A day of 2 fairy tales and 1 abusive bastard

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Are we sitting comfortably?

Ok. Then I’ll begin :mrgreen:

Soooooo… just when we thought we’d literally seen it all, this trial circus has managed to out-do itself once again.

Not content with enough prosecutorial misconduct to sink several ships… or Martinez’ grandstanding outside the courthouse, and his office releasing Jodi’s journals & videos to HLN… we’ve now had a day that literally started and ended with a fairy tale.

In between all of that, we also had reconfirmation (in text & email format) of what totally abusive & manipulating bastard TA really was. I’ll cover more on that later.

But getting back to today’s post…

Fairy tale #1 relates to Judge Pickles… where she assumes that none of the jurors have seen anything relating to the trial in the media, as highlighted again by Kirk Nurmi… yeah, right……. and fairy tale #2 relates to Martinez’ ongoing revelations relating to Snow White & the 7 dwarfs, during his piss-poor attempt at cross examining Alyce LaViolette.

The phrase “comedy farce” would be an understatement.

Here’s one of numerous highlights from the start of his cross, where Alyce calls him out on his recurring bad temper issues – and subsequently has everyone in the courtroom rolling with laughter. She served Martinez his ass on a plate, and you can be sure it’ll not be the last time she does that.


[hdplay id=155 width=500 height=300]

Priceless :mrgreen: You can also click here to watch the full trial day video.

But seriously… is this really what it’s all come down to now? Snow White, the 7 dwarfs, how old the dwarfs were – and whether they lived in a shack or a cute cottage?

I posted earlier in the week that this cross would be interesting, and that Alyce is well accustomed to dealing with arrogant bad tempered little shits. How true that was. So what will we have next week? Juan and The Beanstalk? Jeez.

Here are a few random comments from the 2,000+ posted over the past 24 hours, all of which quaintly capture the true essence of Martinez’ antics…

“What a no-good prick.” — tonysam

“She has had many years dealing with assholes like him.” — BeeCee

“Mr. Martinez I’m not sure what you’re saying! Well neither does anyone else!” – Tina J

“Snow White now? Man, this fucker is reaching.” — Kira

“Yep. What next, the big, bad wolf and the 3 little pigs?” — Frannie

“Oh my goodness, Frog on crack!” — Ann

“Why the hell is the judge letting this go on? What the fuck????!!!!!!!!! What the fuck does any of this have to do with this case? This is insane. Martinez is an ugly, vile little man. And this judge is an idiot.” — Michael L

“Does anyone else smell that? Its the smell of “JackShit” and its everywhere that the little troll has paced. Watch where you step.” — Shan72

“I’m wondering if I’ll ever sleep tonight–far too much excitement for one day!!” — Heather1

“Guys I finally got the Snowwhite and the dwarfs thing. BOMBSHELL.  JM is one of the dwarfs – Dopey” — Al

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the gist. You guys are awesome.

And let’s not forget… in the middle of this bullshit circus… this was yet another AWESOME WEEK for Jodi.

Over the past couple of weeks, Dr Richard Samuels and Alyce LaViolette really have done a truly outstanding job… not just for Jodi, but for every DV victim out there. And for that, we will be eternally grateful.


Leave your comments below on the Disneyfied events of trial day 41, while I go off and find some headache tablets…

Team Jodi

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      • Yes. It’s a circus and a farce.
        The trial is now playing second fiddle to all this BS.

        Team Jodi

        • What I find so remarkable is that Martinez doesn’t stop to think “Hmmm– this woman just spent a week on the stand teaching the jury about domestic violence and verbal abuse, and an entire day on the stand talking about how Travis would rant for hours like a madman. Maybe I shouldn’t start my cross by verbally acting out the role of an abuser!”

          As someone whose job it is to speak for Travis, he’s painting his client in a terrible light, and actually reinforcing an image of Travis as an abuser– (putting down her credentials, mocking her, yelling, belittling), especially to an expert on this behavior who’s likely to have countless hours of experience dealing with abusers! This man’s anger is not a strategy–or an effective tool– he’s actually an angry abusive man.

            • I TOLD folks when he went to cross her she would hand him his butt on a platter. He is coming across as the type of verbal bullying male she has encountered time and time again for over thirty years. He’d better get nice and change his tactics.

              The scathing message from TA to Jodi did indeed APPEAR to be abusive, and on some level, I suppose it was. However, it is important to establish whether or not he did this on a regular basis, or whether or not he blew up and lashed out at her on this one given time. It’s eerie how familiar his method of verbal attacks are. I’ve seen them time and time again in my own personal life for almost ten years now. Often, my head would be left spinning afterwards, and I would feel numbness, then extreme sadness for days on end. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what in the world the problem REALLY was, and what in the world I could do to change myself and fix it. LA’s assessment of what’s going on explains SO much.

              • Anon, the words you speak are my words too! The numbness, the floundering later, the feeling of being lost, the soul-shattering sense of shock at the unfathomable cruelty of the words spoken over you… I know it, recognize it, lived it and now still trying to gather the million pieces of my soul that are flittering around… just when I think I have one, the other piece that I had slips away… I hear you.

              • anon, TA’s emails and Jodi’s testimony indicate that the abuse was done on a regular basis, I recall Ms Violette say every month or every other month and getting more severe or the scale of severity she spoke about.

              • Interesting. Virtually every objection was overruled… including one I’ve never heard before during any trial:

                >>> Objection: Relevance —> Speculation —> Fairy Tale

                … and that was before ALV was asked how old the Dwarfs were.

                Team Jodi

                • Yeah, he doesn’t know the law at all. All little guy theatrics! And he does love talking about drawfs!

          • WTF I saw this and I thought my head was going to EXPLODE JM your a bully you did not need to go there be a professional and treat Ms La violette like the professional that she is and the people in the court laughing and juror 5 in the audience thats not good THIS JURY IS TAINTED SEQUESTER THEM NOW.

          • His job is not to speak for Travis, and Travis is not his client. The people of that state of Arizona are his client. I agree that he is doing a poor job of representing them for the reasons that you stated, among others. But perpetuating the myth that he is supposed to somehow represent Travis, or his family, or his memory, or whatever, doesn’t help anybody.

          • KS,

            “Maybe I shouldn’t start my cross by verbally acting out the role of an abuser!”

            You really got me. This hit me as hysterically funny 🙂 You have just provided me with the first honest belly laugh I have enjoyed in a long time!

            You struck just the right rhythm, timing, and topicality. I docilely followed you right in there, and then punch! I was abandoned inside of JM’s mind without warning, and boy it was stupidly irrational in there!

            I am still erupting spontaneous giggles from involuntary play-backs in my head:-)


    • I gotta tell you, if I was on the jury, I would vote innocent just due to the ignorance of ‘Juan” or as I like to call him, ‘Whine.” Every question he asks makes me think he is hiding something. He is the absolute worst prosecutor I have ever seen. He comes across as an idiot and why anyone would think he was some kind of folk hero and want his autograph is way beyond me. Are people that stupid?

      Also, a comment on HLN. I thought it was a news station. They are so one sided it is almost comical. Many times, these hack on air personalities, (including Nancy Gross), actually appear to be a SNL skit. This Jane Velez joker reminds me of watching a third grade play where a ten year old is playing TV personality. Wait, that is an insult to ten year olds. I have to go to the trouble of DVRing the trial just so I don’t have to watch these absolutely horrendous announcers.

      • robert
        I couldn’t agree with you more.
        That’s like when they have the daytime shows and announce DON’T forget to watch tonight at 10:00.
        Those ads are nothing bit stupod.

        Like you said about Jane getting ready for a third grade play,
        and that 10:00 thing,

        OMG!! Talk about STUUUUUPID! They really outdid themselves on stupid with that 3rd grade play.
        They are showing the rest of the country just how STUPID they can get

        I guess they will have the juror that was knocked off of this trial asone of their silly puppet jurors.
        That show is nothing bit embarrassing. Men and women acting total ass clowns. RIDICULOUS!!!

        • Yeah April, it is crazy what you can find on cable. How do these people get jobs? I guess they are trying out for SNL

    • It is always very dangerous to everyone when a prosecutor is acting for his own reputation, the truth being of no importance, trying to make a name for himself. In some societies, this is actually viewed as a worse offense than the crime.


  1. SJ….I loved your posts..thank you!!! Perhaps you can explain to me what the hell happened yesterday…….was I delusional in my thinking that this was a trial that a young womans life is on the line?

    • Hi cindy,

      Well, we had some awesome testimony from Alyce LaViolette, which basically confirmed what we knew all along about TA – then after that the circus started again. I’ts like I’ve been saying for many weeks now… Martinez has lost the plot, he’s lost the jury and he’s lost the case… so he’s now resorting to desperation – hence his Snow White routine yesterday.

      Next week should be just as interesting.

      Team Jodi

      • That’s why the Hateful Network
        is going to do another prosecuter merathon this weeke nd.

        They want there public to believe there is only one way this could have happened.
        Now, these people haven’t kept up with the trial so they just go oh yeah she did it.
        They’re all like sheep not wanting to find out all of it.
        All of it makes me sick and IF they saw it all, they would get it.

        I’ll say it again this is the worst way a trial has been handled by a judge, prosecuter
        and NOW allow a joror that was dismissed to come in court and yes she is talking.

        The judge is like a see no evil, hear no evil, just show up and say approach so many times that you want to throw up.

        • How old are you Janey? Ten? Eleven? Twelve max? And, I don’t necessarily mean in years. These don’t matter. It seems that you are stuck at a very early emotional level to post the kind of aggressive drivel that you have left here.

        • Janey, GTFO. We don’t take kindly to your type of “Ignorant” here. We actually THINK on this website. Go on, crawl back to the gutter you came crawling out of.

  2. Yep Old Juan needs to pull on that crack pipe again, couldnt tell which end was more intelligent, his ass or his mouth, certainly will be interesting next week, the judge must be getting the second hand smoke also. Lets all keep up the support for Jodi,she will be victorious, God Bless Jodi.

  3. Excellent excellent post, SJ. I was looking forward to it and you did NOT disappoint.

    Apparently, USA Today agrees with your summary of yesterday. This could almost have been written by you. Do you moonlight for them?

    “Angry men, including the prosecutor, were the topic of conversation at the Jodi Arias murder trial on Thursday.

    So was the fairy tale Snow White.

    And there was a surprise appearance by the as-yet unidentified “Juror Number Five,” who was tossed from the jury panel Tuesday for making inappropriate remarks to other jurors. She sat defiantly in the courtroom through the afternoon, but then asked to be spirited out of the building by court security to avoid a clutch of reporters.”

    I just love their quotes about JM “Minutes into his questioning, as he tried to force LaViolette to answer questions with yes or no answers, a frequent tactic, his voice rose to a high-pitched rant. … The questioning went down from there. … But Martinez attempted to ridicule her by forcing the Alexander murder into the story line of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

    It seems the world is seeing just how ridiculous this trial is. Silly little me thought it was a trial about a man who died and a woman who is fighting for her life.

    • And oh my, how the tides are turning!

      “The axed juror arrived just in time for an afternoon of damning testimony against Alexander that included his alleged habit of targeting young, vulnerable women with whom he could push sexual boundaries and an alleged barrage of abusive text messages and e-mails in which he called Jodi “a three-hole wonder,” “a stalker” and compared the pain she caused him to the death of his father.

      After bitter sparring between prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez and LaViolette – including her sarcastically asking: “Are you angry with me?” which led the court to explode into laughter – the trial rested until Monday and mystery Juror 5 was escorted out by court security.”

      • But did you notice this line?

        ““Bitter feelings for you are brewing in me,” Travis allegedly told Jodi, threatening revenge after she deliberately left a photo at his Mesa, Arizona house, reported Michael Kiefer of the Arizona Republic.”

        Deliberately? Who EVER said that? This is the kind of thing that is getting the ignorant masses all riled up. That one word completely and totally mischaracterizes the entire incident, and implies that Jodi was somehow in the wrong. Infuriating.

          • I think they have to add “allegedly” since it’s not been proven yet. As for “deliberately,” that’s definitely paraphrasing. But these are still better articles than we’ve seen so far.

        • That’s what I wrote over on the site. She never “deliberately” left anything behind.

          A normal guy would not do what Travis did. A normal guy would have called Jodi up, let her know she forgot the picture, and ask for her address to send it.

      • Alsoabused- I just went to that article . So much hate from people, oh my God! I posted a few nice comments of Jodi though, to balance a little 🙂

    • Yes Also Abused, what were you thinking? But you are in very good company we all have been delusional in our thinking…….is this just a AZ thing or does this really happen in other states?

    • AA

      I noticed that was written by Michael Keifer. In this whole deal, Keifer is one of the few journalists who has done what a journalist is supposed to do. Just report what happens on the ground, leaving the editorializing to the op-ed pages.

    • Now for cold analysis of the last witness and what JM faces on cross.

      I think the defense did s really smart thing with this witness, let in her qualifications, then spend the better part of a week going over the communications and get in her opinion in a few short questions at the end.

      Leaves JM with very little wiggle room on cross. He’s not going to want to touch those emails, texts and IMs. If he does, and makes one little slip, they may become admissible in their entirety. He has very little room for cross on ALVs opinion. That is her opinion as an expert, and she was smart enough to not submit a report, so there is very little he can do to find errors of the kind with which he raked Samuels over the coals.

      So really the only things left for him are:

      1) Try and show that this whole DV assessment thing is some kind of mumbo jumbo. This is what he tried to do with the Snow White thing and see how that turned out.

      2) Show that in fact ALV is less than qualified. He tried to do that with her not having a PhD. I don’t know how well that goes over. Every person without a PhD knows that you can be very well qualified at what you do without that diploma.

      3) Show that his expert is better qualified than both Samuels and ALV since she has a doctorate and can prescribe medication. I wonder how well that will stand up considering she got her doctorate a year after these incidents took place.

      Let me tell you what I find a little scary about this whole thing. Have any of you actually watched that Snow White video on YouTube. I did. Two things in that video got me. Firstly there is a little quip in the beginning about a comparison between Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton. I, being a dyed in blood commie liberal, found it hilarious. But I also thought, whoa, I wonder if that would upset a conservative in AZ. The second thing was that there is a definite feminist bend to it, with a undercurrent of something akin to mild misanthropy (in the literal sense of the word). To me that sort of behavior lies on the same level as the jokes men tell about women – in poor taste and offensive. So if that video gets played in court you stand a real chance of offending conservatives and some men. It would also allow JM to argue that ALV has a bias against men. This is the problem with jokes by one gender on behalf of the other. They show a lack of taste and a certain level of bigotry that is unwarranted. My personal regard for Ms LaViolette went down just a notch after I watched that video.

      • I don’t think it was anti-male at all. There were men at that conference.

        If she is somehow anti-male, what in the heck does that make Travis? I mean, there isn’t even any comparisons here about who is the sexist one.

        • Travis was a boor of the top order. The guy was a misogynist pig and a predator. Also I believe the guy was pederast with latent homosexual leanings.

          I have absolutely no issues with gays, and I also understand the latent homosexual side of things because our society tends to debase gays and drives too many good gay folks into the closet, or keeps them from being able to come to terms with themselves. BUT I do have real problems with folks who overcompensate their issues by mistreating others. Which, I believe was TA issue.

          And that whole pedophilia thing is weird. I don’t know if that is something they can get treatment for, or not, but that is not a latent issue. They know it and I believe that at least one of TAs friends knew it, the guy who left a post on his Myspace page. I’ve never known anyone say that to someone else as a joke. There are certain things people just don’t joke about and the subject of pedophilia is one.

          As to ALV’s talk, I still believe that there was a undercurrent of anti-maleness in there. The fact that there were men present has nothing to do with it. I’ve seen numerous instances where women were present and the presentation had the same anti-female tinge to it. For starters, in the most blatant terms a bunch of standup comedian routines are that way – demeaning to women. But you see the same thing in a lot of other places. And I definitely got that feeling with ALV’s talk. Just one example, that of tying a rope to a guys genitals and the woman pulling on it every time she has a contraction. There are numerous ways to make the point that men don’t get the pain women suffer during childbirth. There is probably a real valid point there, but in our defense, we can sympathize, but its hard to actually know how painful something really is if you’ve never felt it. But conjuring up that image, and then expressing it in an open forum, in at least my mind, crosses a certain line. Can’t quite express what the line was – decency, decorum, whatever, but I found it a little off-putting.

