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Just in case you missed it the other day, here’s JM’s post in reply to Dr Drew’s question. That’s where he apparently failed to get his head around the fact that there’s are millions of Jodi supporters out there.

No doubt Drew would also struggle to come to terms with this website not only being in the top 12,000 most visited sites in the US right now, but also with it being in the top 94,000 most visited websites globally – according to the Alexa rankings. We’ve also had over 5 million page views since January too… while the current bunch of BS hate-themed sites aren’t even in the top 5 million most visited list.

What does that tell ya? :mrgreen:

Anyways… here’s JM’s post:

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“Hey everyone. This is my response to Dr. Drew. I sent this to him via a link on Twitter. So far, he has not responded.

HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky posed this question last night to his viewers:

“What kind of person supports Jodi Arias?”

This is my answer and response to him:

Dr. Drew, since you asked the question, let me give you an answer: the kind of person that supports Jodi Arias is less interested in fame and more interested in helping others through anonymity. They’re the kind of person that is less interested in making money from this case and exploiting the dead and more interested in raising awareness by championing the survivors of abuse. They’re the kind of person that is less interested in trying to find lies and more interested in finding the truth. They’re the kind of person that is less interested in having their hands and wallet open for cash and more interested in having their hearts and minds open for love. They’re the kind of person that wants justice as opposed to revenge, life as opposed to death, love as opposed to hate and they recognize that Jodi Arias is not perfect, but love and support her because they see her for who she really is, not the caricature you and others have made her out to be.

Dr. Drew, you mention how there are those who have chosen to “piggyback” on the coattails of Jodi Arias for fame. With all due respect, you and your colleagues might want to take a look in the mirror to see who the real culprits are of this. You and your cohorts at HLN have been more in bed with Travis Alexander in the past 5 months than Jodi Arias ever was. You have given and allowed Travis’s family, friends and supporters free reign on your daily and nightly television shows to trash, smear and attack Jodi Arias without giving her or her family a chance to respond without being shouted down or mocked and ridiculed. I could expect this type of behavior from the others at your network, but not from a man like you whom I know has interacted with many troubled individuals whose problems are analogous to Jodi’s. You, of all people, sir, should know better. Everyone knows that a doctor’s M.O. is “do no harm”. You have done nothing but harm to Jodi Arias, her family and her supporters. But most of all, and you probably don’t even realize, you will wind up doing even greater harm to yourself.

Jodi post allocution ABC 15

I choose to support Jodi Arias because I hate domestic violence whether the abuser is a man or a woman. However, the majority of abusers are men and the majority of survivors are women. And, sadly, a lot of men choose to remain silent or sit on the sidelines instead of speaking out against domestic abuse and letting women know that they aren’t the only voices that wish to be heard. We do so out of love, Dr. Drew, not for fame, not for money, not for anything other than love and support which these women so desperately need. And, on a personal note, we have heard a lot about religion during this trial. I find it hard to fathom that Jesus Christ would be giving high-fives to Travis Alexander’s family for the way they have and continue to spew hatred out of their mouths for Jodi Arias. I can’t speak for the Mormon religion since I am a Catholic, but I believe that my God is one who places more value on the actions and deeds of those who do His work over the rhetoric and speeches of those who claim to.

We support Jodi, not because she is perfect and infallible, but because she is imperfect and many of us identify with her and her situation. And we love her unconditionally as a woman who has shown those of us who choose to see her without bias as someone that is generous, compassionate, passionate and loving. We’re not ashamed to say that we not only love her 9 days out of 10, we love her 24/7. And, in closing, I’d just like to say that out of something tragic comes something good and that is this: her supporters have become extended family to each other. If you look at the people and posts on the pro-Jodi Arias websites, you will find almost every one of them to be positive and uplifting.

Contrast that to the anti-Jodi Arias websites where you will find almost every one of them to be negative and hateful. We do it for love, Dr. Drew, unconditional, undying, unwavering love for a woman that most of us have never met, but whom also has become a member of our extended family.

Thank you.”

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I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Jodi Arias supporters are basically fucking awesome.



Leave your thoughts & comments below peeps…

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    • Yes, Juan Martinez subscribes to that method, it’s quite clear. I heard this on the radio the other day and instantly thought about the little evil gnome yelling at everyone in the courtroom.

      It’s also the method of the mormon media blitz members, who “shout down” anyone on any comment site anywhere on the web, except here!

      Thanks, that’s a good article.

    • Or simply put, “the bully affect”. J.M. used it because he could never win by contrast. A prosecutor that was confident and truthful in what he believed in, would never have to use such methods of persuasion. He was a “class ass”. J.M. is not a good prosecutor. He offered no real intelligence in his arguments, just twisted thought, from a man who watched to much CSI. J.M. used the bully affect because he thought the jurors were dumb and knew the experts were not. Iam certain there are jurors now scratching their heads thinking, “how did I fall for that”.

      Regarding the letter to Dr. Drew, well said and thank-you for speaking for the group. Dr. Drew also uses the bully affect in an attempt to make people think there is something wrong with them for supporting Jodi. My question to him is this: Do you think people don’t know your a liar? You have engraced us with the “human lie detector” and we see your eyes surf downward when you know your handing out a lot of cockama

        • Ha, so funny Color Purple. : )
          I like cockama.
          How ever you say it we know what it means.His bullshit.
          Not everyone buys it.

          That’s exactly his way of bullying
          He likes to try and belittle others that aren’t sheep.
          What is he ever going to do when he get’s through trying to tear down Jodi
          and the abused?

          He sure as hell can’t go into comedy!

    • I ordered two of the Survivor tee-shirts one white and one black….and received both in the mail on Saturday…They are beautiful!!!…

      I am happy that I can be part of helping other survivors of domestic violence…personally, I got out in time…but not all others are so lucky…they are the ones that I am praying for…

      May God Bless them…

      • Hi Pandora…

        I am in and out a lot lately…overworked and underpaid…LOL…but still keeping Jodi and her family and everyone on this site in my heart and prayers…

  1. Giddy up! That is a great response.

    What is beyond frustrating, is that bc of this case, the news media, hence HLN, has demolished any work that has been done to educate people on the affects of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse is horrific, and in some cases far more damaging than physical abuse. Wounds cannot be seen, and the mind has a very hard time healing.

    When the jurors stated, well we know she was verbally abused but there just was no evidence of physical abuse, it showed their lack of knowledge and empathy towards survivors of verbal abuse.

    My husband was verbally abused so bad in his first marriage that I insisted he go to counseling to get some perspective on how abnormal this treatment was. He was embarrassed and ashamed that he ‘allowed’ some one to do this to him. He has since learned that he was not to blame.

    Abuse, physical or verbal, should never be tolerated. Alyce did an amazing job of trying to educate the jurors, and the country for that matter, but the jurors had already made their minds up.

    This jury, and JM and his minions, have set our country back decades on domestic violence. How they sleep at night is beyond me!

    • Suz,
      Well said. I am glad that your husband has come to understand what happened to him. I am glad that you brought up verbal abuse. It is an invisible bullet that maims the abused. It is like a virus, often times, for which there is no cure and more often than not goes untreated. It often happens without the abused realizing to what extent it has caused damage. No one calls 911 emergency for a victim of verbal abuse. It is too often dismissed as nothing. It is ignored. A broken bone can heal. A broken spirit too often stays broken and can affect the abused for his/her entire lifetime without him/her realizing what is debilitating them, keeping them from being productive, successful, preventing them from fully loving and being loved, causing them to have no self respect, causing depression…and a myriad of other symptoms/illnesses…physical and psychological.
      I agree with you that the jury did not even bother to listen to the wisdom of Alyce LaViolette. This is a shame. She had SO much to say, SO much that needed to be heard….and ALL at the expense of her reputation, her practice AND her health. SHE became a victim of the very thing she tries to bring to light, the thing she attempts to educate people about, the thing she would like to remedy. It brings me to tears when I think of, through her gentle ways and her kindness, the evil-doers found a weak spot, an open door that they took advantage to walk right in and abuse her. I hope she has recovered from this ordeal and has become stronger because of it. Her life’s work was not lost on ME. I heard EVERYTHING she said. She educated and enlightened me. She is a gift to humankind and I feel privileged to have heard her words of wisdom.

      • Dorothy,
        Your response gave me chills. You are spot on!

        Alyce tried to explain that abuse does not happen overnight. It evolves. It happens and often you don’t even know you’re being abused. An abuser HAS to gain power over another person, and often if verbal abuse works, it is good tool for them to use for a long while. And then when the victim tries anything out of the norm, it quickly and unexpectedly escalates.

        There is no doubt in my mind this is what Jodi endured. I recall at one point in Alyce’s testimony, Jennifer asked her a question about how she knew so much ab a certain topic, and Alyce stated the typical response about her experience and such, and then she paused and simply said, “…and I have friends, I have listened to my friends…”

        I think about that statement a lot. It pained me to hear her say it. I am troubled how the jury did not hear/feel/see the sincerity/authenticity of what Alyce was trying to convey. The woman is a wealth of knowledge, and like you and I and many other supporters, her testimony did not fall on deaf ears. She makes a difference every day by her work. Hopefully one day, Jodi will be released by the seed that she has planted in this case.

        I am proud of Jodi standing tall at the end and stating, that although some people don’t believe her, she is indeed a survivor of domestic violence. It is beyond humbling to have to admit that you were a victim at the hands/the mouth of someone else.

        • Hey girls! How beautiful your comments are.
          It really is sad that verbal and emotional abuse go unnoticed or are considered inferior or of less importance than physical abuse.But then again,what do we expect from a society that includes people like Martinez,the haters and the Jury who claimed that since not properly documented physical abuse does not exist or should be swept under the rug…
          I sometimes wonder if I could ask Jodi which of the two still hurt her the most,what would she answer?They physical or the verbal abuse? I guess it’s something subjective.
          My own mum when contemplating on her life always always hurts over the verbal abuse she went through during her marriage to my father.When I ask her about the times she had to be taken to the hospital due to him beating her up,she says’Oh,that one healed”

          • Hi Maria 🙂
            I believe the verbal abuse festers inside long after it is inflicted…even if the abused is out of the situation. Verbal abuse sort of, how would I say, gives birth to other evils within a person. If it is not addressed , treated, acknowledged it manifests itself throughout the abused person’s lifetime. I bet Jodi isn’t even aware how deeply the verbal abuse affected her…even to this day. I think she is still on that “positive thinking” train…even in a denial state. We all know that she has not had the counseling she needs to address the issue.

