Aggravation Phase – day 1

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Following yesterday’s closed door hearing, the Arizona State Circus returns to town again today for the “aggravation phase” of this unprecedented judicial farce.

The only aggravation I’m seeing right now is from delusional pedo-huggers. They’re the ones that seem to spend all their time getting aggravated because they can’t post in this site :mrgreen:

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So like I’ve said a few times already… even though the media are hyping today up for ratings & ad revenue purposes, whatever happens over the next few days will ultimately count for very little in the big scheme of things. That’s because the appellate courts will ultimately fix this kangaroo court bullshit – and I’ve no doubt we will be successful.

We’re here for the long haul – and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!


Leave your comments below peeps…

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    • For my prize I would like to wait until I get the stomach flu, meet Juan for lunch, and hurl on him. Accidentally of course.

      • Your wish is granted. 🙂

        And for dessert serve him up a big bowl of steaming microbe infested diarrhea!

        Congrats on being #1!!!

      • funny stuff Jeff— if only I could have met up with JM 2 weeks ago, he’d be sick with the flu big time right now!! I caught that dang flu and it took me down hard for 2 weeks—took 3 antibiotics, breathing treatment and IV of fluids…I’m better now though its too bad I couldn’t have packed up the germs and sent them off to that disrespectful and cruel prosecutor who clearly has issues with women and especially if they have been abused.

        • O!! Juan is such an ASS! Someone commit him PLEASE! Talk about anger issues!! And that sister is really a DRAMA Queen!! All the pictures are of TA and his friends…. NO family?! Hmmmmmm! They should’ve never been allowed to sit next to the jury! Conduct Unbecoming, especially for Ms. Bobble Head (Sam – or whatever her name is!)

      • But please…eat macaroni with cheese, a pickle, and a slice of chocolate cake for lunch! Hahaaaahh!

      • I would like the same prize for being first on this mornings post won’t it be awesome Jeff we could both hurl on him at once…..Just sayin. 😉 him and his little squirrelly a$$ Grrrrr I can see how someone can drive another CRAZY!!! I don’t know that I have ever hated ANYONE like I hate Kermit!! That is my vent!!

    • Dear Jodi,

      I’ve been following your trial and I feel so sorry for you. You are a beautiful young woman with full of talent and potential and now because of the one decision you made one day, your life will change for ever. Why Jodi? Why? I keep asking myself this same question. Be strong.

      • Hi Linda, The only bad decision (and it turned out to be the WORST ever) that Jodi made in my opinion was to ever go to Mesa that day. But if we want to go into further regret, she was far too good for him in the first place! He did not have anything to offer, rather was a selfish, all-about-me person. The mistake has been more about HLN and the end result of their hate! In reality, Jodi only fought for her life and won, the first time! Now she has fought for her life a second time, but thanks to HLN, she has had a slight set-back, but only temporarily! Can’t wait to see her out and smiling!

      • Maybe this will cheer you up. Juanita keeps asking what Travis was thinking while he was dying. I can’t help hearing, ooops, miscalculation, shouldn’t have fucked with this one this way.

      • Perhaps not “cheer you up” but bring in some new perspectives. I wish I were at the trial to share so much about Mesa, Arizona, Mormons and child sexual abuses and crime. My children and I had years of suffering in these courts-. That was my first thought, the second was ” how bad these defense attorneys were, my God !! You handed her over like a lamb to the slaughter, every one deserves an agressive defense. It was like watching a public hanging without a trial,. and the “backstage drama” how morbide of media to use this trial for their perversion and entertainment. What was the purpose for these long,detailed and un-necessary “Sex” dialogs ? It was nothing but a show for the system monsters and media Hype. Another X rated film of the destruction of the Goyim. A mock trial, a Movie ?? This is not the Hunger Games or Mad Max was a show nothing but a show, and no one mentioned, “why did she do” was it a crime of passion, was she projecting the abuse of a past experience ? Snapped- by some triggering, and mental health issues. I want to hear what this Mormon/Ashkenazi county wanted to be hidden from the public and this trial ! If you don’t think this is done there it is all the time, look at the Tuscon, Az media circus , then name all the players ..its time to address some truths about the way this world in now and how the media, and the legaleze system of Lenin created all of this by design. Jodi is a human, flesh and blood and some place inside of her is an answer much better then what the public is hearing right now, and to top this, I see nothing for defense of her here either [??}
        On the last day of charges and details of suffering. I wish someone would add [ even if this does not change the fact this man “did suffer” no one deserves that either ] but here is a thought on the “suffering” issue. I was a witness to a car accident a few yrs ago. Two High School seniors coming home on the Hwy……past us on the left. Nothing seemed odd, I glanced to see the girl in the passenger seat, they were not speeding when suddenly, the car drifted over the center lane and into a Van oncoming . Everything [ to me watching this] was like a slow motion movie, I watched the Van turn with their car as if they were locked in a dance, they both turned a 360 and a man flew out of the Van……..the Van stopped mid- street and the car continued on to the opposite side of the road and lined up with the direction of traffic. We pulled to the side of the road and my husband got out to direct traffic, I got out seeking a cell phone to call 911. I could hear this girl screaming, no sound from this boy driving..screams from the Van and the man on the ground. I remember trying to walk across the road to comfort the girl now pinned in her seat. My legs were like molassas, I was frozen, some sort of chemical was rushing through my brain to protect me from trauma. Fight or flight syndrome. [ Jodi, “as the prosecuator said, “stomped like a “what” did he call her ? was it some sort of Animal ? refresh my memory someone ! Is it possibly she was in a state of DID and experienced what [ women like me do} if I see a mouse or rat ? Freak, stomp in one spot or up and down in the same area screaming ? Was she stabbing some{thing] she wanted dead, dead dead and not a man ? Think about this ! and think about the prosecutions remark of his discription of her as an animal ,get the transcript and read that part again.
        As my example story goes on about this accident, , It seemed so long before paramedics came and by then another man was at the window of this girl talking her down from screaming. The paramedics came and soon they had removed her from the vehicle,. the boy was not conscience…..others waited to tend to the men in the Van. I walked and listened as they removed this girl as if my entire sensory system was solely focused on her and what she was saying, ” She calmed down, talked about her mom, she talked about several things appearing to be fine when in reality, the steering wheel had severed her artery [ just like the knife did in this case] and she was “bleeding out” basically she was going to die quickly after removing her since they “broke- the bond between her body and wheel pressing on the artry to slow the bleeding, by removing her they “sped up the process”. She said a few more words to the men, and she was gone. I was later told, she was [not in any pain,] she was in a [Euphoric and anesthetized state] and un aware of her condition. I was told this by medical professionals. In War interrogations, a POW is not put through intensive suffering because they will pass out and experience this same reaction the body creates for defense. It makes the interrogations useless. Two minutes is a long time [but ] I believe it would be the slow non invasion wounds that would cause the most awareness of pain. Children being sexually abused will escape into dissociative states ” its not them being hurt”. I continue to wonder, if Jodi had some trigger to create such an extreme reaction to one man [?] And why this was not presented by the defense, unless, she wants to die for some other reason, such as a childhood experience, or multiple abuses. What I see here is triggered-rage, whether this particular man was the real target of this rage is questionable, and should have been explored and questioned by her defense team. I don’t care if [ she] their client wanted to be punished or not they needed to defend her and I saw no defense. Her complacency is what I would have used to demand an evaluation for her reason for her actions and the actual extreme of her actions. I did not see as the media said, her lack of concern toward the charges but throughout this day and calling out the charges, the same, anesthetized state I often see in jail inmates waiting a trial or plea bargain. Was she sedated ? There are many missing things in this case and I would hope for a good Appeal, and this week, some one with some brains to present more then this “nothingness of a defense” to at least stop the death penalty. As for the question, is her defense being restructed by any means of a real defense for her due to the county countrol, manipulation and corruption of the Mormon/Ashkenazi agenda in Arizona is something to think about since it is a long history of Arizona just do your homework ?? It may not be something to bring up at court but it is a very spiritually energized reason for such unjust hearings. Sorry, but I have to be blunt here. It is what it is there, and that agenda distroyed dozens of moms, children,, and families there for yrs.It is just getting worse as they more openly express their occult ways. Remember, Diane Downs came from there, Cristy Fornoff was murdered by a man who was a victim of child sexual abuse and on and on………..a cesspool of it. Put a little 6 degrees into the equation at that time and area of Mesa and now see what surrounds Jodis case and other things going on in Arizona as well as this country in increases of “family and public violence and odd and extreme abuses, in most cases, family says this was not at all like them to do things like this…[ie} Sacramento, CA 1/2013/ Father kills his 9 yr old son with a hatchet …is this insane ? Was he sane, or was he chemically altered and/or posssessed ? Where were any examples of school friends, teachers, family to defend Jodi’s character ? At least give the girl a fighting chance !!
        Someone please, speak up for Jodi if you know the truth, they can not stop you from witnessing for her in this case, STOP BEING IN F.E.A.R. of their retaliations !!