          So while most of her talk was rather enlightening and valid, a couple of points were just off putting and that is the point I wanted to make.

          • I haven’t seen the video, but I totally agree with the principle of what you are saying. From a practical standpoint, I think that the jury will forgive her quite a lot if they like her to begin with. Plus, I doubt that many of them have PhDs, but feel competent in their respective profesions. I also have faith that most jurors can bifurcate a generalized respect for an MD from the specific regard of 35 years of experience. -Just my thoughts

          • Al, I didn’t know what myspace post you were talking about, and then I found it! Travis’ friend posting ”
            Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!
            6 years ago

            WTF????? Can the defense use this?????

              • The only thing I can think of is the probation from his Bishop.
                You said..And that whole pedophilia thing is weird. I don’t know if that is something they can get treatment for, or not, but that is not a latent issue. I say…Yes it is weird..Yes you can get treatment, No you can’t get cured, and your so right about it not a hidden issue. I know of a who Doctor who manage to hide this until he was about 60. He hid this for about 35 year, then 1 person came forth and the flood gates opened.

                You said…They know it and I believe that at least one of TAs friends knew it, the guy who left a post on his Myspace page. I’ve never known anyone say that to someone else as a joke. There are certain things people just don’t joke about and the subject of pedophilia is one.
                I say…Absolutely, I wish someone would speak up come forth. I was hoping something in those emails would allude to this.

            • Lynn,

              Now you see what I meant about the pedo stuff. I can’t imagine any of my friends joking about that stuff. Some things you just don’t kid about unless there is something behind it. Of course it begs the question about the friends character too. How many people would maintain a friendship with a guy with such tendencies.

              And that is the whole issue with the Hughes. They knew what TA was up to and yet maintained their friendship.

          • The thing with abusers, Al, is that they do not have latent homosexual tendencies, per se. They are not pedophiles, per se. They are not sexual deviants, per se. They are just sick twisted individuals who want to have as much sex, in as many different ways, as possible. Every single one of them cheats and cheats and cheats. I used to think it was a great deal for a guy to be seeing 3 women at the same time until I looked through my ex’s computer. It was a lot like Travis’s computer/phone except I lost count at about 30 women he was pursuing/seeing at the same time, plus several guys!!! In the past 25 months, I’ve talked to so many different women who had relationships with abusers, and they all tell the same story. Pardon my Egyptian here, but they will FUCK ANYTHING and do it as often, and in as many different ways, as possible!

            They also do not have steroid/alcohol or drug abuse problems that cause them to be aggressive/violent (although they may well abuse substances). This is a myth that needs to end. These men are NOT curable.

            Are they misognynists? Not really. They are just as likely to tear a man to pieces. In fact, my ex hated our neighbour who stood up to him. If you had seen the smear campaign he launched against that guy. He also stole his mail and set up cameras around our house that had views of his bedroom, etc.

            To learn more about abusers, I highly recommend to ANYONE a book by Lundy Bancroft called “Why Does He Do That”. It’s available on Amazon quite inexpensively and at libraries. It really explains a LOT about why these men are the way they are. Unfortunately, Alyce did not do a good job in explaining them and what makes them tick. I wish they had been able to use Lundy but perhaps he was tied up with some other work or they just didn’t hear of him.

            Abusive men are all about power and control in everything, including sex. They don’t have a problem with their own anger! They have a problem with their partner’s anger! They are manipulative; they feel entitled, and justified. They live a charmed life. They do not have to carry their weight in relationships. They get away with everything. They feel entitled to everything and anything. Look at Travis. He felt entitled to these women’s money! They don’t have to show their angry and controlling side to anyone outside of their relationships because they have a built-in punching bag at home. They don’t have to negotiate with their intimate partner for anything and always get their way, so they live charmed lives, essentially.

            Think for a moment about yourself and your wife going out to dinner. You want Chinese and she wants Pizza. You compromise and decide to get Chinese this week and pizza next week. Abusive men NEVER do this and their partners don’t dare contradict them. The punishment for the partner getting her way is utter hell. She learns NEVER to disagree. It’s just not worth it.

            These are some of the reasons they are the way they are!

            • Great post Also as always. Yes there was one time when I did not want to go to a restaurant my ex had decided on he slammed on the brakes and drove fast home He then went on his rant for about 5 hours yelling at me about why I was a horrible wife and throwing things at me. Calling me all types of names I will not repeat. I ran to the bedroom and locked my door but he broke it down and kept yelling calling me every name in the book. The he yelled at me to get my lazy ass in the kitchen and cook him dinner. I did of course to simmer him down as always. This is just one mild fight we had. All this over me not wanting to eat where he did. Most people would never understand why I put up with him. But at this point he had beat me down so much I had no fight in me. I was broken and battered.

              It is so refreshing to be married now to a man that knows what compromise is and he never goes in rants about such things. He said his father taught him to respect and cherish women. We we disagree about movies to watch or where to eat as you said make a compromise and be fair. My two marriages could not be more different and I am blessed to finally not have an abusive man in my life.

              • Oh AJ, you poor thing. I’m so glad you’ve found such amazing happiness now. You deserve it.

                I’m in the same situation with my fiance. We compromise easily, although most often, we just agree because neither one of us are indignant. With my ex, if I did push to go to a place I liked and he gave in, he then feigned illness. I remember once such night when I wanted Indian food. He liked Indian food so I couldn’t understand his reluctance. I got out extremely rarely as I don’t drive and was stuck in an area in FL with no public transportation, in the back of a large development. I usually went wherever he was willing to take me, but this was a night I had a yearning for Indian food. I also liked the staff there and they chatted with me. I was so isolated and my ex was the only human being I saw for months on end so I loved being able to talk to anyone — even a server!

                As soon as we got seated, ogre (my ex) feigned a toothache. He hung his head in his hand and complained under his breath about all the pain he was in. He also muttered under his breath that everyone in the restaurant was staring at me for being so cruel as to make him go out when it was obvious he was in pain. He kept muttering insults at me. I was so embarrased. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, he said that everyone had stared at my fat ass walking across the floor (I weighed 98 lbs, which was a sum total of 3 lbs more than my weight when he first met me but in his mind, I was a cow with a ginormous stomach). I asked him repeatedly if he wanted to get the food to go. He kept making a martyr of himself of course and said no, he’d stick it out because otherwise, I would say that I never get out, and he was so sick of always being the “bad guy” (this was a line he frequently used).

                All the while whispering and muttering, he continued to tell me what a selfish bitch I was for making him stay at the restaurant while his tooth hurt. He reminded me that I’m an evil person and there’s nothing good about me whatsoever, except my boobs, and even they’re not what they once were. Then he pulled out the “c” word as he reminded me that no one but him would EVER put with a “c” like me.

                After 2 glasses of wine and a few bites of food, I just had enough of his insults. I stood up, called over the server and asked for boxes for our food. It was one of the very rare times I was assertive about anything, by that point in time. I just really couldn’t take it anymore. I raised my voice and told him to get up and pay the bill so we could just go. He was absolutely livid with me. All the way home, he gave me the silent treatment.

                When we got into the house, of course, his toothache was miraculously healed and never bothered him again. He was as happy as a pig in poop. He had won, and he knew it. He was absolutely gloating. It would be a cold day in hell before I’d ever push to get to go to a place I liked again. It just wasn’t worth it. We never did go back to that restaurant again in the next several years. He picked up Indian food for us at times — which usually ended up thrown at me.

                • Wow also sounds like we went through a lot of similar things because I know we have read each others post in the past. I am just thankful we both got out and we are here to support Jodi and each other. This site is amazing and I am thankful to be able to talk to others who have similar thoughts on this trial. My computer was about to press charges against me for all the vile things I screamed at it. I know this trial is nothing to joke about but yesterday I could not stop laughing during cross. I had been crying through direct on how abusive TA truly was and then Kermit came out trying to spar with a DV expert. I guess he was trying to impress his “fans” but he could not have left me in a better state when he went down that rabbit hole into Juanderland. When my husband talked to me at lunch I was crying and when he came home I was in tears from laughing at the toad. He was like are you ok? Then I showed him the tape and he was just lost for words which does not happen often.
                  One of the many sad moments in this trial that involves DV is the fact that women are cheering on an abusive man.

                • Yes, SJ, it’s amazing when us women compare stories. It’s almost as if we were married to the exact same guy!

                  I’ve cried and been very sad with all this testimony as well. It’s really gotten to me big time! Sometimes, reading the hater comments (which I do my best to avoid), I’ve felt like they were talking about me when they slam Jodi, because honestly, they might as well be. I came from a home with abuse, blatant terrible abuse, which I ran away from at 16. Before I first dated my ex (the first time), I dated a guy who wasn’t that far from Travis in some ways. We worked together so I was his secret girlfriend. He was cheating and I didn’t know it. And he really tore up my self esteem (not that I had much at 25), and got me involved in something where he told some lies that had to do with me, and I didn’t know how to stop them, and kinda went along for a while. I’ve always felt ashamed about that. I did come clean about the lies and was targeted for them, which was very painful.

                  Then, almost right out of that, I dated the ex the first time, and really thought he was the love of my life and he ripped my heart out suddenly. I didn’t know then that was his MO to leave them wanting more, because he could always come back. I also didn’t see the red flags that I know about now. For 6 years after he broke up with me, I never really got over him. But I totally turned my life around and was very successful. I went through so much therapy about my childhood. I became a very positive person. I believed in the law of attraction before it was turned into “The Secret” and even wrote a book and gave seminars. I was on top of the world really.

                  And then, out of the blue, he came back. I thought I was living a fairy tale and my Prince Charming had come back for me. Little did I know it would be such a terrifying nightmare and that I’d really met the Prince of Darkness. In every way, he destroyed me from then on until there was really nothing left of me at all. I felt like the walking dead and used to call myself that. Even now, 25 months out, I’m still trying to find myself, and struggling with feelings of despair and low self esteem. It’s a daily struggle, sometimes, worse than others.

                  And so, what I see in Jodi is a woman so much like me back then. And it just hurts so much to see what she’s having to go through. I can’t help but wonder how she’ll come back from this. I so wish I knew her. I wish I could read out to her. And yet, all this testimony has helped me so much, even while it’s torn me up again as well. So, indirectly, Jodi has helped me. I wish I could tell her that.

                  But yes, I also laughed yesterday. Alyce rocked and she was well able for the little man.

                  I just worry a lot about what this trial is doing in terms of anyone ever being able to get a fair trial again. The ramifications are greater than anyone realizes.

                • Hugs to Also Abused and AJ. Glad you girls are happy now 😉
                  Thank you for sharing your stories. That’s bravery 😉

                • AJ, Also, or anyone,

                  What do you think of this behavior:

                  Someone I knew took me to a garden centre and told me he’d come and pick me up if I called to say I was ready. He lived close by.

                  So I called him but while I was waiting I was chatting to the woman on the checkout. I was right by the door.

                  Well, this person arrived, saw me in there through the glass, parked and just sat there in his car.

                  I saw him and went straight out with my arms full of plants, thinking he’d open the door. When I did get in he yelled merry hell at me raising his voice louder and louder until I was deafened.
                  Why? Because I wasn’t actually waiting Outside for him! He called me totally inconsiderate and just went on and on and on, and instead of going back to his place, he told me I was going home! It was my punishmen’ for being so ”inconsiderate.”

                  Not that I’d have wanted to go back to his place after that.

                • Thank you Suzy, you’re so kind.

                  Heather, I would run away from someone like that. That is classic manipulation and bait and switch. Have NOTHING more to do with him. No contact is the only way to shut these people down.

            • AA,

              I just keep learning stuff here.

              You know some of us are fortunate to be sheltered from the evil that resides in this world and even though we know that it exists, the real extent of the malady is hidden.

              The more I hear about this the more my heart goes out to people like you who have had to put up with this crap.

              I don’t know why I’m saying this, but I’m so sorry this happened to you.

              • I understand Al. Truly anyone who has been sheltered from this is lucky. But I applaud you for not having gone through it or known anyone who has gone through it and yet, wanting to understand. That takes a rare kind of person, and that’s what I see in you. Bless your heart!

                The saddest thing is that you may well know someone evil like this. He may work with you. He may be your doctor, or your children’s doctor. He may be your next door neighbour. But you’d never know and you probably think he’s charming. He may have a wife he is terrorizing and you may think they look like the happiest couple in the world. That’s how well hidden this is. But perhaps after all this, you might just begin to see the cracks.

                I remember once before my ex and I got married. We were living together in my apartment in Chicago. I had my own business and worked from home. My ex used to mention a guy from Germany who lived across the hall. He got together with him. He talked about us getting together since I’d been to Germany. He said he told him about me. At some point later, my ex broke up with me (and oh how I wish I’d made him stay away). He moved out. It was all of a sudden and I was very upset. I went to the store to get booze. I was coming home and getting in the elevator and this guy got in. He saw me crying and said “Is it because of a broken heart?” I said yes. He said “I’m sorry. I just went through it. It’s so hard.”

                When the elevator stopped, we both turned the same way. There were only 3 apartments in that direction. I started to turn my key in the one on the left and he turned towards me in shock. “Do you live there?” I said yes. He said “Did you just move in?” I said oh no, I’ve lived here for 10 years. He said “No, that’s ogre’s apartment.” I said, and ogre is the one who broke my heart. He said his name, and I knew who he was. He said we had to talk and invited me into his apartment and I went, with my bottle of wine. We sat and talked until 4 a.m. Ogre had never mentioned me, never mentioned he’d been living with me for more than 2 years, never said he even had a girlfriend. The guy always thought ogre was coming on to him, actually. He thought he was gay. I wish I’d listened then. But I laughed at that. Ogre gay? Ogre, the great womanizer before me? The guy had stopped returning ogre’s calls and avoided him in the hallway and elevator.

                The guy told me that he really didn’t like ogre because he found him far too charming to be real. Also, he had noticed that ogre never really answered questions about himself. Instead, he turned them into a question about you. And then, he acted as if he was hanging on your every word. I was shocked because I’d known ogre for 12 years then. I’d never realized this side of him. And unfortunately, I didn’t then either. The guy predicted ogre would call me that night and it was good I wasn’t home. We ended up hanging out all weekend and he wouldn’t let me check my messages. Of course, ogre had called non-stop.

                It was less than a year later that ogre and I got married and I told the guy across the hall beforehand — although ogre had told me not to hang with him and said he just wanted my body and he was a pervert. He looked at me and said “Turn back now, before you can’t. Ogre is a bad bad guy.” I wish I’d listened.

                So, I guess what I’m trying to say is think, think about your friends, people you know, think about guys your daughter(s) bring home. If they seem too good to be true, they probably are. And if they don’t really answer personal questions but seem to hang on your every word and have a real interest in you or your wife, don’t fall for it. What they do is collect information so they seem to be attentive listeners. Watch for them, and you may find that you know more of them than you realized. They make up at least 1-5% of our society, and 1 in 4 women is abused. Right now, in your block, in your neighbourhood, and within your circle of friends, some woman is being abused, and she has no one to talk to, and she’s afraid.

              • I am sorry for everyone who ever lived or still lives in an abusive home. Hopefully this trial will help those people get help and change. Even JM. Trying to see the good over the evil.

            • Thank you AA, for pointing out the abuser profile, and illustrating it with the tortures you went through in your life with him. You’re enlightening me too. Thank you.

          • Al, I came up with something I think you may get a kick out of… explains one of the many issues with the world today….in my opinion anyway….which, we all know should be regarded as gospel.

            I’ve discovered a new Socially Transmitted Disease and, in the language I refer to as Krystalish (a collection of words I am known to spontaneously create and use as if they are actual words), it has been named Hypocrabes. Pronounced; hi-pa-cra-bees. It is a combination of Hypocrisy, Crabs, and Herpes because it is Hypocrisy in it’s most advanced state and, at this advanced level, it spreads faster than crabs and, like Herpes, it is not curable. In fact, Hypocrabes can not be treated at all, as the individuals suffering with this Socially Transmitted Disease are beyond help. They simply just don’t care or they just don’t get it. They are stupid, by definition, and we all know you can’t fix that either.