        • Suz,
          It befuddles me that the jury took into account, and admitted that Jodi was a victim of verbal abuse, but they did not weigh this as having any merit as to Jodi’s state of mind on June 4…or any other day during the relationship with TA. It explains her odd behavior following the tragedy as well. Had the jury REALLY considered Alyce’s testimony as valid and valuable to the case, there is NO way they would have found Jodi guilty of M1. There is NO way. One of the jurors said that he “Knew she was guilty as soon as I saw how horrific the crime scene was”….This leads me to believe that the defense wasted their time trying to educate the jury on the reality of abuse and how it affects the abused. Alyce’s testimony was the clincher in this case for me. Her explanation of how the abuse caused changes in Jodi’s personality; things that many of her family and friends attested to observing during the period that Jodi was associated with TA, the LDS, and PPL. Jodi was brainwashed as well, which is itself a form of abuse. So Jodi’s entire being and sense of self was manipulated during that time, in more ways than one. TA’s behavior that day may not have seemed to the jury to be significant/violent enough to warrant the outcome but compiled with Jodi’s vulnerable and fractured state of mind, which to me proves she did NOT plan any thing that happened, was the absolute reason for the Fight/flight reaction that took place.

          • That’s just one of the many many things they ignored.

            This is the problem with pre-trial publicity and pro-death juries (two different effects).

            The pre-trial publicity, during which the State under the guise of Freedom of Information releases a whole bunch of stuff that taints the jury pool. And then to top it all off they pick these death-qualified juries that have been proven to be pro-prosecution leaning in any case.

            Now you add this all up, and you get the “Knew she was guilty as soon as I saw how horrific the crime scene was” sentiment. This seems like a person who was leaning that way and once the gory pictures were unleashed he was convinced.

            In actuality, if you were to listen to JM’s argument, the gory crime scene actually disproved his premise.

            If she had stolen Grandpa’s gun and knew enough to cock it, take the safety off and fire it she would have done that first, and you may not have ended up with the “horrific” scene. Instead what this guy was looking at was the scene of a knife fight, and that too one that was frantic. And if this knife fight had been between a trained fighter using the knife and an untrained victim, it wouldn’t have been that gory. If it was between an untrained knife wielder and a person twice her size, it would have been gory in the opposite direction. The only reason it was that gory was because the shot did not incapacitate TA and even though hurt he put up a hell of fight against a smaller and weaker opponent.

            So if people would stop and think, they would see that the “horrific nature” of the scene in fact negates the State’s arguments, unless they can show us what the sequence of events really was.

            So whether you believe ALV or not, and whether you believe the DV or not, something happened that set this whole thing off. There were just too many opportunities before the shower episode for a planned killing, especially if Jodi had a gun.

            The proof of her innocence against an M1 charge is actually all in the physical evidence at the scene.

            • Yes Al, The crime scene shows chaos. Most of those knife wounds were not “stab” wounds, they were “chops”, like TA was of top of Jodi and she was flailing the knife to get him off of her, reaching around…not from standing behind him. That crime scene shows a struggle ensued and it was a spontaneous, unplanned act. I think the gash across the throat is what caused more questions than the chaotic scene. How did that happen? Why, and even, WHO did it? That topic was not addressed because as Jodi stated on the stand, she does not recall that part. I will stand firm on my belief that Jodi was not alone or was possibly not even present when THAT throat slashing occurred. I, from the moment I heard of this trial, have believed the throat slashing was an act of Mormon blood atonement and that Jodi had nothing to do with that.
              The jury was biased from the start because it was a death penalty case. I think the state overcharged …making it a DP case. Considering everything that has happened during this case, and all the questionable acts on the part of the prosecution that I have read about that occurred prior to the case coming to court and the issues with Jodi’s defense team, make me still wonder how ANYONE can view this as a fair trial. The case was even more chaotic than the crime scene. I hope there is recourse. I feel there has been a serious miscarriage of justice here.

              • I agree totally! It was the most unfair trial and I was always thinking someone must have come in after she left and finished the job knowing they cld frame her! It’s a mess! I have been writing, well sending post cards, hoping thu r getting to her! I was a victim of a similar type of relationship and am very lucky to have gotten out of it before something awful and tragic happened! I am on Jodi’s support team bc I believe in her and its important to know u r not alone! And Dr Drew shoul be ashamed of himself! He should have stayed in his lane!

              • Dorothy,

                You made excellent points. The prosecutor tried to rap it up and tie it with a DP bow. It is horrible the states evidence was made up, not researched, and lied about. I also hope there is recourse.

              • My guess is his boyfriend, saw him having sex with a woman; heaven forbid, and, went into hissyfit mode, and, grabbed Travis, off her, and, from behind, reached around, and, with the strength to do so, nearly, in a fit of rage, cut off his head. Jodi, could not, have done that, and, according to the medical examiner, that near decapitation was, the cause of death. end of story; murder, over… the rest of the story, was staged, for religious purposes, and, to set, Jodi, up… Why weren’t they all, lie detectered; to see who did what…??? Edgar…

                • Yes, Edgar, when the intruders brought Travis’s dead body back from wherever they performed his slow, agonizing death (ritualistically) and then positioned his dead body back in his own shower, then they staged the crime scene! Go to: and click on the Secondary Forensic Review by Additional Forensics it will tell you exactly what was done to Travis’s body at another location, which is why nobody smelled a decomposing body for the five days before they found his dead body. That’s because his body wasn’t there for those five days!!!

          • Dorothy,

            You are so right about the brainwashing. Perhaps Jodi felt like this treatment from TA and LDS was her ‘new normal.’

            I agree that the words from a verbal abuser resides within a person for a very long time. I am not sure anyone really gets over it.

        • Unfortunately, HLN did everything to show that verbal abuse is not even an abuse. As I see now, their point is if you don’t like your partner, or the relationship doesn’t work, it’s ok to call her names, they show that it is not a big deal. They ruined everything that has been done in this field! That is really sad, and it makes me sick!

          • HLN verbally and mentally abuses people—especially people with intelligence (i.e. Team JODI and those who seek the real truth like us)—– each and every day with the totally biased bullshit that they spew out every day of the week 24/7

        • You make a lot of sense in your statement regarding verbal abuse. I lived with someone like that and he broke my nose and fractured my eye socket and I still stayed with him. I left on a bus from Jacksonville to upstate New York. I didn’t stab him twenty-nine times and shoot him in the temple.

        • Hi I am trying again to be able to reply, I called A L V and she called me back,what a wonderful women who believed with her heart in jodi she gave me goosebumps just to be able to her her voice on my phone . What hurts me is Howe these haters an HLN can trash such a beautiful soul such as A L V . Can anyone tell me can she go after km for the verbal abuse he committed in the court room?please say a prayer for her also to stay strong after her run in with verbal abuse.

          • Barbara,

            That is pretty cool that you spoke with her. She was so authentic and her testimony reached a lot of people. Sadly, not the 12 it needed to. But…she spoke the truth and that is all we could have asked from her.

            I appreciated her insight and her ability to make the topic easy to comprehend.

            I wish I could have testified on what it is like in the dating world – with internet, instant communication, etc. How men lure you in and cast you back and lure you back in. It is one huge mind game. (I am sure it is vice versa for the men with crazy women) I wish those jurors could have heard from common, educated, successful women who had been played like Jodi was. The jury refused to see TA as an abuser. It was beyond clear!! There was zero speculation on that fact. He became an animal that night-and she instinctively tried to fend him off-yet still try to help him.

        • Alyce LaViolette is an intelligent caring very respected therapist. She was so wonderful and her credentials are top notch! It takes intelligence and a pretty high emotional IQ to comprehend and even understand the abstract depth of the different types of abuse. The Jury did not do their job. I am certain they are not highly intelligent people who could even begin to understand the experts opinion. Dr. Geffner! What What? He was amazing and sooooo discredited Dr> Lying Horn. And the way Jenniffer Wimott tore that biased, money grubbing Demonte a new one was awesome! One must watch the whole trial front to back, to understand and be able to even begin to pass judgement I would bet a million dollars that the people on THIS site are highly intelligent, with a high emotional IQ and way more educated and read than ” the people who think she should die and vote for murder one! I swear the Jury was not able to comprehend half of what the experts were saying! How can it be legal for any network that purports and represents themselves as a real news network to lie and misrepresent and purposefully mislead the public? IT should be illegal and even ABC should be totally ashamed of taking alyce Lav> testimony out of context>Im disgusted!
          Great article JM!

    • Hi Suz, excellent post. 🙂

      Also consider that even if Jodi had pictures of bruises, the media would have spun it to pretend she got those injuries from something else; just like they did with her finger.

      What boggles my mind is how it’s clear and evident that Travis was an abuser – the text messages prove it – but people want to compartmentalize as though verbal abuse and physical abuse are two totally different things when in fact they precipitate one another frequently.

      It’s a shame your husband feels badly for “allowing” that to happen to him. Fact is, he did not “allow” anyone to do anything to him. Those things were done TO him, he is a victim no doubt about it. I know you know this, but I thought I would point this out because it’s crucial for people to understand that abusers don’t care what you “allow” or what you don’t “allow.” They do it anyway, and they and they alone should be held responsible for their behavior.

      • Thanks MB.

        You are right about the photos. They were not going to believe anything she offered them. The 6 hour TA rant on instant messaging was so compelling – Alyce spoke about that in detail. If that and that alone wasn’t abuse, I am baffled by what the jury thinks abuse is.

        The jury did not know how far words like that penetrate ones mind. The damage is so severe.

        As I read the posts tonight, I cannot help but wonder about the fact that as humans, as Americans, we are to be builders of people. If Jodi can heal, and I think she has made progress, she could and she would help so many people. Her life has value. It always has. She just needs deprogrammed from the TA addiction and she needs to let her guard down and learn to love herself again. With time, Jodi can be someone who in turn saves many people from the turmoil of domestic violence.

        Jodi was a victim of a form of domestic violence that was amplified by instant communication: texts, cells, Skype, IM. This is an aspect of domestic violence that has not been delved into very much. The victim cannot ever really get away from the abuser. And the abuser becomes more and more powerful bc they can play with multiple victims as once.

        Anyone cheering Jodi to death (or imprisonment) should be ashamed. Her spirit suffers – that is so obvious to me by the way she is trying to be so strong. I see her as a life worth saving, worth building back into a healthy and strong woman.

  2. I only wish that people would understand that not only women a victims of of domestic violence. I was in a I was men tally and verbally abused by my ex-wife, being man I could of hit her and ended it but I am better then that after 10 years of hell I moved on that. Best thing I ever did, I know I now have commitment issuse for this I trust very few people with my privite life I have 2 boys one with my ex and one with a girl i was afraid to marry because of my bad experience. My life is about my sons and maybe someday I will find and trust someone, at my age I doubt it but for all that has happened to me I like the life I live.

    • Some of us understand! I am a female survivor of DV. One of the most poignant DV stories I’ve read was a male UK survivor’s story. It truly can happen to any of us. It does not mean ANYTHING about the target. But the aftermath is another story. The emotional scars are clear for anyone who knows how to read them. I’m glad you got out, for you and your boys.

  3. Good afternoon to my family to Jodi’s family and what a wonderful post you have done above SJ yes we love Jodi we pray for her we cry for her and we want justice for her and most of all we want the hate for her to stop

  4. I would like to ask Dr. Drew a few questions. One, when was the last time he even seen a patient under a professional situation. Two when was the last time he treated a patient successfully. I think Dr. Drew has limited experiences and knowledge, except what he learned in school, of course he hates Jodi. He works for HLN he would not want to lost his 6 figure easy job. He has no reason or facts to dislike Jodi Arias as a person. Yet he sides with the devil and takes money in exchange for out poring hate rated onto our air ways. I hope DR. Drew loses his psychology license, because it would be an injustice for to even be allowed to be see a patient in a profession manner. It would go against the ethics of the psychology field.

