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  1. I have read your site, I am confused, do you believe she is innocent as “she did not do this” or are you saying she will not be found guilty in a court of law because lack of evidence of premiditation.
    I have not formed an opinion, all the facts are not in, so I am just curious about your statement since according to what I have heard she has now admitted to being the person that killed this man.
    Thank you

    • I believe there is a lot more to this story. no one is disputing she did it as per plea of self defense . the question is was she abused by Travis , and if you are going to be objective you must wait for both sides to present their case. there is so much rush to judgement because of Media Sensationalism.. I have litterally seen comment from individuals that talk of hanging her , is this objectivity or mob frenzy.. The Defense has not even presented and these people want to get their torches and pitchforks without all the facts or medical documentation to her state of mind and/or self es-steam issues due to constant degradation ; She may or may not have been subjected to… my opinion she lied because she was scared the would arrest her crime of passion, perhaps self defense if he had complete control of her self worth as a person . and mental incapacibility. because it happened in the heat of the moment , but its only the first week and a half into the trial… so it’s really all speculation.
      Still you may want to remember Travis’ lies were committed daily against his church and religious practice by not coming clean about their sexual activities. so how decent is this guy if he can lie to his own congregation members every time they meet .. sounds like a hypocritical ,two-faced person to me who is a salesman and knows how to get exactly what he wants when he wants it.. so there you have it .. it’s early give the defense a chance you may be surprised in the end..

      • I appreciate your comments and your sincereity in trying not to form opinions. Having been a court reporter for over 30 years, my greatest concern will be how the defense overcomes premeditation. How is there premeditation? She showed up with a gun. We don’t know if she brought the knife or used one already in the home. So you see my point? On that evidence alone, she has a big hurdle to overcome. Once the defense has presented its case, we will all know what the facts are (or not).

        • In a video, it shows travis talking about having a gun held to his head in a near death situation. ?. That alone would put enough fear in me that I would buy a small gun to protect myself from that situation ever to repeat. Not knowing enough about guns, I would get something small in order to halt not to kill, just as she did….. and since your not out to kill someone, just halt them… I wouldnt have too many bullets just hanging around my house. I believe the location of the gun in his house makes sense.

          • That video he was talking about a dream, it was not an actual incident. Of course the media left that part out as a means to once again whip up the mongers into a frenzy.

            It just makes me ill the lies and distorted things the media are spreading.

            • Its so funny to me that they keep interviewing TA friends and they say, Travis Did NOT own a gun, we KNOW that. Really???? Like you KNEW he was a virgin????? Hmm

              • Jodi I have decided I am behind you I was fairly upset by your testimony and thought you should have been a little more angered by the way he treated you.. I am so against the way they are making Travis into such a saint .. He seems a little like a David Karesh type figure. telling you what is and isn’t acceptable. I am sickened by the media sensationalism and mob frenzy from the HLN crew. I am sorry for you I have been there and I hope you win..

                • I am a supporter of Jodi at least so far. I think they are trying to paint Travis as a super good person and I don’t believe that for a minute. I believe he manipulated Jodi with sex probably promising marriage just so he could have what he wanted. I wish he hadn’t died in that way and I feel bad. I think she did do all of the killing in self defense and I believe her mind will not let her remember after the gun went off. I know she lied twice but I don’t think she is a pathological liar or a sociopath.

                • I came across this all by watching a movie one day,did not realize it was based on a true story till it finished.I was sad it was true.What Jodi should done is gone and seen his Bishop and told on him,and just to make him think twice use Omo washing powder and washed his clothes in it and let him itch for a few days and then had nothing to do with him again,and then today she would be happy and not in jail.I am not into the killing thing no one should ever hurt another living soul.I do believe it happened in a heat of the moment and she lost the plot ouch and did the un’thinkable and killed the young man.I am blessed to live in a country where our Prime Minister can sit in a park and eat sandwiches ,his wife made him ,no bod guards no guns no one will hurt him how cool is that.There is a site that just made me sick the stuff they are saying on the subject is really bad and cruel they really need to get a life,what will happen will happen I have prayed it will be Gods will not mans only GOD really knows what was in her heart at the time .On your American coin it says in God we trust then lets trust God he is the Boss not us.Its really sad what has happened ,I wish the movie had not been real ,I am only watching kids films from now ,on, in saying this i am pleased to see not everyone in America is a full of hate.Let all your prayers be for both families.

                • Don’t leave Ava, stay awhile and read more because everything you viewed in the Movie was false. The movie was not real. You might just change your mind about Jodi. Jodi is not a murderer but is someone who was attacked viciously and fought for her life against a horrible attack. Self defense is not a crime. Jodi is a victim of abuse and now is being abused by the Arizona justice system. Please continue your prayers for Jodi, her family and also that the Alexanders to will realize the truth which is right in front of them. Thank heavens God is in charge and in his time the truth will be unveiled for all to see. I appreciate your point of view!

              • Yet according to one person they went out target shooting all the time . If he liked to go target shooting its not unreasonable to think he might own a gun

                • And he collected knives too. of course I only read this. IF yu need rope to tie someone up then expect it to bite you in the ass later, exspecially if you use it to sodomize and take pics of your heinous act, so you can jack off later. Wouldnt’ you scalp someone like a banshee indian?

            • The story he is talking about is irrelevant, the way she is disconnected is where it seems strange. This doesn’t have any bearing on the actual trial. Just like the video of her doing handstands in the interview booth at the police station.

              • I did not think anything of her doing that head stand. She had been sitting there for hours and needed to stretch. Looked to me that was a good way to straighten out her back.

            • WHAT? A DREAM? Those c*cksuckers. How have I gone this long and not known that! Eff. I absolutely loathe HLN. Ugh. And what kind of self-obsessed a-hole tells a room full of people about a stupid DREAM?

                • right and he cared so little for Jodi that he ignored the fact she was asleep on his lap, hinting to him, hey maybe we should go up to bed, but he was in heaven, he had his audience and his captive audience, right there on his lap, right where he wanted her for all of them to see. It was like hey, look at me, listen to me, I got you all to listen and this tired girl is staying put like a good little slave, ugh

                • Did he tell her she couldn’t go to bed? That’s horrible! Making someone stay up just because YOU want to be with your friends! The least he could have done was send her up to bed if she was TIRED! He should have let her go to sleep while he continued to talk to all of his men friends! She didn’t have to STAY there, and I’m sure she didn’t like being in that room full of just men! He should have seen that she was bored, and that the men weren’t paying any attention to her anyway! HOW SELFISH it was for him to keep her from getting some sleep! A CONSIDERATE boyfriend would have said “I want to talk to my friends…why don’t you go to bed and get some sleep…I’ll be in later!” A CONSIDERATE boyfriend wouldn’t have made her keep her head in his lap!

        • They “Claim” she showed up with a gun, but they don’t have any gun to support their claim. Number 2 They claim the knife wounds killed him, not the gun wound , and they claim the gun shot came last. So the gun means premeditation? I don’t see the gun as being any hurdle to overcome because the state claims she did not use the gun to kill him, she used a knife.

          • Why was the thumb print, on, the ejected brass, acid etch, not, entered into, evidence…??? Why, was the fact that there were no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood, handprint,not, mentioned, in, the sdocalled, trial ??? Why was the fact that, Jodis, alleged, foot picture, taken by a third pasrty, not, mentioned, in the trial ??? Why, was the, praying hands, duct tape, not, entered into the trial ??? Why, was the venom, fraudulently, claiming, bogus facts, then, proved, bogus, causing, a reversal, about face, 180 degree, shift, not, mentioned, in the trial ??? Why, no emphasis, upon the bloody boot print, obviously,also proving, a third, or, fouirth, party, was at the crime scene, and, neither, called the police…??? Why, weren’t Jodis, phonecall records, entered, to prove her, whereabouts, while the blood was drying ??? Dozens of reasonable doubts; none of which, made it to, the trial… Why’s that…??? Edgar…

      • Brace yourself for the anti-Jodi spammers..
        Under their view, Nancy Grace is God.
        Lady can do no wrong. She was an attorney once, wowie!
        Luckily, some of us realize fraud when we see it.

        So we don’t share the popular opinion. So what?
        How is an obvious abuse victim at so much fault?
        I shudder to think how I’d react to that man.
        There’s more to this story than the media tells you!

        • There was some info on one of the media sites showing Nancy Graces record when she was an attorney. From what I read, she wasnt a very good one. The article interpreted to me that a judge was furious with her for her antics and that somehow she has lied about when her fiance was killed. If thats true, and if she lied about that, she would lie about anything. If she was a great attorney that loved upholding the law, why is she now on a show that is viewed by most people to be nothing more than her pushing her twisted opinion of how things are or should be.

          • Hey, imagine my life then….my mother sounds like, kinda looks like, and acts like Nancy Grace and my mother likes it! So imagine ha ha, what I went through as a kid! I did nothing wrong and he-he-he, I did nothing right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!

        • There is so much more to this case that does not fit in. I know Jodi says she killed him in self defense but this whole thing is just not right. The roomates, the smell, how calm the 911 call was. putting him back in the shower, No clothes, no gun, should have been alot of bloody foot prints. And for some reason the state does not care about any of this stuff?? There is just NO WAY around this roomate stuff. Is the timeline really right? How can you sit in a house for almost a week and not smell something terrible? He bled out for gosh sakes . Even blood smells and also that much blood should have soaked through some where. “SOME THING” just does “not” sit right with me. And how was Mimi allowed to get up on that stand and repeat only things she heard outside from the others like it was her own personal knowledge? I wonder about this Judge and what she allows and does not allow. Plz some one tell me whats wrong with this case. IMO we all know that shell casting was moved. rather some one moved it or it got kicked when his body was moved back to the shower.

          • The shell that, disproved, the spastic prostitutor, lied, to, get an extradition, by the fact, the shell, had no blood on it, which if, fired, first, would have been covered in blood… How do we know, that, the preforensic, scene laundering, politically correct team, moved the shell…??? Edgrrr…

      • The majority of people in church sin or go against church doctrine. Studies show 80% of christians have premarital sex. Men will lie or try to get women to do kinky things, seems they both enjoyed it or possibly Jodi knew kinky sex was a tool she could use to get his attention. It is fairly clear he was using Jodi for sex, but only because she was making herself available. Jodi did have anal sex before Travis and did introduce KY to him. Abused women don’t bring KY. This case is confusing. I think it’s more a crime of passion, possibly premeditated, but I’m having some difficulty with that. If I simply wanted to kill someone, it wouldn’t be so poorly planned or done. I don’t think Jodi is stupid. This appears to be a killling with no real thought process to cover her tracks. She did everything wrong when it comes to premeditation if she didn’t want to get caught. However, that doesn’t explain the gun, I believe she had stole one, the gas, tag, etc. Seems clear she didn’t want people to know she was going. Maybe she did plan that if she couldn’t talk him out going to Cancun with another woman, then she would kill him. It does seem she went into a rage. I don’t think Travis abused her, but that he used her, but Jodi let her self be used hoping it would lead to love. I don’t think she will get charged with felony premeditated murder, but she ain’t getting out of jail for decades to come, if ever.

        • If you think the premeditation theory is confusing, then he hasn’t proven premeditation. It should be crystal clear at this point. Martinez failed.

          A man using a woman is abusive.

                • U mention it, If you are trying to prove abuse, and a man says he wants to ziptie you a tree,stick his d..k in your ass , ALL the way, and loves the sound of a 12 yr old girl in a sexual kind of a way,that makes you climax, puke…..

                  You mention the other women he ruined ..Deanna , which happened to move 2 weeks bf TA’s death?. Lisa, Mimi skye, Ashley …..and when you start playin mormon virgin girls, you might have some angry father’s, brothers, church members, maybe jealous roomates, watching Travis getting his FRI, / SAT. piece, Proceeded by him going to church on Sunday. Angry women that waited for him, Deanna waited 8 YEARS! You do NOT believe she was a lil mad??
                  I would LOVE to see those calls , texts , and emails …ALL OF THEM. U KNOW THE ONES THAT DET. FLORES SAID DIDN”T EXIST. Then said they were not important.
                  ANOTHER ??????? LOL BAMMM ..what was wrong with this jury? no doubts hugh? oh yeah they want her to die bc of her eye color.

                  Madeline Biamonte , C.T.

                • Hey,

                  Some of your comments are offensive. I’m taking an offensive sentence out for future reference. It’s okay to use words like oral sex versus the vernacular. Thanks.

          • You got this Jodi head up. Its a shame you got mixed up with this scumbag. Its not all men he gives us a bad name. There are guys out there (ahem, me*) that would treat you like a queen.
            That’s what you deserve you stood up to an abusive asshole and did what you had to do and they want to put you on trial for that??? Give me a break. Do your thing Jodi its refreshing to see someone fight back.

            If you want to email me you have my address I’d love to have the chance to talk to you. You seem like an amazing person.


            • Finally someone that sees it the same way I do. I have been sitting every day watching this after recording it. I too would have been so beat down, that I could not get up. the recording of him saying he wants to tie her to a tree and …..he sounds like the lowest form of human out there. Who finds that sexy, who finds that something to be aroused about. You heard what Jodi said. She paused, but was so afraid to say anything against what he liked or he wanted. This is obvious in that she was talking about going to visit someone and when Travis said he did not like that person she quickly stated she probably would not go. She was abused, verbally at least. Sometimes verbally is worse than physical. I have been there. I do not want her to die. I do not want her to spend the rest of her life in prison. He lied daily about being a virgin. He too lied. Why cant anyone see that? She has a rare artistic ability that only comes along every so often, her drawing are amazing.

              • Exactly my thoughts the guy was nothing but an abusive pervert. She doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. Nor does shedeserve to sit on trial for killing this low life. She
                Did what she had to do. The “Victim”, prosecutor,and judge are all sign why our legal system doesn’t work in this country.

                Fight the power Jodi.

              • I agree.No I dont advocate murder but when do ppl have to be accountable for their actions? It’s one thing to make mistakes and be human.But I believe that Travis’s behaviors were calculated and manipulative.He purposefully created a double life.Some ppl say men will be men etc.No why is that ok? Why do ppl get “passes” because boys will be boys? You know right from wrong.Brought her to his teligion and then “he” had to be the one to baptise her.That was calculating and deliberate ill intended behaviors.

                • I have often wonder what about Travis seemed to turn woman off. Mimi only wanted to be friends, all his other girlfriends seemed to have LEFT HIM. They all ‘claimed’ he was a wonderful person, so why did they leave him? Even the girl they claim he wanted to marry left him. the other one claimed he cheated on her, but he was an awesome person, Then there was one that he slept with but she was not good enough to marry and she swears he was a gentelman

        • Please, for all of us, regardless what the case is, lets remember that in our country we are SUPPOSED to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. Not the other way around. And the prosecuter is supposed to prove this BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. I have to say, I have been watching everday and so far, Juan hasnt proved anything to me. He ended last week saying that Walmart had no return for the gas can. Where is the proof? Where is the Walmart Manager? Shouldnt he be on the stand explaining how their system works and how he is SURE there was no return??

        • I believe using a woman for sex while looking for a virgin wife is abusive…mentally and emotionally.

          We’ve still have a long way to go in teaching women to become empowered.

          Anytime a woman or a man believes they need another person to complete themselves they are eventually going to be miserable…until they realize they have everything they need within them.

          Personally, I could feel the torment Jodi was experiencing emotionally and mentally.

          • I’m a criminal lawyer in Connecticut. I’m forced to watch this trial each evening because my wife is addicted. How about 7 years on a manslaughter plea? I’ve never heard of a death case with non-aggravating facts like these. Even in Texas or Florida , I don’t think she would “death qualify”

            • Hi GERALD!! madeline here from storrs,CT……UCONN IN THE HOUSE !! LOL I TOTALLY AGREE. also, its nice to see another post from CT!! =]
              OHHH and my poor boyfriend has found himself defending Jodi, from listening to me. There are ALOT of people that only knew the MOVIE JODI, which is horrible.
              My boyfriend explained the truth to my cousins in NY, this Thanksgiving. He said ” I find it very impossible, illogical, and there is too many unanswered questions for me, to believe Jodi COULD do that. ”
              I was so proud of him. All it takes is doubt, right????????
              Madeline Biamonte ,mom in CT

            • Why did not Jodi get manslaughter is really a questionable issue? Her lawyers asked for it but the judge went for life without parole, clearly prejudicial and a harsh punishment.

              Marilyn Bloch

          • I know you typed this years ago but I totally agree with you. Jodi obviously loved him enough to convert to his religion. I don’t believe Travis had true intentions from the beginning. It is a cycle of abuse that is typical of a narcissist (Travis) and I think Jodi was so emotionally screwed up by him that she snapped. Jodi was in turmoil over the lose of Travis and didn’t know how to cope. I also think Travis was a hypocrite!

        • People keep bringing up that Jodi didn’t want anyone to see her there.
          Maybe it was all Travis’s idea. He did want her to come over.
          He wouldn’t want anyone to know that his secret was coming so she did whatever he wanted again to please him.

          It isn’t a surprise that he wanted her to still have sex with him and he figured heldn’t get any
          but, knew he could with Jodi.

          Also, he knew she was good at photography and he knew he could count on her.

          None of this would surprise me.
          They were still “friends”

          The roomates not noticing anything for 5 days, even though they were right in the same house.
          Didn’t anyone CALL them and say hey is Travis around???
          Was the dog going crazy??
          Most dogs would!

          Dave Hughes could have called the house and said I just got a message Travis is dead???
          Can you tell me anything???
          What the hell happened???

          They got the message Travis was dead and the guy Dave Hughes said they were already planning their trip and would discuss it there????
          Do they think we are ALL stupid?

          The roomate, Zach Billings told a different story about ginding Travis than Mimi did, the one that was supposed to go to Cancun, but just decided to get really worried on the 9th?
          This is all BS!

          The LIES are coming from the prosecuters side.

      • If there is one thing I am familiar with that is Mental Abuse far more damaging than physical Abuse.I believe Jodi…It is just sad that I think That unless a person has truly experienced Mental Abuse themselves that they really cannot grasp what it can do to a person..Jodi herself is still in denial …It may take years before she realizes and comes to grasp the reality of all things…and it is my hope that she will get help before her memory returns totally …. It took me 10 years. Jodi should be found not guilty….the evidence proves it was self defense.

        • I completly agree @Robbie. I was a victim if mental abuse and it took years to distance myself from the abuser because it was a parent making it very difficult. I hope she is found nit guilty she doesn’t deserve anymore jail roomed. I hope she sorts through it all and can lead a normal life. Mental abuse is real and no one deserves to be treated in that fashion.

        • I believe that Jodi was physically and emotionally abused. I suffered the same trauma and I had very low self-esteem when it came to my relationships with men as a young woman. I hope Jodi is found guilty of manslaughter. I hope she gets out of jail soon. She needs therapy. I don’t feel she is a danger to society. With therapy, she can have a happy life with a spouse that will support her and treat her well.

          I watch the trial everyday. My prayers are with you, Jodi. Stay strong and hopeful.

          • I know what it is to suffer mental abuse and having the hope that it will stop. It is possible to have a mental break and do the unthinkable. I can tell by listening to Jodi that she is an extremely intelligent woman so if this was premeditated I was fooled. Its funny because I can understand her lies and why she told them. There have been situations where the truth would be more incredible than a lie. Like nobody believes the story of a black eye right? I watch/listen to the trial most days and the things I have heard (sexually especially) are mortifying. I feel for her and sure hope the jury carefully deliberates on this one.

          • I have to say, I too was physically and emotionally abused over 31 years ago and it took me 7 years to get out. They did not have the diagnosis of PTSD back then. My friend came back from Vietnam and had the same type of thing I was having, flashbacks. My daughter studied the same thing Jodi’s expert studied and it states she suffers from anxiety. Well, I can see that. But even the trial can bring that on, jail can bring that on. I was a juror before and listen to everything before I make a decision. I need to hear her last specialist before I make my decision. I have been a witness in court, I have police in my family and a victim of crime, but I do not judge anyone until both sides are done. Yes I listen to all of HLN;s stuff but it does not blur my judgement because I know they are biased. You have to look at it that way. I do however feel sorry for Jodi’s defense team in the case they were handed and the expert they put on the stand. He needed to be more organized and more put together. It would have come across more professional to the jury.

            • Why wouldn’t Jodi have PTSD, I mean she just killed someone and it was someone she loved. Its not like she had ever killed before. And if you listen to Jodis friends talk about Jodi instead of Travis so called friends talk about her, she was a sweet person Why wouldn’t it be trauma enuff for her to develope PTSD. I really really wonder about the time line and the roomates . Did Jodi put that plate on upside down or did some one else hoping she would be pulled over with blood all over her?

              • I really wish Jodi could remember everything , because some thing is not right!! Was the roomate there? Did he come to her rescue. Did they check to see what time the roomate left work?

      • Watch & compare to TA wounds it is scary I have had them in my home !Jodi wound not have known this I just recently seen this This is a woman that is Mormon all her life…her brother was arrested for carrying out the cleansing of the priest that break the laws of chastity….I believe Travis was caught by the church, I believe she was abused and she plead self defense to protect her family… My prayers are for Jodi …there are temples that only a handful of Mormons are allowed in & this is their history…I did not make this up, nor am I a Mormon hater, Most of them are not aware of this and if they are: do not believe it still goes on today.Only the Hierarchy can go into those 4 temples @ anytime.they want. I believe this is why it took so long for him to be found. There had to be a cleansing of his body.I believe Jodi’ was honest about the intruders.Instead of prosecuting her, they should be protecting her & her family. Jodi was battered not only by Travis but also the System. No Woman should be treated this way at all.She is totally over charged…[related to a “secret group” member & know 1 st hand their reach & what they can get away with] my prayers are with you Jodi….

        • THANK YOU!!!

          I totally believe her intruder story!!!
          that was pure raw emotion when she told the detective that story, & how she wanted so bad to help Travis, but chickend out.

          She held up that story for many months, telling anyone who would listen & even firing Nurmi for a time, because he insisted on a self defense plea, saying they would kill her on the intruder story…After firing him, she represented herself, but had to return Nurmi for “council”, after she lost her first hearing, the judge reinstated Nurmi as the lead attorney.

          Even the guy Dr for the Defenses believed her intruder story, thats why Don Juan claimed the man was “hot” for Jodi…

          they say there is usually a whole lot of truth contained in a big lie. I think the intruder killing is the truth & Juan is covering up for the Mormons, which is the lie…

        • This entire, soap opera, is to, covet, all those, voters… by, concealment, of, the ritual, killing… Edgrrr…

      • I agree I think there is more to this. I simply cannot believe Jodi acted alone. When you see the magnitude of the injuries (and the fact that he was shot last says a lot), it just does not appear possible. Im unsure why Jodi would cover for other people, but I dont think she acted alone. Im hoping more will come out in the civil trial and Jodi will reveal what really happened now that the criminal trial is over.

      • ANYONE on camera has to note or say “I am not a Jodi fan before i get death threats or hate mail” whenever they say ANYTHING in a POSITIVE note or for Jodis case. Even these attorneys who have been in this world of violence for years they have commented how if they say anything regarding the way this case was tried was not fair not even saying she is not guilty just talking about the law and media not letting her have a fair trial they receive DEATH THREATS, NOW THIS INSANE and disgusting how HLN creates all these haters, and THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT… Nancy Grace should be ashamed of herself she gets emotional when she speaks of her husband that was murdered WHY WOULD YOU CREATE MORE HATE IN THE WORLD? KNOWING there shows are creating all this hate WHY not say before every show WE DONT CONDONE THE DEATH THREATS THAT ARE BEING MADE TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR OWN OPINION AND SHOULD NOT EVER BE THREATENED, THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE BECAUSE OF VIOLENCE AND WE NEED TO STOP THE BULLIES OF THE WORLD AND THE VIOLENCE….nancy u r a hypocrite and i would love to confront on that… ……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………. Also Domestic Violence victims DONT ALL GET ABUSED THE SAME AND DONT ALL REACT THE SAME…….. Seriously what is wrong with people just because he didn’t leave marks or she didn’t tell anyone DOES NOT MEAN SHE WAS NOT ABUSED………….I was abused for 7 years he would get MAD at me if he left a mark because he knew others would see it, I NEVER EVER ONCE told or wanted ANYONE TO KNOW because its embarrassing, scary, and something i never have been through and was so afraid of him finding out i said something……its sick that these HLN people who have never been through it could have the nerve to even comment on it……………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Last Have you all noticed Travis’s friends who keep going on TV to do an interview regarding there interactions with Jodi they HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING CONCRETE the ONLY thing they keep saying is in a round about way Sky hughes “oh I warned TRAvis that she was “Weird and gave me the creeps “Clancy Talbot, who worked with Alexander, said, “Every time I saw her, she gave me a really bad feeling… made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, just a sick feeling.””I remember thinking, ‘That girl looks like a zombie,'” Christopher said. “She was a weird person to be around.” thats the comment from Julie Christopher worked for Pre-Paid Legal Services Zack Billings former roommate his interview with Nancy DisGrace he said his interactions with Jodi were fine n normal and Ms. DisGrace kept trying to get him to say something negative about Jodi but he didn’t, funny how he hasn’t been interviewed anymore……HLN IS A HATERS NETWORK AND IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH THEM THERE VIEWERS WHO SEND DEATH THREATS ARE THE ONES WHO NEED HELP AND ARE THE TRUE CRAZY ONES…….NANCY DISGRACE,VINNIE, MIKE BROOKS, JANE VALDEZ all have made some pretty Big mistakes in their past and have skeletons in their closets just wait until they get out to the media and lets see how they explain and how they are judged….KARMA KARMA KARMA……….people who send or make death threats are just BULLIES and HLN hosts CONTRIBUTE TO the nasty hate behavior and should be stopped………..JODI i hope you get a retrial and hope its a fair one………

      • I can’t believe people are still one sided on Jodi Arias. She admitted she killed him. But I believe she was emotionally beaten down by. He was an user & abuser. Doing all this sex that he wanted to . Plus he was conceited & phony. Now let’s be fair . Why try her in an Mormon town .. I have personally talked to people from Mesa they believe she didn’t get a fair trial but no one dare speak of her in favor But they feel this trail is wrong started against her…even news crews why not show both side of the trial. Defense attorney….praise The Lord quit trying to turn everyone against her.

    • In response to Liz Web question; Premeditation is a very IMPORTANT issue. Premeditation = Death Penalty & I think the prosecution is attempting to prove that. Jodi’s lawyers are stating that it’s not premeditated, which is in not saying that’s she’s innocent. The defense team in their opening statement clearly said that Jodie killed Travis & that they would prove why. Killing in self-defense or snapping into rage from continuous abuse are two different penalties as well I believe.
      As for my opinion, I’m not sure yet, the trial isn’t over and from the slow pace that its going there seems to be at least a few weeks to come.
      I would like to state that I am 67 years old, am a child hood survivor of extreme physical & emotional abuse. What I lived thru compared to what Jodi says she lived thru in child hood……all I can say to that is I wish I had been fortunate enough to have had her life.
      HOWEVER, the pattern of relationships she chose to have is exactly what I did too. While in my mid 20’s I realized thru therapy what I was doing and made a heroic effort to change this in my selection of partners. I thought I had succeeded and at 30 years old married my “IDEAL” mate.
      It wasn’t long afterwards that I discovered I had actually married my mother & father in one neat & tightly packaged bundle. Most of the familiar abuses I had grown up with continued throughout my marriage & I was miserable for years, but I guess comfortable in my own sick way because I chose not to leave, but instead I kept attempting to help my husband “heal & get better”. At 39 yrs old I became pregnant which I was so happy about as we were told by many doctors it could never happen. One evening (at 6 months into my pregnancy) I made him dinner & served it on a tray upstairs in his office as he wished & requested. I went back down stairs into the TV room and was eating mine on a tray while sitting on a big pillow on the floor with my back leaning against the wall. He came downstairs in a rage because he didn’t like what I had cooked & began a screaming scenario about it (happened many times a week, I could never get anything right for him, & I always really tried too sometimes making up to 3 different meals to make him happy) but this time I had slid towards a corner trying to back away from his raging spittle in my face. I thought he was going to hurt me & my baby…I had a steak knife on my plate & in a flash lunged at him, aiming for his arm. He jumped out of the way & I missed him. (thank G-d) Once our child was born things didn’t get better only worse. I encouraged him to come with me to get help for our child’s wellbeing & he would not. Finally, one morning at 2:00 am I quietly packed my car up with every important thing I could fit that was essential and of course our toddler. I left and never went back. I have never met anyone else nor tried to. I don’t date. I raised our child the very best I could do and without physical & emotional abuse. I believe I did a pretty good job of it. Our kid has grown up to be a good, kind and law abiding person & we have a good relationship. Today I am still by myself as I believe it’s the only way I can survive & not be miserable. I have loving relationships with my siblings and a few good friends an am doing ok.

      • I am 38 years old and have a lot in common with you. I am now raising my two daughters on my own and have chosen not to even try to date. maybe that will change someday, but after all I have been through what is important is that I raise my girls without angry voices in a home or violent outbursts. Just love. I just wanted to thank you so very much for sharing your story. It was truly inspiring…I think you should find an outlet to help other women…I know I benefited just from reading that post, imagine what you could do? anyway, thank you. Just thank you so much!

