[ABC 15] Jodi’s Post-Allocution Pre-Sentencing Interview

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For anyone that missed it, here’s Jodi’s full post-allocution pre-sentencing interview with ABC 15 from last week:

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And just in case anyone needed reminding…

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We are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.



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  1. I agree with what you all are saying in regards to the intruder story, I just have a gut feeling that there is SO much more to this then meets the eye including the shower pics. It’s sort of odd, that he holds his arms up above his head in some of them and they are together, not apart almost like someone is holding on to them from above.I mean who does that, taking a shower that way? I think the shower was open towards the ceiling and could be accessed by standing on the tub next to it.

  2. Good morning FUJuan & Jodi Team, I posted Horn’s testimony from Day 54 at the end of yesterday’s post. It is rather long,

  3. Morning everyone this is far from over and I look forward to the day this house of cards falls down and all liars and perjurers in this case get Jodi a reduced sentence after a second trial. Someone is going to spill the lying beans one way or the other. My money is on the 4 jurors who voted for life narcing on what the others revealed about not following admonitions. There was treachery here on every level andat least one piece of this farce will be exposed publically.

    • Hi Kalista,
      where may I watch or read about jurors talking about or revealing some how that the admonitions were not continuously followed?

      • They should have been sequestered I knew they were not playing by the rules. I live in New York and served two weeks on the grand jury they took my phone the first day and gave it back to me at the end of that day. I never bought it back for the balance of my time there so I cannot understand why this jury got to keep I phones, tablets and the like. This stinks to me.

  4. Thank you for posting this video because I haven’t been able to watch since the verdict. I have been in avoidance mode. Jodi was well-spoken and so pretty and at least this interviewer was respectful. I don’t get where the hate is coming from? I think it’s more like envy from the plain, dumb and possibly fat females who are watching. And the men who hate her are possibly just pigs who secretly think it’s okay to mentally abuse their woman and smack her around a bit when she acts up. I know there are everyday people on the hate brigade and this is what leaves me puzzled. Groupthink. And for those that think she should have been sniveling and crying and pleading for forgiveness since when should you display remorse for saving your own skin? NEVER!

    • Not all fat females are haters of jodi I for one have tried numerous times to post my thoughts and support for her on this site I too am a survivor and wanted to show support for her…. but I wanted to speak to stereotypes because you just hit the nail on the head regarding fat , dumb , and plain people. Who are we to sterotype any ONE “TYPE” of person just because of who we think they are…. We have no right to judge any ONE because they do not fit into a mold of the “RIGHT” KIND of person . That is just like the ignorant people who are not informed to the fullest….placing judgement on jodi because they THINK they know who she is or what she thought by some individual or group of people who put ideas out in the media or a huge load of bullshit on what was put into there heads on how people should and should not be judged on how pretty, smart, dumb,fat ,ugly ,intelligent ,rich, poor,or all the other reasons we could think of to judge someone. YES I AM FAT, UGLY, NOT VERY INTELLIGENT,and I am NOT PERFECT !!!!I AM A SURVIVOR OF ABUSE AND I HAVE OVERCOME POVERITY AND HOMELESSNESS, I BELIEVE JODI IS BEAUTIFUL AND HAD TO DO WHAT SHE NEEDED TO SURVIVE . WHEN PUT IN THAT SITUATION HUMAN NATURE TAKES OVER!!!!

      • why are you so hard on yourself.? Calling yourself fat and ugly is not a ggod thing. We all have beauty and ugliness…none of us are perfect….this is the kind of thing thats been put on women by men like Travis.

        • That was what I was trying to get across in a very ticked off way.. with many run on sentences .By the way I thank you for your response to my post! I know I am a large person I believe in calling them as I see them I am not very intelligent but every day we learn more and try to better our selves by seeking knowledge wisdom love and compassion …but like everyone in the world we are selfconscious of what people think we are or how we look but I try to fight the stereotypes too. And as a semi strong woman I try to better myself and do know I’m BEAUTIFUL ……again Thank you!!!!!

    • Gwen,
      I agree with the jealousy!
      Look at NG for instance, I honestly believe her problem with everyone is jealoust.

      I also can not stand the hate. I guess after watching Jodi many times that WHY wouldn’t anyone
      want to have her courage? Those that want to keep knocking he down are even her “friends”
      that turned on herAND yet Jodi has something.

      I think in a way, it’s some kind of peace and it shows, no matter how much they try to put her down, laugh at her. There is something wrong with the people who do this.
      WHO are they? WHY?

      It really breaks my heart and makes me angry at the same time.
      There’s nothing we can do about it. There are those with voices and all they do is bring on more hate.
      It’s like they Love to hate. It’s crazy.

      Not only crazy, It’s just down right heat breaking. HOW it will change?
      I don’t know.
      I wish at least ONE person at a time would realize it and change it, It hurts to see how
      she is treated, it really does.

  5. I’d just like to say one thing: Jodi Arias is one of the best things to ever happen to me. This website and y’all are one of the best things to ever come into my life. I wish we had met under different circumstances. And I personally wish that Travis was still alive today and that Jodi was free and outside of prison. But I also believe that things happen for a reason whether you want to call it fate or destiny or karma or whatever. We were meant to be here together. And, I know that it is hard to understand right now, but for whatever reason I believe that this trial and tribulation (no pun intended) for Jodi is a test. I believe that God is with Jodi and that Jesus has chosen her to bear His cross. I say that as someone who isn’t a religious person, but a spiritual person. Because I have faith in Jodi. And, for those of you who have a hard time finding faith in what I say and believing in God, perhaps it will bring some comfort to you to know that I not only know that I believe in God, but that God believes in all of you.

      • You’re welcome, Mattie. After I posted this I went to the post office and picked up some postcards to send to Jodi on Monday. I will let you all know if and when I get a response. I don’t know if I ever will, but as long as she receives it and it makes her feel good, that’s all that matters to me.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you,JM. The people that cross our path serve the purpose to teach us or us teaching them this life’s lessons.Nothing is a coincidence.

        • I also believe that God has a plan for Jodi. Even some people from the media said that this type of trial doesn’t happen very often. If you see, there are millillona of people in the whole world that knows Jodi already.

          • I was in the Travis camp but I’m not anymore. I was tired of all the hate they spewed. I want Jodi to live out her life. I think she’s lovely.

  6. I am apologizing in advance if this is something that’s already been hashed and re-hashed here, but this is new information for me and I am trying to wrap my head around it.

    I was not aware until a couple of days ago that Victoria Washington had removed herself from Jodi’s case citing conflict of interest. More specifically, as I understand it, her ‘privileged knowledge’ of a former client might *help* Jodi’s case but would compromise her former client.

    First, does anyone know WHEN Washington left the case? Was it before or after Jodi abandoned the intruder story? Was it before or after the infamous pedophile letters?

    Washington was with the Public Defender’s Office, right? So whoever this mystery client might have been, it would have been an ‘indigent’ client, right? (sorry, that sounded a bit like Kermit, lol)

    Can anyone think of a scenario whereby some former client of Washington’s might be damaged or compromised by information that would support Jodi’s claim of self defense? Or do you suppose this former client was somehow tied up in the intruder story?

    • It was December 2011 so after the letters and around the same time as self defense. I don’t know the circumstances around the conflict but that raises as interesting point. Hmmm.

      • I THINK the change to self defense came in mid 2010.

        That’s a puzzlement. Who could be compromised by information that would support Jodi’s self defense claims?

        • My mistake, you are right that the change was in 2010. So what could it be? Maybe someone who could support the pedo claims but would implicate himself by doing so?

          • Hmmm
            Where I live, you can look up cases online by attorney name. I wonder if there was a place to look up cases by name to see who she has represented in the past?

    • The conflict of interest may have nothing to do with Jodi or her self defense story per se. Let me give you some for instances.

      1. Victoria Washington (or the PD’s office) may had been involved in a case where one of the witnesses listed by JM was in fact a witness for a past PD’s office client. For instance let’s say the PD’s office had used either DeMarte or Bayless as an expert witness on some past case. This would raise an immediate issue, because they may feel that they cannot cross examine DeMarte effectively without creating an issue with respect to the old case.

      2. The same could apply in reverse, for a current defense witness who had in the past had testified against one of their old clients. This could be ALV or Samuels. In the case of Samuels, he actually took the place of Karp at about that time, and so that may have an impact.

      The fact that this issue rose that late in the game, tells me that it had nothing to do with Jodi per se, but rather some other issue, possibly the declaration of a particular witness or piece of evidence by the state.

      It could be something similar to what probably occurred with JM and the eye photograph situation. In that case while JM was conducting voire dire of the defense witness and the technology, it turned out that the people using the witness and the technology most often was the county attorney’s office. That created a huge dilemma for JM, because if he wanted to discredit either the witness or the technology, his questions would be used by every defense lawyer to once again discredit the witness every time he testified for the state.

    • Did she represent Matt McCartney re the letters in his interview w/ Martinez and hence, thereafter, it caused a conflict of interest to continue to defend JA?

      • Doubt that, because by that stage she was already defending Jodi. However the PD’s office may have and that could be an issue.

        • I doubt if this was something they had going back years, because any attorney’s office always des a conflict of interest check before it does a single thing on the case, and I’m sure the PD’s office is the same. So they either screwed up big time, or something came up that created a conflict where none existed earlier.

  7. It’s strange how things turn out and what becomes important.

    So, in this case, at this moment, issues like the intruder story and the sequence of the fight, etc that seem to be making up the bulk of our conversation of late are actually of little or no importance to Jodi’s eventual freedom. I predict that a second penalty phase trial will be conducted. And regardless of what verdict that jury returns, I believe, this case will make it to the appeals court and that is where the real things will happen. I also believe that should the first appeals court, or any successive appeals court reverse the verdict this case will probably never be tried again – but instead will lead to some sort of a plea agreement.

    The issue really is whether the appeals court will overturn the guilt phase verdict, or should it so happen, the DP arrived at in a redo of the sentencing phase.

    Again, what follows is one man’s opinion, and that of a non-lawyer to boot. I know AA, if she’s reading this, has a different opinion, but in my opinion the two strongest grounds for appeal of the guilt phase are the pre- and during trial publicity/ jury non-sequestration and ineffective assistance of counsel. Unfortunately it seems like those two issues get handled through separate petitions to the appeals court. The publicity related issues will get handled on the first direct appeal. Then at some stage, if that the court doesn’t reverse the verdict, the ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) gets raised in a post-conviction relief (PCR) hearing. Now if the trial judge (Pickles) doesn’t react to the IAC in the PCR, that issue then becomes a separate appeals ground which can then be used in a subsequent appeal to the appeals courts.

    To get Jodi’s freedom, what an appellate attorney needs to do is get the guilt phase verdict reversed. The first kick at the can an appeal will have for this is during the direct appeal. That means that the IAC is not the first thing that can possibly lead to a reversal. Nor is Flores’ testimony about the gun shot during the evidentiary hearing or trial. That goes to the aggravation phase and could possibly remove the sole aggravating factor, but would not reverse the guilt phase verdict. Horn’s perjury about the dura mater may, because that goes to contradicting Jodi’s account of the sequence of events.

    So it seems what the trial court does is a sort of weird balancing act. It first looks at the point raised in appeal in order to determine whether, in its opinion there was in fact an error there. If it finds that there was either judicial error or prosecutorial misconduct, it then looks at the error to determine whether it was a fundamental error. There are certain errors that, just by their occurrence are deemed grounds for reversal. If the error doesn’t fall into that class the appeals court looks at how the repercussions of that error or misconduct could have affected the outcome of the trial. Based on the evidence presented and arguments made in trial, it then determines whether, in its opinion, the error could have affected the outcome of the trial. If it finds that the error could have resulted in a different outcome then it reverses the verdict, else it deems the error as harmless and lets the verdict stand.

    So how does this affect the sequestration/ trial publicity issue. I don’t believe that Pickles’ failure to sequester the jury or to allow cameras will be deemed fundamental error. The judge has wide discretion in these issues, and AZ has not sequestered a jury for many years. In theory voire dire and the admonition are considered adequate safe guards against jury contamination. So what the appellate attorney has to show is that somehow the trial publicity affected the trial in ways that were harmful to the Constitutional rights of the defendant. But they do have some fodder there. Witness intimidation by the press and public, at least in the case of ALV, is clearly documented, as is the apparent intimidation of at least one of the defense lawyers. Someone, on this page had noted, when I commented on how JW’s cross after the death threats took a decided turn for the worse, that its hard to be effective when you are in danger for your life. An appeals lawyer ought to be able to make the same argument. They can also make the argument that ALV was less straight forward, and more willing to compromise her answers after all the threats. Both these issues could lead to a direct impact on the verdict and hence the are possible grounds for reversal. In the past, certain courts, including the SCOTUS have viewed jury contamination to be a perceived possibility under massive publicity and have reversed verdicts not because the contamination was proven but merely because it was a distinct possibility and the opposite, i.e. the jury was not impacted at all was less likely. If the appellate lawyer can make this argument forcefully, then it may have some effect. In this case the arguments to a certain extent may be bolstered by the amazing coincidence between some jury questions and what was being bandied about on HLN, etc. Also the alternate juror, who while not a part of the final jury has made some comments that clearly show that she was affected. This then raises the question – was any other juror affected in the same manner. So that is an obvious first line of attack on appeal.

    The second obvious line of attack would be prosecutorial misconduct. The yelling, screaming and shouting by JM, in my opinion is not going to sway the appeals court. That crap occurs, and I don’t think appeals courts will overturn on that basis. However, there is one aspect to prosecutorial misconduct that has a major impact, and this is related to Horn’s testimony. I think a real argument can be made, that Horn’s perjury was in fact suborned by the prosecutor. The fact of the matter is that when the aggravation hearing took place JM had absolutely no idea of what the defense story of events was going to be. That let them have Flores present the argument of the shot having come first. At some stage, JM became aware of the self defense claim (through discovery and court filings). He also became aware of what Jodi would testify was the sequence of events. Once the judge said she was going to allow the self defense claim JM had a problem. The problem is that, by AZ law, he has to disprove self defense. Un fortunately the past testimony and Horn’s autopsy report in fact give credence to the defense’s version of the events. So how does he disprove the self defense case – remember there are no other witnesses and the physical evidence jives with the story. The only way he could do this was to find some way to overcome the sequence of events, and it’s not there in the physical defense. So they come up wit this cockamamy theory about the incapacitating effect of the shot and 5 days before trial they inform the defense that Horn’s now going to change his testimony about the sequence. There is no way under the sun that this was not something that had an impact o the trial, and the preponderance of the evidence here is that Horn lied. Also it is very obvious that JM should have challenged this.

    But of course we’ll see what happens.

    • It was disturbing to see how Judge Pickles just accepted his answer of a typo to the juror question and moved on like nothing had just happened.

      • I thought the judge did this in an obvious attempt to minimize the issue. I was watching and caught that right off the git-go. To me, it was a SHOW STOPPER and I stood there and couldn’t believe it just got glossed over like nothing had happened. Typo my ass. A typo is when make an error with the keyboard or something of that nature, NOT WHEN YOU CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORD. I believe he and Martinez had a conspiracy to do this and Martinez was the ring leader. And furthermore, Martinez got the idea from Samuels testimony.
        I ,also, believe this item alone is enough to justify an appeal. It was KEY TESTIMONY, and being that is was KEY TESTIMONY, it did have an impact on the jury’s decision.

        • A typo is when make an error with the keyboard or something of that nature, NOT WHEN YOU CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORD ((((( edward )))) did not think of that I was thinkin it was a typo thanks

      • CC,

        This is one of those twists of American legal system. The judge on her own is almost powerless to do anything with respect to a lying witness. The judge is not the trier of fact. That is the jury. The judge is not the enforcer of laws, that is the police, the judge (except in the case of contempt of court) cannot bring charges (that’s the responsibility of the County or District Attorney). The judge’s role, during the actual conduct of the case, is sort of like a glorified referee. So all Pickles can do is make sure that the rules of criminal procedure are followed and eventually hand down the sentence.

        So when Flores/Horn got up on the stand and lied their butts off there was in fact very little the judge could do. It is up to the defense to show that they lied, and it is up to the jury as to which side they believe and how that affects their interpretation of the evidence. And it is up to the County Attorney’s office to bring the perjury charges (and by the way it does happen – where a DA actually charges a police officer with perjury. Most famously the LA County DA charged, and convicted Mark Fuhrman of felony perjury, while the OJ trial was still ongoing).

        Perjury per se is also not a direct grounds for appeal. Once again, the fact that perjury occurred by itself doesn’t make appeals courts reverse verdicts. It only becomes grounds for appeal in conjunction with some other factor. For instance, it could be argued in some case that the only evidence leading to a particular conviction was the perjured testimony, and in the absence of that testimony there is insufficient evidence for the verdict. But even here there must be some reason why the defense could not prove the perjury during trial. So if there is perjury and the state knew it and witheld evidence from the defense that allowed the defense to effectively discredit the witness then that is grounds for reversal – that is what happened in Debra Milke’s case.

        If there is perjury, and the defense can prove that the perjury was actually suborned by the prosecutor, which is what I believe happened with Horn, then that is grounds for appeal on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct, and if the defense had brought this out to the judge and the judge failed to act on it, that may be grounds for judicial error.

        This case is sort of peculiar. I have searched the record, to the extent I can, and the only motion I can find with respect to the Flores/Horn pants on fire game has to do with the aggravating factor, and the judge ruling that regardless of Flores perjured testimony there is other evidence of pain. That may be appealable (as Vladimir Gagic holds) but will only affect the aggravation phase. I have not found anything in the public domain that shows Nurmi challenging the prosecutor’s conduct due to the perjury. Now I may have either missed it, or it may be in the sealed portions of the record. If however Nurmi did put that on the record then the grounds for appeal exist. If he never brought it up, then we have a harder row to hoe. Without it being on the record an appeals court may decide not to look at it (I need to go see the AZ supreme court filing again). Then it may have to be addressed on an ineffective assistance of counsel basis, because clearly the defense should have addressed the issue I pointed out.

        • And, by the way I miss AA because she would have probably torn this argument of mine to shreds, and I love intellectual conflict.

          So AA come on back lady.

        • Checked the AZ Supreme Court petition.

          Aggravation only.

          So looks like, unless it’s in one of the sealed motions, Nurmi et al dropped the ball on the real argument for mistrial due to the perjury.

          • I can’t argue the law like AA would with you, but I was thinking of Judge Ito and others. I know that she can’t have a reaction that the jury could see, but as a judge, you would think she would have some kind of reaction outside of the jurys’ eyes to the new “twins of deception” to quote one of the greatest. Both of them lying in her courtroom about a fundamental part of the case, ie making it a big Jodi lie, and to add cruelty to the mix. I don’t remember Furhmann actually being charged with perjury. I thought it was dropped and he retired to Utah or Idaho when OJ won.

            • Any reaction she may have outside of court is of course a big unknown to us. I do know she took no action on it.

              Furhman was in fact convicted of perjury after he plead no contest. He retired from the PD prior to his conviction.