    • I really cannot stand his co-host Jenny, she has strong dislike for Jodi and makes off the wall comments she knows nothing about and I really think she has poisoned any knowledge Dr Drew had about DV and Jodi’s case fire her!! Hello everyone btw!!

    • Dr. Drew is an internist. He is not a psychiatrist. From a medical ethics standpoint some of his stances are not in keeping with the American Medical Associations Code of Ethics. I am not sure what state he is licensed to practice in, but he can be reported to his states’s Board of Medical Examiners. Go into their Code of Ethics and take a look at it. You will notice he has been very careful not to openly support the death penalty. I am a physician (psychiatrist) and I can tell you we are not to get involved in calling for someone’s death. I would say the biggest ethical question with him is whether or not he is careful enough in stating that psychiatry is not his medical specialty when he gives Psychiatric opinions. He has the right to give his opinions, but it is his responsibility to make clear that his specialty is Internal Medicine. Otherwise he could be accused of mis-representing his credentials. Then at that time the whole issue of scope of practice comes in.

      • I agree with Rebecca. Although I am not connected with anything medical, I do know that
        a medical doctor takes an oath to “do no harm”. Dr. Drew dances around the DP issue with his
        guests. He is tacitly approving what they say. This to me, is just as bad.

    • Hi todd:

      You’ll be happy to know he never had a psychology license! Like Rebecca said he is an internist with a diploma to hand out methadone.

      I agree with your assessment too – Drew Pinsky is totally unethical!

    • Todd, this is one doctor I would hate to come across if I needed psychiatrical help. He reminds me of a doctor who my husband was seeing 5 yrs ago and refused to estimate my husbands condition (everything ‘yelled’ bipolar and yet he wouldn’t agree). He was out for the money and did very much damage to my husbands mental state (giving him medicine that was not needed) but also to all of us surrounding my husband (if you do not treat bipolar correctly, it could get damn scary and ugly). Thank God we got rid of him and now with the right medical and psychiatrist help we are doing better. He was one lucky bastard because I didn’t have the economical means to ‘go after him’.
      So, what I’m trying to say is that you as well as all of the repliers above are absolutely right. If psychiatrists do not do the job they took an oath to do and only ‘practice’ to add some zero’s in their bank accounts they can do major damage.
      Isn’t it scary when we come to realize that we are surrounded by sold outs (e.g. Drew, Martinez, Stephans, HLN people, etc) that have no morals and continue to be free to put more lives in danger?

  5. oh, I ORDERED my shirt on Saturday!!!! I bought a medium WHITE. I also wanted a BLACK but they’re supposedly out of black. I’m so excited!!!

    • Yay! They were out of black in Large when I ordered. I am notorious for ruining white t’s. I’m thinking I might tie dye mine, for camo in case I spill.

    • Jodi, where are the T shirts that show the penguin prosecutor, in a tutu, spazzing his strobe act, as he blinked, blinked, blinked, across his stage…… one to show all the third grade, Nobel laureates, sitting at their desks, under their shrooms..and, the bullet brass in a tutu, hehicopter, hovering over and, waiting for the blood to dry, before landing,,, or, the calendar, depiction of the five days, between crimes, to prove, the setup…???.???…. Edgrrr…


    although i know almost nothing about the jury, i can speculate

    i believe part of the explanation lies in the mental world of the jury, their mental frame of reference, especially the religious dogmatism that pervades the the region, and permeates their psyches

    i suspect that the jury had mindsets stuck in the middle ages, the mindset which was pre-renaissance, the mental world of religious dogmatism, certainty, and righteousness

    such a mindset is in total opposition intellectually to all relevant modern, or post renaissance, ideas ideas from science and the social sciences such as psychology, sociology, etc

    the jury were simply intellectually incapable of making the mental leap to incorporate the world of science, especially the world of the social sciences, and the ideas and evidence such contain

    these people in the region, from whom the jury was drawn, are those who believe in creationism and that the world was created 4000 years ago, DESPITE all the ideas and evidence from the post
    renaissance world of science

    the jury simply were mentally incapable of understanding the evidence from the defense psychologists or assessing their merit

    and flowing from their mindsets of religious dogmatism and righteousness are the consequences they visited on jodi, which has been so well explained by british philosopher from the middle of last
    century, bertrand russell

    The Idea of Righteousness

    “… Righteousness and unrighteousness must be taken together; it is impossible to stress the one without stressing the other also. Now, what is “unrighteousness” in practise? It is in practise behaviour of a kind disliked by the herd. By calling it unrighteousness, and by arranging an elaborate system of ethics around this conception, the herd justifies itself in wreaking punishment upon the objects of its
    own dislike, while at the same time, since the herd is righteous by definition, it enhances its own self-esteem at the very moment when it lets loose its impulse to cruelty. This is the psychology of lynching, and of the other ways in which criminals are punished. The essence of the conception of righteousness, therefore, is to afford an outlet for sadism by cloaking cruelty as justice….”

    • I think much of this juries problem is because of the death penalty. The first thing they do in a DP trial is eliminate any jurors who are morally or intellectually opposed (it is proven it is not a deterrent) from the pool. That automatically allows knuckle draggers in and critical thinkers out. It makes it completely unfair. Jodi was not judged by jury of her peers. She was judged by a subset who think murder by the state is legit. This was proven by the juror who said she had her verdict during opening arguments. That should be grounds for a mistrial.

      • Well of course she had her verdict during opening arguments! If you haven’t done anything wrong, you won’t have been arrested and charged with a crime. Everyone knows that. *eye roll* That’s why people who are innocent don’t need to be read their Miranda rights (isn’t it about time we got rid of those?) or if they are they definitely don’t “lawyer up.” Only guilty people do that. It’s not only my duty to sit on a jury (yes I can be unbiased, whatever that means), but to serve the State and convict the criminal all the way to the top. Fill ‘er up.

      • Jeff/FreshAir–I agree. A death-qualified jury is not a jury of one’s peers. It does not represent the views of the wider society.

      • I think it also has to do with the prevailing political climate in Arizona and specifically Maricopa county – extreme republicanism, fanned on by the personality cult that is Sheriff Arpaio, who is wildly popular.

        This has to do with fear – fear of being “swamped” by Mexican immigrants.

        You can look back into history and see the results of fear – Australian aboriginals being wiped out, treated like sub-humans, the native population of North America. And this example:

        Fear is the strongest human emotion. I think it must account somehow for the behaviour of the extreme haters. Retribution justice versus rehabilitation, Old testament versus New, Hawk versus Dove, Rational versus Irrational. There are so many comparisons, it seems these extremes can affect not just individuals but whole societies.

            • He is 80 years old and his term expires in 2016. I know it sounds bad but if he won’t step aside I hope he dies. He was just found guilty of racial profiling and all his bluster has cost the county millions of dollars in fines.

              • that is ridiculous, 80 year old sheriff. he is to old to be a sheriff, there should be an age limit on a sheriff. he is not capable of defending anyone at 80 and since he iis such an asshole I hope he does not get reelected. he is as mean as juan.

        • geebee2

          Thanks for your email for wiki spaces, I really wanted to post, but Facebook have blocked me and its affected everything.

          I said what I thought of the Mormon religion, that its an evil cult and should be stamped out, and was blocked for 12 hours, well that was a week ago and I’m still blocked, 🙁

      • You know, as an opponent of the DP, I could see myself being tempted into saying I could give the DP…in hopes of sabotaging that very thing if it came up. Kind of a like a protest to the DP.

        I just thank God for the few jurors who stood their ground against the majority in Jodi’s case.

        • Hi LittleBird,
          You have done ruined any change of sabotaging by posting this remark. 😉
          We are birds of feather as opponents of the DP

      • My theory – I think the jury actually liked them both at first.

        Samuels came across as a nice guy, and did a pretty good job of explaining things in layman’s terms. They may not have *loved* him, but I think they were going along with him pretty well, until Martinez started tearing him up.
        I think they REALLY liked LaViolette, tho… I guess I could be projecting, but I swear you could have heard a pin drop in that room when Alyce was explaining why the abused don’t leave, going back to that feeling you have when you’re in love for the first time. The camera was panning the courtroom as she wove that story, every face was on her, the Alexanders looked rapt, even Flores looked like he was about to cry. There was something in that story that nearly everyone could relate to and I really think she had them in that moment.
        But then came Martinez to tear HER up as well. And the jury felt betrayed and embarrassed to have ‘fallen’ for her. That made them ANGRY at her. At Samuels as well but ESPECIALLY at Alyce, because they had liked her. I think that’s the real reason there was such venom coming from the Alexanders as well, because for awhile they felt like Alyce really understood where THEY had come from. When that understanding evolved into an explanation for Travis’ bad behavior, they had to take it personally because she could be talking about them as well.
        So again, betrayal.

      • I did not know that a juror made that comment. That sure does sound like grounds for a mistrial. That is serious!

    • I think that the answer,to me at least,lies somewhere in between.
      When one uses the term ”jury” maybe they imagine people somehow superior to themselves,highly educated,critical thinkers who take their duty to the State very seriously,the whole ‘standing up for the jury’ ritual also reinforces this idea that all jurors should be considered equals to the Judge or at least higher than the people in the gallery.Which is fine,since they are the onesholding the defendant’s fate in their hands.
      However, maybe we forget that these people probably didnt have the background or training to take in and understand concepts and evidence that require some ‘head rubbing’. I’ve read somewhere(probably here) that most jurors get confused with all the scientific mumbo jumbo and prefer simple explanations.
      Being human,they may get influenced by their own beliefs,moral values,views on life,or of course the different styles Prosecutors and Defense counsel use.
      In Jodi’s case,I think the article that krikee posted up thread applies perfectly.And indeed we saw that verified by their interviews.Whoever makes the most noise,must be right! Martinez certainly made sure he would jump up and down,yell and humiliate witnesses and Jodi herself alike.He put on a dramatic act that impresses all jurors.That’s why in a case of Manslaughter,we ended up with an M1 verdict. Because in my mind,there’s no other explanation.They bought his theatrics and were convinced that every word coming out of his mouth was holy and true.Whereas whatever Jodi or the defense’s witnesses said were biased and served the purpose to acquit a calculated criminal.That’s what they must have thought.Someone threw them the bait and they ate it,thinking they were serving true justice. How very sad…

      • Yes it was a sad day for justice when Jodi was convicted by a biased jury of M1. I suspect some of the same morons said it was a sad day that Casey Anthony was acquitted. Those are the people who don’t consider the evidence. There simply was no evidence of Casey killing her child. While Jodi’s case is completely different, there was no evidence of premeditation except in Martinez’s warped mind. I keep going over it and over it and it does not add up.

