4th Anniversary & Happy Holidays!

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After 9 million page views & close to 5 millions visitors — today, December 19th 2016, marks the official 4th anniversary of our Jodi Arias Is Innocent .com website launch.

So with Christmas just a few days away – I’d like to take this opportunity (together with our awesome Admins) to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays… thank you all for your support over the past 4 years (including the handful that bailed after the Election result)… and thank you in advance for your continued support moving forwards.

As always, here’s Jodi’s classic rendition of “O Holy Night”:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Not being one to miss anyone out — I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish all the pedo-huggers (and the women who are old enough to know better) a very Merry Christmas too.

The video below is for you and yours at this special festive time.

Enjoy it — and in the true spirit of Christmas, don’t forget to share it with all your friends, however few you may have

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $104,853.42 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2017, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Whether it’s 2017, 2018 or some time after that… we will be here… WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI.

Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

May the peace, beauty and Light of the season brighten your life with joy, blessings and abundance.


Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

Click the banner below to read Jade’s post – “Justice Denied: Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State’s Case Against Jodi Arias.”:

Read - Justice Denied - Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State's Case Against Jodi Arias


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure they will love to hear that one!
    Love the sense of humor SJ! I am going to have to show this one to somebody!
    Hopefully, Twentieth Century Fox doesn’t get mad… this shit is FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You might want to bring this one back when Jodi gets out… THAT would be even better!!
    Can’t wait to hear what Pandora says about this one!! I’m really looking forward to that too.

    • Lance or anyone else in the know, Can you tell me where JA case stands as of today? Is she appealing? Does anything change now that she admits to remembering the knife going into TA throat? I tried to follow this case to the best of my ability. So much has come to light since her original trial. Just the fact alone that porn was indeed found on TA computer is a HUGE deal! I think its obvious that the state wants her behind bars for the rest of her life regardless. Its so not fair to JA. I would love for her to get a REAL defense team!! Her legal team was at best awful. I dont believe she had a fair trial and thats not right! So im just wondering where everything stands? What is JA hope? Whats the best case scenario all of us JA supporters can hope for? Thank you.

      • Hey Rob,

        As of right now, Jodi has some court appointed appellate attorneys that are filing motions as necessary to get things on the record to assist in her eventual appeal. However, as we all know, EVERYTHING costs money. Jade has mentioned many times on this site that a really good earnest aggressive appeal can run about $250.000 or more. The main goal for JAII is to help raise that money so she can afford a really good aggressive appellate attorney to give her the best chance at an appeal and an eventual new trial. Jose Baez’s name has been floated several times. He defended Casey Anthony in Orlando.
        The problem is that her appellate fund is approximately $140.000 short and there is a ticking clock on her appeal time frame which, if missed, would leave her with no options and a life in prison. Check out the appeal fund and see how you can help Jodi financially.
        Regarding the case itself, I would refer you to the link below in R Love’s post in the Justice4Jodi wiki site. This is a layman’s terms breakdown of the entire case including the background, forensic evidence and the prosecution’s theories. This site is the best resource I have seen for an argument of reasonable doubt. In addition, I would also advise you to check out Jodi’s interview with Troy Hayden in 2013 where she mentions several things that didn’t make the trial for various reasons which would destroy the premed. verdict…. RAW: Jodi Arias full interview footage – YouTube

        Lastly, your question about the knife wounds will also be answered in the wiki site.
        I hope this helps you understand the case better as well as Jodi’s need for financial help.

    • Lance, just taken a look at the sick Super Page and they have what you wrote to Rob and are laughing at it.. How The Hell have they got into this page?

      • I guess I got spoofed!.. It won’t happen to me again… THAT’s A PROMISE!!!
        Thanks for the heads-up! I thought it was somebody new??

      • Heather,
        I think you should spend a little less time fawning over the pedo-huggers page, and little more time concentrating on the job in hand.
        Just a thought…
        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<


    “Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”
    Helen Steiner Rice

        • Justus,

          Did Wiki give you a reason for the shutdown? The fact that you are paid up and it was pulled anyway sounds suspicious!! I referenced your wiki site to Rob above to give him some more insight into Jodi’s situation as of right now. I think this wiki site will convert a lot of people.