  1. good morning…just a reminder for those praying with me for Jodi..prayers on the hour every hour…

    Especially for the strength she needs and the peace she deserves.


  2. Question regarding jurors: Are the names of jurors part of the public record after a trial? Can a juror who wishes to remain anonymous do so?

    • its different by state but it is public record but the judge can have it remained sealed for some time, but i believe that eventually it becomes unsealed and is the public information

    • Historically, anonymous juries were relegated to cases where juror safety was an issue or when the judge thought that someone might try to influence the jury’s verdict. However, judges are now increasingly empanelling anonymous juries in the name of juror privacy. So, you would think that this case would have an anonymous jury, yet, i didnt find a request for this to be implemented before the trial.

      Since the jury wasnt sequestured, i doubt that it was an anonymous jury. So, after the trial, the jurors names will be record. They will be thrown to the wolves. Sometimes I root for the wolves.

  3. This is my theory…….due in part because of the gal ( a juror) seen crying right before the verdict was handed down.

    I think they (the rest of the jurors) bargained with her to agree to M1 and in turn they would deliver a “life” sentence if she would change her stance???

    You think? Maybe, maybe not….just can’t figure out why else she would have been in tears.

    Just a guess on my part. 🙂

    • Nope, because that would come out, sooner or later, and they would all be in a very big pile of shit.

      They can not “negotiate” a verdict.

        • I agree, im not saying they didnt…im saying they were not supposed to, and i would doubt they would try this…but par for their course is pretty low…so who knows.

      • But Sirlips they can’t watch tv, surf the web or make up their minds before all evidence is heard either they obviously feel above the law and rules of the court anyway…

        • I don’t think they feel above the law. Don’t get me wrong I do believe they did all the things you listed plus they had electronic media on them. I think it’s human nature to be curious and seek “answers.” And if they know they’re not supposed to do it the chances they’ll do it are probably higher. Forbidden fruit is always more appetizing. I just think its human nature to look and like so many people have stated its 2013 not 1993. It’s so much easier to find information. Lets say they didn’t understand something in the trial like what borderline personality means. Do y’all really think they’ll go home Nd think, “oh I can’t look for it because I hAve an admonition from judge “don’t enforce rules and court of law” sherry, or do you think they’ll google it and find out what it means from an outside source and top that with while googling it perhaps news articles about the trial pop up and they so happen to open one “in error.” What do you think the chances are that a person will psychologically justify this to themselves? I think the odds are very high.

    • They are only determining guilt in last weeks phase. I think they’ll give her DP. If they believed that the killing was M1 then they’ll believe she was cruel and whatever the rest of that phrase says. Juan Martinez has used the photos of the autopsy and Travis in the shower to evoke emotion out of the jury. Add the interview from last week and Jody’s statement in an interview from one of those news interviews from the past saying shed rather get the death penalty? This in Juan’s eyes and the Revenge4Travis Taliban will give the jury what “they need” to appease the foam mouthing masses yelling “crucify her! Crucify her!”

      Thousands of years pass and we haven’t changed much have we? And we call ourselves civilized… The irony…

      • With great sadness, I agree with you – they will give her the DP. If 7 jurors bought into the ridiculous charge of both felony/premeditated murder, i’m inclined to believe that they will have no problem giving her the DP. But, I hope I am wrong on that.

      • I agree with you, and i actually, for other reasons, HOPE she gets DP over LIP.

        There are a few reasons, first, LIP does not get automatically appealed. DP does. Second, DP case appeals costs are all covered by the state, LIP appeals are NOT covered by anyone other than pro-bono lawyers or the defendant. There are no public funds used in less than DP appeals, regardless of the financial status of the defendant. And to a small extent, the fact that she wants the DP over the LIP. its her life, she should be able to decide. (However i wonder if she isnt asking for the DP, because of the first 2 reasons i gave)

        • I’m actually worried that the jury will see the appellate advantages that the DP offers and will give her life just so she has to pay for an appeal and because she doesn’t want it.