      • Well said Maria. I agree…”How very sad” and Jeff, I also keep going over it as well and it’s still not adding up.

        • It will never add up to me, well, that’s not strictly true.. Martinez changed his story in his closing non sense..

          It has to take someone with a vewry warped mind to do that. It smacks of him being determined to kill her.

          He Sold himself to a jury who had already decided guilty of premeditated murder and that made the difference to whether the jury could go through with it.

          Its a Republican State – they believe the law, a twisted law. Such people Need to be told how to think because the law has taken their ability to think from themselves – by subversion.

          • Yes Heather1, I believe that the jury hung onto every word the JM said because they needed validation for handing in a guilty verdict. I swear that they disregarded ALL of the defense case, or perhaps ignored it altogether when it was presented because they already had their minds made up that Jodi was guilty. How can a juror state in one sentence that he believed Jodi was a victim of verbal abuse and that TA was not good to her but he believes she is a cold blooded murderer..? My questions to that juror are: Might this have been one of those instances where TA was not so nice to Jodi and that she was forced to fight for her life? Might this have been Jodi defending herself against that abusive man? Would you feel better if SHE had been killed in the struggle instead of Travis? How would you feel if this was your daughter?
            But, alas, my words will go forever unheeded. My questions will go unanswered. I will forever be confused by their verdict.

      • Maria I think that is a very good assessment of the trial and I tend to believe it. I think the defense did a great job. I also think they played to an intellectual jury, but it seems intellect was not a strongpoint of this jury. Sad as it is, and I’ve stated this before, this jury already believed Jodi Arias was guilty before they ever got chosen to be on the jury.
        The US government needs to step in on the Media and lay down some hard rules regarding criminal court cases especially when it comes to the release of certain items that can impact the public before a case goes to trial.

        • And they need to start with this trial. It has been VERY clear that the general public was biased against Jodi Arias and they believed she was guilty before the trial began.
          And where does the JURY come from… THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

      • Maria,
        I agree. I also think it could be a regional (perhaps county) thinking that men are superior ?? Like, Jodi should have submitting to Travis. He is the head of the relationship. How dare she be forward in her sexuality, or not allow him to date other women or dream about children. I think the jury had a mind set that could not be changed-their stereotypes are set in stone.

        In the Midwest, we call it like we see it. A guy like Travis is deemed an asshole from the get-go. The fake PPL executive title, the overdressed outfits he wore to ‘conventions’, the self-appointed motivational speaker where he dressed like a woman or a goofball, and then there are the religions ‘garments’ … there are a sundry of labels the folks here in the Midwest would use to describe him and trust me, none of them would be flattering.

      • Maria, I agree with you. They probably did not have the “background or training to take in and understand concepts and evidence that require some ‘head rubbing’” as you said but also they were inflenced and tainted by the media (‘give the people what they want’).

    • Wes, I think you answered your own question when you made this statement: “the jury were simply intellectually incapable of making the mental leap to incorporate the world of science, especially the world of the social sciences, and the ideas and evidence such contain”.
      I do believe the jury had made a decision as to believing Jodi was guilty, well before the defense even presented their case. I believe the jury wasn’t even listening to Dr. Samuels and Al,yce LaViolette. Had they listened…AND understood, there would have been an entirely different outcome.
      I am angry that the jury disregarded these expert’s testimonies and blatantly admit it in interviews.

    • They were to busy playing with there phones and I-pads during the entire trial sure the Judge said have to seen or have you discussed but not once did I hear her say anything about there use of phones and I-pads. That judge must have know they had them I don’t own either and I hear they can do lots of stuff

    • Wes,

      Love your post! I never felt the jury was able to internalize the defense’s witnesses. With Martinez jumping in all the time, he made sure the jury was not getting important points. Couple that with who they are as people and we got catastrophe. Not one little bit of insight. To find Jodi guilty of M1 tells us there was a huge problem with how the jury took information in and processed that information..

    • I totally agree Wes!

      I know I haven’t said it in a while, but I love your posts. You are well balanced whenever you bring things to the table, and are patient when your posts are pending.

      I appreciate you. <3

      I am not an atheist, but I support atheists rights.

  7. Help! Been gone for a few days getting ready for the cubbiebear’s high school graduation…….JM? I started reading the post thinking JM = Juan Martinez! But no. Who is JM? A poster here?

  8. JM,
    I’m so grateful for your responds to Dr. Drew. I’m awestruck by your words of kindness.

    To: SJ and all supporters
    I got this brainstorm from Jodi’s interviews and wanted to run it by all of you. Jodi stated she would like for the abused person to document their abuse. She felt like written documentation would have helped her case.
    I’m unsure if there was a website already in place that abused victims/survivors can log into and keep a record of their abuse. If not, could one be developed in a way an abused person could log into under an anonymous assigned # and journal their events and possible load pictures. I know this may not help those without a computer. I’m hoping Jodi’s wish & my infant proposal could be perfected by someone with the skills and knowledge.
    I keep remembering the young lady from Australia who logged onto this website late one night because she was being abuse by her father. Several people were trying to help her but she was so far away.
    If this seem like a crazy idea…I’ve been called crazy for less 😉

    • At first I was confused. I thought this response was from Juan Martinez and my head was spinning. 🙂 But then I remembered that this is one of our own.

    • I remember her? I hope she is ok, has anyone heard? I have written what happened to me on here a few times, where would we go to put that up for her now? I have always said on here that the one person that I am so disappointed in the most is Dr Drew, I used to see him as someone who helps but now I only see him as someone who tries to hurt and I can only see him in my minds eye, giggling like a silly school girl over all of this

      • I have not seen her post since that last one several days ago. I’ve been keeping my eye out for her, kmea. I think about her a lot.

        Maybe SJ could put up a permalink that is just about Domestic Violence, as there are so many who come here to post and probably just to read who have gone through or are still going through it. This would be a great link to post. I’m sure there are others, but this site has a lot of information on it that takes a victim of abuse through the all the necessary steps: from understanding what she (he) is going through, to building a support system, to planning her (his) escape, to recovery/survival.

      • My husband has never respected Dr.D. He said he got his start from being a comedian on a call in sex talk show. I don’t remember the show he’s referring to. I lost all respect for the entire HLN crew during CA trial. I still had a tiny bit of respect for JC but now she’s on my poopy list.

        • The sad thing is, Ann, it took me until this trial to lose all respect for David Drew Pinsky.

          I was holding out that he had made a mistake during the Casey Anthony trial, and would learn from it.

          I was so hoping he would be the one to turn back the tide of “aggressiveness is cool” mentality in America, just to see him buy into it and treasure his prime time slot more than he does a human life that hangs in the balance.

          The ironic part is, my little family is SO happy I am finally blocking him from our tv.

          Funny how the people close to us, see things we don’t, and we often find out how right they were.

    • I think it’s a phenomenal idea! Some people can’t use websites without fear of detection by the abuser (remember the backspace button and the archived history) but for those who can, or for those who can access the site safely from work or their local library, for example, it could be a tremendous resource. Really smart thinking!

      • There is strength in numbers. If anything this website has taught me – it’s that we are not alone. Great idea!

    • There is such a site. I will find the name. Also, a person can document through there own city’s DV agency in most places.

    • Ann, fantastic idea. It is a known fact that a lot of people that are being abused do not document because they are afraid they will get caught from their abuser and face the ugly consequences.


    Circleville Massacre, A Tragic Incident in the Black Hawk War

    The Piedes were kept under continual guard while the Circleville militia awaited instructions from its leaders. The message instructing the Circleville soldiers to “see that those prisoners were treated kindly” was received too late. Undetected by the soldiers, the Piede men had managed to unloose the ropes that bound them; they waited until the evening when the guards changed and then sprang on their captors. In the struggle that followed all of the Piede Indians were shot and killed. Panicked by the bloody incident, the soldiers felt it necessary, as one resident put it, to “dispose of the squaws and papooses” to prevent them from telling of the massacre and inciting further violence. The women and children were brought from the cellar one at a time and killed. A. C. Anderson recalled seeing the throat slit of the first Indian brought up; in all, at least 16 Piedes were massacred that day. Three or four small children too young to talk were spared and adopted by local families.

    Despite efforts to squash the story, news of the massacre soon spread throughout the territory. Remarkably, federal and territorial officials as well as militia leaders all failed to take action, and no one was prosecuted for the murders. As with most incidents during the Black Hawk War, the Circleville Massacre was viewed at the time with regret but was largely dismissed as yet another tragic example of frontier justice.

  10. JM,

    Thank you so much for your response to Dr Drew. As I read it I thought, “if there is any sense of decency or commitment to truth let him HEAR your words.” Someone with a public voice needs to have some back bone and call this whole situation what it is.

    SomedayI hope that one person inside that entire HLN camp will walk away from this shoddy, damaging entertainment “news” channel and say, “it was wrong what we did, I was wrong.”

    I am not holding my breath but I can hope and pray for truth and justice to prevail.

    • Mommabear…don’t hold your breath waiting for even ONE person from HLN to admit they were wrong. They are all puppets now. I truly believe each and every one of them sold their souls to the devil. The Almighty Dollar rules again. If any one of them has any conscience left at all, I think it would be Beth Karas…she is the one I had hope for to have the dignity and intelligence to call the rest of them out. I even thought she would quit before she sold herself out…but alas…I was duped.
      I won’t watch any of their sensationalistic tabloidlike “reporting” ever again. That station is no longer one that I even consider tuning in to. It’s an appalling shame, what has become of them all.

      • RIGHT!! Don’t even think about holding your breath honey!! you’ll die!!! just cross your fingers but dont be surprised if there are stuck that way after 100 years!!!

    • Mommabear, unfortunately, they have signed a deed and sold their souls to the devil in exchange for some $$$$. It is so upsetting that money can buy humanity and morals.

  11. JM, that was absolutely beautiful and very heartfelt while reading it. If that doesnt tug at his heart, then he doesnt have one, imo.

    • I second that, JM, a very beautiful and heartfelt post exactly right, thank you.

      It doesn’t surprise me in the least you haven’t had a response, he’s probably wringing his hands wondering whether to respond and how..

  12. My Survivor shirt arrived on Friday and I love it! I love the v-neck and tapered fit in the body of the shirt. Usually t-shirts look kind of baggy on me but not this shirt. I ordered a white shirt and I’m going to order a black one too.

  13. JM- That was so beautifully and eloquently written. Bravo! I sincerely hope that Dr. D takes the time to read it, and will answer in a respectful and thoughtful manner. I’m sure it’s not very likely…but a girl can dream. 🙂

    Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel!

  14. Good for you SJ!
    IF dd would ask some Jodi supporters “What kind of people support Jodi” he would be surprised at the numbers.
    and wouldn’t have to give them a dime, Plus, once on there, YOU could see who we are.
    I think he’s afraid to have any Jodi supporters for fear of being fired, maybe?

    What kind of Doctor tells a woman she isn’t being abused when she comes to you with a story like Jodi.
    If Jodi had lots of money and came to you like you say the celebreties do, would you have told her she was being abused?
    If Jodi told you that BUT he treats me good at times, would you say OH, he must be a woderful person, stay with him?? If so, you are a sad excuse for a doctor.

