3rd Anniversary & Happy Holidays!

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After 8.5 million page views & many millions of visits — today, December 21st,  marks the official 3rd anniversary of the launch of our Jodi Arias Is Innocent .com website.

So with Christmas Day just a few days away – I’d like to take this opportunity (together with our awesome Admins) to thank you all for your support over the past 3 years, and for your continued support moving forwards.

happy holidays - justice for jodi arias

As always, here’s Jodi’s rendition of O Holy Night.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

UPDATE: The recent JAA Appellate Fund Matching-gift Campaign raised $91,805.45 — thanks to a generous matching donor and all the supporters that donated to the fund. Let’s now be sure to keep the momentum growing so the fund total can push through $100,000, and even closer towards raising sufficient funds to help cover the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

And remember, peeps…

Whether it’s 2016, 2017 or some time after that… WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!

Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

May the peace, beauty and Light of the season brighten your life with joy, blessings and abundance.


Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. SJ & Admins, THANK YOU for all you’ve done and have gone through to keep this awesome site running keeping the hatred far away and giving us all a safe haven to express our opinions and thoughts!

    You have been Jodi’s ‘rock’ in the internet world (and not only), allowing truths to be read and heard and debunking all the trash that Jodi has been enduring since 2008.

    SJ, once again, I don’t know how you do it… To keep this site running, you have been slandered, dragged through the mud hundreds and hundreds of times and yet you keep an upbeat attitude! You are certainly my role model and my hero! ♥ When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!

    Love you to pieces, SJ & Admins!

    ((((HAPPY ANNIVERSARY))))) ♥♥♥

  2. THANK YOU SJ for providing a safe place for all of Jodi’s friends and family to come and express their thoughts on this injustice!!!! WOW! Has it been 3 years? How I wish Lady Justice moved as swiftly as time!!!! Still praying for Jodi’s freedom! One day it will come, I believe it! Everyone please keep sending all of your positive thoughts, support and prayers to Jodi!!!!!
    We will be here until we see that the TRUTH is uncovered and Jodi is at home with her family, free again.
    ♥ JAII have a Blessed and Wonderful Christmas and please remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves! Spread the LOVE!!!!! ♥♥♥

  3. Indeed SJ & Admins are #1 :))) Thank You ! Its always a treat to read SJ’s comments when he chimes in!!! He always speaks the TRUTHS with a dash of humor! A guarantee to put a LOL/Smile on the face of Jodi and women like her from all over the world! A BIG SHOUT OUT FOR SJ !!! Y E A H !

  4. On one Friday night as i was roaming the cable…I asked……. WHO IS THIS YOUNG LADY? That voice was the first I,ve heard of Her case…and even though nasty was working over time that Dec. night all i could think was …..I must find out just what really happened that day and did She do what She had to, to survive. Each day I did learn more….and I did a bit of testing,and the truth was shown…INNOCENT! All one has to do is use logic and facts…..after all it is a trial or was claimed to be…SHOW TRIAL sounds so right. For the longest time I wanted to write and just give Her hope,but worried that She had enough on Her mind for now. Well soon I took to pen and found out what a wonderful lady She is. I work for Her and justice for all. And one day She shall walk free and return home to Her loved ones. Jodi Ann is a blessing…I know this as all of You. So I wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….Fear not as TRUTH is on Our side. And to know that soon She will get to hold love ones makes Me so happy……Take care My JAII family.

  5. I honestly don’t know where I would be mentally right now if I had not found this site. If I had watched that trial alone I would have become certain that either I or the world had gone mad. Not just the trial but the vast hatred I witnessed, directed at a supposed innocent woman, would have absolutely driven me to distraction. This was my refuge where I got a glimmer of hope, that there were actually sane people in this world, people who didn’t immediately draw a conclusion, who understood why she lied and saw the plausibility of what she finally told us under oath.

    As to JAII’s anniversary, I remember at one point getting into one of those pointless discussions with the dark side about their “she’s guilty” website that started up before the trial was barely underway. The response was “Well, what do you mean??? Look at JAII! It’s been up since December 1912! Before the trial even began!!!” I tried patiently to explain that “she’s innocent” is exactly how one’s supposed to be thinking, certainly before and even during the trial, up until all the evidence is in. Of course that fell on deaf ears – the concept is totally foreign to them. It was here that I always could come to hear reason and rational thinking. Sure, we were angry at times, and we expressed it, but it has mostly been three years of very comprehensive discussion. Happy Anniversary, JAII !!!

