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First up, Jodi would like me to let you know that Bryan Carr is a loser. Everything he says is a lie and he is NOT a friend of Jodi’s. All the info he’s putting out in his TV interviews is BS.

Jodi also has a Twitter account @

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The Dateline NBC documentary – “Along Came Jodi” – which aired March 1st has just been uploaded to the site. Click the pic below to watch it in full:

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Zach Billings was one of the roommates that discovered the body on June 9th – or so he says. The thing is, when asked about the last time he saw TA (as noted in Gloria Esteban’s police report), he stated Thursday morning, as he was on his way out to pick up his girlfriend. Assuming he didn’t mean Thursday June 5th, we’ll take that to mean Thursday of the previous week – that being May 29th.

Now, when asked the same question by NG, he says he last saw him on the Sunday.

Here’s a brief video clip of the question, the answer and the gulp after it:

[hdplay id=91 width=500 height=300]

Billings also stated (in the same police report) that he did the laundry on Saturday June 7th, then when asked again he changed it to Wednesday June 4th.

In a follow-up interview (further on in the report) he then stated he wasn’t positive he’d done the laundry on Tuesday morning… but went on to say the clothing found in the washing machine was either TA’s or Enrique’s because  TA “would never wash his whites with colors”.

Even though Billings is a dumb as a box of rocks, I’m not saying he was directly involved in the events of June 4th 2008, but I’m quite certain he knows a lot more than he’s letting on. I actually think he intended to do the laundry on the 7th… he saw all the stuff in the machine… then he went into the bedroom & bathroom to investigate… hence the shoe impression found on the tiled floor in the bathroom see pic below…

And here’s a screenshot of the plan as shown in court:

So it’s highly likely that he made the discovery a few days prior to everyone else, but decided to keep quiet about it for reasons only he knows.

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Remember: We are Team Jodi, and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

Keep the faith!

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  1. SJ,
    thank you very much for being the messsager of Jodi’s words.(not to mention yourr having created this safe haven)I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone on this site was sceptic regarding that Brian guy.Personally,the moment I laid my eyes on him I got this weird vibe and never trusted or believed a word he said.What’s saddening is that there’s people out there not comprehending that he’s a media chaser and actually still think he’s a friend of Jodi’s,thus believing his despicable lies(yet over time i believe we all got to the point where the haters’ point of view became laughable) .For me,the worst thing is that there are nice people on Support FB pages that are still not clear on the fact that Bryan Carr is simply a limelight seeker.I wish they could see Jodi’s message here.

    • I am confused about Bryan Carr. He has been saying really good things about Jodi. In his latest statement he said he thinks that a group of mormons were the ones really responsible under the blood atonement and that Jodi was trying to protect her family. But all I have heard him say is what a good person she is, etc. did I miss something? I am planning on writing a book about a few cases, this being one of them. I really was appalled at how Juan Martinez conducted his cross examination of Jodi. He seemed like he just wanted to “shine” on TV and didnt really care about the facts, just wants to win the case. When the trial is over, how can I contact Jodi? I would like to coorespond with her for her take of all this in the book.

  2. Is the prosecutor saying that all the injuries to the body that killed Travis was done in the 1 min 47 sec interval between the last photo of Travis in shower at 5:30-30 and the photo of him laying bleeding on bathroom floor? That is really hard to believe that so much occurred in such a short period of time.

    • That’s what he’s saying…… provided Travis is dead in that second photo (bleeding on bathroom floor) at 5:32:16… but if Jodi doesn’t remember anything after the gunshot there is really no way of knowing if he is dead there or if that is an intermittent photo.

      Anyone know if there is a time stamp on that other accidental photo showing his bloody shoulder with the white baseboard running along the bottom of the pic?

      • There is a comment on the “Dissecting the photographs” thread from Kira, where she lists the time stamps of the photos. It lists, in part:

        5:29:20 (this is the full on face photo)
        5:30:30 (this is the final shower photo)
        5:31:14 (this is the ceiling photo)
        5:32:16 (this is the dragging photo with Jodi’s leg)
        5:33:32 (this is the baseboard photo with Travis’s body barely showing)

        So, according to this, the picture you’re asking about was time stamped 5:33:32.

        • So, really, according to Jodi’s testimony, we’re talking about little more than 1 minute:

          She drops the camera at 5:31:14 (picture of the ceiling).
          Travis lunges at her.
          She runs to the closet to get the gun, and back to the bathroom.
          He attacks her, and the gun goes off.
          He continues to attack her.
          She cannot remember what happened
          Next picture, 5:32:16 (of Travis at the end of the hallway, profusely bleeding)

          That’s a minute and 2 seconds.

          • It’s that 5:32:16 photo that I think is questionable as to whether or not he’s dead in that photo or if that was taken during the knifing. Martinez said that in that photo showing JA’s foot + Travis laying on bathroom floor, his foot is towards the bathroom… which means his head is towards the bedroom (on the carpet of the bedroom I assume), which means the camera which was dropped in the bathroom by the shower is now in the bedroom pointing towards the bathroom??? That just throws another big wrench in to the entire scenario. How did the camera get from the bathroom to the bedroom floor?

        • Dog–in that 5:32:16 photo, he’s bleeding from either the gunshot wound or from the neck wound.

          If it’s neck wound (which is what the prosecution argues) he’s either dead or dying.

          If it’s the head wound (as the defense tried to argue) then … yeah, that raises a lot of questions. One of them being the camera.The camera should still be, more or less, where it fell. Because, after she dropped the camera, Travis was attacking her and chasing her and continuing to attack her after she shot him. Yet, someone HAD to have moved the camera to the end of the hall–which is at minimum 12-13 feet from the bathtub where Jodi said the camera landed.

          • Exactly. Though in that photo we don’t see any carpet, just tile. Maybe Jodi was just confused at that point when the prosecution was asking her if she agreed that Travis’ foot was pointing towards the direction of the bathroom in that photo. If she wasn’t confused and she agreed that was correct, then I’m completely stumped…

          • We can’t see the carpet, because the picture is taken from the level of the carpet and it’s dark there. The source of light is in the background, coming from the bathroom at the end of the hall. Which why we can see the tile of the hallway floor.

            We know his head/shoulders were over that carpet area as he bled profusely because there was a huge, dark, bloodstain left on the carpet in the very location that photo depicts.

          • Sorry. You’re right, Dog–we can only see tile. In that photo, both Travis and Jodi are on the tile.

            But, still: the carpet-tile transition (near the huge bloodstain) is behind them, and the bathroom, and its lights, are in front of them.

          • I think it’s likely that when Jodie first dropped the camera and TA rushed her, he then picked up the camera to inspect it and carried it down the hall with him as he chased Jodie. He then dropped it at the end of the hallway as he entered the shut closet door. That still is a narrow window of time for everything to happen and put them back at the end of the hallway after the gunshot and supposed knife wound to neck.

            • Is Alice still there in Wonderland; that, the actual trial of facts, is, every single person, who smells a rat, in the district attorneys office…??? How convenient, that these reptilian illiterati, commit perjury, to get an extradition, and, sleaze their noncase, and, two million dollar ransom demant, then, recant, their lies at law, and, reverse, format, to, try the noncase in reverse, without, a bleat from, the connjivers, who lied, as to their Arias Bias Flu, to get on the lynch mobster, jury; to, suck up to a ludicrous, excuse, for a prostitutor, to, protect the innocent; while, submitting, contradictory, lies, at, law…. with, more perjuries, of bogus process, without a bleat from the Sheeple, or, the brain dead judge, or, the three million gollar, bribed, socalled, defense….and, criminally, enough, not, a whimper, from the governors, who, are aiders and abettors, of, this conspiratorial, boatload of lies; proffered as, facts, inside out, and, upside down; as if, no matter which lies these lizards at law, float; the;ve targeted, their victim; come hell or high water; excuses for evidence… Who, ordered the penguin in a tutu, to, repudiate, his own, three stooges, lies at law, to, doublecross, the ME, and, the defective detective, which the confessing to perjury, lizard at law, prostitutor, did; doublecrossing the other two stooges; for which, his reverse format, forced the, other two, conspirators, to, sleaze their reversal, of, lies at law, in, concert; having, been, abandoned, high and dry, to also, reverse format, confess to the initial, con, by which, they, embezzled, an extradition, held a girl, hostage, and, sat on their conspiracy; thinking, they could “grow evidence,” after such an invalid, rush to judgement…. Edgrrr…

          • Or he kicked the camera when lunging after her.
            This guy was into blows all right. Police report says he had weekly parties watching Ultimate Fighting competitions. Loved spilled blood, in-between going to church and slutting.

        • Yes, Bystander, I think it’s very likely that Travis picked up the camera after Jodi dropped it. So he could inspect it. Someone moved it from the bathroom to the end of the hall.

          But the window of time is quite narrow. From 5:31:14 (dropped camera; ceiling photo) to Jodi dragging Travis back to the bathroom (5:32:16). That’s just one minute.

          In this scenario, he attacked Jodi but she broke away, he stopped to inspect his camera, chased Jodi down the hall with the camera in his hands, dropped the camera there, chased her through the closet, ended up back in the bathroom where he attacked her again, and got shot in the head. Then, with a bullet in his head, he runs down the hall once again, where the next accidental photo is taken of him, collapsed, with copious blood running down his shoulder. All that in one minute?

          In that scenario, when do the knife wounds happen? When does he stand near the sink? During this one minute, or after he’s down on the floor and bleeding?

          • Do you know if there are better quality copies of those two photos – the 5:32:16 (foot/travis body) photo and the 5:33:32 photo (his shoulder/baseboard) around? I only have screenshots from the trial footage and they’re not very good.

          • I’m having ahard time makin sense of the “dragging” photo of Travis is so hard for me to understand. So odd.

            I also keep thinking the foot in the one photo looks more like a pool of blood. Its such an odd angle.

            Thank you all for the conversations concerning the photographs; they are very insightful.

          • yes m, I thought the foot looked like a blood puddle, and if you saw the original image from the camera before they “enhanced” it you would think so even more.

            I don’t remember where I saw the raw unenhanced photos.

          • Who says, the black sock picture, was of, Jodis, foot, when, in point of fact, the picture taker; was also, deemed to have been her, as well; considering the distance from, photographer, to either, foot picture; alleging, that the picture, swept from, foot to foot, on the way to the floor, and, activated, its, fact finding mission, all by itself…. Why, also, no comment on whose bootprint, was photoed….??? Do not, that the wet blood imprint, proves, attendance at the crime scene, during the crime; or, the blood would not have been wet; provong that, of all those at the killing, the only one with the horsepower to oberpower, Travis, was Sasquatch, with the bigfoot; proven by the on site wet blood, and, again, the distance, proximity, to the magic, self activating, camera, alleged to have been dropped by, Jodi; indicating, that in order to have been, so, sh, therefore must have been the one holdinhg it; and, its,’ distance to the wetblood Sasquatch, proves, that bigfoot, was the only one, with, and, killing, Travis; neither the black sock foot person, o, the phototaker, were at the actual, kill site, kill scene…. but, bigfoot, bloody shoe print, was….. Edegrrr…


        • Who says it was, Jodis,’ leg, and, not the female, masked, “ninja, and, worst case scenario, Jodi, taking the pictures, before the claim that she, dropped the camera; which, she had to have been holding, in order to have, dropped it….???… Edgrrr…

      • if you were on the jury would you believe all they are claiming happened in 1 min and 47 secs ? because I wouldn’t ! That first pic on the bath floor has to mean Travis went down after being shot through the sines cavity leaving him lively enough to get to his feet and aspire blood over sink then take after Jodi to kill her as threatened but met Jodi at end of hall at bedroom entrance were she defended herself with the knife earlier made available in the bedroom and that is were it was either her or him. Preponderance of evidence indicates Travis had been taking steroids and with that and being ferrous at being shot, it took every stab and cute Jodi put on him to make him stop.

          • Photo of Travis alive sitting in shower at 5:30-30 the next photo taken 45 secs later of bathroom ceiling and 1 min and 2 secs later the photo of Travis on the bathroom floor bleeding where at which point DA claims Travis has received 29 stabs and had his throat cut never to move on his own again .A total of 1 min and 47 secs from life to absolute death by virtue of the time stamped photos taken on Travis’s’ camera on June 4, 2008.

              • If, combined blood was present in the handprint, why not in the claim, it was Jodi, not, dragging the body…??? Edgrrr…

            • @ Michael Clark, I don’t know about you Mr Clark but I see something entirely different from the photo sequence. My belief is that the photo taken of the ceiling is a result from Travis choking Jodi and as she reached over top of his arms with her right arm “camera still in hand” the photo was snapped as she struggled to free herself. and the camera was dropped as Jodi was then body slammed and made her way into the closet for the gun.
              I also think that the photo taken of Jodi’s foot was after Travis had speer tackled her, she dropped the gun and they struggled until she reached for the knife on the counter. with him still in a tackle position around her waist she struck him repeatedly to fend him off and once he fell, Jodi kicked the camera. I do not for a moment think that this photo was the end of all things as the half wit prosecutor describes. Their fight lasted another couple of minutes.

          • I see, Michael–you’re counting from the last shower photo, rather than from the accidental ceiling photo.

            I’m counting from the ceiling photo, because that’s when Jodi says the attack on her began–after she dropped the camera. It could be that something DID happened even before the ceiling photo. But, not according to Jodi’s testimony.

            Does the prosecution claim, however, that ALL the injuries were in that interval? I think the prosecution is trying to show that, after the dragging photo, more happened. Namely, the gunshot.

            It’s the DEFENSE that has to show that he was shot and stabbed in that short interval (which is 1 minute 2 seconds, if the ceiling photo marks where the struggle began). Because, in that photo of Travis lying on the hallway floor, he’s clearly injured and down. OR the defense will argue that, in that photo, he’s been shot in the head, perhaps stabbed, but that the throat injury is yet to happen.

            Remember, though, Jodi agreed that, in the 5:32:16 photo, Travis is already unconscious or dead. That is, no longer a threat to her. If she inflicted injuries after that point, they were not in self-defense.

          • The photo of him sitting in the shower could actually be the camera drop. Notice it’s a low level picture. So assume he goes bat crap crazy at that stage. Now race to closet, get out gun, race back to bathroom (easy in 45 seconds). The ceiling picture is taken at some point in the tussle when the camera gets kicked (could be after the shot is fired and TA knocks Jodi to the ground). Now over to the sink and aspirated blood. Turn around and fight, etc etc.

            I don’t think the dragging picture is dragging in the hall. I’m going to try an experiment, laying a camera on the floor. Something in the way the lights shine on the floor must point to where the camera was with respect to the lights. Also the alignment of the grout. I’ll post the pictures once done.

          • Al, let us know…if that is a shoe picture, how did she go from socks to shoes so quickly? I admit that “dragging” photo just looks funny size wise with the trim and the shadows.

            • The sock foot, was the girl ninja, and, the much bigger bootprint, the guy ninja…..Who, then, was taking the pictures; whatwith, the pictures, proving at least four people at the kill, site… yet, the only arrest, was of the one, least likely to have had a part in it; if, Jodi, was even there…. Edgrrr…

          • Very interesting, Al. The direction of the light has to be, in some way, a clue to where the picture was taken. Also, if there’s water on the floor, this would add to how the light plays off the tiles, no?

