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Having recently exchanged emails with Dr Samuels and thanked his for his valued testimony, I also invited him to write a message for inclusion in the website.

Here’s the message he kindly sent me:

“Thanks to all of those who have expressed support for my testimony.  While I can’t comment specifically on the case until it is over, rest assured that the PTSD diagnosis is real as is memory loss during acute stress.  Those were the points I tried to make and hope that the message was clear enough for the jury to understand. Again, thanks for your support.” — Richard M. Samuels, Ph.D.

As Dr Samuels rightly stated to Martinez last week – You have no knowledge in this area – because you can’t study something for 35 minutes and know more about it than someone who’s studied it for 35 years.

Ain’t that the truth…

Team Jodi



  1. I was proud of Dr. Samuels putting juan in his place.
    I learned a lot from Dr. Samuels and BTW, I have that book that he gave Jodi.
    I bought it years ago and at that time, it was the only thing that could help me.
    That was very thoughtful of Dr. Samuels.

    Dr. Samuels is a person that really cares about people and juan just doesn’t get that.
    All he cares about, even if it’s lying is to get Jodi the death pentalty.

    And I understand that Dr. Samuels can’t make any comments until after the trial.
    But also want to thank him because that BS that jaun was slinging was just that. juan knew that Dr. Samuels knew what he was talking about and juan didn’t have a clue and you could tell that’s why juan stooped so low in his cross examination.

    No witness should have had to put up with juan yelling and throwing accusation, pens and tantrums.
    Shame on the judge.
    At least Dr. Samuels can sleep at night.

    Thank you Dr.
    for being a good caring doctor and person.
    Yes, you are compassionate and that’s a good thing.
    Perhaps Webster should get it. We’re in 2013/
    I know the difference between compassion and sympathy! : )

    • Dr. Samuels got such a bad rap from all those so called commentators.. and Beth Karas facebook page would sicken anyone who read some of the comments made about him. Making fun of his looks etc.. such pettiness.. Same today bout Jodi being sick. Dr. Samuels has earned respect, and he got none of that from Martinez. I dont look forward to how he treats Ms LaViolette.. I hope she puts him in his place too, if he even goes there…

      • I am so tired of hearing all of the commentators at HLN say that Jodi isn’t a victim of domestic abuse. If you ask me Nancy Grace and all of the other dogooders of HLN wouldn’t know domestic abuse if it slapped them in their nasty mouths!! Would someone please tell Nancy grace to respect a medical professional by calling them by their proper names. Does she think she is funny when she calls him Dick? Not even close if you ask me. Can anyone say Defamation of character?

        • I have noticed these things as well and find it all tacky of HLN, which I have always watched and loved, but I am disappointed on how they have acted.

        • I think Nancy Grace is a disgrace I hate her show anyone she has on her show and asks them a question if it’s not what she wants to hear she cuts them off and is so rude i no longer watch her she should be called Nancy Disgrace. HLN needs to get rid of her

          • Fully agree on Nancy Grace. A travesty to those tactful reporters/analyst. I’m in concurrence of Dr. Samuels and in opposition of DeMarte. Simply a tactic of discredit of the defense. 2points is insignificant for those in the know. I’m surprised THAT was not pointed out.

    • Personally I wish that he had put him in his place sooner than he did. Dr. Samuels is a very intelligent man who knows his business. I know he didn’t slap the taste out of kermit’s mouth for a reason. It’s a horrible shame that the jury heard that low blow. It doesn’t matter who says what, the jury heard his little rant. I think Dr. Samuels did a nice job of educating people. Maybe JM needs some therapy sessions.

      • maybe? “sir” juan needs a lot of therapy IMO. he’s like so desperate for fame no matter what the price–what a goofball smirk when he was having his pic taken, such an ugly soul.