    • Based on the evidence that has come out so far, and feeling the pain that Jodi expresses she experienced in this relationship, I hope she does not have to spend one more day in jail and that she is found not guilty, even if it is by reason of insanity. I do believe the anger built to such a point that she finally snapped. She may have brought the weapons because she was planning to confront him this time and wanted to have something to defend herself if he reacted physically. By putting myself in her place I can understand why she played along with all the debasement and why she was so nice to him. I believe she wanted him to love her and the nicer she was to him the meaner he became to her. Being too nice will often bring that out of certain people.
      This guy was a fraud. According to one of his friends he came from a place of extreme low esteem. As he rose in the ranks of his career and church and gained power he wielded that power over Jodi–because he could. She was in awe of him or at least the person he pretended to be. She wanted desperately for him to love her and thought by worshiping him he would come to love her. She craved validation from him. But the power, having gone to his head, was too tempting to use on her. He was dismissive, disrespectful, he humiliated her, he took her money even though it was purported he had much more than she did, and in the end he robbed her of everything–her self-esteem, her financial stability, and her credibility.
      I believe she finally had enough and made the trip to see him, in the back of her mind, with the idea that she might confront him on all this. I don’t think it was actually planned; I think she brought the gun as protection just in case. I believe she entered into a sex session as she was so terribly addicted to him but, once again, he humiliated her. But this time she wasn’t going to take it. Because she was so addicted to him, instead of just walking away like she could have, the rage just overtook her. He may have come at her in a threatening manner and she may have tried to defend herself. I don’t blame her one bit for snapping after all she had been through. Although I have enough self-control to not murder someone, I know people who have done awful things to me but I have healthy self-esteem and know to just remove myself from the situation. I would not have stayed around as long as she did. I think Travis Alexander got exactly what was coming to him. He created bad karma and this is what happened.
      I am glad to see there are so many people who can see this for what it is. I have lost faith in Dr. Drew and many of the media moguls and their biased opinions. It really demonstrates to me that a lot of people who are supposed to be experts in their fields are really not that bright. If they can’t figure out what was really happening here–that she was a willing participant because she wanted to please, thinking it would make him love her–then I think these people need to go back to school and not be counseling people. Shame on them. I want to see some truly bright people give their opinions. We have enough biased and opinionated Dr Drews in the world making money off the unsuspecting public.
      As for Nancy Grace –she is on a witch hunt. That is obvious. No matter what comes out, she is on Travis’s side. She is so myopic. Jane Valez is a bit more of a critical thinker than most. I think she is beginning to understand the dynamics of all this.
      I will be crossing my fingers that someone on that jury can see what was really going on. Jodi should go free. She is talented, she is artistic, she is sensitive and she has a lot to offer to the world. She just may have saved some innocent children from this sex deviant. I so hope she doesn’t have to pay for it with her life. As Michael Savage once said, “truth has become pornography, and pornography has become truth.” If this trial isn’t a perfect example of this, I don’t know what is.

      • Nancy Grace has elected herself judge, jury & executioner. She has a lot of influence & she has destroyed lives & damaged others. I used to watch her show but I stopped when she voiced her opinion during Elizabeth Smart’s disappearance that “there’s just something not right about the father & the uncle.” This led a lot of people to think they were involved in harming her. After Elizabeth was returned to her family, Nancy Grace NEVER apologized. She also never apologized to John Ramsey, even when detectives and the new D.A. announced that the Ramsey’s had nothing to do with Jon Benet’s murder. Even now, she stubbornly implies that Patsy Ramsey murdered her own child.
        She refuses to accept that authorities had a suspect & evidence & were about to arrest him when he committed suicide. He was a convicted sex offender who had been released from prison just before Jon Benet’s death. I bring this up because these radio & tv hosts have too much power. I agree about Dr. Drew. He used to be compassionate & able to see both sides. But his ratings weren’t good so his producers put pressure on him to be tougher. Mild mannered just doesn’t sell.

        • too many people have to be *TOLD* what and how to think, and thats where nancy grace comes in handy! amazing how nancy manages to manipulate the minds of her audience for the small minds that do not seem to be able to form their own jodis case,nancy seems to have all the facts and all the answers without even waiting to seehow the events unfold, makes you wonder why the state of arizona even needed to have a trial to begin with when all they have to do is tune into nancy grace for the preconcieved facts and verdict, gosh, is a shame the state is wasting all this time and money when they have NANCY! nancy definately has some mental issues of her own she needs to deal with but how can she when she is too busy playing GOD and her audience is too busy worshipping her. its common sense, their had to be a motivating factor if jodi killed travis and i dont imagine it was easy for jodi to look back on the course of her relationship with travis and realize all she sacrificed,normal relationships lasting five years, PRECIOUS TIME and love for someone that ended up being the worst kind of deception and acted like satan himself toward her and his church in the end. jodi was raped mentally, physically and spiritually by travis, SATAN had his way ALL the way by using travis and in the end he killed travis through jodi. he used travis up and now he desires to kill jodi but i pray for jodi and hope you all do the same. i refuse to allow satan to hurt jodi anymore. its time for GOD TO HAVE HIS WAY AND JODI, PRAY HARD AND REALIZE THIS, GOD IS A PERFECT GOD AND HE IS CAPABLE OF MOVING THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THIS JURY FOR AN ACQUITTAL,MIRACLES DO HAPPEN AND TRULY REPENT AND EXPECT NOTHING LESS THAN A MIRACLE FROM GOD. also,reconsider your faith in mormonism there truly are some things that are NOT sound christian teachings in that church. study the early church fathers, the ones that were around when christ jesus handed them the keys to HIS kingdom….and just see how catholic you will become 🙂

          • we have a very dysfuntional society today and have had for a very long time. her behavior was that due to being abused. mental abuse is subtal and there is always an i am sorry that follows it. i believe this woman was abused by many things. and since she was bused at knife point as a young woman i am sure that is where her fear and terror comes from.

          • “SATAN had his way ALL the way by using travis and in the end he killed travis through jodi. he used travis up and now he desires to kill jodi but i pray for jodi and hope you all do the same. i refuse to allow satan to hurt jodi anymore. ”

            Gee, too bad you didn’t mention this sooner. Perhaps, she could have used this as her defense.

        • I agree so completely about Nancy Grace. I used to have such respect for Dr Drew. I am finishing my Masters in Psychology and will go on to my doctorate. Dr. drew was very influential to me because I wanted to be a kind compassionate counselor like he is. I have been so disappointed in him lately. The video they showed on the show of Jodi laying her head on TA lap, and the ridiculous comments, stating that you can tell she is obsessive and possesive in this video. Really?? All I could tell was that she was tired. How doea laying your head in your spouses lap make you crazy. Even my husband, who doesnt get into this at all, said that he used to really respect Dr Drew but he sold out to the media drama, ratings and false fantastics. Its sad that our news has become all about the ratings and very little about the truth. That is why I watch the trial for myself.

            • Major Cynic- Man, you weren’t kidding when you picked that as your screen name were you?!

              I’ve been on this site for about 2 weeks now and I’ve interacted with quite a few of the people commenting on here. So far, I have not seen anyone deifying Jodi. We support her, each of us for our own reasons, but none of us worship her.

              You say Jodi was behaving like a 5 year old who wasn’t getting enough attention in that video and then ask what grown woman sits in a group of people sleeping on their date’s lap?

              Well, I’ll tell you what grown woman sits in a group of people sleeping on their date’s lap; I do. Or, I have, anyway. Now, you might have been asking what KIND of grown woman does that and I’ll tell you; a tired one who is comfortable with her BOYFRIEND (more than a date, buddy) and among friends. Again, at least, that is why I did it. I’m the kind of woman who is pretty damn awesome and there’s nothing socially wrong with me that would explain such atrocious behavior, in case you’re wondering.

              Besides, if it was really about not having enough attention paid to her, putting her head in his lap wouldn’t get her more attention unless she started……never mind.

        • You mean Nasty Grace. HLN is like a lynch Mob, they get people all fired up with BS. Everyone of them as far as I am concerned have sold their souls for ratings they are the lowest of low.

      • I too have lost respect for Dr. Drew. They have to make money for the people who pay them, and it seems to me they say what the network or popular opinion is so they will continued to get paid. It is weird to think of Dr. Drew believing in the death penalty. It is weird to think of Jane Velez Mitchell believing in the death penalty…especially since she is over the top with animals. She doesn’t believe in wolves or pit bulls being put to death but does believe in putting animals to death. I don’t she or Nancy have ever experienced abuse…we only know what we know.
        Even the “defense” attorneys on HLN, like Joey Jackson, who is a likable person has turned on the defense…I think it is because they are paying him now as a commentator. Doesn’t say much for the character of people.

    • I watch part of the trial today. From what I have heard of Jodi testimony it seems that Travis was a narcissist. Im wondering if there will be an expert witness on his mental condition. Narcissist make people (their mates, girlfriends, wives) feel like Im seeing Jodi react on the witness stand. The text messages that were read in court mirror what narcissist say. Most of their behavior is all the same. If you look up info on this condition I believe you will find the key to what drove Jodi and Travis to be where they are today.

      • I feel as though I had seen her life some where before. Either a movie I had seen or a book I had read…, then it hit me.. I was watching the history channel and it was about cults…. not saying this is the case here…. but some days I look at her and think woe this poor girl acts brainwashed… I dont know what the top 10 cults in the usa are… for some reason I just cant rule it out of the whole picture.

        • mormonism is a cult…. this is true but not all mormons are of the cult. with due respect, i know and love a lot of mormons but if they get too deep it becomes deceptive and seductive , surface level points to jesus.

            • Now everyone does have their own opinion and I do respect that, but to say Mormonism is a cult is not true. I have grown up in the Mormon faith and it is definitely not. I have also experienced different sects of the Christian faith and all have good and questionable things about them. Not one church is perfect. Only God himself is. Now as for Jodi and Travis. I have read a ton of comments on here and have also seen the trial. It is truly sad on both ends. For Travis because no one deserves to be killed in such a brutal manner/ or to be killed at all regardless of what they do, and for Jodi because mental and physical abuse is terrible. I have been through mental and physical abuse myself and to this day im still getting over some things, and I Pray that God works on her mind and she is able to get through and move forward from here on.

              Now I also believe it is wrong to judge on either side. We only know what has been recorded, and said from family/friends, and media say about their relationship. For instance there are articles about how she has had prior abusive sexual encounters before and enjoyed it. -I know just an article and again he said she said. We also do not know what he has truly done in his past. With the relationship we truly do not know what really went on behind closed doors, and to be honest none of us can make a truly educated non bias opinion because there is only one side to the story, and we will never be able to hear the other side to the story.

              This is truly a sad case on both ends. Each family is/was going through many emotions, and I am keeping both families in my prayers.

      • Its funny you say that. Like I said in a previous post, I am a Physc major, pursuing my doctorate. I keep hearing the media call Jodi a Sociopath. I would love it if everyone on her went to google and typed in sociopath. The Mcafee site gives the best, in depth definition of what a Sociopath is. I have to say, obviously I have never met either one of them, but just from following the trial day after day, Travis seemed to me to have major Sociopath traits! Read it and tell me what your thoughts are. If you cant find it, let me know and I will post it. Its long, so I am referring to the site before posting. I would love to know everyones opinion on that.

    • Speaking after 23 years in police work this case seems like a forgone conclusion that she will be convicted but not recieving the death penalty . What I see is a defense hoping to keep her out of death row . Though I feel she murdered him in a pre planned manner I cannot help but to eel sorry her .
      I am saddened that such an attractive young woman who had potential has tossed two lives away . Its a real shame !

      • Joe, why are you “saddend” by her attractiveness? And what does it have to do with anything? Your comment contributes to the “shame” of this case!

        • I think the point is not solely based on how attractive she is or isn’t.

          The media frenzy wouldn’t be half as bad if it wasn’t for the sexual nature of many of the questions.

          It is a sad sign of the times but sex sells.

            • Yes. He did it as another way of being a control freak. Even trying to control her MIND and body. He must have been a really sick person. Sorry this young lady fell for his crap and has messed her life up like this.

    • Hi…I also have not made up my mind. I have a question and I would like to get your opinion about it.

      I watched the trial on Feb 21. Martinez is asking Jodi when she saw travis on the day she caught him looking at the pic of the boy. She said she got to his house and left before it was dark outside. Now Martinez showed a text message from Jodi to Travis saying she is getting off work at 5.
      In Jan 2008, it would have gotten dark around 4/5 pm…

      So I’m confused. Did she go to travis house or not?


    • I think the word “innocent” is just in the context of her defending herself, and therefore cannot be guilty in a “cold blooded” way, since her action was in self-defense

    • it means she is innocent for her charge of Murder. She is innocent of the charges. She killed Alexander in self defense.

      • Her, “admitting,” anything, was upon advice of coiunsels,’ statement, that, abuse, was the only, acceptable, defense… Edgar…

    • after watching much of the defense attornies questioning , what would help ms. arias a great deal would be for him to connect the dots instantly of 1. what transpired on 6/4/08 and how she feels 2. how that relates to the traumatic impact of having your life threatened / reacting/acting on the threat 3. how that trauma impacts her thoughts ,feelings and actions from that day forward to present.

      PTSD has multi-dimensional impacts & effects , it is the mind protecting itself from the reality of situations that cannot be fully assimilated as they are happening , part of you shuts down. seems the jury needs to hear that in a big way to make sense of the rest.

    • It’s not about degree. Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander because he attacked her after a gun accident, and she defended herself.

      That’s self defence.

      The state has to prove otherwise, beyond all reasonable doubt.

      But in fact, looking at the evidence carefully, it’s the other way round, Jodi is innocent beyond all reasonable doubt.

      • The state, has only to prove, they can conceal exculpatory, evidence, and, stack, the jury, with, idiots, so as to not, upstage, a, brain dead, judge… Edgrrr…

    • I only recently started following Jody’s trial. I am convinced this was self-defense. I have seen so many men like Travis – self involved, manipulating control freaks that love to take advantage of sweet vulnerable women and then kick them to the curb. I am so disgusted by the vigilante justice that has become so common today. The mob on CNN is nothing more than a linch-mob. And then I think of this poor woman who had once been so full of life and now that life that has been destroy after she had already suffered so. My prayer for you Jody, is that God will finally,somehow give you peace and joy!

    • I think, your lawyer is very weak JODI, I have seen trial and i find lot of discrepancies in trial and some of bullshit arguments as well from prosecution. I dont know whether you are guilty or not, but from case documents, it seems that they already declared you guilty before trial was even started and you became negative celebrity.

      Open the trial again, get a new lawyer, hear all trial recordings again, this case can be easily turned around.

      I personally also feel that you are hiding something big and havent come clean on records despit you agree that you killed travis. I have a gut feeling that you still taking blame or hiding something on this as well.

      From your confession, from your trial study, from your lawyer, there is a mess and big hidden factors till now. I still believe you are convicted majorily because of hype by media and people are forced/started believing that you are a murderer.

      I am not from US but lawyer by profession in different country, so thats why advising you.

      • Hi Lucie,

        Jodi is not hiding anything. Everything that she testified to during the trial is the truth. She lied in the beginning due to personal shame over the intimate pictures that were taken between her and TA. If you want more background, I would invite you to read the wiki site Justice4Jodi that appears as a hyperlink on all of the previous threads on this site. Much of the prosecution’s evidence is addressed and countered. Look forward to talking with you.

        • Hi Lance

          By no means, i meant that she is lying in case, i only meant that i still feel she is hiding something due to some unseen reasons which she dont want to share and that will help her in overturning this case. I myself found many abnormalities in case as well where your country jury didnt even bothered to see those.

          • I also meant that your court tagline

            “A defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty, to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt, in a court of law.”

            is absolutely rubbish specially in jodi’s case

            • Also if you want, i can go through full case docs available on internet and can give you abnormalities but mind you that dont post over internet otherwise your prosecution will be alerted.

              and for god sake, find a good lawyer, all the time your lawyer is just listening rather then speaking

              Sorry if i am harsh

              • Hi Lucie,

                I’ll address all three of your threads. First, I was stating that Jodi is not hiding anything now. In the beginning stages, she was trying to avoid the intimate details of their relationship, including the intimate photos of June 4th as well as the details of TA’s sordid behavior. She was perfectly willing to keep these details hidden because she still cared for him EVEN AFTER he had attacked her and tried to kill her. She attempted to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and just quietly go to prison and take all of these intimate secrets with her but the state of AZ wanted to give her the death penalty so she had to “rip the lid off” as she said in post conviction interviews. The abnormalities in this case, as you say, are too numerous to count here. Deletion of evidence, questionable courtroom tactics are just two examples of this.
                “A defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty, to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt, in a court of law.” is indeed one of the main beliefs that our constitution states as one of our inalienable rights. However, the founding fathers didn’t know about Nancy Grace, National Enquirer, US Weekly, Radar Online and Sky News… need I say more!! This has occurred in many other cases other than Jodi’s and will continue to when the details of a case involve sex and death.
                Finally, we are attempting to raise money to help Jodi pay for a really good appellate attorney when her appeal is heard. I will encourage you to read the following wiki site that was created by a fellow supporter and to watch the below interview with Jodi after her sentencing in 2015 which you can see on Youtube.


                RAW: Jodi Arias fuII interview footage

                • Thanks Lance

                  Dont talk about Nancy Grace. I dont want to say anything about her as she was the first one to mess this case up as if she was jury. I am super pissed off with that liar.

                  I and some of my friends will donate handsome amount of money as well but time is running short and gap is still big for collection

  2. I read quite a bit from your Casey Anthony site during her trial, and discovered this site the other day when the Arias trial began and I was looking for live video feeds. I’m not a fan of the Nancy Graces of the world, I totally agreed with the verdict in the Anthony case, and I agree that something is at least fishy about Travis Alexander and that there is far more to be revealed in the Jodi Arias trial.

    My question is, just who is SJ? And what is his/her/your relationship and investment in these cases?


    (I apologize if this question has already been answered elsewhere. I have read the “About Us” section of both sites, and looked through the archives of SJ’s posts. I have even done a Google search, to no avail.)

    • Hi Michael,
      As with my other support website for Casey, I never make a big thing about me or about who I am. I don’t need to. Nor do I generate any profit from the site. The same applies here. This site is therefore a safe place where people can come and discuss all the various aspects of Jodi’s trial as we move forward, without being exposed or subjected to the hate & BS prevalent on other similar sites & FB pages.
      Thanks for posting and for your ongoing support!

        • i n.o this girl was mental abused by the way she talk about that guy. he hit on her i bet on it ihope she doesnt have to do any more jail time . good luck jodi

      • Martinez I am so sorry he’s on her now about deleting the photos it does not take much thought a 2 years old could do it. I just do not like how he treats Jodi he is also abusive. I also can not get over that she was going without food. I know when I don’t eat my body shakes like I’m going to have a seizure I get Migraines, vomit sometimes lasting for day. When sugar drops I can’t think or recall what I said 5 min before. I also so upset that they have a dangerous abusive stun belt on her and her legs made so she can not run. More abuse for Jodi I am shocked with all this. I am one of those weird people that does not watch news much and never heard of Cassy Anthony until her trial started. I watched it on channel 9 it was real trial not garbage of HLN. Up until almost end of her trial I never new of this Chanel 30. Fount out about 55 in session last week. I don’t like how HLN especially Nancy judges people before trial. She never has a kind word for anyone and the other people on that station get worst each day . Ir’s so sad. I so like when their looking for missing children or finding for pets. It’s sad what people have done to Cassey life hope she can find peace and happiness. Now they go for Jodie I understanding as I was abused my whole life. Jodie you are amazing ! So smart ! I could never remember the things you do , I think Martinez is jealous incriminated of your intelligent. Know many care for you and praying for the best for you. . I am so sick of these HLN people who can never give anyone a chance or say a nice word about others . Thank Goodness for the Court system even though I do not believe in death penalty. Jodie you had to be so scared , treated so wrong to have the strength to over come a strong man do all you did in short time. and we were his room mates for 5 days ? who fed and care for his dog it’s so hard to believe she could have done this by herself no way would it have happen if she had not been abused very badly.

      • Thank you for ur support site, Id be so lost without it. its wonderful to know she has so many ppl backing her up.

    • Finally I found someone who agrees with me on the Casey Anthony case, Ive argued with my friends until I’m blue in the face. The verdict was right, sadly, she will never hava a life becuz of ppl like Nancy Grace and Jane Valez. Even Vinne Politan I’m beginning not to like. The media makes you believe “their” point. I’m just too tough to go for all the media hype.

      • I am so relieved to find this website and now have the ability to share my opinion. To begin with Jodi Arias is entitled to a fair trial and presummed innocent until proven guilty. I have lost all respect for HLN and sister station CNN as well as its hosts. It is unacceptable that as a news station their only job is to report the facts; not opinions, speculation or personal views, none of which seems to apply. I am very interested in this trial and until or if the Prosecution can prove their case Jodi Arias is innocent. We live in a democracy and have been afforded that privalege. Nancy G, Vinnie P., and Jane V.M, have been reporting the facts but have instead convicted Jodi without trial. Who are they to judge her without facts? Based on what I have seen and researched I am not sure I could convict based on the circumstantial evidence or an admission of guilt given by Jodi. It looks to me like she was intimidated by an inept police detective only interested in closing the case. Its a shame that the only place to find facts is within a sight such as this. If it were up to the people at HLN and the ones mentioned earlier Jodi would already be facing death. Shame on these “so called reporters” and their poinsonesss words. Its time facts were reported and one sided journalism lose its audiance.

        • Yay!!! I’m so glad I found this website and that so many people can see what is so obvious… especially about the In Session and HLN commentators like Vinnie, Jane and -ugh- Nancy. It’s one thing to make a point, but totally another when you convict someone at the getgo. It doesn’t matter what evidence the defense presents, even when it’s true and beneficial to Jodi, these idiot commentators make sarcastic comments, playing down the value of the evidence and always ending their statement with “and Jodi murdered this innocent choir boy in cold blood”. Even if she had a picture of Travis beating her, raping her or evidence of child porn on his computer, they would still stick to their guns, refusing to acknowledge the evidence and insisting that she’s guilty murderous seductress. There is nothing that can change their opinion of her, no matter how innocent she is. They’re pure prosecutors at heart. They convicted her from day one and refuse to see anything else but their own judgement.

          I have been watching the trial in its entirety and have been forced to mute the commentators and guests since there is not one who is unbiased or believe “innocent until proven guilty”. It’s disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves. I used to like Vinnie, but not any more. I can’t stand that big mouth, Joey Jackson – unbelievably irritating. I never liked Nancy Grace. What a nightmare! She is the most condescending, rude woman – even being nasty and disrespectful to her own guests when they side with the defense, even slightly. Even Dr. Drew is appalling – and he of all people should know better! I’m just glad there are others who see the obvious – here is an emotionally, physically, sexually abused woman, who adored an abusive, narcissistic, hypocritic of a man, and finally tried to defend herself and ended up snapping into a blind rage. She obviously didn’t want or mean to do it and she’s devastated that it happened. My heart goes out to her.

        • I agree 100%
          I’m almost positive in the last few months of their relationship, he treated her really badly

          Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

          Also if you are spiritual they both are being punished for their sins

          • I have had men do horrible things to me, and I was sucked in the torture! It was horrid and so embarrassing! That is to make it lightly. It can be Hell! Jodi was lied to and Driven to what she wouldn’t imagine!!!!!!! It’s just so Sad!

        • I also think so and I think about how all the media says she dosent look like a abused woman. How do they know have they been abused before? There’s alot that goes on in my relationship that NOBODY sees but me and my significant other. And as there asking her questions and she says she “can’t remember” I know her exact feeling, theres so much that happens that sometimes you don’t know when it happend, you can’t remember if that happend this time or was it the last 5 other times. Similar events happening in different days can get you confused on when it was.

      • There is a psychological term for this. Its called Group Think. Its basically when you have someone convinced of something and get them to all think alike. That to me, is what HLN does or attempts to do. They want everyone to Group Think like them.

  3. Hi SJ, I also agreed with the Casey Anthony verdict but feel the prosecution failed to present enough evidence for a guilty verdict. That being said, I appreciate this site and appreciate someone championing the “other side”, if you will. I was hoping you could answer Ms. Liz Webb’s question of Jan 4th 2:28 pm.
    Her question was ” I have read your site, I am confused, do you believe she is innocent as “she did not do this” or are you saying she will not be found guilty in a court of law because lack of evidence of premeditation. I have not formed an opinion, all the facts are not in, so I am just curious about your statement since according to what I have heard she has now admitted to being the person that killed this man.
    Thank you

    once again, I appreciate your energy and would appreciate an answer.
    thank you
    Bob Sz

  4. I lived in siskiyou county for 6 ys it is a ranching community and hunting is a very popular recreational activity it is commonplace for people to carry knives and guns in yreka and surrounding areas i don’t believe that it is odd or unusual for someone from that location to have a knife ot weapon on there person and given where she’s from i dont think the presence of tho
    se weapons constitutes premeditation of Travis’s death also myself and others have referred to casa Ramos is in yreka as Margaritaville as they are the only restaurant in a tiny little town that served the drinks they are popular for their Margaritas

    • You know I was surpised that no one brought up in the trial if anyone ever called casa ramos a nickname like margaritaville. Many restaurants will have a local nickname…

      The detective in Mesa is a total douchebag idiot. He doesn’t seem that bright to me actually.

    • There is a restaurant where I live and no one calls it by the name on the sign. Actually there’s two like that. One is a breakfast place and its called Country Kitchen but everyone calls it the Waffle House. The other is a Chinese place, it’s been around for 100 years. Its name is Tong Fong Low but everyone calls it Charlie’s. They are making mountains out of molehills and I hope a lot of this is addressed during the Defense case.

      • I think an isolated incident of referring to a restaurant by a different/wrong name (as to where she cut her hands) is, as you say, making a mountain out of a mole hill.

        I believe it loses that distinction when put into context with numerous other statements that were found to be untrue: I was never there, I haven’t seen Travis since April, it was two masked intruders. Then even potentially innocent restaurant statements become suspect.

        • On that note- I’m pretty sure Jane Velez-Mitchell referred to Jodi as “Jodi Alexander” today on her show. I don’t recall her catching the mistake and correcting it either. Just goes to show that Humans are Humans and we make mistakes.

          Have to wonder how upset the family and friends are about it…

    • Wow. Hope this gets corrected in front of the jury. As it now stands, all of America is thinking that no such place called “Margaritaville” exists in the Yreka area (except in Jodi’s imagination). Wonder if she actually worked there and cut her fingers there.

  5. I’m glad for this site that someone is on Jodie’s side. I don’t know her but I feel very bad for her. I feel Travis was jerking her around and just using her for sex. and maybe he enjoyed making her jealous. He had 2 standards for women, and i thought this went out of style 50 yrs ago but apparently not in the mormon community. That is, there are girls to fool around with and those you marry. I don’t believe that is a very religious way of thinking at all. and not fair to any woman involved. I’m not clear as why she drove to his home, but could he have asked her to come by email or phone? He certainly wasn’t unhappy to see her since they were photographed in bed together. This really sticks in my mind, Jodie in an interview said Travis was very persistent and would email her and not give up until he got an answer. The new woman he was going to take on vacation said she at first didn’t want to go, but Travis was persistent. So that’s a person who backs up Jodie’s statement that Travis was persistent. Another thing, i just don’t see how a woman of her size could have done this terrific thing, and dragging him down the hall, that doesn’t make any sense, nor does taking pictures then throwing the camera in the washing machine, yet the knife and gun were never found.. I know she has admitted to killing him in self defense, but could she have confessed under duress. It seems to me more people were involved. I wonder if someone else was very jealous of Travis success and took advantage of his tumultuous relationship and framed her. I hope for the best for her.

    • “In-Session” Correspondents only gave Jodi Arias “One (1) good Day” for the Defense Team, this past week. Literally shocked me that Vinnie gave the “Defense” a Good Day, also. This wired up Prosecutor (Martinez) slamming his own witnesses, and acting so arrogant, on a circumstantial case with circumstantial evidence, gets on my nerves, and is probably alienating the Jury as well. As for Detective Flores, I don’t think he knows what he did during his Investigation, and Prosecutor Martinez knows it. I expect that next week, and weeks to come, we’ll see more oversights and Perjury from Flores. I’m picking up the feeling that Ryan Burns gave Jodi the cash money that Jodi was depositing during that long drive. Perhaps Ryan Burns was with Jodi when she went to the Car Rental? Did Flores even try to find out who the guy was, that she was seen with at the Car Rental Agency? No. I’m not even 100% convinced at this point in the Trial, that Jodi Arias did the killing, or acted alone… The Prosecution I am anticipating going to continue to play that Clip from “Inside Edition” where Jodi says “No Jury Will Convict Me, Because I did Not Do It”, up and until the last words the Jury will hear at the end of this Trial. Martinez is playing on the Jury, because he has no “Factual Evidence”! I have yet to see any evidence of “Premeditation”. Vinnie of In-Session is starting to sound like Nancy Grace with his Day #05 ‘already Guilty Verdict”. I still contend that Detective Flores used illegal “Interrogation” techniques in obtaining them telephonic statements prior to Jodi’s arrest, in order to gain Q.&A. to build a case against Jodi, without affording Jodi of her “Maranda Rights”. Flores knew full well that “anything she said would and could be used against her”, as they are now doing in Week #01 of her Trial. I do not understand why the Judge allowed these telephonic statements in as evidence to be used and twisted against Jodi at Trial, but I’m starting not to like this Judge very much. Another thing about Ryan Burns, is he knows full well that his introduction to Jodi was made in the “Good Old Boys” manner by Travis’s friends, that he may have a easy chance to get into Jodi’s pants. Finally, the Prosecution can not use the “Felony Murder Rule”, to say that Jodi “Murdered Travis during the Commission of a Burglary”. Travis welcomed and invited Jodi into his home at the time of the killing, for the purpose of having sex with her! I certainly hope that Jodi’s Defense Team has some more “Curve Balls” to throw at that dumb Prosecutor, as this Trial progresses…! I’m still not sure nor do I feel confident in her Defense Team, at this point in the Trial, but I may be wrong, as we will find out in weeks to come in this Trial. Jodi Areas is on Trial for her Life, and even if she were Guilty, she deserves the best Defense available by law. Charles (01/13/2013)

      • Charles, I agree with you. It seems impossible that Jodi was able to overpower Travis and kill him the way she did. I can’t believe she was able to drag him by herself, either. Maybe she shot him after he attacked her and then called someone for help and they made sure he was dead. I thiink she snapped. IF murder is wrong, why does the state of Arizona and the pundits on t.v. believe she should get the death penalty?

        • Maybe the roomate heard them and came to her rescue although they claimed he was not home yet. Two days short of a week and no smell= yea ok

        • And, the,. alleged, picture of, Jodis’ foot, was taken, by a third person … or, did the magic camera, do it all by itself…??? Edgrrr…

    • I too, am glad I found this website. After reading Travis’ blog, especially the one about who he wanted to marry, I think he was an arrogant jerk. I feel badly for Jodi because I 100% believe he was playing her and that she wasn’t white or virginal enough for him to marry. He certainly didn’t stop the sexual talk or relations and I really think he was messing with her head.

      The only whore in that situation was Travis.

      He’s totally unlikable imo. Although that doesn’t mean he deserved to die, I think it was a complicated situation and am giving Jodi the benefit of doubt.

      • I totally agree–where are the women of this country who can actually sympathize with Jodi? She was USED, badly, by Travis–period.

        I posted a sympathetic piece about her yesterday on Websleuths, and it was pulled in 3 hours.

        I can’t believe how many women don’t care about how he treated her, as if what happened couldn’t have possibly had a thing to do with anything that HE ever did–what on earth is this culture coming to?

        A male caller on Dr Drew last night said that he sympathized with Travis until he heard he bent her over and sodomized he the day of her baptisim–good for him.