        • So, now you know why, there is permissable, jury tampering, as long as it’s done by lizards at law, stacking their juries, before, the lynchmobs, are seated…. ..There was whining, that, one juror, held out; when, focus should be on the eleven, whose Arias Bias Virus, permitted, such a no brain no pain, soap opera, to be abandoned, after years, of the three stooges, conspiracy; then, without a bleat from the Sheeple, the prostitutor, recanted his lies at law, and, backpedaled, to try the soap opera, in, reverse…. Baaaa.. …..Edgrrr…

      • Do you realise how much had to transpire in that 1 min and 47 secs? 29 stabs, throat slashed, time elapsed bleed out at bedroom hall entrance and Jodi dragging dead weight of the body approx 18 ft while slipping on a wet an bloody floor. that’s why I don’t accept DA’s theory he is lying because he knows the truth !!!

        • In reply to team Jodi’s comment; “I’m still not seeing Travis been drug in that photo. Can you?” He had not been drug at that time he was down from the gun shot only and bleeding from the side of his right temple which had been shot with the GUN FIRST, NOT GUN LAST! Travis got up from that position aspired and dropped blood over sink then took off down the hall to kill Jodi just as he stated he would, only to be met with Jodi holding the knife to protect herself.

        • I don’t follow your argument, Michael.

          She still has time, after 5:32:16, to drag him back to the bathroom. That picture only shows that Travis and Jodi are IN the hallway leading to the bathroom. And, concerning the blood, it only shows that one or more of the injuries has already occurred. Prosecution says that throat-slitting has already occurred. Defense says, No, the blood is from gunshot wound.

          There is still more time, and possibly more injuries to come after this photo. We don’t know what happened after that photo was taken (except that one more accidental photo was taken in the hallway, a minute and some seconds afterwards–the blob picture, which some say is a part of Travis).

          • You are assuming that this ‘magical’ camera followed around 2 people, either trying to kill one another or defending from one another, when the camera and its whereabouts would be the last thing on their minds. There is no logical reason to assume the camera left the bathroom at anytime until Jodi picked it up and inadvertently through it in the washer with the bloody cloths. There is no evidence of the location as to where the photo of Travis bleeding on the floor was taken, nothing other than tile which covered both bathroom and hall alike. If the DA has somehow confused the issue to get any admission that the photo is somewhere other than where the camera would logically be and without evidence to show camera left bathroom, logic must prevail to assume all photos from shower scenes on were taken in the bathroom.

          • Don’t forget Pique that all these things she is accused of and has admitted to in such a short time frame… Enrique, one of the roommates is due home at 6 pm. She doesn’t have a lot of time between when the last picture was snapped to get everything cleaned up, get the stuff in the laundry and get out of there before he gets home and sees her. If in fact Travis is not dead when the 5:32:16 picture snapped.

          • According to the Flores Report, Enrique stated he arrived home around 18:00 hours (6 pm). He noticed some things that were unusual, the front door was locked, the dog gate was up and when his girlfriend arrived she noticed Travis’s ring and watch on the kitchen counter.He stated that the last time he saw Travis was on the Wednesday evening but I think he was just a day off. He thought that Travis was on a conference call when he saw him. He stated that was the last day it was normal around there which is why I think he had the day wrong and it was Tuesday the last day he saw Travis.

          • Thanks Debbie. So, if he arrived home at 6:00, then that indeed left Jodi very little time after the last photo–no more than 20 minutes for clean-up (including moving and washing Travis’ body), starting the washing machine, and getting out of the house and out of the driveway. That seems like a lot to accomplish before he gets home! Though, not impossible. What would make it seem less possible, though, is if the fight continued beyond that last photo.

          • Pique, in follow up of our dialogue last evening. After reviewing your comments I have determined where we differ and what is causing the confusion. You obviously are of the opinion that the final two photos were taken in the hall and not the bathroom.Tthis, as I’m sure you know, is the claim by prosecution. I’m sure you know by now my position on the matter is that all photos from and including shower scene is ALL in the bath because I see no evidence that the camera left the bathroom. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS THIS, IF YOU KNOW: What, IN the 2 pics in question, makes you believe they were taken in the hall and not in the bathroom?

          • Thanks for taking the time to carefully read my comments, Michael.

            Yes, I pretty much took it for granted that those last 2 photos were taken in the hallway leading to the bathroom. After you questioned this, saying that you think they were taken in the bathroom instead, I began to wonder. So, at this point, I’m not 100% they were taken in the hallway.

            BUT, even though I can’t be 100%, I am still leaning toward the prosecution’s claim that they were taken in the hallway. For one, that last picture really looks like the hallway. That’s pretty flimsy, maybe, considering the bathroom has the same colour paint and white trim. But, there’s a length and depth to the perspective that suggests the hallway to me.

            Another suggestion it’s the hallway, for me, is all the blood on the walls in the crime scene photos. A lot happened in that hallway: there are blood drips and huge blood smears showing that his body rubbed up against those walls. And, of course, there’s the biggest pool of blood at the end of the hall where it transitions to the carpet of the bedroom. I assume we agree that this marks the place where Jodi slit his throat ?

            I know that you account for all this blood by saying that Jodi was defending herself with the knife in the hallway because Travis, after being shot, probably ran down this hallway to continue attacking her. The thing is, you believe those two photos, that show a bloody Travis, show him after he was shot, but BEFORE his throat was slit. I don’t. I believe that those photos show Travis AFTER the injury to his throat. And, that’s the main reason I think these photos were taken in the hallway. Because, that’s where she slit his throat.

            I just can’t accept that all that blood pouring down his shoulder is from a gunshot wound only. And, even if I accept it for the sake of your argument, I just can’t accept the theory that he got up off the bathroom floor, from that prone position, with a serious head injury, and then continued his chase/attack in the hallway.

            Now you might ask about the magical camera–that is, how ended up at the end of the hall, at the threshold to the bedroom. I really don’t know. Except to say, of course, that either Travis or Jodi moved it there. Which would have to mean that somebody picked it up after Jodi dropped it. So, speculation would come in here. Perhaps Travis got out of the shower to inspect any damage to his brand new camera, as Jodi ran away, frightened? Or, Jodi ran away, frightened, taking the camera with her?

            • Holding this position like the prosecution as you do, why on earth are you posting on this sight which is designed to support Jodie’s defence.

              • I’d like to remind you, Michael, that yesterday you wrote, “the physical evidence will tell us the rest of the story.” Surely you’re not suggesting that the way to see and hear and think about that physical evidence has been predetermined?

        • Pique says:at

          March 3, 2013 at 4:35 pm

          “Remember, though, Jodi agreed that, in the 5:32:16 photo, Travis is already unconscious or dead. That is, no longer a threat to her. If she inflicted injuries after that point, they were not in self-defense.”

          remember it was at this time her memory became foggy and if Martinez tricked her into saying such I don’t believe it because it dosn’t match the eveidence and time frame recorded.

          • Yes, Michael, her memory becomes foggy after the gunshot. That’s why we’re using the time stamps and the content of the photos to construct possible narratives.

            Sure, it’s possible he wasn’t unconscious in the dragging photo, and that Jodi was not, at that point, in the process of dragging his unconscious body back to the bathroom. He could’ve had some fight left in him. OK.

            But, it’s either that ALL the injuries occurred by 5:32:16, or that more injuries were inflicted after 5:32:16. Could we all agree on that?

            Then the question becomes “what happened after Jodi and Travis found themselves in the hallway leading back to the bathroom?”

            1). If he’s incapacitated/dead on that hallway floor, the “clock” has stopped right then and there after 60-100 seconds of self-defense. She drags him back to the bathroom and puts him in the shower. There shouldn’t be a need for her to inflict further injuries to his body. It’s all over, in either one minute or–counting from the last shower photo–about a 100 seconds.

            2). If he’s still alive and conscious, then at least one or more of those injuries happened AFTER that 5:32:16 photo. If it happened this way, that adds more time to this narrow window. The defense can say that, after the 5:32:16 photo, he got up and Jodi continued to fight for her life, and that fight included slitting his throat.

            The first possibility asks us to imagine this could all happen in 60-100 seconds (short of her dragging him back to the bathroom).

            The second possibility is only possible if we can believe that he got up off that hallway floor and continued to be a threat to Jodi after he had been shot in the head.

            There are problems with both. Explanations can be offered for both.

            Concerning the second possibility, many here have argued that he became aggressive after being shot, as Jodi testified. That means that the attack could’ve continued after 5:32:16.

            But, the first possibility–60-100 seconds until he was on the floor and unconscious–also becomes plausible if you consider that, maybe, there was no chase through the closet doors involved. That she attacked him first with the knife. That his lung was possibly punctured, filled with blood (ME said this was possible, due to a major vein being cut), and that he aspirated blood onto the sink area. Then, because this wound was not immediately fatal, he ran down the hall, and the 5:32:16 photo was taken there, where he collapsed, and likely where his throat was slit, leaving all that blood on the carpet.

          • JC–If I were a juror, I would want to know first if there was a rope. I’d want to be fairly certain there was a rope, because it’s the rope that brings the knife into the bedroom/bathroom and makes it available to Jodi for self-defense.

            Another thing: I would have to be convinced, through expert testimony, that Travis could’ve been a threat to Jodi after she shot him. Many people, I understand, don’t buy Dr. Horn’s opinion. So, if we’re going to be skeptical about one expert, that same skepticism ought to apply to the next expert. I mean, forensics in general may have its shoddy aspects, but when it’s about the human brain, and injuries to the brain, there should be a lot of hard science to back up opinions, no matter whose side of the story is supported.

            Concerning the narrow time frame between one photograph to the next–and this is one of Michael’s points–I’d want to know that the “dragging” photo was taken from the hallway, and not from the bathroom floor. This matters, because, if from the hallway floor/bedroom carpet, that moves the camera quite a distance.

            Since it’s not a magical camera that moves by itself, that would mean that either Travis or Jodi moved it, and that casts doubt on Jodi’s version of dropped camera, followed by an attack,
            followed by a chase. Why would either of them move the camera during a violent struggle?

            • There were three crimes; 1. The precision kill… 2. The accessory, after the fact, visitor, who, never called the police, and, 3. The stabbings, and, gunshot, to, set, Jodi, up, for, all, of it, with, days, lapsing, between, the killing, and the feeble minded, set up; as proven, by, the days, it took, for the blood to dry, so as to not leave a blood smear, on the ejected, brass… That, proof, is, why, the prostityutors’ noncase, went south, and, his, noncase was over, yet, the spaz, reversed, course, and, replaced hisc old lies, with, new lies; as if, facts, be damned; she did it, because the juandering, lizard, at law, says, so… and, the socalled defense, is bribed, millions, to, sell out a girl… who, neither had the strength, to nearly, decapidate, a martial arts, kickboxer, fighting for his life, with his hundred pound, advantage, nor, any such, motive… to, begin with… Edgrrr…

          • As to Jodi’s foggy memory, it doesn’t matter… let’s assume she was killed also, the physical evidence will tell us the rest of the story whether she regains her memory or not but if she continues to fall for Martinez tricks to says something she is not sure of just because she feels she owes him and answer, he can attempt to use it against her unless jury sees that the physical evidence speaks differently.

            • Hypnonauseating carnival trick, is how the spastic, Juandering, Minstrel, marionette, Martinez, wins, all his, non cases; by, supplanting, the evidence for, into, evidence, against, and, comatoasting, the jury, with his spasmodic, shucking, and, juving, strobe show… Bring in some hypnotists, to, verify, this… Edgrrr…

            • Almost, right, you are….” pool,” denotes, liquidity, whereas, ” island,” denotes, solidity… and, no blood smear, on the careening, ejected, shell, proves, the fact that days had elapsed, after the precision, kill, and, the five days later, feeble attempt, to, set, Jodi, up, for the precision, kill, by, the haphazard, stabfest, in, that, the, stabbings, didn’t bleed, and, ditto, a no bleed, gunshot, because, the body, was long since, dead, and, dead, bodies, don’t bleed… It is this proof, I, long ago, submitted, which, forced, the fraudulent, reversal, about face, of the prostitutions’ agenda, to, indemnify, the socalled, sacred, blood oath, blood atonement, LSD corporations, ‘ gravy train, exploitation, of, fifteen million sheeple, idolizing, a beady eyed, preying mantis, looking, freak pervert, they, “believe , that, Joseph Smith,” idol worship, etcetera… And, if the damage control lie that the shell was kicked, to its’ landing, upon dried blood, is, an excuse, explain, why the blood torrent, never, covered the brass; if the lie of the first part, that she shot him first, was not known to be a lie…… and, explain, why, the blood was dry, when the coverup, by, the second, crime, was alleged to be part iof a precision kill, five days, ago… yet, perjured, by, process, into, a series of unprovable, antics, morphed, by, lizard at law, into, one crime, rife, with, imaginary, premeditation… and, a tale of hysterics, with all those stabs, after, such a surgical, skill, blood atonement, suicide, for, Travis; having run out of excuses, to the Bishop, for his abberrrant, preversities… Edgrrr…

            • It sure does, by the “testimony,” of the blood and, the brass… which were concealed, until the dozen sites, I submitted to, caused, the equally fraudulent, about face, continuation, of the noncase, then, proven, dead on arrival; yet, the prostitutor, reinvented, his lie, 180 degrees, off, the lie, of the first, part, without a bleat, from the courtroom, sheeple, or, the brain dead, judge… and, the spaz, never missed a jerk, lunge, or, parry, dueling, with his own imagination… to, reinvent, anotherr, bogus, prosecution…on a non case, that, was, over, the, second, the perjuries, of the extradition, warrant, were exposed, to be, fraudulent… with, the fraudulent at law, kidnapping, of another states’ citizen, and, imposing, a two million dollar ransom, demand, for a girl, unconvicted, of a crime; five years, kidnapped, under color of law… extorted, by the rancid, persecution, by, a penguin in a tutu, obsessing, over his, dancing witth the stars, tapdance, spastic, audition; while, concealing, exculpatory evidence,, by, himself, and, the detective, as well as the fraudulent medical examiners,’ complicity, all, claiming that she gained the advantage, by, shooting him, first; when, I, personally, pointed out what it took, for three conspirators, to, back off, their lies; proving, at the same, reversal, that, Jodi, never fired a gun, as evidenced, also, by, no, gunpowder, particulates, in the combined blood, handprint, on a wall… and, the organized crime at law, charade, of, always due, process, slithered, on, … Five years, and, counting… with, back to back, perjuries, by, all these lizards at law,… Edgrrr… Shut up, Jodi, and, plead, to read, the fifth amendment, to these lizards at law, and, invite, a contempt of court, citation, as distinct from, a death sentence, fraudulently, contrived, and, opposed to, another bogus trial, by, perjuries at law, and, setting yourself up for, worse than you already got; which, conviction, was, of your own making; feeding into the perversions, of these, conniving, perjuring, lizards , at, law… Grrr…

          • Is the shower door on the left or on the right?
            If on the left, that second photo of the body being dragged, supposedly, would show not the base but the top of the shower frame, with a 115 lbs person lifting a 200 lbs dead weight up.
            If on the right, it’s the base of the shower frame, and it still makes no sense since the ‘body’ looks stiff.

          • Debbie–about all that blood on the walls of the hallway, what do you think it suggests about wounds and activity?

