6th Anniversary & Merry Christmas!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: A friend of Jodi’s, who believes strongly in this cause, has pledged to match any donations (up to $1000) to the Juan Martinez Bar Complaint GoFundMe account that is received by midnight December 31, 2018. The total amount donated and matched will be announced on GFM on January 2, 2019.

Please consider donating whatever you can, knowing your generosity will be doubled.
Click here to visit the Go Fund Me page for further details.

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With over 10 million page views & close to 6 millions visitors — today, December 19th 2018, marks the official 6th anniversary of our Jodi Arias Is Innocent .com website launch.

So with Christmas just a few days away – I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past 6 years – and thank you in advance for your continued support moving forwards through 2019 and beyond.

With all of that in mind, here’s our all-time #1 favorite Jodi-Christmas classic — “O Holy Night”:


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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $104,938.70 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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May the peace, beauty and Light of the season brighten your life with joy, blessings and abundance. I wish you a Merry Christmas – and a safe, peaceful, prosperous & Muslim-free 2019.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

Click the banner below to read Jade’s post – “Justice Denied: Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State’s Case Against Jodi Arias.”:

Read - Justice Denied - Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State's Case Against Jodi Arias


  1. Hey there!

    I know… I know… it’s been a while… but I’m still here, supporting Jodi and ‘working’ behind the scenes with the fantastic group of friends that have never given up nor doubted Jodi’s innocence.

    Make sure that soon the ‘wheels’ of justice will start turning – with force – and I’m gonna be here vocally and loudly supporting our girl! Besides… I’m one of her cheerleaders 😉

    I’d like to take the opportunity and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and may the new year bring peace to your souls and love in your hearts.

    SJ, it’s been 6 years since you so generously and selflessly made this fantastic site supporting Jodi even though you knew that the sheeple backlash would be brutal to the point of threats. But you never winked an eye. Never took a step back. Never for a moment thought “Fuck this, it’s not worth it..” – You have been Jodi’s friend and supporter when most others were afraid to express their support publicly. You made a safe haven for hundreds of friends – a place where we could analyze, discuss and support Jodi freely. You took most of the ‘shit’ to protect all of us…

    For all the things you’ve endured, done for Jodi and us – her friends – I want to be the first one to say THANK YOU! You are a true gem. You are a true friend. I am very lucky to have you in my life and I cherish your friendship.

    I wish you and yours all the happiness possible.


    P.S. Spoiler Alert!!!! We’re relaxing now because in 2019 this place is gonna be a-rockin’ again with all that is about to happen… 😉 Stay tuned peeps ! 😀

  2. Hey SJ! Thank you for all you do for Jodi and for creating a site where we all can go and don’t have too deal with the haters! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Wow! It’s been so long! Still here supporting Jodi, always. A belated Happy Anniversary to JAII! Hope you all have a great Christmas and an awesome 2019!

  4. Hey Pandora, It has been a long time! Hope you and Maria are doing well in Greece!
    Happy 6th Anniversary to JAII!
    JD and Michael- hope you are enjoying the season!! Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!!!
    Looking forward to BIG things in 2019 on this site!
    Please pass on my wishes for a joyous holiday season to Jodi and her family!
    It is indeed a shame that Jodi can’t share her thoughts publicly so please share mine with her!

  5. There she is Pandora……Merry Christmas …yes 2019 is approaching and things are moving along….Best wishes to Maria wherever she may be….Hope you all have a good Christmas and ring in the New Year well.

  6. Hoping everyone enjoyed a Merry Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year! Praying that 2019 will be the year that Jodi will receive her freedom. There is still time to donate to the GoFund page for Jodi which will help her fight Martinez in court. Whatever you donate will be doubled by a generous supporter up until January 1st.

    Happy to see Pandora!!!!! 🙂

  7. I saw this on the “Write to Jodi” page, a letter from Elena of Spain that I think captures what every Jodi supporter sees and understands.

    Hi, from Spain

    I dont know if this is still active, the link below doesn’t work so I will write my commente here, not sure if it will be readed.

    It’s only now in 2018 that I have knowledge of this case and as many others before me, has made my heart cry, and my mind think so much, poor Jodi, I can only feel sorry for you, not only you are not a monster, you are a very sensible and special person, the kind that usually get hurted in this world, no matter how full of love or reasons you are, and I am sure you have felt bullied all your life, not just now that you have been so unjustly treated and on top of all, so exposed to the whole world.