        Travis IS quite unlikable, IMO. And the anal sex really seals the deal for me, too.

        • I’m a first year law student- dreamed of becoming a pros. atty my whole life. But cases like this (and some great professors), have me changing my mind – drastically.

          As a child I was physically abused by my father. Sexually abused by another family member. And then in my 20’s, Mentally abused (severely) by an ex-boyfriend.

          At first I looked at the crime scene and the evidence and thought the same thing 98% of America does. But the more I delved into TA’s character… and realized what was going on with Jodi… I started to change my mind. People are so black and white. They can’t imagine what happens when a person is brought to the brink. The human brain can only handle so much before it breaks down- like any other part of the body.

          I suffer from PTSD brought on by a myriad of events in my childhood and adult life. At one point, in the midst of the relationship with the horrible, cheating, mentally abusive man… my brain completely malfunctioned. Something went terribly wrong. I woke up crying incessantly. I walked past the kitchen and proceeded to the balcony and climbed over. It’s was like I was being told to jump off of this eleven story balcony, by something in my brain. It wasn’t a voice. I really can’t explain it. Thankfully, as I hung over the edge, I was stopped by a paramedic who just happened to be walking by. I do believe that God intervened. I was put in a hospital, where I learned that it wasn’t me… my brain had literally broken down.

          For some people this happens with deep depression. For other psychosis. For others a horrible act that they never could imagine themselves becoming involved in. My father’s abuse was only one step in my brain reaching that point. Different traumatic events lead up to this break down. The boyfriends mental and verbal abuse was the nudge that literally pushed me over the edge.

          I feel for Jodi. I remember how horrible it felt to be treated like dirt. I remember how terrifying it was to lose control of my own mind. I believe the same happened to Jodi. I think on that fateful day, she wanted to give it one more chance. (I did this too- for 5 years on and off. To this day I can not give a good answer why. It was like I was under his evil spell). I think TA started to get annoyed (he was done with her) and wanted her to leave before the roommate got home. He got tired of the photo taking and pushed the camera out of her hands. And then… chaos ensued.

          All I see online is people talking about Travis as if he was an angel. I see right through that. My dad was like him. Everyone thought he was the greatest, best looking, most funny, helpful guy in the town. No one had a clue he was beating his children like rag dolls. I think a few suspected it, but probably didn’t want to believe the guy who cuts everyone’s lawns as a neighborly act could possibly do such things. Nothing was worse than to live with a monster who everyone else thought was an angel.

          So while I don’t think Jodi did the right thing, I don’t think all of the blame is on her. I don’t think she deserves the death penalty, or even life in prison. I think she deserves to be heard. And the other women who have been in her position. They all need to be heard.

          Today I have been in 10 years of treatment and have an amazing life. I still can’t believe what happened to me that day. I still work so hard to keep my PTSD under control. I have an amazing husband- a true MAN. I am the same age as Jodi. I will continue to pray for both families to have peace once this trial is over. But I do not think a conviction will equal justice in this case.

          • Amazing post! Thanks for posting it.
            I have the same compassion and empathy that you do, and it IS amazing what PTSD/Trauma/ Depression can cause someone to do. You are NOT yourself, and are not always able to act/react in a rational manner. I could go on for days on this subject but I think you summed it up enough for me 🙂

            Even Dr. Drew’s shows have been infuriating me since this trial began. I can usually count on him to give a well-rounded perspective that is along the lines of an informative discussion rather than an argument.

            The archives on a site- Beyond the Mormon Curtain have a lot of insightful information for those that only know ONE side of the church, their teachings, and the mentality of their members. (That’s another topic I could go on for days about…)

          • JA definitely didn’t do the right thing here.It is a tradgedy for any young woman to be in a position like this.Some imply she’s blameless here;that’s nonsense.
            TA was stabbed 27 times;his throat was slashed,and he was shot.Such facts enable the state to establish premeditation.JA’s defense faces a mountain of obstacles to prove otherwise,and they know it.
            Obviously TA wasn’t the best of people.He was a user,a manipulator etc…
            On that score he had lots of company in this world.
            We’ve all encountered such people to one degree or another.
            Hopefully we’ve had the good sense to pack it up and walk,or quickly send these characters on their (not so) merry way. But we didn’t kill them,and so we remain in the “free world.”
            TA’s life isn’t on trial here.He’s appeared before the Ultimate Judge.
            In closing I suggest we all pray for Jodi.Let’s set all the arguments aside and just pray for her.

            • I think you couldn’t have said it better!… the judgment needs to stop and we need to pray for Jodi. We should also pray for her family and Travis’ family.

          • Your brain did not “literally break down”. You’re still typing, stop exaggerating.
            Oh, by the way, THANK YOU for this site, soo much.
            Under the conditions Jodi faced, I understand her place.

            So many of the media try to demonize her like they did Casey..
            Unless you know the whole story, you CANNOT judge.
            Can anyone see God in the mirror? No. Stop judging.
            Know that only He can judge us.

          • This story is so amazing it made me tear up and I felt all emotions at once. I understand everything your saying and I’m so glad you shared this story and people get to see that alot of things happen behind closed doors that NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW besides those people. Thank you so much for your story

          • VioletteR,
            Thank you for sharing. I pray there are people on that jury that don’t only see black and white. I agree with what you say and my feeling is Jodi needs to move on with her life out of jail with continued therapy. I professionally have been in the psychiatric field for 30 years. I hold experience professionally and personally. I also hold degrees from schools in the top 10 list of higher education in our country. Not that infantile lying, not expert witness Martinez put on the stand. This is so clear cut PTSD. You understand VioletteR because you have experienced this and could see through the smoke screen. Yes, it is an everyday struggle. My very best to you and your continued strength.

      • I hope Jodi knows she actually has people ‘rooting’ for/supporting her. She must feel terribly alone through this ordeal. She deserves a FAIR trial if nothing else!

        • Jamie, thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve been in the same boat so like you, I can understand what Jodi went through. I understand she gets a lot of hate mail.

          • It’s awful that people can be so hateful toward someone they don’t even know- going so far as to say they need to be put to death, spend life in prison, and other “murderous/painful” things. I find it hard to not think it’s ridiculous & wonder “Are they hearing themselves?! Are they really thinking that their words/actions are any better than the person they are blaming?”

      • Agreed. He messed with her mind. Nancy Grace is trying to paint him as an angel. He was not. He used her and degraded her. She snapped.

      • I agree.. I do not agree with all she has done.. and I wish she would not have not called the police etc.. but I do see her side.. Having said that, I am sorry for him and his family.. I do think he had a whole diffferent side no one knew.. and I do think kindly on all his friends.. and what they say it’s obviously that they did not know all.. so sad all the way around.. very sad I have to say I do not like the prosecuter.. at all.. that may play against him.. he is like a junk yard dog.. The guy was a huge poser and lier.. He was a huge jerk.. not that he deserved what he got.. but shhessh.. he was a huge jerk to her and misled in the smalest saying everyone.. about who he was. sorry but he was a big dick


    • I follow all the Trials on In-Session for the past year, and have been following the Arizona V. Jodi Arias Trial since Day #01, when it started airing on In-Session. Naturally, I always post my “comments” on “In-Session Facebook Page”. In most other Trials there is some Objectivity in the Cases as the Trial goes along, but I have noticed a tremendous spike in followers and commenter’s on the In-Session Facebook site. Very few taking a neutral position on the side of Jodi Arias. While posting ‘comments’ today about all the questions being asked by the Jury in the Trial, I was slammed by Jodi Arias’s ‘haters’. Even though most of my ‘comments’ are a matter of actual testimonies, evidence, and of course, “The Law’! I don’t normally watch HLN’s Nancy Grace, because she advocates “Victim’s Rights”, but presumes a person is “Guilty” before they even go to Trial, and in some cases before they are even arrested or charged with a crime. I like to hear both sides, the Prosecution and the Defense, before I would dare to make the comments about suspects as she does. Anyway, I watched two (2) of her shows, one earlier this week, and one (1) last night. I don’t understand why all of these people are so upset at the Jury for asking Questions, because that obviously is allowed by the Jury in Arizona. One would think that the questions the Jury is asking would be both beneficial to the Prosecution and the Defense. We have not even heard the Defense’s Case yet, in the Arias Trial, so to jump to conclusions, and start talking about her reactions to receiving the Death Penalty is really premature. Nobody outside the Defense knows what or how they really plan to present their case to the Jury, if she is going to need to take the Stand, or not. It was shocking to me that the Prosecution rested its case yesterday, as it was with most people following this Trial. The Prosecution failed to present any “Factual Evidence” in his case to prove any “Premeditation” or planning on her part to kill Travis, leaving the Jury to speculate on their own. I feel normal human beings want to hear something more than theories, speculations, and circumstantial evidence before Sentencing or finding a person (any person) guilty of a crime that could put them on Death Row! I feel that the Prosecution has failed to prove its case, and now I am waiting until the Trial resumes on the 29th, to hear the Defense, before I form a opinion of guilt or innocence. The Prosecution left a lot of remaining questions to me, in their case, and so I can only assume the Defense will fill in them Blanks. The Prosecution and Detectives had almost five (5) years to prepare for this Trial, and they failed to do so, satisfactory in my opinion. The Prosecution could not even prove the ‘lessor charge’ of “Felony Murder’, because there was no Burglary during the killing. The “Felony Murder Rule” does not apply in this case, which I had decided on Day #01, of this Trial. That leaves a ‘lessor charge’ to be considered by the Jury of “2nd Degree Murder” or rather “Manslaughter”. If the Jury did find her guilty of “Manslaughter” (not saying they will), it carries a minimum of five (5) years, and Jodi Arias has already been locked up for almost five (5) years. The Prosecution badgering and slamming their own witnesses, like the last lady (Jodi’s friend) did not help the Prosecution, and that is on him. We all know that Detectives/police get paid to Lie to Suspects during Interrogations, but in the manner Detective Flores came off in his Interrogations appeared to be leading, Inappropriate, and frightening/misleading to Arias, as the Defense pointed out on cross-examination. Charles in Louisiana (01/18/2013)

      • I’ve heard a lot of comments about the ineptitude of the prosecution, I’m going to have to watch some of the actual trial, cause a lot of people are saying that. It harkens back to the arrogance of the prosecution in the Casey Anthony trial. They were so busy with their slam-dunk-jose’s-an-inexperienced-idiot-campaign they forgot to try the case.

        Anyhow, that being said, I might have an answer as to why people were upset with the jury’s questions. I was too, but realize why I was. Unlike you, I have, unfortunately, formed opinions based on media reports and my own experience watching Jodi in her multiple interviews (more from that than the media reporting–yes I know, the interviews ARE media … but that’s not what I mean). I have not watched more than 5 minutes of the trial, so obviously I haven’t formed an opinion based on the only evidence that matters. However, I believe I understand, from that vantage point, people’s reaction.

        Since I believe that it is a slam dunk case that she killed him (self defense or premeditation notwithstanding) because she admitted “it”, asking questions that would seem to suggest a view that maybe it was roommates, or conspiracy or aliens, makes me think the jury is off its rocker.

        Though, that opinion could all change if I heard their reason for doing so. They might be thinking of something totally unrelated and important that I never even considered.

        But certain questions start seeming conspiratorial … like she couldn’t have done all that in 1 minute 38 seconds, she is too small to have killed him, she is too small to have dragged him, maybe it was a gay lover … how can those questions even come in to play when she already admitted it: albeit self defense?

        • It’s strange to understand, but there are numerous people that have falsely confessed and they’ve all had a variety of reasons for doing so (duress, attention/fame, fear, etc), so I think it’s a good thing that the jury is asking questions. I hope they continue to do so in regard to both the prosecution and defense.

          No one has anything to fear by their questioning unless they are being deceptive about what they’re presenting (In my opinion).

          They need to decide if based on the information given, whether or not she is guilty Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. I think it shows that the jury is taking the trial and Jodi’s potential death sentence seriously- I would hope the same for any jury.

        • Micky,

          You hit it on the nailhead about the Gay lover, I have thought this from the beginining. The roomates loss of smell behooves my rational thought process.

      • Very well said! I’ve noticed the same things you have, especially when it comes to media reporting.

        When it was first reported that Nancy Grace was sitting amongst the courtroom it infuriated me. Nancy has been SO obsessed and focused on Jodi’s case and making sure she throws as many negative comments out there as possible. (accurate or not) We haven’t heard all of the information yet!

        Nancy is/was obsessed with Casey Anthony, but I don’t think she went so far as to check out Casey’s jail cell and question every single thing in regard to the living quarters, her cellmate(s), everything! like she has in Jodi’s case. What’s her deal with ‘having it out’ for women that she says are attractive? Does appearance REALLY matter? Sheesh. Why doesn’t she storm every suspected murderer’s jail?

        • Nancy is psychotic and obsessive compulsive about this case. She needs in patient hospitalization and strong psychiatric medication. She is homicidal by going after Jodi to the extreme that she does. That gives Jodi an unfair trial which seriously puts Jodi’s life in danger.

    • Beth,

      When you talk about Jodi possibly being framed, do you mean that during the 1 minute and 38 seconds from her last photo of him alive (you do believe she took this photo, right?), she left the house, someone else came in and killed him in that minute and 38 seconds, and she doesn’t know who it was, didn’t see them on the way out, and ended up getting framed by them?

      Or, in another scenario, she saw the person, knows they killed him, and is allowing herself for some reason to be framed? In which case, if she saw the killer, then she is guilty for not reporting the murder, right?

    • I’d like to respond to the comment about the “Mormon community” accepting a double standard.

      First , it would never occur to me to make such a broad assumption of an entire community -or their faith- based on the (evidently hypocritical) behavior of one individual. Unfortunately,it seems to be a common reaction, especially when there is a sensational story, or an event arouses strong emotions. For example, Islam is a peaceful, virtuous, faith, However,t for the past decade at least, people who don’t know better see ANY Muslim as a potential terrorist. We can respect others’ spiritual beliefs, and their right to to live in harmony with those beliefs, even if we don’t agree with their theology.

      There is no double standard with regards to the law of chastity; it applies equally to men and women- No exceptions. That standard is

      • Maggie that was spot on! Yes, not all Mormons are like Travis as with not all Muslims are terrorists or saying all Italians are part of the Mafia.

  6. I’m glad I found this website for Jodi supporters. I’m a little scared to post this but here it goes. I was born and raised in Yreka, CA and lived there for 21 years. The comment about the community being a hunting community is true. All through my years of school, there were rules in school that you could carry a “pocket knife” as long as it wasn’t more than 3″ long and it wasn’t considered a butterfly knife. I am totally for women, or men, carrying concealed weapons, or knives, as I know what kind of people are “out” there. And this is just how I was raised. At times I carried a pocket knife to school.

    I went to school with Jodi, I believe all 4 years of high school, and I had numerous classes with her. She was an amazing person. I always saw her as a very generous person, soft spoken, kind hearted, and always smiling. We had dance classes and other classes together and her art was amazing. She was a person I wanted to get to know personally but never really did. I believe she did what she had to do in the circumstances that arose. I wasn’t there, therefore I can only speculate but knowing what I remember of Jodi back in high school, I don’t believe she had this elaborate scheme to kill Travis.

    • It is always nice to have someone post that knows her and her area. It gives the rest of us more of a perspective on what she is like. Unless you are a hater, you need never be afraid to post comments here. SJ is wonderful for putting this together for us to be able to comment freely with our thoughts and questions.

    • Beth, I cant help but wonder why they havent contacted you. HLN continues to drag any one who knew Travis on TV to tell us how horrible Jodi was and how great Travis was. I would think real news reporters would want to hear from people who knew Jodi. You would be an excellent candidate. You really should call Dr. Drew, or Jane Valez, or even nancy Dis-Grace and tell them you knew Jodi and went to school with her and see if they are even remotely interested in talking to you. I have been so surprised that more people havent come forward for Jodi. I wonder if they just arent coming forward or if the media is blocking them. So, I guess if you called them, we would find out.

  7. I am glad that Jodi has supporters. Jodi is obviously over charged by the very jealous state and I hope that the jury will give the same verdict as that of Anthony’s case. If Jodi went to kill Alexander, she would have shot him while he was sleeping. some “experts” even came up with the crazy idea that Jodi used her left hand stabbing him and her right hand taking picture.

    It is hard to believe that 21th century of America wants put someone to death for the crime of passion (at most for this case). It is sad that the society still disrespect women so much; a women should not be upset if a man treats her as one of his sex toys and calls her a whore after demanding anal sex.

    I hope that at least one juror sees what I see in this case; Alexander never loved Jodi and abused her
    and Jodi killed him in rage or fear. It is consistent with the evidence so far that he chased Jodi to the bedroom screaming profanity or threat and Jodi picked the knife and stabbed him in rage or fear. Why was the knife in the bedroom? He brought his knife from his kitchen and used it in the kinky sex he preferred.

    Jodi haters exaggerated the suffering of his death; the whole fight took about one minute and the adrenaline was high for both of them. It is known that people might feel no pain for days with ruptured kidneys after auto accidents.

    I am very blunt typed and some people might feel very unpleasant about me, but I still can not claim that I never lied. I have no idea how I would behave if I kill someone for whatever reasons. I hope that jurors are very clear that Jodi is not facing the death penalty because she lied. If I were the juror, at most I will
    give her the third degree and time served. She is no threat to the society and people like her rarely repeat.

    • I like your bluntness actually, refreshing. Takes less words/time.

      I can somewhat see your idea of shooting him in his sleep.

      But I’d like to understand how your thought process works regarding the gun being in the house.

      First of all, I should ask, do you believe she brought the gun to his house? Do you believe she shot him?

    • I can appreciate bluntness and honesty. It’d be nice if everyone could have a candid discussion whenever they communicated. I feel we all have something we can learn from others- whether it supports our own opinion or not. Thanks for your post

  8. I do not believe anything has come to light showing that the death penalty is appropriate so far, but she is most definitely not innocent of killing a person, and I do not believe she should get off for murder scott-free. I just do not think the death penalty is the appropriate response, as this seems to be a crime of passion at worst.

    • if it wasn’t for the gun and the knife which looks like were brought into the house, that defense still looks pretty weak. Unless defense can show they were already there its overwelming evidence that intent on causing great bodily harm were part of her agenda

  9. I first heard about this case on my FB newsfeed. I was curious, read about it and began to watch the trial. I am sorry but I just don’t believe her. This is not to be mean or ill spirited, but why are all of her stories all over the place? She starts one way and then ends another. I was watching some of her 48 hour tv deal, she tells her story how these “two people” were all wearing black – in that story she says oh he was wearing blue jeans”. Which is it, all black or black with blue jeans. There are too many holes in her story that SHE herself tells, not anyone else. I’m curious to see if she will take the stand, and if so what story will be her final one. I would like to know why if she was running away from the scene and driving miles into the desert, how she can suddenly go hang out with this Ryan guy like nothing. Why lie about the cuts in her hands, about the place she worked? Again, this all comes from HER own mouth, not the detective but her. If I were wrongly accused of anything, I’d be fighting and clawing in my world to make sure to let people know just how innocent I was. She’s so confident that she’s not going to be convicted – I can’t wait to see what the jury comes back with and I wonder if she will sit in jail as calmly as she is now. This does make for a good Lifetime movie though and makes my working day go by so much faster! Now having to wait till the 29th to watch again is a bummer!! I look forward to watching this every day!

  10. After this week I think she did do it. I don’t think she is an evil monster, I’m not a psychiatrist but I have good intuition. I think she had a weak self and lost her own identity in this romance with Travis. I think as time went on, she was getting worse and more fragile and at the last she was driven by pure desperation. I think she was in pure torment and she wanted it to stop and that is why she killed him, but what she really wanted to do was end the torment. All her self esteem was wrapped up in Travis. I think she was very attracted to his charisma, just like under hypnosis. She was overboard attracted to him, and he liked the attention but then got tired of it. And then Travis announced on his blog he was looking for a suitable wife, and she was made aware she was not a candidate, but kept on having a sexual relationship with him, hoping to win him over, and she was a one night stand on his part. I think it’s possible, Travis told her that fateful day, that nothing had changed , that they were good friends with benefits and nothing more, and maybe it was Travis who said to her that one day, their kids would play together and she just couldn’t take it. I would say temporary insanity is what really happened, not self defense. I wish the jury could be lenient, but sometimes the legal system has no empathy or sympathy for the defendant, only the victim. I feel bad what happened to Travis, it’s terrible how he died and all the suffering of his family and friends. Maybe the defense is planning a plea deal that’s why the long recess. I think she faces a long time in prison 20 yrs. at the very least and most likely 40 yrs. or life without parole. If there is anything to learn from this is how dangerous an obsessive relationship can be. When Travis had his tires slashed not once but twice, he should have filed a police report, and he shouldn’t have continued a sexual relationship with her.

    • Yes, he definately should have stopped having sex with her after the tire-slashing incident. His friends told him he should stop having sex with her and he told them he wasn’t worried about it.

      • Problem is, there is NO proof that Jodi was the one that slashed the tires. It could have just as easily been one of the other women he was stringing along. That is why this wasnt allowed in court, there is nothing more than guesses who did it, it was never proven.

    • I’ve thought along the same lines of practically everything you said (same effect, regardless).

      I’m curious how the Defense is going to prove self-defense in the case but I guess I’ll have to wait & see. I feel temporary insanity/crime of passion/ something along those lines may have been better- at the same time what the Defense is doing could possible raise enough questions/confusion from both the Prosecution’s standpoint and the Defense’s standpoint to result in not convicting her. Just maybe?

  11. jackie, there is no question, she did in fact do it, she admitted it, her defence lawyer openly stated it in court…what they’re fighting for now is the why’s…they’re claiming self defense, but after reviewing all the facts and listening to many of travis’ close associates, i haven’t heard of any evidence thus far of having to protect herself, at least physically anyways…usually when you’re acting in self defence in fear of your life, the one gunshot, the stab through the heart or the throat slit would have been enough to set her off and running, but when you take all three, plus 27 stab wounds, its hard to make for a self defence claim…i’m thinking the defence lawyers will argue it was more of a crime of passion and that travis played her and screwed her up psychologically (i can so understand this), driving her into a rage…
    …i’m interested in hearing evidence from the defence lawyers, wish we didn’t have to wait so long…

    • Your right Kaia, she did admit it. I’m anxious too to hear what the defense has to say. If Travis had called the authorities when she was stalking him, writing letters to his present girlfriend, etc. and then stop calling her and continuing a sexual relationship, maybe the whole thing could have been averted..

      • There really is no proof , she sliced his tires or stalked him for that matter. She said she fell asleep on his couch after cleaning his house and she was supposed to leave after cleaning You have witnesses up there claiming all kinds of stuff. But how much of it is just what Travis told them? Travis had a “HUGE” ego. I can see him wanting his friends to think Jodi just would not leave him alone and he just did not want any part of her. Boosting his ego. Listen to him, his ego was huge. She wants me and I can’t stand her but you know. There is no proof Jodi sliced his tires, no proof Jodi sent an email to lisa, no proof Jodi climbed through a doggie door and slept on his couch. I dont know why she would go through the doggie door any way EVERYONE has said Travis did not lock his doors and besides Jodi had the key pad number to the garage. But for some reason the judge allows them on the stand to testify about what they know. When all they knew is what Travis told them. And they don’t even say Tavis told them , they say she did this and that and that judge allows that shit

  12. After watching 48 Hours listening to both sides from the media it’s clear to me Travis wasn’t who he portrayed himself and NO ONE really KNEW either one of them. Neither were devil nor angel. TA had an image to uphold and he had desires like any other red blooded man, JA was manipulated to fill these needs. They clearly didn’t bring out each other’s best sides, and as an outsider his friends didn’t really know him. They believed he was a virgin and he manipulated them to believe she sliced his tires, emailed his new love interests but there is no evidence if not it would have been shown in court. JA was even meeting a new man. I believe in her warped mind she tried to move on planning a meeting with the new love interest. The argument, struggle and killing of Travis was about something spontaneous that happened that day. She clearly covered for him about their issues. She’s clearly not telling all the truth. She has, IMO, clear symptoms of being abused. It’s not the lies its her compartmentalizing of her life. His friends and family didn’t like JA so he made all those things up about JA stalking him to appease them and maintain his image. It was all about image. The perfect image both wanted to have to the outside world.

    • I agree completely with your view, based on what I know as of today. I have been reading other forums, and it seems no one is open minded to this possibility. I am relieved to read that someone else shares my perspective.

    • I absolutely agree, based on what I’ve heard so far. To me, it makes perfect sense that TA would put on a facade for others. Living in the Orem/Provo area of UT (“Happy Valley”) that is heavily influenced by the LDS religion, I have seen the great lengths one might go through in order to preserve their reputation. I’m not saying all LDS members are this way. I have many LDS friends- I’ve also witnessed and even been involved with someone that seems eerily similar to what I’ve heard about TA, who was a ‘devout’ Mormon. The 23 y/o, returned missionary, who was also still a virgin (I wasn’t EVEN gonna touch THAT mess! Tried as he might- I knew better than to be the one he lost his V-Card to) screwed my mind up soo bad. His personal control, sense of self and values based on HIS own beliefs were nonexistent. He questioned every decision he made, blamed me if he felt ashamed of a choice he made (I’m not LDS), talked marriage (was in a hurry too.. wonder why? lol), broke up numerous times as well as get back together… I can’t even begin to explain how emotionally/ psychologically damaged he was and caused me to be. I believe the fact I wasn’t LDS (was a ‘bad girl’ in their eyes) may have been exciting/intriguing for him but also caused him to question everything he thought he knew about himself.

      I actually don’t blame him for being so confused (to put it lightly), as much as I do the influence and judgement from the LDS religion that he grew up with. I have compassion for how troubled so many people around here become. Internal conflict is not pleasant.

      On a side note- try looking on Craigslist for a place to rent in the Orem/Provo area and see how many you can find that don’t mention something about a church ‘ward’ or are only looking for people that have ‘LDS Standards’. I get that people have choices as to who they associate with. It’s sad that not everyone will have a fair chance to present themselves without having discrimination.

  13. The JA/TA saga is a cautionary tale about being careful how you treat people in your life. I dont like that he had provided his friends and family with this version of how she was a crazy stalker, but he was still not only allowing… but INVITING her into his life – secretly. As FLNJANG said, it was all about what image he was presenting to the outside world at any cost. Why is she presented as the only aggressor and deviant? People can be abused emotionally and mentally, and from what 48 hours and other sources have said, he was not exactly cutting her out of his life, he didn’t report her to the police before, but he certainly kept using her how he wanted right up until the end. This is the end result. She will probably not “go free”, but I think leniency should be involved because she was a victim as well.

  14. Superlative job with the site thus far; many cogent points have been made and the discussions have been well-informed and rather sound–refreshingly free of trolls, Travis canonizers, misguided Jodi bashers and nauseatingly self-righteous pontificators (there’s enough of that lot on “In Session” these days).

    I’m quite looking forward to Jodi’s defense leg of the trial. I should hope they introduce a few “smoking guns” where Travis’ dark, controlling, beta male chauvinist side is concerned.

    When I look at the pictures from the trial, I take pause at that one close-up, head on pic of Travis staring daggers from the shower. I believe that pic represents the turning point where Travis, not Jodi, actually snapped–possibly after Jodi first accidentally dropped the camera–an object Travis most likely valued more than Jodi–and Travis resorted to first attacking, which led to Jodi having to fend for her own life. Just a theory–much like the compact majority of the prosecution’s shaky case.

    I’ve heard an awful lot about Travis the Saint, mostly from the Court TV personalities that lack a scintilla of objectivity and/or good old fashioned common sense, and, on the same coin, Jodi the Demon/Witch, again the Court TV jesters. Funny the way perception & subjectivity works.

    I say look no further than the social network pages for some seamless character accounts. Travis’ is a load of tumescent ego, a study in self-absorption–i.e. money/greed/power/women/15 inch biceps/and grammatically nightmarish blog posts that are essentially plagiarized versions of the pap he read in his thin library of self-help books. Jodi’s pages display sagacity, sensitivity and sincerity. There is depth and substance over surface and style.

    I’ve heard the talking heads/propaganda machine refer to Jodi as a “sociopath,” though it seems, at least to me, that Travis fits that profile not unlike a cold second skin–he comes across as sterile, a man drowning in the shallows of himself, whereas Jodi comes across as warm & human, flaws & all. I’ve also heard those TV types passionately rhapsodize/compose violin concertos about how Travis had successfully overcome an abusive childhood, abject poverty, the odds, etc. The absolute lowlight being a doltish Vinnie P. reading a truly mawkish Travis blog post with a maudlin voice. Could it be that same abusive childhood had a staining hand in starting Travis’ cycle of abuse and degradation toward women? It’s clear he objectified them and then some–especially the non-Caucasian ones.

    Again, just an opinion, a theory.

    On a lighter note, it’s delightful to see Jodi’s magnificent artwork linked up here. And I recently discovered via another site that Napoleon, Travis’ little dog, is alive and well. I’m sure Jodi would be happy to hear that, knowing she is an animal lover.

    Keep on fighting the good fight. I laud your efforts here.

    • I have to correct you. According to Travis my space page someone said his biceps were 16 1/2″ and he was happy to write it up.

    • Fredo! You are absolutely spot-on about the talking heads, and their love of pap– both eating it and spewing it. Their ridiculous dualities: good and evil; saint and whore. No nuance there. It’s either black or it’s white. When they call her a witch, it’s not even a metaphor. What next? Does she have teeth in her vagina?

      What you said, too, about their blogs … I noticed this as well. Here’s where I say, yes: night and day. Just really different people. She was the writer, not him. It makes me sad, for some reason, to know that she encouraged him in his writing endeavors. That love would’ve been better spent on her own creative impulses and talents. Too bad. She is a person of depth, but obviously ill. These are not mutually exclusive qualities. This trial will never get to the heart of the truth of that relationship. She is the only one who can do that now. But now the possibility of the death penalty will pervert the truth. What I want to know can’t be answered in legal terms. Is she, not just psychologically, but morally broken?

      • I must say, well type, that Jean Casarez from In Session is a marked exception to what I previously stated about the talking heads. Her coverage has been refreshingly objective and I laud her for it. She has even made it a point to comment favorably on Jodi’s intelligence and poise on the stand. Little wonder that Jean won a coveted Peabody Award for exemplary broadcast journalism. Richly deserved. I would love to see her interview Jodi when JA inevitably leaves the Maricopa County courthouse a free woman.

        Yeah, so Jean & David Byrne get a free pass where the talking heads are concerned.