        • Do note that this was not, one premeditated, crime at all, but, was the quasireligious, blood oath, blood atonement, precision, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice [ not, stab ], and, five days later, the “let’s set, Jodi, up, for the precisionj kill, by, a pecking away, and gunshot, that never bled, since, “defensive,” wounds, and, other post morten, antics, don’t bleed……[ do note the MEs stated cause of death, was solely, the heart stab, and, the ear to ear, throat slice; period ]… so, who, laundered the crime scene, as if, both crimes were by the same person; one a cold, calculated, kill, and, by what abberation, the spastic, haphazard, stabfest, to cover up the precision, suicide; agreed to blood oath, blood atonjement kill; to redeem, Travis’s eternal soul… Read “The God Makers, if, you think you have any doubt; and, the Anderson / Alexander, kill suicide formats….. Why else would, Travis have a thousand person wake, if not to canonize Saint Travis’s ascension, to planet playboy, with all those virgin angels….??? …Would, Jodi; allegedly, so jealous, let him, trade her in on his own kinkdom, and, shut her out…???…There were four people at the kill site. Was one, the girl, who committed, “suicide, ” or, was that also, a murder…??? nd, you are to believe that, Jodi, did the precision kill, sat there for five days, wherein, anyone could have come in, and, then, also, removed her front license plate, and, turned the rear one, upside down, whatwith to evade detection…. Then, there’s all that bottled gasoline; couldn’t she spare a pint, to smoke the joint….??? What kind of idiot, can believe anything, but, reasonable doubts, all over this conspiracy, under color of law; and, none of which, the bribed defense, has seen to it, to, get past the braindead judge, for appellate, laundering, of this, entire lizards at law, obstruction of justice…. All those votes, is, the motive; read, the history, of, the LSD kill squad, Dannites, and, their preferred method of killing… …Edgrrr…

      • Here’s what bugs me to no end. The photo of TA on the floor that shows Jodi’s pant leg and socked foot……TA’s Head (and neck) are up off the floor, and his right forearm is up, bent at the elbow. This is the picture where you can see his foot as well. Jodi is not in a position to be lifting his upper body as this point and it takes muscles, (specifically neck and stomach muscles) to lift your head and neck up off the floor. So, I have to assume he is alive in this photo because the position of Jodi’s leg and foot lead me to believe, she is not moving him around at the time, UNLESS……his upper body is partially propped up by her leg, but that makes no sense either because the neck, head and right arm still need muscles to work. Either he is still alive and moving in this photo, OR the photo is taken at the exact second that his throat is cut? Either way, her leg position doesn’t work.
        I’m concluding that he is somehow still alive in that one.
        As for the camera, someone had to move it, and I doubt it was kicked down the hallway, that far along. Still thinking someone else was there because of these issues.
        I just watched a video on youtube from which I am not sure is property of the state (evidence) or one of the HLN dummies, but I missed seeing it in the trial. It’s supposed to show the theory of how Jodi did this whole thing and it is the dumbest theory ever! It’s here: www. and I just want to know why in the world, a planned / premeditated attack would be carried out this way??? Stab him here, then drag him way over there, then drag him back here, then stab him there, then drag him over this way, then shoot him at the sink. It actually contradicts what the prosecutor is claiming. The picture he says shows travis’ foot towards the bathroom, is totally backwards in this dumb video where they show him being dragged when the camera accidentally goes off with his foot facing the bedroom instead.
        I hope the jury sees all of the state’s inconsistent claims.

        • He does look like his head’s up on purpose. I thought i was crazy for looking at it like that. Good comment!

        • And Jess, if you look at the 5:32:16 photo after its been lightened up a little, you can see blood splatter on the wall right right above Travis’ foot. So if the gunshot was the first wound, where did that blood splatter come from?

          This pic of the 5:32:16 photo and the 5:33:32 photo overlaid shows the blood on Travis’ shoulder lines up almost exactly with the blood on his shoulder in the second photo taken 1 minute and 16 seconds later. You would think in that time there would be more blood in the second photo.

          • Wow! That’s the first demonstration I’ve seen that shows that the “blob” could be Travis’ shoulder. Thanks, Dog.

          • I thought the blood was from the gun shot wound? an then it washed away in the shower? at least some of the blood?

          • Yes, the small circle is his foot, but look above the foot you’ll see blood splatter running down the wall. So if that 5:32:16 photo was taken after he was shot in the head, and the blood dripping down his shoulder is from that gunshot wound, and that was the first wound he received, where did the blood on the wall above his foot come from? He wouldn’t have been bleeding prior to the gunshot.

        • Jess, your observation of the 5:32-16 photo is 100% correct in that Travis is not dead but shot and bleeding from the sinus cavity wound that did not kill him. Evidence shows he stood over the sink and bled and scattered blood throughout the bathroom while struggling with Jodi and is trying to get up from this position, to pursue Jodi down the hall to kill her as he was threatening to do, to only be met at the bedroom doorway with the knife Jodi defended her self with.That is were all the stabbing took place and he bled out and died right there which the massive blood evidence clearly shows.The knife was only used by Jodi for self defence against Travis who was,by that time, fully intent to kill her.

        • And, now, without a bleat from the two million dollar, bribed, socalled, defense, sheeple, you know, why, not one reasonable doubt, was, identified…. Edgrrr…

        • The first, premiss, is false, thereby, trashing any delusions of her guilt… that, who says, the black sock, is on her, foot, when, it is alleged that she, was the camera person, and, thereby, the distance to either foot is, far away enough, to, prove, exactly, what, she said… “I had no part in it. …Edgrrr…

    • I am still confused with the amount of blood on the sync. Unless after being shot he managed to got up and that’s when the stabbing occurred. Because the volume of blood on the sync is if the was standing and the jugular vein or carathoid artery were cut first, or before any major bleeding. once you hit these two major blood vessels like, the carathoid artery or jugular vein, blood squirts like a fountain and that’s how all the blood splashing on the sync and mirror make sense. But, if he was on the floor or on his knees, is pretty much impossible that all of his blood ended up on the sync the way it did.

      • Not enough blood in and on mirror to speak to bleed out of jugular vein or carotid artery. the major bleed out was at the other end of hall at bedroom entry where the knife was used by Jodi to defend herself against Travis. for some reason after killing him she drug him back down the hall to the bathroom were Travis was first shot.

  3. SJ, you’re so right. Also, at first, I was glad to hear that Brian Carr was coming to see Jodi and giving her support. However, it didn’t take him long to start speaking and telling the media and the National Enquirer about what she’s doing in jail when she’s not on trial. Of course, you can’t believe the tabloids with their ridiculous and sensationalized reporting, but it’s getting to the point where some of the mainstream networks as well as shows like Nancy, Dr. Drew, and Jane Velez Mitchell are getting just as bad. It’s unfortunate we have Travis family and his all his “friends” accessing the media to do a number on Jodi since the trial began, but we don’t need Brian Carr providing more help with what comes out of his mouth.This guy is obviously playing into the media’s hands and is definitely enjoying the spotlight and all of the attention he’s getting at Jodi’s expense.

    • The tabloids, aren’t all that, lily white; concealing, five years, of, those of us, posting, horseflies, in the prostitutors’ belfry… also, concealing, the LSD church, sitting out, the complicity, of, one or more of their fanatics, who took, blood atonement, seriously, to, save, Travis’s eternal soul… Read, “The God Makers,” and, compare, Anderson, to, Alexander, in their terminal, devout, Mormon, suicide, to, save their own, eternal souls… Read the books, written by insiders… and, count all the LSD voters, these politicians, are, pandering, at law, to… Edgar…

    • You can believe the tabloids, are as pandering to the LSD quasireligious, 14 million voter bloc, as is the opportunistic district attorney, there in Wonderland, Arizona…and, are treading, softly, by their refusal to print, the avalanche of reasonable doubts, they’re concealing. Look at what they print, and, compare to what they don’t print…. And, do note that, since, none of these controversal issues, made it to court, it’s no doubt, why, the socalled defense, has prosecuted, their own client; so, of coiurse; what’s new, ther in the lizards at law, conspiracy….??? …Edgrrr…

  4. Any legitimate news organization would verify the credibility of the people they are putting on their station. Obviously we all know HLN is not using any kind of journalistic integrity at all. They must think of all us are a bunch of horses asses who will believe anything and everything they broadcast.

  5. After I read the Flores police report…it seemed obvious to me that Zach Billings knew a whole lot more than what he told the detective…I have re-posted a short list of the things that I read in the Flores report below…Please feel free to add to the list…

    Zach Billings made these statements about Enrique’s, TA, and Zachary’s relationship with each other within the home the three of them shared…Zachary Billings also said that he had known TA for a few years and attended the same church…and paid $450.00 to TA for his part of the rent of his room…
    1. Zachary says that he doesn’t know Enrique very well
    2. ZB said that they all keep to themselves
    3. ZB said that they didn’t hang out with each other at all
    4. ZB said that they haven’t had dinner together
    5. ZB said that he spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Amanda
    6. ZB said that TA always leaves on business trips and never tells them
    7. ZB said that TA doesn’t lock the door
    8. ZB said that TA normally drives out of town but since he was going to Cancun he didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that TA car still in garage
    9. ZB said he sent TA a text message on Saturday and Sunday and TA never responded

    Notice while reading this same report that Zachary Billings seems to remember too many details about TA and TA bedroom for someone who told the detective that they all keep to themselves and don’t hang out much and etc.

    I listed a few of the things that ZB said:
    1. ZB noticed the bannister felt sticky
    2. ZB noticed furniture moved downstairs
    3. ZB talks about the home security
    4. ZB said that he goes into TA room to get something he needs or to gets medication out of the medicine cabinet
    5. ZB said that TA had 4-5 brown pillowcases on his bed
    6. ZB said that TA had a brown comforter with light sheets on his bed
    7. ZB SAID THAT HE HIMSELF WAS A PHOTOGRAPHER TOO (this seems important)
    8. ZB described TA camera in exact details
    10. ZB said that TA had purchased a floor cleaner (this seemed odd for him to say)
    11. And he seemed to know immediately where a key was to get into TA bedroom when the friends arrived looking for TA…

    This is purely speculation only after reading so many inconsistencies or things that don’t seem to add up from all TA roommates and friends : Money is a motive for some people to do the things that they do…and if either one of the roommates or friends of Travis Alexander owed him any amount of money either a small amount or a large amount….and if Travis Alexander had a substantial amount of cash in a cash box in his closet or bedroom or wherever…then I can see that money could well have been a possible motive for mixing things up a little…

    • I think a lot of people suspect Zach knew more about what went on that day or was involved, the only thing is there is no evidence of him being in TA’s room at the time of the killing. If he had been, I don’t think there is any way he could have maneuvered through all the blood on the floor without leaving a foot print or shoe print.

      That said…. how did TA’s friend(s) get in to the bathroom to find TA in the shower without leaving any footprints down the hallway or in the bathroom? The blood would not have been dried at that point, it would have been coagulated but a shoe would still leave an impression in it.

      • Dog there was a boot print on the floor in the bathroom I believe it was. Not sure I can find the picture of it now but I did see it.

          • if blood in a puddle may still b ‘tacky’.

            defense HAS to bring points upon this site…
            like, imo, jodi had concussion from slam on floor, and thus add she cant be sure, explains her foggy head, etc. and that the crime scene HAD to b compromised, and those other ppl who didnt notice anything, did something, etc. at least doing “the mormon throat slit”.

            • If you’d been fed, green balogna sandwiches, for years, and, undergone her stress, you’d be foggy, too… …Edgrrr…

          • I’m sure the areas where blood was thin or diluted from water would have been dried, but the thicker puddles would have been more like in a jello state. Even in the areas where blood was dry a shoe print would still show up in it though.

            I do remember hearing about one shoe print being found, but I didn’t hear any explanation of whose it was.

            • For years now I have not been able to fathom how a biped human could walk into, and then leave, a bloody area, leaving no more than a single footprint.

              Will someone please suggest some ideas?

        • I just added a screenshot (to this post) of the shoe print on the bathroom floor, taken from day 3 of the trial.

          Team Jodi

          • Interesting bloody shoe print.

            I wonder if we can get anyone to post here who has experience with crime scene blood/slaughterhouse blood…etc etc. I do not. I have never been around puddles of blood so I don’t know what it does. I know smears of blood dry and can be flaky but I have never worked with any non-heparized large amounts of blood.

            I would think a rubbery/dried puddle would come up in clumps if it were stepped on, whereas that print looks pretty smooth for the lines. I wonder how long it takes for carpet blood to dry.

            Did they happen to say how large the shoe print is? Did they even bother to try and find out if it might match Jodi’s foot size or someone else?

            • In answer to your question regarding puddles the puddles of blood. Substantial amounts of blood, in a puddle would coagulate, and clots would form as it gels.

              Blood on a carpet would soak through and the surface of the carpet would dry within a few hours. The area of carpet in question had copious amounts of blood, especially if that is the pool from when the throat was slashed, the surface would dry, but that amount of blood would pool under the carpet and if anyone walked on it, the pressure of their foot steps would cause the blood underneath to seep up to the surface under their feet.

          • My question would be where exactly is this shoe print located? According to the roommate, he went thru the closet into the bathroom to see TA dead in the shower. So, knowing where exactly this footprint is located is key to believing his story.

          • Also, wouldn’t he have tracked the blood back on the carpet in the closet as he exited the bathroom after his finding TA body??

    • Zac suggested to Travis the type of camera to buy, just saying. The camera was/is valued over 1000 bucks so for a guy broke at the time of his death, that was a very spendy purchase. I wonder if he paid cash.

    • Never interacts with his same-church-going landlord for several months, yet freely off and on goes into his bedroom to get “stuff” and into his bathroom to raid the medicine cabinet?
      Without mentioning the other tenant, attending same church again. Knows nothing, don’t talk to him much.
      Both keeping a clothes pin on their noses for several days rather than figure out what stinks in there.

    • Note that the other tenant Enrique, who came back at 6pm that day, whose bedroom is not far from the stinking mess, whose girlfriend fed the dog thinking Travis was away while noticing also that his ring and stuff he was never without were sitting there in the kitchen, was interviewed by someone else and just mentioned very quickly in the report. That the said Enrique has kept a very low profile since.
      Also, that the ‘lead’ about Jodi the girlfriend was volunteered immediately during the 911 call, just in case the police would start wasting their time investigating elsewhere.

  6. I know this is a big case, and maybe I haven’t watched enough television or followed enough news, but it seems to me that every minute of her trial doesn’t need to be publicized and we don’t need all the biased opinions and actions on the part of the media. It seems that I turn on the television or read reports of trials of others who are accused of heinous crimes of murder and even multiple murders that don’t have their trials in front of the public to the degree this trial is. Plus, I haven’t seen any of these big crimes where the defendant is grilled by a bully prosecutor so badly and everything about them, in jail and out, is reported on and mocked or laughed at by the media. When she doesn’t show emotion it is because she has no remorse, and when she does break down and sob, it is just always crocodile tears or she is only thinking of herself. Could it be that the system is allowing these types of prosecutor strategies and media circus to happen because Jodi is a woman without resources? Even Casey Anthony, an accused murderer well-known for her lies , had a team of lawyers, including one very vocal and influential one in the state besides Baez, and numerous affiliates who emotionally supported her, one lawyer even hugging and comforting her at times throughout the trial. Neither Jodi nor her family has money and Jodi doesn’t have the support of individuals the way Travis does with a family, including a cop, church members and related business affiliates he was connected with. It is a terrible tragedy about Travis Alexander but while Jodi deserves a fair trial, I honestly don’t see her getting it. Hopefully, the state of Arizona will review its policies regarding what constitues a fair trial and ensure that this fiasco and travesty of justice does not happen again to anyone going on trial.