    Bottom line: Thank You SJ, for all that you do and mostly for keeping us sane.

    • However here’s something I didn’t know but have since been enlightened. “Innocent until proven guilty” only applies to the jury, not to the rest of us. And I’m assuming it also doesn’t apply to the media and we can decide a defendant’s guilt based on limited evidence along with the premature verdict of an unethical media. And then, based on all that, we are free to spew hate at the “guilty” defendant. And, of course, any of us who actually respect the constitution are idiots.


  6. 3 years of an intricate difficult sometimes desperately hard to hold on to emotional roller coaster.

    3 years of supporters being called every name in the book and receiving unimaginable attacks (even on a personal level) JUST BECAUSE we dared to take the road less traveled….. Just because we saw injustice where everyone else saw no reason to give the reasonable doubt perspective and the innocent until proven guilty right to a young woman.

    There’s been a lot of pain, a lot of battles lost along the way but all of us here still hope the war’s not lost yet.
    If anything, we have gained good friends, a cyber home we all feel connected to and grateful for. But most importantly, we have found an invaluable friend and sister in Jodi who is “a far better person than her very worst deed”.

    We here still believe Jodi Arias was grossly overcharged and sentenced through the process of a witch hunt and NOT what a 21st century trial should be like. Making progress and advancements is what our modern western societies should take pride in; NOT going back to the angry lynch mob pitchfork yielding mentality era….

    THANK YOU SJ &ADMINS for keeping this site ♥ ♥ WE OWE YOU SO MUCH ♥ ♥

    ” ……Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference. “

  7. Thank you SJ,
    I’ve supported Jodi because of you.
    I’m devoted to supporting Jodi because I believe Jodi defended herself. Any that feel otherwise need to take a minute to think hypothetically that Jodi defended herself, and picture what Jodi faced in court, and understand she was at the mercy of the system. With nurmi owning his failure Jodi never had a chance. Without juror 17 Jodi would be completely victimized. If you cannot allow Jodi to be innocent, because you need her to be guilty, then you need evidence, and that was never there. Self defense is not a crime.

  8. Thank You SJ and all the other administrators for this site,happy anniversary and Merry Christmas, you always do a great job supporting Jodi

  9. I have been lurking and reading comments on this site for 3 years. I started watching Jodi’s first trial when it was about half way through it. I didn’t come to any conclusion right away, but I always felt she was being exploited by the media. After lots of research and the trial, and the two penalty phases, I believe Jodi acted in self defense. I am glad she has many supporters. I stick up for her and bring up questionable actions by the frog whenever her name is brought up in conversation. It is not a popular viewpoint. I wish Jodi, her family and all her supporters a Very Merry Christmas.

  10. Let Jodi know. All I am asking for Christmas is a hug. The question is will Santa deliver? Let Mr Bill know, I will be his Huckleberry. Walk in peace my friends, for I do love to carry on with a bucket of piss and a gallon of vinegar. Couple of real internet scammers have my eye as well. Merry Christmas.

  11. Yes, thank you, SJ, for your tireless and energetic support of Jodi for three years. No one has been more effective than you at promoting discussion of the case and fundraising for appeals.

  12. Listen up, everyone! I have excellent news for fundraising (though it’s depressing in another way).

    The news is that the best current estimate for the duration of Jodi’s state-paid appeals is 5 years. That is 3 years for the vertical appeal (to the Court of Appeals) and 2 years afterward for post-conviction relief, which goes back to Sherry Stephens’ trial court.

    If true, this means that Jodi does not need to hire a private appellate attorney for about 5 more years. Now the base donation rate to her appellate fund was $36,000/yr before the recent matching-gift drive. Since she should have over $100K by now, that means she’ll hit her retainer target of $250K well before deadline (5 x $36,000 = $180,000) if her supporters merely continue to do what they have done to date — even without new matching pledges, which I expect soon. Thus Jodi will avoid the disaster of her state-paid appeals’ ending before she can hire a private attorney to take her into federal court, where her best chances lie.

    So, no one should feel despair about funding Jodi’s federal appeals. We just all have to hang on and keep doing what we’ve been doing to date, and the money will be just fine.