    As a matter of fact ARE you really a doctor who kisses ass for a TV station for more money and ratings for them? If so, you give yourself way too much credit and I give you none.
    Doctors are held to a different standard. Before taking on another patient, I would tell them the truth.
    Tell them as you laugh, and grin like you think it’s so cute, that you don’t believe there is such a thing as abuse.

    One more thing DOCTOR, you make a clown out of yourself trying to be a comedian, like laughing and disrespesting Jodi and those that have much love and respect for someone that you tear down and mock.

    Your friend Mark who BTW is a defense attorney and drinks the kool-aid with you said it just like we already knew, he aked you DO you know how much FLACK you’re getting for taking calls from Jodi supporters. I think you got weak in the knees after hearing 2 smart supporters call in and that was it for the Jodi supporters. You didn’t allow any more, WHY? you know she has many supporters. HLN doesn’t want to let them talk.
    I thought you were going to give the Jodi supporters the same amount of time and respect.

    That tells it all!! Not only are you ALL biased, you have no morals laughing and making jokes about things that Jodi wants to do in the future in a positive way.

    She would be more help to those abused and other’s needs and she doesn’t do it by calling herself
    “doctor” She does it because she REALLY cares for people.

    Qualities that I want in a doctor are first compassion, understands or tries to understand..
    I wish you would drop the Doctor from Drew and just call your it
    Continuation. A good name because on HLN the shows just continue the hate for Jodi.
    24/7 hate Jodi.
    SHAME on you!

    • Yes, Al.

      Shame–double shame–on Dr. Drew. That’s what I want him to hear: shame on you, doctor!

      He heard the evidence of Travis’ emotional and verbal abuse, and he brushed it aside as irrelevant. He became an apologist for abusers. He owes his viewers a retraction and a big, sincere apology.

  15. Hi everyone!!!(((((((((HUGS)))))))))) I LOVE THE POST SJ !! YOU KNOW WHAT I TWEETED ABOUT THAT!! I SAID

    “You know how supports Jodi dr.spew the kind that HAVENT killed 5 people! No wonder you cant support her!!

    I haven’t heard back either!! LOL! But I am waiting with fingers crossed!!!

  16. Hi everyone ..back from a media free vacation. Another words I couldn’t get even Wi-Fi unless I went into town. It was very strange as at times I could read post but couldn’t respond. No did we ever live with out our devices? LOL

    JM I was very impressed with your response to Dr. Drew. Hopefully he will respond.

    Al I am happy that all went good..I was concerned little brother.

    So I have some reading to do….

  17. You know, exact examples escape me at the moment, but I recall listening to JM’s cross and direct and thinking about his approach. Within his questioning he has basically mocked, ridiculed and degraded victims of every type of abuse (physical, emotional and sexual), persons with mental disorders, women in general, that it will be hard for him to prosecute crimes of these natures from hereon out with discrediting himself. Does anyone understand what I’m saying… For some reason this impression is hard to get across.

    • I hear what you are saying LizA. But here’s the problem.

      The rules of criminal (or for that matter civil) procedure do not allow an attorney to comment on, or question the behavior of the opposing attorney. So here’s what ends up happening – JM can say whatever the hell he likes and no attorney in the future can say – Oh by the way JM said XYZ in such and such a case and so he doesn’t believe in DV. That is never the issue in front of a jury.

      Now it would be different if JM had put on a witness that disavowed DV. Then some other attorney (who is opposing JM in some case where JM is prosecuting a DV perpetrator) could put up the same witness and ask – did you not, on such and such a case (when questioned by the prosecutor) say XYZ.

      But since JM didn’t put up a witness who testified against DV, he has nothing to fear. In fact the one witness of his who had anything to say about DV (DeMarte) pretty much agreed with ALV, but that was lost on the jury by then.

      Does that make sense.

      • Well I know procedurally, it doesn’t do any good. But it bothers me that he has no qualms about doing this. At some point, even if not in the context of a particular case, wouldn’t this affect his credibility in the sight of his peers, his employers, his very reflection that stares back at him? BTW. Al, you and I have never had any direct communication but you have been in my prayers. I”m glad your health issue appears to be resolving. There are more people in your corner than you have even known!

        DeMarte is a whole other story. I don’t know how she could testify that she has no compassion for a child who was a victim of abuse!

        • Thanks for the thought LizA.

          In as far as JM’s self picture, that’s sort of a strange detachment attorney’s manage to deal with. I know I for one couldn’t.

          So you have defense attorneys who will defend the most vile of perpetrators even in the worst of cases, and DAs who will prosecute on the flimsiest of charges, and they all go out and have a beer when its all said and done.

          The theory is that its just a job – and I guess if it works for you, good for you. In the end we ought to be somewhat thankful for such people, because our system only works if both sides are willing to put their personal feelings aside, present or challenge the evidence to the best of their ability and then let the trier of fact decide.

          In as far as DeMarte is concerned – who knows.

        • OH! Just the mention on Dr. DeMarte sends me into a hair pulling, cussing fit! I promised to obey the rules so I’ll leave it at that. I’ve made my own personal vent page concerning her.

          • OMG, I agree with you! I could go on a rant of epic proportions about her. To me, her very person says “BULLY”. Ugh. Everything about her repels me.

  18. No attacks? No infighting? NO DRAMA??? But its THAT time of the monthhhhh. How ’bout whining….does that fall under drama?

    ~gigglessss~ 😉

  19. Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the day that Travis died.

    I suggest a day of silence, for reflection. I’m going to post nothing at all.

    • Yeah thats deep. Isn’t strange that the review is 10 days after they found him!! This is all really creepy!! I feel judge dumb bitch did that on purpose to taint the new jury. So JM can open” think how hard it is for his family to go through this just 10past the anniverary of his death. UGHHHHH……. It never ends .

    • If a posting day of silence is observed, I will be silent because it was the pivotal day that Jodi’s life was forever changed, in support of Jodi.

      • right… for Jodi, not TA! But I don’t think we should be in silent. If anything I think Jodi would want to speak out to the DV sufferers, especially on the day she HAD to fight back for her life.

      • No we should REJOYCE !! We should come together and talk about all the good things about JODI and what we will do toget her out her with us. THAT is how we should spend the day.

  20. Dr. Drew phht… Dr. Baloney …baloney doctor to the stars …he’s a truth hater. Light exposes frauds !

    • Someone in my family named him Dr Douche, before it became trendy to hate him in our little household.

      It was not me. 🙂 And I am proud of her for her insight. lol

  21. I am glad he’s gone. Just like I’m glad terrorists are gone when they get killed. God is much better equipped to deal with violent people than we are. He can never hurt another human being. And moreso, he cant get near children.

      • Double amen! I dont give a f**k about him. I will be sad all day long tomorrow thinking about how Jodi must be,knowing tomorrow is June 4th.


        • Yup, me too. I really don’t see the use of a day of silence for TA. If anything the world needs to hear what happened on this DAY. That a womans life was ruined because thank God, she reacted and defended herself.

        • Hey Maria, Wish I could send a pile of hot shit with a farting noise to the Addams family to show them what I think about their precious pedophile…Travis Asswipexander! 🙂

    • LOL!! Holly we need to be friends !!! I think the EXACT SAME THING!!! I’m glad that sick ass bastard is gone!! When i heard what he said about 12 year old girls and i look at MY 12 yr ol daughter uhhh……….. lets just say he would WISH for what happened with Jodi. MINE WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOO MUCH WORSE!!!!!

      • Krista I think you bring up an excellent point:

        The naysayers and haters are always defending Travis, but how many of them have twelve year old little girls as daughters? How would they feel if it were THEIR twelve year old Travis was talking about?

        If they do have a twelve year old daughter, I would be dismayed. That means we have a twelve year old with a parent (or parents) who don’t give a shit about her right NOT to be sexualized.

  22. All Jodi Arias haters have never been in a life or death situation, Jodi did what any prudent person would do to defend herself. “Kill or be Killed”. That’s why they will never understand, especially Juan “the chihuaha” Martinez. All the haters need their asses kicked so they can understand what Jodi went through with that puke woman beater. That adrenaline kicks in and it is very difficult to remember specifics about the incident in question………..on a different noteI loved watching Juan Martinez changing colors in court like an exotic chihuha when he was dissapointed. Plus, his inadequate verbal communication skills suck.

  23. Who are supporters of Jodi Arias?
    Kind, merciful and non judgemental. The kind of people who stick up for the underdog.
    You all have restored my faith in humanity.

    • You said that perfect ,we are kind we are caring we are non judgemental , and wear our hearts on our selves, that’s a Jodi supporter

    • I agree!!!

      I feel the same way about the posters here too. If it weren’t for this site, I’d swear off the Internet and never give another human being a chance again.

      That’s just the damn truth!

  24. And furthermore…what Jodi did was horrible…..FOR HER! Who should have to kill somebody just to survive to go to prison for life? Hmph. America…why dont you stop letting evil win every round, huh…spineless, mindless bumpkins…its all about the money huh, and your absolute craving for emotional turmoil. Hey, HLN, you know what the buyers are buying dontcha…nobody ever said you were financial dummies. But you’re still swine. Imguess thats what they mean by “stinking rich”!

  25. I have a question for the legal eagles: At the point that the verdict was read convicting Jodi of M1, does that serve as the Judgment? Is that Judgment? Or is the Judgment not official until the sentencing portion of the trial? I’m asking because the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure provide that a that a Notice of Appeal must be filed with the clerk of limited jurisdiction within ten days after entry of the judgment and sentence.

  26. The most frightening aspect of people such as Dr. Dickhead is that they know they are lying in order to acquire fame and fortune, but don’t care. Such self-appointed deities are extremely dangerous as there is always a coterie of willing fools who will blindly follow.

    • I know; while they rant and yell that Jodi is a sociopath, they exhibit classic sociopathic behaviours themselves. They lie for fame and fortune, and show no remorse.

    • Dr. Drew is a pathetic asshole who sacrificed any integrity that he once had for a paycheck.

      Like the Tom Petty song “Money becomes king…”

  27. Hello everybody!!

    Big thanks to JM for such a lovely post!!

    I’m really glad to read that the website gets so much traffic – I continue to stop by regularly to read the posts, but will be hanging back a bit until the next steps in trial begin.

    I would be so thrilled if this site and everyone’s efforts contribute to getting Jodi a firecracker of an appellate attorney!!

    Have a great week,

  28. Great response. And I can assure you that much like the Catholic Faith, the LDS Faith also believes in acting like Christ, and they do not approve of abuse of any kind and it can lead to disciplinary action. you can find that information at

  29. Hello everyone! I am the aforementioned JM who wrote the post above. Thank you, SJ, for re-posting my reply to Dr. Drew. I was not expecting this, but it was a pleasant surprise to see today. Thanks! 🙂

    Some of you may remember me on here as “Frank Queen”, but I recently changed that name because I wanted to use my real initials. I only used the alias for security reasons and it probably was a good thing that I did because at least one user made a veiled threat to me on my blog. I reported the person, but so far haven’t heard anything back yet from Blogger.