    • paul, good points.
      but would not hold my breath re: AZ changing anything. to an East Coast guy like myself, that state is odd. they always seem to b against people. it is a state i hope never to be in despite its beauty and dry heat. sorry to any AZ’ers here!

      this trial gets bigger the longer it goes + add all the sex and… there u have reality tv in action and replayed til bedtime!

      hopefully after all this jodi family can make some $ off this story cos JODI IS BRINGING IN BIG $$$$$ for networx.

    • Good Point I wonder how much Mormon money is behind it due to the FACT that on every show that covers this tria,l they have a group of Travis MORMON FRIENDS trashing Jodi Arias. and obviously lying no one sees the Devil in someone eyes, also what is really sad & disturbing is this guy Travis, never had sex till Jodi came along. The mentality is so telling the guys interviewed are really ignorant & disgusting a far cry what quote a Religious person personifies but again since Mormonism is not a christian religion they have that loop hole. They talk about a good Mormon girl as opposed Arias The Bad Girl, but in same sentence make remarks like she is a booty call, he played the field. This doesn’t make sense sounds like some money must be behind this to cover up the cult behavior of these particular people they really are a joke they all look the same no personality & their definition of the perfect Mormon Family is grotesque. Now we have a psychic making the rounds on COURT TV????? NG Dr. Do “Little” Jane Velez & who knows where else? She has a very very thick accent her crystal ball is left at home.

      • I would guess they are bringing in all kinds of money for Travis’s family. If you go an snoop on family pages they now all go on very nice vacations to Cancun. HI. Disneyland. a few other places I can’t think of but before all the big news out there they were not doing such trips all the time. Kind of makes me sick. They all state they want DEATH an NOTHING LESS for JODI.

        Still hard for me to believe he was such a GREAT INSPIRATION to all an nobody thought it was odd until 5 days of not hearing from him on texts or puter?? tells me they did not keep in touch that often actually an he missed CHURCH even? no one thought that was odd? 5 days ! is just odd !

          • Yes, must be Edgrrr who was posting here earlier. I don’t have Facebook acct, don’t want one. Could you invite him to rant some more here, it was refreshing, insightful, creative writing.

            • Thanx 4 the invite… too bad, that all these sites, aren’t better entwined, because, I have, as others, from, the thinking class, proven, beyond any doubt, that this is no more than cons-piracies, of, lizards at law, pandering to all those, LSD corporation, voters; and, thinking, they are movie stars…Track down, all that has been said, as the deviation, by new mushroom, sites, popping up, obscure, all the facts, ciovered, by, fading away, sites; making for, a question, of, who’s, recording, all the third grade, Nobel laureate, sites; only, to wimp out, once, they’ve used up all the name calling, and, used up their twelve, I.Q.s… Edgar… There’s only one Edgar; as in, Edgrrr… thank you…

        • Rhonda look up LOVE BOMBING which is used in cults. Also does anyone besides myself find the 911 call very STRANGE listen to the Girls voice JODI DID IT her manner & speech is strange not of someone who has seen such a shocking murder. CNN is airing a program again all these Perfect Mormon PODS are shredding Jodi Arias but where is the other side one woman who is so nice a friend of hers.

          • Ok got to go see what that is about. I know I have learned a lot about the Mormons there is so much info out there I bet they do not like that. I never knew all this stuff I really thought before these Mormons were like Lutherans or Methodist were an broke off from another big church I did not know it was a brand new religion that was made by Joseph Smith who changed his story also 3 times how it came about. Oh boy !

            • “We believe that Joseph Smith;” is the mantra, of the idolatry, of the LSD shroom poisoned, descendants, of, God, only knows, who, whatwith, the heirarchy, degenerating, “marrying, all the lesser included Sheeples,’ wives, and, daughters; bastardizing, the genealogies, as, perjured by the data keepers; concealment, of the greed and, degeneracy, of the LSD corporation, of, for profit, probhets; still, enslaving those, they’ve brainwashed….with, Jodi, the only wannabe Stepford Wife, standing up for all the rest of the Stepford Wives, who are being shown what happens when they stand up for principle; and, opting out of : “When the Bishop, speaks, the thinking has been done…???”….. …Edgrrr…

          • LOVE BOMBING! Yes, now I see it.
            I always thought she was the victim of something like a cult brainwash –with TA as the cult leader and JA as the one member,– or of like a pimp controlling and perverting a runaway kid, or of a priest/coach abusing a young kid, as opposed to an abused wife or child who lives in constant threat from the abuser and has to make-do.
            But now that you mention love bombing, it’s obvious: he was not the only member of the cult doing the brainwash.

            It all started when she was invited, given a ride to Las Vegas mind you, where she was “motivated”-recruited to join ppl as an employee, and where she was introduced to motivator TA. She must have paid something, in cash or species, to be hired, i.e. to join the group. They all seem to be Mormons and most are now trashing her on tv. Since she has a public defender, her prepaid legal insurance didn’t pay up either.

          • Expect nothing from the Stepford Wives; you can see how, thousands of govern mental, Mormon, lieyers, regard, their women… “When the Bishop, speaks, the thinking, has been done…” Edgrrr…

          • Why wasn’t Napoleon, the dog, confronted with, a police lineup; as if, he didn’t sense, what mayhem, was going on….and, could have cowered before the actual killer…???… Edgrrr…

        • Rhonda Good Point He missed his Church Service which would be on Sunday unless he missed lots of them. Something is not right with this case. Too much cover up going on and a media lynch mob. She not running for President why all the hatred. There are no bias opinions. Maybe one or 2 and never see those people again.

          • Rhonda victims of Love Bombing behave very much like those in ritual abuse. The Fact The The “group” is against Jodi speaks volumes. Victims need to be deprogrammed. Interesting That a psychiatrist who was on Court TV nice guy said he thought she was a victim of abuse I have to find the clip. But Love Bombing is used by cults victims can be in a rage since they are not even aware of the abuse until the manipulator has control over them.

          • Thanks for the info Oliviero I have learned a lot. I wish Jodi was not so naive an had fallen for this guy. An I really wish other women would step up an tell the whole truth but they are too ashamed. I do not believe Jodi was the first one he was too experienced. An his friends said it best Travis loved the GAME of Dating an thought of it as a GAME. I think that tells a lot about him right there. An the flirting also did not matter if they were married or had a bf Travis was a big flirt..Virgins, inexperienced men are not good flirts.

            • We don’t know, how many, potential witnesses, have, stepped up, that, the Juanderer, penguin in a tutu, has, concealed; do, we…??? Edgar…

          • Rhonda here is some information
            Is it any coincidence that Joseph Smith was a sexual predator? Didn’t he threaten young women who did not want to have sex with him by telling them their parents would go to hell? He used his position of authority as self-appointed prophet. He isolated his victims, and then raped them. There is a lot of information on the brain washing techniques used, Members are encouraged to baptize other members. There is a lot of literature on victims of cults & love bombing how they groom control etc. So when Jodi was afraid for her family something is there, this is one of the tactics. Its in many articles they threaten your Family members if you expose them.

            • And, do consider, the LSD mania for, the, genealogy, con, trying, to obscure the bloodlines, of people, while the lecherous, heirarchy, was, perverting , “marrying,” mens’ wives, and, daughters, while, in the name of, “we believe that, Joseph Smith,” Adolf Hitler, big lie, motif, were, ordered, out, to massacre, settlers, steal their properties, and, abduct more, women… so, that, nobody, knows, how many mens’ wives, were spawning the likes, of those lechers… Just wait, till, DNA, proves that… Edgar…

          • Viral
            Also A psychiatrist stated on Court TV that he believed Jodi was abused, I forgot his name. He stated the killing seemed to be that of a person who was a victim of ritual abuse. Which is used in Cults. So even if she Liked the sex ,attention it was that of an abuser. In Love Bombing sex is used as a form of control, they groom their victims like pedophiles do. There is a lot of literature on this. In LDS ,I read members are encouraged to get people baptized they use any means to recruit. Group thought is always part of a cult. Making the victim dependent on them is crucial to the control. I notice the group is appearing on all these programs Jodi was not one of us, The people making these comments are definitely cult like in their behavior. Travis insist she date Mormons, He also says what sex acts are permissible, this is manipulative. Although Travis Friends are saying he was a virgin till Jodi came along and the Prosecution is implying she is the catalyst by playing segments of the tape. HE is the one with the ideas, listen to the tape, He downgrades others, calls them Godless, she will be his whore, He is the creative one, He talks about raping her, little by little he gains her trust and grooms her in a very sick and manipulative manner. I think she is a victim of Cult Control and treatment for this is to deprogram them. She is still attached to her abuser. There are experts in this field. Abuse is part of it but I do think Nurmi should have an expert on Cults & Love Bombing they exist.

              • I believe Jodi was brainwashed ,by Travis and the LDS CULT. Otherwise. I thought it was obvious when she was on the stand. First of all, she looks like a ” shell ” of her formal self. Part if that maybe the defense,making her appear like a plain librarian. I am not totally sure of that though. She looks like she lost her personality. Long empty stares, the memory loss, the inability to get mad ,when she SHOULD!
                Brainwashed and PTSD are one in the same for her. I am not a shrink,but just my personal observations. I think she looked beautiful,but there is something missing in her eyes. She has had 5yrs to be reprogrammed, has she though ? I know she still believes in some of the Mormon teachings. According to her boyfriend of 4 yrs, he watched the transformation,the brainwashed former love of his life. So sad.
                What worries me , is if Jodi is still in the Mormon state of mind…..does she think if she gets death she will be with TRAVIS again. (So sooner the better ?)
                I want to see Jodi back ! I loved when she wore her hair up in a bun, and the way she carried herself that day. I saw a glimmer of her former self. : )
                Maybe , getting close to death , made her think ,her eternal life can wait!
                She has a life worth fighting for NOW.
                All my love ,
                Madeline, CT

      • We only have the TA camp stating that he was a virgin until he met Jodi. He seemed to know an awful lot of sex stuff for some guy who was supposedly a devout Mormon man. Not even Jodi knew what a “cream pie” was until he explained it to her. Come to think of it, I’m pretty long in the tooth now and have been around the block a few times in my past, but not even I knew what it was. Neither did I know what a “tossed salad” is until this trial. Virgin Mormon my ass!!!!

          • Then, there’s the personal matter, of the Bishops,’ denial, as to how long, he and, Travis, were shacked up together. Whoever, has the facts on the Bishops,’ antics, may, step up, ….. …Edgrrr…

      • I would not know or presume to know who is running that account Vebe but it is not Jodi because she stated herself she is hyper literal which likely means she is an excellent speller as well. When whoever it was tweeted to SJ that they were an angle instead of angel I know it is not Jodi typing that.

        • The person running her twitter acct is Donavan, a good friend of hers. Donavan is in court almost every day sitting with her mom and aunt. Donavan was also on Dateline on Friday and has stated she is tweeting on behalf of Jodi.

      • That, is a denial of the right to aid in her own, defense; a Constitutional, concern… as well, as, blackmail, for, not, paying the bail, two million dollar, fraudulently, imposed, ransom… at which time, she would have had, access, to, the net, with, dozens of reasonable doubts… none of which, made it to court… That, alone is grouinds, for a new trial… Edgar…

      • A denial of her rights, considering, that, had she posted, the two million dollars, ransom, she would have been free to access, the internet; just like the spastic prostitutor….. whose, criminal antics, denied her that right….with the bogus lies at law, that, his perjury, of process, badgared the other two, stooges, unto swearing an affidavit, to dupe, two governors, into an interstate kidnapping, at law; and, no rescision of all their lies at law, even in light of, the Spaz, doublecross, confession, forcing the other two stooges, to, also, recant…. without a bleat, from all the Arias Bias Flu victims….. …Baaa…. Edgrrr…

  7. I knew right from the start this Bryan Carr guy was a loser and using Jodi. I could see he was using Jodi right when he went on Jane Velez Mitchell. i’m glad you told us this. we should just tune out anything in the media on Jodi. SJ’s site is all we need.

    • Is he the one perpetrating the rumor that Jodi has a girlfriend in jail and that he’s going to give them his sperm so that they (Jodi and girlfriend) can have a baby together? Yeah, he’s full of it and I’m glad that Jodi set the record straight.

      • Me too ! when I seen he went to the ENQUIRER that was enough for me. I wish he would stop telling lies tho an making the WITCH HUNTERS even more angry then they truly are. When I go look at some other sites for TRAVIS it is so horrible the things they say. Especially when a lot are suppose to be MORMON”S ( his own family especially) I would think the true Mormon’s of that church would also be just as disgusted with Travis lying an sneaking around an wearing his RELIGIOUS GARMENT during some really out there kind of SEX for a true bible thumper. I know everyone says he did not deserve that punishment but the Mormon book if they read the old stuff an if there are some that really BELIEVE in that stuff would believe it. I simply can’t believe that they only READ an WORRY with what there PROPHET of the day says? just makes no sense to me.

        I have said it before I am sorry but my brother has some tendencies to be not so great with woman an he an I do not agree on things an have not spoken for 6 years now but the majority of the problem is I do not condone a man brother father cousin any MAN that I know for a FACT uses women for their own deeds an then talks about those women as if they were their personal whore but they are so GREAT. I just do not see why even FAMILY can’t see he was FAKE an YES he did not need to DIE in that manner but you can only push PEOPLE for so long an USE them an ABUSE them until one day you PUSH THE WRONG one too far in LIFE an they FIGHT BACK.

        There are more women out there they are too ashamed to SAY what Travis was really all about tho. His own friends STATED DATING was a GAME to TRAVIS he loved the GAME OF DATING. He was a FLIRT with all women all ages married or not. This is not the NORM for a truly religious Mormon follower in my eyes maybe it is normal in that CHURCH? I find it disturbing an disrespectful to all women an the church itself.

        • I remember the Stepford Wives… and, their subservience, was a need, for Lorena Bobbit, to, join up… Edgar…

  8. I have to say this. From the phone conversations, it’s soooo clear that Jodi was in love with Travis and would do anything to please him. ANYTHING. Play into his sick fantasies and even hide his perversions for him.
    It is also clear to me that Jodi would have been happy being his wife and following his religion guidelines. The most clear of all is it was obvious Travis did not return her love…..but used her for his sexual fantasies. What does that say….no no…what does that SCREAM about Travis. That he would use someone who loves him rather than be upfront with them and say I’m not interested in you that way. No he decided to use her to play out his twisted sick fantasies. Why isn’t HLN or NG saying that side of it?
    I have begun to watch the entire trial online verses TV so I can avoid those loud mouth know it all’s on TV coverage everytime a sidebar happens. . .

    As for the photograph of her supposidly “dragging” Travis’ body…..I don’t even get that. All I see is a guy with his head up from the floor…..for all I know he is still trying to get up. You can’t see anyone’s hands on him dragging him.

    • His arm is in an upright position as if he TA himself is holding it up, as if he is grabbing at something. I don’t see it as JA dragging him at that point either.

      • No… remember that, Jodi was taking pictures, or, in the sock, picture, but, not, both; proving, that this, kill, was a community, affair… execution… and, the redfaced picture, shows, he was stoned… Maybe, drugs, explains the memory, loss… Edgar…

  9. SJ , I am so glad to hear that Bryan Carr is not a friend of Jodi’s. He had stated in a recent interview that Jodi feels she will get about five years probation and that’s it. In my mind , that would mean she is laughing at the court system and the jury and does not believe that TA’s murder is serious at all. Just what the hell is this Bryan Carr trying to do? Make things even worse for her than they already are? I believe she knows how very serious all of this trial stuff is and that it could very well mean her life is over. I think she also knows that no matter what, her life has forever changed.I realize that TA’s family has lost their brother and his friends have lost him too but what they are not seeing is that Jodi has lost what she considered the love of her life even if they were never destined to marry. She loved him then and loves him still. There will always be a hole where Travis should be. I do not know about the rest of the Alexander family however I think that Samantha in particular is seeing this. She no longer seems to be rolling her eyes at Jodi constantly and no longer has that look of extreme anger about her.