    From here I send you all my best feelings, I hope you find some peace and are loved in some way, because you deserve it, you deserve to be loved. The news about how are your life in jail is are not very clear for what I read, hope its bereable for you. I hope too that you have someone to talk to about your feelings and thougts, and get some confort, from it.

    The first time I knew about this case was wacthing the new lifetime movie, even though it is full of lies, as I have read , I saw thrugh it , I saw the poor girl abused and used, as many grils and women before, I saw how this girl looked for a piece of love in the garbage, or wherever she could find it,searching for someone to love and be loved, not seeing any faults in the person she choosed to whorshiped. We are all been there, many of us , and we can clearly see what this girl even in this bad movie, is feeling.
    Then I searchd on google and found out that it was based on reality, and I was suprpised to see that, first of all, you are much pretier, not that this is important per se, not the prettines, but the eyes, the smile, the expresion of love and kindness, this is important, no one can be that good at acitng a part, those qualities are visible to anyone who really looks ,and speak for themselves. I simpathised whith you inmediatly, and started to search more. I know very well what it is to love a man so much, and do anything , anything, to be loved by him.

    I saw the trial in part, how unjust, how badly your defense was taken, and how stressfull and horrible must be to see your life exposed that way, and for nothing, Idont know if you can have a new trial, here the new of this case are non existent, and the internet its not always very reliable, I wish they reopen the case and someone defend you the way you deserve, and with no media covering of course, here in my country that is unthinkeable, it totally contaminates everything, it is not real justice what you have there I am sorry to say it, that seems more like wicht hunting than real justice. You deserve a real trial.

    I dont know if anybody told you before, but I believe you, I believe you did it on self defense, you are not the kind of person that premeditates something, you just give your heart, and what happend is I think, you just fougth for your life, and unconsciously your rage for so many pain caused to you, took control , stabing more and more. ItS HUMAN. That person hurted you too much.And also, you are intelligent, if you were to premeditate, you would do it better.

    I hope you have someone to talk to , and have some confort, you need to be heard. and have some good councelling. I send you my best wishes, take good care of you, write your history, many people would like to hear it, and you are a good writer, not like he, believe me. You have insight, he only had ego. I’m sorry if you dont like to hear that. You are a much better person , in every way, than he was. It was you who needed to be loved and encouraged, not him.

    I wish you the best, Jodi, we are on your side.

  8. Is there anybody here with a legal profession (I have some but certainly not for the US) who can tell or at least guess how the chances for this appeal are. And is the appeal about self-defense/acquittal or just an attempt to reduce the sentence to lifetime with the possibilty of parole, or even for retrial? Or for whatever other intention. And is this her last chance for either of this?


    • I’m no lawyer but I understand this appeal is not about the facts of the case (i.e., innocence vs guilt) but just about whether she received a fair trial. If this state-paid appeal fails, her only chance is to take it to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s why donating to her appellate fund is so important because she will need to hire a lawyer for that one:

    • Justus is right: appeals are almost always about law, not the facts showing guilt or innocence. The latter would only get reexamined in a new trial.

      Jodi’s appeals aim to overturn her conviction, not to reduce her sentence. According to a Michael Kiefer article in the Arizona Republic some months back, Arizona actually does not have a life-with-parole sentence option for first-degree murder, though many people have mistakenly believed it does and acted accordingly.

      There are six courts that could overturn Jodi’s conviction. First, after at least two more briefs are filed, the Arizona Court of Appeals will hear arguments later this year and eventually rule. If that fails, the next step is a Post-Conviction Relief petition, which goes back to the trial court. Both these steps are handled by Jodi’s state-paid lawyers.

      After PCR, Jodi would need to hire a private appellate lawyer to take her through the last four possible steps: the Arizona Supreme Court, then, if she can persuade the federal district court to take her case, three levels of federal courts including also the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court. She is lucky in that the 9th Circuit is notoriously liberal, and a few years back a panel of it issued a scathing opinion throwing out another Maricopa County murder conviction (Debra Milke).

      To hire a private appellate lawyer, the working assumption has been that Jodi needs about $250,000 as a retainer. However, I’m not convinced the full $250K will be required. Her appellate trust currently has about $104,000.

      Finally, if any of these 6 courts throws out her conviction, Maricopa County will have the option to retry her. My bet would be that at that point it would instead accept a plea bargain with a reduced sentence, allowing her eventual freedom.