  2. If I could say something to this man that I knew would reach him, I would say this:

    Dr. Samuels,

    I think it’s absolutely brilliant that you brought the book of criteria one must meet to be clinically diagnosed with PTSD on the stand with you and that you read directly from this book as much as you did. This move, whether intentional or not, makes it much easier for me to shut the ignorant remarks down because, to say you’re a “Quack” is to say the book is nonsense. It’s easy to discredit a man, not so much to discredit a book referenced by all psychologists. I believe you got slandered by the prosecution and I hope you do something about it as your rights were seriously jeopardized during cross examination. But, if I know as much as I think I do about human behavior and the human mind, I would say you won’t seek legal action against him for his treatment and ridicule of you. He’s just a small fish fighting frantically to swim against a strong current pushing him to his inevitable death. You know you’re credentials speak for themselves to anyone who bothers listening. For those who don’t bother listening, you can’t be bothered to care whether they find you credible or not. You probably feel that Juan Martinez will get his just desserts served to him by the jury when they read the not guilty verdict and this will do plenty in the way of putting him in his place.

    I want to thank you, your testimony made a lot of things in a lot of people’s life clear and more understandable. It’s still undetermined how much your testimony helped Jodi’s defense, but, I know you helped more people than you could imagine. I’d say, comfortably, you helped Travis’ siblings. If nothing else, you planted a seed that they will be able to water and explore in more depth once they come to terms with the pain enough to come out of the denial.

  3. Thank you SJ . It was very kind of the doctor to send a message to all of us that support his findings. I found him very easy to listen to during his testimony and understood what he was saying. It is my hope that the jurors also understood. The family, even though it is five years gone now, does not want to listen, because then they have to acknowledge that their brother was something besides what they wanted him to be. I am sure that every one of them struggles with their own demons based on their upbringing, whether they are ready to admit to that or not.

  4. I wrote to Dr. Samuels earlier in the week. He responded in such a nice and positive way! He seems like such a good person; I know I wouldn’t have been able to sit there with JM yelling at me and accusing me of improper conduct like that without jumping over the rail and smacking him across his snarky, conceited little face. I’m 5’2″ so JM and I are about the same height, right? 😉


    • AshleySC83,
      I am in DESPERATE need of Dr. Samuel’s.My Brother was wrongfully put in Prison,he has been there for 10 years and has 136 o go if I cannot find the Dr.,to assist an interview the “victim” (if you would call that lieing prostitute that)!!
      It is a very long story,and it has had the attn. of the F.B.I.,S.B.I.,Gaston County,and Cleveland County Police.I NEED HELP,to save my “INNOCENT”North Carolina.If you get this,please help me help my Brother,”I think Dr.Samuel’s is our last hope”!!!
      If anyone reads this and can help or point me in the direction that will lead me to someone who can help me,”I am begging someone help me help my Big Brother”!

      Jeffery R.Watterson(704)954-9587 cell”Please don’t hesitate to call,if it will help”!!
      1251 Shelby Hwy.
      Cherryville N.C.,28021

  5. Thank you SJ, and I would say this:

    Dr. Samuels,

    Thank you for your clear presentation and explanations of Jodi’s diagnosis. I believe that in spite of the prosecution some of the jurors have understood as well. I am very sorry that Jodi could not receive therapy from you. You are such a kind person and outstanding professional; healing her would have eased the pain she is going through now.

    I am outraged at the prosecutor’s misconduct towards you, at the judge who lets him treat witnesses with such blatant assault on their right to testify without being verbally abused, and at all the one-sided media distorting any testimony for the defense in this trial.
    In spite of them, your testimony has affected many people throughout the world and made people at least here on this site remember and relate instances in their life where their memory was affected as you described, that they never had pondered on before. You are a very good teacher.

    Jodi has been so abused and is still being continually abused so badly that I feel it must be such a relief for her to know that you and her whole defense team treat her with utmost respect and kindness. Thank you.