          • And, from my understanding, LWOP, in a day-to-day sense, is no different from life on death row. Same kind of cell, same kind of isolation, 23 hours per day. No physical human contact permitted.

        • This jury is out to deny Jodi anything and everything she wants.   If she had never mentioned dp or asked for death, they would have given it to her, without blinking an eye!  Now, because she said she would rather take the death penalty, the are going to say LIP.

          • bgs, I totally agree with your post…….Jodi wants death, they will give her life, do you know if appeals are possible with a life sentence?

    • My daughter and I thought the very first girl juror sounded choked up when they were polled after the verdict. My instincts think she was bullied into the verdict with threats of a Casey Anthony outcome for the jury. If any of this is true I pray it comes out

    • She must have been crying because she was sad that their ” time together”  as jurors, was coming to an end.  I don’t think any of them have any compassion for Jodi.  I am still in shock how every single juror saw premeditation, when there was absolutely no evidence of that!  Too many stab wounds does not equal premeditation!

    • They said that the day before this same juror had taken a very progressive stance as she was walking down the hall “in a huff” and then the next day she is seen crying, what is wrong with this picture.

  4. OJ will be taking a lot of HLN heat off Jodi for these critical days. They will have enough fodder to keep them going all night without rehashing every look and word. Stay strong Jodi, my dear it’s going to be a horrible few days, but you are strong girl. Thank you Jodi friends for helping me keep my sanity through this.

    • I feel like crying and throwing up. I can’t bring myself to turn on the tv or pull up the link online. All I can do is sit here and pray. And post and read. Keeping the faith any way I can.

  5. I just thought of this quote from Mother Teresa, it made me think of what we are doing here on this site for Jodi and for each other.

    “There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments that knowing there’s some one fighting alongside you.”
    ― Mother Teresa

    Hopefully Jodi will feel some peace knowing she has support and people working together on her behalf.

    • They don’t have to now! They’re getting funded by sheeple and hope to get access to Jodi’s commissary money too. Then there will be TV appearances, books, etc.

    • why Joe!

      they have all that money coming in from the masses of ignorant people donating money to.

      They get to live off their dead pedophile abusive POS brother.

      I’m sure they must feel guilty though since they didn’t know him very well.

      • I hear what you’re saying BeeCee. The siblings are riding the gravy train created from the pigs death all the way to the bank.
        His death is the best thing that could’ve happened to them.

    • No they found their gravy train, meal ticket…. Next they will hit the talk shows, then write books. They are set for life now and all they had to do was cry a little, gob at the camera ,and pretend they are christian….. Not bad for “siblings” that had no actual contact with ta until he was dead.

  6. sorry i forgot to send the link, silly me,
    This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

    what the HELL is this some one sent this to me and I have an alert attached to it

    • 7s
      Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

      My responses to you all will be limited today so I don’t over tweet too soon. I will be “favoriting” your tweets to show I read it though.
      Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

      #JodiArias has bangs that are mostly swept to the right. She is speaking with the DP Mitigation Specialist who has on black suit.
      Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

      I thought #JodiArias would be shackled and in jail outfit but she is not. Nurmi is fully reclinated. Still waiting on Judge and jury.

  7. Wild About Trial‏@WildAboutTrial27s
    #JodiArias has bangs that are mostly swept to the right. She is speaking with the DP Mitigation Specialist who has on black suit.

  8. Hey all,

    Lets all keep Jodi in our prayers and in our thoughts today. She has been attacked by all the demonic voices, and faces, present at HLN. Juan Martinez has a very evil presence, because all of his motivation is brought about by hatred, what is really sick though is he has lied and twisted the truth to fit his incorrect conclusions..

    That very evil he unleashes against Jodi, will hopefully be defeated by the powers of love and support by all of us on this site, and everywhere people seek out the truth, and real justice.

    We all love you Jodi. And you have many, many, many, supporters across the world. And we are here doing what we can to show that love, and support for you. Don’t give up hope… because we are all here for you.
    Hopefully despite his twisted thinking, the forces of

    • I’m sorry everybody, and Jodi… did’nt realize as I was editing the post, some of a sentence I was deleting stayed on at the bottom.

      I believe my points still came out though..

      • Sending positive thoughts!  Let us hope that this too shall pass..  although at this point I have lost all faith in humanity.

      • The little Weasel Martinez, Keeps blabbering on, and on, about extreme mental anguish that Travis had. Well, I know that myself, and I know that many of the rest of us have extreme mental anguish, having to listen that little worm Martinez blabber on, and on, and on.

        Then there’s Kevin Horn the liar, and coroner, what does he really know about pain. He deals with the dead. Does he know how much pain he has put Jodi thru with his stating one thing before the trial, and then coming back in the trial, and saying another thing 100% different from before, that was also confirmed from Det. Flores, the microscopic brained wonder. I wonder if Dr. Horn knows how much pain he has caused.

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  10. Fu*k you Judge!!! No way they can convince us the jury doesnt see OR hear anything! Fu*k them too!!

    • I’m so proud of her,have deep admiration and sympathy.There we are ready to fall apart and poor Jodi sits there serenely.If I didnt know I’d thought this was just another trial day.
      <3 Jodi

  11. OH MY GOODNESS! Steven is looking especially ummmm ________________, there are no nice words at this point. Feel free to fill in the blank!

    EWWWW! Apparently he thought his Mama was joking when she said, “Knock it off or your face is gonna stay like that!” Or however that saying goes!

    My oh My!!!!

  12. I am FREAKING out. When that idiotic judge said the words “death penalty” out loud, I almost fainted. This is too much. How is Jodi doing this?

  13. Anytime there is any doubt or fear please repeat the following statement:

    “We’re here for the long haul – and we will ultimately get JUSTICE FOR JODI!


    If you still have doubt or fear, repeat again……

    • Thank you PK I am praying a juror or anyone who can make a difference will have a conscience and stand up and speak out to stop this farce witch hunt

  14. I could swear I just saw F_o_e_ looking down into the space of hell saying to himself saying to himself “Oh f__! When will I have to pay for my lies?”

  15. Oh my god there is that voice again!!!!! I don’t think I can do this. He is so effing obnoxious and I just know he is going to talk until we are all crazy.

    • I just now tuned in and lasted for about two seconds before I turned off the stream – Martinez was talking. Thanks to those that are watching and posting what is happening. I just can’t stomach Juan Martinez or the sneering, eye rolling Alexander family today.