      • Thx Alan, much appreciated.

        One additional question:

        Can the outcome of a possible retrial after Jodi might have succeeded in any of those 6 steps/courts theoretically ever be worse (regardless if they would realistically go for retrial/that option), like the death penalty being on the table again?!

        • Yes, as far as I know. But I haven’t researched it.

          It seems to me that concretely, Jodi would be a lot better off today if she’d gotten a DP the first time. She’d be living exactly where and how she is now, but all her appeals would be paid, and appellate courts are far more likely to reverse a conviction with a DP attached than one with just LWOP. But I guess the mental stress might be a lot worse for her.

          • Regarding everything around the appeals you are probably right Alan but I don’t think she would be at the same place.
            Same prison, yes, but as far as I know are death row inmates in solitary confinement for the time being, only 1 hour out of the cell, ant not in a pod section like she is now?! That’s at least what I have read while researching this case.
            However, I actually find that it is a scandal to begin with that the death penalty was even possible, or exists at all for that matter.
            Dark ages…, well, in many aspects Texas, Arizona, etc. are still dark age states anyway, and if not dark age than at least Wild Wild West states and didn’t arrive at all in the 21th century yet.
            The disgusting prosecuttor and that he was actually allowed this hood rat behaviour in front of the court are also symbol for that very fact. 🙁

            • Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Shawna Forde, who has a death sentence, is living under exactly the same rules as Jodi, though perhaps she is not on Jodi’s yard and may not have earned the same privileges.

              If I remember correctly, far from having a “death row” with special rules, Lumley abolished even its “maximum security” classification as part of its reaction to the ACLU lawsuit about health care. So there aren’t any special rules for those with death sentences.

              One should be cautious about believing online reports about inmates’ living conditions. Often they’re highly inaccurate. For example, one of Jodi’s visitors was reported as saying she lived in something like a “dog cage,” but in fact that was just the small cubicle for noncontact visitation.

              Her current problem is not isolation, but the opposite: how to find a quiet place and time to study for college courses she is taking.

              • You could be right here Alan, burt for other reasons I think. I think I have seen a YT video with Nancy Disgrace visiting Perryville (while Jodi was already there) and a female guard (damn, that “female” guard looked more male than some men do, wow hehe) gave her a runaround. I think she or a higher-up that was interviewed by Disgrace said that it is not a general rule in Perryville but due to the lack of space and the tiny amount of death row inmates they are not in solitary as usual. I’m not 100 % sure but I think that was said.

                She takes college courses? That is cool since I always wondered why she didn’t even finish High School and much less started College and instead went for dead end jobs all the time. Nice, I like that!

      • Actually Alan, the Arizona Statutes allow life with parole (LWP) after two hung juries in a death penalty case. The original judge could have given her LWP but chose life without parole (LWOP). Therefore, Jodi could file a motion for reconsideration of sentence at any time.

  9. Frank,

    I don’t believe that Jodi would be better off on death row even with the fact that her appeals would be paid. The mental stress, as Alan points out, would be absolutely crushing to her. I would imagine that Scott Peterson’s family could attest to this fact. One of the biggest issues with U.S. appeals law is that, in the event that her convictions is overturned on a fairness ruling, she will not be able to introduce any new evidence that may come up in the future. I do think that Alan has a point that the DA, if faced with a second retrial, would very likely look to make Jodi spend at least 25 years due to her panicked judgments and extensive lying in the immediate aftermath. I also do not know if Jodi could also possibly be given the death penalty on a retrial as none of us really know Arizona state law.
    If you are curious, there are several women on AZ’s death row. One of them is a woman named Shawna Forde. If you want to see why she is on death row, read the following excerpt.