        • Hi Friends,
          Found some time to catch up some of the conversation. My immediate thoughts about why the appropriate authorities”whom ever they would be” do not or cannot take action to claim perjury for Horn, is because he actually claims he has No Recollection of even talking to Flores or even does not recall Flores answer and question session during the autopsy. Isn’t the fact of the matter, that politicians who are caught lieing etc, are taught to say NO RECOLLECTION, OR NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE,” or TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE…..or I don’t recall” etc.. when caught in discrepancies of things they had once said, for the very POWERFUL reason that one cannot prove if ones memory has really lapsed or not and there is not a direct way to prove “I DON’T RECALL” , which to the point concerning Horn, it cannot be proven he is llieing unless they have something recorded legally of the conversation? The only thing the defense may have been able to do to discredit his memory problem and back up the fact that Flores really did have these conversations with Horn would be to call a witness to testify to what they heard, however they’d have to overcome the HEARSAY issue as well. And concerning Flores, how does one prove that he is lieing when he in fact is not denying he said what he said behind closed doors, because that is provable and is not at issue, but what is at issue is that we cannot PROVE that he MISUNDERSTOOD what Horn had told him. There is no way to prove memory etc. That is what the Jury was suppose to do, and they FAILED. They were suppose to question them both hard and take into consideration the Horn/ Flores MESS and should have decided that these two were not credible witnesses because of this mess of ‘NO MEMORY ETC. They apparently didn’t believe Jodi had forgotten what actually happened even when there is medical evidence to prove that forgetting periods of time and things happens under duress and trauma. FACT! But they judged her to be a liar!! However when it came to determining the credibility of Horn and or Flores, they each got a pass and the Jurors had no questions to them either about the debocle which sickened me, because all of this leads to credibility of police dept. and credibility of me medical examiner and examination and would RAISE SERIOUS DOUBT THAT ANYONE PART OF THE PROSECUTION TEAM IS TELLING THE TRUTH! Don’t you agree/ /? The Jury messed up soo badly and because the JUry let alll this slide without questioning either of them about their inconsistent statements showed they had their minds made up way before it was over. The Jury Failed and gave Juan and his two or one lying witnesses a PASS. Jury to me at this point showed total bias. It was up to them to call the liars out and they didn’t . Is this true Al or anyone else? Thanks for listening.

        • You make some excellent points but what I am wondering is this. If the defense team did not take note of the very, very, obvious perjury that took place on the stand, is that proof of “ineffective counsel”. I mean how on earth do two main people, Horn and Flores, make a “mistake” on a major part of the case? Should they not be held to a hire accountability? This was someones life they threw to the wind.

          Let’s consider that Horn and Flores had integrity and told the truth as initially stated both verbally and documented. By the way, they actually lied twice, if that makes any sense. Supposedly Horn tells Flores the shot came first, and it is also documented this way. They had to deny both actions, not just one “mistake”. This two time lie gives way to proof of perjury and this testimony was key to the entire sentencing in the first phase. Had they told the truth, I am certain the likelihood of M2 would have been the highest sentence Jodi would have received. So how can the perjury only affect the second phase of sentencing, life or death? The subject of whether or not Jodi imposed cruelty and/or extrem pain (?) would never have been an issue because the likelihood of M2 was more prominent with the original statement that proclaimed the gun shot came first. Therefore, if the dense did not contest the perjury, can this be included in the effort to claim “ineffective counsel”. Personally, I get feeling that the defense team is a lot smarter than we know.

    • Al, you’ve hit it on the head.

      I think those are ample grounds for overturning the verdict and the penalty.

    • I’m not sure these other matters are not important to overturning Jodi’s verdict. Look what just happened with Milke.

      With the Mormon church so heavily entrenched in the power structure of Maricopa County, and a whole bunch of Mormons circling the wagons to point fingers at Jodi, I have to wonder whether LDS pressure isn’t the REASON for the prosecutorial misconduct, the acquiescent judge, the lying detective and the lying ME.

      • I believe you are on to the real story here,Journee. I will continue to believe it goes much deeper than just “pressure” from the LDS.

    • Agree with all of you 100%. They must also have some type proof showing that Jodis friend, Patti and her daughter were also threatened.

    • Al,
      I’m I correct that the defense was relying totally on the information they received from Flores regarding his conversation with Horn regarding the sequence of events? I don’t think there was a “written report” from Horn stating his opinion of the sequence of events. Was there pre trial hearing testimony or something that I have missed proving Horn lied about talking to Flores? Shouldn’t the defense questioned Horn long before to verify the information they received from Flores? The defense relied on Horn’s autopsy (duru mater not damaged) and Flores’ report to support their sequence of events. I’m sure you and others can straighten me out here if I’m wrong but I don’t think there enough “proof” for appeal regarding Horn and the sequence of events. Nurmi implied in closing…one of the three crooked stooges is lying or is it all three? The bad part, it hurt Jodi testimony, leaving the jury to believe she made up a story to fit a self defense Defense, instead of the other way around. We all know they are slime balls and what they did was wrong but can it be proved?

      • Agree totally on the slime ball comment. I could swear that Horn on the stand at one point testified that he believed Travis throat was slashed last and testified to that because there was not alot of he mmoraging at the wound which meant that he believed she shot him first. It stands out in my mind, and i will see if I can find that testimony. It would have been his first I think. Also I watched every minute of the unedited police iterrogation videos and In “unedited video by david Lohr, part 15 or 16 Flores says ” he knows that the gun shot came first”. Horn testified he wrote his autopsy report one month after he did the actual autopsy, and I’m wondering if Flores comments were before the released report or after. Perhaps significant to Jodi’s case.

        • kirstin,
          Thanks for your reply. An investigating officer can lie and bluff during an iterrogation all they want and they usually do. That is why most defendants lawyer up. If your ever get in trouble don’t say I think I need a lawyer…say I want a lawyer right now and don’t say another word. lol

  8. Please don’t refer to “fat” when you are putting down others. That is the one type of discrimination that still seems to be acceptable in the western world. It is hurtful to those that fight the weight battle and I don’t think anyone on this site wants to hurt the others that post here. But it does.

    Al, re your post, could you please tell me was Scotum is? I have heard of it here before but being a Canadian I am not familiar with it. I could google it but would like to have your thoughts if possible.

    • Gotcha Judy and I apologize for my immaturity but I get so angry that we are all referred to as crazy. But 2 wrongs don’t make a right and I am gonna try to rise above the haters and think before I type next time.

      • I’m going to stop and think before I make my criticisms, as well. It’s too easy to cross the line into a very personal territory that hurts more people than the intended target of the criticism.

    • Judy. I think you need to lighten up a bit. This is not a weight watchers website after all. Gwen’s comments (in context) were fine. I believe most of female haters are fat – and jealous of Jodi – for countless reasons… there’s no better way to put it really. We also don’t strive to be politically correct all the time., We usually call it like it is.

      Team Jodi

      • Just for giggles I scanned the hater page. On a recent thread the last 43 out of 46 comments were from women. Looking at their pictures most appear to be FAT.

        43 of 46 has to be significant in proving this is a jealousy issue that Jodi is smarter and prettier than them. It makes them explode with hatred. To them I give a great big FUCK YOU.

        • Jeff,

          So would you put Nasty DisGrace in the FAT column ?

          I just Googled her images – I see where her JEALOUS HATE comes from now.

            • Weight aside, the majority of women who hate Jodi (and hated Casey) are of the frumpy, unattractive sort. I think they transfer their hatred of more attractive women in their own lives to strangers.

        • I have said this before, but I think it merits saying again, there are many reasons women do not support other women. The reasons typically go back to childhood and family issues.To simply site jealousy is to minimize the problem. Often that is the easy definition. Some would argue that we support Jodi because she is small and does not look like she is capable of committing such a savage crime. In our minds we believe we know what a rapist looks like, what a child molester looks like etc. We support Jodi because we have looked at the facts, and based on those facts we believe she is innocent. There are most likely many women of varying shapes and sizes that support Jodi, as well as women of various shapes and sizes who do not. There are also many men who do support Jodi and those who do not. Maybe we should focus on the reasons men do not support Jodi.

          • I would say that the men who do not support Jodi are primarily misogynists who see nothing wrong with the way that Travis treated her because he was just being “a guy’s guy.” I imagine that these men don’t treat the women in their own lives very well.

            • I agree. That to dates back to childhood for the most part. That is what they were modeled. Travis Alexander certainly learned at an evarly age that men do not support women.

            • Well said,Kira.Misogynists or abusers who probably have the hots for Jodi and would treat her like scumbag did if they had the chance to date her. I dislike these kinds of people as much as I dont like men who support Jodi just bevause ”she’s hot”.
              We are here because of the facts and evidence not because of her looks.

          • I posted a while back with my thoughts on why the women bash Jodi….another thought to consider if you will. Jodi claims she was abused. Society in general see abused women as weak. They are wrong. The general consensus is usually that the abused woman should have just left. Jodi is being held to all these misconceptions. What the big hang up is for a lot of these haters is that Jodi is the average american woman and she was abused. These haters look at her and they see themselves. They do not want to be identified as someone who could be in her shoes. They are the ones yelling loudest that she chose her fate, she could have left at any time etc. Identifying with Jodi is in their minds admitting to their own weaknesses. If Jodi could be abused so could they. They do not want to see this so they scream louder about how stupid Jodi is and it makes them feel stronger and more empowered. I will say again for the record…..I was abused and but for the grace of God, I am Jodi Arias. I could be exactly where she is. I am thankful that I got out. I am devestated that she did not. Do I blame her? No. I understand her completely which is why I am not threatened by her.

      • SJ thank you for having my back but I regret that my offhanded comment made in anger has started a trend so can we take down this whole thread of comments? I want everyone who believes in Jodi to continue to support her as a collective group. I admit I was being childish and meant no disrespect to anyone. I embrace ALL Jodi supporters!!! Thanks!!

      • I have to agree. The haters also have never been in a twisted relationship I do
        not believe either. I have seen some very evil men in my younger years. That
        are just as conniving an sneaky as any woman is. They mostly want to paint this
        picture that Jodi was the pretty an hot woman looking to marry a nice Mormon Man
        an settle down an Travis wanted a VIRGIN. But still he pushed her to join so
        they could date. Why even bother recruiting women to that Faith if you have to
        have a VIRGIN? I do not get it.– Oh that is right because you want Secret Sexcapades!

        My sister an I are on different ends of this case an I am here to say she is BIG
        she has been in a abusive relationship before also. But she only listened to the
        Local News in Chandler Arizona an some of the Joke News. I understand she did
        not have the time I do to go an do some investigating on her own. Of Travis the
        family an the Mormon/LDS Faith. Still you would think a sister would have some
        feelings other than what was put in their heads over an over again in Arizona.

        I was disgusted to hear my 9 year old niece knew exactly who Jodi was !? an
        has been dumb- d down by the propaganda. So this tells me WTH is going on
        in Arizona. I did tell them I hoped they would not get sucked into that Faith there
        in Arizona. An pray that nothing like this happens to my niece or for that matter
        my sister. An everyone would try an put it all on the EVIL WOMEN. People just
        will not look outside the box of the Joke News propaganda or they would not
        repeat what they say word for word most every day.

        Bless you Jodi !! an family an all the Supporters here. Marching on for Justice!

        Personally I am so tired of the hatred it causes me great GRIEF most days. I stay
        away from JOKE NEWS period an any pro Travis sites. But I did go an get my say
        on that Dr. Drew comment section due to he wanted to know why we SUPPORT JODI
        a few days ago but the pro Travis haters are so ugly on there it is ridiculous. It
        would be like me going to a page that said WHY do I support Travis? I would not
        go there as I do not! these people are weird looking for a fight an get off on calling
        ugly names an putting people down an cussing they actually look like the DEVIL
        WORSHIPERS to me not this page full of people.

    • I agree Judy theres no need for people to make hurtful comments or stereotypes about people just because their opinion differs from theirs.

      What if I said that all the men on this site have must have small penis’s and that’s why they support Jodi, or if I said that all the men here want to bed Jodi? Those are the types of comments I have seen coming out of the haters mouths.

      Lets just leave the stereotypes aside, because guaranteed there are many of both on each side.

      Having said all of this, I still reserve the right to call those who support TA, idiots! Part of the reason for that being that you have to be pretty dumb to swallow everything HLN serves up.

  9. SJ, thanks for the interview clip. I had not seen this interview and once again I have to express how kind, intelligent and beautiful in the soul Jodi is. Anyone that watches this can see that she talks from the heart and has neither bitterness nor selfishness. She puts aside her needs and tries to attend to the needs and happiness of others. All thru the interview she projects love, care and tenderness. I admire her and it is needless to say that the world is in need of Jodi. She has to offer so much and it is a shame that justice has robbed her of her freedom. I truly hope that in the near future she will get her freedom back.

    • What a beautiful post, Pandora! Yes, Jodi is so all these things, she’s so lovely, you know I think the haters see how lovely she is inside and out and that is why they hate her.

      Its beyond disgusting.

      • Heather1, hi!
        In my life I have seen and met more than enough people that do not hesitate to ‘throw rocks’ at others and to point fingers. What I’ve noticed is that those are the people with the worst kind of skeletons in their closets. They judge and they hate because it makes them feel good and they get a sense of fake ‘purity’ doing that. In the longrun tho, their skeletons do come out of the closet and they get smacked upside the head from life.

        • Hi Pandora, yes. I’d hate to see these people face to face because they would look what they are, vile. The sooner they get smacked upside their heads, the better.

          Have a good day, Pandora! 🙂

  10. Goodmorning everyone! I took a day off yesterday.

    My husband woke me up at 6am and surprised me with a one day marriage retreat at the Marriott Resort hosted by the usmc chaplain. We had an awesome day with eachother and met some wonderful people! I needed that short break (not from Jodi and this site but from all the HATRED).

    Jodi did come up a few times, I think he might be getting a little annoyed with it and told me to just by the “Team Jodi” t-shirt!!!!! LMAO he thought it was a TEAM JODI shirt not a “Survivor” shirt. But its a GREAT idea. Why dont we make a Team Jodi t-shirt and send her whatever we make out if it for her commissary?!

    Well, ill be in and out today, ill try and read the latest comments, you guys have a nice Saturday! ; ))

  11. Oh wow, my comment wasn’t deleted, yes!!! Now I can post to! Instead of always being a creeper and reading….lol, hi everyone!

  12. (((((((((((((((Everybody)))))))))))))))))) I hope everyone is good today. I read up and saw some good ideas up there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I just watched the interview with Jodi for a second time. Here are some of my thoughts:

    1) She mentions that she suppresses a lot of things. I believe her and that she internalized a lot of emotions which exploded out of her that fateful day in June 2008.

    2) She says that she is not a cold person. I don’t believe she is either. If she was such a cold person and this evil woman that Travis’s entourage and HLN make her out to be, why was he still texting her, emailing her, calling her, etc.? That just does not add up.

    3) She still loves Travis. Why? I have no idea. But I think this speaks volumes for the kind of person that Jodi is. She is a much better person than I am because I don’t feel that I could ever love someone that treated me the way Travis treated her.

    4) Jodi never wanted this to happen. Therefore, it was not planned. I don’t believe for a second that Jodi ever wanted to kill Travis.

    5) She focused on the proceedings during the trial. I noticed that, too, as I pointed out last night on the previous thread. I saw genuine, sincere emotion out of Jodi contrasted with that of Casey Anthony whose behavior was quite bizarre throughout that whole trial.

    6) Jodi talks about how the support helps her and, incidentally, I bought 3 postcards today from the post office to send to her. 🙂 And, she also said that she wants Travis’s family to have closure and peace. Does this sound like a hateful, evil woman to you?

    7) Jodi is using the media to raise awareness and I find it hypocritical for the media to criticize Jodi for soliciting attention while not a word is said about Travis Alexander’s never-ending throng of family members, friends, supporters, fan club members that love getting in front of an HLN camera on a daily and nightly basis. Do the math, HLN. You tell us how many hours Jodi’s been in front of a camera compared to Travis Alexander’s supporters, not counting yourselves, of course. 😉

    8) Travis knew about the phone sex recording and it still creeps me out how he talked about wanting to tie her to a tree. When I listen to that part of the tape again in my head when Jodi says “OMG that is so debasing, I think I like that!” I hear the uncertainty in her voice. I hear this pause before she says that and when she questions him about his infamous comment about her sounding like a 12-year old having her first orgasm. It just sounds to me like a woman who is desperately trying to please a man and that is wrong. No woman should ever let desperation dictate how she behaves towards a man. I think that inspiration is much better. I am no prude, but I would NEVER, ever, say anything to a woman about tying her to a tree or commenting on how she sounds like a 12-year old having an orgasm. No man or gentleman worth his salt would ever do that. Travis was just a perv, plain and simple. And he got off on the idea that he was being recorded, figuratively and literally.

    9) Jodi says that she’s not enjoying this kind of attention. How could she? How could anyone be like being treated like a piñata by a cable news network and Travis Alexander disciples?

    10) I am unfamiliar with this Daniel Freeman, but as far as I’m concerned, he can go fuck himself. Sorry for the language, but I have to say that to him. It is during times like this when you find out who your real friends are. And, at last, Jodi has been able to see who was there for her when she needed them and who wasn’t. I’ll bet you that she is very surprised to learn who bailed on her as much as she is who has been there for her. There are people here on this website and elsewhere who have been here from her from the very beginning and continue to support her who haven’t even met her yet. They are more of a real friend to her than most of her real friends she’s known over the years.

    11) Jodi talks about how she prefers her good deeds remain anonymous. She wants people to heal, especially Travis’s family, and wants closure for them. How is this woman so hated by many? Jodi isn’t a threat to society. Those people who hate her and all of us ARE threats to society. Whom would you rather have as your friend or next-door neighbor? Jodi Arias or Daniel Freeman? Whom would you rather talk to if you were a survivor of domestic abuse? Jodi Arias or one of Travis Alexander’s frat pack buddies?

    • I always thought it was really obvious that Travis knew about the recording because at one point he said, “Oh, we’re getting into this sooner than I thought.” It was a planned phone sex call. Despite what Moron 17 says, there’s no way that Jodi planned to ambush Travis with the tape. Why would she? It would be embarrassing for her too.

      • I can’t imagine how she felt having to listen to that tape be played in court along with so many people listening to it at the same time. That had to have been embarrassing, awkward and uncomfortable. But she stayed strong throughout the whole time and I admire her very much for that.

        • JM, I know what you mean. Not only did she have to listen to the tape but everything that was in her personal life was on display. Just imagine how she felt knowing that her family – especially her parents – were listening and watching. My God!!! Poor girl. I would have crawled under the desk.

          • I get embarrassed when someone plays a video of me in front of my family. I can only imagine how I’d feel if they played a sex tape in front of them and my friends.

            • Yep, and that’s why the blackmail theory makes no sense. It’s not like Jodi recorded Travis having phone sex with someone else and threatened to expose him to his church. She was on the tape too. She wouldn’t have wanted it to get out.

              • Like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Anybody thinking she wanted to use tape to blackmail isn’t thinking logically.

    • I would say that on point 3 Jodi still loved him because that was what she was modeled by her Mother. If you will remember at one point Jodi talked about her parents relationsip with some lamenting. She felt her Mother stayed with her Father when she should not have and in the process sacrificed herself and others.

    • JM, I consider all 11 points to be spot on. Numbers 7, 8 10 & 11 are considered the best by me. It is sad because this woman set out on a journey looking for love and look what she found. This woman deserves to be set free.

    • JM, that was such a good post, so true. I think she’s hated because these people compare themselves to her and find themselves wanting and so they hate her. Its jealousy and its shocking. Jodi is such a good person, it shines through, but these people think she must be lying… its heartbreaking that she is in jail.

    • JM,
      as to point 8( It just sounds to me like a woman who is desperately trying to please a man and that is wrong. No woman should ever let desperation dictate how she behaves towards a man.)
      I think you’re absolutely right.
      Even disgusting Skye’s infamous e-mail verifies that Jodi wouldnt do or say anything to displease Travis.She wouldnt even cry in front of him so as not to hurt his feelings.

  14. Good Morning.

    I haven’t posted as much as some of you but I do read most of the posts every day and am truly saddened by the way Jodi has been treated by the media and the TA supporters. She absolutely did not get a fair trial. I will continue to follow the up coming events in regards to Jodi and pray for her well being.

    That being said, I won’t participate in this site any longer. Yes, I am FAT! I struggle with my weight and have found it almost impossible to lose weight due to the anti depressants and prednisone I must take. Anyway, I was really surprised at the snarky remarks in response to Judy F.