            After doing some extensive data collecting during my research of this particular disease’s origins, including how and who is responsible, it became clear to me the answer to both of those questions proved to be the Mainstream Media Whores. The Talking Heads, more specifically. Apparently, they’ve been busy mind fucking thousands upon thousands of people day in and day out without even once washing their asses. They just mind fucked a thousand here then went and mind fucked another thousand there, over and over. As a result, Hypocrabes is now considered to be pandemic.

            Hypocrabes kills through it’s ignorance and narrow mindedness. Watch yourselves. You don’t need to be in the same room with someone to contract this. Like crabs jump, so does Hypocrabes. Simply listening to HLN, the cess pool breeding ground for this disease, as background noise could put you at risk of contracting Hypocrabes.

            Be afraid… very afraid.

      • Al – I always tend to agree with you. I have not watched the Snow White video, but I will do that. I bet that JM will try to bring it in, thats why he went the Snow White route.

      • Al, a Ph.D. level psychologist cannot prescribe medicine unless he/she takes an additional couple of years study in pharmacology, and even that’s only in some states. I don’t see where Dr. DeMarte studied pharmacology and nothing I’ve seen on her says she can prescribe. Where did you get that info?

        • I have no idea what her qualifications are. I just assumed she was a psychiatrist because JM made such a big deal about Samuels not being able to prescribe.

              • Dr Samuels has a PhD. Does the APA approved residency put her above other practicing psychologists, or do they all have to undergo some for of residency. After all they do treat patients.

                • They all have to go through a residency. She’s no different than Dr. S. Well, except for she’s got 3 years of experience and he has 35!

                • Actually, I should say that 35 years ago when Dr. S qualified, he might not have had to go through a residency. That was a long time ago. But he’s done multiple residencies in practice since then.

          • Oh the tricks of JM, huh? And how he ripped on Alyce for not having a Ph.D. But his great expert has had her license for 3 years, and only had it for a year when she evaluated Jodi. Sickening, huh?

            • I’ll bet that JW/KN will handle that adeptly- and without insulting Dr. DeMarte or eliciting uncontrollable laughter from the gallery.

          • Her dissertations were published of course. And one other paper about the onset of menarche and mental illness connection. I can’t remember what the dissertations were about. I’m on the train right now but I’ll look again when I get home. They were under her university I believe. Villaneuva or something like that. There was absolutely nothing domestic violence related. And regular therapists are not trained in it apparently. My counselors told me that. I don’t know how JM expects to stack her up against Samuels and alyce’s almost 70 years of combined experience.

      • gee not having a phd my dad did not finish school read books from a-z and built space ship to the moon.

  4. Juror #5 did not do her legal duty, and was dismissed. In my mind, that is the same as being FIRED. What job do you have that once you are “let go” “Termiated” “Fired” “Given the boot”…where you get to come back and hang out with your former co workers?????? EVEN if you dont talk to them?
    Once again… Judge Sherry, needs to derobe, and shove those nasty glasses up on her stupid blonde head and ask if there are any positions in the cafeteria.

    I have NEVER been so glad that I am not a tax payer in AZ as I was after watching that news report!

      • Watch, she will be back when trial resumes. They have a four day weekend to get this going, but no, she will be sitting there with her “I can if I want to” bulldog face. The fact that she showed up the day after, and then had to be escorted out, shows Narccisism and some kind of social delayment that tells me that EVEN THE JURY SELECTION WAS DONE POORLY.

        What was done correctly in this trial? Can someone start a list? I am sure it wont take long….

        • I will apoligise now for my terrible grammar, spelling, and inserted capital letters. But its morning, and Friday and I am in for one hell of a day (already found out that we have heating problems and im still in my jammies.!!!!)

          • Everyone wants to make an ordeal about the amount of money being spent on Jodi’s defense, which is her constitutional right, yet nobody is complaining about the tax dollars being spent to provide EX JUROR #5 with security detail!!

            • Detective Flores is paid a salary paid by AZ taxpayers ………to just sit at a table in the courtroom with the prosecutor every day…….all day.

                • maybe they found out he did a poor job with jodi and for punishment they are making him sit thru the trial to learn something they dont want him on any more cases

            • What about the salary’s the state of az taxpayers are paying for the Judge, Prosecutor, the detective, all the court court clerks, deputies, jailers, investigators……. and so on? Who’s wasting all the time? All the news people only mention what the defense is being paid.

              P.S. While the jury is being paid what….$12-14 dollars a day!!!! And so far 3 months have taken time out of their lives and paid peanuts. Hardly pays for their gas & lunches.

        • Correctly executed courtroom tasks and procedures-

          1. Names spelled correctly and assigned their correct owners. (I don’t know if your name is something you “own” but I couldn’t think of a way to describe it)
          2. All parties got dressed
          3. All parties are present
          4. Bulb of the projector correctly installed
          5. All parties in the courtroom are sitting correctly.
          6. At least one individual in the courtroom correctly came to the conclusion that Juan Martinez still sleeps with a blankie, sucks his thumb, and has a race car bed.

          I could go on and on so, OBVIOUSLY, your implication that nothing is done correctly is an asinine one. For shame, Shan72, for fucking SHAME! Now, go over to the corner and put yourself on time out for 5 minutes.

          **Even though it should go without saying, I am SO being a smart ass. Just thought I’d be clear about this, though, because I have never directly interacted with you through comments and I didn’t want you to mistake the tone of the message for seriousness :D**

    • It’s mind-boggling. Not to mention prejudicial and even possibly intimidating to the other jury members. She reminds me of the spoiled bully kid who got caught and punished. Then sat in the corner glaring at the other little kids that got him in trouble.

      • I completely agree. And the fact of the matter is that she was dismissed from the jury for making inappropriate remarks amounting to jury misconduct. If this was a juror who was excused because she fell ill, or some other benign reason, I could see people saying let her back in.

        But this juror was dismissed for jury misconduct. When you commit a violation of rules you have sworn to follow, you give up a right to participate in that event. There is no way under the sun that this woman should have been allowed back into the courtroom. I think the judge really blew it on that one.

    • I’ve modified my thinking on this slightly. I read/heard somewhere in this melee that she is Serbian, and that she has an accent, which makes me think that she wasn’t born here, but must be a naturalized citizen. Do you think that it’s possible that she takes her duty so seriously because she prizes her citizenship tremendously? Or doesn’t understand the delicate way in which the jury status should be protected (evidenced by her popping off to begin with)? I’m not saying that the defense made a mistake in jettisoning her. For one thing, they did the voir dire, so they know way more about her than we do at this point. Plus, she’s just too much of a wild card either way, whether her statements were general or specific. My (potential) point is just that she might be more rah-rah about her participation in the system, and lack a full understanding of why we do things exactly the way that we do because of her naturalized status.

      • I’m not giving free passes to immigrants. I’m one. She speaks English well enough. I suspect she’s just trying to get attention so she can write a book. I mean really if she just wanted to watch the trial, she could have done that at home.

        • I read on a hater site she GLOWS when Juan is speaking she may be in love. Sending her love smiles when he is ranting.

          • @ Rhonda in Alabama- If this is true then, the only conceivable explanation I can come up with would be that she has a glowstick up her ass because, let’s just call a spade a shovel, that is the only way anyone could actually glow when looking at Juan Martinez. Just saying.

            However, I am open to other possible ways one would glow around Juan Martinez, should anyone feel kind enough to share them with me.

    • If that juror really did care so much about this trial and its outcome-verdict she shlould have kept her mouth shut so as not to have been kicked out.Why is she there anyway?To show contempt to Jodi?Or support?Or simply that she’s interested and engaged in this trial?I don’t get it.She had better stay at home and watch the live feed,she has caused enough trouble already!

  5. This woman has a bulldog face like Miss Piggy AKA Nancy Grace. and the male reporter did say that THE JURORS WERE LOOKING AT HER! To me- THAT is enough to say that she either MUST LEAVE, or that she is tainting the jury with her presence.

    Mistrial. Mistrial Mistrial???????????????? I dont want to see it because of the cost, but really, I also DO want to see it because of the unfairness of all of this

    Also last night on some show, _ oh DR DREW- it was his replacement…. one of the male lawyer guests was OPENLY DISGUSTED with being invited there to talk about her hair, and if I find the link again I will post it. He was like “Really? Her hair? ”

    It would really help alot if people would refuse to be on these shows for their own good, I think that being on an HLN legal show… is much like rolling in dog shit. You start to smell like it after a while yourself. Its just stupid to continue these antics.
    I know if I was trying to find people to fill a segment on a real news show, I would stay clear away from any of the HLN participants because of their clown like demeanor, and commentary, which is a shame because we all know they are told EXACTLY what they can and cant say on the air on those shows. Why destroy a credible career by even being on one of them?
    I am angry and pissy this morning. I blame Juan Martinez. Bastard- I now cannot think of Snow White or even look at little people without his ugly mug entering my mind. WTF?

    • The sulking, petty bully known as Juror #5 needs to -POOF- vanish altogether. There is absolutely nothing good to come from her being in that courtroom. PERIOD. Absolutely nothing. She had her front row pass and moral obligation, and she blew it! Go home already!

    • Shan72

      I’ll say the same thing to you as I have to others. Don’t watch the darned channel. All you do is boost their ratings. And remember ratings these days are collected through the set top boxes, so if you tune in you are in effect giving NG and Dr Drew and all the rest of those bozos a raise.

      Don’t do it. It serves no purpose other than to rob you of your own peace of mind and give NG a raise.

      Just come to this page, where you can have a reasoned discussion. We may not always agree with what everyone says on this site, but fortunately SJ and crew, who by the way have done a masterful job, allow the discussion to occur as long as it is on a mature and decent level.

      Once again, let those folks stew in their own misery. Life’s too short for that stuff.

  6. I cannot believe that HLN which is part of CNN is presenting this trial this way. They are reducing
    themselves to the lowest common denominator. Now they are exploiting Jodie arias s parents
    for ratings.

    I am old enough to remember the Sam Shepard case in the l950 s. This case has similarities. I hope there
    are some appealable issues when it is over. The media is overstepping their bounds

    • The Doctor Sam Sheppard case: Media Ethics With A Life At Stake: Trial By Media
      Sheppard vs. Maxwell 384 US 333


      • Will
        I have posted that many times, My Mom told me about this case I was also a huge Fan of F.Lee Bailey and he did a great Job getting Sheppard another Trial. Which is an historical case.

        In the Sheppard Case In 1954, Dr. Sam Sheppard was found guilty in the murder of his wife.
        F Lee Bailey, at the time a resident of Rocky River, Ohio, was hired by Sheppard’s brother Stephen to help in his brother’s appeal. In 1966, Bailey successfully argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that Sheppard had been denied due process, winning a re-trial. A not-guilty verdict followed. In an 8-1 decision the Court found that Sheppard did not receive a fair trial. Noting that although freedom of expression should be given great latitude, the Court held that it must not be so broad as to divert the trial away from its primary purpose: adjudicating both criminal and civil matters in an objective, calm, and solemn courtroom setting. The blatant and hostile trial coverage by Cleveland’s radio and print media, and the physical arrangement of the courtroom itself – which facilitated collaboration between the prosecution and present media – all combined to so inflame the jury peoples’ minds against Sheppard as to deny him a fair trial. The Court concluded that the trial judge should have either postponed the proceedings or transferred them to a different venue.

      • Oh you betcha Tony and isn’t that in Florida? They have the sunshine laws there so one can probably already get tons of pages of discovery long before the trial starts. I know I had read thousands of pages long before the Casey Anthony trial started and when I was watching it via a live stream, they had a chat and I couldn’t figure out what trial those people were watching because it sure wasn’t the same trial I was watching.

  7. Shan72….he is abusing us all….Please do not let it get to you, he will be a has been after this is all done and Jodi is set free…

    Why is it that KN can not get the jury sequestered….does he not have the right to go above this judge?

    • Cindy, yes and no (in regards to KN going above the judge). Essentially, the judge is the arbiter in her courtroom and the highest authority therein until the trial ends. Now, KN *could* file an interlocutory appeal to the AZ Supreme Court. He actually filed one of those already in regards to probable cause indictment (due to Flores changing his story) I believe. He was denied on that one. So, yes, he could file another one and he has 10 days from the ruling to do so. But it requires also submitting a brief with a great deal of research, and he’s in the middle of a trial. He could ask the supreme court to consider his appeal on an emergency basis, and they would probably oblige. He would have to show irreparable harm, which could not be remedied during a plenary appeal (after the case is over) and that’s not easy to do. Also, it’s unlikely that the appellate court would do much before deliberations begin, so it might not be all that beneficial and he can restate his motion to the judge for sequestration before deliberation begins.

      Another point here is that if Jodi is convicted and he needs to file a plenary appeal, he won’t want the justices to see him as overly litigious and having filed two appeals, they may frown a little.

  8. Now that the trial which initially was about a woman on trial for her life appears to be over and a new trial has started about abuse in fairy tales, I am hoping next week JM can get to the bottom of the Jack and Jill story as I have many concerns about went on when Jack and Jill went up the hill as to what actually went on at the top of the hill obviously some altercation took place between them as Jack fell down and broke his crown and of course Jill came tumbling after but who was at fault-Jack or Jill? Did Jack assault Jill who then defended herself? Totally confused over this one!

    • And how about the cannibalistic serial killing giant with a penchant for the blood of Englishmen?

      By the way when he came after jack and Jack cut down the beanstalk, did Jack not have an obligation to flee? So was that really self defense or M2?

      Oh and just in the passing, did Jack trade his cow for 3 beans or four? And doesn’t that show M1, since he knew that the cow couldn’t get him up to the giant’s lair. Of course since he was stealing stuff from the giant may be we ought to have an alternative charge of felony murder.

      This is some serious stuff folks!

      • No plea negotiations for Jack. He deserves the death penalty. And as for allegations that the giant molested him, well, he was a brat and deserved it anyway for luring the giant into a relationship with him by brainwashing giant into believing he is cute when really he is just a skank. Giant never molested any boys before.

    • Ah, Canadian Snowdog, We must not dismiss the possibility that there was a third person up on the hill already who was responsible for pushing them BOTH down the hill. Or, perhaps an accident occurred which caused them to lose their footing. We should not assume from the evidence presented that there was any altercation between Jack and Jill.

    • Canadian Snowdog,
      you know what else is serious stuff??
      That evil wolf who was either secretly in love with the grandma(that’s why he killed her)or with Little Red Riding Hood herself,that’s why he was lurking,trying to attack and rape her!!!!
      Help,help!Call the Sheriff(or better yet Martinez the fairytale expert)to look into that case of bastard canid!!We’re in serious danger!

    • OMG now I understand Jack & Jill. He was a wife beater, the little sod. Thank you so much.

      Now, what about Jack Sprat and his wife? Do you think she really couldn’t eat lean, or was he depriving her of it? Will Kermit explain this to us next week?

  9. Don’t know where to post this, but I got a response from amazon:

    Hello Silvia ,

    I looked into your recent reports of violations of our Review Guidelines regarding “It Could Happen To Anyone: Why Battered Women Stay.” We’re aware that that there is a possible campaign for this title using our Customer Reviews, and that some reviews don’t adhere to our guidelines. We appreciate that you took the time to contact us to bring this situation to our attention.

    We’re taking steps to prevent this from reoccurring. However, it will take some time to remove the reviews that violate our guidelines. I appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this problem. Any changes made will appear soon.

    You can see our participation guidelines here:

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,
    Ahkeel P

    • This is progress for sure. They will probably turn off reviews on the book until the minions go back to their nests and devour their young.

    • I too went and reported the reviews. They’re all saying she’s trying to cash in with this book because of the trial and the damn thing was written in 2000 so it ain’t like she wrote the book in anticipation of being on national TV 🙂

      • Thank you Sil,
        I was very concerned about those false reviews and the effect they would have on ALV’s sales and reputation. This is good news. You have helped settle the anxiety that this travesty was causing me. Keep us posted 🙂

    • Thanks, Sil.
      Am also waiting for an answer from Amazon on my complaint. They said they would reply in 12 hours, but 48 have passed. I’m patient, and I will also all let you know of the answer.

  10. Hilarious post, SJ! Yesterday’s court proceedings were a farce! JM is constantly proving what an asshole he really is. What a joke.
    As for Juror #5, someone on Facebook said it best: she is back in the court room while she waits for the highest bidder!