    • Lance, I never said Jodi would be better off on death row, that was Alan actually. 🙂 Although it could be the case in Perryville given the local circumstances. But when I try to transform myself into Jodi’s shoes I wouldn’t be too happy to be on death row, paid appeals or not.
      Thanks for the link. I usually don’t follow any of these crimes and Jodi’s case is the first time I do this, I think mainly because of my high developed sense for injustice all my life already and my deep disgust for corruption, a degenerated public lynch mob and hypocrisy (like the claim the jury is not influenced by public opinion/media and actually abides to the rules which is bs, we all know that). Also painting the victim as some kind of saint, absurd. That is all so wrong what happened here. And I like Jodi very much as far this is possible from afar while not understanding her crush for that scumbag at all and why she had put him on a pedastal he was not even remotely near to fullfil. Love makes people dumb I guess. 🙂

  10. I’m not certain about this but I believe the death penalty goes “back on the table” in a retrial unless the state chooses to not seek the death penalty since a retrial starts over from scratch. The problem with a retrial is that the state (same or new prosecutor) can make the same “errors” and engage in the same abuses as the original trial with impunity since all Jodi can do about it is appeal again. They can spend the rest of her life railroading her that way.
    Maybe I’m being too pessimistic (being an engineer I always do a worst case analysis), but I believe Jodi’s best chance for relief/freedom is some sort negotiated settlement (PCR) like amended conviction to Murder II or reduced sentence to life with parole(LWP). I hope, for her sake, that she “comes down off her high horse” and takes a reasonable plea deal if its offered. She can be a “martyr” for our “in”justice system the rest of her life in Perryville or get free.

    • Do you really think she is on a martyr mission and on a high horse? I didn’t have the impression so far.
      During her stand she had herself quite under control (sometimes you could tell she had to fight to stay calm). I know I would have had a VERY hard time to not treat that asshole Martinez with the same level of arrogance, impudence, etc. and I’d have fired back with the same kind of intelletual empty rhetorical questions as he did. I know they would have proscribed me from the court room in no time lol. Is that whart they do if you fight back appropriately?

  11. Michael makes a very good point! I don’t think he is being pessimistic at all. The prosecution can literally do the exact same thing in a retrial that it did in the original trials including mistakes and abuses and it does indeed give them a huge advantage. I would hope that Jodi, as Michael says, is maintaining a realistic look and not an idealistic look at her case. Obviously, I have never spoken with her so I do not know where her head is at currently although I would like to hear what she does think. I will always go back to the beginning of her case when she was technically without legal counsel or “pro se”. I remember she wanted to plead to Murder II and the Alexander family turned it down and wanted the DP.

    • If memory serves, Jodi offered a plea bargain at least 3 times, and, as Lance says, at least one of those offers was for M2, maybe all of them.

    • That bugs me too, that she didn’t ask for a lawyer/advice during or prior the interrogation sessions in Yreka. That was not the brightest thing to do.
      In addition I think that Det. Flores lied to her after she was playing around with the mobile recording decvices in that room saying something about “just you and me” while actually the whole thing was video recorded. It appears to me she didn’t know that but she could have guessed at least…

  12. Frank,

    Many of us on this site have acknowledged that Jodi’s behavior from the time of her arrest up to her being represented by Nurmi was not wise. However, I have also said that we can’t put our rational minds on her shoulders at the time. Yes, she made a lot of mistakes but that is also why the law allows somebody to be silent and allows people the right to counsel. If you listen to her jail interviews, she is very cryptic in her descriptions of her and Travis’ relationship because she is still worried about HIS reputation as well as the explicit photos that were taken(Example- “we didn’t really date.. we just kind of hung out”). None of us can say for sure how different this case would have been if she had just asked for an attorney at the Yreka police station. There would have been no pretrial statements and also no lies told. Many of us also believe that Nurmi was very ill-equipped to handle a homicide case of any kind as a public defender along with the fact that PD’s don’t have the resources to really dig into a case which is what Jodi needed.
    Another example of Jodi’s “bad luck” with regards to certain evidence that would have put her in a different light is below. Pay close attention to Jodi’s description of where she actually was when her grandparent’s home was burglarized. This interview was conducted immediately after her conviction.

  13. Hi Lance, yeah, I’ve seen this interview over and over/quite a few times and very thoroughly and it was in fact the interview that made me like Jodi very much. She looks so vulnerable and shocked there after she just heard about the verdict 1st degree murder/premeditation. Yet, she speaks very clearly and answers very intelligent, concentrated, articulate and thoughtful. I just wanna hug her when I see this interview to be honest – probably the protector instinc that comes for free with the Y chromosom. 🙂