          • It turns out to be my error. I did not realize I have two wikis, the other one never used but set up in the beginning when I was first figuring out how it all works. Up until this year they have been free so when I paid for a one-year subscription, it turned out to be on the unused wiki. I have a message out to wikispaces asking that they transfer my payment to the justice4jodi wiki and allow the unused one to expire. Still waiting for a response. I will let you know when it’s back up. Thank you, Lance, for your support of the site and I hope your confidence in its ability to have an effect is well founded.

            • Absolutely!
              As you will see above, I got spoofed by some asshole who just thought he would hop on the site and fuck with somebody! You can cancel that request for Rob as Heather1 has informed me that this is probably some dope just trolling? I would imagine SJ will tighten up his moderation security after this.

              • Lance,
                I wouldn’t worry about it. It happens once or twice a year. Your reply was a good one nevertheless, and it no doubt enlightened some of the pedo-huggers to boot.
                The thing is, if we banned everyone that asked a question in here, the site would be a sparsely populated as TA’s funeral.
                Happy Holidays!
                Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

                • Appreciate it Jade! I guess they targeted me because they knew I was new. I know I would have been banned on my first comment if that was the case. LOVE THE METAPHOR. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Just curious, what “super page” is she referring to?
                  Also, I have to share this too.. It seems that Jodi sense of humor is still strong 🙂
                  I caught this tweet on the way in to the site.. Hilarious! “So, I’m a second-hand smoker now. Smokers are EVERYWHERE.” — #JodiArias
                  I think we better hurry and get that money together before she needs a lung transplant

                • Hi Lance,
                  I’m glad that’s all cleared up.
                  Just b4 I forget (again), Jade is one of our regular contributors.
                  She is not me, and I am not her, lol.
                  Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  3. Since this is my first holiday season here, I would like to wish ALL of the JAII supporters, both present and past, a joyous holiday season and a safe and prosperous New Year wherever you are in the world!! (Don’t drink too much!!! :)).
    As Jade has said many times, “whether it’s 2017, 2018 or some time after that… we will be here” I will be here as well with more money on the way!
    Hopefully, the appellate fund will increase significantly this coming year and we can start discussing an earnest and aggressive appeal process!

    • OOPS! My bad SJ. I thought I had seen people refer to you as Jade.
      By the way, still curious about what “Super Page’ Heather1 was referring to?
      Is this a TA support site?

  4. Season’s greetings to all my Jodiland family! I hope everyone has the very best holidays ever surrounded by loved ones!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all! ♥ ♥ ♥

    SJ, you are so thoughtful, including your wishes for the haters too. It’s not a bad wish at all, if you think about it. Who doesn’t wanna get laid? So kudos to you for always being so charitable in your wishes! 😀

  5. Happy 4th anniversary to JAII! After all the shit we’ve been through, we’re still here standing strong! And will be here for as long as it takes to get Jodi a fair trial and eventually see her walk out of prison.

    Remember: self defense is not a crime. It’s everyone’s human right!

    Happy Birthday JAII! ♥

    (((SJ))) thank you for creating this site 4 years ago and being so awesome! ♥

  6. so sad to know Jodi has to spend yet another christmas in prison , she should be at home with her family , enjoying life after all she s been through , when will enough be enough ! May the Christmas Angels surround her this christmas and always

  7. Well that put a grin on My mug …S.J….as for the bailers ….this is about Her never any other. Dec 19 th a day that will live in …..well he was right …about the rigged part….now it’s up to him….and I hear from him he’s pretty smart…not the best of spelllers but who am I to judge….see haters We who speak truth and fact are rather funny…as you$e are kinda sad. They should have a merry X-mas and try not to think to much as the rat…how it must hurt for it to use fact and reason…..MINION go tilt a shelf ….NOW! yes master……well that’s on the record too. Jodi is never alone as We do surround Her with LOVE and hope that soon a wrong will be righted for all who have survived their abuser. This is more then just one young lady this is about justice for all…some have forgotten them words. We work for Her and justice for all….and to think some would want a law for t-dog…well there are many that would fit that boy strange as he was….fit him as a glove…. Amazing how She looks the same in that video….some 8 years ago….they will never break Her….She is more brave heart then any of them…as they need mobs and cults behind them to push their hate,vile, and lies….the rat with the worm found out how that didn’t work so well.

