5 days of Decomp?

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I’m no decomposition expert by any means, but I can tell you this: If you have a room in your house where a body has been decomposing for several days, then the whole house is gonna reek. Fact.

And there were 2 people living in that same house for 4-5 days that never even noticed anything, despite going in & out of the house numerous times? BS again.

They even gave 2 versions to LE. First they said he was “out of town”, then they stated he was “in Mexico”… and all the time his car was in plain sight in the garage… as were his keys and his dog.

Do we trust these assholes?

No way.



  1. I’m still not clear on this. Maybe I missed something in the Statement of Probable Cause. I thought no one was home when the friend who entered the home using the garage code found the body.

    Can anyone tell me where this info is in the evidence?

  2. Is it possible that Arias was having sex with everyone in the house and somehow convinced the room mates to kill him? This hasn’t even been discussed, but if so, then why would she confess to the crime? It is a very interesting case and although most likely did this out of anger, she could get off for lack of evidence against her.

  3. I heard them say the alleged photo of Jodi’s foot and pantleg was actually taken when the camera landed upside down. If that is the case, I’d like to know how the time and date stamp on the photo imprinted right-side-up?

  4. I see Jodi as emotionally immature. Does anyone else see the comparison of TA being her spiritual advisor and high rank in the church with priests and boys they abused? TA being in her words greater in all things especially the church told her what they were doing was ok. Not until JA spoke to Rachael did she find out that was not true. In addition TA did not want her to go to bishop due to him being (punished?) for the same issues already once before.
    He was in a power position all the way around.

    • Jackie, I agree with you 100 %. In listening to this phone sex tape you can hear it in her voice. He had control of her soul in her opinion. Messsssssed up.

  5. One of the room mates was home and in his room when the body was found. The room mate said he smelled something but apparently did not investigate. Supposedly he never locked his doors but they sure were locked when the body was found. His friends went in through the garage door using the code and they said they smelled it as soon as they came in the garage door, the smell was throughout the house.

    • if he had room mates how did they not smell that?
      Also, if he was leaving for Cancun with some chick that afternoon why the hell didn’t she go there demanding to leave?

      • Maria Hall aka Mimi was the girl that Travis was going to Cancun with. If it had not been for her going over there on the 9th, who knows how long it would have been before TA’s body was discovered. She had been calling and calling and texting and emailing and getting no response from him so she finally went over there and it was then that his roommate discovered the body in the bathroom.

  6. I’m very surprised that the issue of “sex addiction” has not yet been brought up in this case or in any of the boards. I had the unfortunate experience of being married to someone who is addicted to sex and learned much more than I would have liked to on this subject. It is as real as any other addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling) though due to the fact that sex is a normal activity that almost all adults participate in, it is often much more concealed and shameful of a disease.

    Much of what came out in court in the last couple of days via Jodi’s testimony rings true and lines up with the behavior of a sex addict (TA) and a co-dependent (JA). This dynamic is most certainly at play here. Sex addicts are very skilled at choosing their ‘partners’ and I believe that he chose her for a reason. He exhibits many qualities of this type of addict including what appears to be exposure to sex/sexual behavior at a young age. The pedo part of the story is but a piece of the puzzle. I am 100% certain that TA was a sex addict.

  7. Ever since I heard that he called her a 3 hole wonder I believed that she was a victim of domestic violence and have complete understanding of how the situation ended as it did. I believe the media is very bias and it makes me angry to the point where I hope she is totally aquitted.

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