  6. I would like to thank Dr. Richard Samuels for his outstanding testimony on the stand in defense of Jodi. I think he did an EXCELLENT job. I think he definitely persuaded some of the jury who were, ‘On The Fence’ ,to decide in Jodi’s favor. That’s why they had all the questions. He not only helped persuade and educate the jury, but a tremendous amount of the general public as well. As far as Martinez goes, with his courtroom behavior, all he was able to do was make a mockery of our judicial system and solidify to the jury that, Yea, I’M AN ASSHOLE, period. Mark my word, his courtroom antics and utter disrespect of people on the stand, bullying and trying to put words in other people’s mouth’s will only factor in favor of Jodi, not against her. I think he’s actually helping the defense. I have no respect for those who cannot show respect, regardless of the circumstances. He is a classic example. I’m surprised he hasn’t been thrown out of court. He’s disrespectful, reckless, clueless and an embarrassment to the profession. Furthermore, he belittled Jodi and Dr. Samuels for memory problems, when I seen him make countless errors in the court. He can’t remember from one statement to the next. A lot of the times his response to their answer, from one of his questions, is totally out in left field. A lot of times, he makes no sense. Enough.
    All I want is what this country guarantees, for Jodi to get a FAIR TRIAL. I have no respect for HLN, it’s parent or any of it’s affiliates. After this trial is over I will probably omit these stations from my channel line-up.
    I want to thank this site for letting me express my opinion.

    • Exactly. The prosecution does not seek the truth. They seek only their truth. This has been the biggest lesson to learn from this so called trial. When I first heard of this trial I thought guilty as charged. But then, unlike Team Travis, I have listened to the evidence. I have been shocked that the prosecution tries to suppress evidence. Is this justice for Travis? Suppressing evidence?

  7. I also want to thank Dr. Richard Samuels for his very informative testimony regarding Jodi Arias and post-traumatic disorder. I sincerely hope the jury also found his testimony as enlightening and helped explain her behavior following the murder.

    Much of the belief of Jodi being guilty of committing premeditated first-degree murder is based on her interviews with Detective Flores and also of her somewhat odd behavior during those interviews. Dr. Samuels helped shed a great deal of light on why she acted the way she did. He also did a great job explaining why she suffered from amnesia during the killing.

    As far as I am concerned, this helped me arrive at the conclusion Jodi Arias should be acquitted of the charges.

    • I agree with you, tonysam. I am grateful for the good doctor’s testimony. I also sent support and received a thank you.

      Those people who claim to support TA, but actually just want to kill Jodi, are sending him horrific messages.

  8. I am in agreement with all of you. I thought Samuels did a great job and shed light on the PTSD affects (something I know I mentioned last month on the boards as well). Martinez seemed to be trying to tear apart pscyhology in general, not just Samuels, and as a professor of psychology, I find that terribly offensive.

  9. Dr Samuels,

    You did a masterful task. It was a pity that you were cross examined about scientific matters by a non-scientific person. Also I’m afraid that the nuances of terms was lost on him. I hope they weren’t lost on the jury.

    Unfortunately in our field (I’m a physicist/engineer) the definition of terms is very exact and often not what you would see in a dictionary. I felt that some of the arguments probably had their basis in that issue. So to a psychologist compassion, sympathy and empathy have certain meanings. The lay person often uses sympathy and empathy synonymously. And obviously Webster’s considers compassion and sympathy to be synonyms.

    But, all in all I found your brief extremely informative, and I hope so did the jury.

  10. It was incredibly unprofessional of JM to talk to Dr. Samuels in such an incredibly disrespectful way. This man has been study his field for over three decades – but JM knows more??

    I was in a car accident and had amnesia – and I remembered everything leading up to impact and then my memory picks up maybe 10-15 minutes after impact. I wasn’t knocked out. It was just so scary that the chemical reaction in my brain shut down my memory. Certainly, fighting for your life and killing a person would be even more traumatic and could cause memory loss. It kills me that all of these commentators are so dismissive – they are really willing to say anything to villify Jodi and her defense team – even if they have to lie, ruin a person’s professional reputation, dismiss all conventional research on pyschology and domestic violence. It’s outrageous.

  11. Thank you so much, Dr. Samuels!

    Martinez crossed a major line when he insinuated that Dr. Samuels had romantic feelings for Jodi. That was absolutely a low blow and it solidified for me that JM is over-hyped, plays dirty, and is panicking because he has no case for premeditation.

    • Exactly, but it just goes to show that JM didn’t have anything on this doctor, so he had to resort to that kind of childish behavior. I thought Dr. Samuels did well, and I also learned some things from his testimony as well.