        • I would have agreed with you about Jean a month ago, but it seems that she knew vocalizing positive things about Jodi would get her cut off of the Nancy Dis-grace show, and she is now one of them. Sad.

    • Couldn’t have said it any better! Great post 🙂

      It’s so nice to finally hear some rational/reasonable feedback & opinions.

    • How wonderful to read an objective, well-balanced, and well written viewpoint on this sad subject. I joined a Facebook support page for Jodi and the onslaught of venom from the anti-Jodi brigade is so frightening that people are actually afraid to voice an opinion.

  15. Onviously no one knows all that happened but those two. I absolutely believe that Jodi was abused by Travis in some sense, perhaps more emotionally than any other form. She loved him, what would have been her motif to kill him. He was still seeing her, was still in her life. Nothin I have seen or tea indicates he ever tried to ” get rid of her” . And if this was sooo premeditated I personally think she is smart enough to have taking more precautions. Such as wearing gloves, cleaning up the crime scene sp her fingers prints would not have been in the blood. And I think she would have formed a true alibi. Having her cell phone with her and taking the photos, wether deleted or not leads me to believe that if nothing else this was not a planned violent event. Come on, she was a photographer she knew the photos would be recoverable. Why didn’t she take the camera??? If she was planning on murdering him I don’t believe she would have ever allowed him to photograph her. If she was trying to cover it up she could have done so many obvious things , like change the date on the cameras settings, taking the camera and destroyed it etc. it leads me to conclude this was not Premeditated and more likely in the ” heat of passion”. And I agree Travis was leading a double life, therefore those who claim to know him didn’t REALLY know him. I fear she will spend the rest of her life in prison and I truly don’t believe she belongs there. Such a sad situation. I am sorry Travis dies so horrifically and I am sorry Jodi is where she is. We may never know all the “whys” but I believe there is way more to this case than a jealous woman killing her ex boyfriend. I wish her the best. Hopefully she will be able to move on in her life and find some happiness.

  16. I think she has mental illness. In the 90’s, I worked in a healthcare facility. There was secretary around 24, who became obsessed with a maintenance worker. She was very quiet, soft spoken and very calm. He was friendly to everyone but never flirted with anyone. He was in his late 20’s, married with 2 small boys. She started to leave him messages at work, and then she thought one woman was getting too close to him and wrote her a letter. One morning when he got up she was parked in front of his house. He got scared and called the police. I don’t know how it was handled, but she had to see a psychiatrist and was put on medications. She was off work for about 3 months before returning.. She told me tearfully she never thought she would have done the things she did. She also said she had to continue to see the psychiatrist and take meds. She said she learned a lot of things about herself. If she hadn’t been turned in she probably would have gotten much worse. I didn’t ask her any questions about her treatment, felt it was none of my business. I’m going to google psychiatric treatment for causes and treatment of obssessive behavior. I bet one cause is insecurity. I think insecure people can also be hypersexual..

      • There are alot of women with that same capacity….men just don’t know…the difference is she is a psychopath and she stays neutral with her personality,most women are so emotional and crazy ,men see it coming! Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s wang, Susan Wright stabbed her husband 197 times while tied up, believe me, women are capable, Jodi was just more capable, she wanted Travis with her forever, if she couldn’t have him no one would…

        • Oh Phleeeezzz…..a few women killed men-let’s count the number of men who have killed women. Seems like those don’t make “the papers”.

    • Jackie, you said, “insecure people can also be hyper-sexual..” Usually that applies to bi-polar or manic depressives. Jodi does seem manic at times but it’s difficult to make a valid diagnosis from just watching the prosecution oriented media like HLN.
      I don’t think she’s mentally ill & believe that the insanity defense is next to impossible to prove. It’s interesting that Travis gave up everything he had previously committed to with Jodi. He gave up his virginity the vows of his church & lead a double life like Jerry Falwell (preaching high morals & being an adulterer). Jodi became a Mormon for him, they were attached to each other in a big way. The ballad of Travis & Jodi could’ve ended either way, with Travis killing Jodi instead.

  17. Does she receive mail,I mean I actually want to write to her? What is so crazy is the more I hear the more I can relate with her “mind” on how she felt about him…and maybe the situation she was in, it is sad….she seemed to just want to be loved and instead she felt worthless herself and it only got worse….the whole thing is tragic and just horrific but atleast at this point I don’t see the monster I use to see in her, I actually see something else…’s sad.

    • I don’t think he deserved what he got ,he was dealing with something that was wayyyy over his head….alot of men do not realize they are on that same path..I have seen it in alot of women not just her.

    • I think it’s nice that you are willing to be open to another perspective and even mention where your previous opinions have changed. A lot of people aren’t willing to do those things.

      I also don’t put entire ‘blame’ or whatever on Travis (or Jodi) because the entire relationship was unhealthy on both parts.

  18. I saw some of the videos of Travis on youtube, very moving. In at least 5 shots, Travis is giving the El Diablo sign (the sign of the devil) as are some of his friends in the video. I was surprised. The El Diablo sign might not mean anything to some people, just a gesture like thumbs up. But I would think a religious person such as he would know what it means and would not do it. I hope I don’t sound too out there but i wonder if Travis was into satanism and maybe Jodie was too. There are photos of lots of prominent people displaying the El Diablo. What do you think?

    • Jackie, That hand sign is also the hand sign for “Rock On”. A lot of people do that sign when they are partying and being silly. Look up “images for hand sign ‘rock on'”.

      • LLT I totally agree with you. Jackie I think you are reading way too much into that. If that was true, many of my friends, family and young grandchildren would be guilty of what you are saying. I think you are wrong on this one.

  19. There are some very odd aspects to this, from what I have read so far. The time span in the time line between the “break up” and the murder. Jodie had a blog during that time frame. If she were so heart broken and jealous that she could premeditate a horrific murder, why is there not even a hint of those emotions in her posts on that blog?
    Why was the prosecution unable to unearth any witnesses to testify towards how jealous and enraged Jodie was during those months of being “broken up” but still engaging in sexual encounters?

    I would love to get my hands on the emails and texts that went back and forth between Jodie and Travis during the months they were “apart” but still hooking up for sex.

    The cut throat however is a real head scratcher. The wound was from ear to ear and so deep it practically “decapitated” him, from what I have read. This would be a very difficult thing to accomplish and very deliberate as well. It isn’ a “self defense” wound. I’m not saying she didn’t do it, but it a difficult thing to attribute to her known character let alone physical ability.

    What makes it even more strange though is the link between Mormonism and “throat cutting”, which historically can be tied to an act called “Blood Atonement” in Mormon history.

    I find it an odd coincidence that Travis was a Mormon, was a sinner and had his throat cut in this fashion.

    • it is alledged (not proven) to have happened almost 200 years ago much different times than today – Everything is worth a look as lives are on the line but this theory is beyond reaching imo – also Jodi was a converted mormon so following the blood atonement theory maybe she is the one who carried out the act. – read this for the Mormon churches stance on Blood Atonement.

    • Women are usually vocal when they’re ‘man-hating’ so I was kind of thinking the same thing. I would think she’d be expressing her fury somehow or to someone if she really was that angry or upset.

    • Oh my gosh, I totally didn’t even think about how the Temple Ceremonies referenced the ‘throat cutting’. I’ve actually read some interesting stories about that. Good thinking. Makes you wonder…

    • I find it hard to believe that Jodi slit his throat. Women seldom do that. What about the idea that she shot him, stabbed him superficially, but when she left him he was still alive…and then someone else came in, saw what had happened, saw the “dirty” photos, realised the repercussions for the LDS, and finished him off in the LDS blood atonement manner?

      What about his roommate who was in and out of the house for the entire time that TA’s body lay decomposing in the shower, and yet he never smelled the stench that the police report states hit them the minute they opened the front door?

      Also, Jodi would have known to remove the memory card from the camera….why would she have thrown the camera in the washing machine without removing it? Interesting too that Jodi said on the witness stand that Det Flores is LDS…she would have been further intimidated by that belief.

  20. this whole case is a head scratcher! I’m wondering if she has 2 personalities. I don’t understand the reasoning behind dragging him back into the bathroom and jamming him in the shower. also when she was arrested, she had purchased a gun, and she had 2 knives in her clothing and ammunition and appeared to be moving away. i think she might have been paranoid someone was after her, yet she didn’t give this impression to anyone. so many contradictions. did the police ask here about the gun and knives and ask her where she was going? i wonder too if money might have been an issue in the crime. maybe travis owed her and wouldn’t pay.. i’m afraid the jury is going to consider all the lies she told as lack of remorse.

      • Hair Color Change from Blonde to Brown: See Dr. Drew Transcript 1/16/2013

        Abe Abdelhadi, a friend of Jodi Arias appeared on the Dr. Drew show on 1/16/13 and had this to say,
        “The prosecutor informed him that Jodi Arias dyed her hair in APRIL”.

  21. maybe it was like the susan wright case, she stabbed her husband 190 times after tying him up. she testified that she couldn’t stop stabbing him because she was afraid he would kill her (along those lines) when the mind gets terrorized it can go into overdrive.ptsd maybe. said today, she will testify. i’ve noticed her mother and aunt in the courtroom don’t show much emotion, maybe the calm, cool attitude runs in the family. i can hardly wait for jan. 29th

    • I am Guatemalan , and I have closely followed the news in all matters relating to the case of Jodi (HLN) As you have expressed, this news channel is not acting in an impartial manner, same situation on Facebook and all the forums I have visited.

      I am glad we found this place, where all express their views with respect and without fear of being insulted.

      Basically, only i wish to say that I agree with Jackie about that Jodi stabbed him repeatedly for fear that Alexander get up again and return to attacking her …. I imagine Jodi closing her eyes and raising and lowering the knife, without realizing that the young man was already dead.

      I wish that at the end God enlighten the jury, and that their verdict is not good nor bad …. only the righteous!

      !I’m so sorry for Jodi’s and Alexander’s families…..Because both families have lost their children!

  22. I truly believe that she was protecting herself what mormon relgious man shaves his crotch smooth I feel he was leading a double life!

    • Not that I personally have a lot of experience in this area, but yes, you’re right….the only men I know of who shave their genital area are either porn stars, gay men, or men who are into the idea of kiddie sex. Remember too that Jodi testified he liked her to be hairless down there too.

  23. I do not believe that she is innocent in any way. I believe she completely lost herself in this relationship, up to and including converting to Mormonism after just a few months. Who does that? Answer: people that do not have very good self-esteem, people with problems. I just don’t believe that emotionally healthy people convert that early in a relationship. I think she was molding herself to be what she thought he wanted, and was already losing herself. I don’t look at her as evil. I look at her as someone who snapped….like the show on ID Discovery. It happens all the time. This crime, though shocking and disturbing, is not unusual. People lose it. I think his rejection of her and of a committed relationship with her was more than her psyche could handle, for whatever reason….sociopathy, border-line personality, who knows…and she killed him. Maybe it was because that way he would be “hers” forever. Maybe something else. But to do what was done to his body required a lot of rage. I don’t doubt that Jodi has many good sides to her. But we have to pay for what we’ve done in this life. What I hope is that she gets the help she needs…not that she gets executed. And that she makes it right with her maker.

    • The testimony of defence will be interesting. The only I issue I have with the “she snapped” theory, is that
      A) They ended their “romantic connection” in June of 2007 and started dating other people on a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy and then she for some reason “snaps” a year later in June 2008? Why not as soon as she found out he was fooling around the year prior?
      B) She has ex boyfriends which didn’t work out either. No evidence there of her being unable to come to grips with those realities. No attempted murders etc.
      C) She moved away from him in an attempt to reduce their exposure to each other for the sole purpose of “moving on”. If anyone was “lost” in someone it was Travis being unable to let her go 100%. During the year of being “broken up” but still engaging in sex, Jodie gave no indication she was under any illusions as to what it was. Just sex.

      I do have one theory about her “snapping” though. That being she perhaps recently found out that at the same time he was bugging her for booty calls he was trash talking her to all his friends every time they busted them spending time together, telling them she was a “stalker”and that he couldn’t get rid of her. Maybe she learned that nasty little secret, realized he was just a complete dirt-bag who was treating her like a whore and thus “snapped”.

    • Hi, I agree with you Melissa

      But as for the religion convertism thing, that does not mean anything. When someone meet another person and is interested in pursuing a relationship , it is quite normal to start to adopt some of the values of the other person. When I first met my boyfriend, I went with him to the born again Christian church…it does not mean nothing..we stopped going because I dion’t want to be an hypocrite, am not saying everybody is, but you would be surprised as to know how many peoole go to church just to look good and feel less guity. I think Travis was one of them. Why be a mormon when you know sex is forbidden before marriage and you intend to f…. like a rabbit. It s all bulshit. I think the poor guy was looking for an identity because he didn’t have his parents there for him when he was younger. But anyway, I personally think that Jodi was infatuated with Travis, and that she was living in him…I do notpartucularly believe in the self-defense at all; what I think happened is that She was loving him a lot and she was ready to put up with his abuse ( by hiding her etc…) this is a very bad psychological abuse, you know people always mention physical abuse but they don’t realise that mental abuse is a lot worse. So when the prosecutor asks if Travis was ever violent before..that means absolutely nothing. I don’t think he deserved to be butchered but I am sure he was mentally abusiv..he kept her secret and hid her like a bacteria but used her at night when all the town is sleeping…and making sure everybody knew that he didn’t go out officially with her anymore…even to a perfect stranger as a waitress, that is very humiliating…I think the defense should bring an expert in mental abuse..but again I don’t thiunk he deserrved that. Really my personal scenario of this crime is that I think she went to see him hoping for a last chance to reconcialite..maybe she told him that she was fed up of the way things were…they had sex all day…and then when the conversation became more serious..I think maybe he told her something very mean as: ( look, we had fun today but this is just sex, I met someone that I really llike and am taking her in Mexico…you not the type to marry). Or something like that, and then she lost it….words can be very hurtful..but I thuink this is the way it happened but this is just personnal opinion. I do definitively think that he was mentally abusiv and that is worse than physical, that guy had a doublelife and he played and used her. he probably drove her nut..but that doesn’t justify such a crime. But it could be considered as a attenuant factor. The self-defense attack won’t work because of the circumstances of the crime.

  24. I think that the evidence really shows the intense emotion that Jodi was feeling for a long time which finally built up to a point where something Travis did triggered the unloading of all that penned up anger. Nobody can get into Jodi’s mind to truly know whether or not she had any pre-meditation before the killing. We are only left with the evidence. To me, the evidence does not show pre-meditation because a reasonable person would not have left such a dirty crime scene if they were planning on killing someone and getting away with the crime. If it were pre-meditated, there would have been attention to making sure that the killing was done in a manner that would leave behind the least amount of forensic evidence possible. There would be no evidence in any rental car. The killing would have been planned to look like a break in and there would have been staged evidence of entry and the door would have been left unlocked. The dog would have been either killed or released in order to not draw attention to the crime scene. There would have been no photography at the crime scene prior to the killing. So I believe that the final decision to kill was a spur of the moment decision made in anticipation that harm would come to Jodi if she didn’t strike back. The fact that Jodi may have armed herself with a knife and/or a gun indicates that Jodi must have had some legitimate fear that her safety was in danger. This anticipation of the need to pack weapons could likely be from previous experiences with Travis. I also believe that Travis was not the super religious person that he led everyone to believe. I think that Travis’s double life of lies opens a strong possibility that there was a darker side of Travis that most people never saw also supporting the theory that Travis could have been abusive in a relationship. The most damaging abuse could have actually been more mental than physical. An upstand person in the community, well liked by people, attractive well groomed male, viewed by many as a a man of God, image as a future great father and husband, a protector of purity, was Travis who managed to get Jodi Arias to fall in love and trust that he was that one and only person for her for what the Mormon’s believe is eternal marriage. Travis sold it all to the level where Jodi even embraced the Mormon faith and bought into the whole lifestyle believing that it was her truth and destiny. At some point, Travis (this holy person) decides after dragging Jodi down the primrose lane and after using her body for his own pleasure that Jodi somehow is not “marriage material” and that he wants to pursue other girls like Mimi who he thinks is going to make a better wife. Not only was that a terrible slam to Jodi but it was such an evil testimony to his spiritual faith. Travis was a phony and a hypocrite. Jesus says that people like this are like “luke warm water” and that He “spew it out of his mouth.” So I can almost feel the pain that Jodi feels knowing how this man used his faith to manipulate and to lead Jodi into a false sense of purpose only for his own carnal needs. I do not know Jodi personally and have only a gut feeling to rely on. I believe that Jodi wanted to be that loving wife for Travis. I believe that Jodi would have been that great mother taking care of the son she fanticized about in her diary. Jodi would have been one of the active members in the Mormon faith and would have been a true testimony of love. Jodi’s creativity and purity of heart comes through in her art work and in music that are outflowing as a true gift from God. All of these things were stolen in a instantaneous moment of time by a man who had his own selfish agenda. You take any normal person, steal their faith in God and drag them down to the lowest point in their life, feeling like they have nothing to lose, that person will strike back. I feel so badly for Jodi that she was not fortunate enough to have never met Travis and could have met someone else who appreciated not only her physical beauty but also the beauty in her heart. I sincerely hope Jodi gets out of this mess altogether or atleast gets some sort of reduced punishment.

    • David, i love this post!!! You make so much sense n its all so sad because its so true.

      Like you said, why wouldn’t she have done it in a planned matter. Why not just shoot him in the bed while sleeping before they had sex n taking pictures. It would’ve been easier n cleaner. Why rent a car n make purchases whilecon the way there… lv the camera, ect ect

      Having the gun for protection to go see him knowing that he could hurt her….. she still went n alot of people dont understand why would she go to him then and blame HER for not stsying away. That’s because she loved him, easy as that!!!! That’s how much she loved him!

      TA was selfish n stupid. Very immature!!! I agree she would’ve been a good wife n mother to his kids n he couldn’t see that because of his family friends n religion. So many man looking for a beautiful woman to be good n faithful and he didnt want that, he wanted better!! He used her and abused her. Thats what makes a good woman go bad.

      And like you said, I also hope she gets out of this mess. And when she does, I hope she sues them ALL!!!

      • Thanks for posting my dissertaion LC. People who have never been in an abusive relationship do not understand why an abused person stays in the relationship and goes back for more. I understand because I was married to an abusive wife who used emotional torment on me while carrying on an affair behind my back. As much pain as she was causing me, it took me a few years to get away. Even after I moved out, I would read my Bible and pray that she would take me back. My self-esteme was so low and I was so tied to her that I couldnt see tomorrow. I truly wanted to die and the only thing that kept me from suicide was my belief in God. The thought of murder-suicide even crossed my mind because of the intense emotions you feel while going through the abuse. Now I am free of it all and it is like a different life or it was like watching a bad movie that finally is over. I am happy and I finally have no emotion towards her at all. I feel sorry for her now.

        So, I see clearly how Jodi would have been tied to Travis and kept going back into that situation. When a person is in an abusive relationship, they are not happy but find that there is a certain level of stability even when the other person is being abusive. I used to always think that if I can just hang in here longer that she will eventually accept me and start to appreciate me. Jodi surely felt the same way. In such a relationship, you always think that you can change the abusive person. You always remember the times when the person was kind and the relationship was good. You find yourself still loving the person you thought you knew or a person that you think the abuser can become. You never really see clearly the abuser for who they really are while still in a relationship with them. I hope the expert testimony for Jodi can convey this to the jury. Also when in an abusive relationship, decisions become less rational and you forget things easily. I remember after I had moved out, I went to the grocery store to buy something. After a 5 minute trip to the store, I wandered up and down the isles trying to remember what I went to the store for. This happened several times. I know that Jodi experienced the same things. I also became sleep deprived. I am sure the same happened to Jodi. I can remember being hungry and not having the motivation to open a can of tuna fish. I lost weight and was always nauseated and had a headache that would never go away. I would wager a large bet that Jodi went through all of that too. So yes, LC, you see that I hit the nail right on the head without ever knowing Jodi. Abusive relationships have all these same things in common no matter who is involved. I feel sad that Jodi had to experience it in her life. I truly hope she gets out of this mess and has the opportunity to heal and to find a person who will love her for who she is inside.

        And yes Bob, I read your comment. You are right…I could have pulled the trigger myself knowing how this man abused such a beautiful girl. People who use other people and those who do it under the disguise of being a person of God really are the scum of the earth. The evil they kindle causes so much pain to so many people. Hypocrites like Travis who pretend to know God while committing dirty acts against innocent people are a true blasphamy to our faith. They are evil and I am passionate about stopping them when they are hurting people like Jodi.

        • David, you–and many, many others–explain very well the mind of an abused person. The mind becomes like a boiled potato. It loses its original shape. It begins to disintegrate. And leaving the situation is like trying to un-boil the potato. It can seem almost impossible. It takes time and a tremendous amount of energy. Victims become–eventually–white-hot angry about their predicament. You’ve admitted that you had very violent thoughts. So have others. So have I. The man who abused me emotionally–he had a snake phobia. Couldn’t even look at a picture of a snake without anxiety. After I left him, I had ridiculous, intrusive thoughts: I would see him walking along, when suddenly he would fall into a deep pit. A pit full of vipers. I couldn’t help it–that little movie would play in my mind, over and over, without my conscious permission. I wanted him to suffer, to be bitten, poisoned, erased. Then it stopped. My mind grew bored with the little horror movie. Thank goodness.

          But, what helps most of contain our violence and keep it in the privacy of our own minds? What is the element(s) that puts on the brakes? It seems clear that whatever that is, it was missing from JA and TA’s relationship–missing from either one or both of them.

          • Pique,

            The snake… I understand. Having violent thoughts because my potatoe was unraveling happened too. I remember hiding ONE shoe, in an attempt to feel like I was achieving payback. Just watching him look for that shoe made me feel better!

          • Ha! One shoe! That’s so much better than two– more frustrating. You know the term “gas lighting”? Your little prank on his mind was like counter-gas lighting.

          • Well, I think she did, indeed, kill Travis (after all, she admitted to doing so, didn’t she?), and I don’t think she did it in self defense (at least not in the conventional sense.) She killed him to pay him back for the way he’d treated her, to make sure that he would not go on to live a happy life without her and to keep him from continuing to torment her, and I say GOOD FOR HER. He deserved it. I even understand why she resorted to overkill, because once was not enough, after all the abuse she had suffered. Too bad it wasn’t legal. 35 years ago my boyfriend of four years suddenly ended our relationship (in a public place and for no good reason) and married someone else. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to do to him exactly what Jodi did to Travis (except that, after stabbing him 27 times, I would have poured gasoline all over him and set him on fire instead of slitting his throat and shooting him because it would have caused him more pain). When I heard about the Jodi/Travis case I felt like standing up to applaud her because it was almost as if she had done it for me. The only difference between me and Jodi is that I’m not a stalker (I moved 300 miles away and stayed away) and I’m a “good girl” who didn’t break the law. But I still think about it every day. So tell me, which of us is more “normal”–me or Jodi?

            As for the snake, something similar happened to a friend of mine. Her boyfriend had given her the key to his apartment to water his plants while he was away at a conference. While he was gone she learned that he had been unfaithful to her. She knew that he was TERRIFIED of reptiles. So she got one of her shoe boxes, poked a few holes in the top, and put a small saucer of water and a bit of raw hamburger in the box and left it in his bedroom with the lid slightly ajar. She then bought a book on reptiles with a post-it note on the page about geckos and left it on his night table with the note “Welcome home. I got you a pet. His name is Gorgo”. She went home and left her phone off the hook for a few days after he got back.

          • The poor gecko; I hope it wasn’t hurt. And I hope that my “snake pit” scenario is understood as pure fantasy–and a rather absurd fantasy at that! the point being that we ideally find ways to deal with our pain and our bitterness without becoming violent with ourselves or others. Nothing I’ve written advocates extreme revenge. Hiding one shoe is not in the same category as stabbing and shooting. It’s simply taking a little crumb of power back until a better solution–leaving the relationship–becomes available. I would never applaud what Jodi did; her actions, whether in self-defense or in revenge, have caused anguish for so many people.

            SJ–I know it must be difficult to moderate comments and make judgements. But there should be a limit, no? When does support of the defendant cross a line of decency? “Gasoline”?

          • About the gecko … I misunderstood: there wasn’t a real gecko involved.

            I stand by the rest of my comment. I believe we should resist blood lust on either side of the fence.

          • Pique, I agree with you on the above post. Gasoline. Wow. And no apologies for it. This is not healthy thinking-ESPECIALLY for the person THINKING it. It’s doing more damage to the poster than the boyfriend believe you me. SJ, I also agree with Pique in his/her above comment. You may have influence , as so many are very grateful to you for your work.

            Some folks on here can sound like they need serious intervention and a real friend to HELP them, not encourage them!

          • That above post is extremely disturbing….vividly describing how you would murder someone? That’s sick.
            Its one thing to have someone attack you and you defend yourself. Fantasizing about murder is a whole other thing.

          • I’m glad that you agree, Daniel and Jessica. It’s the “applauding” Jodi that disturbs me most, along with the ideas on how he could’ve been made to suffer even more.

          • It is interesting to read the thoughts of so many of you who have been abused like myself. I understand fully how tempting it is to want to get even. In my case, I made a conscious decision to walk away knowing that what goes around comes around. My ex-wife who was cheating on me and verbally abusing me ended up moving the guy into our house after I was driven out. He was some macho body builder. Two years ago after a March snow storm, he went out to snowblow the driveway, had a heart attack and died. I feel neutral towards his death but something inside told me that the score was a bit more even. It is probably good that I didn’t find out about him while I was still in that marriage because I have weapons and I may have done something rash at that time. The result would have landed me in prison for the rest of my life and I would have been basically robbed of my happiness twice by my ex-wife. I have managed to re-connect with my step-son from that marriage and he and I are still close friends in spite of the fact that his mother and I have no communication. So, I am happy with the outcome. Now I have a new wife who is great to me, a really nice home, a high paying job and my health, both mentally and physically. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in my life.

            The sad thing with jodi is that she was still tied into the abusive relationship and could not see a way out. These abusers have manipulative ways of making a victim stay in the relationship by imparting feelings of guilt and a false sense that the relationship will get better. The boiled potato analogy by Pique is a very common scenario. An abused person becomes numb to rationale that most people on the outside have. Logic doesnt apply. That is why many abused women who are seen for injuries in emergency rooms do not follow through with prosecution of the abuser and most often they go back for more. These victims rationalize that somehow it is their fault and not the abuser. The victims try to become the person that the abuser wants them to be. In the case of Jodi, she became a Mormon and tried to become what she thought that Travis wanted. We all know that all Travis wanted was to get a good lay from a pretty girl. What really perplexes me is that Travis was willing to trade a beautiful girl like Jodi for a scuzzy girl like Mimi. It doesnt make sense??? I hope that Jodi can get past this ordeal and have an opportunity to get healed from the abuse.

        • “In such a relationship, you always think that you can change the abusive person. You always remember the times when the person was kind and the relationship was good. You find yourself still loving the person you thought you knew or a person that you think the abuser can become. You never really see clearly the abuser for who they really are while still in a relationship with them.”


        • David, believe it or not, you and I have a lot more in common than you would think. Forgive me for not indulging, But suffice to say, we took a different approach to accept responsibility for our own lives. And I don’t think there is only one way to do it. But I don’t believe, abuse, is a sanction or an excuse to murder. It seems to me that the more they can vilify TA, the more accepting ,some on here are , that it is, or that its understandable.

          • Bob, I am beginning to lean toward your view of the matter at hand. Outside of this trial, outside of the legal framework, we’re wrestling with moral questions. Unless this was pure self-defense, Jodi crossed a moral line. For me, this doesn’t negate our exercises in sympathy and empathy that help us understand how she got to that point. It does mean, however, that our compassion should dry up at precisely that point where she–if she did–crossed the line. I’ve said elsewhere that I’d rather know the truth and see her punished appropriately (not executed, but punished severely) than see her get away with yet another lie. If self-defense is another lie.

          • Bob, I am not trying to villify Travis. I am merely pointing out the truth. Travis villified himself with his phony image and hypocrasy. Abuse is not a sanction for murder. In Jodi’s case, I believe the abuse caused her to reach a state of mind where she perceived danger. If Jodi feared for her safety and packed weapons in the event a situation would occur, that would explain why the weapons were so handy at the time of the event. As already explained, leaving the relationship was not an option because of the physhological pressure put on her to stay in the relationship. If Travis would have broke it off and not kept her emotionally tied to the relationship through sex and manipulation, Travis would probably be alive today. If Travis would have done the morally right thing by breaking it off cleanly and Jodi would have killed him, then it would have been murder. Her mindset would have been a rational one and the killing would have been planned. It would have been one clean shot to the head, a staged crime scene, with very little forensice evidence. In reality, Travis created the mental conditions in Jodi that caused her to have insecurity and fear. That coupled with chronic sleep deprivation, anxiety, malnutrition and probably several other somatic manifestations of headaches and muscle pain predisposed Jodi to react violently when confronted with an abusive situation. If you ask me how I know that Jodi experienced all of this, I can say for certainty that it happens to everyone who is in an abusive relationship. I don’t have to hear her story to know that was the way it went down. I hope the expert witness for her defense explains it well to the jury and I hope she walks out of there a free person.

        • I believe she kept going back to him because some where in her mind she wanted to believe he cared about her. One min he was saying it was over, the next he was holding her again. In her mind she was probably saying oh he does not mean it. She kept going back because he kept encouraging her to. He played with her mind all the time. he seemed to love to play mind games with everyone. And I don’t believe Jodi was the only one he was abusive to. I believed the ohers all lied, because they all decided it was not going to work with Travis and left him. Then gave some noble reason why they left this wonderful man. Which ones did Travis break it off with?

      • There is a lot of thought in so many of these postings. One has to see “both sides” and the “why” of both sides. I have to so agree that Travis so blatantly used Jodi. If they broke up in June of 2007 then the physical side of their relationship should have ended. Yes, both of them enjoyed sex but Travis was being too much of a hypocrite to stop this side of the relationship if he wanted to remain “virginal”, which he no longer was. He should have known better too if he was such a “good man”. Stop. If he wanted to just be “friends” – fine but he did love the “friends with benefits”. I feel for Jodi because she really loved him. The hardest part is when someone lets you know “you are not good enough”….I can truly understand that. If only they had completely parted in all ways. Each going their OWN way. Both of them could have been happy people today.