  11. Cindy raised a very good question about why KN cannot seem to go above this Judge. Is there not a process? I am sure that there should be a process in place where they can see how this trial is being run. The naysayers will say we are claiming we have issues because we are prodefense, but that is not true. She simply does not have control of the courtroom, and it is clearly obvious from her allowence of the WTF Snow White Vs Martinez pony show yesterday.
    At what point does her “boss” so to speak, come in and gently remove her from her chair with an apologetic smile to the crowd of bystanders? Someone has to do this soon, very soon.

    • Shan72,

      There is a process, an immediate appeal to the court of appeals and KN has been there once and was turned down. The court of appeals can grant an immediate injunction against an action by the trial court if the appellant can show the following:

      1. The trial court erred in a decision.
      2. The error is of such gravity, that if the case continues under the current conditions, there is no cure available to the appellant for the harm done to the appellant’s case.

      I talked to a friend of mine a while ago about this, and he told me that such appeals are available in most jurisdictions. However, in most cases such appeals by the defense are turned down because they don’t meet the second test, i.e. there are no cures available. This is because, should the error lead to a conviction, the defendant still has the whole appeals process available. However, they are often granted for the prosecution, because if the error leads to an acquittal then the prosecution can’t appeal it and hence no cure is available.

  12. This sham of a trial would not be taking place if not for Juan Martinez. A plea was proposed and he refused it. It is not my place to judge but this is arrogance on his part. Judge Sherry Stephens should have sequestered the jury. The request of the defense was not unreasonable as they provided a valid reason for the jury to be secluded. I find it hard to believe in this high profile trial that jurors have not been exposed to outside factors. For instance, how many go to Walgreen’s or the food market where at the registers they have those “scandal sheets?” Do not tell me someone did not see a sensationalized headline that caught their eye. If they get in their car, turn on the radio, and start driving they risk hearing the headlines of the trial on the news. I live on the East Coast and have heard details on the radio.

    As I mentioned yesterday, what stops a juror from researching a witness or have someone do it for them.
    Another thing that troubles me is how supporter’s of Travis Alexander are going to websites and damaging the good name of expert witness and their good work. It seems Dr. Samuels disappeared and not doubt it is because of harassment. Alyce will not disappear that quickly. She is experienced and knowledgeable in her field of work. She is very experienced in dealing with anger and abuse which is what I am seeing Mr. Martinez display more and more. Her work has been validated, almost carved in stone over the years.

    At the end of the day, Jodi’s fate is in the hands of 12 people. My guess is that their minds have already been made up. Jodi has been supported by some wonderful people such as her Defense Team, Dr. Samuels, and Alyce. They have provided her with things maybe her own family are unable to provide her with.

    This is a safe place to visit for all who have empathy and understanding that humans make mistakes. It is what we learn from our mistakes that is of ultimate importance.

  13. Expect HLN to attack Snow White as a cocaine-using, gold-digging slut who sexually serviced 7 ugly, little men as she screwed her way to the top.

  14. It was truly a sad day yesterday. What is even sadder is that the minions of haters, in their celebrating what they see as JM putting ALV in her place fail to see the what he has really done.

    We have lost so many to domestic violence, for every one of us that had the courage to overcome our fear and get out, there are many who couldn’t do that and it cost them their lives. And now I fear we will lose even more, because of the antics of a man who has in essence insinuated domestic violence and battered women syndrome are nothing but a myth. In turn giving abusers permission to continue the cycle of abuse and he went on to prove it by abusing Alyce.

    My heart is hurting, we had come so far and now in the span of just minutes, put what ground we have gained he has put in jeopardy.

    • Don’t despair Gail. I truly believe that when Jodi gets acquitted, many people will see JM for what he really is, a bully and an asshole who would trample over anyone to get a win in court. He’s such a lowlife.

    • Martinez is a DISGRACE not only to all Prosecutors and the entire judicial system but also to all battered women whose efforts to speak out against their abusers and be heard took decades for our society to stop and listen!!! And now that we´ve made headway this man is MAKING A MOCKERY of it all!
      Abused women out there should unite and denounce him or sth!!

    • I feel the same. It makes me sad that many might not get help or get out due to the attitudes during this trial of DV. They are being told this is a normal relationship and that scares the hell out of me for the future. Women cheering on an abusive man just makes it worse.

  15. I asked this question in the other thread, but it got lost in all the comments: What was it that precipitated that rant from Travis, the text that was 16 pages long and was six hours in duration? I am trying to remember what it was. Did it have anything to do with Jodi talking to a friend about the sexual nature of the relationship and he was afraid of being exposed, or was he mad over her forgetting to take that picture he made for her back to Yreka, or was it something else? I know it was discussed at trial, but I can’t remember right now.

    • It sounds like from the Radar Online piece he went into the tirade after she accidentally left that picture in Mesa.

      • It wasn’t specified in the testimony of ALV. I had to replay the testimony to see what it was, but I know Jodi had talked about texts/IM in her testimony.

        I just can’t remember the circumstances surrounding that horrible rant.

    • Renee, I HAD THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM last night!! The site went down and when I finally accessed it,I couldnt post;all I got was a ”you are posting too quickly please slow down”message!
      I felt helpless,I even thought I had said sth to upset SJ and got banned…
      Is it hacking?It seems to be happening a lot lately.

  16. I was wondering if anyone knows about something I read about I think yesterday. (I’ve read so much I lose track of where I found it)

    Anyways, I read somewhere about Dr. Drew’s dirty little secret, Katie Wick and something about M&Ms, and some having ‘in the fog’ written on them? What I read went on to say that she gave them to JM and he giggled???

    What is that all about? Anyone?

    • Spectators gave JM personalized m&m’s with his name on them and some other sayings like “its your fog”. So now JM is getting ties and personalized candy from the gallery.

      • And this is okay? For some reason I always believed prosecutors, defense lawyers, officers of the court always took steps to ensure they were above reproach. Silly Me!

        • He is not trying a case at this point, he is acting for his adoring fans. The crazier he acts, the more they love him.

          • I read about that M & M fan of his. Which makes me want to puke. He has women passing out and not being able to breath like meeting Elvis or the Beatles, Next women will be hurling their underwear at him. Does anyone remember what the trial is about? Seems like Dopey has lost all touch with reality.

            • And the sad thing is that it’s women who act crazy around him.Women! I guess they have yet to understand that their ‘idol’ is doing his best to ridicule a Domestic Violence victim(namely Jodi)and a Domestic Violence expert!

          • Keep it coming, groupies. The more he id distracted /deluded by them, the less he will be able to try this case effectively.

      • Are you all sure that what the juan peeps gave him were actually ‘m & m’s’? And not some extra strong breath mints? 🙂

    • Im sorry but she reminds me so much of Barbra Jean from the Reba show I have taken to calling her BJ .. I am not referring to the actress herself but the character.:)

  17. So many people should be ashamed of themselves ….

    The Judge, who i believe from the very beginning has been in over her head, i think at this time she is just treading water to try and stay afloat.

    The Prosecutor who has made a mockery of our justice system, and has let the unending adulation of the “media” and mindless .. raging fans inflate his head & ego so much so that every cross examination turns into “The Juan Martinez Variety Show”

    Starring … Juan Martinez as … The,

    Character Assassin
    Weaver Of Words

    and introducing his new persona ….. Sleazy Dwarf

    The Media …. the HLN/CNN Ghouls Gallery with their “Faux Experts” .. “Very Offensive – Defense Attorneys” and lest i forget …. Drew – (I’m not really a Dr but i play one on tv) – Pinsky who have whipped the masses into such a frenzy .. day after day .. night after night filling their heads with outright lies, spewing their venom and unwarranted hate towards Jodi .. her Defense and their Experts. I’ve said this before, but the only things missing are the “Pitch Forks & Torches”

    This whole charade.. with it’s angry mob and “Kill” mentality makes a Frankenstein movie look like …. well ……

    Snow White!

    They should all be ashamed ……

    The Mob should take off their “Hate Blinders” open their minds .. and hearts and realize that Jodi is “NOT” the monster the media is portraying her to be .. or that TA was “NOT” was not the “Saint” or the person everyone thought he was … he certainly did not deserve to die, but in my opinion he “Was” an abuser and for the masses to disregard his own words is a terrible injustice!

    I wish that he would have gotten the help he desperately needed …
    I wish Jodi could have broken free from him before all this happened …

    I pray for both Jodi and TA … and pray that the lights will suddenly .. “Switch On” and the haters will realize they are being Duped by HLN!

    I pray for everyone here!

  18. I have continued to watch the police interrogation with Detective Flores and am on video number five at the moment. I honestly believe that Flores is now sitting in the courtroom asking Jodi silently why she couldn’t tell him all these things in the first place when he questioned her. She should have gotten a lawyer straight away. I am not saying that I am on the side of the prosecution at all but I do think if she had been able to tell what happened she would not be facing the horrendous charges she is now. It seems to me that Flores did not really think that she went there to kill Travis but something happened. This entire thing is so very sad and having it turned into a circus is terrible.

      • So far I have only watched half of the interrogation and it is all on the day she is arrested. She has been read her miranda rights twice, and I have yet to see her either say she will waive her rights to an attorney or ask for an attorney, although she may have done that when she was first placed under arrest. I found this bit interesting:
        Arias: She (Sky Hughes) told me all kinds of stuff about Travis that I wasn’t aware of.

        Flores: What kinds of stuff?

        Arias: They (Chris and Sky Hughes) said that if I didn’t get away from Travis I was going to become just like Deanna. Do you want to waste six years of your life waiting for him?

        Flores: Because he can’t commit.

        Arias:He told Deanna I love you and all that kind of stuff.

        Flores:I believe he does love her but Travis had a uhhh.. he’s what you call a player. He kinda pulls girls in but he can’t make a commitment. He portrays himself to be a certain way but he’s really not. He portrays himself to have a lot of money but he’s not.
        Arias: With Chris and Sky, by the end of the conversation they started calling me Deanna.

        Flores: How did you feel about that?

        Arias: My biggest concern was losing respect in their eyes because I really looked up to them. I would have laughed it off but I feared inside that I was losing that respect. Travis wrote a big email to Sky and she wrote back stating why do you kiss Jodi in the dark and in the daytime act like you two are not together?
        This was taken from the very first interrogation video.

        • Poor Jodi.And poor Deanna.I have said early on that Deanna was/is as much of a victim of TA as Jodi was/is…

          • Deanna has his pictures all over her FB page and they are stating that she and him were a couple he gave her a ring etc. You Can see her FB Page Deanna Reid! Very Strange She is 100% pro Travis!!

            • Not so strange actually.Deanna was manipulated by him as much as Jodi,I imagine.She never broke free from his spell and after he died she kinda idolised him even more.I see her as just another girl who happened to fall for the wrong guy.IMHO,of course.

        • debbie you did good there is more here you missed the question posed to sky by the defence lawyer

      • Jodi would not give any information at all at first,she kept telling them she was not there and those charges were laid before she was arrested and interrogated on these videos. It seems everybody and their brother pointed the finger at Jodi when they found Travis’s body.

          • Tonya you should watch these interrogation videos. At one point Flores tells Jodi that some neighbours saw her there on June 4th and she said how could that be? Last time I saw any of the neighbours my hair was blonde.

  19. Okay…. so yesterday, was at minimum, the craziest mother fucking thing I have ever witnessed in a court of law. I felt like suddenly, this was the biggest joke/farce/parody I had ever seen. JM trying to turn the death of that asshole into some damn fairy tail?? The judge continuously overruling objections…. isn’t cross supposed to follow the scope of direct? Was alice in wonderland spoken of in Alyce’s testimony??

    This stupid, arrogant, manic, grade A Asshole had the last 30 minutes in front of the jury before the weekend, and he allowed Alyce to hand him his asshole this way?

    My husband has been semi following this trial, mostly through me and live streams I have shown him.

    Until yesterday, he was convinced of two things:

    Travis was a giant douche-bag prick, and Jodi was guilty.

    That all changed for him yesterday. Watching Kermi’s rant, he suddenly decided that this prosecutor deliberately THREW this case. He said no self-respecting attorney would stand there and do the things he did. He then asked me to show him the 48 hours interview of Jodi. He then dug around a little through the evidence.

    He is now CONVINCED Jodi is a patsy, and she is lying out of fear. He is convinced Sky and Chris H had something to do with this, that it is a giant conspiracy, and that the DA is deliberately throwing the case because the plan is to have Jodi killed once she is acquitted. He is 100% convinced of a Mormon cover-up.

    My husband is not a conspiracy theorist, so this really surprised me.

    I might be looking at this from some new angles today.

    • If he’s throwing this case, a distinct possibility, it’s because he knew he lost the case (at least for murder one) as soon as the phone call and text messages were introduced at trial.

      • tonysam,

        I said this a while ago. I believe that JM has done some things in court that are just so beyond the pale that it made me wonder if he was actually trying to get a mistrial himself. He over-charged this case to such a large extent, that there is a real chance he will get nothing. And he had an M2 plea he could have taken. When they loose this big the prosecutors get drummed out of office. Remember Chris Darden and Marcia Clark, Gil Garcetti essentially told them not to let the door hit them on their butts on the way out.

        I think at this stage JW and KN should make their arguments for the record, when needed, but the guy who really wants that mistrial is JW. He has to argue against it for the look of things but I think he’s really working towards a mistrial. Just look at all the stuff that’s happened in the last two days:

        1. The release of the tapes of Jodi’s parents that serve no purpose other than to incite the public. This is something that is specifically prohibited by the Rules of Conduct for prosecutors, to whit

        “except for statements that are necessary to inform the public of the nature and extent of the prosecutor’s action and that serve a legitimate law enforcement purpose, refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused and exercise reasonable care to prevent investigators, law enforcement personnel, employees or other persons assisting or associated with the prosecutor in a criminal case from making an extrajudicial statement that the prosecutor would be prohibited from making under ER 3.6 or this Rule”

        2. The presence of Juror #5 in the courtroom yesterday. I think it would have been incumbent on JM to argue against her presence.

        3. His yelling and screaming at witnesses and throwing stuff is calling for a misconduct issue.

        4. And then there is this whole Snow White thing

        • Given the fact Jodi’s parents have supported her throughout this ordeal and the fact those tapes aren’t evidence in the trial, release of them is pointless EXCEPT to manipulate public opinion.

        • Sorry Al, I have to disagree. He still believes he’s going to win. He’s out for blood and these tactics have worked for him before.

          I don’t believe he would ever admit releasing those tapes. And I don’t believe anyone could have stopped Juror 5 from being in the courtroom (except herself).

          And even if JM doesn’t win in court, he has a book deal and a movie deal ahead of him. So, he still wins.

          • “And even if JM doesn’t win in court, he has a book deal and a movie deal ahead of him. So, he still wins.”

            I dont know AlsoAbused, when Martinez feels the loss of this trial deep in his “pregenual anterior cingulate cortex” (the part of the brain that feels embarassment), his possible movie deal/book deal won’t erase the scar that will be left behind. It won’t erase the true “winner”, Jodi.

            It wouldn’t matter if Martinez won or lost this trial, regardless he would have these deals. It’s not truly winning.

            Winning, will be Jodi. No matter how many books or movies Marinez writes or stars in about his failure, his lies, and his tacky, evil tactics. He’ll always be a failure and his “rockstar” status will fade just as quickly as it became.

            And who could watch a movie with all his screaming a flailing and abusive behavior anyway?

            Don’t worry – Martinez will come in last.

          • I believe she could have been called to witness.
            I guess the defense decided against it.
            I know when my brother was going to witness, my husbans and I wanted to go in there, but the DA said they could call us out of the gallery to testify.
            Do could the defense ask her since she was in court to testify?

    • Great post and yes my husband who has watched bits and pieces of it has said from the beginning she was taking the fall for someone. After he watched 48 hours he thought it is was some type of cover up with PPL and that Mormon group. In her early interrogation tapes she really looks like she is in fear for her families life.

      • Yes, and there is no forensic evidence that disproves that. Also, I think it’s interesting that she bought a 9mm gun after going home, and she was ready to leave Yreka when they arrested her. I used to think she was running away from being arrested. Now I think she was running away for fear of her life and to protect her family.