  8. While we’re all busy making our plans for Christmas, it looks like the Muslim MF’s have struck once again:

    At least 9 dead after truck plows into crowded Christmas market in Berlin:

    Fox News:

    Sky News:

    And while European governments continue to turn their respective countries into immigrant infested cesspools… be VERY THANKFUL if you’re in the US, because while Obama has been kissing Muslim ass for the past 8 years, President Trump will be doing the exact opposite. He’ll be kicking their MF asses back to where they came from… or better still, not letting them into the US in the first place. Keeping YOU safe AND making America great again.

    Happy Holidays,

    • Yeah, love him or hate him, I think Trump will be a strong leader for the US. He has a backbone, unlike the leaders of my country (UK), who are letting the country be taken over.

      • Sorry to disagree with you, Michael, Trump is not only a ghastly man who got the Presidency by default, he is also impulsive and can lay his hands on Nuclear Weapons. That to me is scary and should be to everyone in the world.

        I can’t stand the Tories here in the UK, either.

        • Hi Heather,

          I am also curious how all of the JAII UK supporters are dealing with the Brexit issues now. I would imagine terrorism issues might even outweigh the financial concerns now given the current world news.
          I can tell you that much of the US is very concerned about Trump’s demeanor and temperament regarding world affairs. There is also a lot of uncertainty about what he might do to the Affordable Care Act? However, our financial markets LOVE him because he is a business man who has mentioned infrastructure improvements and corporate and individual tax cuts which would bring several billion $ back to the US that large corporations have been holding in Europe due to the lower tax rates.
          I am curious to hear what Jodi’s political views are? I have only heard that she was a Clinton supporter but not much else.

    • Well it didn’t take long for the authorities to find this asshole!!! Police in Milan, Italy confronted this dude and he decided to pull a gun out of his backpack. Justice served!!!

  9. It also looks like Turkey and Russia are going to be beefing with each other as well. The Russian ambassador got assassinated in an art gallery by a Turkish riot police officer who started yelling about Aleppo Syria!!! Europe is REAL INTENSE right now!!!!! Stay safe in the UK too!!
    Happy Birthday to JAII… 4 years and going strong!!!

  10. Well seems Santa has a letter for Jodi on it’s way…..Santa knows who’s innocent and who fucked up in court. I do how that two young men and a hubby did sign up for the selective service (draft) as it’s the law…and ask any who joined up what they do to draftees when a real war comes along…not good! Soon this old world just may once again go down that hole sad to say….but it’s been awhile. Now as for not trusting the CIA and their info on a certain election…no wpns of mass destruction….how big does FOX think they are….U.S. Navy seals had a briefcase that held a nuke 30 years ago…and does any think that all the WMD’s were found in Germany…lots of mountains there. Ask the Kurds on poison gas….as I told a pal after 911, Japan was a nation of would be kamikazes and what did that get them….and yet after they lost and wised up in just 20 years and built a thriving economy …see there is hope for all. I often tell folks a book of faith no matter whose does not stop a bullet very well….I could care less about ones faith but cross a certain line and game on fucker…survivors know just what I mean…..

  11. Love Jodi’s rendition of “O Holy Night”, she’s a great singer. LOL @ the Christmas message to the haters, too funny! Hope everyone here enjoys the holidays 🙂

  12. Wishing my JAII family a Merry Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥

    May you all have health and be surrounded by genuine selfless love. Each and every supporter deserves it, since they have all proven how capable of selfless love they themselves are.

    4 years on a bumpy road and yet we are still here, contrary to the haters’ expectations. I know for a fact that Jodi is still receiving tons of love and support from all over, which goes to show that real injustice does get noticed. 2016 has been a good year for Jodi and her case, what with Nurmi’s disbarrment and Kermit tasting a bit of his own medicine 😉 Let’s hope 2017 will be even better!

    Hugs to all of you, my dear friends!

  13. Merry Christmas to Jodi, her family and everybody on JAII. Still loving the hater greeting!!!!
    Jodi has had a nice little run of good fortune with karma helping out as well. Hopefully, 2017 is the year that we can get the appeal fund total way up!!!!

  14. Lance, regarding your reply to Rob above and the Dupes’ response to it: (1) There was nothing wrong with anything you wrote. It was a very good answer, especially about the appellate fund. (2) I see no reason to think Rob wasn’t asking a sincere question.

    If you have to read the Dupes, bear in mind that these are people with no reliable source of information about Jodi’s situation except JAII and, which they insist on disbelieving. So they just make up stuff amongst themselves, or get their Jodi news from racist murderer Shawna Forde. Except for occasional useful links they post, it’s just a hater site full of some really nasty people.