      • Maybe I’m opening a can of worms here, but it hasn’t stopped me yet…….
        Are they going to present evidence she killed in self defense to take away pre-meditation or are they going to present evidence she killed him because she was being abused, and it is justifiable retribution making it a mitigating factor to take the DP off the table.? trying to present evidence that some would interpret as abuse, could i backfire if the jury doesn’t believe it rose to that level, but it did piss her off. because then it points to motive, hence fore-thought ,hence pre-meditation.. Obviously verbal abuse, being called names would get anyone mad, but murder?

          • But SJ, are you saying that even if it was just verbal and emotional abuse, the murder is justified and is self defense?

        • Bob, we just don’t know what the defense plans to do yet. We’ll find out the direction that they’re going in tomorrow.

        • Bob, to answer your question about self-defense versus abuse as a defense, it is important to realize that they are connected. I am not an attorney but have studied self-defense law to some extent while taking business law and karate so I would know where to draw the line if I ever got into a fight. There are couple of conditions that have to be met in order to ligitimately claim self defense. First of all, you have to have a reasonable belief that you feared for your safety and second of all you have to demonstrate that you could not escape from the situation without causing injury to the attacker. In Jodi’s case, the entire abuse arguement supports the first condition. So establishing that she was abused and in a controlling relationship where she felt fear and danger would supply a reasonable implication that she feared for her safety. This would explain her need to pack weapons. So I hope this answers your question about the whole abuse angle to her defense. The only problem for her that I can see is that when you defend yourself and use force, the law requires that you use minimal force only to the point to where you can escape furthur attack. So after the attacker is down, then you have to run away. If you keep on kicking him in the face after he is on the ground, then it becomes excessive force and that is felonious assult. In Jodi’s case I believe that whatever injury she caused initially would have resulted in Travis’s death. I would consider the numerous stab wounds as abuse of a corpse rather than a brutile attack. People think the crime is worse because there is a lot of stab wounds and blood. It really is no worse than a single shot to the face or a singe knife wound to the heart. After the person is dead you can carve him up with a 1000 stab wounds. Nothing is much different because the person is dead. Anyway, that is my understanding of self defense. I am sure it gets more complicated than that and the lawyers will have to find some good case law to support their arguements. There certainly is a lot of case law because there have been numerous instances where an abused spouse who is living in constant fear finally snaps when the abuser does something to provoke it.

        • It would be different then just mad I think, he played with her mind. Such as I care, I don’t care, if I married you it would be like winning the lottery, Your a whore,your beautiful, your a skank, go away , welcome to my bed. and on, and on. In some ways he played a mind controll game with her.

  25. David, everything you said could be true. But for you to believe this tragic story to explain the circumstances she found herself in, you also have to believe in a lot of and coincidences and that she is one of the most unluckiest and luckiest people ever to walk this earth. That an opportunity presented itself, (very unlucky,) in which she had absolutely no part in creating, (very lucky), to purge this scourge, and parasite that was causing so much pain in her life, That TA attacked her, (very unlucky), to create an alibi of self-defense, (very lucky), when, at the same time she just had handy access to a knife, and gun. (Very lucky). That all her odd behavior leading up to this,and after, she could not explain, (very unlucky), but the helter skelter crime scene proves she couldn’t have planned it. (Very lucky).
    I hope the state shows some compassion, (even though they have no obligation at this point), and offers her a plea. But For all the excuse making being done for JA, she has no one to blame, but herself. If she had done 3 things she could be sitting here right now waiting for a sentence that would not include giving up her life.
    1. Accepting responsibility
    2. Showing remorse
    3. Asking for Contrition
    But she has chosen to do none of this and has instead chosen an all or nothing path.
    Also, for those who think our justice system are without compassion, just as heinous and manipulative as the criminals they prosecute.,if she does get convicted, she gets a 2nd chance to do everything she is NOT doing now. To use those 3 things to plead for her life in the sentencing phase.

    • Bob there is only one thing that makes me know this was not premeditated murder. I am a woman. There is no woman out there that is gonna have sex with a guy when she is mad enough to kill him!! JA and TA had sex all afternoon apparently multiple times.

      • Debbie,

        While there are women who use sex to get what they want, in THIS case, it is my opinion that Jodi was not using Travis that day. She loved him. David’s comment above kind of sums up my thinking. (Unless, someone else was involved… that idea still flits through my mind as well)

        • I never said that Jodi used Travis at all CJ. I have no idea how that got twisted. Nor did I imply it in any way, shape or form. What I was alluding to was anger. She admitted she killed him. I said any woman that was mad enough to kill her guy as in anger, would not be having sex with him. He would be smart to not even be in the same room. I couldn’t tell you in the 38 years I have been married how many times one of us has taken to sleeping on the couch.

          • I believe that Jodi loved Travis and would do anything for him. She would not have premeditated his murder and then gone and had sex with him all afternoon. Only a cold calculating person could do something like that. Jodi does not come off as either cold or calculating to me.

  26. I totally agree. The Casey Anthony verdict was justice. The state did not prove their case so they had to find her not guilty. I feel the same way about Jodi Arias. There is something really suspicious about Travis and they are trying to make him into this holier than thou person. He came from chaos and I can bet that it was what he felt comfortable in.
    the nancy graces of this world need to quit having such a narrow mind and realIze that this dude has a lot of skeletons in his closets. I’m a total Jodi supporter!

  27. i think it’s so strange jodie never took advantage of all her talents to make a better living for herself. she could have been a model, maybe not on magazine covers, but storesand catalogs need models. her drawings are very impressive. learning comes easy to her yet she quit high school. it’s hard to get a job without a ged, i’m surprised she could get hired as a waitress. i understand she quit school because of a romance with an older man with a young child. and they bought a house together or were going to. waitresses don’t earn much money.. she must have planned to marry this guy, but she left him for travis. it’s not too much of a stretch to assume she planned to marry Travis she could have gone so far with art and photography, and she was in a prime location. i’m still not clear on how she met travis. it was at a mormon event in las vegas, but how did jodie happen to be there? was jodie an escort? not that it matters. such a shame she’s where she’s at.

    • Jackie… Jodi was not an escort. She was in vegas attending a prepaid legal conference and so was Travis and that is how they met. He was Mormon she was not. Jodi likely had quite a bit of experience as a waitress since her family owned a restaurant, so even without a ged she would likely be able to get a job. In my opinion, Travis never should have been dating Jodi because he wanted a virgin wife and he was aware that Jodi had been living with a man for some time when they started dating. Right from the get go, Travis never had any intentions of marrying Jodi in my opinion. The fact that Jodi stopped having sex with her then boyfriend because she decided to become Mormon and wanted to save herself for her husband didn’t matter because she was not a virgin. I would be asking all his male friends if they were virgins when they got married and if they were how old were they when they got married.

      • Yep, the majority of majority of Mormons believe they can ‘convert’ people to the church though and/or ‘save’ them EVEN AFTER death.. (Seriously! Look up ‘Baptisms For The Dead)

        They see everyone as having the ‘potential’ to be LDS. As if no one is worthy enough as they currently are!

  28. I not saying she is innocent at all but he was leading a double life and using her for his behind the sence three hole wonder (thats what he called her)! Well they were having monkey sex for two hours amd the next he is dead yes it was overkill but WHAT MADE HER SNAP? HE WAS JUST POSING FOR SEXY PICS AND I THINK THAT THE KNOFE N GUN WAS APART OF THE SEX GAMES THEY WERE DOING!! I JUST WANT TO STOP WONDERING WHY AMD FINNALY KNOW, SOMETHING THAT HE DID MADE HER JUST LOSE HER MIND THE KNIFE N GUN HAD TO BE THERE FOR SEX GAMES AND ALREADY PEOPLE WHO LIKE THAT S&M SHIT DO CRAZY THINGS…

            • Does anyone know why Travis’ friends were not fond of Jodi? I also do not understand why Chris and Sky Hughes did not like her either? Was it because she did not have money? Or come from big money? Could they have been “snobs”? I just could not understand what they had against her right from the beginning. Does anyone know? Did they all think they were “better than her” for some reason?

          • No. LOL. I used that avatar because I write a casey blog. Im thinking of switching it to my own picture because of the confusion it causes on this blog sometimes. I’m a woman, mom, professional, who has become glued to high profile cases post Casey’s case.

  29. I want to see the letters that Travis wrote to Jodi and hear the voice recordings were they are saying Travis says she sounds like a 12 year old while climaxing and that made him hot wtf isn’t those in the hearing MAYBE BECAUSE IT SHOWS HISTORY OF CONTROL AND ABUSE AND WHY HAVENT THE ROOMATES TESTIFYED HELLO THEY FOUND HIM NOT MIMI SHE WAS JUST OUTSIDE THE DOOR…

    • Brandy,

      I get people have freaky sex. I get BDSM is a lifestyle choice and respect it. I’ve even read the trilogy 50 shades. I don’t get how a man could even reference 12 year olds. Do you? I think that speaks to more than just fun sex.



    • The “12 year old having her first orgasm” comment is just gross. My son is 11…thinking about him and his little friends in that type of context is revolting.

  30. ~ According to the information I have gathered I have deduced the following:
    ~ Jodi Arias sacrificed her former life for her new love when she became infatuated & convinced she was with the perfect man. She not only left behind her religion, her past, & her likely future, but she also left behind her former self. I believe she literally reinvented herself for Travis Alexander who also believed he had complete control over her both psychologically & sexually. I also believe when he realized she could not be completely remade into the perfect woman he then had second thoughts which is when they began to have relationship problems. Most likely the real problems arose when she may have suspected he may have had another woman thus inciting an insanely jealous rampage of episodes. He may have also initially tried to make it work with her undying support. However all of this culminated when she convinced herself that her life with him was a lie & a betrayal of her full devotion & love as his expectations of love turned to premarital lust instead, thus resulting in sexual abuse from Travis Alexander’s testing Jodi Arias’ limits when it came to her undying devotion, dedication, & loyalty. Was there another woman or other women?, I do not know as of yet.

    • I think that Jodi will have to re-invent herself a third time because after you finally get out of an abusive relationship, you have to find yourself again. Nothing is ever the same again and the abusive relationship has a lifelong impact on your life. You ask if there was or were another woman. I believe that there may have been several. I also believe that Marie (Mimi) was probably spreading for Travis too and probably others in her social circles. She put on her goody two shoes to testify how she was one of those upstanding Mormons who would never have pre-marital sex. Mimi said they were going on a trip and having separate bedrooms etc… I don’t buy any of it. I think that they were taking off on the trip to get out of the radar of the church to play around. I think a lot of people who go to conservative churches tend to put on the facade and live a double life. Following God always leads to a battle between the Spirit and the flesh. Some churches are more tolerant of members who fall short than others. The Mormons have no tolerance so some of their members have to almost live a lie to keep in good standing because the church will punish them otherwise.

      • Well..except the abuse hasnt ….been established yet. Not in the eyes of the law anyway…im waiting for the defense to bring that evidence. Because it needs to be brought…..Ive never ever heard that if a first injury was fatal you can “carve a corpse a thousand times” that its irrelevant…it may be to the victim’s physical body, but not the remaining loved ones, or the law.

        David, im not sure where you get some of your convictions…about mimi, I feel fairly convinced based on her testimony that she just wasnt “IN” to Travis…let alone interested in “spreading” for him.

        • All good points, Daniel. A body may just be a body, but it represents the person. It matters. Murder victims have loved ones.

          We don’t know why, yet, Jodi hated him enough to do all those terrible things to his body. We can only imagine her state of mind, from our own experiences (for a while there, the conversation about the workings of DV was a good one, I thought). She may have been fighting for her life, but we can’t be certain. To insist that she should be set free is, at this point, incredible.

          And, yeah, Mimi … “spreading.” That’s not a neutral word. Never mind that it’s unlikely that she was involved with Travis, just the word itself …

      • David
        Where do you get your information on the Mormon church from? Sex before before marriage is a sin (as it is with most religons I know of) yes – but it will not automatically get you kicked out of the church – if you meet with your bishop and repent you can be forgiven and many are -I personally know of 3 couples who have gone through this and are still active members. I see a lot of general statements being made most of which are completly incorrect- Its obvious these people are offering opinions without knowing actual facts. I really get a laugh out of the blood atonement people thinking the church would slit this guys throat for having pre marital sex lol – Travis may have been well known to his local ward but he is not a high up nationally recognized mormon as many make him out to be – just an average member of the church – nothing more

        • Marie hall discussed excommunication for not repenting of premarital sex. She was the first witness and Mormon. She said sex was 2nd to murder in the Mormon faith.

        • J, I am certainly not an expert on Mormon faith. I learned most of what I know from a couple of guys who rode up the driveway one day on ten speeds and three piece suits. I have studied a little more on my own. I don’t believe the Joseph Smith story and all the stuff about Moroni. However, I believe that the Mormons for the most part truely love God and their quest for religious freedom and travel across the wilderness is remarkable. Even though I am a Christian, I believe that Mormons have just as close relationships with God as Christians or Muslims. We are all in the same boat on this earth. The main point I was trying to make is that Mormons and some other faiths put a lot of weight on pre-marital affairs and that many of these people go to places where they can experience sex without getting caught or without elders and bishops prying into their personal choices. They also have a lot of pressure to keep it secret to avaoid punishment. The whole punishment mentality is totally contrary to the unconditional love message brought by Jesus. So, Travis could keep Jodi secret and explain her away as a stalker to his friends. As far as Mimi goes, I dont know what she does behind closed doors. She just struck me as being less forthcoming when she took the stand. That is just my opinion. You are free to disagree. You can take any shots at me you want. I am not commenting here to debate. I am just sharing my experiences and my gut feelings. My main goal coming here is to express my desire to see Jodi walk free.

          • You won’t be kicked out for pre-marital sex but while you are repenting, you cannot take sacrament, which means every single person at church knows you sinned in some form. It’s humiliating.

        • Yeah..well I guess the Bishops has to schedule his agenda for every day,every minutes for the rest of time of humanity if all the people Mormon or any other religion has to go to him to confess of having sex..lolollol. sorry I agree with David…and no religion should force people to be so restrictiv. Might as well become a nun or priest…and even then…

      • David- You know your stuff! Not just about the abuse, but also how much shame the church causes. I wish everyone understood that this isn’t just the typical “he made a mistake by having sex outside of marriage.. whooptidoo… everyone makes mistakes and many religious people break their vows of chastity”. The LDS church has so much more power, control, and influence than most people can even imagine.

        • Jessica- You’re totally right! Of course, not many people will risk putting themselves in the position to admit their ‘wrongs’ for exactly that reason OR they’ll take the sacrament anyway because of the fear of judgement/criticism. It’s so nice to hear people that understand the inner-workings 🙂

  31. She will most def.going to have to face the final judge in the end and she knows this of course I would be more worried about that judge than those in the courtroom.I dont know what made homie snap but it had to have have been something threatening to have so much overkill..

  32. i can’t think of a worse situation to be in for jodie and her family. i hope there is reasonable doubt and she’s freed for time served. i don’t think there is any way to determine or prove what happened or what her state of mind was, but seems to me it was a temporary break of reality. I think she is sorry and should be forgiven making her pay for the rest of her life won’t bring travis back or help anyone. i think she should have to pay court costs and be on probation but go free and be allowed to live her life. lets hope.

    • I hope and pray for the same. She is not an evil person. A picture says a thousand words and those words are a tortured soul and a kind person. That 1000-yard-stare on her face is too much for anyone with empathy to ignore.

  33. i don’t think it has been proven who sent the threatening email to travis girlfriend. They say jodi sent it, but today when listening to it, it sounded more like travis. travis referred to jodie as a whore and the words in the email telling the girl she was “entering into whoredom” i really think travis sent it and got off on it. i wish there was a way to prove .

    • Have you read anything Travis wrote? That letter was too well-written (style, diction, grammar) for him to be the author. I’m judging by comparing that letter to his blog.

      • Pique,

        I missed that part. Was attending to the children. Have you read Jodi’s blog? Maybe comparing both could help answer the question.

        • Yes, I read both Jodi’s and Travis’ blogs, CJ. Have you had a chance? Jodi is a strong writer; Travis, not so much. Of course, this doesn’t mean I think she wrote it–only that I doubt Travis did.

          My guess is that someone from the church wrote it. Someone who suspected Lisa was was having sex with Travis (we know that she wasn’t) and actually wanted to save her soul. You know, creepy and sexist but sincere in terms of the Mormon faith. Just a hunch.

          • Also, this threatening email to Lisa refers to Travis as “that insidious man.” Sounds like someone watching this love triangle (Jodi-Travis-Lisa) from a distance. I could be wrong, of course! That email is very interesting, indeed!

          • This threatening email did not, by the way, come up during trial today. Not that I heard, anyway. If I’m wrong and missed something, someone please correct me.

          • Thank you I believe that too or his roomate that never came home for 9 days….that doesnt make no sense to me that the other peeps that loved there never came home for all that time strange very very strange

          • I also suspect it was someone in the church who wrote the email. I think the church played a much greater role in this entire business than anyone will ever know.

    • I would think with computer forensics being the way it is now that they would be able to determine WHERE and maybe from WHOM that email actually came from. Sometimes I wish I had a bunch of money just to donate to Jodi’s defense for more evidence investigation and expert witnesses.

      The prosecution implies things that Jodi has done but actually has not sufficiently proven any of them.

      • Yes, BeeCee, you would think they’d be able to determine at least where, geographically, it came from. But I would assume they did try to find out and came up with nothing. Hence, as with the slashed tires, the need to IMPLY that Jodi wrote it.

        Did the prosecution imply, earlier in the trial, that Jodi wrote this threatening email? I just can’t remember. And, if they did, did they actually quote from the letter in court?

        Another question: is the entire email available anywhere online? I know that it’s published on this website, on the “Martinez sideshow” thread, but it is introduced here as an “excerpt.”

        • Yeah, it’d seem they could at least come up with an IP address. I think that’s right? I’m not the most tech-saavy person…

  34. I happened upon this site. The comments posted are very interesting. The only person I know for sure that I will pass judgement on is Nancy Grace. Yuck, that woman!!!!!!! She’s a cock roach. I could curse the idiots that gave her a platform in our society. Not since Sarah Palin, has our society seen so much stupitiy all wrapped up in one package. The whole Travis and Jodi case is very complicated. I just do not understand the whole “control” thing. I do believe that Travis was a dirt bag, lower than scum, and when a person uses religion to decide what is “right” and “wrong” is very sick in itself. I guess that I just do not understand why Jodi just did not walk away. There’s greater power in making an about face and walking than any revenge that can be brought upon a person. However, no one deserves to die in the manner that Travis did and I’ve known assholes with worse behavior than the behavior he exhibited with
    Jodi. No one knows why what happened, happened and I do have a great deal of empathy for Jodi. Being referred to as, “the three hole wonder, a slut, and a whore” as we’ll as probably numerous other disrespectful descriptions is very hurtful, ugly, and demeaning. I truly believe that Jodi is a good person, having no past criminal history or offences makes what she has admitted to doing all the more baffling. I’m sure she was not in her right mind at the time. It just goes to show that verbal abuse stricks at the very core of a person’s psyche and this altered her reality forever more. The scars of verbal abuse and being disrespected also last a lifetime.

    • I think I *might* understand why Jodi did not walk away… if you can put up with my psycho-babble 🙂

      When a person does not like an aspect of his or herself, that person continuously puts themselves in the same position in subconscious hopes that they will be able to overcome the disliked aspect and make a different choice.

      From what I see, Travis did not like that he could not say “no” to sex with Jodi, and kept putting himself in that position in hopes that he’d eventually conquer this “immorality”. I can especially see this in the sexual encounter following Jodi’s baptism… he shows his anger by bending her over and treating her as “dirty” as he feels for wanting it…

      Jodi, on the other hand, dislikes how she is unable to stay away from the man who views her as a whore. She hates how she gives in to him time and time again, which she does in hope that he will eventually validate her as a person by falling in love with her. The more she tries to please him, the more he despises her… she goes back in subconscious hopes that she will one day be able refuse his treatment by no longer “needing” his validation.

  35. Has anyone heard why they couldn’t find the knife or gun, but that the camera was easy to find in the washer?
    Why did it take 5 days to find him in his own home?
    I’ve heard he was found in the bedroom, was it the bedroom or the shower?
    Of course no one saw him hit her or mistreat her. Abuse is always behimd closed doors.
    They are trying to say that Travis was afraid of Jodi?
    Why didn’t he leave her alone then?
    I don’t know how to say this, but Jodi seems very easily persuaded and tries to please.
    For instance the PreLegal and the Mormon church. It seems like Travis could persuade her into anything. He wasn’t afraid of her.
    Detective Flores kind of led her own. I know he’s lied.
    Like talking to her while she was driving??? He asked will it distract you?
    Like they say there is a lot more to it and Vinnie, Mike Brooks and and the rest of the pundits want everyone to hate her. They are the ones that cause all of the drama, hate and lies.

    • Dude thats what ive said all along – none of his roomies ever had to come home to wash their asses or whatever people are blackmailing and withholding info

  36. I am so happy to be here and support Jodi. I am a supporter of Casey Anthony as well. Jodi, hang in there….I believe you. I was once in a relationship like yours and barely escaped with my life…I never got justice and he’s out there abusing someone else. I believe justice will be served properly in your case and I will always be here for you once this thing is put to rest <3

    • That lilliputian bully, Juan “double negative” Martinez is all bark no bite. Sure, he’ll employ his cheap, “I’ve watched too many episodes of L.A. Law” (thank you, Gus S.), courtroom histrionics; but his thrusts will be masterfully parried by the diamond sharp mind and rapier wit of Jodi Arias. I expect Jodi to keep her equanimity during the cross; same way she has during Juan’s voir dires. She’s way smarter than Juan and she’s dealt with bigger bullies effectively before.

      Then Kirk Nurmi will dispel any lingering doubt with a brilliantly methodical redirect. He is clearly head and shoulders above that Napoleon complex sufferer/compensator, Juan Martinez. Juan should pay more attention, he might just learn something. He should take an anger management class while court is on extended President’s Day recess too.

  37. I have been gone a few days and have missed the trial. Sorry to say that I got a glimpse of it on Nancy G’s show tonight. I am surprised that Nancy is still on the air. I remember the Casey trial. Nancy was blairing about how Casey was going to get fried during the whole trial like a broken record…broken..brok..en..rec…record. All along, anyone with a brain knew from the get-go that Casey was going to walk. Nancy kept harping and harping and harping away until after the verdict, then she shut her blonde bimbo face and the world knew that Nancy was WRONG AGAIN!!!

    The little bit I caught was about how Jodi was physically abused as a child. Yea. I know about that too. It is yet another cardinal sign of why a person gets into an abusive relationship. I also was an abused child. My father died when I was 11 years old before I had reached a point in my life where I would have been strong enough to kill him. Yet God spared me from this also just like He spared me from killing the guy that was screwing my wife. (Read my other post and you will know what I am talking about.) I will explain my shared personality with Jodi below. But this isn’t about me; it is about Jodi.

    Jodi was predisposed to choose a relationship with a guy like Travis who was abusive to her because of the abuse she experienced as a child. Abused children grow up to get involved in dys-functional relationships where they continue to endure abuse. That is one reason why Jodi chose Travis and continued in a relationship with Travis after the abuse started. People who are raised in an environment of abuse migrate towards similar relationships because there is a certain level of security a person acheives while in the abusive relationship. In part the security comes from the fact that if the victim performs the way the abuser expects, then the victim will not be “punished.” To break clean from this sort of relationship requires going way out of the “comfort zone” and risking retaliation from the abuser for exposing the abuse. It is a distinct fear that the victim feels and it is a very powerful motivator to keep the victim bound into the abusive relationship. Jodi could not expose Travis because of the image that he had sold to all of his peers. Nobody would have believed it just like now at trial where people doubt that Travis could do such things. The plain truth is that Travis was a hypocrite who was using Jodi just for her physical body to supply his sick sexual needs.

    Just like me and my father, Jodi was cowering in fear throughout the relationship until a point where she perceived that she was going to be hurt. At that point, she unloaded on Travis and in the onslaught she killed him several times over out of fear that was perpetuated in her mind through weeks of emotional abuse caused by Travis. I can relate from my experience too. My father used to come home from work at 5 pm, eat and then take a 2 hour nap on the couch before going out all hours of the night to drink, cheat on my mother and hang with his friends before returning just in time to get a couple more hours of sleep and go back to his job. I would often sit in the chair watching him sleep during that short nap thinking how I wanted to bring a metal pipe in from the garage and bash his head in while I had the chance. I was only between the ages of 9 and 11 years old when I was planning his death. After several beatings, I was close to doing it when he died one April night from a massive heart attack at age 51. Given a few more months up to a couple more years, I would have killed him in his sleep with certainty. I would have been charged with murder like Jodi. Nobody would have known the level of abuse that led to the death. Nobody would have believed that such an upstanding citizen of the community like my father could have beaten his children so brutally that one of them would have killed him for it out of fear! Like Jodi, when a person is in an abusive relationship, that person is constantly in fear of their safety and always planning for the time that they have to use force to stop the abuser. So that is why Jodi packed weapons; Jodi was in constant fear of her safety.

    Many of you readers cannot relate because you have never been there in our situation. Those of you who have grown up in abusive relationships and have moved on into abusive marriages, you all know what I am talking about. Share your expreiences. That is what happened to Jodi and now she is fighting for her life for defending herself against the abuser.

    Jodi if you are reading, my prayers are with you. David

    • David
      Jodi deserves to be heard, and I am so glad she has taken the stand, and is finally going to stand up for herself. I hope her life is spared. I am disgusted with people screaming out online that she should lose her life. Travis was one way with his friends and another with Jodi. She knew the real Travis, and she still loved him. She tried to see the good in him and didn’t want to tarnish his image.
      I have stood in those same shoes. My father was an abusive drunk and also gambled. He would get paid, disappear for days and then come home broke. One time he gambled away our television, came home and rolled it out the door to pay off his debt. Often he would come home drunk and threaten my mother with a knife. The cops would come and tell my mother to leave my father alone, as he had a long day at work. This was in the early 70’s when domestic violence was not in the public eye like it is today. My sister and I would hide under our beds crying. I can relate to your story and also with Jodi, because I recognize all of the same behaviors you described and also how as a young adult I gravitated towards men that were just like my father. My father also sexually abused me, and to this day, I can tell no one because no one in my family would believe me. I have had to work through it by myself with counseling. I appreciate you sharing your story.. Thank you.

      • Thanks to all who understand and do not judge me for the comments I have made. Likewise, I would ask that people quit judging Jodi because nobody can understand the fear she felt during the moments leading up to the moment where she perceived a treat and unloaded her violent defense. Many abused people have potential to cause great harm. Often abused children go into other abusive relationships as adults and many become abusers themselves hurting animals or hurting other people. Others do not channel anger out to other people but channel it in and cut on themselves or commit suicide. Abused people have low self esteme and often believe they deserve the abuse they endure in a relationship. The often feel hopelessness and suicide is often their only clear solution.

        I was fortunate enough to break the cycle in my life. In my earlier post I talk about planning to kill my father and how I would have easily murdered the man who was sleeping with my first wife. I am not proud of this by any stretch. I do not routinely talk about these things either. I did get psychological help. I am happy to say that in the ten years of my first marriage that I never hit any of my step-children and never raised a hand to my wife even when she was verbally abusing me. I am sad that Jodi couldn’t get the help she needed before the years of abuse and emotional distress led to such a violent reaction to the threat she perceived in that short instant in time.

        I speak out about all of this because I know that Jodi endured a lot of horrible things. Sexual abuse on a young girl causes such deep pain. Being a man, I cannot even imagine how low she felt. When I hear about guys who do dirty things to girls, it angers me. It is even worse when these guys hide behind God while doing it. I am surprised that the Mormon church hasn’t run to Jodi’s side in her defense. Instead, some of their members have resorted to issuing threats to people in Jodi’s family according to what I read from the sister’s post. On top of that there is a stupid blonde bimbo on TV fueling the fire and swaying public opinion in favor of the prosecution. I think it would be difficult to get a fair trial with all of the media coverage. I hope that the defense team can be successful in conveying the mindset that Jodi was in when everything unfolded.

        Hang in there Jodi. There are a lot of people who may be against you but remember that there are those of us out here who understand and care for you. I hope you are free soon. David

        • “When I hear about guys who do dirty things to girls, it makes me angry”–this is music to my ears.

          Unfortunately, not enough women in this country think that guys doing dirty things to girls is anything that bad, nowadays–how sad it is that a man could have much more compassion for a woman that was so badly used, when the vast majority of women seem to want to believe that she had not one tiny reason to do what she did. I think she’s guilty–and that she’s been in jail long enough to pay for her crime considering what kind of hell he put her through.

          The morals are going right down the toilet in this country.

        • David,

          I can relate to you and want to say GOOD FOR YOU for breaking the cycle of abuse.

          I was in a similar position as you and contemplated killing my abuser as a teenager. I, too, was able to break the cycle of abuse when I became a parent myself, and it was not easy.

          My former abuser is still alive and has become a completely different person than he was. I am glad I didn’t kill him because I would have robbed him of the chance to make amends.

          He got the help he needed (as it turns out he suffered from PTSD resulting from some dark family secrets I knew nothing about at the time) and he continues to make amends to this day – even though I have long since forgiven him.

          In your case it seems God spared you by taking him out with a heart attack. Perhaps he wasn’t going to change and so his chance was revoked.

      • Thank you David and Trixels for sharing these deep n painful moments of your past. I am grateful for this site as we have the opportunity to share some of our traumatic pasts without being judged. I cant imagine the pain that Jodi must be feeling, all that she’s been through and the media’s judgements. I think yesterday was the most brutal, and lets not forget the humiliation of the nude photos for the world to see!!! I also grew up in an abuse home. My father was physically abusive to me n my brother. Not sexual but he would take rulers, belts, books and yes his fist. I was a very small girl n whenever id get a black eye or a busted lip, id have to go to school n put up an act, as if I had gotten into a fight with another kid n our neighborhood or something. And like Jodi, I also still loved n still love my dad and mom. They are also still together after 35 years and like Jodi described her parents relationship as loyal, mine were too. My mom would just sit there n watch. She hardly ever did the hitting, when she did it wasnt overboard but I think that by just sitting there watching letting it happen was just as bad. My dad was a different kind of abuser though. He wasnt drunk and that hurt even more. I would think that if he was drunk then that would be some type of excuse. I now know thats NOT an excuse but when I was young I did and maybe that was my way of looking for an excuse for the abuser. My dad also NEVER hit my mom OR my sister. Just me n my brother. Idk maybe “we” were the bad kids. The worse that we did was get bad grades n I snuk out once. Because of this I grew up intimidated by man. I didnt get physical with man until my late years n I had my 1st child at 31. Im 34 now, married with a USMC n I still have a hard time showing him affection. He also grew up in a similar environment but his mom was the physical one, so we understand each other n we will have a no hitting rule in our home. People shouldnt be hit n animals either!!! Anyway, I just wanted to share my story too. Thank u for opening up n sharing, David n Trixels. Everyone on this site seem so understanding and easy to communicate with.