    Yes, as I said, I am FAT but I am not jealous of Jodi. I have really enjoyed following and participating in this site and I am fully aware that this is not a weight watchers site (that was really a stupid remark btw). Before I became FAT I used to have a holier-than thou attitude towards FAT people also, so I understand where some of you are coming from.

    It’s too bad this subject had to come up but I think Judy F was justified in addressing it, as it seems that with all the “tolerance” and “love” professed on this site, tolerance towards those of us who may be offended or hurt by FAT remarks is just too much for some on this site.

    Yes, this site is about Jodi, but you must realize that everyone here deserves respect and this subject would not have come up except for the FAT remarks and the response of some re the hurtful nature of those remarks.

    • I was simply stating a fact I observed on the haters site. I was FAT, but have lost some weight. I am still overweight – perhaps even FAT. But I don’t take it personally and I don’t think you should either Kitty. I’m sorry that you have.

      The haters on the other hand deserve nothing but contempt, and I shall dish it out to them in any manner that seems truthful.

    • Kitty—-please don’t go. It is my hope that you will stay. I understand you and Judy’s feeling about the comment. Women not supporting Jodi has nothing to do with weight. I don’t know if you read my comment about this. Women are complex, and there is so much more to a woman’s behavior and thoughts than weight. Please stay.

    • Don’t leave for one remark you don’t like. I’m fat too. Stay for alllllllllll of the good remarks. The good out weighs the bad.

      • Danielle and Jeff,

        Thanks for your replies. I suppose I was being overly sensitive. I’ve been going thru a pretty rough patch lately (foreclosure imminent among other things) so I think my perception is a little off and skin is pretty thin!

        • No problem it happens to us all! As long as you’re back! I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time.

        • I posted two comments supportive of Kitty. Neither were inappropriate. Why can they not be posted? What is there to moderate? This is a question for the Administration of this website?

    • Kitty,

      I’m sorry. I don’t hink he meant it mean. I understand your concern about ppl having weight issues being made fun of. I took the comment to mean that the haters are generally miserable women which most of them are. Jealousy is a reason for ppl to hate, you know? I don’t think he was trying to hurt your feelings personally.

    • Why take the “fat” comment personal? It wasn’t even directed to anyone who’s posting here and JM’s observations were demographic. SJ is right, people on here call it as it is and I think that’s a good thing. Even though some people have chosen to getting their feelings hurt in the process. Overall I’ve welcomed the -say it like it is – approach. It’s refreshing and cathartic.

    • Hi Kitty, I hope you will stay here too. We need all the support out there to stay and help make us strong. People shouldn’t make any assumptions about either the haters or supporters. I don’t consider myself to be very physically attractive but I do know that I am a good person, and I am beautiful inside. Having said that, I take comments about looks to heart and any that could apply to me, hit pretty close to home and hurt alot.

      I have seen nasty comments from haters about Jodi’s eye. To me that’s hurtful and petty and completely has nothing to do with what we’re discussing. I was brought up that it’s unacceptable to make hurtful comments about people and there was zero tolerance for that behaviour. I brought my kids up the same way. They were always told, “You don’t have to be friends with anybody you don’t want to be friends with, but being mean and saying hurtful things to ANYBODY will not be tolerated, period.” One of my daughters is a nurse and the other is a teacher. The teacher repeats my statement to her students frequently. It makes me very proud of both her and myself that we live by this policy, and that she is passing this on to her students.

      I can say this with certainty, if anyone coming to this site is going to repeatedly be made to feel inferior or bad about themselves, they will cease to come here and that will be another voice lost. We all should take care to make sure that doesn’t happen. If I have said anything that hurt or offended anyone, I truly apologize.

      Also, never forget, the haters will love for us to lose supporters, lets not give them the satisfaction.

    • Kitty,

      I believe Jodi’s supporters are reacting to HLN & JM constantly using Jodi’s appearance as there credible source (lies) to say Jodi manipulates men with her looks. And none of us are able to accept JM behavior in court *warning* telling the jury not to fall for Jodi’s lies & manipulation.

      I believe most Jodi supporters are moved by Jodi’s Angelic kind way. Personally, I wouldn’t make the stretch to say Jodi’s physical looks are the reason anyone here believes Jodi is innocent.

      But you’re right when you say “society judges people based on their looks”. There are many credible studies on the subject. Including studies showing that better looking people are prosecuted differently based on their physical looks.

      Must be human nature ?

      HLN for months talked about Jodi manipulating people with her looks & lies.

  15. Hi guys!
    First I want to say hi to everyone that I’ve never met before I’m so glad you’re here to support Jodi!
    ((((((((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((JODI)))))))))))))))))))))

    I also just watched the interview and it’s heartbreaking. Since Jodi is my age (I’m almost exactly 7 mths older 1-1-80) my Mom actually gets depressed. She’s always been and hugger and lovey, but whenever she watches she gets so depressed and just keeps saying that poor girl. Then next thing I know I’m being bear hugged and told how much she loves me.

    SJ – Could you get our good wishes and prayers to Jodi’s Mom?

    SJ – That cats eye drawing is amazing! Not only were you Jodi’s inspiration but all the money made from sales are going to animal shelters! You’re really putting a lot of positivity out into this crazy world. Thank you!

    • Wow Danielle! my daughter is 1-1-81 ……..that is why I am so attached
      to Jodi I do believe. An we are not talking now for 9 months due to the
      bf she has is disgusting to me. But Love is Blind an she will not listen
      an I do not sugar coat much. Mama tried an lost in my case the nasty
      guy won. Just hope she don’t end up in a mess. But she is welcome
      home anytime just not with him. Matter of fact Jodi is welcome here
      anytime if she can get out of there everyone in these parts would think
      she was my daughter anyways 😉

      Your mama is Blessed to have you around to hug an love ♥

    • Danielle, thanks for the welcome. Yes, I agree, the more support Jodi gets the stronger we will be able to voice the injustice that has been made upon Jodi.

  16. The being fat statistics on why people don’t like Jodi are like the reasons Dr Douche said we do like Jodi. For some people who are heavy Jodi may remind them of a girl in school they didn’t like. We all say we’re impartial. But what I learned in a Criminology class, we just aren’t completely impartial.

    I also think people get so angry that they just start throwing the first words they can think of even though it’s not nice and could hurt the people they’re w. I’ve done that by accident. But my friends have known me so long they just shake their heads bc I’ve even insulted myself by accident trying to insult someone else. Yep, I’ve called someone a dumb blonde while driving. I’m a fake blonde. But, I don’t think anyone means any harm and I think if you tell them they’ll be quick to apologize bc we’re all here for Jodi and we don’t want to hurt each other.

    NG – The thing about her is get is an engorged tick or leech only bloated off of the blood she’s sucked off of the Jodi Arias Trial. I think we might be able to agree with this.

    • RE: NG…..couldn’t agree more.

      Whenever I have mentioned NG name in conversation (which isn’t very often) 100% of the time the reaction is…EEEW! I can’t stand that women! 🙂

    • Hey, I’m a big girl and I’m still hella sexy! Let’s lighten up–pardon the pun! Thanks to Al for the info regarding the mail system at Estrella Jail.

  17. Some lawyers and other legal experts have expressed their belief that there will not be a retrial of the penalty case and cited some factors influencing their thoughts, including cost and possibility of a second outcome similar to the first. At the same time, it just seems to me by the actions I have seen, including the recent denial of a defense appeal by the Arizona Supreme Court, that the state is DETERMINED to give Jodi the death sentence and really doesn’t care how much time or cost it will take. The state will also continue to support Juan Martinez, as will the judge, and he will be allowed to say and do whatever he wants to do to win the case.

    With that, I think the only way there will be any semblance of objectivity and fairness to the trial process, is to eventually take the case beyond Arizona to the federal level. Jodi and her team should continue to fight right up to the U.S.Supreme court, if possible or necessary.

    Maybe to the state of Arizona, they think Jodi got a fair trial, the trial proceeded well, and they produced the factual evidence that should have put Jodi to death. Outside of Arizona, one may wonder about reasonable doubt as well as why there is so much investment of resources, among other factors, involved in this ONE case, and ultimately, what is really behind it, or driving it.

    While the death of Travis Alexander is most certainly a tragedy and we can feel for the family of the victim, Jodi has been exploited and there appears to be very little to no respect and compassion for what her own parents and siblings are going through. There have also been “friends” of Travis coming out of the woodwork at times to give interviews and express their thoughts and feelings about just how much of a villain and seemingly “soulless” human being Jodi is, some of whom like “Abe” appear to be enjoying their newfound celebrity status, as well as some jurors and the prosecutor himself, who adoring fans follow and support. Even witnesses for the state have found more recognition and approval, while witnesses for the defense have received threats to themselves and their families and have suffered economic and professional damage, as well.

    Yet every day, I read or hear of individuals who have brutally killed others and killed them out of greed, hatred, or for some other reason, or have killed several or many people “in cold blood” and without any strong emotional attachment such as, for example, having been lovers, having been mentor and student, etc. These killers may have been repeat offenders, serial killers, and/or had a past containing incidences of significant criminal behaviors and yet, in comparison to what Jodi has been through, 1) did not have all the media bashing them to the public daily 2) did not get a death sentence but life in prison, even in cases of the most seemingly brutal of crimes and most heartless characteristics.

    What the public really needed to know, and was their right to know, which is why the media can report on trials, was information related to what Jodi was accused of and court proceedings so they could better understand what was going on and come to their own conclusions, based on knowledge, and objective, relevant data the media should help explain as a valuable public service. The public did not, however, need to hear, for example, from a friend of Travis who had “bad vibes” about Jodi, or read or see interviews with numerous other individuals who expressed what a wonderful friend Travis was (of course they are going to say good things about their friend) and how “bad” Jodi was or how they tried to warn Travis to stay away from her. How did so much of what was televised or written in the press actually have to do with the crime of what Jodi was accused of and how much helped promote her as” evil” or “demonic”, as some referred to her as.

    It would be interesting to know more about the power hierarchy in Arizona, and especially just how much of a role individuals of the Mormon church plays in it, even indirectly. One wonders if the two are more interrelated that the public is aware of. I have no problem with the Mormon church and am sure there are some wonderful people in it, just as in other religions, but any trial in which testimony and appearances of friends and roommates, etc. of the victim are given center stage along with the fact they ALL belong to the same church as well as many or all being involved in the same member-related legal business is sure to have an effect on developing public attitudes, given the exposure these individuals have received from the media and social networking. Add to this often voiced concern of Jodi’s “dead” looking eyes and other “evil” things friends shared with the public that they seemed to see in her, even upon meeting her, AND the probability that JM, the judge, their boss, or others in power in the county and state might be Mormons, themselves, or be sympathetic to their support and vote, lays the groundwork, even if not intentionally, to give the death penalty to such a vile and inhuman person as they perceive Jodi to be.

    With the Alexander family’s support, some of the jurors who are jumping on the media bandwagon, and a lynch mob mentality promoted by the media, the state will continue to drive to carry out its intent. On top of this, Jodi does not have the support of a large family, church members and friends involved in a large church or other community organization, money, celebrity status, a “dream team” or any of the other resources to help her. She continues to be a very vulnerable, financially insecure, and private citizen fighting for her life against a very powerful opposition.

    The state appears ready to drive on, with a political force behind it that justifies whatever cost, resources, and tactics will be needed to produce the desired death penalty. Unless, it is stopped, which I pray that it will, the case may ultimately require going OUTSIDE Arizona, possibly even to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary, to step in, observe without bias the harm, take corrective, action and measures to prevent such a travesty of justice ever happening again.

    • AZ state elected officials are exclusively Republican and mostly very right wing. Until the last election they also had a super majority in the House and Senate. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The only check to balance that we have had is frequent appeals where the courts consistently bitch slap the governor, attorney general and legislature for unconstitutional laws. Kind of ironic since they CLAIM to be the party that LUVS the Constitution. This also applies to Sheriff Joke who was just found by a court to be guilty of racial profiling.

      The relationship to the Mormon Church of this party is strong. Mormons are a significant voting block particularly in the east valley of Maricopa Count – Mesa and Gilbert. They vote heavily republican (example Utah if you don’t believe me).

      So there is a connection and I do not doubt that the Mormon Church is pulling some strings to punish someone who dared stand up to one of their pedos.

      • Jeff, would you please look at my previous post. I have been here since Feb. i am legit. I post when it is necessary to find something that could help Jodi and her family. I cannot believe that a juror is with katie wick.

      • Thanks for the info, Jeff! I hope the connections and even possible conflicts of interest will be looked into more closely.

        It just looks more and more like the Mormon influence in this case may be greater than what may appear on the surface. It is extremely hard to understand why the state is so hell-bent on
        continuing, even against advice by credible and successful attorneys throughout the country, to push forward for the death penalty, no matter how much time, expense, and other resources may be needed and might have to be taken from other cases coming up. It may also be that those in electable positions may fear that getting less than a death sentence for Jodi could cost them important votes and their political career. To stay in office, they may feel obligated to remain on good terms with the many Mormon church members there, including all the “friends” of Travis that have been publically advocating for Travis and who the media let continually remind readers and viewers what an “evil” and soulless person Jodi is.

        If politics can be shown to have a major influence in Jodi’s case, they really need to look at getting the case out of that county or the state, itself. A citizen’s very life, legal right to a fair trial, and her ability to obtain a fair appeals process in the state may depend on it.

        • Governor Brewer stated on the record that she thought Jodi was guilty, but she didn’t know the evidence.

          This is AZ..

          • brewer was threatening any juror who was considering an acquittal, that they’d face very serious repercussions in arzona if they didn’t convict ie straight jury tampering

            Title 13 – Criminal Code

            13-2807. Jury tampering; classification

            A. A person commits jury tampering if, with intent to influence a juror’s vote, opinion, decision or other action in a case, such person directly or indirectly, communicates with a juror other than as part of the normal proceedings of the case.

            B. Jury tampering is a class 6 felony.

      • I believe your correct. There was very little talk about the Mormon church in general, within the trial. I mainly only heard from Jodi who described the BS Travis tells her regarding certain types of sex being allowable. I also caught on Dr. Drew a caller who proclaimed to have called detective Flores about Jodi’s “odd” behavior. Though we know that many people were grabbing to be a part of the witch hunt, I found her story to benefit Jodi rather than hurt her. To brief you, the caller was a roommate of Jodi’s a short time and complained that Jodi had Travis over often for “bible study” but the roommate could hear them having sex. The caller stated that Flores advised her that they were looking for friends of Jodi’s from her hometown and did not need her assistance. ? I realize this information from the caller did not make Jodi look good (as the caller wanted) but to me, this information made T.A. look even worse. I then realized that this is likely why Flores did not use the information, but it came out on HLN! TVhey also cut the call short. I believe that J.M. stayed clear of the Mormon church for a reason.

        The caller’s information again portrayed the character of T.A. and the double life he lead. If you add these character flaws up, you gain perspective and the reality of a young woman defending herself is more and more clear. It also explains the fear of admitting that you killed your ? Boyfriend ? that no one knew you had. Wow! I am so pissed off right now.

    • Mattie–You should send this to an Arizona newspaper and see if they will print it. Just EXCELLENT. send it to the Editor.

      • Thank you for your comment, Rebecca64! However, I’m not sure that it would make much difference sending anything to a newspaper in Arizona but I could give it a shot. From what I’ve been reading and how the votes go in Arizona, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything I wrote had as much impact as the defense team had with the judge in Jodi’s trial. LOL!

        Of course, I could be wrong, but I would like to get at least a few stats on Arizona and the influence of the Mormon community, including how widespread it is, how active in community affairs, and who it’s chief players are, if possible.

        Who could discover, just for hypothetical example here, that the judge’s husband works with someone high in the local Mormon community, that the church donates to some election campaigns, or that members of the church, including jurors or Travis’ “friends,” are active in donating to certain community charities or participating regularly in activities of local community groups, or even if JM’s girlfriend or wife (if he has one) is a Board member of. Knowing the dynamics could answer a lot of puzzling questions and explain why the state wants the death penalty so badly in a case that should have never been M1 premeditation from the start!

        • Mattie——yes there will be links, but I still believe there are people in Arizona who are skeptical of Mormonism, who would be inspired.

        • Can the letter also go to National Papers? This way it will not be hidden. Plus Jodi’s case has to get far away from Arizona and Mormon influence. I think NYC. Such a strong mixture of people and cultures.

    • All I (as a Brit) can think of, is President Obama, can’t he step in??

      Something HAS to happen. This is cruelty beyond belief.

      I just know the Mormon Church has something to do with this, or PPL

      I’ve even been blocked on FB for saying my thoughts about that Cult.

    • I agree with you on all of that above. If people remember Travis described Abe for
      us in the phone call. An it was the same description that the MORMONS/LDS give
      for Jodi over an over again. An then you have Abe up there like you said saying the
      most ugly things I have ever heard in my life an I been around the block a few times.

      Soulless, dead eyes, intimidated is what I remember Travis saying about Abe. Then
      he also had Jodi write a letter an end the friendship.

      An Jodi well she defended that piece of crap ABE. That still makes me so upset people
      did not hear that? I am guessing they toned it all out except for the sex parts? they
      sure remember that part but then not all of it either. Selective hearing in the JURORS
      that made their mind up in the opening statements. Who the hell does that? a tainted
      Jury. An a Judge that rolls her eyes an almost cries when the verdict comes out. A ME
      that makes mistakes. I would like to know if the Judge an the ME belong to that
      Church I know they have said Flores does.

  18. If you can hear me, i came to this website after the juror’s first questions. We do not have that in my state. i came because i felt that the jury was contaminated, and was watching tv. I sent Nurmi a email and told him so. All of you need to see the pictures of juror # 6 with katie wick and dr. drews jurors. It is a crying shame.

  19. HI EVERYONE!!!! ((((HUGS)))))))))!! Ok I have been reading the thread and here are my thoughts on why so many woman are mean to Jodi and why more men are not.In this case the monster( Travis) was turned into the victim and the Victim (Jodi) was turned into the monster by everyone one from the legal system to the media. The disgusting pigs on HLN have made Jodi in to such a monster and what she has been through is so vile and debasing that only sick minded people find themselves in this situation. There for saying ANY VICTIM OF THIS KIND OF ABUSE IS SICK AND IT WAS THEIR FAULT THEY WERE IN THAT SITUATION!! So when women hear people in the street pretty much chanting this shit they feel dirty and bad about them selves because they have been through the same thing so they too must be a monster. They don’t want to say they relate to such a “monster” because they were in the same situation!! That is why i think so many women hate on her . Because to many of them have been just like her. I think men are far more likely to support her because they have either known guys like Travis or they themselves have treated women that way weather they are proud of it or not. They KNOW there are guys like this!! . The media fucked this whole trial. It has done irreversible damage to DV and any other kind of victimization out there.THESE VICTIMS ARE THE VICTIMS!! I wish people could understand that . Victims should be helped not vilified. Weather we like it our not Jodi has become the modern day Medusa! Medusa was attacked by Poseidon in the temple of Athena and when Medusa begged for help from Athena Athena sided with the Gods punishing Medusa to a life of eternal loneliness and pain. That is Jodi. I truly hope and pray that Jodi has a better outcome!!! : (

      • I know . I think the haters would rather be in denial then speak up and end this crap once and for all. I feel really bad that victims have been made out to look like they deserve what they get and that they put themselves there . and then the SAME victims go on Nasty Disgrace and say they can’t possibly understand were Jodi is coming from. THE SAME PLACE AS YOU!!! DUH!! NO BODY SHOULD HAVE TO BE A VICTIM!! And i throw up thinking about the travesty that has been done here. So many victims are going to stay silent now because of the fear of being vilified like jodi if they were to ever have to take it one step further GOD FORBID !! Its a damn shame. Victims just started feeling brave enough to start coming forward and we have 1 station able to take us back centuries!! Well with people like us maybe they will realize there are people who not only understand but also care.