    • No he is going to say she couldn’t do it because she was scared of the pain but yet she killed Travis in a much worse way. He is soulless.

    • FAKING IT!!!!
      Samantha is so obviously distraught yet she found the time to go to a freaking hair salon and have her hair done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I know she’s all made over. What a joke. I feel bad for them but its infuriating to see there’s no control in this courtroom.

      • I couldn’t believe they were allowed to CONTINUALLY get away w/the constant eye rolling. But then again this was far from a fair trial so I shouldn’t be that surprised. Look how they let them sit there week after week w/those blue support ribbons talk about a bias.

    • I hate to agree with you, but they are acting like its all brand new and playing up to the jury looking at them. Tell me does Honorable judge “let this trial be a circus” Sherry have control of the court room?

  16. This suicide bs. All those so called Christians bubblering should understand that it is the one sin that is not forgiven. At least that is what I was taught. As a Christian Jodi wants very badly not to live but she cannot commit suicide or she would be banished to hell.

    • Hi everyone. : (
      yeah, I don’t get that it’s ok for them to kill her.
      Nor do I get that she should spend her life in prison.
      She’s had enough abuse.

      Every teenager and those younger give you a challenge and that’s all Jodi did
      growing up.
      You know you are closer to your Mom than ever in the years that Jodi is
      in. I can tell how mich they love each other.
      MY God!! why can’t they have her at least close to home?

      Are they kidding? Did he suffer?

      Look at what Jodi is going through?? Is this what Travis meant when he
      said she would pay with his wrath?? THAT was harsh and cruel.

      I can’t watch it either. This is torture!
      How was she supposed to protect herself??

      I keep thinking someone with a soul will come forward,
      Jodi is the only one with a true soul!

  17. Any appellate attorney’s for Jodi on the horizon yet?

    *This* court is hopeless with it’s cast of characters, jury first and foremost are the worse and I believe they will rule for DP because they want to avoid criticism.

  18. I havent posted in a while but just had to get this off my chest, that sam needs the crap slapped out of her she is such a fake drama queen!!

    • I decided not to watch it as I would probably smash my TV. Just reading here has taken me to a lower level of sadness than where I’ve been.

      I have no clue, no idea, cannot fathom how a human being can keep pounding a horse thats already been pounded and pummeled to rubble. How can they look in the mirror?

      Its not as though Travis was the ONLY asshole on earth ever killed and he won’t be the last.

      Shit happens every day and happens in ways far worse than this. Why isn’t there even 1/4 as much outrage and hate towards the deviant baby killer from PA who did far far far worse than what happened in Mesa.

      Humans suck.

    • She also did that during Martinez’ closing arguments several times.But we all saw who the Jury chose to listen to and believe!!

  19. Overruled, overuled, overuled….

    Like, what’s new. Unbelievable.

    Sorry, can’t watch this. God Bless Jodi. As an American, I’m beyond sorry our justice system has let you down.

  20. I just watched a few minutes and cannot watch any more. This guy is making up his own story of what happened, never proven.

  21. And I’m pretty damn sure if she were stabbing him in the back she would have pierced it straight fucking through and the blade would have come out his damn chest!!! DUH!!!!!!

    • How can that ugly skank sit there crying over her piece of shit brother-I would respect Kirk more if he got up and talked about the dead dick wanting to f”k Jodi in the ass and calling her a 3 hole wonder-that’s why he is dead.

  22. Thats what happens when someone fights back!You lying sack of shit.Making up shit .How many stories is he gonna tell?

  23. All this speculation..and overruled. She is a waste of space. I want to see her courtroom ravaged by the appellate courts.

  24. ooh i never knew Juan was there on June 4th , he shouldn’t be able to say where TA was looking , doing – speculation (or bs)

  25. JM: “and as he is standing in front of the mirror bleeding, Snow White pops out of the closet and stabs him… before he can get away, all seven dwarfs surround him, cruelly stabbing, and slashing.”

    yeah…………nice fiction, you short piece of garbage…

  26. Why doesn’t Travis’ family ever comfort each other when they are crying. ?? They seem so disconnected.

    • Because they aren’t crying. They are hamming for the cameras. They are no closer to each other than they were to Travis.

  27. Why is she over ruling? He doesn’t know what TA saw! Oh this is going to make me mad. I might not be able to watch lady judge bow down to JM today.

      • She’s done that throughout this whole trial and
        dip shit judge has never said a thing!

        Her rules don’t mean a thing.
        She warned at the beginning of this trial, they
        would be sent out.
        She didn’t mean it, just like when she asked, Anyone see
        of the trial or anything about it? I see no hands!! BSBSBS!!!!!

  28. Keep talking about the sink,motherfucker!!! Let’s see at what point of the ”attack” you’re gonna say it happened! Have you made up your freaking mind??? So,no throat sliced when over the sink????????

  29. So isn’t this what that Horne guy said he couldn’t have done, walked around after being shot? Or maybe JM didn’t mention the gun I tune him out sometimes without meaning too. I think it’s my brain protecting itself.

  30. Is it just me or does Juan Martinez manipulate the jury with the emotion of indignation? Indignation… Does this play into the family members in the court room right now crying?

  31. Samantha is doing the “dry cry”…hahaha thats what I call it when my 5 year old daughter is trying to throw a fit and she pretends to be crying and if it werent for the fact that there are no tears falling from her eyes I would probably think she was actually upset and was really crying…DRY CRY

    Why does Steven always have that stupid smirk on his face? Or is he grinding his teeth? Wheres meth face Tanisha? I cant imagine she isnt there but I havent seen her yet… Maybe Tanisha and Steven snorted a few big lines (in honor of Travis of course & they have the funds to really party now…geeez) before they went in to court today???

    • I just turned it on, interesting the sisters are wearing black lace, you would think by now they would be immune to the photos considering they have been posted again and again during the trial. We have had two people murdered in our family in cold blood and we never did anything like this. and BTW. one was shot in the head, and was able to call 911 and tell the police where he was and what happened and he tried to get help during that time. He died shortly thereafter in the hospital.

    • And when they went to recess Jodi stood up and tugged her shirt down over her tush and I swear I bet she weighs less than 90 pounds. I want to cry.

  32. Horne, rot in hell.Another lying sack.He will try and wiggle his way out.Who could EVER fucking believe a word he says!