        ♥Lets pray for Jodi to have an awesome day today!

        • LC, Thanks for sharing your story too. Sadly, for every one of us who speak out there are probably 100 or more that keep their pasts quietly tucked away. I had to come to grips with my father later in life since I was so young when he died. My father was also abused as a child and that explains why he became such an abusive parent. We learn how to treat our spouses through the examples set forth by our parents. Boys learn how to treat women by the examples set by their fathers. The cycle has to be broken otherwise it continues for generations. For me, it took understanding the abuse that my father endured and then I had to forgive him. I had to go to his grave and tell him that whatever happened in the past is washed white as snow. That released me from the bondage that held on to me for years. I also had to change the learned behavior that I received from him. That was hard to do and it took a lot of work and a long time.

          In Travis’s defense, I would say that he did not have a good role model on how to treat ladies. Travis must have experienced abusive attitudes towards women from a weak male figure in his family who did not understand the true beauty of a lady. Or maybe he learned it from his friends if no male role model was available. Abusive behavior is learned. So in effect, when Travis was a little boy learning how to play with the little girls, he got the wrong training. Ladies are special people who should be treated with dignity and respect, appreciated for the tender nature of their hearts and their physical beauty should be honored with clean intentions. Travis must have been taught that women were objects to be used, abused and then kicked to the curb. The people who taught Travis wrong behavior, in effect, helped pull that trigger too. Will any of them ever realize this? I doubt it! People are quick to throw stones at others but how many can see clear enough to pull the plank out of their own eyes?

          I continue to pray for Jodi and hope that she maintains her strength.

          • David, I had to stop n put my notebook down, your post had me crying… crying for my brother, see I myself found my way also to forgive my dad. But my brother, im not sure. When you said, that u had to go to his grave and tell him that whatever happened in the past was washed white as snow. it scares me because I know that my brother hassnot forgiven my dad, I can see it in his eyes, the pain is still there. Maybe because he is the only boy n he felt like he should’ve had that son n father connection n they didnt. And I keep on reading your post n it is so true, its so real… one has to change these learned behaviors and I csn clearly see this from him (my brother) he is such a great proud dad to TWO BOYS!!! Even writing this, im getting emotional. Im so happy that he atleast has the chance to show his two boys how to be better man. He has that connection with them that he craved from my dad (our abuser). Thank you David, I think ill go call my bro, see how he’s doing!!! Lol

        • You all have me teary-eyed :'( Thanks everyone who has explained your stories of trauma.
          LC- Do you think your brother unfairly blames himself for not ‘protecting’ you against your father? I’m not saying he should feel that way- I’ve just heard that a lot of guys will blame themselves because they feel it was their ‘role’ to protect their mother/siblings from abuse, even if they were very young themselves.

          For all the women that have been abused by their fathers (or have even lacked a strong bond with their father)- I have a book I started reading a long time ago called The Unavailable Father- Seven ways women can understand, heal, and cope with a broken father-daughter relationship- by Sarah Simms Rosenthal, PhD. It explains how important the father’s role is in a daughter’s life and how it can set the tone for her future relationships, how she will expect/deserve to be treated (especially by men), etc.

          • Oh thank you, Jamie! I will definitely download the book n look into it. Sounds interesting, never heard of it. As for my brother, I dont know if he feels this was. Iv never asked him but its possible. We are very close but we dont talk much about what we went through growing up with our dad. He treats his wife n kids SO good, he makes me proud that he’s become the man that he is. Maybe one day, ill sit with him n ask him that. He’s a funny guy, so I can see him blowing it off with a joke, to avoid the conversation. But thank u, jamie… I will look into that book.

    • Great post David! I totally understand 🙂 For me it made it hard to know where to draw the line in a relationship…but I eventually learned.

      This pretty much sums it up for a lot of abused people: “Nobody would have believed that such an upstanding citizen of the community like my father could have beaten his children so brutally that one of them would have killed him for it out of fear!”

    • I, too, am amazed any of those HLN shows are still on the air. They simply undermine the right of defendants to have a fair trial by stoking up public outrage for ratings. It’s disgusting. The Casey Anthony case was the classic example of the mob mentality at work, total manipulation by the media for ratings. Never mind the fact the prosecution there had no real case at all against her, for if you can’t even determine how the alleged victim died, how in the world can you sit there and prosecute a case?

      I have followed the Arias case from the time it first became nationally known when it was broadcast on 48 Hours. I live in southern Oregon, in Medford, in fact, not far from where Jodi Arias lived for much of her life. As this case has worn on, I have had conflicting opinions about it. She shouldn’t get the death penalty because this is clearly a second-degree murder case, a crime of passion. On the other hand, she really messed up when she didn’t exercise her Miranda rights and get an attorney. She needed to keep her mouth shut to both the police and the media. Now she may pay for this oversight with her life since she told at least three different stories. That’s why many people out here doubt her anything she says; she blew it by not keeping quiet about it and letting the attorneys do the work. Furthermore, you have Travis’s many friends and family members out there talking to the media painting Jodi as this Jezebel who seduced this innocent guy and nary a word in rebuttal. It’s clear the guy was a con man and a jerk and a far cry from what he pretended to be to his friends. That doesn’t justify being butchered, but there is a whole lot more going on here than what we’ve been told.

      • Tonysam, you bring up some good points. One thing for sure is that the prosecution will try to say that if Jodi lied and changed her story, how can you believe her now. I think the answer is very simple. Jodi was afraid and Jodi could not trust that the police would believe that Travis attacked her. Lying is something everyone has done. It is sometimes a moral issue but most of the time it is done out of fear. The common theme in jodi’s life has been a mantra of fear that has plagued her for most of her life. Besides that, how would anyone expect the police to understand the psychological impact of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. It is contrary to their training. They use force, fear and deception to get people to talk. It would have been better for Jodi to have remained silent and never to have spoke with the media. The police are not your friends. Police have a mentality to not trust anything a person says. That is part of their training. They have an important purpose in society and I am not here to bash the police. However, their main goal is to make an arrest. So, never speak to the police if there is even a remote chance you can be arrested for something. The media often conducts interveiws with analysts and voice polygraph experts sitting off camera. That was how they knew that Susan Smith acted alone in the murder of her children. After their interveiw with Jodi, they knew that they did not have the correct story. Now Jodi is opening up and everything she says has the ring of truth because everything makes logical sense.

        The fact that Jodi did not have a pre-planned story is strong evidence that the killing was not premeditated. Someone who plans a murder gets all the details worked out in advance. Jodi is a smart girl and she would have had some explanation for her time around the event. She would have selected a method that would not leave evidence like cameras, palm prints in the blood and a locked door behind her. She would have taken Travis’s money to make it look like a break in and theft. The fact that she made phone calls to Travis after the event illustrates that Jodi was still operating in a fearful and reactive mode. There is not one of us who would not lie if we thought that we could divert attention away from us. So lying is natural when a person “fears.”

        Tonysam, you bring up a point about a crime of passion and second degree murder. I could almost buy second degree murder if Jodi had not endured all of the abuse that led to the event. If someone merely gets angry and over-reacts and they kill someone, I can see that as second degree murder and a crime of passion. When you add all of the abuse, torment and confusion that was interjected through the dirty sex mixed in with Holy Mormon faith, then it leads to the question of what Jodi perceived. If Jodi perceived a threat of harm, then it is self defense and reaction to fear; not a crime of passion. We cannot go into Jodi’s mind and know with certainty whether or not she perceived such a level of fear that she would use deadly force to stop the attack. All we have to do is evaluate whether or not it is possible based on the testimony, and that is in my book reasonable doubt. Self defense is an absolute defense and the prosecution has to show that it could not have happened the way Jodi says in order to refute it. I think that Jodi should walk free.

        • Thank you for bringing up the topic of dirty sex—when I was in my mid-20’s, in the 1980’s, I had a boyfriend who had, unfortunately seen an awful lot of pornography (both movies and magazines) before we met, and I struggled constantly in my relationship with him to try to keep our sexual relationship at least half-way clean or normal. He and all of his friends were pretty heavy porn users for that time, which is considered just “normal” now, and their ideas of what women were like sexually, or wanted sexually, were quite skewed. He and I had both been badly abused by family members, and he seemed to have a very hard time resisting the inclination to degrade me with one thing or another, sexually or otherwise, throughout our entire relationship. To make a long story short, after conning me for 6 months that he was the only man who would ever love me this much, which would mean that I owed him my undying loyalty, he practically overnight became bored with the whole thing and would do his best to avoid me without actually breaking up with me. By the time this happened I was very attached to him, and I was also very in love with him as well.

          I was EXTREMELY angry at him for his withdrawal from me, especially after all the brainwashing he’d used on me (like lecturing me on how I owed him everything in a parked car for at least an hour almost every night of the week), and after all of the sex we’d had, which was never anything casual to me in the least. I’m very sorry to say that I wanted to literally kill him, to put it bluntly. After starting to actually plan his murder (he has no idea how close he came to losing his life), I knew I was probably losing my mind and headed for prison, so I turned in desperation to Jesus, who took enough of the pain away in about 15 minutes flat to make the agony and outrage of what had happened to me just bearable enough for me to stop planning to kill him.

          Although I’ve now been very happily married for 20 years, and see sex between unmarried people as not good, at that time in my life I was ripe for being used by someone like this, and poor Jodi, having the rotten luck of being a young person in this day and age, was also certainly damaged by what Travis did to her. I still to this day get nervous when I’m alone with any men that I don’t know very well (like getting panicky at the optometrists), and my reaction is exactly like I’ve been sexually molested, even though I never have been actually, technically molested. These panic attacks that would result from being alone with men, even when alone with my own Dad, who hadn’t been my family abuser, all started right after I broke up with that boyfriend in the 80’s.

          I believe that ALL of the un-committed sex that women have, even if they initiated it, is ultimately traumatizing, which I know would been seen as an extreme position by many people, but this has been my own personal experience. So not only do I have no trouble understanding why Jodi was truly traumatized by the sex that she had with Travis (even though it was consensual), due to his lack of respect and refusal to commit to her, but I also understand the part about being mad enough afterwards to be able to actually murder someone. Pornography trains men to see women as worthless (and trains women to see themselves as worthless as well), and it also makes men tired of their partners much faster than they would be otherwise. There is plenty of pornography on the internet at this point that features anal sex between heterosexuals, and although many people now see this as normal, due to sheer repetition, I think that the idea that this is MEANT to degrade the “receiver”, in most instances, hasn’t gone away, and that any man who truly loved or respected a woman would not only never ask her to do this, but that he probably wouldn’t even have it OCCUR to him to do this to her—I once had a boyfriend ask me to do this, and I broke up with him just for asking.

          Travis didn’t necessarily have to have had anyone in his life actually teach him to disrespect women—pornography teaches men to disrespect woman very effectively all by itself.

          • Thank you for sharing your story. Sexual abuse sure causes a lot of damage and I am glad that you are in a happy marriage.

            Just on here to say that I am praying for Jodi.

          • Someone doesn’t have to be raped, by legal standards, to be thoroughly damaged by a sexual act, and I can’t believe that Nancy Grace, etc. keeps referring to Jodi as apparently not that badly hurt by Travis because she went back for more—we’ve known for quite a while now that people who’ve been molested often go along with the degradation willingly, will afterwards gravitate towards people who will abuse them in a similar manner, and that they will often appear to others to be pursuing the very thing that you’d think they would hate after what had happened to them–and this is why the teen-aged girl who’s molested by a father or step father, who then goes on to be a prostitute or a porn actor, is now a cliché. Nancy and her ilk know better than to go down the “then why did she keep going back to him” road over and over again, as well as repeatedly and shamelessly shouting down anyone who tries to point this already well-known fact out, and it’s unconscionable to me that this same claptrap gets repeated incessantly on TV and on the internet concerning Jodi, as if there couldn’t possibly be any on other logical, rational way of looking at this.

            Nancy had to reluctantly admit that people were becoming more sympathetic towards Jodi last night, but then quickly added that she thought that when Jodi is questioned by the prosecution, that she will be then be seen to be the complete liar that she really is—first of all, Jodi is getting more sympathy because she’s letting us see the real Travis—HER Travis, not the Travis that all the rest of his associates knew, the one who didn’t seem to have any significant problems. And HOW DARE anyone assume she’s lying about him—if she was lying (which I believe she didn’t need to, since his real behavior was obviously despicable enough in and of itself), but that if she was going to lie, then why wouldn’t she be making him look even worse—hey, if you’re going to lie, then why not embroider the whole thing to make him look as bad as possible, especially if your very life is on the line.

            And I also realized that men also get very emotionally and mentally wounded by women who don’t care to commit to them or treat them right, as well, and that I should have included that in my last post. If one person, male or female, thinks twice now about taking someone for a ride like the one that Travis took Jodi on, as a result of this case being all over the media, then this horrible tragedy (which was a tragedy for both Travis AND Jodi) will have thankfully borne some good fruit.

            Your compassion for women, David, and the compassion of ALL of the men who have posted here in the defense of Jodi, is very, VERY refreshing, to say the least.

          • Irola-
            Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry you had to endure all that.

            I understand what you mean about feeling uncomfortable around men, and even someone you shouldn’t feel threatened by. I think the hypervigilance after trauma is likely what contributes to ‘being on edge’, more aware of your surroundings, fear that anyone (especially men) as a potential threat, and so on…

            My traumas have really affected my relationships. Affection, intimacy and touching can be okay/ feel good one minute and then I’ll start getting flashbacks and will feel that my boundaries are being invaded, touch feels dirty, i begin to feel like just an object to the guy, and then agitation/rage.

            It sucks that the guy who raped me continues to take from me- My relationships don’t last because my boyfriends haven’t been able to understand what’s going on. They have a difficult time accepting that I have trouble with intimacy, or that I get flashbacks of my rape/rapist sometimes when THEY touch me. I beat myself up mentally because I’m still so dysfunctional. (I have been/am currently in therapy getting help) It’s just amazing how different kinds of trauma can affect people in so many different ways.

            I’m with you on the ‘porn’ subject. If I’m dating someone and I find out they look at porn- for some reason I become immediately disgusted & turned-off by them. I think it bothers me because it brings thoughts and feelings of women being objectified and just used for sexual pleasure. I’m not a prude and am normally open to a lot of things. It’s such a trigger for me though. A lot of times I won’t be able to get the image out of my head of my bf looking at/ viewing porn. I believe porn can desensitize a person to others’ feelings & sexual boundaries.

            I don’t mean to complain so much about men- that’s just been the majority of my experience. I do believe women can be just as manipulative, hurtful and abusive towards men.

        • David- Thanks for mentioning what you did about the police. I don’t have anything against the police either, and would want to immediately ask for an attorney (guilty or not) because of their natural doubt. When someone thinks it’s a sign of ‘guilt’ when a person immediately asks for an attorney- I just think they’re being smart and know better than to risk it.

          • @ Irola David, me and all the rest of the “True Men” here see the much BIGGER picture when it comes to women. We are concious of the fact that life comes from the female! Malcolm X said something to the fact that it is the mother who is the cornerstone, or foundation of the family. She is the first teacher of the child period! Hence the saying, “One man equals an individual, one woman equals a nation”.

            In closing all I can say is good lord! Most women are just asking men to treat them like equals when in reality they should rightfully be demanding men to treat them more like SUPERIORS!!!

          • Tony-
            Your post was so nice to read. It means more than you are probably aware of. Sometimes it seems like respectful, thoughtful men no longer exist. Your post gives me hope that they do. Thanks for your endearing perspective.

    • David-
      Thank you so much for your courageous post. I believe everything you said and can relate in so many ways. Although the circumstances are awful, it’s still nice to hear (especially for those that don’t understand why she stayed with him/went back to him) the mentality behind it explained in such detail. You’ve given a very thorough and honest account of what abuse can do to a person’s psyche.

      As you described earlier, people that have been abused will often recreate the chaotic, volatile environment because that’s what they’re used to- that’s what feels ‘comfortable’ and strangely ‘safe’ to them. Sometimes it seems that’s all we/they deserve (in our minds anyway) because we don’t know any different.

      I’m sorry you had to go through what you did and I appreciate that you are willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable by telling your experience. Thank you.

  38. I was just listening to her testimony about the prepaid legal meeting in Vegas. It sounds a hell of a lot like a Landmark Education Forum. If you Google Landmark Education, Prepaid Legal, and Mormon you may find a fully rational defense. Read the Rick Ross site about that Landmark Cult. If that Travis was a member of Landmark, I would now have reasonable doubt.

    • I’ll have to check that stuff out. I found the pre-paid legal thing interesting in the first place because I knew so many LDS people here in UT trying to sell it.

  39. Hi Everyone

    I have a question about Travis. He’s always mentioned as “financially successful” and “godly.”

    Was there any evidence to support the idea that he was financially successful?

    Here’s why I’m asking.

    I spent an hour or so on websites for Maricopa County. He bought his house in 2004 for $249,918.
    He took out two mortgages totaling $249,834.
    He retires the debts of 2004 in 2006. He takes out another mortgage for $336,000

    In 2008, he refinances the sum of $332,500.

    Ok, so that “big real estate bubble time.” A lot of people were doing it. Fine.

    After his death, on the 10th of October 2008 there’s a document indicatingforeclosure. It’s auctioned and eventually sold for $206,000

    Foreclosure and auction…. not paid off by life insurance, not paid down by life insurance, not left to family as a (debt encumbered) asset, not left to the church… house is gone.

    So what am I missing?

    What is it about this man that makes so many people label him “financially successful” and “godly?”


    • Jon, It is called “Snake Oil.” If you put it in a pretty bottle, put a fancy label on it and line up a bunch of people who claim it cures cancer, arthritis and all other ailments, people will buy it. They don’t find out that it is phony until after they taste it and realize that it was only cheap whiskey. That explains Travis. Jesus was talking about the hypocrites in John Chapter 15 as being like white washed tombs that appear so beautiful on the outside but filled with corruption, bones and death on the inside. This was Travis.

  40. Dear Family of Jodi,
    My heart goes out to you all, I went to high school with Jodi’s mother and aunt. My heart breaks for your family. I remember Jodi, as a young girl, she came from such a good family , how can this have happened? Jodi, because of her beauty was manipulated by others. Dear family, you are in my prayers and I stand behind you!!! ~Julia~

  41. Thank you, David.

    That’s pretty potent “Snake Oil.”

    It does fit the circumstances, but it casts witnesses against Jodi Arias in a really poor light.

    I’d like to believe that witnesses would have put all that together and determined for themselves that there was an hypocrisy that needs to be acknowledged during interviews with law enforcement and lawyers , but I realize there is a lot to protect, a lot of religion, commitments and appearances which might not hold under serious scrutiny. I can also see leaders directing attention to the gore and away from reasons for the gore.

    I wouldn’t want Jodi, or anyone, to be convicted – or deprived of personal liberty, of life – for a “cover up.”

    That’s a dark picture of the Mormon faith, of our culture, if not humanity as a whole.

    There’s really no other reason for bloggers and forum members to label Travis Alexander “financially successful and godly,” besides “snake oil?”


    • Jon, thank you for your comments. I agree with you that there has been a lot of scandal throughout the history of the Mormon faith. It has occured in every sector of religion from Catholics to Baptists to Pentacostals. When man becomes the focus and not God, there is always greed and desire for power. With organized religion comes the power to control people and their money. Evil people infiltrate these churches for personal gain. We are probably talking about a small handful in every organization. The rest of the people are just like you and me. Many love God and want to do the right things for their families. I don’t think that the Mormon church has any real hidden agenda that is directed at harming Jodi. Many of the witnesses who know the true nature of Travis and his behavior towards Jodi are probably living in fear of retailiation from someone from this small handful of people I have described. They may never come forward. I think that the people of the Mormon church were blind-sided and deceived by Travis’s lies the same way Jodi was deceived. We all have faults. Travis fell prey to the same temptations of the world that all of us experience. It is a battle between the Spirit of God and the flesh of mankind. Travis chose to follow a carnal path. Travis was selfish and chose to exploit Jodi for her body. The Mormon church cannot be proud to call Travis one of their own. Travis was not a “poster boy” for the Mormon church but was supposed to be through his inspirational messages to their young people. Travis brought a false message. Jodi was baptized in the Mormon faith. Why didn’t the Mormons take Jodi under their wings? If they love Jodi the way God loves the Church, then why do they stand back and allow one of their children to be drug through a legal battle for her life? Instead many are shedding tears for Travis who is yet another person who will go down in history as a person who brought great scandal to the Mormon faith. The Mormons do not deserve it! Moreover, Jodi did not deserve it!

      I hope that Jodi doesn’t lose faith in the living God who walks among us. People who put their faith in churches or men will be greatly disappointed. Jodi keep God in your heart. Don’t lose faith because of what people did to you. Many of us love you and are praying for you.


    • Jon-
      You may find a lot of interesting info. on this site I’m going to list below. If you look on the right side column there is something that says “365 Topics”. If you click on that you’ll find a number of different categories, many of which can explain the deception 🙂

  42. I completely support Jodi Arias! People think that domestic abuse is something you can see from the outside of a relationship, and that you can ask friends of the domestic violence victim if they have ever “witnessed” the abuse… of course not! The abuse happens behind closed doors… if the abuser did it publicly they would be arrested! Travis Alexander was filthy, did anyone hear when Jodi said that he adjusted the mirror so he can watch her as she was “performing” on him in the car, this is only minutes after he talking to her about the Book of Mormon?? Who does that? My heart goes out to the Arias family, as I know that you guys don’t have much support but I’m definitely on Jodi’s side. I could only imagine the stress Jodi must have been under knowing that she had to “obey” Travis as a boyfriend and an elder of the Mormon Church.

    • I thought I might’ve heard that about the car mirror, but wasn’t sure if I just imagined it or not. I was disgusted when it came to mind though. I’m not a prude by any means- I think I was most disgusted by his actions (giving her the BOM, then requesting oral sex & adjusting the mirrors) and the ‘good-guy’ front he portrayed to everyone.

  43. I am sitting here watching this trial, of coarse like always my family is against her, just because of the charge, there is no doubt in my mind that travis alexander beat the hell out of her, it was self defense

  44. I have migrated from another popular website whose members’ sole purpose is to form an opinion beforehand and hold a noose in their hands while waiting for the trial to end. I find their lynch mob mentality to be so far distanced from their self-proclaimed sleuthing abilities as to be laughable. They act more like grade school children, giggling at sexual photos and cheering on Nancy Grace. I’m thankful those people were not selected to be on a jury of Jodi’s “peers”.

    At the very least, I feel Jodi should be given a chance to tell her side of the story, hopefully as truthfully as possible this time. Her testimony so far seems to be free of most of the incriminating body language she displayed while lying to the lead detective.

    • My post in her defense was removed 3 hours later on this particular site that you mentioned yesterday.

      A bunch of cackling hens that don’t care about whether she was even abused or not, and in my opinion using IS abusing.

  45. I realize some of the things I’m about to type here may be misinterpreted by some of you who are so sure this was self defense. This may not get posted but I’m going to give my opinion anyway. At first I was very consumed with sadness for this poor man brutally murdered by this psycho. However, I now sit on the fence. Why? I have followed this case on every channel that has a broadcast about it, I have seen the photos more than i like to admit, I have watched every single minute of the trial, and read hundreds of articles, blogs, facebook, etc. after hearing Jodi for the past 3 days I feel like I know her better. I too have experienced everything she has talked about and more. Travis reminds me of a man I dated for 3 years. He had his act together so to speak. He had a well paid, prestigious job. He was well known and liked in my community. He was even respected by many people. I did not kill him, but he tried to kill me several times. The relationship started out as him pursuing me while he had a gf. She cheated and he beat her then broke up with her. This is after he kept her in his home for 4 days to nurse her bruises so that she could not go to the cops with any evidence. Keep in mind I did not know this until the end of our relationship. He introduced me to drugs which i had never done before and lots of crazy sexcapades. At first it was all about wooing me with his nice house, cars, boat, and a never ending supply of money. An uneducated 21 year old girl longing to be loved, accepted, respected, and successful was what I was at the time. I was severely abused by my parents, mainly my dad my whole life up until the age of 18. I was molested in the sixth grade. So I have terribly low self esteem, and no self respect. I went through an incident in highschool where my “sweetheart” finally convinced me to have sex. After he took my virginity he ran all over school giving sordid details about it and all of it was bs. So highschool was complete and utterly shameful for me. I digress. My point is this man who introduced me to all these new things had practically brainwashed me. I thought i was nothing without him. The first attempt to kill me was at a bar after I walked in on him getting a blowjob from another man! I flipped! Who wouldn’t right?! So i stormed out he followed and I called him some harsh names referring to what I just witnessed and got a kick right in my gut so hard I flew back what seemed like forever and landed on my back on the pavement. Next thing I know I’m being dragged across the parking lot by the hair of my head. Once I started to get my wits about me I started fighting like hell to get on my feet. I guess I should tell you this guy was on steroids and 6’4″. I was 105lbs soaking wet and 5’1″. So you can imagine how easily it was for him to toss me around like a ragdoll. I couldn’t get to my feet but had managed to get flipped around so that I was facing the pavement. My white jeans were torn and bloody on the knees and as I felt a really hard yank to my head the next thing I knew was watching a huge pothole the size of a car full of muddy water getting ready to welcome me in. He let go and i pushed myself up and started to get in a position to run. He then picked me up around the waist and toted me like a football to his car. He put me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. When he got to the drivers side i was fumbling w the seatbelt to bolt from the car. That really made him mad. He seized me by the throat and pulled me with all his might which landed me on my back on the center console between our seats. He continued choking me so I started kicking. I kicked hard and wherever my kicks landed I struck with all the force I could possibly produce. As I’m kicking he’s squeezing harder and pushing as hes doing so which puts me in an upside down position. The top of my head was digging into the floor board behind the console and the bottom half of my body still laid across the console. I remember thinking this was the end of my rope. I was about to die all because of wounded pride. God wasn’t ready for me yet and I believe he gave me the strength I needed to get out of this mans death grip. I wa still kicking this whole time and I was exhausted and blood was rushing to my head and I couldnt breathe. Finally one of my kicks found his head and I kicked again once I realized it was his head I was kicking. He lossened his grip and finally let go and I flipped over the console backwards and gave him one more kick to the face found the door handle and ran as fast as I could to the entrance of the bar. He high tailed it out of there and spent 2 weeks after this took place sending me gifts, apologies, and proof he was going to a therapist for help. I got sucked back in and the second time involved a knife to my throat. I won’t tell the rest of the story but I tell you this to make my point. He was a master manipulator. He controlled me like a puppet on strings and I let him because he is what I thought I wanted. I thought I loved him. I hung on his every word even though I wa scared to death of him. He had this way about making me believe I needed him. During that relationship I had thoughts of killing him in his sleep, or while in the shower, anytime he was vulnerable. But I am not a killer. I do strongly believe that Jodi may have been manipulated by Travis. It may not have been as severe as what I endured but every person is different and I can see why or how she could be driven to what she did. If I had been prepared to fight back, meaning if I had weapons close to me, I would have used them. When it comes to your life or the person’s life who is threatening yours, trust me YOU always fight for YOU. Maybe she had that gun in case he snapped on her again. Who knows. I also could see this being an “if I can’t have you no one can” type of situation as well. I’ve been there. I know that feeling of loving someone so much and counting on thier love and loyalty to you and being told it will never go further than sex every now and then. Its infuriating. Its a strong strong feeling of hopelessness and deep despair. You feel like nothing is ever going to be good for you again. That there will never be another guy like him and you can’t bear the thought of him happy and loving someone else. That could be what this is all about too. Maybe she went there to be with him an after yielding to his sexual desires he has a talk with her about breaking ties for good. What happened between 1:45 and 5:30? Maybe that was the talk which escalated to a fight which escalated to these feeling I just mentioned. Whatever the case may be I don’t think another life should be taken for this. I don’t agree with the death penalty unless someone of a sound mind kills brutally just for the fun of it. Sorry i typed so much but I hope you understand my point of view. Also, i would say rest easy jodi fans. I believe Martinez is going to end up losing his temper and being cruel to her which will most definitely illicit sympathy from the jury. At this point in time with the given knowledge we have thus far I think the jury will be hung, or they will say guilty an she will get a life sentence. I just pray that the truth comes out in court so that these jurors can come to the RIGHT verdict.

    • You didn’t write too much.

      Thank you for telling what happened to you–I am extremely glad you lived through knowing this man–you were almost a statistic.

      Jodi desreves to be heard. She was manipulated, used, and tossed aside by Travis who was so sure he was in the “driver’s seat” in their relationship that he thought he could safely have sex with her one more time and still not want to marry her.

    • Lucy, thank you for sharing! You endured so much. I am happy that you can open up to get it all out. That is part of the healing process. Jodi kept all of hers inside for so long. I hope Jodi has the opportunity to heal and get the help she will need in order to have a meaningful relationship. That is down the road. For now, I will be happy to know that she is walking free.

    • Wow! I’m glad you were able to get away from this guy. It sounds like you were ‘lucky’ in being able to do so- I say ‘lucky’, but not because it was ‘lucky’ that you were treated the way you were- only because you were able to escape. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. Reading it was intense and I could imagine everything so clearly. The details of that day/relationship have really stuck with you. You were brave then, and you are brave now. Take care.

    • lucy, your insight from someone who has been through this is very telling. I agree and feel the same as you. I do not believe in the death penalty tho just because I do not believe anyone, including the law, should take a life as means of penalizing someone. I wish you well and it seems like you have grown stronger from your ordeal. I will pray for you to stay strong and wish you the best in life. I hope you stay a strong advocate for domestic abuse.

    • Lucy: Your post is amazing. My sister had similar experiences. Her husband once drove her and their 5 year old child to the top of a scenic mountain in Canada. He grabbed her and held her by the ankles, head down, looking into this very deep canyon. Only when she screamed, which caused her son to cry for his mommie, did the man bring her back inside the railing. By the way, on Travis: when I hear the words ‘Charismatic and motivational speaker,’ I hear psychopath. Go, Jodi.

  46. This forum is awesome. I love the intelligent conversation!

    I have a question 1) Did Jodi have to plea that she killed in either self-defense or in a moment of passion? I mean, does she have to pick one and only one?