    • Hey Alan,

      Like I said up top, I guess they targeted me as they may know that I am new so they thought they would have a little fun with me which is cool. It gave a chance to tell him the truth and not all this media B.S. that seems to stick to everything. I have stated several times that we need to somehow change the narrative of Jodi’s case. I still believe that that other drive with the stamped pictures would be a great start. As good as Jade has been shredding the evidence and with all the AZ assholes getting their karma handed to them, Jodi has enjoyed a nice little bit of “Schadenfreude”. Obviously, none of us really know who Rob really is and he could be legit but the fact that the TA side STILL has the public’s sympathy because Jodi admittedly Fubared the aftermath and then had possibly some of the worst LEAD criminal representation in the history of criminal law(not counting J. Wilmott) and finally had some of the most inept and deceitful prosecution and forensic gathering in AZ history seems to still dominate her case.
      I think it’s ironic that I came here mainly because I was curious about Jodi possibly getting married in prison based on the In Touch article which I thought was sweet but a little odd. I then come across this site and my curiosity grew more. This was after I watched the tabloid BS shows… Made me Famous, Takes a Killer etc. that just follow the prosecution and public opinion and realized they were WRONG.
      I really hope that her situation doesn’t become a real life version of the film “The Next Three Days” without the prison escape!!!!!!!!
      I will also say that I have referred some other people in my area, mostly younger, to the wiki site after a discussion and I can tell you IT WORKS!!!!!!

  15. Hi Alan,

    I think Rob gave me an opportunity to speak the truth as we know it with ALL the facts that we know to be absolutely true. As you will agree, none of us really know who Rob is so he could be legit. Jade has told me that spoofing and trolling happens about twice a year anyway.
    I think it’s ironic that I originally came here because I was curious about Jodi allegedly getting married in prison according to In Touch which I thought was sweet but a little odd. I then come to this site and discover that the entire narrative of her case is WRONG even after watching the B.S. tabloid shows.. Made Me Famous, It Takes a Killer etc. In fact, just about everything that I learned was from Jade’s updates, Jodi’s interviews and other JAII posters. I didn’t know who Shawna Forde is until Jade mentioned her and I looked her up. SHE DESERVES TO BE KILLED TWICE!!!!
    Even as Jodi has enjoyed some “Schadenfreude” from all the recent karma that has hit the AZ assholes, it still seems that the public’s sympathy is on TA’s side even after all this shit about him has come up. I really hope that Jodi’s case doesn’t turn into a real life version of the film, “The Next Three Days” without the prison break at the end!!

  16. Hey Team Jodi! Just popping in to wish everyone happy holidays and happy new year! I will be enjoying a 3 day weekend and catching up on a lot of reading here!

  17. Next time any talk to young women….18+ just ask them….EVER been abused by a guy….seems most have…..100%…now why is that….well that’s how guy’s roll these days…and with societies blessing it seems. I asked two young ladies if one would be kind enough to do the reach test as in the closet reach. She was the same size as Jodi…..No problem mister.And she had no problem reaching! Afterward I told them who I was helping…We heard of Her….as they both smiled…so I asked do You know of one young woman who has not been abused by a guy at Your age (20’s) NO! In parting both smiled as They wished Jodi well and thanked me for helping Her.

  18. I have not posted here in forever! Hello! Every now and then I do some peeking into the dead perv’s friends’ accounts. Today I came across fat boy Hughes FB page and I was alarmed at something. He posted about former LS associates needing to get with him asap. Someone replied “well he IS single” but then apologized for saying that. I then looked at his fugly wife SKY’s page and neither of them have “married” on their accounts and I do not see any photos of them together. Did they break up??

  19. I will answer it myself, I just found this.
    Case History

    Cases for: Hughes, Sky
    1 Cases Found.
    Sky Hughes vs. Christopher Hughes
    Case: CV-2016-0000020 Magistrate Filed: 01/21/2016 Subtype: Divorce Filing with Minor Children Judge: David A. Hooste Status: Closed pending clerk action 09/01/2016

    Defendants: Hughes, Christopher
    Plaintiffs: Hughes, Sky

    • Hi Trixels,

      If I remember correctly, somebody shared Chris Hughes’s Facebook post some time ago where he was rambling about a “new beginning” and some other stuff and everybody surmised that the two of them had split. Apparently, it is now a fact! I am curious if Sky’s way of thinking about this case has changed?? Just curious!!

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