    • I wouldn’t put anything past this Proscecutor and the Pro Office. Do you all think he would “Throw” the case in order to retry it again?

      I think it more likely that the Judge is insuring that any conviction could be overthrown on appeal.

      • Actually I think what this judge may be doing is actually letting each side try their case in its entirety, and being a DP case she is letting them put forward everything they want to.

        What she allowed the defense to get in through ALV was really a massive stretch of Rule 703. Even at times where they got close to the hairy edge she gently steered both JW and ALV into answers where she could then allow it to continue.

        Before ALV’s testimony I too thought she was rather pro-state, but after the way she let the defense handle ALV, I’m not so sure anymore. I suspect that either she has decided to let just about all the evidence get presented, or along the way she has decided that the prosecution case is so bad that she’s going to give the defense enough leeway to get everything they need in. Which might also explain her allowing JM to carry on yesterday. Give him enough rope to hang himself.

        I really think the moment that changed the judge’s perceptions of JM and this case was when JM started yelling at Jodi to look at the autopsy picture of TA. Remember his comment about were you crying when you cut his throat. Well then LOOK AT THE PICTURE.

        If you folks remember, with no objection or anything, the judge bailed Jodi out by announcing a recess. I have noticed a difference in her since that day.

        But then that’s just me.

        • Al=
          I think you are absolutely correct. It is clear that JM is a complete lunatic and she could have shut him down a long time ago, particularly yesterday with his insane Snow White antics. My gut tells me you are right and she’s going to give him plenty of rope to hang himself.

    • Very interesting. My partner has a similar view of what happened. He thinks Jodi is taking the fall for someone or others that promised her she wouldn’t be convicted, that they would be able to get her off. And he absolutely is not a conspiracy theorist.

    • ”and that the DA is deliberately throwing the case because the plan is to have Jodi killed once she is acquitted. ”
      omg…Just reading this,petrified me.

    • I AGREE!! I have been saying this since the beginning the evidence is to obvious hand print pictures etc
      Looks staged. and the integrity of the crime scene was not protected. I don’t know what happened but who knows if a porno ring strange messages on Travis My Space seems something was going on he had a friend who made films. Money problems.

    • What a smart man ! been thinking that from way back now just too many strange things going on. An remember she was so scared when she was still on the outside she bought that 9mm an I do not believe it was for a camping trip either. She is afraid of someone. An I am sure she thinks it is odd that Ashley committed suicide in 2010 also. Which looks funny also.

  20. GM all
    hey SJ, I was just reading this article on Kate Goslin, and how she was bullied by threatening emails, some are very similar to what is happening to ALV, and Dr. Samuels. Anyway, there is a website that addresses this type of behavior, they actually expose the people behind the emails and texts. I think this is awesome and maybe you would be interested in this site.

    I believe in free speech, but what they are doing to some of these defense experts, like interfering with their ability to earn a living, its plain wrong!! time to take a stand, and if anyone else here is getting threatening messages, I would contact this website as well, see what they can do.

    god bless, and have a wonderful weekend

      • you betcha! anything I can do to help, I feel awful about what’s happening to these wonderful caring professionals, its disgusting!
        the recon section is particularly interesting…and there’s also a tab to post texts and comments that are posted to anyones twitter or FB. I’ve never done it, but I’m glad someone is stepping up to stop it.
        Have a great day, and GO TEAM Jodi!!!

        • They are celebrating getting Alyce’s speaking engagement cancelled for this weekend (I dont know if she really did)

          They shout that it is Karma… um, no, THEY SINGLE-HANDEDLY DESTROYED a strangers career.

          Ms. Karma IS indeed a vengeful bitch, and Karma will touch each of those folks in good time.

          • Wow this is sad that they think that. Last I checked ALV was not on trial. So a case about abuse and a killing is somehow being lost on this group, They are giving high fives to each other that they are bullying witnesses and then using character assassination.

    • I WAS interested in the site… until I saw with some irony that DR DREW was on there. He is a damned bully in his own right with his HLN participation of the onslaught against Jodi Arias. What a joke.

    • yes, it kinda is. I thought Arizona was a progressive state, I really did,then I started watching Judge Pickles, no way to run a courtroom. I have seen pre- school classes with tighter ships.

      • AZ is run by the far right wing. When that happens it results in the kind of ridiculousness that we see in this trial. Example – this should never have been brought to trial.

        • This law is pretty disturbing:

          “The Arizona Act additionally made it a state misdemeanor crime for an alien to be in Arizona without carrying the required documents,[8] required that state law enforcement officers attempt to determine an individual’s immigration status during a “lawful stop, detention or arrest”, or during a “lawful contact” not specific to any activity[9] when there is reasonable suspicion that the individual is an illegal immigrant”…ie based on individual’s appearance/racial make-up

          • That law makes me SICK! They have actually detained American citizens for hours on end because they weren’t carrying their green cards and treated them like CRAP, just because they look like an “alien”.

            I don’t carry my green card because if it gets lost or stolen, it’s a MAJOR pain to replace and takes forever. And without it, it’s hell to get a state ID. I decided long ago NEVER to put a foot in the stinking state of AZ.

        • Also, from wikip page on Joe Arpaio:

          “Failure to investigate sex crimes

          During a three-year period ending in 2007, more than 400 sex-crimes reported to Arpaio’s office were inadequately investigated, or not investigated at all. While providing police services for El Mirage, Arizona, the MCSO under Arpaio failed to follow-through on at least 32 reported child molestations, even though the suspects were known in all but six cases. Many of the victims were children of illegal immigrants.[69][73]

          An Internal Affairs investigation has been underway for four years, since 2008. The Sheriff’s Office refuses to release any of its findings.”

      • that was what i thought, i almost moved there…wow they don’t even have to do a background check to by firearms there or be registered and allowed to carry them…maybe its the heat…maybe they aren’t getting enough oxygen to their brains…and the death penalty??? wow…with all the mormons and believers out there you’d think they’d be against the death penalty. so mormons don’t believe in jesus’ teachings? they are a scarey lot.
        have good sex with a girl, abuse her, keep having sex with her but look for a virgin a wife, while enjoying another woman…that is so MORAL…

        • Let’s not forgot the “Warren Jeffs” of the Mormon “faith”. I am now convinced that the mainstream LDS is exactly the same as the crazies like Jeffs, that they claim to be distant from.

          • That idiotic show on TLC, ‘Sister Wives’, makes me sick in trying to normalize polygamous behavior.

          • The founder believed in incest and polygamy and many many ex mormons are very disturbed by the misogyny hypocrisy and cult behavior. and lets not leave out the Pedophile Prophet. Don’t Embarrass the Mormon Church, also they have too many pyramid schemes and many stories that mirror Travis. They are knee deep in abuse and have much cover from money and compliance of the media.

  21. Good morning everyone and welcome back Renee!

    So glad to see everyone.

    I cannot add anything to the spectacular observances and posts already said by you amazingly gifted people. We all knew SJ would hit a grand slam with his post today and he surely did not disappoint!

    Renee’s husband, my son…two MEN who have changed their opinions about Jodi’s innocence in just this past week. We are making headway to some extent even with the shameful joke of a court proceeding that is ongoing in AZ. Samantha Stephens needs to be kicked off that bench she sits on and sent to traffic court. Apparently a capital murder case is far beyond her reach as not only a “judge” but as an attorney as well. And I would love to see JM demoted to overnight arraignments…they both are a disgrace to an already tarnished profession.

    Thankfully we are blessed by JW and KN who are classy, professional, intelligent and give us all hope that attorneys are NOT all slimy bastards. 🙂

    • Judge Sherry Stephens reminds me a lot of former judge Lance Ito in the O.J. criminal trial.

      She’s way in over her head.

      • I thought I read that this is her first DP case. Does anyone know if that is correct? And if it is, are and “Sr” Judges giving her pointers on how to control the little troll?

        • This is NOT her first murder cast. Se hears cases in the morning,also. She was late one morning last week to this trial because she was in a courtroom down the hall listening to vi. victim impact statements and sentencing the guy,aBosnian war veteran, who stabbed his girlfriend 44 times w a screwdiver to life w/out parole. So much for PTSD in Pickles circuses. The Alexander family also were in attendance at that trial and his sister ran crying out of the room
          Guess she was hoping for DP in that one. ,too. What a farce this whole thing is. Un B leiv able. We have now repla ed Italy(Amanda Knox) as the judicial laughing stock of the world.

            • BUT which one did she actually START first?

              I thought Jodi’s trial WAS her first, regardless of whether or not she finished another one or not.

              I’m trying to find out…anyone know?

          • I Lark

            Technically jodi’s case WAS her first. If you look at the court minutes for both Jodi’s case and Dzevad Selimovic’s case you can compare when the trials started and also when the judge came on board.

            Unless you have better information than that?

            • It was in the same courtroom. That’s the judge’s courtroom. The Alexanders were there waiting for Jodi’s case to be called.

        • I heard it was her 1st. I don’t know if that information is true. It does appear JW has to carry the load of what is allowed or permitted on direct testimony by an expert. I think JW has to request so many sidebars to educate (for a better word) the judge. No lawyer should have to ask the judge for speaking objections.

  22. What gets me about this case is the denial by so many that this couldn’t possibly be a DV case, but one of the most common reasons women are incarcerated for murder is because of DV situations.

    Why WOULDN’T Jodi Arias be abused? Every bit of known evidence points to it.

    • That’s just it, tonysam, people do NOT have a well informed understanding of what domestic violence actually is. So they go on HLN, Facebook, ect talking out of their ass as if they know who is a victim and who is not.

      Like Alyce said, the depictions in movies and the stereotypes in society do not match the situations that she has been working with for several years. Extreme abuse of being beaten three or more days per week is maybe 3% of cases, so what is it that HLN and their Facebook asshat fans are trying to say? That the 97% of victims are not in bad enough situations to qualify as abuse?

      So, how much is one person supposed to take? And why should anyone assume that it requires being beaten three days a week to get the same psychological impact of apprehension Alyce was talking about? How the hell can ANYONE decide what quota of abuse a victim must endure before she has a right to defend her own life? That is just so sick. They are saying that they can play god and tell people they don’t have a right to defend their own existence if they haven’t been beaten enough.

      And then there’s JM who on one hand, craps on Alyce for not having a PHD, then claims her work is based solely on her own viewpoints; then asks if Travis was a victim of domestic violence. I mean, why even ASK if he won’t believe that she is qualified or an expert anyway? What, if she says yes does that suddenly mean she’s magically qualified again? So then what’s the point of people getting educated and trained if their work experience and contributions to society ultimately mean nothing because they don’t support someone else’s anti-woman ideology?

      I also found it interesting that he says that battered women are an “alleged” phenomenon, whereas Travis was a victim. Really???

      • You make such a good point here: JM tries to disqualify AL’s expertise, then wants to use her expertise it to make a point that he will use to beat her testimony up with. There must be some kind of psycho term for this, like covert- manipulative- trust- bandit. Just when you think it’s relatively okay to answer him he pulls the rug out. Listen to what he does with his voice sometimes. It will come down in tone, and everyone gets a momentary reprive from the ranting escalation, then he asks the question that gets him the answer he wants with “right” on the end. Then bam he pulls the rug out with the usual credability assasination. He did this with all the witnesses.

        • I think the technical term is ‘crazy-making’. JM is the kind of person to stay away from/ not listen to anything they have to say. It is so fingernails on a chalkboard for me to think about how people in that courtroom, especially the witnesses on the stand, are forced by law to listen to him. Eeeee

    • Why do people ALWAYS deny DV? I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of being made to feel like I should be ashamed to be a DV victim. I’m sick of it not being polite conversation to talk about DV. I’m sick of being told it makes people uncomfortable. And I’m totally sick of so-called victims who say another woman wasn’t abused because it wasn’t identical to their experience. It’s time this stops!

      1 in 4 women is abused in her lifetime. That means you, your sister, your mother, your aunt, your cousin, your best friend, your daughter, the nice lady in the grocery store, the woman who takes your dry cleaning, the woman at work who seems depressed. Someone you know is living in hell. Someone in your neighbourhood is being abused right now as I write this and as you read it.

      4 women per day in the US alone are killed by their abusive partners. 4 lives that didn’t have to be lost.

      And what is “the movement” doing about it? Not much. Oh sure, there’s the domestic violence hotline you can call 24/7 and if you’re lucky, you get a decent person to talk to on there. And they’ll give you numbers to call. And when you call those numbers, they’ll give you more numbers. And when you call those numbers, they’ll give you even more numbers. Eventually, you get the same set of numbers you got the first time. No one can help you. The shelter is too full to take you. Or they can’t take your kids or your pets, and you’re afraid to leave without them, because they’re ALL you have. Someone will go to court with you to get a restraining order which is temporary and lasts a couple of weeks until you have to face your abuser at a hearing. In some places, they’ll give you a free lawyer for the hearing. But in many places, they won’t unless you are penniless.

      No one will help you move. No one will help you get divorced or deal with custody battles. You’ll be on your own for that. So, you’d better hope you have some money, but that’s highly unlikely since abusers control the money. And if you have kids, you’ll be dealing with that asshole every day of their lives until they turn 18, at least.

      The movement will get you free counseling in some places. In other places, they’ll let you come to a group with other survivors. But they won’t help you get a job or move or get a lawyer. They’ll tell you there’s no funding for that.

      The movement says “End domestic violence.” But it won’t end. It’s been going on since time immemorial, just like prostitution and various religious beliefs. It would be easier to end the latter than the former.

      What we have to do is TALK about it. What we have to do is educate our little girls about it and tell them what to look for, and our little boys too, because gays experience domestic violence too. What we have to do is give them self esteem. As fathers, we can’t call their mothers or other women fat. As mothers, we can’t call ourselves fat or talk about our wrinkles.

      Yes, your kids will eventually have sex and you don’t want them to and you don’t want to hear about it. But it’s time to talk to them about it. It’s time to not make them feel ashamed about it. It’s time to not berate them about it. It’s time to TALK about everything with them and give them the right to talk to you about everything. If they get pregnant, don’t berate them for screwing up their lives and yours. Don’t force them to marry. Plenty of single mothers do just fine in this society and are more successful than ever.

      Domestic violence is NOT a dirty word. Talk about it. Talk about it. Talk about it. I know you don’t want to believe it can happen to you or anyone you know. I know you want to believe it’s because of drugs, booze and only happens to celebrities and those who live in trailer parks. That’s what I thought too. I didn’t think it could happen to me. I didn’t believe it WAS happening to me. I didn’t understand that he didn’t have to blacken my eyes and split my lips for it to be domestic violence. But it’s not true. It could happen to anyone (to quote Alyce). No one is exempt from it. Even if you’re happily married now, you could get divorced or your spouse could pass away, and you might just date again.

      1 out of every 4 women you saw today is now or has been abused. We don’t have statistics for men. But just think about that. How many women did you see today? How many of them have secrets they’re ashamed of?

      Stop judging. It’s not a victim’s fault. By the time they realize what they’re in, it’s amazingly difficult to get out. Why? Because they’re not aware of the red flags. Research them. Look them up. Watch for them in those you know and care about. Think about the woman at work who seems to have a few too many bruises or cuts and calls herself “clumsy” or who shakes and shivers when her boyfriend/husband comes to pick her up or calls while she’s out to lunch. When you’re getting your nails done, think about the woman next to you who seems upset because it’s taking 2 minutes too long for her nails to dry. Think about your friend who changed after she got together with that great charming guy.

      Think and TALK. Then talk some more. Let’s get it out in the open. That’s the only way we’re going to change anything.

      I’ll get off my soap box now. Sorry!

      • Also-
        You stay on that soap box! What you say needs to be heard. The statistics are staggering to say the least. God Bless Jodi, she wasn’t the statistic of a woman being killed. However, it just goes to show that women can’t win in our society. If they defend themselves and make it out alive, the State will try to kill you. SAD, DIGUSTING, HEARTBREAKING!

      • so well put. thank you! it truly blows my mind that women say jodi wasn’t abused and are actually out to vilify alyce laviolette for testifying for jodi. shame on them! to all the arizona DV experts who wouldn’t help jodi, well shame on them more! women fearing not being believed is a huge road block to getting help. there are abused women at home watching this trial fearing they also wont be believed if they try to get help. i hope they really listen to jodi and alyce and take from their strength. i pray for a full acquittal. get back on your soap box anytime!