    • Amen.
      That Bryan is no friend and exploiting poor Jodi for and like the media.
      The inSession ‘trial coverage reporter’ –forgot her lousy name– gave HER verdict on the AC360 cnn special that “Jodi should never walk the streets again.” I can’t believe Anderson Cooper would put his name on this garbage journalism.

      Watch them next tear jerking themselves on ‘poor Pistorius’, — ‘it was soooooo sad, when he cried about her’– who was rich enough to have his lawyer meet the police, and is out on bail.

    • And, as to dragging the body to the shower, that, is best explained as an act of reverence, to see to it that, Travis’s eternal soul, meets the perameters, necessary, to martyrdom…. Read, “The God Makers,” about, blood oath, blood atonement, blood draining, and, see, that, the quasireligious, drag to the shower, to wash the blood, down the drain, is, all, part of the imaginary, pseudo religious, ritual, and, not, an act of, any other, behavior; again, needing, a laundering of the quasireligious ritual, doctrine law… and, covenant; agreement, suicide, ritual, to clense ones,’ eternal soul….. Was this a murder, as scammed by a coverup, to, sacrilegeing, a religious rite, right….??? You, decide; and, do note, that it is an alternative, explanation, as in, reasonable doubt, to, say the least….. …Edgrrr…

  10. a few notes…

    > it is odd to me that Flores, a Detective/cop is sitting at the DA’s table. i have NEVER seen THAT BEFORE! prob. shining Lil Marti’s shoes, filling his water, picking up any lint he drops…

    > mz. DisGrace, wearing her handcuffs necklace has some jodi special on, she just said with a str8 face – as str8 as that troll of a mug gets – she said that jodi on stand “is acting like she’s at a bridal shower” …

    i mean WHO says things like that and expects to b taken seriously… xcept for travis-ville, pedo-lovers.

    • 10-4 Frank on Flores being the shoe shine boy! I would think he should not even be there at all until he is called to testify? Must be okay somehow, or Nurmi would be on it. That idiot Bryan Carr is just mad that she called him out that “he did not go there!” I have never seen more losers interviewed on TV in my life! OH, and let me add Dr. Casey Jordan to the list of moronic commentators. On her FB page she wrote that Jodi should be “slapped” by the judge! OMG,now they’re promoting violence! How low will these people go? I so hope that some will have negative professional consequences as punishment for their recklessness!

      Please sign the petition!:)

    • Flores: Can I hang out with you again today, Juan?

      Martinez: Don’t you have a job to do?

      Flores: But what if you need me to clear some things up?

      Martinez: You’ve already been on the stand. I have my notes; I’ve got this, thanks.

      Flores: But JUAN! I really, really, really want to hang out with you! You’re so brilliant! You inspire me.

      Martinez: Fine then, make yourself useful and get me some water.

      • Lmao…. .that so funny!!! hey guys, iv been just reading, not posting much. Can’t wait for tomorrow, hopefully Nurmi brings in the experts.

      • More ugly truth, detective’s son wrote his own book. The book talks about how brilliant his dad is. How the trial wore the detective down at times. You get the drift. I didn’t read past the intro.
        $ICK THEY all want to make money on this travesty !
        Oh !! So excited, I received my limited print by Jodi today !!! GO ME !! LOL I got the sail boat pastel picture. Online pictures do NOT DO THE PRINT JUSTICE !!! It is so beautiful, and so colorful. JODI is so talented. I tried to read into it for done symbolism.
        I noticed that Jodi made a beautiful ,colorful ocean and skyline. Oh ! The colors pop in person! The sun casting a glimmer like glow on the waves. The pink skyline , the whimsical clouds. Beautiful, then in the middle a Little black sail boat drifting off into the abyss.
        I think Jodi sees the world as a beautiful place, colorful,beautiful. The frail black sailboat, maybe the way she feels about herself, dark and isolated.
        We are here Jodi !!!! I LOVE YOUR ART WORK ,ITS A HONOR TO DIPLAY IT ON MY WALL. I matted it in black ,as to bring out the colors,and it makes ,that black , isolated sailboat POP OUT ON YOU : )
        I have 61/100! Thank you, to Jodi’s family for getting it to me safely. : )
        That means there are more prints left !!!!! Support JODI and buy one ! , you will also be getting an awesome piece of ART!
        Madeline C.T. ((((( FREE JODI ))))) —–Or I’m going to join and make my own polar bear club, in C.T.
        LOL! You never know PEEPS ! We have to get the word out somehow,earn money to help with her appeals. First ,I want to see ALL her limited prints SOLD OUT !

  11. I hope it’s ok if I re-post this comment over here. It addresses the documentary and the short timeframe between the photos, but now that the documentary is reposted here, no one really needs to visit the other page where I originally posted this:

    I actually thought this was a decent documentary (as these things go). I was already leaning towards thinking her self defense story was more likely than not substantially true. But watching this, it occurred to me how the killing may have actually played out.

    There’s been disagreement as to whether she shot or stabbed him first, but I’m wondering if the key is actually when she dragged him. Assuming everything up to the shooting played out more or less the way Jodi Arias testified….at that point, he starts bleeding and appears incapacitated, maybe not even conscious.

    She drags him down to the hall to the bathroom in a frantic, bungling attempt to help him, or at least assess the damage. While dragging him down the hall, she leaves the palm print on the wall and steps on the camera. He probably picked it up off the bathroom floor after she dropped it and while dragging him, she steps on it and snaps the photo of herself dragging him. That would explain the very short time frame between the last picture of him alive, the one snapped when she dropped the camera, and the one of him being dragged.

    She gets him into the bathroom, maybe even into the shower where the water is still running. He regains consciousness and attacks her — now they’re both defending themselves. She grabs the knife, left in the bathroom earlier, and, basically, completely loses it, leaving the stab wounds and slashed throat.

    I also thought this documentary did a pretty decent job with the Mormon angle. I’ve been put off by the anti-Mormonism that crops up on both sides, but seems more prominent on the pro-defense side. I’m not Mormon myself, but I’ve spent a lot of years in Mormon country and I have plenty of LDS friends. Some of the ideas around here about Mormons are just silly.

    For example, it means absolutely nothing that Travis Alexander was an “elder.” All it means is he’d “taken out his endowments” in the temple. Traditionally men do this before they go on a mission and women do it before their wedding, but with more young LDS women going on missions, that’s becoming the more common reason for both. So when you say “Travis was a elder,” about all you’re saying is he was a Mormon guy over the age of 19. It doesn’t indicate he had any special position in the church.

    It is true that one of the “penalties” in the temple ceremony used to be a symbolic throat-cutting. Another was disemboweling, but those were both removed from the ceremony in the early ’90s and it’s doubtful very many young Mormons today would associate that with the temple, even if they’ve been through the endowment ceremony.

    I’m just put off by the anti-Mormon conspiracy theories. There are some odd questions on both sides of the case, but turning it into some conspiracy by the Mormons is ignorant. I think this documentary nailed the more relevant factor of Travis Alexander’s Mormonism — as a young man pushing 30, he was under pressure to find a wife. That’s well past the age he would be expected to be married already and a recent convert with whom he’d been “committing sexual sin” would be frowned upon as a candidate.

    None of this, including the documentary, is what brought me around to the pro-defense side, though. I started out thinking she sounded guilty as hell. All her earlier lying probably hurts her case more than any other evidence against her. What did it for me was when cross-examination started. I think even Juan Martinez knows her story is plausible. Otherwise, he’d let her ramble.

    If she’s lying on the stand, his best course of action would be to let her babble away and then point out the inconsistencies as they’re coming out of her mouth. The trouble for him is that both her story and demeanor on the witness stand have a believability that she didn’t have on 48 Hours, when her story made no sense and she looked insane. That’s the woman he thought he was going to be cross-examining and his hyper-aggressive tactics probably would have worked on that woman.

    Now about all he’s got is the gun (which is likely a coincidence, since drawing attention to the gun with a staged burglary 10 days in advance wouldn’t have furthered her murderous plans) and Travis Alexander’s lack of violent history. But his lack of history only helps in the court of public opinion. It doesn’t say much as to whether Jodi Arias feared for her life in the moment she killed him, which is all that matters for self-defense.

    • I do think that Travis was under pressure to find a wife, but the “good girls” sensed that there was something off about him and that’s why he was having such a hard time. He was actually less than two months shy of 31 when he died and seemed to be getting nowhere on the potential wife front. Deanna, Lisa, Mimi….there was another female friend of his who wrote a blog saying “You came on a bit strong, I’m sorry for denying your kisses….” when she was reminiscing about him.

      All of these woman paint him as perfect now, but they weren’t seeing it while he was alive.

      • I don’t see how we could possibly know any of that. But, then, I’m one who doesn’t think Travis Alexander was a monster, even though I largely think Jodi Arias is telling the truth on the stand. Those aren’t mutually exclusive. He came on strong to young women more sheltered than Arias. Even having a temper with one partner and not with others isn’t particularly unusual.

        And I don’t think he was a pedophile. No one claims he ever laid a finger on an actual child nor suggested he ever would. Arias testified only to one incident with pictures, but fantasies aren’t actions. People have sexual fantasies that they not only wouldn’t do in real life, but would find repugnant in real life. And based on her testimony, he had a lot of guilt and shame around sexuality in general.

        I don’t have trouble believing both Jodi Arias and the friends and family of Travis Alexander. Like the proverbial blind man and the elephant, they just saw different parts of him. In fact, one of the most moving moments of the trial so far came near the end of direct examination, when she was describing the memorial and how he really was a good guy. His sister looked up, crying, and it seemed to cross her face for just a moment that maybe Jodi Arias really did see her brother as the same good person she saw. Maybe that was my imagination, but she had a look that stuck in my mind.

        • I am not that hard on the family because they saw one side of him. They simply didn’t know other sides to him.

        • I didn’t say that he was a monster. But it is a fact that he wasn’t connecting with any of the women whom he wanted to date.

          I think his friends are camera whores and I don’t care for them. I feel sorry for his family though.

            • Good to hear the camera whores, comment, considering the PPL, group picture, with each person, having the same grin; as if, ” look, Sheeple; we, just got away with, murder….???… …Edgrrr…

        • They also claim he was a virgin before he met Jodi. I believe he may have had those desires based on his obvious sexuality problems his behavior toward her is that of a pedophile.
          I do not think she made that up. Also there was a strange comment posted on his My Space in reference to picking up little boys very strange that was over 6 years ago. But Red Flags for Pedophile behavior are consistent with his behavior.

    • I agree with you Jessie about the constant Mormon theories. I grew up in the Mormon religion, and I posted the same descriptions on this site that you just posted here.

      Sadly, when I posted it a few weeks back, I was bashed, trashed, and pretty much called out by many posters on this site, and have now been labeled as a “shit stirrer” courtesy of KMiller, for posting my information.

      Be aware, commenting on facts that some people don’t want to hear or read about automatically puts you in the Pro-Travis category from many other members.

        • Agreed. People are only called out here when they are nasty out of the gate or keep instigating over and over again. Making a dissenting point RESPECTFULLY once or twice and moving on isn’t going to result in someone being labeled Pro-Travis.

          I don’t know anything about Mormonism so I don’t participate in any of the theories about it. I think every religion has its small sect of weirdos, but by and large, most people just do the best they can to follow their faith.

      • Oh, well….can’t fix stupid, I guess…. It shows up on the pro-prosecution side too, just in somewhat more flattering terms, but they obviously wouldn’t know a Mormon if one bit them. (Not that I’m suggesting Mormons bite as a general practice! 😉

        I always think to myself….I lived among these people for years and they’re just not THAT interesting 🙂 Not like Dan-Brown-novel interesting, anyway.

      • I think WhaDoo, that you have posted and contributed enough now that we are all aware of old previous issues. However, I feel that by now you know you are an accepted voice in this community, and even I have said things that I was perhaps given a “hard time over”.
        Let the newbies find out for themselves how mean we are.
        Ha ha.
        Said in jest only.

  12. About martinez claim that Jodi could not have gotten up quickly, after the wind was knocked out of her is absurd. I’ve had the wind knocked out of me in a violent situation and I got up very quicky with a headache. I wonder if she has been checked for post concussion syndrome. I know people can have a concussion without being knocked totally out. Could explain some of what happened after…

    • I had the wind knocked out of me too, and got up right away. Hard to breathe, but didn’t stop my movements at all.

      • Me too. The only time I was not moving in a fight with my ex was if I was knocked out by a head punch or thrown into a wall. I did go blank an see black an the stars under my eyelids as they say. But I never had a stop watch to know exactly how long I was out for could have been a few seconds minutes it could have been a hour but I know not the whole night long or day. Had the wind knocked out of me plenty of times an still could manage to get away eventually. I too was about 130 an 5’4 an he was 190 an 6’1. But he was a golden gloves boxer when he was young he had some hard punches. But I always got in a few good licks myself.

    • ive BEEN posting on the concussion angle! glad u mention too. it is SO easy for that to happen to her and explains a LOT.

    • My boys have had the wind knocked out of them ( twins) during football games. It takes them ” out of the game .” At least for 15/20 min. And yes ,they have had alot of concussions.
      There is a baseline test,to compare any new head injury to. In Jodi ‘s case, there is no prior Cat scan to compare,to see if she suffered a concussion.
      I strongly believe she has a brain injury , from being slammed on the ground. I think that’s why she can’t remember ALL the events that happened that night. Plus ,I know when really stressful stuff is going on , I have the ability to “zone it out” // divorced from the terror. (Self preservation)
      Just to add, TRAVIS was NOT temple worthy at the time of his passing. Just find that interesting.
      He was no longer part of the “cool kids club.” Who knows how he was feeling about that. Maybe , happy ??? Who knows …..
      Support JODI !!!
      Madeline CT

  13. It’s too bad Jodi didn’t get some psychological help after the murder. I mean, unless you have no problem taking someone else’s life, killing another human being, especially the object of one’s love, with a gun and knife is bound to be extremely traumatic and have a terrible effect on the mind, even if someone mentally blocks it out or seems to go about their business without any problem afterwards. I’m not faulting Jodi for not seeking help as the mind works in ways we don’t always understand even today in our advanced society, and there is still so much we need to discover about traumatic stress and individual reactions. I also wonder if Jodi underwent professional hypnosis at all in the time since the murder and the start of the trial. I don’t know how safe reliving the trauma of an actual life or death situation for one’s self and the murder of a person one was in love with would be for the mind, but I would think that professional hypnosis might shed some significant light on some of the missing elements that could support her case. I hope, too, that she gets some supportive professional counseling to help her get through the ordeal of this trial, including dealing with Juan Martinez’ tactics, a highly publicized live trial, and what the media has been doing, and continues to do, to her. You can see the toll it’s taking on her, even though she has had the courage to get up on the stand and tell her side of the story as well as deal with a real bully of a prosecutor and his rapid-fire and confusing line of questioning.

  14. Unless you personally know who is Tweeting on Jodi’s behalf, I’d be very reluctant to believe anything purporting to come from Jodi.