    Obviously, the downside is that she won’t get into federal court for 5 more years, unless we can raise the money faster and the state-paid appeals can be streamlined. But the worst-case scenario is now averted: that she could lose all hope forever if state-paid appeals were the end of the line. And that is great news, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Alan, this is great news for sure! I have always had hope that once Jodi finished with the disastrous circus trial that she was forced to endure, then real justice would prevail with her appeals resulting to overturning the verdict.

      I really do hope that the appeals judge(s) will be resistant and impartial to all sick political ‘games’ that starred during Jodi’s main trial and. We all know that if it wasn’t for ‘lust to win at all costs’, ‘incapable black robe presiding’, media hatred frenzy and generally all the bullshit madness Jodi would have been a free woman today. SELF DEFENSE is not a crime!

  13. Thank You Alan…..there will be more matching funds I’m sure of that….sad to say that a failed so called judge will be allowed to once again show her lack of justice. But such is INJUSTICE in az. Thank God for FEDERAL courts… the states at times seem as UNAMERICAN as it can get. Time is on Her side and She has a strong heart and mind….as proven in that SHOW TRIAL. I for one would live like a hobo to see Her walk free….and trust Me on this ,if Jodi could see this post She would have the most wonderful smile on ….and a bit of LOL. We will get there!

  14. Thought id stop by and wish everyone a merry christmas & happy new year.
    Congrats to SJ & admins on their fine work thus far.
    special wishes for a good new year to Jodi & her family.

    ~A friend in Canada~

  15. Here’s a little Christmas tune for everyone….(Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow)

    Oh, the haters outside are frightful
    But our Jodi is so delightful.
    And since we’ve got a wait to go,
    Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it snow

    Oh it doesn’t show signs of failing
    And we’ve got the goods for unveiling
    The lights are turned way up high,
    Let it snow let it snow let it snow

    When they finally get the facts,
    How they’ll hate being out in the storm
    But if you really hold on tight
    All the way home she’ll be warm!

    The hype is slowly dying
    And my dear we’re still surviving
    But as long as you hate us so,
    let is snow let it snow let it snow


    (((((JAII FAMILY)))))

  16. To my JAII family and all people reading here:

    “May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire!”

    I hope you have an awesome day surrounded by family and friends!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (((((JAII family))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    (((((((MERRY CHRISTMAS))))))))

  17. On this merry and joyful day I would like to remind everyone to take a minute and think of all the people that are not having such a Merry Christmas:

    Remember that even on Christmas Day there is no exception for men BUT mostly women being mentally and physically abused by people they once trusted their lives with. Domestic Violence is a hidden crime. Unfortunately, Domestic Violence is still a taboo for most societies and people usually choose to turn a blind eye instead of taking action and reporting it.

    The law doesn’t take this matter seriously resulting in allowing the abuser more power to continue battering his/ her victim. The victim is too scared to report abuse because the punishment for the abuser is usually a slap on the wrist, giving him/ her freedom to punish their victim severely for daring to report them. Let’s not forget that most of the times the victims are not taken seriously or believed and end up getting hurt even more not only by their abusers (whom behave perfectly when in public, hiding their real character) but being stigmatized by society itself. Look what happened to Jodi when she hid travis’ abuse: Although the evidence ‘spoke’ volumes nobody believed her, the law betrayed her and she got punished for defending herself against her abuser.

    If you have witnessed or suspect that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is taking place and someone you know is being abused, please don’t remain silent. Talk to the victim and report the abuser to the authorities. Let’s all help in ending this plague. It could save a life … or two.

    Let’s give a chance for these victims to celebrate a Merry Christmas in harmony.


    • Amen to that !

      Self Defense is NOT a crime !!! The law needs to change to protect the victims of abuse so do speak up and end the silence !!

  18. Hi Everyone, this is my 1st time posting here but I’ve been reading everyone’s comments for a long time! I support Jodi by writing her and donating to the appellate fund! I actually just got a letter from her the other day! I just wanted to let everyone know that I think you are all awesome! I feel like I know all of you. This site is great because everyone on here has the same beliefs that I do and it’s all positive. No hater BS! We all want the same thing-Justice for Jodi and all have Love for Jodi! Nothing else matters. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  19. Hello J-pals, SJ and command central,

    Just wanted to wish a great Christmas and good fortune to everyone.