  23. Hmm..,,,,,,Seems to me I now understand. Given TA’s behavior I do not think TA really knew who slashed his tires. He blamed Jodi in public because he could get away with it She was an easy target to blame for all his troubles.

    • Did any of his so alled friends or his then girlfriend(Lisa,was it?)actually SEE the slashed tires?If not,I absolutely refuse to take TA’s word for it!! He was a master manipulator,a big fat lier and a disgrace to the male gender!

      • It could’ve been any of the other 10 girls, who knows? ?? And the ltr too! Who knows???! He was involved with 11 woman that we know of and some were married or had boyfriends. TA was playing a scary game. Some might thk its ok cuz he was single but no not 10 or so girls. Thats where you cross the line and start messing with people’s lives!!!

        • Or it could have been TRAVIS himself ? a master at his game of playing with people. You see what prize did he get ? Lisa was so scared he asked him to stay the NIGHT with her? yes the email an the slashed tires he may have got a prize but we don’t know. I do think he would be that strange to do that an then say OMG JODI did it ! see I told everyone she is crazy. He was bashing her right an left there in Mesa after an before she moved so all those Mormon’s would HATE her an the PPL friends too. An it worked they all came out one after another saying the same things all LIES spread by Travis. Also I think Jodi kept that recording because someone told her to cover her ass because they seen what Travis was doing. A Saintly Man not hardly. Down right dirty an sneaky 2 faced LIAR.

          The thing that amazes me most though is all these people coming out an saying OH TRAVIS was dumping her she was obsessed with him. Really why is it that this OBSESSED NUT CASE is on his MY SPACE in the number one spot ? No one does that back then that was a big deal for that age group to have the TOP FRIENDS in that box in order. AN then on Jodi’s he is not even in hers? on her other account he is number 10 ? that tells me a lot.

  24. I haven’t been watching the trial live for about a week. I watch truTV to get a recap because I love my television and don’t want to throw things at the HLN “journalists”.
    I grew up in an environment with a father who yelled like JM cross examines ppl. When he starts in I freeze up and get sick to my stomach. Thank goodness we have an expert familiar with his tactics. She can stand up to him in a way Jodi couldn’t and call him out on his excessively aggresive behavior. If TA acted like this towards Jodi the day he died, she shouldn’t have stopped with one bullet.

    • Yes, Sandra, I agree with you. I cringe when he starts badgering the witnesses. I was so proud of her yesterday. She is setting a good example in how to address abusive comments. I’m glad they posted her comments here because I still need to practice and I’m 60 yr.old. here is a reporter at the trial who shares our sentiments but only reports the facts…
      His tweets were hilarious yesterday following the insanity in the courtroom.

    • ALV stood her ground yesterday being kinda like a spokesperson for all abused women out there,(I’m not saying that she herself was an abused woman,no info on that),proving that demanding to be treated and talked to with respect and as an equal is a basic human right that shouldnt be viewed as luxury but as a prerequisite for all basic human communication and relationships.We can only be proud of and obliged to her!!

  25. Another thing I thought of was Jodi did not even tell the pedophile story, He had a lot of stress and AL stated that she saw the reason for escalating violence was the fact that Jodi was leaving. Jodi COULD have left it out but she told the truth.

  26. Al, I don’t want AL’s Snow White seminar tape played in court. IMO let JM proceed on…maybe we find when Snow White dyed her hair black. 🙂

    • Ann,

      Me neither. I think they should just let it be. Let JM rant and rave. He is, like Shakespeare said,

      “a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

      And to think I griped like crazy having to read Macbeth, lo these 40 years ago. Never thought I’d get to use it.

  27. I just had an A-HA moment. It’s obvious Mtz is working really hard breaking all the rules in the court. He knows Jodi is innocent and he’s just giving us a show. Deep down he knows the real killers and once this trial is over, the DA will go after them. There’s a reason Mtz puts this show every single day with every single witness. Have any of you thought this?

    • I go back and forth between he is a stupid fucking prick who doesn’t deserve to have a license, o thinking he is deliberately is throwing this case.

      Is he Mormon?

    • Under most circumstances it is really a bad idea to try someone who is innocent for a crime. Not just from the ethical, moral and legal standards, but for a tactical reason as well.

      Every argument the prosecutor puts up for the first defendant, to prove that he or she is innocent, can the be used by the attorney for the second defendant to prove that reasonable doubt exists.

      So in this case, every piece of evidence put up by JM about Jodi gets used in the trial of the next bunch to show that there is probable cause to show that Jodi did it, and hence reasonable doubt that their client did it. Since the defense does not have to prove that their client is innocent, they just have to raise reasonble doubt, and that being a lower burden of proof allows them to enter in the first trial’s BS.

      • Yep, that’s my worry too. He’s setting legal precedents that we do NOT need.

        On top of that, imagine if you’re ever falsely accused of a crime, and you need an expert witness, but somehow, your case becomes high profile. How in hell are you going to get one? Who wants to go through what Dr. Samuels did? Who wants to go through what Alyce LaViolette is going through? Who wants to go through what the experts in the CA case did? How can ANYONE get a fair trial if the media gets involved?

        • the thing is, that no expert should have to suffer this kind of abuse from any prosecutor. The judge should have put a stop to it immediately. I thought all attorneys were supposed to ask permission from the judge first before treating anyone as a hostile witness? None of the people JM interrogated acted as such. They all tried answering his questions to the best of their ability. Why was he allowed to bully every single one of them? WTF!?

  28. Perfect! It does my heart good to know Jodi has supporters and people who see through all the malarkey going on in the courtroom. I was so outraged with juan’s battering of the witness yesterday, I stopped following hln and stopped watching the channel. Maybe the judge is allowing the delusional questioning from juan because she thinks Jodi should walk too. After what I saw and experienced yesterday watching the obscenities allowed by the judge, I figured she wants the jury to see just how wrong the state is prosecuting Jodi to begin with. Can you imagine him married or worse having children???
    Then we have the juror who is acting like a martyr but sitting in front of cameras all day and worse having to escorted out by sheriffs. WOW…a little self-importance there…
    Honestly there was a day when I contemplated moving the AZ…so glad I didn’t.
    I am saying a rosary a day for Jodi and her defense team.
    Really, juan has a Napoleon Complex. If there is just one juror that experiences the badgering, stupidity, abusive, ignorant malarkey coming out his mouth…Jodi will walk.

    • Amen. That #5 initially did the right thing stating to leave her alone until trial over. Then she not only shows UP, she gives a brief interview while driving away stating she will talk once she speaks to her “legal advisers” aka “agent.

      Shameful Media Whore.

      Glad she is off the jury.

      • I know I had some amount of respect for her when she said she would not talk about this case and tell her side of it until the trial was over, She wanted privacy for her family. I thought great until she came back to sit there to watch it. WTH. I would be too ashamed to show myself on tv but there she is sitting in the courtroom. This trial just gets more bizarre everyday and then it just tops itself. You truly could not make this up.

        • There were “tells” in her statement. I saw them immediately, but kept my mouth shut in case I was wrong:

          “For the past three months I have been fulfilling my duty as one of the jurors in the case of Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias’ attorneys have filed a motion asking for a mistrial or that Juror 5 is removed from the jury, which led to my removal.”

          Sour grapes there. Jodi’s attorneys led to her removal. How dare they when she was fulfilling her duty? Problem is, she DIDN’T fulfill her duty. And it was the Judge who removed her after polling the jurors.

          “I would like to remind everyone that the murder trial case of Jodi Arias is still going on and that the time and money being invested in this trial are more relevant and important than my removal from the jury.”

          Time and money are more relevant than me, and LOTS is being spent. Ummmmmmmm

          “In the past few days I have been a part of discussion and interest in the murder trial case of Jodi Arias…. Until the verdict in murder trial case of Jodi Arias is reached …”

          Murder trial??? Not just trial, but MURDER trial. Um lady, if it’s self defense, it’s not MURDER.

          • Great points AlsoAbused.
            Thanks for making them clear.

            If there was doubt, it certainly helps one see who she favored I do believe.

  29. There once was a little man
    Who decided to play in court
    He put on a show for all to see
    His bullshit would not be bought

    He raised his voice he flailed his arms
    He even threw the evidence camera
    Most watched with laughter while shaking their heads
    The truth was not what this court was after

    Although she held her head high
    Poor JA had to sit there
    And listen to the temper tantrums
    And how the judge was so unfair

    Little man is obnoxious
    Arrogant, petty and rude
    When it comes to JA
    Little man has no clue

    Snow white has now been grayed
    With words he tried to debase
    AL was phenomenal
    The picture of decorum and grace

    Little man showed his true self
    A small man with a law degree
    Mr. Prosecutor did anyone ask you…
    Do you have a problem with memory??

    Appeal Appeal will be shouted
    If an acquittal is not won
    Little man will get his comeuppence
    When this farce of a trial is done

    So JA rest assured
    This like all time shall pass
    We are here for you forever
    Travis-taliban can kiss our ASS!


  30. THIS morning i watched part of a replay of an old perry mason episode “the case of the prodigal parent”, in which the fictional district attorney, hamilton burger, stated during the trial,

    “your honor the district attorney’s office functions to determine the truth and prosecute the guilty”

    THIS is an excellent summary of an ethical prosecutor.

    ALL of JM’s malicious, and vindictive, actions are designed to HIDE the TRUTH from the jury, and as such are the antithesis of an ethical prosecutor.

    IF anyone’s interested, this summary of an ethical prosecutor’s duty, starts at 46:55 into the 52:05 episode

    • Thanks Pitchforks. But why did you not elaborate on the fact that (a) she’d been seeing Travis for about 2 years and (b) she’d been different (to her parents and friends) during those 2 years. Doesn’t that ring a bell for you?

  31. I gotta tell you, if I was on the jury, I would vote innocent just due to the ignorance of ‘Juan” or as I like to call him, ‘Whine.” Every question he asks makes me think he is hiding something. He is the absolute worst prosecutor I have ever seen. He comes across as an idiot and why anyone would think he was some kind of folk hero and want his autograph is way beyond me. Are people that stupid?

    Also, a comment on HLN. I thought it was a news station. They are so one sided it is almost comical. Many times, these hack on air personalities, (including Nancy Gross), actually appear to be a SNL skit. This Jane Velez joker reminds me of watching a third grade play where a ten year old is playing TV personality. Wait, that is an insult to ten year olds. I have to go to the trouble of DVRing the trial just so I don’t have to watch these absolutely horrendous announcers.

    Juan and the HLN crew obviously rode the short bus to school.

    • Yeah its horrible, this is what jodi has to go against! !! Judge shouldve requested the jury and banned the media from her courtroom. This trial would’ve been a lot different/ FAIR!!!

    • That’s what my fiance said last night after watching JM’s cross with me. He said if he was on that jury, he’d vote to acquit just to piss off the prosecutor!

  32. Hey does anyone know for sure that Jodi arias grandparents reported a .25 caliber, or was it a .22 like the father said in interview….do we know for sure that’s what they reported? Just wondering….if it was a .25 it doesn’t really matter bc a) she cld have stolen it for Travis, he cld have asked her for one or b) she cld have had it in her overnight bag, bc of the road trip(I def wld not ask my grandparents to borrow their gun) lol either way, I just want to know if that’s a fact, or, did they change that story like they changed the initial autopsy report….

    • From the other Ann: I would assume they check the police report that was filed in Yreka. I have no information regarding that report

    • Haha I didn’t know there was another Ann. I’ll change mine to Ann1020 🙂 and thank you. I was just wondering 🙂

    • ??? I didn’t see that. That is weird, what could they possibly be talking about? Not jodi or TA!!! I know shes a well known likable expert but talking like that in court? Hhmmmm maybe, the sister would do the right thing and post a comment on the state vs jodi arias site to tell the hater not to take the anger out on the experts and to lv there careers alone. If she talks to her like that, that’d be a nice thing to do.

      • I think that was being spread around the hater sites. I didn’t see that in the “after court” video. I only saw her hug Nurmi, which was adorable. He’s such a sweet man.

      • I read it elsewhere, not on a hater site. That ALV approached Samantha on the break?

        With all the other craziness that goes on, I thought I’d ask.

  33. There once was a prosecutor named Juan,
    Whose courtroom antics were a yawn,
    He kicked and he screamed,
    To no avail it seemed,
    No muscles, no brains, no brawn.

      • He spent his time in the halls,
        Pity, he didn’t have balls,
        He tried to confuse,
        It was such a ruse,
        So he went home and played with his dolls.

  34. WTF? From the TA site:

    If each of us (33,072 fans at this moment) donated $20.00 (a very small amount I am asking) a month, the Alexander’s would receive over $650,000 a month – this would stop ONE burden they have to deal with. The expense of this trial, the expense of loss wages is beyond anything any one of use can imagine.

    PLEASE fans, if you can’t afford $20.00 a month send $5.00, every dollar will keep them out of debt and lessen some worries they are dealing with. My donation was sent and I hope each of you give with Love.

    God Bless the Alexander’s – Justice for Travis

    again, WTF????????????????????????????????

      • Oh wow, that blows me away!!! Who is it from? A “fan” or themselves? ??
        Gggeeezzzzz what’d they want to get rich? ?!!! And they’re FANS, not SUPPORTERS. LOL that right there said a lot, huh!

        • Are you freaking kidding me? Why can’t these people go back to their jobs? They don’t ALL have to be in the courtroom every week. One at a time would do.

          • Exactly! !! The Arias family aren’t all there because they cant afford and you dont see them asking for $20 from 30, 000 FANS!!! LOL

      • they are their ”fans”??? Fans of what??What did the Alexander family do to have fans?Last time I checked people get fans when they do sth that inspires or entertains other people.Are the Alexanders actors,singers,scientists,poets???WTF?
        Plus,ok I can understand why his sisters and brother would want to be there,but HEY!Does his brother-in-law have to be there?If he’s the balls of his family he should get his lazy a** up and go to work,to support his family instead of being there every single day while asking for money!

        • Oh believe me the Mormon’s are helping them they have no worries already seen the church posts out there on FB. That is one good thing about that Church it is very wealthy an they do pitch in an help out each other in desperate times.

    • Ummm, is that legal? I mean how do they know the money is going to the Alexanders? And why do the Alexanders need money? Are they all in dire financial straits like TA was? They don’t know how to manage their money???

      This can’t be legal…can it? Wow!

  35. They character assassinated LaViolette with reviews. Please let’s all go there and report the reviews. This is such a shame!

    • did that. I also had left a positive review and have been slaughtered for doing so. I emailed Amazon and they emailed back this:

      I’ve read the reviews on “It Could Happen to Anyone – Why Battered Women Stay (2nd, 00) by LaViolette, Alyce D – Barnett, Ola W” and I understand your concerns. In their current format, the reviews don’t violate our posted guidelines. You can provide feedback about these reviews by voting or commenting on them. To vote, click the “Yes” or “No” buttons next to “Was this review helpful to you?”To comment, click the Comments link at the bottom of the review.

      We try to encourage our customers to give their honest opinions on our products while staying within our guidelines. Here’s a link to our guidelines for reference:

      If you’d like to leave your own review expressing your opinions, click the link to “Create your own review” in the Customer Reviews section of the detail page.

      We hope to see you again soon.

      Best regards,

      so essentially, they do not abide by their own rules, and have turned that site into a public assassination forum.

      I am done with Amazon.

      • How crazy! I looked at the book a couple of days ago (when Alyce started witnessing) and it had a 4 1/2 -star rating (and 14 reviews or so). Now it is down to 1 star, with over 300 reviews. I’m sure almost none of them have actually read the book (it’s sold out anyway right now).

        I think if A LOT of people start reporting these reviews as abusive, maybe they’ll change their mind and do something about it. But at least we should give them some grief for not doing so!

        • Notice none of those bad reviews are Amazon Verified Buyers. I went through about 8 pages and found none were buyers. I reported feedback on a lot of them, and clicked on the not helpful button as well. I am going to purchase the book and the Amazon Verified Buyer will be under my username in the review. Most Amazon book buyers know what that means. At that time I can comment about the other reviews as a verified buyer. I think it best to wait a bit and see if the haters reviews have stopped and at that time buy and write a review. Most current reviews will be posted. Our voices can still be heard, and probably louder, since it’s a legit review. I plan on sorting the pepper from the flyshit in the review.