    As fate would have it, I actually was involved with a potential domestic violence case today. It’s a long story, but I have been very concerned about this friend of mine that I hadn’t heard from in over a week. It’s not like her to not reply to my emails or texts. Today I called her and her ex-fiancé answered the phone and angrily told me not to call back. They have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for the past couple of years and I met her last year through a mutual friend. At the time she had just broken up with this guy and we were communicating with each other and moved beyond friendship, but never consummated the relationship. The main reason was that she kept going back to this guy whom she told me abused her. Her roommate from college told me that she suspected this when they both were at college together.

    I really did not like the guy’s response and I’m very concerned about her health so today I contacted the police department in her hometown. She lives in a different state than I do and I told them that she said to me how this guy abused her, I haven’t heard from her and I’m genuinely concerned about her well-being. The officer that I spoke with took down my information and I gave him her information. I’m not sure what’s going to come of this, but I wanted to share this with you all because it is relevant to the Jodi Arias case. Maybe some of you might think that I went over the line here, but I’m sorry. I had to do this to help her.

    • She might not like what you did, today, but in the future, she will thank you. My family was not ever sure of what was going on in my relationship, I never told them, they could tell I was unhappy but my abuser was very charming and had convinced everyone that I was jealous and so on. My brother moved in next door and heard my screams one day, I had wanted him to live by me, subconciously I think, so that HE could intervene but instead he called the police, my secret was out, I could no longer hide it and from that day forward I got help and a sheriff that ran Amberlys Place came to my house that day and lo and behold, THEY believed me, THEY knew what he was up to and all about, so, JM, I think you did the right thing today

    • JM good for you didn’t cross the line. You have been a good friend to this young lady. Can a old woman give you some careful …let her now contact you. If all is OK and she contacts you keep it friends only. She really needs to get help. I’m sure you are a wonderful person but untill she gets help and begings to understand why she keeps going back to him she will never let someone who will treat her with respect in.

    • JM, you did the right thing. It is better to be wrong than sorry you didn’t do anything at all. I hope your friend is well and I hope that she gets up and leaves that excuse of a man.

  30. Jodi supporters are also the ones who still have their brain cells. The opposition’s brain cells apparently went up in the flames of hatred before the trial even started. Also supporters still have a sense of compassion, whereas the other side takes pleasure from re-victimizing the true victim and deifying the predator. They need to take off their rose-colored glasses and analyze the real situation. TA was an asshole of epic proportions who mistreated Jodi, took away her peace of mind and now her freedom is gone. She is being held accountable for self defense, IMO. I can relate to the fact that he and the whole family had a bad childhood but that doesn’t take away accountability for your own behavior. The world is sorry, they owe you nothing, get over it!

  31. Just one more thought for the day. I must admit. I went to the “What kind of person supports Jodi,” and watched the clip. Mark Eiglarsh noted, “Every one of [those types of people] has the ability to serve on any potential jury. When you wonder how come there’s no slam dunks in the justice system, it’s because everyone is randomly called and can have their own as-crazy-as-they-want thought processes.” (HLN). and then Dr. Spew defers to Cheryl asking if she would screen these people (I guess those like us) out of a jury box. Then she goes on to say, it’s very hard to screen jurors since you only get so many preemptory challenges, and that the challenge for jury selection is you have to be on the lookout for “people who over-identify with the VICTIM.” Freudian? I think much!

    • So are they saying one has to have been abused in order to be a Jodi Arias defender? Or perhaps in love with her? Well, I aint neither…i can just identify hogwash when I smell it! Yeh, the jury selectors better watch out for people like me. They wouldnt want common sense and a good grasp of the law, not to mention a belief in God and right and wrong to get in the way of a good storyline that brings in the big bucks.

      • My take is that they were talking about screening the prototype of people that would support Jodi Arias, it would be difficult to extract and specifically identify who supporter type would be. I think that she was trying to say is that when picking a jury, defense should be mindful in picking types that would overly-identify with Jodi. The Freudian slip is that she referred to Jodi as the victim. For once HLN got it right! 😀

        • LizA, This reminds me of a quote by Monica Piper:
          “Juries scare me. I don’t want to put my fate in the hands of twelve people who weren’t even smart enough to get out of jury duty”
          …just a little humor…but makes me wonder if there is some truth in this statement relating to this case…those jurors evidently weren’t listening to the entire case. Had they REALLY focused and understood and been logical and intelligent, there is NO way they would have found Jodi guilty of M1.

    • LizA, wow are they still at it? I suppose they are. Why would they let up, knowing there’s an opinion out there different from theirs to squash? How BRAVE they are, to tell off .00001% of the Internet. 🙄

      I’ve ranted and raved about HLN but I think it’s safe to say that identifying with abusers, even for the sake of being “objective” does society a great disservice.

      I think Mark Russel Eiglarsh needs some serious help after this case. He overidentifies with Travis and takes a position of fear and uses that to appeal to others with the same issues. No wonder the average HLN viewer has the emotional capacity of a gnat. That’s all they can attract with their biased programming!

  32. I have a question..Due to the fact that TA’s decomposings body was in the shower for 5 days is the guess. Call me crazy but didn’t the time of death really come down to the time stamp on the pictures? I have been going over a few things while being out in bfe ..

    I keep going back to something Jodi said in her first story..If Travis was here he would tell you …….I’m sorry I can’t to this day wrap my mind around Jodi doing this. Even if she snapped ..not all of this..

    How did JM get away with changing the events once again and the jury bought it.

      • I clearly buy that he attacked her after she dropped his precious camera. Look at the guys closet! Obviously he was a guy who was not only proud of, but took a great deal of time in organizing and caring for his belongings (I guess that likely goes back to growing up without belongings). Remember the extreme organization of his clothes? I’m sure his belongings were his prized possessions, literally.

        • I believe he *would* have attacked her over a dropped camera. I believe that Jodi *would* have had every right and reason to use deadly force to defend herself against him.

          I just don’t think that’s what happened. Someone else was there.

        • His closet was like ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ much? I bet all his canned goods had to be in perfect order too!!

      • Even in the face of death – which she no longer would have been by the time Travis was put back in the shower – she could NOT have put him in that shower by herself. Not without him getting scraped all to hell on his back, buttocks and legs from the metal edge of the shower rim. He was LIFTED into that shower, by someone a lot bigger and stronger than Jodi.

        • Journee!!! Get out of my head!!! I just said that exact same thing almost word for word to my boyfriend yesterday!! LOL!! Great minds think alike I guess!! : ) I TOTALLY get the whole Adrinalin thing but since he was dead by the time he was supposedly dragged him in the shower she would of had to set him down on the track after lifting the top half of him into the shower get behind him, pick him up under his arm pits and drag the rest on him in then climbing out over him. That would explain way he’s kind of laying on the floor and bent. BUT since he was dead at the time the out line of the track would have cut an outline where he was laid because his dead weight would be lyng on with probably the thin skin on his ribs. But there is none of that. In fact nothing. So like you said he HAD to be lifted over plan and simple. I think that if someone helped her whoever it was probably, the church, PROMISED her if she took the wrap (if it came to that) that they would make sure she would walk. That might be 1 explaination (obviously there are several) for the extreme shock and like jodi said BETRYAL She felt . BETRAYAL WAS A WEIRD WORD FOR HER TO PICK LIKE MAYBE SHE WAS SENDING A MESSAGE TO SOMEONE!! So far I belive they fought regardless of the reason why and she had to defend herself. I am researching all the time. But many many things don’t make sense the way JM says it happened regardless of the actual event!!

          • Yes, I had that AHA moment a week or so ago – suddenly realized she could not have gotten him into the shower without doing a lot more damage to his body. The only scrape marks were on his heels.
            And I think the shower is really too small for TWO people to have put him there, in that position. I think he was lifted – by someone roughly his own size – in a fireman’s carry style.

    • Took me a minute to get the bfe thing. Very apt considering some of the testimony in this case 😉

      The time basically comes from Jodi’s testimony of events and the photo time stamps.

      Now if you believe that the story she told on the stand was not what really happened then who alone knows when this happened, however we do have this:

      1. She was definitely there, her palm print and DNA show that, and the blood on the pal print has both her DNA and TAs.
      2. She was definitely someone around hoover dam sometime that evening because her phone was tracked making a call.
      3. She was in SLC the next day as witnessed by the cop with the upside down license plate story and Ryan Burns.
      4. And she was definitely in Pasadena at some time the evening before.

      So sometime between when she was in Pasadena and the phone call from near the Hoover dam she was in TAs house. She probably got there around 4:30 AM because she described the video he was watching, and the computer log showed it was sometime around 4:30. Also that matches the time to drive from Pasadena to Mesa (give or take). Now whenever her palmprint got on the wall there was substantial amount of TAs blood around for that to happen. Given the amount of time to drive from Mesa to wherever she made the phone call (I think someone said it was between 3-4 hrs) she had to have left Mesa by 6-7 pm at the latest. Given all of that an argument that says TA died somewhere around the time of those pictures is plausible. Now whether she was alone or not is a different story, but the timelines match.

      • “1. She was definitely there, her palm print and DNA show that, and the blood on the pal print has both her DNA and TAs.”

        Might be a minor point, or maybe it isn’t – but the ‘palm print’ area tested negative for blood. The print was developed with LCV, indicating it was in some kind of biological substance, but it wasn’t blood. (This from Lisa Perry’s testimony on day 5). Jodi Legg (testifying later on day 5) said the same area showed *partial*profiles* from both Jodi and Travis. More of Jodi’s than Travis’ but not enough of ‘whatever’ from either of them to develop full profiles — so the DNA evidence was a ‘consistent with’ finding.

        With those two kinda iffy findings, I have to wonder how accurate the print comparison could have been – Connor said the comparison was done using the PHOTOGRAPH of the print, rather than the print itself. Oh, and it wasn’t really a “palm print” – it was the left edge of a left hand.

        As far as I am concerned, the only thing that suggests to me that Jodi was there on Jun 4 at all is that she accurately described the videos that were played on the computer in Travis’ office at 4:30 am on that day.

            • Well, I say ‘one hour mark’, but I’ve noticed when I’m watching the videos archived here, very often the ‘elapsed time’ isn’t accurate.

              It IS within the first 10-15 minutes of Perry’s testimony.

                • Journee, I asked this above but not sure if you saw it: Is that a Boston Terrier pup in your gravatar? Too cute 😀

                • Yes, Dorothy, I just now saw your question and answered it. That is eight month old puppy Lucy, who KNOWS she is way too cute. She works it, too!

    • The entire state case was bogus. First off- a decomposing body inn no way smells like dog-crap nor does it smell like trash. It has a very distinct and overpowering odour to it . And for the roommates to claim that they didn’t notice it or thought it was from the dog or something is absolute total bull-shit! As to how that little bastard got away with it That’s easy judge Shit Stain allowed him to!