    • I do believe it is her friend Donavan. Donavan seems to actually have Jodi’s best interests in mind.

      I dont know if the Twitter account is a good Idea with the media frenzi about all of this anyway.

      Can you imagine, NG will make an entire show out of “Jodi Arias seduces the meanest sherrif in Arizona and gets a Twitter Account” I dont think it will do her any favors right now anyway.

  15. I’m not in the least bit surprised to hear this about Bryan Carr. I thought he was a sensationalist the very first time I heard him. Too bad that folks everywhere will probably not know how Jodi really feels about him. It’s pathetic that the he feels the need to get attention this way.

    • He seems like a lonely, likely socially backwards kinda guy, who Jodi probably felt a little sorry for. That is my guess. Wonder why Jodi never cyber-dated, or maybe she did. I think it’s much easier to screen guys that way than at a convention or church!

      • I agree but he raises a red flag for me.
        Yea hes at trial every day too. I mean doesn’t he have any other life then the trial and giving interviews about Jodi LOL? My red flag goes up that he may be a bit obsessed with Jodi. I know her message above was real. Or hes become addicted to the media cirus…

        • Who is this guy you’re referring to? I heard one interview on HLN (i think) with a guy claiming to be a friend of Jodi and he seemed to lack communication skills…. answered “overkill…. overkilll…. overkill” to several questions?

          • Hes the one SJ wrote about… hes going around saying Jodi is saying she will only get manslaughter and supposedly repeating other confidences while giving interviews everywhere. he says he visits her and he attends trial every day and that he supports her and that they are very good friends. Jodi issued a statement through this website that what is saying isn’t true and she didn’t NOT say the things he is saying and they are not friends. OH I guess he comments to his own theory of what happened too.

          • Dog I heard that one too his name was SJ or JS an people on FB were saying oh that is the guy that runs that Jodi Arias is Innocent site. But I don’t think it was they just said that because the initials were similar I think ?

            That other guy Byran has been on all of them too many times with the blonde hair…. An he also called NG one night an said a bunch of stuff an said he got it straight from Jodi an by the end of the show the same night he called back an said oh I said that wrong I got that from a friend of Jodi’s from Jodi to me. I am pretty sure he seen on here that night all saying that was horrible he was saying that stuff an he retracted how he said it then. An NG was just like uh mm uh mm uh mm an rolling her eyes.

            I wish more real friends would get up an defend Jodi tho ones that knew her before this all happened. I guess all the negativity from the MEDIA HOUNDS would be too much for most tho it seems?

          • Lol- I remember hearing that. I thought, Gawd!, one person “speaks out” on Jodi’s behalf, and this guy sounds like a wreck.

          • I agree. Thanks. I thought i was being hypersensitive but no way… A guy globs on to a woman in prison, goes to trial everyday ( who really knows if he has visited her in jail anyway) – Did HLN vet him? I bet not. Starts giving odd interviews causing big trouble at the same time! If he hasn’t met her, he may a stalker.

  16. Well, exactly, JC. And then he goes on national television to talk about how Jodi thinks the trial will pan out. A true friend of hers would never have revealed such a thing, even if she had said it.

  17. I would like to know (preferable from one of TA’s Mormon friends): if Jodi was such a stalker and such a bad person, why did nobody testify to this? The closest was the first gf who said TA told her she was. But she’s a dumbass, b/c she also believed he was a virgin.

    I wish SJ could do a t.v. show so only people who support Jodi could go on there; and throw in a bunch of experts to talk about those prone to violence. Honestly! Look at Jodi’s background and family – even though some issues, pretty typical (no family’s perfect). Then look at TA’s. His family looks like the mafia sitting back there. He was violent and a sex predator (he preyed on the neediness of Jodi). He watched fights every week, shot assault weapons for fun, punched his punching bag, was a wrestler, sexted married women and , disrespected and lied to nice, single women. Just sayin’; live by the sword die by the sword. And the media is sticking up for HIM? This world is truly backwards.

    • One of his sisters looks very unhealthy, very thin and gaunt. The other one, who looks most like him, seems to roll her eyes a lot. The brother is obviously troubled by it all, but seems more composed.

        • And stalk I did. I think this trial is very taxing on them as a family, and I do not wish this on anyone.
          This woman is posting to the sisters page all in support of the church going and “Glory be praise the lord” anbd then calls out Jodi as a Skank. I guess its her perogative though, as she is supporting Travis’ sister.

          • On his blog, he describes bad family violence: his mom shooting at father and father taking an axe to her things.

            • But he is a known liar, so why should we believe anything he wrote in his blog? He probably made it up to show how “successful” he was in life to have raised himself from trailer trash meth addict parents to the mustard-suited motivational speaker selling pyramid schemes to his LDS buddies, while posing as a devout Mormon but secretly buggering women behind the backs (no pun intended) of his church mates.

          • Well that’s typical of hypocrites. Given that most of the comments are made by those talking Godliness out the one corner of their mouth and venom out the other side, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I have seen more vitriol vomited out on the Internet in this trial than I have ever seen before in my entire lifetime,

            • I so totally agree with you, Jenny, about never having seen more vitriol vomited out on the internet AND HLN than I have ever seen in my lifetime either!!!! It is HORRIBLE!!! I am SO happy I found this site to watch the trial so I don’t have to listen to all the haters of Jodi during their breaks!!! I wonder if they know that God says if you hate someone, it’s the same as murder?!!! “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him”. 1 John 3:15

          • She is living large!! Trips ,pics in vacation locations all over fb page.$$—- sick , getting rich off her brothers death. Like the HUGHES !

        • Me too, SJ. The brother seems sad and so does the thin sister. The other sister is a whole separate issue though. She does seem to have stopped with the eye rolling lately – and when she cried during JA testimony on direct, I admit that was tough to see.

      • No offense to Tanisha and the brother (forget his name), but the first time I saw them at the trial I thought they were extras from a vampire movie, like they had just wandered into the court to get out of the sun.

        in reply to other comments, I don’t think they look sad. I think they look seethingly angry. Remember, unlike (hopefully) the jurrors, bro and sis have digested all the Media lies and filth about this case. You can’t blame them for wanting Jodi to be sentenced to death by paper cuts. There’s no way they’re going to be able to see the truth about their brother, because Travis obviously hid is “dark” side very well from his family and most of his friends.

        • No disrespect either, but my first thought was they remind me of the Addams family. I also can’t stop myself from wondering if Stephen has on magic Mormon under garments under his outer clothing.

          • Damn, I just wrote a comment on Day 27 and spelled it Aadams. I guess it’s two d’s.

            This is going to sound silly, but every time the camera pans to that family, I do the opening of The Addams Family – da da da da – snap snap – da da da da – snap snap, etc., until the camera goes off them. It’s really entertaining and is almost like watching the damn show.

        • The sister ,that is a police officer is not in most of the family “get together s”… a rift between them might be going on….probably about $$$$$/ my guess.Or she doesn’t want to be a bible thumper, like Tashina.The church probably paid them all off too.
          In there first interview after TA’s death, the brother and Tashina said on t.v. they believed
          Then they drank from the Jaun pool……

    • Hi cindyp No I do not know Travis or Jodi or anything like that but I do know that since no one actually witnessed anything as to her supposedly slashing his tires or anything else they have said she has done, it would all be hearsay because Travis told them these things. None of it is a first hand account. Personally, I think it may have been John Hepworth that wrote the email to Lisa Andrews. The reason I say this is because he was the one that told Lisa that Travis was still seeing Jodi in the first place. Lisa and Travis broke up over it, but Travis convinced her to date him again. It was also John Hepworth that Jodi brought the food over for the night she walked in on Travis and Lisa in the kitchen and turned around and left. John Hepworth also suddenly moved out one night in December of 2007 without notice or warning…..

      • Oh I think your right about hepworth. I had totally forgotten about him. Yep him writing that email, makes the most sense out of all the players.

        • Yeah huh CJ.. I mean, after all, it was Lisa Andrews that mentioned his name on the stand first, stating he had told her about Jodi . Then when Jodi gets on the stand she regales a tale of how she brought left over chicken to John after calling him and letting him know she had it and he said sure bring it… not letting her know that Travis was there with Lisa at the time. So Jodi walks in on her and Travis and leaves again right away. Travis chases after Jodi which likely caused him and Lisa to split up again. Then Travis talks Lisa into dating him yet again, and suddenly he gets his tires slashed twice while at her house and she has hers slashed as well and she gets an email about “that insidious man” then John moves out of Travis’s. Those last three things all happened in December 2007 not quite sure when it was now.

      • Seems to me that Travis was the stalker, addicted to his slutting abuse of Jodi, and called HER one, in order to justify seeing her.

    • Hi…on the 911 call…Michelle is telling the operator that Travis had been depressed lately because he broke up with this girl…Is she referring to his breaking up with Jodi or another girl???

      • I thought that she was probably referencing Lisa. I think Lisa and Travis broke up around March of ’08 and I don’t think he had another “official” girlfriend after that.

  18. From Joey Jackson Fan Page on FB:


    Aly Grey
    I was rereading the juror questions to Flores… This make me a little concerned about what they are thinking… In opening statements, the defense ADMITTED jody killed Travis. The juror questions to Flores were:
    “When interviewing Mr. Alexander’s roommates, did they ever show concern for his extended absence?”
    “Did you ever check into their alibis?”
    “Did Mr. Alexander have another boarder living in the house (and) were fingerprints of the boarder taken to see if they matched the scene?
    Can the judge screen out the questions that are irrelevant? I mean these questions to Flores seem to smack of ” I didn’t listen to anything said in opening statements or investigation”

    • Lol Maggie- I was so happy when the jury asked these questions. It looks like we here are not the only ones who are having a hard time accepting the “official story”

      • Does anyone know where I can get a list to read of all the questions that the jury has asked so far?
        I saw the ones above, but were there others?

    • Maggie, YES, the judge can and HAS screened out some of the questions from the jury. These questions from the jury are SO important. Even if the judge doent ask a question coming from the jury, that to me would tell me something if I was a juror. But, yes she can.

  19. I listened to the 911 call a few minutes ago that was made on Monday, June 9, 2008 when TA body was found by roommate and friends…and I was wondering…Michelle is the one speaking to the 911 operator and she calls out to Zach when was the last time that he saw Travis…she tell the operator that Zach says Thursday or Friday…then she says Thursday…(And at that precise time of the 911 call know one should have known the exact day and time of Travis Alexander’s death…it was found out later to be on Wednesday, June 4th…)

    I still think that it is a great possibility that Zach or even the other roommate was in Travis Alexander’s bedroom before Monday, June 9 of the 911 call….

    • Wednesday June 4, 2008 Death of Travis Alexander
      Thursday June 5, 2008
      Friday June 6, 2008
      Saturday June 7, 2008
      Sunday June 8, 2008
      Monday June 9, 2008 Mimi and her friends go TA house and they find him dead 911 call made
      Tuesday June 10, 2008 Mimi going to on a business trip to Cancun with TA…she wants it to “just” be a business trip….

      For Travis Alexander to be so popular with so many friends and he and Mimi planning on the upcoming trip to Cancun on Tuesday….where were all of his friends on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?????Why hadn’t someone contacted him sooner…my friends would have been looking for me the next day!!!!

      • Mine too. Imagine if Travis didn’t have a trip scheduled with Mimi…how long would he have lain there before someone checked on him? To just vanish for nearly a week and no one wonders what’s wrong? Makes me wonder if the people who are claiming to be such “close friends” now actually were more on the acquaintance level.

      • And Zach told Detective Flores that he sent a text message to TA on both Saturday and Sunday and did not get an answer…Was Zach trying to cover his tracks too by sending the text messages???

        And why did Zach tell Detective Flores that TA normally drives out of town but since he was going to Cancun he didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that TA car was still in the garage???(Remember….Travis was not leaving for Cancun until Tuesday, June 10th… which would have been the day after his body was found deceased) which would not have explained why Zach made that statement prematurely…

        • good thought…

          As far as his friends not checking on him, that is strange, but maybe they were all used to him going days without talking to them.

          I really don’t understand why the people who he missed the conference calls with didn’t try to check on him.

          The smell is still very strange to be ignored. I wonder if Zach has a sinus problem or something. Some people can’t smell very well at all..even if I think THAT should have been noticed.

          • Someone said that the other roommate Enrique’s bedroom was the one next to TA…behind the sink in TA bathroom is the same wall that was Enrique’s bedroom on the other side…Can someone confirm is this is true or not???

            • He was in the house with his girlfriend at the time the police entered the house, saying that the odor of decomposition hit them the minute they opened the door. So if ZB has a sinus problem and couldn’t detect the stink, why then did his girlfriend also not notice it?

          • Truth
            They shared the wall that had Travis’ dresser against it. Walking into Travis’ room going straight ahead- Enrique’s room is on the other side of that left hand wall. I did a rough sketch of the floor plan to see where all of the rooms were. I used the crime scene photos and google earth to see the layout of the house.

          • No smell bc , they had just brought TA’s body back to his home, and created the scene.(The second murder of TA)
            Read link from me.pajama girl……. shows his body was stored at ME office ,and pics of his body are different. From the house and afterwards.
            I think TA was gone ,and returned dead back to his bathroom. His neck broken ,and blood splatter left by the killers.
            They had 5 days to plan and put this on Jodi. I believe her 2nd portrayed events. 2 people came to take him out of there. JODI was knocked out. On her hands and knees in his blood. She left a Palm print ,trying to help him get OUT.
            Support JODI !!! Please don’t just talk about it, I AM DISABLED AND IF I CAN AFFORD TO BUY A PRINT OF JA. YOU GUYS CAN HELP TOO!! She is going to need forensic experts,and enough resources as possible for her FIGHT FOR HER LIFE !!!
            Please ,buy a wristband or something………
            ((((((( JODI)))))))))

        • Also, some people just suck at date and time.
          I am one of those “guilty parties”. This causes never ending marital spats. I am not time sensitive except to get to work on time. If I have an appointment I make it, but a week later if you asked what day it happened….
          I am going to peruse, look at the sky, and probably tell you the wrong date until I look up the date on a prescription bottle, or an email time stamp, or whatever. Asking one of us people off the cuff what day something happened is a waste of time.
          I can see where we do NOT help in criminal cases at all.
          It is a sad fact, but it is so true.

      • Especially on Thursday, Friday n Saturday. You would think “popular” guy like TA, missing on those three days. Also, the camera case was thrown in front of that black bag in front of TA room. No one bothered to question that, or everything else you guys mention. The roommate said he had to jump start his car at one point. To get to the garage, he’d have to go through the laundry room. Did he nit see the blood stain on the washing machine? ?? Theres just SOOOOO much about these roommates n Flores and everyone else in the Mesa Investigation Department seem to not want to look at these fact that WE have observed n we’re not investigators but its pretty clear to us. Are they blind or have they found other information that we dont know about. Idk but its never made sense to me either.