    Nobody can remotely guess in what state fo mind she was at the time of the interrogations in Yreka. I try to but I fail.
    I mean, something horrible happend 1,5 months ago at the time of the Yreka interrogations, that’s a long time given the circumstances, up to that time she wrote a letter to Travis’ grandma, had police telephone interviews, made Facebook/MySpace/etc. posts about Travis, had contact via phone/text/etc. to mutual friends, attended the memorial service, uploaded a YT video of Travis on a YT account she created end of May BEFORE the incident (and which has only this one video and is still up: ), during that time at least one TV interview happened too I think (but not sure) and whatnot else.
    I mean, I can’t wrap my head around this. I can’t fathom that she had one single moment of catharsis or a signifcant amount of sleep during those 6! weeks. Unimaginable.
    Then the strange behaviour at certain moments of the interrogations itself obviously not aware or at least sensing/guessing that she was recorded. I can explain the singing and maybe even the headstand/yoga and all,. most likely stress release/explosion, but what about the moment she looks up into the “skies” and laughs? – I have no explanation for that one. Also why she didn’t react when Flores read her rights (like in a friggin’ movie) and just continued with her story on her very own without advice/help. What was going on in her head? I’d love to know that or at least have an idea. But again, I fail while trying to.

    The interviews are very strange too, painting a picture of Travis being the greatest person on Earth while in fact he was working in a totally meaningless job in a scam business. But I guess she didn’t know that and was blinded by the superfical show that is usually going on in those multi-level marketing scam businesses.
    And reagarding the “motivational speaking” – I’ve held such speeches as well in front of bigger audiencences, and frankly (and i was always ashamed of myself while doing this), they have NO intellectual or any value/substance at all and are just very superfical dipshit talk utilizing the heat of the moment in the audience, pushing them “magically”. Basically a meaningless exploit of people’s mind that lasts not long after they have left the room and again, has no substance at all. Playing around with people’s minds and people are stupid enough to believe it changed them…while in fact it’s basically only about materialism and selling insurances in this case, the most irrelvant things you can imagine.
    Travis was just a common, in my eyes simple-minded and superficial guy without any intellecual depth in a meaningless scam/selling business, with the add-on that he had serious malfunctions due to his past and/or sick religion. There’s this saying for a reason “Everybody’s darling is a (superficial) idiot”. My 2 cents.

    Yesterday on YT, I stumbled across the letter she wrote I think end of 2013 when she wanted to fire Nurmi. And what she describes there was already going on for 2 or 3 years at that time. Unbelievable what was going on behind the curtains. All this while fighting for your rights and basically your LIFE. Phew:

    And well, I can only agree, Nurmi appeared to me like a walking sleeping pill fitting to his unforunate outer appearance at that time. No challenge for that tiny terrier Martinez with his small guy syndrome/complex.

    BTW, is anyone else disgusted by this interview and this any moral lacking profiteer and hypocrite?

    If anything of what Nurmi claims is true why is there not any sign or hint regarding this in the interview Willmott gave? That tells me Nurmi was the problem and not Jodi, right!?:

    Have a nice day guys

    Gotta run for the gym 🙂


    • Unfortunately, Jodi’s behavior during her interrogation has caused her a lot of negative issues and there is nothing that can be done about that now. Jodi’s fear of being embarrassed by the intimate pictures that were taken led her to try to destroy the camera as well as put the knife in the dishwasher and take the gun. The fact that she didn’t realize that the memory card would be unscathed by the washing machine is just one mistake. The law would have wanted her to IMMEDIATELY pick up the phone and dial 911 and report the attack and request an ambulance. She would have been arrested at the scene but she could have requested an attorney and not made any pretrial statements and allowed her attorney(s) to start her defense. I have been of the opinion that Jodi’s pre-trial interviews were an indication of her strong belief that she knew the truth and what happened in that bathroom and that this truth, when made public. would be the only narrative and would vindicate her. As many of us in this country will tell you, there is a reason that the law allows a suspect to remain silent. I have said on this site many times that this was a perfect case of somebody being convicted for “what it looked like” and not “what it was” which happens a lot in the justice system when panic, fear and irrationality are combined with a homicide case.
      The one aspect of this trial that Jodi won unequivocally was the sexual/emotional abuse claims that she made. The tapes and the multiple texts showed the world that Travis was tremendously flawed. If you have watched all of the documentary programs about this case, you will notice a prevailing theme about Travis. He is ALWAYS referred to as a highly successful salesman and public speaker. If that was indeed the case, then how do you explain how many people can state that he asked to borrow money from him, including Jodi. One of those requests ended up being a physical assault in which he threw her to the floor and kicked her repeatedly.
      Justus has created a wiki site that has an actual text exchange between Travis and a female named Deanna. The link is below