  33. I haven’t posted for awhile either. I am in for the fifty if someone can get a good lawyer. This whole thing makes me sick. Please let me know if this is possible. I truly support Jodi thank God he is done. What a shaft she got. She is innocent. I have been following and think you are all amazing people well except the hacker. My love to all.

  34. Anyone notice the Judge’s extra chirpy voice when the trial began today? The pistol-packin’ posse are all ready to shoot – John ‘Juan’ Wayne looks esp. like the Penguin from Batman today. Should have worn a cape, JM! and your vampire teeth too – since you like drawing blood!!

  35. Horne lied for sure. I want someone to make sure this comes out eventually. It needs to be looked at by a real medical examiner and they need to use it in their appeals big time!!!!!

  36. I really hate to say anything about anyone’s family but more and more I do feel like TAs sisters are doing more crying for show. I read they hadn’t even spoken for years. I can see being sad hearing about his wounds but every single day when the camera is on you? I haven’t paid attention to his family and their actions bc I do feel bad for them bc they loved him but it seems they’re just like him.

  37. OMG!!!

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m
    Dr. Horn is wearing tan pants, white shirt and a black,gray,white tie. He is cleaning up the witness stand with kleenex. #JodiArias

  38. Samantha is trying so hard to cry for the camera… tears, however……she is such a faker and what is with the black lace dress?? I am so sick of that family!

    • Shouldn’t this be up to higher court?
      He shouldn’t get by without being impeached.
      I guess it was ok with the jury though.

  39. Nermi just gave a defeated look on his face just before the seal went up Judge Pickels is at it again

  40. In the beginning I did not catch whose copies would be shredded and why. Can anyone explain that to me?

    BTW – I cannot believe that Martinez is allowed to base his argumentation on speculations to that degree.

  41. Ok, I’m pretty sure I remember how Dr. Horn changed his story from what was in his report, but I don’t remember the details. Can anyone explain what the deal with with him?

    • He claimed in testomony that the bullet went into TAs brain. But another forensic examiner stated that in Dr. Horns written report it said that the bullet did not (has to do with anatomical brain issues things) anyhooo – – after that Dr. Horn said it was a “typo”. He basically screwed the pooch in that lie.

    • Horne said in his report that the dura mater of the brain was in tact and said the gun shot was not incapacitating and the neck slash was. Then he said the gun shot killed him the neck slash did not ( yet somehow TA walked around with his head nearly cut off) and his report was just a typo ( tho we all know to describe the brain an intact dura mater would take more than a one word typo – he would have had to mis type a whole fuckin paragraph)

  42. Good afternoon,

    I wasn’t going to post here for awhile, because I feel bad about the joke I made yesterday, I hope you forgave me 🙁
    I wasn’t going to watch the trial today, but I thought I owe it to Jodi, so I decide to do it.
    Now my hearth hearts, seeing her crying and I feeling so helpless 🙁 🙁
    I need to vent, I am hyperventilating, this is so unfair !!!
    If there is GOD, please please help Jodi !!! She is not the monster that JM is trying to picture her as.
    Thank for letting me vent !!
    Love you all 🙂

      • I missed it too. I miss so much that goes on bc so much goes on LOL. I used to try to read everything when I woke up. Now I just start from where the posts are when I get here. I can’t keep up, but that’s great bc that means there’s that much support!

      • Yes, I told a troll that they have to pay to get the password for the vent page and HLN twisted everything as usual. At least we got free advertisement…lol

    • Marie,

      Don’t let those batards get you down!!
      It’s not your fault. Anyone with a brain OR that was here all of the time would have known it was a joke.
      The little creeps on HLN, if they look on here, they’re going to find anything, whether it was you here or someone else.

      OF COURSE, they KNEW it was a joke too. They don’t have any sites that they can pick on so they choose this one.

      You didn’t do a DAMN thing wrong and don’t let them think that they did SOMETHING RIGHT!!!

      They are all assholes. They can’t pick a fight with their own perverted choir SO WHY in the hell did they come here?? They were looking and WILL be looking for a long time and try to make everyone think they are so mighty..

      They can ALL kiss my ass.
      Man they really go after the good people
      TOO bad they don’t know how to make a joke or ever smile, except his brothers lip is stuck,
      ( it’s so ugly)

      Just be thankful for all of us.
      Bunny said it best about what Mother Teresa said.
      That is so true,

      ““There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments that knowing there’s some one fighting alongside you.”
      ― Mother Teresa

      SO TRUE!

      Those bastards had no business eaves dropping, they have no manners/

      And look at the sourse HLN….
      They don’t give a shit about anyone and most eveybody knows they’re lying, WE DO!!!

      Take a deep breath and think about it.
      It was nothing, now was it? : ) BIG HUG!! It’s an emotional day and we all need each other!
      Together we can make a difference. : )
      LOVE YOU Marie!!!

  43. Nurmis comment wasn’t very good. He recalled evidence from Samuels whenever it’s my opinion the jury disregards it. I don’t see it going well for Jodi so far. The Alexander family’s histrionics and Juan Martinez’s indignation play into the jury wanting to punish her with the death penalty.

    Revenge4travis Taliban yell “crucify her! Crucify her!”

      • He had to. The # of stab wounds, they don’t have an argument to say it was not cruel. 🙁 Unfortunately, since the jury bought the lies and said it was premed 🙁

        Nurmi has to focus on mitigating factors.

        • No, right now they’re arguing about whether or not the cruelty was especially aggravated. The judge said that all first-degree murders are cruel to some degree – Nurmi agreed with that, but argued that Travis did not suffer aggravated cruelty.

          Mitigating factors are next phase.

    • LOL It’s okay. they are also impersonating Janeen, BeeCee (although they call her CeeBee)

      oh, and SJ, they are also impersonating him.

      I say, go to town, good pals…give us free publicity!!

  44. Hi everyone. I’m just checking in.

    I’m working out of town and didn’t have access to the internet. So I just checked in at the Hampton Inn so I could come check on you guys. =)

    I am having to watch HLN to catch up. 🙁

    (((HUGS TEAM JODI)))

  45. Oh damn, I stayed behind on the other page lvg comments to myself! Lol

    I really don’t feel like listening to the BS lies Dr Horn has to say!

    • Someplace, someone posted a comment about what happens when we encounter an event such as this and explained what the body does and how the pain is experienced and how it shuts down the pain.

      I’ve tried to find it again but can’t.

      If anyone has seen it maybe they could remind us.

      What I read seemed to imply the actual suffering of pain was short due to how our body responds…?