          • Btw, when I say sort the pepper from the flyshit I mean let it be known, in case someone doesn’t notice reading the reviews, that none of those bad reviewers actually purchased the book!! Crazy stuff out there going on.

        • I know see that means they have at least 250 people that will get out there an harass for Travis. ON Amazon an U Tube an FB an a lot of BLOGS. Very few people every get a word in with them that are for Jodi. Which either everyone is scared ? seriously I am not scared I live in the country an no one is going to come here an do anything to me. But I do put my opinion out there an I do send the ones I find as Harassment in as so.

      • From Amazon Guidelines:

        “What’s not allowed
        Amazon is pleased to provide this forum for you to share your opinions on products. While we appreciate your time and comments, we limit customer participation to one review per product and reserve the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:

        Objectionable material:
        • Obscene or distasteful content
        • Profanity or spiteful remarks
        • Promotion of illegal or immoral conduct

        I think that the coordinated effort of the reviewers in the past few days in tampering with and in attempting to intimidate a current witness in an on-going trial falls under Amazon’s “promotion of illegal conduct.”

  36. Goodmorning all, and thank you so much SJ for your daily posts, I love that you say it how it is and that we can too, NO BULLSHIT HERE!!!

    This trial has gotten way out of hand and with the help of the media. The judge has completely lost her courtroom. At first I wasnt too fond of her, now im starting to feel a little bad. Cell phones ringing, eating, chewing gum, ALOT of eye rolling, nasty smirks, sucking and smacking teath, and now the whole courtroom laughing out loud (as if the prosecutors pants fell down to his knees). Dont get me wrong, I would’ve been laughing the loudest and what a perfect time to throw the rotten egg at him). ALV asked something like, “are you angry with me Mr Martinez?” (Oh by the way did he even answer that)? Lol no, he then went on a quarrel, bouncing and jumping around like “ANGRY BIRDS”, bickering about if it’d make a difference if he was or if he wasnt, (forgetting what the original question was).

    So cross has JUST started, lets take notes from Mrs Laviolettes’ expertise (free of charge) on “How to Deal With an Angry Bully or an Abusive Person”
    Lesson #1) When faced with an “Angry Bird” yelling at you, jumping and bouncing of the walls, wait until they’re done but do NOT let it go on, do NOT let him think it is ok by letting him go on, just stay calm and in a normal tone of voice, simply ask, “are you angry/upset/mad at me?” Do NOT back down, do NOT show fear or intimidation, do as ALV handled the 1st lesson with Mr SuckStar.

    She did great, cant wait to see what else she has to use to tame him down a bit. But the judge, she’s gotta do something about the media and her jurors.

  37. After yesterday’s show of shows I had to step back and think about what happened. Juror 5 looks nuts to me, believe me, I know the look of nuts, I’m certainly not making fun of mental illness, but WTF. It certainly takes a lot of balls to appear, have to wonder what she said to the judge for this to happen, sure hope we find out, it makes no sense at all. The Fairy Tale crap backfired big time, at least to people that can think. He is so playing to the camera and his groupies I almost felt embarrassed for him, but I don’t. I’ve watched a lot of trials, but the laughing from the gallery was so funny, none of this is funny, but at the same time I couldn’t stop laughing at the back and forth, and watching expressions. Some of the expressions were priceless. There has to be some on the jury that found his treatment towards a woman appalling, his groupies are cheering, and I’ll bet there will be more treats coming, move over M&M’s next there will be a big cake with Martinez’s face on it.

    • What are they cheering about??? He made an ass out of himself yesterday. Matter if fact he’s been making an ass of himself; getting called out by Nurmi (he shouldve been embarrassed). Doesnt he have friends, family, kids, someone that truly knows and likes him, to tell him to STOP?!

      • I’m very aware of these kind of people and their hatred. Been lurking on crime sites for a very long time, and it doesn’t take much to get the crowd roaring. They will do whatever it takes, boycotting things, writing abusive reviews of books, whatever it takes to prove they are right. I’m not surprised anymore by this activity, the worst so far has been Natalie Holloway (this one some will never let go), Casey Anthony and now this, but really way more in between these. They are the best Christians, best parents, best everything in their eyes. Shocking when there is a child missing and ends up being murdered, the parent should have done this or that, granted their are some parents that don’t give a rat’s ass, but a lot of parents do, and the treatment some of these self righteous folks give is disturbing. No thought that by writing some of the things they do, they are hurting people’s lives and reputations, but what would they care? Every high profile case they crawl out of the rock they have been living under, and start their crap. No thought to evidence, they have picked Jodi, or whoever, and they have at the person. These are the type that would have no problem stoning a person to death.

        • Wow, I knew it went on during the Casey Anthony trial, but I didn’t realize they always did this. What a bunch of LOSERS!

          Could you even imagine if Janeen Demarte had a book, us going on Amazon to blast her after she testifies? I mean, seriously. That’s plain rabid.

        • They also remind me of the witch hunters who followed the trials of teachers who were accused of molesting small children in school in the 80’s-90’s? that escalated from one toddler testimony to another to another. It seemed it had all started with one teacher accused by one child of having slapped him (not a good thing if true,) but the mother started complaining about sexual abuse and it spiraled out with the prosecution hiring ‘experts’ with dolls interviewing all the children who went on and on about how the teachers were in league with aliens and satanists and stuffed bananas you-know-where. Several teachers got life on the testimonies alone. Hysterical parents and their children screaming outside the courtrooms, just like the ‘fans’ of Travis.

    • I agree # 5 has to be a kook to show up there! She did appear to look disturbed. Perhaps she will show up with new hair color next week.

  38. If JM’s brain were made out of chocolate…it wouldn’t be enough to fill an M&M.

    The same can be said for these “fans” that are begging for money…WTF is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

    Renee you crack me up!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    • I mean, really??? WTF? Now they are “fans” of an asshole they never knew, and are so fucking obsessed with Jodi that they can’t stop posting and looking and commenting on her (in their words) “holes”

      And now they want to give the Alexanders SIX-HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH?!?!?!?!?! They are on crack. I am one of those 33,000 supposed “fans” of their freaky site. But ONLY so I can lurk and try to help save disaster of this mockery of a trial. I am CERTAIN it is about the same 20 fans that repeatedly post and spew the hate. Also, I am thinking they are buying their “likes”

      fucktards, to say the least.

      Damn, I am so proud of me today, I have accomplished writing 3 papers for school. This trial is taking over my life.

        • I am just at a loss…. what the fuck is happening to our country, Tony? They try to spew lies that they cancelled Alyce’s speaking engagement due to the backlash– um, NOPE

          I emailed the dude and he told me that SHE cancelled it.

          Probably because I sent a screen shot to JW with a threat enticing people to show up and throw things at her….I wanted to warn her…

          Thankfully, because Ms. LaViolette is not real tech savy, she wont see much of the hate.

            • I emailed Rick. I got this response:

              The reason IS NOT backlash. She just needs some time off, period. We have a very competent person who
              is taking her place to teach the class, Saturday.

              Rick Kenworthy, PsyD ABD
              ABIP Communications Director
              PHONE: (626) 316-4100
              FAX: (626) 968-4565

          • Thanks Renee…you are an earth angel for helping Alyce…

            I feel that Alyce needs some kind of protection until this trial is over…

            Surely there is enough evidence from reading the hateful comments on Amazon and on all of the haters sites…the police can read many threats that have been made toward Alyce…can’t the police find who these people are by their IP addresses?

            • Hopefully. And I hope they most certainly WILL! I have a personal stake in having the Travistown Loonies locked up for their misdeeds at this point and I hope all of them get thrown in the slammer!!!

      • I bet your right too on that I seen that site on FB you can buy 1000 likes for 10 dollars haha that is the stupidest thing ever. An I thought why would anyone do that but now I know why. WOW people are stooping further an further down in DUMB DUMB LAND.

  39. Nobody says they have to be there!!! The expense of loss wages…should be LOST wages – and LOST is exactly where these “fans” are…they CHOOSE to sit their asses in court every day. They could watch what happens just like the rest of America – online or on tv. GMAFB!!!

  40. I’m sorry – if I was kicked off the jury for JUROR MISCONDUCT I would be MORTIFIED to show my face anywhere near that courthouse. I would hide myself – I wouldn’t SIT there like nothing happened.

    Just the fact that Cyndi Lauper showed up basically standing defiant tells me she has a morbid curiosity about this trial OR she is there to influence the proceedings. Either way – she should book an appointment with a mental health practitioner…

      • Even if she is indeed writing a book,she could just watch it at home you know.There’s sth more than meets the eye in her decision to attend court.Maybe she is just plain stupid!

    • I agree ? why is she not at home watching. Maybe she thinks she will get a movie deal if they show her enough on the tv because they sure do show here now a LOT. Disgusting to me but people are freaking weird. I truly would love to know what she said. An if other jurors ratted her out ? why would she feel compelled to sit there? I don’t get it has to be to piss of the Jury an the defense.

    • juror 5 ” I need to get home first and talk to my legal advisers.” ….so maybe the legal adviser advised her it was ok for her to return to the courtroom to finish watching the trial…hmmm…

      Just her presence in the courtroom Thursday, created a non-verbal visual enigma for the minds of the jurors, the courtroom, the Arias family, the Alexander family, the attorney’s, the television viewing audience, and the news media held them captivated with a constant thinking, “Why?”

  41. Why Juan Martinez is like Tom Cruise…

    1. They are both 4′ 2″ tall a (both also have a picture of Napoleon over their fireplace)
    2. They both absolutely hate women
    3. Neither can act but both feel they can
    4. Scientology and ‘Juan Philosophy’ are about the same thing – just as crazy
    5. They both jump up and down, throw fits and act like idiots
    6. Both would come in first in a stupid contest

  42. What was Juan trying to convince the Jury of yesterday? That Jodi Arias is Snow White? Well, personally, I believe that to be true. And, there’s not a jury on earth that would convict Snow White. Thanks for trying to help Jodi out yesterday, Juan. 🙂

    • So weird, I felt the same way! That if JM continued with this snow white thing, he might actually inadvertently help the defendant. If Alyce and / or the defense take the weekend to study some aspects of this stupid fairy tale line of questioning, they may be able to turn it around on the little dumb-arse.
      Gawd, he is so damn DUMB I can’t even take it anymore!

  43. Hey, team Jodi, thanks for taking down the MT time stamp for start of trial yesterday. I feel like a nut how much that was bugging me…but I live in the Rockies & I didn’t want to be connected to AZ because I’m so disgusted with this trial! (Sorry to anyone here who does live in AZ)

    Also, of course, thanks so much for this site! You guys are doing a fantastic job!!!!

  44. To save my sanity and to stop my blood oressure from spiking, I stopped weeks ago watching Botoxed Betty, aka NG, that manic face-pulling buffoon, Vinne P, as well as that famewhore Pinsky….but I made the mistake of reading the Comments section of the “” article cited here. The following comment summarizes the overwhelming opinion of the miscreant posters:

    “He’s right out of a movie. Best prosecutor I’ve ever seen in real life and offscreen.
    Dude is SHARP and quick. SHA-ZAAM! BADDA-BOOM!
    And, yes, awesome that the jury gets to mull on “Snow White” fairytales and Laviolette’s testiphony ALL WEEKEND.
    Pardon my exuberance, just watched yesterday’s proceedings on the youboobs.
    After this trial, we must find a way to honor Mr Martinez. A parade or something, a trophy, medals, whatever. I kinda kid, but I’m seriously thankful to see someone advocating justice in such a passionate way.

    Never shall I read comments on this case other than here. Not worth the nausea, BP rise and accompanying headache!

    • I’m so sorry, PJ. I know better than to read comments when I look at those articles. Nonetheless, I should have posted a warning!

      Still, I just loved your characterization of the 3 Little Piggies on HLN.

    • Yes my blood pressure goes up and my IQ goes down when I read comment from anywhere but on this site. I avoid their stupidity at all cost. Now they want to give him a parade or a medal. WTH I guess they are all living in Juanderland.

  45. You guys crack me up, love all the fairy tale comments. I think we should enjoy this weekend and smile to ourselves a little when thinking of yesterday. I fear a bad storm is heading our way next week. JM is going to try every to make AL look bad. We’ll prob hear a few rotten apples (names) flung at her.

  46. The hypocrisy. HLN spoke recently about how much this trial has cost taxpayers. (As if it’s Miss Arias’s fault)

    But what they don’t mention is that taxpayers paid for HLN’s Jean Casaurus to appear on the witness stand. Taxpayers paid for the other sealed hearings involving HLNs shenanigans, tax payers are also footing the bill to have an ousted juror escorted around and protected from the media. Because of all the media hype, she just can’t stay away from the courtroom, even though she’s no longer wanted there. Meanwhile, HLN is laughing all the way to bank. Big changes are coming.

  47. I started reading about the ‘Fallen Woman’ archetype in mythology & literature, and real life. I think this is very significant in how the majority of the vocal public is treating Jodi – I have always believed in looking to literature & movies as a way to better understand real life anomalies. I read that particularly during Victorian times, the public would find much glee in seeing prostitutes or everyday women who had taken ownership of their sexuality taken down, killed, ridiculed ostracized, etc.

    ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ showed an example of a woman who didn’t make her own choice (she was raped), but the consequences & her treatment were the same.

    Pre-Raphaelite art is loaded with the ‘fallen woman’ theme, with some of it condemning the gals & some of it understanding them:

    Augustus Egg’s trio always hit me hard since I saw a great Victorians art expo many years ago: This middle class woman cheats on her husband & there is no chance of redemption for her after.

    Anyway, thinking about all this helps me see why there are so many haters out there, hating & condemning Jodi makes them feel so much better about themselves.

      • Yeah, all kinds of crazy anthropology studies available in the microcosm of this trial & the public response to it. It’s like we are back in the Dark Ages.

  48. I would LOVE to know if any of the Juror were sharing in the laughter moment. Also, any significance to the rejected juror #5 sitting on the defense side? Or was that just lack of seat choices?

    • I think the other side is mostly for the family of TA and media. I think it was just lack of seat choice. Most observers sit on that side behind Jodi.

    • According to HLN, a few people on the “defendent’s” side of the courtroom laughed. Other news reports said the gallery laughed. I also heard someone say none of the jurors laughed but I think that was HLN also. I don’t believe a thing they say at this point. They certainly aren’t a news program.

    • I read on one of other sites for the prosecution that they have many people that sit in the courtroom each day…and it is reported that the majority of the people in the courtroom are for the prosecution…

      • The ones who laughed the most might have been from the press. I doubt that the die-hard ‘fans’ of Travis have any sense of humor except when it is trashing Jodi or ALV.

  49. People who love the JM are ignoring “TRUTH”.

    WOW, (THEY say) JM is so awesome in his “passion for justice”

    …but he has a passion for justice based without truth.

    Justice without truth is not real justice.

  50. Okay girls and boys, my friend just sent me this link and I just have to, have to, have to share it with you all. Now, I know that you’ve all been very very anxiously awaiting your own little place on the interwebs specifically made for you to drool over Kermit Fartinez and now, guess what? Such a place has been established … just for YOU! So get ready to join in the drooling.

    One drooler has already said: “He is just such a cute little sexy guy! He looks so small, especially when he stands next to Nurmi, in sidebars.” Shall we sing along with her to the tune of that old Divinyls’ song: “When I think about Juan, I touch myself.”!!!&p=3378251#post3378251

    DISCLAIMER: The above is dripping with sarcasm and I’m a Brit which means, well, I can’t help it. However, I sincerely apologize if I’ve made anyone puke! If so, please think happy thoughts, sing and whistle along with me and the rest of the dwarves: “No mo, no mo, on weekends there’s no Juanny show.” And this is where you start to whistle. Thank you boys and girls!

    • That was disgusting I should go an hate on there like they do on everything posted out there about Jodi or any witness but I will refrain as it is just too disgusting lol

      But then even the most disgusting people do have FANS so I guess I should not be surprised the haters have said we are like Charles Manson followers to me? which makes no sense at all to me but then their heads most definitely are up JM”S BUTT an he loves it haha

    • ”So Juan Martinez sex fantasies would go in this thread or the fan fiction thread?”
      SERIOUSLY???They have Kermit sex fantasies?? How sex deprived are they? Yikes,100 times yikes!!!