      • Yeah, I hate the hypocrisy of the public and media.
        I said it already here on this site I think, you must not lie about a dead man to make him look bad (they lie to make him look good though which is just as disgusting and despicable) BUT you are obligated to tell the truth. That’s usually the duty of the media in a sane society. Nothing bad about a bad man is absolute bullcrap, making up good things instead is even worse. I tell the truth about a dead man any given day, because why not? It’s the only respectable thing how to handle this. Hypocrisy must not prevail.
        I also don’t really understand why Jodi was still so blinded that she would care how Travis is memorialized, other than she was ashamed of how she was involved in all this and how little she made out of herself in that, well, let’s call it “relationship” which is for sure the wrong term for this superficial and artifical hidden sex affair with a master and a servant. She was probably also ashamed about the recordings and photos although I don’t understand that as well. I’m extremly extroverted and wouldn’t care at all if my extraordinary sex life would be made public. Who cares about puiblic hypocrisy? Nobody should.

        My take on this “relationship” and Travis “Everybody’s superficial darling” Alexander is this:

        Well, what we have here is a “successful” man in a meaningless and superfical sale and scam business making up a show of how successful and important he is (totally common in these multi-level marketing scam businesses – pretend and showtime! – while only a very few make real money), to impress his surroundings (and clueless girls too to hit on them), somehow also embedded in that easy to aquire as customers mormon church right?! There seems to be a relation here between the LDS and PPL – as usual the bootom feeders (based on steady recruiting and nothing more) of those scam systems are encouraged to sell to family/friends/church members/closer surroundings until they are out of options/burned out, that’s how that “business” works for the most part.
        It’s basically a chain letter system that calls itself a “business”. The scam already begins with the people they get to work for them selling unrealistic dreams which are not be meant to be in reach for 95+ % of those people who are just there and aquired to bottom feed the payment system and and substance lacking meaningless motivation events. The scam continues with too high price tags for the customers to be able to finance the whole show.
        Also it seems he did not know anybody outside PPL and the LDS church right? In fact most of his contacts were even members of both?! Very suspicious. Looks like the church uses its members to make easy business with them, using trust and connections as opposed to reason on the customer side.
        All this with no significant education or am I wrong? What did Travis ever learn except selling meaningless stuff and making some superficial speeches in in front of an easy and brainwashed audience?
        And why was he in need to borrow ridiculous tiny amounts of money from Ex gfs and maybe others too because his account was locked (in other words living from month to month – it’s not that he borrowed something for a special acquisition which would be a little different then).

        Basically, what we have here, is a superficial, pathetic, disgusting, bigot and hypocritical bible/book of mormon thumper, not living by his so-called standards – hypocrites and perverts that are bred every single day in large numbers by disgusting churches like for instance the LDS or the Catholic church with their unnatural purely man-made up rules (nothing “godly” here).
        A little boy with no education or values who obviously also hadn’t any thrilling sexual intercourse before he met Jodi who was optical-wise playing like 3-4 leagues above this flubby Kevin James type of guy, and I BET, bascially had all his knowledge and desires about a more sophisticated sex life solely from porn videos he watched on the net, maybe unsucessfully trying to fullfill something of that with the virgin like and unimposing (if not even ugly) girls from the church.
        What a pathetic and dishonest life.
        Then he met Jodi, a full blown woman with experience and from the real world, and the frist time ever he had some sex that went beyond boring, at the age of 30 lol. Wow…
        Sadly Jodi, totally naive at that time in my eyes, bought into his and the companies superficial and untruthful show and played the submissive girl for almost 2 years for whatever reason I don’t really get. I’m pretty sure a girl like her had like 10 better options on each of her 10 fingers. But her low self-esteem made it impossible for her to realize this and instead she stayed with that scumbag who just used her and even hid her from his surroundings. It’s unbelievable what kind of pathetic and untruthful lifes some people live and Travis is the epitome of these people.
        Well, I wrote more than I intended to (just like in the letter to Jodi lol), so I will stop here now. Just my 2 Cents becasue I hate the hypocrisy that is going on in the media/public about his more than questionable “victim” and person Travis Alexander. Was there even anything positive about him other than being the artificial and simple-minded superficial “friendly” guy? I have my doubts.
        Jodi just fell for his meaningless show I think.

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