    I see arguments on both sides, but I don’t see why either plea has to be mutually exclusive.

    I can see how it *may* have unfolded – that she killed him in self defense AND snapped, making it also a crime of passion where she took out her hate with the repeated stabbing and throat-slashing.

    If he was sexually aggressive with her (maybe even to the point of rape) she may have been submissive during the act (everyone I know who has been raped by someone she was dating did not fight back, but quietly endured it out of fear and shock) but afterwards something came over her and she killed him both out of defense and passion. Her statements of not particularly liking the sex but “going with it” and “at the point of no return having already committed to the act” sorry I can’t remember the exact quotes, but her statements reminded me of situations I have been in where I did not want to start or continue sexual activity but felt a strong inability to say “no”… a powerful obligation. I can relate to that part of Jodi’s testimony.

    Or perhaps he was going to want anal again and she knew she could not say “no” (she’s admitted she can’t say no) and didn’t want to endure the pain… and during the act of killing him she became enraged.

    I guess I’m trying to say why does it have to be so black and white? I’ve never been there so I cannot imagine what I would or would not do. Especially with someone like Travis who has been characterized as being charismatic and a good motivational speaker.

    I’m not sure how is it that someone can say “if it was in self-defense, she would have shoot/stabbed and then ran.” How would someone know that? I cannot even say what *I* would do let alone someone I don’t know.

    I mean, there is such thing as shock… and I totally agree with the above poster who said she should not be put to death for lying. Who knows, if I was in her position I may suddenly find my normally truthful self spewing lies left and right and possibly even forgetting it out of subconscious denial.

    I would love to hear responses and other points of view….

    • I’d like to mention in this comment…”if he was suxually aggressive with her (maybe even to the point of rape)…” Please explain how the baptism bending her over is not rape…there is no maybe about this incident. She testified she did not do this willingly at any time, regardless of if she screamed no… he did not ask her permission, nor did she give him permission before he started… she was manipulated into it and was afraid to stop him…due to the mental abuse (not wanting to displease him or reject him)… this is rape in my definition…and problematic with the population… this is also the reason why people do not understand marital rape and how it isn’t consentual and hard to convict…

      • Penelope – I have the same view as you, I may not have been clear about it and would like to clear it up.

        My point is that many people don’t have an accurate idea of rape in their minds, and don’t understand that just because a female doesn’t “fight back” doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped.

        When I say “sexually aggressive” I mean strongly pursuing a sexual encounter, NOT forcing one.
        And by “maybe even to the point of rape” I am saying “maybe” because I don’t know that her story is true and so want to be careful about my phrasing. I want to acknowledge that real-life rape IS what Jodi is describing, while being respectful of the fact that it can’t be proven and the victim is not here to defend himself.

        In no way am I saying that the post-baptism anal sex wasn’t rape.

    • It is like everything is black and white on Nancy Grace, etc.–that’s why the posts on here sound intelligent, because life isn’t black and white, and anyone with any discernment is able to see that Travis had his own assortment of problems, too.

      She doesn’t deserve the death penalty.

      IMO he pushed her already fragile personality too far with the S&M crap. People who want to play the role of “master” better hope that the “slave” dosen’t feel compelled to get back at them later.

      He saw her as a easily usable idiot.

      • When nancy G. first came on the air, I used to listen to her because at first she was reporting as a legal analyst and I am interested in law. As the show progressed, I noticed a one-sidedness about Nancy G. She would invite intellectual high profile guest on her show. When it was their turns to talk, Nancy would cut them off and interrupt to get her point across. I found myself always wondering what those other experts were thinking but they could not get a word in past the sound of her harping voice. Then, after she totally blew the analysis of the casey trial, I could see that the program has no useful purpose on the air. I stumbled onto it a few days ago and it was the same old horsecrap. Nancy’s agenda is to bash anyone who is on trial for anything in order to try to stimulate ratings. Most of us people who have followed Nancy’s show in the past have long since gone to better things. I think Lizzard Lick Towing has more facts on their program than Nancy has on hers!

    • yes she had to pick they are totally different she should of picked passion. Hard to say he was the agresser when he was the one naked in a vulnerable position. I believe she did it as a crime of passion due to the build up of abuse in her lifetime.

      • So she did have to pick one or the other. Hmm…. I wonder why they went with self-defense? In my mind if you are defending yourself from someone you know, someone you may harbor anger towards because that person abused you, then self-defense can be wrapped in passion.

        That’s not fair for Jodi that the law would have her pick one and only one.

  47. Me again. I forgot a point I wanted to make in my previous post. The well respected man I told you about got arrested the second year of our relationship. He was charged with several assult on his ex gf and tampering with evidence. It was a locally publicized case. Somehow I ended up taking the blame for his behavior. All of his friends, family, co-workers, all blamed ME for everything. I was called a whore, a trouble making slut, etc. everytime I was out on the town eating, or shopping, I got dirty stares from people. Everywhere I went!! Did he blame me? No. They all assumed because of the man they knew was only one facet. They didn’t know or care to learn how he was behind closed doors. Yet another similarity to Travis. His loyal friend and family will always refuse to see his other side. Now matter how damming the evidence is against him proving Jodi is telling the truth.

    • I know what it’s like to have the sort of no self-esteem personality that attracts sadists. You have my utter and complete sympathy.

      My problems also came from being badly abused inside my family, by my older sister.

      I also understand the “everyone in town believed them and hated me thing”, too–I just had to leave my church of 20 years because of viscious gossip that would make me look like an idiot to try to defend myself from. But luckily I’m Catholic, and there are plenty of other churches to go to.

      Travis was an audacious hypocrite.

  48. The defense is starting to lay grounds for a nice defense so I guess they did have something up there sleeve. Jodi is very convincing but she has to stop with the ums. I do fear though that the prosecutor is going to take down her credibility somewhat because of the interview.

  49. FREE JODI! SHE IS INNOCENT! SHE IS SO NICE AND SEEMS LIKE A N ICE GIRL. The defense is doing an excellent job of beginning to tell the true side of TRAVIS.

  50. One more thing…the Media is bashing her to death (aka) Nancy Grace, cant stand her, anyways, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Travis was a MONSTER and she will be aquitted. I feel bad for her history and what she went through.

    • Travis was no prize–he used her, talked about her like she was trash afterwards (he called her a skank right in front of her to a roomate), and then thought she wouldn’t mind that he’d satisfied himself with her body, but didn’t see her as marriage material.

      He makes me sick, and she seems like she’s still trying to come to grips with what happened that day.

      • His double standard regarding women was the one thing I can’t take. I know it’s still fairly common among men to hold this attitude, but it’s still disgusting. Jodi was “his” booty call, yet she treated her like total garbage and acted ashamed of her. He wasn’t any saint but a liar and a user. She wasn’t good enough to be his wife, but she was “good enough” for him to use and abuse her sexually.

        • Yes, it’s a sexual double-standard that should have been, and was supposed to have been, erased by 40+ years of sexual liberation, pornography, etc.

          Both men and women have a very hard time respecting women who give themselves over easily for sex, or charge money for sex, and it’s pretty obvbious that all the “liberation” in the world can’t change this fact, because it certainly would have by now.

          Women need to wake up and realize that no amount of “no-committment-needed” sex can guarantee that a man will fall in love with you for it eventually, and continuing to give yourself to someone who does’t truly value you is horrbly self-destructive.

          • I totally agree but seriously, if you like anal sex and want it, wouldnt a woman who is willing to do it be the best person to committ to and marry? I mean if that is something that a man likes why marry someone who wont do that and what…. go cheat eventually? why would you look down on her for giving you what you want? Again the portrayal of the public self is very different than the real self as with most narcissists. Does anyone else see this? but Jodi is being called the narcissist? If anything Jodi is codependent and her identity was confused by a man she desperately wanted to please. She says “I didnt want to dispease him”…. the girl needed to realize sex was not the way to get him. I dont think there was any way to get him and its sad she couldnt see that that was the best thing for her… to NOT HAVE someone like that who discounted her existence in his life but would share a bed with her!

  51. Travis was definitely not a gentleman, it was the prosecutions fault for painting him as a saint and now that Travis’s real personality and agenda is coming out they are calling it victim bashing! Cmon, the guy was an asshole who treated women as sexual objects for his own gratification. Did he deserve to die, hell no. I cannot believe the comments I am hearing like this was just a typical guy and by women???!!! I would hope women would not accept this type of treatment from a man? Although I do see where Jodi is coming from and how she would be lured into his control. This guy was a motivational speaker for a company that is nothing more than a pyramid scam and these type of people are agressive, controlling and master manipulators. I do not think Jodi deserves the death.

    • That’s right–how does telling the truth about HIS character equate with victim bashing??? Her lawyer is just trying to help the jury get a sense of what their realtionship was really like–I can’t stand to see people (usually women) having the attitude that what he was actually like has absolutely no bearing on anything, or the simplistic tendancy to make it all black and white, Jodi=bad, Travis=good.

      And if Travis’s personality is just “par for the course” at this point , then we are ALL in trouble.

      I left a supportive post concernig Jodi on a well known true crime site, and it was not only taken off about 3 hours later, but every written response (I did get some thanks from a few people) was negative, except the one from another woman my age who tried to explain to me that anal sex is now seen as nothing weird, so I should just relax, but the rest were insulting, the worst being one where the poster said I was dangerous because I thought anal sex wasn’t a good thing.

      This is become one sick world.

      • People just need to lookat the entire picture here. Seems to be you have a vulnerable young woman who is dying for love cause she didnt get a good sense of healthy love growing up, attaches herself ot a possibly narcissitc man who really has no emotional connection to her but yet he can entertain that other women are worthy of him in marriage, not Jodi. Why cause she allowed anal sex? please. He wanted it yet he was pure as ever and she is the slut? All the defense is doing is explaining what the hell actually happened to this girl, we all know what happened to Travis. I am a little sick of hearing how fantastic Travis was, the man did not deserve to die for treating a woman like that, he deserved to be dumped. She is guilty but I wouldnt put her to death, would like to see ppl get some insight into this not so blatant type of abuse. L

        • I have also had it occur to me that he didn’t see her as worthy of ultimately being his wife because she let him despoil her in this fashion–so HE’S the one who ruins her, and then he treats her like SHE’S now automatically just a piece garbage afterwards.

          Insane, and not to mention downright nasty and cruel.

          • Yes Irola, how does he engage in anal sex and throw her over the bed and call her a “skank” as such a funny joke and not admit shes anything to him and yet that is fine for him to do but shes not worthy enough to be his trophy wife because of what he is doing? The girl wanted validation and mistakably felt by giving him what he wanted he would be happy and want her. I think Jodi needed help and like I said if you read about narcissism this man behaved in such a way that she was an object, with no emotional attachment and if you read research about it (which I have cause I dated one just like this and I dont condemn Jodi for having anal sex, MOST men like this!) but if you read it is EXTREMELY hard to detach from these people. It is cruel and void of emotion. I just wonder if self defense is the right strategy here and helps temporary insanity is more appropriate? I do not think Jodi is insane. It disturbs me that Nancy G. thinks none of what the defense is putting forward is relevant… Her show depicts that Travis was a successful fantasic wonderful gentle man and she is a monster. Its not objective. Its also not uncommon for narcissists to treat every other woman wonderfully and yet zero in on someone they feel is weak and they disrespect. I think he thought he was entitled to treat her that way. (believe me I have dated this type and thankfully read and read and read about narcissism til I realized what I was dealing with and got away. It was a horrid three years of my life to date that man and I myself went to his house ot confront him.) He didnt deserve to die like I said but be kicked to the curb. Feel bad for Jodi that she didnt get help to see she was worthy of a man who would treat her right. The media needs to acknowledge it is relevant to portray the nature of the dynamics of what has occurred here.

  52. Jodi Arias is NOT innocent. She admitted she killed TA. However, I feel sorry for her not having a close friend to talk to about TA. That friend could have helped her to get away from him. Hopefully she will get life and continue her education, selling her art and making a movie. Most of all I hope she gets closer to God.

    • Jodi is INNOCENT. and she will be aquitted. Look at what she went through her whole life. She had to protect her self from that MONSTER.

        • She most definitely has a case against this man. No one should be treated this way for offering such wonderful gifts like he did and then tell her to get lost. No one deserves to be lead down a road of such exclusive lifestyle and then be dumped.

          • She’s been a prisoner since the unlucky day she met that Mormon/moron pedo at the Rainforest Cafe in Vegas. She is a tragic but unbroken victim of trauma based/Project Monarch-ish mind control. It would be an absolute Travisty if she were not acquitted. She took a pedophile/serial abuser, whose aberrant behavior was relentlessly escalating, out of the game; I say that makes her a hero not a villain. She’s a noble woman. The noble shall rise above, always. Freedom is nigh for Jodi. Mark my words.

    • It is too bad that she didn’t have a good friend to talk it out with (but she probably had plenty of FB friends like most people her age–but what good is that in a situation like this), and I too hope she gets closer to God, just like 99.9 percent of us need to.

      • She was in love with him. She would not have wanted anyone to know what really went on in their relationship and would therefore not have discussed it. Even now, when testifying, she doesn’t want anyone to think badly of him.

  53. In hindsight of what we know now what is your opinions on the oral sex and anal sex vs the Mormon believe, vs. her accusation of his alleged interest in young boys ? Also, was there young boys in the Mormon church in the area that he attended that he would have come in contact with that she may have witnessed as well ? TIA. Input is appreciated.

  54. That guy used her, treated her like crap, was arrogant and full of himself…….he was a huckster selling snake oil and a pyramid scheme, with tacky pinstriped suits…having said that, he did not deserve to be killed…..She was driven mad by a goof who wasnt even interested in her…..she had the unfortunate luck to get hung up on a loser, I feel bad for her she let him get the best of her and for some reason she snapped.

    How many of us girls have met idiots like that in our lives?? Lots of men do that to women on a regular business and if we retaliate we are called pshycho. jodi actually did to TA what lots of us fantasized about, im sure loads of women out there know what im talking about……

    Murder is wrong, he did not deserve that fate , but either did she deserve the treatment she got from him… all i can say is buyer beware, men who mistreat women should take notice and maybe change their behaviour towards girls because if anything this case shows how badly it can effect a womans mind and emotions.

  55. Emotional abuse is at least as damaging as physical abuse. One plays on the body; the other plays on the mind.
    When you are the kind of person who would inflict that kind of abuse on another human being..calling them names like 3 hole wonder, pornstar, and skank… especially when that was a person who cared so much for you
    Well…let’s just say Karma is real. In this case, your black, evil Karma took your life.
    Can’t say a person like you will be missed.

  56. I had not previously heard of this 2008 case. (By the way: why did it take this long for the trial to begin?)

    Like Travis Alexander, my ex-boyfriend is also a pseudo religious man now in his 50s with a troubled past. He is a sex addict who enjoys “kinky” (i.e. non-vanilla) sex. He was sexually abused as a young boy by an uncle, has a very complex love-hate relationship with his mother, lost his father a decade ago. He sought out religion in an attempt to escape his demons but it made it worse. In the mid-90s at his house of worship, he found a woman a couple of years younger than himself who is masochistic and whom he dated off and on for almost two decades. He never intended to marry or or have kids. He cheated on her repeatedly with other women, most of whom did not know he had a girlfriend. He had sex with prostitutes. He is a porn addict. He now has a serious STD and has knowingly infected other women. Last year he entered a sham marriage to a woman two decades his junior who needs a Green Card to be able to remain in the U.S. He gets sex, she gets her Green Card. She is a masochist like his ex-girlfriend, has no money, no family in this country, no skills. They met at their house of worship: this is also where he met his ex-wife back in the 80s: he cheated on her too and they had a S/M relationship. His self-esteem is very low, he hates himself, his mother, his step-father, women. He resents his dependence on women for sex and love and punish them for it by withholding affection, taunting them, cheating on them. In 2005, he had sex with a virgin 30 years younger, a young confused woman he met by chance. His ex-girlfriend is now in her early 50s, alone, no husband, no kids, no boyfriend, lives a few miles from him, knows about his sham marriage. How she keeps from murdering him is a mystery to me. I applaud Jodi for going after the cheating, abusive, SOB boyfriend instead of a female romantic/sexual rival like the L.A. cop Stephanie Lazarus did when she murdered her ex-boyfriend’s wife Sherri Rasmussen. Don’t kill the rival, kill the SOB who hurt you if you ARE going to kill someone. But better yet, don’t kill anyone: expose him, tell the world what he did, shame him, make him lose his job, his rep, everything. That’s the best revenge. No scumbag is worth going to death row for.

  57. I beliieve Travis’ family may very well be hiding that they were sexually abused as kids, or just Travis perhaps. Did the defense look intoo this? Travis is perfect textbook case of the two-faced person: the psuedo religious man with a secret life of kink and physical and emotional abuse. His eyes are cold, he looks like a psychopath in most photos.

    I wish Jodi had not killed him, but she did and she will most likely pay for it with her own life. No douchebag is worth that, but at least she went after him and not one of his other sexual liasons.

  58. I find Jodi’s mousy appearance in court indicative of gross sexism and the madonna/whore issue: before, she was a very attractive, charismatic, sexual woman. Now, she is made to look “non-threatening” with dowdy clothes, glasses and dull hair. (rape vicltims are told they were raped because they wore “provocative” clothes, pinning the blame on them instead of the rapist.)

    Americans are brought up to think that sex is “dirty” and many people are never able to let go of that feeling of shame. Many are sexually abused which adds to their shame. Men look at women as either the whore or the madonna. Girls and women are “bad” if they have sex, and “good” if they don’t. Men are studs, players, tom cats, sowing their wild oats. The double standard must end. The “sex is dirty” mindset must end. Religion messes with peoples’ heads. Millions will continue to be abused, to feel shame, to abuse others or be abused.

  59. I just wanted to say that I have been watching and following this trial since it has started and just wanted to say that Jodi I believe .you and I hope that the jury will believe you it must be so hard for you.just re live what had happened to you, you aphre one very strong women . Hang in there I am pulling for you stay positive and think good thoughts

  60. When are they going to release real evidence?? She has to have something to back her up!!! I feel in my gut that something def wasn’t right with him and he def abused her but the jury isn’t going to “take her word”. The defense has to have some kind of physical evidence!!! Please tell me they do!!!

    • Ann, I really dont know what furthur evidence the defense has. I believe the fact that the prosecution will have a hard time disproving Jodi’s testimony will be enough for reasonable doubt. The fact that Jodi lied twice before can easily be explained by the defense. It is very common for people to make up stories because people are afraid and they do not trust the police. I would lie too. It isn’t a matter of morals, it is a reaction to fear. Jodi has been living in a state of fear for several years. I hope the fear is over soon and that Jodi will walk out of that courtroom a free person.

  61. During the Kaycee trial, a person in the courtroom flipped off the prosecutor and was charged with contempt of court. The actions could have led to a mis-trial and could have influenced the jury. The judge was quick to put a stop to it.

    Similarly, Travis’s sister is in the courtroom, smirking and rolling her eyes while Jodi is testifying. That behavior could also influence the jury and should not be allowed in the courtroom. If a member of the jury sees the sister roll her eyes after an answer is given, it sends a non-verbal message to the jury that the answer was a lie. This should not be allowed to continue. Nobody should get away with using non-verbal communication in the court room in an attempt to influence the jury. Like I said before, the sister is a cop and police are trained not to believe anything. They use deception and force to get what they want. They think they know everything and they think that they are above the law. That is the police mentality. Those deceptive eye rolls and facial expressions need to be silenced in order for Jodi to have a fair trial.

    Travis’s sister should be charged with contempt of court and removed.

    I am still praying for Jodi to walk free.

  62. sj

    email me if i can help at all with this website!!!!!!!!!

    casey, oj, etc…. i have watched every trial and thank god for ppl like you

    and do anyone who might be weary…. look at the amount of comments from blog postings..

    5 mayb 7 comments to hundreds…. and you have to search to find this site!

    i would love to help start something wr ppl could blog during the HLN “lets make money off the tradegies n condem the accused” shows like nancy uglyface……..


  63. Although the subject matter is not one that brings me any kind of joy, it is indeed a pleasure to come to this site and to read intelligent and fair comments, unlike the frenzied and vitriolic lynch mob posts on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

    • I agree. I ignore all of the Nancy G horescrap too. The media always takes a position against a defendant and places labels on them like “Mormon version of Kaycee” etc… I think that the media should not be allowed to cover anything but the facts of the trial until after it is over. Then they can say whatever they want. I would like to remind everyone that Kaycee was found not guilty and should be afforded the same freedom and privacy that any citizen of this country enjoys. Likewise, Jodi is innocent and the media should not have the right to smear her name while she is on trial for her life.

  64. At this point I want to thank God for the freedom of opinion…

    I turned on this trial believing that Jodi Arias was guilty, plain & simple, of a heinous murder, that she clearly committed.
    I also pride myself on having an open mind, not letting emotions get the best of me, and seeing 2 sides to every story. I think the world is full of individuals who will never open their eyes to the “evils” of the world, so they walk around blind & ticked off about it. I will never be one of those, & often question many things that are “fed” to me. That being said~

    I have gotten past the ‘Travis was a spiritual perfection of a man, and Jodi was a she devil in disguise’ motive. Delving into the past of Travis, as much as Jodi, leads one down some rather dark & scarey paths. Travis was a man that was full of hurt & pain from a rather dreadful past. That has not seem to come to the surface. Travis also comes off as having some real issues with women, starting with Mommy. Jodi, on the other hand, comes of as a “love struck hottie” who was trying to find a suitable man to create a life with. She may have been very sexual in her past, but that does not make a KILLER.

    I see a couple who met, liked each other alot, one fell in love, & one didnt. But the one that didnt sure liked the benefits he got from the one that did. Of course Travis not being honest, & using Jodi for was going to hurt her. It would hurt anyone, especially if you were doing things that you really did NOT WANT to do, but did for the one you LOVES pleasure. This went on for MONTHS, as Jodi believed she was becoming special to Travis, & he,on the other hand was planning a different life that did NOT include her, while leading her in a complete opposite direction.

    Then, Travis, not really ever dealing with his childhood issues, had an explosion. After a day full of Travis’ sexual desires filled, Jodi began questioning him as to why he has been leading her on, as she finally had proof to it all. I think he had beat her a few times before, & she let it go, but now she threatend him with the CHURCH & now had pictuures & phone recordings to prove it. & I think Jodi DID fear for her life that day. I think her actions were extreme, yes, but I think his actions were extreme as well.

    I think a whole lot more went on behind those doors then anyone is willing to open their eyes to. And I dont think Jodi should pay with her life being taken. Maybe the jury will feel the same. Not putting my emotions into the mix, but being allowed more information then the jury really gives me no idea how they will rule. I just hope Jodi receives forgiveness from God, and that God protects her thru whatever punishment she gets. And I wish peace for Travis’ soul, as well as his family.

    The only thing similar between this case, OJs, or Caseys (& I believe differently on all 3), is that despite the outcome, NO ONE WON…

  65. Jodi expresses so much of what I have felt in dating a narcissistic man. The portray a public image that is VERY different than the private self. The abuse is not blatant but toxic, you are put on a pedestal, treated wonderful but then devalued, put down and dumped, and the cycle repeats. This is exactly what Jodi is describing when she talks of how she loved it when TA was nice and dreaded his being mean. She makes comment of knowing that “Hyde” would come out eventually and that is exactly what I felt, that the man I was with was a total Jekyl and Hyde and no one else could see it but he would actually “smirk” if he riled me when he was in Hyde mode. He lied, cheated, put down, degraded, then at times praised and made you feel like the most wonderful woman ever. and of course say himself as the most successful weatlhy desireabl man and made sure to have lots of women around him. The emotion was not ever real for more than a couple days and you were used over and over an over and then discarded …. even to the point of how TA denied Jodi’s existance. I myself felt like used toilet paper as well (thought that exact thing), called him Jekyl and Hyde and yes even went to his home to confront him myself! and the reason this happens is because the woman can nof for the life of her understand how she can be so wonderful and praised and then thrown out like garbage… you are constantly always trying to make sense of it. The mind can not even process what the person is doing. Having a higher degree is Psych (yeh and still this was happening) I realized something was wrong and I started reading and looking up his behaviors. I realized this through feeling some of the same emotions as Jodi, the “shaking” she describes when he would get angry… Im sure she felt it in her stomach almost like her organs shaking. I would say to myself, “something is really wrong that someone is affecting me like this”. As time goes on the physical abuse will come eventually… Once I was grabbed so hard on my arm in a restaurant that I was bruised because I didnt follow him immediately to the table. There were not brusies and black eyes… the abuse is of a different nature yet extremely toxic and the course of this is that ultimately you wll be physically abused and then it will your fault as when I would confont him on his lies he would tell me I was psycho because I would get upset and raise my voice. I ended up talking to the woman he cheated on with me for 3 years, and the similariies in what she experienced were uncanny. I thinks he saw it too and realized, hope she did but now I dont care. I realized I was dealing with a very sick person and the only way out was to stop contact and that is what I did, there was no way to a decent healthy relationship. Jodi seems to have had some what of some codependent traits and perhaps borderline traits, borderline does not equal psycho and most are at more danger of hurting themselves. No one can really understand what this does until you experience it… the masses are and HLN shows which seem to be only run by prosecuters clearly did not take a lot of psych courses. Im not saying TA deserved what happened, but this type of abuse is very very real. Everyone asks Why did she go back? why did she stay? why didnt she say no? They bash Jodi and really have no educational foundation in this to pompously state all this. Theres a doctor Sam Vaknin who wrote a book on malignant narcissism. He has many many videos on Narcissism and if you listen to them it might give the masses some insight into this. He helped me a great deal in just listening and described my ex to a tee…I listend to every single video he has on there and in doing so got a clear picture that I needed to just go. I loved him but he was not what I believed him to be, it was a facade, Hyde was real. I feel bad for Travis’s family and for Jodi. I am sure TA was not like this to others or his family at all and they knew a different man. Had I known her Id have tried to show her the best thing was to disappear from TA’s life. Sick of hearing how she is horrible, its a tradgedy what happened .. Sympathies are with TA’s family AS WELL AS JODI. Just hope she knows….People see it Jodi. Will pray for you as well.

  66. I am so sick of all the tv attorneys and tv personalities who are normally advocates of battered and abused women who are jumping on the crucify Jodi bandwagon. There is enough evidence for them to crucify her, they do not need to add more fuel to the fire. If Jodi had not killed Travis but was just going for counseling, they would all be in her corner and claiming Travis was an abuser.

  67. I am a Canadian who started watching this trial about midway with a pre-conceived notion that Jodi was 100% guilty as charged (regrettably, I am a Nancy Grace fan). I then went back and watched the trial footage from the beginning. I have always believed that there are three sides to every story: in this case Jodi’s, Travis’, and what really happened. Unfortunately, Travis’ story is being told from the point of view of a grand standing, Joe pesci wannabe who wants to see nothing less than Jodi’s blood spill.

    After weighing all the facts that have been presented thus far, I have to admit that there HAD to have been something very traumatic happen to Jodi to trigger this outburst that ultimately put an end to TA’s life, and did irreparable damage to the lives of Jodi and so many others. Is it possible for a soft spoken, kind hearted, caring, God-fearing, gifted, and beautiful young woman with no criminal record or history of violence to suddenly “snap” and shoot, mutilate, and decapitate a person that she genuinely loved because she was….jealous?? Perhaps. However, common sense tells me this was not a case where Jodi felt her whole world was going to fall apart because her on again-off again lover, who paid little attention to her when she was not in the sack, bent over his desk, or on her knees, didn’t want to be with her anymore.

    Jodi was used to not being around him for periods of time. She dated others. She is self-sufficient and ambitious. She is way more gorgeous than he was handsome, and could easily find someone to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Something very terrible had to have happened to this young woman for her to react in such a violent manner. It would make more sense to me if the evidence had shown additional footprints, fingerprints, or DNA at the crime scene. I would have then assumed that she had told a close friend or family member about the abuse, and this person had went there to confront TA and a fight ensued. However, the facts are the facts. Jodi is not covering for anybody. She did this alone.

    So, in my sympathy and empathy I’ve gone from being 100% sure of Jodi’s guilt to including her in my nightly prayers. I pray that she may feel a moment of peace. I pray that all family members on both sides can begin to forgive and heal. I pray that she gets a fair trial. I pray that she is not judged to harshly, and that her time served represents her ultimate punishment. Most of all, I pray that Jodi may one day soon live a normal, productive life full of love, hope, and happiness.

    God bless you Jodi and good luck!

    • The thing is that these people that come out on tv (so called experts) to give their own opinion, are only looking for fame. Just to be on national tv they are capable of selling their own soul to the devil. They are not looking for justice, or to help others, what they’re looking for is for their names to be known, but what they don’t know is that one they when they dye they have to give account to God for all the things, good or bad they have done here on earth, and for their surprise, they all gonna be standing in trial as well as Jodi, before the supreme judge which is God. I pray for them to repent for all the things that they have said about this poor girl Jodi. May the Lord have mercy on her and help her in this hard times.

  68. How sick and disgusting TRAVIS was!!!!! All these people did not believe for a second he was one sick puppy! But jodi was smart to tape his PERVERTED. Child molesting ass!!! How can anyone gloss over the fact we hear him saying U LOOK LIKE a 12 year old girl ! Fkn pedifile! U can tell in the taped conversation jodi is acting ! She really wasn’t down with all that sick behavior even tho she did it I don’t think she was comfortable. There fore to me the girl is innocent, she even made him repeat what did u say , when he said about the 12 year old girl!!!! How sick and perverted! Jodi DID all woman a favor! FUCK U TRAVIS U SICK CHILD MOLESTER !!

    • Word.

      F his room temperature I.Q.’d Mormon Mafia cronies that covered up his appalling crimes and tried to intimidate Jodi’s witnesses, friends and family too! Let’s hope they don’t get to the jury. Anything less than an exoneration for Jodi would be a gross miscarriage of justice.

  69. Last Star …

    Star light.. Star bright,
    last star i see…

    As the night prepares for sleep,
    their concert begins,
    one song.. two songs.. three,
    in unison their sweet harmony calls forth,
    chorus of birds welcoming the new day.

    Star light.. Star bright,
    last star i see…

    Caught up in the beauty,
    their melody fills me,
    in this hour between times,
    Peace.. Hope.. Magic,
    i am one with myself.. one with everything,
    and i feel you.

    Star light Star bright,
    last star i see…

    Gazing upwards into the wakening sky,
    i see you,
    last remnant of the night, shining so brightly,
    you’ve waited for me.. once again my friend,
    ready to give of yourself,
    to give all.. so my dreams can be.