      • Wait for it .. now they’re having Nurmi fantasies … I needed a laugh, so checked back and guess what they said?

        “Is this going to turn into a thread with naked pictures of Nurmi eventually? Forget JM… Nurmi is bringing sexy back”

    • OMG!! I clicked on the link before I had my first coffee of the day…. not sure I could handle anything right now after seeing that!!

      Sex fantasies of JM??? That is not an image I want in my head…nope, not, never!! lol

  51. Do you think JM calling himself The Prosecutor, he is thinking it is cool like The Terminator? His stage name for his future stardom!! LOL 🙂

    Now Playing : Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, and introducing the 8th dwarf Sleezy played by The Prosecutor!!

  52. I hope the Jury remembers how JM’s attitude does very much change depending on who is sitting
    in the witness stand. As in Yes he is very condescending to a few of his own witness but not all.

    The ME he was decent too.


    an Mimi an the Hughes of course. I probably can go back an find more. But I am tired of hearing
    oh he is like that towards everyone that is just his way of prosecuting which is a LIE we have it
    on tape U TUBE to actually go back an see how he is very much INDIFFERENT an PREJUDICE
    he is not CONSISTENT in how he is a smart ass to ALL. Frankly I do not like him an would be embarrassed if he were my lawyer. I would much rather have a level headed prosecutor if I needed one.

    Go ALYCE GO ! you have all weekend to prepare for the DEVIL DANCING IN THE COURT ROOM. So weird how it feels like the Defense should be all in WHITE an the PROSECUTOR should be all in BLACK.

    • I don’t think he was decent to Lisa at all. Remember, that is the time when he showed the autopsy photo of Travis and upset her, Jodi, and Travis’s family in the process.

      • As in decent I mean the tone of his voice. That photo was a shocker but only meant for the JURY to be Shocked an it worked an the family too showed more remorse for the jury to see etc. But his tone of voice was so low key an entirely different not very sarcastic even when talking about a hard on erection etc. Yes that stunt just proves how low down he really is an needs the JURY to FEEL PITY for for the family not for Jodi.

    • BeeCee

      Don’t worry, it’s just David Lohr. The guy is about as biased as they come. A lot of those videos you see floating around are by this idiot.

      Another one of those CourtTV guys, same pedigree as NG et al.

      • yet,sth tells me that this is going to be JM’s reasoning on Monday.He already put it out there.That she can turn a children’s fairytale into an abused woman’s story.Not only is this a cheap shot,but also makes ALV look like some kind of an obsessed person,a maniac,seeing enemies(abusers/perpetrators)everywhere!!

  53. I attended the afternoon court session yesterday. ALV approached TA’s sister Samantha right after the judge called the afternoon break. Not only is this wrong but it is also illegal. From what I understand Mr. Martines was made aware of this and asked to speak with the judge after court. The judge will probably just tell ALV to please not approach the family anymore.

      • She was probably just offering her condolences but it’s a huge no-no to approach the victims family at trial.

        • Well I am sure they will make a big ta do about if then. No way I would approach that group of people. I assume it was about the laughter though as everyone is whining about it was from the side behind the defense. Probably a apology she wasn’t meaning it too be funny she was serious JM was being a ARROGANT ASS ……………the spectators thought it was funny though an I did too but in court we have to be quiet. No eye rolling or loud coughing or shaking the head cell phones going off etc. an no laughing but it does happen daily I see.

        • It isn’t like traditional court procedures aren’t being violated all over the place anyway. Big deal. Maybe Samantha had a question for ALV earlier and she was answering it.

      • I agree maria. She was probably very sensitive to the family’s feelings. Their brother isn’t who they thought he was and hearing that under these circumstances has got to be tough. Plus, it was their childhood too, and who knows what scars this testimony is tearing at. It really hurts to hear the truth especially if they’ve been in denial. I think if it’s true that she approached them it’s because she’s a caring, sensitive woman.

        A few years ago, Jodi asked for a plea for this very reason. She didn’t want to hurt people by exposing who Travis really was.

        • I think that as well. A lot of abusers are closet abusers. Their closest friends and family have no idea what they are like. I imagine she counsels them as well, help them come to terms. Especially if they have family counseling sessions. She was probably being empathetic.

          Also, she knows they were abused during their childhood (like Travis was).

    • If that is true…Alyce should have known better…I would like to hear from her if she did that or not…and why if she did…

    • See how stupid they are?The woman who started the petition writes: ”….she named Travis Alexander as an abuser without ever having met him.” Have YOU met him?HOW CAN ALL OF YOU KNOW WHAT HE WAS?OR WASNT?????

      • Just an idea…our petition person should start a petition to send to the same people they are sending their petition to…. stating something about how none of us have ever met him…and you don’t have to meet someone to know someone…just asks the numerous people on the other end of the phone out there when you need help…

        Let’s not forget 911 operators that have saved the lives of countless people over the phone and they never met…but the operators can give you a good enough description of the person that they helped…

        And what about those hotlines for all kinds of help…many of those people on the other end can talk a person in not committing suicide and other things and they never met the person…

        So…I ask…Do we really need to meet the person to really know him?…I don’t think so…

    • OMG this is the most ignorant thing i have seen!! let me start by saying that TA’s incriminated himself several times in several incidences BASED ON TEXTS, EMAIL, and JOURNALS, HIS own words is how AL based her opinion!! HIS words that show HIM being a belligerent jerk and harassing Jodi for HOURS at a time AND Jodi desperately trying to defuse the situation, AND on MORE then one occasion!! AL made her opinion based by the REALITY and ACTIONS of TA’s OWN WORDS!! CANT GET ANY MORE REAL THEN THAT!!
      Jodi may have lied to police and to everyone in the begining but it does not even TOP the scale of lies and “fairy tale” stories that the “TA TEAM” comes up with on a daily basis!!
      lets talk about evidence for instance!! TEAM TA insists that Jodi was obsessed with TA and that basically she was a “FATAL ATTRACTION STALKER”……RIGHT? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ON THAT?? They say she was JEALOUS?? where is that EVIDENCE?? THEY say TA wanted her OUT of his life!! AGAIN….WHERE is the EVIDENCE that supports THAT??? THINK ABOUT IT……. NOT one journal, NOT one email or even one text, that i HAVE yet to read or hear about that has TA telling jodi or anyone else that JODI is a stalker, or that Jodi has harassed TA in any way shape or form!! I have yet to hear them read anything that says that Jodi was even obsessed with TA!!
      BUT there is overwhelming EVIDENCE showing TA living a DOUBLE LIFE, showing TA being VERBALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE, basically ADMITTING PHYSICAL ABUSE, PROVING TA was the HARASSER, and DEFINITELY proving that anyone who CLAIMS to know TA….DOES NOT even come close to KNOWING the REAL TA!! I can go ON AND ON!!

      • All of those siblings have crawled out of that hell hole that their drug abusive parents put them in when they were little kids…and it looks as though they have moved on and past that pile of crack they previously lived in…and with their heads held high…staying in denial would be safe territory when avoiding the truth of anything bad or negative about Travis…

        I feel that some of the things that’s been said in court that Travis was emotional and physical abusive to Jodi…has in some way resonated feelings with the siblings (observed when tv camera zoomed into their faces for reaction from time to time)…so for them to stay in denial is a safe way to keep them from having to look deep within themselves for any comparison of Travis’s behavior to their own…

    • How do idiots like that become idiots like that? Like that other petition that wanted to change the law so that devious, manipulative, and abusive people who happened to be killed like Travis are never found out to be devious, manipulative, and abusive and undermine a defendant’s right to a fair trial as a result. Even if the murder victim himself through HIS OWN WORDS proves he was devious, manipulative, and abusive.

    • hmmmm have to start a petition against that petition I Think I do not see anywhere to report it or do anything about it ?

      Bunch of crap someone from Oklahoma starting it ?

      • I think I will send in a REQUEST an tell them that is HARASSMENT nothing else but that. Everyone has the right to free speech but badgering an trying to damage someone because of a trial is wrong I think anyways.

        This is one reason some people will not stand up to or for people they are afraid of the consequences they see the hate mob on the internet on tv on the radio. It will be so bad some day you will not find witness’s anywhere well it is close to that now no one wants to get involved disgusting.

          • Michele-
            I think we have all had enough of the crazy mob. Unfortunately, we will never be rid of them. Since the beginning of time, there has always been a segment of the population that is severely Mentally ill, Characterologically disordered, and just plain evil. The age we live in now, gives those people the opportunity to infiltrate everyone’s lives to some extent via the internet. They have always been there, but the average everyday person did not necessarily come in contact with them the way we do now. I am still hopeful that they are a small minority of the population, but I do think the numbers are growing. There are few mental health services available to assist people and fewer still to keep tabs on the dangerous element roaming our streets. UGGH…sorry to be a bummer.

    • Says they wanted to put it in but was Denied 7/12/12 ………… case you can’t open it…………she passed it I am assuming then. WOW but then you would have all these tv nuts saying she was a great physiological liar then for sure too.

      No Win Situation on those polygraphs. I have seen NG call people out an say oh they killed their own kid because they did not pass that an then when the actual killer was found just down the road she was back peddling but those things are not used in court for a reason I would think they do not work right for some people at all.

      You would think by know they would have some kind of better way that could be used in court. Brain scans or something.

  54. THE spontaneous laughter from the public gallery indirectly signalled a widespread dislike of jm’s arrogance, and indicated that he’d lost the increasingly remote possibility of a unanimous verdict
    IT’S apparent to any rational person i believe
    CLEARLY, that recognition went straight over JM’s head
    HE didn’t seem to have a clue what it meant, but simply continoued his blunt technique of yelling at AL, badgering her, and mischaracterizing her answers

    THAT last aspect, mischaracterizing her answers, is habitual, and has deeper significance
    IT looks like the problem is not just that he does such maliciously, but that the ideas and language used by AL are incomprehensible by him

    ALSO, JM’s dogged determination to attempt to improperly restrict AL’s answers to yes or no, was but one indication of his stupidity
    THAT pleases no one here, and see >>>

    Page 9
    Techniques That Don’t Work

    “Just Answer Yes or No”

    Television, movies, and, unfortunately, some trial skill programs in law school have encouraged trial lawyers to fall back on the command “just answer my question yes or no” as a method of controlling the runaway witness. This is not a valid controlling technique. First, most judges will not permit the lawyer to do that. Most judges will inform the witness that they may explain their answer, at length if necessary.

    Second, and more importantly, this signals the jury that the cross-examiner is not playing fair. The lack of choice given the witness suggests to the jury that the lawyer is trying to “trick” the witness. Non-lawyers resent this heavy-handed attempt to strait jacket the witness. To them it appears that the lawyer is attempting to “put word s in the witness’s mouth.” A lawyer resorting to this method lowers both credibility and control.

    Credibility is the paramount feature of the successful trial lawyer. When the trial lawyer loses his or her credibility, the case is lost. Credibility is severely damaged when you utter the words “just answer my question yes or no.” There are no two schools of thought on this issue: Don’t do it

    FREQUENTLY,, he showed no comprehenson of the gist of what AL was talking about
    HE speaks english well, but the language subtlty used by AL to explain her expertise clearly escaped him
    HE’S ok when arguing in his narrow legal specialty, but as far as being able to comprehend matters outside that, he’s a dim bulb

    • Very interesting Wes.
      I know personally, with my dislike for Martinez aside, I feel its very controlling and definately an attempt at trickery. Surely someone on the jury feels the same.

      What makes it even more clear to the jury, that this is Martinez’s low tactic, was when Mrs. Alyce asked if Martinez wanted the truth or just a yes or no. She pointed out the obvious for those on the jury who were questioning themselves.

        • TryingtoFigureThisOut –
          It was only a matter of time before someone called Martinez’s dickish moves out.
          Thankfully it was Mrs. Alyce, an expert on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
          Could it get any better?

          Continue to be hopeful – I have a good feeling Mrs. Alyce isnt done calling The Dick out yet.
          And she does it in such a proper manner. 🙂

  55. Beautiful post as always SJ. 🙂

    This trial couldn’t get more ridiculous, but I am probably speaking too soon. We know JM is so competitive, he tries to top his own atrocious theatrics.

    And just to add to the whole bizarre situation, there was juror #5 sitting in the courtroom. I mean, it’s not enough that this has become a complete mockery, but now there’s a dismissed juror sitting in a spectator??

    It’s like we’ve stepped on the set of the wizard of Oz.

    • I know next he will be asking Dorothy if she has a memory problem. He will ask ALV if The wicked witch suffered abuse. I just cannot decide if he should play the Tin Man or the Scarecrow. He has no brain and no heart that is for sure in The Juanderful world of Oz.

  56. So, since it Friday, I thought I would have a little more fun (since none of the jurors have taken me up on my BS offer to give them 1 million dollars to come forward and admit to breaking the courts “pinky swear” oath)

    Forbes did an article about lying and deception and how to detect deception/lying; I thought it would be fun to use these “top ten ways to tell if someone is lying or being deceitful” traits on the black haired smurf. ( I may have change up a few of these, but that’s ok, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night)

    #1 Body Language:
    Does the person tend to get very excited over things that normally would not be exciting to talk about? HOLY fucktard! YES, that little guy can’t stand still for more than a second, if it wasn’t for fear that his hair piece would fly off, I think he would trying running in circle while he talks.

    #2 Seek Details:
    When asked details, does the person become defensive, change the subject or turn the topic back to the person asking details? Shity Shitty Bang Bang, YES! Every time a witness has asked “Mr. Juana spar wiff me” a question he has flipped a lid! He immediately gets defensive and turns the question back at the asker… “Mr. stumpy, are you angry at me?”- reply “Does the prosecutor being angry with you have anything to do with the question I just yelled at you bitch!”

    #3 Be aware of unpleasantness:Is the person speaking unpleasant and generally unruly? This one is a no brainer. The” little foreskin lump with the black haired clump” couldn’t be happy if he was in a whore house with a handful of hundred dollar bills and a bottle of Viagra.

    #4 Observe Eye Contact: When sitting at the pros desk he looks up once every 14 days. And I think that’s to see if anyone heard him fart. He doesn’t even look up and make eye contact when he is objecting.

    #5 Signs of Stress: Signs of stress? Hmm… lets see.. a) He yells like a 2 year old with a bad case of herpes. B) He paces back and forth like he is a horse in heat and the farmer is about to open the barn door. C) He twitches worse than an epileptic at a rave.

    #6 Listen for the Pause: Does the speaker pause, when he is trying to fill in “gaps” in what he is trying to say? Some people will try to fill these pauses by raising their voices or repeating a question that was already made and not allowed to be answer… DING DING DING! We have a winner!!! Tell them what they have won! Mr.Dildo Baggins, you are the proud winner of a contempt of court hearing by the supreme court, along with that, you will NEVER get laid again…Unless you like woman with canes…wooden, twisted, signed canes. Congrats! You must bring your own KY..”YOU DO KNOW WHAT KY IS…DONT YOU!!!!!”

    #7 Uses analogies from Walt Disney: Really, this one was right out of the magazine, really, it was number one. I can’t make this shit up. It also said that anyone that tries to use the Walt Disney argument in a DP murder case should be forced to stop, pull their lower lip over the top of their head and swallow.

    #8 Does the story actually make sense? Oh no, while thinking of an answer to this I think a little pee just came out. Yikers! (if you need details on this, please leave, no really, stand up from your computer, turn it of, go outside and walk into traffic)

    #9 Is the speaker a prosecutor for the State of AZ? He does seem to have this title.

    #10 Is the person speaking “objectionable”? Giggle, fart, burp, snicker gulp…Um… I’ll let everyone else decide on the correct answer for this one.

    The prostate prosecutor is deceptive, manipulative and overzealous. None of the things we expect a prosecutor to be. Unbiased, fair and straight forward, that is what the justice systems demands. Anything less and the system doesn’t work.

    • #9 assures me you made up #7. This is just too funny.

      I just loved the

      “Mr. stumpy, are you angry at me?”- reply “Does the prosecutor being angry with you have anything to do with the question I just yelled at you bitch!”

      Kind of reminds me of the Charlie Murphy bit

      “I’m Juan Martinez Bitch”