  20. Here’s my theory based on JA 2nd story to Flores and the photo/time stamp issue. I think JA’s subconsious weaved in some of what JA is unable to remember clearly now. I think that is why in JA’s 2nd story it’s a woman who shot TA and why it’s a man who puts a gun to JA’s head. My theory also increases the full event to almost a full 3 minutes – which makes more sense.
    So my theory is that the last shower photo of TA sitting (below waist) is the accidental photo taken when JA dropped the camera. The ceiling shot was taken by TA when he picked up the camera to check the damage after he body checked JA. That’s how she was able to escape down the hall – he was distracted checking out the camera. He then starts chasing her down the hall (camera in hand, which he drops when he realizes she is getting his gun) TA continues to chase JA through the closet. She shots him and both dropped to the floor – gun flies out of her hand. JA rolls and goes back down the hall. TA, slowed by the shot, pulls up to the sink sees the damaged gets even more enraged and grabs the gun off the bathroom floor, starts shouting and running down the hall. JA reacts by grabbing the knife – TA catches JA in the bedroom and puts the gun to her head (as she gave Flores part of this senerio in her 2nd story of the event ), TA either pulls the trigger or because of the shot to his head JA can protect herself with the knife. TA drops at the end of the hall and JA drags or half helps him back to the bathroom…throat unslit. Photo of TA (with foot) in taken during this time. Maybe he makes a play for the knife and that is when the finall throat cut is inflicted. Final photo is taken around this time as JA tries to move TA to the shower.

  21. I hope Jodi’s attorney not only brings in expert testimony in the days ahead but raises some serious issues for the jurors to think about in case they’re tending to believe JM’s version of how Jodi planned the murder before she even got to Travis’ house. After all, why make things so hard and uncertain for one’s self. If Jodi had planned to kill Travis from the get to, she’s not dumb; it seems to me that she’d have picked an easier way to do it. It would have taken a lot less effort, for example, to kill him when he was most vulnerable naturally-while he was sleeping. Maybe even have him drink too much wine or take something to help relax, for example. Why wait until he’s awake the next day? Also, why bring a knife for a knife fight, or use both a gun and a knife when you could have just purchased or got a hold of a better gun that could do the job so much more effectively, with less uncertainty, in less time, and without the need to resort to other weapons? Additionally, if she’d planned the murder before she got to the house, why on earth would she want to take pictures? She would want to tell Travis they could take pictures, for example, at another time or she wasn’t feeling well enough that day to shoot photos, or offer some kind of practical excuse so there would be no evidence left behind that she was at the house.

    There’s also the idea of premeditation as taking place just a short time before the murder, since premeditation legally, I believe, can involve planning to kill even a very short time before it happens. But even this has problems too lengthly to get into here. Any way you look at it, thoughts that this was a premeditatated killing seem to raise significant doubts the more you think about it.

  22. Maybe someone has already mentioned this, but what if the camera were on an auto shoot moder? Then the button wouldn’t have needed to be pushed to take those extra pictures, it would do it on it’s own.

    link to camera manual. It looks like something called steadyshot,

    snip from manual
    Shooting in the following situations:
    – [AF Mode] is set to [Single].
    – [SteadyShot] is set to [Shooting].
    – Shooting once every 30 seconds.
    – The zoom is switched alternately between the W and T ends.
    – The flash strobes once every two times

    • At some time during JA testimony….I remember it was asked who took the photo of her and TA together and she said that it was on auto whatever…in other words…the camera was set to take the photo in question that day…it’s possible on your theory…

    • ‘Steadyshot’ refers to an anti-blur function. I think those settings you mentioned are used to approximate battery life and # of images that can be stored on the camera. I’ve never heard of a camera with a timer function that can take more than just one photo, you have to set the timer each time you want to use it. There is a time-lapse option on some cameras where it will take an image (incorporated in to a video) every 30 seconds or so, but if that were used there would have been a whole bunch of photos, not just a couple.

      • There are several cameras( casio,fuji, and sony amongst others) that will allow you to take several shots roughly 15-25 sec apart. on my camera you can set the amount of “shots” you want to take. I am not familiar with TA’s camera, but if my $300 model has it i would assume a higher priced unit would have a feature like this.

  23. random thoughts…

    > people tend to lie, tell stories when in trouble. jodi took it further being on TV.
    > i really don’t believe she killed him about cancun. she seemed to love him. best for her for him to b alive to win him back, etc. she had to realize that is risky. i could b wrong.

    > and/or she coulda been jealous and the argument got way out of hand. it DOES happen.
    > IF premed., she WOULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB covering up. no way premed! she only had to do a couple things differently. ESP. TAKE DESTROY THE CAMERA.

  24. These are my opinions.


    The killing of Travis was truly a crazed, enraged, vicious attack – not a “regular” killing. It could only have been committed by someone who was at a near psychotic level and had almost zero self-control at the moment.

    This is the kind of rage that overtakes you. It’s not the kind you turn on and off at will, as in mild anger over your neighbor’s dogs keeping you up at night. This rage stays with you until there is a resolution.

    If Jodi WAS able to hold in that level of rage from AT LEAST when she left Yreka until the first shot was fired, how is it that she had the presence of mind to rent the car, ask for one that wasn’t red, visit people, borrow gas cans, buy a gas can, make it all the way to Mesa without an accident, etc.?

    If she had had that level of rage when she left Yreka on her so-called premeditated murder trip, she would have likely not been “present” enough to see to all those above details, and she MOST likely would have driven straight to Travis’ house, got out of the car, walked into the house and shot him in the face, if that were feasible.

    She sure as hell wouldn’t have watched videos with him, slept with him, had sex with him, took photos of him and so on, and THEN decided, “Okay, I can’t control the rage any longer, so I’m going to kill him now.”

    And as pointed out by many here, if her goal in going to Mesa was to kill him, why didn’t she do it while he slept? (Or as I said above, the instant she walked into the house?)

    The killing was a rage killing, and for there to be rage, there has to be a trigger. Assuming what I said so far is correct, what trigger could there have been between the last “normal” photo and the first death-scene photo? I can think of only two.

    SCENARIO #1. While in the shower, Travis told her their relationship would have to end and he was taking another girl to Cancun. If Jodi really loved him and was dependent on him (which I believe she was to some extent), words like the following could possibly elicit the necessary rage:

    “I never really loved you or liked you that much. You were okay in bed, but we could never have a future together – surely you knew that. Actually, it’s Mimi Hall I’ve been trying to get into bed for a long time. Face it, Jodi, you try hard, but you’re not very pretty and sex wasn’t that great. Why do you think we did anal so much? So I wouldn’t have to look at you.”

    I’m being gross and exaggerating, I know, but you see what I mean. A spiel like that MIGHT have caused sufficient rage to carry out that kind of killing. Jodi, in shock, with rage building, could have dropped the camera (with no particular outburst from Travis), run to the closet, got the gun, come back and shot him and started the melee.

    Of course, I don’t know Jodi, but from what I do know about her, this scenario doesn’t seem plausible for many reasons.

    SCENARIO #2. Exactly the way Jodi said it happened. It was the abuse straw that broke the victim’s back, and she was convinced, as she ran to the closet, that either he would kill her this time or definitely during one of the future instances of abuse. Mortal fear can easily trigger rage – especially when the person in fear is much smaller and weaker than her opponent. The rage can take over and not stop until there’s a resolution. In this case, the resolution was Travis would never again be able to harm her.

    It’s been said that if she was acting in self-defense, she would have just disabled him enough for her to get away. That’s a bunch of crap. With the rage that clearly existed, a person in Jodi’s position and condition wouldn’t stop until she knew that she knew that she KNEW he was dead and no longer a threat to her. If it took 29 stab wounds, that’s what her rage demanded.

    After intense rage, memory gaps are normal as one goes through whatever motions one is going through on the way back to “sanity.” (I’m not saying she was insane, nor am I saying she should have gone with an insanity defense, although that might have worked.)

    The prosecution’s story of what happened doesn’t make sense. Are we to believe that a few days or weeks before the killing that Jodi, while in Yreka, became intensely enraged and decided to kill Travis in the manner she did, and then let the rage die off and began plotting the murder? And that she was able to keep the rage down until the very second she pulled the gun out of her purse and shot him in the shower and then began stabbing him like a wild woman and finally, after he was dead, slit his throat?

    Martinez would like us to think that after the final wound was given, she dropped the knife, wiped off her hands and said, “Teach you to fuck with me, Travis.”

    Sometimes I think Martinez is a bigger idiot than he thinks we are.

    MOTIVE. This case is all about motive, and Martinez has yet to suggest a plausible one. Jealousy? Maybe, but only if it appeared as in my scenario #1 above. Remember – this was not a “normal” killing. It was an enraged, psycho, out of control killing, the type fueled by fear or anger. This rage is fast and mindless. If she had decided in Yreka that she was going to kill him, I believe she would have done it in a very different way. Why?

    Her initial two stories, for whatever reason, were told to keep the scrutiny off of her. If you’re sitting wherever you are right now and you decide that in a week or two you’re going to go kill somebody and do it cleanly and quickly so you can easily get away with it, are you going to say to yourself, “I got it – I’ll stab him 29 times, shoot him in the face twice and slit his throat. I’ll make sure the bathroom looks like the damn Saint Valentine’s Day massacre took place there with so much blood I’m bound to get my fingerprints in it”?

    No. You would say, “I’ll go to his house at night when neighbors are most likely asleep. I’ll bring NOTHING into the house except my purse, with the gun inside. I’ll wait for him to go to sleep and put five or six bullets in his head. I’ll leave the house while it’s still dark. Then I’ll drive quickly to my friends’ house, telling them I’m a few hours late because I got lost.” (Rather than staying at the victim’s house for about 14 hours and having to explain why you’re 18 hours late, or however long.)

    But even that would have been HIGHLY risky, because she could easily have been spotted by neighbors. I doubt Travis’ home is soundproofed, and I doubt the gun had a silencer, so a gunshot could have been heard. No, the truth is, Jodi didn’t go to Mesa with the goal of killing Travis.

    This killing was a spur-of-the-moment rage killing, not a plotted murder. And the two rage-causing scenarios above are the only ones I can think of. And only one of them is truly plausible – the one Jodi and her attorneys have told the jury. Which I believe is the truth.

    Sorry for the looooong comment, but all this has been swirling around in my head for days.

    • Tenant came back as usual from work at 6pm. Jodi would have known that, especially if she premeditated and planned. She would not have waited until 5:30pm to start murdering.
      It’s absurd.

    • Sarah, i like your comment. This paragraph:

      “It’s been said that if she was acting in self-defense, she would have just disabled him enough for her to get away. That’s a bunch of crap. With the rage that clearly existed, a person in Jodi’s position and condition wouldn’t stop until she knew that she knew that she KNEW he was dead and no longer a threat to her. If it took 29 stab wounds, that’s what her rage demanded.”

      I blv this because “I” put myself in Jodis shoes n the “FEAR” that I can image she was in at that moment in time, I blv WAS necessary! Like you, I think its a bunch of CRAP that some people think she could’ve or shouldve just disabled him n gotten away. Or some are now questioning why she didnt go out the other way ijtobthe hsllway n down the strairs to run out the house instead of running into the closet where the gun was at. Shes already answered that, by the way. She said, he wouldve caught upnto her n shes be dead!! I blv that!! TA wouldve caught her on those stairs. Jodis not psychic! !! How would SHE know or anyone else know what was enought to disable TA. He was a big person. Whos to know, if she stopped, if he wasnt going to come after her, he could’ve at any moment grabbed her hand, taken that knife n killed HER!! I also blv the throat came last n she HAD to do this for HER protection.

      This is what I blv happened IF Jodi indeed HAD to do this. I still have that feeling that there was someone else responsible for this n shes scared, she wont talk. Her best bet was to say she didnt remember anything after the shot.

    • Great post, Sarah. I also veer between self-defense and rage killing – I definitely do not think that it was premeditated from the time that Jodi left Yreka. This isn’t a murder 1/death penalty situation no matter how much the state keeps trying to make it happen.

      If it was a rage killing/crime of passion, I see it going down something like this:

      Jodi is taking pictures of Travis in the shower and suddenly drops the camera. Travis says the “You fucking idiot, a five year old holds the camera better than you do” line and either pushes Jodi backward or smacks her. Jodi, at that point, just cracks due to all of the mind games/abuse and goes to the closet to get the gun while Travis checks the camera. She wants him to know that he’s not going to push her around anymore. She comes back with the gun and says something like “Don’t ever touch me again, Travis. I’ve fucking had it.” He sees the gun and says something like “Oh, you’re going to shoot me, you bitch? You don’t have the balls,” and lunges toward her in an attempt to disarm her.

      At this point, the gun goes off yet Travis is still in motion. Jodi is overcome with fear/rage at this point and picks up the knife (that was already in the bathroom). She keeps stabbing without even being fully aware of what she’s doing because she has just had ENOUGH. Then, it’s over and she realizes the enormity of what she’s done.

      Just a theory, of course!

      • I totally agree with this theory. Jodi only weighed 112 lbs., how in the world could she have physically stabbed Travis 29 times. She would have passed out. I believe Travis was abusive to Jodi physically and mentally. I don’t think her defense team is trying to get her manslaughter. They aren’t trying hard enough to me.

      • Your theory of what exactly happened during the murder sequence is as close to perfect as any I’ve heard. Tied in with the rage theory and what we know of Travis, and there are no holes in it.

        Hopefully the jury has already been convinced that Travis was ANYTHING but a good Mormon boy.

  25. I agree that the end results of TA’s death looks bad but I don’t necessarily agree that this was a rage killing. I think that it was the outcome of a life or death struggle between these two people. There are always two sides to every story. It’s difficult to determine how far someone may go to be the one left standing. That’s how the overkill occurs. Who’s to say that they would know when to stop fighting back when your very life is on the line. This was something that escalated to the point of no return in order to survive.

  26. A couple of mocked up photos:

    First to dispel rumors that Jodi was holding Travis at gunpoint during “headshot” shower pic taken at 5:29:20. Its doubtful given the next “lower body” photo taken over a minute later.

    Second, venting over TA’s bedroom door (probably AC vents) would make it nearly impossible for smell of decomposing body NOT to travel outside the bedroom. The roommates had to walk right past it every time they came up the stairs.

    • WOW that VENT IS HUGE ! no way they did not smell something unless like one person said they both have SINUS problems …….ok ya what are the chances of 2 men having sinus problems? the other thing is if people would look at a lot of Travis’s photos he thinks he is GQ anyways he does this I am sexy an I know it look to me anyways. Very rarely did he smile big like Jodi did in the photos together. He had his legs crossed it looked like in the shower? Another thing someone said somewhere oh they did not smell that strong smell until they went in the room itself. But somewhere else I read one friend said as soon as she walked in she smelt a foul odor? this would before they went up stairs even. An as far as having many dogs I can’t believe that dog of his was not scratching an whining at his door if they let him upstairs I know they put a gate up but they stated that was not normal the dog usually got to go where he wanted in the house. Wonder if there are scratch marks from the dog on the door he would be going nuts smelling that smell of his master in there.

      • I don’t have as strong a sense of smell as my husband does. There will be times where he asks me if I can smell something and I can’t. But when something is rotting, betlieve me, I can smell it.

      • Yes, and isn’t it strange that that Enrique fellow who came back at 6pm has been keeping a very low profile, while Zach is gulping all over TV?

    • Thanks dog!

      They say he looks terrified, but I think he looks mad already. Could he have been trying for a “smoldering” look or something?

      From the angle of that image I don’t see how the gunshot could have been first while he was in the shower.

      I also don’t think he looks “cut”, but then photos do add pounds…

      Maybe she had just showed him the image of his face and as she was repositioning the camera that is when she dropped it.

      • BeeCee,
        I’ve always thought he was doing the bedroom eyes thing, or the I’m too sexy for this pic….

        I don’t see anything that would involve anyone but HIM self.

    • The theory by the anti-Jodi brigade that he looks “terrified” in this photo is nonsense. The minute I saw it, I thought “poser” – here’s someone who is merely putting on his best “Calvin Klein” smoldering look.