    Star light.. Star bright,
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    With closed eyes,
    and open heart,
    a soul aflame once more,
    a spirit’s wish ushers forth,
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    Star light.. Star bright,
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    And, as if your only purpose, was to wait,
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    and in that instant.. you are gone,
    but your promise remains.. i can feel it.

    Can you?

    Star light Star bright,
    last star i see…
    I wish i may.. i wish i might…

    Always look up into the wakening sky …
    As your Last Star will always be there for you.

    Forever and Always …

  70. Wow! I am so relieved to have found this page. Unfortunately after going back and forth between two FB pages for the last few days, I’m to mentally exhausted to write all the things I want to and to respond to so many of the excellent comments here. I’ve wasted so much energy on those pages…ugh! I see comments here about all of the hatred on FB, it’s so true, it’s awful. I have commented multiple times, just because I want to scream at people for being so stupid, hateful and ignorant, and now that I found this page I feel like I can discuss this with reasonable and intelligent people as opposed to battling the insanity on FB. Thank you!

  71. I found your website and I find it very interesting…I love reading the factual details that you and others have provided…I dislike watching Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Vinnie Politan, and a few others….They all have become the biggest joke that the American television viewing audience has ever seen… with all of their disgusting comments that they make toward people…They are very opinionated about many people…they see it only their way and no way…and they are quick to verbally crucify people and literally electrocute people with their spoken words before that person ever gets a fair trial…They all seemed obsessed to make Casey Anthony the most hated woman in the world…and now I can see that they are traveling down that same road to make Jodi Arias the second most hated woman in the world…and all because they have the power to spread distortions of the truth with the power of their spoken words through the news media on the television that we all are watching day in and day out…

    I know it is all about television ratings…high ratings put more money in their pockets…and in order to keep the high ratings in this competitive news market they have to sensationalize the news in order to capture our attention to watch their 30 minute or hour long segments…

    I hope when the day comes that each one of them have to kneel down before God that he will give them the same treatment that each one of them gave to others…and I do believe in “what goes around comes around”…so I would not be a bit surprised to see one day that they all become the “most hated news people in the world”…

  72. Speaking of stars, I wish there was a little star beside the new posts on this site. There is so much traffic and so many new posts that sometimes it is hard to find the newest additions. Team Jodi – join the club, it’s a rather large fraternity!

    • The only way I have found to cope with the traffic on the site is to look at each page and do a search for my name…then I can see if anyone has replied so I can reply and not look like I am ignoring anyone….

      But, that is even hard to keep up with now…

      Seems like it got busier after the tape was played. I think many people just refused to believe that Jodi and Travis had sex until it smacked them in the face. Travestites were convinced jodi lied about that too.

  73. All the Jodi hater TV shows are playing the sex tape and sex talk over and over and over. They are not airing anything else that has to do with this case and the circumstances surrounding the events. They have proven that they are using Jodi for ratings, what they are doing has NOTHING to do with justice and the truth.

  74. How’s about the fact that no one is talking about the vicious txt messages he sent her and the fact that he said she sounded like a 12 yr old girl….no one is talking about that and I’m sorry but sirens went off in my head w that one. My guy and I like to get a lit crazy but he wld never ever say that to me…even if I begged him!!! That wld totally turn him off!!! That is 100% a sign of some sort or pedophilia…i get wearing a lit school girl outfit and pig tails, but what he said….wtf!!!! And he was totally into it, like very natural and went there in his mind, often!!! Jodi did not elaborate and get into that 12 yr old character at all….she was more or less like WHAT??? And just kept on stroking his ego, only bc she was grasping for anything to get him back!!! U cld def tell in that phone convo that she was going above and beyond to please him….it made my stomach crawl bc she sounded like a little puppy dog just trying to keep his attention….in my opinion…I think when he was taking a shower and she was taking pics she made a comment something along the lines as “I cld so blackmail you with these pics” and he flipped and attacked her…she prob had a gun w her in her pocket book bc uhhhhmmmmm hellooooo she drove by her self across desolate roads in the middle of the night…i wld def take a gun….and not for nothing, if she planned to kill him she was there for over 12 hrs, she cld have easily shot him while he slept….the stabbing, prob came after gun shot….they say that the gun shot hit a vital part of the brain but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t moving etc so she prob freaked thinking he was still alive and went nuts w the stabbing and overkill…..she did not plan that murder, if she did she wld have cleaned up the crime seen better….by the way she left things, she totally wasn’t in the right sate of mind…..they are both responsible for creating such a volatile relationship, but I think he def attacked her….his personally clearly shows he was capable, his background was very unstable and abusive, and HE HAD EVERYTHING to loose if she exposed his deviant side….ya sure, the church wld have tried to help him and stood by his side, but he wld never be viewed in the same way again…he was a high level Mormon whose entire life was based on that position…..def wld flip out if he felt she was threatening that!!!

  75. i’m not really a “jodi supporter” necessarily… i mean i’m not a family member or friend of hers. but i did create a positive youtube video related to her. i just think she’s a very composed, well spoken, intelligent young woman.

  76. I think this is what Jodi saw when she walked into Travis office and saw him watching a video on youtube.. she mentioned people with box on heir head.. The song Bad Romance fit Travis to the T!!!

  77. I am neutral, so my post will probably be deleted. That being said, I question how Jodi can be innocent when she has admitted to killing Travis. Not a trick question by any means, just trying to understand what this site is trying to do. I do believe Travis used Jodi, I acknowledge that. Do you feel she snapped because he was just using her with no intention of a future together? Forgive me, as I said, just trying to make sense of a horrible death. I do think she has done well on the stand. I’m not so sure she will do as well with the prosecution.

    • If Jodi truly did this in self defense of her life I think the law would indicate that is an innocent act. That a person has a right to defend their life. Having said that I have posted that I dont think many others understand the nature of having a relationship with a possibly narcissistie person. The foundation of the relationshp was not healthy, Travis didnt seem healthy and Jodi also by the constant need for his approval and validation. Im not insulting Travis or Jodi, people find themselves in situations that create more and more dysfunction and sex as well as the need to be loved and attraction is very powerful. I have questioned if self defense is the correct defense for Jodi. In hearing things today, and her vague recollection of things I continue to be concerned with the choosen defense. I dont see Jodi as a monster but more as a woman who was very manipulated and yes quite abused…. but the actual crime I think is what matters and I dont know why she just did not run out of his house, run to a neighbor, or how the crime became so intense with so many stab wounds etc. I think it is very plausible that someone with a good memory would turn that off and not be able to recall those moments as it is extremely traumatic. Also I can see how Jodi’s state of mind is applicable but Still and I may not be posted for this, I question the choosen defense and cant help but have thoughts that this was temporary insanity from being very scared of a man who used her and didnt care about her. Im not a lawyer but I think the jury has to go on the defense presented… self defense, not another one that one might entertain or would be more applicable. Maybe im wrong and things are not done in terms of hearing the how and why…A very sad case and we dont know the intelligence of the jury or their backgrounds and how they are going to think about things… personally I think the woman was driven to think her life was in danger but … one does wonder why after injuring someone you wouldnt flee and how that moment continued to ultimately be what happened to him. I dont think any person with intelligence and compassion would not have some for both parties.

      • When ur getting attacked like that your flight or fight response kicks in and you make quick decisions, based on basic survival. she knew he was right behind her and she had a better chance making it to the closet then running down the hall, down the stairs, out the front door and to a neighbors….the stab wounds are what you call overkill…..if she was truly afraid for her life like she said, it makes complete sense bc you wouldn’t be able to stop due to intense fear…..Iets just say if I were in that position wld make sure the person was dead and wasn’t getting up….personally, I believe something happened bc she had 15hrs to kill him….she cld have easily shot him in his sleep, cleaned anything that proved she was there, and walked out!!! Plus, why the hell wld she decide to do it at 5 oclk at night, ppl coming home from work…ppl ould very esily see her leave his house!!, she’s not a stupid girl…..if she premeditated this, things would have went down very differently!! You can even tell that her “clean up” was done in the state of shock….there was nothing methodical about it….

        • She says she did not, and there is no proof that she did. Her grandparents’ gun has never been found. She testified that when Travis came after her and threatened to kill her, she took his gun out of his closet to protect herself.

          • Has the defense presented any witness’ i.e., friends of Travis’, registration, to show he owned a gun? Also, as “macho” as Travis acted a .25 caliber seems kind of whimpy

    • @ Jacqueline

      Many many issues between them…but I fear that simple honesty (at near the end) was part of the problem.

      Speaking from my own experience: some time before I met my amazing, radiant, intelligent wife of 11years there were two ladies (one I dated for about 2 months, the other I saw twice)….both these individuals stalked me! The first showed up here two weeks after I broke up with her (done nicely, simply not a good long term fit) when she showed up we talked, but i told her i was not planning to get involved….very clearly…she asked to say the night and then went nuts damaging my property, etc. when we were not dating again all of a sudden…..restraining order!! If she had told me that her end game was to pick things up and that was the only option we would have had no issues. The other one was an even stranger experience but only after seeing her twice….the restraint order was easy because she was actually threatening me after I said I didn’t think it was right.

      Nothing wrong with a friends with benifits type thing if that’s ok with both parties. However it seems that Jodi (if you read her diary entries) really wanted to be with him….? IF that is the case then it was a broken heart just waiting to get shattered.

      All that said….if any guy who hits a woman….for A.N.Y. Reason is garbage.

  78. Jodi,I believe in you. I truly believe you a victim of domestic violence.travis used you.the dirty and not good for marriage.just some on the side.I hope things work out for you. Bless your heart.I would like to hear from you.I can imagine how hard it is for you in prison.Susan Dondo

  79. Just a couple of final thoughts of the evening regarding the trial. The prosecution might try to discredit Jodi’s testimony because she did not remember much of the detail of the stabbings. This is easily explained by looking at memory models that have been well studied by psychologists. There are phases of memory; encoding, storage and retreival.The events leading up to the point where Travis attacked Jodi are easy for Jodi to recall because the information was encoded in an environment that was escalating but not at the point where Jodi’s biochemical storage was impaired. So, the retreival process is easy and the memory is very clear. After the events escalated to a point where Jodi feared for her life, the encoding phase was hindered sheerly due to the large volume of information being presented to the brain. Likewise, the flood of information was so great that the chemical storage process was also hindered because of the short time frame and the release of several excitatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Coupled with this are processes such as memory transfer and transience which have several factors that explain how someome “forgets” Chronic stress and acute stress both play roles in memory failure. I am not a psychologist but I think that the defense needs to add an expert witness that can address this issue. Many of us forget things that happened just hours ago. Jodi was expected to remember things that happened 5 years ago. Then there is a process known as retroactive interference where new things we learn interfere with past memory. There is a lot of science to support Jodi’s lack of memory and the defense needs to get a psychologist on board that can explain it to the jury.

    Another thought that came out during the testimony is that Jodi stated that she did not understand that she could have said nothing rather than to make up a story for the police. We a person is interrogated, they get their Miranda rights read to them. The Miranda is somewhat deceptive in that people think that once they start talking to police, that they can not stop at a point anywhere along the way. The language seems plain but the legal implications require some deep thought. Often people are expected to make a split second decision whether or not to talk to the police without having adequate time to consider these implications. If Jodi did not comprehend the scope of her right to remain silent, then she was not “imformed” properly. This could be a basis for mistrial or for appeal, although it would likely be hard to prove.

    I believe that an expert witness on the memory loss could be sufficient to offset any attack from the prosecution regarding the forgotten events.

  80. When I was watching yesterday, the trial went to a commercial and I missed the part where they said when or where Napoleon, the dog, was found. And your tape for that comment right after lunch is also cut off….could someone tell me where Napoleon was.

  81. Is this new? (ABC news site)

    “Instead of a fight, Alexander, who was 27 and a devout Mormon, and Arias decide to go upstairs and take more nude photos of one another. Arias said she hoped the photos would satisfy Alexander over his frustration with the scratched CD.Evidence introduced earlier in the trial show that Alexander was killed while Arias was photographing Alexander in the shower.”

    Is that part about where he was correct? (How unhinged do you have to be to loose you sh!t over a CD?

    • No…..They found large pools of blood in the hallway by the door that leads to the outside of his bedroom….and also some blood in the bathroom….She says the fight started in the bathroom and she got away and ran from him down the hallway towards the door that leads outside his bedroom then decided to run into the closet for the gun(closet door in his bedroom was halfway down that hallway). She most likely went for the gun bc she realized she would never make it down the stairs to the front door. From the closet, she said she ran back into the bathroom(theres a door that leads to bathroom inside the closet) where he follwed her in….she says she shot him there but she didnt know where she shot him, however, he continued to attack her…now they are saying that the head wound wld have imbolized him, but that isnt completly true….I worked in an ER and people who were shot in the head, especially frontal lobe, where still able to move there arms, legs, talk etc….and died 30 min later..she says after she shot him and they began to struggle again, she blacked out….which is def very plausable….the brain shuts down during overload of events/truama….very common!!!! I believe she was able to escape him again, grabbed the knife that was on the bathroom conter(she prob coundnt see where the gun was), ran out of bathroom down the hallway, and he grabbed her by the door and thats where she stabbed him, hence why there were pools of blood in that area….that was where she killed him, not in the bathroom!!!!

      • I am not sure if my comments are being posted but I am trying to get answerrs. Do you think that the following could have occurred in less than 2 minutes (I believe it is 1 min 46 sec).
        Jodi drops camera; Travis yells and comes out of the shower; Travis runs after Jodi, picks her up and body slams her; Jodi rolls over, gets up and runs down the hall into the closet and shuts the door; she thinks for a moment and decides to get a gun that is on a shelf much higher than her; Travis opens the door and they run back into the bathroom; as he goes to tackle her, she fires the gun; the struggle continues and somehow she gets a knife and the killing continues which includes 28 stabbings and slitting his throat; then Jodi drags his body as shown in a picture towards the shower. So in summary, Travis is alive and then dead and being drug to the shower all within 2 minutes and Jodi is not injured or bruised at all. Can someone tell me if this makes sense? I would like to be on he fense with this but the actual evidence (not all the drama between defense attorney and DA) tells me otherwise.

  82. @ Jeff.

    Not trying to discredit anything. Simply trying to better understand.

    In regard to asking if the ABC comments are fact: I’m wondering why she just didn’t leave on that “last” day. If he was having a shower, and he had calmed down after s@x (her statements) why not go? Or at the very least suggest going out for food and drive to Utah as fast as she could. I’m trying to understand why there was no way out that day.

    Unfortunately too many of the media clips are a little bias….or just nuts. (I never liked Nancy Grace)

    Just trying to understand why there was no way out that day.

    • Austin….Jeff wasn’t commenting to you lol he was just making a comment about the prosecutor… far as the ABC thing….no, he wasn’t killed in the bathroom…pools of blood were found in the hallway of his bedroom by the door that leads outside his bedroom…..Here’s what most likely happened….she didn’t “leave” bc she was crazy about Travis and made excuses for ALL of his behavior…in fact, she wld basically just push it under the rug…that’s what us girls do when we’re “in love”…. just so you know, there is scientific evidence that proves that women bond to men who traumatized them, and think they “love them” bc we secrete certain hormones that effect our brain chemistry during emotional trauma….in short, these hormones help us bond to our baby during birth lol screwed up, but very true!!! so, when that incident took place w the CD, leaving him, was the last thing on her mind….she lovveedddd him!!!! Its just how our brains work, especially when a women has low self esteem…..She knew he was going away w another girl the next day so her plan was to “rock his world” so he wld think about her the entire trip and hopefully when he got back, they wld rekindle things… up to the bedroom they went….now, if she really went there to kill him, like prosecution is saying, she cld have very easily done it while he was sleeping. It wld have been much cleaner, with less evidence and less chance for him to defend himself….so premeditation is OUT….the question is, what happened to make her do that?? I believe, he def attacked her in the bathroom like she said…..she ran out of the bathroom, down the bedroom hallway, and decided in a quick instant to go into the closet for the gun bc she felt she wld have never made it down the stairs and out the front door…of it were me, and I knew he was right behind me….I wld have went for the closet door and the gun….from there she said she grabbed the gun and ran back into the bathroom through a doorway that connected the closet and bathroom, bc he was coming through the other door(that lead from hallway to closet)…she says from there he grabbed her again, as she was pointing the gun and the gun went off, but she didn’t know she shot him bc he was still moving and attacking her….now, prosecution is trying to say he wld have been dead from that gun shot to the head, but not true!!! I worked in an ER in Neward NJ and experienced many gun shots to the head….some ppl came into the ER still talking and moving after being shot in the head 20-30 min before….most of them died shortly after, but they were aware and still kicking, especially frontal lobe injuries!!!!….anyway, she says she blacked out a few seconds after shot and doesn’t remember anything…..which is very plausible bc the brain shuts down when overloaded with too much stimuli…from there, I believe she was able to get away from him in the bathroom again, grabbed the knife that was on the counter bc she couldn’t find the gun(prob went flying somewhere in there) ran back through the closet door, back into closet, went thro other door that led to his bedroom hallway….he grabbed her again, and she started stabbing and stabbing and stabbing bc she was in shock and thought he was going to kill her….he died, in that hallway where all the pooled blood was….from there, she tried to clean it up etc….and she was 100% in shock at that point bc her clean up in that house was very poor to say the least…she left tons of evidence…she def “wasn’t thinking”….

  83. The attorney said today what right did Jodi go over there when.they were broking up and not together well butthead sometimes people do.remain. after they break up ask my wife now of19 years . He has nothing on you Jodsi you were great today she already stated she r would Norway anything bad about Travis maybe that’s why she did not write his masturbation in the journal fearing that somebody would read it and that’s why she did not write about her finger because she would deal with it herself hang in there Jodi

    • Frank…ur tottally right!!! Im 32 & have been keeping journels since I was a kid and lets just say as I got older, I def omitted certain things, especially w room mates, parents, boyfriends lerking around lol in fact, ii wld get confused when i looked back at my entries bc things happened that disnt reflect what i wrote lol journels are meant to be “our dream life” sometimes and we just rather pretend in them!!! also, abused women DO NOT admit the abuse to anyone, especially them selvs….they simply ignore it like nothing hapened….there is evidence that provs she did that, especially w the txt messages…he wld verbally abuse her and she wld still try to please him!! In short, they brought out the worst in each other and I truly believe if she never met Travis, she wld have never killed anyone!!! She was in a relationship for four yrs and he testified that she never displayed any kind of volitile or crazzzyy behavior…if ur crazy, or have jeoulous tendencies…u cant hid it for four yrs lol He wld have said something!!!

  84. The whole play on the journal has absolutely no weight. I kept a journal for awhile years ago. People who keep journals have varying levels of intimacy with their journals. Personally, I would never write anything in my journal that was too close to my heart. There are secrets that I have that I would never put to pen just for the sheer risk that someone would find it and read my most intimate thoughts. When my marriage was struggling and there were a lot of emotional issues going on, I struggled to find something “noteworthy” to write because there was nothing else on my mind except the pain I was going through in my marriage. That was something that never made its way into my journal. The prosecutor is relying on Jodi’s journal as a complete and accurate record of all the conditions and events of her life were during those stressful days after Jodi caught Travis jacking off on the pics of the little boys. In fact, the journal was probably a superficial record of day to day events that were occurring with no intended structure. Penning the pervert’s acts to the journal may have been too painful and embarrasing for Jodi to write. In addition, Jodi was still shielding Travis because there was always that faint glimmer of hope that Travis would somehow become the man that Travis pretended to be. The journal cannot be relied upon as a valid source of fact. Many people use journals to fanticize as an emotional escape. A journal is that safe place a person can go and say anything or become anyone they want in whatever manner of playfulness they choose. Journals are a place where a guy can become a powerful president of a large corporation who is rich and surrounded by a bunch of beautiful girls. Then the guy can laugh, close the cover to the journal and move on to packing his lunch for the next day at the machine shop. The journal may serve to be this guy’s release from the day to day struggle. Journals are a place where we can vent anxiety and commit slander and even acts of treason without threat of consequences. Heck, if the government had my journals from years gone by, I would probably be facing a firing squad!!! I think it is totally irresponsible for a judge to allow a personal journal into evidence given the nature and purpose of personal private journals. This to me constitutes prejudicial error on the part of the judge. It may serve to be grounds for appeal. It probably would not get a mistrial since we already know that the judge does not grant mistrials even when there is cause, which is yet furthur grounds for an appeal. I don’t think it will come down to an appeal because I believe that Jodi will prevail in showing that she was protecting herself against a person who clearly had a size and weight advantage over Jodi during his attack on her.

    • David, another thing about the journals that i just rememberes is that She was realling BIG into the Law of Attraction….which basically says that we are all made out of energy and our thoughts are energy and what we think and believe is attracted to us bc like energy is attracted to like energy….and when it comes to Journal writing and the Law of Attraction it is well known that you DO NOT write ANYTHING BAD!!! you ONLY write about WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT IS GOOD in your life…. basically be in constant gratituide in order to attract more GOOD….because writing about the bad, will just attract more of it!!!! I wonder why she didnt say that to Juan when he asked her about the journals? I know she said it when the defense was questioning her. She actually said she never wrote anything bad in her journals… but I wonder why she didnt elaborate on it again? I feel like she isnt aloud to say certain things??? Does anyone know about this, is she limited to what she can say….I think just Yes or No answers? which is really F UP!!!

      • Ann, The law of attraction thing probably has a general impact on how a person may approach a journal. Most religions have some take on the law of attraction in their teachings. I don’t know if that would be a reason to exclude specific information. One thing for sure is that there are no “rules” that need to be followed by someone who writes journals. There is no requirement that Jodi write down everything in the journal. It is totally up to the author to determine what is written. what might seen to be noteworthy to one person may not be to another. The journal is not any official record of anything. There are no regulations that a person has to follow. The times and dates cannot even be relied upon and should not be considered evidence. Did Jodi tell everyone in these journals what she had for breakfast? How many scoops of sugar in the coffee? What color of blouse? How much gasoline purchased? One could argue that these items are also noteworthy. What if she said that she bought a tank full of gas and it was determined that Jodi only purchased a half a tank. Would this constitute lying? So who determines what is noteworthy? Certainly only Jodi. The rest of the world cannot know the operation of Jodi’s mind when the journals were written with respect to what was noteworthy at any given point in the journal. Who is the only person who can determine accuracy in the journal? Only Jodi has the right because it was written by Jodi, for Jodi and only for Jodi’s eyes. The document was taken out of it’s intended scope and that is a violation of Jodi’s privacy. Airing it on TV is what I would call cruel and unusual punishment. That is why the journal should be considered hearsay and should have been excluded from evidence. It certainly should not be used to establish timelines or to make assumptions of un-proven theories about what was or was not happening in the real world.

  85. I have been following your web site and the trial since day one. I have a high school GED and work at a restaurant. I have never written before. I have a question.

    My question is…why does it seem that the Judge favors the prosecution? Does it seem that way to every body else or is it just me? I am not a lawyer…is this the way court is always handled?

    • yes it is. Its suppose to be “innocent until proven guilty” but its not. Because as you are seeing its Jodi trying to prove her innocence. There is no justice in this system. its been broken for along time.

    • The judge has made some rulings that could be construed in favor of the prosecution. The main thing to understand is that may of us believe that Jodi is innocent. Many of us believe that the burden of proof for the prosecution is so great that Jodi will prevail as long as the people of the jury understand the jury instructions and act on the evidence of the case without prejudice. Judges can have negative impacts on a party of a case. Remember the Kaycee trial. The judge was clearly against Kaycee however based on the instructions given in the law, Kaycee had to be found not guilty. Anyone with a brain knew from the start that Kaycee would be found not guilty. The media had all of the hype on Nancy G show but in the long run, the system did work the way it was supposed to work. That is why Kaycee was found not-guilty. Likewise, if the system is allowed to work without prejudice in Jodi’s trial, I believe that Jodi will also be found not guilty. There are many of us watching the judge and looking at the evidence being presented. If Jodi doesn’t get a fair trial, it will come to light and she will eventually win on appeal. I am counting on Jodi walking free soon.

  86. I have a couple questions for anyone and everyone… and I don’t mean this in a negative Jodi way… just feeling perplexed because I have found her to be very articulate, clear and convincing, and like many of you women on this website, I have an idea about what it’s like to stick with a man who doesn’t exactly treat you well. Women and men are attracted to each other in a subconscious effort to relieve earlier trauma and issues from life… for those of us who have been abused, this means seeking out abusive partners in a contorted attempt to heal old wounds. Lord knows Travis was abusive, and frankly I am not surprised or particularly sorry that she fought back. It is NOT OKAY to treat women like sexual objects. It demeans both parties and it is cruel, plain and simple.

    ANYway… if Travis was naked (and we can safely assume he was since he was in the shower), why wouldn’t Jodi run out the front door? Surely he wouldn’t chase her outside naked? And what about the friend of Travis’ who said he didn’t own a gun?

    Also… the testimony from yesterday about the smuggled magazines and the hidden messages really concern me. It does sound like she was trying to get her ex-boyfriend to vouch for mistruths that she had included in her story and her defense.

    Can someone help??

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ruthie,

      She didn’t run out of the house bc she wld have never made it to the front door. He wld have reached her while she was halfway down the stairs and she knew that bc she previously testified about another instance where she tried to escape. But even if she never testified, it makes sense that she wld have went for the closet rather than down the hall, down the stairs, and out the locked front door. It wld taken too much time!!!

      His friend, that said he didn’t own a gun is going by the fact that Travis asked him to borrow his gun when they all went shooting. However, there is video of them shooting that day and they are using large semi-automatic weapons. not hand guns!!! The video also proves that Travis was 100% into guns which makes it very very plausible that he owned a hand gun!! If the prosecuter can get one of his roommates to testify that they are 100% for sure there was no gun in the house, then theres a prob. But from what I understand, no one can testify to that. Which makes me believe even more so that they knew he had a gun and won’t say he did.

      As far as the magazine….I ask you this…if your life was on the line, wldnt you do whatever you cld to protect it? All it showed was that she was trying to clarify certain thins with him and she asked him to speak to her lawyer again. Her ex was not testifying about the murder itself. he was testifying about her character. That they were together for 4 + yrs and he never had violent confrontations w her or problems. And lest face it, when your in a four yr relationship with someone the memories of fights etc arent always the same perspective lol so maybe he said something that cld be used against her. It has to be done with great cautiousness bc the prosecuter cld take anything, no matter how little, and try to make it big…look what he did with her sister….he tried to use the fact that she said her sister was dumb, against her And make her look like she was sooooo bad for saying that lol it backed fired on him, but you never know!! Also, She basically chaeted on her x w Travis so im sure she wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything bad about that….But if he really thought she was capable of premeditating Travis murder, I’m sure he wld simply, not testify or plead the fifth. Plus, he had a 4yr old son, if he thought she was crazy he wld have never subjected his son to that for four years….he is much older than her, and def had his act together

      • Hammering her because she’d called her sister “dumb” seemed pretty desperate to me.

        Most of us can relate to feeling okay with calling our loved ones names at times, but heaven help anyone else who dares to do the same thing.

      • Hi Ann,

        Thanks for your comments and insights. I actually thought the same thing about the video with the guns… it doesn’t prove much since they were using semi-automatics. I don’t have a good sense of the outlay of the house, so I was having trouble picturing the difficulty of running down the stairs and out the front door… my thought was that running into a closet seems like a great way to trap yourself… like the main female characters in horror movies who always do the wrong thing while the predator is going after them, and the audience is screaming ‘No! Don’t do that!’ But until you are in a situation, who is say how you will behave in a panicked state? Especially if she knew there was a gun in there.

        The magazine messages… I wasn’t clear on what she was trying to convey or what her ex had said to the lawyers. I am sure different ‘rules’ apply in jail and especially when your life is on the line. Believe me, I want to believe that Jodi is innocent. There is something about her that is very familiar. Something that reminds me of myself and SO many other women who because of their insecurities, place too much importance on a man’s opinion. I think many of us have done that. I know I have… really staked my self worth on whether a particular man finds me attractive. It’s pretty dysfunctional but it comes out of a rocky childhood where your self worth never had the proper chance to develop. I think if anything, her attitude towards the prosecutor shows that she is being honest. It seems like at this point she is thinking, whatever, I am just going to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. His attitude towards her is so exaggerated it is stupid.

        I also agree that the idea of the whole thing being premeditated far in advance makes no sense. She has said that she woke up well before he did in the afternoon. Why wouldn’t she have shot him then and made a clean getaway? The knife was a spontaneous weapon, not one of choice or planning. Who would premeditate killing someone in such a messy way? The odds of injuring yourself are so much higher and then poof, there’s the DNA evidence of spilled blood that doesn’t match the victim. Jodi is a very intelligent person and would have planned for that if she were in fact planning the whole thing. She would know that Travis would fight back and she could wind up dead herself of knife wounds.

  87. Oh, and P.S. A few years ago I went through a terrible, traumatic divorce. I won’t go into the sordid details, but suffice it to say that it was very, very bad. After learning of a series of profound betrayals on the part of my ex-husband, I nearly lost it and became violent. I was SO close. I had to lock myself in a bathroom and insisted that he leave the house so I wouldn’t do something stupid. It was a VERY ugly scene. He did leave the house, and for the life of me I can not remember how I passed the rest of the evening by myself in our house. I vaguely remember the following morning but that terrible evening is lost. This all happened in the afternoon. The rest of the day is just plain gone from my memory. Trauma absolutely induces amnesia. I can speak to that with 100% conviction.

  88. People commenting on this forum should be aware that it has been said to be a phoney site set up by TA’s camp to guage public opinion.

    • I’m sure they know that many people believe she’s innocent of pre-meditated murder and pubic opinion Doesn’t have any effect on the trial…so let them gauge all they want lollll Doesn’t do anything for them except probably just piss them off!! Something happened in that house for her to do that. If she premeditated it, things wld have went down a lot differently.

      • I agree with you. I don’t believe she went there with the intention of killing TA. If she’d wanted to, she could have done it quickly and cleanly as he slept, and then got away without anyone even knowing she had been there.

        I remain convinced that something happened there in the shower that sent her over the edge.

        • This is a huge problem with the premeditation idea. I have yet to see any reasonable explanation that she would have spent all day, with the gun, and decided to start a knife fight instead of just shooting him until he was dead.

          It makes no sense. This is clearly a crime of passion that exploded in the bathroom. This case is overcharged, and I don’t like it that we are all paying for it.

          • Jeff,

            They found the bullett casing on top of the blood which means she would of had to have injured Travis before she shot him.