        • I honestly think women should exit America for their own safety.

          Being British I’m more than appalled at this disgusting farce of a trial.

    • We live in a sick, hateful society where in which one of the most popular slogans in the past decade or so has been the Orwell mind speak brainwashing that ” There is no such thing as a victim.” And also the similar brainwashing of the culture through the omnipresent slogans that decry ‘playing the victim’. This is a society conditioned by the fallacious narcissistic belief that if something happens to a person it must be their fault for letting it happen, and somehow that person is lacking in character, strength, and so called ‘willpower’ for being affected by anything that happens. This narcissistic culture proclaims that people are disembodied “I’s”
      yseparate from reality that can somehow manipulate reality which this narcissistic culture believes is somehow separate from an all powerful autonomous “I”. This narcissistic culture which extols image above all else looks down upon victims as if they are inferior because to such a culture a victim is weak. In this day and age being weak has become something that is reviled. This is also evident in the so called drug war wherein this narcissistic culture shames and looks down upon people who are poor and incarcerated for drug use, while the media and general public show adulation towards celebrities (the rich and powerful) who use drugs. In this narcissistic culture compassion and love are negated and perverted through the paradigms of this Orwellian mindthink which twists caring into ‘enabling’ and which misrepresents shunning and hurting as ‘tough-love’. This culture of ego worship is vehemently anti-depth and anti complexity and intricacy. It is a sick culture that only worships appearances and the superficial. This sick culture has no awe or respect or appreciation for the incredible mystery of life, spirit, mind, intelligence, and the vast unknown and unconscious to us, forces that make up the universe and humanity. This sick culture thinks that the almighty ego has got it all under control and knows it all.
      I think part of the reason some people are hateful towards Arias is because those hateful people need to protect their reductivist, simplistic beliefs about reality. They believe they know all they need to know and anything else is hocus-pocus, gibberous, nonsense and touchy-feely new age crap.

      • P.S to my recent post; I never meant to imply that new age beliefs and ideas etc. are crap–I certainly believe much of it is legitimate and noteworthy. I was just saying that closed-minded people like to dismiss things easily by conveniently labeling and pigeon-holing what they don’t know about or disagree with.

  20. I apologize if I offended anyone by making my comment above about Nancy Grace. I said that she needs a treadmill more than she needs a TV show. Funny? Perhaps. But I can see now that in hindsight it was an insensitive thing to say and I honest to God did not intend this towards anyone who is overweight. I love fat people especially fat women. No kidding. I dated a woman who is anorexic and it was a struggle for both of us, but we are friends to this day and I love her very much. It took a long, long time for her to finally see herself as so many other people see her as a beautiful woman inside and out. She actually was considering having surgery done to help her weight loss and I told her that I would support her, but I personally felt like she was beautiful as she was and did not need the surgery.

    I suspect that there is a lot of jealousy and resentment directed at Jodi Arias because she is very beautiful and this is not exclusive to fat women. This is exclusive to women who are ugly on the inside and that’s who Nancy Grace is. Nancy is extremely ugly on the inside which makes her even less attractive on the outside.

    • You will not be offending me. Nasty ass disgrace Lynch mob mentality.I cannot stand her. Please notice i cleaned it up before i posted. lol

      • I think the scenes she does when she is not talking to anyone, but is turned slightly, and then lowers her voice and then shares her innermost hatred in a soft dramatic voice are the funniest. Who came up with that?

        • I sometimes wonder if Nancy Grace–had she turned left, instead of right, somewhere along the road–if she wouldn’t have become a comedienne? She’s camp; self-parody.

          • I believe that I heard Nancy Grace say once that before she decided to be a prosecutor due to her boyfriend’s murder, she was or intended to be an English major and hadn’t planned to go into law.

            • I think she’s vile, she looks vile on the outside and is even more vile on the inside. She’s full of hate. I can’t stand to look at her.

      • That’s an insult to pigs. Pigs are very intelligent, clean when given the chance, and live well together when in wild groups.

        Please stop maligning a species which provides us with food, medical products, and so much more despite being kept under often cruel circumstances.

        Nancy DisGrace does not merit comparison with any other living creature. Even shit makes good fertizer.

        • LOL!! YOUR Right they are cute to!! UMMMMMMM …… about shit! Nancy Grace is a piece of Shit!!!

    • Why exactly is it such a problem to call someone fat who’s fat! Nasty Disgrace is overweight and out of shape, it’s an observation! I’m 5’5 and 150 lbs, I’m not skinny, so if someone wants to call me fat, so what? It doesn’t change how I feel about myself, if that’s someone’s opinion, so be it.

      • I am fat. Mostly due to medications I have to take. I’ve managed to lose a little weight but it is is very hard. I was not offended by the comment up-thread at all.

      • It’s attitudes like this that cause anorexia. Have some sensitivity. Not every observation has to be voiced, especially if it’s a cruel one.

        NG is ugly inside, that’s what makes her ugly outside, regardless what she actually looks like.

    • I wasn’t offended at the slighest. I can’t stand NG either. I think calling her digusting is putting it mildly. I can’t even stand to look at her. Pisses me off.

  21. I was watching a Lifetime movie earlier and I have decided that the State of AZ, Juan Martinez and Nancy Grace have tried to model this case after one. Where the one side is portrayed as absolute pure unabashed evil and the other is all saintly, angelic and surrounded by light. Then they ask you to pick a side. So by the middle of it you’ve been completely manipulated into being so pissed that you’re ready to scream and tear someone’s hair out. Trouble is that nothing is that black and white and, in my opinion, they have the roles reversed in this instance. I hate that some have fallen for it hook, line and sinker but those of us who haven’t can overcome if we stick together and stay focused on Jodi.


    • Gwen–that whole story of the goodies and the badies, and Travis emitting the blinding angelic light … Makes you wonder how they can also say he’s been “dragged through the mud,” doesn’t it? His sainthood was established well before trial. Jodi and ALV’s testimonies about his abusive side were never any match for the well-greased myth-making machine.

  22. Here’s what you need to know about katie wick, she divorced her husband over domestic violence. what a fake. its disgusting!

  23. Al,
    I came across this and found it a reminder of some of the things that led to Defence asking for mistrial. I don’t know how to attach the link, sorry, but the last paragraph mentions Flores & Horn and interpretation of wounds.

    Jodi Arias Mistrial Motion Highlighted Stalker Claims


    Jan. 18, 2013—

    Defense Lawyers Make Repeated Calls for a Mistrial

    The murder trial of Jodi Arias has been punctuated with increasingly angry calls for a mistrial and the arguments have cited a woman’s claim of being stalked and menaced, suggestions of ethnic bias and personal jibes among the lawyers.

    The prosecution rested its case Thursday and the defense will begins its arguments on Jan. 29. In the meantime Judge Sherry Stephens will consider the defense’s request to dismiss the case outright as well as the motions to declare a mistrial.

    Arias, 32, is charged with killing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in a jealous rage in June 2008 following a tryst in his Mesa, Ariz., home.

    The most recent and most testy mistrial arguments came Wednesday after defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi asked Detective Esteban Flores whether Alexander’s roommates “were warned against this so-called stalker?” Nurmi gestured towards the defense table where Arias sat as he spoke.

    The objection by prosecutor Juan Martinez was overruled, but it set the stage for an ensuing argument between the lawyers.

    The jury left the courtroom moments later and Nurmi resumed his request for a mistrial, arguing that he had not been allowed to vet a potential witness, Lisa Andrews, who was involved in the stalking claim.

    In defending himself, Martinez said he has purposefully not introduced the stalking claims to avoid a mistrial or an overturned verdict since Arias is not charged with stalking. But he went on to state that Andrews was seeing Alexander in 2007 after Alexander and Arias broke up. While Alexander was visiting Andrews, he found his car tires slashed, Martinez told the court with the jury absent. He replaced the tires and visited Andrews again the next evening and found his new tires slashed, the prosecutor said. Martinez never said who was responsible for cutting the tires.

    Andrews’ tires were also subsequently slashed and she received a “John Doe” letter accusing her of “a number of religiously based sins, you’re a whore, things like that,” Martinez told the judge.

    Martinez recommended that Andrews not be called as a witness to avoid tainting the record.

    “I believe the state’s so-called concerns to be disingenuous,” Nurmi replied. “First of all, I don’t need advice from him,” he said nodding towards Martinez.

    Nurmi added that there was “evidence that Andrews was dating Mr. Alexander while he was sleeping with my client.”

    “We fully intend to call her as witness,” he said. “Let the chips fall where they may.”

    The most personal comments between the lawyers have included suggestions of an anti-Hispanic bias.

    Earlier in the week, Nurmi had suggested during cross examination that Flores and another detective Mike Melendez were not truthful in their testimony. At the time, Martinez pointed out that both officers accused of lying were Hispanic. “Maybe because they’re Hispanic, I don’t know,” Martinez said.

    On Wednesday, Nurmi indignantly raised the comments before the judge.

    “In terms of misconduct, prosecutor said something about all Hispanic names sounding alike, saying I must be racist or insincere or not smart enough,” he said. Nurmi called Martinez’s remark “an additional instance of misconduct and was inappropriate on the part of this prosecutor.”

    Nurmi has also called for a mistrial after the two sides clashed over the speed with which the prosecution has handed over evidence, and interpreting forensic evidence about whether Alexander was shot or stabbed first.

    Copyright © 2013 ABC News Internet Ventures

  24. I heard the video recording above did any one hear Jodi say I killed him I stabbed him I shot him I slit his throat I put him in the shower and I cleaned up the mess the best I could I heard she has nightmares and wakes up screaming I for one believe the intruder story

    • I wish they would do the other eye of Travis’s to see what they see in there.
      I do believe it was the other eye that shows 3 people …..2 behind Jodi.

      Also I would like to see if the eyes of Jodi on the bed photo if they could
      see who was taking the photo? if there were more than one person. Her
      face really does not look happy in that photo.

      I know she felt forced to go with Self Defense an I too wonder if the story
      she told before was the real one. An maybe she was unconscious for a time
      but she can’t remember. I will never believe she did laundry an put that camera
      in there. The roommates did laundry so why did they not see that camera
      when they pulled clothes out an put them back in there. No one would
      remember to take the gun the rope the knife an forget the CAMERA.
      I just do not believe that. An the bleach was not on everything the
      magic underwear should have been pink then. Only the towel looked
      messed up. Does not wash with me either?

  25. I believe Jodi’s supporters are reacting to HLN & JM constantly using Jodi’s appearance as there credible source (lies) to say Jodi manipulates men with her looks. And none of us are able to accept JM behavior in court *warning* telling the jury not to fall for Jodi’s manipulation.

    I believe most Jodi supporters are moved by Jodi’s Angelic kind way. Personally, I wouldn’t make the stretch to say Jodi’s physical looks are the reason anyone here believes Jodi is innocent.

    But you’re right when you say “society judges people based on their looks”. There are many credible studies on the subject. Including studies showing that better looking people are prosecuted differently based on their physical looks.

    Must be human nature ?

  26. Hi Friends, Sorry for the duplicate. i wanted to post this on it’s own in hopes more of my friends would see this post. Forgive me for not knowing difference between a post and a reply, and if there isn’t a difference, then would some one be kind enough to educate me . Sincerely Kirstin. But the following is what I wanted to put out there for debate and answers. Thank you.
    Found some time to catch up some of the conversation. My immediate thoughts about why the appropriate authorities”whom ever they would be” do not or cannot take action to claim perjury for Horn, is because he actually claims he has No Recollection of even talking to Flores or even does not recall Flores answer and question session during the autopsy. Isn’t the fact of the matter, that politicians who are caught lieing etc, are taught to say NO RECOLLECTION, OR NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE,” or TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE…..or I don’t recall” etc.. when caught in discrepancies of things they had once said, for the very POWERFUL reason that one cannot prove if ones memory has really lapsed or not and there is not a direct way to prove “I DON’T RECALL” , which to the point concerning Horn, it cannot be proven he is llieing unless they have something recorded legally of the conversation? The only thing the defense may have been able to do to discredit his memory problem and back up the fact that Flores really did have these conversations with Horn would be to call a witness to testify to what they heard, however they’d have to overcome the HEARSAY issue as well. And concerning Flores, how does one prove that he is lieing when he in fact is not denying he said what he said behind closed doors, because that is provable and is not at issue, but what is at issue is that we cannot PROVE that he MISUNDERSTOOD what Horn had told him. There is no way to prove memory etc. That is what the Jury was suppose to do, and they FAILED. They were suppose to question them both hard and take into consideration the Horn/ Flores MESS and should have decided that these two were not credible witnesses because of this mess of ‘NO MEMORY ETC. They apparently didn’t believe Jodi had forgotten what actually happened even when there is medical evidence to prove that forgetting periods of time and things happens under duress and trauma. FACT! But they judged her to be a liar!! However when it came to determining the credibility of Horn and or Flores, they each got a pass and the Jurors had no questions to them either about the debocle which sickened me, because all of this leads to credibility of police dept. and credibility of me medical examiner and examination and would RAISE SERIOUS DOUBT THAT ANYONE PART OF THE PROSECUTION TEAM IS TELLING THE TRUTH! Don’t you agree/ /? The Jury messed up soo badly and because the JUry let alll this slide without questioning either of them about their inconsistent statements showed they had their minds made up way before it was over. The Jury Failed and gave Juan and his two or one lying witnesses a PASS. Jury to me at this point showed total bias. It was up to them to call the liars out and they didn’t . Is this true Al or anyone else? Thanks for listening.

    • “The Jury messed up soo badly and because the JUry let alll this slide without questioning either of them about their inconsistent statements showed they had their minds made up way before it was over.”

      All the way through, the juror’s questions REEKED of bias against Jodi.

    • “The Jury Failed and gave Juan and his two or one lying witnesses a PASS.”

      Make that two to FOUR witnesses who lied. Connor and Melendez contradicted one another also. Connor said the camera’s memory card was found loose in the washer, Melendez said he removed it from the camera himself. (I am frankly inclined to believe Heather Connor, she was probably my favorite witness because she would not let anyone – including Juan – lead her into saying something other than what she knew to be true.)

  27. SJ,
    First, I’d like to thank you for this site. A few months ago under the heading ‘court documents,” there was a document in there from defense team and or Jodi filed to the court on behalf of Jodi pertaining to Mat Mccartney and how she did not want them to be able to question Mat because Mat wanted to protedt his family and did not want any problems. Could you make that available again.. I was thinking that that is the reason they could not interview Mat and have him testify on behalf of Jodi and seeing her bruises. I really wish he would come forth. Wish anyone who saw them would be strong enough and not afraid to come forth. I wonder what they are afraid of. Does anyone know who the persons are that Jodi was referring to that she had wished Nurmi and Wilmott would have turned over every stone to locate. She looked very upset about this post verdict interview. As I am too.

    • cant they supeona him? honestly!! Fuck what Matt wants Jodi DOESN”T WANT TO DIE!! life or death situations trump want in any case!! period!!!!!

    • people how come forward to help jodi either are threatened or killed Ashley Thompson who call in said her husband my have done this or knows how did is dead now this happened in march and jodi changed her story in april of 2010 ????? that

  28. I had a little time to spare today so I went on Facebook a little while ago and looked at some of the people connected with Travis and the trial. I don’t want to go into names but just the short time I spent before I had to leave was enlightening. ‘Seems “friends,” and witnesses have made friends with each other and influential members of the media, extended Alexander family, etc. I guess I hadn’t realized how extensive the network is developing. At any rate, that builds a lot of people contributing in different ways to the anti-Jodi sentiment that has so negatively shaped public opinion.

    Jodi made mistakes, to be sure, but she certainly does not deserve being exploited and presented as some kind of “cold-blooded,” “purely evil” and monstrous person as she has been referred to and portrayed. My hope is that she is receiving some kind of supportive counseling to help her get through all of this, as well as the experience of being jailed for over 5 years now, and seemingly having almost the entire world not only against her, but thinking she is depraved and wishing her dead. My hope is also that the real truths involved in this case are exposed in a timely manner, and that, if not, she will be able to fight her seemingly David and Goliath struggle with the kind of resources and help she will need to transcend the injustices she experienced and help promote needed reforms in the justice system.

    • Those are kind thoughts about Jodi, but you can bet the house that she is not getting any kind of support or real help aside from maybe something for depression. Its obvious they’re making her as miserable as possible by keeping her isolated and locked in her cell 23 hrs a day. Imagine only getting to shower 3 times a week, there’s no reason for that restriction. It’s HOT in that jail and she can’t even cool off everyday. That is inhuman treatment, even Texas showers its inmates everyday and feeds them 3 times a day. How she manages to keep such a good attitude and look so good is beyond me.

      I agree that she has been demonized beyond belief and the hatred and evil directed at her is more than I can stand. This is truly “group evil” at work and how it can be overcome I have no clue. I don’t know if I can sit thru more trial if it comes to that. I want to support her but am at a loss as how to go about it……..

  29. Hi SJ: my first opportunity to leave a note since this morning. I’ll bet you are long and lanky and
    have never had to think much about your weight. For those that have struggled with being heavy, it is really hard on the self esteem to listen to accusations that use “fat” in the same sentence. But if that
    is how you want to run the site, it is your business. I will continue to support Jodi as I can and find another way to do it. I have appreciated the opportunity to post here….but it is time to go. Best wishes to all in their attempts to support someone who has been abused. Many fat people know what it is like to be abused too by insensitive comments. To Gwen, I appreciate that you saw what I was trying to say. All the best my dear.

    • Honestly it IS probably time for you to go if THAT is what offend you. REALLY !!!?!?!? NO ONE SAID JUDY YOUR FUCKING FAT!!! THEY SAID 90% of the haters are fat and jealous !!! Thats all !Well you know what thank god your not a fat morman abuse victim you wouldnt have made it an hour here. WE HATE HATERS THEY DONT CARE A RATS ASS ABOUT US!! STOPTAKING SHIT PERSONAL!! You must not post to offen because everyone here says something at one time or another that OFFENDS peole but we all know it is not DIRECTED AT US!!! HEll I don’t think Mormanism is a cult but do i get my panties in a wad because Heather1 ((((((((((((((((HEATHER1))))))))))))))))) thinks it is. NO adn because i i have conviction in what i think it doesnt bother me!! We are just here to educate others on a different way of looking at things then the way they see them. So if you can’t handle it see ya!! We WILL miss you weather you believe it or not!! Give SJ a fucking break people!!! FUCK !!! I can’t stand that everytime someone says FAT they are a bad guy!! LOOK NANCY GRACE AND 90% of the haters are FAT PIGS!! MEN AND WOMEN!!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!!

      • I find it odd that some people come on these type of sites and actually want to tell the owners how to run their own site. Takes a lot of gall to do that sort of thing and I find these people hard to get along with for the most part.

    • Meh…I gain weight super easily and literally have to count every calorie that goes into my mouth in order to maintain a healthy weight. But I don’t take anything personally. There are lots of jokes about Jodi-haters being middle-aged too…I’m 37, obviously middle-aged, but no one’s insulting me specifically so I don’t care.

      • I am a downright old hag here(52) and I call Nasty DisGrace one all the time even though she is younger than me. I am in essence insulting myself but if it ropes ole Nance in too then I get ‘er done. lol

        • LOL!! ((((((((GWEN)))))))))))) I know thats right !! Thats how i feel if it drags them along too so be it!!!

        • Great I thought I was middle age at 51 now I guess that means I am old? I think 30’s
          is still young because my own daughter is 32. Funny I guess I will always be middle
          age until my daughter reaches her 50’s then I will be OLD in my eyes anyways.

          • Sounds likes you ladies are old enough to know better but to young to care.
            My age and weight are well kept secrets. I don’t want a hater to still my ID. 🙂

          • “Middle age” is a vague space between young and old. But I am going to declare, as fact, that 30s do not fall into that vague space!