  46. Horn comes off as such a moron. You know that he graduated near the bottom of medical school and figured that he could do the least amount of damage working with dead people.

  47. He doesnt know.He deals with DEAD bodies…as he stated before.He can testify to this but had no idea TA could survive the gunshot he says did not damage the Dura matar.

  48. This is likely to be uglier than a sack of assholes, and we all know whose they are.

    Regardless, as has been said before in one way or another Jodi will prevail.

    Pardon my Latin… Fuck ‘Em

  49. Here goes Martinez with his shock and awe. Splash up those pictures, make sure the jury is good and traumatized. Asshole.

    • Exactly!

      I cannot believe that the jury believed that Jodi did all this.

      There is nobody else they can blame than Jodi. So they punish her.

  50. jose miguel @reporterjmiguelYour heart breaks for the Alexander family during this testimony.ReplyRetweetFavorite ”

    NO,it doesnt!!!
    Thank god I save my heart for people who are NOT fakers!!!

  51. I thought there was previous testimony that Travis did not feel the throat wound because he had already lost too much blood and would have been unconscious or something. Now, suddenly he was able to?

  52. Kerms should have gotten a trauma surgeon or someone equivalent for this testimony. Horn doesn’t know shit about what hurts and what doesn’t. His clients are dead.

  53. Think of the bigger picture here not just what is happening in court today. Given the verdict I don’t have a good feeling about today’s proceedings but this is just one day in a long journey. Try not to lose faith :).

  54. Hmm.. trying to stay objective, it has come out that most of the wounds are shallow, and not stab wounds…

    Must admit I cannot watch too much of this though.

    • So hard to watch….Jodi looking so frail, the Alexanders and their crap, JM being the jack@ss that he is…..I think I will watch the rest later.

  55. Kerms should have gotten a trauma surgeon or someone equivalent for this testimony. Horn doesn’t know shit about what hurts and what doesn’t. His clients are dead.

    Actually, I’m glad that it’s Horn up there, of course!

  56. Here we go again- same shit different day. pickels overruling dt , millions of breaks, sibling fake crying, liars on the stand. and i see the haters have started already

  57. jodi just sitting there sobbing i feel so bad for her, we shouldn’t even be here today, these jurors bought into a ridicules assumption about premeditation

  58. This is off the topic but I’m confused. A person I think the name is Lori wrote a message and then the message turned into a email address. I swear it was a message first I’m not losing it. Then someone left a message that just had 3 periods like this … Does that mean something?

  59. I wish this whore for the state judge would stop with the “please remember the admonition” BULLSHIT!!
    just get this shit over with PLEASE so we can start the APPEAL and have your sorry, incompetent, cock sucking ass drug off that God-forsaken bench!!
    Why even put Jodi thru this bullshit? PREMEDITATED VERDICT!!!

      • I”m damn sure having one! I’m still pissed off and this shit isn’t helping at all. The more I think about the fact that this is happening at all the more pissed I get! Oh and I’m not smoking because of the haters, let that be known, the fuckers are not making me smoke, I smoke anyway!

      • Well, the defense did the same thing, maybe even worse. Juan couldn’t finish a sentence without objection. With that said, neither the defense or prosecution should have objected opening and closing statements. I think it messes with their arguments to the jury.

  60. He looks mighty nervous with Jenn cross examining him. It couldn’t be because she got him to impeach his testimony three times?

  61. Wow! What a circus! Nurmi objects and it’s over ruled. Martinez objects and we have a side bar. How one sided. I know that the Alexander’s are feeling pain of a lost one, however, the sister in the front row constantly crying and looking at the jury is definitely a set up by the prosecutor. What a joke! This is all speculation on exactly how Travis died. Little big man Martinez told a story based on speculation.

  62. Who can he be alive both when stabbed at the heart and when throat was slit?Di the wounds happen simultaneously?wtf?

  63. I think if we went into the judge lady’s house we’d find a creepy closet like in scary movies with a creepy shrine to JM in it. You know what I mean? With candles and all pictures of him that he didn’t know where being taken and newspaper clippings and things she stole from his office.

    • Oh yeah and the pictures of him have pictures of her, but just pictures of her head that she cut her head out of pictures of herself and glued herself next to pictures of him. Creepy!!!

      I watch a lot of scary movies.

  64. does pickles have a button to hit that says “Overruled” so she doesn’t have to just keep saying it….

  65. Judge Pickles: “overruled”, “overruled”, “overruled”…

    Juan: “now, Dr. HOrn, doesn’t this prove that Snow White and the 7 dwarfs were alive?”

    Jen: “objection! relivance!?”

    Judge Pickles: “overruled”.

  66. Omg was dr horn GRINNING???? What a freaking SICKO! Is it humorous that they’re sentencing someone to death based on LIES!!!! WTF! Right on the stand too!

  67. For those of you praying for Jodi today let’s also pray for someone on the jury with a conscience to stand up for the truth! See it say it pray it and never lose faith.

  68. OMG…I need a breakdown of how many different ways Travis died according to this motherfucking inept ME.

    Him and Juan talk as if they were there. 🙄

    It’s a fucking story and the jury is buying it. FUCK!!

    • exactly .. defense asks questions . . sustained . . ta deceased and cannot answer prosecution asks questions and can friggin answer on ts behalf

    • Okay…here’s what happened…

      Jodi approached TA while the water was cascading over his nude paunchy body…she had the camera, the knife and the gun hanging from a rope around her neck…with the stealth of a ninja, she quickly snapped a picture, shot him in the face and stabbed him 29 times….or 27…can’t remember…but TA already dead — because according to the ME, the gunshot to the face…the stab to the chest and the paper cut around his throat were all fatal..managed to walk to the sink, somehow holding his almost decapitated head and checked himself in the mirror…all the time thinking to himself…Oh Shit, I’m a an ugly zombie! 😯

  69. The judge lady is like an old record player she’s stuck on over ruled someone needs to slap her to reset her so she can reset.

  70. The first jury question is the same statement that chris hughes stated this in a twitter he did this he new exactly what he did that day

  71. Well, it’s quite good, because Martinez is saying “if the gunshot came first…..” which is implying uncertainty. Good for appeal I would think.

  72. There is no way the jurors will be anonomyous if HLN has anything to say about it.

    That gunshot was not fatal. If DID NOT pierce the DuraMater. Many people survive with a brain injury, just look up Phineas Gage if you don’t believe me. I wonder did they test the spatters at the sink for not only blood but mucous etc? That gunshot came first and that vane prick was standing over the sink to see how bad his “handsome (not)” face was damaged.