    • Cindy- LOL I thought I was the only one who said BFE. My kids have no clue what it means, i just tell them its a saying from my high school days 🙂

  33. Hey LC, Sorry I’m so late in responding to your query about the petition as I had to go back and see who it was posted by. The petition wab sites were posted by FZ on June 2nd 2013 at 7:28pm

    • meant web not wab —-sorry about that (PS send this to the ME and the rest of the prosecutorial lie-brigade to show them what a real typo is!)

  34. Well on that note to all the questionable people wondering about the type of individuals that support
    Jodi and this site.

    I’m an engineer heading up a group of 28 associates and married with three grown kids…

    I times i really get sick of all the stereotyping respective of an individuals personal convictions and the situation and case is one of them…

    All the best to all who support Jodi…!!!!

    • Me too, an engineer. With two teenagers, and happily married (only once) to my wife of 20+ years.

      So we know at least two of the analytical folks support her, so its not just illogical folks, and its not just women, and its not just any other category they may want to stuff us into.

      • Hey Mary G, Tell that shark-grinned bastard to go back under his rock with the rest of the fungus at HLN! 🙂

    • Agree. And we all support Jodi for different reasons as Al stated his well written post about why he is here. These people will believe what they want though. They may not believe you are an engineer simply because they choose not too as it doesn’t fit their narrative of a typical Jodi supporter.

      • You will most likely never ever change the minds of the people who believe we are all deviant ourselves because a fanatic is one who cant change their mind and WONT change the subject.

      • JC—–I agree. They must believe that those who had concerns about the case and the trial are emotionally unstable, non productive, intellectually deficient etc. I would suspect that they take the same stereotypical approach when dealing with people who do not agree with them politically. It is really a form of psychological warfare. The message is agree with me or you are not just wrong but stupid, unsuccessful, mentally ill etc.

    • Woo hoo! I’m a chemical engineer and have owned my own business for two decades.

      We have a great combination of math/science minds and social art minds on this site. I think we all work really well together. Today has been a great day of postings.

      I’m enjoying the no drama rule, lol. My engineer brain can’t handle it. I am way too focused of the injustice of this verdict. There is absolutely no logical way 12 people came to a M1 conviction. Again, I would have hung the jury. We only needed one logical, open-minded person. We got zero!

  35. I read somewhere that Jodi arias supporters suffer from “psychosis.” I’m not surprised at the reactions of some because if they thought Jodi is guilty without considering ALL the evidence they will jump to conclusions about the simplest things in life such as having an open mind and considering all evidence. They’ve omitted a lot of the abuse evidence every time they talk about Jodi and just jump to “she’s a liar and not a DV victim.” It’s stupid.

    • Tell them to look in a dictionary —–right beside the word psychosis is a picture of the Turd Alliance with their leader Satan’s imp Juan Martinez front and centre for the definition of both psychosis and psychopath!

  36. • By: Associated Press 05/29/13

    PHOENIX – The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to hear an appeal on whether a judge improperly allowed prosecutors to seek a death sentence for Jodi Arias in the 2008 stabbing and shooting of her former boyfriend.

    Arias’ lawyers filed the mid-trial appeal with the state high court three months ago after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens denied a mistrial motion and a mid-level state court then refused to consider an appeal.

    Arias’ lawyers say Stephens wrongly allowed a potential death sentence to be based on trial testimony that contradicted a police detective’s testimony during a 2009 hearing about how Travis Alexander was killed.

    Read more:

      • No, No, No.

        This is just not a big deal guys. The Az supreme court did not reject the appeal, or affirm the trial courts ruling, neither did the mid-level appeals court.

        The mid level appeals court said that they weren’t going to hear it because it wasn’t the right time, in the middle of the trial. The AZ supreme court declined with no comment. That just means they didn’t even look at it.

        The reason I suspect is that all of this stuff is headed to the appeals court in any case, so why bother with some intermediate appeal now. The reason Nurmi filed it, just like all the mistrial motions is to maintain a record. This way no one can turn around and later say, you should have filed back then, too late now.

        This doesn’t mean squat.

        • LisA and Al,
          I posted because it shows the defense teams is trying to lay foundation work for the big appeal regarding this matter.

    • I know verdicts have been overturned before for less. A confused detective, a lying ME, a biased judge, terrified defense witnesses and above all a crazed nut job of a prosecutor!! What more do they want???

        • …oh, and I don’t know why they didn’t just cut to the chase and sit Nancy Grace behind the bench. Judge Pickles look bored anyway unless she was sustaining an objection by Juan.

          • Really!
            Think about this…you’ve been called to jury duty. You have been questioned by the judge and both sides so you know some information about the case. So you show up the first day of the trial and there are camera everywhere and at least 3 known HLN reporters are sitting in the back of the courtroom. Then you see NG popping in and out. You can’t tell me your not going to be thinking…wow…what the hell…this is big case…the blood hounds are out! Now how are you going to sit there open minded for 5 months and not know the media is pro prosecution? Also IMO, both side of the family needs be move to the back two rows of the courtroom until a verdict is reach.

            • I swear to God if I lived in AZ right now and got called I would lie my ass off and pretend I had never heard of the case and was salivating at the mouth to sentence someone anyone to death. Especially a young woman almost half my age and prettier than me. I think I could pull it off!!

              • I think you could! Wear one of those blue ribbons and take it right before the defense team spots it. lol Pickles and JM would pick you for sure! In my state, each side can reject 2 to3 for no particular reason. The ones I have been privy to, it’s mainly the judge who decides if your worthy.

  37. RB in AZ,
    I hope you’re here! I sent both your and Krista’s petitions to a couple of my friends. Well, I thought they would sign so I would shut up :). But my best friend James is so awesome that he read your whole petition (He’s at work so I’m surprised he had the time). Here’s what he had to say below.

    I signed it. I never thought about that before, like how much those news networks have biased shows and commentators. That’s fine to have your opinion, but it shouldn’t be presented as news. And I don’t understand how these jurors in these trials can not have any exposure to any kind of media whatsoever about their trial. Especially now with cell phones and everything. How can you completely shut someone off from news media for months or however long the trial lasts?

    • Hey Danielle,
      I saw your post yesterday. I haven’t talked to anyone specific from Death Penalty Alternatives for Arizona but I have gotten a couple emails. I don’t think they are big enough; they are growing but not quite large enough yet to turn the tide here in Arizona. It’s pretty much a grass roots campaign. I’ve joined a national group as well. These are the big boys on the block, so to speak. If you want to talk to somebody about the death penalty and getting it repealed these are the people I would recommend. Here’s the link:

      I’ve also written 2 emails to the new 9th district congresswoman, Kyrsten Sinema. She’s been outspoken on the issues of domestic violence, violence against women and abolishing the death penalty in Arizona. Though she is not in my district she has responded to the first of my 2 emails.
      Here’s some info on a bill she co-sponsored earlier this year renewing the Violence Against Women Act. I hope the link works.

  38. JM,
    Very nice response to Dr. Drew. It was very well put and makes all of us sound really good! 🙂
    Thank you!


    Thank you Gus Searcy for standing up for Jodi I to want to know about the cell phone pings where was she JM did not bring it in or the defense and the cell phone of everyone that knew Travis where were they Thank you Pitchfork for your radio and having Gus and he will talk to them again you have to lesson to this it is important for everyone to hear the truth about this happening to Jodi and what started all this she may very well be innocent if the phone ping puts her in California

      • They did bring in two experts for the cell phones and cell phone records. One was from Verizon and one was from Sprint.

    • I have always been right with it on Gus Searcy from the beginning as soon
      as he was mentioned I looked for him on the internet an befriended him on FB.
      His YouTube alone gave me the feeling he was an is a good man. The PPL/Legal Shield
      wanted everyone to believe he was a fake an a limelight lover when that is
      not true at all. They were the ones afraid of what Gus knew an would tell.
      They have threatened this man which proves to me they have something to
      hide. Dave Hall has many posts on FB about what he would do to Gus in
      threatening ways mainly about his job security. Truly just disgusts me.

    • Hail Mary, I think Gus was referring to the night the body was discovered when he spoke to Jodi and she told him of Travis’ death. She was in California. Gus, at that time didn’t know that Travis’ body wasn’t discovered until several days after he was killed. He, at the time of the call from Jodi, must have assumed that Travis had been found soon after his death and not several days later , thus assuming that Jodi could NOT have done it because she was in California. So, that cell phone info would have been irrelevant.

    • Jodi confessed to killing him in self defense. I wish she would have said nothing. But you see, she is not lying. Had she pled not guilty, said nothing, IMO she would be free. Why? Because nobody, even after her confession can believe such a small, never violent woman could have physically done this. I still find it hard to believe. But you see, she didn’t lie. Let them and their compelling evidence convict her when the ME, coronor could not say if the gun shot was first, or last. Reasonable doubt. How this was done in less than 2 minutes? Oh if only, she was given council. Yet most innocent people don’t ask for council. Did she kill him? Yes, she says she did. In self defense. I believe her. Only a woman under complete fear and extreme duress, fighting for her life could have done this the only reason she is facing death now is because Travis didn’t kill her then. I am so sad, frustrated over the verdict. Now the wait for appeals is going to drive me mad. Yet for 5 years she has lived in Joe’s Hell. Still smiling, still singing and still giving back. If she can hang on, so can we. I am sad for this family of ours. We have all been let down. But Jodi is suffering. I can only offer prayers. Small amounts of money for her commissary and wait for Justice. My heart goes out to all involved. Alyse La Violet. Dr Samuels, Jodi’s family and this group. Thank you SJ for what you have done. I want you, someone to say it will be alright. I am pro life. All life. I have been attacked mercilessly from every twitter post, comments on YouTube videos. TA support sites and even the thinly disguised Jodi hate site, Occupy HLN, whoms page owner I have begged to remove the haters and bashers of Jodi that get to be rabid Dogs on his site, which extols Justice. Haha. He is only interested in his own fame and cares not about Jodi. If Occupy HLN supported her at all, they would not allow that vile hate. What’s the agenda on there I wonder? I will tell you this, I no longer support that site. You are judged by the company you keep. I prefer this company. All others can go to hell.

  40. Good evening all! Haven’t posted for several days because we had no power or internet. A storm cane through our community last Friday night that downed a lot of trees and power lines. Several houses destroyed but no casualties. It could have been a whole lot worse so think God nobody was seriously hurt. I hope Dr. Spew will answer the letter posted to him. I have emailed Disgrace, Dr. Spew, Winnie Vinnie, Loud Mouth Jane, Baldy Brooks at least 4 times each and they have never taken the time to answer. As far as what type of person would support Jodi, well I’m 55 year old male that works in the soil and water conservation field. I have two grown daughters and two grandchildren. The reason I support Jodi and believe her self defense stance is my youngest daughter was abused by her first husband physically and emotionally. This went on for a year without anyone knowing about it. Those dumbasses on HLN believes that no one can be without someone knowing about it. I also had a sister that lived in a abusive marriage for years. HLN wants everyone to believe that all abuse cases are exactly alike and they all feel and act the same way. What fools! I hope that made since. Well, if we here that support Jodi are the weird ones, then I’m glad that I’m weird and not a hater like the other side.

