair justice in America.

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