    Why does that judge have so many sidebars? So Yawn can signal her how to rule? She should be ashamed at the biased showing she has put on during this case. She is so far up Yawn’s arse you can barely see her feet. What a way to end a career, and I am sure her career is done after this fiasco.

  73. heinous& cruel is what the state of AZ has allowed 2 happen 2Jodi Arias..@the murderous hands of Juan Martinez, Horne, Flores & HLN…it doesn’t matter what the lying jury does…they have already ended Jodi’s life w/the M1 conviction…speculation is all the IMP Juan does….how can they allow his view of what happened…w/o facts or eye wittness

  74. I don’t believe Jodi is fit for this aggravation phase; she’s looks medicated. And why do we have to believe this Dr. Horn, when he’s not reliable as he kept changing his statements, and it’s obvious he’s rooting for the prosecutor. And I’m sick of hearing judge Pickles overruling most objections. I’d shall refer to her a judge Overruled.

    • Recently, trial and appellate courts have been much more willing to reverse a jury verdict based on statements made during closing argument. Often the courts find that the lawyer violated Rule 3.4(e) of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. This rule provides that a lawyer shall not:
      in trial, allude to any matter that the lawyer does not reasonably believe is relevant or that will not be supported by admissible evidence, assert personal knowledge of facts in issue except when testifying as a witness, or state a personal opinion as to the justness of a cause, the credibility of a witness, the culpability of a civil litigant, or the guilt or innocence of an accused.

      • thank you Renee’ gives me hope. I hope the appellate court is not as biased, ignorant, and criminal as this one

    • So if they are basically admitting they have no idea what happened then it cannot be completely ruled out that others were not involved.

  75. Wow! How biased is this Judge? Over rule! Over rule! Here he goes again telling his story and that’s just what it is, a story. Juan wants us to think that Travis was a wimp. There was no element of surprise the why Juan tells it, even though that is what he wants you to believe.

  76. I didn’t realize that the prosecutor Juan was going to be able to tell his own version of the whole scene that took place in the bathroom…he is adding things that was never proven in court…this is a lot of his own thoughts of what happened…

    This is not justice…

    • I’m guessing they or Jodi thought what’s the point – their minds were made up already and exposing lies by the prosecutor and state didn’t matter then and will not matter now.

  77. I can’t watch any more of this tragedy live. I will have to skim through later. These lying bastards.

  78. To be honest, my blood starts to boil when I see how – JM vampire – sucks TA meat pictures.
    If the penalty is to be determined on such argumentation as:

    TA was cut into scales or cubed?

    For me this is total nonsense.

    my question:

    Who fight the accusation of premeditation?

  79. Yeah, DT working HARD at getting JA off…

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 4m
    Nurmi objects with the tone that a 5 year old would take when denied a trip to Disney Land. #JodiArias

    • Forgot to add the rest. Look how they view the DT. From the outcome, it may be justified. I feel disappointed in KN too.

      Wild About Trial‏@WildAboutTrial
      Nurmi objects with the tone that a 5 year old would take when denied a trip to Disney Land.
      Denise Savino Denise Savino ‏@denisesavino 4m

      @WildAboutTrial Mimi should be smacked!

      hirley Shirley ‏@surely1953 4m
      @WildAboutTrial He wants to see Snow white and the drawfs

      Patrice Patrice ‏@PTG162 4m
      @WildAboutTrial Nurmi is really different today

  80. Travis was angry and mad when the argument erupted…his adrenaline was pumping…he would not have felt the pain that Juan is talking about…when his adrenaline is pumping he would not be thinking of the things that Juan is talking about…

    Later after anyone has an adrenaline rush like that..they would not be able to remember anything during that adrenaline rush…

  81. Folks, would it be possible for Nurmi to wear a more objectionable shirt, tie and socks to a sober hearing such as this?

    There are a lot of ladies here that might be able to help me out.. As a male, I would describe the colors as Linda.Blair Pea.Soup. Would this be a spring color or..? I have watched LOTS of trials and have been involved in a few, and I never saw any lack of decorum in dress of any officer of the court to match Nurmi.

    Nurmi is shooting the court, and JODI the finger by dressing this way in this very serious part of the trial.

    My 2 cents.

    • Agree to disagree… he is not wearing a damn mini skirt or a tutu. What does the color of his shirt have to do with anything?

    • Ed…understandable….but the color green is a grounding color…it brings positive energies with it…and it is used by many people who want a positive reinforcement in any situation…

      Now Nurmi…I don’t know if he knows this about colors…if he doesn’t…in a sense he is protected by that positive energy using the color green…

      • He’s not getting much “positive energy” from the court people for sure… Look above, I posted a copy of their tweets…

      • “but the color green is a grounding color…it brings positive energies with it”

        Maybe at the Rainbow Gathering, but not in the penalty phase of a capital murder trial.

    • My guess is that he wore what his wife layed out for him this morning. He is wearing a really dark suit which is very somber. Give the guy a break for matching.

      • Yeah, the color of Nurmi’s clothes has no importance at all. After all, the jurors wear fucking flip flops.

  82. I feel so sorry for Jodi and like multiple people have said she will go up for appeal and win because this whole case has been ridiculous.

  83. So Jodi is stabbing him while he is sitting in the shower……she gives him several almost instantly fatal wounds.. then she just decides……eh eff it I willl just let him up so he can go to the mirror and see what he looks like. Then she decides, nah I think I will kill him again…..after all I have to kill him three times. Now if I am Travis I am going to just amble over to the sink when some psycho who has just stabbed me for no good reason when I was poor helpless and defenseless oh and naked of course. I am certainly not going to run out the door as the PROSECUTION pointed out that any sane person would do. I mean seriously how fucked up is this shit story we are being spoon fed?

  84. Good morning!

    Apparently Travis was such a douche he didn’t know how to put up a fight with Jodi…pppfffss! Hearing Mtz Travis was a weak fighter really? The more this goes on it’s obvious Jodi didn’t do this.

    Meow (rrraaarr)!

  85. That piece of shit believes his own press. He is NOT a skilled, persuasive attorney, he’s a lying asshole.

    • And what about blood in the shower. Even if Jodi cleaned it up where’s the luminal to show the blood spatter on the shower walls that inspired Jodi to kill him like. The psycho movie as so many crazy people have alleged? Guess what it’s not there because it didn’t happen like that!