    • I saw that severe weather on the news. I’m happy to hear you are okay 🙂 So nobody knew your daughter was being abused? I hope she made it out okay.

      • Thanks JC! Yes she finally got the strength and called the cops. Unfortunately, I live approximately 1300 miles from her. Or it could have been a good thing, because I would have beat the holy hell out of him. It all came to light when I went down after she had delivered my grandson. He called her a lazy fat F’ing C–t. I hit the roof and went after the guy. We had a long talk afterwards in which she told me what was happening. They had been married six years prior to having their first child. She is doing great at has learnt a lot from this relationship.

    • Tim,
      You make perfect sense. Many people will go to graves with their abuse secrets. Not everyone has filed a police report, been to a doctor or ever told a living sole about their abuse.

  41. Lots of different kinds of people support jodi…’s a varied and interesting group. Unlike the group that call out for her death….creepy and stupid…i mean come onnnnn, even people that deserve the death penalty like saddam hussein, you dont go around celebrating like its some kind of party. Its DEATH people. Some of us have more respect than to let ourselves go like that. Its a very grave and sobering matter. You arent suppose to cheer in the streets when someone is sentenced to death or put to death either…its that awful television and internet….people are base and disgusting with disrespect now. I just want to tell that crowd…GO HOME AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!…. Oh you couldnt get half of them to get up off their duffs and VOTE or something else useful. Sorry I’m pms.

    • I agree with your rant though. lol

      Even IF Jodi premeditated this, even IF Jodi were to be put to death… it’s still not something to celebrate. It’s still not something to relish in.

      Even when Osama Bin Laden was killed, I did not go out in the street to celebrate like other Americans did.

      The fact that Americans would celebrate knowing Jodi gets the death penalty says a lot about the way they view her – they view her killing Travis as equivalent to that of a mass murderer. smh

  42. You used to could at least shame most people into going home when they got worked up in a lather of emotions. Not anymore. They arent ashamed.

  43. My mouth dropped open when I first read Dr Drew’s question. I love the response that JM wrote. Beautiful!

    • Yes, it was beautiful. He writes with class. Me, that another story. My response would start like some like…Dear Dr. Low Life

      • Me too Ann. I would’ve carried it a step farther and said ‘you’re a frustrated metro-sexual who pretends to be a doctor and dreams of anal sex with Juan’. lol Good job JM

  44. I feel so helpless. I keep hoping to get up in the morning and the TV is flooded with news of an overturned verdict or some exculpatory evidence is uncovered. Like maybe the gun, or concrete evidence of his abuse or pedophilia. Although, realistically, some of these jurors were so tainted and media-hungry it wouldn’t have made any difference to them. But for the next one. I have swam against the tide before but I think this verdict was so unjust, it makes for a jagged little pill to swallow. I just watched where a man shot 1 of his wives repeatedly because she found out about the other one and was gonna expose him and he got 25 yrs with parole. So for now I am gonna drop my first postcard to Jodi in the mail urging her to stay strong and assuring her that she has the support of many.

    • I have the same hopes…we can still hope for justice to prevail. This farce that is called a trial sickens me. How can it be that lawyers and judges across the nation are not up in arms about what has occurred? I do not understand how the “lynch mob” gets all the attention with their hate while true American justice falls by the wayside. This trial is the perfect example of corruption in our courts.

      • Night all. I probably will not be around the next few days. I work still 32 hours per week. Starting the routine for the week tomorrow. As the song goes, “Tomorrow-Tomorrow.”

    • I hear you Gwen! <3

      Did you know there's a man in AZ who was acquitted of stabbing his wife to death, because she's a "nag."

      So how can Jodi deserve the death penalty? I mean really!!! The lynch mob is stupid that's why the jury isn't supposed to listen to them!!!

  45. I go from angry to sad to dissollutioned. Frustrated. I am hurt that anyone could think a tiny girl could do all that to a wrestler, a mean one, all by herself. Twelve people and no one thot …this is crazy! Maybe she killed him but not like this prosecutor is saying! He must think we are stupid to believe there wasnt a fight! Oh jodi, why did you go there. Why did you run away and try to cover up…sigh.

  46. Good evening all.
    Just poping in to see what’s new and see how all of you are doing.

    Almost over this cold I’ve had. Its really dragging my ass down.
    Not my usual mouthy self. 🙁
    That could be a good thing for all of you though!

    Love JM’s response to Drew.
    Its beautiful, positive, uplifting, and makes me happy to be surrounded by all of you.
    I really dont know where I would be had I not found this website.

    I have such a hard time understanding the mentality of those on the hater sites, those openly supporting pedophilia, or those blaming domestic violence on the victims. But I suppose I’m thinking too hard, too deep – expecting too much out of a society saturated with water brains and even worse.

    I wonder if Jodi realizes, as much pressure as this may put on her, that she has in a way become a symbol for many things to us (or at least me). No matter how many losers hate Jodi, she will not fail, not now, its far too late. She has gotten this ball rolling, important topics are surfacing and cannot be ignored forever. Jodi will not fade away. She is strong, compassionate, a survivor. She cannot be ignored and thats why those losers hate her so much.

    However, in the same breath, I do despise how the media has made it acceptable to shun DV victims, force them back into their silent lives, waiting until the damage has been done. Why do they insist on being so reactive? Too little too late anyone?

    Its the most backassward thinking I’ve ever experienced, let alone seen embraced.

    Regardless, we are Team Jodi and we are not alone.
    Jodi is not alone.
    We will stick together, we will be heard, and we will make a difference.
    We’re here for the long haul.

    Forever Team Jodi.

  47. June 4th tomorrow 5 years ago was June 4 2008 the day Travis died and the day Jodi lost too we may never know the truth

  48. Hey All! What to pick everyone’s brain. If you look at the pics of the blood evidence in the hallway, there is no way that Jodi would be able to drag TA back to that shower without smearing the blood all the way to the shower and it would be impossible for her to clean it up and not leave evidence of him being dragged. No way possible.

    • tim,
      Did you read the article posted at the top of the page a couple day ago, Innocence: An Argument for Jodi Arias? It may help you with your question.

    • Not to mention that the body would have shown scrape marks from being dragged over the lip of the shower. That is why I haven’t discounted the intruder story: there is NO way that Jodi could have lifted that body into the shower as the scene shows.

      Even if Jodi did kill TA in self-defense; someone else moved the body. The roommates were never really looked into. They should’ve been. No one can be in the same house with a decomposing body and not notice the stench! It’s a very distinctive odor.

      And what about the dog? Why wasn’t the dog going crazy? There are just too many unanswered questions here.

  49. I want to Join in on the praise for JM’s post, I read it out loud with pride. thanks JM. Totally agree
    wish I could write like that.

  50. Wow, I just couldn’t get on here for her for the longest time.
    I was thinking for Jodi’s bday since a lot of us have pets and we can send pictures at a time. We could each send a picture of two or our pets or something cute holding a Happy Birthday sign. I know my Mom is like why do you have to make projects just send a happy birthday postcard. LOL.

  51. Thank you, everyone, for the kind words about my post! Your words are very humbling & inspiring. I only wish that Jodi could see it.

    • Put it on a postcard! Tell her about all the different kind of supporter she has!! I bet you could trim it down a little and make it more to her than Dr. Drew.

    • Hi JM,
      That was a fantastic letter, and very moving. Thanks for that. Writing like that has power and that’s what Jodi needs right now. Actually, all of us need it. All of those who have experienced abuse have and are re-experiencing it because of the injustices of this trial and injustices to Jodi Arias. I know I feel like I’ve been shut up once again.
      When I was in the midst of an abusive relationship, I had a recurring dream. In it, I would be running from a terrifying attacker, get to a pay phone on the street, and one of several things would happen: I would be unable to get a dial tone no matter what I did; I would be unable to dial 911; I would dial the number and no matter how hard I tried I could not be heard by the person on the other end. In that last one, I would wake myself up by yelling in my sleep.
      All of the dreams would be the same in that no one would hear me. Sometimes everyone was ignoring me. They would see me, they would hear me, but ignore me.
      This trial has brought all of that back.
      Also, after my family finally realized that I did not bring the abuse and stalking upon myself, and they knew without a doubt that I had been abused and was being abused, still, no one ever came close to knowing a fraction of the abuse that went on.
      The abuser that still stalks me held a gun to my head. I escaped that incident after telling him to go ahead, he had made my life such a living hell. I never told the police, I never told my family, not until years and years after, and that’s still a fraction of what the creep did.

      The kind of person that supports Jodi Arias? Well, I’m a divorced mother of one preteen child. I am a person who had perfect SAT scores upon entry into University, which shocked me more than anyone. I had a perfect 4.0 through school, although I had to leave early due to being stalked and being in fear of my life. I’m trying to finish my credits now. I always use a pseudonym and hide my true identity online because of the stalker, and I take quite a few other measures as well to maintain as much privacy as possible.

      I’ve noticed that most of the people on this site are anything but “stupid”, and have far more compassion and wisdom than 90 percent of the population. I’m proud to count myself among the supporters of Jodi Arias.

      • Milan,

        I liked your post. You bring awareness to the fact that there are no discriminating factors of an abused women. We come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, education, etc. I too am super private – as a single mom you have to be.

        Keep talking about the abuse however – expose that punk for the lowlife that he is. Do it for Jodi. That is the voice she wants victims to have. Say it loud, say it proud – be proud because you got away! Good job on finishing up your credits! That is awesome!

        • Thanks Suz, I really appreciate that. You’re right, the more we people talk about this and express ourselves, the more the healing, both for us and for Jodi. I hope she can get access to read the support that we have for her.

  52. My Mom had a boyfriend, Pat, who I hated in HS. He was mean and passage aggressive. I’m 33 and it’s still hard for me to completely forgive her for letting him into our lives. I mean if she wanted to stay w someone she might as well stayed w my father, at least he was nice. Only because of Jodi’s trial and ALV’s testimony have my Mom and I realized that my Mom was in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. It really affected her. She thought of abuse as violent and one day after some testimony I said do you realize that Pat mentally and emotionally abused you? She got really upset and after a week she came to me and said she was sorry for letting him abuse me. It was the most surreal thing, but I think it helped our relationship (which is already really good).

    • Hi Danielle that’s awesome you and your mother have a great relationship. Both of you learned about this experience and stood by each other the best way you could 😉

    • I agree with Meowington. That is so great to know that the testimony caused one of those lightbulb moments of insight. The more clearly you and your mom can see the abuse, the more it will help with healing.

  53. I think your tweet to Dr. Drew was honest and very well written. High five to you for writing and posting it even though you had no reply in return.

  54. Jodi! I’m so proud of you and what you did. I wish I was like you. I wish I had the strength to remove myself from all the mental and emotional abuse I suffer day in and day out. I wish I had your bravery and your heart. Love, Brettney
    P.S. Stay strong you gorgeous girl!

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