    I have several things I’m going to be posting that will contine to show the farce that Jodi has been woefully represented and intentionally charged beyond the level of any proof to support it. I intensely hate to write but I will eventually get to it as I am a passionate believer in Jodi and her testimony.

    The best to all and hopefully we will turn up the heat in 2016 to accelerate justice for Jodi.

  20. BB awesome poem and true….let it snow! J D Welcome! and Jade I can’t wait I’ve missed You so.On Dec. 23 I had a wonderful Christmas….CLANG! And Yes to that Admin. We must always speak out for the survivors of abuse…..and just who runs Our societies for the most part….MEN! Now You know why the abusers often get a pass….there but the grace of a system…another man would be in jail. This year will be a very good year and I for one will make it $O…..and then $OOM. Bless You all.

  21. ♥ As this year slowly comes to an end let us keep focused on our goal . . . FREEDOM FOR JODI!!!!! Keep writing to her with your positive thoughts, donate to Jodi’s Appeals Fund, send prayers for her to persevere and stay healthy! ♥ SENDING LOVE TO OUR JODI! ♥♥♥ We will never STOP supporting JODI, we are in it, to WIN it!!!! LOVE TO ALL OF JAII!!!

    “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
    ― Maya Angelou

  22. Mr Bill and his wannabe prophet friends don’t have enough rocks in their pockets to take me down. I walked out the gate and so shall she. She will have a hand to hold when she does, unlike the entrance ramp along the side of the highway I was left to kiss. Purposely left there by the State with intentions to make my life a little more difficult than it actually had to be. Happy New Year.

  23. My son turned me on to a Netflix series called “Making a Murderer”. It’s a 10 hour documentary on Wisconsin’s Steven Avery case. I’ve just completed a marathon viewing and I highly recommend it. As my son stated, it would appear that “Not just Arizona courts assume guilty until proven innocent”.

    • I’m going to watch that series…looks and sounds interesting…it is so pervasive throughout prosecutors’ offices…you know…you must win at any and all costs and the truth be damned !!!

    • Yes, it seems that checks and balances have eroded and Juan has been given unbridled power. I can’t imagine that the Founding Fathers envisioned Juan’s win-at-all-cost approach as part of a system meant to achieve justice. How can anybody look at that and not be scared?

    • CanadaCarol,
      I’m watching a netflix series “Making a Murderer” I believe you were the one that had a lot of info on false confessions and such, is that right? You would be very interested in this documentary…it is UNBELIEVABLE…You know police planting evidence, hiding exculpatory evidence…etc, etc, etc….The whole justice system is rigged against finding the truth when you have such corrupt prosecutors and police…gee where have we hear that before?


      All IMHO

      • We Spoke to ‘Making a Murderer’ Prosecutor Ken Kratz

        Kratz criticized the Netflix documentary series harshly for withholding the whole story of Steven Avery’s trial and conviction.
        Ellen Killoran · a day ago

        “How did you feel about your portrayal in Making a Murderer?

        I understand that my demeanor may have been very brash, even overconfident … there was bit more bravado that I usually have, but this case kind of required that. All that notwithstanding, [the filmmakers] took lots of opportunities to mention things that happened to me three years after the case. [Ed note: this included a sexting scandal in which he sent lewd messages to a victim of domestic violence, admission of sexual addiction and a substance abuse problem.] If they aren’t casting me as a villain, you’ve got to ask, why would you include those things about me?”

        Another fine example….. Where do they get these guys?

        Apparently Netflix arrived to Canada 3 months ago, but I am not sure that the available films are the same. It does sound very interesting and it has a lot of people talking.

          • IMHO from what I have seen so far in this series, the young kid that was arrested for having so-called participated in the young woman’s death is not to be believed…he was a “slow learner” with a very low IQ who if you watched his police interviews knew nothing about the murder and had no ability to deal with the police tactics which eventually produced a false confession…it is total hogwash and to think that this guy can actually convince himself that this young kid helped to kill this woman is insane IMHO…this is not justice at all….the blood that was in evidence from Steve Avery from 20 some years ago was obviously tampered with and he seals broken and the vial penetrated with a needle syringe and who do you think did that??? Oh, yes that’s right that’s how Avery’s blood magically appeared in the young woman’s car in select places…right !!