  27. Has anyone considered that the dropping of the camera may have caused the time-stamping mechanism to be off? I’m just wondering, I don’t necessarily believe that… am just playing devil’s advocate. Shouldn’t the prosecution have tested this by taking a few photos and checking the time stamp… especially since the expert claimed that except for the loose button, the camera still worked?

    Also, the magical moving camera is also intriguing to me. Both photos (bleeding near Jodi’s foot and bloody sheet) were taken upside down according to the digital expert. The camera almost had to have been kicked somehow or at least not moved on purpose to be upside down on the floor BOTH times.

    Maybe was in the process of deleting some pics when Travis got up and came after her.

    Damn if this trial isn’t gonna drive me crazy until I know what happened :/

    • Ya its weird, those two pics look fairly parallel to the floor but the camera has a large pop-up flash on top so if the camera was upside down it would be sitting tilted to one side making the pics angled to one side. What pic do you mean “bloody sheet”…?

    • I think she had the camera attached to her wrist vis the camera strap. Thats the only thing that makes sense as far as that camera taking pictures on its own.

        • I think that was the shoulder strap that was found in the bag (longer, thicker strap). I don’t think these cameras come with a wrist strap, though he may have purchased one separately. I’m left handed as well (same as Jodi) so holding a camera in my right hand is a bit awkward. You get used to it but as a precaution I had to go out and buy a wrist strap separately.

  28. Don’t ask me how I know that, but the smell of a decomp is so strong that you don’t even smell it but you can taste it…

  29. Amazing how everyone here has not only the ability to think logically and based on all the facts, just not the convenient ones, and expresses themselves so well! KUDOS to all!

    Okay, my theories are evolving as I read and think more.

    1. From the moment I saw the last photo of Travis alive in the shower, staring out, I thought, “he looks to me like he is looking beyond where Jodi and the camera would have been. Anyone else think that?
    2. Roommates are definitely involved somehow. Maybe also Ashley Reed Thompson and Dustin Thompson.
    3. Jodi HAD to come up with the self-defense version now…why? Because there was just no way in hell the state was going to investigate the two intruders story. They never did, they never will. Plus, she WAS threatened by the killers. She can’t continue to pursue that story even though it’s likely true.
    4. So she is on the stand lying. Doing a good job, too. But the tears that come are REAL, and they are at being forced to confess to a crime she did not commit, because there is no other way out of jail or a possible death sentence even. I felt that strongly in her last minutes on the stand.

    She is hating herself for not calling 911 from the beginning or at least felt safe enough to tell someone the truth. But she had no law enforcement who would trust her. Mostly because the Mormons had already started their heavy spin…

    5. Nurmi is incredible and is between a rock and a hard place.

    Oh dear, this is getting heavy and like so many of you, I am compelled to help get the truth out, or at least enough to free Jodi.

    Challenge to all you hardcore posters right now – we’re at 65 signatures right now, let’s get to 75 in the next hour!

    • Maggie, I feel this is so true!!!! I had that heavy feeling that when she was crying (the last time Martinez made her cry) shec was crying for everything, for beeing forced to confess to a crime she did not commit. I dont know but when she started crying at tgat moment, I felt something different, I felt SO SO BAD for her, I kind of f I lt her pain and it was that strong feeling of her HAVING to, being forced to lying one more time. Im woth you, I want to see Jodi OUT of prison, I’m don’t even want to see her get sentenced. I hipe n pray that the jury will be smart enough to see that she’s been forced to confess to this crime, n let her walk. And then after, I would love to see her sue the crap out of everyone involved!!!

    • I felt the tears during her last day on cross were so real I couldn’t help but cry with her.

      Also I believe she had to claim self defense or most of what Team Jodi has presented wouldn’t have been allowed into evidence. I can’t wait for today’s redirect.

    • Maggie, good observation, your suspicions were right. At my channel, you can see quite a few videos pertaining to Travis Alexander: Hajable9 at Youtube. Your observation was on the 3rd of March, in another 10 days, I was to notice images in the eyes of Travis Alexander. Others had noticed the images way before me, but they were unaware of the large number of Killers present at the death of Travis Alexander. Good Job.

  30. this whoile case has me baffeled, I dont belive Jodi did this premeditated at all, the photos taken inadvertantly do more to obscure the truth than help it, the phot with TA laying down and a leg there, to me that looks to be the left leg and left foot with the inseam showing as if he is laying on her left leg. that would put the camera not on the ground but in her right hand

  31. Why is Jodi taking the fall for a roomate? Has she told her defense about him? If he’s involved, where is he? Why won’t they call him as a witness?

  32. Even after watching this every day I had many problems with this trial. First off let us think about what we know is true Travis Alexander was brutally killed by Jodi Arais. Shot by a .25 caliber pistol, stabbed 27 times and had his throat cut ear to ear. Another fact in this case is that Jodi did indeed love Travis. If you don`t agree with this you have not been watching the trial or you don`t know anything. We all know she claims physical abuse. We know she wrote nothing down in her journal about physical abuse, saw any doctor and told or shown any of her friends. She lied twice about the murder but finally admitted to doing it but cannot remember the stabbing or cutting his throat. That is what I know for sure

    Wouldn’t you rather have Barrabas?

    My first thought was she is guilty. After all, everybody was saying that. Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, my friends, clients and co-workers, mostly everybody thought guilty. I believed it until something strange happen. I watch the
    Prosecutions submit his case. I watch the Defense call Jodi to the stand so she could tell her side. Then the moment everyone had been waiting for, the prosecutor, the ‘pit-bull” { Nancy Grace}, the man who is going to save the world from Jodi Arias, Juan “pit-bull” Martinez starts his cross examination. So what is the first thing he says? He calls Jodi Arias sister dumb because Jodi called her dumb on a phone call to Travis in 2007. Not what we were expecting from a pit-bull. His line of questioning seems ridiculous. Arguing with her for twenty minutes about the exacted time she put her luggage in the car for a trip she was taking. Or arguing if Jodi was a lawyer because Jodi said it wasn`t a crime that Travis read her journal. He was making himself look a fool all for the sake of arguing with her. I didn`t know why.
    Another problem was Jodi. You could tell she was in love with Travis. How could she kill him in that manner? How could a 105 lbs. girl drag 220lbs. of dead weight {sorry} across the room?
    Today I got my answers. A former police officer who studied human behavior, and battered women told me it is extremely common for women who are physically abused by someone she loves to keep it to herself. Because she loves the person so much she believes this abuse will not happen again and she will protect the loved one who abused her by not seeing a doctor, telling friend or writing in her journal. She wants no questions about this. However, if the abuse continues it may cause the women, who has been holding her rage in for months or sometimes years, to explode into a rage of her own. In many cases the abused women will block out or not remember what happen in her time or rage and/or revenge. I believe this is what happen in Jodi Arias case.
    This would also explain the very strange way the Prosecution is trying this case. He is trying to bring out that rage once more only this time in front of a jury. He keeps trying to wear her down. The judge seems to be in on this too. The Prosecution will ask the same question over and over, the defense will object, the judge will overrule. The Prosecution will ask Jodi to speculate, the defense will object speculation, the judge will overrule. This goes on all day. Even the prison forgets to feed the girl before she takes the stand in hope it will help wear her down. The media is the same way. Dr. Drew had the nerve to put on the air a babysitter from when Jodi was five years old. The babysitter, who was well coached, said one day while she was babysitting five year old Jodi and little brother, she heard a “bloodcurdling scream” and ran into the room to find five year old Jodi and her brother. Jodi told the babysitter she didn`t know what happen and the brother said she hit me with a baseball bat. After the baby sitter told her “bloodcurdling scream” story, Dr. Drew had on a physiatrist, the physiatrist told the audience that how five year old behaves has nothing to do with how someone behaves as an adult. Bet that physiatrist has seen her last day on “The Dr. Drew Show”.
    The two made up stories Jodi told to the police were out of fear. She did end up telling the truth unlike the Florida girl, Casey Anthony, that the media is constantly comparing the two cases. The media should stop do this. Mr.Martinez is always telling Jodi to answer yes or no. That is how he wants the jury to see this case yes or no, black and white. The truth is there are always reasons why people act the way they do. Answers are not always yes or no, black and white. Jodi blew up because of years of abuse. There was no premeditation. She made love to him how many times before the killing? Does anyone really believe that she intended to kill him that day but was going to make love to him first? He tried to hurt her if not kill her. It had happen before and the Defense needs to make sure the jury knows this.
    In this country you have the right to defend yourself, Nancy Grace, Dr.Drew and the rest of the media needs to know this. The media mentality of throwing people to the wolves without looking at circumstance, for the sake of ratings, must stop. A real girl, who was defending herself from a man twice her size who has kicked, threw her down, hit her and told her he is going to kill you bitch is now on trial fighting for her life. Do we really need to hear from her babysitter when she was five years old Dr.Drew, really?

  33. I’m with Maggie.

    Not sure about this Bryan Carr fellow, but do some searching on “Mormon Blood Atonement” and you’ll read about a case from 1984 and one from 1994. There are just way too many references to slit throats in this writing, some of it from ex-Mormons turned scholar.

    The early Mormon church sounds incredibly violent. The death penalty is part of its history to the point that jurors in Utah were asked if they believed in blood atonement as recently as ’94. The firing squad method of execution comes from this tradition, apparently.

    Next, search on “Prepaid Legal Cult”–it’s described as a total pyramid scheme/scam and there are references to brainwashing.

    Have you watched Chris and Sky Hughes video on the “Millionaire Lifestyle?” Sickening.

    Definitely money-hungry and dishonest people.

    The smell. There is no possible way in the world they would not have noticed that. Maybe they didn’t know what it was, but it would have been overwhelming and just intolerable.

    115 lb. female vs. 190 lb. former wrestler. All of those stab wounds and she walks out with barely a mark???

    NO WAY.

    She said her statements about the 2-person story were because *Flores* was insisting she would not have been able to commit the crime alone.

    I have just never believed the jealousy motive. There were way too many other girls before the Cancun trip.

    Don’t think the roommates were in on it. However, their words against Jodi are a reflection of very serious “damage control” on the part of TA. *HE* was making the believe she was a stalker, etc.

    Then, yes, they might have known about it before they will admit, but that is it. Those guys all look like wimps when it comes down to it.

    She might have shot him, but her not remembering stabbing him is consistent with her not having done that.

    The former wrestler has cuts all over his hands, and she has barely a scrape?

  34. I think it is tragic when women go through situations like this with men who use their physical strength to keep women in a weakened emotional state. Then when a person finally snaps, and does something to get free, end up a victim, of the laws that should have been protecting her from him to start with. It is just so unfair to pit strength against emotions. Also sad that there are people who put people in these situations. I am a man, who has been in a situation where I had to defend myself against a man with a gun in my own house. Tried to kill this man, with my own gun. The gun misfired, and is the only reason I didn’t kill him. There was a continued struggle, and he and his accomplices ran from my house. I was injured from a bullet he fired, but no one was killed. Watching Jodi makes me think, what if I had? He would have deserved, but what might have happened to me? It is so scary how the law works against victims. That very night, the police searched my house, found something they could charge me with, and I am still in the trial process, over something completely uninvolved with these three men coming in my house and trying to kill my family and myself. Two weeks later they put the search for our assailants on inactive status, yet months later I am still on trial for being so stupid as to call the police, when people come in my house and try to kill me. I am scared for Jodi being trapped in this justice system, it is not designed to protect victims, it is designed to do some other thing I have yet to comprehend. My best wishes go out to Jodi, and her loved ones.

    • Welcome,

      Thanks for sharing your story and I hope it works out in your favor:-) I thought that it wasn’t legal to obtain evidence while in quest of another situation. Did you give them permission to search your house? ( not a lawyer, but it sounds shady that you were charged over something unrelated). Is your lawyer helping you?

    • Edward…You need legal counseling…Do no admit to anything that the police have obtained from your house without a proper search warrant…As far as you are concerned whatever they found in your home could have belonged to the people who were previously in your home…they could have left whatever the police found…Do not admit to anything until you have proper counsel…

  35. I don’t believe Jodi’s story of self defense, however, I do agree that Zach’s testimony was really off. His comment about Travis never washing whites and darks together is SO strange. They didnt’ know each other that well, and what an odd thing for a (sorry) guy to say. I also thought his differing testimony about dates he did laundry was suspect and I simply can’t get past the fact that he and the other roommate were there for 5 days without wondering why Travis left his dog unattended, and with the obvious smell that would’ve been present given the circumstances. Their stories don’t add up.

    • Why don’t you believe it? You don’t think that it is out of the realm of possibility that Travis became pissed off enough to come after Jodi?

      She has major baggage of his, and could bring down his world in a short time. Isn’t is possible that he was mad about comments she had said regarding his alleged attraction to children. That he finally went off and wanted to punch her around a bit, or possibly worse.

      Look, I’m not saying that I am right about this theory, but If I was a juror I would be considering this possibility.

  36. Hey the suppozed big moment of the day thursday was Martinez stating that wal-mart has no record of a return of a gas can on that day.

    I think this is extremely flimsy for two reasons:

    1. Wal-mart who pays their employees about $7.50 to 8.50 an hour is suppozed to keep great records of all the returns of anything, let alone gas cans is totally unreliable. He will need much more than that to prove premeditation, and from what I’ve seen he has little else than that.

    2. It was a cash transaction so there is even less reason for it to be recorded. It’s like ok we have a gas can she is returning, I’m not sure what to do, give her the cash and throw the can in the back.

    Am I being unrealistic in my thoughts here. People are working at establishments like this and I know this stuff happens. After all it’s not like they plan or working at wal-mart their whole life.

  37. So what we have is Zach saying that he knows that Travis is still home in fact during the week because he discovers the bloodied clothes in the washing machine. He knows that Travis is still home in fact because like Zach mentions Travis would never wash his whites with his coloreds. Why does Zach say that the clothing must be either Travis or Enrique’s? If he knows that Travis would never wash his whites with his coloreds then the clothing must in fact be Enrique’s.

    So what we have is Zach going to do his laundry noticing that clothes are in the laundry but does not ask Enrique whether or not the clothes belong to him as well as being finished with the laundry so that he could use the laundry next?

    Why does Zach not knock on Travis door to inquire about the clothes in the laundry and whether or not Travis would be done anytime soon so that Zach could do his laundry? Zach would have to have know that Travis was in the house because like both he and Enrique mention they thought that Travis had already left for Cancun.

    Yet Travis leaves behind his wallet, CRT Ring, laptop, a washer full of clothes that is not Enrique’s obviously once Zach asks Enrique about the clothing, nor do we hear Zach talk about how he knocks on Travis’ door to inquire about the load of laundry. Travis car is still in the garage and a note has not been left for the roommates regarding who was going to feed Napoleon or instructions to feed Napoleon seeing as how Travis had already left for trip to Cancun when it was obvious because of the above evidence that Travis had not left yet.

    So why didn’t either Zach or Enrique remove the clothes from the laundry if they needed to use the laundry? Why were the clothes allowed to sit in the laundry for nearly five days when within those five days both Enrique and Zach would have had to use the laundry sometime to launder their clothes?

    • Why didn’t Zach notice the camera in the washing machine when he said that he found the articles of clothing that must not have been Travis because they were whites mixed with coloreds? At that point regardless of whether or not Zach washed his clothes on the 4th of June or 7th of June he should have knocked on Travis door to ask him why his camera was in the washer.

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