            I like the old-fashion phrase, “a lady of a certain age.” It acknowledges that her youth is a thing of the past, and that she’s mature, but has quite a distance to go yet. “Middle age” is such dry term–makes me think of accounting.

            • I’m basing it off average life expectancy…it’s around 80, I’ll be 40 in a few years, so that’s technically middle-age. I do hope to live well past 80 :).

    • Judy never tried to tell anyone how to run a private website, though. She only expressed that her feelings were hurt. Fat people do experience prejudice, so it’s a political thing, not unrelated to ageism, sexism, lookism, etc. We’re all aware, aren’t we, that Jodi herself has been subject to judgements based on her slim, youthful prettiness? That, with her ideal looks, she could only be a seducing, manipulating slut, rather than someone who could be vulnerable to the manipulations of others.

      Not everyone is hurt by “fat” used as an insult–and good for those who are confident and secure in this way! But, that doesn’t mean tender feelings around this issue should be pathologized with the dreaded “you’re too sensitive” defense. Why not BE more sensitive and just apologize or at least acknowledge that the hurt feelings may be perfectly legitimate?

      • I just don’t understand how a person coming on here could expect everyone else that posts here to not refer to anyone as fat. It is really asking a lot and what word will be off limits next? As long as we are not calling each other names it shouldn’t matter what we say about the haters….by the way, I’m old and fat!!!

      • Pique, I appreciate your nice reply in defense of Judy’s post. I don’t think it’s kind, nor right, to ever use someone’s looks or weight in an effort to assassinate their character. I’m an older woman and I’ve seen a lot of life. When I was younger, I was pretty and thin. I am older now, and not as pretty anymore (in the youthful sense), nor am I as thin as I once was. Nevertheless, my heart hasn’t changed. As an older, less pretty, more plump woman, I have never for one second ever had any jealous feelings about Jodi. My heart goes out to her. I wish people would stop and think before they make such generalizations about people. If Judy and Kitty are reading, I hope you don’t let some things that have been said on here get you down. I think, for the most part, people just sometimes don’t think any further than their own lives.

        • And your reply is much appreciated, too, SD! Being mindful of others’ feelings, being aware of when we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves and made a mistake– there’s no shame in that, and it’s not comparable to censorship.

          I like, too, the things you have to say about becoming an older woman and leaving girlhood/young womanhood behind. I’m getting older, too, (middle age) and my heart has not hardened against the life struggles young women like Jodi have faced and face. The core of who we are doesn’t usually change, though our bodies and faces do.

          • I agree, Pique, that the core of who we are doesn’t change. I’m still that same ole girl that I used to be, but with a different look on the outside. It happens to the best of us…I’m okay with it!

            • Pique and SD, I’m with you on this one. And when someone tries to indicate their boundaries have been crossed, it’s not…er…kind and considerate to tell them they are too sensitive. How many times might Jodi have indicated her boundaries were being crossed and was bulldozed as being too sensitive or taking it personally? Yeah, weight, like skin color and sexual preference and religion and rape (desirability thereof), is one of those things you can’t sling around. Some of us magically know this without being black Muslim raped fat lesbians who are thin-skinned.

        • Well said Ladies. The beauty of Middle age, as I have found, is the freedom one finds to not feel like we need to live up to society’s standards as we felt in our 20’s and 30’s. The issues that women have with Jodi, go far deeper than “being fat and jealous”. It is a deeply ingrained societal view that women see other woman as a threat for many reasons. How sad women have fallen for it, and continue to be eachothers own worst enemies.

          IMHO,it is best that we, as the more evolved people involved in this case, need to look beyond possible physical attributes of those that are spewing their hatred. I believe there is much more to this issue. I believe that much of the hatred is coming from the haters “religious/cult views”, and the fact that they continue to be brainwashed by a well oiled cult machine.

      • Pique your comments are very well said. I guess there are bullies everywhere, even on this site. They make their cruel little comments and then attack when called on it. Makes one wonder what their agenda really is? Since many of them really don’t post anything of substance, are they really just trying to drive away real Jodi supporters?

        It seems to be working…

  30. Sj, Could you also make available again the police report of breaking and entering into her gradparets house.In th police report it stated the back door was kicked open and there was a muddy shoe or boot print onn the back door. Was there a follow up report to this where in the police officer would have written up his report and would have had to state the size of imprint found on the back door etc. Wondereri why defense team did not bring this to light. Any one else havhe opinion about this. Plus I read somewhere that during this time there had been a string of burglarys in the neighborhood. I haven’t had time to research this, but Im thinking it shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe I should download some archived newspapers from Wyreka and find proof of this. Wondered if defense even tried?

    • Another interesting theory I read somewhere an can’t remember where though.

      That Travis went to Jodi’s grandparents one time for a visit? he had some friend
      with him also can’t remember who. Someone had said what if Jodi gave him the
      gun at that visit for a new sexual game? her grandpa would have never missed
      it he never used it.

      But my thought on that why would she not just tell that story then? I don’t think she
      would lie about it? unless she did not want grandpa to know? then they got robbed
      so she just let them think it was stolen? Not knowing all this was going to happen
      because she never planned a murder like they want to believe.

  31. kirstin
    after reading your post what little I looked up and found is that Yreka does have a much higher than national average crime rate. I will keep nosing around.

  32. Good question, Kirsten. Also, maybe someone can answer for me regarding the gunshot wound as there seems to be some conflicting info from various sources I’ve read. I believe the grandparents reported a specific type of missing gun. But was this gun used on Travis confirmed the exact same kind, i.e. the bullet would have been the only kind that matched the bullets needed in the gun at the grandparents house? I don’t know much about guns and never used one, but there seems to be some controversy whether the gun at Travis and the one at the grandparents home were, without question, the same item.

      • I believe the grandparents gun was a 25 caliber..And I remember hearing that it had hollow point ammo in it. Now, I’m sure Mr. Bundy Looking medical examiner saw exactly what kind of bullet was lodged in ole TA’s face. Funny how it was never divulged by the prosecution exactly what type the bullet was and even more perplexing is why didn’t the defense question this? While I’m at it another thing has continued to bother me. The car rental man said there were koolaid stains in the car but never mentioned WHAT COLOR STAINS. And that is another item the defense didn’t follow up on……Why?

        • Thanks for the replies, Krista and Lynae. Apparently, there remains a number of unanswered questions and lack of evidence. Sure, one can say on first thought that it might not be important what kind of bullet was in the gun. Jodi already confessed to the murder so all the details aren’t important to look at. However, if we look at the premeditation issue, these details are, without doubt, extremely important.

          Just another indicator of how the jurors found Jodi guilty and they believed she planned it based on everything but factual scientific evidence which was sadly very lacking in what has become a highly emotional trial.

  33. ok found this –​arias-murder-trial… has info about yreka officer testifying at trial, dates and times.

  34. Siskiyou Daily News (Yreka, CA) you can scroll down to the very bottom of the web page for this newspaper, click on archives, and enter the info your looking for.

  35. I bet old Kermi combed the desert like an ardvark looking for that gun before the trial started. But by the time it ended he must have realized he didn’t even need it because he didn’t argue the point when the defense was allowed to say that the reflection of Jodi in TA’s pupil did not show a gun. He knew he had the jury at ‘hello’…

  36. Hi all…………… laying low, but wanted to throw out some ♥ for my fellow Jodi Supporters!!!

    ♥ 😎

  37. Hi everybody, just checking in to say hello and let everyone know I haven’t gone anywhere, I am still here and supporting Jodi 100%! Love and hugs and kisses to you all, Jessie

  38. Does anyone on this site live in Arizona (Maricopa county) It would be great to get you on the next jury!!! I am positive that the new jury will have a juror to hang it again, they will lie to get on.

  39. Good morning to everyone!
    Isn’t weird how I can say ‘goodmorning’ (it is 8.04 am here in Greece) while most of you are saying ‘goodnight’?
    Well just wanted to wish everyone a beautiful relaxed Sunday.

  40. I read some where or heard someone say that out of all the paper trail in this trial no one discusses Jodi stocking or odd behavior or anything until the 911 call and then the Travis clan spoke of all this on HLN to start the rumors of all this. The doggie door sleeping under the Christmas tree slashing tires the strange look in her eyes ???? 🙄 and the rest of the nasty stuff there is no evidence of any of that and if they said all that were is it in the emails sent to travis by his so called friends how left him in the shower for 5 days yes that tell us they called they worried and they did not see him they saw his ring is phone his watch his car and no one check on him if they know so much about Jodi they would have check his room to she if he was there with her but no they all when to cancun and had fun

    • Hail Mary, hi. In the previous post (Innocence: An argurment for Jodi Arias) I too commented on the 911 call. Wasn’t it very odd the way TA so called friends were so damn calm when calling for help? I mean, they had just seen their friend dead. They were making conversation with the 911 dispatcher and right from the getgo the did not hesitate to mention Jodi.
      If I were in their shoes, I would be crying, going crazy, barfing and definately not in a position to make conversation with anyone.
      It is soooo obvious that Jodi was framed from that moment. Yes, I believe they set her up and now Jodi is the one suffering while they get away with whatever they did and know about TA’s death.
      Oh, and by the way, who was feeding the dog for 5 days?

      • See that’s the other thing that got me. The story is that one of the roommate’s girlfriends was feeding the dog. I mean with the sense of smell that a dog has, you would think that it would be going crazy seeing as I’m sure he smelled Travis’ body decaying. I would think that the dog would be barking non stop. I could be wrong but having had dogs, and being around dogs all my life, as I’m sure most people have, dogs can sense when something is wrong, especially with their owner, and they let it be known. Did they not let him roam around the house at all during those five days. They just kept him confined to the space he was in that whole time? It doesn’t add up.

        The 911 call is another odd thing as Pandora said. I had originally thought that Travis was supposed to leave for Cancun that next day, as his roommates “supposedly” did as well. I then thought that since Mimi was supposed to go with him that she would be blowing up his phone and wondering where he was that whole time. I was wrong but the fact that she doesn’t try to talk to him at any point during those five days when she is going on a trip with him is still suspect at best.

        The boot is another thing the investigators dropped the ball on. As was stated by Pandora I believe, if that boot print was Jodi’s, you best believe that the prosecutor would have used that during his case. However, that piece of evidence doesn’t even get brought up, or wasn’t allowed, during the trial. Why? I guess some people might say that it could have been one of the roommates from when they discovered the body. Ok, how is that possible when the blood has been drying for five days. There is no way on God’s green earth that the blood was even a little moist, let alone wet enough to leave a boot print.

        I know this is simply rehashing, but this is where the real rub is to me. Why oh why did they ever go with self defense when all the real holes in the prosecutions argument lie elsewhere? Is it just me that feels this way? Was evidence that could have proven the intruder story true not admitted?

    • THAT has always been a sore spot for me since day one. There is NO WAY they lived with a decomposing body for five days in AZ in June and didn’t know. They have to think we are stupid to believe that. The bloody shoe print when we know Jodi was in socks andddddddddd if she had put shoes on adn gone back in there they would have tested those shoes and used it for proof. What that tells me is it didn’t add up for their smear campaign. Then his best friend in the world is in Cancun and has a great vacation while he’s dead. There is soooooooooo much that is unclear. I have said from day one that you can’t sentence one to death penalty with so many unanswered questions

      • The smell has troubled all of us for months and months now.
        As to the shoeprint,no it cant have been Jodi’s first of all because she was in stocks and secondly because if Florez tested it and found it matched Jodi’s foot wouldnt he know her shoe size?I think I remember him testgifying on the stand that he did NOT know Jodi’s shoe size.Huh?A bloody shoeprint found in the crime scene and they didnt try to see if it matched the defendant?Weird…Well not so weird,given the lack of professionalism in this whole investigation.

  41. IS anyone here? I’m prolly going to hit bed soon. I’m sick and waiting on monday to get here soooooooo I can see dr and have bloodwood done.

  42. I think that everyone here knows that I had acute lymphocytic lymphoma state four when it was found and I went through HELL to beat it. I can relate to damn near anything

      • Oh yes, I did. It was unreal but yes I did. I can’t even explain how awful it was. That was 17 years ago. I don’t want to go through that again.

        • cj, I am sure that everything will turn out fine. My bro had cancer (from bad choices made in his life). He had in his lung. Beat it. And after 6 months in his liver. Beat it. Since then (and for the past 12 yrs) he is perfectly healthy and of course freaks out everytime he has to go to the doctor for bloodwork.
          I am sure that 17 yrs ago you BEAT THE HELL OUT OF IT and it got the message not to come back!!! You, my friend, are a survivor!

  43. Well everybody left me soooooooooo I’m gonna hti it soon. Hugs and love to ((((((((((((((((everybody)))))))))))))))))))))

    • So, I posted yesterday in the previous page a bit about myself (as an icebreaker). If you would like to take a look or else I can copy and paste here.

          • I am still here, cj.
            This is my post about me that I wrote in the previous page:

            Hello everyone! I am Pandora. I posted a few times a couple of weeks ago.

            I live in Greece and only recently (about a month ago) did I learn about Jodi and her odyssey. I was reading about the Cleveland abduction on the CNN site and I saw articles about Jodi there. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn more. So I researched on the internet and after reading a lot and doing my homework I believed in Jodi’s innocence without hesitation. Something didn’t click to me reading all those posts about TA being a saint, etc. Never doubted her for a moment although most of the sites were against her and actually very very mean about her. So then I watched her trial on youtube and got to care for this sweet misunderstood girl named Jodi. It was devastating just watching her get bullied by that ass JM and of course let’s not forget about Stephans who made it a point not to give the defense team a chance to decently defend Jodi.

            I am writing all this because I want you to know that due to the fact that I ‘got in the game’ very later than all of you, I might make silly questions or write sth that has already been written before. Please bare with me.

            During these few weeks that I was not posting I have read a lot of your posts, learned tons of things that I didn’t know, I have signed the petition at and on Thursday I did the boo-boo of going to the HLN site to answer their question ‘What kind of person supports Jodi’. My Lord!!! I got bashed, told off, called names but I realized and loved that all of us that support Jodi stuck together and had one another’s back.

            I would just like to tell you guys that it is nice to be back, I am here for the longrun (if that’s ok by you guys) and I will not stop supporting Jodi til the day that I see her walking out of jail (and beyond that). I might not be the brains of the operation but I can be of any help and I will always have your backs whenever needed.

            Well, that’s about it! Pfew! I am so stressed out that I feel as if I am at a job interview!!!

            • I like you and want to know more about greece and we can discuss Jodi and any question you may have I may have some answers and If I dont can tell you were to look or others here can help you

              • Thank you Hail Mary. I have been reading your posts (when I myself wasn’t posting) and I have always admired your kindness. It is beautiful to be among people that are so intelligent, openminded, loving, caring and of course in many cases funny. This is what family is all about. And I am glad to be among Jodi’s family.

                • thanks I like you to and I am in intelligent I barley made it thru high school and I came to this site because of my life resembled what Jodi life with travis was and If she did not get on the stand and tell us that we would have never know I had a problem with the flores report and the team here did a break down to show what I was see and trying to say but did not have the intelligents to do that

                • I really do not like a it when people tell lies that is the worse thing anyone can do bear false witness against some one else and they sure have done this to Jodi

            • Wow, great post Pandora.

              I think I saw one of your posts on HLN. I replied, BRAVO, BRAVO, and it was deleted a little while later along with 5 others.

              They always delete dissenting posts, almost always. They leave a few token ones up. It doesn’t matter if you’re not attacking anyone, it’s just if you disagree. I’ve probably had about 50 post deleted from the HLN boards, just from disagreeing with the neanderthal lynch mob.

              So don’t feel bad, it just means that your brains threaten them.

              • Hey there Milan M!
                Yes I did post there and as you saw, the hater’s IQ was as high as a radishes is (it sounds ok in greek – it is a greek saying that means that they are dumb as dumb can be). Thank you for your replies and support on the HLNboard, although as you say they were deleted.

  44. I wonder were AA is she has not been on has she been banned from the site she was so good with the legal stuff and Al he is great but AA she can take his words and tell me what he is saying I miss that Miss you AA come back we need you Al need you and Jodi need you

  45. well, I think I am here alone again soooooooooo, I’m going to hit bed. I’m hoping for some rest but doubt I get it. Nite nite ALL ((((((((((((9everyone)))))))))))))))))))

    • yeah, I’m hoping that is all it is! I just freak out cause that’s where it was found the first time aftr oral surgery. I complately flip out!

      • I had to have all for molers cut out and when they were finished I looked like my x beet the hell out of me but the drugs were great that took away the pain

    • Nite Nite cj Im headed that way too my cats are all over me come to bed mommie its time to get your ass of the computer they have seen me cry for Jodi and wonder what is wrong and my brother he is like what the hell your crazy and I just feel so bad for the woman she deserves a fair trial and she did not get one the Travis clan saw to that and the media and the Flores is the worst of them all

  46. Hi all. just want to throw something at you all here. The past two days I have been having dreams about Jodi.
    In the first dream. her and I were here where I live. She told me she liked it here because no one knew her and she could go out and about without people staring, yelling and threatening her. We went for coffee and muffins. I asked how she got out of jail and she said that the judge overturned the verdict as she never believed Jodi was not a victim of domestic violence.
    In the second dream, again we were talking, and the song big yellow taxi was playing in the background. She began to sing along to ” all in all it seems to go, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone , they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” She became animated singing ” the big yellow taxi took away my old man” She kept singing it over and over.
    I really cannot remember much of the third dream except her name over and over.
    Anyone have any ideas? No I am not too invested in this case , these dreams came out of the blue , three times in a row.

    • I dont know how to interpret dreams Debbie.But I can tell you that the latest psychology theories say that only the person who actually had the dream can reach into their subconscious and interpret the dreams himself/herself. Others cant help you.
      I too have had dreams about both Jodi and Travis.

      A dream that speaks volumes about the case and is extremely powerful imo though,is Jodi’s own dream-the one she had a few months after she was arrested.She talked about it in one of her post allocution interviews and gave me the goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes.

      • Thank you for your response Maria. It just seems very strange that I have not dreamt often of her before this but now three times in a row she has played a big part in my dreams. I am not quite sure of the association at this time.

  47. Hello everyone, I had to take a break because I was sooooo angry. However, today I did some research. I don’t know if anyone else has come across this or posted it, but, I took some time to try to summarize a bit because it is a very long article. Hopefully my synopsis will make it a little bit easier. I’m also posting the URL of course so you can go read it yourself. In my view, it’s proof of the corruption in Maricopa County, AZ.

    Reasons the Maricopa County judicial system in particular is unfair can be found in the article in “Judicature March/April 2012 * Vol 95 No 5 – Capital Case Crisis in Maricopa County, Arizona – A Response from the Defense” It is located here:

    Boy, is it an eye-opener regarding the Jodi Arias case! Some of the points in the article are:

    1)Maricopa County alone had 65 percent more capital cases pending than the next three highest death penalty-charging jurisdictions combined. Los Angeles, and Harris County Texas had less than 1case pending per 100,000. Clark county had less than 2 per 100,000, and Maricopa County had nearly 4 per 100,000.

    2) Maricopa County fails to distinguish capital murder aggravators from other, regular felonies which produces unreliable and arbitrary results. A study by Arizona counsel in a recent death penalty case found the Maricopa County Attorney alleged 78 percent of capital cases were especially heinous, cruel or depraved; the same County Attorney also alleged that 23 percent of non-capital first degree murder cases were especially heinous, cruel or depraved.