  12. I’m getting so antsy about the trial coming to an end, I can’t imagine how Jodi must be wanting to come home already : D I am a true Christian and its a shame that prosecutors like JM can be so evil and cruel as to try to put someone to death for a supposed crime that resulted in a death. First of all, it’s hypocritical and second the bible says that vengeance belongs to God. Furthermore, I empathize with Jodi as woman to have been dehumanized and undignified the way she did on the stand for nearly 20 agonizing days, in my eyes that’s a punishment in itself each enduring day

  13. I believe Jodi is truly innocent. She has admitted to the killing but as testimony has continued I am sure she was abused in more than one way. She really was his dirty little secret. My husband only physically abused me twice in our 50 year marriage but the mental abuse was almost daily for many of those years. I also did not leave him because of the children. What came to past in that bathroom is Travis’s mouth finally unleashed the strength that did him in. My heart goes out to her as I know what she did was done only as a last resort.

  14. Dr Samuels did a good job representing the defense team. He chose not to stoop to JMs level and continued to show undue respect to the prosecutor even after he began belittling his professional skills and profession. Already lovin Alyce LaViolette!!!

  15. Dr Richard Samuels,

    You did a wonderful job considering the circumstances with Atty Juan. I can so appreciate your experience and expertise in your field. You not only displayed a wealth of experience and knowledge but Dr. Samuels you have a lot of class in addition to a most professional mannerism.

    I can’t say the same for “Sir Juan” and I think Nancy Grace made just as much a fool of herself by addressing you incorrectly which only displays her ignorance and a lack of respect on national TV.

    Medic Gram

  16. Dr. Samuels,

    I am so pleased you were able to give a comment for maybe nothing more than I have the ability to write this to you and that you may possibly see this. I am a nurse who has worked in a psychiatric facility for over 15 years as well as a nurse on a cardiac floor for 10 years. I was appalled, angry and sad about how the prosecutor and the tv legal analysts systematically in my opinion tried to discredit you and your diagnosis of jodi. I understand it was JM job to try and chicken peck the information you were giving based upon your findings when you did your evaluation if jodi. I really can not understand how JM thought he could destroy your findings and credibility using not only 35 years of experience and your education which you did the work to be able to help those of us dealing with illness that because people can’t see, that a bandaid or stitches won’t fix so let’s dismiss it. I saw what did as not only doing his job but also making the judgement of society be pushed back and mocked and ridiculed. I not only helped care for those who were suffering internally but I also am a patient dealing with PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. It was one thing to ask about discrepancies but another to attack your profession and as far as I am concerned your intelligence and your ability to engage with jodi giving an examination, evaluation and forming a professional opinion based on your findings. I was so angry watching the testimony and JM refused just refused to allow your wisdom and diagnosis be heard and understood. I couldn’t understand when you were I thought you logically were telling him that no matter what “story” you were told jodi displayed the signs and symptoms of PTSD. I think a small child could have understood that the diagnosis would not change based on what the triggering event was. If I fall down the steps and get an injury to my hand or if I slip on a wet floor and injure my hand the final conclusion would be the same no matter what happened I injured my hand. The diagnosis is the same, injury to hand, I felt that JM was mocking psychiatric issues and that angered me. He was personally attacking you and I couldn’t understand that. His question do you have dr. Before your name and you replied no and his childish remark oh you didn’t do that? Forgive me I paraphrasing because I don’t remember the actual dialogue. Um sure you don’t need me to tell you this but I will. Thank you for what you have dedicated your life to. Thank you for letting people like myself to be selfish when utilizing your time and making that hour that day dedicated to me. Thank you for having a kind soul and displaying a compassionate ear and demeanor. Keep doing the work that you do, no matter the JM’s in this world. Thank you

  17. i would wish for the phone and text message of deanna chris and sky hughes on 6/4/2008 6/10/2008 the day the hughes went on vacation to cancun

  18. Dr. Samuels

    Your testimony was informative and appreciated. you did a great job. you are easy to listen to. May you continue to be a compassionate person to all you shall encounter.

    • I think Dr Samuels did an awesome job with his testimony at the Jodi Arias trial. He was very informative, very very interesting and very professional. Whatever news reporters said about Dr. Samuels is pretty common but if you know this Doctor you would realize he is a very kind, lovable human being that truly cares for his clients. He is no “dick” by far! Nancy was ridiculous with that statement, I would like to see other brave defensive witnesses risk their lives like Dr Samuels did

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