            This stuff makes me sick…It’s the same old same old prosecutor’s disease that afflicts many prosecutors where the truth does not matter as long as they win…it is truly sickening and the judges and appellate judges keep allowing this stuff to happen over and over again and they do nothing…

            What goes around comes around..don’t forget it…a corrupt justice system will just as likely entrap you and your loved ones as it will Steve Avery….

            ALL IMHO

  24. Too many individuals view this life through a lens of abuse. Their own experiences as they came of age left them with the belief that authority figures possess an automatic right to humiliate, shame and punish. Some survive the impulse to take on a bullying mentality themselves by becoming educated. Others survive by making a sort of emotional cult out of the violations. This second group of people tends to elevate rough and/or abusive persons of authority to an extraordinary status wherein the socially sanctioned abuser is thought to be ultra-talented, super bright, extra-tough (a warrior type) very wealthy or imbued with a laser-like moral superiority. Thence authorities of dubious moral value remain unquestioned as they are thrust into the realm of the righteous. Once perceived as socially functional in their position of power, they have the latitude to move on to another possible role: redeemer.

  25. They who are so very quick to judge pass laws so they can never be judged….Seems they have no faith in justice…INJUSTICE…YES. And this t-dog law they want as not to trash the victim…? LMAO…it WAS his own big mouth that proved he liked 12 year olds….if it looks, sounds,smells,and talks like a PEDO…IT IS! Remember this was a so called man of faith…RIGHT?

  26. Now if I didn’t know better one would think the they will roll the stone away and their GREAT t-dog will come forth….the mob acts as if this so called man was a saint. Just what did they have in their ears and brains when that show trial was on going…..I can smell it from here. How could a man who makes his living talking the talk look like such a FOOL as chri$ u$e did. Panic mode. haters love to hate…even babies and moms…talk about pure evil…often I ask how much of their do they send to team travel…opps t-dog? ow a few haters think We hit below the belt….Well who gave Us that reason…..You sound just like a … Jodi had a WTFrige moment then he just had to REPEAT it two more times …such pride from a man of faith…LDS if ever any deserved the boot, why not him as You baptise the dead why pray tell can You not boot him. Are they proud of his hate? Now if that’s picking on LDS….too bad as You back a PEDO…and PROVEN by his own mouth. As for the hate towards Us on JAII…news flash most if not all are survivors of abuse….that’s how We know Jodi is innocent…YES She killed but only to survive unlike that cult of death…who love to destroy others. As UN AMERICAN as it gets!

  27. Already stepped in 2016! Happy New Years to everyone!

    2016 wishes to all of you for a wonderful, successful, healthy, joyous, full of laughter, grief-free year!

    Peace & Love

    Party hard and stay safe!
    Don’t drink and drive!

    xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥


  28. ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!!!! 😉 LOVE TO ((((JODI)))))!!!!!! ♥

    ♥ “Be always at War with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you, a better person.” – Benjamin Franklin ♥ 😀

    • Best wishes for all of you in 2016. R.Love that is a great quote from Ben Franklin. It’s a keeper. Thinking of Jodi as we start a new year and wishing her peace and strength as she moves forward in her appeals.

  29. Ok finished watching the “Making a Murderer” series on Netflix about the Steve Avery case. Well after being released from prison after 18 years for being wrongfully convicted of a rape he did not commit surprise surprise he was convicted once again for a murder he did not commit by the same folks. And his nephew was also convicted of supposedly helping him in the murder/rape. Well I can think of 36 million reasons why this happened….his civil lawsuit against the people who wrongfully convicted him…his arrest and conviction on this murder put an end to that suit…Wow, saved by the bell, right???? Yeah, right !!

    It is simply astounding how appellate courts refuse to look at the evidence of the wrongdoings of the state and then sit there and do nothing….all the evidence points to a frame up by the local law enforcement..the case was never proved beyond a reasonable doubt IMHO. The initial vote by the jury was 7 for NOT GUILTY, so what the hell happened???? How do these people sleep at night…how do the people involved in the frame up sleep at night???

    I believe the case is now in a federal court…and hopefully Steve Avery will get true justice and his conviction overturned..

    What goes around comes around….always has always will…and the truth will always win out in the end…

    it is a shame and a sham that Steve Avery now sits in prison on a life sentence for something he didn’t do and his nephew likewise sits in a prison for life…

    All IMHO

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