    3)The Maricopa County Attorney seeks the death penalty in nearly 50 percent of all first degree murder cases. The article writer asks whether the Maricopa County Attorney deliberately increased capital case filings in 2006 and 2007 in order to achieve a political/public relations benefit or to overwhelm the capital defense system – but, concurrently with an extreme increase in capital case filings, the Maricopa County Attorney went to the legislature to introduce a bill that would have tightly restricted the time available for the defense to prepare for capital cases and would have limited discovery in post-conviction proceedings. At the same time, the County Attorney began making public comments blaming defense counsel for failure to efficiently manage caseloads as a reason for the extreme number of pending capital cases.

    4)The article then goes on to explore the ridiculously heavy caseloads unique to Maricopa County defense counsel working on capital cases. (Just summarizing the article as well as I can here in the comment box) That section is a real eye opener! I believe this was a huge issue for Kirk Nurmi, and one of the reasons he wanted off of the case early on. It explains that there are two dynamics at work: an extremely heavy workload and a tighter timeline to investigate and present a defense.

    5)”Heavy caseloads combined with shortened timeframes to investigate and litigate cases have had devastating effects on attorney’s ability to defend capital cases. This dynamic has produced predictable results.”:

    6) “The death penalty conviction rate for those cases in which the prosecution filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty has grown from 6.3 percent in 1999 to 20.9 percent in 2009. THE DEATH PENALTY RATE FOR DEATH PENALTY CASES THAT ACTUALLY PROCEEDED TO TRIAL INCREASED EVEN MORE DRAMATICALLY – FROM 10.3 PERCENT IN 1999 TO 72.7 PERCENT IN 2008.”

    “That means that for every three defendants charged with a capital offense who proceed to trial in Maricopa County two are sentenced to death.”

    Following this, there is a lot more info on the “local legal culture”, too much to give a synopsis here, anyone interested must read it.

    7) “Conclusion”
    “BY FAR THE GREATEST NUMBER OF DEATH PENALTY CASES IN AMERICA HAS BEEN BROUGHT HERE IN THIS ONE COUNTY” (caps mine, don’t know if html tags work here)”Why this one County has ascended to the top of the case-volume list will continue to be debated”….”But, one is left with the disturbing possibility that some of those on death row, and some of those that entered a plea to avoid the threat of the death penalty, may well have been innocent. Others most certainly had mitigating circumstances that should have been developed and presented by trial counsel. We cannot know how many people are on Arizona’s death row today who should not be there, but it is hard to conclude that there are none.”

    Hope that made sense, the original article is very long so I tried to shorten it a bit and still get some of the important points across. I must say, this article confirmed suspicions I’ve had about what goes on in Maricopa County.

    Jodi Arias’ case has fallen right in the time frame discussed in the article. Can’t help but think that those factors explained in the article have had a profound effect on Jodi Arias’ case, and will affect her fate.

    • And something that seems ironic is that much of the violent crime in Maricopa is related to gangs and drugs, and the prosecutor’s office says it wants to be tough on this type of crime, yet the DP is not sought against gang-bangers killing (cite recent case of drug lord decapitating man and getting a second degree plea deal). This was a clearly premeditated murder with a clear motive and committed by an individual who it seems would likely commit other crimes when released – yet no DP, no LWOP.

      Jodi on the other hand, only very sketchy circumstantial evidence, no clear motive offered, no previous criminal record, no chance she would commit another crime – yet early on DP was requested by prosecutor. It just doesn’t add up.

      • Hi Maria,

        If you’re interested, try going to this site:

        Then, in the search box in the upper right corner, put in the words, “death penalty Maricopa Country”

        It’s the second article, called “Capital Case Crisis in Maricopa County, Arizona: A Response From”

        That should take you to it if you click on that.

        I noticed another article at the top that looks interesting as well!

  48. I don’t know how to edit the above, but I noticed that my link isn’t working. I’ll try again here, but if it doesn’t work, I noticed that .pdf wasn’t highlighted, so if you put that at the end it should make the link work.

    Trying again –

    • Still not working but I think you did a good job of summarizing. Nurmi was a public defender at the time that he was put on Jodi’s case so the whole case load argument is actually one that I have heard before. Not just because of that specific county but with all public defenders. Their caseload is typically very high due to the amount of people in legal trouble, and the fact that most people in legal trouble are not very well off. The percentage rise in death penalty convictions which have gone to trial in that county is staggering, if not down right criminal. The deck was stacked against Jodi from the beginning, but after reading that, she never stood a chance.

      • I think that as far back ’08 or’09 it was decided that Jodi was guilty and the Maricopa Co. Atty. was going to do anything to make that happen. After all he is in an elected office, looks good on his resume.

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • In the letter that Jodi wrote to the judge (I believe it was still Duncan at the time) to plead that Nurmi be kept on as her attorney when he left the PD’s office, she said (something to the effect that) there could BE no other attorney that would be able to spend the kind of time on her case that Nurmi had. She said they’d had a very unique situation in that, for several months, Nurmi had only worked on her case and one other, and that even that other case had resolved some months earlier leaving her as Nurmi’s only client.
        Not sure why Nurmi would have had such a light case load at the PD’s office, but that was Jodi’s understanding of the situation at the time.

        • I don’t think it was a light case load, maybe a light death penalty case load. I think, from what I read in the article I mentioned, that defense attorney still are kept working on other felony cases while they have death penalty cases. I don’t know, but I do think the article makes it clear. I’m pretty overtired right now so I might not be making much sense….but, I do know the article was worth reading and it addressed a lot of things that I didn’t know about and I don’t think many people know about them.

      • The fact that PD’s offices are vastly overloaded is a shameful commentary on our legal system. PDs are used by the low income/indigent folks and unfortunately these are also the social strata where most crime occurs, and also the strata most run over by Law Enforcement and need of the most help.

        That being said and done I don’t think that applies to the case of State v. Jodi Arias. Nurmi was clamoring to be let off this case from way back when with the purported reason of wanting to start his own practice. In fact several years before the trial, he actually quit the PD’s office and did in fact start his own practice. Once that happened, it will be interesting to note that he once again petitioned the court to withdraw, and this time the argument was that he wasn’t being paid enough by the PDs office to run a private practice. Based on this argument the court actually set Nurmi’s fees at $225/hr. Once the PDs office was allowed to completely withdraw (Victoria Washington’s conflict of interest petition) and Wilmot was brought on her fee was also set at $225/hr. Furthermore the court forced the PDs office to pay for the paralegals and investigators assigned to Nurmi and Willmott.

        So how does this figure in to the whole mess. A typical attorney has to pay for all his costs from his fee. The largest costs in any office are:

        1. Medical and other Insurances
        2. Clerical and administrative help
        3. Rent and Utilities

        In this case the state would pick up the medical and other insurances for the paralegal and investigator and the cost of the investigator, mitigation specialist and paralegal salaries. The state also picks up the tab for experts, and misc. costs. That leaves Rent, Utilities, sundry office costs and the lawyers fees.

        Lets start with the state paying 450/hr (for both Willmott+Nurmi). If they worked just the typical 2080 hrs a year (40 hrs/wk x 50 weeks) that would give them a total of $936,000 a year. If they paid for a 2000 sq ft of office space for this case at a rate of $30/sq ft per year the rent would be $60,000 (and you can get class A office space with utilities for that rate in DC). Let’s say the paid another 100,000 for clerical help etc for the case. That would still leave them with $776,000 for themselves. Lets say they spent another $60k for their own medical insurance that still leaves them with an income of $358,000 each per year.

        That is why the argument that Nurmi and Willmott were overworked and underpaid doesn’t work.

        • Nurmi and Willmott have separate practices, so overhead would be doubled I guess. (Although, having read some of Nurmi’s filings, I suspect he may be saving some bucks on clerical costs by using VR software instead of a secretary/typist.)

          • Actually, having other areas of practice actually helps because certain costs such as rent and clerical staff get amortized over the other cases (if any).

            The point I was trying to make is that this case did not suffer from attorney case overload. There was ample money in here for the attorneys involved to not get overloaded and still make a decent living.

        • Hi Al, you’d probably have to read the article. I posted how to get to it above in response to Maria R. It’s pretty long though.

          One of the main things was that they have much higher case loads than other defense attorneys in capital cases, and also they have been forced to prepare in a much shorter time frame. I don’t think they really mention money in that particular article.

          There are a bunch of other issues in there, though, such as the confusing issue surrounding charging Jodi with burglary, etc. regarding the gun, if it was Travis’ gun. That whole stupid mess. Totally senseless, but part of their tricks related to “aggravating factors” – which they apply to everything just about.

          • Milan,

            I guess I should have explained my chain of thought a little better. I did read the article. And as I said its a shame about the PDs office’s situation.

            However, the situation as explained in that article doesn’t apply to this case. Let me clarify.

            For a period of over 2 years in the case of Jodi’s case the lead attorney (Nurmi) was on his own, having quit the PDs office. So his case load was whatever he wanted it to be. For a period of almost a year and a half prior to trial both defense attorneys dd not work for the PDs office. So both Nurmi and Willmott were free to adopt their own case loads.

            Now the argument could be made that they had to earn a living and this case wasn’t going to pay them enough so they had to go get other cases, so they could earn a living. And that was not the case either, because the state was providing them with adequate resources to run not just the case but also make a reasonable living, even if they had no other cases whatsoever.

            So, even though I have no doubt that the average defendant under a PD’s care suffers horribly, I submit that those situations do not apply to Jodi’s case.

            The defense team’s performance was not hampered by either a heavy case load or lack of resources, unless they chose to take on a heavy case load.

      • Thanks Jesse. You’d have to read the whole article to really get what they are saying about the case loads and the shortened time frame they are forcing on the defense attorneys in capital cases.

        I do remember reading somewhere that Kirk Nurmi had scheduling conflicts and he had complained, and Juan M. lied and said that he had NOT complained and got the motion denied, causing problems for Nurmi. I’ll try to find it. I’m pretty tired so I’m probably not making much sense right now.

        Anyway, I recommend everyone read the whole article if they can, there’s a ton of info in there that’s relevant to Jodi that I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere else. Certainly not by any so called “journalists” covering the case.

  49. Hello everyone!
    I’ve just been reading the Wiki pages, and wondered if there was any significance to the black hairs found in the shower? Where could they have come from? They can’t be pubic, but I am not sure about dog hair.
    Does anyone know?
    I have been having some action on a scary hater forum, but I have along with some sceptical others been able to describe TA’s psychology and those of his siblings in very clear ways backed up by my knowledge and expertise in child protection for 30 years.
    They have absolutely no way to refute it, It is in every piece of literature regarding child abuse.
    I feel entirely horrified that the Alexander family has been so shamelessly abused by the media, church and fame whores. It’s nauseating on many levels, but these people are very seriously damaged individuals, and I can’t imagine what a total repeat of their exploitative childhood past will do to them.
    They are very fragile individuals, who resort to violence and self-medication to problem-solve.
    I seriously fear for their futures when all the ‘fuss’ dies down.
    They are running high on adrenalin.
    This is a family rife with intergenerational abuse, and it is on a runaway train to who knows where,
    but I suspect they all might have little children taking all this chaos in, and I find it deeply disturbing.
    The messages that any child might take away from this horrific lesson plague me.
    Who would even dare to think about leaving this cult now?
    They have lost their brother again, because he now belongs to the public.
    How on earth can any of this gutter media justify this behaviour for money?
    How can any decent practitioner go along with it? It’s laughably misleading tripe, and if the any of the Alexanders were able to see themselves being exploited (which they can’t for loads of reasons) they would have a justifiable grounds to sue the pricks.

    • I have a hard time sympathizing with Tanisha since she practiced witness intimidation, and shamelessly asks for money to be sent to her. Same with Stephen who blames Jodi for everything that happened in his life. And I believe Samantha lied about the age of her last photo with Travis. She said May 2008. I don’t understand why she would lie about something like that.

      • Hi Jeff, given what we know about how this family was exploited when they were children, exploitation is a familiar zone to them. It’s all they understand, and it is backed up by an exploiting cult.
        Children who have been dreadfully abused hide it from themselves. It’s unbearable to know that your parents thought you were trash.
        The cult helps them to hide the knowledge but it appears in behavioural leaks, like self-medication and violence etc. Their behaviour must always be viewed from the position of understanding trauma.
        Don’t expect to be rational and ‘normal’ they can’t.

      • Most of their behaviours are pure projection onto Jodi, as TA’s was.
        They don’t like women, because their mother didn’t protect them.

      • I can’t sympathize with her at all the way she and her followers attacked ALV was downright criminal and I find it offensive how they continue to pander for $. Tanisha sent out a letter just the other day to the supporters spouting tons of religious speak and tossing in how they still need people to keep donating $ so they can defer their travel expenses.

    • You are giving the Alexanders too much credit.

      I can no longer empathize with that clan because of their all-consuming hatred of Jodi Arias and anybody who dares to have a differing opinion about the case. Not to mention they are profiting from their brother’s death.

      • Oh I don;t give them any credit, I just understand it from a different perspective, it doesn’t lead me anywhere else, I am convinced by their backgrounds alone that TA was savage to Jodi. I don’t excuse malignant narcissistic behaviour at all, it’s gross I have one in my family, I know the damage they cause very well, and I survived. It’s what led me to child protection, I had terrible parents.

        • While I also give them no credit, and find their behavior disgusting, I share your belief of the root cause, which is well grounded in Family Systems Theory. Often we are what we eat. I understand that you are not sanctioning their behavior, but rather applying knowledge and theory to understand their responses. Unfortunately, the media has normalized and enforced long standing psychopathology.

          • Hi Rebecca thanks for acknowledging my post, and alluding to family systems theory, it makes total sense. I don’t think they are right, just understandable, and we should limit our expectations of them because of childhood trauma.The media is treating them like the parents did, but they don’t get it and likely never will,

            • Yes just a furthering of parental exploitation. In Samantha’s Victim impact statement she noted that she and her siblings are who they are today, because of their childhood experiences. What she needs help understanding, is they are dysfunctional and projecting onto others blame for those childhood experiences. Stephen, in particular, did that throughout his statement.

              • Sadly they are blind to their own ‘spots’, and it’s so visible to the rest of us.
                I cringe when I think of their childhood and a whole State system public and family not noticing, but that’s my mindset lol.

          • Yes! The media, together with the social-media public, have not only neutralized and normalized Travis’ disordered behaviours, but they have taken it a step further and mythologized his personality into one of flawless, unblemished sainthood.

            Fred wrote, about his siblings: “They have lost their brother again, because he now belongs to the public.” This is a profound observation. I agree. The unrelenting rescue of Travis’ reputation–the favouring of the shallow image and shell that he was in his motivational speaking life–has ensured that he will always be just that: an empty cardboard cut-out. An image only.

            • Hi Pique, the cardboard cut-out was an image I considered myself, because it is shallow thin one-dimensional and has no substance.
              It doesn’t really exist it’s another projection.

                • No, Fred, I don’t. The dog was black, but how would any hairs remain after the shower was running? Were they in the shower drain? That would make sense, if the dog was bathed in there …

  50. Just got my dose of stupid from the haters site. Did you all know there is absolutely no evidence that Travis and Jodi had sex?

    Yup – can’t fight stupid.

    • They must have been watching a different trial,otherwise it doesnt make sense LOL!
      Or yeah,I agree,they are just plain stupid.

      • Hello Maria in Greece with the fabulous myths! I’m mulling on Samson and Delilah at the moment.
        How is Greece doing? It’s a very worrying situation in Europe altogether.

        • I think Samson and Delilah is a cristian myth from the Bible,I dont know if it’s greek or not though.
          The economic situation here is extremely frustrating.Most Greeks have been hit by it and the unemployement rate has skyrocketed.Younger people are having a hard time finding a job(myself included) or keeping their salary intact due to all the cut downs by the governement and private sector bosses alike.Unfoprtunately,this has led to a lot of disappointment,rage and suicide rates raising as well. 🙁

          • Actually Samson and Delilah is a Hebrew myth from the old testament. Samson was an Israelite. Delilah was a Philistine (current translation is Palestinian, so this BS has been going since way back then)

            • And another point of interest. The building Samson was taken to, that he eventually pulled down was in Gaza.

              Why I know this, I can’t even fathom. My mind is a trove of absolutely useless knowledge, but there you have it.

          • It really sounds awful at the moment, and now Turkey is experiencing riots. I don’t think it will end soon either. I think Europe might be in big trouble, nothing is certain. We are having the same issues in Australia, cutbacks in the welfare areas and no jobs. I hope you all get together and make a difference by peaceful protest.
            Samson and Delilah is a biblical reference but I like looking for myths to explain behaviours, it quite fascinating. I even looked up Iris as the flowers sent to TA’s g’ma for their meaning…lol

            • Actually Fred you may not have been too far off talking about Samson and Greek myths in the same sentence.

              As often happened in civilizations that followed each other within close geographical proximity, or where they shared common resources, myths commonly crossed cultures taking on the cultural patina of each culture. So a number of parallels can be drawn between Judeo-Christian lore and the Greek and Egyptian civilizations that either preceded them or were co-existent.

              So in fact the attributes of Samson are very similar to Herakles in Greek mythology (both were the paragons of strength, both fought lions, both used clubs as a weapon, both were betrayed by women, both essentially committed suicide, Herakles by burning himself and Samson by pulling the temple down on himself). So in fact it could be argued that Samson was in fact the Israelite Herakles.

              • Very interesting to explore the archetypal myths governing our behaviours, I can see various crossovers in each of them. Being a Jungian, I find their influence on the collective unconscious endlessly interesting.

                • Actually don’t you suppose the myths arose more from human behavior and social archetypes?

                  So the Herakles/Samson myth is born of the human view of a wise and brave champion being brought down by a conniving seductress at the behest of the enemies of the people.

              • Al! It’s fascinating, isn’t it? We’ve been telling the same stories, recycling and modifying them, for thousands and thousands of years, either through borrowing, or through sharing a collective unconscious. The Christian Bible, I understand, borrows much from the Egyptians and Greeks. Virgin births, babies in baskets, resurrections, etc.

                • I think Jung would say that all societies have their own myths and meaning, but they are all identifiable by their messages which I agree has been observed somewhere or it wouldn’t arise.

                • Pique/Fred

                  It is actually rather interesting. It’s also interesting how most societies, in some way shape or form gravitate to the same thing, and myths that are very similar. Not knowing much about Jung, can’t make anything even resembling a relevant remark there but it seems that the myths, at least those of old cultures all coalesce about the same sorts of heroes, villains and such, even though they may call them by different names. Sometimes the names themselves are rather interesting. I once was reading this treatise on the similarities between the old Hindu and Zoroastrian legends. It seems these two religions share a commonality based on at least a linguistic archeology. But here’s the interesting thing – the names for demi-god in one is actually the word for demon in the other and a whole bunch of other such opposites. So if one says Tom is the good guy and Harry the bad guy, then the other says the exact opposite, and the tales or valor, virtue etc for each flip as well. So if Tom was a good, virtuous strong guy in one set of myths then Harry has the exact same qualities in the other. I thought it was pretty interesting. The current theory seems to be that the two peoples came from the same stock, but were of opposing warring tribes.

                  But Fred is right, the myths all seem to kind of have similar tales associated with them. In fact I once read a piece on the similarities between the Christ story and that of the Hindu God Krishna (Of the Hare Krishna fame). That one includes not just the similarity in name (Christ/Krishna), but also a virgin birth, a king looking to kill new borns due to a prophecy that one would cause his downfall, an escape by the holy family, etc. But then to get our legends even more mixed up, Krishna’s body was apparently protected from harm except for the soles of his feet, and was killed by a arrow in his foot, just like another charioteer Achilles.

    • “Did you all know there is absolutely no evidence that Travis and Jodi had sex? ”


      they have been clinging to that delusion for months now.

      • I got into that argument before then they called me a pervert for looking to closely
        at the photos of them nude which you have too look to see the parts are so RED
        an SWOLLEN there is no way to say they did not have SEX that day. But the Saints
        think those photos are from another day?? they claim. They have a story for everything.
        An I don’t care who it offends I am 51 an have never seen a PECKER that RED in
        my LIFETIME.