  86. jm is forgetting to mention ta peed on himself during the attack . . he’s making shit up let’s help him like all of us were there .. that son of a bitch

  87. This is such fucking BS. No way could he have gotten out of the shower from a sitting position with that Chest wound . The blood spatter is not enough over the sink for this wound. Daaaa what a bunch of moron….this jury has on it. He’s lying …

  88. What is wrong with Martinez????????????????And the Arizona Courts? No one knows or will know or will ever know what Travis experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arizona wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Defense Attorneys! Why are you letting Martinez spew CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He’s done it before. When Nurmi said that Jodi fought for her life with Travis, hence is wounds on his back which weren’t deep, he said “no that’s because she cut herself and it hurt her.” He’s an idiot. If she would have gotten cut in the middle of a struggle she wouldn’t even have known. Adrenaline would have blocked the pain and she wouldn’t have even thought about it if his scenario were true which its not! The wounds were shallow because Travis had her in a hold and she stabbed in fear. They are on his right side and she’s left handed.

  89. I swear to God I knew he was going to pull the how long is 2 minutes bullshit. I bet it seemed really short to Jodi when she was trying to get away from the psycho and save herself.

  90. They’re saying opposite things now. First he couldn’t walk all around bc of the gun now he can’t. Come on jury, catch this! This is not opposite day! They are saying different things.

    A mirror has reflective qualities? Sweet! Thanks JM!

    • Yep but they will never catch that. They want blood and Juan is serving up the BS to them in a way that they can get indignant and angry over. They will feel justified with their decision because of his theatrics.

  91. I still think TA was taking steroid to bulk up and trim down, and it was a steroid rage that made him attack JA

    • Yes….and between steroids and adrenaline…he would never have felt the stab wounds…which makes me think that is the reason that he went to the sink…to look and see where the blood was coming from…he didn’t feel where it was coming from ….he had to go and see….no feeling….steroids or adrenaline or both…you just don’t feel….you are like numb…the skin is numb….

  92. Nooooooooooo!!!
    wtf circus is this?????????
    ”let’s just sit for 2 minutes?”


  93. It seems like this court and jury just follows Martinez! They have never wanted the truth! Jodi needs big time real help!!!

  94. Way down and don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it. This family of TA’s crying and being tortured with this evidence today. Maybe if they could have let the vengeance go (I know it might sound creepy but I want to watch her die) they wouldn’t have been in this position. At this point, she’s been found guilty, get the fuck out of the courtroom and pray for forgiveness for yourselves, your brother, your family and Jodi.

  95. Travis is the one who was wet and barefooted…he would have slipped like crazy all over that tile floor…that particular tile is very slippery when walked on with wet bare feet…Jodi had on clothes with socks…

    • If Jodi can just hold on . . this trial is open for major shredding . . I think I’m gonna enjoy the challenges.. when tas buds hit the road . . the road to freedom will be paved for Jodi . . Hang on girl

    • Juan is getting to change all things around…nothing that was proven…he is getting to tell what he felt all along that happened…and the judge is overruling everything….

    • “I thought the gunshot was first.”

      You’re erroneously assuming the jury has been paying attention.

  96. OMG! Juan needs put out of his misery! The doc is definitely has know made up more lies. They will answer for what they are doing here. All of them!

  97. I have to say Jodi is one classy lady. In spite of all the attacks, ridicule and insults sent her way by the media, haters and jm, and all her nude pictures plastered all over the media, internet and again, the courtroom, she held herself with dignity and class.  Never once have i heard her loose her patience or raise her voice or show disrespect.  I don’t know how she does it! Dr. Demarte on the other hand struck me as a very rude person. All her education didn’t do her any good.

  98. I’m not surprised by what JM is stooping to …. I’m just speechless. I didn’t know someone could be made of stuff like this. Wow!!! What kind of momma did he have?

  99. Why are you crying Samantha? Weren’t you just CHEERING with glee the other day when the verdict came down in anticipation of Jodi receiving the death penalty?

    Admit it – the idea of murder doesn’t bother you, as long as you think the person should die.

  100. Oh my god. Will he ever shut up?!!! He is just talking for the sake of talking and making no sense at all. Has he even prepared? What a cocky shit.

  101. I don’t have a good feeling after reading this … sounds like the jurors possibly made up their minds already. Apparently they came in together, as reported by HLN/

    Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m
    Jurors have the most serious looks on their faces that I have seen so far. #JodiArias
    11:44 AM – 15 May 13 · Details
    jayme jayme ‏@jayme1133 1m
    @WildAboutTrial thanks wild!!!
    Jody ‏@BuckeyesGirl33 1m
    RT @WildAboutTrial Jurors have the most serious looks on their faces that I have seen so far. #JodiArias
    Emma Emma ‏@clasylassy 1m
    @WildAboutTrial ..Excellent!
    a Anna ‏@trialfollower87 1m
    @WildAboutTrial Have any of them ever gotten emotional throughout the trial? Especially while viewing autopsy photos?
    Toy White Toy White ‏@M2Chalet 1m
    @WildAboutTrial Cause that 2 minutes was beyond powerful even in my large TV media room. #gavemechills

    • Are you really shocked???

      No…this is Arizona…where everything is not what it seems to be…

      I will always remember the state of Arizona to be the “Lying State”…full of lying mormons, haters and lots of bullchyters…

      • Truthseeker1111,

        My SO just got back from DC where he was speaking with a good friend that is an appellate attorney … he was saying AZ laws are some or the strangest in the country.

          • Especially since they haven’t sequestured a jury in 80 years.
            THAT is pathetic.
            Is this the forst time they’ve televised one??
            OKAYYYYYYYYYYYY there is a first time for everything,

            NEW RULE!!

            If you’re going to allow the TV, you MUST sequesture the jury.

  102. The throat cutting was just part of the Blood Atonement ritual. She did it to insure he would go to heaven. she loved him<3

  103. Beth Karas is twittering a lot if anyone wants to follow her. I’m not really reading it since I’m watching.

  104. I’m sorry if this has already been asked/answered. I’m at work and haven’t had time to read through everything today.

    Will there be victim impact statements from the family? Will Jodi make a statement? If so, when will these things happen?

  105. It’s sad and sickening, I feel like it really doesn’t matter what the defense argues. The jury, the judge has already made up their minds to give Jodi the DP. And Nurmi might already know this too.

    They’re ALL idiots if they really blv Jodi sold a gun to attack TA with a knife 1st like Martinez insinuated! And also to blv that Jodi won a knife fight with a 200lb man. Unbelievable!