    • I know I really shouldn’t go there. I feel my IQ dropping from all the ignorance they spew. I think we may have discovered the missing link! The haters are actually Neanderthals!

    • I’ve read a worse theory: Jodi started having sex with Travis while he was sleeping, and when he woke up, the poor innocent fellow had no choice but to keep going. They’ll do anything to paint him as a saint.

  51. I want to do something positive for Jodi what can bee helpful for her freedom not just talking and posting here


    • Firstly, don’t engage with haters.The time for that is past.

      My second suggestion is to think about ways of improving information about the case – presenting the TRUTH.

      I have been working hard on my wiki at

      You can join as a member there and edit pages / upload files etc.

    • eli,

      The only thing that can free her would be a successful appeal and a retrial. Else at the very least she is doomed to life in prison.

      And the only way a person can help in that regard is to firstly convince some real good appellate attorney to take on her case, and secondly hope like crazy that there are sufficient grounds for a successful appeal. Both of these may be beyond the reach of a common person.

      So I don’t mean to be a Gloomy Gus but that’s the truth. And there is a distinct possibility that the appeal can take many years. In the case of Debra Milke it took 22 years and was 24 years old when she was arrested and 27 when she was convicted (so about 5 years younger than Jodi is now). A reporter, discussing Milke, wrote:

      “Several years ago, Rubin says, he saw Milke during a court hearing. “She was a hunched-over white haired old woman,” he says. “I was shocked.”

      So, buddy pray like crazy, that’s about all there really is.

      Now the advantage of a site like this is that as ideas are bandied around, you get the collective thinking of several people. Some of the stuff is out to left field, other stuff has nothing to do with any possible appeal, but some things in here might pique someone’s curiosity, if they bother to read this stuff. I believe if the defense team had read some of the stuff here, they may have been more successful on cross, not that it would have necessarily mattered in the final outcome.

      So, sorry, got no answers on what you can do, except maybe petition some powerful appellate attorney to take this case on.

      • Don’t be overly negative… Jodi has excellent grounds for appeal.

        Yes, an appeal will take some time, but not the time Debra Milke took – there were reasons why she struggled. Jodi could be free in a few years time… perhaps longer, but never give up.

        Jodi will not lie down, she will fight. Think of figures like Nelson Mandela.

        She is also well equipped to face what she has to face. She has amply demonstrated that already.

        “Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”
        ― Bob Marley

        • : )) Like this geebee2! Thanks

          To Eli, PRAY! Some might not blv but I blv God knows what he is doing, Things happen for reasons and miracles do happen!!!!

        • geebee2

          Not giving up, just being realistic.

          Basically here’s what the cycle typically looks like:

          Assume no DP:

          1. Direct appeals to the AZ court of appeals – 2-3 years. (Assume that’s turned down).
          2. Post Conviction review to get ineffective assistance of counsel addressed, 2-3 years. Assume that’s turned down.
          3. Appeal to the AZ court of appeals from PCR – 2-3 years. (Assume that’s turned down)
          4. Appeal to the AZ supreme court from Appeals court reviews – 2-3 years. (Assume that’s turned down)
          5. File writ of Habeas Corpus to the Federal district court – 2-3 years. (Assume that’s turned down)
          6. File writ to the Federal Court of Appeals – 2-3 years.

          Now in case any of those courts accepts even a part of the appeal and remands back to the trial court the state has a right to appeal that before it actually goes back to the trial court, so add another 2-3 years for that, and if the state looses we go back to the trial court and that’s another 2-3 years and this whole thing just keeps adding up. And just the list above shows how easy it is to get to 12-15 years in this Godforsaken process.

          Now, if she does get the DP then the AZ Supreme Court gets the first kick at the can and that can shorten the process by 2-3 years. They still will not look at the Ineffective Assistance of Counsel claim, and that still goes through the long chain.

          But, there are two ways in which this effort can be shortened. The first is one where someone comes up with something that actually exonerates her – and I’m not going to hold my breath on that happening.

          The second one, which I believe is a possibility could be based on the pre- and during trial publicity and the witness and attorney intimidation prongs, especially the impact of the 24-hour news cycle and the internet.

          When courts are faced with hot button topics they can act very fast. The reason for this is that such issues, when they first arise, can have a widespread impact and create a huge work load for the various and sundry appeals courts. The level to which the media (whether broadcast or internet based) had an impact on this case is novel, but likely to recur in other high profile trials. It behooves various appeals courts to address this issue as soon as humanly possible, as any decision could have an impact on a whole host of trials across the country. Appeals courts have two ways in which they handle this. In the first instance they put the case on a fast track, issue a quick ruling with the full expectation that the appeal will rise up to the next level. In the second stance, they certify the case for appeal at the next level and step out of the way. There are a number of examples of such cases in US juris prudence, sometimes about what one may consider rather banal issues.

          For instance in Missouri v. McNeely the issue was whether the police can draw blood after a drunk driving arrest without a warrant. This is something the police has done as standard procedure across the country. McNeely was the first guy to actually challenge it. The issue of course was that if this was found to be unconstitutional, it would effect thousands of cases across the country, almost on a daily basis. This case moved from a county court to the appeals court, to the missouri suprem court to the US Supreme Court in less than 2 years. (BTW the US Supreme ruled 8-1 that drawing blood without a warrant was unconstitutional and this has thrown a lot of police departments into a tizzy, but like Churchill said, we do eventually get it right).

          Crawford v. Washington, a 6th amendment case went from trial to cert at the SCOTUS in less than 4 years.

          And so that is the good thing here. There is at least one hot button issue, that could move this case along as fast as possible.

    • Note when reading the allocution is that it necessarily had to address the jury on the assumption that all appeals would fail ( a very unlikely scenario ). But it was confronting the jury with the consequence of their decision, and very powerful it was too.

      You shouldn’t assume that Jodi has given up all hope of appeal. She said for example that if the verdict was death, she would go through the appeal process. She has not yet addressed other scenarios.

      • You’re website must have taken you days and even months to put together. It’s so full of information. Incredible work. I almost wish there was a teacher that could give you an A+. I know that sounds stupid but I went to so many extra years of school that when I do something good I always wish someone could grade me LOL LOL. So I’m giving you an A+ and a ton of extra credit.

    • geebee2,

      I must say it was cute reading the way your thoughts regarding the case progressed over time. (On the Injustice Anywhere thread)

      great page!!!!

  52. Hello everyone!
    I’ve been catching up with life since the trial ended but I haven’t stopped being an advocate for Jodi! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her and hope for the best for her or have a conversation with the uninformed haters about her.
    I sincerely hope all of you are doing well and keeping up the good fight in our Justice For Jodi fight!
    Team Jodi! United We Stand!
    Love you Jodi!


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    – You have the right to remain silent. If you wish to exercise that right, say so out loud.
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    • Mordecai

      part of the material at that link deals with talking to the police

      below i posted an article from the aclu about talking with the police

      here’s an extract


      – You have the right to remain silent. If you wish to exercise that right, say so out loud.
      – You have the right to refuse to consent to a search of yourself, your car or your home.
      – If you are not under arrest, you have the right to calmly leave.
      – You have the right to a lawyer if you are arrested. Ask for one immediately.
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      the aclu article is below at
      Wes says:
      June 2, 2013 at 10:53 am

      maybe read the rest of it now, before you need it ?

      • i wrote “BELOW i posted an article from the aclu ”

        not “below”,, just a couple of comments above

  54. Hi guys!
    ((((((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((JODI)))))))))))))))))))))

    Hey Eli, I’ve been thinking about what can I do? What I know about the law could fill up a little sticky pad. So I write letters. To who? Everyone I can think of. I don’t care if I’m ignored but I’m not going to stop. The one thing I can do is write. I’m a terrible speaker I get nervous, but I can write. I’m talking printing out these articles and sending them to your local news, wherever you are with a letter. Writing to your government where ever you are AZ government. The owners of HLN. I have a special one for Dr. Drew. I’m going through all the youtube of Dr. Drew where they laugh or make fun of mental disorders of NAMI the national institute of mental disorders for discrimination. I haven’t even gotten to NG and JVM yet. Each letter has links and evidence to go along with it. I’m trying to keep it to 1-2 pages. I’m going to start with the Today show and all those morning shows even good old Dr Phil talking about different things for each show like the Sheriffs discrimination or what I think each show would be interested in. Then I’m onto the Catholics and the anti death penalty groups. I watch HLN and keep lists of their advertisements to send them letters of who they’re supporting. I just ordered a new thing of black ink.

    Along w governors I will be writing to the head of supreme courts.

    If someone feels weird you can also write anonymous.

    I also write to Jodi a lot to keep her spirits up.

    Anyone who is unsure of what to do. Who’s w me? 🙂

    These aren’t mean letters. I don’t bash people. I write very respectfully. I just point out the issue and back it up w facts.

    • Danielle,

      That is a really good thing that you do. If we can create an awareness of the issues with this case, maybe we can get someone somewhere to do something.

      I know the Innocence projects have a really sticky set of rules they go by to take up cases, but there might be some other organization that will.

      • Thank you Al, very much!

        I am really looking forward to my ink coming. I just wrote a letter to the Diocese of Phoenix saying how everyone is afraid to stand up to the lynch mob standing outside of the court building chanting for death.

        I am hoping they know something or can make a statement. I don’t think the Catholics are too popular in AZ. In Philly I think there’s a Catholic Church on every corner. Maybe I should try national organizations too.

        • Danielle,

          One of the things I think we should do is see if we can get some big shot appeals lawyer to take this case. Alan Dershowitz comes to mind. Dershowitz took on Jonathan Doody’s appeal in the Buddhist Temple case, on the basis of his family’s request, and won him a re-trial.

          I wonder if we can’t come up with a letter, post it on this site with the office addresses of some prominent appeals lawyers. Have folks download the letter, print it, sign it and mail it to the attorneys. I think real mail will have a greater impact than email.

          • 103 listings of Churches-Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints in Phoenix on

            Never ever would have guessed that ! My guess would be Catholics would be much
            bigger! WOW Arizona is the New Utah !

  55. Good morning /afternoon every1! Any what’s the news of the day? Btw, I sent out postcards, anyone know how long it takes Jodi or if she does respond? Jw anywho, hope everyone has a great rest of the day off!!! If uhad off… 🙁 Lol

    • Hi Colton! Nice to meet you! I was lucky enough to get a postcard. I think it took a month or two I think. I’m sure she has some down time now w everything being pushed back so maybe you will get lucky! That was nice of you to send postcards. She needs the support!

      I’m sorry you’re stuck at work! Hopefully it will go by fast. 🙂

      • Thanks and yea I really hope I get one, I wrote like 6 of them because I had alot to say lol, hope I wrote them right and she gets them., and also RB I will throw my signature in as well 🙂

        • I know I end up writing 3 at a time bc they don’t give you a lot of room and my hand writing is terrible!

  56. We have 67 signatures. Two are from haters who just wanted to attack us. I can apparently delete the comments but think they should go with the petition so that the powers-that-be can see the nastiness we’ve had to put up with.

    If you haven’t signed yet, please consider it.

    Here’s the write-up you will see:

    Sign this petition to ask our law makers to remove all courtroom proceedings from networks that favor ratings over truth. Let us ask congress to pass legislation to only broadcast trials on a network similar to CSPAN, that is, proceedings only, no commentary, no commercials.

    There is a reason why one cannot quote the 1st Amendment as a right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Why??? Because it creates a dangerous environment. The same should be true for yelling “Guilty!” about someone who is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise, especially to a mob hungry for someone to hate.

    This latest debacle with HLN where guilt was presumed long before the trial began and then continual biased and hateful commentary was spewed thereafter has brought to light the value of the almighty dollar over providing fair and balanced coverage. This is particularly despicable considering many of these talking heads are supposed lawyers who at some point vowed to uphold the Constitution of the United States. And to have an internist, who once vowed to “do no harm”, providing unprofessional psychiatric diagnoses of defendants for mass consumption by lynch mobs is beyond the pale.


    If you are squeamish about giving you information online (although guarantees your info is safe) you can copy, paste and edit the letter below and mail it to your congressional representative(s).

    U. S. Congress
    Please halt the use of our 1st Amendment rights to trample on our 6th Amendment rights by passing legislation to only broadcast trials on a network similar to CSPAN, that is, proceedings only, no commentary, no commercials.

    We all know there is a reason why one cannot quote the 1st Amendment as a right to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater – because it creates a dangerous environment. The same should be true for yelling “Guilty!” about someone who is supposed to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise, especially to a mob hungry for someone to hate.

    This latest debacle with HLN where guilt was presumed long before the trial began and then continual biased and hateful commentary was spewed thereafter has brought to light the value of the almighty dollar over providing fair and balanced coverage. This is particularly despicable considering many of these talking heads are supposed lawyers who at some point vowed to uphold the Constitution of the United States. And to have an internist, who once vowed to “do no harm”, providing unprofessional psychiatric diagnoses of defendants for mass consumption by lynch mobs is beyond the pale.

    [Your name]

  57. I just happened to be Googling and found this article.

    Even though its from HLN, this guy makes a cogent and persuasive argument for why the second trial is doomed, even after his rather well thought out suggestions of what to do in picking a new jury.

    His conclusions are

    “Therefore, in the Jodi Arias trial, the judicial view and the accepted rule in the criminal justice system is that it may be impossible to find new jurors who have not been bombarded with information that states Arias deserves to be put to death. ”


    “Of course, the sad truth is that some jurors lie. They come in with a private agenda or are simply repeating what they have heard or seen in the media. So there is a chance that the new jury for the penalty phase of the Arias trial will be tainted. They will be hungry for her blood. They will want an eye for an eye, lethal injection — they will want death.”

    And that is what we are up against, which is why I feel that the publicity prong may get her case through appeals fast.

    • Sadly, Al, I agree with you. Given the fact that the new jury is sure to be contaminated, and given Maricopa County’s track record, I feel that the DP is almost inevitable.

      Our only hope is that Maricopa County has a large percentage of its DPs overturned on appeal. Still, though, that means LWOP in most cases.

      This is outrageous for what should of been a manslaughter case and that only because Jodi claimed she killed TA. Jodi doesn’t deserve this. At worst, she was defending herself. At best, she didn’t do it, period.

      Personally, I think the intruder story has to be re-examined because the body was LIFTED into the shower, not dragged. No evidence of dragging was found at the scene. What is the involvement of the roomates.

      Many years ago I found my father dead of a heart attack at his home. He’d been dead for two days. It was a big house. I opened the front door and KNEW he was dead before I had the door fully open. There is no way to miss the odor of human decomp, especially when it’s been going on for five days.

    • Al where is AA when you need her you are good with the law stuff but she could tell it to dumb ones like me to understand what you are talking about I don’t think she has just stepped away because of an issue or conflict of an opinion she must have been banned and can not get in to this site

      • I just finished a letter to the Diocese of AZ. Catholics prob don’t have much of a say in Phoenix like they do in Philadelphia. Should I just start with anti DP places all over?

        I keep stressing she has no support bc of the TA supporters and if someone tries to support her they get threatened and attacked.

    • Al,
      This article sums up how I feel about the selection of the next panel of jurors. Unless extreme care is taken they will be tainted & MORE pro DP than the previous. IMO, The Publicity prong is the surest route for appeal.

  58. This whole trial is a mistrial….i agree, the new jury will be tainted with media lies and hive her the DP…..

  59. Al,

    Alan M. Dershowitz
    Hauser Hall 520
    1575 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02138

    (617) 495-4617

    The Ulises Ferragut Law Firm
    One Renaissance Square
    2 North Central Avenue, Suite 715
    Phoenix, Arizona 85004

    And this is that other guy who was with her defense team that day. These will be slightly more difficult letters to write bc I don’t know law talk I’ll save all these addresses in case we need them

    • Mr. Dershowitz woul have to go through the Pro Hac Vice process unless he is admitted to the Bar in Arizona. I would think the Arizona Attorney is more feasible. Alan Dershowitz is certainly high profile. But with lawyers with high profiles, they are going to want money. The Zimmerman case in Florida has been raising money on line to pay Mark O’mera, who is very high profile in that state.

  60. Grown Folk Talk At The Round Table (((( cousin sent this to me today )))) good read
    Lawyers should never ask a Georgia grandma a question if they aren’t
    prepared for the answer.
    In a trial, a Southern small-town prosecuting attorney called his first
    witness, a grandmotherly, elderly woman to the stand. He approached her
    and asked, ‘Mrs. Jones, do you know me?’ She responded, ‘Why, yes, I do
    know you, Mr. Williams. I’ve known you since you were a boy, and frankly,
    you’ve been a big disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife,
    and you manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs. You
    think you’re a big shot when you haven’t the brains to realize you’ll never
    amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher. Yes, I know you.’
    The lawyer was stunned. Not knowing what else to do, he pointed across
    the room and asked, ‘Mrs. Jones, do you know the defense attorney?’
    She again replied, ‘Why yes, I do. I’ve known Mr. Bradley since he was a
    youngster, too. He’s lazy, bigoted, and he has a drinking problem. He can’t
    build a normal relationship with anyone, and his law practice is one of the
    worst in the entire state. Not to mention he cheated on his wife with three
    different women. One of them was your wife. Yes, I know him.’
    The defense attorney nearly died.
    The judge asked both counselors to approach the bench and, in a very
    quiet voice, said,
    ‘If either of you idiots asks her if she knows me, I’ll send you both to the
    electric chair.

  61. And now just before the Zimmerman jury is to be picked I saw VP the other day discussing “all the things the jury won’t hear” and so there they go again.

      • I don’t know how long the Zimmerman trial will last, but you can be rest asured that the HLN Hezbollah will be fanning the flames as par usual the course!:-(

        • They started already. Last week on After Dark they had they mock jury and it was the same crap. They would ask a question and half the people didn’t even understand what they were asking the one woman said yes to the question they asked and then they asked for her comments and her answer should have been no. Then of course there was someone who had the opposite reaction than what Vinnie P. wanted so he had the bald headed dude go over and interrogate her. They already have GZ convicted just like they did with Jodi.

    • Carol, the problem seems to me, to be the lack of a sub judice rule in the US. If one existed then the media would not be allowed to comment and promulgate the way it does. It surely has to be about trying to give the defendant a fair hearing, and trying to ensure that the jury consider the evidence and not be influenced by an out of control media. I will wait for the full facts to emerge before I comment about Zimmerman, but it has been written before that he was instructed not to get out of the car and everything else flowed from that. But that is for another time.

      • In Canada, we don’t even have cameras in our courtrooms. I like watching online where I just get the trial and not the propaganda, I just want everyone to get a fair chance.

        • I agree Carol. I’m from Canada too and can you imagine in the Bernardo trial how devastating that would have been for all the dirty details to have come out about what was done to those girls. I remember the families going to court to have the videos destroyed. Thankfully they were or that stuff would have been on the internet forever.

          Now we have the luka magnotta case looming ahead and I hope we won’t be saturated with every nasty detail and have media sensationalizing it.

    • I was having a back and forth with a hater on OccupyHLN a few weeks ago and I said, the Zimmerman trial is coming up soon, which side are you on? Then I said, “Oh wait, HLN hasn’t told you yet have they?” (I can be such a bitch sometimes) heh heh

  62. I haven’t been around too much this weekend. Taking a break. Will be back to get caught up later tonight. I hope all are enjoying their weekend.

  63. I just called Death Penalty Alternatives for AZ and he was so shocked by my questioning it was so funny. He was like we’re not pro Jodi or pro Travis. I was like no I mean I know there are people out at the court house supporting the death penalty for Jodi I was wondering if there were people out there against the death penalty. I was like take Jodi and Travis out of it. There are people out there supporting the death penalty do you have people out there doing the opposite. He said no and took my name for someone to call me but didn’t take my number. I guess he has caller ID. I don’t know. But he was stumbling all over his words. LOL. Well there goes that website.

  64. I typically try to stay away from hater sites, but I read this comment on an article about what kind of people support Jodi (sounds like a Dr. Drew wannabe lol). “many of Jodi’s supporters are criminal types” I had to share because I got a major crack out of that. I obviously can’t speak for all Jodi supporters, and perhaps some of you have had trouble with the law before (but so have Jodi haters as well), but I’ve never been arrested or even gotten so much as a speeding ticket. I just thought that was funny because apparently to support a “criminal”, you have to be one yourself. It’s sort of ironic considering some of Travis’ siblings have records.

    • That is funny. I’m so scared of cops I can’t even drive correctly when they’re behind me. I’ve been known to randomly turn so they’re not behind me anymore.

      The only time I ever stumbled from the law was for under aged drinking LOL HS and College

      • I’ve never even been pulled over, and I hope it stays that way. This one time a cop came up behind me with his lights and siren on. I freaked out, “What did I do? What did I do?” I pulled over, but then he went flying past me. I guess there was an emergency somewhere he had to get to. It scared me for a minute though. 😛

        • That happened to me once, I pulled into a parking lot and the car passed me too and I swear I was sweating LOL.

          • I had a clean record before this case BUT I have posted some comments about stringing Flores by his keesters & pissing ing on Jaun grave soooo I might have a criminal mind.

      • That is funny, I do that also and the only run in with the law I have had was when I was 17 and was driving too slow on the freeway or having an order of protection put up against my childrens father. Criminal types? NO, they talk like criminals and murderers, they are a very scary bunch, not anyone on here, at least not that I have seen

    • That is a tactic to demean supporters. They will tell any lie to do so. They simply cannot understand anyone who does not think exactly as they do. How crazy. They are also afraid that her support will increase. That is so ridiculous and not true.

    • I’ve never, ever been in trouble with the law. Not even a traffic ticket. Too bad Travis’ siblings or Juror 8 can’t say the same!

    • They didn’t get to see Jodi get the death penalty so they are going after us now.

      Ironic, because I have always contended that Travis supporters are the ones who need to have their heads examined. What kind of person supports an abuser, a religious fraud, and a domineering asshole who believes people’s humanity is a status to be taken away at any time, and is not self evident?

      What kind of people believe that forming lynch mobs and accusing a woman of being a witch with sexual powers?

      What kind of people pretend that they are against discrimination, but then call women “man haters” for defending their rights?

      What kind of people believe it’s ok for men to abuse women, or that if someone treats you badly it’s because you allowed it?

      What kind of people believe it’s ok for psychologists to lord over others and pathologize others for defending their right to support Jodi?

      What kind of people believe it’s ok for the female half of the planet to be abused, then blame the female half when they cannot leave or are unable to raise healthy, well functioning children?

      What kind of people believe that abusive bullying and aggressiveness solves problems, when all it does is create more?

      What kind of people believe that the only way for a man to be a “real man” is to be the biggest, most disgusting asshole on the planet?

      What kind of people believe that the only way for a woman to be a “real woman” is to suck dick 24/7 and never disagree about anything?

      What kind of people believe that they can expect everyone to agree with them, then make it a “crime” to not buy into the media’s bullshit?

      In the past I have called them abusers, bullies, control freaks, and morons. That all still applies, but this neverending list of browbeating bullshit makes me believe that there’s another label that applies: they are attempting to systematically oppress a minority opinion, therefore they are oppressors.

      I keep asking who died and made them god, but it’s becoming clear to me that many of these “god fearing” people don’t actually believe in God, but are willing to play god and tell other sentient, independent beings what to think and what to say and how to say it.

      They are attempting to commit intellectual genocide in which anyone who disagrees with them will be wiped off the Internet. So the old cliché of calling someone a “Nazi” on the Internet actually applies here. That’s exactly what they are, why else would they demand we fall into lockstep with their agenda “or else.”

        • I agree. Very well articulated. Bullying and abuse to attempt to silence us. Oldest trick in the book.

      • I choose to be in the presence of humans with character & loyalty. People with innate compassion, and that practice uncontrived reciprocity.—————I had to look up what the hell all that meant but I think
        it is why I continue to come to this page for those that support JODI as I do.

        “He who has money and friends, turns his nose at justice.” (Corsican proverb)

        Loved all you stated above MB TEAM JODI 😉

      • MB, hi. The people that have so much hatred in them have been poisoned by the media. It is not a coincidence that I have not come across any tv show or news report that supports Jodi. As I had posted at HLN, the haters are just like the mass of humans in the Pink Floyd movie’ The Wall’ that are walking up to the meat grinder and jumping in. They have been brainwashed by the media and is such a crime that people living in 2013 cannot take the time to think for themselves but have the media dictate to them what they should think and believe.
        When civilization comes to the point where people are ruling for death that is damn scary.
        Although, I do not know the names of the newspeople at HLN (it is that I choose not to remember their names) I think that that lady with the big hair that is a wannabe lookalike Paula Abdule (sorry Paula, you rock!) with that voice that makes me feel that she is always screaming at me, she has caused major damage and she is a threat to society. It is not in her place to judge Jodi. Is she a judge? Does she have a diploma in law? No. Then she should shut the fuck up and crawl back under that rock she came out of.

        • Hi Pandora! I think you’re thinking of Jane Velez Mitchell. She does kind of look like Paula Abdul doesn’t she?

          I think your analogy of Pink Floyd is spot on. They would gladly march off a damn bridge if HLN told them to.

          I don’t think the human race would be lost without them, if that were to happen. LOL!!!

      • This is when mirrors become a highly useful invention lol.
        I get the impression that good ol’ Arizona is filled to the brim with people who are definitely not intuitive.
        Looks like their followers aren’t either. They are traditionalist thinkers.
        We need to mount an argument to counter extroverted concrete realism, they really have no imagination lol.

    • Britney, unfortunately, I went over to answer that question when it was posted and I can tell you for a fact that it was brutal. I, for one, have never been in trouble with the law and I do not know how in the hell they get away with calling us ‘criminal types’ when TA and his whole familly has a long history of criminal acts.

  65. Anyone wanting to learn more about the appeals process for Arizona can go here:

    THE NOTICE OF APPEAL. To appeal, you must file a “Notice of Appeal” with the trial court clerk within 14 calendar days from the date of the appealable order or final judgment. If you do not file a “Notice of Appeal” within these 14 days, you lose the right to appeal. The notice of appeal must specifically state the judgment or ruling that is being appealed. Within the time to file your notice of appeal, you must also file an original and one copy of the “designation of the Record.” This is your list of the items in the court record that you want to include in the appeal.

  66. I am stuck watching Dr. Drew and JVM on youtube to dig up dirt on them. I know this is for a good cause but I want to rip my ears off.

    • I seem to remember a Dr. Drew episode in which Katie Wick mentions that she was in the “lunch line” with a juror and Nurmi saw her so she backed off. Would be curious which juror this was (was it one that she has now friended and had pics taken with)?

    • If you ever want to give your ears a break, you can always turn to reading:

      But then you might want to gouge your eyes out, so be forewarned. 🙂

      Oh, and also – they like to put little disclaimers on the top of each page saying “oh look, this is a rush transcript so it’s not complete.” That’s salon talk for “we don’t transcribe things that might come bite us in the ass.” So watching the shows is probably the best bet anyhow.

    • OMG Danielle isn’t that just a catch 22? You have to listen to their crap in order to get the info you need. You should get a special allowance for such a sacrifice. Don’t gouge your ears out girl, I know you love music and don’t deny yourself that. You are doing a great thing!!!@


  67. The two women jurors’ remarks that they made about Jodi’s parents police interrogation told me alot about their bias and ability to comprehend human nature. Both parents clearly stated that the problems they were referring to began right around the time she met TA. The only juror I have seen who I respect at all is the foreman.

    • And did you here what he had to say. He was the foreman, for Gods sake. I hope he gets more interviews because he seems to be a respectable man. I’m surprised he didn’t hold out on the M1 conviction.

      • Yes, I liked the way he came out and spoke very fairly. I was kind of worried that they would all start to speak out and leave those who could not vote for M1 at the mercy of the haters.

  68. Also Abused, really miss your posts and insights. Am going thru such a jones I’ve had to go to Lawyers on Strike to read some of your past comments.

  69. I’ve been going thru court minutes. On 8/9/11, Heather Nitterauer (inmate) testified. Does anyone know what this is about? Did it have to do with the magazines?


    Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization?
    by Bertrand Russell
    My own view on religion is that of Lucretius. I regard it as a disease born of fear and as a source of untold misery to the human race. I cannot, however, deny that it has made some contributions to civilization. It helped in early days to fix the calendar, and it caused Egyptian priests to chronicle eclipses with such care that in time they became able to predict them. These two services I am prepared to acknowledge, but I do not know of any others.


    The Idea of Righteousness

    The third psychological impulse which is embodied in religion is that which has led to the conception of righteousness. I am aware that many freethinkers treat this conception with great respect and hold that it should be preserved in spite of the decay of dogmatic religion. I cannot agree with them on this point. The psychological analysis of the idea of righteousness seems to me to show that it is rooted in undesirable passions and ought not to be strengthened by the imprimatur of reason. Righteousness and unrighteousness must be taken together; it is impossible to stress the one without stressing the other also. Now, what is “unrighteousness” in practise? It is in practise behaviour of a kind disliked by the herd. By calling it unrighteousness, and by arranging an elaborate system of ethics around this conception, the herd justifies itself in wreaking punishment upon the objects of its own dislike, while at the same time, since the herd is righteous by definition, it enhances its own self-esteem at the very moment when it lets loose its impulse to cruelty. This is the psychology of lynching, and of the other ways in which criminals are punished. The essence of the conception of righteousness, therefore, is to afford an outlet for sadism by cloaking cruelty as justice.

    It would seem, therefore, that the three human impulses embodied in religion are fear, conceit, and hatred. The purpose of religion, one may say, is to give an air of respectability to these passions, provided they run in certain channels. It is because these passions make, on the whole, for human misery that religion is a force for evil, since it permits men to indulge these passions without restraint, where but for its sanction they might, at least to a certain degree, control them.


    The Idea of Righteousness

    The second and more fundamental objection to the utilization of fear and hatred practised by the church is that these emotions can now be almost wholly eliminated from human nature by educational, economic, and political reforms. The educational reforms must be the basis, since men who feel hatred and fear will also admire these emotions and wish to perpetuate them, although this admiration and wish will probably be unconscious, as it is in the ordinary Christian. An education designed to eliminate fear is by no means difficult to create. It is only necessary to treat a child with kindness, to put him in an environment where initiative is possible without disastrous results, and to save him from contact with adults who have irrational terrors, whether of the dark, of mice, or of social revolution. A child must also not be subject to severe punishment, or to threats, or to grave and excessive reproof. To save a child from hatred is a somewhat more elaborate business. Situations arousing jealousy must be very carefully avoided by means of scrupulous and exact justice as between different children. A child must feel himself the object of warm affection on the part of some at least of the adults with whom he has to do, and he must not be thwarted in his natural activities and curiosities except when danger to life or health is concerned. In particular, there must be no taboo on sex knowledge, or on conversation about matters which conventional people consider improper. If these simple precepts are observed from the start, the child will be fearless and friendly.

  73. the above extracts are from bertrand russel

    Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (May 18, 1872 – February 2, 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, and social critic. In 1950, he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature.

    “Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.”

    while the above extracts did not deal with mormonism explicitly, the relevance is obvious, as is the hate and cruelty that has so completely permeated the psyches of those against jodi

  74. I have two issues with how the interviewers framed Jodi’s case.

    1. That Travis died in a heinous way. I don’t think it’s responsible to assume that Travis died in a “heinous” way when we don’t know how many deaths as a result of stabbing occur as few or multiple stab wounds. What frame of reference do we have, to assume that 29 stab wounds is excessive and indicates premeditation? We do not. This is the first time in my life that I have heard the assumptive implication that deaths as a result of stabbing are a result of a singular or at least very few stabs. Only in this case have I heard people decide that death by multiple stab wounds was excessive, heinous and cruel; I have never heard people say that when a female is the victim of a stabbing.

    2. That Jodi has robbed society of Travis’ contributions. No. Travis was NOT a rising star with a lot to offer. That was his image, not his reality. His life was falling a part while Jodi was getting back to her old self. He was in financial trouble, he was turning 30 and wouldn’t be able to splash around in the kiddie pool at the singles ward anymore, and the woman he was interested in was only going to Cancun with him under the stipulation that they were just friends. Travis had pent up rage because he blamed Jodi for everything wrong in his life, IMO that is one out of many reasons he invited her over to “take care of the Jodi problem” as one of them put it.

    I don’t believe Travis had a lot to offer society. Remember he was not a real motivational speaker in the sense that he would bring out the best in people. No, he was a speaker to keep people motivated and involved in PPL. There is a HUGE difference between motivating people to foster self respect, independence, and human decency; and motivating people to open their wallets and go out like obedient little salespeople and keep his bottom line afloat.

    I’m sure Travis did some good deeds in his life. But are those good deeds enough to balance out the rest of his behavior? I don’t think so. He occupied a position of power in the Mormon church under false pretenses, he used and abused women, he thinks 12 year olds and little boy underwear are hot, he spent most of his life chasing women and getting them to sign up under him in PPL, and investing everything he had into an image that was as fake as the imitation designer ties in his wardrobe.

    So how can the interviewer say with a straight face, that Jodi “robbed society” of a fantastic person? I don’t think he can. I think people ASSUME Travis had a lot of potential because he is a white English speaking American male, but this assumption requires a break from reality to continue believing after close examination. What exactly did Travis do to make the world a better place? The answer is, not a whole lot. And buying dinners for his executive friends does NOT count, that is a business tactic to keep good alliances.

    He was not going to miraculously change either. Remember the only reason he wanted to change was to get in Mimi’s good graces long enough for her to date/marry him. That was it. Temporary modification of behavior is not real change. Besides, if he really wanted to do the honorable thing he wouldn’t have guilted Jodi to come visit him so he could use her for sex, he would apologize to Jodi for all the crap he did, and marry Deanna so she wouldn’t be left floundering in her religious community as “damaged goods.” Make no mistake – just because Deanna is getting support now does not mean that in three month’s time she’ll be still be given the royal treatment by the Mormons. No, she’ll be back to living a life where Mormon men won’t give her the time of day for not being a virgin.

    • Wow MB, a lot to post to. While I agree, that if Jodi did in fact do this, that it was a crime of passion. Adrenaline was pumping throughout both of them and I am fairly certain that Travis didn’t feel much. The crux as it were is the throat slash. If it wasn’t for that, Jodi would have been let go for time served, make no mistake.

      I know it’s kind of hard to admit with all the haters and pro Travis people about, but the world was robbed of Travis….and Jodi. I mean the guy really wasn’t the best of us, to be sure, but for the grace of God, that guy could have been me, or one of my brothers. I have no sympathy for him for the way he treated Jodi, but at the same time, as a compassionate human being, I do feel for him. He was dealt a bad hand from the moment he was born….two meth head parents. What kind human being does that environment breed? Plus do any of us miraculously change? Hate me if you want, I’m ok with it and I will continue to post daily. Every one of us is fallible!

      Jodi never robbed anyone of anything. It is our own “society” that continues to rob us on the daily.

      For the record, I am 100% a Jodi supporter, however, I will not look at the world as if it is black and white.

      For anyone that feels like broadening their musical horizons and taking advice from a 32 year old…Deadmau5…4×4=12….such a good album.

      • I don’t look at the world like it’s black and white either. I’m criticizing the way the media does, and encourages that mentality by proclaiming Jodi=evil, Travis=good; and the world has been robbed of goodness now that Travis has died.

        Travis may or may not have been dealt a bad hand. I will never know one way or another because he, and his entire family are liars. They have lied throughout this entire trial and the media has helped to spread their lies. So yeah, it’s probable that his parents were meth heads with severe emotional problems. But then for all the times I have heard “don’t speak badly of Travis because he is dead” that never seems to apply to his parents now does it? They aren’t here to defend themselves either.

        But what I do know is, just because Travis had a bad childhood does not mean his behavior is excusable or that he had a right to treat Jodi like a beast of burden for his personal issues. In fact he has a moral and ethical obligation to cease and desist the behavior that is harming others and get help before he harmed another individual. He was a thirty year old grown man, an elder of the church, not an eighteen year old clueless teenager.

        The problem is, nobody wants to hold abusers and aggressors accountable for their behavior. There’s a lot of factors that go into someone becoming an abuser, but at the end of the day, it’s not anyone but the abuser’s responsibility to end the behavior. If we can tell racists to stop beating, harassing, or lynching people then we can tell abusers to stop abusing.

    • The media……what can you say? They are biased and have been for many years, I don’t trust a word the main stream media says. They have an agenda and if the truth doesn’t agree with their agenda they will do any thing to discredit whoever disagrees with them.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Ray you are 100% right. The “News” is simply an entertainment arm. You may glean some kind of useful information out of it, but at best they are simply entertainment. HLN…pffft…Anyone that gets entertainment from seeing a woman potentially getting put to death is a sick, excuse my language, fuck. We may as well be the Romans….

    • Great post MB!

      I totally agree with everything but especially No.2 hit the spot:

      In the contrary of what haters believe, society was gifted by removing this bloodsucking parasite. One asswipe less. Society does not understand that people like TA do not look out for the needs of others before their own. These kinds of people are like vultures. They feed on others. They pray on the less strong in character, take advantage of their weaknesses and use them like puppets in their own sick game of life. What did he offer Jodi? Rather than pain, absolutely nothing. He did not respect her (not only as a woman but also as a human being). So, IMO, I do not feel that I have been robbed of someone that had something to offer me.

      And I have to definitely add the following:
      Many times I have read haters calling Jodi a sociopath. Do they even know what it means?

      A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

      For heaven’s sake! Come on! Jodi was nothing close to antisocial and believe me, it shows if she had a lack of conscience or not in the courtroom and in her interviews (just watch the ABC interview at the top of this page). She cared about everyone else (even the Alexander dry cry clan) and wished for some way to take their pain away. I call that having tons of conscience and love in her heart and soul.

      Maybe if the haters considered looking up the meaning of sociopath they would be able to see the resemblance to their own character, not to mention the TA clan character.

      • so•ci•o•path
        A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.
        This is the name TA called Jodi in a text message. I’ve said since day 1 of the trail, JM is going to do everything in his power to label her a sociopath! With the help of Dr. Data Point he was able to water the seed he planted & accomplished this. The day she testified and said Jodi had a BPD, I wanted puke. Some felt it was no big deal but I felt it was the beginning of the downward spiral. People are scared shitless of a sociopath. In my opinion this one word label is why Jury voted the way they did.

        • Hi Ann!
          Isn’t calling Jodi a sociopath so off, tho? I cannot understand who would buy that bs. Sociopaths cannot ‘feel’. They cannot cry, they cannot be remorse, they cannot connect to anything that has to do with feelings. Am I seeing another Jodi? Because the Jodi I see is exactly the opposite of a sociopath. I don’t get it..

            • Pandora and Fred,
              It was the elephant dragged into the courtroom day 1 of JM opening statement. The defense knew this & battled hard to push it out the door. You could see on JW face the day Dr. JD testified she was hopping mad! Crazy as it seems to us, IMO it was foremost thought in the jurors mind.

              • Oh yes they need to see her as ‘evil’. Even now when it’s never been established! C-PTSD or even PTSD is often misdiagnosed for BPD. Acronym city lol.

                • It may be silly, but I’ve developed lately an involuntary shudder when I hear mental health acronyms, particularly the mother of them all: DSM.

                  I know that naming problems can be handy, useful, helpful. But, there’s also a dark side to this power to reduce individuals to a collection of letters.